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This community is all about women who are in love with married men. Any woman out there who wants his married boyfriend to leave his wife for her. Women dating married men

2023.06.05 08:58 Object-Golf2001 I loved old socks more than God

TLDR - apologize ahead of time this is another long post, but for the sake of those who don't do too long of posts, I loved old socks more than I ever loved God. And it's just enjoyable to throw my thoughts out into the universe sometimes.
It's kinda fun to think about. Perhaps not entirely worth thinking about, better things to apply my thoughts towards, progressive thought consumption, but just attempting to fully unpack why it happened why it's still here, and if/when it will go away - the new mindset I've arrived at, my little corner of peace.
There are not very many people out there to share these things with but yesterday my one friend suggested that most everyone out there does not enjoy looking into other possibilities, what's out there, what's after this, everything of that nature. His thoughts, the vast majority of the populous lives molded into the trends and flow of whichever society surrounds them. Something along those lines, not necessarily the indoctrinated chains of thoughts, like those of Christianity for example, but something closely resembling. I guess what's comfortable and prevalent.
Pretty sure that he loves me I'll ask him questions but never really get a response back, nevertheless I kinda reach out. Fairly certain he loves me but sometimes I question my perception of the relationship. Like perhaps I'm just another one of those "most important creatures in the entire universe" but in reality he sees me merely as a highly evolved ape-man servant, I'm simply here to serve him and clean out his litter box, also let him outside and feed him.
He does love me. And I love him. He's my best friend but is merely a house cat which somewhere along the lines all those hundreds of years ago, even thousands, his relatives discovered that by befriending ape-man, well man could be molded into becoming thier servants. Funny and pretty cool to think about, ponder over, this evolution of sorts of tiny feline friends.
It was something I struggled with during my short relationship with God - that I most certainly love my cat more than God. It's not even a question I even love old socks more than God. Everything that was even somewhat good in my life was loved more than God. But then people say that God created my cat, somehow God created socks as well, all glory goes to God, but everything gets credited back to him. No. Sorry but God did not turn cats into fuzzy warm piles of joy who curl up on your lap and fall asleep purring.
But God-loving people try, and try and try some more, to turn everything around and hand it back to him. Especially this good place I'm at and have been for a pretty long time. You tell a Christian that you feel free and clarity and peace by not believing anymore, some of them say these my mental states still comes from God. Or they head a darker direction and say that Satan won the battle he got me to return to my sins and that's why I'm chill. No. My cat loves me God had nothing to do with that and God is not real and I'm just an ape-man who will someday pass away but in the meanwhile I want more of where I'm at right now.
It's a pretty simple thing. This place my mind is at. Not even doing anything to be here. No meditating no....nothing. It's just here. Will it go away? Probably but I'm pretty sure those Tibetan monks even have lapses of crap in thier lives, but how do I keep this. Not try to? Just go with the flow and maybe just flip the concept of God a massive middle finger that's larger than his suggested endless size and scope. Yea that sounds good here's a giant one for you. Right up your incoievably massive cosmic butthole.
I'll not do it. Not if I can help it. Go crawling back to God when the good goes away. Believe that my sins had me in good thought standings. Give the concept of satan a giant middle finger as well.
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2023.06.05 08:58 Tough-Term1646 I can't live this humiliation down

