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TV database scanner and agent question-- which ones and why?

2023.03.30 03:26 profmoxie TV database scanner and agent question-- which ones and why?

I just upgraded my ubuntu server for Plex and everything is running great. But I've had an issue syncing TV shows. For example, the Rockford Files is all labeled correctly, but only seasons 1, 2, and 4 show up, and not 3. I've tried deleting the show from the HD, rescanning the library, adding it back in, rescanning, etc. with no luck at all.
So tonight I was messing around in Plex trying to figure out why the Golden Girls-- another show I've been watching for years on Plex-- now has all 170 episodes in 1 season. I noticed that there are options for the TV scanner and agent. I changed the scanner, and lost some of the metadata for my super old shows (think Alcoa Theatre). I don't mind manually matching those, but I want to set the scanner and agents correctly first. Then I can focus on matching parts of my TV library manually. For reference, I have around 200 shows ranging from very old 1950s shows to current shows.
Which scanner is the best choice? Which agent is the best? And why?
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2022.10.01 02:31 AssistHot4309 AITA for pointing out that my cousin grew up in the suburbs - not the "ghetto" - and embarrassing him?

I am (27F) from the south side of Chicago. My cousin (25M) was born in Naperville and moved to rural Belvidere when he was like 5. He has never been to Chicago and refuses to come, thinking the city has been overrun with "hoodrats" and "illegals." Regardless, he has this super weird habit of telling everybody he is from Chicago. He comes up with all these fake stories, too.
Anyway, I drove out to his family's house to grab a Switch I left there, when my cousin brought a few people home. My cousin introduced them to me as his new coworkers at the assembly plant. One of them asked if I grew up in Chicago (I was wearing a Cubs cap) and I said yes. My cousin immediately raised his voice, saying he grew up in Chicago, too. "And I mean the ghetto. With all the single mothers on welfare." I looked at him confused and torn between calling him out for the bigoted comments, and he went into the most random stories that clearly never happened - as he had never even been to Chicago.
I interrupted to tell his coworkers that my cousin grew up in Naperville, a wealthy suburb an hour away, and despite his description of all of Chicago being "Chiraq" hardly anything happens outside of certain neighborhoods. The rest of the visit was awkward, and his coworkers took turns poking fun at him, since apparently they just read one of his fake stories on Rockford Scanner. Eventually, they left and my cousin asked me to leave because he had just gotten this job and I embarrassed him.
So I left, and my aunt and uncle kind of blew up my phone saying that he was just trying to impress his new coworkers, and that he was experiencing anxiety over this.
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2022.04.20 00:35 User_3971 PSE/CCA/RCA/MHA: Skip the line! Career jobs posted within. 4-19 rollup.

I think that's our Scanner Messaging Overlord's job posted at the bottom of the list. Might be mistaken, didn't read the job description. Anyhow, GET IN THERE AND APPLY!

Good afternoon. Brief listing of jobs pulled from for your convenience.
Most jobs are full-time regular positions in Maintenance craft (some Custodial may be part-time regular) and qualify for Federal benefits from day one. To save text I have only listed the location and date of posting for each. Use the job as typed for your search term.

Laborer Custodial:
SUNNYVALE CA NC10875462 04/07/2022
CUPERTINO CA NC10879206 04/17/2022
JENISON MI NC10879210 04/10/2022
MARTINSBURG WV NC10879779 04/12/2022
MILAN IL NC10879201 04/10/2022
MOUNTAIN VIEW AR NC10885645 04/19/2022
MOUNTAIN VIEW CA NC10885650 04/19/2022
SAN JOSE CA NC10879208 04/10/2022
SAULT SAINTE MARIE MI NC10882625 04/15/2022
SHEBOYGAN WI NC10880919 04/12/2022
TRAVERSE CITY MI NC10881086 04/18/2022
EAST LANSING MI NC10882603 04/19/2022
FOREST PARK IL NC10881337 04/19/2022
PETALUMA CA NC10863669 04/09/2022
SEATTLE WA NC10880079 04/11/2022
CATASAUQUA PA NC10873545 04/07/2022
ENGLEWOOD OH NC10884320 04/19/2022
GRAND HAVEN MI NC10884434 04/19/2022
LOS ANGELES CA NC10881124 04/13/2022
LOS ANGELES CA NC10881127 04/13/2022
MOUNTAIN VIEW AR NC10882668 04/19/2022
NEWBURGH NY NC10882844 04/19/2022
SAN RAFAEL CA NC10863802 04/09/2022
SAUSALITO CA NC10863808 04/09/2022

Maintenance Mechanic:
SANTA CLARITA CA NC10881144 04/19/2022
PALATINE IL NC10881566 04/19/2022
NORTH HOUSTON TX NC10866627 04/12/2022
SANTA CLARITA CA NC10881129 04/13/2022
PETALUMA CA NC10880090 04/12/2022
HARRISBURG PA NC10881084 04/13/2022
CHICAGO IL NC10880084 04/11/2022
CAROL STREAM IL NC10881523 04/19/2022
DENVER CO NC10879225 04/10/2022
DENVER CO NC10879221 04/10/2022

Special! Interesting Maintenance Jobs: (may be skills required)

Electronic Technician: (ET phone MTSC!)
HARRISBURG PA NC10881291 04/13/2022
JACKSON MS NC10881260 04/19/2022

General Clerk VMF: (entry level VMF)
WALNUT CREEK CA NC10877102 04/08/2022

NON-Maintenance jerbs:

