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2023.06.10 20:24 lynxip_ Brief Guide on Piloting Questline Demon Hunter

Brief Guide on Piloting Questline Demon Hunter
*English is not my native language, so there can be some mistakes about my English. I am sorry about that.
Hello, I am TheUnburnt and I am currently #1 in Asia server, mostly using Questline Demon Hunter.
I usually play on mobile so I don't have stats, but I have played the deck from under #25 and gained more than 150 wins with the deck.
In my opinion, this deck is the best deck in the format but it's also difficult to pilot correctly. I hope this guide help people who try this deck!
  1. Decklist

Class: Demon Hunter

Format: Wild

2x (1) Consume Magic

2x (1) Crimson Sigil Runner

2x (1) Double Jump

2x (1) Felosophy

2x (1) Fierce Outsider

1x (1) Final Showdown

2x (1) Illidari Studies

2x (1) Mana Burn

2x (1) Sigil of Alacrity

2x (2) Spectral Sight

2x (3) Acrobatics

2x (4) Glaivetar

2x (4) Glide

1x (5) Tony, King of Piracy

2x (7) Irebound Brute

2x (7) Vengeful Walloper


To use this deck, copy it to your clipboard and create a new deck in Hearthstone

Don't tech this deck, this is perfect 30 as it is. Only consideration is to cut 1 Consume Magic to run 1 Disposal of Evidence, but Consume Magic is better in this meta.
If you face decks that doesn't play many minions like Tony Druid very often, that could be an option.
  1. What's the goal of this deck?
You try to play 2 or more Irebound Brute/Vengeful Walloper in early turns then disrupt your opponent with cards like Mana Burn and Glide.
If your board is cleared, you can stack Glaivetar and steal your opponent's deck with Tony.
  1. Mulligan
MUST KEEPS: Sigil of Alacrity, Illidari Studies
You should keep Glaivetar unless your opponent is playing Pirate Rogue or Aggro Shadow Priest, and ALWAYS KEEP on coin regardless of what they are playing.
Keep when it's next to the quest: Crimson Sigil Runner, Fierce Outsider, Spectral Sight, Glide (Only on coin if your opponent's deck is fast)
Keep when on coin: Mana Burn, Acrobatics, Glaivetar
When playing against slower decks, you can keep acrobatics with 1 guaranteed draw card like Runner next to the quest or Double Jump, etc.
Keep Acrobatics with Sigil even when you're going first.
If your opponent's deck is fast, keep Mana Burn when you're going first.
  1. Favored or Unfavored?
This deck is unfavored against Kingsbane Rogue (5:95) and Aggro Shadow Priest. (30:70)
Other matchups are all even are favored.
Even ones: Mech Paladin, Mech Mage, Odd Rogue (There are two Odd Rogue Players in Top 50 Legend in Asia server.), Odd paladin (Top 2 plays Odd Paladin), Questline Druid
  1. How to play in general
First of all, this deck does NOT aim to complete the quest as fast as you can, but aims to discount as many cards as you can.
Early game plan(turn 1~4): If you're facing aggro decks, surviving is the most important goal. Use your hero power and Outsider, Illidari Studies to clear opponent's board as much as possible. You don't have to activate quest in turn 1.
If you're facing slower decks, you may pass some turns since you kept slower cards like Glaivetar or Glide.
In either cases, you may complete quest but you should be discounting at least 3 cards. If not, completing quest can be bad for your game plan since you depend on 2nd quest to discount your hand.
Turn 5~7 are most important turns of the game.
The ideal game plan is, you complete 1st/2nd quest with 3~4 exceeding cards mostly with Glaivetar so you can discount your hand and duplicate them with Felosophy and make your board.
When you're equipping Glaivetar, you should be thinking about how much you draw, since you should't burn your hand and should complete quest with draw from Glaivetar.
When you're not equipping Glaivetar, you must have completed the first quest so you can draw a lot with discounted cards, or at least use Glide at turn 5 and pop up at turn 6.
You may be completing the final quest at this point. You can play it as a 5 mana 7/7 itself to pressure or use it when the board is even to prepare for the Tony plan.
Before the Tony plan, you'd better have played the quest reward beforehand. But, if your opponent has few board and hands, you can give them an empty deck so they can do nothing and lose even if you didn't use the quest reward beforehand.
*You can break through ice block this way.
  1. How to play against certain decks
The mirror: The player who equips Glaivetar gets board faster and will likely win... but you can use Mana Burn on turn 4 or 5 and make your board made of Brute earlier and get the win. The quest reward as 5 mana 7/7 is very useful, so try to complete the quest as long as you got the board.
Pirate Rogue, Secret Mage, Questline Druid, etc..: Try to get less damage as possible and you should be using Glide without outcast if possible since you don't have to make a wide board but 2 or 3 Brutes are enough.
Reno Priest, Reno Warlock, Shudderwock Shaman, etc..: The easiest matchup, you often get the win only with the board and Mana Burn or Glide. You should be thinking about what aoe can your opponent use at the turn.
Quest Mage, Tony Druid, etc..: Always keep Glide. Use Glide when opponent's hand is more than 7 and keep pressuring so they can't tutor their combo requirements or complete quest.
  1. Tips
Usually pick Outsider from Illidari Studies. It makes your Walloper cost 1 less, Glaivetar draw 1 more for free and 2/1 rush is useful most of the time.
If you have enough time, try not to complete 2nd quest with Glide. You only have 4 cards discounted and future cards won't be discounted. The exception is when your opponent has more than 7 cards or the opponent is Tony Druid or APM priest.
You tempo Tony when:
Your opponent is Tony Druid or APM Priest
You have 2 or more Brutes and your opponent is Quest Mage or Questline Druid
Your opponent used Blade Flurry to break their Kingsbane and it's still in the deck
You don't always have to get the quest reward. You gotta full draw when you don't have any demon or Brute against fast decks.
Think what is discounted and what is not. I mean, don't use discounted 0 mana outcast cards after Illidari Studies or Outsider.
If you draw Outsider or Runner at the first turn, play them instead of playing quest when you can't play all the cards in your hand before turn 4.
  1. Postscript
Thanks for reading this guide, I know I didn't provide all the information you want so leave a comment, and I'll answer as long as I can!
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2023.06.10 20:23 81420161 I've been offered in an incredible residency to work exclusively on my art for the better part of a year, but it would mean ending a long-term relationship. I don't know what I want.

Hi, I’m in my early 30s. I’ve been offered a creative/arts residency in a city that’s decently far from where I live now (about a 6-hour drive). My gut is torn over whether to accept it or not. The terms of the residency would be: -they will provide a room rent-free in a house share with two other artists in my field doing the same residency. the house is equipped with a studio with equipment and software for what we do, plus a gym, kitchen and co-working space. -in exchange, they would ask that I quit any work I’m doing that’s not directly related to the creative field (i.e. take a leap and start making money only creatively) -I would be allowed to leave the city but they’d ask that I keep it to a minimum. I didn’t ask what the limit for leaving is but I asked if I could take trips home every 3-4 weeks for a potential planned medical thing and they said no I'm hesitant to accept because: 1) I’m in a long-term relationship (over two years). It’s my first every LTR and I feel like my BF and I are compatible in so many ways. My BF has said in no uncertain terms he will end the relationship if I accept the residency as he doesn’t want to do long-distance for this period of time. (It’s most of a year.) 2) If I were sure this would be a great career move, it would be a hard but easy decision for me to leave my BF. I love him, but I wouldn’t want to date someone who was standing in the way of my career over a temporary situation where we could still see each other sometimes. However, I’m not sure, and I’m worried about what will happen if I basically implode my life for this opportunity (quit a job I’m happy in, leave a relationship I’m mostly happy in, and lose my housing in the city I’m currently living in) and then the residency program turns out to be BAD. My biggest fears:
Reasons why I want to accept:
1) I'm from the city I live in now and have never really lived anywhere else for an extended period of time. This feels like a relatively risk-free way to try living in a new place, and frankly I'm getting tired of how competitive and expensive my city is. I feel like everyone is jumping over each other to get opportunities. I'm a little tired of live performance and have been interested for a while in putting more emphasis on creating digital stuff / social media. A program like this that's in a more remote place with less going on so I have room to sit alone and write would be perfect for this
2) They're offering a room where I could be alone and undisturbed which is out of my reach in my city. Rent has skyrocketed the past few years. I can afford my rent now but BF and I are sharing a one-room apartment, we both work remote most of the time, and it is AWFUL. Yes I could get a co-working space or there's solutions like putting up barriers but I really just want to be able to roll out of bed and journal for an hour without anyone saying anything to me. I'm introverted and my social battery is constantly being drained in this living situation. Rent has gotten so bad that even if I left my BF's apartment, I'd have to pay an extra $500 a month just to have my own room in an apartment share on the absolute lowest end if I found a deal, but it would probably be closer to $700 to 800 more a month. I really want space to breathe.

