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Eyes up, Guardians! The fashion show has begun! A sub dedicated to the many looks of Destiny, a fantastic FPSRPGMMO from Bungie.

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Hey, we offer trial carries, survival carries, and we do 1 on 1 coaching in destiny 2!! Welcome!

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2023.05.30 01:05 Ok-Note-4165 Addict Parents

I am going to be 31 this year. My mom has been an addict (coke, primarily) and an active user on and off since I was 4. I just found out she is using again, but this time it is crack. She is also dating a dealer (currently in jail), and holding guns for him. This is new. My dad became (for lack of better words) an addict (all of the drugs) 5-6 years ago, and homeless (by choice). Neither of them want help. Neither of them have been together since I was 3, and yet they’re both on the same journey. Both of them are in their 50s. I have a half sister, 13 years younger than me. She is grappling with our mom being an active user, as she had been oblivious to her addiction history as a child. I am annoyed, and pissed off. And frustrated, and sad. I feel all of the things. My parents ruined my life. I have so much trauma caused by their lack of parenting and selfishness. I am an adult now, with kids that do not know/care for my parents. I wish I could have a relationship with my parents; at least one of them. And I wish my kids didn’t have to have a weird dead branch on their family tree. But here we are. This is my pity party. I don’t even know what to say or think. I have completely removed myself from my parents. I last saw my dad 2+ years ago when his mom died. I had to be her guardian; make all of her medical decisions, bury her… we have never had a relationship so I don’t really mourn him. And I last saw my mom last week. I feel nothing but disgust towards her.
I know that they both have their own trauma and made poor choices re coping mechanisms. But I was a kid who shouldn’t have been in the middle of it, and now I am reliving my trauma as they’ve relapsed. It sucks.
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2023.05.30 01:03 calcofire HOW-TO: Module update fix for random/bandwidth related wan drops for Beelink GK55 with dual gigabit Realtek NICs

Had some issues with the Beelink GK55 intermittently losing network connectivity under high bandwidth/downloads occassionally. Tried all the "disable gateway monitoring" options and a few other things, always still seemed to occur.
Finally able to resolve it by just simply updating the realtek module. These Beelink mini-pcs are cheap and plentiful with 4gb and 8gb mem options and a i3 processor, and this specific one uses the Realtek RTL8168 dual gigabit NICS.
Realtek NICS get a bad rep with pfsense and other BSD-based variants... but its simply outdated realtek modules included with PFsense causing the bulk of the issues. There's really nothing wrong with the Realtek NICS at all.
Here's how to update the realtek kernel module: Note: The "realtek-re-kmod" packages were removed from pfsense repo for pfsense 2.6.0 (not sure why as they were available in 2.5.0) so thats why we are downloading them with feth instead.
  1. ssh (ex. ssh [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])) to your pfsense box and choose option 8 for shell line. If using win10/win11, can do this from powershell and/or windows terminal. You'll need admin username/password to login.
  2. Install the driver using feth command from pfsense shell to download it (whatever latest bsd12 amd64 release of realtek-re-kmod is, using current working link for 196.04 as example below but you can substitue any package link if you find newer one):
fetch -v 3. Install it with:
pkg install -f -y realtek-re-kmod-196.04.txz
\**version 198.00_1 has issues with 2.6.0 pfsense and may not list module when running kldstat command, try using older realtek-re-kmod 197 or 196.04 realtek driver as listed above instead! Version 197 seems to be difficult to obtain as links for it from only a few months ago are no longer up.*
  1. make sure to edit this in the /boot/loader.conf as this tells the boot loader to load the if_re.ko realtek module at startup:
(vi /boot/loader.conf and add these at bottom and save)
  1. Reboot the router with just the "reboot" command
  2. Use "kldstat" command to confirm you see the realtek module (if_re.ko) in the output:
3 1 0xffffffff83cf9000 d1738 if_re.ko
  1. All done! No more intermittent network drops, yay! This should also resolve issues for any other mini-pcs/firewall hardware utilizing similare realtek NICS.
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2023.05.30 01:03 bakariwolf The Saga of the Professional DM. Part 1

