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2023.06.08 21:32 TR4SH_P4ND4 Spooky hint in today's NYT crossword

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2023.06.08 21:32 jaytr22 My job is causing hearing damage, I wear earplugs 40 hours a week. How else can I prevent damage?

I work in an extremely loud warehouse and we have earplugs and overhead earphones but I can still hear the muffled machinery and alarms. The other day at work I lost all hearing in my left ear for a few seconds and heard "whoosing" then it went back to normal.
My ears also ache all the time from wearing earplugs for 10 hours a day. I'm worried permanent damage is being done but can't quit my job so I'm hoping there's more I can do to protect my hearing as tinnitus runs in my family (dad's from a brain tumor and brother from playing drums)
Are there supplements or equipment that could help?
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2023.06.08 21:31 GreatStart1127 F28 and now ex M31 changed his mind on having children

First time poster here..
Been with my (now Ex) 8 months until he shocked me out of nowhere and said he loves me that much he had to let me go as he couldn’t give me what I wanted and someone else out there can - (children)
He has 2 kids from a previous relationship (6&8) and I adore them. Love them like they are my own but I want my own child/children. I told him this from the start and he was open to it. We talked about their names, getting married, a house, basically all our future. Everything was perfect, we were so in love. Never been happier. We had been away on family holidays and everything was just going like a romantic movie. He is a gentleman, great dad and partner - honestly the perfect man you would dream of. I thought I’d hit the jackpot.
Then one day his daughter wrote a letter saying that she felt I was taking her daddy away from her. Things changed from then.
About a month later he said he didn’t want children anymore. I asked him why and he said he didn’t want to do the dad thing anymore he will be too old (he’s 31 but had the kids young), he’s worried about finances, worried about his kids feeling like part time kids and not feeling like part of the family. He needed to think of his children he already has.
He promised me he did want children to begin with and wasn’t leading me on, he just feels different now. I still feel it was to do with the letter from his child and he’s got himself all worked up over it.
I’m struggling, I desperately want him back but I know deep down if he says no kids then that’s it. I can’t have us resenting each other in the future for doing something we both don’t want to do. We are now in week 5 of being broken up and going through no contact.
I know I have to respect his decision but has anyone gone through anything like this before? Thanks
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2023.06.08 21:31 Stranger123767 Some Advice Please?

It's been a while since I have posted but man could I use a little advice or maybe some support. Everything in my life kinda went to shit in the past 6 months, and currently have no contact with my family or any support. Now, I am staying with some friends, but everything collapsed here too, and now I am not even sure if we are going to be able to make rent, we are already 8 days late. Is there any sort of rental assistance options that I can look for, to help this situation? I know the late fee is going to eat any chance we have to get out of this, because even if we can pay now, just the late fees for next month because of scrounging this month will raise our rent by essentially 300$ which isn't feasible. I am working full time, but have had this job for only a few weeks now, so I have practically no cushion. If their are any resources anyone can provide, it would mean so much.
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2023.06.08 21:31 StruggleHairy4759 Becoming an Electrician in Calgary good idea?? Or no??.

Hey guys, I am currently 18 years old I have no clue what I want to do with my life, however I don’t want to become homeless or have poverty and I was wondering if becoming a electrician is worth it in Calgary 2023 because of the coldness and the snow, I am currently residing in Surrey BC, Canada which is beside Vancouver BC, and me and my family will be moving soon, thank you 🙏
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2023.06.08 21:31 No_Distribution_2920 BP 153/113 & 45 HR. Am I at risk of dying?