My thought process

Right now, I'm leaning towards turning down the residency for all of the above reasons, but my heart is torn over it. I feel like if I had gotten this just a little bit earlier while I was still adrift it would have been perfect, but I might be more interested in it for the person I was then and how little I had going on, and now, I have too much that I'd be giving up if I accept.
I just did the math and with my typical current expenses minus rent and utilities, I'd be losing about $12,000 over the period without an income (I'm guesstimating that food & drink will be cheaper but that I'd be spending way more on gas than I currently do on public transportation). That same amount would net me about 7.5 months of Airbnb rental in a rural area I love where I'm comfortable driving. I almost would rather just make my own little "mini residency" where I rent a place one month out of the year and continue to work, but scale it back slightly. My BF isn't thrilled about me going away for an entire month, but he'd accept it.

TL:DR: I got offered a residency that would pay my rent in a smaller town but with some restrictions including quitting my job so I could focus 100% on art - but they wouldn't pay my other expenses. Also, if I take this opportunity my long term BF would break up with me rather than do long-distance, and I will definitely lose momentum that I've built up in the highly competitive city where I live now and have to shift my focus – which I'm interested in doing, but also feels scary! I'd appreciate any insight on how to make this decision.
I'm considering an alternative step of turning down this residency and instead renting a cabin for one month. This would cost me about $1,600. If I take the residency I would have to spend about $12,000 out of my savings unless I magically start making $1,000+ a month creatively, which is unlikely based on what I know about my field. It would be taking a huge gamble on myself to accept and I'm not sure that I'm ready.
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2023.06.10 20:23 AITADaughterTuitions AITA for not paying my daughter’s tuition after she refuses to talk to me?

I (45M) decided to stop paying my daughter’s(19F) college tuition after she blocked me basically everywhere and won’t talk to me.
This started about 2 years ago, when I found out my then ex wife Bertha (44F) had an emotional affair and kissing someone else. My ex and my daughter were really close, she was her only daughter while we had two younger sons. Though the divorce did change our relationship, I was still in good terms with my daughter.
A couple months after that whole mess, one of my friends, Stacy(31F) was really there for me the whole time, and we decided to get together. I don’t think our relationship is wrong. We’re both over 30, and actual adults. Once again, we were mostly cordial still, though I’m pretty sure my ex made some nasty remarks.
Life went on until recently Stacy figured out she was pregnant. I do realize I’m older than the average dad, but once again I don’t think I did anything wrong. I also proposed to her because I do genuinely love her. My sons were entirely supportive and actually pretty excited when I told them. My daughter on the other hand got super mad, and presumably this is what led to the blocking silent treatment. All of this happened during December. Stacy gave birth 2 weeks ago, and we were talking about cutting my daughter’s tuition for next year because she hasn’t been at any family functions and hasn’t talked to me since January.
She figured it out through her college portal and got really mad once again. She told about how I was marrying to a person so much younger than me and so forth. It’s like she only wants me for my money and doesn’t want anything to do with me.
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2023.06.10 20:21 Osellic D100 events that could occur at super hero high school

Police arrive to question a student Parents demand the school deal with bullies Wild food fight School councilor wants to talk to you Questioned by school authority after blames for problem you didn’t do Overhear a student singing, beautifully Janitor is hiding illegal contraband in the basement Bathroom gossip Student in adjacent stall is sobbing Bully is trying to swirly a kid Selling drugs in the bathroom You catch gays kissing Fire alarm triggers Snoring kid in class Kid has super freak out in class Note passing, maybe you get caught Accused of cheating on test Dodgeball, but with supers Coach pushes student to tears A “hidden spot” all the students of the class graffiti their names on to, as a rite of passage Infirmary is robbed Injured student refuses to see nurse Horny teen keeps faking injuries to be with the nurse Kids Frenching in the library Religious teen destroying “bad” books Students injures themselves while working in shop class Hot student on the field distracts everyone, causing accidents Overhear two teachers speaking in the lounge about classmates Two teachers get in a fight Honor society for the best graded / scored in school (maybe one of the teachers is trying to pull some heroes to a crime group or to the cult?) Student invites people to his big house party Players have to do a weird job for a wealthy patron, “fundraising” for school needs Community outreach event, NPC wants to go the mall and do a PSA on how the supers are good folks. Help a bunch of folk and get threatened by the holy crusade Awkward meet and greet scene in class, “introduce yourself to the class…” Naming ceremony after completing the first semeste graduating Help student get their driver’s license. While on it, see a crime being committed. The paparazzi. Make this a number of significant NPCs, one that is unbiased, one that loves them, and another that despises them. Regular interviews requested. Paparazzi, gets scandalous photo. Paparazzi stage a damsel in distress situation, just so the woman can come on to you and they can get a photo. They arrange a meeting between you and a villain to get a juicy fight aired, they provoke you into hitting them. Hang outs with friends and classmates as a means of reducing stress / sanity Villains who are opposite of some heroes latch on to PC or NPC, making their life mission to destroy them. One is kinda sweet and innocent about it, another not so much. NPC classmates that join villains PCs are tasked with recruiting / saving a super and bringing them to the academy Students dare others to sneak into teachers dorm, pot is up for 500 bucks. Each attempt costs 5 bucks. Must break in and get evidence to prove it.
Edit: oh god! Mobile formatting!!
I’ll edit this when I’m home. Sorry it’s hideous!
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2023.06.10 20:21 insecureslug ND married to NT and I am feeling guilty for how little I socialize with his family

I’m actually rather social but of course my battery runs out quickly. If my partner makes plans in the beginning of the week I’m excited but of course by the time arrives I’m worn out and exhausted and I just can’t socialize. I guess it makes me come off as moody and rude and while he has been supportive (I explained to him I’m a person who is not family oriented/spend lots of time with family) and hasn’t pressured me when I say no. I can still see the hurt in his face. In addition to this his family does not like me much at all because I don’t match their energy with this. We both come from different cultures as well so in his culture it’s 100% family all the time and in my culture it’s much more individualized with a smaller emphasis on family (aka I’m American lol)
I try to explain to him it’s not against anyone and I just cant I absolutely physically and mentally can not visit with people if I’m not in that space at all. Our house is small and so I can’t avoid guests at all when they are over so I will literally be stuck in our room for hours or a day or two going hungry even for as long as necessary until they are gone. I have always been that way even since I was a kid. So there is some trauma with this as well as my own family would relentlessly bully me over this and forcefully bring strangers into my space to make me socialize even if I wasn’t decent and unprepared. It does stress him out how I have a very strict no unexpected visitors rule of our house (even if I’m not there) and my own personal rule. As his family is all about unexpected visits and an entitlement to enter our home whenever they request because their homes are always open. If I know his family is in the area and they want to drive by I have to say a million times “they can’t come in” but I don’t mean he can’t see them. So many wonderful spaces nearby they can spend time in, why does it always have to be our house? He panics because he can’t set this boundary with them and I feel so awful putting him in this position.
It just makes me feel crazy, like why can’t I just suck it up and go out there and put on a smile? For my partners sake? I just feel so terrible because he just wants to share this side of his life with me that is so important to him and I only see his family for an hour or two at most once every few months. I feel like he has seen his family less over this as well because he wants to be with me.
Am I as horrible as I feel?
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2023.06.10 20:21 Generic_Username_321 Sweaty Hands & My Dermadry Journey

