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This is a Subreddit for Ohio memes (It should not be used to find your next gay lover in Ohio) ohio has big dumb gay

2023.06.05 08:14 SBStokely5432 The point

What’s the point of all the lgbtq crap? They are the most spoiled group in the us and yet the dumbasses that decide to make their entire personality that group cause so much shit to go on in this country that is tearing it apart from the inside. I don’t care if someone likes dicks in their ass or slapping their pussies together but it’s the people who “fight” for gay rights are stupid. If you are citizen of the country you are in you have every right that everyone around you has, what’s the point?
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2023.06.05 08:04 Logical_Round_5935 Pride month seems to bring out the extra hateful Christians... Apparently being gay is because someone was abused and mentally ill

Whether you agree we should have a pride month is irrelevant.
And maybe Christians should shut up. Maybe their religion is abusive and is why they have so many sex scandals and pedo.
So gay people only exist because of trauma.
How stupid is that
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2023.06.05 07:58 onthewingsofangels The Difference between Michael Hobbes and Jesse Singal

The other day there was a thread asking why Jesse dislikes Hobbes. So, I went looking for more info on him and found the "You're Wrong About" podcast he used to co-host.
It's about historical events that are widely misunderstood. That's an interesting premise, so I started listening. Unfortunately the podcast didn't jibe with me, but definitely gave insight into both Hobbes and his co-host Sarah.
There was the Duke Lacrosse episode -- you remember, these Lacrosse players were accused of raping a stripper they hired, which turned out to be a false accusation. From the start Michael and Sarah are dripping with contempt for the players. There isn't an ounce of sympathy for the falsely accused men - they're "rich and white" so obviously they'll be fine. Sure, they were dragged in the media for months and ostracized. But they were out on bail so no biggie, right?! The accuser, otoh, who is currently in prison for literally murder, has just "had an awful life" and was a vulnerable woman backed into her lies by the system. I could go on, this is just a tiny sample of the awfulness of the podcast. It really illustrated to me that these hosts are incapable of seeing human beings as individuals. The world is divided into the oppressors and the oppressed, and if sometimes the oppresser gets hurt : well they don't exactly deserve it, but don't they kind of deserve it?!
In the Matthew Shepard episode, Michael goes into a truly eye-opening tangent. He outright says "well, let's say Shepard's death wasn't actually a hate crime. So what? There are lots of gay hate crimes every year. If a journalist used Shepard's as a hook to bring attention to the gay hate crimes, does it matter if the original hook was inaccurate?" He literally talks about stories that are too good to fact check, and how he can kinda see the temptation to not dig too deep if a juicy story helps your social crusade. Like, does it matter if what you're writing is the exact "truth" as long as you're serving the Truth!
And this is why I appreciate Jesse so much. He's scrupulously honest, he cares about being accurate even when it gets in the way of his narrative. And he always brings empathy to all the people he discusses, even the ones he mocks.
Politically I'm about 90% in agreement with Michael Hobbes. But I still want the truth from my news, not a tidy narrative. That's why I appreciate Jesse. In a world of storytellers with journalism degrees, he's a reporter.
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2023.06.05 07:57 pokeatdots Is Bournemouth uni good? (For politics)

I’ve been to Bournemouth a lot so I know the town is lovely, but what is the quality of education like? (For politics), are there any clubs etc to join?
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2023.06.05 07:49 Payaso007 Where's the Sex?

Really enjoying the game(at level 38). an interesting dark fantasy story with tragic stories, blood, and guts visuals. The cinematics are artful and well done. The drama and action are wonderful. What is missing is the sex. There is nothing sexy or sexual about the storyline. I liked Game of Thrones because there was a sexual component to it. We are sexual beings and to not have sexual themes that reflect human fantasy is, well, not very human. As an example, the dark villains and characters could use sex as a lure or manipulation to distract and kill the main characters or even the players by having characters use their sexual charms. Imagine gay/straight/trans themes would have brought realism to the game. But maybe American culture is still dominated by puritanical culture to allow this type of creative thinking into games.
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2023.06.05 07:48 Omelette-doo-fromage Gay Masculinity

I’ve never been shy about my body. Dancer, swimmer, grew up in Texas… not the most prudish places when it comes to practical nudity.
BUT! I have always been absolutely terrified of spontaneous boners in locker rooms. We’re all guys and it happens but for someone publicly and clearly feminine… it can be taken as a threat and I was always worried about gay bashing. So I did everything as privately and quickly as I could. It wasn’t until I was older, met the right people and felt like “one of the guys” before that fear somewhat subsided.
I just wanted to emphasize how communal showers foster brotherhood, and how important and validating it is to be treated as a brother instead of as a f*g
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2023.06.05 07:47 iwillalwayswinbitch Gaybros who are eldest siblings, are you close with your family? Is it bad that it doesn't bother me that I'm not close with them?

