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2023.05.29 04:02 psychonautxmic Sea duty taking its toll on marriage

We’ve been together for 8 years now, married for 4. My husband is on a fast attack that has had an insanely rigorous schedule for the last 2 years. Pretty much out and back every couple of weeks with a few 3-4 month prolonged underways. My libido has been nonexistent for 6 months now despite a lot of positive changes in my life, and I am chalking it up to the boat schedule. Everyone tells you to stay busy which I have - I have my own routine and hobbies that I love - but it’s like I’ve crafted my own little life and it’s very very hard to integrate him into it when he’s neither on shore nor at sea for very long periods of time. When they are in port, he works long hours, 3-section or P/S duty, plus he is working on his degree.
All of this is to say, despite us not having kids, it’s been very difficult to have much intimacy or romance. I don’t think he sees an issue as we still go on date nights, our sex life is fine, etc etc but it’s something that is bothering me and I don’t know how to bring it up as I know how exhausted he is from everything. I hate to ask even more of him but I definitely feel this sea tour has forced us into what is bordering on a roommate-with-benefits situation. We go out to dinner maybe twice a month, but otherwise our time together basically consists of 3 hours at night after work where we cook dinner, watch a show, shower, and go to bed.
I know it’s only temporary but we still have 2 years to go. Any advice from those of you more seasoned than I? The time apart has become less difficult as time goes by, it’s the time when he’s home that can be challenging now because I don’t feel like I’m getting what I need, whereas when he’s away that’s obviously a good reason for some needs to be unmet. I don’t want to grow resentful and carry that through our relationship in years to come.
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2023.05.29 04:02 CuteTobyCat Both films "Immortal" (2004) and "Gods of Egypt" (2016) show the Eye of Horus and Pyramid symbols on their theatrical posters. Immortal even has Horus as the main protagonist.

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2023.05.29 04:01 themanagement_ Ticket for sale - June 4, Pelham, TN show at The Caverns Amphitheater

Delete if not allowed, but I have one ticket for sale to the Sunday, June 4 show in TN for lawn general admission. I originally bought an extra for a friend but they won't be attending now, paid about $85 total for the ticket on Tixr, just happy to get rid of it at this point for a reasonable price. Feel free to DM, serious inquiries only, please!
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2023.05.29 04:01 AutoModerator What are the benefits and side effects of Ashwagandha?

What is ashwagandha?
The ashwagandha plant is one of the most powerful herbs. Various parts of the ashwagandha plant are used for medicinal purposes, with ashwagandha extract mainly being used in supplements. Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, a natural agent that reportedly helps the body cope with stress. As a result, it’s believed to be effective at helping reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol. It may also therefore potentially help with anxiety and depression too.
What does ashwagandha do?
Reduces Stress and Anxiety
Ashwagandha is known to help reduce stress and anxiety. One way it does this is by reducing levels of cortisol, a hormone that is released in response to stress. Additionally, ashwagandha has been shown to improve mood and cognitive function, both of which can be negatively affected by stress.
Enhances Cognitive Function
Ashwagandha has also been shown to improve cognitive function. One study showed that it improved memory and reaction time in healthy adults. Another study found that it improved task performance in people with ADHD. Additionally, ashwagandha may help prevent age-related cognitive decline.
Boosts Energy Levels
Ashwagandha has been shown to boost energy levels. One study showed that it increased stamina and reduced fatigue in people with chronic fatigue syndrome. Additionally, ashwagandha may help improve exercise performance.
Additionally, ashwagandha may also help improve sleep quality and reduce inflammation. These effects can all contribute to enhanced energy levels.
Regulates Blood Sugar Levels
Ashwagandha has been shown to help regulate blood sugar levels. One study showed that it improved insulin sensitivity in people with type II diabetes. Additionally, ashwagandha may help reduce fasting blood sugar levels and improve symptoms of diabetes.
Additionally, ashwagandha may also help lower cholesterol levels and protect against heart disease. These effects can also contribute to improved blood sugar control.
Lowers Blood Pressure
Ashwagandha has been shown to help lower blood pressure. One study showed that it improved blood pressure in people with hypertension. Additionally, ashwagandha may help reduce stress and anxiety, both of which can contribute to high blood pressure.
Is ashwagandha safe?
Ashwagandha is generally considered safe for most people. However, it can cause side effects such as stomach upset, diarrhea, and vomiting in some people. If you're pregnant or breastfeeding, it's best to avoid ashwagandha.
What happens when you take ashwagandha daily?
As a sleep aid, ashwagandha may help people get to sleep faster and stay asleep for longer. It is also used to promote male potency. Ashwagandha has a variety of health benefits, including reduced blood sugar levels, inflammation, mood, memory, stress and anxiety relief, as well as an increase in muscle strength and fertility. Depending on your requirements, dosages vary from 250 to 500 mg per day for at least one month.
When it comes to stress relief, ashwagandha may be as effective as some prescription medications. A 2010 study found that the herb was just as effective as lorazepam (Ativan) in reducing stress and anxiety. click the link below to learn more about abhwagandha, and its real health benefits.
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2023.05.29 04:01 _-ez I’ve been working on a tribute to my favorite TV show of all time: 12 oz mouse. Let me know what you think!