Just started using Dermadry and I'm going to try and update this every other day to help keep me on track and using it as frequently as I am supposed to because I'm bad about sticking to a routine. This may be more for myself than anything, but if someone else finds it useful, even better. I'll try and format it by sections so you can just read the parts you're interested in.
Dermadry Treatment:
Using the "Upgraded version" with the rubbery bottom mat, and hexagonal grid top mat. I am using bottled water at room temp, however, I have read others using different types of water, and even adding chemicals to the water. For now, I will stick with bottled water, and depending on the results in 2 months, I may change it up.
6/10/23 - 10:00 AM Treatment 1: I used ~250ml of room temp bottled water in each tray. Set the current strength to 5mA to just feel it out (1-15mA is recommended). For the first couple of minutes, I couldn't feel anything, but as we approached the 15min mark I could feel a slight tingling and my hands were a little itchy. The biggest surprise came at the 15min, 10min, and 5min mark (I think). The voltage readout displayed "L5" and I felt a shock strong enough to make my forearms spasm and tense up. It wasn't painful, just a weird feeling, and I assume this has to do with its rotating current phases. Their website states "L5 will be displayed when the tension is lower than 5 volts." I don't know what that means, but I will contact customer support about it. My hands were a bit sweaty after I finished up, and the itchiness was gone after a few minutes, but after an hour my hands dried up a bit and have been completely dry for several hours. I plan on doing it again at 5mA tomorrow and then give it a day of rest before upping the voltage up to 7 or 8mA.
Background: I'm in my late 20s and have suffered from sweaty hands for as long as I can remember. I would say I have it moderate during most of the day, but in social situations, it can go up to a 10 in severity. I'm talking wiping my hands with a paper towel over 10min will completely soak it through. At its worst, I can clench my fist and literally have beads of sweat run off. I get a bit self-conscious in social situations, but I wouldn't say I have bad social anxiety. But it's this slight nervousness that really sets off my sweaty hands.
Improvised treatments: I started out trying to dry my hands with harsh chemicals on a few occasions when I knew I had a social event of some sort that would involve shaking hands. I would soak my hands in brake cleaner or rubbing alcohol as I work with them and had it lying around. Alcohol would just dry it for a bit, but sweating would come back 10-fold within 30min after. Brake cleaner lasted a while longer, but is absolutely terrible for your skin, your health, etc. Please for the love of god, DO NOT use brake cleaner, I was young and stupid and it only worked for a few hours at a time. I also tried wearing latex gloves during my entire time working as it caused me to sweat a bunch and would get my hands to sweat so much, that sometimes it would prevent me from sweating further the rest of the day. This kind of worked, but my work environment has changed, and working in latex gloves now would just make people think I was a psycho. My final attempt was to just get healthy. For a whole year, I dropped almost all caffeine, drank nothing but water, and dietary/workout shakes, worked out and had a diet to match with hardly any dietary cheating. This helped out mostly with social situations, as I wouldn't be near as self-conscious, but I still would get severe sweating during dates, big meetings, and school tests.
Antiperspirants: I bought some Dove Clinical Strength antiperspirant and used that for a while, applying it before bed, or during the day and letting dry under a fan for 15-30min. This would help for normal day stuff, but the moment anything like a date, or a meeting with a boss occurred, it would be like I hadn't done anything. After about two weeks of on-and-off applications, I switched to trying Certain Dri with the results being about the same. The third product I tried was Sweat Block Wipes which were less effective than the previous ones. Not saying these products aren't good, they just weren't effective for me. The last product I tried was Antihydral, I ordered this at the same time as Dermadry and was by far the best. One application with just enough that you could tell there was a layer on there, and let dry for 15-30min under a fan kept my hands dry for days at a time. I only tried this a couple of times before my Dermadry unit came in, so this is my fallback plan if Dermadry doesn't work. I hear from some users the effectiveness of Antihydral can wear off over time, so I have put that on pause while I just do Dermadry.
Medical treatments: I went to a dermatologist and was prescribed Glycopyrrolate. This would help if taken in high doses, but when I got a new dermatologist he highly advised against taking it in the dosages I was. I still have a lot of it left over, and will still take it before a date or social event. In combination with the antiperspirants, this is still fairly effective but requires planning ahead and remembering to take it. I have fairly good medical insurance, but after talking it over with the doctor, the cost of Botox with the side effects and longevity of the treatment made me put it off as a final Hail Mary if all else fails. Finally, I got Dermadry and that's what I'm starting now, and we will see how this works for me.
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2023.06.10 20:21 RelationshipInCrisi My boyfriend (M29) and I (F26) are on the rocks after 12 years

Hi all, TL:DR at bottom. For the first time in my life, I'm thinking of breaking off my relationship with my boyfriend of 12 years. We've been together since highschool, hes been my one and only this entire time. We've built a life together, a house, a dog, cats. My entire adult life has been spent with him. But I'm now not so sure if there's a future for us. We've always had problems. Minor spats here and there, but a big one that's been a point of contention since about 3 years in has been the intimacy. I was just finishing University and we had moved to a new city to be closer to my school and closer to his work. This was hard for him even if it benefitted him because it distanced him from his friends, which he had a real hard time with. This resulted in him using nearly all his free time taking the bus back to hang out with his friends. It was rare he'd be at home with me at all and when he was, he was so hungover from the nights previous with his friends that he couldn't do anything outside the apartment. When I got my license and a car, it became him begging me to drive him, "I'll get home sooner to see you" he'd say, which was true... The bus would take him near 3 hours while me driving him was only 40 minutes. But weekend after weekend of this left me feeling uninterested in having sex, and it dipped to about once a week, where it now still is. We've had loads of arguments regarding my sex drive being low, and how he's missing the connection of being with me physically. I've expressed that I feel like he doesn't make time for me other than to have sex, which always blows up into a big fight about how I don't realize how hard he works to keep this relationship going and how hard to tries to make me happy. Which is mostly true, he busts his ass at work and generally works hard. But I don't personally see the effort in regards to the missing emotional intimacy. This issue pops up periodically, maybe two or three big blowouts about it a year. All this to say, I'm not perfect. Not even close. I've had a terribly hard time being assertive and direct about how I feel which is detrimental to the relationship. I have depressive episodes which makes me a bummer to be around, I often let things fester to the boiling point because I fear confrontation. All this makes me far more agreeable to things I shouldn't be which no doubt hasn't been easy for him to navigate.
Honestly, I started having these doubts years ago. But I wanted to work on them and expected this to get better, especially as I had really started vocalizing my qualms but it seems to have only made things worse. But looking back there were a lot of... Inappropriate things I shouldn't have tolerated but was too young and naive to really act on, such as extreme jealous (male friend touched my hand while hiking to help me up a steep ridge, and he went off the handle saying he doesn't trust me,) he was oblivious to when I developed anorexia, he kept asking if I was gay because I would say no to sex, up until today during our not-enough-intimacy fights. It came to the point where I've been agreeing to sex reluctantly and have been getting more or less no sexual pleasure from it for years to keep the peace while I try to get us to work on my issues,, which I think he knows since there's no foreplay, and he knows I don't usually orgasm during it. Today, I had run out for a couple hours with the puppy to do some errands and chores and had just gotten home. I hadn't yet eaten so I was preparing myself something to eat. He asks if I'd like to have sex, to which I say I'm not feeling it, and I'm making lunch. He suggested afterwards, which I wasn't keen on either. So instead he asked if he could touch me while he gets off, which would mean delaying me making food so again I said no. This launched our trip/quazi-annual fight about lack of intimacy. I tried to explain to him that I need to feel more effort and emotional connection from him to be more open to having more sex. I want to feel important and valued, and like he wants to do things with me outside of watching tv. He proceeded to get really mad and defensive because he does put in effort in the form of finances and working on better his job prospects so we can have a better life. (For context, he makes about the same amount as I do yearly, just so no one assumes there's a breadwinner in this circumstance). It divolved into him angry and upset because he felt I wasn't listening to him, and that I'm basically asking him to forfeit one of the things he likes to do in his very small window of leisure time in order to satisfy me. (Which yes he does have a very narrow window of time, he works out from 8-10, his schedule has him working usually 10-7 WFH, and then he usually has some sort of meal prep which would take him from 7-9, if no meal prep then he'd play bass or read work-related things to improve his employable skills, which leaves me from 9-10 for basically TV). It got relatively heated, not yelling or insulting, on topic but both emotional and upset. I suggested that perhaps every second Saturday, we do a date night. We would alternate who plans the date, and we would each plan a date that we think the other would enjoy. He didn't like that idea at all. Instead he wants me to decide what I want to do as a date, plan it, and then ask if he wants to go. He said if I lead by example then he'll get a better understanding of what's expected and be able to do the same. My problem comes from the fact that this isn't a new suggestion, and this isn't the first conversation we've had about it. And I've done that But nothing comes of it and the cycle repeats. At this point, I'm nearly 30. I feel lonely in my own house, and I'm not sure where to go from here. We are tied together in every way, with the house only being owned by us under a year, three pets under 3, all our assets are together, we've only really dated each other... The implications of even considering breaking things off is daunting and life changing, especially since we live in a HCOL area so we'd both suffer tremendously. But I also can't help but think I'm overreacting to something minor and that it'd be a waste to just...throw this all away. I have no frame of reference for whether or not this is pretty normal stuff, and don't really have anyone in my life I can talk to about this.
So... I guess I wanted to know from others in similar positions what youve done and how it's worked out. Please be as blunt with me as possible. If what I've written screams that I'm the problem and that I need to work on xyz, please say so. If I'm the problem I want to work on it and do better.
Sorry for the wall of text but it felt really good to articulate my thoughts as I've not really done it in this much detail ever.
TL:DR: Boyfriend doesn't make time for me so I don't feel the intimate connection I require to be more sexually intimate. At what point is it no longer worth continuing the relationship?
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2023.06.10 20:21 average_asshole Nicotine is the single best gateway drug