The only person I really had was my mother. She passed away in 2018. And I've never felt more alone. But I've found peace and strength in my aloneness.
My father is a junkie. And a drunk. And he never really did anything fatherly to nurture our family. He made us work -- as children -- and there were so many instances that instead of feeding us, we were feeding him. Plus I've never really felt loved and accepted by him for being queer. I didn't have a bond with when I was a child and as years passed by, we really grew apart and the only connection I have with him right now is the fact that he is my biological father. He now lives a separate life and I haven't seen him in years and I don't even miss him at all.
I am the eldest of six, three years away from hitting 30. I don't live with my siblings anymore and I don't have a bond with them either. And it doesn't bother me, is that wrong? Ever since I was a child, I was like Fiona from Shameless. The only difference is I am Asian. Asian. Eldest. And gay. I was expected to step up and take care and provide and I thought I could do it but one day I woke up realising that I deserved better. I woke realising that I'm not a father or mother of my siblings and I shouldn't be wasting my life and stressing the fuck out of myself just to take care of them when I can't even take care of myself. I woke up one day realising that I don't want to be a stereotypical eldest sibling. That I refuse to be a hero. I refuse to be a breadwinner. I refuse to carry them because I know in the end, it will ruin me and the reality is that I will end up with nothing and I will end up all alone given the dynamic of my family. I know that that will happen to me. So I might as well experience it early while I'm still young and capable of changing the trajectory of my life.
They called me selfish. I don't object. But I've tried and I refuse to do it for the rest of my life. I have a very lazy, exhausting family. And I refuse to be their ATM forever. They have to learn how to fend for themselves. They're not my responsibility.
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2023.06.05 07:44 LTeezy3 What synth is this in Bill Withers “hello like before”

What is the name of this synth on Bill Withers song “Hello like before“ that kicks in at 2:35?
There’s also a very similar sounding synth that runs all throughout Marvin Gaye’s “Anna’s song“
I can’t seem to re-create it in my DAWS (Logic and Live)
Does anybody know where I can find this or how to re-create it in Logic or Live?
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2023.06.05 07:44 RacistJacob Sonic has more say than Simon.

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2023.06.05 07:39 ALittleStitious69 I posted the modified proclamation on my story and I guess that means I’m mocking Mormons. Persecution complex much, mom?

I posted the modified proclamation on my story and I guess that means I’m mocking Mormons. Persecution complex much, mom?
Especially ridiculous considering less than half of my immediate family is still in that cult, and literally none of my extended family (my parents are converts), but it is still “my family’s religion.” Also my mom’s sister is gay and has been happily married to a woman since prop 8. I still vividly remember the church’s political stance and involvement during that time.
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2023.06.05 07:39 firecrackerGD Me (16M) and my boyfriend (17M) have been dating for 8 months and I’m starting to become worried about his glaring issues

