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2023.06.08 13:43 snappy_snake What is causing the sudden Imperial Mandate popularity?

According to Lolalytics, Singed's pick rate for Imperial Mandate has been traditionally very low. However, there has been sudden spike in pick rate. I wonder what's causing all this fuss?
Here is the recent patch history for Imperial Mandate's pick rate:
It seems like between the path v13.19 and patch v13.10 the item's pick rate has trevigintupled. You heard me right, trevigintupled. Not doubled, not tripled, not quadrupled, but trevigintupled.
There also seems to be decent increase from patch v13.10 to the current patch v13.11.
Additionally, this item has INSANELY high win rate. If you don't count Mejai's Soulstealer, this item has the 2nd highest win rate ouf of all the items built for Singed. 2nd highest for freaking sake! There are currently 104 "complete items" in the game, so being the 2nd highest is pretty impressive. \Complete equals to anything that is either mythic item or legendary item.])
As of patch v13.11, the win rate is 61.0%, which is abnormally high. The sample size is quite decent, hovering just around 2K.
So what's going on here? Why did this item suddenly became so popular? Any clues or speculations?
I would gladly like to hear.
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2023.06.06 21:15 Conscious-Scale-587 Am i crazy?

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2023.06.06 01:34 Matticsss Why do most Riven players on data websites appear to go Hydra + BC + DD

I was watching some Riven stats online and from to lolalytics most sites say that the most played build is and hydra rush into black cleaver and death dance. Did eclipse just disappear or are websites bugged? Wasn't eclipse second considered to be the best?
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2023.06.06 01:24 Youtube_UJard Thoughts on the Guinsoo's Rageblade and Riftmaker debate

WARNING: Long, detailed post.
Instead of making a video on the topic, I thought I would concise what I think about the the ongoing debate on whether it's best to go Guinsoo's or Riftmaker on Kayle. There's been a ton of debate on the subreddit and the subreddit's discord server as to what Mythic item is better, and I've also seen a ton of testing from the community which makes me very happy to see. That being said, I did state numerous times in my last video that it's entirely possible that we continue just building the traditional AP build on Kayle (nash-rift-deathcap) and that video was released before the Guinsoo's patch. The reason why I stated that is that even though Kayle didn't have a "perfect" Mythic item for her playstyle (on-hit hybrid damage), Riftmaker still filled that void pretty well and stacking AP on Kayle is really - really - strong. Guinsoo's does fit that "perfect" mythic item for Kayle, but I was worried before it was released as the item's strength is *heavily* stacked into it's mythic passive; compared to the Old Guinsoo's (the one that this rework was based on), it's a worse item IMO.
Also, it's important for us as a community learn from this example that DPS isn't everything. Guinsoo's DPS is amazing but here we are 4 weeks after it's release debating if it's a better mythic item than Riftmaker; that's the whole reason why "best DPS" or "mathematically correct" builds are pretty much always troll.
I’m going to be pointing out a few arguments that defend Guinsoo’s Rageblade and other items as currently they’re being shut down by people stating that Riftmaker is better. By doing this, I’m in no way concluding that Guinsoo’s is a better item. As you’ll understand from reading the post, it’s pretty much impossible to know what the best items for Kayle are at the very moment of writing this.

People are building Guinsoo's incorrectly

- People are still building Guinsoo's rageblade as a first item when most of the item's value is tied to its mythic passive. Also, the item works terribly in a vacuum without the aid of other on-hit items. This means that Guinsoo's is NOT good first buy having a 4-5% winrate difference if bought first or second for platinum+ but you can see the same trend in other elos. The item is terrible as a first item and gets a lot better the later you are into the game because of the broken mythic passive. Take the 4-5% winrate diff with a grain of salt as Kayle will naturally get higher winrates the longer the game goes on, meaning that she's going to have higher winrates for the second item compared to the first. That being said, all the other on-hit items including Nashor's (traditionally the worst in terms of raw earlygame) have a higher first item purchase winrate over Guinsoo's.
- People are building Guinsoos without sustain. Players are quick to conclude that Riftmaker having sustain is super important but then fail to add sustain to their builds when building Guinsoo's. Of course the item is going to feel bad when you get poked down and are forced to back because you have no way to sustain yourself. I've found that - since you don't need more DPS because of Guinsoos’s - trading Legend: Alacrity for Legend: Bloodline works amazing and works even better when you can greed for a Doran's Blade start. Trading LT for Fleet into some matchups also works really well to keep you healthy lategame and works even better when going Guinsoo's into AP since your W is actually providing a lot of sustain too. If you have Fleet, you obviously still run Legend: Alacrity by the way. Also, you can rush Blade of the Ruined King into Guinsoos and then you won't need any other sustain rune. I'm not saying BotRK into Guinsoos is meta, it's just an option; more on builds later on the post.
- People are building guinsoos when they're not supposed to. Riftmaker has had years to become optimized for Kayle and we know when to build it and how to build it. People still don't know when to build Guinsoo's or coupled with what items we should build them, driving the winrate of the item down. There's people building Guinsoo's into a full Assassin team and then wondering why they're performing poorly. Guinsoo's works well into long, drawn out fights so building it into 3 assassins is asking to get pummeled. Into assasins, Riftmaker is going to be the better option with the extra tankyness and burst (better against assasins) it provides. This coupled with people genuinely still not know what items are best for Guinsoo's are driving the potential winrate of the item down - more on this later in the post.