This shit literally wires your brain to expect a reward and a pat on the shoulder every 20 fucking minutes, think about what that does to your self control and reward circuits. Nicotine, like alcohol, inhibits your ability to make good, conscious decisions. The issue is that you see the error in your decisions when you sober up off of the alcohol. With nicotine even if you do see the addiction and dependence forming, your vape is right there and its infinitely easier to just hit it and not think of the consequences.
Look at researchchemicals and you can see the most wacked out, depressing posts are people who are vaping (admittedly harder) drugs that have a similar 10 minute re-dose cycle and the constant avoidance of a withdrawl that we see with nicotine. I havent done any of that stuff but reading the posts its scary to me to see that their thought process is (while scattered, confused, and typically much worse) not dissimilar from my own regarding nicotine.
Nicotine might not be the same as those chemicals, but its doing the same thing to your neuronal circuitry. While it's more socially acceptable, you look just as much like a fiend as they do when you can't find your vape. I know I've embarrassed myself a few times in a nicotine surge when I lost my vape and was craving hard.
Im scared to wonder how many people abused vaping nicotine and chasing that dragon led them to harder substances....
If youre on this sub like me then you're taking steps to not be that, and you won't become that. Our brains can regrow and rewire, especially from something like nicotine. Every single time you reject a craving you improve your brain circuitry that much more, you push yourself further along towards life long success and health.
This isn't about losing anything, it's about regaining and improving your ability to make conscious, self-benefitting decisions.
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2023.06.10 20:20 throwraFrequentRow2 Can’t keep a guy interested enough to get to the first date

Two years ago, I opened up tinder to a message from a guy. He was super nice and easy to talk to but he just kept texting for 2 months! He said he wasn’t in a rush to meet up but we developed a strong connection over text message. When we finally did meet, I had to plan the date as I got bored of texting for so long, the chemistry was great and we started dating. It felt easy and I was so happy but I had to plan everything. He never even planned a date and after a year he dumped me and said he dated me because he was lonely. I didn’t understand this because he was always telling me how much he liked me.
2 years later.. fed up of online dating. Been using it for a whole year and I’ve not got a date out of it. I ask questions, im friendly and have good pictures. I’ll have conversations but they ask to follow each other on social media and then stop responding. Like every time, it never progresses towards a date
And at 27, I feel sad. I feel like no one wants to be my boyfriend, even my ex never planned a date or even bought me a coffee. My ex was the only man who’s ever progressed to a first date, let alone a relationship
I don’t understand. Why do men constantly stop responding!
I’m not a great texter, I don’t really enjoy texting people I don’t know. Especially as I know they will probably ghost but I try my best. I’m very busy, I don’t know how people send exciting texts in a working hours. I need some advice, what might be wrong with me ?
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2023.06.10 20:20 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's Finals 🐢