I don't think that people can understand what it is like to have been castrated. It's not just about the obvious that I am now sexless but worse than that is docile effect of having been deballed. I submitted to this getting done because my wife was going to divorce me because of my sex addictions that contributed to 2 affairs. But it was also because my sister in law and mother in law found out that I had taken a lot of money from the company I worked for. If they reported me it would almost for sure mean prison time. The only options they gave me was either they report me or I agree to being castrated. I now believe more than ever that they wanted to be able to control me and that after they learned that castration caused the docile effect they wanted that effect to happen to me. I didnt want divorce and not having my kids. I didnt want to go to prison either, but I also didnt want to be castrated and especially since they insisted it be done by my sister in law. I was boxed in between a rock and a hard place. I was given 3 days to decide. In the end I finally agreed to castration. The humiliation parts started when I called my mother in law and told her my decision. Pretty hard to tell your mother in law the words she wanted so bad to hear because I knew she wanted very much for me to be deballed. It was very humiliating being tied down laying there completly exposed waiting to get it done. My mother in law was there and of course my sister in law. They were looking for stuff they didnt have yet. Arguing about sissors or what kind of knife. They were looking stuff up on the internet.Talking on their phones to my other sister in law and a family friend who used to be a veternarians assistant and they used their phones to show me to them and get advice. When the time finally came I changed my mind. When I first felt the sissors begin to cut me there I went crazy to get loose and then beg for my balls not to be cut off. Very mean, very cruel things were getting said to me at that time and that continued the whole time she was using the sissors and when she held up what she had cut off for me to see and for the phone cameras. I laying there with no balls felt overwhelmed with burning shame and humiliation as they called people they knew talking about the whole thing right in front of me, my sister in law using speaker phone so I could be sure to hear what her sister had to say. And it is known by most in my family that I am sexless but also they take advantage of how docile I have become. Which basically means I have hard time standing up for myself now. Being made sexless and docile is for me ongoing never ending humiliation. It seems that all respect for me is gone now. The only plus is that I am not in prison and I still have my kids.
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2023.06.05 08:57 12nb34 Do you understand? At the beginning I said that this panic is impossible. Then I said that the virus is also impossible. Finally, I failed to find one single religious person of any religion who was interested to know why I think that this virus is impossible

Do you understand? At the beginning I said that this panic is impossible. Then I said that the virus is also impossible. Finally, I failed to find one single religious person of any religion who was interested to know why I think that this virus is impossible submitted by 12nb34 to punishment_panic [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:57 Excellent_Cookie8524 L glutamine, L theanine, Gluthation

So seems like our immune system gotta be struggling to fight small particles of the virus, cause of this is the low atp levels and the very root of this cause is low gluthatione levels. Who tried to take it?
So seems like l - Theanine and l- glutamine increases glutathione levels.
And that’s why I’m taking it for 5 days now, almost done with the brain fog. I feel better cognitively like 3x times than I was. I don’t know what would be if i try to come off of it. Let’s see.
“”The study confirms the important function of glutamine in the causal relationship between preservation of hepatic glutathione stores by glutamine administration and decrease of hepatic injury and mortality. This may be due to the mechanism of increased cellular reduced glutathione through the cell membrane
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2023.06.05 08:57 schneckle123 Recently found out my rescue dog is a CD which heckling surprised me

Recently found out my rescue dog is a CD which heckling surprised me
I adopted Piggy in Germany and he was originally from Hungary. My vet, the internet and even the Funktion in the photo app on my iPhone have all said ‘yup that’s a CD’. Ive never heard of this breed in my life. Would love some feedback from people about their CDs. Any thing that’s super unique to these dogs? He’s the most vocal dog I’ve ever met, he groans like an old man which is my favorite thing ever. He’s super attached to me, follows me wherever I go. Huge pray drive. Knows tricks but only in rerun for treats.
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2023.06.05 08:57 collieholly 27M/USA for German Penpal

Howdy folks 🤠 I’m from the Southern US but have lived abroad before finding my way back home. I don’t get out much as work and family has me pretty busy, so I’d love to make some new acquaintances virtually if possible!
Some things about me you might find interesting are that I lived in Germany and I loved it, I enjoy reading quite a bit, I like to binge shows from a wide range of genres, and I also pass time playing games on switch and Xbox.
Have a great book recommendation? Send it to me. Have a really cool plant? I want to see it (and possibly find a way to add it to my collection). Like to help others learn more about your language and culture? Count me in.
I’m really looking for someone who values an actual connection and conversation with someone over chatting for a few messages and ghosting. I’d be interested in starting off with Reddit or another messaging platform and then move over to sending each other post cards later on as I’m a big fan of collecting them from my own travels as well as other people’s adventures.
I’m looking for a German penpal as the title says of course — Ideally you’re someone who is also gay since it provides a little more common ground for us.
Well, that’s it for me for now. Thanks for taking the time to read through — I hope to hear from some of you soon!
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2023.06.05 08:55 norman_jackson History Of Glubo By Bard