The data is unclear - people are misconcluding winrates

- The consensus right now is that Riftmaker is better than Guinsoo's because it has... better winrates? For platinum+ they have a 2% winrate difference when guinsoo's is build as a second item, the higher elo you go, the closer the gap gets between the two items them having no difference winrate wise in master's+. There's that low of a winrate diference all while pointing out all the issues with people building Guinsoo's above; if people optimized builds when building Guinsoo's and the item had a longer lifespan for people to know what's best for it, I'm pretty sure Guinsoo's winrate as a second item would surpass Riftmaker.
- Players are getting used to the new play patterns that Guinsoo's demands for. The increased attack speed means players will need increased micro skill for kiting, orbwalking and positioning (because you're squishier). This is something higher elo players grasp more but still, the play pattern is different. This is generally why high Attack Speed items like Guinsoo's and Kraken Slayer have higher winrates the higher elo you go.
- Guinsoo's is an item that a lot of new Kayle players are using, driving the winrate of the item down. Look at the difference between Guinsoo's on Kayle last patch and compare it to this patch. Winrates have all gone up while newer people are learning Kayle. Winrates are also going up with the item while people understand what to build with Guinsoo's and when to build it. Kayle Mains or One trick ponies actually have a HIGHER winrate (albeit not by much) with Guinsoo's over Riftmaker when Guinsoo's is built as a second item. Again, the stats for OTPs show that Riftmaker on average a 3% higher winrate than Guinsoo's but that's because people are building Guinsoo's as a first item; the stats show a higher winrate for Guinsoo's when built second. Also bear in mind that those are the stats for OTPs in ALL ranks; High Elo OTPs should have a higher Guinsoo's Winrate over Riftmaker by a good margin.

People haven't had enough time to test and discover builds

Two or even four weeks isn't enough time to understand what's the best items for a champion, it's certainly not enough time to test every single build either. Some other champion OTPS have gotten lucky and discovered it pretty quickly these patches; I'm looking at you Redemption Urgot, Evenshroud Aatrox and Toplane Rek'sai. For Kayle's case, it's very hard given how versatile the champion is. Although, again, it's possible for Nashor's - Rift - Deathcap to be the meta build, it's very close-minded to think after a couple of weeks that there's no other build that can compete with it. I'm pretty sure we haven't cracked Guinsoos or even Kraken yet and that's why I'm actively experimenting exhaustively with the item in numerous accounts. Maybe there's a hidden build we haven't tested. I'm currently testing:
  1. Nash>Guinsoos>Deathcap/Rylais.
  2. BotRK>Guinsoos>full tank.
  3. Kraken>Nash>Riftmaker>Deathcap.
  4. Xiao Chao Meng build tank build.
  5. Kraken>Guinsoos>Nash>full AP.
And have tested many other builds. I still think we have a lot to learn about the new items and it’s very possible there’s a build hiding out there that we haven’t discovered given all the changes. We haven’t really tested the new Bloodthirster, Galeforce, Statikk, Stormrazor, options with Phantom Dancer-Guinsoos, etc. in detail. Actually, we haven’t even tested the new support items on Kayle. What if Kayle’s best build is a hidden gem like Nash>Helia>Mandate with Lucidity boots?