As usual, before a big final, I like to get a little behind the scenes insight. Last time, I got up close and personal with the players, but as a result, a restraining order was issued, so this time, I leveled up and installed some cameras in their hotel rooms. This will give us a first-hand look at their prep for the finals.
Casp-o-vision :
Sunday, June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. Casper’s eyes open. “Ahhh Kongesangan,” thinks Casper, “the only choice for brushing one’s teeth”. Casper begins brushing. He is already in the bathroom, where he sleeps standing up to maximize efficiency. He brushes the right side efficiently, and does the best he can on the other. Though these teeth are mainly defensive, they are constantly improving. Casper turns to his coaches, who are sitting in the tub watching him brush. They nod and make fists, the only coaching he has ever received from them. He nods and makes a fist as well. The main coach, whose name he has never learned, hands him a plate of Fårikål, and he begins eating. “Shouldn’t I have eaten this before I brushed my teeth?” he asks, but perhaps the storyteller, like Casper’s team, did not think this through. Still though, Google is very informative. “Boy, I sure do love Oslo,” muses Casper. “And fjords.” Wow, Casper is ready for Roland Garros.
Djokocam :
Sunday June 11th. The clock strikes 6:00AM. Norwegian music begins playing. “Perhaps we should not have been roommates” thinks Novak, as he looks across the room to Casper’s bed. But Casper is not there. Djokovic stretches his impervious to cramps body. He is not in a bed, but gently relaxing on a bed of moss, which grew when he summoned it with warrior one. He eases slowly into chair pose, and a chair appears. Goran quickly sits in it. “Look at my cool new shades!” says Goran. “Very nice, Goran,” says Novak, as he closes his eyes to begin meditating. “You think we can win, Novak?” asks Goran, while swinging his legs excitedly in the chair. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Can you believe they eat snails here?” asks Goran, while pretending his hand is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Would you ever eat a snail?” asks Goran, while pretending he is an airplane. “Yes, Goran,” answers Novak. “Wow,” says Goran. His friend Novak is so cool.
Casper emerges from the bathroom, and Djokovic heads in. There are crumbs in the sink, and Ruud’s team shake their fists and nod at him as he begins combing his hair. Novak shakes his head. He is ready for Roland Garros.
Men’s Singles Final :
There is something about Casper Ruud’s game that makes it seem like he is not doing anything special. He is ultra-consistent, and he makes the right choices in almost every situation, but his disciplined approach can make a player like Zverev or Rublev seem like they are on another level. Ruud has made two Grand Slam finals already (both last season), but was summarily written off before they began, suffering defeat at the hands of Carlos Alcaraz at the US Open, and Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros. Here again, he is being given very slim chances by most people. When you do everything right (by the book), there is a sense that you become predictable, and the greats of the game have excellent situational awareness. If they can move early to your shots, you’re not going to get many errors from them. It makes this a very uphill battle for him, because Novak Djokovic is a player that is unlikely to be rattled by the classic patterns and approaches to the game, and is one of the most consistent players the tour has ever seen. Once he gets in a rhythm, you’re playing a tennis game set to expert, so Casper will need to elevate his aggression here.
Ruud will thankfully be fresh for the finals, but after watching the Alcaraz demise it’s hard to gauge how long that will last. Him being a bit older does give him a bit more stamina and experience, and he had a fairly quick match against Zverev. He’s also done this before, so I think physically he is ready to go 5 sets. Thinking, though, isn’t it always the cause of our blunders. Zverev looked competitive in parts of their match, but he is not at the top level of the game yet. His ceiling is, but where does his ceiling lurk? Ruud is nearly robotic out there. You know he is going to execute and move the ball well and his defensive skills are solid enough to make his opponent play several shots to win a point. It’s the discipline he has that allows him to do this regardless of the stage and the opponent. Zverev, on the other hand, is very much thinking out there. When he has a setup, it’s very up in the air what he should do. He’s often creating angles and situations that he is only going to play 1-2 of per match, and it leads to errors as he second-guesses and hesitates on shots (especially rough in choosing when and when not to come to net). In truth, he could have wound up deep in the match against Casper, but when Zverev had control or time, he made a lot of unforced errors trying to crack Ruud’s defenses. Despite having a ton of experience on tour, Zverev has not really ironed out his game and since returning from injury, he hasn’t really dealt with a match where he had to play hard every point in order to win. The ability is there, but the repetition of effort is not.
Speaking of repetition of effort, it should be noted what a great adjustment Djokovic made in his semifinal match. He is very frequently a slow starter on clay, but he came out and looked to match Alcaraz’s aggression from the start. It was a very “I’m not going to miss and I want you to know that” approach, and digging in in this manner started to forced Alcaraz to come up with more and more ambitious attempts. They both have a lot of heat on their shots, but Alcaraz is certainly the one swinging harder on the average ball. He started to make errors, but it looked to me like he would wear down Djokovic’s defenses with the onslaught. There have been a number of matches this tournament where the first couple games were furiously played, and eventually one player settled into their role as a defender, or folded up and forced offense until they lost. This didn’t feel like the case here, as both of these players can legitimately expect to hit a high percentage of their shots no matter what style they proceed with. A good example is how a post-cramp, immobile and defeated Alcaraz was able to guide winners off Djokovic’s serve. Not a strategy to win the match, but something that he rarely uses in match-play yet was instantly able to do.
After losing the first set, I still like Alcaraz’s chances. It had become the best type of ATP match, one where the player who is serving doesn’t just automatically win. The great big 3 matchups featured so many breaks and yet those breaks weren’t huge cracks or fails at all, it was just that at the highest level, players can play defense and offense from everywhere on the court. They exchanged breaks late in the 2nd set, and it seemed like Alcaraz’s aggression was finally mentally wearing Djokovic down. Early in the third though, disaster struck in the way that it always seems to when a phenom plays Djokovic at a major. Carlos Alcaraz cramped. Spectacularly. His hand cramped, his calf cramped, and he looked like Medusa slid in his DMs for a moment. Big credit to Djokovic for being bigger than the moment, and coming across the net to express concern and help Alcaraz to his chair. Cramping is something that affects a lot of players on tour, but it was pretty unexpected from Alcaraz. His physical strength is off the charts, and he trains extremely hard. If some combination of nerves and over-exertion really caused this, then it’s a by-product of Djokovic being willing to go toe-to-toe with him right from the start of the match.
There are great nutritionists working on the tour, but once you actually go full-cramp, it is nearly impossible to continue playing tennis. The muscle is in pain, and doesn’t want to fully flex even if you do. In short, you’re fatigued, in pain, and weak. Alcaraz forfeited the game so he could get treatment, but with 2 full sets left against the guy who is leading the GOAT debate currently (and competing against off-tour opponents), you’re pretty much finished. Brave of Alcaraz to finish out the match, and I had some hope that the kid would go full-tank and hydrate to recover for a 4th, but it appeared the damage was irreversible. He stood in on some returns, and while this means that any poor returns leave your court position too shallow to cover both wings of the court, he did show a pretty good ability to utilize this tactic. I’d love to see him do more of this in the future, as the best returners are pretty much hugging the baseline and you need this to win with minimized effort on hardcourt and grass. I’d also add, his deep return position was allowing Djokovic to serve and volley an awful lot, and Novak really was the one scoring off the dropshot in the non-cramp sets so Alcaraz will need to work on some other strategies. A good restful win for Djokovic, and a new wrinkle to the “how high will Alcaraz rise” debate. I don’t think too many people were really expecting cramps (to my knowledge it’s the first time he’s dealt with that on tour), and he had the momentum before they occurred.
One of the best things about majors is how long the players are out there. It allows for so many deviations in strategy and planning. Dumping sets to conserve energy, planning to sprint early then take a set off, and changes in strategy (holding back a bit of pace on serves early or playing frequent dropshots to take your opponents legs) can be really effective. Djokovic got the benefit of an interesting result here. It seemed like his defense was good enough to keep Alcaraz at bay but he wasn’t able to counter-punch. If this was by design, kudos to him and his team for allowing Alcaraz to punch himself out. If it wasn’t, it has at a minimum inspired other players to dig in on defense against Carlos now that they’ve seen the gas tank actually on E, which is tremendous for the tour since we’ve seen a few top guys fold against him already. The names on the trophies are less important than creating an environment where these guys can compete at their freest, because the sport won’t continue to grow unless the product is visibly enticing to the non-tennis public.
Djokovic Ruud should be a great match, the same way Swiatek Muchova was today. Ruud has yet to win a set against Djokovic in his career, but almost every single set has been confined to a single break of serve. That’s largely what I expect here. Ruud is good enough to compete with Djokovic for 75% of the match. Similar to the CA/ND situation that caused the cramps, Ruud is good enough to play Djokovic on even terms, but not really able to get out of trouble once he’s in it. Since Djokovic’s measured approach won’t wear himself out like Alcaraz’s did, this means a long match, with a vaguely assured result. This is good for Ruud for a few reasons. One, he won’t be distracted very often. When you’re going uphill but are a great competitor like Ruud, you don’t get caught up in the “what ifs” of an L or fret changes in the scoreline, you just keep an eye on how you’re doing out there. Trying different approaches, working on the spots you’re losing ground in, and communicating with your box constructively rather than complaining are useful, and keep you in the present moment. That’s a good place to stay for Casper here, because the crowd is very likely to get behind him. Djokovic is a beloved champion, but fans want to see a long match. If Ruud was considered an even contender here, he could almost enter villain territory, as fans would not want to see a great champion dethroned. Since he’s publicly regarded as a plucky underdog, he’ll have plenty of support.
Tennis-wise, the problem here is simple. Djokovic has the best backhand in tennis, and Ruud fights his off. He can create some great angles with it, and hits passes fairly well, but it’s a safe target for Djokovic which means the majority of shots are going to go there. We all saw how devastating a weapon the dropshot and forehand inside-in became for Alcaraz when Tsitsipas attempted to camp in his backhand corner, and I fear that Ruud will have similar issues in this match. This is doubly tricky because Djokovic’s backhand dropshots are much better and much more frequently attempted down the line. Ruud served well against Zverev, but he went out wide from the duece court a lot and Zverev never really punished him for it. Djokovic ropes these shots cross-court very well and he’s good at picking a few spots to up the aggression. If Casper is forced to abandon this serve, it’s a problem because it’s generally the best way to ensure that his second shot is a forehand. He plays well behind the pattern, but great returners (and great teams hello Goran) are likely to notice any significant lean on a particular serve. The odds at -450 indicate that Ruud will be competitive (because basically everyone watching is looking to bet on Djokovic at this point), but this would be the most surprising result that has occurred in tennis in a very long time. I think Ruud wins the same set via steady play and heavy hitting that Khachanov did, but it’s hard to see Djokovic struggling with patterns and opponents that he has already figured out. Djokovic in 4.
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2023.06.10 20:20 code_hunter_cc Refresh jQuery datatable table