SALES,SVCS/DISTRIBUTION ASSOC: (u want stamps wit dat?)
WRIGHTSVILLE PA NC10881013 04/13/2022
TAHOKA TX NC10879073 04/10/2022
BOYNE CITY MI NC10881085 04/13/2022
BOYERTOWN PA NC10881030 04/13/2022
ABBOTTSTOWN PA NC10881034 04/13/2022
POOLESVILLE MD NC10881015 04/13/2022
GRAND VIEW ID NC10881272 04/19/2022
NEW CASTLE VA NC10881487 04/14/2022
FLANDREAU SD NC10885677 04/19/2022
WANAQUE NJ NC10881484 04/19/2022
NAZARETH PA NC10881556 04/14/2022
KEVIL KY NC10881256 04/13/2022
BEDFORD VA NC10881014 04/13/2022
BIG SANDY MT NC10873656 04/07/2022
HAMPTON NJ NC10881468 04/19/2022
CORNVILLE AZ NC10881090 04/14/2022
KINGS BEACH CA NC10884915 04/19/2022
UNIONVILLE PA NC10881031 04/13/2022
UWCHLAND PA NC10884721 04/19/2022
HOMEWOOD CA NC10885027 04/19/2022
HOMEWOOD CA NC10884911 04/19/2022
FORTVILLE IN NC10882564 04/19/2022
YORK ME NC10881241 04/13/2022
STANTON NE NC10884203 04/19/2022
EAST PALESTINE OH NC10873542 04/07/2022

Rural Carrier:
ITHACA NY NC10876905 04/08/2022
EARLHAM IA NC10884211 04/19/2022
MECHANICVILLE NY NC10884484 04/19/2022
KETCHIKAN AK NC10885688 04/19/2022
VINEYARD HAVEN MA NC10881017 04/13/2022

Motor Vehicle Operator:
SOUTHERN ME P&DC NC10884812 04/19/2022
ANAHEIM CA P&DC NC10884333 04/19/2022
BOSTON MA P&DC NC10882923 04/19/2022
HARTFORD CT P&DC NC10884819 04/19/2022
N HOUSTON TX P&DC NC10884463 04/19/2022
NORFOLK VA P&DC NC10882979 04/19/2022
OAKLAND CA NC10884326 04/19/2022
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC10884198 04/19/2022
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC10884329 04/19/2022
SAN FRANCISCO CA P&DC NC10884193 04/19/2022

Tractor Trailer Operator:
ANAHEIM CA P&DC NC10883286 04/19/2022
TACOMA WA P&DC NC10884824 04/19/2022
OAKLAND CA P&DC NC10883194 04/19/2022
INDIANAPOLIS IN P&DC NC10884337 04/19/2022
ALBANY NY P&DC NC10883100 04/19/2022
BOSTON MA P&DC NC10883103 04/19/2022
CHICAGO NDC NC10886144 04/19/2022
CINCINNATI NDC NC10884341 04/19/2022
DENVER CO P&DC NC10884906 04/19/2022
GARY IN P&DC NC10884908 04/19/2022
GRAND RAPIDS P&DF NC10884342 04/19/2022
KCKS NDC NC10887996 04/19/2022
KCMO MO P&DC NC10884340 04/19/2022
KNOXVILLE TN P&DC NC10884458 04/19/2022
LAS VEGAS NV P&DC NC10884191 04/19/2022
MADISON WI P&DC NC10884454 04/19/2022
MILWAUKEE WI P&DC NC10884344 04/19/2022
MORGAN NY P&DC NC10883111 04/19/2022
NEW JERSEY NDC NC10883123 04/19/2022
PHOENIX AZ P&DC NC10884192 04/19/2022
PITTSBURGH NDC NC10882995 04/16/2022
PORTLAND OR P&DC NC10883278 04/19/2022
RICHMOND CA NC10883184 04/19/2022
ROCKFORD PO NC10887999 04/19/2022
SAN FRANCISCO CA NC10883180 04/19/2022
SAN JOSE CA P&DC NC10888106 04/19/2022
SANTA ANA CA P&DC NC10883293 04/19/2022
SEATTLE NDC NC10883188 04/19/2022
SEATTLE WA P&DC NC10883283 04/19/2022
SPRINGFIELD NDC NC10884808 04/19/2022
HARRISBURG PA P&DC NC10882992 04/16/2022
MID-ISLAND NY P&DC NC10883115 04/19/2022
PITTSBURGH PA P&DC NC10882998 04/16/2022
SACRAMENTO CA P&DC NC10883177 04/19/2022
LOS ANGELES CA P&DC NC10884902 04/19/2022
MINN-SAINT PAUL NDC NC10884451 04/19/2022
MINNEAPOLIS MN P&DC NC10884348 04/19/2022
NEW JERSEY DVD BLDG NC10883118 04/19/2022

Scanner message job! Maybe?!
No experience necessary for the laborer custodial or maintenance mechanic positions. It helps on the interview but you can surely think of maintenance related experience to relay for an interview. Based on fixing things around your house, the car etc.

Pro tip: You can apply for any job that has an exam opening and the test is administered local to yourself. Make sure you're serious and score decently; you can turn down the job offer. Keep a physical copy of your exam score, I believe they are good for two years.
The reason is: These job postings can be posted externally at capacity for testing, meaning they will not allow you to take the exam if they have enough qualified applicants. However, if you have a test score on the books, you are a qualified applicant.

