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2023.06.08 21:00 patchmcgee69 Optimum fiber — for TV - my findings so far

Recently switched from coax to fiber. Gateway 6 modem/router in bridge mode and Google Nest mesh pods. Wi-Fi signal throughout the house is good. All good there.
As far as TV goes, I have two TV’s using the Optimum Stream boxes and two using Apple TV boxes.
Here’s is the functionality that I lost after switching from coax to fiber:
  1. I can no longer pause live TV
  2. I can no longer rewind live TV (this one is big for me. Apparently I rewind a lot because I really miss this functionally lol)
  3. When I am in the Guide, I can no longer punch in a channel and go directly to that channel in the Guide. Instead I have to go up or down the Guide using the Navigation Pad on the remote to get to the channel. If I am on channel 2 and want to see what is on channel 248, I have to scroll through the Guide from 2 to 248. Not that big a deal, because if you hold down the Nav Pad, it scrolls pretty quickly, but still, I’d rather be able to just punch in a number and go to it.
  4. There no search function for the TV. With coax, I could select the Search button on the remote and type in “baseball”, for instance, and it would bring up all of the TV shows related to baseball. I have tried using the Google Assistant functionality on the new fiber remote control, but it does not include OptimumTV in its results. However, I do like using it to change channels (i.e saying “Channel 2” and having the tv change to that channel)
If someone reading this knows of a way to do any of these four things mentioned above, please let me know.
One other note: when using the Apple TV box, if you switch channels to a movie or show that is already in progress, you can restart it from the beginning! Very neat. But only the Apple TV box, and not the Optimum Stream box, allows this.
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2023.06.08 21:00 enderwiggin77 Eomer, King of Rohan (LTC)

Eomer, King of Rohan (LTC)
So... This is Minsc and Boo level, right? FTK x Palace Jailer on a potentially large double striking body. I purged monarch from my cube a few months ago, but if you're on this style of card, this seems like it's busted. Bonus points for being the best winota target printed to date?
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2023.06.08 21:00 HandyCookbook Fail-Proof Boiled Egg Recipe

Eggs (as many as needed) Water (enough to cover the eggs) Optional: Splash of white vinegar
Step-by-Step Instructions
Preparation: Place your eggs in a single layer on the bottom of a saucepan. Add enough water to the pan to cover the eggs by about an inch.
Optional: To make the eggs easier to peel, add a splash of white vinegar to the water.
Heat: Quickly bring the water to a boil over high heat. Once boiling, remove from heat and cover with a lid.
Timing: For soft-boiled eggs, let them sit in the hot water for 4-5 minutes. For medium-boiled, 8-9 minutes. And for hard-boiled, about 12 minutes.
Cooling: Once your eggs are cooked to your liking, use tongs to transfer the eggs into a bowl of ice water. Let them cool for 10 minutes.
Peeling: Gently tap the egg on a hard surface to crack the shell, then peel the shell off. If you’re having trouble, peel the egg under cold running water.
To print out the recipe card that I made, visit this URL: https://www.handycookbook.com/boiled-egg-recipe/
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2023.06.08 20:59 dominus--vobiscum Brand change

Been on Aurobindo for over a year with great results, recently switched brands and didn’t think anything of it. Now I’ve been having dizzy spells, floating feeling, necks pain, bruxism, weird eye focus issues that started about when I changed brands.
Coincidence or is this something that others have dealt with? Should I power thru or try to get the old brand back? This is terrible! Anxiety is controlled but these weird side affects are messing my daily life up
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2023.06.08 20:59 MidniteBluDragon Got A Playstation 3D Display For My Collection. What Y'all Think?

