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2023.06.10 20:30 CreditSolid9384 SELLING ALL! NYP

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2023.06.10 20:30 Accomplished-Ant4900 Oxford Part One: Painting the Stage 4/6

Jasper comes back on stage after what seems like the most nerve racking hour of your life. With a manic expression on his face his grin and eyes so wide that it looks like he is going to rip apart his own damn face he says “ sorry so much for the wait let’s get to the main event… I’d like to present to you a very special project of mine…” the curtains open behind him and you see a massive hairless humanoid creature with pale skin with a narrow jaundiced face and nothing but scar tissue covering it. As you look closer you can see that metal springs and motors and other machinery has been put under and above the skin giving it a sort of second skeleton similar to that of an insect. Some of the flesh on the monster is not quite healed and you can see the tendons and bones move and creak as the exoskeleton supports the lifeless husk of what looks to be once human. The monster stares at you with glassy purple eyes with stripes and swirls of gold dancing like fish in a koi pond. It towers over Jasper at a staggering twenty feet. How the hell such a monster even came into being horrified you. As people look in with a paralyzed terror in their bodies and eyes several of the people try and make a break for the door but all methods of escape are quickly sealed off. What do you do in the current situation?
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2023.06.10 20:27 AceofPandas STUDENT HOUSING OFFER

I got a lease I need to give to someone else
The Arlie (815 W Abram St) is really close to campus. The apartment is nice and the building is great.
Currently $800 room. Will be avaliable around mid-July. Rent is $780 until August, which will then be increased to $800 on August 1st. You will probably be asked to pay half a month's rent instead of the full $780 if you move in mid July. The lease goes from now till July 31, 2024.
Roommates are male.
All utilities are paid except electric, where we pay an average of $3 a person currently (as an apartment we get an allowance of $75 for electric, we typically went about $10 total over so we paid $3 each). Fully furnished with washedryer and dishwasher, has a pool, gym, lounge, and access to the MavMover shuttle. Rooms have private bathrooms and walk in closets.
Rates are $860 for fall-spring 2023-24 if you apply normally, so this is a good discount.
Please let me know if you know someone who wants to live on campus next year for reduced rates.
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2023.06.10 20:25 kiindrex How those of you who live in hot places manage?

Hi all,
The UK is going through its first heatwave of the year, though not too ridiculous for us hoomans it's unsafe for our pup and so we have adapted our routine as needed.
This is our first spring/summer as dog parents and it's got me thinking, how do you guys who live in actually hot places all year round manage with your pups?
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2023.06.10 20:23 cinnamonandcrime UPDATE: Belongings of 36 year old missing man, Jordan Boone, discovered by Tiktoker in Utah dessert.