NOTE: USPS NEVER charges a fee for entrance exams. If payment is requested during the application process, walk the fuck away, go to and APPLY THERE.
Explanation of MVO/TTO to save time:
MVO= CDL B Can only drive box trucks on public roads, can drive anything for moves on postal property.
TTO= CDL A Can drive anything.

USPS provides the training. (Maintenance jobs at least. TTO and management...GOOD LUCK)

You don't have to be crazy to work here. We'll train you.
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2022.02.20 17:51 Btravelen Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Traffic Stops in The Last 72 Hours Rockford Scanner

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2022.02.03 21:31 Left4DayZ1 GTAO: The Showbiz Contract (DLC Concept Part 2; The Missions)

Part One, featuring the new vehicles, weapons, properties etc can be found here:
The DeSanta VIP Contract
One of the lead actors for Meltdown 2, the much anticipated sequel to Meltdown, had their Vinewood Mansion raided by the FIB during a party over questionable posts on Bleeter in which they expressed incorrect opinions on a beloved politician.
Though nothing incriminating was found, the actor’s highly guarded copy of the script could not be found as his underpaid cleaning staff put his home back together.
For Michael DeSanta, this could be the end of what’s been a lucrative and rewarding career as a film producer for the last 9 years. If this script leaks, the film’s investors will pull their funding and the entire project - and Richards Majestic Productions - will collapse. Michael's sitting pretty financially for himself and his family, but he alone would not be able to bail out the studio if it came to that- so he's making a desperate plea to recover the script and secure the fate of the film, and the studio.
Having heard through the grapevine of an old friend's recent successful business venture, Michael places a call to F. Clinton and Partner Celebrity Solutions Agency for help in recovering the lost movie script. Franklin, of course, calls you, his trusted partner, to meet with him, Imani and Michael to hash out a plan.
Michael doesn’t like you, right away. He’s heard all about you from Lester (who likes to randomly call Michael to boast about his latest jobs) and in a very petty way, views you as competition for the title of “Greatest Thief in America”. Nonetheless he trusts Lester and now Franklin’s glowing recommendations of you have convinced him that you must be the real deal, so he accepts your help.
The contract is broken up into 3 Missions, each with two set-ups, followed with a two-part finale, just like Dre’s contract.
First order of business is to find the Thief who took the script in the first place. Imani has narrowed it down to a Playboy who was having a "private moment" with another party goer in the Actor's bedroom which contained the safe, an FIB Agent with a recorded history of stealing from investigation sites, and one of the cleaning crew, a Bolingbroke Parolee.