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2023.05.29 04:01 notforthisworld0101 Online retailler reluctant to refund faulty item

I made a purchase online and have recieved faulty stock. I have sent photos to the retailer showing the damage (very noticeable discolouration of fabric) and asked for a refund.
According to the retailers website they are a Australian company who is the middle man between the consumer and the manufacturer in China. I felt deceived because it looks like they are an Australian company and then you only find out it's goods from China when you get the tracking number. I probably should have done my research beforehand but it doesn't excuse this behaviour.
They are not reposnding to my emails to refund the item and won't tell me the process how to get this done. They have $200 of my money and I have their shitty faulty product. They have heaps of bad reviews on product review from other customers who have dealt with a similar situation.
Is there anything I can do here? I don't need you to tell me I should have researched first, I am fully aware of this and it was my stupid mistake. I still don't believe they should get away with this. They are lying and robbing people.
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2023.05.29 04:01 Fuuta-chan [Weekly Chapter Thread] - May 29, 2023

Korean Raw
English Version
Chapter Blogposts in the Wiki
Chapter Blogposts in the Tumblr (Still unsure if it's going to be kept updated)
This is a Discussion Thread for the latest freely released English Chapter. The discussion of any events that happen in Preview chapters is not allowed and it can lead to a temporary ban.
Please keep the discussions contained in this thread for 24 hours to give everyone time to read the chapter on their own.
Come join us and discuss the chapter live at our Discord!
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2023.05.29 04:00 FixDifficult752 The REAL reason they hate men's spaces.

