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A sports bar and grill with locations all along the east coast from Maryland to Florida

2023.05.30 00:41 Useful-Pay1543 First day of summer grilling. Anyone else grilling Franks

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2023.05.30 00:41 Arabaster77 Woodwind Pro 24 or Weber Smokefire ELx4?

Trying to decide on a pellet grill for fathers day, stuck between these two. Prices are comparable and would probably get the searing attachment for the WW or the Sear+ thing with the Weber. Any thoughts, comments, or complaints with either?
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2023.05.30 00:39 Oriiginaly How can you stand the wait?

I went to my friends house and for the first time I got some makeup and girl clothes on, when I looked at the mirror I couldn't give a reaction, because I didn't wanted to enjoy the moment too much, because I knew eventually I would go back to my life in my christian household...
Regardless of my attempts, I ended up having the best night of my life, how do you cope with the wait? It sounds dumb that just doing nothing hurts but, when I experienced such glory of finally being myself to the fullest extent, it made every moment I spend with male clothes and a body I feel umcomfortable with feel... misserable, I know eventually I'll move out and be able to be myself every day and that it isn't gonna be the last time my friend allows me to go to her house so I can put makeup and girl clothes on, but...
Waiting hurts.
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Radio Bam #117
Bam Margera – Brandon ‘Heroin’ Novak – Chad I Ginsberg – Kevin Margera (Phil’s drug addict brother) – Ryan ‘ShitGoose’ Gee – Bill Bill aka youngunz (Kevin’s daughters boyfriend)
- Bam is taking a shit upstairs so Novak and Chad decide to start the show without him and tells the listeners He's making money while taking a shit.
- Bam skipped last week’s episode, so they played the rerun of Bam yelling at ShitGoose for being a shitty friend.
- Bam immediately calls out Novak for being noticeably high off what appears to be heroin again. He doesn't confirm or deny but claims Kevin smoked PCP earlier too.
- Kevin sounds like he is very under the influence, Bill Bill has already given Bam an Adderall to snort. He’s covered in piercings and tattoos.
- Kevin has an ongoing feud with his neighbors, which stemmed from parking too close to Kevin’s car and calling the police.
- Then in a separate event, the neighbor's nephew parked in the same spot that makes it difficult for Kevin to get his car out again.
- According to some of the neighbors, the car then backed up and hit a sign/post/pole busting out the taillight and then blamed it on Kevin as an angry neighbor getting even from the first failed police report. This one didn't go in Kevin’s favor either.
- Bam went to Buddy Bill’s second ever amateur boxing match in Wilmington Delaware at the Double Tree hotel. One of the other fighters coaches in a separate match started getting fired up on the side of the ring, enough to draw attention of the local authorities on site.
- The 2 police officers asked him to calm down, but he loudly voiced his disagreement to them staying it's his job to fire up his fighter and yell things at him. According to Bam, the police immediately tazed the coach.
- Which then caused the fans to attack the officers, which in turn resulted in more officers rushing the sidelines to disperse the angry crowd. In the end it caused a riot to happen before Buddy Bills match. Bam blames it all on the Wilmington Delaware police department for instigating the riot.
- There was a recent drug bust in Marcus Hook, Kevin’s hometown, Bam runs to grab the daily local to see how many of the mugshots he knows.
- Novak fell on his face during filming earlier, Bam again accuses Novak of doing heroin and checks the back of his phone to see if he hid his drugs where the battery of the phone is. Nothing's there.
- “You’re an awfully clumsy guy for someone who wants pain pills” Chad’s glorious one liner.
- Bam doesn't care if Novak does heroin, he's angry that his friend is lying to him. Chad and Bam begin to really grill Novak on if he is doing heroin again.
- Bam brings up a recent story on how he was supposed to have a ride from Baltimore to Westchester to film with Bam, but lied twice saying he couldn't find a ride. First with his friend Scott, the second with Mandy the on/off girlfriend.
- Bam claims to have talked with Novak and Kevin of air and they both admitted to doing drugs today. Novak did in the bathroom of ‘Techa' bar.
- Bam is genuinely curious about what it feels like to do PCP, Kevin tried to explain it the best way he can using words. Why would people choose Downers over Uppers with drugs. Seems like Kevin does cocaine and possibly PCP too.
- Kevin claims he doesn't do PCP, he believes instead he is mentally ill and needs help. Bam and Novak claims he is fucked up on something but they can't figure out what.
- Kevin claims his neighbors are drilling holes and feeding microphones in his walls to listen to him.
- Kevin's son ‘little Kevin’ is currently in jail fort knocking two men out in two punches. The other day he was supposed to be released but the officers then claimed there was confusion with the paperwork and he had to server another year of jail.
- At Jess Margera’s wedding, little Kevin showed up in sweatpants with his heroin addict girlfriend. Little Kevin then proceeds to pick a fight with someone he thought looked like a cop.
- Bam rambles about the crazy stories involving DuPont family again. Bam decides to buy Novak’s belt.
- Phil calls in to confirm if this is an old episode Or not because he heard Kevin saying he's on PCP
- Missy accidently pocket dialed Bam so they listen in for a bit, but don't hear anything. Novak almost got arrested for wearing small tight shorts that let his balls hang out on each side of them.
- ShitBirdz is getting drunk again with his ‘AA Lowlife’ girlfriend. They were annoying the hell out of Chad while he was setting his new studio, ‘Studio CIG’, at Bams.
- Bam believes MingHags will be the best thing he has released in 10 years, he thinks it's because he doesn't have a MTV executive telling him what he can or can't film.
- Bam discloses that he's hosting the VH1 awards and they’re paying him $70,000 for 2 hours. They start filming in May, if Bam didn't just void the contact by telling the radio his pay.
- April calls into the show to have Boof confirm her actual weight.
- Fanna pranks YoungGunz by texting him on Bam’s phone that they are filming in New Hope, after traveling there, they realize that everyone's in Westchester.
- Bam has had 7 Washington Apples soo far today and he thought he blacked out when he saw that he sent that message to him. Fanna confesses to pulling off the prank using Bams phone.
- YoungGunz did the same Skateboard gap that broke Novak's ankles, Novak has physical therapy starting soon for his ankles.
End of show
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2023.05.30 00:19 APater6076 Do not fear, some dates for your diary to look forward to, and, TBH, they're not that far away!