186 pounds
24 hours
Heart and lungs
Asthma. Heterozygous MTHFR mutation.
Vyvanse 20mg Straterra, 40mg Guanfacine 2mg 2x/day, Propanolol 10mg 3x/day, Gabapentin 400mg 2x/day, Zoloft 75mg, Remeron 15mg, Metafolin 15mg, Buspar 10mg 3x/day
Non-smoker (However, do vape)
2nd BP check was 144/117 & 48 and standing was 117/90 at 67.
This happened yesterday and I was advised to go to the ER by my nurse's line. For 2 reasons I did not and thankfully made it to today.
I had taken multiple doses of Vyvanse yesterday; dosage schedule was as follows, each dose being 20mg: 8:35am -- 1:11pm -- 3:33pm -- 4:36pm -- 7:12pm -- 7:46pm
Woke up that morning with 9 out of 10 textbook bradycardia symptoms, with a standing HR of 110.
Those faded, and HR was roughly normal until 5pm, when it started to run slightly low, but I did not see this as a bad thing at the time. I usually have tachycardia so it was relieving.
Eventually stuck in the 50s, and dropped to a consistent 45. Took my BP as it felt like a slow but pounding rhythm. That's when I got that reading. Bad musculajoint pain, I have chronic pain but it was exacerbated, was mulling over kyperkalemia. 40mg of propanolol were used between 10 and 6 hours prior to the reading.
Guanfacine 2mg taken before the reading (2h) and gabapentin 400mg upon the reading seemed to increase HR to 55 and BP to 143/103. Only things that were helping before then were standing, which would give me SoB/air hunger, and relieve the pounding sensation while lowering BP and upping HR. And sitting would worsen those, but relieve the air hunger.
I have never had this happen under any sort of drug abuse conditions, which I have had plenty before starting Vyvanse for mititgation of that.
I had a long and dull work session on my phone that necessitated quick action hence my repeated dosing so it would be finished that day and not continue to be a problem for me into today. I've researched a bit since then and come across baroreflex and Cushing reflex as possible culprits, or electrolyte imbalance with possible acidosis. I am very prone to developing acidosis from aphetamine use, maybe due to my family history of CKD, though none diagnosed so far. What should my next steps be before seeing my PCP at the end of June?
Please advise, as I am rather dreadful scared.
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2023.06.08 21:31 tripleb4 New Home 🏡

New Home 🏡
I posted last night but wanted to update one more time about Stormtrooper. Decided to change his name to Boba Fett >:3 (Keeping it in the star wars family though!) The shelter said he worked best with low energy adult dogs and he was standoffish. As soon as I brought him home to the backyard, he began to play and wear out my 5 month old husky!! My husband and I already love him so much, he’s such a perfect addition to our little family ♥️
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2023.06.08 21:31 flyingSavage Experiences

And today marks the end of my 25 day long vacation.
Visited 5 cities, had a lot of experience with my friends and family. Met a lot of people from different background.
I have met my college friends after 5 years and it was just so awesome and the best part is that we took off right where we left. The way we synced together was just the best. We enjoyed carefree just like the good old days. I will any day have a trip with them. They are precious. ❤️.
The next trip was w my family and it was another great one. Explored the Himalayas. I had planned the whole thing and I am so glad to say that all of it went so well and better than what I expected. I have spent so much quality time with my family in this trip. It had made me more confident and more responsible person and I will carry this forward. 🛐
All the people I had met during the trip have left an impact on me as I came across their thoughts and ambitions opened up so many perspectives of seeing the life that we live. I have so much more to explore, so many risks to take, so many places to visit and so many more people to meet. 🙏
I have also made a online friend which was unexpected. Never vibed like this with an internet stranger. No more a stranger, We bring out the best in each other. I hope/wish we cling for life and meet someday down the line. 🫶
What's next for me
Oof, here comes the hard part.
  1. Health>>>>>>>> : Aiming for fitness will be the at the top of the list. Inspired by my friend ., What a change in personality I have seen. Mind = Blown. I hope that I can setup a schedule and stick to it.
  2. Job : Tripping around the country carefree and jobless was so much pleasing to the brain. After working 5 years this was a great break but after flying all the savages must land. So, yeah, job hunt will have to start now immediately.
  3. Finances: Have to reshape my personal finance and make better decisions. Need to make more calculated decisions.
  4. Love: Find your tribe and love them hard. I want to fall in love with someone and spend the life together with them. No more hardships. But first need to fix the 1st and 2nd point.
  5. Travel: After completing/sorting the 4 points, I will travel the world for life. Period.
All for all I know that, life will always put you in the right place wherever you were meant to be. So I just need to hustle myself and follow my goals.
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2023.06.08 21:31 Extension-Spirit-836 I have ASD and I'm worried about my thesis