Mission 1: Clean Up the Cleaner: The Cleaner in question does not have a registered address or vehicle and seems to live somewhat off the grid, likely at a friend's house or somewhere else. We need to figure out where he's staying so we can search the place for the Script.
  1. Set Up: Steal an Invitation(s). Another Rockford Hills Millionaire is throwing a big party, and sure enough he has a contract with the Cleaning Crew our target is on. If the party is a bigger mess than his own house staff can manage alone, he'll call in the crew to take care of it... so we need to make sure the party gets out of hand. You'll need to steal an invitation(s) from a Weazel News employee who's been flaunting the invitation on Bleeter. Imani will ping the GPS of their car; break into it and steal the invitation. Escape lot security and ditch the cops. Return the Invitation to The Agency.
  2. Set Up: Crash the Party. Use your invitation(s) to get access to the party, and start causing trouble. Break some bottles, windows, bones. Once you kick things off, the crowd's likely to get wild and help you make a mess of the place. Keep the guns put away though, otherwise the cops will get involved and delay the entire process. Once shit has sufficiently been stirred, get out before you find yourself under someone's heel.
  3. Mission: Cleaning Up the Cleaner. Go back to the Mansion and ID the van being used by the Cleaning Crew. Imani will ping its GPS and track it as they leave the job site. In the meantime, collect the Prop Cop Car and Uniform(s) provided by Michael. Imani will inform you that the van has left the job site and instructs you to keep your distance. The Van parks up at a house in Davis; Throw on your lights and and roll up to the house, kick in the front door and raid the place. *NOTE: The occupants of the house can be kept at bay using the same mechanic as in the Pacific Standard Heist- Keep a gun pointed at them and they'll keep their hands up. Let the "Threat" meter deplete, however, and they may draw their own guns and fight back, or flee the house to come back with backup. If you're playing Solo, the latter is inevitable- but if you have teammates, it's possible to Raid the House without a fight. Once you've searched through the home and found no sign of the Script, Imani suggests taking the Cleaner in for interrogation. Cuff him and lead him to the fake cop car. Evade the pursuers, then get him to the abandoned warehouse where Michael himself will do the questioning. Take the fake Cop Car to the junkyard to be crushed, and the mission is complete.
Mission 2: Playing the Playboy: Michael's interrogation of the Cleaner turned up nothing. Michael decided to pay him off to stay quiet; the Cleaner was actually quiet enthusiastic about this outcome. Imani has set up a plan for dealing with the second lead; a Playboy suspected to have stolen the Script from the Actor's safe while having a sexual tryst in the Actor's bedroom. He will be attending a Dinner Event at the Rockford Hotel, as good an opportunity as any to grab him.
  1. Set Up: Clone the Playboy's Car. The Playboy is notoriously paranoid about kidnappings and has taken extraordinary measures to protect himself from such an eventuality, including an extremely skilled personal bodyguard that follows his every move, and a personal chauffer who has had a deadman's switch surgically embedded in his skin, which is detected only if it's within several inches of the module inside the steering wheel, and will disable the ignition if any further away. Imani has sourced an Esperanto Classic at the docks awaiting exporting to Europe by a collector. Get there, get the car, ditch the pursuers, and take the car to the Prop Shop at Richards Majestic Film Studios (or your own Studio Garage if you have one) to be painted and modified to match the Playboy's car, with one extra addition: An ejector seat, meant to get rid of the Playboy's Personal Body Guard.
  2. Set Up: Clone the Driver. This whole plan is worthless if the Target won't even get in the car, so you'll need a damned good disguise. Time to combine some Vinewood Magic with Imani-Tech! Using Imani's hand-held 3D scanner, you'll sneak into the Driver's house at night while he's sleeping, creep into his bedroom and perform a 3D scan of his face. Steal some shit too, to make it seem like just an ordinary burglary. If you're caught before scanning him, taze him and get the scan before you leave. The data will automatically be uploaded to Imani's system and she'll convert it into a 3D print file, and the prop department at the film studio will get to work creating a life-like mask for you to wear.
  3. Mission: Playing the Playboy. Put on your disguise and take the Esperanto Classic to the Hotel. Park it nearby and get rid of the real driver and car- You'll need to "pacify" the driver and use the nearby tow truck to remove the car. If you're playing solo, you have plenty of time to do all this on your own. With other players, you can divvy up the tasks- but only one of you can be in the car. Imani will remotely activate the "Shelter in Place" alarm for the Hotel, but naturally the Playboy will have his Bodyguard evacuate him. Pick them up at the front door and hopefully the commotion will be enough of a distraction that they won't look too closely at the mask until it's too late. Hit the gas and keep the car moving- slow down too much and the bodyguard might take you out. Your teammates, if present, will fend off pursuers called in by the Playboy. Once you get out on the open road, activate the ejector seat at any point to get rid of the bodyguard. Michael will call and be patched in through the car's speakers to talk to the Playboy and question him about the Script. Being stubborn in nature, he's unwilling to answer the questions, so you'll need to scare him with your driving - take jumps, drive into oncoming traffic, hit pedestrians, etc. Your teammates will be fending off pursuers. If alone, the pursuers will only try to ram the vehicle to bring it to a stop - they will not shoot at you from their vehicles. Once you've sufficiently scared the Playboy, he'll cry and beg for his life and plead innocence. Michael takes the pleas as genuine for now, but wants to leave the Playboy tied up with a PR disaster to keep him busy (and quiet), so he instructs you to crash the car through the front window of Premium Deluxe Motorsports and hoof it out of there before the police arrive (your teammates can pick you up if wanted).
Mission 3: Fumbling the FIB: The Playboy was a dead-end, which leaves the worst for last - the thieving FIB Agent. Imani has finished restoring what she can of the security footage and you, Franklin and Michael watch together in disgust as the Playboy does some unspeakable things- or, rather, has unspeakable things done to him by a burly bear of a man from the Kitchen Staff, in the Actor's bedroom... but alas, the safe remains untouched the entire time. This leaves a gap of footage- and time - unaccounted between when the Playboy leaves and the Cleaning Crew arrives- implicating the FIB Agent as the Thief. There's no way to discreetly apprehend this guy, so Michael suggests a head-on approach. The FIB are preparing a raid on the Sawmill in Paleto Bay and will be passing through the tunnel, which is the perfect place to perform and ambush.
  1. Set Up: Acquire the Tanker: We'll need to fully block off the Northern end of the tunnel with a vehicle that the FIB won't dare to ram into- a Fuel Tanker should do the trick. Imani has acquired the logistics schedule from RON and directs you to one of a number of different RON Stations being refilled. The Truck needs to be stashed in Paleto Bay, so it's up to you if you want to steal a truck in Los Santos and drive it up there, or steal one in Paleto Bay, whatever you prefer. You'll need to lose the police after taking the truck, don't lead them to the stash spot.
  2. Set Up: Acquire the Escape Vehicle: The filming of "Delirious Driving 14" is taking place in Great Chaparral. They have the perfect vehicle for high-speed off-road driving: A modified Imponte Dukes that sits on a 4x4 chassis. Get out to the film shoot and take the car. If you bring some friends along, grab anything else you like, too. Cars on site include a Wastelander, Trophy Truck, Dune FAV, Insurgent Pickup, Patriot Mil-Spec and other various Off-Road vehicles. Only the Dukes 4x4 must be collected but the other vehicles can provide support from teammates. You'll be pursued, so test the rig out by hitting the hills. Get it back to your Agency Garage to get armored up.