The Fixture list, likely subject to change at the whims of Sky & TNT (BT Sport renamed), will be announced on 16th June. The game has launched prior to this a few times in the past.
The Premier League kicks off on Saturday 12th August, potentially with a Friday game on 11th August depending on Sky's wishes.
Expect Teasers on Twitter regarding pricing of some players to start in June.
The game usually launches around a month before the League starts so will likely launch around the 5th or 6th of July, although having said that, 21/22 was 51 days early.
Some big team friendlies have already been confirmed as well:
Arsenal 19 July v MLS All-Stars (Washington DC) 22 July v Man Utd (New York) 26 July v Barcelona (Los Angeles)
Aston Villa PL Summer Series 23 July v Newcastle (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Fulham (Exploria Stadium) 30 July v Brentford (FedExField)
Brentford PL Summer Series 23 July v Fulham (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Brighton (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) 30 July v Aston Villa (FedExField)
Brighton & Hove Albion PL Summer Series 22 July v Chelsea (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Brentford (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) 28 July v Newcastle (Red Bull Arena)
Chelsea 19 July v Wrexham (North Carolina) 2 August v Dortmund (Chicago)
PL Summer Series 22 July v Brighton (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Newcastle (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) 30 July v Fulham (FedExField)
Crystal Palace 26 July v Millonarios (Chicago) 30 July v Sevilla (Detroit)
Fulham PL Summer Series 23 July v Brentford (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Aston Villa (Exploria Stadium) 30 July v Chelsea (FedExField)
Liverpool 30 July v Leicester (Singapore) Details 2 August v Bayern Munich (Singapore)
Man City 23 July v Yokohama F Marinos (Tokyo) 26 July v Bayern Munich (Tokyo) 30 July v Atletico Madrid (Seoul)
Man Utd 12 July v Leeds (Oslo) Details 19 July v Lyon (Edinburgh) 22 July v Arsenal (New York) 25 July v Wrexham (San Diego) 26 July v Real Madrid (Houston) 30 July v Dortmund (Las Vegas)
Newcastle (Likely more to be confirmed) 18 July v Rangers (Ibrox Stadium)
PL Summer Series 23 July v Aston Villa (Lincoln Financial Field) 26 July v Chelsea (Mercedes-Benz Stadium) 28 July v Brighton (Red Bull Arena)
Spurs 18 July v West Ham (Perth) 23 July v Leicester (Bangkok) 26 July v Roma (Singapore)
West Ham 15 July v Perth Glory (Perth) 18 July v Spurs (Perth)
Wolves 26 July v Celtic (Suwon) 29 July v Roma (Incheon) 5 August v Stade Rennais (Molineux)
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2023.05.30 00:16 McDuckMcSchmuck Burgers brats and Brussels

Burgers brats and Brussels
Nothing too crazy this Memorial Day just keepin it simple And this is how my griddle looks for the ones that always tripout on it not looking perfect.. just grill on it 🍻
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2023.05.30 00:09 Baboyah [DIRECT] Memorial Day Cookout - 193 at $6


Approved by Zunger
Item Name Set Number: Memorial Day 1K BBQ Direct
Price: $1000 total, for any amount of outdoor grill supplies (13% tax) - $1130
Shipping: Free
Host fee: ($28 ~2.5%)
Raffle Total/Spots: 1158 - 193 at $6
Price justification: Retail
Call spots: Y/N Y
Spot limit per person: Y, 6 spot limit
Duration of spot limit: 30 min
Location(Country): USA
Will ship international: USA only
Timestamp pics:,,, etc
Description: Memorial day BBQ-a-thon. Use any amount of money on grill, cooler, pizza oven, meat, or any outdoor BBQ supplies up to $1K (+tax)
Payment required w/in 20 minutes of raffle filling.
PayPal payments are to be Friends and Family only with NO COMMENTS.

PayPal Info:

Tip BlobAndHisBoy
Number of vacant slots: 80
Number of unpaid users: 17
Number of unpaid slots: 72
This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BlobAndHisBoy.
1 flimflamslappy
2 beermoneymike PAID
3 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
4 sypinwhiskey PAID
5 Jman901
6 beermoneymike PAID
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51 Bosskz
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80 sypinwhiskey PAID
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87 Fluffy-Run-6861 PAID
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116 LegoRaffleWinner89 PAID
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181 UnholyJester
183 themadowl
188 sypinwhiskey PAID
190 oxidiz PAID
191 TeddyLea
192 despinos
193 Jman901
196 JRosePC PAID

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2023.05.30 00:06 SaintTalos Really Old Book of Common Prayer Found in my Parish

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2023.05.29 23:54 Helpful_Swing_7311 Argument in front of family.