Please excuse my english, english is not my first language.
Even though this is a complex issues I'll try to keep it as short as possible.
The real reason modern society hates and despises men's spaces is because it is the only place where men can talk and express ourselves freely. They hate the freedom of speech that we gain through these space because they can't control our ideology.They have tried everything, from censorship,shadow banning,even deleting channels and subreddits. But here is the thing the RP and the BP require no social action, you can't erase someone's ideology inside of their head. Another reason they hate RP and modern mindset men is because society NEEDS traditional-minded men since they are the ones in the sewers,power plants,driving the trucks,and keeping society running. If you don't provide an incentive to a generation of men, to work that hard, they simply won't do so since their is no incentive. And what is diffrent this time is that no amount of GSR (gossiping,shaming,rallying) will make men change. Another reason they hate the manosphere so much is because the manosphere teaches men their true value, and teaches men that your value as a man is not dependent of what a woman says your value is. If men saw women as simple humans and not this glorified and desirable thing,
(that way of thinking was taught by our mothers but I will leave that topic for another post)
and thought with their brain instead of their dick, then their will be an even playing field in dating and men wouldn't struggle so much.More and more men are rallying that women were not what we were taught and more often than not, we have also learned that sex isn't as great as it seemed to be. Women will fight against the manosphere till the end of time because it strips them of their privileged position and they know it, this is why EVEN the blue-haired, man-having lesbian feminists STILL enforce traditional roles for MEN.If men in masse STOPPED approaching,paying in full for dates,making the first move everytime,stopped marrying and stopped dating as a whole then women would have no choice but to either sit back at the negotiating table with men or suck it up and do the jobs that men do in order to maintain society. Notice how all of this is what would happen if men in MASSE adopted this mindset, the ONLY reason society has not collapsed is because there are STILL traditional minded men who are willing to do the work. But some of you guys get lost in the details of dating and who pays and bla bla bla, all the while not realizing the inmense power we men have over society as a whole. The thing is when Baby Boomers,Gen X,and Millenials retire WE will the ones who they will have to deal with for the next 40+ years. And when you have an entire generation of men that have zero incentive to break their backs working for a society that not only hates them but also have been emasculated,berated,humiliated and locked out of the dating pool, unless they do the work in order for society to keep running, this whole shit show will collapse and fast.
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2023.05.29 04:00 toastymctoast10 New World Blues Ch 55: a matter of different views

President-General's Alignment: Republican (2), Authoritarian(1)
With the war slowly turning in the favor of the NCR the few people who opposed Oliver becoming acting president increased. And as the days passed it only seemed to grow.
Moore told him stepping down was a bad idea, the politicians couldn't be trusted not now. She suggested simply refusing to set a date untill the war concluded. He however wished to at least give people hope show he had no wish to be a tyrant, doing so however may be an issue.
And so in his next interview when asked the President-General's response was...
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2023.05.29 04:00 NtmrMoon Cannot Find Used Stock Seat or Grips. (07' 750C2 Spirit)

I have been looking at local and ebay listings, trying to find a seat that will not break the bank (so been looking for used stock options) as my 07 750C2 has a solo seat on it at the moment and I am looking to get a two up seat. Unfortunately that has lead to me finding nothing for below about $350, which is out of my price range for now. (As I was going to look at a passenger backrest at the same time).
The grips on mine are also not stock, and rather thick for my liking. New OEM parts for that are 40 just for one which is wild so I was trying to find used grips as well but that has turned up nothing. Given the popularity of the Shadow I was not expecting parts to be this tough to source haha!
Can anyone point me in the right direction, or offer any advice? For grips I am okay with alternatives that are pretty much the same as stock, though the ones I saw on amazon that looked right appear to be too small for the bars. Same for the seat, if there is a two up option that won't break the bank that isn't stock would be fine too!
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2023.05.29 04:00 gar8690 (Selling) Day After Tomorrow, Knock at the Cabin 4K, Black Swan, Pulp Fiction 4K, Aristocats, Origins Wolverine, Rogue Cut 4K, The Transporter, Rocky Horror, Me and Earl 4K, Bohemian Rhapsody 4K, Stoker, Trance, Vanilla Sky 4K, Ferngully

PayPal only, I'm trying to be firm for now, thanks


• Ex_Machina (4K UHD/Vudu): $5.99


• Cinderella animated trilogy (all 3 HD/Google Play split, ports with MA): $14.99
• Lilo & Stitch and Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch bundle (both HD/MA splits): $9.99
• The Aristocats (HD/Google Play split, ports with MA): $5.99
• The Hundred-Foot Journey (HD/Google Play split, ports with MA): $5.99
• The Lion King 1 1/2 (HD/MA split): $5.99
• The Sword in the Stone (HD/Google Play split, ports with MA): $5.99
• Winnie the Pooh A Very Merry Pooh Year (HD/Google Play split, ports with MA): $5.99