Been plenty of questions about this but I never found one that worked for me. I have a plain and simple HTML table whos body is being filled with rows from an AJAX call.Then I want to update the table with DataTable plugin but it does not work.I have a HTML table that looks like this:
1 2 3 4 5
In my jQuery pageload
$(document).ready(function(){ var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable({ "aoColumns": [ { "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null ] });}); And finally my on dropdownlist change function
$("#dropdownlist").on("change", function () { $("tbody").empty(); $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "@Url.Action("ActionHere", "Controller")", dataType: "json", success: function (data) { $.each(data, function (key, item) { $("tbody").append("12345"); }); } }) var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable(); // Nothing happens var oTable = $('#myTable').dataTable({ // Cannot initialize it again error "aoColumns": [ { "bSortable": false }, null, null, null, null ] }); }); The append and so on has been modified to shorten it down, etc so do not focus too much on it.
Basically the question is how to update the table, I can do my AJAX and add new data to the table fine, but the datatable plugin does not update with it.I've tried other things like
But it does nothingWhile I get an JSON error from
Any clues on just how to refresh the table?
Answer link :
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2023.06.10 20:19 catlover4682 How much does olaplex shampoo actually repair hair?

I’ve been using the Olaplex shampoo for the past year and don’t know how much of a difference it’s actually made in terms of repairing damage. I’ve been out of the conditioner for awhile, but still have the shampoo. Does it really repair hair? It’s only like one ingredient so I don’t know how much of a difference it would make
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2023.06.10 20:19 AutoModerator [] ✔️Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales ✔️ Full Course Download

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Discover the power of Hollywood VSLs today and unlock the potential to create a super-profitable sales funnel. Start your journey to success and join us now!
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2023.06.10 20:19 makestuffgetsome Legal way to remove unwanted/unwelcome “tenant” from a home I do NOT own/rent myself?

Legal to remove unwanted/unwelcome “tenants” from a home I do NOT own/rent myself?
Tl;dr - best legal way to remove undesired “tenants” from my sisters home?
Sister is currently and lives in a low-income rental with her two kids. She became involved with a guy, who then got evicted from his own residence, and he moved in with my sister, and brought his mother in tow (she was living with him).
When my sister and this guy met, they were both working (how they met), now they’re both unemployed. She lost her job due to some health struggles, not sure about him. She’s a U.S. resident, he is undocumented.
She does not like the guy, but feels trapped. She’s been in and out of the hospital for various reasons, currently sitting with her as she’s coming out of a second surgery in two days. The guy is pretty worthless, sapping her of resources, and using her for shelter, but he IS, at least on paper, an adult in the house. Her kids (my niece and nephew), are 15 and 18, so they CAN take care of themselves for some things, but not everything. The guy doesn’t help her with anything, his mom lives in the basement and DEFINITELY doesn’t help with things, and he frequently brings his nephew* over and stay as well. He doesn’t clean, or get the kids around when they need to be places. He has access to her car, but my folks, who live in the same town, are the default caretakers for them when my sister is down-for the count. My folks are the ones shuttling her kids up to the hospital to see her, getting them to/from work or school, double checking there are groceries in the home.
Nobody likes this guy (sister, her kids, my folks, me), and it’s clear he is a leech. So many of her mental/emotional health struggles got worse once he moved in, and she’s largely been a recluse/shutting out others ever since.
Without wanting to jeopardize anything for heher kids, what can a person do to get an individual(s) removed from a dwelling given the following:
Feeling a little lost, and unsure what to do. My parents are aging so quickly I’m trying to shoulder all of this, and when my sis gets out of the hospital, she’s going to need a good amount of support care for a couple months until she’s on the mend.
We just want this guy and his mess of a life gone - it would be such a relief in terms of the reduction of mental/emotional stress, my sister could actually focus on healing and taking care of herself/her kiddos.
I guess this was a bit of a rant as much as it was an ask for Reddit guidance.
It’s not likely anything will be done until my sister is coherent (she just got out of her second surgery of the week), but I’d like to know what options might be out there?
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2023.06.10 20:18 Mewtwosneckloop Can norovirus cause a long-time flareup? Anyone have gastroparesis? Vocal cord damage??

Okay long post, but apparently nausea can be a part of IBS, and also caused by anxiety. The doctors here in Finland refuse to give me any anti-nausea meds or even examine me in any way because they say it's just normal anxiety and reflux nausea. The only OTC med is Postafen for car sickness and it does not work. Lately, for the past ~5 MONTHS, I have had debilitating nausea on and off nearly every day. I have lost around 5+ kg (10ish pounds or more) though it's hard to tell exactly how much with how my weight naturally fluctuates. In any case, I have lost weight simply because I have not been able to eat much anything for the past 3 months or so.
Sometimes there are better days or even a week where the nausea is minimal and I can eat normally and sleep in my own bed again, but the room is too cramped to hold a bucket in case I throw up at night, so I have lived on the couch for most of this time. I have not thrown up even once, but the fear of throwing up on my bed and everything around it is too bad for me and also the toilet is closer to the living room.
Thing is, I had a stomach flu (likely noro, got it from a family member) in late March. Ever since, I have felt worse than I usually do. I am always physically somehow unable to throw up even though I have chronic reflux and daily regurgitation. I was just in pain and had bad shits during the week of stomach flu.
The nausea and heartburn have gotten worse by tenfold this past week and I suspect I might have gastroparesis on top of reflux and IBS. Stomach valve malfunctions run in the family. The doctors here however just tell me to take Somac (pantopratzole, doesn't help me even on the long run) and straight up REFUSE to examine me in any way or give me a referral to a much needed gastroscopy because I am "young and healthy" (21) and "haven't thrown up". I can't afford a private doctor, even a gastroscopy or ultrasound is 300-400 euros (about the same in USD with current rates) and I have less than that to my name for the entire month after bills etc. Public healthcare stuff is pretty much free with a citizenship health insurance but they jusy don't care about people before it's too late.
I take Rennie and Somac daily (Rennie when needed, Somac before bed) for my heartburn, but these past few days it has been so bad that it has made me cough and almost lose my voice several times. I'm going to try to call the doctors on Monday again and insist on a referral to a gastroscopy, I have had reflux for years and it's about time they check what's going on with my esophageal lining. If they even listen to me.
Anyone have any input? I am desperate at this point. I do voice work and hope to turn it into a job at some point, and the potential of reflux-caused vocal cord damage scares me.
submitted by Mewtwosneckloop to ibs [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:17 flurp41 Severance Negotiation & WARN Act

Hi there! I was recently laid off and have drafted a severance negotiation letter I would love advice on. This is a company that, according to LinkedIn, has 110 US employees, 30 UK employees, and recently just laid off 55 people at the same time. I have not been able to determine how many of those 55 are US employees, nor how many of them are full-time vs contractors (and thus would not be relevant for a WARN Act violation). I understand the WARN Act applies when 50 or more full time US employees are laid off from a US company with over 100 employees total. Since I cannot be certain this violates the WARN Act, I don't want to come right out and tell them it does, but I also want to mention the WARN Act to make them know I am aware it may be a violation. Here's my drafted letter, I would appreciate any and all advice or guidance! Thanks so much!