Me (16M) and my boyfriend (17M) have been dating for 8 months and I’m starting to become worried about his glaring issues
I come from a well off background and have lived a sheltered life away from dealing with anything difficult in life, I have good grades in school, save money and stay away from unhealthy or dangerous habits, not to say I haven’t done anything illegal or dangerous, and while I’m not a goody two shoes rich kid I try to be a good kid.
My boyfriend came from a rough background that I honestly don’t even completely know about because he doesn’t like talking about it, but his birth mother was an addict and he was in the foster care system for years before being taken to the home he’s in now a few years ago, he’s been smoking pot and drinking since he was barely a teenager and I know this because there’s old pictures of him doing it and he has a few very small tattoos on his arm that he “gave himself 4 years ago while he was drunk”. He’s been on probation for a long time because long before I met him he got caught stealing alcohol and it got extended because he relapsed and failed a drug test and it got extended. He told me he’s never going to do that again but sometimes it gets hard to tell myself he won’t. He’s off weed for now only because of this reason but ever since summer started he’s been sneaking out past midnight and drinking with his friends or just by himself at home all the time, he even texted me once complaining that he doesn’t have any alcohol and that he wanted to celebrate the school year ending and I told him he can celebrate without drinking, and he told me then there isn’t a point in celebrating.
He has a serious vaping addiction because I’ve never seen him without a disposable, ever, and he even told me that he asks to leave class after the teacher is finished with the lesson every single period so he can go to the bathroom and hit it. And not to mention he gets bad grades and doesn’t really seem to try in school much at all.
And he thinks there’s no problem with this at all like it’s normal and that drinking and vaping and everything all the time at this age isn’t a big deal. And he works his ass off all the fucking time at a shit job so he’s always tired but never even saves any of the money he makes and is constantly broke, which is partly because he has bills to pay and goes out to eat all the time.
He’s genuinely a really nice person to me and makes me feel happier than anyone else, and he even says that he wants to live with me for the rest of his life but it seems that every day I find it harder to come up with excuses to ignore all this especially since I can’t live the rest of my life with him if he doesn’t have one ahead of him in the first place.
I feel terrible for basically shit talking him on here and I feel so stuck because I really don’t want to end it with him because we both love each other so much and I need someone to be with right now and there really aren’t other options, I’ve uprooted my whole life and social status for this and am constantly being made fun of for being in a gay relationship especially since I go to a Catholic school.
I REALLY NEED HELP on figuring out what to do because I feel like I’m losing my mind here
TLDR; me and my bf really love each other but he has a ton of baggage that’s getting harder to ignore every day
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2023.06.05 07:39 A_horse_a_piece77 Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice
As June arrives, the question this year is not which companies will give their logos a rainbow refresh to commemorate LGBT Pride Month, but how much they’ll try to outdo each other in the process. The inevitability of corporate virtue signaling in June has become a joke even in LGBT circles:,
and viewed more as hollow pandering than genuine celebration:
Still, CEOs know they have to pander – or risk earning the ire of progressive authoritarian watchdogs.
I say “authoritarian” because that’s what much of the left has become – and nowhere is their tyranny more visible than in the orthodoxy demanded during Pride Month. Once reserved for the last Sunday in June (the anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion that started the contemporary gay rights movement), one day is no longer sufficient to appease the LGBT overlords – Pride only counts if it’s observed from June 1 – 30. And if you think the demands stop at giving your company a rainbow logo for 30 days, think again:
The "Wear the ribbon" energy of the LGBT lobby is a far cry from its origins. Advocacy that began by calling for Americans to “live and let live” is now demanding public validation that stretches from the board room to the living room. This mindset betrays everything that Pride should be about.
What started as a celebration of differences and a plea to let individuals be their authentic selves now demands conformity. The oppressed have become the oppressors. In the grandest of ironies, LGBT bullies have pushed people into the closet, silencing the voices of those who don’t agree with the entire panoply of LGBT dogma.
In 2023 that dogma includes teaching kindergarteners “what it can mean to be transgender, non-binary, or gender expansive;” referring to people using pronouns like “xe/xem” and “fae/faer”; and being completely okay with children attending salacious drag shows.
Refuse to toe the line, and self-silencing will be the least of your worries. Oppose compelled speech? Lose your Job.
Question the fairness of biological males competing in women’s sports? Become the target of physcial violence.
Decline to participate in a same-sex wedding? Get hauled before the Supreme Court of the United States.
For U.S. corporations, “allyship” is almost exclusively determined by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and their "Corporate Equality Index".
In order to get a perfect 100% score, companies need to do far more than ensure LGBT employees are welcome, respected, and treated like everyone else in the workplace – the criteria to be met include: the “integration of intersectionality” into corporate training; covering the cost of cosmetic surgery: for transgender employees; donating to LGBT charities; and marketing or advertising to LGBT consumers.
Given that context, one wonders: Were the recent controversies that erupted around Bud Light and Target caused by a genuine desire for the brands to engage in social issues?
Or the consequence of having a proverbial gun held to their heads by the Human Rights Campaign?
The public backlash brands are now facing for “going woke” is the inevitable result of idealogues pushing a progressive (and aggressive) cultural agenda, and major corporations helping them implement it in ever-encroaching ways.
Escaping this abyss will require three things.
First, businesses need to ditch the Corporate Equality Index. Companies regularly decline to participate in workplace surveys — even when proposed by their own stockholders — citing time, manpower, cost, and existing company policies that make such inquiries irrelevant. They should take the same stance on the Corporate Equality Index. It’s a paper tiger, but it will only fold if companies abandon it.
Next, everyday Americans appalled by the collusion between Gay, Inc. and Big Business need to make their opposition known in c-executive suites and corporate boardrooms coast to coast. The New Tolerance Campaign has launched a petition that allows people to do exactly that. The voices of reasonable LGBT Americans who wish to disassociate themselves from recent extremes will be especially important here.
Finally, those words need to be paired with action. In the past week, Target stock plummeted 12% , and Bud Light has become so toxic that stores can’t even give it away:
Grassroots action works – it made examples of those two brands and showed that it’s not the elites who hold the power; it’s the people.
A cultural shift from mandated celebration to mutual respect is needed – and something most Americans would welcome observing 365 days a year.
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2023.06.05 07:38 Hellscaperiot I am roller rink carpet

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2023.06.05 07:33 927749281672 Where do lesbians go if all the bars are closed down?