New here so not fully sure if horror story is right but it seems the best fir for this. So this took place four years after fifth edition had come out, I had already been playing 3.5 and pathfinder for a good few years and even dabbled in 4e. A friend had informed me a game was starting up in 5e at the local shop and even though we had never played we figured it would be good to get in with the going trend. The group consisted of the veteran players: Myself, my friend we'll call Cleric, and another we'll call Wizard, The new players who had maybe played in one game before and knew the game mostly through memes Druid, Barbarian, and Bard and finally the DM who introduced herself as a Professional DM who had 15 years of experience under her belt. To give you context she was rather young and even though I am not the best at guessing ages her general look and the fact that her boyfriend, bard, was only 21 and they met in high school I'm guessing she was close to that age which meant if her boast was true she had to start DMing around age 6. Not impossible but first red flag for me.
We all made our level 2 characters and since it was so low level we got to play for 3 hours. Our first mission was standard. Our king had enlisted us to deliver a very important treasure chest to the neighboring kingdom for a birthday present. The chest was super fancy, made out of near indestructible metal and with a mechanical code lock with a magical rune needed to even enter the code that had already been sent ahead by carrier pigeon. The trip would take us several weeks in character so we were off. We did the whole meet and greet, introduced ourselves to each other, and compared what we had and what we could do to help the party. I was a rogue so I was rather skillful, Bard and I got along well and our chosen skills complimented each other well. We told the DM we were headed off and waited to find out what the road had in store.
DM "ok who's driving the cart?" Me "Oh I'll take care of that. Shouldn't be too hard right?" DM "How are you all riding? Who is in front? Who is behind? Are you assigning scouting riders?" Everyone chose where they were riding and we decided not to scout ahead and take our chances. DM "Ok roleplay." Everyone looked bewildered a moment and I finally broke the silence with "What?" The DM looked angry at me and said "Geez I thought you guy's said you've played before. You know roleplay. Tell me how you're riding, what you're doing, make conversation, interact!"
We were all a little confused since she hadn't given us anything that was happening but played along, I figured maybe she was trying to get background information to wave into the story. So I went first telling my backstory and encouraging others to do the same. This continued until all backstories were told and the table went silent and we looked to the DM. DM "Well continue." Cleric "Is there anything going on?" DM "Nope you're on the road I don't roll random encounters until night because that's the rules." Cleric "Ok we'll keep traveling until it's time to make camp." DM "Excellent. Roleplay it."
Everyone looked back and forth to each other and just kind of seemed lost. So Wizard spoke up then. Wizard "Usually we skip over this till something happens in the story. So we'd like to skip to setting up camp." DM "Duh I know that I've been DMing for fifteen years. Just figured you'd want to roleplay a bit. Fine, skip to setting up camp. How are you doing it?" Wizard "We'll set up tents, a camp fire, cook each and...." DM "Don't jump ahead roleplay it!"
Again all of us looked lost, we went with it though and over the next hour described in as much detail as we could gathering sticks, making a fire, cooking rations, conversations, making rolls hoping SOMETHING would happen. Finally we had our characters go to bed and start watches. She pulled out her dice then. DM "Now I've been doing this for 15 years so I have a method. You have a 25% chance to have a random encounter but it's boring to just have it be 1 to 25 on the dice so pick a number and the percentage will be in that range." We picked 35 randomly and she rolled. DM "Wow you guys are so lucky, no encounter tonight." We roleplayed packing up camp and riding for the rest of the session, I left feeling so freaking bored.
It was a rough start but we figured it could only get better from here. We were a new group so we'd give it a chance. So next week we found ourselves back at the table. Again she insisted that we roleplay EVERY little thing. How we were dressing, cleaning our clothing, brushing our teeth, were we making bathroom stops! Now for a little more background on me I'm an armature writer so all these things were bugging me so much more because this is an example of horrible writing! You don't center a story around mundane stuff because it will loose the reader, and here we were hours into a game and we had essentially done nothing to further the story. I was scouting ahead now in the hopes that I could find an NPC of some sort, someone on the road, an enemy, a wild animal ANYTHING to bring some excitement to the game. Nothing, it was just a road, we made camp again and the encounter dice came out. We chose 62. The dice rolled.
DM "Another lucky roll, no random encounter." I looked around the table and everyone was disappointed. More roleplay happened and more of us trying to dredge up something for these characters to talk about in the hopes of pleasing this "Professional DM of 15 years!" so she would give us something to do. The hours are stretching on and we are almost done the session.
Suddenly she starts talking and I nearly scream YES! She describes the area we are riding through. It's a rocky area with the road cutting through the center of large hills that have mine shafts dug into them. She describes the sound of miners working and pick axes echoing out into the open. The three new players are leaning on the table but myself, Wizard, and Cleric are all excited because we know if the DM described it, it has to mean something!
Wizard "I'd like to roll History, that's a 16, is this mine currently known to be in use?" DM "Yes it is well known, owned by the king, it's an iron mine." Cleric "Insight 14. Is this the normal time of day that workers would be mining?" DM "Yes, this is normal hours of operation." Me "Perception, Hah nat twenty! Do I see anything of interest?" DM very casually "You see some ants crawling on the wall."
All three of us are confused. We thought this was a plot hook but our rolls got us nothing. The mine was in use, it was normal to be working, and all I saw with a nat twenty was some ants on the wall? We looked for anything else out of place but nothing. So we asked the others. "Do you want to try and talk with someone or move on?" The new players wanted to move on. We roleplayed, had one more night of sleep and one more random encounter roll. Everyone waited with anticipation but the dice came up with us "lucky" once again and no encounter.
Now I normally don't like to but into a DM and their style but this was getting insufferable. Two games now with hours spent on tediously describing every step our character makes. The DM had given her number so I called her in hopes of getting to the bottom of this. When I brought up everything she said. "Well you skipped over my planned encounter. You didn't even give it a second glance." I asked what encounter and she said. "I told you the ants on the wall. You saw a bunch of Formians and you didn't even try to talk to them."
I freaking lost it. I was a babbling mess. "What!" "No you, for, oh my, why. Formians?! Those were Formians? You said I saw ANTS on the wall not freaking Formians. Formians don't look like ants they are large insectoid centaur like creatures with four arms, they wear armor, and use weapons! Of course we didn't try to talk to them you described them as ants...."
She came back saying "I don't appreciate being talked to that way, you guy's dropped the ball on the adventure I planned out so well, just because you didn't pay attention isn't my fault. Remember I'm a professional who's been DMing for fifteen years!"
I calmed down a little and figured I wasn't going to win this one. I told her. "Ok, I'm sorry but I think the party would love to have another chance to meet the Formians. We missed it the first time I know but old DM trick if your party misses an adventure just pick it up and move it to the front of the path. No one will know and this time just describe them a little more than ants, please."
Her "No you walked by it so you miss it, the adventure moves forward." I should have quit then but I was starving for a game and I knew I had at least three people on my side so I'm sad to say I went back. Can it get worse? See part two, coming soon.
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2023.05.30 01:03 Solidu_Snaku Can I still get a graduate job with 2 years experience?