Glubo was founded in 1935 by a group of friends who were passionate about toys. The company started out making simple wooden blocks and other toys, but they quickly realized that they wanted to do something more ambitious. In 1974, Glubo released their first console, the Glubo One. The Glubo One was a simple console, but it was a hit with gamers. It was the first console to feature a joystick, and it was also the first console to have a library of games that were specifically designed for it.
Glubo continued to release new consoles throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Each new console was more powerful than the last, and each one had a wider library of games. By the early 2000s, Glubo was one of the leading console manufacturers in the world.
In 2005, Glubo released the Glubo Revolution. The Glubo Revolution was a radical departure from previous Glubo consoles. It was the first console to feature a motion-sensing controller, and it was also the first console to have a built-in internet connection. The Glubo Revolution was a critical and commercial success, and it helped Glubo maintain its position as a leading console manufacturer.
Glubo has continued to release new consoles and games throughout the 2010s. The company has also expanded into other areas, such as virtual reality and streaming gaming. Glubo is a leading force in the gaming industry, and it shows no signs of slowing down.
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2023.06.05 08:55 pipsquatch72 ASD testing advice

Hi! I joined the community because I’m looking for help getting a diagnosis.
A bit of backstory: As a kid I was the golden child but still a bit of a “problem child”. My mother always told me “you have ADHD, like my brother” but refused to get me tested for a variety of reasons. From “doctors are sexist” or “we manage it well enough/you do well in school” to “they probably wouldn’t give you medicine”. All my life, everyone in my family and all of my friends were CERTAIN I had ADHD. I tried to get a diagnosis but then… forgot I was doing that. I feel I have the coping skills, so it is on the back burner on. Both of my siblings are diagnosed with ASD (one in early childhood [referred to as J] and the other as an adult [referred to as R]) and we are all positive our father is undiagnosed. Although many friends say I’m “a little special” or “possibly on the spectrum”, it was J and R that convinced me I was not an ADHD allistic outsider of us three. Most people I know that are educated on/have ASD have mentioned I might be or told me I am autistic. After listening intently and doing research I feel comfortable saying I am an AuDHD individual (correct me if this is the wrong abbreviation for ASD+ADHD, please).
I know self diagnosis is valid and widely accepted, but it is not for employers, who need the paper trail. I’m looking for tips and tricks that will help me pass the “test”. I am not looking to exploit the system, exaggerate or lie about my experience. I want to know how things like my black and white thinking, extreme rationalization, strong sense of justice, or general lack of understanding the NT questioning that can get me caught in a catch 22 with a bad/doubting doctor. I am not “hopping on a trend”. I want a diagnosis to get accommodations, mostly for work, as I am looking for a new job. If you have experience KNOWING, yet desperately trying to convince the doctor you’re right, I would love to hear your stories. Especially if you eventually scored the diagnosis you needed. I’d also love to rub it in my parents noses, as I was a “golden child” and “last chance” for many things in their eyes.
If you have questions for me or need more explanation, I’m happy to answer. Even if you just have a different subreddit you think could offer better advice, ALL of it is welcome. Thank you in advance!
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2023.06.05 08:55 throwawayacct4422 my kyleena experience