Final Thoughts

All the being said, it's pretty much impossible to conclude what the best mythic item is at the very moment. Both mythic items are great for Kayle and anyone saying "Riftmaker is better" or "Guinsoos is better" is severely rushing a conclusion as to which we don't have enough data from enough patches to know for certain; this includes Phreak that concluded Riftmaker was a better item than Guinsoo's on Kayle after a couple of weeks into Guinsoo's rework. Admittedly, he has better resources as a rioter to look at data than what we have but he gave no argument other than "Riftmaker is better than Guinsoo's on Kayle" without any further explanation nor enough data from a prolonged time period; so I would take what he says with a grain of salt. We also haven't limit tested or tried enough builds to know for certain what the best current build is.
Just play what you want, both items are great for Kayle. Maybe we end up concluding in a few months one is better than the other but imho, no one knows for certain at the moment and it's our job as a community to find out what the best one is - or at least the best one for your playstyle. As for my spreadsheet, it would be both irresponsible and impossible for me to update it with the current data and low testing time. I have also been flying a lot into various business trips which makes my time limited to test builds and runes. Bear in mind that although I haven't updated it, it still shows the traditional AP build as being meta so it's 100% still usable. I will update it when I feel the time is right.
Let me know if I missed anything on the post. I'm not perfect and might have forgotten to add some information. Let me know if you agree/ disagree. Also, note that the data used for winrates might change for when you read this post while the games rack up this patch, so bear that in mind.
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2023.06.05 12:38 Dawnbringer_Fortune Anyone scared she’s getting nerfed?

Her winrate shot up a lot in high elo and in low elo and it worried me that they would nerf her. On top of this they would also nerf lethality items which is a double nerf for MF and make her much worse overall… I think shes fine as the main meta revolves around Zeri, Lucian and Jinx but hey its just a guess
here is the link to lolalytics
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2023.06.04 00:36 furiousRaMPaGe Simple Questions & Champion/Role advice: Patch 13.11

Hello summoners!
In order to create better discussion in the subreddit, we will be redirecting all simple or championpool/role questions to this thread. Check out the most recent patch notes on the sidebar!
What is a simple question? Typically, we define a simple question as something that can be answered fully within a single, or maybe two at most, comments. In this thread, you can ask any question you need answered about League of Legends, even if it isn't necessarily about learning the game itself.
Questions about what champ to add to your pool or general tip about roleswapping can also be asked in this thread.
Keep in mind we will still continue to remove golden rule violations, rants, memes, topics against Riot's ToS, and paid services - but the other rules are generally more lax here.
What you can do to help!
For now, this is a patch-based thread, meaning it will be posted once every two weeks. Checking back on this thread later in the patch and answering any questions that have been posted would be a huge help!
If you're trying to ask a question, the more specific you are, the better it is for all of us! We can't give you any help if we don't get much to work with in the first place.
Which do you use? Deviations in stats are typically minor, so whichever one you prefer.
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2023.06.03 22:38 Relative_Thanks_9146 Kindred now best jungler?

I stepped away from the game for a few weeks to come back to kindred as the best jungler on lolalytics.. what happened?? Is this mostly from nerfs to ghostblade and assassins? New triforce build discovery?
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2023.06.03 19:54 Zenithrax Misconceptions about the Kalista buffs 13.11

I’ve seen a lot of speculation recently about people saying that the Kalista buffs were ‘worthless’ and that ‘she is still the worst ADC on the roster’.
To be extremely clear, the buffs were a complete success for what they were trying to achieve.
Riot were very clear that the buffs were aimed with these goals in mind:
  1. Pro play/High elo focused buffs
  2. QoL changes to make Kalista feel better in general
  3. Breakeven with approximately her winrate from pre-patch 13.10 (~47% winrate)
  4. Be a net positive ~2% increase in winrate
At no point was the goal to make Kalista the premier ADC of the patch and to dominate pro play.
After almost a week of patch 13.11 being released, according to stat websites such as Lolalytics and, Riot successfully accomplished ALL of their goals for the patch.
Yes, she still sucks for below Plat+ with an abysmal 46.2% winrate but in general across all ranks, her QoL has never felt better.
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2023.06.03 11:43 JimBottone Morgana is the worst most banned champion in the game, or the most banned bad champion in the game if you prefer.

