Best smg for pvp destiny 2

Look good, Play good

2015.05.23 17:08 GGnerd Look good, Play good

Eyes up, Guardians! The fashion show has begun! A sub dedicated to the many looks of Destiny, a fantastic FPSRPGMMO from Bungie.

2015.08.30 23:35 D0cR3d Crucible Sherpa

A place for discussing PvP in Destiny 2. Read up on current guides and discussion, ask questions, and seek personal assistance from knowledgeable Sherpas.

2016.11.11 19:44 shannonxtreme Destiny: The Legacy

A Destiny 1 sub for current gen and legacy gen consoles

2023.06.11 00:34 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (Updated)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
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The lessons inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator course include:
1. Foundations
2. Mindset
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5. Sales
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7. Operational Supremacy…
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2023.06.11 00:33 The_Deli_Llama1 FT: Everything in the description LF: Mostly mirror trades

I will consider doing non-mirror trades, but some Pokémon I will specifically need to mirror, because I’m looking to grind XL Candy. I don’t need any hat or flower crowns mirrored, but they do need to be registered. If we get to best friends at some point, I would also be willing to mirror legendaries and/or shinies that I have. :)

- 2 alolan Sandslash (legacy: shadow claw)

- 1 Clefable (double moved)

- 8 Alakazam (2 legacy: counter)

- 1 Machoke; 3 Machamp (1 double moved for UL)

- 2 Gengar

- 11 alolan Marowak (legacy: shadow bone)

- 3 Snorlax (1 double moved)

-27 Dratini; 8 Dragonair

- 5 Feraligator (legacy: hydro cannon)

- 1 Ampharos (legacy: dragon pulse)

- 153 Marill; 5 Azumarill

- 2 Jumpluff (1 legacy: Acrobatics; 1 double moved)

- 3 Umbreon (1 legacy: psychic; 2 legacy: last resort)

- 1 Wynaut; 77 Wobbuffet

- 39 Mantine

- 63 Skarmory

- 1 Houndoom (double moved for GL)

- 10 Miltank

- 62 Larvitar; 5 Pupitar; 3 Tyranitar (2 legacy: smack down)

- 85 Ralts; 3 Kirlia; 4 Gardevoir (2 legacy: Synchronoise)

- 47 Sableye; 20 Purified Sableye

- 2 Flygon (legacy: earth power)

- 14 Tropius

- 4 Bagon

- 7 Beldum; 3 Metang

- 3 Empoleon (legacy: hydro cannon)

- 1 Luxray (legacy: Psychic Fangs)

- 14 Shieldon

- 35 Cranidos

- ~1000 Gible; 2 Gabite; 1 Garchomp (legacy: Earth Power)

- 3 Electivire (1 legacy: Flamethrower)

- 1 Togekiss

- 1 Emboar (legacy: blast burn)

- 1 Samurott (legacy: hydro cannon)

- 1 Boldore

- 3 Sandile

- 17 Scraggy

- 13 Yamask

- 4 Zorua

- 19 Frillish

- 24 Joltik; 3 Galvantula

- 54 Ferroseed

- 1 Lampent

- 2 Axew

- 20 Stunfisk; 4 galarian Stunfisk

- 13 Golett; 1 Golurk

- 7 Pawniard

- 1 Rufflet

- 8 Vullaby

- 104 Deino; 74 Zweilous

- 49 Bunnelby

- 12 Pancham

- 2 Inkay

- 9 Dedenne

- 3 Goomy

- 125 Noibat; 1 Noivern (legacy: Boomburst)