Hi, I have already completed a role as graduate software engineer had 6 months training and 1.5 years as a Junior DevOps engineer. Despite this I don't think I have gained many skills and still very beginner level. My salary is ATROCIOUS (I still get paid the same as graduate nearly 2 years on no increment despite 2 "promotions") and I feel like I got trapped by this graduate job.
Is it possible for me to restart from the beginning or any other advice for me? I still want to pursue DevOps but in interviews whenever they ask me what I've done for past 2 years I really haven't done much nor have extensive experience with tools and processes. I've mainly acted as a release manager of sorts and clicked the "deploy" button on Jenkins and ran feature tests and reported back to the devs.
I see that graduate roles in most companies offer better salary than what I currently get and I'll have a whole new set of training again maybe might get out of DevOps or stay in it not sure, just feel like my knowledge is not up to scratch in general.
Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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2023.05.30 01:02 Ironics21 Help improve my home setup! All feedback welcome.

Hi! I've had the following setup for ~5 years now, and I'm looking to gauge where I'm at equipment-wise and identify opportunities to upgrade components to improve my sound system's performance (if necessary). I am happy with my setup, but I'd love feedback if there are any negative outliers (crappier than the rest), or just opportunities to improve my sound (within reason).
I use my sound system for listening to all kinds of music: jazz, contemporary music (alt rock, hip-hop, pop), classical, ambient... I care a lot about separation, clarity, definition, detail, depth, handling wide range, imaging... and lush/warmth are welcome pluses. less technically, just feeling a sense of immersion and fullness when listening to music.
I also use the same applicable setup for my TV sound system, but that is less of a priority than a detailed high quality music listening experience. I have been under the assumption that a fantastic music audio system will make for a good TV setup too.
This is currently experienced in a small apartment living room that is open to the rest of the unit (sitting ~6ft away from the speakers, no enclosed doors in the living room). It is likely that I will move into a medium size apartment living room at some point (~10-14ft from speakers?). Situations can change, but I don't foresee my setup to be in a very large living room.
Style wise, not a hard requirement, but I love vintage/retro looks, 70s or just sleek, classic wooden pieces. Overly modern cutting-edge looking speakers are not my vibe aesthetically. Retro futurism or ambitious modern design is still ok though.
I don't want to focus on cost too much to limit opinions - but if budget guidance would help, try to work within $2-6k.
What are your thoughts on my setup? Would love to hear your opinions. Thanks for your time!
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2023.05.30 01:01 PS0312 Frustated because I know I'm not playing my best in a new team (m24)

This year I decided to join a football club. (m23)
I have never played football competitively, and all my life i have only played 5side football / futsal , so basicly no cleats and no grass and no bouncy balls or high balls to receive. But I am aware that I am very decent playing football. Passing, dribbling, shooting, quick feet and very fast decision making.
Because of that I entered a football club. it is a really low division locally and I dont intend on becoming the next mega star but I would like to be a key player. I had 6 trainings since I joined. All of them were 9v9, 11v11 basicly only practice matches and I feel so frustated with some of the players in there but mainly myself.
We are currently playing togther with sub-23 so I feel like some guys in there still have some childish behaviour. Such as laughing at new players between them, or talk in our back because we did something bad, or the most obvious one not passing to me because they dont trust me. And what pisses me off even more is that there are players in there that don't play good at all or basicly as bad as me, but they don't make them feel bad or laugh at them because because they are friends and know each other.
And of course I am very frustated at myself, I struggle when receiving the ball i panic I don't have the confidence to try and dribble because I am afraid I can fail (I am aware that I should not drible as much in 11 side games but I am talking of simple body feints in safe spots)and be judged even though this is a training session... if i manage to receive the ball I try to get out of my feet as fast as posible because of habits from small pitch football and because I am scared of losing the ball. i got to the point that I would mark myself behind the opposite team so that i couldnt receive the ball and mess up.
Some friends of mine told me that bigger pitches mean more time to think/ make a decision but comparing to what I am playing in this sessions vs what I play with my friends/ small sided pitches i think the exact opposite i feel so much more comfortable in futsal. They told me that going straight to practice matches is hard and once I get some sessions on pssing, dribbling, shooting I'll get better but I don't know about that.
I have 2 training sessions per week, and every single session since I started i get there scared of making msitakes because I dont want to be judged behind my back.
Also, there is no chance on me getting the chance of saying " i came from futsal so please just give me some time to addapt you can judge me and tell me I did something wrong or advise me but please say it in my face so I can learn" because the fact that is a very very low division club they don't give a **** about that mental adaptation of a new team / new teammates.
Could you give me some tips? I know i am insecure as hell but Im not sure if I can overcome that. But I think that if my teammates made me feel comfortable I wouldnt be scared of making mistakes in a simple training session...
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2023.05.30 01:00 Remth2_0 Hydrogen genasures or gas stations. Japan