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2023.06.08 20:59 CatchWild2808 Nonstop rectal (internal) discomfort - please help me :(

So I guess here I am about to make one of these. The amount of inquiries & information on here sometimes has me questioning just how much of this problem is psychological. There is most certainly a physical component of it.
Here goes:
I am a 32 year old Caucasian (figured maybe it would be worth mentioning) male. I am very active and in great physical shape, muscular build with very low body fat and have a good diet (or so I think?)
Sexual orientation: Straight (mentioning only for medical clarification.)
Medication: None other than benefiber and vitamins). Took Accutane when young for 4 years. (From 14-18) back in 2004.
First meal: chicken breast, half cup oats, half avocado.
Second meal: chicken breast half cup oats half avocado.
Third meal: post workout protein shake with half cup plain oats avocado.
Fourth meal: whole plain Greek yogurt and half cup plain oats.
Through trial and error I’ve found the oats to be easily digested and help me have (which I do like clockwork every day) a morning bowel movement.
My problem is as follows:
The discomfort begins and builds daily. Everyday it seems to almost reset (pain level wise) and progressively gets worse throughout the day. After my regular morning bm (which I’ll mention is always segmented. I use the toilet a few times where I’ll get up and sit back down to avoid hemorrhoids which have plagued me in the past, and I’ve gotten better at handling through understanding of what they are.
If I could describe the feeling of the sensation it’s a feeling like something is always in there with accompanying burning depending how I’m seated. The problem generally is exacerbated by sitting down AND working out. I have really dialed back my efforts in the gym as a result and confirmed with my doctor (on the same scale) that I’ve lost 25 lbs in about a year and a half. It is alarming but he said I’m a better bmi now so I’m trying to look at the glass half full.
One thing I’ve been putting more focus on lately is my use of a daily Enema. I use a fleet enema, empty out the solution and put warm water in there. I switched to bottled purified due to fear of the water source/chlorination and the corresponding dryness I’m experiencing. I was concerned about doing this so I ran it by 3 different healthcare professionals and they all validated using the Enema with plain water daily*. I was a bit surprised by this as I was almost hoping they would tell me to stop.
I started using the Enema so that I could focus more at work and get my business out of the way without having to deal the the uncomfortableness/pain of incomplete evacuation. I have read mixed things online about regular* enemas and their safety. I’m concerned it may be drying me out. I tried to use a suppository for the first time and was so alarmed at how dry it was inside me It was hard to slide in. This was a turning point.
Today is day 2 of no enemas and I’m getting emotional just writing this because of how psychologically dependent I’ve become on them I suppose. Two days and 9 years ago I stopped drinking alcohol. I was hurting myself and I was in denial. (Not everyday drinker but reoccurring black outer.) I thought it would be an appropriate day to kick a new addiction.
Yesterday was hard both physically and mentally. The physical aspect made it even harder on me mentally because it made me question whether the Enema has a legitimate function in helping me.
Ending questions:
Is doing a daily Enema with purified water OK?
If the damage is done and I should stop, what must I do to rehabilitate myself (restoring good bacteria etc.)
How long would it take to feel normal again physically?
Does this seem wrong and perhaps I’m experiencing something else?
The last thing I’m going to post is these pieces I found in my stool. My primary care physician told me it was just undigested food but it doesn’t look like like anything I ate (diet listed above is uniform without change for months. (Oh shoot it won’t let me haha Reddit noob here - I have the photo if anyone wants it? )
Thank you in advance to anyone with expertise in this area, what an amazing resource!
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2023.06.08 20:58 Key_Impression_429 Chevy Suburban

Fun story for the day: I was looking at the networked devices the other day at work and came across a Chevy Suburban hopping between access points. My two thoughts were, "I really need to change the Wi-Fi password" and "Cars can connect to Wi-Fi now?" I blocked it from the network without a second thought.
Today I get a ticket in saying, "If you have the time today, my picture frame isn’t on the wifi anymore. I was just wondering if you could fix it." I tried throwing in the password to no avail. It just wouldn't take. I reset the device, turned Wi-Fi off, nothing. It finally clicked that the digital picture frame was being listed as a Chevy Suburban in my connected devices! It was a quick switch to unblock it, and I got a nice lesson in Don't do stuff without knowing what you're doing.
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2023.06.08 20:58 haptalaon It might have a physical solution