- 1 Rockruff

- 5 Mareanie

- 22 Dewpider

- 2 Fomantis

- 3 male Salandit; 1 female Salandit

- 5 Oranguru

- 1 Togedemaru

- 4 Bruxish
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2023.06.11 00:32 AutoModerator [] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Ry Schwartz – Automated Intimacy ✔️ Full Course Download
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What You Get:
Automated Intimacy v3.0 – 5 Core Modules 6 Weeks of Access to the Private A/I Mastermind on Circle Extra Team License (for a business partner VA, OBM, marketer, etc.) Bonus: AI Alpha Launch Workshop. Bonus: Private Podcast Playbook & Fireside Chat w/ Chris Evans Bonus: Engineering The Enrollment Suite MODULE 1
The A.I. Revolution (aka Coaching The Conversion Reloaded)
In Module 1, you’ll be initiated into a revolutionary new way of thinking. You’ll move from a mindset of “closing clients” with blunt force tactics; to confidently leading and coaching their transformation between Point A and Point Buyer.
With this initial understanding; you’ll see how automation, behavioral triggers, and advanced segmentation allow you to identify and capitalize on the key moments of heightened receptivity where your prospects are most “coachable” towards the next conversion.
Become initiated into the most updated version of the “Coaching The Conversion” messaging framework that’s been behind over 50M+ of course revenue for industry titans like Amy Porterfield, Todd Herman and Copyhackers. Learn the art and science behind Direct Response 2.0; and how to engineer profitable “conversion contexts” that exponentially increase your prospect’s ability to say “yes” Upgrade your messaging and channel strategy using The P.A.I.D. framework to know how and when to move a prospect from an automated sequence to a one-on-one chat How to use Advanced Touchpoint Theory™ to accelerate trust building and drastically shorten buying cycles Newtonian Marketing Vs. Quantum Marketing; and how the common sales funnel fails to measure up to the reality of how most prospects make empowered decisions MODULE 2
Empire Engineering
Most online businesses are built to win a single battle at a time; but ill-equipped to dominate an industry, let alone scale an empire.
In Module 2, we’ll walk you step-buy-step on how to engineer the tech side of your business for sustainable, exponential growth.
If you’re self-aware and energetically sensitive, you know that intentionality is everything. Unless you’ve built a powerful system that can sustain and match your vision; you’re not likely to get there.
Whether you’re in Stage 1 of building your empire; or ready to scale the sh*t out of it; we’ll walk you through the exact CRM systems you need to confidently double down on your marketing and enrollment efforts; knowing that every prospect that enters your ecosystem is well accounted for and given the best chance to convert.
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about implementing an intelligent, growth-minded CRM that your current business coach was too afraid to show you. How to create a pro-level pipeline that gives you “real time” insight as to where every lead is in your enrollment process; allowing you to forecast revenue, identify opportunities; and finally feel like a real business. Why “lead-scoring” isn’t just for enterprise-level companies, but a must for reaching out to potential customers in the moment they’re most ready to receive it. Why configuring your sales and enrollment systems the way we show you; will give you crystal clarity over every lead in your business; allowing you to make smarter, more data-informed decisions rather than feeling lost, overwhelmed, and acting on impulse. MODULE 3
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 1): The Enchanting First Encounter
Back in 2009, subscribing to an email list meant something.
In 2023. urm. a bit less so.
In many cases, it’s a response to FOMO (of closing a landing page and not getting a lead magnet). The end result; prospects are more oversubscribed and under-committed than ever.
That’s why, In Module 3, you’ll be given two powerful playbooks for creating an enchanting first encounter that instantly sets you above any other coach or course creator they may be following or considering along with you.
2 next generation “top funnel” conversion playbooks for accelerating trust, encouraging engagement, and amplifying resonance. The simple, 45 second protocol to do immediately when a new subscriber signs up that has been proven to boost opens, clicks and conversions by up to 300% How to seamlessly integrate your fb group with your email CRM to create a holistic view of EVERY potential customer in your business Why your traditional “welcome sequence” is dead, and doing little-to-nothing to ascend your lead; and what to do instead to accelerate the transformation from Point A to Point Buyer Why normal “engagement posts” do nothing but satisfy the algorithm; and how to create “ROI-Rich engagement experiences” that help you segment your list while synching valuable voice-of-customer data into your CRM. How to use Social Singularity™ to create a seamless experience between your facebook group and your email list. MODULE 4
Automated Conversion Ecosystem #1 (ACE 2): The Ascension Amplifier
The second Automated Conversion Ecosystem you’ll be working through overlaps with what’s traditionally referred to as “the middle of the funnel”.
A murky, purgatory state that’s often the longest, most confusing, and challenging to do effectively.
Many coaches and course creators have a bulk of their email list who will sit in this “in-between” state for 2, 3 or even 5 years before either becoming a customer or unsubscribing from the list.
With the strategies and playbooks you’ll implement in Module 4, you’ll help “pre-customers” cross that chasm much faster; and come to clearer, more confident, and more empowering decisions about you and your program.
Conversion Playbook #3 – Social Singularity Pt. 2 (Channels: Fb Group, Email, DM) Conversion Playbook #4 – Webinar Registration Rev Up (Channels; Webinar, Email) Conversion Playbook #5 – The Lead-Score Lift Up (Email, DM)
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2023.06.11 00:32 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi Courses (Agency Navigator)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
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Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
- Starting Your Agency
- Finding Leads
- Signing Clients
- Getting Paid
- Onboarding Clients
- Managing Client Communication...
...and much, much more!
To get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: +44 759 388 2116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
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2023.06.11 00:31 NotAHappySunshine I hate Mr. Perfect Pt. 3