I was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder last August 2022. Right now I'm in my 4th year. I'm currently doing my thesis, but I'm super worried since I don't have the motivation to finish it. Bukod sa executive dysfunction ko, hindi ako naging mapalad sa pagpili ng thesis adviser kaya nahirapan ako sa pagsusulat ko. I don't want to say this but I'm super worried kasi baka ma-delay ako and I don't want to disappoint my family. They're expecting me to graduate with flying colors and ayoko ipahiya sarili ko for this. I really wished that I never had this condition in the first place. Never talaga ako naging productive sa academics and I hate myself for it :((
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2023.06.08 21:31 AmbassadorGuilty6 Why does no one care once you start eating?

According to BMI, I'm severely underweight. I haven't had a period in over two years. I'm still struggling, but it's no longer starvation; more like high restriction. Yes, I'm eating and I look better, but I'm physically and mentally exhausted.
The problem is, family members/doctors don't seem to be worried. I would say my mother is (possibly subconsciously) encouraging it. She buys me low cal options and says it's fine if I have nothing but vegetables for dinner. It's almost like she approves of my current state and doesn't want me to change anything. My doctor put me on thyroid medication (having an ED completely messed up my hormones) and told me to go on the pill to get my period back.
Logically, I know I'm still unwell and I need to gain more weight, but I feel like my self-destructive behavior is being enabled by everyone around me. I was screamed at and called names when I was doing the same exact thing, just more extreme, but now it's all good?
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2023.06.08 21:31 UnderstatedEssence How to ask about a theft without a flat-out accusation?

My 92yo grandmother just discovered this morning that an envelope of money is missing from her drawer. I was up at her house a couple days ago having lunch with a few other family members, including my cousin and her 15yo son. I can guarantee without doubt that he was the one who stole the envelope, considering he’s been known to steal and has recently been in juvy for this and multiple other offenses. Nobody else has been in her house or would have stolen from her. My grandmother is hesitant to say anything to my cousin; she doesn’t want to come across as accusatory right off the bat (but really who tf else would have done this). I offered to talk to my cousin for her and I have no problem doing this, which gma appreciates and she seemed very relieved when I offered. However, I would like some advice on phrasing so I don’t sound too harsh when I talk to her. Any advice on how to approach this would be very much appreciated. (Side note: Grandma says she searched for over an hour and the envelope never leaves its designated spot, but I do plan to search for it myself before talking to cousin, just to cover our butts.)
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2023.06.08 21:31 StruggleHairy4759 Becoming an Electrician in Calgary good idea?? Or no??.

Hey guys, I am currently 18 years old I have no clue what I want to do with my life, however I don’t want to become homeless or have poverty and I was wondering if becoming a electrician is worth it in Calgary 2023 because of the coldness and the snow, I am currently residing in Surrey BC, Canada which is beside Vancouver BC, and me and my family will be moving soon, thank you 🙏
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2023.06.08 21:30 Wanderllustful an 'international' student with dutch citizenship?