Hydrogen genasures or gas stations. Japan
Good community.
In these times in which many countries want to change the car park from gasoline to other products not harmful to the environment, Japan for the moment is the country that is working the most on infrastructures for it. In this case it has a large amount of hydrogenaras and can already support a large part of the automotive world. The point is that they are now working on truck engines since it is a pending issue. The big Japanese automotive manufacturers are already working on it and possibly in a few months they will apply about it. While in much of Europe this is currently unfeasible because we do not have suppliers of this fuel.
I look forward to your doubts, questions and comments. Remth 2.0
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2023.05.30 01:00 OffGhostGlass DGN is recruiting 16+ mature gaming community

I am recruiting for a squad called Pillar is a squad in Ground Zero which is our Division in Disgruntled Gaming Network (DGN) We are a gaming community. We currently have over 30+ members. We are focused on providing our members the best gaming experience possible for our squad that is based on PvP and PvE games. We do have a rank structure that allows members to move up.
If you are interested in joining DGN please dm me or comment below We also play games such as Division 2, GTA V, CoD (ALL), Battlefield 1/2, Tera, Fortnite, Warframe, World of Tanks, Diablo, PUBG, and more
Requirements to join -16+ -Over 1000 GS -Mic -Additional Info given if interested
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2023.05.30 01:00 georgewoodall82 does anyone know what is wrong with my chip-8 emulator?

