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2023.06.10 20:02 PurpleSolitudes Best 4k Gaming Monitor Available on Amazon

Best 4k Gaming Monitor Available on Amazon
A 4K gaming monitor offers several benefits over a standard 1080p monitor. First and foremost, the increased resolution provides much sharper and more detailed images, allowing you to see textures and small details that might be missed on a lower resolution display. This can be particularly useful in fast-paced games where spotting enemies or other important objects quickly is crucial.
In addition to the improved image quality, many 4K monitors also offer faster refresh rates, which means smoother gameplay with less motion blur and tearing. This can make a big difference in competitive gaming where every millisecond counts.

GIGABYTE M32UC 32″ 144Hz (160Hz OC)

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SAMSUNG UJ59 Series 32-Inch 4K

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ASUS TUF Gaming 28” 4K 144HZ DSC HDMI 2.1 Gaming Monitor

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SAMSUNG 32″ Odyssey Neo G8 4K UHD

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2023.06.10 20:02 PurpleSolitudes Best Premium Gaming Chair

Best Premium Gaming Chair
A premium gaming chair is a high-end piece of furniture designed to provide maximum comfort and support for gamers. These chairs typically feature features such as adjustable lumbar support, headrests, and armrests, as well as durable materials that can withstand long hours of use. Premium gaming chairs can be a bit pricey, but they can be a worthwhile investment for gamers who want to improve their comfort and performance.

Benefits of using a premium gaming chair:

Increased comfort: Premium gaming chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort, even during long gaming sessions. They typically feature features such as adjustable lumbar support, headrests, and armrests, which can help to keep you in a comfortable position.

Improved posture: Premium gaming chairs can help to improve your posture by providing support for your back and neck. This can help to reduce pain and fatigue, and it can also improve your overall health and well-being.

Enhanced performance: Premium gaming chairs can help you to perform better at your games. They can help you to stay focused and alert, and they can also help to reduce fatigue. This can lead to improved reaction times, accuracy, and decision-making.

Let’s See The Best Premium Gaming Chair

AndaSeat Kaiser 3 Series Premium Gaming Chair

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In conclusion, the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Series Premium Gaming Chair is a top-of-the-line piece of equipment that offers excellent features, great design, and unparalleled comfort. Its superior performance, coupled with its lifetime warranty on the frame, make it a must-have for any serious gamer who wants to take their gaming experience to the next level.
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2023.06.10 19:58 2th /r/ArcherFX will go dark on June 12th in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps

Holy Shit-snacks!
The world's greatest spy, while selfish, still does his best to make the world a better place, so as such, we have decided that the sub will be participating in the blackout from June 12th to the 14th. This means that you will not be able to read or make posts during that time.
For more detailed information, check out THIS IMAGE, /Save3rdPartyApps/, and /ModCoord.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.

Neat, but I don't use 3rd party apps. So why should I care?

This is not just about you. This is about all of reddit.

Still, why should I care?

  1. I know this is self-serving, but mods rely on 3rd party apps and bots to run their subreddits and to keep them free from spam and trolls. Remember, mods are unpaid volunteers. We do not get paid for this, nor are we asking to. We do this because we care about the topic and the community. We have asked reddit for years to make modding easier on the site and through the official app, and while they have added some tools, it still isn't enough, so we have to fill the gaps with 3rd party apps and bots. Simply put, if you hate bots, spammers, and scammers, this should be important to you.
  2. There is an old "rule" of the internet called the 1% rule. Essentially it means 1% of users create and contribute. 9% of users just contribute (think reposts, just finding stuff from other places, or commenting in general), and 90% lurk. When it is harder for those creators and contributors to actually contribute, they will just leave. All you lurkers out there will not have anything to view if that happens. So if you enjoy original content, or just the content on this sub in general, this should be important to you too!
  3. This is about accessibility. Lots of third party apps are used to allow the disabled to use the site. /Blind discusses it more HERE.

How can I help?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of /reddit.com, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit to check out /ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the word...to Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
In closing, we know that a blackout is going to anger and inconvenience people, and that is the point. We need you to get angry and to make your voices heard to the Admins. We are asking for you, the users, to help us make this a better place.
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2023.06.10 19:57 bluemuffin10 Looting is very... unpleasant on consoles at endgame

Right now, on console there seems to be no way to pickup a specific item on the ground aside from moving your character near it and fiddling with it to select the item you want, which is clunky to say the least. Just to be clear, this is not about attack vs interact, but the simple fact of picking-up a specific item. Solutions that come to mind:
At lower levels this is not such a big issue because you can just pick-up everything and still be fine, but as soon as you're doing endgame activities you'll start to get showered in gear and your only 2 choices become either slowly picking-up items or get all and portal to sell. It's not a very pleasant experience either way.
This could also be solved with a loot filter (which would let us pick-up everything), but barring that we could at least have a better experience looting on consoles.
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2023.06.10 19:56 Faithhal Benefits Of Bringing Toys

There are two schools of thought when it comes to including toys in your sexual relationships: There are those who view sex toys as a sign that something isn't working and are all in favor of it, firmly believing that having more assets is beneficial to both partners. To be honest, the only thing that doesn't work in those rooms without toys is a lack of creativity.
Sensuality coach Eleanor Hadley tells Vice, "Let's think of the pleasure spectrum as an ice cream shop." There are such countless flavors and mixes of joy accessible to us consistently. Here and there you'll stay with your go-to exemplary, yet different times you could take a stab at something pristine and be pleasantly shocked at how flavorful it was ... No flavor is completely better compared to the next, and they're all basically unique ... Adding sex toys in with the general mish-mash with regards to cooperated sex is just a way for you to improve joy and experience new sensations."
As indicated by a recent report by sexual wellbeing brand Ella Paradis, 61% of sex toy buyers make buys for them and for collaborated play. Even though this only comes from one survey, sex toys are increasingly becoming a part of people's sexual lives. In fact, the same survey revealed that 98% of adults in the United States consider sexual pleasure to be essential to sexual health.
The following advantages may just be enough to convince you that it's time to give sex toys a shot if you're unsure whether or not they belong in your sex life.
For more>> 情趣 (fun)
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2023.06.10 19:48 ThrowawayawayxXxsw An attempt to make sense of my current issues

I'm doing relatively low contact with my parents, though it hurts. I can hear the disappointment and defeat in my father's voice when I decline to hang out or help him. I'm at a loss.
My mother is in cancer treatment, but she should be fine. But I still feel stressed about my absence, more specifically if I will deeply regret not spending more time with them and showing them more love when they inevitably pass away. Something that will likely happen during the next two decades.
On one hand they have hurt me deeply, on the other hand they have done some amazing leaps in their own personal growth. They are actually pleasant han beings now. Ofcourse, for me, the idea of hanging out with my dad gives me fear. If I'm having a bad period I feel like meeting up with my dad alone would be the death of me.
Also I'm plagued with intrusive thoughts of suicide. I tell myself multiple times a day that I want to kill myself. Though I also recently have begun to experience anxiety about dying, about this being my only chance. So I want to die, but have anxiety about only living once, only having one shot.
I'm lonely I think, I'm not sure. I got friends that I trust, though most of them don't know the extent of my issues. Very few of them know that I have suffered from CPTSD, though at this point I've healed many symptoms.
I'm unable to wow women, I've been trying for a year, but I only seem to be able to befriend women. I'm pretty good at befriending women, but romantic interest? Doesn't even seem to be a possibility.
My confidence is shit. Not in a reactive way though, if people try to hurt me I'm quite stable and don't really feel much of an emotional reaction. I can also stand up for myself and others with no substancial issues or emotional explosions.
Though, I feel like I'm stupid, incompetent, worthless, a bother to my friends (despite being regularly asked to hang out), ugly, unproductive (despite working full time and doing musical gigs at the evenings), undesirable, cruel, inconsiderate, socially inept, creepy, selfish. I can't shake these feelings. I can't shake this inaccurate self view.
It is starting to bother me that I've never had a romantic relationship, and I'm soon 27. The idea seems unreal to me, though I have unsuccessfully been chasing it for a year. Even worse, people tell me they have no idea why I'm single. People even ask me "how the hell are you single" and I just respond "because I'm ugly" in which they deny. This belief doesnt deter me from approaching women, beautiful women, which there are many. If I were to lower my beauty standards I would have a woman, but I would prefer if I was attracted to my partner. And I don't think I'm picky since I find almost every women who isn't morbidly obese attractive. I would prefer if the mother of my children was healthy and wouldn't tire out halfway while we clean the house together.
Just to be clear, I don't blame women for being uninterested in me. That's an issue with me not being desirable, not them. Probably the biggest issue is that I don't feel desirable. Maybe they can somehow sense that I'm in ruins.
I can't keep my house clean for the life of me. It's a mess, a horrible mess.
My work is going great, though it is tiering me out. I might consider taking on less responsibility unless I'm compensated for the responsabilities I have.
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2023.06.10 19:37 2th /r/Horizon will go dark on June 12th in protest of Reddit's API changes that will kill 3rd party apps

Hey /Horizon community,
The Horizon franchise is a big proponent of inclusion and, in general, doing the right thing even when facing the end of the world. As such, we have decided that the sub will be participating in the blackout from June 12th to the 14th. This means that you will not be able to read or make posts during that time. Our Discord server will remain open, and we invite anyone who would like to continue to discuss this fantasist franchise to join up. If you’re not part of the /Horizon Discord server yet, you can join via the following link: https://discord.gg/horizon.
For more detailed information, check out THIS IMAGE, /Save3rdPartyApps/, and /ModCoord.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.

Neat, but I don't use 3rd party apps. So why should I care?

This is not just about you. This is about all of reddit, and given how hard the Horizon franchise fights for inclusion, we feel that we have to follow suit and fight for everyone too.

Still, why should I care?

  1. I know this is self-serving, but mods rely on 3rd party apps and bots to run their subreddits and to keep them free from spam and trolls. Remember, mods are unpaid volunteers. We do not get paid for this, nor are we asking to. We do this because we care about the topic and the community. We have asked reddit for years to make modding easier on the site and through the official app, and while they have added some tools, it still isn't enough, so we have to fill the gaps with 3rd party apps and bots. Simply put, if you hate bots, spammers, and scammers, this should be important to you.
  2. There is an old "rule" of the internet called the 1% rule. Essentially it means 1% of users create and contribute. 9% of users just contribute (think reposts, just finding stuff from other places, or commenting in general), and 90% lurk. When it is harder for those creators and contributors to actually contribute, they will just leave. All you lurkers out there will not have anything to view if that happens. So if you enjoy original content, or just the content on this sub in general, this should be important to you too!
  3. This is about accessibility. Lots of third party apps are used to allow the disabled to use the site. /Blind discusses it more HERE.