I read about your sub in an article! & wanted to drop in some knowledge.
I had it bad, I can't tell you how bad, you know how bad, bad - including constant, life-wrecking nightmares, for over a decade.
Anyway, I'm trans & went on hrt and it stopped. Like turning off a light-switch. It's astonishing, really, I had no idea or expectation this would happen, and I've not come across any other discussions of hrt having an impact on dreams let alone this.
HRT was life-changingly weird for me, it also made a significant dent in what I had attributed to adhd and autism and brought my sense of smell back. For the uninitiated, hrt is hormone therapy - i.e. you take the hormones of the other gender and go through puberty again. But hormones don't only control secondary sex characteristics, they have all sorts of other essential body and brain functions. And cisgender people can naturally have a hormone profile that's not right for them (i.e. taking more or less of this or that hormone artificially can be beneficial to energy and mood). ADHD and Autism have common overlaps with OCD, & I know OCD-like has been proposed as part of limerence's definition, which makes a lot of sense.
This experience on the whole has made me a lot more critical of traditional talking therapies and 'it's all in the mind' style treatments, and sparked a fascination with the physicality of the brain and treatments which include the brain as an organic thing within its design (for example, EMDR).
Anyway: I'm sharing this here because obvs limerence wrecks lives, it's unendurably bad, and I never expected an outcome like this. I'm proposing that (for some people, at least) it's a brain chemistry problem - not a social/mental/emotional problem - that may have a brain chemistry solution.
& that...idk whether what I experienced is going to replicate for everyone, but why not look at your hormones and get them adjusted (in whatever direction is gender-concordant for you) and see if it has an impact.
Best wishes, lovelies!
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2023.06.08 20:58 EnvironmentalMeal213 Is anyone else having an issue where Chrome prompts you to sign-in while in Incognito?

For the past few days, whenever I switch to an incognito tab on my phone, it prompts me to sign-in to Google. Is this happening to anyone else? Is there a known fix for this? I have an iPhone 14 Pro. This doesn’t happen on my laptop or any of my other devices.
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2023.06.08 20:57 flack_____ Imposter syndrome , the common problem

Is this common to think that you are not good enough, cause I am working for a year now and i still lots of insecurities,also if any one can help how to find a new opportunity, any tips or resources, I want to switch to a new company, I have expertise in frontend, backend and devops as well
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2023.06.08 20:57 seckarr Necro or sorcerer

So I have both a necro and sorc and keep switching between them every 3-5 levels but I can't decide.
Feels like sorc is more fragile, has to run around n shit more but has a slightly easier time in fights against strong bosses because you can just run fro 30 seconds and then cast a spell. I managed to solo butcher at lvl 10 or 12 by running around and spamming chain lighting and the lightning summon every 15 seconds while also spamming ice armor for the barrier. It took fucking forever but I did it.
Necro feels like he has more AOE and takes care of packs way faster and easier and can "facetank" (using minions) without having to run round but if your minions die then your fucked if you were against a boss.
Which one ends up with more survivability in general? I enjoy both so "play what you like" was already applied here.
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2023.06.08 20:57 RandomLabOoze This Game is Boring and Overrated (OT2)