hiya guys, i just wanted to ask if its common to meet people with dutch nationality, but who have grown up abroad and so aren't really 'dutch' in the sense that they're still in touch with the culture.
i was born in venlo, and moved Amsterdam for a bit before my dad found work in London and uprooted there. according to him, it was only meant to be for a couple years, but parents got divorced and my dutch national father moved back and I stayed with mum. my father insisted on keeping dutch nationality as he wanted that connection to remain, plus pre-brexit we enjoyed same rights, and now have indefinite leave to remain (to get British citizenship we need to get rid of dutch, which we don't want). he has since passed away, and most of his circle aren't in NL anymore, but Im really interested in studying there
i was fluent in dutch as a kid, but for some reason my parents didn't prioritise keeping us trilingual growing up in UK, as we already speak their mother tongue (amharic/ethiopian language) and english its crazy watching home vids filmed in venlo where us kids are speaking fluent dutch - almost like a complete different person. i retained some knowledge obviously as my dad used to speak it sometimes with friends and family, but not fluent by any means. I'm interested in studying in NL, but wanted to ask, how different would avenues for moving/processes be different to an international student looking to move? would dutch services regarding student finance, doa etc dedicated to dutch nationals be difficult to navigate as a non-dutch speaker? would all the international services/help for potential students still be available to me? I'm also reading conflicting things about pre-requsuite to be considered a dutch student, as some have said u need to be a national and living in NL or EU for some time recently to qualify for same services.
in general, i really want to get back in touch with my dutch identity, which i have felt sometimes 'imposter syndrome' due to the only thing keeping me dutch is a booklet and birth certificate, and deciding now that I'm adult to take steps into repairing lost dutch identity. thanks :) (sorry if question has been asked/seems dumb)
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2023.06.08 21:30 totomoto101 Highly Deep Occult Reiki Healings. 50% off for the first 10 clients.

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2023.06.08 21:30 AutoModerator How To Watch Mending the Line Online For Free

Now Is Mending the Line available to stream? Is watching MENDING THE LINE on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming option / service. #MendingtheLine is a dark drama film written by Katie Silberman. A 1950s housewife living with her husband in a utopian experimental community begins to worry that his glamorous company could be hiding disturbing secrets.
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2023.06.08 21:30 steezymcbitchin I just submitted this as my final assignment for a class in grad school 🤓

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2023.06.08 21:30 dkr3ddit Practice

When the club is closed and you pick up a couple off the range field 🙌🏼 no one here besides myself and the birds chirping away in the evening ❤️ ⛳️
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2023.06.08 21:30 dartmouthdonair [Methot] (full tweet in post, too long for title) -Unless there’s serious animosity, players don’t just demand a trade and provide a list of teams because “coach/systems is bad” Ottawa has a very tightly knit group and they all love playing here.

Dregs is just doing his job and providing insight from whoever his source is, and I respect that.
But let’s get real here for a moment.
-No player will ever willingly dump on a city during trade/contract talks -Unless there’s serious animosity, players don’t just demand a trade and provide a list of teams because “coach/systems is bad” Ottawa has a very tightly knit group and they all love playing here.
I think it’s gutless to throw a coach under the bus like this. To use that as an excuse when really, maybe you just don’t like playing here.
He’s an American who was playing in a massive market like Chicago. Plucked from that team and brought here without really having any say about it.
On the heels of signing a big long term deal with a new young family, maybe he’s just looking to go back home? And that’s okay.
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2023.06.08 21:30 Corona_DIY_GUY What can I use to discount this property?