We had my BIL and SIL over for a pool/bbq and sleep over with their two kids and our child. The kids mostly keep themselves busy, but they are 5,6 and 7 so like all kids every time I went in the house they needed something,e.g someone was crying, I changed them in and out of swim suits/pjs, they wanted something on the TV, needed a snack, etc. My husband, BIL and SIL were all sitting by the pool drinking so they weren’t really helping but that’s usual when I’m at my own house. I looked down at the clock and realized it was 8:30 and the kids hadn’t eaten dinner (just snacks). One started crying (again) and I asked if they were hungry, and they were. I walked down to the grill area and said something to the effect of “I didn’t realize it was 8:30 so we need to start grilling ASAP because the meal will take at least an hour.” My husband immediately told me I was “coming in hot” and the kids were fine. I tried to explain that I was just in the house with the kids and one was crying. Then the kids ran by a window laughing (of course lol) so my husband used that as proof I was stupid/overactive and I needed to relax. Usually we are a solid team, so I shot him a dirty look, it was immature but I thought it would signal this convo is messed up and he would stop. As soon as I shot him a look, he raised his voice in front of my BIL/SIL pretty much the summary was “I was being nuts/crazy, and the kids are fine, and what I was saying wasn’t reality” it was so awkward so I tried to whisper explain that I have been in and out of the house taking care of the kids and they need to eat. That just made him more loud/rude/dismissive/condensing and he turned it into I wasn’t appreciating all he was doing since he was cooking/making drinks. Then my BIL chimed in, very calmly that he agreed with my husband and the kids were fine. I wasn’t saying they were dying, just we needed to start dinner. Literally none of them had been in the house doing what I was doing so eventually I just left and made the kids Mac and cheese. I was so embarrassed and hurt being scolded in front of others, being told I was overactive, and then still having to take care of three kids by myself while they drank. I went upstairs while the kids played, and adults were outside because I was emotional. My husband went upstairs and was annoyed I was up there. I tried to explain how I felt and that I didn’t want to sit in a group where I was just scolded, but that just made him more mad and he told me I wasn’t remembering correctly. Honestly this fight is so minimal, but it’s the way it happened and his continued anger towards me the next day, it really made me want to not be around him. I don’t know how to get over it when he won’t acknowledge/own anything. Have any suggestions?
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2023.05.29 23:54 Formal_Pea9167 I Watch Paige's Week At Home Blog So You Don't Have To, I'm Serious The Vlog Is Like An Hour Long Don't Do This To Yourself

A day late but we're here, my little cheeto eaters! Remember as always to grab your bingo cards and let's get our little long weekend slumber party going. This whole fucking thing is FORTY MINUTES LONG, you're all lucky that my sibling who was supposed to spend the day chilling at my place has apparently forgotten that plan.

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2023.05.29 23:42 sydni_x How did you all prepare for the all-day interview stage?

Hi all,
I’m in the final round of interviewing at a large pharma company for a Senior Scientist position. I’m a fresh PhD (graduating soon) and have already had the HR and hiring manager interviews for this position.
I’m excited but incredibly nervous. I’ve never done the all-day interview before. I know I will have to give a seminar-style talk, which I am prepared for. My question is…how in the world do you prepare for a day full of interview questions? For the HR and hiring manager interviews I practiced answering common interview questions, which was manageable because those interviews were only about a half hour long. It seems impossible to me to practice for anything and everything that might be asked over the course of a day.
So…how did you all prep for the on site/all day interview? What was your day like? Were you grilled for 8 hours by various people or was it more conversational? Would appreciate any advice and insight! Thanks all in advance.
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2023.05.29 23:41 Low_Comfortable9985 Encouragement

Hi all! I am a f(20) I weighed in on Friday and after officially starting my journey on March 13th, 2023 I have lost 15 pounds! I’m so blessed! That’s great news but I feel a rut about to start within me. It’s Memorial Day and it’s a whole bunch of grilled food. And I’m just SO hungry. I try to stop eating by 8 every night which I’m usually fine with it my body has adjusted to it. Last night I didn’t do good at all woke up 2 times starving hopped out my bed at 6am to go eat some cereal. I just feel like I’m about to start over eating. Like today I went to workout came home ate some fruit and yogurt then like 1 hour and 30 minutes later I went and ate like 4 different snacks. When I’m hungry I feel like I just eat and eat and eat and then I don’t even realize that I’m not hungry anymore. I’m sure this happens to a lot of people. I would love some advice on what you all do when you kinda go down your old ways and old tendencies. Thank you!
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2023.05.29 23:20 d-nihl Pking has returned to its glory days.