  3. Mission: Fumbing the FIB: Collect the Tanker from its stash spot and part it at the Northern end of the Tunnel. Franklin has already had the Dukes 4x4 parked nearby for you to collect (and a Black Caracara 4x4, if you're playing with others). Collect the Dukes and get over the mountain to the other side of the tunnel and wait for the FIB convoy to enter. Follow in behind them and prepare for a shootout. Don't worry if you blow up the tanker; It was only there to stop the Convoy, they'll be far enough away from it that the explosion won't kill your target. Shoot down the FIB Agents. The Target will go down but won't die; luckily his vest stopped the bullet. Grab him and put him in the trunk of the Dukes 4x4, then escape the groundswell of police and FIB responding to the ambush. They're already blocking the roads, so Michael says to take to the hills and get out to the parking lot at the Observatory, after eluding the cops of course. Michael and Franklin will be waiting, masked of course. They'll open the trunk only to find that the FIB Agent has been battered to death by bouncing around in the trunk of the car. All 3 of you stare in stunned silence for a moment, before Michael gives you a death glare and has a freak out. Franklin calms him down and tells him it was his idea to have you put the guy in the trunk and go off-roading. Franklin takes the Agent's wallet and tells you to get rid of the car and body. Take the Dukes 4x4 and dump it in the Ocean.
Finale Part 1: Raiding the Raider: Having unintentionally killed the FIB Agent, all that's left to do now is raid his home and hope that he's kept the Script or left some evidence of its whereabouts. Imani has done the groundwork of establishing a way in; The man's house is highly secure, but Imani will guide you through hacking the systems and strategic placement of Sticky EMP's to disrupt the individual systems as you proceed through. After installing the tap on the CCTV, Imani processes footage from the time of the Script theft to now for footage of the Safe Room being accessed, and quickly flags a clip of the Script being placed in the Room- which has not been opened since. Imani's hacking device allows you to breach the Safe Room Door, but will only temporarily hold off the call-out to the Agent's private security team, so you need to grab the script and run. Unfortunately, this FIB Agent was really good at home security- and he placed an infrared motion sensor just above the script (and presumably every item in the Safe Room), which you trip when you grab the Script, triggering the silent alarm. The Security Team will arrive before you can get back out, so arm yourself with any of the weapons you can find (including the new weapons listed in the other post) and fight your way out. Once you get to the streets, lose the Feds. Get the Script to The Agency where Franklin's staff will secure it for Michael.
Finale Part 2: Meltdown: Back inside The Agency, Michael has taken a different attitude toward you as you hand the briefcase over to him, admitting he's been too hard on you. He punches in the lock code and opens the case- The Script is intact and still bound in the secure packaging, suggesting the FIB Agent had not scanned it or anything. But, when he picks the package up out of the briefcase, he discovers a GPS tracking device beneath it, where the Richards Majestic tracker should have been. Michael loses his temper once again and blames you for yet another mistake, Franklin yells at Michael to calm down, there's a lot of shouting and then Lamar walks in and tells everyone to shut the fuck up - Putting Franklin AND Michael in their place, saying that all you've been doing is following their orders to a T and Michael and Frankin on the fuckups as usual, then says that if someone is tracking that device, get it the fuck outta the Agency NOW. So Michael quickly apologizes and says to come with him. You spawn in the garage- You can take Franklin's Buffalo STX, Michael's Tailgater S, the Agency Jubilee or any of your personal vehicles (Weaponized vehicles not allowed- they're inaccessible and Michael will tell you that they'll draw too much attention). Pick a car and Michael will get in with you. Drive out. (If you're with other players, they'll spawn outside in an Agency Jubilee. They'll hear all dialog over phone conference.)
Michael tells you to just drive for now while they figure out what to do - just need to get away from The Agency before whoever is tracking the thing is led to it. Franklin and Imani call pretty quickly with a plan - Just keep driving, you're good behind the wheel and it'll buy some time to assess the threat.
Franklin and Imani call back in a couple minutes and Franklin says he's reached out for some extra help. Lester cuts him off and takes a moment to remark about how much it feels like the ending of a movie when all of the heroes join together, and starts to ramble - Michael tells him to shut up and help. Imani chimes in with some helpful information- It is not the FIB that's tracking the GPS, they've had no alerts go out in their system. Lester decides to question Imani, and again Michael tells him to shut up and stay focused.
Some cars start to chase you. Fight them back while continuing to drive (your teammates can obviously help with this).
Lester says he's backtraced the tracking signal on the GPS device to an unregistered satellite, and Imani interjects that it's probably a proxy decoy. Lester argues, but seconds later she confirms "Yep, it was", and says it's a Weazel News satellite with a passive hijack sourced to a trailer in Sandy Shores.
Michael and Lester both express a lengthy "fuuuuccckkkk" simultaneously. Franklin comes in seconds later with a "fuuuucccckkk" of his own.
Michael explains that it's gotta be Ron, and therefore Trevor, so he tries to call Trevor but gets his voicemail. Lester mentions that you've worked with Trevor before, Michael says he isn't surprised given how much you "get around" but that might actually be good news. He sets a waypoint for Trevor's Trailer, and you continue to fight off goons on your way there.
When you finally arrive to Sandy Shores, a maroon Canis Kamacho t-bones your car and sends you off the road. It stops, and the camera gives you a good look at the defiled teddy-bear zip-tied to its brush guard. None other than Trevor Phillips steps out of the truck. Surprised to find you and Michael, working together, he apologizes profusely, helps you out of the car and touches you a bit too much while trying to brush broken glass off of you.
He and Michael have a bit of a discussion about what's going on - turns out Ron has been spying on Michael for years, learned about the theft of the Meltdown 2 Script and Trevor decided to intercept it by "buying" it from the FIB Agent who stole it - of course the plan was to kill the Agent and steal the script from him, but you guys kinda got in the way of that. Trevor says he as going to surprise Michael with the Script for his Birthday.
Michael is a bit stunned, but knowing Trevor, decides to just accept the premise and move on. Trevor says it's not that easy, the goons he hired to stop you all aren't loyal to him, in fact they want to kill him too, he just hired them via proxy because they were the cheapest option. And of course, here they come.
You and Michael hop into the Kamacho (along with one of your teammates, the others will have to drive the Jubilee) and drive out to Sandy Shores Airfield to stand your ground. After fighting off a few waves of goons who arrive in increasingly armored vehicles with increasingly more powerful weapons, everything goes quiet. Franklin speeds in with his Buffalo STX and gets out with a rifle, only to realize he showed up too late. The trio of characters starts talking and arguing about everything. Your character and your teammates observe for a minute, then decide to just leave. The mission ends.
The teammate players are sent back to Free Roam with their payments. The Host Player receives a final cut scene.
Michael is ranting to a new Therapist about you, saying how you've been encroaching on his throne for years, how it makes him feel invalidated, like he needs to prove himself again, then starts ragging on "your" mistakes during the last job, mentions certain personality traits like never speaking and some of the insane vehicles you own, including unique dialog based on properties you own, etc.. the Camera pulls back to reveal your character sitting in another chair, looking dumbfounded for having been brought to the therapy session in the first place. The Therapist gives you a knowing nod, and you get up and leave, while Michael obliviously continues his rant.
Franklin calls you and says that Solomon has decided to give you a cut of Meltdown 2's profits, despite it not having even been filmed yet. You get a cool million.
Michael calls you a while later and offers you usage of his private Tennis Court any time you want, and says he'll be texting you from time to time with some requests for certain movie props and similar items. He also says he's left a movie car from a scrapped film production at the Studio for you, it's been written off as a loss so you can just have it - an Albany Broadway.
submitted by Left4DayZ1 to gtaonline [link] [comments]