How can I help?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of /reddit.com, who are the admins of the site: message reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit to check out /ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the word...to Reddit's competition! Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting this may be, threats, profanity and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
In closing, we know that a blackout is going to anger and inconvenience people, and that is the point. We need you to get angry and to make your voices heard to the Admins. We are asking for you, the users, to help us make this a better place.
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2023.06.10 19:37 Grand-Earth2594 did artificial intelligence just?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the development of computer systems that can perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and language translation. There has been a lot of hype surrounding AI and its potential to transform various industries, including healthcare, transportation, and finance. However, with recent advancements in AI technology, many are beginning to contemplate whether AI has surpassed human intelligence. In this article, we will explore the current state of AI and whether it has truly surpassed human intelligence or not.
AI's ability to analyze data sets and make accurate predictions has been instrumental in many industries, from medical diagnosis to financial forecasting. However, AI still has significant limitations when compared to human intelligence. AI is excellent at identifying patterns and making predictions based on historical data. However, it does not have the same level of insight, creativity, and critical thinking skills as humans. Even the most advanced AI systems still require human input and guidance to operate effectively.
One of the primary reasons AI technology has improved so rapidly in recent years is due to the vast amounts of data that can be easily collected and analyzed. AI systems can process and learn from data much faster than humans, allowing them to identify patterns and make predictions accurately. However, AI still lacks the capacity for emotional intelligence and empathy, which are essential qualities for many human interactions. Therefore, while AI can excel in specific tasks, it still cannot replace humans in every scenario.
In conclusion, AI has made significant advancements in recent years, enabling computer systems to perform tasks that were once exclusive to human intelligence. Nevertheless, AI still has its limitations, and it cannot replace human intelligence altogether. The future of AI promises to provide more sophisticated systems that can replicate human-like thinking, but it will never completely replace the creativity, empathy, and critical thinking abilities of human beings. Ultimately, AI should be viewed as a tool to assist humans and improve their lives, rather than a replacement. With proper guidance and development, AI has the potential to revolutionize the world and shape our future for the better.
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2023.06.10 19:14 micktalian The Gardens of Deathworlders: A Blooming Love (Part 19)

Part 19 Like Angels Falling from the Heavens (Part 1) (Part 18)

"Dropping in 3… 2… 1. Mission initiated." A synthetic voice read the words off of Tensebwse's HUD and his vision was suddenly filled with the familiar sight of metal and polymer panels rushing past him. “Target ETA, 8 minutes.”

“Alright, ladies!” Tens shouted into his comms-link to the Qui’ztar warriors who were about to experience why the Hell Divers had that name. “Hold on tight! When those retro-thrusters kick, they kick hard!”

"Hold on to what?" The deep yet feminine that called back was equal parts excited and nervous, and even held hints of sarcasm.

"Consciousness." Tens chuckled as he felt himself slowly being pushed towards the planets below.

Despite not feeling too much pressure himself, the Nishnabe warrior was keeping a close eye on both his own acceleration gauge as well as the reads out from his trainees. With his suit and control-AI acting as the central node of the networked machines, he had immediate access to the external and internal sensors of every mech he was in formation with. And, like a good pack leader, Ten wasn't at the front of the group, charging ahead, and possibly going beyond the physical limits of the Qui’ztar warrior women. Rather, he was at the back of the formation, letting the first-time jumpers set a pace they could endure, and watching for signs of overexertion. Even though each woman was nearing the absolute peak of their athletic abilities, the strain they were about to feel would be unlike anything they had ever experienced.

"This isn't that bad." It was Hutloxa who made the remark while sounding a bit too confident.

"We're still on the insertion-burn!" Tens fully laughed into the comms. "Verify trajectory and shield integrity, ladies. It's now or never!"

"Drop zone marked, call out when verified!" Captain Marzima's commanding tone was that of an ardent professional as she knew her commanding officer was watching them carefully.

"Drop Mech 1, confirmed!" A cacophony of voices began calling out in sequence until completing at number 19.

"All units confirmed, Lieutenant!" Marz was doing her job with the precision of a trained expert.

"Excellent, Captain!" Though the praise wasn’t necessary, Tens was starting to get excited as he saw the timer for the retro-thrusters slowly counting down. It had been months since his last time falling into hell and he missed the adrenaline rush. “Remember ladies, you need to keep breathing. If you stop breathing you will pass out. The mechs can and will land on their own if they need to but I need you to stay with me for the whole drop. Do you understand me?!?”

“Sir, yes, sir!” All 20 voices shouted back through the comms in perfect synchronization.

Tens could feel as his heart rate picked up in anticipation as his mind became perfectly clear. Only a few hundred meters below him he could clearly see the highlighted outlines of each of the mechanized walkers he was following towards the ground below. Judging by the angle of their approach, the direction of the planet's rotation, and current placement of the day-night terminator line, they would be hitting their drop zone just as the sun would begin to rise. Though that wasn’t necessarily the intention when planning out this training drop onto the Kyim'ayik’s new colony world, the Nishnabe warrior was looking forward to seeing the sunrise on a new planet. As he watched his countdown time slowly inch closer and closer to the fun part, he hoped that even if some of the women got sick, they would enjoy falling into hell and then being greeted by the morning sun.

“Remember what I said, just keep breath-” Tens almost had his own breath knocked out of lungs as his retro-thrusters began to fire. With a glee none of the women were expecting to hear as they were all rocked by the same forces, the young Nishnabe warrior let out a call of unbridled excitement. “Eeee!”

"What! The! Fuck!" One if the women shouted into the comms though, through the strain, it wasn't clear who.

"You got this!" Tens was able to get out in a surprisingly clear tone. "We're only just over 30 m/s2. This isn't even an emergency drop!"

"Come ladies!" Marz's voice, despite the pressure on her body, was just as strong and confident as it was at the very beginning. "You're deathworlders! You're Qui'ztar! You will endure!"

"You'll build up a tolerance with more drops." Tens added, his ear to ear grin audible as he tried to keep the women going. "Sound off! I need to hear you're still with me!"

"Drop… ugh! Drop mech 1! Still breathing!" The first women called out through labored breaths.

"Drop Mech 2! This is great!" The next voice, in stark contrast to the first, sounded like she was having the time of her life.

In sequence, each of the women called out their number and condition, some showing intense strain and others were clearing having a grand time. It didn't matter to Tens if some of them would need more training, or may not even be cut out for these kinds of missions in the future. The only thing the man cared about at this moment was making sure that they all landed safely. Though it only took a few seconds for each woman to signal they were still conscious and aware, and one a second or two between each one speaking, they were burning through the counter down timer just as quickly as they were beginning to burn through the upper atmosphere of the planet below them. Just before Tens's view of the deep blue oceans beneath him were obscured by the building ball of fire and the blue shimmering from his active shielding, a quaint chain of islands caught his eye. When Captain Marzima finally confirmed that she too was still conscious and able to maintain her professional demeanor, the countdown showed less than six minutes until they touched down.

Like angels of fury falling from the heavens, the 21 mechanized combat walker suits tore their way through the building layers of atmosphere, reentry plasma building with each passing moment. The preprogrammed descent path, having been calculated long in advance, coupled with the lack of incoming fire from the ground to ensured the group of first time jumpers and their experienced instructor had no need for evasive actions. In front of them was a clean and clear route, save for a few sparse clouds, which would see them land directly at the chosen site for the new Kyim'ayik colony. Even though something in the back of the man's mind was telling him not to trust the Arnehilians on the planet below, the idea that even the gray demons who had stolen his ancestors from their home weren't all evil warmed his soul. As the formation of mechs came closer and closer to their target, continuing their dramatic descent as if they were an unstoppable force sent by the Gods, the coastal clearing they were heading towards was highlighted by their HUDs.

"By the Matria- oof!" One of the women called out with a mixture of giggling and exhaustion. "It doesn't let up!"

"Just a couple more minutes!" Tens couldn't help the fact his volume was raised. None of them could. All he could do was shout words of encouragement to spur on the few who were still having trouble acclimating to the strain. "I know you're strong! I know you’re capable! Just keep breathing and you'll be the first Qui’ztar to see a sunrise over the shores of new colony world!"

"Yac'tloma! Chuiom! Are you still with me?!?" Marz's slightly more intense yell caused Tens to trigger the cockpit-view of both of the pilots who got called out.

"Yes, Captain!" Yac responded almost instantly and with a surprising amount of strength. "I think… mmm… I'm finally getting used to it."

"Chuiom!" Marzima shouted again just as a hologram of the Qui’ztar in question popped up on Tens's HUD.

"I'll wake her up." Tens chuckled as he sent a signal to Chu's mech to give her some mild stimulation.

"Fucker!" The woman was instantly awake and Tens could see through the holographic display that she wasn't happy. "Did someone just shock me?"

"No napping till after the debrief!" Tens retorted. "Your vitals are fine and we only got a minute or so left. Keep breathing and stay with me!"

Various readouts across Tens’s HUD were running through numbers faster than the holographic display could refresh. From altitude to effective airspeed, the Nishnabe warrior could see that everything was going perfectly and, despite some of his trainees showing signs of serious exhaustion, he was about as happy as he could be at that moment. Though one of the women did stop breathing for just a moment too long, and needed a bit of prodding to wake back up, the health data the man was cycling through indicated everyone seemed fine, no bones had been broken, and the strain hadn’t caused any unforeseen injuries. Regardless of how strong and capable he knew all of these women to be, and the fact that inertial dampers were reducing the felt forces to about a third of what they should be, each of these Qui’ztar deserved to relax after this. With only a few thousand meters per second of relative velocity left to burn off, and the retro-thrusters maintaining a cool 80 meters per second squared of deceleration, they would all get their moment of peace very soon.

“Is that the Arnehilian settlement?” Hutloxa’s voice cut in through the comms. “It looks really small.”

“Yeup, looks like.” Tens answered while bringing the relevant data up on his HUD. “Just a couple bigger buildings that look like greenhouses, some smaller ones that look like civilian structures, and really simple solar heating and wind energy systems.”

“My systems are telling me there aren’t any defensive systems.” Another of the warrior women added with hints of both confusion and doubt in her voice. “I’ve never seen Grays without some kind of weapons.”

“Remember the brief!” Marz shouted into the brief. “These aren’t Grays, they’re Greens. They’re entirely peaceful and they only have a few personal defense weapons that would barely break our skin.”

“I don’t -ugh-” It sounded like Chu was still struggling with the pressure she was under but was beginning to cope. “I don’t like this. Feels like a trap.”

“Their Mayor said he’s tried to keep his people clear of us.” Despite having more reservation about this situation than he cared to admit, Tens almost hoped he would have the opportunity to meet one of these supposedly peaceful Arnehilians. “But we’ll find out if he actually did it. According to the Admiral, the guy is a total softy and doesn’t like telling people what to do.”

“The ground is coming up fast!” One of the women nervously shouted as Tens noticed his relative velocity gauge showed the mach cones surrounding the mechs were about to dissipate and they would be on the ground in the next few seconds.

“Congratulations, ladies!” Tens shouted in reply as he saw the first mech halt its descent less than a meter off the ground before its massive metal feet could impact the soil. One by one each of the mech stopped just before impact and gently set themselves on to the surface of the planet. “That was your first trip into hell and I hope you enjoyed it!”