• Battleship (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• Bohemian Rhapsody (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• Gone Girl (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $5.99
• Knock at the Cabin (4K UHD/MA): $9.99
• Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (4K UHD/iTunes, ports with MA): $6.99
• Pulp Fiction (4K UHD/iTunes): $5.99
• Reservoir Dogs (4K UHD/iTunes or Vudu): $5.99
• Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (4K UHD/iTunes or Vudu): $5.99
• Singin' in the Rain (4K UHD/MA): $5.99
• The Mummy (2017) [4K UHD/MA]: $5.99
• Vanilla Sky (4K UHD/iTunes): $6.99
• West Side Story (2021) [4K UHD/MA split]: $5.99


• Black Swan (HD/MA): $5.99
• Cake (2015) [HD/MA]: $5.99
• Chronicle (2012) [HD/MA]: $5.99
• Danny Boyle Trance 2013 (HD/MA): $6.99
• Dreamworks Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron (200) [HD/MA]: $5.99
• Ferngully The Last Rainforest (HD/MA): $6.99
• Fight Club (HD/MA): $5.99
• Harriet 2019 (HD/MA): $5.99
• It Follows (HD/Vudu): $5.99
• Mallrats (HD/MA): $5.99
• Need for Speed (HD/MA split): $5.99
• Rocky Horror Picture Show (HD/MA): $5.99
• Stoker (2013) [HD/MA]: $6.99
• The Day After Tomorrow (HD/MA): $5.99
• The Devil Wears Prada (HD/MA): $5.99
• The Sound of Music (1965) [HD/MA]: $5.99
• The Transporter 1 and 2 bundle (both HD/MA): $11.99
• Wes Anderson Fantastic Mr. Fox (HD/MA): $5.99

X-Men collection

• The Wolverine (2013) unrated extended cut [HD/MA]: $6.99
• X-Men First Class (4K UHD/iTunes, ports MA): $6.99
• X-Men original trilogy with X-Men, X2 and The Last Stand (HD/MA): $11.99
• X-Men Origins Wolverine (HD/MA): $6.99
• X-Men Rogue Cut (4K UHD/iTunes, ports with MA): $7.99
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2023.05.29 04:00 bathtissue101 If there were a boutique release for television series, what seasons of which shows would they release?

Personally, I think True Detective Season 1 would be a huge release.
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2023.05.29 03:59 CalamityJen Only set my goal for 30. Hit it and aiming now for 52

Only set my goal for 30. Hit it and aiming now for 52
Finally figured out how to make the grid from Goodreads lol reading a lot of fantasy/sci-fi, but peppering in some things like some of Fuminori Nakamura's books I hadn't read before. Saving lots of posts from you lovely people, too, to add to my TBR list.
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2023.05.29 03:59 After-Self116 Welcome to Solidus Ai Tech

Welcome to Solidus Ai Tech
Solidus will also launch a marketplace for software developers to launch Artificial Intelligence software applications for their users to license where the developers will benefit via a profit share model. AITECH is the token that powers the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem and can be used to purchase everything listed on the platform. Fiat currency transactions are converted to AITECH seamlessly on the backend and are completed on the Blockchain with AITECH tokens.
Solidus AI Tech is a computation network that provides organizations with computing power for working on projects that require high-performance computing power. It provides access to artificial intelligence services to governmental authorities, megacorps, SME's and professionals.
Solidus AI Tech ecosystem AITECH is the token that powers the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem and can be used to purchase everything that is listed on the platform. A proportion of fiat currency transactions are converted to AITECH seamlessly on the backend and are completed on the Blockchain with AITECH tokens. Solidus will accept traditional forms of payment such as Paypal or Credit Card and ay percentage of AITECH tokens used to purchase services on the platform will be burned as part of the deflationary token economy.
Solidus Ai Tech Limited has completed the main build of its data center based in Europe (Bucharest and is ready to commence the installation of its HPC infrastructure. This will enable European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU.
"At Solidus Ai Tech Limited, we have completed the main build of our data centre and are ready to commence the installation of our HPC infrastructure which is based in Europe (Bucharest), which will significantly help to bridge this gap and will enable European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU. We expect this facility to be more efficient and of lower cost than in most of the U.S. By operating in Bucharest, we have the benefit of low-cost electricity and fast internet speeds as well as our Intellectual Property (IP) and expect to run at around 40% less power consumption than the industry average."
$AITECH is the token that powers the Solidus AI Tech ecosystem and can be used to purchase everything listed on the platform. Fiat currency transactions are converted to AITECH seamlessly on the backend and are completed on the Blockchain with AITECH tokens. Solidus will accept traditional forms of payment such as Paypal or Credit Card and between 5%-10% of AITECH tokens used to purchase services on the platform will be burned as part of the deflationary token economy.
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2023.05.29 03:59 Brodie969 Help! My teacher is claiming ChatGPT wrote my assignment, even though it's my original work. What do I do?

