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2023.06.09 17:32 nepalshareupdate IPO Alert! IME Life Insurance Company to Issue IPO Shares to Nepalese Citizens Working Abroad Follow Nepal Share Update for more news.

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2023.06.09 17:06 Lumpy_Ad_1628 Karely ruiz y santa fe klan video twitter santa fe klan y karely video twitter karely ruiz y santa fe klan twitter santa fe y karely video

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2023.06.09 16:27 Whokneewankenobi Santa Fe movie culture

We’re a couple in our Mid and late 20’s. Personally I love going to the movies, have since I was young. I’d say I watch too many movies and have taken deep dives into “So bad it’s good” territory countless times. The Room and Troll 2 were peak. Other than that I try to make it to most major releases.
How is the general Movie going experience?
I’m not a fan of commentary during films, I try to pick theaters or times that aren’t generally packed. Really like ordering ahead of time online.
Does Santa Fe show out say for Marvel films? Is there an underground film scene?
Thanks ahead of time.
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2023.06.09 16:19 Shidulon The least amount of oil I've ever drained, less than 1/2 quart from a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. Red oil pressure light flickering.

The least amount of oil I've ever drained, less than 1/2 quart from a 2018 Hyundai Santa Fe. Red oil pressure light flickering.
40 years experience (working 80 hrs/week for 20 years) and I was shocked when I pulled the drain plug. Not sure if someone forgot to fill it or if it's just burning that much oil.
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2023.06.09 16:02 pinkflanges Body art practitioner

Hello all I'm looking for some helpful info on becoming a licensed tattoo artist. As far as I can tell I need to find someone that will take me as a apprentice or a internship. Is this right and how do I find someone that is offering such services??. It's hard here in santa fe because I feel like people here don't want anyone doing what they are and have locked down but I'll be moving away by the beginning of next year. Any information is great thanks for your time in advance!
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2023.06.09 15:41 SuddenlyCareless 2023 Hybrid sport - are seats comfortable??

Hi all! I'm currently in the market for a 2023 hybrid sport, I'm coming from a 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe limited. The seats in the Santa Fe are so uncomfortable and very hard. Long rides result in bad aches and pains. How are the seats on long rides for the 2023 hybrid sport? 🤞🤞
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2023.06.09 15:21 mjShazam98 $DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive into

$DFLI Due Dilligence + TA: Deep Dive into
Back in April, $DFLI hit my radar and presented an excellent trade setup, performing beyond expectations. Now it is currently in a spot where it has the potential to do something similar this month. The first part of this post is the DD of the company, and the second half goes into a TA setup that I have might enact on if volume comes into the stock today or this week. I hope you find it informative! I currently do not own any shares YET. I am waiting for increased volume right now.
  1. Company Overview: Dragonfly Energy is a leading player in the green energy storage sector, specializing in the development of lithium-ion batteries. They have gained recognition for their popular Lithium-ion Battery products in the RV and Marine industries under the Battle Born Batteries brand. The company is dedicated to advancing battery technology through unique patented manufacturing processes and boasts a robust R&D department.
  2. Product Focus: Dragonfly Energy focuses on domestically designing and assembling deep cycle LiFePO4 battery packs. They prioritize effective manufacturing processes through automation and extensive quality control measures. Additionally, they integrate batteries with other innovative ancillary components into full energy storage systems, providing comprehensive solutions to their customers.
  3. Market Presence: The company has successfully penetrated various industries through its sales and marketing efforts. Their diverse market focus includes recreational vehicles, marine vessels, and off-grid installations, allowing them to tap into multiple revenue streams and growth opportunities.
  4. Cell Manufacturing and R&D: Dragonfly Energy is involved in cell manufacturing using patented and efficient processes. Moreover, their extensive research and development efforts are focused on developing nonflammable battery cells. They are set to launch a pilot line for this technology later this year, positioning themselves as pioneers in the energy storage market.
  5. Intellectual Property: Dragonfly Energy has a robust intellectual property portfolio, securing its position in the industry. The company holds patents covering various aspects of their business, including chemical composition systems and production processes. This strengthens their competitive advantage and barriers to entry for potential competitors.
  6. Addressing Grid Storage Challenges: With their non-flammable solid-state battery technology, Dragonfly Energy is addressing the challenges of grid storage. Their innovative approach ensures grid stability and resilience in a renewable energy-dependent world, positioning them as a crucial player in the market.
  7. Market Disruption Potential: Dragonfly Energy's solid-state batteries have the potential to disrupt the energy storage market. Being an early mover in this space, the company is well-positioned to capture a significant market share and capitalize on the growing demand for efficient energy storage solutions.
Trade Plan: This stock is back on my trading radar with the current price action of $DFLI. With the price near the bottom of my buy zone, the risk to reward here is too good to pass up. The price is currently at $2.84 and hasn’t had a lot of movement recently. Getting in before the crowd is always some of my more straightforward trades. Looking for the push above $3 with increased volume.
Risk Management: I will implement a stop loss at $2.50, the same stop loss as the last trade setup of $DFLI. If this stop loss were to trigger, this would be a break of solid support, but with the current price, you could move the stop loss lower it is really up to you and your risk preference. My target price for this trade is for the stock to return to $4. I don’t expect this to happen overnight; definitely more of a swing trade. Make sure to take and lock in profits when you see them!
Communicated Disclaimer: Also, remember that swing trading can be risky, and it is essential to conduct your own research and due diligence before investing. Additionally, it is vital to monitor the price action closely and adjust your trade plan accordingly. This is not financial advice, and I urge you to make your own informed decisions.Sources (Stock quote +Info): 1 ,2 ,3 ,4
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2023.06.09 15:14 jucalome Coat of arms of Santa Fé de Bogotá, Capital city of Colombia.