I hope y’all enjoy this :) sorry it took me so long! I think this might be a little NSFW as it is a little kinky but let me know if it is not. (Btw this is Zane’s POV)
1.5 months ago: My head is spinning, I feel so dizzy. I think something happened, I can’t remember what though. I remember… I was at a balcony, yes I was at Steel-Skull’s apartment and he was accusing me of having faked my death. I don’t know how or where he got that idea. I did my best to convince him otherwise but I doubt he believes me.
He knew my name, while my old name. Could he know? How would he? I don- shit. I know him. All my work of faking my death was for nothing. Camden knows. Camden, who is apparently my nemesis, knows me. My best- sorry ex-best friend knows who I am not only that but they are my worst enemy. I never thought he would remember, the doctors said he wouldn’t. They were positive he would forget, but he didn’t. I am screwed.
Wait. Where the hell am I? I am not at my house, I am not anywhere I have ever been before. I need to get out of here.
I stand up and look around the room. I see the rusty walls with corners covered in black dripping mold. Just looking at it makes my stomach churn. I forcibly shift my view to a door with a small window in it. I take a step forward and fall to my knees. My right leg has a thick metal band curled tightly around my ankle, the metal strap has a small 2 foot chain on it and is somehow part of the wall. How strange… normally something like that would just break or bend to let my leg pass through. Maybe I can break it by flying so high it just snaps. I adjust myself so I am properly prepared to let the wind pull me up. I move my fingers in the correct way I have always done to summon the wind. I expect to feel the air surrounding me but instead I feel the cold ground still touching me.
“What the fuck?”, I scream.
I feel a sharp pain in my ankle and realize I have been pulling against the metal. By doing that I ended up causing a major gash in my leg. I see blood pouring out of the wound and down my foot.
“Shit! My leg is bleeding! Why am I bleeding? I shouldn’t bleed! I don’t remember the last time I bled! How-?”, I rant trying to make sense of it all. I am so freaked out I don’t realize that I have curled into a fetal position as close to the base of the chain as I can. I start feeling my nose clog and notice the floor is soaked with tears. Shit, I shouldn’t cry. Crying is bad. I can’t cry.
I sniffle and try to calm myself down, when I am finally able to go a few seconds without a tear falling down my cheek I feel something stab into the back of my neck.
“Ow! What the hell?” I scream, feeling the sharp pain. I spin and see a figure cloaked in black sprinting out of the room and then slamming the door behind them. Ughhhh… what was that? I don’t feel so good. My vision goes blurry and slowly darkens. Fuck, I am so screwed! I am gonna die…
Ow… everything hurts. My eyelids won’t separate, I can’t move my limbs, my lips won’t part, my head feels so impossibly full that thoughts seem too difficult. What should I do? I feel… powerless. I hate this more than anything, I would rather do anything than feel this way.
My grandmother always said time wasn’t real, that everything was happening all at once. I was being born, taking my first steps, going to my first day of school, graduating highschool, getting my bachelors degree, suffering in whatever hell-hole I am in now, and… dying. All at the same time. I beg to differ, if everything is happening at the same time then how does this state of torture feel like forever. I have no way to know time, there is no pattern to the way anything goes. Sometimes I will be able to feel and wiggle my toes with no trouble for short amounts of time, others I will be fully out of it, sometimes I will hallucinate, sometimes I will just have long periods where I just endlessly think about anything.
I have noticed a pattern, before my mobility and thoughts are taken out of my grasp, there is always a small sharp object jabbed into my neck. I jump every time I feel it.
I am terrified. I don’t know how long I have been here. Why hasn’t anyone found me yet? I would think someone would come looking for a lost hero. Unless… people forgot about me, what if they stopped thinking about me as a hero? Who would replace me? How could they replace me?
Once again almost like clock-work I feel a sharp stab in my neck and feel myself get more sleepy. Right before I lose what consciousness I had left I feel a second jab, this time in my side. This one hurts more… I think it was a larger needle… It is hard… to breathe…
My eyes open for the first time in a while, it takes a while to adjust to the lights. Once I do, I see the shadowy figure again, they almost look 2-D. There are no highlights, or shadows, or any form of depth. They walk towards me holding something in their hand, it is made of metal. It makes a rattling sound. It looks like…chains? I try to move my hands and realize the reason I couldn’t move for all this time was because I have some sort of metal…thing sticking out of my wrists and ankles. It looks like a loop with a bar attached that goes through the opening in my skin. There is a lot of dried blood around it. The loop is attached to the wall by more metal hooks. I attempt to open my mouth to let a scream out but my lips don’t seem to separate.
“Stop that”, the shadowy figure says in a raspy voice. “You can’t remove the stitches, trust me it is impossible.”
Stitches? What… Is that why my mouth won’t work? I start wiggling my lips in all directions to hopefully break the stitches open or at least loosen them.
My moment of fear is stopped swiftly by a slap in the face. I look up and see the figure’s hand on the side of my face.
“I told you not to do that. Behave or else I will sew your eyes shut again”, they move to my left and snap the top hook in half letting my hand slide free. Before I could move my hand in any way they put the chain through the loop.
“Don’t worry this will only hurt for a moment”, they take the chain and hook it to something and press a button. Suddenly my wrist gets yanked forward, my arm and side follow in that direction. The chain keeps on getting pulled forward and I think my arm is going to dislocate. Then out of nowhere it stops being pulled. I am stuck in an awkward position that hurts my arm an unbelievable amount.
Over the course of what feels like days, my right arm and left leg are stretched in a similar fashion. Break the hook, let the limb be free for a millisecond, slide the chain in the loop, attach the chain to the hook, press the button, and suffer to the point of dislocation only for it to be stopped. Then the process repeats. The figure talks to me every once in a while, telling me to behave and do what they say.
“Alright… almost done… now I just have to…”, the figure says to themself. What are they talking about?
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2023.06.11 00:31 Local_Fennel_7969 A perfect dish for entertaining guests by Joel J. Oman

Dijon-Balsamic Rack of Lamb is a classic and sophisticated dish, suitable for entertaining. It is full of flavor and looks pleasing on the plate. Plus, it’s even easier to prepare than you may think! Here’s how to make this delicious dish.

- 2 racks of Lamb, Frenched

- 2 tablespoons of Dijon Mustard

- 4 tablespoons of Balsamic Vinegar

- 2 cloves of Garlic

- 2 tablespoons of Fresh Thyme, Chopped

- 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil

- ¼ teaspoon of Salt

- ½ teaspoon of ground black Pepper

  1. Prepare the garlic, thyme, olive oil, salt and pepper in a small bowl and then mix together to create a mixture for the lamb.
  2. Rub the mixture all over each of the lamb racks.
  3. Place the lamb racks onto a roasting pan and bake in the preheated oven for 25 to 30 minutes, or until a thermometer reads 140°F.
  4. In a small bowl, mix the Dijon mustard and balsamic vinegar together.
  5. After the lamb has cooked, take out of the oven and brush the Dijon-balsamic mixture over the entire surface of the lamb racks.
  6. Place the lamb racks back into the oven and bake for an additional 5 minutes, or until the glaze is caramelized.
  7. When finished, take out of the oven and let rest for at least 10 minutes before serving.
The Dijon-Balsamic Rack of Lamb is best served with a side of vegetables, mashed potatoes or a salad.
Wine Pairing:
A classic and sophisticated red wine like a Cabernet Sauvignon is the best choice to pair with Dijon-Balsamic Rack of Lamb. Cabernet Sauvignon has powerful tannins and acidity that will stand up to the bold flavors of the lamb and Dijon-balsamic glaze.
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2023.06.11 00:31 AutoModerator [] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download
Get the course here: [] ✔️Andrea Unger – Master the Code & Go LIVE ✔️ Full Course Download

Courses proof (screenshots for example, or 1 free sample video from the course) are available upon demand, simply Contact us here

