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Welcome to [/TalesFromTheMortuary]( The niche for funeral directors, embalmers, crematory operators, cemetery workers and anyone in funeral service to share your unique and interesting stories, pictures, and experiences! If you don't work in funeral service but have a related story, we would love to hear from you!

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This is a community for Licensed FD/Emb, Mortuary enthusiasts and for anyone that has a question about our trade! We will speak frankly about the work we do and more often than not bodily fluids. This is not a place for those with weak stomachs....

2010.09.14 11:37 Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under is an American television series that depicts the lives of the Fisher family, who run a funeral home in Los Angeles. The series, created by Alan Ball, ran for five seasons on HBO between 2000 and 2005

2023.06.10 20:55 Penguin447918 Don’t make noise on sidewalks since dogs bark and cameras go off…

Don’t make noise on sidewalks since dogs bark and cameras go off…
HOA doesn’t provide a park or pool, there’s a decent-sized field as the “public area” that’s literally just grass that’s soaked from being watered constantly. 4-wheeler they’re talking about is an electric toy one where you can barely hear it if you have tv or music on in your house.
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2023.06.10 20:55 goatfuckersupreme Bald's pinned rant comment from his most recent Mongolia video

"I’ve noticed a lot of snobby comments saying how grim and what a shithole Mongolia is. Everyone can have their opinion but I’m gonna stick up for Mongolia here. It’s a poor country that doesn’t have many resources except some mines. However unlike richer western countries it does have a homogeneous population that is proud of being pure Mongol lineage. The people aren’t woke. Kids still call each other homo like in the good old days. The kids show wasn’t a lesbian trans show like in the West. It was based. A story of a wolf leader protecting his clan. It’s safe. Nobody will chop your arm off for your Rolex like in failed state UK. Nobody will home invade you like in the States. Kids play out in the street safely until 11pm without issue. The women are slim and beautiful. So yes it’s a bit poor and run down but overall if I had to choose to live there or London I know where I’d go to raise a family and lead a peaceful life. Winters are fucking brutal though."
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2023.06.10 20:55 SwaggerMonkey How do I fix mold/mildew in my boots?

How do I fix mold/mildew in my boots?
I only brought one pair of shoes on a recent business trip, my boots. I wore them for 3 days straight including some long travel days.
Once I was back I home noticed some white stuff on the insole that looks like mildew or something.
How do I get rid of this?
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2023.06.10 20:54 Homesecuritybazaar Level Bolt Smart Lock - Smart Deadbolt that Works with Your Existing Lock for Keyless Lock Entry, App-Enabled Bluetooth Lock with Smartphone Access, Compatible with Apple HomeKit

THOUGHTFULLY CRAFTED: With a sleek and streamlined design, Level Bolt smart lock for home invisibly transforms your existing deadbolt into a digital door lock – without the need for bulky or distracting hardware.Connectivity Protocol:bluetooth.Note: Measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.Note:measure your door's backset, cross bore and thickness to ensure you find the right fit.
SAFE AND SECURE: Get peace of mind with our smart and intuitive keyless entry. Featuring a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox, Level Bolt exceeds the highest industry standards for strength and security, keeping you and your home safe.
SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Level Bolt smart lock replaces your deadbolt and can be installed with only a screwdriver. It features an adjustable backset that fits 2-3/8" and 2-3/4" profiles and is compatible with doors with an American standard deadbolt.
VERSATILE DESIGN: Level Bolt is designed for most standard exterior doors and lets you keep your lock and keys the same. Be sure to check the Product Guides and Documents section to confirm that your existing deadbolt is compatible.
APP-ENABLED SMART LOCK: Designed to work with iOS and Android, the Level app lets you share access with friends and family, see activity history, set auto-lock and unlock, and more. Level Bolt is also compatible with Apple HomeKit.
HOW IT WORKS: Operate your smart lock deadbolt with the Level app, pair with HomeKit for voice control, or set up auto-unlock (this feature uses geofencing technology to identify when you've reached your door with your phone nearby)

For Buy this product:

For more products please visit the website:
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2023.06.10 20:54 radicalelk Gentle Lead aggression?