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2023.06.09 14:43 never-declaw-a-cat i have 5000 hex and want to cash out. $45 is better than $0. what’s the best way to cash out of metamask without incurring lots of fees?

my first three posts were removed because i capitalized hex. not sure what that bot is about as other posts have hex capitalized.
and yes i know to be wary of scams. i won’t just send my hex to some person. i just want advice to get some scraps out of this failed crypto
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2023.06.09 14:37 Beautiful_Main789 Santa fe EMD F7 underpowered

Is it normal to be going up a 2.2% grade at 24mph with wheel slip while only hauling a train length of 1.304.1ft or just around 2000t 21 cars would be nice if we could call for helpers
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2023.06.09 14:12 bislut997 Florence Pugh

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2023.06.09 14:03 mac_rmm 23 Tucson Hybrid Limited - how accurate is delivery tracking?

Hi - we have a 23 Tucson hybrid limited reserved for us at our local dealer. We didn't order it, but saw it was "in transit" and with the complete lack of limiteds around us, we said we want it in late May and the dealer put in under reserve for us. He told us the delivery date was estimated as June 14, but "it could come in earlier". We were fine with that. We have not signed anything or put any deposits on it so we are not committed to anything.
In checking the hexorcism VIN tracking site, the estimated delivery date last week changed to 6/25. More concerning to me is that it shows as "AA", meaning still at sea. The relative delivery date now says "next month" and planned delivery date is now 7/2.
We don't have to have the car immediately (going from 2 to 3 because my son is driving now) but it would be nice and but my worry is that since is it "at sea", this date will keep getting pushed back further and further. Unfortunately, the inventory of the limited looks extremely limited going forward.
Just curious if anyone has experience with the estimated delivery time and if I should start looking more at a different option like the Santa Fe or something like that.
FWIW, the dealer responded by saying "Hyundai has moved out just about 99% of all scheduled deliveries past and present. And Just about 99% of the vehicles show up on the original dates or earlier."
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2023.06.09 14:03 Fulbachov Standings and results in the Copa Sudamericana after matchday 5.

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2023.06.09 13:33 -old-monk Should i schedule an appointment with Hyundai for engine recall?
I entered my VIN in the above page and it shows my SONATA 2013 GLS is affected by “Your vehicle is affected by the Sonata & Santa Fe Sport Engine Recall Campaign.”
I don’t see any problems yet, and odometer has around 48k miles on it.
Should i still go ahead and schedule an appointment with Hyundai or is it too early?
Note: I am not the first owner of the car.
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2023.06.09 13:03 FelicitySmoak_ On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 9th

On This Day In Michael Jackson HIStory - June 9th
1979 - The Jackson perform at the Capital Centre (closed-2002) in Landover, Maryland on their Destiny tour
1984 - Michael attends the unveiling of a wax statue of himself at The Guinness Museum of World Records at San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf
1991 - Michael is co-chairman of a presentation of the Nelson Mandela Award to Stevie Wonder
1992 - Michael Jackson's single "In The Closet" was certified Gold by the RIAA.
1995 - Michael Jackson's long-form home video Video Greatest Hits - History was released.
1999 - Michael is in Munich with Prince, Paris and Grace. He attends a press conference organized by Mama Concerts at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany to speak about his upcoming 'Michael Jackson & Friends - The Adventure of Humanity concert. He came around noon and was greeted by more than 300 fans and 200 members of the media. Michael's Jackson Statement:
" As time goes by we tend more and more to forget about the terrible things that happen in the world and about the men, women and children who suffer when they do. The artists who will be performing at the concert want to show their solidarity with the victims of natural disaster and war. "