There was a chorus of cheers, sighs of relief, and what even sounded like a few tears as 19 of the 20 warrior women began to celebrate their accomplishment. As each of the mechanized walkers shed their re-entry assistance systems, the durable and combat tested thrusters impacted the ground in a series of dull thuds, and complete physical control over the suits was given over the pilots. While a many of the over five meter tall goliaths of metal and poly ceramics jumped up and down, throwing their fist in to air in excitement, some of the others had taken up more leaned forward positions to represent the posture their pilots would be in if they were out of their suits and catching their breath. As the orange and purple sunrise crested the horizon, the Nishnabe warrior couldn’t help but take a moment to simply enjoy the scene around him. Though Tens knew the celebration could and would likely keep going until the recovery shuttle landed to pick them up, he couldn’t help but notice that one of the mech seemed to be staring at the treeline of the clearing.

Quickly interfacing with the sensor system networked into his own, it soon became quite obvious what Captain Marzima was staring at. Just a few dozen meters away, just at the edge of the treeline surrounding the clearing, were four beings which were quickly highlighted on Tens’s HUD and registered as Arnehilian biosignatures. With a quick zoom and directed scan, it became immediately obvious that a small group of children had stuck away from settlement to watch the mechs land. Though they looked quite clean, well fed, and properly cared for, Tens couldn’t shake the feeling that these small, dull-gray beings were somehow different from the silver-skinned bastards whom he hated. It may have been the more healthy, full-figured appearance of their more human-like frames, the simple olive-drab clothing they wore, or possibly even just the more natural appearance of their skin, but they didn’t seem evil at all. Despite the somewhat suspicious nature of beings trying to keep themselves hidden, a smile formed on the Nishnabe warrior’s face as he walked his mech over towards them.

“Hey kids! I can see you!” Tens shouted through his suit’s external speaker system which prompted the children to try to duck behind cover. “The sensors already have you tagged as innocent. You don’t have to hide.”

“Report.” Admiral Atxika’s commanding voice cut into the comms link even though she already knew exactly what was going on.

“Ah, just some kids.” Tens quickly replied with an unbothered tone. “Probably got told to stay away and then did what kids do.”

"I'll contact Mayor Harideth and have him come collect these wayward youth." Atxika replied a bit softer. "Make sure they're safe and uninjured. This planet does have its share of predators."

"You got it." There was real excitement from the warrior as he closed the distance to where the children were still cowering behind cover. "Hey kids, are you alright over there?"

The only reply Tens received as he stopped just a few of his mechs long paces away from the treeline was silence. Despite their attire blending surprisingly well with the lush green forest that surrounded them, the children's attempt to hide behind a large bush was weak at worst and endearing at best. Seeing as they were obviously still afraid of the giant metal machine that was standing just a few meters away, Tens took the initiative, lowered his mech down to a kneeling position, and triggered the cockpit opening procedure.

"Don't be scared." Tens shouted with a caring voice from his now open cockpit. "I've got some snacks for you if you come out."

"But… you're an angel…" One of the children was slowly lifting their head above the bush as they spoke.

"And angels only fall on tyrants and oppressors!" Another child added with an absolutely adorable, squeaky voice while joining the first with their head poking above the bush.

Tens shifted his eyes between the two, unsure of how to respond, but very glad that both children seemed perfectly fine beyond their fear and apprehension. As the other two slowly rose, the Nishnabe warrior opened a small compartment in his cockpit and moved to pull out the promised snacks.

"We… we aren't oppressors…" The child who spoke first was clearly still very concerned about why these angels had fallen so close to her settlement. "Are we?…"

"No, no, no!" Tens quickly answered in the sweetest voice he could muster. "You are innocent children, little ones! You have done nothing wrong. Now, you can eat candied fruit, right?"

"Yes!" The two youngest children shouted in perfect, ecstatic unison.

"But…" The first child, though she was now eying the small packets of treats that Tens had in his hand, obviously still had her reservations. "If we aren't oppressors… Why did you fall so close to our village? Are there oppressors nearby?"

"Ooohhh!" The realization of what was scaring the young girl hit the man like a falling brick. "No, no, no, don't worry, sweetheart. We're just training. Angels have to practice falling so we can do our jobs perfectly when we are called to."

"Huh…" The gray, scaly skinned little girl only looked concerned for a second longer before a huge smile formed across her face and her large blue eyes began to sparkle. "I guess that makes sense. And you all were so beautiful as you fell! Like a wing of fire falling to the ground with the fury of the loving Old Gods!"

"The Old Gods?" Tens half asked while motioning for the children to approach and collect their snacks. "But, more importantly, what are your names, little ones?"

"I'm Valerovum." The first child, who was obviously the leader of this group, announced as she guided the rest from behind the bush and towards Tens and his mech. "And this is Teliuva, Carmoni, and Jokiat."

"It is a pleasure to meet you all." The man bowed slightly before handing the snack packets to Val who then distributed them to her posse. "Do your parents know you're out here? I'm sure they're worried about you."

"Umm…." Val and her gang's eyes grew wide as they realized they might get in trouble for wandering so far away from the safety of their village. However, as if on cue, a new voice called out from the forest behind them.

"Valerovum! Teliuva! Carm-" It sounded like a man was desperately crying out for the young children.

"Over here!" Tens shouted back as loud as he could. "They're safe!"

In the few moments it took for rustling of branches and leaves to close the distance to where Tens and the children were waiting, the kids had already opened their snacks and begun savoring the sweet treats as if it were the very first time they had ever eaten something so sweet. When the olive-drap clad Arnehilian Mayor burst through the bramble, he quickly came to a frozen stop as he saw the four children eating their snacks in front of the Nishnabe warrior and his mechanized walker.

"Mayor Harideth!" Jokiat, the smallest of the four children, ran over the older being, wrapped one of his legs in a tight hug, and then offered the packet of candied fruit up towards him. "This angel has the best snacks I've ever had!"

"They aren't-" The Mayor began before quickly cutting himself off. "Oh, is that right, Jokiat?"

"Yes, yes! You have to try one!" The small child raised the packet of snacks even further towards the Mayor’s dull-gray face.

"They're just candied fruits." Tens clarified after seeing the hints of apprehension on Harideth's face. "They're high in vitamins and sugar content."

“Tha- Thank you!” Harideth took one of the slices of dried, semi-hardened fruit from the package then gave Tens a polite bow before patting Jok on the head lovingly. As he took a delicate bit of the sweet treat, his eyes suddenly grew just as wide as the children’s and he looked like he was eating the most delicious thing he had ever tried.

“Good, right?” The Nishnabe warrior was doing his best to be friendly towards these members of a species that, in any other circumstance, he would have already killed. “I always keep a few packets in my mech just in case I get hungry on a mission.”

“This is wonderful!” The mayor confirmed before bowing again and then redirecting his attention towards the group of children. “Now children, we were worried sick about you! There are predators in this forest. Think about how your mothers would cry if something bad were to happen to you. Let’s get you back to the village before one of those predators finds us.”

“I can escort y’all, if yah want.” Tens chimed in with a genuinely pleasant tone and smile on his face. “I wouldn’t want anything happening to these adorable little ones. If there are predators in this forest, they wouldn’t dare try to attack y’all if me and Loud Bark are with you.”

“Oh, that-” Harideth was about to respectfully decline when Jok interrupted him.

“The angels protect the innocent!” The small child’s shout was quickly followed up by the rest of the children repeating the phrase in near perfect unison. “The angels protect the innocent!”

“That…” The Mayor looked down into Jok’s eyes and saw a sense of hope and serenity that touched his soul before he turned back towards Tens. “That would be quite kind and generous of you. I would truly appreciate it.”

“Tsss! Don’t worry about it!” Tens was all smiles at the prospect of being able to witness a truly peaceful Arnehilian settlement. “It’s gonna be another 30 to 40 minutes before the recovery shuttle gets here, another 20 to 30 minutes to load up all my trainees, and then they can just come pick me up from your village. Besides, angels protect the innocent, right?”
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2023.06.10 19:09 asd8dhd The Secrets of Interstellar and Interplanetary Travel