My wife’s uncle and his sister inherited a rental property from their mother when she died in 2020. There are two units that rent for 2,500 (minus a 10% management fee) and 1800 (longtime, retired tenant that will likely die there (10-15 years)). The lower priced unit would also rent for 2500. But the uncle won’t increase the rent until that tenant leaves, she’s a family friend. The sister owns 45% and the uncle owns 55%. The sister is interested in selling, because she wants a large cash payout. The uncle doesn’t want to. We’re in a position where we could buyout here stake through financing. The uncle would also prefer this. The property was appraised at 750k. We’d like to present a reasonable offer that’s fair to both parties. Currently, the property is held within a trust and is debt free except for about 20k the uncle could charge the trust for improvements he’s made to the property. The trust also has a minimum level of reserves that must be maintained before any trustee disbursement. The uncle is unable to finance a buyout of the sister’s portion alone. We’re the only ones in the family in a position and disposition to finance a buyout. One unit has been fully renovated and the other (with the longtime tenant) is due for some significant upgrades/renovations (floors, bathroom, kitchen, paint) whenever that tenant decides to leave.
What are all the items that we could include to discount the price to present a fair offer. We don’t want to lowball or insult, but we also know that we’re the only path the sister has to get an immediate large payout. I figured that we could discount the price by what the sister would save if they sold the property, (real estate agent fee, certain closing costs, appraisals, etc), a portion of the theoretical trust debt (owed to the uncle, trustee), and future renovation costs. I figure if we can make the math work with current interest rates, then, it should workout and be really good i
We’ve explored the sister providing owner financing, but she’s more interested in receiving a big fat lump sum, rather than small, monthly checks, which is why she wants to sell.
So far here is my math:
Starting price: 45%* 750 = 3375000
Real Estate Fees: 4% (13500)
Trust Debt 45% of 20,000 (9,000)
Closing Costs 0.5% (17,000)
Future RepaiMaintenance (25,000)
Offer = 273,000
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2023.06.08 21:29 Obvious-Act-9491 I’m sorry

I’m sorry for all the mess I helped create in this. I really am. I’m hurt, still hurt and will be hurt for some time to come. I really just wanted my best friend, lover, and partner in crime back and all to myself. But life has other plans it seems. I don’t hate you. I don’t think I ever could if I even tried to. You’re a man that likes to have many options and I respect that. If that’s what makes you happy then that’s all that matters.
We want different things in life. I want a family of my own. I want to be able to take a house and make it a home. I want to spend the rest of what time I have left spending it building a life with someone that choses me everyday. Even on the bad days. I want to grow in love one person and love them unconditionally til death do us apart. Sure, I’d still like to do the swinger thing if it’s what they want to do. I know the difference between sex and making love. And that brings me to my final point. I can’t be friends with someone I am still in love with. It hurts to much. Probably will for a long time.
I hope you take care of yourself and I hope who ever you chose to love chose you too! I’m sorry I wasn’t enough. Thanks for being my friend. It was fun while it lasted. But this is the end, my friend. May life be kind and your heart be full.
Love always,
Your ex “best friend “
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2023.06.08 21:29 Plane-Palpitation761 I like a girl at office..(advice needed)

I like a girl in my office we are together in an extra curricular club I find her pretty cute and we have talked few times also . Apart from all these I found her to be higher in class than me even when I am good looking and tall but just that extra smartness that come with well off families children's , I think I lack , but apart from all these she is pretty intelligent too that's what makes her too good . We are connected on insta too but there she gives very cold and late replies like it just amazes me since I am always in limits and have nothing but good feelings for her .. and I just don't want to be direct in asking her coz in past few times I have ruined my self respect on girls and still regret on that .. I have started to get the feeling also that she might not be the one or most probably she might be committed but even as a friend she can talk or reply.. What should I do I can't get her out of my mind and since I have messaged her also upfront 2 3 times to which she replies as I mentioned above I feel more bad 😔
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2023.06.08 21:29 Tiny_Cookie8867 Seeking amazing Traditional Greek Moussaka, Lemon Chicken and Lamb Shank in Detroit Metro

I loved the New Parthenon in Greektown when I first visited 25 years ago. I ordered a combination plate that was just as amazing if not better than the Greek Restaurants I grew up with in New York. However when I returned again about 10 years later it seemed to be a shadow of it's former self. About 4 years ago my wife and went to Pegasus Taverna in Greektown, again, my combo plate was nothing special but her Lemon Chicken was amazing. I obviously ordered the wrong dish.
When I return later this year I plan to go back to Pegasus Taverna just for the Lemon Chicken - the question is where can I find an amazing Moussaka and Lamb Shank? It doesn't have to be in Greektown, it could be anywhere in the metro area- and it doesn't have to be a traditional Greek restaurant, I would even be down for one of the family style coney dog restaurants too.
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