Jordan Boone
Jordan resided in Salt Lake City and was 36 years old at the time he went missing in 2021. It appears that at the time of his disappearance there was very little coverage and the majority of known information has been taken from his family’s Facebook appeal page, which is run by his younger sister Shelby.
Jordan and his younger sister Shelby were incredibly close. In a letter she wrote to her missing brother, she talks about the joys of their childhood, and memories of driving around and listening to Rilo Kiley or Bright Eyes at full blast. She describes him as a talented writer, musician, artist and photographer. Jordan was a caring person; he was an advocate for the LGBTQ+ and homeless communities and would take the time to make sure that people knew how loved and special they were. Unfortunately Jordan had struggled with depression throughout his teenage years and into his adulthood. In 2017, at the age of 31, he moved to Australia with his young family and it was during this time that he suffered his first bout of mania. His second occurred in 2018 along with an episode of psychosis. Jordan returned to America and his mania began to shift into further depression and suicidal thoughts. It is unclear if Jordan was officially diagnosed, but it appears accepted by his family that Jordan was suffering with bi-polar disorder and psychosis.
At some point after his return to Utah, Jordan believed that if he got to California he would be able to find a path to the other side of the world, where his daughter still resided in Australia. Jordan believed he could send a signal to her, and shot 11 flares into the sky. When these signals went unanswered, Jordan lit a fire to a garbage can and port-a-potty, which extended to the brush around them. Jordan was arrested for arson and was jailed for six months, with a requirement to be a part of a mental health programme upon his release. Jordan was due to end his probation on 6th August.
August 2021
Jordan had recently purchased a van that he decked out for camping, and on August 1st 2021 left with the van to head to the San Rafael swell. He had taken his own dog Lily, a Pitbull mix, but also his brother’s dog Cooper, whom he took without permission. Jordan’s family contacted law enforcement in the area and asked them to keep an eye out for him, knowing he was experiencing mania. Shortly after arriving, Jordan’s van got stuck in a desolate area due to flooding that the area was experiencing. Police have never revealed publicly where they located his van, but confirmed that his wallet and computer were located inside.
On August 3rd a couple on an ATV located Jordan and his dog Lily, and gave them a ride to Huntington, Utah. He was described as being dehydrated and wearing a wetsuit, and was checked out by EMTs. One of the attending officers told Jordan his family was looking for him, and offered to get him a room at a local hotel until someone could pick him up. Jordan’s family were informed that he had been located, and although Jordan’s probation officer was due to attend the following day, the family told the officer they were concerned about leaving Jordan alone. Unfortunately the officer was unable to stay, and sometime after the officer left, Jordan left the hotel.
After leaving the hotel, Jordan walked to a nearby convenient store where he spoke to a woman at the counter. She provided some water to Jordan’s dog, Lily. After 15-20 minutes, Jordan left the convenient store and located a garbage truck to the rear of the store which still had its keys in the ignition. Jordan reportedly stole the truck and abandoned it in Price, Utah, where it is believed he then stole a Jeep Renegade. Jordan pulled onto the drive of a private property, which led to an altercation with the resident. It is reported that during this altercation, Jordan hit this male with the vehicle and fled. The male chased after Jordan but ultimately lost sight of him.
Jordan made his way to Moab and attended a Verizon store where he attempted to purchase a mobile phone. This was unsuccessful due to Jordan not having any money or ID on him. Officers reported that they located a structure nearby which they believed Jordan had broken into and taken some water from; dog prints and Redwing boots prints were located in the mud nearby. The Jeep that Jordan had stolen was later found out of gas on the side of the highway at mile marker 21 in Cisco. There are reports that Jordan was sighted walking in Fruita, Grand Junction, Montrose and Nucla, Colorado, but I have no further information on these sightings.
On August 11th, Jordan’s dog Lily was believed to have been seen walking alone on a trail in Montrose County. This was the last sighting of Lily and she has not been located.
Jordan’s brother’s dog, Cooper, was located alive 3 weeks later, approximately 30 miles away from where Jordan’s belongings would ultimately be found.
Sadly, as Jordan went missing in the area of Moab during this time, there was speculation that he could have been responsible for the murders of Kylen Schulte, Crystal Turner, and Gabby Petito. We now know this is not the case, and the family confirmed that law enforcement never treated him as a suspect.
In March 2023 Shelby confirmed that there were no updates. She reported that there had been no official missing persons report listed for Jordan for an entire year after he went missing, allegedly due to some sort of Police error. Despite some strained relationship with the Police, they were able to get Jordan listed on NamUs and the family hired a private investigator, however there were never any further leads as to where Jordan might be, or what happened to him.
Discovery of Jordan’s belongings
Tiktok user (Ryan) @ ry_of_the_desert is a self-described adventurer, posting videos of his adventures outdoors, largely in desert environments. On 22 May 2023, Ryan posted a video of his exploration in the desert of Sevier County, Utah. During this exploration, Ryan discovered some unusual belongings; some clothing, backpacks, and an electric guitar. He posted this video to tikok and it immediately went viral. I’m unable to post the link for Ryan’s Tiktok, but I would highly recommend having a look - he has created a playlist for videos relating to Jordan Boone’s case.
Someone who had seen this video forwarded this on to Jordan’s family, asking if they recognised any of the belongings. They immediately recognised the guitar, which had been customised by Jordan’s daughter before he went missing. The family have since confirmed that all the belongings found belong to Jordan.
Ryan continued to search the area, and found further belongings that have also been confirmed as belonging to Jordan. These include another backpack, a phone, phone charger, lighter torch, and window chalk paint.
On 30th May Jordan’s family drove out to meet Ryan, and he took them to the spot where he found Jordan’s belongings. Ryan continues to assist the family, and has plans to launch a drone over the area in the hopes of discovering more.
He has provided videos with maps detailing where certain items were found, and I’d recommend having a look so that you can get an idea of the location and its distance from Moab and other sightings.
This is a newly emerging update, and there could well be further updates in the coming days/weeks/months. I intend to update this post with any further updates or discoveries.
His sister Shelby wishes to point out, quite rightly, that Jordan is more than his illness, and he should be seen as a whole person with a family that loves him immensely. He was an exceptionally kind and caring person, and is a loved father, brother and son.
The family have always been open around Jordan’s mental health, and don’t shy away from the fact that this played a huge part in his disappearance. The family have always advocated for education on mental health, and their hope is that others may start to recognise the signs of mental health in others and in themselves, and seek help before any further tragedies occur. They also encourage others to spread love and compassion, and have often asked for empathy for those with mental health issues or criminal histories, like Jordan, and to remember that these are real people with real families and emotions.
Apologies for the lack of sources, but there is very little official coverage around Jordan’s disappearance or discovery of his belongings. As more information is received, I will add further sources here.
I’m unable to post the Facebook Appeal page, but this can be found by searching “Missing: Jordan Boone and Lily the pit mix dog".
Ryan’s tiktok can be found at @ ry_of_the_desert
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2023.06.10 20:22 CowboyLikeMegan Does anyone know what’s going on with Agave & Rye in Hamilton?