I almost didn’t post this. Not because I think it’s too wild or doesn’t make any sense. In fact, quite the opposite. The information I present here, which is the result of countless hours spent re-watching videos, listening to audio, and cross-referencing official information, is something that now seems to me to be far too viable not to be correct. I have actually tried to prove this theory wrong and… well basically I can’t. So, please bear this in mind as you read. This could end up being one of those rare occasions when we’re actually onto something. Either way, I hope you enjoy the post.
First point; this is going to be a long post. Given the subject matter, it needs to be. Second point; I have not added any images or videos directly into the post but have instead included a great many links embedded within the text itself. This should ensure that the post is no longer than it needs to be but should still allow you sufficient opportunity to fully scrutinize every part of my theory, so that you can determine for yourself whether or not you think it holds weight.
I have organised all of the information under specific headings designed to make everything more accessible. Each section focuses on a particular aspect of the main theory. Even if you think that some of what you are reading may not be relevant, I can assure you that everything written here has been included as an important part of a much larger puzzle, and so I would advise that you patiently make your way through the entirety of the post. In an effort to ensure that your time invested here is appropriately rewarded, and in the spirit of preserving the scientific method, I have tried to keep flavor text and blind speculation down to an absolute minimum.
Note that I will be listing various aspects of this post as being confirmed correct or incorrect as and when we have official information to verify such facts. So here we are, after five long years of waiting, the inevitable release of Starfield, like the event horizon of some nearby black hole, is almost upon us. With the Showcase now a mere 24 hours away, it is time for us to take a look at what makes this particular game so special, as well as discovering just how we will be given the means to fly among the stars.
And so, without further ado, let us begin.
Hitchhiker's Guide
From watching gameplay footage, and also listening to various devs talk about Starfield, we know that at some along the early part of the story, we will find ourselves on board a Constellation Starship, which is appropriately named Frontier. With us on the ship is VASCO, an adorable robot assistant who will eventually become one of our possible companions. But how did we even end up on this ship? Well firstly, I do not believe that Frontier is our ship, or at least not at first. And so, we’re probably here in the capacity of a ‘guest’ of some kind, or more likely, a hitchhiker.
If we take a look at this scene, we first hear a male shouting “that’s the Crimson Fleet! and then a female saying “Everybody get ready!” After this, we can see that the group we are with is attacked. We already know that we uncover some kind of unknown artifact whilst mining for ore near the beginning of the Main Quest, and that the aforementioned Crimson Fleet is essentially an organised collective of space pirates. But what we don’t know is why they attacked us. This is not something I will be diving into in this particular post, although I do have some theories about this. But the relevance of the series of events here described cannot be understated, as they seem to be the launching point for our entry into Constellation and the adventures that follow.
Next, if we look a little further, we can see that this seemingly-important member of Constellation is not with us when we arrive at their Headquarters on Jemison, which suggests that he may have been killed during the above mentioned attack. Also note that, in-spite of not having a voiced protagonist this time round, we can clearly hear somebody talking over Frontier’s comms system, which means that there must be a designated pilot. Given the fact that we don’t see anyone who is confirmed as being the pilot (although it may actually be this person), it is safe to assume that this designated individual was with us during the flight but was first injured in the attack on the planet’s surface and was then taken to Medical Bay after we successfully land on Jemison.
It is my belief that, after perhaps being exposed to some kind of energy pulse from a grenade or something similar, the first member of Constellation we see was outright killed (hence why we are then asked to join up ourselves, perhaps to take over his role). The pilot, however, clearly survived as we can hear him talking to Control over the comms system during what is actually an extended two-way conversation, but I think that his vision was somehow compromised so that, even though he is able to speak, he is temporarily unable to see. The good news about this most unfortunate situation is that it opens the door for us to quickly step into the hot seat and, with the pilot acting as our guide, we will experience our very first Starfield flight tutorial.
Radio Chatter
If you listen to the beginning of both the Official Teaser Trailer and Official Gameplay Reveal for Starfield, you will hear both halves of the radio conversation I have referenced above, or at least the parts of it that Bethesda have given us so far. The first of these is spoken by somebody being referred to as Control, and the second by Frontier’s pilot. I previously posted a link to an audio I made and put up on Soundcloud, which gives us all of the confirmed parts of this conversation carefully spliced together and enhanced for clarity. Note that some of the audio, despite these enhancements, is a little hard to make out.
The final, in-game conversation is going to be a fair bit longer than what we have here and will be based on the specific processes that are required before attempting a Grav Jump. I don’t think we will hear this conversation every time we perform a Jump (especially given that our protagonist does not speak), but the first time we experience this early step-out moment, a detailed and appropriate pre-launch conversation will only serve to enhance what I’m sure will be an awe-inspiring experience.
Note that, at the end of this post, I have provided a link to a written transcript detailing what I think is being said in the full version of the above conversation. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the confirmed parts of this audio. This is slightly different from the version I previously posted, due to new evidence clarifying exactly what is being said here. I have left line-spaces to help show where the missing parts of the audio will eventually go:
PILOT: "Control this is Constellation Starship Frontier."
CONTROL: "Constellation Starship Frontier, we have you on scanners."
PILOT: "We're ready to start on your signal."
CONTROL: "Performing Road Systems check. Helium-3 tanks, check. Seals are intact."
PILOT: "Maintaining Exit Vector course, Steady 'till Ready."
CONTROL: "We are still go."
PILOT: "Coordinates input, plotting Jump course."
CONTROL: "We read you Constellation."
PILOT: "Sky-Bus is converged, we're looking good."
CONTROL: "Jemison route looks good."
PILOT: "Allocating Auxiliary Reactor Power."
CONTROL: "Prepare for departure. Graviton Loop Array Spool, check."
PILOT: "System checks are green across the board."
CONTROL: "Your space Lane is clear."
PILOT: "Grav Jump commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."
At first, this seems like a typical, albeit futuristic version of an Air Traffic Control conversation. After all, much of what is being said does sound very familiar, and the rest seems appropriate to Starfield’s apparent Hard Science Fiction theme. But it’s only when you start digging a little deeper that you realize that something else is going on here as well.
Note the following terms taken from the above transcript: Road, Exit, Course, Coordinates, Bus, Route, Departure and Lane. All these words share a very noticeable common theme. They are all in some way related to Road Networks. Note also the phrase “green across the board," which sounds like it could also be a reference to Traffic Lights.
Zooming Along
Next, let’s look at this map, which features the home of a certain Software Development Company you may have heard of. If you zoom out a fair bit, you will see two large Cities, namely Washington and Baltimore. Zoom out a little more, and you can now see the cities of Richmond to the South and Pittsburgh to the North-West. Zoom back in over any of these four major cities, and you will see that there are many more smaller locations within each of the city limits.
Now scroll the map over to any of the areas outside of these cities, and you will find a multitude of other important locations. These include residential areas, airports, medical facilities, sports and leisure facilities, research facilities, manufacturing facilities, tech companies, supermarkets), hotels, places of worship, and many others. All the above locations are important in one way of another to the continued functioning of our society, and all can be placed within two distinct categories. These are Population Centers and Infrastructure.
You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Now imagine that there has been some kind of catastrophic flood in this area, and all these locations, although somehow miraculously intact, are now separated from each other as a series of individual islands in the middle of a newly formed ‘ocean’. Suddenly, the existing Road Network, along with any cars, busses, and other road vehicles, would become useless. You would need to use a completely different system, one designed to properly accommodate these changes, which would of course have to incorporate such elements as harbors, shipping routes, and vehicles capable of travelling along a waterway.
Now let’s zoom out again, this time further. Much, much, further. Each location has now been transformed into either a planet or a moon, spread across various star systems covering a vast region of space. Each one of these planets and moons will have its own individual features, resources, possible inhabitants, and infrastructure requirements. With such a quantum leap in terms of scale, if we now wanted to travel between these locations, which could in many cases end up being several light years apart, we are going to need something far bigger in terms of scale, complexity, and technology.
Shown In 60 Seconds
During the first ever 60 seconds of Starfield footage we all saw, shown in the form of the Official Announcement Teaser at the end of BE3 on June 11th 2018 (which redditor InToddWeTrust2023 has very nicely referenced here), we were given some surprisingly important clues which now form the cornerstone of this theory. Not only have these clues stacked up with every consecutive trailer released, as well as many of the other official videos and various other snippets of information, but their sheer level of consistency places them well outside the realm of possible coincidence.
Some of these additional clues were given to us in the two videos referenced above which contain the comms audio. The second of these two videos, namely the Official Gameplay Reveal, dropped, as would be expected, at the end of last year’s Showcase on June 12th 2022. Some of the most crucial information we have been given to date regarding my theory is actually contained in the 70 seconds shown before Todd even begins to speak. We will discuss the relevance of all of this a little further on in the post.
Lo-go/no go
First, some Space related terminology. In Mission Control speak, a Launch Status Check, also known as a go/no go poll, is part of a very carefully designed system implemented by US Space Agencies to ensure maximum safety and the best possible survival chance of both the ship and its crew prior to launch. This, or something similar, will undoubtedly form an integral part of the pre-launch, or rather, pre-Jump procedures incorporated into Starfield, especially given what we know in relation to its specific influences, attention to detail, and focus on realism.
But let's look for a moment at a different type of launch. Let's look at the process of carefully managing the flow of information when you are launching a long-awaited, multi-million-dollar triple-A video game and you happen to be a major player. With the combined might of Bethesda, Zenimax, and now Microsoft, there is clearly a great deal of scope in terms of how they were able to execute all of the steps involved in this process. One critically important factor, and one that has been masterfully implemented in the promotion of Starfield, is the use of familiar iconography.
If we look at the iconography seen during the promotion of Starfield, we can see that there are two main elements. These are the circular Starfield logo, first unveiled in 2018, and of course the recently updated Bethesda Games Studios logo, which has existed in various iterations since around 2006. Both of these share a common, simplistic yet effective design, and the BGS logo in particular is now light years ahead of its original design as seen on box art and in promotional materials for The Elder Scrolls VI Oblivion. At the time of Oblivion’s release, the long-term use of this particular logo, which incorporates the now familiar Fallout Vault Door, was a little uncertain due to restrictions with the associated licence (more on this below). But once this matter had been resolved, it would make a lot of sense that they would then develop this logo into the much sharper, more modern version we see today.
Licenced to Fly
Way back in April of 2007, Bethesda realized one of their biggest long-term business goals by finally securing the full rights to the highly acclaimed Fallout series. Prior to this, in 2004, they had been granted limited rights which would allow them to develop Fallout 3 and then two additional games, but they clearly wanted full and unrestricted access to the franchise and all of its assets. Since this time, in addition to Fallout 3, we have seen the release of Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76, as well as a number of smaller projects, including Fallout Shelter. This is all the proof you need to confirm the fact that, in-spite of some initial setbacks, Bethesda’s insistence on going the extra mile with regards to securing the full franchise, was most definitely worth it, and was seen by many as a landmark achievement.
Looking at the most recent entry to this ever-expanding series, namely Fallout 76, I would like to draw your attention to two of this particular game’s trailers. First, we have the Fallout 76 Official Trailer from 2018, and then The Pitt Story Trailer from 2022. In the first of these two trailers, at around the 35 second mark, we see the new BGS logo once again, and then near the end of the video we see a smaller version, neatly tucked away over on the left-hand side of the usual copyright notice. If we then look at the second trailer, at around… Hold on a second, let me rewind that a bit… wait, what?
This is where things start to get really interesting.
One Small Step
Okay, going back to the Fallout 76 trailers, although the smaller version of the BGS logo can be seen at or near the end of each of these, only the first incorporates the larger, ‘splash-screen’ version. “But why is this even important?” you may ask. “They may have simply forgotten to include this detail in the second trailer.” I can assure you that this is most certainly not the case. In fact, I am one-hundred-percent confident that this was quite intentional. I would even go as far as saying that this one, seemingly insignificant detail, actually brings us a step closer to unlocking the secrets of Starfield. Essentially, Bethesda have taken full advantage of how we all think we remember certain details, and as such, this is an example of truly expert-level hidden marketing on their part. I also believe it will form the basis of at least one of the big reveals during the showcase.
One Giant Leap
Let’s go back one more time to the Announcement Teaser and the Gameplay Reveal for Starfield. Look at how drastically different the BGS logo is in both of these videos compared to any of those used in promoting Fallout 76. What will really blow your mind here is the fact that all four of the trailers mentioned above were first shown to us during the same two Showcases we have just been discussing! In other words, the first of these videos for both Fallout 76 and Starfield were both unveiled at the 2018 Showcase, and the second of each at the 2022 Showcase. And yet each respective pair make use of drastically different versions of what we all thought was the exact same logo. This means that Starfield has been designed, from the ground up, to be viewed and experienced in a totally different way than, and completely separate from, any of Bethesda’s previous titles.
To clarify this point, after extensive research, I can confirm that this new, animated BGS logo, with the vault door rolling off to the left and then ‘opening up’ just before the text appears, has never been featured anywhere in an official capacity that is not directly related to Starfield. It is completely unique to this specific IP. This fact ties together everything we have looked at in the post so far. It also lets us see things from a completely different ‘orbital’ perspective. For example, I believe that this information gives us the real reason why Bethesda worked so hard to secure the full rights to the Fallout franchise in the way that they did. Not only did they wish to create awesome games set within the Fallout universe, but they also needed total freedom to make use of a specific part of this franchise that so that they could then incorporate it into their next, very very big, space related IP.
For Mankind
Okay. This is the part you’ve all been waiting so patiently for. This is the big reveal. For months now, perhaps even years, we have all been drip-fed the idea that Starfield is essentially “Skyrim in Space.” The reason I think that we have been told this is to misdirect us away from an intrinsic, interwoven connection between Starfield and Bethesda’s other major franchise, which is of course Fallout. But just to put your mind at rest, I do not for a nanosecond believe that the reveal will be, “We fooled you all, it’s actually Fallout in space!” no matter how cool that might at first sound.
What I do believe is that Starfield will be so different and so unique when viewed alongside anything else that Bethesda have published, that it will quite literally take your breath away. This game, the spark of which was first ignited 25 years ago, is Todd Howard’s true passion project. Everything else was simply the path he took to finally get here. This is the story he has always wanted to tell, the story of Mankind’s true legacy. And it all starts, just as it did when Interplay released the original Fallout) game back in 1997, with a familiar, but staggeringly different Vault Door.
The Vault
There is a very special and completely unique hidden Vault in Starfield. Not only is this particular Vault unlike anything you have previously seen anywhere within the Fallout universe, but it is also unlike anything you have seen in any game. Period.
This hidden Vault is actually the key to both interstellar and interplanetary travel. And it also happens to be the single biggest construction project in human history, extending across a span of almost one-hundred light years. And it is not even close to being completed, even after more than two-hundred years of construction.
This Vault is, by its very nature, completely invisible and shielded away from view. It is quite literally hidden in plain sight, and it can only be accessed through one of its specially crafted Vault Doors. But what does all of this mean for gameplay, and how does something like this even work? I’m glad you asked! Let’s strap in and prepare for launch, because we’re all in for an incredible ride.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen... to The Starfield
Entering The Starfield
The following is my own interpretation, based on scientific reasoning and a huge amount of detailed analysis, of exactly how I think this system works. It is, as ever, backed up with several links throughout, as well as additional evidence for which I shall provide a separate link at end of the post. I am expecting perhaps some differences in terms of specific details once we get hold of the final release of Starfield, but I am confident that I am at the very least well within the ballpark with all of this. Okay, here goes.
The Science Behind the Magic
Starfield is the name given to a vast network of interconnecting tunnels, spanning the entirety of the Settled Systems, providing us with a very fast and highly practical means of travelling between different planets, and even different star systems. These tunnels exist within a localized, folded state, known as Tunnel-Space. The construction of the Starfield is made possible thanks to a technological breakthrough which allows gravitational waves (or Gravitons) to be woven together to form something known as a Gravity-Tunnel, which is then stretched out and connected between any two existing stellar objects, such as two planets in a given system, of even two stars from different systems.
In order to maintain the integrity of each tunnel, it is wrapped in a special type of Exotic Matter known as Superfluid Helium. This has a number of highly unusual properties, including negative energy density and negative energy pressure. This essentially makes it the physical-space equivalent of time going in reverse, meaning that it is capable of counteracting the effects of any conventional physical force, including the gravitational pull of a black hole. As such, it will hold the structure of the Gravity-Tunnel together for an indefinite period of time over a potentially infinite distance through space.
Within the Starfield are a large number of Nodes and Junction Points. Nodes are used to connect together all of the planets in any one Star System, and Junction Points then connect different Star Systems together, making use of much larger Gravity-Tunnels that are the equivalent of Interstate Highways. Note that all flight between any given planet and any or all of its moons is handled locally, outside of the Starfield.
Because all of the stars, planets, and moons in the Settled Systems are in a constant state of flux, by which I mean their relative distance and positions) are constantly changing in respect to each other, the tunnels within the Starfield have been designed to be able to expand and contract almost infinitely so that they can accommodate any changes in these two factors depending on when, where, and how you travel.
Although the main tunnels are designed to transport people, resources, waste, and other items directly relating to either Population Centers or Infrastructure, I believe there is also a sub-system) that will allow much smaller objects, such as probes, to carry data-packets that can be upload at one location and then downloaded at another, effectively solving the problem of inoperable delays in communication between remote locations.
Inside of each Gravity-Tunnel is a bi-directional singularity, which can be switched between two opposite polarities whenever required with the help of the surrounding Exotic Matter, allowing for two-way traffic inside what is essentially a one-way system. This means that, as long as you are able to ensure the correct polarity of all connecting Nodes and Junction Points along your route (as in “Sky-Bus is converged” and “Jemison route looks good”), you will be able to travel, in theory at least, from any point A to any point B, as long as all of the required interconnections exist within the system.
When travelling through the Starfield, you will set a specific route, known as a Sky-Bus, which is a specified pathway that runs from your staring location to your destination. You will then, with the help of Starfield Control, access the tunnels using a Gating System which I will explain below. Incidentally, I believe that the accepted in-universe name for the actual transit network that we are making use of within the Starfield is the Sky-Bus Tunnel System.
Each tunnel in this system actually has two separate ‘Lanes’, one on the left for outbound traffic, and one on the right for incoming traffic. As I have explained above, each of these tunnels can only accommodate a single direction of traffic flow at any given time. And so, a safety measure had to be incorporated to prevent any accidental attempts to travel the wrong way down a tunnel and destroying yourself and your ship.
At each end of any given Node or Junction Point is a Gate. These are the ‘Vault Doors’ I have been referring to. The Gate comprises of a gigantic metal outer-ring connecting to an inner Vault Door. This Vault Door will either be at the center (closed position), or the left (open position) of the outer ring. The open/left position will allow outbound traffic to leave the orbit of the current planet they are in proximity to. To allow inbound traffic, the entire outer ring, with the Vault Door locked in place, will rotate clockwise through 180 degrees to the open/right position to allow access to the inbound Lane. When the outbound Lane is then once again required, the structure then continues to rotate in a clockwise motion until it reaches the open/left position once again. When required, the Vault Door will return to the neutral position at the center of the ring, and the tunnel will be locked.
Regarding Grav Jumps: Whenever you wish to perform a Grav-Jump, you must first request permission from Starfield Control, who will guide you through the process. Once the route is set and your Exit Gate is locked in place, by activating your ship’s Grav-Drive, along with it’s incorporated spooling system, you will first lock on to the front of the tunnel entrance.
Next, using a system similar to an Aircraft Catapult, you will be pulled into the tunnel at great speed, where the Graviton Loop Array will hold your ship in-place inside the tunnel, and will also ensure you don’t accidentally go down the wrong path. At the other end, the spooling system described above then acts as an Arresting Cable, slowing you down over a very short distance.
If all of the above is actually correct, especially the last part, then I think I will be having this on repeat in the background before Grav-Jumps!
Finally, here is the link to my additional supporting evidence and other materials, including some stuff I haven’t had a chance to really go into yet. Feel free to throw any questions at me, and I’ll do my best to answer them. In the meantime, Showcase will commence in 24 Hours…
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2023.06.10 19:09 breaking_prism It’s almost as if people from different countries can feel the same thing at the same time, go figure.