Code Your Strategies & Create Your Automated Trading Infrastructure
Here’s What You’ll Get:
Video Lectures
A series of Pre-Recorded Video Lectures you’ll always have access to that you can follow them at your own pace, on how to code your trading systems, and set up your automated trading infrastructure (data-feed, broker, platform, VPS).
Functions & Indicators Scripts
The scripts of tens of functions & indicators we use for our own day-to-day trading.
You’ll get all the peculiar bits of coding needed to boost your trading. From FOMC reports dates to daylight saving time adjustments, position sizing algorithms, optimization-ready codes, etc.
Everything is already coded for you so you can concentrate on what matters: analyzing the markets to get new ideas for effective trading systems.
Strategies Open Code
The 13 volumes with over 200 strategies, at your disposal: you can select the best systems, modify them, and adapt them to your needs.
Stefano Serafini – Unger Academy’s student and winner of the World Cup Championship of Futures Trading® 2017
  1. Welcome (what you can expect)
  2. Introduction to Trading Systems
  3. Trading Platforms
  4. How to download and install MultiCharts
  5. MC’s applications
  6. How to download and install IQFeed
  7. IQFeed configuration
  8. How to download and install Interactive Brokers
  9. IB configuration
  10. Instruments Settings
  11. Continuous Contracts
  12. MC’s Custom Futures
  13. Historical Data – ASCII Mapping
  14. Historical Data – QMD Files
  15. MC Preferences
  16. Local Time vs. Exchange Time
  17. Types of scripts
  18. Vector coding vs. object-oriented coding
  19. The basic structure of a trading system
  20. Planning a strategy like a Flow Chart
  21. Night DAX as a Flow Chart
  22. Example. SMA crossing
  23. Example. Donchian Channel
  24. The main logical operators
  25. The types of parenthesis and how to use them
  26. Orders – I – MKT
  27. Orders – II – STOP
  28. Orders – III – LIMIT
  29. Orders – IV – Exit orders
  30. Functions
  31. Indicators
  32. Strategies
  33. Functions, Indicators and Strategies – Odd and Even days
  34. Functions – Pivot Points
  35. Signals – I – Intro
  36. Signals – II – Trading Engines Examples – Intro
  37. Signals – III – Trading Engines Examples – HL Breakout
  38. Signals – IV – Trading Engines Examples – Donchian Breakout
  39. Signals – V – Trading Engines Examples – EMA Cross
  40. Signals – VI – Trading Engines Examples – Bollinger
  41. Signals – VII – Trading Engines Examples – HL Reversal
  42. Signals – VIII – Trading Engines Examples – Bias Short Term
  43. Signals – IX – Strategy Performance Report
  44. Signals – X – On Overfitting
  45. Data2 Data Series
  46. Debugging
  47. Portfolio Trader
  48. Strategy Settings
  49. Symbol Mapping
  50. Conversion stop and limit orders to market orders
  51. How to use setexiton close in live trading
  52. Trading on contracts with short leverage
  53. Email alert
  54. Rollover – I – Intro
  55. Rollover – II – Foreseen date calculation
  56. Rollover – III – Next expiration technique
  57. Rollover – IV – Custom future advanced technique
  58. Order and Position Tracker
  59. VPS – Intro
  60. VPS – Resource check
  61. VPS Setup – I – Renting a VPS
  62. VPS Setup – II – ScriptPrepTool+MC Installation
  63. VPS Setup – III – Windows Updates
  64. VPS Setup – IV – Change of RDP port
  65. Position Sizing Algorithms – I – Intro
  66. Position Sizing Algorithms – II – Code example
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2023.06.11 00:31 namkcuR Some (belated) words for HTTT's 20th anniversary

I meant to post this yesterday but I had Internet issues, so here we are.
HTTT came out days after I graduated from high school, and it was a large part of the soundtrack of that summer(and even that fall when I started college) for me. I had gotten into RH just as Amnesiac was released in 2001, but HTTT was the first release where I was fully a fan. For these reasons, I've always had a significant emotional attachment to the album.
It occupies a very specific spot in the RH catalogue. For one thing, a lot of it was a return to more straightfoward songwriting reminiscent of OKC after left turn of Kid A/Amnesiac. I'd say half the album - 2+2=5, Go To Sleep, Where I End And You Begin, There There, I Will, Scatterbrain, and Wolf At The Door - could all have been OKC tracks, and the other half - Sit Down Stand Up, Sail To The Moon, Backdrifts, The Gloaming, We Suck Young Blood, Punchup At A Wedding, and Myxomatosis - were more like a perfect mix of OKC and Amnesiac. A lot of people were happy about this, but I also recall there being a faction that found it regressive, a step backwards, etc. It's never bothered me at all - I appreciate all types of Radiohead, and when the songwriting is as good as it is on HTTT, the 'going backwards' thing really doesn't matter imo. Nevertheless, I think that divide remains to this day.
For another thing, it was their last record with EMI. You can draw a pretty clear line between RH during the EMI years and RH after leaving EMI. Not in terms of the quality of the music, but in terms of how they operated as a band. They made six albums in ten years under EMI, and they have made three albums in the twenty years since HTTT. The analogy I make is to the actor Daniel Day-Lewis. He made fourteen films in the fifteen years between 1982 and 1997, then went into 'semi retirement', wherein he made just six films over the next twenty, with most of them feeling like 'events' due to their scarcity - Gangs Of New York, There Will Be Blood, Lincoln, Phantom Thread, etc. I think RH has been in their 'semi-retirement' phase since leaving EMI. They make albums only when and how they feel compelled to, seemingly free of any external pressure to do so. I think HTTT was the last time they even had a 'traditional' rollout/promotion of a new album. I remember that 2+2=5 David Letterman performance being a big deal.
So I always think of HTTT as the end of an era for the band, and symbolic of the end of an era for the music industry at large.
But besides all that, the songwriting is just great. I genuinely think the stretch from There There to Wolf At The Door is one of the greatest stretches in their catalogue. There There is legit one of their greatest songs ever. I Will and Scatterbrain are two of their most beautiful songs ever imo. I'll never understand why they don't get more love, especially the former. People call these songs boring. Are you kidding me? Those melodies are downright Beatle-esque(not to mention those sweet backing vocals at the end of I Will). Moving on. Punchup is incredible, with the interplay between keyboard and bass and Thom's biting vocal delivery. Myxomatosis is one of the greatest guitabass songs they've ever written, a real pump-up song. And Wolf is just an epic closer, Beatles homage intro and all.
But let's give the first half its due too. 2+2=5 might be their best album opener other than Everything In Its Right Place; it's such a great buildup from lullaby melody to manic punk rock energy. Sail To The Moon is gorgeous, the kind of song a jazz singer could do something with. Go To Sleep is maybe the most straightforward thing on the album, but it really works, thanks to some great guitar work and all-in vocal performance from Thom. Backdrifts and Sit Down are probably the most Kid A/Amnesiac type tracks on the album(other than The Gloaming), but they both have such great grooves driving them(thought I could do without the 'raindrops' coda on the latter). That moment in Backdrifts when the beat drops and Thom goes 'ah ah ah' before going into the last chorus is one of the albums' great moments.
And Where I End And You Begin might be the best song on the album(though There There probably tops it). One of the most overlooked songs of their career. So, so good.
And yeah, I skipped The Gloaming and We Suck Young Blood for a lot of years, but even they've grown me a lot in recent years, especially the the latter, with its piano-driven, jazzy atmosphere. WSYB has actually been a bit of a recent revelation to me. It's really good! Why have I been skipping it?
The album typically doesn't get held up at the OKC/Kid A/IR level, because 'it's bloated' or its 'trying to be OKC II', but I will always love and defend it against the naysayers. Happy 20th.
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2023.06.11 00:30 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Top Quality)