4 days ago I got my very first IUD, Kyleena, and it hasn't been a positive experience to say the least. I wanted an IUD 2 years prior to this because I wasn't good at taking pills, I didn't like depo, but my doctor at the time warned against it because I already had some discomfort during a speculum exam and didn't think I'd be able to handle it. She was completely right. I went in with no medication, the clinic didn't offer anesthesia, and the doctor said that it would only be a little uncomfortable and I could return to work later that day. The ultrasound and speculum part was fine but as soon as she started "measuring my uterus" I couldn't handle it. I have no idea what all was done to me during the over 30 minutes procedure as she wouldn't really communicate and I was screaming and crying. I stated numerous times I was going to throw up, I even passed out during the procedure for a few seconds and they had to stop and put cold water on me to wake me up. After the IUD was finally inserted I couldn't walk, my skin felt cold, clammy, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk. I ended up not being able to return to work that day. And I'm still having so much trouble. As long as I'm laying in bed flat, or doing very minimal walking, I feel mostly fine. But if I lay in a fetal position or move a lot I get really intense cramps. It's been a really struggle considering I'm at my job everyday walking for up to 10 hours. I barely have an appetite, it's slowly coming back, but every time I get hit with those intense cramps I throw up whatever I ate. My boyfriend and grandma keep telling me my body is just adjusting and the pain will ease, but I'm scared it won't. I already know when this one comes out I'll never get another bc the procedure was so traumatizing. The only positive take away is there's no bleeding.
This isnt to scare anyone into not getting an IUD bc I know many women who's had amazing experiences w them, I'm just trying to find those who can relate and maybe even give me some advice. I'm so overwhelmed by this experience and tired of the pain and I already know doctors are just going to dismiss me.
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2023.06.05 08:54 BLUE_cyber_blade LiGurOS - Underrated Gentoo Fork?

LiGurOS is a relatively new distribution from a broad family of Gentoo-based distributions. I've been using LiGurOS for about a month now, and I'm pretty impressed with it. LiGurOS also uses Funtoo-Inspired profiles, pretty easy to use along with make.conf.
If you're looking for a better experience using libressl, I highly recommend it. LiGurOS supports the Libressl use flags in their packages, which was removed from upstream Gentoo, for those who still need/want libressl, also supports systemd and (native non-flatpak) Steam - unlike funtoo. All packages on automatically kept up to date using their automation on gitlab.
If you're interested in trying out LiGurOS, you can check out my install guide/instructions here
Interested in supporting the project? Consider becoming a supporter on their website, link to gitlab is on there as well.
The LiGurOS devs have done an great job by creating the project. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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2023.06.05 08:54 rennn10 A message from the moderators