i followed this guide to get started making a chip-8 emulator:
but not all opcodes work.
i ran the test rom and it said all opcodes are good except for 8XY1 - 8XY5.
i couldn't figure out why they wouldnt work so i copied the code from the guide a lot and still couldnt get it to work.
all my opcodes from 8xy1 - 8xy5 look completely correct to me so i think it might be a problem somewhere else in the code, maybe with a different opcode.
i would appreciate it if someone had any idea what is wrong
here is my code:
#include  #include "chip8.h" #include  using namespace std; chip8 myChip8; int main() { //debug main myChip8.initialize(); myChip8.loadGame("test_opcode.ch8"); myChip8.debugRender(); while (true) { getchar(); myChip8.emulateCycle(); myChip8.debugRender(); cout << "0x" << hex << myChip8.opcode << endl; } } 
#include  #include  #include "chip8.h" using namespace std; void chip8::initialize() { pc = 0x200; // Program counter starts at 0x200 opcode = 0; // Reset current opcode I = 0; // Reset index register sp = 0; // Reset stack pointer // Clear display for (int i = 0; i < 2048; ++i) { gfx[i] = 0; } // Clear stack for (int i = 0; i < 16; ++i) { stack[i] = 0; } for (int i = 0; i < 16; ++i) { key[i] = V[i] = 0; } //Clear Memory for (int i = 0; i < 4096; ++i) { memory[i] = 0; } //load fonts into memory for (int i = 0; i < 80; ++i) { memory[i] = chip8_fontset[i]; } delay_timer = 0; sound_timer = 0; drawFlag = true; srand(time(NULL)); } void chip8::loadGame(const char * filename) { FILE *file = fopen(filename, "rb"); if (!file) { cerr << "Error opening file" << endl; return; } fseek(file, 0, SEEK_END); long bufferSize = ftell(file); fseek(file, 0, SEEK_SET); char * buffer = (char*)malloc(sizeof(char) * bufferSize); if (!buffer) { cerr << "Error allocating memory for buffer" << endl; fclose(file); return; } fread(buffer, 1, bufferSize, file); if ((4096-512) > bufferSize) { for (int i = 0; i < bufferSize; ++i) { memory[i + 512] = buffer[i]; } } fclose(file); free(buffer); } void chip8::emulateCycle() { unsigned char x; drawFlag = false; // Fetch Opcode opcode = memory[pc] << 8 memory[pc + 1]; //cout << hex << opcode << endl; // Decode Opcode switch (opcode & 0xF000) { case 0x0000: switch (opcode & 0x000F) { case 0x0000: //clears the screen for (int i = 0; i < 2048; ++i) { gfx[i] = false; } pc += 2; break; case 0x000E: //returns from subroutine sp--; pc = stack[sp]; pc += 2; break; } break; case 0xE000: switch (opcode & 0x00FF) { case 0x009E: //(EX9E) Skips the next instruction if the key stored in VX is pressed (usually the next instruction is a jump to skip a code block). if (key[V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]] != 0) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; case 0x00A1: //(EXA1) Skips the next instruction if the key stored in VX is not pressed (usually the next instruction is a jump to skip a code block). if (key[V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]] == 0) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; } break; case 0xF000: switch (opcode & 0x00FF) { case 0x0007: //(FX07) Sets VX to the value of the delay timer. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = delay_timer; pc += 2; break; case 0x000A: //(FX0A) A key press is awaited, and then stored in VX (blocking operation, all instruction halted until next key event). keyPress = false; for (int i = 0; i < 16; ++i) { if (key[i] != 0) { V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = i; keyPress = true; } } if (!keyPress) { return; } pc += 2; break; case 0x0015: //(FX15) Sets the delay timer to VX. delay_timer = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0018: //(FX18) Sets the sound timer to VX. sound_timer = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]; pc += 2; break; case 0x001E: //(FX1E) Adds VX to I. if (I + V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] > 0xFFF) { V[0xF] = 1; } else { V[0xF] = 0; } I += V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0029: //(FX29) Sets I to the location of the sprite for the character in VX. Characters 0-F (in hexadecimal) are represented by a 4x5 font. I = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] * 0x5; pc += 2; break; case 0x0033: //Stores the binary-coded decimal representation of VX, with the hundreds digit in memory at location in I, the tens digit at location I+1, and the ones digit at location I+2. memory[I] = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] / 100; memory[I + 1] = (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] / 10) % 10; memory[I + 2] = (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] % 100) % 10; pc += 2; break; case 0x0055: //(FX55) Stores from V0 to VX (including VX) in memory, starting at address I. The offset from I is increased by 1 for each value written, but I itself is left unmodified. for (int i = 0; i <= ((opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8); ++i) { memory[I + i] = V[i]; } I += ((opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8) + 1; pc += 2; break; case 0x0065: //(FX65) Fills from V0 to VX (including VX) with values from memory, starting at address I. The offset from I is increased by 1 for each value read, but I itself is left unmodified. for (int i = 0; i <= ((opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8); ++i) { V[i] = memory[I + i]; } I += ((opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8) + 1; pc += 2; break; } break; case 0xA000: //Sets I to the address NNN. I = opcode & 0x0FFF; pc += 2; break; case 0x2000: //Calls subroutine at NNN. stack[sp] = pc; sp++; pc = opcode & 0x0FFF; break; case 0x1000: //(1NNN) Jumps to NNN pc = opcode & 0x0FFF; break; case 0x3000: //(3XNN) Skips the next instruction if VX == NN. if (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] == (opcode & 0x00FF)) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; case 0x4000: //(4XNN) Skips the next instruction if VX != NN. if (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] != (opcode & 0x00FF)) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; case 0x5000: //(5XY0) Skips the next instruction if VX == VY. if (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] == V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; case 0x6000: //(6XNN) Sets VX to NN. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = opcode & 0x00FF; pc += 2; break; case 0x7000: //(7XNN) Adds NN to VX. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] += opcode & 0x00FF; pc += 2; break; case 0x8000: switch (opcode & 0x000F) { case 0x0000: //(8XY0) Sets VX to VY. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0001: //(8XY1) Sets VX to VX or VY. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0002: //(8XY2) Sets VX to VX and VY. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] &= V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0003: //(8XY3) Sets VX to VX xor VY. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] ^= V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0004: //(8XY4) Adds VY to VX. VF is set to 1 when there's a carry, and to 0 when there is not. if (V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4] > (0xFF - V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8])) { V[0xF] = 1; //carry } else { V[0xF] = 0; } V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] += V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0005: //(8XY5) VY is subtracted from VX. VF is set to 0 when there's a borrow, and to 1 when there is not. if(V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4] > V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]) { V[0xF] = 0; } else { V[0xF] = 1; } V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] -= V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; pc += 2; break; case 0x0006: //(8XY6) Stores the least significant bit of VX in VF and then shifts VX to the right by 1. V[0xF] = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] & 0x1; V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] >>= 1; pc += 2; break; case 0x0007: //(8XY7) Sets VX to VY minus VX. VF is set to 0 when there's a borrow, and 1 when there is not. if (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] > V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]) { V[0xF] = 0; } else { V[0xF] = 1; } V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4] - V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]; pc += 2; break; case 0x000E: //(8XYE) Stores the most significant bit of VX in VF and then shifts VX to the left by 1. V[0xF] = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] >> 7; V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] <<= 1; pc += 2; break; break; } case 0x9000: //(9XY0) Skips the next instruction if VX does not equal VY. (Usually the next instruction is a jump to skip a code block); if (V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] != V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]) { pc += 4; } else { pc += 2; } break; case 0xB000: //(BNNN) Jumps to the address NNN plus V0. pc = (opcode & 0x0FFF) + V[0]; break; case 0xC000: //(CXNN) Sets VX to the result of a bitwise and operation on a random number (Typically: 0 to 255) and NN. V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8] = (rand() % 0xFF) & (opcode & 0x00FF); pc += 2; break; case 0xD000: //(DXYN) Draws a sprite at coordinate (VX, VY) that has a width of 8 pixels and a height of N pixels. Each row of 8 pixels is read as bit-coded starting from memory location I; I value does not change after the execution of this instruction. As described above, VF is set to 1 if any screen pixels are flipped from set to unset when the sprite is drawn, and to 0 if that does not happen. unsigned short x = V[(opcode & 0x0F00) >> 8]; unsigned short y = V[(opcode & 0x00F0) >> 4]; unsigned short height = opcode & 0x000F; unsigned short pixel; V[0xF] = 0; for (int yline = 0; yline < height; yline++) { pixel = memory[I + yline]; for (int xline = 0; xline < 8; xline++) { if ((pixel & (0x80 >> xline)) != 0) { //cout << 5 << endl; if ((y+yline) *64 + x + xline > 2048) { cout << "out of bounds" << endl; return; } if(gfx[(x + xline + ((y + yline) * 64))] == 1) { V[0xF] = 1; } gfx[x + xline + ((y + yline) * 64)] ^= 1; } } } drawFlag = true; pc += 2; break; } // Update timers if(delay_timer > 0) { --delay_timer; } if(sound_timer > 0) { if (sound_timer == 1) { printf("BEEP!\n"); } --sound_timer; } } void chip8::debugRender() { // Draw for(int y = 0; y < 32; ++y) { for(int x = 0; x < 64; ++x) { if(gfx[(y*64) + x] == 0) printf("██"); else printf(" "); } printf("\n"); } printf("\n"); } 
#include  class chip8 { public: unsigned short opcode; unsigned char memory[4096]; unsigned char V[16]; unsigned short I; unsigned short pc; bool gfx[64 * 32]; unsigned char delay_timer; unsigned char sound_timer; unsigned short stack[16]; unsigned short sp; bool key[16]; unsigned char chip8_fontset[80] = { 0xF0, 0x90, 0x90, 0x90, 0xF0, // 0 0x20, 0x60, 0x20, 0x20, 0x70, // 1 0xF0, 0x10, 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, // 2 0xF0, 0x10, 0xF0, 0x10, 0xF0, // 3 0x90, 0x90, 0xF0, 0x10, 0x10, // 4 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, 0x10, 0xF0, // 5 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, 0x90, 0xF0, // 6 0xF0, 0x10, 0x20, 0x40, 0x40, // 7 0xF0, 0x90, 0xF0, 0x90, 0xF0, // 8 0xF0, 0x90, 0xF0, 0x10, 0xF0, // 9 0xF0, 0x90, 0xF0, 0x90, 0x90, // A 0xE0, 0x90, 0xE0, 0x90, 0xE0, // B 0xF0, 0x80, 0x80, 0x80, 0xF0, // C 0xE0, 0x90, 0x90, 0x90, 0xE0, // D 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, // E 0xF0, 0x80, 0xF0, 0x80, 0x80 // F }; void initialize(); void emulateCycle(); void loadGame(const char * filename); void debugRender(); bool drawFlag; bool keyPress; }; 
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2023.05.30 01:00 Alternative_Store258 EncodedCommand not retaining variables