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2023.06.10 19:04 storiesof-adreamer 25 [F4M] #Nashville/USA - Looking for my special subby boyfriend for a GFD long term relationship!

(If this post is still up, I'm still looking!)
Hey there. I really want to develop a female led/slight gentle femdom relationship with a special guy.
When a lot of men see the term "female led relationship," they think, "Oh, the woman will make all the decisions with no input on what I think/want."
Are there dynamics like that? I'm sure there is. Personally, I'm not looking to be "the boss" or "above" you in any way. I want us to be equal... but have you give up control to me in a few other ways. :)
What do I mean? Keep reading on!
You can call me Dreamer for now. (I'll tell you my real name once we get to know each other) Please do NOT call me Miss, Master, Dominatrix or Ma'am.
I'm 25 years old and an INFJ-T. I live in Nashville, Tennessee, USA (AKA Music City) and I'm on Central Standard Time. I'm a Black woman and I stand 5 feet, 7 inches tall. My eyes are brown and I wear glasses. I don't have any tattoos or piercings at the moment.
One thing I want to mention is that I'm plus size, AKA a bigger girl. I'm undergoing a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in two months to lose the excess weight I have in a sustainable and permanent way. I'm ready to regain my body and be healthy and confident again. I'd love to have you by my side throughout my journey!
As far as personality goes, I'd describe myself as empathetic and sweet. I like to help others as much as I can. In person, I tend to be rather shy at first. People tend to mistake that for weakness or gullibility. I'm anything but; my strength lies in introspection and quiet observation. I notice every nuance of a person's actions, words, body language, vibe... my intuition hasn't steered me wrong yet!
I won't go into detail on every single interest that I have but I'll talk about my biggest ones that you'll likely hear me mention the most.
I've been writing since I was six years old, but I started taking it seriously around 13 years old. All in all, it's been 19 years. As of right now, I primarily write Fanfiction but in the past, I've written short stories, poetry and I even tried to learn how to write screenplays at one point.
I wrote my first full-length book in 2018/2019. I started the sequel in early 2020, but I'm still working on it. I lost a LOT of inspiration during the pandemic but I'm finally writing for it again.
If you also enjoy writing, I'd love to "talk shop" with you and maybe we can exchange some of our past works.
Music has gotten me through a lot over the years. Yeah, yeah, I know everyone says that. But it truly has. It's shaped my life and introduced me to a lot of things and people that I probably never would've done or met otherwise.
There's no point in saying I like xyz genre because I've listened to pretty much everything. The only ones I truly hate are country and gangster rap. If you want specifics, though... I've been a HUGE twenty one pilots fan for 9 years. (I have more merch, stickers and other random shit than I care to admit to lmao) I also love other artists like Amber Run, Purity Ring, Phantogram, Daughter, Lorde, OneRepublic... plus tons more.
I've always had this dumb idea of a guy and I confessing to each other through playlists with songs that make us think fondly about each other...
God, I'm single.
I've been into photography for 10 years and I've had my DSLR for eight years. (It's definitely the camera version of 'Ol Reliable) I enjoy nature and portrait photography. I'd love to show you some of my work and get your thoughts on it.
TV genres I like: Animation (like Spongebob), comedy, drama, documentaries (disaster and crime ones are my favorites), true crime (like Forensic Files), old sitcoms (like Sanford and Son) and cooking and baking competitions/reality TV (like Kitchen Nightmares US and UK, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, The Great British Baking Show, etc)
Movie genres I like: Animation, drama, comedy, action, psychological thrillers and science fiction. I thoroughly loved The Greatest Showman so one could say I like musicals but it's the only one I've seen so not sure if that really counts. Comic book movies are pretty alright too, but I really haven't seen anything past the first Avengers movie lmaooooo.
I say this as unpretentiously as possible, but I haven't seen most popular TV shows or movies that your average person likes. I think the last "popular" thing I watched was that Jeffrey Dahmer series on Netflix. (mainly out of morbid curiosity because everyone was freaking out about it... and because I think Evan Peters is a cutie) I only saw a few episodes and then forgot to watch the rest of it, but it wasn't as horrific as everyone was saying. Maybe I've watched too much Forensic Files and I'm desensitized lmao.
✨️Video and computer games✨️
Video game genres I like: Adventure, action-adventure, RPGs & JRPGs, Strategy... basically anything that is relatively fun and not horror related.
Some of my all-time favorites: Kingdom Hearts II, Ratchet and Clank, Journey, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy X.
As far as computer games, the only thing I play on a regular basis is The Sims 2 and The Sims 4. As a kid, I loved simulator and time-management games; some old favorites are the RCT series, Simcity: Rush Hour, the first four Diner Dash games, the Delicious series and Burger Shop 2 (which I still have on my computer actually lmao)
✨️Other random interests✨️
Art, traveling, people watching, researching random topics on Wikipedia and watching YouTube, especially channels with old shows and movies.
My last position was working nights at a psychiatric hospital. I'm looking for something new at the moment.
I'm officially a college student at 25. Yay! Feel free to ask me more about it, I'd love to talk.
I really love dogs and cats. I have three cats and they're little demons but I love them to death. I also love small animals like ferrets, bunnies and snakes!
My main love languages are words of affirmation, quality time and gift giving/receiving. To be honest, though, there's elements of each language that I enjoy or relate to in one way or another.
I don't smoke and I drink every so often. Otherwise, I'm vaccinated and DDF.
I'm looking for a guy between the ages of 23-33 years old. I might be willing to talk to someone within two years in either direction (so 21 min and 35 max) if you meet all my other preferences/wants. If you're younger than 21 or older than 35, though, please don't contact me.
Please be single and emotionally available. I won't interact with anyone already in a relationship or married (even if you're separated or in a "dead bedroom," you're STILL married) and I'm especially not interested in poly/ENM. I'm 100% monogamous.
Hair is super important to me! I prefer medium length to long hair, something I can stroke and play with a lot lmao.
I have a REALLY big soft spot for blue and/or doe eyes, but don't let that deter you. If you have kind eyes, I'll fall in love with them, no matter their color!
I tend to like softer facial features and even softer personalities. Are you super masculine in public but a total softie in private? Lovely! Are you less masculine but a little more feminine? Great! Are you androgynous or otherwise fall somewhere in between? I can dig it!
Key traits that I like in a guy include, but are not limited to: Being sweet, gentle, empathetic, considerate, an active listener, exceptional at communication and willing to go the extra mile for those that you love, be it family, friends, your partner, etc.
With that being said, it's important that you have time for me. I'm not expecting us to talk 24/7 but if you're always too busy to talk to me, this won't work. At some point, I'd like for us to also talk on the phone as our schedules permit, of course.
As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, please be from the USA/North America and willing to meet and get to know each other in person ASAP.
It's important to me that you're an active listener; what I mean is that you'll make an effort to listen to what I have to say and respond to it accordingly. If I tell you my thoughts on a matter or ask you a question or give you a compliment etc etc, please respond to it. It makes me feel so sad and small if I feel like my thoughts or opinions are not important/relevant.
I can tell pretty quickly if someone is genuinely interested in me or not. Like I said before, I notice everything lol.
I mentioned earlier how one of my love languages is words of affirmation. One of the ways I enjoy that is through compliments. I'm not looking for you to worship the ground I walk on, but being told "You look beautiful" or "When you do xyz, that makes me really happy" makes me feel SO seen and appreciated.
It's incredibly frustrating to send a picture of myself and get a lukewarm response in return. :(
Affection is also super important to me. Holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, touching... all the cute couple shit. I want you to touch me, not in a pervy way, but in an affectionate way. I want to stroke your hair while I hold you close... little things like that make me incredibly happy.
Keep in mind, everything I want from you, I'll give to you in return. I'll always listen and acknowledge you, give you compliments, shower you in affection, plus whatever else makes you feel wanted and appreciated as a person and in a relationship.
I always want you to have a choice and be able to voice your opinion. I will never degrade or boss you around in general, but especially when it comes to your personal choices. I'm a switch that used to be a predominant sub and believe me, I've had doms tell me before, "I make the decision on what you wear, what to eat, who you hang out with, etc etc... because I'm your dom and what I say goes."
Some people may like that. More power to them. But I'm not like that. I want you to feel free to express yourself. If you want my opinion, I'll give it to you, of course. But my job is to build you up and support your decisions, no matter how small!
Again, I'm not looking for you to kiss my ass. I'd love for you to take the lead on most decisions (with my input, of course). But I want you to also have a "service" attitude; whether that's helping out with household chores or surprising me with a massage after work or giving me flowers "just because" or helping me paint my toenails lol... just to name some examples. The sky's the limit.
That extends to "the bedroom" as well. I want my pleasure to be just as important to you as yours is to me.
In short? I just want to feel doted on and taken care of. I want to be the most important person in your life and you be the most important person in my life. I want to make you feel special and praise you and tell you how much you mean to me. And I want the same in return. 💓
● "KINKS" ●
This is inevitably gonna come up at some point. I'll say when it comes to my "kinks" (if you want to call them that) I like:
Teasing, edging, telling you when you can cum and begging me for it (I believe it's called orgasm control/denial), moaning, praise, blindfolds, eye contact, body worshiping (you and me), breast worship, oral, fingering and using toys on you.
Been a little curious about pegging someone one day. We'd have to build up to it, of course, because I don't want to hurt you. If you're not into that, though, don't worry! It's definitely not a requirement.
Things I do NOT like (or hard limits) are:
Humiliation, degradation, anything that causes you or me physical, emotional and mental harm, blood, pee, scat, vomit, diapers, CNC, ageplay, raceplay, hitting, slapping, choking or anything else illegal, unethical or otherwise unloving.
If you read all of this, good job! Here's a cookie, hope you like chocolate chip. 🍪
Seriously, though, I can't name every little thing I want. Despite the length of this post, I'm not trying to play Build-A-Boy. I realize you have your own caveats and that's totally fine. Let's get to know each other and see what happens. All I ask for, again, is that you want a serious, longterm relationship and not view me as just some sort of "kink dispenser."
Chats or DMs are fine. When you send me a message, please include the following...
• Name or alias • Location • Age • Height, body type, hair cololength, eye color • Your interests/hobbies • Whether you're a sub or a switch • What you're looking for out of a relationship and something (or things) you really enjoyed about my post • A clear, SFW picture of yourself • Your current favorite song (so I know you actually read through all of this) • Whatever else you want to add to catch my attention. The more you can match my "detailed energy," the better.
I won't reply to those who ignore my preferences or the message requirements above. If you send me nudes/dick pics/sexting or FWB requests/rude messages, you will be blocked and reported.
Thank you so much for reading this, and I hope you have a good night!
(P.S. I don't use Snap, Kik, Telegram, WhatsApp and whatever else. I use Discord and I only give my cell number out to people that I'm comfy with.)
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2023.06.10 19:01 your_average_bear r/translator joining other subreddits in solidarity on June 12-14