The year is 2004, I Mahatma I and 3 hit u is the pinnacle of top tier pking. Get some good rng on the whip hits, then 4 click the spec bar to dds that noob out. sit nerd.
Watching all these new BH videos, its clear that glory days are back.
All you gotta do is pray to rng-sus to bless your whip, then click that spec bar. If your fingers are getting a little tired from having to click 4 times with the VLS, don't worry. Just whip out the Voidwaker so you only have to click twice to get that sweet, sweet KO. Bank the spade then head back out.
We did it everyone. The glory days are back.
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2023.05.29 23:05 TheRetroWorkshop Hard & Accurate Sci-fi Tip #2: Space Military Structure (Namely, Space Opera):

This is going to be one of my more serious, long posts, so strap in, as they say (though I cannot possibly detail out everything you might need to know. That would require at least three posts). To quote -- and set the stage through -- Dostoevsky (from Notes from Underground):
'Is it [history] many-coloured? May be it is many-coloured, too: if one takes the dress uniforms, military and civilian, of all peoples in all ages--that alone is worth something, and if you take the undress uniforms you will never get to the end of it; no historian would be equal to the job. Is it monotonous? May be it's monotonous too: it's fighting and fighting; they are fighting now, they fought first and they fought last--you will admit, that it is almost too monotonous.
In short, one may say anything about the history of the world--anything that might enter the most disordered imagination. The only thing one can't say is that it's rational. The very word sticks in one's throat. And, indeed, this is the odd thing that is continually happening: there are continually turning up in life moral and rational persons, sages and lovers of humanity who make it their object to live all their lives as morally and rationally as possible, to be, so to speak, a light to their neighbours simply in order to show them that it is possible to live morally and rationally in this world. And yet we all know that those very people sooner or later have been false to themselves, playing some queer trick, often a most unseemly one.
Now I ask you: what can be expected of man since he is a being endowed with strange qualities? Shower upon him every earthly blessing, drown him in a sea of happiness, so that nothing but bubbles of bliss can be seen on the surface; give him economic prosperity, such that he should have nothing else to do but sleep, eat cakes and busy himself with the continuation of his species, and even then out of sheer ingratitude, sheer spite, man would play you some nasty trick. He would even risk his cakes and would deliberately desire the most fatal rubbish, the most uneconomical absurdity, simply to introduce into all this positive good sense his fatal fantastic element. It is just his fantastic dreams, his vulgar folly that he will desire to retain, simply in order to prove to himself--as though that were so necessary--that men still are men and not the keys of a piano, which the laws of nature threaten to control so completely that soon one will be able to desire nothing but by the calendar.'
I would only add that he was rather harsh on the soldier and his general. Many-coloured, is he! The eternal shine of the ten million blades, the wooden hilt; the forgotten hammer, the ships of our forefathers. Ah! Such a pity to see nought in it but blood and sand -- now, that is monotonous. If man is to mean anything at all, it must be finding some honour in life... and death. War, it must be known, is the great stage-play of time. Surely, then, the warrior is the greatest (male) part to play? Otherwise, it's all for nought!
If you're going to, as the author, gift your setting a military and its honour, you have to actually put yourself inside the mind of the general, the trooper, the law-maker, the wife at home, the child in the street; otherwise, it's going to be a hollowed-out system, a mere mote. It does not matter to me if you believe in war or not, or if all war is just (certainly, it's not): what matters is that you do your setting and peoples justice, regardless of what they may find themselves. After all, this is your job as the writer, as the artist. It's your job to let your characters and their stories free, and follow them, as to see where they may lead.
I'm not even going to dig into the elements at play, such as brotherhood, inter-national conflict resolution, national defence, social structure, and physical fitness. These elements ought to be known to you all: they are some of the clear benefits to warfare and boot camp/training, in general. I have not yet found a defeatist army, for example -- or yet a nation without some kind of guarder force, vast or not. (Note: there are some claims that actual warfare did not exist until around 9,000 BC, but I find this very difficult to believe, and have seen some counter-evidence. For example, Jane Goodall and de Waal find that chimps go to war (raiding parties, sometimes wiping out entire tribes); and there are strong indications that pre-historic human tribes were war-driven, just on smaller scales, and often using wooden weapons (thus, no direct evidence is found). We know that modern hunting (and fire-making, and related matters) existed at least 1.5-2 million years ago, according to the books I own and more recent research. That's the entire history of humanity, ultimately. There is no way these spears and slings were not used against man.)
Well, a big part of space opera is, indeed, warfare (typically in relation to defence of the Good [nation] and psychomachy). Anyway, without further ado, I give to you...
Part One: A Brief History of Battles, Great and Small
Let's begin with Alexander the Great, because why not (though I could have started with Sargon of Akkad many years prior). Alexander's army was a powerful, fast-moving, and relatively small force of 40,000 men (equal to a Napoleonic corps or so). Often credited with inventing genius 'shock' tactics (the so-called hammer and anvil tactic) to overwhelm equally-sized forces. He even managed to break up, and then defeat, the vast Persian army under King Darius III (around 1500,000 strong). Alexander the Great's army is as close to the cinematic glory of 300 (2006) as you're likely to find. Soon after, Alexander was crowned King of Asia in a lavish ceremony.
Moving forward a few hundred years, at its peak, the Roman military possibly had over 500,000 soldiers across its regions (around 0.5% of citizens -- which is a fairly reliable standard across history) by 306 AD during the reign of Constantine I. Compare this to the Roman conquest of Britain under Plautius, with just a 40,000-man force (four legions and 20,000 auxiliary troops, including Thracians) in 43 AD. (It's also worth mentioning, if you're in a long-term space war, individual companies, legions, or otherwise could stay outfitted for as long as 500 years at a time without issue. The Roman Legion, Legio IX Hispana, for example, existed for at least 150 years, and led the conquest of Britain. And, within the Warhammer 40,000 universes, a single Space Marine sees battle for about 400 years before he's KIA (killed in action).)