I’m under 21 but my mom is in the business (of alcohol, not lesbianism). On the East coast, it seems there are no lesbian bars anymore. So many have closed down, at least from what I’ve heard.
Are gay bars for everyone now or is there just nowhere to be in lesbian company? I know there’s the stereotype that we stay in but that doesn’t seem remotely true in my experience.
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2023.06.05 07:30 MaidenInBlakc Boy Troubles

Okay so I'm a gay male, and there's this guy I like but he is a WALKING RED FLAG. He has really bad depression, so I won't entirely blame him. His hygiene isn't the best, but it'a better than some of y'all rank asses. He and I don't have anything in commom other than being gay biological men, and he's kinda a rude prick to me a lot, but I cam't tell if it's sarcasm or not. idk what to do, if I went out with him, I'd have to wait 2 years, but I could find someone better in that time. if it helps, I've known them 4 years
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2023.06.05 07:28 Earl_your_friend Gay questions.

Say I want to gay up the gay gay? Yet I'm not actually gay! So I gay a bit with the gayness but not fully gay it up. So am I gay or are you gay or are they gay? Also after this is all over how can I be sure I'm not gay, or still gay, or about to be gay? gay?
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2023.06.05 07:17 AlaskanIceboy Can someone send a passage of scripture from the new testimate on why being gay is bad.

I just wanna make sure yall arnt reading it wrong.
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2023.06.05 07:16 CompetitivePirate359 AITA for dancing with another guy?

I just broke up with my boyfriend because of this but I’m not sure if I’m the asshole. My (ex) boyfriend is really overprotective and doesn’t like when I’m around other guys. I wanted to go to a party but he wouldn’t let me do anything fun if he was there so I snuck out. I was dancing with one of my guy friends (he is gay and my boyfriend knew this) He found out and tracked me down with Find My Phone, took me out of the party, and when we got in the car he started yelling at me saying I was cheating on him for dancing with this guy. He said there were rumors he headed that I was a cheater and he believed them. I got mad that he didn’t trust me enough to go to a party without him. He told me I was cheating on him because I was dancing with him while being ‘intimate’ with him and that dancing was a sexual thing. I disagreed because it was just dancing and it wasn’t even one of the dances where you touched each other. He started saying that I admitted that I cheated in him, even though I didn’t do that. I broke up with him after that, but I think I might be that asshole because I think he just wanted me to admit that I cheated on him although I didn’t. I don’t know why he would have wanted this but looking back in our conversation I think he just wanted me to be honest with him. So if I just said that I cheated on him maybe we wouldn’t have broken up. Honestly I don’t think I would be the asshole but if I could have avoided the situation I think I might be.
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2023.06.05 07:14 Speed__McWeed gay banks

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2023.06.05 07:11 StrictlyEve Cant remember the book/series

I can only remember certain elements about this book and what I describe could be multiple books too. It a fiction possible fantansy (cant remember if there is magic) It's set in america about a girl who's parents aren't around (maybe dead) she goes to a boarding school on a island/inlet, they learn combat there. She falls in love with a guy who is blonde and has a younger brother who turns out to be gay and they live in a house on the beach (parents are dead). There a girl who hates she has a run in with at the cafeteria. There is a new guy she befriends. He turns out to be bad and they end up having some sort of mental connection which is bad and he tries to take her power or control her (bit fuzzy on that part). The is bad people who break into the school. The combat teacher turn out to be a bad guy. The school is not safe and the go live at the boyfriend's until it's safe to drive (in big black suvs) to a different school. As they drive to the other school the road leading to it has booby traps and they have to fight there way to the gate to safety. Help please......
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2023.06.05 07:05 Spooked_Kestrel Update to a previous post about my mom maybe knowing I'm gay.

Link to previous post has been added, but in short, my mom pointed out my pride bracelet and I was kinda worried she knew I was gay. She used to say a lot of homophobic stuff before, but stopped kinda suddenly. (Shes very religious)
Concensus was that she didn't know, and I should keep it quiet.
But she definitely knows, and she still loves me. She took me in after I ran away from home, and has stepped up to be the parent I didn't have for most of my life. I was terrified to lose that. But she now makes casual supportive remarks and is kinda encouraging me to come out to her.
She loves me. I'm not even blood related to her, but she is willing to grow past these very deep religious roots for ME! I'm so so lucky, and I love her so so much. I truly have the best mom ever, even if I had to find her later than most find theirs. <3
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2023.06.05 07:03 NotSoFortunat3 No meme come here!

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