Contact me to get Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator by chatting me on +44 759 388 2116 on Telegram/Whatsapp.
I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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2023.06.11 00:30 ThrowRA-12826ff I(24F) don't know what to do about my friend(24F)

This situation has been bothering me for a while and I have no idea how to handle it. I apologise in advance for this post being all over the place.
So I have this friend which I am really close to. Our friendship is great, but my problem is in regards to her romantic/sexual relationships and her attitude towards them. Before you say anything, yes I know her relationships are none of my business, but please read to the end to understand my concern.
My friend is the type of person to always have a boyfriend or at least a guy she talks with. She is almost never not talking with at least one guy. If you ever ask her if she has a boyfriend she will always say yes, even if she is single at that time. From pre-k to today, she was rarely not in a relationship or at the very least talking with a guy.
She had both good and bad relationships, but most of the time she is the one to break it off.
Here’s the thing; even if she is in a relationship, she will still talk with other guys (some of them being exes). She claims she never does “situationships” and expects her partner to only talk with her during their talking stage and relationship stage. However, she never does the same in return. She claims that she tells them this condition from the start. I don't know if they tell her to do the same or not, but what I do know is if they ask her to stop talking with other guy/s or to block them she always finds excuses or tells them they are just friends. She is always uncomfortable with her partner keeping in touch with any exes, yet her best friend is her ex. She is always very keen to get into a relationship, but once she gets into one she starts talking/seeing other boys. She also never deletes her dating profiles. Again, she resents this exact behaviour from any of her partners. If the relationship ends (she almost always is the one to break up with them) there are always two ways this situation goes: 1) She moves on, but still keeps in touch with her ex. 2) She moves on, but her ex partner also moves on and gets into another relationship. She notices and becomes very depressed and desperately wants that person back. Once she has him back though, the cycle repeats ( She is always very keen to get into a relationship, but once she gets into one she starts talking/seeing other boys. She also never deletes her dating profiles. Again, she resents this exact behaviour from any of her partners.). If they don't get back together, she simply moves on to the next one, but of course, while still talking with others simultaneously. If I question any of these behaviours she finds excuses or pretends she didn’t hear me.
The weirdest part is, if she sees another person (not necessarily her partner) displaying any of the same behaviours she ostracises them - she claims these people to be cheaters or something much worse.
Also, she claims about herself to be very loyal in relationships, and preaches that communication is key.
I know she lacks self-awareness, but when I try to help her it goes one of two ways: 1) She gets defensive and finds excuses about her actions and she claims her situation is different than another person’s, even though from an outside perspective it’s not at all. 2) She understands and seems to be sorry for her actions, but doesn't change her behaviour and, in my opinion, quickly gets over her feeling of brief sadness. And we are right back where we started.
I remember her dating two guys at the same time, none of them knowing about each other. She told me on one of her dates that one of them genuinely asked her if she is speaking with any other guys besides him and she lied to him and said no. Then the guy held her phone because he wanted to see if she will get a notification from another guy. She said she prayed she didn’t get anything, and she said it was a miracle that she didn’t get any notifications or messages. The guy seemed to believe her. Right after that guy left, the other one came to pick her up for a date. It hasn’t even been 5 minutes before the first left and the other one came.
From my experience with other IRL and online friends, none of them behave or think in this manner. I genuinely haven’t seen this behaviour anywhere and it’s really confusing. I know it is none of my business and this shouldn’t affect me, but sometimes I really do feel bad for these guys. They have no clue what’s going on behind their backs.
When she sometimes asks me for relationship advice, I’m confused how to respond, because it seems to me that she doesn’t understand, or doesn’t want to understand, that these actions are not right.
I was a believer in karma before, but when I meet people like this, my belief is gone. People like this only prove that you can betray people behind their backs and not be punished for it, and also these people not finding out about it. I also thought you can feel a person’s vibe, but since these kind of people continue to gain the trust of so many others, and these others not even having a bad feeling about this person, only to end up having the same fate.
And if you ask me why am I still friends with this person it’s because she behaves like this only in her relationships, not in her friendships.
This whole thing is really upsetting to witness and I would gladly appreciate an outside opinion.
How can I handle this situation?
submitted by ThrowRA-12826ff to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 00:29 No_Network99 why iam lonly

Today, i am 25 years old, and I couldn't make one single friendship. in 2016, I decided to be an extrovert for the first time in my life, and my goal in university was to build a decent amount of friendship, to feel like a normal human being, And I have failed to make a single one even at university. Sometimes, if I hadn't met my colleague for 1 week, he started acting like he barely knew me Even if we had been together for 2 consecutive years,
I tried my best with more than 300 person in my life, I tried to be my truly self or the type they want or do favour for other without asking them in return, I even did things that I don't want to make other satisfied. And what do I get in return ? They don't even say hi if they saw me again after a period of absence.
I thought maybe iam the bad thing to be with, I did reflect on myself and reviewed everything I do or say and even recorded what I did daily to be sure I didn't do anything wrong for anyone, and I realise iam a good person not boring and had a good sense of humour ( at least I never failed to make someone laugh ) I changed my personality multiple times for every one of them, and yet nothing has changed.
As an introvert, it's already hard and uncomfortable to face the community.
And until now, I have failed. The only thing changed: I started to feel severe loneliness and overthinking about people, a worthless person who shouldn't be in any type of any relationship
As a man, I know my words are pathetic, and i dont like them either, but I can't stop thinking WHY, And what I did wrong?
I write this because I just wanted to talk for no specific reason. Maybe it will make my mind shut down for a couple of hours, and I can sleep well.
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2023.06.11 00:28 diariesofblack Importance of Hiori in the future.