The Hamilton sub isn’t active, hoping someone in here lives closer to the area and may know.
I think it was supposed to open spring 2022, they cleared out part of the land and put a banner up and since then, nothing.
Is it still happening?
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2023.06.10 20:22 BigmacK0 WTS: modded Native5 Ti, modded QC Waypoint KNSWSW, custom SDK Napalm, custom JRP Murre

Sup swap? Got a nicely built Native5 titanium price dropped and three new ones for you to grab up!
PayPal FF, no notes. CONUS shipping included. Really would prefer to sell, but will hear trade offers. I will be picky.
Album with condition videos:
Spyderco Native 5 zirblast Fluted in S90V, SV 415. 485
Picked this up off here a bit ago and its the ultimate Native. Mirror edge on the S90V is hella sharp. Action is quintessential Golden backlock drop shut. Zirblast on the scales gives added depth and texture and it is wearing an MXG clip. Killer build. But it has made it into my pocket exactly three times since I grabbed it. Need to carry it more for it to stay, so it's on the chopping block. No original parts or box, but who cares. This is the ultimate Native! Will ship in a Civivi pouch.
QC Waypoint KNSWSW with modified RGT wire clip replacement, SV 350.
Picked this up new from QC and had an idea: wanted to see what it looks like with an RGT clip on it. Answer? Fantastic. But it was a tougher road than anticipated to get there.
The stock screw head diameter is larger than the opening, so I had to machine out the opening to for the QC pocket clip screw. Also, the depth of the spring clip is way more than the spyderco clips the RGT is intended to replace, which means than even when tightened down, it still wiggled. I cut some rubber pieces to shim the gap, added blue loctite to the screw, and put it on. One small ding on the edge of the clip, else its immaculate.
Asking what I have in it, minus machine time and time to figure out getting it mounted. Won't be sad if it doesn't sell, but I haven't carried it in a month plus, so it's up for grabs.
SDK Napalm liner lock in 154CM, SV 850.
Classic lines, killer grinds, and great ergos. This one has a great blade shape, brown micarta scales, titanium liners, and zirc accents (clip, studs, pivot collars) . Comes with pouch and COA. Only reason it's going is that I bought a frame lock Napalm I dig more.
JRP Murre inset lock in Magnacut, SV 850.
Beautiful custom from JRP. One off! Inset lock, thumb disc, and great hand satin blade finish with darkened titanium accents. Currently on PB washers, comes with nylon in the pouch. COA and branded pouch included. Shes a beaut! Carried thrice and put back in the pouch (thumb discs aren't for me).
PM or chat with questions. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 20:17 Left-Examination-522 Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, who was convicted of murdering 16 people and injuring 23, has died in Federal Prison at the age of 81.

Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, was found deceased inside his prison cell. He was at a North Carolina prison medical facility when he was found Saturday, June 10, 2023, around 8 a.m.
He was known for sending a series of homemade bombs around the United States using the postal system. He had previously been housed at a Supermax federal prison in Colorado but was transferred to a North Carolina medical facility in December of 2021.
Ted also wrote a 35,000-word manifesto, "Industrial Society and Its Future". In this he addressed distressing concerns regarding modern society and technology.
Ted Kaczynski pled guilty on January 22, 1998 in Sacramento, California for setting 16 explosions that killed three people and injured 23 others.
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2023.06.10 20:16 Apprehensive_Ad9412 girls of this generation

im 19 years old right now turn 20 in august im going through my first heartbreak today. Theres this girl ill call her dd shes 18 turns 19 in fall… ive been talking to her since she was 17 and i was 18 at the time. I helped her emotionally n mentally i also suggested she starts going to the gym to have a healthy heart because she has heart problems (this last yr in 2022 june). Fast forward in november 2022 we’re still talking still flirting but no meet up still so me being me i had sex with my first body towards the end of 2022 yr. Also me n dd never saw each other in person yet but i want to meet her. Beginning of 2023 we started arguing n she didnt even have time for me on her spring break. May 2023 we stop talking to each other so i decided to tell her i had sex with my first body then what a coincidence she has sex with a guy friend. I still tried to be her friend but shes not interested in me anymore it seems n she says she doesnt care about the guy friend (i dont believe her) shes also a victim of rape so i was jus applaud she had sex so quickly after we stopped talking. The girl and i never dated but my heart is hurting and jus doesnt care about me at all. Should i just move on??? because im starting to hate her.
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2023.06.10 20:13 DJRyot I can't find the bedbugs. But I know I have them. How do I find them?

I am not getting bitten very much. But the bites are in a pattern. Only on my stomach. It's happened a couple times already so I'm pretty sure it's bed bugs. But I can't find them. I searched my mattress on all sides, my box spring, my bed frame. My couch. My dresser. I cleaned everything off the floor. All my clothes have been washed and dried in highest possible heat for an hour and toted up with locking lids, so it can't be there, I don't think. I have no clue where they are and I am losing my mind
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2023.06.10 20:13 No-Scientist7656 Rundown of UT-2 Special


Incumbent Chris Stewart will resign on September 15, 2023 due to his wife's health issues. The primary is scheduled for September 5 and the general on November 21. The state legislature will reconvene for a special session on June 14 to allocate funding for the election and likely approve the governor's timeline. Candidates must gather 7,000 signatures. Filing deadline on June 14
The district voted 60R-34D in 2022 and has a partisan lean of R+11 (Cook) or R+23 (538). It stretches.svg) from the northwest of Salt Lake County, runs down the western border, and heads east, stopping at the Colorado River. It is 75% white, 18% Hispanic/Latino, 3% Asian, and 1.7% black.