My three year old golden girl just recently started snapping at kids in public places. She does fine with my niece and nephew at home, she generally gets really excited when they come over.
But we used to take her to patios all the time, however last week a little girl came up to her and pet her on the head and everything was fine. Then the little girl came back up and pet on the butt and my golden snapped at her.
Yesterday two toddlers approached my dog at a farmers market and she was actively side-eyeing them so I walked her away. Then one of them walked up to pet and she snapped again (I wasn’t holding her at this point my husband was and he clearly wasn’t using his brain).
Both times she was wearing her gentle lead. Do you think that makes her feel too restrictive for pets? She hasn’t done this to anyone adult before even with the gentle lead. I am hoping it’s just the combination of children and feeling restricted. Should I seek further consultation?
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2023.06.10 20:54 Ok_Confusion_3911 My parents are refusing to let me go outside and are not letting people visit me

My parents are refusing to let me go outside and I feel like I'll go insane. My parents will only allow me to go to school but after school I need to be home immediately or they will punish me longer. Even if they are going outside I am not allowed to join or even ask. I already Lau in my bed all day and only go outside with friends once or twice a week because I oftentimes don't have the motivation to go outside and make myself look presentable but I am still happy when people ask me to hang out. I have one friend who lives pretty far away and doesn't go to the same school who I only see once a week, the longest we've gone without seeing each other is 1 month and it made my mental health worse because he is my strongest support and I am very attached to him. We were supposed to meet next Saturday like we usually do but now I have to tell him I can't come. They also told me I will not be able to go to my bestfriend to comfort while she is mourning her father, she has the same problems I do (sh and scuicide) I am worried that she'll do something to herself and that I won't be there to comfort her. I am scared that I'll get used to doing nothing on the weekend like how I do nothing exept school on the weekdays and that I won't be able to get out from it again. This isn't the first time my parents do something like this, they have also been emotionally abusive in the past, especially my mom, my dad only screams at me sometimes hits me, but my mother comments on everything I do, she guilt tripping me, gaslights me and a lot of other things. My mom once made me feel guilty that the letter I wrote her when I attempted to end it wasn't emotional enough and to next time talk about her more instead of other people. I won't have anyone I can vent to about my class or problems and urges. I am at my lowest point and already planning again, knowing I will spend my last day without being able to hug and say goodbye to the people I love makes my heart hurt but I can't help it and need to live with it just a little longer. This time my parents will not be receiving a letter but I will somehow try to give one to each of the people I love. I am so sorry I am leaving my bestfriend while you are going through this and I am so sorry for not being able to support my closest friend and leaving him. I just hope that they know that love them. I wish I could say something about my niece but she is too young to understand, I am ashamed of myself for leaving amd never being able to see my friends amd myself graduate, to never see my niece go through her first heartbreak or getting married, I will never be able to attend the school that I worked so hard for but I am so happy that I won't need to suffer anymore. I am so sorry for just dumping this here and being dramatic about little things.
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2023.06.10 20:54 upbeet_downbeet Bare minimum help line

My once supportive husband just told me he works for 8hrs and I do nothing but stay at home so I should be able to wash the dishes…we’ve been going through a lot..a lot all at once too soon and I think I’m done.
After having our second in March I got diagnosed with CKD, a few days later he tells me we are 40K in debt and he has to go bankrupt. Now his job is letting go of his department so he might loose his job. It’s been a lot, too much too soon.
I’ve grown a lot since then, he gets to work from home and he doesn’t have a hard job. Sometimes he plays video games while he works. He’s. A great father! Was really supportive during our first. But with our second he does the bare minimum and he doesn’t see it.
In fact he gets pissed when I tell him that. He’ll do the dishes and clean sometimes. I’ll admit during all of this I’ve taken up cleaning as a way to relax and destress. He does help out with chores but at his own time and it really stresses me out. If we didn’t live with his parents I wouldn’t care. But they get frustrated too when they see messes piling up, I get it.
He says I have it good because he doesn’t drink or smoke or go to bars. I’m the same way. But my body can’t handle things how I used to, especially with my illness…I just want him to share the domestic’s hard. And he won’t know how hard being a SAHM is until I die or if I end up in the hospital for a few days. He doenst charge our sons diaper as much as I do during the day.
I’m tired of tip towing and holding his hands. One day I won’t be here. He keeps saying, what’s going to happen when I go back into the office? And I’m like…I’ll be fine! I Can manage without you. I only big you for help because YOU CAN help but he chooses not to..what a luxury. Like I said he gets things done, but in his own time…days later.
I just don’t know what to do. I don’t wnairhis anymore. Everyday I grow less and less attached. I know we are going through a rough patch but he’s been gaslighting me a lot, and just doenst see me or appreciate me…idk what to do.
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2023.06.10 20:54 ActuaryPersonal2378 Developed a fear of driving, but I want to rent a car for a trip