Aight, so of course we know that considering his backstory has been told and there is a lot of focus on him too lately, Hiori will be an important character in the future.
But I'm pretty sure many see him as being a new rival and stuff. I digress.
I feel that he will be to Isagi what Ness is to Kaiser, Reo was to Nagi, and in a real sense, what a playmaking 10 is to a proper 9. The reason I see this happening is because of the way Hiori describes Isagi. He sees Isagi be able to do something that he can't, which is truly enjoy football. So I feel he will leave the burden of being the best on Isagi and play football that he enjoys through him. That is one reason.
Another is because even the greatest forwards in the world need a playmaker to compliment them and create more goals. CR7 is the greatest 9 I've ever seen. And his best ever season came when he had Ozil at Madrid. Its the same with Haaland and De Bruyne and such other dynamics. Of course, these players are world beaters without the AMs too, but with them, they are on a next level.
That's what Hiori is going to do for Isagi, read and provide chances that only Isagi can pull off. This will make up for the current lack in physical skills for Isagi, and set up the PxGatch perfectly, where the BM team has 2 concrete ways of playing there football- Kaiser who demands you to find him opportunities to score, or Isagi who asks you to play for finest football so that he can pickup where you fail and get his chances. Kaiser has Ness to help him, Isagi will have Hiori.
All this will be an eventual set up for Sae to be the AM for Isagi in the future.
submitted by diariesofblack to BlueLock [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 00:28 rkalo Im hurting & feeling like a human should be hurting & feeling

I take a mood stabilizer and it's the only reason I have a reason to continue living and believe good things are certain in my future
At the same time, the pill is preventing me from truly experiencing emotions like love, at least in the intensity that I've always known it, and feeling like anything is special or "meant to be". In a reasoned way, nothing is really meant to be because that is not how the world spins
To help me cope with this tradeoff, Im time travelling back to women I was infatuated with in a past life in some, fantasizing way on imagining how my life could still have romance and that "destiny" attachment. Because now with my pill, I could meet a million amazing people today or tomorrow, but one person is as equal to me as the next now, emotionally speaking, and it doesn't mean anything to me other than sheer companionship
And it's just making me hurt really bad..
there was this crush I had in middle school with this person that I knew since kindergarten and we have shared heritage with.
And I can't stop myself from playing with "what could still be's" with her even though in all fairness, it's not going to happen for multiple, painful reasons.
And it's tearing me up everytime I think about her, because for the flashes of her face I still get in my memories of her, how horrible - what an UTTER GUTTER my life became since I stopped seeing her - never fucking happened at all when I see her face and her eyes staring back at me in my dreams
And then reality rebounds on me like a basketball slammed into my face and it happens every 2-3 days.
submitted by rkalo to SuicideWatch [link] [comments]

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2023.06.11 00:28 silverGameOfThrone Zcash downtrade explained

So I see threads where people are talking about why zcash so low, buy or not buy , how zcash compare to other coins, etc . Its all good, but you are missing the most important member here. The Mr BTC. So right now we have super low volume and only one thing which is matter is a BTC price . BTC has his bull run to $30k+ now it's his next lag correction which may go back to $21 $22k , noone knows. So buy zcash now is a wrong question . Volume is super low and we are below all time low so the only sellers are the miners , they always sale and there is very little support here. So you have some choices here . 1. Sale it all and never come back . Best of luck ! 2. Buy the failing knight . U probably need more luck then #1 lol 3. Relax . This is the time u was waiting for with some dry power 🔋. Let Mr BTC ro stabilize this downtrend . Let Mr BTC to find his bottom . See when market becomes positive . Pull the trigger. But be ready, it maybe another bottom in front of you . In the end of the day I found suck tactics much better than dollar cost average and when the real BTC bull market will start ( probably end of 2023 or before next BTC halving in 2024 all u need is a lot , I mean a LOT of zcash which u grab for free below $30 or even below $25 . Your choice !!! I already did my 👍☺️
submitted by silverGameOfThrone to zec [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 00:27 OGactionjohnny Tonight I witnessed a server die in real time (A story)