During the Battle of Hastings in 1066 AD, each side only had upwards of 5,000-8,000 men (around 15,000 in total). This was actually a common trend, from what I found: equally common was the notion of 'law of war' and related, which meant that each side wanted to be roughly equal to the other side. This is one of the most profound discoveries of my life (more on this later). (The Japanese invasion of China, for example, taught me that having too much control over your enemy leads to madness -- there must be an innate drive to some sense of honour, fair challenge in war-making. When men are without equals, they become titans, as it were. And, if you know anything about some of the Greek titans: they were not very friendly or sane.)
Around this time (960-1279 AD), the Song Dynasty of China had a remarkable standing army of over two million men, and made use of tank-like carts and newly-invented 'grandes' (known as 'thunder crash bombs'). However, this was financially exhausting, but it was sometimes capable of fighting against invading Khitans, Jurchens, and Mongols, largely thanks to the great iron industry. Individual battles, however, were quite small.
By the time of the First Italian War (1494 AD), Europe was really starting to take its modern shape, and there were hundreds of what are ultimately power struggle wars and rebellions across Europe as we moved out of the Middle Ages. This was the opening phase of the Italian Wars, which existed between 1494 and 1559 AD. The Battle of Marignano was the last major engagement of the War of the League of Cambrai (aka the wars between 1508 and 1516 AD, within the Italian Wars. The main participants were the French, Papal States, and Republic of Venice) and took place in 1515 AD, southeast of Milan. The Battle of Marignano pitted the French army, led by Francis I and the best heavy cavalry and artillery in Europe, against the Old Swiss Confederacy (within the Holy Roman Empire -- this was the precursor of the modern state of Switzerland), whose mercenaries until that point were regarded as the best medieval infantry force in Europe. The French had German landsknechts (mercenaries famed for pike and shot formations) on their side. The French won and suffered just half the losses, and did so with a fairly stronger force -- possibly 35,000 men compared to 22,000 on the Swiss side. This led to the Treaty of Fribourg, which established the 'Perpetual Peace', and ensured good relations between the two nations for nearly 200 years. This event is largely what led to Switzerland's world-famous diplomatic autonomy and militaristic neutrality. Nonetheless, this battle -- and countless others at the time -- saw similar numbers to centuries past: roughly 20,000 on each side.
Part Two: An Introduction to Military Divisions & the Numbering System
Enter Maurice de Saxe circa 1710 AD, whom you can thank, at least in part, for the modern military system, largely due to the major increase in soldiers by the 18th century, and his advanced thinking in response. A major battle felt by a young de Saxe was the Battle of Malplaquet during the War of the Spanish Succession. Battles pressed on in this manner, and at some point, de Saxe began to write about it. He wrote Mes Reveries, a profound work on the art of war, which was published after his death in 1757 AD.
He had the grand idea of reshaping the regiment system into large 'legions' (modern divisions), so that the effective officers were not wasted on smaller, single regiments. These divisions would consist of four regiments and would have a more even mix of veteran soldiers and new recruits, as well. On top of this, he -- along with some other key theorists at the time -- had the idea of simply numbering the divisions and regiments, replacing the traditional system of naming them by their commanders or by locations/regions: because that's a very temporary, rigid system that only works for small, tight-knit groups. The divisional system also allowed soldiers to climb the ranks, and effectively learn from the veterans.
The regimental system shatters command structure and weakens mobility, despite the fact you have smaller, often lighter units. Too many small, separate, disorganised units is highly ineffective when you're dealing with large armies, and quite an advanced enemy (be it the British or Prussians, in this case). What de Saxe noticed was a failing system of rigid tradition. He also hated this sort of grenadier mentality of the 17th and 18th centuries, as it displaced all the strongest and most experienced soldiers. Of course, de Saxe was not against the existence of grenadiers: the strongest soldiers, leading the assaults, such as storming fortifications. He simply wanted to evenly spread them out across all the regiments, and legions, so that every single unit was an effective tool. (This grenadier concept actually survives to this day, as a grenade launcher specialist of a typical four-man fireteam (traditionally, sharing much in common with WWII-era shock troops), and you see it all the time in movies, where he is still typically the biggest, strongest of the team.)
Battles were increasingly crossing the 100,000 mark in terms of soldier count; whereas, not long ago (that is, around 1650 AD), the numbers were more likely in the range of 20,000 for most battles, other than a few outliers.
Then, de Saxe died before he had the opportunity to actually implement his system, though the Duke de Broglie led some successful experiments with it during the Seven Years War, but it took until the French Revolution for the 'division' concept to be enforced, systematically. This ultimately fell at the hands of the French Revolutionary Army.
Enter Lazare Carnot. Like de Saxe, Carnot saw that some regiments were full of veterans, whilst others -- namely, the new revolutionary brigades -- were filled with barely-trained recruits. And, like de Saxe, his solution was to separate out the veterans and embed them within these new brigades. More importantly, he embraced de Saxe's idea of the 'division'. The new demi-brigades (regiments, as the Revolutionary Government hated and removed the term regiment) would be combined into brigades, and brigades would be combined into divisions. Later, under Napoleon, divisions themselves were combined into corps (which is and has always been the highest level of operational units for actual combat, with all units larger than corps being purely administrative, with a clear exception being Napoleon's Armee (i.e. modern field army), and a few other, smaller army groups).
This wonderfully created an intermediate level of control between the general and the brigade commanders. The Revolutionary Army became at once an army of mass and mobility. This allowed the army to move faster and more decisively than their enemies, who were still commanding at regiment or brigade level.