2021.09.14 08:44 H25azbxwyz Subway employee fights off robber -- how company reacts will hit a nerve

(Source: FOX )
Watch the video in our channel:

Subway employee fights off robber -- how company reacts will hit a nerve
A Subway restaurant employee says she’s been suspended from her job shortly after a video of her fighting off a robber went viral.
Araceli Sotelo of Rockford, Ill. thwarted a robbery attempt on Sept. 5, 2021, according to leaked security camera footage that was first shared with the public from — a local news outlet that routinely reports on police blotters.
The video, which is timestamped at around 10:38 a.m. shows Sotelo fend off a robber who entered the store and walked directly behind the sandwich counter. As a scuffle between the two continued outside the employee-only section, the unknown assailant dropped his gun and Sotelo quickly retrieved it.
Before the video cuts off, the robber can be seen trying to get his gun back while he has Sotelo’s purse in hand.
Share #fyp
Sotelo shared a copy of the video to her TikTok account yadalove07 on Thursday with the caption: "A man came into my job and tried to rob me."
More than 8.2 million people have seen the video on TikTok. While tens of thousands of commenters commended Sotelo for her bravery, she shared an update on Friday saying she’s been suspended from her job following the incident.
Instead, a spokesperson wrote: "We are deeply concerned about the recent incident at a franchised location in Rockford, Illinois. The restaurant owner and management are fully cooperating with the police investigation, and we request patience until that process is complete…Every restaurant is independently owned and operated. We are in contact with the franchisee to better understand the situation and assist as needed."
Araceli Sotelo, a Subway restaurant employee says she’s been suspended from her job shortly after a video of her fighting off a robber went viral.
An online fundraiser started by Sotelo’s mother, Sylvia Oviedo, alleges Sotelo(...)
Watch the video in our channel:
submitted by H25azbxwyz to the_news_of_today [link] [comments]

2021.06.23 18:15 benthe27thgamer [WP] families send mining ships to distant star systems to mine materials and bring back wealth for their decendants. You, a person living on the street, had a ship arrive for you with... something strange.

The day had finally come. I have been tracking the progress of this ship for years now. It had been traveling home from one of the furthest reaches of the solar system for close to fifty years now. The region they went to was a nearly untapped area full of potential treasures but of course the time it would take and the cost to get there made it very detrimental to most of the Seekers.
I arrive to my landing pad anxiously awaiting. As the ship pulls into the dock a ping rings to my watch. I double tap my watch in quick succession and a hologram appears in front of me. It's an older man with a long gray beard. His eyes appear tired and the look of fear warps his face. "To whomever receives this. Please know that the treasures you will be receiving are most unusual. This will not be titanium, gold, or any other riches I'm afraid. Take care my friend. May you handle it better than we did."
"What?" I thought. I've been pushing back payments and making arrangements to pay everything once this ship arrived. Panic began to come over me and I struggled to breathe. It was as if I just got punched in the gut. The dock light turned green, signaling that I was cleared to enter the ship. I guess maybe there's something that I could get out of this to at least make a dent in some of the debts I've accumulated. I approached the ship and used the iris scanner on the door.
"Welcome, member of the Rockford Family." a robotic woman's voice stated as the door began to drop. A hissing from the old ships pistons screamed out as it dropped and before I knew it I was standing before the dropped door. Taking a deep breathe I stepped into the ship and acceded.
The ship was quiet. Our family's ship was by no means the largest. That was obvious by the ships very crude patch work. The first place I went to was the cockpit. There I found nothing but empty seats. The ship had been placed on autopilot back to earth. I went to the living quarters and found a few of my relatives. Sleeping in their cryopods, unfortunately sleeping forever. Their bodies without any decomposition. A note was attached to the pod of the man with the beard who spoke with me.
It read the following: "To whomever this reaches of the Rockford family. The treasure we bring to you is located in the storage bay. Although we will not be able to bare witness to the fruits of our labor we hope that this will help restore earth to the way it was, a beautiful and lush planet."
I stared at the letter for a moment and then into the blank face of my ancestor. "Something to bring the earth back to how it was? Did they find a terraforming device or something of the sort?" my curiosity began to go mad as I found the ladder down to the storage room and was about to climb down when I heard a very odd buzzing noise that was muffled as if by glass.
"Well here goes nothing." i thought and climbed down. When I reached the bottom I finally saw it. The treasure my ancestors had collected. That they gave their lives to find and bring back to earth as fast as they could. The treasure was that of a long since extinct species which nearly caused a global catashophy many years ago. That treasure was that of multiple nest of honey bees. All being nurtured for in their own glass habitats full of everything they would need to survive the way home.
This was earth's chance to be born again. To be able to sustain plant life by itself for the first time in a century. And the Rockford name would be the cause of this.
submitted by benthe27thgamer to benthe27thgamer [link] [comments]