I stopped driving in December 2020 when my car broke down and I finally sold it this year. (How it survived being dead -but permitted- in DC without getting broken into or stolen is beyond me).
Even when I had my car I hated driving in DC. It's absolutely terrifying - but I would drive for getting out of town or for errands that would take much longer using transit than driving, like going to the vet.
Now I'm completely averse to both driving and being in a car. As much as cars suck, this fear seems to have gotten a bit out of control. I've never even been in an accident (I've done dumb things like scrape a wall in a parking garage but nothing on the road, if that makes sense.)
It's even worse as a passenger. I'm at the point where I'd rather take a long metro ride than take an uber in situations where I would've gotten a ride at any other time.
I'm going back to my hometown this week and I really want to go somewhere that is about an hour away. I have the points to rent a car, but I'm admittedly very afraid to drive. I'm pretty sure it's been nearly a year since I've driven (August) and even the idea scares me. (there's no transit options)
It sucks because I actually used to love driving, but I'm so afraid of crashing or getting crashed into and injuring/killing someone or wrecking whatever car I'm driving.
I'm sure once you get back in the car it all comes back to you, and I do have to remember that it's particularly bad in DC and my home area is much less congested and people are better drivers in general.
Have other people in this group had to drive for the first time in awhile, and how did you navigate (no pun intended) any anxiety around it?
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2023.06.10 20:53 Alternative-Dust6286 How to not let people from the past impact in the future?

After class 10, I joined a new school. Being introverted my entire life I decided to change things this time. I started talking to more people. During this time, I fell in 'love' with a girl. Deciding to propose I did so and was rejected, being the first time I did something like this I insisted and ultimately she insulted me and blocked me. The next few months I did nothing, tried to forget it. But fate had other plans, things took a bad turn at home and my parents separated, my mother took me and we went to a rental house near the school, her home was also near the rental house. Deciding that perhaps this was a god given chance to rectify things I decided to perhaps be able to regain her as a friend. One of her friends lived in front of the rental home and I decided to form friends with her to get my message across. I also formed friends with her other friends to make her realise that I was sorry. Day after day. I did the same. Over time, I learnt things about her, that though she told me that she wasn't into relationships, she had actually been in one, with a guy three years her senior. Her friends also teased her and a guy she is close to(he is also a new student) as potential gf/bf. I don't know why inspite of learning that I decided to pursue her as a friend. The next few months I did all kinds of stupid stuff, all my life I had been very quiet about romantic interests, this time I freely told her friends in hopes that she will learn about how sorry I was through her friends, as I couldn't contact her as she had blocked me. I tried messaging from alternative number but she just saw it and blocked that number too. Ultimately, I realised something her friends who I thought had a good connection with me too were taking all the information from me and telling nothing what she said about me, they were mocking me behind my back. I felt sad and told about it to one of them. The next day both she (the girl I liked) and one of her friends was at my doorstep, saying they want to talk, my mother was at home so even she came to know everything, they both insulted me. I came to know everything then. One of the guys of the new school, who was friends with me even before I met her had told her that he would accompany her to "threaten" me (he was previously very friendly and had even given me a photograph of her ex), this was but one instance, everyone I thought of as a friend had seemed to abandon me, I came to know that most of them were only friendly because they needed something to gossip about. I could do nothing then for the next few days, till the end of examinations after which I moved to a new city.
After a couple months, I decided to call them out, sent messages to the girl, she still has the same arrogant tone telling that she and her friends are better than me. I blocked her as I felt I couldn't really say anything to her as lots of things were my fault. But her friend who acted friendly with me, I insulted her after some time(I will not lie, it was nothing bad but just saying that she wasn't as good a person as she thought herself to be) suddenly from stupid I turned to villan, her boyfriend called to threaten me and even the girl( who I had proposed to) had her father call me threatening to get me arrested because I had previously messaged his daughter so much previously. Ultimately, I sorted all things out but I deleted my WhatsApp account, broke my SIM and decided to move from that life.
Fast forward to a year later, now I feel broken, I know those guys insult me still, calling me all kinds of things, mad, stupid, love fool. I do not care what they think of me, their time in my life has passed. I am afraid that someday in the future they may end up joining the same college as me and they will ruin my reputation there too as they kept on spreading my gossip previously, I am afraid that this situation shall never leave my life and even people in my future shall judge me from my past, I know I did lots of weird things during that time and even a brief while after that and I can't write everything down in this post. But I don't want that incident to chase me my entire life. I don't want the future to be like the past and I don't know what to do.
TLDR; I proposed to a girl, did all kinds of shameful stupid shit to win her back as a friend even though she hardly thought of me as one. Now, because of all those stupid acts I lost reputation and was treated poorly and fear that even in the future people from the past will impact my college life.
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2023.06.10 20:53 glonkme I really love my job