Hi everyone, I'm new to powershell and cmd as a whole. I have just started learning, but won't be using it super often so I would prefer not taking a whole course learning.
I need to roll out hardware changes to 100's of employees in the least complicated way possible) and am looking to learn about how it operates in a specific case. Learning question; how are variables stored when running an encoded command?
I attempt to store data in a variable, call it later in the same command, but it returns as empty/null as if it didn't take the input.
Context: Need to rename 100s of local usernames and localhost names. Don't want to waste many employees' time, especially considering many remote workers, and I would prefer as little steps as possible that could go wrong. Need to change usernames due to a new software of ours utilizing local usernames with no spaces in the name, which many (almost all) of our users have.
Best method I was able to come up with was loading an encoded command with a ducky and take user input in powershell.
Powershell commands and order of operations:
  1. Command: $newUsername= Read-Host -Prompt "Enter your new username:"; $assetTag= Read-Host -Prompt "Enter your computer's asset tag:"; $currentUserName=(whoami).Split('\')[1] Rename-LocalUser -Name $currentUserName -NewName $newUserName; Rename-Computer -NewName $newUserName$assetTag
  3. Input username, and then assetTag.
  4. I get an error on the Rename-LocalUser line for the -Name argument being empty or null. What I gather from this is that none of the variables are holding data.
What am I missing in this case? It's worth noting that these commands work on their own, just not when it is run as an encodedCommand of base64 (and the encoding isn't the problem either). Any help or pointing in the right direction is appreciated.
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2023.05.30 01:00 ImEliasK Its currently May 30, 2023 at 01:00AMat GMT +2

Its currently May 30, 2023 at 01:00AM at GMT +2
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2023.05.30 01:00 Beaujangles1128 Made the decision to withdraw from my dual MBA/MS-SCM program and I think it was the right call.

About me:
-BA in Economics (2009)
-~15 YOE in manufacturing as sales admin, purchasing, and product management
-Currently at mid-$80K salary
-Admitted to my state's flagship university (University of Oklahoma) dual graduate program (MBA + MS in Supply Chain Management)
-Low COL state (but also low-ish incomes)
-Not really interested in moving or "climbing the corporate ladder"
In short, I realized I was pursuing my MBA + MS-SCM for all the wrong reasons and that, truth be told, I'm not even really that *interested* in the material. I mean, yea, I do it's my job. But it's just a job to me. A few things kind of hit me all at once:
1) The median post-MBA salary is within $10-$20K of what I currently make.
2) My dual MBA/MS-SCM degrees were going to cost me $30,000-$40,000+ in SL.
3) I have kids and a wife and hobbies and don't really have the desire to spend 20+ hours per week on school work
4) I'm a "seasoned professional" now...I don't think an MBA would do much for me that my 15 years of experience already do, and I don't think I'd be interested in pursuing careers where it would be required.
5) I have other career interests that I would like to pursue that are completely outside the business and supply chain fields.
6) To date, I have never (to my knowledge) worked with a single MBA grad. None of the C-suite at my current company have MBAs, and I can't remember working with a single MBA at my previous company...and I was there for over a decade.
So, you younger professionals make of that what you will. I personally question the validity and necessity of an MBA, and I would think very long and very hard about pursuing one...especially if your company is not willing to pay for it. Just my two cents. Feel free to AMA in the comments.
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2023.05.30 00:59 CD_Like_CD_Rom Employer with BAD reviews, risk it or leave it?