By now you've all likely heard about Reddit's API access changes. In sum, Reddit announced an exorbitant paywall to be placed between third-party developers and Reddit content, and gave developers all of 30 days to prepare (functionally, "pay up or get out"). There's a more thorough explanation of the moving parts from the folks over at explainlikeimfive.
Make no mistake, we need continued API access to keep our community running. We use the API in a number of ways, most crucially for u/translator-bot, the lifeblood of this subreddit that keeps translation requests flowing to completion.
This will also impact our mod team in our capacity as regular users - several of us use third-party apps simply because we like them! We are lucky to be able to choose, though; if forced, we as regular users could use the official Reddit app, but visually impaired users don't have that choice.
On the subject of moderation, there's a long and thorough rundown from a moderator community: the official Reddit mobile app is insufficient for effective moderation, and many non-mobile moderation tools rely on API access just like the third-party apps do, so moderation overall will take a blow. This is not the first time Reddit has made unwelcome changes that disproportionately affect moderators. Without coming off too preachy, it can be frustrating to put in care and effort for free on a platform that doesn't respond in kind.
[Although the recent API changes shouldn't limit u/translator-BOT's functioning at present, there's no way to be sure that Reddit won't institute even more stringent restrictions on API access in the future, which would adversely affect our ability to keep this place useful and organized.]

translator will be set to view-only at 00:00 UTC on June 12.

The goal of our subreddit is to make high-quality translation free and accessible to everyone, thanks to the work of all the generous translators who spend their time helping others. Since Reddit's API changes fly in the face of these values, we feel we have no choice but to join in this protest, and we appreciate your understanding and support in this effort.
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2023.06.10 19:00 ght007 Proof against God through its understandability and recognisability

4.2 Understandability (in itself) Demea says in Hume's Dialogues: The question is not concerning the being, but the nature of God. This, I affirm, from the infirmities of human understanding, to be altogether incomprehensible and unknown to us. The essence of that supreme Mind, his attributes, the manner of his existence, the very nature of his duration; these, and every particular which regards so divine a Being, are mysterious to men. [...] They are covered in a deep cloud from human curiosity. (Hume 2009: 21; pt. 2) God's being is not recognizable to man. Man must practice humility in the face of the divine mystery. According to Anselm of Canterbury, "Man rationally comprehends that God is incomprehensible." (Beinert 1987: 129) This orthodox view is interestingly cited especially in connection with the theodicy problem, probably to avoid it. Well known are the verses from Isaiah 55: 8, 9: "For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord [Yahweh]: but as much as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts." At the same time, it is essential for faith in God to be intelligible. Hans Jonas writes from the standpoint of Judaism: Our teaching, the Torah, is based in and insists on our being able to understand God, not fully of course, but something of Him - of His will, His purposes, and even of His nature, for He has made it known to us. There has been revelation, we possess his commandments and his law, and to some - his prophets - he has communicated himself directly [...] (Jonas 1987: 38)
This can also be said for all other great religions. Although theistic philosophers do not have to believe in a revelation, they basically have to assume the understandability of God all the more if they assume a rational knowledge of God. A total mysticism concerning the divine nature eventually even threatens to collapse into a practical atheism. And so in Hume Demea's interlocutor Cleanthes asks him, "[H]ow do your mystics, who maintain the absolute incomprehensibility of the Deity, differ from Sceptics or Atheists, who assert, that the first cause of all is unknown and unintelligible?" (Hume 2009: 39; pt. 4) The contradiction of divine intelligibility is clearly shown by Nicholas of Cusa in his writing De visione Dei (1453): The highest knowledge is not to be regarded as inaccessible in the sense that all access to it is barred to us, nor may we ever think that it has been reached and truly grasped; rather, it is to be thought of in such a way that we can constantly approach it, while it nevertheless remains permanently inaccessible in its absolute essence. (Cited by Lutz 1989: 574) The contradiction becomes almost explicit here. It is not as polar as in other cases, since total comprehensibility is not at all part of the concept of God. Nevertheless, partial comprehensibility and total incomprehensibility compete.
4.3 Recognizability (in nature) Within Christianity, the status of a natural theology that draws its knowledge of God from nature is controversial. The natural theologian and his orthodox opponent are excellently represented in Hume's Dialogues by the characters Cleanthes and Demea. Cleanthes holds that God is known through nature: The curious adapting of means to ends, throughout all nature, resembles exactly, though it much exceeds, the productions of human contrivance; of human designs, thought, wisdom, and intelligence. Since, therefore, the effects resemble each other, we are led to infer, by all the rules of analogy, that the causes also resemble; and that the Author of Nature is somewhat similar to the mind of man, though possessed of much greater faculties. (Hume 2009: 23; pt. 2)[5] One can already see the intertwining with personhood here (see chapter 4.1), but that is not the point. Cleanthes holds that God is knowable in nature: from nature may be inferred the nature of God. This is vehemently contradicted by his opponent Demea; in his view, God can be proven by reason a priori (cf. ibid.: 69 f.; pt. 9); moreover, man intuitively feels the presence of God when he becomes aware of the stupidity and misery of his existence (cf. ibid.: 74; pt. 10). This is the exact opposite of the justification of deism[6] of, say, a Voltaire:
I am surprised that among so many surpassing proofs for the existence of God, one has not yet fallen to citing pleasure as a proof; pleasure is something divine, and I am of the opinion that anyone who drinks good Tokay, who kisses a beautiful woman, in a word, who has pleasant sensations, must acknowledge a beneficent supreme being. (Cited in Weischedel 1980: 187) Voltaire (like Cleanthes, cf. Hume 2009: 44, 82; pts. 4, 10) turns to God out of gratitude over creation; Demea, on the other hand, precisely to turn away from that creation. From his point of view, it is imperfect in many respects, while God is perfect. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, for example, contradicted this, because in his eyes every mistake of the creation would have been a mistake of God; therefore he had to assume that the present world was the best possible world (cf. Lutz 1989: 449 f.). Thus, there is great ambiguity about the relationship to God and the world, because Demea is also convinced that God is the cause of the world (cf. again Hume 2009: 69; pt. 9). Although the various religions and denominations each accentuate the recognizability or unrecognizability of God in nature differently, this does not yet resolve this contradiction. A God who has nothing to do with nature seems just as absurd as one who can be recognized in it; respectively both are equally obvious. As with understandability (see chapter 4.2), a position is taken depending on the circumstances. In the face of a particularly beautiful landscape, for example, one praises the divinity of nature (cf. Psalm 104: 24); in the face of horror, one calls the world void (before God), degrades it to a mere precursor to eternal life. A consistent overall picture does not emerge.
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2023.06.10 18:59 eachlillthings Cessna 172N Skyhawk has a communations Failure. I hope he lands safely