I feel like this is where I need to be and it is absolutely the right fit for me. I know everyone in healthcare gets burnt out sometimes but this is a truly rewarding job. I love working with dementia residents. It’s not easy and they definitely have their good days and their bad days. I love how sometimes if you say the right things or point out their family photos to them and ask them about their family, you can sometimes get a little glimpse of who they were before their disease.
I’m not always a fan of rehabilitation/ short term units. But it is really crazy how you see some people who are going through so much pain that I can’t even imagine, and they push through it and they still are their sweet old self’s (although, I love my grumpy and flat out mean residents just as much 😂 idk why but I can deal with some residents my other aides can’t) it’s just a really beautiful thing to watch people heal and go home. I watched someone who was in an awful car accident that was so bad that they lost their spouse in it, and they were able to make something so awful and not only accept it and somehow still be positive, but also make a full recovery. The people that I help take care of are so so much stronger than me.
I’m starting to learn to appreciate hospice care. It’s new to me. There’s a lot of unknown things about death. I recently had my first patient pass on me. Like a few weeks ago. And oof, it really makes you think. I had to call my nurse friend to talk about it the day after. She told me about how it was a privilege to be there with people in their last moments of life and I get that now. I had a home health hospice assignment for the first time recently. And watching the family laugh about their funny moments together and cry during their final goodbyes was so much. There was so much love in that room and it was such a private family moment that it felt weird for me to be there, but absolutely was a privilege to be there for that and be the person to watch their loved one so the family could sleep in peace.
It’s not easy. It’s hard work mentally and physically. But it can be heartwarming and rewarding. I just wanted to remind myself of all of this every time I get burnt out. This job makes me feel important and that I’m doing something good and making a difference.
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2023.06.10 20:53 lardgoblin I think my mom has BPD but I’ll never have an actual answer

I finally opened up to my current therapist about my childhood and how it affected me and she confirmed that I was verbally and mentally abused by my mother. My father is very codependent on her due to his anxiety issues and leans on her to deliver news about how “they” feel towards me. She is essentially his “pit bull”. I’ve been doing a lot of reading about BPD parent-child relationships and its after effects on their children and I fit all of the bullet points. Sometimes she’s loving and caring and other times she goes for the jugular. I think that the best way to put it came from herself as she has said to me that “she loves me, but she doesn’t like me”. She didn’t have the best childhood: she grew up poor, her own mother was mentally and physically abusive towards her, and her younger sister got “special treatment” as she puts it. She passed down that pattern onto me. She denied it for years but a couple months ago she admitted to me that she did; however, she went right back to treating me the same way she always has. She is never able to admit fault and blames her outbursts as having a “big personality” that people either like or hate it. She’s an alcoholic and it took me a long time to realize that. My dad knows she is too and yet never does anything to fix it. One time I confronted her about it and she went ballistic on me. She blamed me for always being the victim and said that she’s not perfect and so on and so forth. As for the abuse, I was subjected to strange punishments throughout my entire childhood. For example, if I had panic attacks (I have GAD along with BP1 and PTSD) she would record them and threaten to show people in the future. I was often grounded for arbitrary things like giving attitude when I was a preteen like anyone middle-schooler does. One time, I missed the bus (and it was only time I missed the bus). She went out of her way to stay home from work to watch me clean the entire house for eight hours straight down to the baseboards. She is in therapy until a therapist tells her something she doesn’t like and then is out of therapy for a long time. She often tells me that I’m the reason she is in therapy because she doesn’t feel like I love her and blah blah blah. I’ve never felt loved by her either, I never felt like I could express my feelings as there is/was always a retort, I was shamed for having emotions and NOW when I do she always resorts to saying I’m manic or overdramatic. Ever since I moved out, she goes back and forth between saying it was a great decision to begging me to come home so she can “take care of me”. Regardless of what I do, she still feels the need to have total control over me and it’s affecting my current relationship with my partner. As a result of her turbulent behavior, I’ve never been able to love myself. I often feel shame when I have emotions and bottle it all in until it explodes. I lack self-identity, when people ask me about traits I would assign to myself, I’m unable to answer that question. I constantly feel lost in the world and unable to form my own opinions and am a people-pleaser to my core. I don’t feel like I have a personality, it’s just what I THINK people want me to be and it varies from person-to-person. I can’t decide on a career and I recently quit my job again as a result of my mental instability (mostly related to how she feels about me in any given moment). I have poor impulse control, especially with financials, and I feel like a failure. I brought it up to her and she gave me a back-handed apology as she said “Clearly we failed you. Somewhere in all the knowledge we tried to give you about how to be a responsible adult. We failed”. Anyways, I apologize for the long post. I want to know if there’s a possibility that she has it or I’ve been mistaken. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.10 20:53 Zhozho80 EVH tone / Helix LT