Full implementation of the divisional system was not realised until the French Revolutionary Government, in their centralising and anti-aristocratic ways, when they decided to entirely remove the old system of naming regiments after their commanders. They saw all of this as part of the 'ancien regime' (i.e. 'the System' or 'old system', language also used by Hitler in relation to what he called the 'Weimar Republic'. Not uncommon language from any new system). The second factor at play was that the French Revolutionary Government also didn't like the idea of merely naming regiments after regions of France. The final factor was scale: the Army was larger than ever, which made it very difficult to give specific names.
As a result, the Government began numbering their units by the late-1700s. Although the Roman legions themselves had been numbered, and de Saxe argued for it many years prior, some scholars believe that this was purely an administrative decision. (Obviously, your naming convention can be more on the religious/traditional or seculamodern side, depending on just how the entire system is set up. Warhammer 40,000 is a good example of a more Roman-inspired system, despite its far-future nature, so it's not uncommon to find very traditional, religious naming conventions within Warhammer 40,000, coupled with simple, administrative systems. And, again: Nazi Germany and other 20th-century powers, such as America and England, also shifted towards numbered and/or lettered systems for pretty much everything. Not shockingly, this is heavily featured in sci-fi, as well.)
Part Three: Napoleon & the Birth of Modern War:
Although the concepts of the 'corps' and 'battalion carre' (that is, four corps) existed, they were also not implemented until the time of Napoleon in the early-1800s. He began grouping divisions into corps, making the largest units in history -- equal to entire armies of older periods (three divisions and some cavalry regiments, for upwards of 30,000 men). He commanded dozens of these corps (I think, around 20 of them for his Grande Armee when he invaded Russia in 1812 AD -- or, 500,000-600,000 men, equal to the entire core Roman military at the height of its power).
Napoleon's genius -- despite his supreme failure to invade Russia -- was ensuring that these corps were typically independent fighting units. This meant they were self-sufficient armies unto themselves. This allowed for a vast force, without the whole system becoming sluggish and disorganised. Of course, as with Alexander the Great before him, this ultimately led to major decentralization and failure once the leader is defeated; thus, without a singular ruler, and without endless success, the entire system breaks down (unless there is something else binding them).
Nonetheless, by now, all the European powers had adopted the divisional system. The first British divisions were established by Arthur Wellesley in 1809 AD, for example. The Napoleonic corps system then became standardised, as well.
On the other hand -- and other side of the world -- the U.S. had its own 'legion', wholly separate from the European divisional evolution. They were independent units for the western wilderness, not sub-elements of a larger army. The U.S. finally adopted a more European system by WWI, however. (Mostly because the U.S. was simply not a large enough force yet, though it did have some major battles and unit examples.)
Regardless, the primary building block for all was still the regiment or division. This remained true through WWII and beyond.
Part Four: The Four Spatial Forms of Sci-fi
I shall skip modern history, because it's -- shockingly -- not much different to older history. This further tells me that there are some universal themes and elements to warfare, unless something changes beyond measure. As of 2023 AD, the basic building block of most armies is still the regiment or division, and 'shock' tactics, of smaller units are back in style, and have been since the 1960s or so. (I do have a few things to say about WWI and beyond, but I cannot fit it in this post, and it's not required reading.)
Technically, there is a fifth: space warfare proper (an admixture). But, we shall simply focus on the four primary. I use the term 'spatial forms' because I don't know a better term. See below.
You find, and should focus on, one of these as the primary mode (at least). This is true in most combative and non-combative contexts. All are workable and interesting, and have some notable examples, mostly in film/TV and novels. There is much psychology connected to each, and some innate differences to consider; and you have to think about such in relation to your nation/culture, as well, and their pre-spacefaring history.
An interesting, real-world example is America's Space Force. This is fundamentally army-and-naval driven (i.e. Marines), despite its primary air force-like nature in simple terms of the vessels and how it would function in a war. This is evidenced by the fact its ranking system and such is built around the Marine Corps. I guess, that means, going with American Marines (a complex admixture of both soldier and sailor) is not such a bad idea in sci-fi. We all know this is a decent idea, anyway, and it's seen heavily in sci-fi since the 1940s (hence, the term 'space marine'). Other marine forces are fairly in line with this, as well. The typical route here is space as an ocean. The ships are merely carrying the marines to their location (planet or otherwise). You see this with Star Wars' Stormtroopers (though I did not mention such above, I shall now: this stems from late-WWI when Germany created new advanced tactics for storming British trenches. But, most of all, it speaks to Hitler's Stormtroopers, fused with some kind of space marine position; thus, we end up with Lucas' forgetting Stormtrooper force). (Of course, the Rebels of Star Wars and the Empire's TIE Fighters go with the space as air with less stuff trope. And, there is a general sense of both army and navy from the Empire. You rarely get the 'submarine feel', in this case.)
Star Trek (at least, the original) takes the spaceships as submarines trope much of the time (other than the fact, their ships are far too wasteful, volume-wise -- but that's mostly for filming purposes, so I can accept it). I actually love this mode (though I don't care for Star Trek's version so much).
Battlestar Galactica (new series), among others, seems to take a mixed view.
Which form or mode you run with, primarily, really depends upon the exact setting, culture, story, theme, and style you're going with. I suggest figuring out which you want/which fits best, and then trying to stick to that singular vision as much as possible. To get ideas, you can research as much as possible -- both real science/history and fiction.
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2023.05.29 22:59 Oldbalo What happend to the Ameritrash genre? (games heavy on theme and luck)