Story time kids.
I've been playing on a official V Rising 3s and 4s PvP server for a while. I started with a group of myself and 3 others but my friends lost interest and quit after about a week. I really enjoy the game, so I stayed on.
Since day 1 on this server, there has been a team of power gamers, all very talented players. They've clearly played the game at least once through before, they're well organised, no-lifed their production a bit, and generally just power leveled their way to early server supremacy. By which I mean they were the first clan to hit end game and get the shards.
We'll call this clan the Team A
Also on this server was a duo team, 2 brothers I believe. We'll call this Clan team B. Team B ruffled a few feathers early on as they were looking to make a name for themselves and kind of fulfil the 'heel' persona of the server. If you've ever watched wrestling you'll know what a heel is, but if you haven't, it's the villain that you love to hate. And maybe even love a bit.
With me personally, neither of these teams ever bothered me. They never griefed me, or exhibited toxic behaviour while I was leveling up. They clearly had some beef with each other, but to what lengths I'm unaware.
Fast forward to week 3 of the server's life span. Team A have been the Shard holder incumbents the whole time. The weekend raiding scene up until this point has been pretty tame, with Team B going after certain peeps on vengeance missions, and Team A just kind of steam rolling whoever they want. No one has gone after them yet.
Team B decide that the incumbency has to end, so they attack Team A's castle last weekend. Team A has a bit of a rep at this point - they are the defacto police of the server. They're very hard to beat because they are: A) usually all active and together at all times B) very talented players C) shard holders
So, team B going after them made sense. When that happened, most of the server showed up, looking for a scrap, or looking to be opportunists.
What occurred that evening was some of the most talented V Rising playing I'd ever seen. It was essentially Team A vs the world, as everyone was trying to get into their castle and take the damn shards. It was amazing to watch these guys play, they pretty much successfully defended their castles at no real cost to themselves (the resource farming they had set up was insane). However, in the last 5 mins of the raiding window, 2 of the shards were successfully lifted from their castle. Team B managed to get 2 shards out, were then ambushed on the way back to their castle and lost one, which meant for the first time in the server's history, all 3 shards were possessed by different clans.
Totally contrary to what I expected, the chat afterwards was quite heated. One very vocal member of Team A (we'll call him Rod) was super rude, nasty and antagonistic. He basically cussed everyone out and accused the server of teaming and helping Team B. It was explained, in no uncertain terms, that there was no teaming occurring, we were not organised, no one was talking or co-ordinating with each other and most clans that showed up either A) showed up to fight B) take advantage of the chaos to explore the server leader's castle or C) try steal a Shard because, you know, that's literally all there is to do on a PvP server past a certain point. Either way, Team A clearly saw what had happened as a server uniting against them to bring them down, when really what was happening was a pretty chaotic FFA where people were either watching, or trying to be sneaky. They did not take it well.
Fast forward to this weekend.
Raiding started, and on the dot, Team B's castle with the shard they stole is attacked. Not by Team A. By two Teams that have never been seen on the server, with clan names that never existed prior to this weekend, and character names that have never been seen in game. It turns out that Team A, in what I can only describe as one of the saddest things I've ever seen in an online video game, went off server and recruited a bunch of people they knew to come over to our server, so they could then enact their revenge on everyone who they perceived had 'teamed' against them the weekend prior. And unlike the weekend prior, their efforts were calculated, they were clearly all communicating on discord, and they were completely unapologetic, ruthless, with 'Rod' being as nasty as they were the week before.
So, for 2 hours, we just watched 9 strangers and Team A, all elite power gamers, fucking wreck an entire server. They used keys in castles, took items to throw on the floowaste; they played as two co-ordinated groups the entire time: one group defending their castle and the other group to raid everyone else. All because people went after their castle to try steal shards the week before.
The end result is, the server pretty much died on the spot, as no one wants to play on a server where the power gamer clan can call in 9 other no-lifers at will to achieve whatever goal they want at the drop of a hat. It felt totally unnecessary, spiteful and toxic as fuck. Team A were already miles ahead of everyone else, and were perfectly capable of beating any and all clans on our server in a straight up fight as it was. The fact that they went outside the server to essentially punish an entire server because their castle had all 3 shards since week 1, was wild.
Curious to get other people's thoughts on this. Did we all get what we deserved? Or was Team A's retribution massively uncalled for?

TL'DR: Power gamer clan who had shards since week one, lost 66% of shards to an uncoordinated rabble trying to get into their castle, went off server to recruit 9 other power gamers to systematically punish and destroy entire server community in act of vengeance.
submitted by OGactionjohnny to vrising [link] [comments]

2023.06.11 00:27 bird1434 My Pearl Islands Character Rankings/Analysis Borneo

Carrying onward with my full series rewatch, I'm posting some character rankings as I go as a way to gather some thoughts! And boy am I excited to talk about Pearl Islands.
Just to clarify, these rankings are based solely on entertainment and value to the story. Impressive play often goes hand in hand with entertainment for me, but I’m not going to always rank better players higher. (I am going to be working on some posts analyzing gameplay down the line though)! I also am basing these rankings solely on the season in question, so returnee appearances have no effect.
Lastly, I accept all hate with open arms! I’m posting these for discussion to make this rewatch more interesting. Hit me with whatever you’ve got.
16. Nicole Delma (16th)
Nicole is basically only remembered for Jeff’s creepiness over her having no bra, and she really doesn’t do much else that memorable. She does cause some drama at the first vote, and a mildly messy first boot is better than a total dud.
15. Ryan Shoulders (15th)
Skinny Ryan does play an important role in the first few episodes, as a narratovoice of reason explaining why everything the Morgan tribe is doing is totally dysfunctional. Still, he doesn’t do it an overly engaging or funny way, and he doesn’t have much else to offer to the game. He does seem like a really nice guy though, and at least he brought “DIE, JERKS” into our lexicon.
14. Michelle Tesauro (14th)
She shows glimpses of potential as a fun character, and I just generally enjoy Michelle, but she really doesn’t get much of a foothold in the game or on the show.
13. Tijuana Bradley (7th)
T is really strange because she’s remembered as a hot head for the village scene, but for basically the entire rest of the season she’s extremely kind and uplifting. I can’t really say I blame people for having that perspective though, because yelling at the lady in the village is essentially the only interesting thing she does.
12. Trish Dunn (13th)
She goes to make a big move way too early, but you can just tell from what we see that Trish was a shrewd gameplayer with a good mind for the game. Trish is one of those classic premergers with major potential, and I would have liked to see what a Jon/Trish duo could do post-merge, but she’s not around long enough to leave a big impression.
11. Ryan Opray (9th)
Ryno is this high in the rankings solely on the strength of the Pelican Pete scene, which he comes off super fun and super cool. Otherwise, he’s basically just a faceless Morgan with a few vaguely charming scenes.
10. Darrah Johnson (4th)
She might quite literally be the least dynamic person that’s ever been on the show, but Darrah is so dull that it comes all the way around to being somewhat entertaining.
9. Osten Taylor (11th)
He’s a huge presence in the premerge, but I can never tell whether I like what Osten brings to the show. The edit wants us to think he’s a total douche, and he doesn’t help himself much either when he’s threatening pelicans with machetes and telling Nicole to flash Panamanian locals. Still, Osten seems generally like an OK guy, but he’s more memorable than he is entertaining, and on a repeat watch he doesn’t hold up as a standout on this cast.
8. Shawn Cohen (12th)
Shawn is someone I like more on every rewatch. He’s gone from annoying douche to annoying, but hilarious and buffoonish douche for me. Thank goodness he goes when he does, but Shawn causes a lot of conflict while he’s around and I really enjoy what he brings to the premerge.
7. Christa Hastie (6th)
Christa is really an ideal sort of side character. She has some fun relationships, some fun rivalries and she pops in like three times an episode to do something extremely bizarre. Christa is also just so weird, but she is just enough of a normal human being that every time she does something super weird it still catches me off guard.
6. Burton Roberts (5th)
For a guy that’s originally the fourth boot, it’s crazy how intelligent Burton sounds when he talks about the game. He’s not the most dynamic personality, but he gives really good confessionals and plays a crucial role as the brawnier half of this season’s best duo.
5. Andrew Savage (10th)
Plucked directly from a 1980’s sports movie, Savage is just larger than life on this season. He gives amazing confessionals and his die-hard, passionate leadership of the hapless Morgan tribe is entertaining and admirable if a little misguided. Drake is flooded with characters from top to bottom, while Morgan is really Andrew and the Savagettes, and he’s so dynamic he can carry any scene no matter how mundane.
4. Lillian Morris (2nd)
Lill is moreso the human embodiment of chaos stuck in an emotional older lady’s body than an actual player in the game. She’s so annoying so I get why people wouldn’t like Lill, but she’s responsible for so many spectacular moments that I can’t help but love her.
3. Sandra Diaz-Twine (1st)
The highest compliment I can pay to Sandra is that she would still be a top tier character if she went out at like 12th. Luckily she also happens to be one of the best players of all time, so what the fuck, we get to see Sandra get loud too for an entire season.
2. Rupert Boneham (8th)
Without a doubt the greatest casting in the history of reality television, Rupert was made for Survivor Pearl Islands and Survivor Pearl Islands was made for Rupert. I know he becomes a caricature of himself later, but through his first run, the swashbuckling, stealing, fishing, dress-wearing, gentle giant is such a completely perfect Survivor character. Every scene that Rupert touches turns to pure gold (maybe besides his final words), and every time I rewatch this season I’m reminded why America fell in love with this man.
  1. Jon Dalton (3rd)
Every hero needs a villain, and fittingly, as we get one our best heroes to date, we most certainly get our best villain as well. Jon’s pure evil in gameplay and in confessionals is unmatched in Survivor history, and he makes such a brilliant villain because he’s also unbelievably good at the game, and generally a step ahead of the heroes. That is until it all comes crumbling down in the most embarrassing way possible, capping off an absolute once-in-a-lifetime story arc for a villain in Survivor.
Overall Thoughts
In all honesty, Pearl Islands was my favorite season coming into this rewatch. Nothing was going to change that, and shocker, it didn't.
Basically every episode sans the Ryno one would be the best episode in most other seasons, but for PI its just banger after banger. That largely comes down to the perfect casting, with Rupert and Fairplay leading the way as our main protagonist and antagonist, and both playing the roles spectacularly. That's not even mentioning the absurdity that is Lill, or maybe my all time favorite player in Sandra.
PI doesn't take itself too seriously, but still delivers fluid and exciting gameplay interspersed with these amazing characters. From top to bottom, Pearl Islands is everything Survivor should be.
Dates watched: 5/21/23-6/7/23
Best episode: 7.6 — "Me and My Snake" // Worst episode: 7.9 — "Shocking! Simply Shocking!"
Current season rank: 1/7
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2023.06.11 00:26 TerribleInvite I'm [39M] worried my wife [42F] is drinking too much