Hi guys
I am fighting with my Helix LT to get a good enough Eddie Tone. My configuration is home studio with monitoring speakers. For EVH I usually pick super strats of course.
Here after is a link to my attempt so far.
Not 100% happy with it, but that the best I achieved up today. I struggled a lot to get a satisfying cab setup. My goal was to get juicy sound with bites... (not too harsh and not too muddy). I was in the idea to get something in between mid 80s to mid 90s Van Halen area. I know EVH cab are loaded with custom voiced G12M, So I started with a 4x12 greenback 25, but it was not juicy enough, so I added a 4*12 XXL V30. I am not sure it's the best combinaison of cab or mic setting, but that's the best configuration so far .
I am not sure it is the final version of this preset.
I need to thanks other "custom tone" member, because they really inspired me for this preset. Special thanks to Jonlee5150, the dual pitch effect come from his nice Fast Eddie preset.
Otherwise I normally only engage OD + reverb, and I engage phased, delay and dual pitch at will depending of the moment or song targeted

If anybody can share a better cab/mic configuration for EVH tone I am interested. Other tweak are welcomed :)
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2023.06.10 20:52 alonewolforever Sister disrespected my Wife.

Salam alaikum everyone.
So my wife (married Islamically) is still living with her parents, while I am also living with mine. She comes over when she can, and she is a part of our lives.
One day, both my sister, who is 24 years old and my wife were at home while I was at work including my parents. My wife went to my room to do some university work until I finished work.
A couple of hours later, my wife needed to use the toilet and messaged me, saying, 'Can I use your parents' toilet because the other two are dirty?' I asked, 'What type of dirt?' and she replied, 'There's poo and period stains.' I knew it was my sister who left the mess. Bare in mind she did not tell me this information with malice or to laugh at my sister. I asked her a question she answered.
My wife then mentioned that the parents' toilet was also dirty, leaving her unsure of what to do. She didn't want to clean up someone else's mess.
So, I messaged my sister, asking if she could clean the mess she made because my wife needed to use the toilet.
My sister admitted it was her as she was “half asleep” in the morning. She became offended, questioning why my wife shared the period information with me, which caused her embarrassment.
I responded to my sister, saying, 'But what if I stumbled upon it in the toilet? What would happen then?'
My wife told me that as she went to clean it slammed the doors in a passive-aggressive way.
My sister started backbiting my wife to me and insulting me, claiming that my wife didn't need to make it a big deal. I told her to stop being a child as we didn’t do anything wrong.
I don’t believe my wife did any wrong thing by mentioning this to me as she believed it would be better if it came from me than if she went directly to my sister.
My sister continued to message me making Duaa saying “ May Allah deal with you “
“InshAllah your life goes downhill” “InshAllah your fiancée leaves you”
My wife went home and can’t face to come back from this disrespect from her sister in law. In the evening I argued with my sister about this, saying how could you say these things. She called my wife bitter then spat at me…
Who is in the wrong? My wife has told me she will not talk to my sister anymore as she’s genuinely afraid of her due to her making dua against us.
TL;DR: My Wife and I live with our respective parents, my fiancée found a dirty bathroom with poo and period stains, I asked my sister to clean it, but she got offended and started insulting my wife and me.
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2023.06.10 20:52 elevatedcorn92 25[M4F] To/Online - lonely weekend ?