Becky Edwards
Greg Hughes
Scott Hatfield
Bruce Hough
Tyrone Jensen
Henry Eyring
Jordan Hess
R. Quin Denning
Remy Bubba Kush


Kathleen Riebe

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2023.06.10 20:12 YOW-Weather-Records 🥈With a low of 15.8°C, yesterday was Edmonton-Airport's highest low recorded on a spring day in more than 60 years, since 1961.

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2023.06.10 20:11 spinprincess Flares based on location/climate?

I currently live in a southern US state that is very warm most of the year but still gets pretty cold winters. This is only my second year with fibro, and I'm still trying to figure out my triggers and mostly failing, but I have noticed that both winters I've gone through since symptom onset have been completely awful. Bed-ridden awful. It could be coincidental, but it does seem that things start getting better around spring (I will say that this spring has been much better than last spring, probably because I've learned how to cope and what to avoid and how to get through flare ups, which makes me hopeful that this winter could be better than last winter). I am supposed to be moving up north soon, and I'm very afraid of having a horrible time and not being able to handle it. I know no one can predict how this will go for me, but I'm wondering if any of you have noticed your symptoms being different in colder areas versus warmer areas or northern areas versus southern areas? My physical therapist said it's more to do with barometric pressure than actual temperature. I'm moving for a career opportunity that I've been working towards my whole life but that my condition has put on hold. I'm just tired of this holding me back. I want my life back and I want to achieve my goals but I'm so scared. Sorry for rambling, I guess I'm just wondering if this is something any of you have experience with, if you have any tips, or if I'm completely off base in worrying about this.
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2023.06.10 20:08 AdditionalArt9146 LF 1bed/1bath January 2024 6 month lease/sublease

I know this is kind of early but I’ll be relocating to ATL in January 2024 for 6 months for work.
I’m in search of a 1bed/1bath that someone might subletting/looking for lease takeover until June 2024, preferably furnished.
Max budget around $1600/mo
Location wise, preferences are Midtown, Buckhead, Virginia Highland,
Open to Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Vinings as well.
About me: 23F, mechanical engineer, part time GaTech student while working full time. I like running, hiking, and exploring. Pretty clean and reserved.
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2023.06.10 20:07 CantStopPoppin Colorado Springs Police neglected a distressed wife's 911 call about her husband's hostage situation. Tragically, she found him lifeless, bloodied, and slumped over the steering wheel. Despite her valiant efforts to administer CPR it was too late and no police were in sight

Colorado Springs Police neglected a distressed wife's 911 call about her husband's hostage situation. Tragically, she found him lifeless, bloodied, and slumped over the steering wheel. Despite her valiant efforts to administer CPR it was too late and no police were in sight submitted by CantStopPoppin to ACAB [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:06 gretchsunny FREE Twin Bed

FREE TWIN XL BED: includes mattress, box springs, and frame. I paid $300 or so for this 3 years ago. It’s in EXCELLENT condition. My only goal is for this not to end up in a landfill - what a waste.
It’s literally loaded in my car right at this moment, and I will deliver it to your place in Berkeley for free.
I am a parent of a Berkeley student and I’d rather not drive this back with me to Southern California. DM me if interested.
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2023.06.10 20:06 baby_opal Lolita gatherings in Denver?

Hi! Not sure if this has been asked yet. I tried to search and couldn't find it. Are there any Lolita gatherings in Colorado? Denver area? Thank you!
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2023.06.10 20:05 Will6371 Bucking to nozzle seal bad. How to fix?