Hi all,
Looking to get downvoted into oblivion by legions of Poindexters who relate to Osvald and Partitio.
This game is remarkably boring. I finished four of the character stories (Osvald, Temenos, Hikari, Agnea), unlocked the secret jobs, found all the items for Inventor and Armsmaster, and so on. I did a few chapter 2s and 3s for the other four characters, but realized I had no desire to repeat the generic, sleep-inducing experience, especially considering that I now have access to elite equipment.
Lots of posts about this game talk about how grindy it is--I don't necessarily agree with that criticism. There was maybe only one point in the game where I needed to seek out random encounters to level up so that I could tackle the next chapter of a story.
However, the game fails in many other ways. The characters and their stories are depthless and egregiously generic. The sheer lack of originality wrapped up in Hikari's quest to claim the throne from his evil half-brother... Sheeeeeesh. The Temenos and Osvald stories are pretty much predictable from their start. Agnea's story... I'm sure everyone can agree there's nothing there.
The party selection is also irrelevant: nobody impacts anyone else's story. I had to laugh at another post that put up the final image of the game--"thanks for traveling with us." As if the big group really felt cohesive at all. How could they? Characters don't get involved with each other. Don't even start with the travel encounters: so many mind-numbing sequences of Generic-JRPG girl X saying how Kawaii-Generic-JRPG boy Y is, and how they're such a paragon of Z.
There's also no graphical customization for the majority of the equipment, and none whatsoever in the cutscenes. It's painful to see your character switch back into their standard outfit for the cutscenes once you have the secondary jobs on them. And it's sad that the items impact character appearance in combat.
Many of the skills are a letdown, particularly the divines that require max boost. Hikari's latent became totally irrelevant after a certain point. Path actions are redundant (overlapping with each other) and repetitive, and the related night/day system just meant that you often needed to waste double the amount of time putzing around.
Side quests were pretty much never worth the time of day.
OT2 is a solid 6.5 or 7/10. How anyone can say that this gutless title is a contender for the best game of all time (a comment I've seen in several threads) or that the stories are touching... Dude, you need to play more and better games.
Context- I play games for fun, not to 100% them, and not to theorycraft and find the way to do the most damage in one combat turn.
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2023.06.08 20:57 username08930394 Etiquette around Trucks

Hi guys 4 wheeler here. I recently went on a very long road trip from Southern Michigan to Southern Indiana and during my trip I drafted behind a semi to save MPGs but I stayed about 10 feet back from the trailer to give myself enough time to stop if needed. Every 5 minutes or so I dropped back about a 100 feet or so and flashed my brights at the trucker so he knows I’m still back there and that his trailer was still attached. I figured that’s a common thing you guys stress about on the Highway and I wanted to thank him for the extra MPGs too. He kept switching from one lane to the other so I would have to switch lanes as well. Not sure what the deal was with that. At one point he got on the shoulder so I figured he was sleepy and I blared my horn to help keep him awake.
Finally I reached my exit and when I passed him on the right he seemed really agitated when I expected a happy, smiling truck driver but instead he was not appreciative at all. What’s the deal with that?
Any other things I can do on my road trips to make the truck drivers around me feel safe and show my appreciation?
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2023.06.08 20:57 yungleg If you’re looking for permission to drop pumps and supplement with formula. If you’re looking for permission to switch completely to formula

Here it is. You deserve to be mentally well. You deserve to sleep. You deserve to ENJOY your baby instead of worrying about milk supply and pump schedules. You are not a bad mom. It’s okay to think of your needs too.
The most important thing your baby could have is a happy, healthy, present mom and a full tummy, be that from breastmilk or formula. Your baby is NOT going to get diabetes or cancer just because they had some formula.
Posting because I wish someone had given me permission a long time ago
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2023.06.08 20:56 snuuk Upgrading heatbed on anycubic Mega x

I want to expand the temperature range on my heat bed for ABS and ASA. (I have an Any Cubic Mega X) Is that as simple as switching to another one, or does it require further mods (software or otherwise?)
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2023.06.08 20:56 aurxrq I keep getting this error when using Edizon through tesla overlay

I keep getting this error when using Edizon through tesla overlay
I have both Edizon overlay and tesla overlay up to date but it still keeps crashing. Emuiibo doesn't recognise the game but atleast doesn't crash.
Also I tried injecting an Edizon cheat normally through the album but that also didn't work even though it said injected successfully.
What can I do?
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2023.06.08 20:56 bloodygorst Regular SSA to city carrier