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2023.06.10 18:37 ididacannonball [r/IndiaSpeaks Biweekly Geopolitics Thread] Dam collapses in occupied Ukraine, Pak raises defense spending, and OpenAI chief visits India

[IndiaSpeaks Biweekly Geopolitics Thread] Dam collapses in occupied Ukraine, Pak raises defense spending, and OpenAI chief visits India
Welcome to the latest edition of the Geopolitics Thread! This is the place where we discuss events from around the world. Discussion does not have to be related to India. Here are some stories to get the conversation started:

Top Stories

  1. Donald Trump faces criminal case for mishandling secret documents
Donald Trump is facing charges for keeping classified documents in his shower, bedroom, and destroying them. The Department of Justice has charged the former president with two counts of mishandling classified information and one count of destroying federal records. The charges stem from an investigation into Trump's handling of classified information while he was in office. Trump has denied any wrongdoing, but the charges could carry a prison sentence of up to five years. The charges against Trump are the latest in a series of legal problems facing the former president. He is also facing investigations into his business dealings and his role in the January 6th attack on the Capitol. Trump is currently running for another term a President.
2.Major dam in occupied Ukraine collapses
The Nova Kakhovka dam in occupied parts of Ukraine was destroyed amidst Russia's invasion and annexation of parts of the country. It is not clear under what circumstances the collapse happened, but deliberate destruction of a dam is a war crime as defined by the Geneva Conventions. Russian-occupied areas of Ukraine, including Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014, may see some of the worst impacts. The flooding along the Russian-controlled southern shore of the Dnipro is significantly worse than on the Ukrainian-held northern side. Even before the cost of the current losses is calculated, international markets have taken note. The flooding helped to trigger a sharp rise in global wheat prices, hurting developing countries that depend on Ukrainian wheat exports.
  1. Canadian wild fires bring pollution to US
Millions of people in the US East Coast and Canada experienced smoky air for a third day on June 9, 2023, as wildfires continued to burn in the western United States. The smoke caused hazy skies and poor air quality in many cities, including New York, Boston, and Toronto. The wildfires are the worst in decades, and have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes. The smoke from the fires is being carried by the wind to the East Coast, where it is mixing with other pollutants to create unhealthy air conditions. In addition to the health risks, the wildfires are also having a significant economic impact. The fires have forced the closure of schools, businesses, and tourist attractions. The cost of fighting the fires is also mounting, and is expected to reach billions of dollars. New York City this past week was the most polluted city in the world.
  1. Pak unveils $50bn budget, raises defense spending
Pak's finance minister presented a $50 bn budget for the cash-strapped country, with half the budget set aside for servicing loans. Pakistan's economy has been stricken by a balance-of-payments crisis as it attempts to service crippling external debt, while months of political chaos have scared off potential foreign investment. PM Sharif said he was optimistic for an extension later this month on an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan facility crucial to keeping the economy afloat. The country failed to meet any economic growth targets for the fiscal year 2022-23, according to a key government report released Thursday, with GDP growth a miserly 0.3 percent. Still, the govt set a growth target of 3.5% for the current year, which is expected to also be missed by a wide margin. It also had an annual inflation forecast of 21 percent, against a current year-on-year rate of 37.97 percent. The budget earmarked 1.8 trillion rupees for defence spending -- up from last year's 1.5 trillion rupees.
  1. Biden, Sunak sign the 'Atlantic Declaration'
On a visit to the US, UK PM Sunak and US President Biden signed a "first of its agreement," called the Atlantic Declaration, that will serve as a framework for the two countries on the development of emerging technologies, protecting technology that is critical to national security and other economic security issues. As part of the declaration announced Thursday, the two sides will kick off negotiations on the use of minerals from the UK that are critical in the production of electric vehicles that are eligible for US tax credits. The administration has also opened talks with the European Union and forged a deal with Japan that allow certain critical raw materials for EVs to be treated as if they were sourced in the United States. The 15-month-old Russian invasion of Ukraine was high on the agenda. Biden reiterated confidence that Congress would continue to provide Ukraine funding as needed despite some hesitation among Republican leaders at the growing cost of the war for American taxpayers. Sunak also made the case to Biden for UK Defence Minister Ben Wallace to succeed outgoing NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who is set to end his term leading the 31-member alliance in September.

Tweet of the Week

OpenAI chief Sam Altman visited India and appreciated how the govt has enabled the use of IT for governance and industry. He made headlines for saying, in response to a question, that no Indian startup could compete with OpenAI.
Found an interesting story? Have a question about geopolitics? Put them in the comments!
Some of the text was generated using ChatGPT.
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2023.06.10 18:30 kcr141 As If On Q: part 5

Memory transcript subject: Tal, Venlil Space Corps
Date [standardized human time]: December 31, 2136
This was it. Since the incident at Sillis, humanity had gathered as many allies as they could and prepared to confront the federation, and in a few moments, I would be exiting subspace in orbit around Aafa.
By all rights, flying solo into this conflict should have terrified me. Instead, it just felt surreal. Really, I should have been vaporized by an antimatter bomb on the surface of Sillis, but a twist of fate— an unprecedented intervention led me here instead. Now, I was given a chance to scratch one more item off my bucket list, though not quite in the way I had hoped.
I dropped out of FTL, and the rest of Venlil Prime’s contribution to the fleet was close behind. As the Venlil ships joined the attack, I took in the situation before me. Most of our fleet consisted of human ships, however, they were interspersed with vessels from several other species including Mazics, Zerulians, Harchen, and even a few Thafki.
Already, the Kolshians were preparing to meet our advance; I didn’t have much time.
Quickly, I switched FTL configurations and began preparing to travel into subspace once again. Now, I just had to wait.
Up ahead, the two fleets were about to meet when suddenly, the humans’ allies panicked. A large portion of the non-human ships had broken formation, though luckily, they seemed to be recovering quickly. Several UN vessels followed the diverging ships and our fleet was divided into two. In response, the Kolshians split their fleet as well.
At first, I wasn’t sure what all the commotion was about, but it quickly became obvious: the ships that remained on their original course were fighting the Arxur.
There was no mistaking it, the space between us and the Kolshians was filled with Arxur vessels. They were scared, disoriented, and shooting at anything that moved.
As they began taking fire from UN ships, the Arxur sent out a hail.
“You! Humans! What trickery is this!?”
I recognized the huntress’ voice. In the aftermath of Sillis, I had listened to her transmission threatening to make cattle out of humans.
Looks like we found the rest of Shaza’s fleet.
Immediately, this led to more questions.
Was her fleet sent into the future, or had they just been in subspace this entire time?
Were the humans really sure that what I was about to do was safe?
We opted not to send a response, and the only reply offered by the Kolshians was a barrage of rail gun fire. Shaza and her army were getting sandwiched between the opposing fleets.
Stars, I really was spending too much time around Nick.
It wasn’t long before the human alliance and the Kolshians were fighting directly, and it quickly became apparent that the federation had been holding back all this time. Many of their ships were designs that had never been seen before, and they remained unusually composed despite the stress of battle. To top it all off, the Kolshians had us outnumbered significantly. If this worked, however, none of that would matter.
The FTL drive was ready. Immediately, I laid in my course and entered subspace.
Almost instantly, I felt a sickening jolt. The sound that resonated through my ship reminded me of the time Nick accidentally left a spoon in the microwave, and then everything went white.
When Q made Shaza’s fleet disappear, they were thrown into subspace despite the presence of FTL disruptors. Not only that, but there was no indication as to where they had gone. If such an event could be duplicated, the strategic advantage would be obvious, and so the UN’s scientists immediately got to work.
Having sensor readings from when the incident occurred certainly sped things along, but it seemed to me that all the humans really needed was to know that it was possible.
Slowly, I regained my senses. My ears were ringing and my head still hurt, but at least the vertigo had started to clear up. As the dizziness subsided, I suddenly understood what I was seeing out of the viewport:
The humans’ modifications to my drive had worked! Though it certainly wasn’t pleasant, I had passed through the Kolshians’ FTL disruptor field and appeared in Aafa’s lower atmosphere.
As I reduced my altitude, the capital city became visible. Even though the weather was partially overcast, the buildings, all made of glass and metal and constructed in unique, artistic shapes, glittered in the sunlight. The urban landscape below was dotted with patches of green giving credence to the planet’s name Aafa, meaning ‘Garden.’
I made sure the payload was ready and then dived down even lower. I made a pass directly over the city and, when I was in clear view of the School of Flora, I activated the release mechanism and triggered the remote ignition.
Dozens of projectiles flew out from underneath my ship. They spireled around chaotically before detonating and spewing a shower of bright red sparks.
There was no way I had not been seen, so now I just had to wait and hope the Kolshian fleet would get the message.
I began to climb in altitude, and as I did so, I kept an eye on the status of the unfolding battle using my ship’s sensors. It took a while, but eventually, something happened.
The Kolshian fleet doubled back. They turned away from their attackers and began making their way in my direction, rushing to defend Aafa.
As soon as this happened, the humans began broadcasting on an open channel:
“This is commander Fortin of the United Nations fleet, please respond.”
He was met with silence.
“You are no doubt aware that we have breached your defenses, however, we are willing to discuss the terms of a ceasefire, please. respond.”
Again, there was no reply.
As the Kolshian fleet neared the planet, a portion of its ships suddenly changed course. It was the ships that were believed to be autonomous, they all suddenly stopped in place, anchoring their position relative to Aafa. The allied fleet simply flew past them with neither firing on each other.
“I repeat, we are willing to negotiate for a peaceful—”
Commander Fortin was cut of by the voice of Nikonous:
“What did you drop on us?!”
“Chief Nikonous, as I said, we are requesting—”
“Spare the pleasantries predator, tell me what you did!”
“They were fireworks, sir,” Fortin said. “Completely harmless, however they could just as easily have been antimatter warheads, next time they will be. We have the ability to circumvent your FTL disruptors and therefore you cannot defend yourself from such an attack, however, as I told you before, we are willing to discuss the terms of a ceasefire.”
Chief Nikonous did not respond, and after an awkward silence, the commander continued.
“We request that you end all hostility with Earth as well as its allies. Assuming that the federation takes no military action against us, we will do the same.”
“This is unacceptable,” Nikonous replied. “I cannot simply allow more federation worlds to fall into your corruption. Your ‘allies’ fall within our purview.”
“Frankly, you aren’t in a position to demand something like that. Our terms are more than reasonable, and we will not be making concessions.”
“And what of the Arxur? Aren’t they your allies too now? Am I supposed to do nothing about the ones who would see us all dead?”
Like you’ve done anything at all before! I thought to myself.
Commander Fortin, however, gave a very simple response:
“The dominion no longer exists,” he said flatly.
After another long pause, Chief Nikonous huffed.
“Very well, I will consider your request.”
With that, the channel went silent. By this point, I had reached the upper atmosphere of the planet. It was surreal. The battle had stopped completely and the UN fleet was preparing to leave.
I was just about to begin charging my own FTL drive when I noticed something odd. One of the Harchen ships that fought alongside the UN was now barreling forward. Commander Fortin’s voice sounded over the comms channel once again:
“Harchen vessel, please return to formation. Do not engage, I repeat, do not engage!”
The ship continued on its path directly towards Aafa, and even stranger, the Kolshian fleet did nothing to stop it.
Something was off…
As I realized that the Harchen ship was headed in my direction, I moved to intercept.
I was just about to hail them when they opened fire. I was hit before I could react.
Quickly, I tried to shake their target lock, however, my ship’s engines had taken damage limiting my maneuverability.
After managing to establish a target lock of my own, I returned fire. The shots were intended only to disable the vessel, however upon connecting, the ship exploded violently.
It was carrying antimatter bombs. That was the only reason I could think of for the explosion I just saw. Unfortunately, I was beginning to lose altitude and didn’t have time to worry about why the Harchen ship was carrying warheads nor the amount of radiation I had just been exposed to.
The engines were not doing well, however, as I fell down to the surface, I managed to flip my ship around and regain some amount of control.
The landing was not nearly as gentle as I would have hoped, however the hull stayed together and the inertial dampers absorbed the brunt of the impact.
I did a quick survey of the situation. Looking out of the viewport, it appeared I had crashed somewhere outside of any of the Kolshian cities, however I could also see that civilization was not far away.
Turning myself in to the Kolshians seemed like a very risky idea, and I also very much doubted that anyone sided with the humans would be allowed to come rescue me, so I figured my best bet was to try and repair my ship as best I could.
I made my way to the back of the ship and opened the doors to the outside world.
As the ramp extended down to the ground, I spotted a Venlil waiting for me at the bottom; or rather, something that looked like a Venlil.
“Q?” I said nervously.
“Don’t worry, I just want to talk. I promise I won’t bite. unless you ask nicely.
Apparently, Q had ditched his extermination officer attire and, for some reason, gotten his fur dyed. The fur on top of his head now had an odd purple streak running through it.
Cautiously, I walked down to the bottom of the ramp.
“Do you uh… do you know what just happened?” I asked.
“With the Harchen ship? Yeah, the federation managed to find some supporters among the Harchen fleet. They were going to sabotage the ceasefire by bombing Aafa on behalf of the UN. ‘Better the civilians die than fall to the predators’ and all.”
I took a moment to absorb this. I had thought that the federation couldn’t disappoint me anymore than they had already, and yet once again, they somehow found a way.
“You know, it’s funny,” I said. “I always wanted to visit Aafa. I mean, this place is beautiful, isn’t it?”
“For me, personally?” Q replied, “Not a huge fan. It’s too… artificial, reminds me of home. Actually, are you by any chance feeling adventurous?”
“I mean, I did just crash land after fighting in a space battle, so I would say so.”
“In that case,” he said, “my offer from before still stands.”
Q turned to face me and extended his paw.
I hesitated briefly, but then I took it and
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Transcript generation aborted
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2023.06.10 18:30 Kvakosavrus Best medium house for decoration?