She showed me a conversation she had with GPT:
[Teacher] Did you write this? (Essay Here)

[ChatGPT] Yes, this text was generated by me, ChatGPT. I can generate text on a wide range of topics based on the input and instructions provided to me.
I spent hours working on this assignment, and I am kinda annoyed. Any ideas?
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2023.05.29 03:59 redagony (FS) Currently Have A Lot Of Numbered Parallels And Few Patches/Autos That I’m Trying To Move !! All Available Fighters Are Listed, Photos Available Upon Request, PM If Interested !! Thanks :)

  1. 2022 Rob Font Origins Auto (14$)
  2. 2022 Select Edmen Shahbazyan Auto (12$)
  3. 2022 Select Tecia Torres Auto (11$)
  4. 2020 Topps Ian Heinisch Auto (14$)
  5. 2018 Topps Claudia Gadelha Auto (15$)
  6. 2019 Topps MC Corey Anderson UFC 232 Mat Relic /75 (15$) 7: 2015 Topps Alexis Davis UFC 161 Mat Relic (14$)
  7. 2015 Topps Cat Zingano Patch (13$)
  8. 2022 Select Jessica Andrade Patch (9$)
  9. 2022 Select Diego Ferreira Patch (11$)
  10. 2018 Topps Alister Overeem /75 (20$)
  11. 2017 Topps Jim Miller /99 (15$)
  12. 2021 Select & Prizm Robbie Lawler Both /49 (25$-Select 30$-Prizm)
  13. 2014 Topps TJ Dillashaw /219 (13$)
  14. 2021 Prizm Alexander Volkov /75 (15$)
  15. 2022 Prizm Joanna Wood /99 (10$)
  16. 2021 Prizm Cody Stamann /275 (10$)
  17. 2022 Prizm Lauren Murphy /199 (11$-Prizm)
  18. 2021 Select Katlyn Chookagian /49 (13$-Select)
  19. 2022 Prizm Jair Rozenstruik /199 (11$)
  20. 2022 Donruss Leon Edwords /99 (12$-Donruss) 22: 2022 Prizm Uriah Hall /199 (10$) 23: 2022 Prizm Kamaru Usman /199 (12$)
  21. 2022 Select Rashad Evens /75 (10$)
  22. 2022 Select Derek Brunson /175 (9$)
  23. 2021 Select Charles Oliveira /199 (13$
  24. 2022 Select Matt Hughes /125 (12$)
  25. 2022 Select Machelle Watterson /199 (10$)
  26. 2022 Donruss Daniel Rodriguez /75 (14$)
  27. 2022 Chronicles & Donruss Marvin Vettori Donruss /88 Chronicles /99 (12$-Donruss 10$-Chromicles or 17$ For Both
  28. 2022 Donruss Michael Bisping /99 (10$)
  29. 2022 Donruss Michael Chiesa /49 (10$-/49)
  30. 2022 Donruss Marlon Moraes /99 (8$)
  31. 2022 Donruss Nikita Krylov /99 (10$)
  32. 2022 Donruss Cub Swanson /75 (14$)
  33. 2022 Chronicles Illusions Glover Teixeira /49 (13$-Illusions)
  34. 2022 Chronicles Score Rose Namajunes /49 (14$)
  35. 2022 Chronicles Prestige Conor Mcgregor /199 (14$)
  36. 2022 Chromicles Flux Michael Chandler /99 (11$)
  37. 2022 Chronicles Joanna Jedrzejczyk /199 (12$)
  38. 2022 Chronicles Islam Makhachev /199 (14$)
  39. 2022 Chronicles Dustin Poirior /49 (13$)
  40. 2022 Chromicles Robert Whittaker /199 (10$)
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2023.05.29 03:59 SpotNo2194 caught my bf of 4 years (28M) cheating on me (27F) by sending explicit messages to girls on onlyfans