Clerks that switched to carrier. Do you regret it? I'm a full time regular window clerk with Saturdays and Sundays off. 7:30-4:30. 16 years as career. 6 in this office.
On paper it's a great position, but I'm absolutely miserable at the window and with my useless coworkers. I've been waiting 6 years for it to get better and nothing ever does.
I feel like the job is so easy, but stupid things and people make it complicated for no reason. Would I be happier as a carrier?
How does seniority work when switching crafts?
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2023.06.08 20:56 yodel_lullaby Affordable recommendations if you love Farm Rio and Alémais?

Affordable recommendations if you love Farm Rio and Alémais?
I love their incredible prints and fun funky style, but spending upwards of $200 for a shirt or pair of pants is a little tough for me. Does anyone have any brands they recommend that are a bit more affordable?
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2023.06.08 20:56 AdmrlHorizon Just got a steam deck 1tb

So misleading title. But also not. Today I purchased a steam deck that had been fitted with a decent 1tb ssd for 500 euro. The device was 2 months old! I think it was a steal but lmk, every other offer second hand was 400-500 for a 256 model (literally no idea why when u can easily buy em new. That’s why I didn’t buy one just yet till I found this offer which is almost the price of a 512 but with double storage). Super excited loaded up my first 2 games. Risk of rain 2 and remnant from the ashes. I feel I’ll like this little thing especially since I sold my pc 2 years ago and haven’t touched my steam library till today! Any tips for stuff to do? I’m already underway with decki loader and have windows dual booted for shits and giggles.
Ps: past 2 years I’ve been a console person so a switch was basically the perfect “pc” like console I could get. Ik rog ally is very interesting but I value Moders and support and Ik valve won’t let us down
Edit: I was shocked how big it was. Thought it’s smaller (not complaining). And wasn’t expected how sharp the display looks at the size
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2023.06.08 20:56 Max_The_Skeleto fellow kingdom rushers i require ur help, i can't decide what towers to use

fellow kingdom rushers i require ur help, i can't decide what towers to use
so far this what i use and so far what i got and i wanna use other towers than the traditional ones yet i do not know if its worth it to switch shadow archers or infernal mage and etc for specters or dark knights. also if u have any things i should look at in the future for example others towers which i haven't unlocked and should use then your more than well come to. I played the game when it came out complete it but idk how long has it been since i last played it and got back into it after years of not playing the entire kingdom rush series so ye thats why im asking.
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2023.06.08 20:55 Imaginary-Ad7905 A Crossover of Interests Pt. 2

A Crossover of Interests Pt. 2
This is the 2nd Half of the Meet and Greet Photos, this time spanning the Nemesis Bladers, Auxiliary Bladers, and a Few other Beys that really matched the Queens.
It was amazing to have met so many people from so many franchises, Day one’s highlight was getting to see Carmen Farala, the line was so worthwhile and to have a print of hers finally was truly a win for me as a collector. Day 2’s highest highlight was meeting both Vander Von Odd and Biqtch Puddin, who recognized Beyblade and talked to me about it (Same with Icesis Couture and her booth attendees!!)
It was such an amazing time and seeing as I have several hundred more beyblades left that have not been posed and Photographed with, I see many more installments of this series as I go to more DragCons in the future :)
Bringing the Beyblades was actually an impromptu choice and getting them through airport security wasn’t fun but to have seen the Queens and done what I could to personalize my intentions in matching them, it was so rewarding. The atmosphere was great and I look forward to it again next year!
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2023.06.08 20:55 tyrellesound Move insertion shortcut not working

Hey everyone! I mapped my shortcuts to move my selection up and down so I can cut and paste clips between different tracks. But for some reason today it’s not working!
I have my shortcut mapped properly still but is there some random setting I might have switched up?
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