Can you advice a good medium house specifically for decoration – furniture, paintings, sculptures and so on.
I'm NOT interested in usefulness of that house - for practical purposes (fast travel, crafting and so on) I already have three small houses and several inn rooms.
The house should have flat walls (no crabs, please), garden and decent view. Lake or sea nearby also would be nice!
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2023.06.10 18:27 Fancy-Hat-1370 [DISCUSSION] Share Your Feedback on Planmancer: AI-Generated Plans for Businesses

Hey Redditors,
I wanted to reach out to the awesome members of this community to gather your thoughts and feedback on our app, Planmancer.
I’m excited to introduce Planmancer, a platform that utilizes AI-generated plans to assist businesses and entrepreneurs in their planning and strategy efforts. I would greatly appreciate your valuable opinions, feedback, and even suggestions on how we can improve the outcomes generated by the GPT-4 language model.
What is Planmancer? Planmancer is an innovative tool designed to automate the creation of comprehensive business plans, marketing strategies, and website/app architectures. By leveraging the powerful capabilities of GPT-4, Planmancer goes beyond traditional planning approaches and offers users a comprehensive map of their business needs. This holistic view allows entrepreneurs and businesses to gain a deeper understanding of their overall strategy, identify potential gaps or areas for improvement, and make informed decisions with confidence. With Planmancer’s AI-generated plans, users can uncover valuable insights and connections that might have been overlooked. By presenting a full map of their business needs, Planmancer helps users navigate through the complexities of strategic planning, ensuring that no crucial aspect is missed. This holistic perspective empowers businesses to align their goals, resources, and actions more effectively, resulting in improved outcomes and increased chances of success.
How can you help? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with AI-generated plans and how they have helped or could potentially benefit businesses. Specifically, I’m interested in understanding:
  1. Quality of generated plans: If you have used AI-generated plans in the past, what was your experience with their quality and relevance? Were there any specific challenges or limitations you encountered?
  2. Improving topic extraction: Planmancer currently supports topic extraction from user inputs, but I’m seeking insights on how we can enhance this feature. Are there any specific techniques or libraries you recommend for more accurate and context-aware topic extraction?
  3. Enhancing plan customization: While Planmancer offers customization options, I’m open to suggestions on how we can improve the flexibility and ability to tailor the generated plans to meet individual business requirements.
  4. Optimizing collaboration features: Collaboration is an essential aspect of business planning. I’m keen to learn about any best practices or features you believe are crucial for effective team collaboration within the context of AI-generated plans.
In our continuous efforts to enhance user experience and provide valuable insights, we will soon be introducing the Planmancer AI Assistant.
The Planmancer AI Assistant will have access to the generated plans and will serve as your trusted partner in business strategy development. It will be capable of assisting you in refining your strategies and exploring new opportunities based on the insights derived from the generated plans and your specific requests.
We are currently dedicating significant resources to train the AI model with extensive data, ensuring that it offers the best solutions based on real facts and industry expertise. This training process will empower the AI Assistant to provide you with even more accurate and actionable guidance.
We believe in the power of community feedback, which is why we're reaching out to you. We would love to hear about your experiences with Planmancer. Have you used the app to create a business plan? How was your experience? Did the AI-generated plans meet your expectations?
Your feedback is invaluable to us as it helps us enhance our app and cater to the specific needs of our users. Whether you have positive or constructive feedback, we're eager to hear it all.
So, if you're a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone interested in the world of AI-generated plans, we invite you to give Planmancer a try and share your feedback with us. Together, we can shape the future of business planning!
To get started, simply visit our website at planmancer.com and explore the app. Don't forget to leave your review and thoughts in the comments below. We'll be actively engaging with the community, answering questions, and listening to your suggestions.
Thank you in advance for your valuable input and for being a part of the Planmancer community!
(Note: This post is not affiliated with any promotional activity or paid advertisement. It is solely aimed at gathering genuine user feedback.)
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2023.06.10 18:25 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in OH Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Best Service Heating & Cooling Part-time Customer Service Rep Whitehall
Best Service Heating & Cooling HVAC Technician Whitehall
American Family Insurance Senior Security Consultant Akron
Ohio University Assistant Director, Access and Inclusion and Senior Assistant Director, Access and Inclusion Athens
Ohio University Director of Diversity Affairs Athens
Ohio University Director of Diversity Equity & Inclusion Athens
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Camp Dennison
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Catawba
Clean Harbors Cleanpack Chemist Cleveland
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Cleves
Zipline Logistics LLC Operations Associate Columbus
Green Bay Packaging, Inc. Maintenance Technician - Electrical Cuba
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Dayton
Kettering Health Network CMA Dayton
ProMedica LPN Defiance
ProMedica Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Defiance
Quantum Health Digital Accessibility Lead Dublin
VineBrook Homes, LLC Director, Accounts Payable & Utilities Englewood
ProMedica Registered Nurse (RN) Fostoria
ProMedica RN Fostoria
Valley View Healthcare Center Scheduling Coordinator - RN/LPN/STNA Fremont
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Goshen
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Harrison
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Harrison
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Harrison
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in oh. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 18:18 Chemical-Nectarine13 IPad or MacBook?

Hi there, Im not super knowledgeable on current Apple tech (I think I had a 3rd gen iPod touch and had an editing class where I used iMacs back in high-school 2010) and I felt other communities might not be the spot to ask this, so here I go. I know Macs are sleek and generally well built, I know ipads are decent yet basic tablets, I know the operating systems for each are pretty seemless.. what I don't know is which the Apple Vision pro is aiming for in terms of power. $3,500 is Mac money, but if it's only pushing ipad pro in terms of poweperformance I'd see that as a big down side. However if its somehow on par with an M2 MacBook well that changes everything substantially. The ad didn't really show the product justice imo, the content viewing stuff can all be achieved on a quest 2 (albeit lesser quality). I get that they didn't want to further confuse older people about this tech, so they gave it the Ole "if you loved viewing ipad on plane, get ready for this!". If it can handle serious work loads on its own hardware that would be something I'd consider "revolutionary" for this system, but if it's just another iOS peripheral then I'm not sure it's worth the cost.
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2023.06.10 17:54 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in KY Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Beckett Springs Outpatient Registered Nurse Bellevue
Jackson Purchase Medical Center Registered Nurse Applicant - Med Surg PRN Boaz
TriStar Greenview Regional Hospital Float Nurse - RN Bowling Green
Spring View Hospital Float Pool RN Campbellsville
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Covington
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Dayton
Fast Pace Health APRN Franklin
Bourbon Community Hospital Registration Coordinator - PRN Georgetown
Bluegrass Community Hospital RN- Surgical Circulator Georgetown
Spring View Hospital Unit Nurse Lebanon
Spring View Hospital Float Pool RN Lebanon
Travel Nurse Across America Intensive Care Unit - ICU RN - TravelNurse Lexington
Westport Place Health Campus Registered Nurse (RN) Louisville
Westport Place Health Campus RN - Registered Nurse Louisville
Westport Place Health Campus RN Louisville
Jackson Purchase Medical Center RN Mayfield
Jackson Purchase Medical Center Registered Nurse Applicant - Med Surg PRN Mayfield
Beckett Springs Registered Nurse (RN) Newport
Bourbon Community Hospital Registration Coordinator - PRN Paris
Bourbon Community Hospital Outpatient PSC Paris
L3Harris Technologies Specialist, Quality Engineering Silver Grove
Bluegrass Community Hospital RN- Surgical Circulator Versailles
Bluegrass Community Hospital OR Nurse Versailles
Buchheit Inc Department Manager - Full Time Benton
The Bungalows At Bowling Green Resident Care Associate Bowling Green
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in ky. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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