Hi there ! Current goal is to make connections I can talk to consistently as I have a decent amount of time outside of working from home for an environmental organization. I'm mixed asian, love animals and have tattoos of animals as well as a dog.
My current interest is diablo 4 as seen in the title and the other main game I play is league. I do like to read manga more than watch anime but happy to watch and I do like to try new foods with my friends ! Currently learning as much as I can about long term investing so that would be interesting to talk about.
Overall I'm happy to make connections long term and short term and am open to any type of connection. Happy to trade pictures if you're comfortable and hop on a voice call too ! Generally looking for people up to 30 with some kind of similarity but happy to learn something new .
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2023.06.10 20:52 webosite I’ve been a driver for 57 hours and am a professional, AMA

What makes me qualified:
I took every order that came on my screen, but then came to this sub and realized that I must now sit at home or in a parking lot and wait for $2/mi
I frequently ask questions to myself, why is it so slow and is this triple order for $10 worth it since I’m only going 7 miles (sorry, bads at maths)
I used to drive around with every app on, scooping up multiple orders at once with zero common sense of direction in terms of drop off. Now, I still do that because if it can fit on my floorboard, it’s good enough to accept
Counting gas toward your pay is pointless. It’s always going up and down, quite possibly around. It’s impossible to truly pinpoint your total $/hr avg.
Customers or drivers, if you have any questions. I’m definitely your guy. I’ll respond instead of delivering this order
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2023.06.10 20:52 AutoModerator [Program] Iman Gadzhi - Copy Paste Agency

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2023.06.10 20:52 GuybrushThreepwood78 How long after my landlord files an eviction with a judge will I have before they come to kick me out?

I'm thinking about just leaving on my own, because I'm worried that with an eviction on my record I'll never be able to find another home. But if I do stay, how long will I have before they come to make me leave?
Also, as an aside, which of those two options is the better one?
Thanks in advance for any help.
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2023.06.10 20:51 External-Variety-270 Got some harlequin rasboras and they accidentally gave me a tiny snail. Should I keep it? It has a black shell with gold dots.

Got some harlequin rasboras and they accidentally gave me a tiny snail. Should I keep it? It has a black shell with gold dots.
Also, how do I prevent from siphoning it lol
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2023.06.10 20:51 polarizedcaulfield my ex fwb m/21 reached out to me f/21 after a year

we would hang out on and off, mostly innocently (making out, cuddling, watching a movie) for about a year. he was very inconsistent so i kept my distance. i never stated my feelings, much less talked about my personal life with him or really got to know him because of anxiety (i was 18). one of the last times i saw him was at a party where he got very drunk and used me to try to make someone else jealous. However there was also another girl there he invited but they never met up as he stayed with me the whole time. He tried to kiss me and make out with me while drunk but I refused. I drove him home and we parted ways. He told me thanks and then reached out to me a week later with a random convo. I felt he was just lonely so I called him out on the repeated ghosting and he left me alone. He got into a relationship with the girl he invited from the party.
We ended up working at the same job a few months later. I didn’t go up to him during this time because I respected his relationship and it took him almost 2 months for him to acknowledge me. We were cordial to each other as coworkers and eventually I left to pursue school. He left a few weeks after.
Almost a few months later he asked to follow my social, to which I accepted but we never spoke on it. He recently told me happy birthday, which he never has in the five years I’ve known him. I reached out and asked him how he was doing but he never responded.
I don’t understand why he can text me happy birthday as a friend like he cares but not text me back as a friend.
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2023.06.10 20:51 MarieKateryna1953 Tarot cards as a communication medium and a very haunted place I’m scared of

All of the women in my family (and my nonbinary self) have a close relationship with the dead. We all experience things a little differently, everything from dream visits to seeing full-bodied dead people. My grandma and her sisters also have practiced tarot for their entire lives and I picked it up quite randomly three years ago before I knew about this, and my sisters now practice as well.
I’ve been doing my best to DIY my psychic development and had a feeling that I could and should use one of my decks to talk to dead people. I think it worked because the answers made sense and corresponded to local history, etc. and I received images and sensory memories in my mind the whole time, as well. There is a place where I live that I have and continue to feel very drawn to, and it’s one of the few places I’ve seen a Whole Dead Person, as opposed to how I usually perceive them, which is more like there’s a person there but wearing a sci-fi style cloaking suit (is that common?).
I feel simultaneously like I need to be near there and chatting with the dead people who hang out there, and like I am being told desperately to leave. The location has a dark past and I can feel a very bad man (who I saw) as well as just regular people asking for help in various ways. I’m nervous to read the ghosts on the property because I’ve had a lot of physical stuff go on when I’m there, so I took some herbs growing on the property to make a stick to burn elsewhere but still have a firm connection to that land. I just had a feeling it was the thing to do.
I’m honestly pretty nervous about burning it and trying to connect, even though I’ll not be near the property. I was think of even maybe doing it on church grounds or somewhere sacred?
Is this an awful idea? What should I do (beyond my normal grounding-centring-shielding and then cleanse when I’m home) to stay spiritually safe? Are tarot cards common ways to talk to the dead and how do I strengthen that ability beyond just doing it a lot?
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2023.06.10 20:51 Confident_Map8744 My side