2021.04.18 10:49 DoeHare I'm pretty sure there's a serial killer in my city and the police aren't being transparent

In the last 45 days in the city I live in (Rockford, Illinois); there have been 10 bodies discovered all over the city, with victims being both men and women.
Bodies have been discovered in storage units, wooded areas, along highway exits, as well in and around abandoned houses
Several of these bodies have been of individuals that were reported missing since before Christmas, with one being from a town nearly 70 miles away from Rockford
Our local police departments have said nothing about the issue and refuse to release information about the discoveries to the public, as the police radio has been encrypted for the last 5 years
Up until recently, there was no transparency about a serial rapist who has been terrorizing the city for the last 18 months until law enforcement was pressured by independent media to admit what's going on.
Below I have articles for 6 of the bodies found since March 4th
BREAKING NEWS: Another Dead Body Found In Rockford, Still Developing… Rockford Scanner
Police: Human remains found over the weekend in Rockford are missing Mendota man (
Rockford police investigate human remains found near Auburn Street (
Body found on ramp of Bypass 20 heading south on Route 251 (
Human remains found in field near Newburg Road in Rockford (
Harvard woman identified as dead body found in Roscoe (
Since creating this post, 3 more bodies have been found
submitted by DoeHare to serialkillers [link] [comments]

2020.09.27 16:40 rockfordscanner 2 Shootings in Rockford, Possible Multiple Victims
Rockford Scanner: 2 Shootings in Rockford, Possible Multiple Victims
submitted by rockfordscanner to u/rockfordscanner [link] [comments]

2020.08.24 09:00 wokenet August 24, 2020 Protest Stream Discussion

Please use this thread to discuss daily live protest links from August 24, 2020
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Teebs OR Portland Twitch
Necessary Trouble OR Portland Facebook
Jacob Prescott OR Portland Facebook
cascadianphotog OR Portland Twitch
FOX26 WI Kenosha Facebook
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2019.06.02 17:22 2BluntsJay Ebe Bandz Might Be In His Car Trunk This Whole Time

Rockford Scanner is saying that they think there might be a body in the trunk and by now the body has to be smellin for them to say theres a body there and is the only place they havent checked.. the killers knew the cops had to get a warrant to delay investigation 🤦‍♂️
submitted by 2BluntsJay to Chiraqology [link] [comments]

2019.02.12 22:37 Too_Tired_Toast Delphi case

On February 14th 2017 the bodies of Abby and Libby where found in Delphi Indiana USA. The case got TONS of media attention because of the fact that one of the girls got a photo of a man and an audio recording saying “down the hill” they believe that the photo and audio may be of the person who killed them. If you want to read more you can do so here
Recently in Rockford IL a town not to far from me we had a traffic stop gone wrong. The person who was pulled over drew a gun and the officer did the same. The man who was pulled over ended up dying of a self inflicted gun shot wound. more about that here
It gained quite a large following after people said the suspect looks similar to the sketch of the Delphi killer here is a link with a side by side the Delphi sketch and the driver what do you guys think?
submitted by Too_Tired_Toast to UnresolvedMysteries [link] [comments]

2019.02.05 17:39 ItsAnickJ [Help] Big 3 and Battery Current Sensors

Getting an occasional check engine light on 2015 Impala. Light will popup every month or so and then go away after about 5-10 ignition cycles. During this time though, my voltage will be pretty low while the car is running (mid 11's - low 12's). Normally I'm running mid to high 14's on voltage. The code scanner at autozone says the fault is at the Battery Current Sensor off the Negative Terminal of the Battery. This problem has been plaguing me for about the last 6-8 months, long before my Singer alt was installed, so it definitely doesn't fall on the alternator. The new alt was installed only about 6 weeks ago and has been excellent ever since - no engine codes or nothing up until this last Sunday.
For reference here is what I'm running up front:
2015 Impala 2.5L I4 --- Singer 240A alt --- XS Power D4900
Big 3 (all wiring Knukonceptz Kolossus Fleks 1/0 wrapped in black techflex)
Later today I am going to remove the factory ground from the battery and leave only my 1/0 wire as the ground as that is the wire that is through the Battery Current Sensor anyways.
Should this not fix the problem - anyone know of some next steps?
Edit: (Crude) Diagram of current wiring for visual reference
submitted by ItsAnickJ to CarAV [link] [comments]

2018.11.27 20:26 RichManSCTV Rockford Scanner: dash camera video of high speed police chase in Rockford

Rockford Scanner: dash camera video of high speed police chase in Rockford submitted by RichManSCTV to EmergencyVideos [link] [comments]

2018.10.24 18:37 MinidragPip Shooting victim, Halstead and N. Main

Rockford scanner article:
submitted by MinidragPip to rockford [link] [comments]

2018.07.27 02:28 90sRnBMakesMeHappy Dude got robbed in daylight and police didn't even RPD?