When I do the paper test with my monster 11.1V it shoots the paper out in one shot, but with smaller 11.1V/ 7.4V batteries, the paper barely blows. My tappet spring is shortened by 3-4 coils and the static seal between bucking and nozzle is good. Feeding is perfect 100%, and gun cycles very fast.
The gun puts the nozzle fully back every stroke so could the tappet be returning backwards before the piston is fully forward? If so how would I fix this?
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2023.06.10 20:04 LoinKing_ Every spring from roughly April to June we get to witness massive congregations of Mobula rays along the coast of the peninsula here in Baja California Sur

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2023.06.10 20:04 Dashan-Yuan [Store] UNIKEYS Sarokeys Strawberry Wine Switch Instock/ Jerrzi Paradox Switch/KTT Hyacinth Switch/ MDD Linear and Tactile Switches/Wisteria Themed Keycaps/More Unknown Error Cables

Hi everyone, here is Unikeys
Before I update you guys on the new products we have, I would like to loop you in on another few things first:
  1. BSUN X Switch production: I contacted the factory on Friday, and they told me that everything is still on schedule. However, due to the fact that BSUN is having a super high volume of orders right now, the delivery date could be subject to change. Let's all hope that does not happen.
  2. Paradise Switch and Aniya Switch in-stock sale: I am still working with the studios that designed those two switches to solve some logistics issues. Once everything is figured out, we will be able to have the switches shipped to our warehouse very soon.
  3. A teaser: Unikeys is currently working to design our very first switch, and we have settled on the materials being used, stem length, spring type, and manufacturer. The prototypes are on their way to me right now, and if everything goes right with them, I will release the IC post soon. The sale format will be in-stock.
Product Updates:
Sarokeys Strawberry Wine Switch: The strawberry wine switches are gaining popularity constantly. We will have them instock whenever you feel like getting some to try.
Jerrzi Paradox Switch: The paradox switches feature a POK stem and full POM housing. You can also check out the video by Ipal Desse to see what they sound like: Video
KTT Hyacinth Switch: A classic option that I would recommend if you prefer thockiness
MDD Linear and Tactile Switches: These are super budget-friendly switches that give you a great typing experience. Due to the specially modified materials used on them, they also sound great!
Wisteria Keycaps: These keycaps are probably one of the most beautiful purple-themed keycaps I have seen (COMPLETE PERSONAL PREFERENCE). Now we have both the light base and dark base available.
Unknown Error Artisan Cables: Unknown Error Studio surprises me all the time as they keep pushing out these great designs:
  1. Glacier Blue
  2. Purple
  3. Starry White
  4. Morandi pink
  5. Peach Pink

Welcome everyone to join our discord channel

Follow us on Instagram

Follow us on Facebook

Thank you all! I am looking forward to bringing more exciting switch and keycap projects to you.

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2023.06.10 20:04 Kuro_Hige Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis - new shoots aborted?

Phyllostachys aureosulcata spectabilis - new shoots aborted?
Hi everyone,
I live in the UK and I've got a few Spectabilis plants in a planter wall. I regularly fertilise them, I put horse manure on during the Autumn last year and this year before Spring I put Chicken Manure on. So they are well fed.
They put out a ton of new thick shoots, but they have all pretty much stopped growing after 2 weeks. They are about 30cm (1ft) in height and just stopped growing. I water them regularly, but not too much. I did have a period in May where I didn't get to water them for a few days and the leaves started curling but I watered them and they were fine.
Is this normal? Have they aborted? Could they restart growing if conditions are good?
First time I'm experiencing this and it's disappointing, last year by the end of May they were fully grown and branching.
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2023.06.10 20:03 Left-Examination-522 Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, has died in Federal Prison at the age of 81.

Ted Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, was found deceased inside his prison cell. He was at a North Carolina prison medical facility when he was found Saturday, June 10, 2023, around 8 a.m.
He was known for sending a series of homemade bombs around the United States using the postal system. He had previously been housed at a Supermax federal prison in Colorado but was transferred to a North Carolina medical facility in December of 2021.
Ted also wrote a 35,000-word manifesto, "Industrial Society and Its Future". In this he addressed distressing concerns regarding modern society and technology.
Ted Kaczynski pled guilty on January 22, 1998 in Sacramento, California for setting 16 explosions that killed three people and injured 23 others.
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