Hi I'm op friend the same friend who was in the meeting with Angel, op post the story on his main reddit account and that's why i am aware of his post I hope that my side of the story will give you some clarifications. I will try to arrange the events to make things easier for you to understand what happened. I will call op Arun this is not his real name. Before I begin, please do not blame religion. Religion has nothing to do with the actions of his parents. I am a Muslim,Angel and her dad are Christians, and we did not abandon him. They represent themselves, not their religion. Please be open minded.
Some background:
Arun and Angel's were raised together, Even after their parents stop being friends, Arun and Angel's friendship remained the same. Me and his ex became their friends later in life.
When Arun was nine years old, his parents left the house and left him and his sister in the care of a family member. That family member assaulted Aruns sister when Arun was a sleep. When Aruns parents saw the bruises on her body, the relative accused Arun and said that he was the one who did that to her, most of them did not believed her at that time. Unfortunately, his sister suffered alot she was a infant when the assault happened and she almost died, Arun blamed himself a lot for not being there for her. Angel told me although his parents did not say they blamed him but the implication was there, his parents became cold and distances to him.
Arun will tell you that this story has nothing to do with what happened later, because his parents did not tell him bluntly that they do doubt his innocence, even when the implication was there, Arun would continue to defend and give them excuses because he himself did not want to believe that his parents hated him for something he did not do.
for years Arun tried to be recognized by his parents, he managed to repair his relationship with them a little bit in the last 1-2 years before he was disowned.
Arun's ex knew all of this,and no one could convince me that he made the same accusation by mistake. he knew what he was doing, the 3 of us saw first hand how his parents act I would not surprised if he did this to take revenge on Arun for leaving him when his dad saw them.
When he was kick out late 2018 he was anything but stable, as you all read in his story he needed to be rushed to the hospital, I wasn't there when this happened but Angel told me when her dad told him about the rape allegations he started crying and tried to hurt himself, luckily they managed to stop him until the paramedics arrived. When he was discharged from the hospital,uncle introduced him to his friend, the lawyer who took Aruns case (don't get me wrong Arun still needed to pay him)
Unfortunately, Arun's mental health continued to decline and he made devastating decisions. He kept cutting himself. He cut off his friends/family who tried to help him. He tried to leave everything and run. But the decision that completely destroyed him was dropping the family name after his parents sent a letter telling him they disavowed him and dsinheritance...etc They ordered him to drop the family name, otherwise they will file a lawsuit against him to drop it. Now let me tell you, there is no law in India that im aware of that gives the parents the right to disown their kid's that way I told Arun this, but he wasn't listening to us, he was convinced that they could do this. He told me that he would prefer to drop his name quietly rather than popularly and risk being outed more as a bisexual man. after he dropped his name he was a shadow of himself, he was in and out the hospital for 3 years, luckly he managed to pull himself together in the 4 year but he was still taking alot of medicines.
At the beginning of 2023, Arun began to see someone, we where co-workers and they met through me, they weren't official or anything, but he was a single father, in my opinion this is important information for what will come later.
Although Arun changed his phone number, his parents managed to reach him. Unfortunately, Arun did not inform us when they contacted him. I learned from reddit, when I saw his post in his main account, I tried to contact him, but he did not respond to me,fortunately he called me shortly, He was surprised that i know about this he told me he thought he was using his throwaway account. I was horrorfield when I learned that he was planning to go alone to his parents house but said that alot of people on reddit thought it was a bad idea.
Everyone was against this meeting. Us the lawyer, his psychiatrist, but he insisted on going. I know that many of you will blame us for not stopping the meeting, but you must understand that Arun was going to meet his parents, whether we went with him or not, we cannot stop him.
When we arrived at the lawyer's office, Arun was panicking. The lawyer told him, If he did not calm down he would never accepted supervising the meeting. After some medication Arun calmed down a bit, and we started the meeting.
The meeting was downright chaotic when his parents admit his sister is alive. The meeting turns into a screaming match between them. Arun's dad said that Arun should understand that it is hard for them to accept their son has been accused twice, and that they need to distance themselves from Arun in order to accept that the allegations were not true. We tried to calm Arun down and keep his parents away from him as much as possible, but his dad continued to say things that I cannot repeat here. The meeting ended with Arun collapsing on the ground. I do not know if it happened because of the medicine he took before the meeting or because he was shocked that his parents suspect that Arun had a hand in what happened to his sister.
Considering his self harm history he was hospital for a while, when he wake up he didn't remember much which wasn't uncommon for him. The person that Arun was seeing called me and told me that he tried to reach out to Arun, but he did not answer. When I told him that Arun was in the hospital, he panicked and told me that he had received harassing messages and ask me if Arun received them to me to. I know this is not in my place, and I know that I am a bad friend, but I told everything. He is father for a 3 year old he needs to know if his live is in danger. After I told him, he told me not to tell Arun about the messages he had received, and that he would continue to support Arun from afar, to give him credit he did stick with his word.
After Arun was discharged from the hospital, he finally understood the danger of his situation with his father, and he called the cops and told them the lie his parents told him, and that he felt his sister was in danger. Unfortunately, he was right. We don't know why the took her but, we do not live in America. The police will not take your child from you because you scream at them. You must be a very special person for the Indian cops to take your kid away from you. After they took his sister, Arun told the lawyer that he wanted to request a protection from his family. Some family members told him his grandma is sick but we found out it was a another lie.
After a month or so Arun lawyer received a letter from Arun sister, but due to the psychiatrist's strict instructions he didn't read to Arun, unfortunately the silence didn't last long because one of the family member got in a altercation with Arun, Arun isn't a violent person but for the first time he responds violently to anyone, it was out of character for him. We did not get a clear answer to why Arun parents contact him, but I bet all my money that this was supposed to be an honor killing. They abandoned him for five years and did not help him or ask about him, knowing that their son was suffering from mental health problems, they did not show up until after Arun showing signs of moving forward with his life, and he began to see another guy who had a child. If they wanted him to be part of his potential family, they would not lie about his sister's death, and they would not insisted that Arun meet at their home. I think that the only reason that made them agree to the lawyer meeting was to give Arun a false sense of security, and when they saw that Arun could not walk all over him like in the past they lost it on him.
It doesn't matter what their intentions anymore, they won they got what they wanted Arun took his life on the end of May.
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2023.06.10 20:51 Dry-Significance2 Should I end my only friendship if I think I am bothering them?