I (M39) have been with my wife (F42) over 15 years (Married for the last 2)
The relationship has been ok (our sex life could be a little better) but I've noticed over the past few months that she has started to drink more.
She's always drank but I've been teetotal for the last 6 years when I made a conscious effort to get fitter. In the process I lost over 1 and a half stone and am now in the best shape of my life.
I was never a big drinker in the first place so I don't know what is a little bit more than average or a lot more than average. This is what she has drank over the last two weeks:
This seems a little over the average, no?
I want to bring this up with her but scared on how to approach it.
She has PCOS (which she doesn't treat) and is overweight (103kg) and I'm worried this drinking is just going to make things worse for her health wise down the road. Whenever I've mentioned her drinking in passing (like making a joke) she has got rather defensive.
Am I being unreasonable?
tl;dr: worried wife's drinking habits are excessive. How to approach her about it.
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2023.06.11 00:26 Puzzleheaded-Cat-979 Europe/Central America for the Summer in North America

I'm a 40M from the US and I've been in South America for about 3 months, I left the US in mid-March and spent a month in Rio, 2 weeks in Santiago, 1 month in Florianopolis. I also spent a week in Medellin but I had to come back to the US take care of an emergency personal thing that has since been resolved. I have my Airbnb in Medellin until June 30, I may or may not go back there, I'm in the midwest in the US and June-September are pretty great where I'm at. Regardless of if I go back to Medellin or not, I was likely going to go to Europe after that but I've thought about also going to Central America, I would start with Costa Rica and go from there.
I'm into being outdoors and in nature, running/working out, riding bicycles, going on some sort of adventures on the weekend - this could be a hike/tourist attraction that is further away, checking out coffee shops/cool areas of a city. I also enjoy dating where I'm at but that really is not a primary thing and I've taken breaks from that. For example, I loved my time in Florianapolis but it was almost too isolated where I was at. One of the best things about South America is that the time zones are not very far off from CST and Medellin in particular lines up perfectly with the CST. A huge downside to Europe is the timezone difference and it's a lot more expensive.
The places I'm thinking about right now are:
My rent budget is $3,000 or less, I would really prefer to keep it at $2k which is very doable in Latin America but I'm not sure if that's doable in Europe right now, I'm sure it depends on where I go in Europe. I spent last summer in Europe and loved it but it was my first time traveling the world and working so I was willing to put up with more stuff and adjust my time zone more willingly, I think I would still be willing to do that but the novelty has worn off so I think I have less patience. Any thoughts/ideas are appreciated, thanks!
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2023.06.11 00:25 FloppyTomatoes Spontaneous Accommodation

I'm heading to Ireland next month for 3.5 weeks with the family. Staying with my parents but have a car rented and plan to travel around a bit to show my kids a bit of Ireland. I've nothing booked, just planning to travel around based on weather and mood. Is Airbnb the best option for accommodation if we decide to stay somewhere for a night or 2, or are there better options?
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