Hello everyone,
We first want to restate that this space is designed as a place that is free and accessible for all people in the process of applying to medical school. We have seen a recent rise in promoting/discussing the merit of prep companies and wanted to gently remind everyone that these companies are often selling the material for exorbitant amounts of money and predating on those vulnerable and desperate to score well. Please don’t fall for this marketing. If you have personally found benefit from these sources that is fine, but please limit the advertising or reliance on this in the servereddit. These companies have enough traction on their own, they don’t need to be pedalled any further in here as well.
Secondly, the moderators have recently been made aware of some concerning content published by 90+ GAMSAT that promotes harmful and unethical behaviour. 90+ GAMSAT is often referred to/brought up in GAMSAT discussions and advice regarding section 2 preparation, which is why we felt it was important to say something.
An essay included in the book “Twenty Ways Other Winners Did It”, written by a 90+ GAMSAT student, with commentary from Michael himself, has recently been brought to our attention. The essay presents itself as written from the perspective of a trans person reflecting on their experience coming to terms with their gender identity. However, the essay was actually written by a cisgender person (admitted in the book itself, and reconfirmed by direct communication with Michael after the fact), not someone who has genuinely had these experiences. Michael’s response to the essay is also quite concerning- He praises this as "perhaps my favourite GAMSAT essay" and "some of if not the best [work] I have ever seen from a student". His feedback focuses on technical elements like language use, narrative structure and "showing qualities that would be admirable in a doctor”.
Overall, this behaviour is incredibly inappropriate. It is disrespectful and inauthentic for someone outside of that experience to write as if they genuinely understand what it's like to be trans or to face the struggles and experiences described in the essay (and this is not limited to the trans community, but similar for all marginalised groups). The fact that this essay was included as an exemplar of how to approach section 2 is quite frankly disgusting and sets a dangerous precedent that it is okay and acceptable to lie about your personal experiences as a means to an end to getting into medical school or do well in the GAMSAT- and to be clear, it is not. Michael has been privately alerted to the harm caused by this situation directly and showed little understanding or empathy towards the situation in his actions following this. The final lines of Michael’s comment discuss how the takeaway from this essay is “the benefit in rawness, vulnerability, authenticity, emotional intelligence”. The inclusion of this essay, and Michael’s comments both in response to the essay and in his conduct when this issue was raised to him, ironically show poor judgment and a lack of understanding of these traits. He fails to recognise or address the deeper problems with the essay's premise and inauthenticity, and appropriation of the experiences of others, particularly those of a community that have historically and continue to experience significant discrimination, including within healthcare. As health professionals or prospective health professionals, it is critical that we are able to acknowledge the limitations of our own experiences and recognise how these shape the way we view and interact with the world. Similarly, promoting understanding and inclusive environments is crucial to this end- carrying yourself with integrity, authenticity and emotional intelligence is important for a reason- these traits are not just buzzwords or things to demonstrate to get into medical school.
We want to make it clear that we do not support these actions. Ignoring our feelings about preparation material/companies generally, we think it’s highly inappropriate and disrespectful that 90+ GAMSAT thought this was acceptable. This situation has crossed a line, and consequently, the moderation team does not feel comfortable with the promotion of 90+ GAMSAT in our spaces.
We hope that if Michael or anyone from 90+ GAMSAT sees this that they reconsider the inclusion of this essay, reflect on the potential harm that perpetuating these attitudes has and that they commit to doing better in the future. We are also aware that Michael may be able to identify the person(s) who raised this concern to us, and we are doing so with their permission. We hope that if in response to this post, he instigates further interactions with the person(s) that raised the issue, that communication will be professional and respectful, despite history indicating otherwise. This is not intended as a personal attack on Michael himself, and to be clear we don’t condone personal attacks, but we thought that this issue was an important one to raise and that Michael and 90+ GAMSAT needed to be held accountable.
For anyone affected by this issue, please know that you have our full support, and if anyone has concerns, don't hesitate to contact us.
Thank you,
The mods
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2023.06.05 08:54 maenefa vital knowledge

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2023.06.05 08:54 Skk_3068 Conclusion for my phrase

The soul
Which was dragged to live
By fate itself
Finally lives
With those who cared for him
But every journey ends one day
So does his too.
But in his last moments,
With people who cared for him ,
Instead of sadness or sorrow
In his eyes ,
There were glowing with
a fading glimmer of happiness
Though they don't know why
He knew
It was time
To be with her ,
Whom departed
To other side
Without any closure
In his last breath
He said before closing his eyes
and leaves .
Then he woke up
In the other side,
Near a shore,
Where , at a distance
The wait was over
for the soul longing for him
She was there,
Cute as a button
His eyes filled with tears
They both finally reunite
Broken from their mortal chains
Playing in the Twilight stars
as the same children they were
She thanked him for everything in previous life
He also thanked her for the moments
That made impact on him
They both hold hands
and walked together
to other side of oblivion
After some time,
Maybe years
Another two children
Meet each other
in play garden
Is this them again ?
Will they have good childhood?
will they be reunited in this life ?
Will they not be broken again ,
by chains of fate ?
Who knows ?
Maybe they will
Or maybe not
This is life after all
Everything they need to face
. . . .
. .
This is our finality
Thank u
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2023.06.05 08:53 Candid-Razzmatazz-42 How do I (24F) talk about my family to partners?(22-30NB)

I grew up in a really complicated family, my mother is a recovered meth addict, who was jailed for most my high-school. Everyone in my family is just as chaotic and difficult. I'm not sure how to move around it when dating. I feel like it's definitely something some poeple don't want to deal with. Is it better to bring it up early, or not at all? The one person I dated family beat them when they found out about my mother. To be honest I feel like a pretty successful person, who's very independent. My relationship to them doesn't really define who I am as a person.
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2023.06.05 08:53 SpecialFlan2734 I think Zack Lee can beat Mandeok Bang