The concerts raised $3.3 million for charities - Red Cross, UNESCO & The Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund
2003 - Michael attends the National Cable Telecommunications Association conference in Chicago with Chris Tucker to support his brother Marlon and his channel MBC.
2005 - Jury Deliberations Day 5
Michael will have to wait at least another day before hearing the jury deliver a verdict in his trial. Jurors completed their deliberations early as some reportedly had to attend graduation ceremonies. This marked the end of the fifth day of deliberations with 22 hours being spent behind closed doors in the Santa Maria courthouse.
Long-time Jackson friend and civil rights activist, Rev. Jesse Jackson, told CNN that he spent an hour with Michael at a local hospital last night, where he was being treated for recurring back spasms and the Reverend described the singer as "kind of ebullient."
"I think the pain is subsiding," said Jesse Jackson, "[his] back is getting better."
He said Michael was in "good spirits" and optimistic about an acquittal.
For the small town of Santa Maria, nestled amidst hills and strawberry farms in the vast state of California, the Jackson trial has been both a blessing and a bother. The trial of the world’s most famous man has brought unprecedented media attention to the community along with thousands of media personnel and hordes of Jackson’ supporters.
Despite the traffic jams, battles for parking and the inconvenience caused by the constantly moving throng of Jackson’ fans, the 88,000 Santa Maria residents do have reason to rejoice. The trial has credited the city with almost $ 215,000 from hotel bed taxes, rental offices and parking spaces.
For Carmen Jenkins the reward may even be a new BMW. Jenkins, who foresaw the potential for her little coffee shop, expanded her store and menu, making Coffee Diem a hit with the media personnel flocked outside the courthouse.
The 46 year old spoke enthusiastically about the influx of visitors: “ "It's like having a party and inviting someone from every part of the world. It brought so much fresh new air to the city."
But for some the end of the trial will be welcomed. Kathleen DeVoe, 50, said mayhem broke out at the dental office she worked at when Jackson was admitted in February at the nearby Marian Medical Centre for treatment of flu symptoms. She said "the media were extremely rude," nabbing all the spaces in a private parking lot.
Others were more diplomatic. "We're not going to live or die on what happens to him," said Robert Hatch, chief executive officer of the Santa Maria Valley Chamber of Commerce. "But we'll make people feel welcome, so next time they'll come back. For the most part we've done that."
The longer the trial continues the more cash the city brings in. Although the increased funds are meager in comparison to its $41.6 million annual budget, the town hopes to use the money for it's public libraries and maintenance of streets.
2009 - Michael is seen leaving a medical facility with his children, Prince & Paris. Reporters & fans swarm his car. One asks:
"Michael, can you still moonwalk?'
To which he replies:
"Why wouldn't I be able to?"
He also attends rehearsal, songs include "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"
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2023.06.09 11:01 Losco595 Should I end my current lease early to buy a Tesla?

I’m looking for some opinions on what I should do in this situation. I’d be purchasing my first Tesla (looking at a Model Y). I’ve always told myself I would get one when the time is right, and with the recent price drop and tax credit it’s really enticing. I am currently one year into a three year lease with a 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe. The Tesla Advisor said there could be the possibility of the dealer buying it back early, so I asked them. Hyundai said they could do it, but in the end I would have about $3,000 of negative equity. I only put on about 10,000 miles per year, but I would still be saving a decent amount of money on gas over the next two years which kind of helps combat the $3,000.
I’m just looking for some opinions on whether you think it would be worth pulling the trigger right now, or if you think I should I wait it out until my current lease is over?
The only concerns I would have waiting is if the prices start trickling back up, or if the current $7,500 tax credit would get discontinued or lowered.
What are your opinions or thoughts?
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2023.06.09 10:43 Different_City2769 Welcome to r/NewMexicoUsa be sure to follow me on r/SantaFeTown ok?