Hey everybody,

So I've always had a pretty difficult time making friends. The friends I did have, I found out, were just pretending to like me. I've pretty much accepted the fact that I'm an anti-social loner who really only makes friends with professors instead of people around his age. Anyway, about a year ago, the professor I work for introduced me to a student who was attending a nearby community branch of the college. We attended a summer conference together and hit it off very well. We talked about our interests and goals, and she even rested her head on my shoulder on the bus ride home.
She still attended the relatively distant community campus, so we mostly talked online. We had long and thought-provoking conversations. I was so excited to finally have a friend that was close to my age that I constantly invited her to various activities, such as getting food, hiking, etc. Each time, I said I would cover the transportation and any costs. Every time, she would have some sort of excuse and promise that she would hang out another time.Last semester, she finally transferred to the same campus I was at, so I thought it would be cool to at least have some coffee or something. Still, the excuses came. She would only be at the campus for as long as she had to be there and then immediately travel back to her distant town. She began to take much longer to respond, which I chalked up to just being busy with school. Fast forward to this summer, and I have still sent about three invitations to some activity, all three of which she had some sort of excuse for. I understand that people have busy schedules. However, I think if she truly wanted to hang out, she would at least offer to tell me a day on which she is actually free. Instead, she has an excuse for every time I ask and then promises to hang out later at an unspecified date.
I'm beginning to think that she doesn't view me as a friend anymore. I think she's just trying to let me down easy by denying hangouts until I eventually get bored. She still responds, just much slower. I'm just unsure; maybe she truly does want to hang out, but there's just been an unfortunate series of events (by Lemony Snicket) that have prevented her from hanging out again for nearly an entire year. I swear that if she didn't view me as a friend anymore, I would totally respect her decision and try to keep moving forward. The best idea I have is to directly ask her "Do you view me as a friend?", but that already sounds cringe-worthy in my head. Another thing I could do, I suppose, would be to stop contact overall, but I have never worked like that.
Thank you,
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