Hear me out.
As of right now, Zack Lee has captured the "light." This means that he should have access to the power-up he had when he fought Daniel during the Hostel arc(ep. 272 - 273). He was able to get strong enough to overwhelm Daniel who he was losing to beforehand
Current Base Zack can throw an exhuasted Mandeok around with his punches, but can only barely tank Mandeok's kicks. If Mandeok were healthy, his kicks would have been able to take out Zack.
The power-up both increases Zack's durability(he went from getting pushed back from Daniel's attacks to pushing through them) and strength.
With that, he should barely be able to defeat a healthy Mandeok.
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2023.06.05 08:53 goldstree Some of us are undeniably a lost cause

I don't know why we fool ourselves into thinking everyone can, when some people will just fail. At life. Some of us are just human waste
I do believe that as there many people out there with the possibility of turning their lives for good, there are equally people who are just doomed for life. I am one of them, who have struggle to accept this, and used to believe many things just like the ideas shared in this subreddit. I know that all my efforts are going to be in vain, why keep trying at all?. If time and time again, I keep failing, I better not bother with it anymore.
Everyone tells you that you will reap what you sow, but I have had goals that I wanted to meet but the benefits reaped weren't worth all of the effort you have to put in. One dissapointment after another should tell you something, to me it's to stop, While trying you realize what you are (loser, pathetic, weakling) your self-esteemed is destroyed in the process. What is the point when I will never be happy, all the techniques, habits, and strategies can't save everyone.
some of you may think that this mean I will waste my life away, but I am wasting my life away anyways, trying or not trying to be better, I am so much behind in life I prefer to just wait for my death. In the hypothetical situation that you knew that you had certain time left to live, you wouldn't be minding your habits, whether you exercised or read wouldn't be important. What would be different if that time was one week vs 3 month?. Nothing, it applies if it is 5 months, 5 years, or 50. Success is not guaranteed in life but death is, I will gladly accept her and stop being stubborn and resign myself as a lost cause. It is mean to happen, in the world there is healthy or unhealthy, rich and poor, intelligent and dumb, and successful and uncesuccessful people.
This isn't a vent, it is truth.
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2023.06.05 08:53 FantasticBend8966 Would you watch me gag your gf/wife on my cock? @brown_sugarpop

It's always hot to talk with someone and see how dirty can they be. Nothing is better than having a slutty conversation and be filthy.
I'm a college student living in Delhi, India and love having conversations. it's always hot to find a slut who can handle some good hard slaps and spanka
Kinks: Domination, cuckolding, raceplay, incest, agegap, rough sex, hairpulling, spanking, faithplay
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2023.06.05 08:53 Purple_Minute_91928 My (16F)Girlfriend does not put any effort. (16M)

This is our first relationship and I’m starting to encounter many problem already after only 3 Month of dating. I’ve been in the talking stage for over 5 months with her and I was the first one who asked. I had planned everything we’ve ever done together to the movies and events and went out my way to suffer my own mental health. I’ve been going out my way to see her and put out plans and I’m getting tired of it. 
Last week, we planned a date and she never showed up. I’ve offered rides but she refused and then left me on delivered for over 2 hours while I waited. Is 3 and a half hours of waiting enough?! I told her my true feeling about the situation and was frustrated but forgave her and even blamed myself which was the worse part.
A week after, conversation started to become dry online and even in person and I was being left on delivered on hours on end (we are on summer break). I talked to her about how I felt neglected and how she never puts in the effort to do anything for me. She apologized and I forgave her but says she’ll improve for the 2nd time in that week. the spark is disappearing really fast. But I’m now holding grudges against her and my trust is broken. How can we resolve this for the long term. TLDR; My girlfriend and I only dated for 3 months and encountering problems
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2023.06.05 08:52 GuacamolEBola I stopped smoking and now I have nightmares every night. What do I do?