Also follow Arizona NewMexico BattleForDreamIsland Place SantaFe SantaFeCity and more!
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2023.06.09 10:14 Different_City2769 Live stream special: Welcome to my sever r/SantaFeTown be sure to follow the rules have a nice day:D

Welcome to SantaFeTown I will give you mod if you have followed me for like a year 😃
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2023.06.09 09:11 moshpitrocker GPA Update on Power System Status Restoration June 9, 2023 Day 15 Since COR4

GPA Update on Power System Status Restoration June 9, 2023 Day 15 Since COR4
GPA Update on Power System Status Restoration June 9, 2023 Day 15 Since COR4
Guam Power Authority (GPA) continues its power restoration process and have made progress to its post-typhoon recovery. The crews are divided into sectors to systematically address grid repairs throughout the island. GPA will continue to provide an estimate recovery summary to summarize our restoration progress to the Island-Wide Power System (IWPS).
Typhoon Mawar Recovery Summary As of 1:00 pm, FRIDAY June 9, 2023
IWPS System Load Restored (Customer Demand) 71.0% Customers Restored 51.4% Note: System Load (customer demand) percentage is higher than customer count because commercial and industrial loads are higher than residential loads. Generation Capacity: 195MW of capacity online supporting 142MW load.
TODAY’S KEY OBJECTIVES INCLUDE: • Continue Phase II recovery effort by sweeping these feeders and restoring customers with minimal typhoon damage. • Repair and restore the main transmission line running from Piti to Agana substation (in Mongmong) via Adelup and Agana Heights. This line has transmission and regular circuits (P-280). Crews will be working in force to complete the repairs. The transmission line repairs are critical to support the 71% system load restored and get us to 100% restoration.
POST-TYPHOON RECOVERY PHASE II (June 6 – 13, 2023) In this second phase of the post-typhoon recovery, GPA crews are addressing three or more sectors (north, central, and south) to restore as many customers (with minimal storm damage) as possible per feeder. Those with significant damages will be addressed in Phase III recovery efforts.
Some areas of focus over the next 1 to 3 days include: • Asan Rte 1 NB (P-280) • Piti (P-280) • Hagåtña Rte 1 NB including Adelup to House of Chin Fe (P-280) • Maina (P-280) • Dededo, including the village, Liguan Terrace, Ysengsong, Rte 3 (P-270, P-087, P-088, P-089, P-046) [heavy typhoon damaged feeders] • Yigo, including Paradise Meadows, Chalan La Chanch, Mataguac areas (P-330, P-331, P-332) [heavy typhoon damaged feeders] • Mangilao, Rte 15 in Marbo & Hawaiian Rock areas (P-323) • Yona, including Baza Gardens (P-262) • Ordot-Chalan Pago (P-250) • Toto, including along Roy T Damian St (P-253) • Tamuning including Harmon McDonald’s and Taitano Road areas (P-310) • Hågat and Santa Rita villages and subdivisions (P-220, P-221, P-222, P-223) • Inalåhan (P-261) • Målesso village (P-261) • Humåtak (P-261) Note: As power lines heat up, weak points of the system will be apparent (e.g., storm damaged transformers, fuse cutouts, lightning arrestors, connections). Crews will do their best to make immediate repairs; if they cannot, they will return to make the repairs as soon as possible. Please report emergency power issues to GPA Dispatch at 475-1472/3/4
GENERATION CAPACITY • Current operable capacity is 195MW which is adequate for today’s load of 142MW. • Cabras 2 (45MW) is available for service, once needed. Piti 8 & 9 are online. Work continues to dry out baseload unit Cabras 1 (45MW), and to be ready for service in about a week.
GENERAL NOTIFICATIONS: • The 4 major dialysis centers are on island power. GPA has also been energizing the core centers for all communication companies. • The island-wide power system (IWPS) may be unstable, with fluctuating voltages, power interruptions and intermittencies occurring during restoration and recovery especially after a strong typhoon. Outages or interruptions may occur after power has been restored. This is not unusual as the grid is fragile and a period of system instability will occur until full restoration is completed. GPA will make every effort to have power restored as quickly as possible to its customers. Once full restoration is completed around the island, the system will stabilize and less power interruptions will occur. • Our priority is to restore energy back into your homes and businesses; and restore the island-wide power system online at full capacity. GPA linemen and support crews are working night and day for you, your families, and your businesses.
Si Yu’os Ma’åse’ for your patience and support.
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2023.06.09 07:55 Paul-Belgium View of the St. Louis theater district on Grand Avenue. Photograph by Russell Froelich, 1944