Hi there,
I have been looking for a new job for quite some time, I have interviewed for this company and went very well, I spoke with the owner too and told me that he knows that employees need to be trusted and he wants to build a team of professionals, that he is against micromanagement, also he told me that he will review the salary once a year and if I had any issue, money related too, he is happy to chat about it, etc. Also told me that they work at milestones, so I am free to set my own schedule as long as the work is delivered on time.
I then quickly accepted the offer as both the owner (during the 2nd interview) and the hiring manager (1st interview) were very polite and professional, they asked for references and I provided them and I am now waiting for my contract before giving my formal notice to my current company.
Curious I went online to check out the company reviews, and I saw a very low review rating, that the owner fires people randomly, and there is bullying and micromanagement. That the owner does not trust the employees and wants to control everything. All the negative reviews say the same thing; the last one is from around February 2023, it seems they also changed their name as under the previous name there were even more bad reviews from ex-employees, which I reached out to on LinkedIn, but none of them replied yet.
I have got a secure job at the moment, and even though I am looking for a change (here I am very underpaid but it’s pretty flexible and the pay is the only cons), I am not sure now. The interview went well, and I had positive feelings, but after reading the reviews I am now worried.
They are both remote roles, and I can set my schedule in both roles.
Would you advise me to keep both jobs for 1/2 month and see how it goes? My current contract allows me to have another job, but it'd be so full of work for these months though, but if I see bad behaviours I could resign very quickly as I would have my current job as back-up; or to just tell them that due to personal reason I can’t start working there and keep searching?
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2023.05.30 00:59 SHD_ZeroFoxtrot 36 [M4F] Ohio/East Coast/Surrounding States - Looking for someone to talk to potentially go on dates and see what develops

Hey there! I'm Kyle I've posted here before and met some pretty cool people but unfortunately nothing ever planned out people just up and disappear for no reason so I figured I'd post again.
I'm from Ohio around the Dayton area and would really like to find a date or even just someone to talk to. I work nights as a police dispatcher at a hospital, I'm an Air Force Vet, Dad to 1 little girl and enjoy reading and museums. I'm into metal and watching the Buckeyes on Saturday and Cowboys on Sunday. I like to game and spend sometime between Destiny 2, The Division and MW2.
Here is a little bit of me, if you're interested shoot me a message, please include a picture of vourself it'd be nice to see who I'm talking to. I'm also in the need of a wedding date in September so if things click I'd love to take you. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.30 00:59 TrickyWidget Yet another breed suggestion request :)

1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
3) Describe your ideal dog.
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day?
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
11) How much shedding, barking, and slobber can you handle?
12) How important is being able to let your dog off-leash in an unfenced area?
Dog Personality and Behavior
13) Do you want a snuggly dog or one that prefers some personal space?
14) Would you prefer a dog that wants to do its own thing or one that’s more eager-to-please?
15) How would you prefer your dog to respond to someone knocking on the door or entering your yard? How would you prefer your dog to greet strangers or visitors?
16) Are you willing to manage a dog that is aggressive to other dogs?
17) Are there any other behaviors you can’t deal with or want to avoid?
18) How often and how long will the dog be left alone?
19) What are the dog-related preferences of other people in the house and what will be their involvement in caring for the dog?
20) Do you have other pets or are you planning on having other pets? What breed or type of animal are they?
21) Will the dog be interacting with children regularly?
22) Do you rent or plan to rent in the future? If applicable, what breed or weight restrictions are on your current lease?
23) What city or country do you live in and are you aware of any laws banning certain breeds?
24) What is the average temperature of a typical summer and winter day where you live?
Additional Information and Questions
25) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant.
26) Feel free to ask any questions below.
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2023.05.30 00:59 SHD_ZeroFoxtrot 36 [M4F] Ohio/East Coast/Surrounding States - Looking for someone to talk to potentially go on dates and see what develops

Hey there! I'm Kyle I've posted here before and met some pretty cool people but unfortunately nothing ever planned out people just up and disappear for no reason so I figured I'd post again.
I'm from Ohio around the Dayton area and would really like to find a date or even just someone to talk to. I work nights as a police dispatcher at a hospital, I'm an Air Force Vet, Dad to 1 little girl and enjoy reading and museums. I'm into metal and watching the Buckeyes on Saturday and Cowboys on Sunday. I like to game and spend sometime between Destiny 2, The Division and MW2.
Here is a little bit of me, if you're interested shoot me a message, please include a picture of vourself it'd be nice to see who I'm talking to. I'm also in the need of a wedding date in September so if things click I'd love to take you. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.30 00:59 SHD_ZeroFoxtrot 36 [M4F] Ohio/East Coast/Surrounding States - Looking for someone to talk to potentially go on dates and see what develops

Hey there! I'm Kyle I've posted here before and met some pretty cool people but unfortunately nothing ever planned out people just up and disappear for no reason so I figured I'd post again.
I'm from Ohio around the Dayton area and would really like to find a date or even just someone to talk to. I work nights as a police dispatcher at a hospital, I'm an Air Force Vet, Dad to 1 little girl and enjoy reading and museums. I'm into metal and watching the Buckeyes on Saturday and Cowboys on Sunday. I like to game and spend sometime between Destiny 2, The Division and MW2.
Here is a little bit of me, if you're interested shoot me a message, please include a picture of vourself it'd be nice to see who I'm talking to. I'm also in the need of a wedding date in September so if things click I'd love to take you. Look forward to hearing from you!
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2023.05.30 00:58 Fine-Historian4018 Valuing pension as part of net worth or fire number? What do you do?