I [26m] quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and before then had been smoking everyday for about 6 years. Now, I have nightmares every night. Some of them more vivid and realistic than others, but nightmares nonetheless. Before I quit, I couldn’t even tell you the last time I had a dream; in fact I would kinda brag about being someone who “never dreams,” because my nights would go by very quickly. I would fall asleep and wake up seemingly immediately, and it would already be morning. I liked it that way.
Now, I dread falling asleep and it takes me usually a couple hours to actually do so. And tonight I woke up from a dream where not only did my ex-gf expose me for a pretty humiliating incident, but then an old friend-turned-enemy found me and got in my car to beat the shit out of me. I woke up with a migraine that strongly resembled how the dude had been hitting me. I even had to check in the mirror for bruises and a black eye, but there was nothing there. I only slept for about 2 hours, and I don’t plan on getting any more sleep tonight.
I’ve read and heard from others about how smoking everyday or right before bed can affect your brains ability to get REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is where most dreams occur. So I’m not necessarily surprised that I started dreaming again. But I’m more worried about what will happen if these nightmares never stop. They’re always very different, and almost never about the same things or people.
I originally quit smoking because a friend of mine that I play games online with everyday convinced me to quit with him, because “it’ll be easier if we do it together,” which is true. It was easier to quit knowing he was quitting too, and that I’d have someone to bounce side-effects off of and process the pros and cons of quitting. However, when I first told him I’d been having nightmares, he told me he “hadn’t really started dreaming again yet.” We’re supposed to make it a month or two (depending on how we feel after month one) without smoking, and I still want to do that. the pros I’ve experienced while I’m awake include faster thinking, better short-term memory, and more confidence. So I don’t really want to lose the progress I’ve made with those things.
I guess my main question is has anyone else experienced this before, and if so, how long did it take for the nightmares to cease, and is it worth it if I plan on going back to smoking in another couple of weeks? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 08:51 United_Pineapple_127 Onceler The Fool , later known as Onceler The Star.

Onceler The Fool , later known as Onceler The Star.
My first post ever on Reddit 😀. My character who was originally a blacksmith apprentice for the Confessors but later became a famed duelist after trying to enchant his warpick/blacksmith hammer with both holy and blood properties causing causing not only his face to become scard but also ousted from the Order causing him to lose his grace.
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2023.06.05 08:51 gh0stgirl73 AITA for not inviting my in laws to my baby shower ?

I (23f) my husband (25m) , my husband &I have been together for six years and recently gotten married , in December (2022) we hit a rough patch and separated, but worked things out and gotten back together , we did single things during our separation like making a tinder etc. My husband told his mom about our separation and how I was partying and how he was also having fun on tinder. We ended up working it out and getting back together and made up (being very active in the bedroom) The ending of January/ going into February I found out I was pregnant with our first baby. We are / were very excited and nervous about this new chapter In our lives. However , his mom was secretly talking to his biological dad and step mom about what we had recently went through and how I was toxic and I cheated on him. Side note: my husband’s biological dad is a deadbeat , so they weren’t even close to begin with and it was none of his business about what I was doing when we separated My husband received a long text message from his dad of him saying he needed to leave me and how the baby wasn’t his and how toxic and mentally Ill I was/ am and he wasn’t going to be called grandpa or have his daughters be called auntie or how he doesn’t want anything to do with our unborn child. My husband stopped talked to his father and his mother over this because we knew she had something to do with this especially because she was the only one who knew about our separation. My MIL has apologized multiple times to us about her behavior but denies she said anything to my husband’s biological dad and step mom. Flash forward, I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and my MIL is planning our baby shower / pamper party. I explained I didn’t want my husband’s biological father and step mom there or around my child because of the nasty things they said about me. I feel bad because it is their first grandchild and my dad thinks I should invite them anyway and be the bigger person. But I disagree. AITA ?
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2023.06.05 08:51 Repulsive-Finger-954 Who found Tony after Junior shot him?

Who exactly found Tony and Junior in the house after the shooting, called the ambulance to take the former to the hospital and the cops to arrest the latter and made it common knowledge to everyone else that it was Junior who shot him on the basis of the only evidence at the time being the gun under the bed and him hiding in the closet while his own nephew was bleeding out in the kitchen downstairs?
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