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2023.06.09 06:04 knux999 resumen berreta de los equipos argentinos en copas fecha 5 sudamericana

al fin termino el partido , bueno segunda parte del resumen berreta
peñarol 0 - defensa y justicia 3
Partido aburrido no por culpa del “halcón” , con el equipo uruguayo ya eliminado este partido tenía 2 posibles resultados , empate o goleada de defensa , se dio lo segundo con apenas apretando un poco con 3 lindos goles a esta sombra de equipo de peñarol y estoy rellenando con palabras para que sea algo con sustancia , el “halcón” con este resultado ya clasifico a la siguiente fase de la copa pero peleara mano a mano de local contra millonarios por la punta del grupo
tigre 2 - puerto cabello 1
Primero lo primero, una pequeña queja a la CONMEBOL por poner casi 4 partidos a la vez asi no se puede ver todos , después de esta pequeña queja al partido. No tengo mucho que decir , este partido se olía que lo ganaba el conjunto de “victoria” aunque el resultado parece cerrado no lo fue , tigre domino todo el partido de principio a casi final , un penal tonto que el equipo visitante lo cambio por gol y nada más , “el matador” está adentro de la siguiente fase pero si quiere la punta tiene que ganar en Brasil al sao pablo por 5 goles de diferencia
santos 1 - newell`s 2
No entiendo , como mierda santos y corinthians están en estas copas, ambos juegan horrible , como cagones, “la lepra” fue superior en todo el partido presionando , robando en mitad de cancha pero “el peixe” tenía al jugador número 12 , un corte de luz de 10 minutos suficiente para enfriar el partido después de eso aparece el jugador número 13 , el árbitro se inventó un penal sobre Leonardo , este lo cambio por gol ese regalo , no le dolió nada a newell`s porque 5 minutos después tuvo un tiro libre que lo pateo recalde (el mejor jugador) que por muy poco no fue gol directo pero Aguirre cazo el rebote y ponía la ventaja hasta que apareció el jugador número 14 “del peixe” , el VAR se inventó una posición adelantada de un jugador que no intervino con ese gol , el jugador numero 13 le dio la razón al jugador numero 14 gol anulado , todo parecía que sería un empate pero no contaban con 2 cosas , que santos es una mierda y que después del gol de penal no hizo nada y que newell`s no se conformaba con este resultado y en el octavo minuto agregado portillo marco un golazo para cerrar este partido y la primera victoria de “la lepra” en tierras brasileras en su historia además logra la clasificación a octavos de final de la copa sudamericana , un merecidísimo premio al equipo de heinze
estudiantes (LP) 1 - bragantino 1
A veces el futbol es injusto , esta es una de esas veces , estudiantes fue superior a “braga” pero se morfo goles y los que no morfo se lo atajo cleiton y también un árbitro con ganas de ser protagonista , justo al final del primer tiempo lollo muy desconcentrado … le robo la pelota y con un taco habilitador ramires metía un golazo , en el segundo tiempo el “pincharata” seguía jugando fue hasta que llego la clara mano de capixaba haciendo penal a favor de estudiante y expulsión del jugador , rollheiser el mejor jugador del partido lo cambio por gol y después de ahí se desesperó mucho estudiante porque no llegaba la victoria y nunca llego , un empate con sabor a derrota , aún tiene chances de ser puntero en su grupo pero no depende de si mismo
danubio 1 - huracan 0
El “globo” se rindió? , no sé , hago esta pregunta porque el segundo tiempo no hizo nada , en el primer tiempo el “quemero” jugo superior a este Danubio que jugo a nada en casi todo el partido cierto que mejoro no sé si producto de sí mismo o fue más por dejadez de huracán , el penal no se discute fue un claro penal , aún huracan no está afuera de la copa pero está obligado a ganar si o si en paraguay
san lorenzo 0 - palestino 0
El “ciclon” estaba obligado a ganar y fallo por completo , jugo todo el partido presionado y palestino de contra pero la presión de san Lorenzo mayormente no dolía , muchas jugadas incompletas todo llego sucio , solo presión y presión pero no definicion , con este resultado no está afuera de la copa pero depende de otros resultado además de tener que ganar a estudiantes de merida de local por lo menos por 2 goles de diferencia
goias 0 - gimnasia (LP) 0
Un poco tarde llegan estos partidos buenos del “lobo” a pesar que no tuvo las más claras fue el equipo que más intento atacar aunque se notaba que defensivamente sufría de más el “lobo” como en la jugada del penal , en vez de simplificar se complicaron y dejaron que hubiera ese desborde , por suerte el VAR impidió que fuera penal , pero en resumidas goias tuvo las más claras pero gimnasia la iniciativa , producto de la victoria de independiente santa fe , gimnasia sigue vivo matemáticamente hablando , para clasificar tiene que ganarle a universiario de peru de visitante por 3 goles de diferencia y que goias venza a independiente santa fe por 1 de diferencia (entre mas goles meta goias menos goles tendrá que meter "el lobo")
y así terminar otro resumen berreta , espero que le guste y la próxima fecha es la ultima de fase de grupos así que si costo ver partidos acá la próxima sera peor
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2023.06.09 05:33 knux999 resumen berreta de los equipo argentinos en copas fecha 5 libertadores