I kinda want to try to make this short but essentially I found out my bf was subscribed to girls online I found this out months ago but at that point he wasn't talking to them just purchasing photos and videos. It upset me but I didn't mention anything to him I suppose part of my people pleasing issues popped up and in my head it was still just p0rn. About 2 years before I caught him doing the same on snapchat, he had made a compliment here and there to the girl who was sending stuff but nothing too vulgar, we talked about and how much it upset me. He agreed to stop. About a week ago something told me to check his computer and there it was. He was talking to multiple women and saying rly nasty stuff and i was mortified, I knew this was a possibility that he was still getting pictures but the stuff he was saying...its traumatized me. We live together and also have a dog which makes this even more complicated. That day I packed a bag for him and told him to leave but a few days later invited him back bc our dog was getting really stressed out. Since then I tried to be cordial with him, but Im angry and I feel like im downplaying my own hurt in this. I've been having weird nightmares and im so disappointed in myself for staying even though ive been feeling like there's something missing in our relationship Hes shown so much remorse since and is trying to show me how he wants to change, but honestly not as much as I want him to, but I also feel like I need space and not really sure if I care if he does. Im so back and fourth on this. My only friend lives thousands of miles away and my family situation is also not great so staying with someone else really isnt an option. Today he came home from work and I blew up on him, I was just stewing on how much he betrayed me and how ive already been though so much trauma in my life and how I shared about that with him and healed with him and now were in this situation...I told him I need to take time for myself and grow and heal as my own person and possibly see other people (im bisexual but ive never been with a woman (i know i know)) hes agrees and is giving me that space but there is this dark looming feeling that our relationship might be over. But we both have admitted that we dont want that. He told me that if we did breakup he would probably move back to him hometown which is 5 states away and the idea of that makes me sick. We had a really long talk tonight and hugged at the end and just sobbed in each others arms. I wish I never went snooping but in the end I was right he was cheating on me. I just feel very alone and confused and alone right now and would really appreciate some advise esp from anyone who has been though something similar. Do you think its possible to prevail in this relationship? Or should I call it quits?
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2023.05.29 03:59 Darkhog Is there any list of all of the "secret" controls in the new zelda? Those that starts as ??? in the menu.

Really don't like when games hide controls from me.
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2023.05.29 03:59 Nippardly Ad wait list bug?

I recently bought a new hub (my second one) because prices were getting too high on my first huh LAX. I bought the hub YOW yesterday. I bought a new route for my new hub YOW. The route was YOW - HNL for 14 million. I decided to buy a new plane with it too for 150 - 160 million dollars. I didn’t want to wait an hour for my plane so I watched an ad to get the wait list time down. When I finished the ad, none of the time went down. I watched 4 more ads and the time still didn’t go down until the 6th ad I watched. I watched 9 ads in total until the time was up and I had full ownership of the aircraft.
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2023.05.29 03:59 invalidcharacter19 For those of us who are annoyed by auto applications on daily bounties!