I am disappointed to hear about this mass layoff, especially through email instead of over Zoom. I have read the severance package you sent me last week.
Although I appreciate you offering me one pay period of severance money, I don’t believe it is commensurate with my contributions to the business. I have been a dedicated employee of [company] for three years, and I am singlehandedly responsible for the successful launch of our company website and our documentation hub. I went above and beyond to release our new site by the deadline of [date], and I am disappointed to see that my impending layoff was the reason behind the urgency.
By the precedent set by the WARN Act, employees at a company the size of [company] should receive 60 days notice prior to a mass layoff. After discussing this with my lawyer, I would appreciate receiving 60 days pay, on top of the standard 1 month per year of service. I also had four weeks of paid vacation approved and coming up after my wedding in 3 weeks, for which I would appreciate compensation. If you are able to pay me this total of six months severance compensation I will sign your agreement.
If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, please let me know. I have enjoyed working at [company] and am disappointed to receive this termination.
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2023.06.10 20:17 Aggravatedjason How much of the year does a lawn specialist work, and how do you survive "off" months?

I've been looking for better pay and wanted something out of retail, and noticed several lawn specialists were needed. Pay isn't much higher than where I'm at now, but it's 50 hours so there will be 10 hours overtime every week. However, I'm wondering about the winter months. Are you laid off and bring in unemployment the whole time, and for how long? What can you do to help survive it/bring in more money? Just get a part time job? Sorry if anything here is a stupid question, I've never done this work before.
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2023.06.10 20:17 Western_Ad3581 Need help for disabled adult son regarding testosterone levels

I have a 26 year old son who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He has lifelong communication difficulties. Because he looks “normal,” people/doctors expect him to communicate normally. He has problems communicating, processing language and information, and holding simple conversations. The best example I can give is that if he orders food at a fast food restaurant at the counter, and the employee taking his order asks him to clarify his choices, he will not be able to process the questions they ask consistently. He will sometimes and often reply yes or no inappropriately, or completely go silent. I will have to explain to him what is being asked and prompt him to answer correctly. He also hand flaps when excited, worried, upset, etc. He is over 6 feet tall and again, has no physical signs of disability. He has gained 50 lbs over an approximately 3 year period and is extremely fatigued daily. He has a very straggly beard and has never shaved. He has developed breasts and is extremely self conscious. His pcm did blood tests and his testosterone was 225. He was referred to a urologist and saw a PA at the practice.
Because he needs to be independent, we discussed his concerns and symptoms before his appointment and agreed he would speak for himself as much as possible He did pretty good explaining how he felt. I was proud of him.
The PA expressed at the initial appointment that testosterone therapy was not recommended for him because it would affect his fertility. (He has never had a gf and could not care for a child at this point in his life. He has never expressed to me that he would like to become a father.) He told the PA he was not worried about having kids. The PA ordered a bunch of tests and we made a follow up to discuss results in 3 weeks.
The follow up was a few days ago. His testosterone was measured at 205 while the other tests were all considered normal. The PA declared my son’s testosterone test was fine. I asked if it was considered low, and they replied that they had seen lower. The PA said my son was ok and no further tests were needed and he didn’t require testosterone replacement therapy.
The symptoms of weight gain, fatigue, and his development of breasts are extremely concerning to my son. The PA recommended a healthy diet and exercise. I agree that is necessary. He cannot cook and I do make all of our meals. He has food issues and only eats certain foods and his developmental doctors have said that is something that goes along with his diagnosis. He eats very plain food- chicken or burgers with no condiments. Plain white or brown rice or pasta with only salt. Toast with butter. Plain bagels. He doesn’t like cheese or sauces. He does eat chips, vanilla ice cream, and some other junk food, but he is extremely picky about even those kinds of food. He eats only cheese pizza. I completely understand his food choices/aversions are not optimal. He has a treadmill he walks on 3 times a week for 2 miles. He joined a gym a few months ago but couldn’t take the environment and people, so he decided he would walk on a treadmill at home. We have talked about him walking more. He agreed he has to and has decided to walk every day for 2 miles.
I have come to this sub for advice. I am his mom. His dad and I divorced and his dad moved out of state and has no contact with our son by his choice. That is upsetting to him. His dad cannot accept the behavioral and developmental issues our son has and basically deleted him from his life.
My question is this: how can I help my son? I’ve read medical literature that tells me his symptoms and test results indicate he could benefit from testosterone therapy. I know I need to help him eat healthier and try to keep him walking on his treadmill. At the follow up I asked the PA questions about the blood tests and they offered him an appointment with a urologist within the practice, which we scheduled, but they cautioned me the urologist would not prescribe my son testosterone therapy either. It is upsetting to me on another level because low testosterone can cause chronic health issues when he is older, never mind the symptoms he currently has.
Sorry for the long rambling post. Really any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.10 20:16 WithoutMyLemon Should I (33M) be fighting for this? Both my heart and mind says yes.