hola bienvenidos a otro resumen berreta , empiezo con la libertadores porque estoy esperado el final de un partido de la sudamericana que importa para gimnasia
melgar 5 - patronato 0
Horrible , catastrófico , vergonzoso, se salvó de la mayor goleada recibida de un equipo argentino en copa libertadores que fue fluminense 6 – arsenal 0 en 2008 pero está en el top 8 (segundo equipo que recibe en el año 5 goles en un partido en esta copa) , cada ataque de los “rojinegros” parecía gol , cada desborde del equipo peruano parecía penal , cada falta del “patrón” parecía de amarilla mínimo, un completo desastre que a pesar que matemáticamente tiene chance de sudamericana ya lo veo imposible
boca 1 - colo colo 0
Que partido raro , los primeros 60 minutos fue igual que el partido en chile, colo colo atacando y morfándose cada gol pero boca con las más claras y marcando un golazo para abrir el marcador , weigandt marco un golazo y parecía que el guion seria el mismo del 3 de mayo pero después boca sufrió una serie de lesiones que tuvo que jugar casi 20 minutos con virtualmente con 9 jugadores pero “el xeneize” tuvo suerte que colo colo sea un basura atacando y definiendo y había tiempo que advincula (uno de los lesionados) defendía y llevaba la pelota con una pierna , boca clasifico y tiene la ventaja para llevarse la punta
argentinos 2 - liverpool (U) 1
Que le pasa al “bichito” que le cuesta muchísimo marcar goles, domino todo el primer tiempo con un comienzo asfixiante pero el arquero rival impidió el gol , en el segundo tiempo empezó igual que el primero pero una mano tonta penal para el Liverpool, bentacurt lo cambio por gol y a partir de ahí argentinos jugo peor , pases malos , sin ideas y en su peor momento un remate de metilli y de pedo lo desvía (sin querer) Heredia logrando el empate , después de ahí mejoro no tanto como al principio del partido pero mejor y villalba el que había dejado la mano para le cobraran el penal en contra se reivindica metiendo el gol de la victoria , argentinos clasifico a la siguiente fase y tiene ventaja para su visita a ecuador que con el empate se asegura el primer lugar
river 2 - fluminense 0
Nervioso , desesparado , en resumen una extensión del partido contra cristal pero con mucha mejor puntería y mucha mejor presión de ataque , a pesar que el primer tiempo termino en 0 el segundo beltran ponía la ventaja merecida , ya con la ventaja river jugo mejor más calmado pero a medida que pasaba los minutos el cansancio se empezó a notar y el partido se empezaba a tener más la tenencia para el “flu” hasta hubo un penal no cobrado (para mí lo era) a favor de fluminense , todo fue así hasta una contra mortal un pequeño empujón a barco y penal para river en el último minuto y barco solo tuvo que meterla y a celebrar , gran victoria del “millonario” que aún puede quedar afuera de todo pero ahora depende pura y exclusivamente de sí mismo
flamengo 2 - racing 0
La “academia” ya estaba tranquila antes de empezar el partido por ya clasificación a octavos era un hecho pero se le abría algo tentador, dejar afuera al campeón defensor pero también el “fla” sabia eso , necesitaba ganar , nos dieron un partidazo en donde ambos se atacaban bien tanto los golazos de Wesley y de rojas son muy lindos pero por muy poco flamengo se llevó la victoria , racing no pudo asegurar el primer lugar pero solo tiene que ganar de local al ñublese lo tiene asegurado (también le sirve si flamengo empata o pierde)
bueno ahora tengo que seguir esperando que termine el partido de indepediente santa fe - universitario de peru , que malo que es
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