So I hate when I accidentally accept grouping for bounties. It annoys the piss out of me. I finally figured out how to cancel it! When it happens, hit the drop down next to your profile where the group would typically show. It will have a list of selections, one of which is applications. In that screen, at the bottom, there's a check box for 'auto accept applications' that is checked. Unchecked the box and leave the party. Crisis averted!
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2023.05.29 03:59 poopsocks2 How to act when players take you for granted?

I’ve been a DM for about 4 years now, player for 6 years before that. I have been through my paces, made mistakes, dealt with all the interpersonal bullshit the PHB doesn’t teach you, crashed and burned, had player conflicts, bad sessions, and good ones. I’ve logged over 3k hours played on Roll20. I run official modules, but build the world around my players. I use DNDB with a plethora of custom items, mounts, creatures, and feats at player request. I fully integrate their characters in Discord with Avrae, make custom art in Midjourney, and fill the world with lore, hundreds of NPCs, and make an open world according to the triangle rule (three directions to go at each map).
In my current campaign, my players have been pretty respectful, but there is a running joke for them that they basically ignore my prep and go off the rails constantly. Rather than do the main quest which they all voted for (ie a which campaign are you guys most interested in? even before session 0), they just like to see my squirm, actively undermining what I do. What sucks about this though is that these people are my good friends, but over time they have normalized making it a “funny joke”. They have no recognition or appreciation for the fact that I pay for all monthly subscriptions and spend 10-20 hours per week prepping for their 3 hour weekly session.
Lately, more and more of them are making excuses to miss a session, but when they show up next time, they want to retcon a bunch of decisions that were made when they weren’t there. They message me about errors in flavor text or their art not being just perfect, or subtleties in how they want their story to be unraveled and extra details they want, constantly asking for more. Is an open world full of lore, custom maps, hand picked music, and custom made items to suit your desired power arc not enough? They just keep wanting more and more, and sometimes I will spend hours making something for them to just frivolously throw it away or sell it, frustrated that they don’t get a billion gold from the merchant.
Don’t get me wrong, I love my players. They have consistently shown up for almost 40 weekly sessions now, but we have just barely passed the intro of our campaign because of all the custom side quest stuff they have been doing. People have called me a scumbag before for “railroading”, and I want to give these players the ultimate experience that I wish I had as a player when my DM just fed me lukewarm milquetoast. The thrill of a an all-encompassing cinematic experience they will remember for years, but I feel like I am at my limit.
I told everyone that I’m taking a month off, and pretty much no one even acknowledged the message. Privately, they have all told me how much they appreciate our game, but they don’t seem to show much of it. I don’t want to end the campaign because I know it would massively disappoint them too, but I feel slighted that they don’t recognize the time and money investment I make for them.
Since it’s been nearly 1 year and they are in Chapter 2 of 5, I’ve decided that I’m ready to scale way back. Limit the number of maps, bring magic items down to a trickle, make the monsters tougher, the NPCs more recalcitrant, and give them less options and agency. Is this a fair way for me to feel? I have also brought this up to them multiple times outside of game — “Team, it is heartbreaking when I make a tavern and town square and you guys burn it down, or completely ignore it to go look for snakes in the woods.” or “I know you were slightly peeved that I didn’t have the measurements right on the map, but I didn’t suspect you’d want to murder all of the town guards, so I had to make a fast decision and upload a grid that wasn’t perfect given the visual perspective, can you see where I’m coming from?”
They all say they acknowledge it, but their behavior never changes. How do I talk about how this makes me feel like shit without sounding like an asshole? I love my friends, but I wish they would heed my words more and stop taking me for granted.
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2023.05.29 03:59 Xiao1insty1e Where can I sell my PSVR 2?

I unfortunately need to sell my PSVR2 and I've tried Craig's List to no avail. Ebay is full of fakers who don't actually want to pay for what they bid on and even if they did I haven't sold anything on there in so long they are gonna hold my payment for weeks and I'll just be out of pocket for listing and shipping until then. Then there is GameXChange which are offering a grand total of $110 for it, so anyone know where I can sell this thing or am I just stuck?
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