The past:
We met here, on Reddit, at the height of the pandemic. In May 2022, with COVID restrictions loosneing, I took a flight over the Atlantic to be with her (36F) to finally meet in person. Since then, we’ve met up on four more occasions - sometimes here in my country, sometimes back in hers - with the latest being last month (where I lucky enough to spend time with her on her birthday). Each visit, we had the absolute time of our lives.
As I imagine is the case in all LDRs, despite so, so many good times - online and in person - there were bad times too. In those bad times, I always felt that the vast majority of these times arose as a result of our previous relationships; we had both come out of long-term, unhealthy relationships at similar times and were both initiating divorce proceedings.
Mental abuse. Manipulation. Gaslighting. These were the kind of things that we both encountered from our now ex partners. These things had obviously left marks and even scars on both of us. But we were aware of this. We talked about this, frequently.
The nature of our relationship, predominantly taking place by text messages, but also countless audio and video calls, really helped us to focus on communication. What we didn’t have in physical contact, we made up for in talking openly and honestly, creating a safe space to talk about issues, thoughts and feelings. Good or bad. Positive or negative.
The romance was aplenty. We expressed our love for one another. Even during disagreements or misunderstandings, we made it clear that it didn’t change the love we had for one another. We talked about how much we missed each other when we had to spend time apart. How much we were desperate to be back together as soon as possible. We talked about the future, the ideas of what we wanted when we pulled the trigger on one of us making a permanent move to the other’s country.
Overall, things always looked so positive.
The present:
Until a week ago, I thought I knew what my future looked like. What our future looked like.
Only five days prior (Monday 29th May), I had returned home to the UK following our latest time together in person. Unfortunately, an incident occured towards the end of my trip when we were travelling together - after a long day of travel and exploring, I had begin to shut down, becoming quieter and more withdrawn.
This wasn’t new behaviour from me. I had done this before, from distance through text and audio calls, on numerous occasions. On this occasion, I put it down to a combination of tiredness and scars from my previous relationship - in the past, I often found myself holding back on expressing certain kind of feelings, as stupid as it looks on paper, as my ex-partner would often turn them around on me. “But why are you tired? You slept well. How on Earth could you be? What have you been doing to be that tired? Nothing.” I felt I had to have such a good justification to feel certain ways, especially relating to negative moods: feeling tired; melancholy; anxiety. Everything needed such a well thought out reason. Therefore I found it easier just to withhold this information. Just say “everything is fine” even when my tone or face said otherwise.
As touched upon earlier, me and my long distance partner had openly discussed how our past would make appearances throughout our relationship. When they did, we would work through them together. And we did just that. It may have taken time sometimes to open up, it may have been recurring itrational thoughts that caused a problem, but we got through things, made it clear we would support each other and confirmed our love remained strong.
I would never expect us to solve and conquer any given issues at the first time of trying, or that it would be easy, whichever of us were reliving their past - nonetheless, we did discuss this incident as the evening progressed. I expressed where I felt these feelings came from and apologised for my behaviour. I didn’t think this incident was simply dismissed, but given how we enjoyed the rest of the next and the remainder of this trip, given the way we discussed what happened with a positive conclusion, I felt we had dealt with the matter and moved on.
But as I said, this behaviour of mine had happened before - and it would happen again, once I returned home. Experiencing jet lag and missing my partner dearly, along with some additional factors I faced when arriving home, my mood declined in a similar way. I didn’t express myself to the woman I loved so much, preferring to put up a shield like I did in the past, not wanting her to worry. But when I finally convinced myself to try and address what was going on, my partner was left feeling unsure. More unsure than she ever had done before.
I wanted to give her time to collect her thoughts, thinking the same outcome was coming as it always had before. But I had rested way too long on my laurels. She came back a day later following contemplation time to say she wasn’t sure she wanted this anymore…
As somebody who has experiences issues of anxiety throughout my life, I was aware of how negative thoughts can spiral into irrationality. Clearer heads prevail. But as the days wore on, my confusion and worry grew as her uncertainty wasn’t already becoming clearer. It has never taken this long. With each passing day, the irrational thoughts appeared in my head. This is it. This is the end.
What about all those things we had said about our future over the years, only as long as a few days ago? There was never an inkling that things were on remotely shaky ground, because we always managed to talk and work things out. Nothing ever felt as if it was left unresolved.
I was caught so off guard. As we always had, I expressed these feelings to her. She wanted me to. But as I questioned whether this was really the end, questioned the truth of all those previous statements as a result of this sudden, new territory we were in , the answer came in the early hours of Thursday morning. “I think we shouldn’t continue with thi”.
Of course my issues were triggering, there’s absolutely no denying that and I fully take responsibility for my actions (and lack of). She explained that whilst she felt she had dealt with this behaviour of mine and moved forward, in reality, she realises she had been surpressing her feelings and how much my behaviour had been affected her.
But in telling me what she had benen wrestling with over those past few days, it felt to me that a number of these issues also stemmed from her previous relationship as well. In previous conversations, including those relating to this predicament, she would raise a number of worries: she thought I would find her a “boring buzzkill” because that’s what her ex would tell her; she was sometimes scared I’d get bored of her, like her ex did; she said that her ex would tell her she “always found a problem” in their relationship to complain about and thought I would eventually think the same; her ex would tell her she “ruined everything” and when an issue was once raised during a vacation, he blamed her for the bad mood and for “ruining the entire trip”.
My issues, the one that has arisen again, played a factor, but we were coming to the point where the next step was on the horizon. We had talked about me moving to be with her on a permanent basis, a move that seemed even more logical with my current employer potentially laying off employers in the near future. Even if that wasn’t the case, our next potential trip wouldn’t be possible until October at the earliest. The longest we’ve been apart since meeting up. Now seemed a better time than any to start looking into these plans.
We were both open about this future - and for years, expressed how we couldn’t wait until this day could finally come. We would never have the pain of being apart for long periods of time. One final countdown. Then we could crash, together, after work. Snuggle up close. Turn into couch potatoea together under a blanket. We could cook each other dinner. Cook each other breakfast. Head off to work together. We both really wanted this and expressed it regularly.
But she admitted that the sudden reality of this, now seemingly so close, further added to her mixed feelings. Understandable, I felt - what a big step this will be. But the worries of my behaviour occuring in person when we were together permanently was suddenly too strong to ignore. From what she explained, these kind of doubts formed the basis of her decision.
The future:
We talked. We cried. I didn’t want things to end but didn’t want to be unattractively desperate, grovelling for her to stay. We talked about all of the many great things we experienced together and the feelings we have for one another. She told me she loved me and continues to love me so much. She wants to give me time to heal, have closure… but in the days since that last interaction, I begin to think that I should have been more vocal. She told me that I am free to message her to clarify things, but had also said during our last call that we should probably take some weeks to heal.
I did give in and message her yesterday, just to check in and see how she was and to check whether she was still ok to ask/say some things, especially this soon. She told me she was struggling with not interacting with me in the same ways as usual - sending memes, telling me about her day - and had been thinking about me a lot but ultimately wanted to give me space. Even that gave me hope.
I agreed to put my thoughts together soon, knowing she had a busy weekend with a family wedding, but after so much soul searching over the past few days, replaying and re-reading everything, looking at pictures and videos of our times together, I still strongly feel we could get through this.
I should have acted on my issues sooner, I fully understand that. Especially now, of course. No excuse, but I want to believe that because we always got through these moments, tackled the issues in the moment and moved forward positively, that I became slack at improving myself. But I am determined to be a better person. Not just for her, but for myself too. This issue will affect any partner I would potentially ever have and I recognise how unhealthy, how frustrating it can be to deal with. I’ve booked counselling sessions, one of which I have already undertaken to make a start on addressing this problem.
But I don’t want somebody else to experience the positive changes I’m working on. I want it to be her.
I’m sure some of you have been in similar scenarios, but given my wall of text above, should I be fighting for this like my head and heart are shouting out for me to do? I feel there is so much good still here. So, so much that is worth saving. I fully appreciate the fact that this has all come from one partner’s perspective and I’m happy to try as best I can to elaborate further without giving too much personal/identifiable information away.
Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to read all of this
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2023.06.10 20:16 fabkosta Glass ceiling for data science careers?

I am working with many data scientists in a large international enterprise, many of them have a PhD in fields such as physics, maths or computer science.
Recently, I started wondering if there exists an unspoken glass ceiling for data scientists (or IT specialists in general) in many organisations for such individuals who are not overly keen on giving up actual hands-on data science work, or who are not overly keen on having lunches and coffees with more senior managers all the time. This might sound like a luxury problem to have, but once you are beyond your 40s and have a family, it's not so much fun to be put in front of an undisclosed choice to either not progress anymore significantly or be forced to become a manager and give up that which you are really good at. Obviously, one could argue that many data scientists, to progress further, need to learn how to be more outgoing, extrovert, present themselves etc. - but that's not what I'm referring to. I've seen brilliant people leave the company because there was just not a lot more possible for the positions they were in.
So, does there exist a glass ceiling for specialist roles such as data scientists?
What are your observations?
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2023.06.10 20:14 QuietAvalanche I cannot play equally well on both EN and JP. But why?

I have been playing on EN about 9 months. I have just gotten to the point where I can regularly AP some of the easier experts. I mention AP specifically because on JP, I have problems with alot of greats.
On EN my speed is 11 and my offset is 3, with speakers or with wired headphone. I don't know why. I know most people use 0 or maybe 2 at the most. But 2 gets me more greats. 3 is perfect. That or that is just where I have learned to play over the months.
On JP, I am still speed 11 and 3 offset but I have way more greats there. A frustrating amount.
I'm not even sure how positive offset works. I know negative will delay the game while your bluetooth headphones catch up, for example. But with speakers or wired, there is no delay. Does it play the game ahead of the music or delay the music?
In any case, on EN, my settings are perfect for my playing but bad for JP. I know you can adjust by tenths on JP but playing with that hasn't helped me.
I don't play much on JP otherwise, I am sure I would adjust but I'm trying to work out the settings.
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2023.06.10 20:13 evscye For those who take Fish Oil, how did you find the right brand for you?

I take a good amount of supplements every day, so I like to be mindful of how much I’m spending because the prices can add up fast but I also want to make sure I’m getting a good product. I’ve been struggling to find a good fish oil for the longest time, as I’m looking for an affordable brand with good ratios and high bioavailability. The more I read the more I realize there is to consider when purchasing fish oil. If I wasn’t worried about money, I’d just buy Nordic Naturals and call it a day, but because I am worried about money, it seems my options are just chaotic.
With all of that said, what have you found to be the most cost effective, well ratio’d, and highly bio available fish oil? How much do you take, and what benefits do you get?
Edit: I’ve just read your body can convert EPA to DHA as needed, but it’s much harder for it to convert DHA to EPA. Higher EPA ratios seem to be favorable, at risk of a worse mood.
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