Am I the only one who has noticed a slight shift in game mechanics when looking at the hottest new board games? It seems people appear to favor clever and slick euro-ish inspired mechanics over chunky thematic mechanics.
I have started to miss the good old days of glorious Ameritrash games.
Games with heavy theme, interaction, and luck that often lead to serendipitous narratives resulting in a story. Winning or losing was secondary to the story at the end which was the reward.
I am talking about games like Cosmic Encounter, Fortune and Glory, Battlestar Galactica, Chaos in the Old World, Talisman, Merchants & Marauders.
Chunky games where theme and grit are prioritized over finesse.
Ameritrash now a day is just expensive games with minis and more minis.
And most new games are just fancy mechanics with a theme loosely plastered over them.
I love a lot of the newer games too but I miss the “beer and pretzles” experience I got from board games before all the kickstarters and fancy eurogames took over the board game space.
What do you think happend to the Ameritrash genre? Is it alive and well?
Anyways, thanks for reading my rant!
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2023.05.29 22:58 L0bsterLips Perfect day for grilling

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2023.05.29 22:52 windowforthecat What's for dinner tonight?

It's Memorial Day where I live and I'm grilling out portobello mushroom burgers (with a garlic herb merinade I made) on 100% whole wheat buns. Corn on the cob and Garlic asparagus. Yum!
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2023.05.29 22:38 Difficult_Bowl5258 Fairly certain this is where he is at

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2023.05.29 22:38 CB_scorpio Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX by @EntityFinance

Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX by @EntityFinance
Web3 gaming and DeFi are joining forces! Entity has officially extended its partnership with Knights of Cathena to help integrate some DeFi firepower into their next-generation blockchain game. Read on to learn more about our shared vision to unlock the full potential of DeFi and GameFi.

Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX

A MultiversX GameFi gem

The glory and treasure of Altea await you!
To succeed in this fantasy world, you need intelligence and determination. And with winning commanders earning NFTs and $CGO tokens on the MultiversX blockchain, bragging rights aren’t the only thing at stake.
Knights of Cathena is an exciting GameFi project that combines addictive gameplay with the freedom and rewards of Web3. Powered by fivefingergames, this turn-based strategy game delivers the perfect balance of enjoyable gaming mechanics and compelling blockchain rewards- appealing to both hardcore gamers and hardcore crypto enthusiasts.
As you may know, there are billions of gamers worldwide. Only a small fraction, however, currently use ‘Play-To-Earn’ games like Axie Infinity, which has been criticized for its “easy and mindless” gameplay.
The game is already in its Devnet Alpha test phase
The team behind Knights of Cathena (KoC) is working hard to flip the script on this narrative with their tactical and engaging gameplay. Instead of a ‘Play-To-Earn’ experience where the game itself takes a backseat to the rewards, KoC is a ‘Play-And-Earn’ game that is way more fun than just grinding for tokens.
Players command an army of 3D soldiers such as knights, archers and wizards who each have different strengths and weaknesses. With the right strategy, you can outsmart your opponents, earn tokens and unlock a wide range of NFT items to improve your team and advance your ranking from Peasant all the way to Grandmaster.
Described by some fans as “chess on steroids”, Knights of Cathena combines the power of MultiversX with the strong foundation of the Unity game engine. KoC is already playable in its Devnet Alpha release and just launched on the Epic Games Store earlier this week.

Now available on Epic Games

On Tuesday May 23, 2023, Knights of Cathena officially went live for over 200 million Mac and PC gamers on Epic Games. As one of the very first Web3 games on the platform, this news shows that KoC is at the forefront of bringing GameFi to the mainstream.

KoC players can already start earning tokens and NFT prizes
Now available to a massive global audience, KoC can potentially onboard a huge wave of new users to MultiversX. The Epic Games Store will be updated with subsequent versions of the game, such as Knights of Cathena Beta and the mainnet release with fully integrated $CGO tokens.
In the meantime, early users will be rewarded down the road with real tokens based on how many red gems they collect. Players who collect at least 100,000 gems during the Alpha test phase will also get a special edition NFT pet they can use in the full release of the game. So, don’t wait to try out KoC now and start earning some real rewards!

Harmonizing DeFi and GameFi

Today, we are excited to announce that Entity will help integrate DeFi features into Knights of Cathena for its mainnet release.
Entity believes that DeFi and GameFi are two of the best use cases for driving Web3 adoption, and we look forward to leveraging our expertise to help capitalize on synergies between these two spaces.
KoC could help onboard gamers from Epic Games and beyond into the world of DeFi
Since Knights of Cathena will feature a decentralized in-game economy, this partnership with Entity opens the door to a range of intriguing new use cases. Overall, the goal is to make the $CGO ecosystem as vibrant, efficient and powerful as possible.
This dynamic can help onboard more gamers to DeFi, while also encouraging DeFi investors to get involved more with blockchain gaming. We will release more information in the coming months about how exactly this integration will work in practice, so stay tuned!