I am curious how folks doing FIRE include pensions as part of their net worth? I’ve seen a few strategies and was curious how folks with a pension include it in their FIRE number (if they do).
Option 1 (most conservative):Just including the cash contribution value from employee but also accumulated interest. This will ignore the employer contribution and annuity. For instance, 100k cash value at retirement assuming you and (spouse?) die at retirement age and you and spouse never receive the annuity.
Option 2 (more optimistic): Using vested, current annuity amount x number of years receiving based on mortality estimates (like 78.8). Example: current annuity amount with no further work (~20k) x 14.4 years = 288k. This would be the value if I stopped working today, changed jobs, and collected the full annuity using average mortality estimates.
Option 3 (most optimistic): Estimating future annuity amount at retirement assuming working to a set early retirement age (like 55), assumed salary at early retirement (i.e., 130K), x number of years receiving based on mortality tables same as above (14.4 years), would produce an estimate like 1.263 million value.
Option 4???
Do you do something different?
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2023.05.30 00:57 galth88 Surfshark Vpn Mod Apk 2.6 7 Coupon Code

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2023.05.30 00:57 gmoney1892 Tony gonna flip

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2023.05.30 00:55 bastosz I'm looking for wisdom, I think it's gone to hell

Help about the direction of my current game.
I play with not so broken mods I think, two for performance, two for visuals, one that limits the number of vassals, another 2 that adds more civic points +1 and more trait points, oh and one of double origin.
My game is set to default, with all crises bypass enabled, with empire max down, normal empire max with no advanced start and ensign hinder.
Everything was going well until the Khan died for his lover, he wiped out a large empire but he didn't do much damage by touching a fallen empire which wiped out a large part of their armies. After two years of that, a war in heaven happens where each empire is at opposite ends of the galaxy. Everything was fine until the crisis of less dimensional strata arrived, appearing in my 2 best ally thus dividing the ship supply routes. The galaxy was 3/4 divided to be independent of those fallen empires, But now we're split 1/3 because of the crisis that screwed up the ship supply routes, isolating us into three blocks and causing the fallen empires to focus on us, Rays are even using colossi to clean planets, I can't do it, just save the game, turn off the pc and I stared into space in search of an answer ....
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2023.05.30 00:55 katelovesmeiu A Professional Challenger Coach Verified Metafy Partner Seven Years of Proven Coaching Expertise Over 6.500 Sessions Held Over 3.000 Individual Clients US Collegiate Coach Guaranteed Improvement Personalised Coaching Plans Shelbion#8832

About Me
Hey there, my name is Shelbion and I've been an avid League of Legends player for over a decade. In Season 4, I reached Challenger for the first time and even considered pursuing a professional career. However, after much reflection, I decided to pursue other challenges within the game itself.
Some of my notable achievements as a player include:
In addition to my experience as a Player, I am also the Founder of Noxus Coaching - a rapidly growing, educational community on Discord. Our community is a great place to find new friends to play with, have a good time, and most importantly, improve your skills.
We hold various events on a weekly basis, including 1v1 & 5v5 tournaments, meme contests, and more. There are plenty of rewards to be won, including free coaching sessions with me. To join our community, visit and message me upon joining to receive your role.
As a coach with over 6.500 hours of experience, I have a passion for helping others improve and reach their goals. By studying the techniques of renowned coaches such as LS and MagiFelix, I have developed my own unique coaching approach that has helped countless individuals and over 20 teams advance their competitive play across 5 different continents, including members of various College and University E-Sports Teams.
Some of my notable achievements include:
I am dedicated to continuously honing my skills and providing the best coaching experience possible to all of my clients, regardless of their rank or location.
How Does it Work?
We will schedule an initial Interview during which we can discuss your goals and I can provide a more detailed explanation of my coaching services. This interview will typically last for 3-5 minutes.
The First Session is designed to assess your current level of gameplay and identify areas for improvement. After conducting an analysis, I will create a Personalized Coaching Plan tailored to your specific needs. This plan will outline a series of sessions designed to maximize your improvement.
The Coaching Plan may include various session types, such as:
All sessions will be personalized and created specifically for each student's needs. By following this plan, you can feel confident that you are taking the most effective steps to achieve your goals.
Personalized Support (Available 24/7)
In addition to the structured coaching sessions, I offer personalized support to my clients on a 24/7 basis. Whether you have a specific question or just want to debrief after a tough game, I am always available to help. Simply message me and I will respond as quickly as possible.
I am able to cover any server and any timezone! Rates for both Private and Team coaching are negotiable. We will easily get the sessions to fit your budget and your needs. Payments are usually done through PayPal, however other forms of Payment such as Direct Transfer can be discussed.
Main form of contact is Discord on which you can find me at Shelbion#8832
Feel free to message me either on Discord or through a Direct Message on Reddit and I will come back to you as quickly as possible.
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