Rockford Scanner Follower robbed in daylight, and the police didn't even fucking respond...
I knew this intersection, because my bike route goes this way. This is chilling and scary how fucked up our city is. Fuck the city workers who run this town. They are complete, utter failures. What exactly was Morrissey doing as mayor? What is the new guy actually doing? I am so ashamed of this town.
submitted by 90sRnBMakesMeHappy to rockford [link] [comments]

2018.05.22 02:55 90sRnBMakesMeHappy PSA: Questionable scene at Walgreens parking lot at Charles St. and 20th. Human trafficking?

I had to pick up some shit for pink eyes, and while my friend waited in the car, she saw a very underweight chick going to each car, begging for money. My friend also noticed she went back to the car to give her money up. It was really weird. After reading about the lady on Rockford Scanner, it made me regret not reporting the plates.
The driver appeared to be male, couldn't see what ethnicity he was. But the girl looks like she had weeks to live. Her knees just stuck out and was obviously on some type of drug. I believe the car was like sage, blue-green color. Looked like a early 2000's American made car.
Please, if you see her in the parking lot, get the plates and report it to the police! Something about the situation didn't feel right.
submitted by 90sRnBMakesMeHappy to rockford [link] [comments]

2018.05.04 22:50 90sRnBMakesMeHappy OD at Christian Life on Rockford taken down from website.

That school/church really rubs me the wrong way. They have a Westboro energy about them. I have heard too many fucked up stories about that school, making any regional public school look like Disney World. I went there for a limited time, too.
Anyways, someone hit me up they found two kids OD'ed on Xanax. It was on Rockford Scanner. The principal wrote a note, demanding it get taken down. Now, it's taken down. There were people who were posting saying their kids were in school when it happened. Maybe one can lie, but there was like 5 other parents commenting.
It's just weird how this school has the power to scrub something that happened. The YouTube video of the call of the OD at Christian Life is still up.
I know someone else posted about this church/school. For being a religious school, everyone I knew who graduated has become agnostic/atheist. It's just bothersome they scrubbed everything about the truth, for image sake. I am sure they threatened to sue Rockford Scanner.
submitted by 90sRnBMakesMeHappy to rockford [link] [comments]

2018.02.24 10:39 ImagesOfNetwork So this was posted by a Stephen Stormont of Rockford on a Rockford Scanner facebook page post regarding a shooting. Especially given the recent events, I think we should take comments like this seriously. What do you all think?

So this was posted by a Stephen Stormont of Rockford on a Rockford Scanner facebook page post regarding a shooting. Especially given the recent events, I think we should take comments like this seriously. What do you all think? submitted by ImagesOfNetwork to ImagesOfIllinois [link] [comments]

2017.09.20 19:13 odb281 Rockford: Police asks Rockford Scanner reporter to stop filming an accident scene

Rockford: Police asks Rockford Scanner reporter to stop filming an accident scene submitted by odb281 to AmIFreeToGo [link] [comments]

2016.11.19 00:15 jaredalfred Design ported box assistance

Looking to design a 10" ported sub box with amp on box for my 90 F150 supercab if you'd like to help it would be much appreciated!! I can't do airspace measurements until Monday (i left my truck in town I'm picking up monday) but I usually have the seats pretty much all the way back.
I'd like to have the box wedge shaped height doesn't really matter but id like to have the sub on the right middle side of the box and the port top leftish and amp left middle/bottom. Port tube to extend down towards the bottom of the box
Parts: Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 KAC 5001PS
I've never built a sub box before but I'm thinking of having carpeted minus a wooden front inlay (carpet wrapped round into the front of the wood) and some simple designs into it.
I didn't see any format guidelines so I tried to format it best I thought I could. Rest of the system
Sony CDX-GT565UP HU 2x Eclipse G263 3 way Rockford Fosgate 100A2 Clarion Equalizer Kenwood KAC5001PS Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10
Cobra 29LX Chrome 4x102" whips (one for radio one for cop radio) Uniden Police Scanner (not sure model # I'll check Monday) 32" curved lightbar below headlights.
Upgrade plans: Interior and exterior LEDs Led reverse light, bumper built ins Orange side truck lights, red rear Amber lightbar on top Undercover police lights for interior Power win/locks relocation Interior additional led lights Tool box 75 gallon reserve tank 33" tires Small lift/axle portals LSD diff 4x4 conversion but keep twin I beam suspension Stick conversion Winch Heavy duty brush guard New frame Maybe put in 7.3 Diesel Autostart
I'll add images if I can
submitted by jaredalfred to DesignAnEnclosure [link] [comments]

2016.09.27 02:22 TripAndFly 8/22/2016 through 9/26/2016 Nest Archive

L1------------------------KNOWN NEST LOCATIONS------------------------





Brooklyn Center

Brooklyn Park







Eden Prairie


Falcon Heights


Forest Lake

Golden Valley


Maple Grove




Prior Lake




Saint Paul

Saint Anthony



West St Paul

White Bear Lake
------------------------Lure Hotspots------------------------
  • Victory memorial parkway: usually has 6 lured pokestops all in range of each other. (holy crap lured to the gills, 8/9 9:20am)
  • Purgatory Creek Park: Another 6 lure hotspot
  • Como Zoo/Park: Lots of stops with lures, gotta move around a bit
  • Centennial Lakes: 4 lure spot by the main entrance

------------------------Useful Links------------------------
submitted by TripAndFly to TripAndFly [link] [comments]