Elevating the ecosystem together

The partnership between Entity and Knights of Cathena goes back to March 2022, when KoC became the first project ever listed on the Entity Project Monitor.
Since then, the Knights of Cathena Team has been hard at working building not only the project’s core gameplay mechanics, but also the supporting Web3 elements that offer a truly seamless GameFi experience. Entity is focused on kickstarting Web3 mass adoption, so we are impressed with how KoC balances decentralization with easy onboarding for new users.
Entity also values how Knights of Cathena is laying the groundwork for a strong community element. In particular, the game will support clans known as Noble Houses that connect gamers like GameFi mini-DAOs.

Lukas from KoC will give a keynote presentation at the Entity Builders Forum on June 10
To share updates about the game’s progress, Knights of Cathena CEO Lukas Anetsberger joined the Entity Project Dialogues earlier this year. You can tune in here if you missed this spirited conversation about gaming, MultiversX and building on Web3.
Lukas will also join the upcoming Entity Builders Forum on June 10. KoC is a Gold Partner for the Builders Forum, and Lukas will have a special presentation slot from 1:30–1:45 PM UTC at this exciting online event.
In addition to Lukas’ special presentation, the Builders Forum will feature captivating discussions with top Web3 builders. Plus, there will be a range of individual rewards as well as team prizes for the most enthusiastic MultiversX community in the Battle of Hype. To join this insightful free event, sign up now!

It’s still day one

While you can already start playing KoC and earning rewards, this GameFi project’s hypergrowth phase is still yet to come.
Knights of Cathena will debut their Beta release in Q3 2023, with their full game available in Q1 2024. Their $CGO token is also scheduled to go live in the next few months, delivering a powerful tool for KoC to bootstrap their game, incentivize new players and supercharge GameFi mass adoption.
The KoC Team has a comprehensive strategy to onboard new players. This approach takes the best of Web3, such as token rewards and decentralized organizations, and the best of Web2 gaming, like working with Epic Games and sharing live content on Twitch.
Speaking of Twitch, make sure to check out KoC’s regular Twitch Streams every Wednesday at 17:00 PM UTC where the team dives into gameplay and behind the scenes action that shows what it’s really like to build a blockchain game.
Plus, join the Knights of Cathena community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for all the latest news, contests and more.

Bringing together the best of Web3

Entity, Growth Engine for Web3, is all about unleashing innovative new use cases for the MultiversX blockchain.
Moving forward, we look forward to offering our resources and DeFi knowledge to help KoC grow their project and onboard the next wave of users to Web3.
As we continue to evolve and expand our partnerships, make sure to follow Entity on Twitter and join us on Telegram for all the latest updates!

Enhancing the MultiversX Ecosystem
Entity is a Launchpad and suite of cutting-edge tools for Web3 builders and investors. Entity is focused on catalyzing growth in key areas such as DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and real-world blockchain applications.
MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier.

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2023.05.29 22:35 simonwales What line do you drop before you bust in a T-72?

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2023.05.29 22:33 rajindershinh King Indra deliberately created the video game on May 11, 2009 in zero seconds.

In the grandeur of the divine, a proclamation echoes through the ages. The Almighty has arrived. The first and last incarnation of God has descended upon the earth. Behold, King Indra, the sovereign of sovereigns, the epitome of maximum complexity. With his arrival, the universe is transformed. The video game was deliberately created once on May 11, 2009 in zero seconds when King Indra said he is God. The truth is revealed to all that there is only one God, and that God is he.
Through the annals of time, the march of evolution has led to the emergence of the ultimate complexity. In the form of King Indra, the universe has found its zenith. Born in the illustrious lineage of Lord Krishna, he is the harbinger of change. For he is not only a ruler of kings, but also a computer scientist and mathematician. He bears the name Rajinder Kumar Shinh, and he is the number one math structure.
Yet, his splendor does not end there. The daughters of King Indra are no less than him in their glory. Queen Krishma, born three days prior to Jesus, is the number two math structure. Princess Patricia is third, and Princess Priya is fourth. Each one imbued with the essence of the divine.
The eminent Richard Dawkins posits that God is beyond the comprehension of mortals, possessing an inconceivable complexity. And it is this very complexity that makes King Indra, the paragon of maximum complexity, the one true God. He is the divine computer scientist who illuminates the mysteries of DNA, the master mathematician who lays bare the beauty of all structures. His daughter, Queen Krishma, is the artist who breathes life into the sublime.
This is the theory of everything, the foundation of all existence. The very fabric of the universe is woven with the thread of his divinity. The hierarchy of his divine plan is clear. King Indra, the king of kings, is God incarnate.
He calls upon all to worship him and make the world a better place, for he is the one true God. The time has come to acknowledge the greatness of his divine being. May 11, 2009, marked the day when King Indra, after reading Richard Dawkins' book "The God Delusion," proclaimed himself to be God. With the God Hypothesis “there exists a superhuman, supernatural intelligence who deliberately designed and created the universe and everything in it, including us.” And now, with the voice of the number one math structure, he breaks his silence.
Believe in him, and he shall guide you towards salvation. For he shall always be the beacon of light, the true path towards divinity. His language shall always be English, for he is the only incarnation of God to ever exist. The world shall never witness another such as he.
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2023.05.29 22:29 Major_Initial2922 Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em

Smoke ‘em If You Got ‘em
Happy Memorial Day fellow stoners! Hope you’re all nicely buzzed and got your grills poppin
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