Morgana is the worst most banned champion in the game, or the most banned bad champion in the game if you prefer.
Using LoLalytics as our source of stats, over the last 30 days (Plat +) Morgana placed 57/69 as Support, 98/101 in Midlane and doesn't even have a score for Jungle (where she sports a 45.39% winrate and a 0.06% pickrate).
Despite this, she has been the 6th most banned champion in the game (21.28%). This means that she can't even be buffed or her banrate would go even higher. This is something Riot realized when they tried to make Morgana and Zed (consistently two of the most banned champions in the history of the game) be able to flex as Junglers: they had to give up on it and stop supporting them because of the their absurd banrates.
Morgana is almost in the same position Yuumi was in, (I say almost because at least Morgana doesn't ruin Pro-play), and just like with Yuumi, numerical changes won't solve her issues: she needs a kit overhaul.
First of all, let's identify Morgana's most glaring issue: Dark Binding (Q) and Black Shield (E) gobble up too much of her power, leaving no space for the rest of her kit that, as a result, feels underwhelming.
The fact that her two strongest abilities are also the source of most of the frustration against her, unavoidably led to Morgana's current state. What has changed recently is simply that, due to a meta that doesn't favor her, her winrate is in the gutter and her underlying problems are now exposed.
In order to go more in detail about what I consider to be the issues and, consequently, what I would like to see addressed, in the rest of this post I have listed some changes as a mock-overhaul. I just want to make clear that these are just examples I came up with, the point of the post itself is to have a discussion and bring attention to Morgana and her place in modern League.

Tormented Shadow (W ==> Passive)
Innate: When Morgana roots or stuns an enemy Champion with her abilities, the soil around them is desecrated for 5 seconds. Enemies within take magic damage over time, increased based on target's missing health.
Tick Rate: 0.5 seconds ==> 0.25 seconds
Magic Damage per tick: 6/11/16/21/26 (+7% AP)==> 2.5-10 based on level (+2.5% AP)
Total Damage: 60/110/160/210/260 (+70% AP) ==> 50-200 based on level (+50% AP)
Damage Increase: 0-170% (1.7% per 1% missing health) ==> 0-150% (1.5% per 1% missing health)
Comment: I despise Morgana's current W. It feels completely unimpactful and essentially a waste of mana as Morgana Support (its only purpose is to proc Spellthief's/Liandry's) and, when maxed by Morgana Mid, enables one of the most boring and noninteractive playstyles in the game. An ability that has to be bad in order to not be toxic doesn't deserve to be an Active. Now as her Passive it just provides some extra damage when you land Q or R, which is the most common use of her current W anyway, so might as well have it happen automatically while also removing the "go afk after using W on wave" mid playstyle. Not a spectacular passive by any means, but at least we get to keep this iconic effect in the game while also no longer wasting one of Morgana's buttons.

Dark Binding (Q)
Active: Morgana throws a sphere of dark magic in the target direction that deals magic damage to the first enemy hit and roots them for a duration.
Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Mana (unchanged)
Cooldown: 10 seconds ==> 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds
Magic Damage: 80/135/190/245/300 (+90% AP) ==> 50/95/140/185/230 (+70% AP)
Duration: 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3 seconds ==> 2.25 seconds
Comment: Big change here is making the root duration 2.25 seconds at all ranks. Even nerfed, it remains the 2nd longest root effect in the game together with Jhin's max rank W (the longest is Neeko's empowered E that reaches 3s at max rank). Lowered Q duration allows us to shift power elsewhere while mitigating the frustration of playing against Morgana. The damage reduction is due to Q now automatically proccing Tormented Shadow.

Soul Siphon (Passive ==> W)
Active: Morgana channels a ray of dark magic on an enemy for up to 2.5 seconds, dealing magic damage and slowing them.
If the target is a Champion or a Large Monster, Morgana heals for 30% of the post-mitigation damage.
If the target is a Minion or a Monster, the ray chains to up to 6 more minions or monsters nearby.
Soul Siphon deals 150% damage against monsters and 75% against minions.
Cannot be cast during Soul Shackles.
Cost: 70/80/90/100/110 mana
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Range: 650 to cast and 850 once started (for reference, Karma's W ranges are 675 and 825)
Magic Damage per tick: 8/16/24/32/40 (+7.5% AP) every 0.25 seconds
Total Magic Damage: 80/160/240/320/400 (+75% AP) over 2.5 seconds
Slow: 20% (+4% per 100AP)
Comment: As a passive, Soul Siphon is only relevant for Morgana Jungle in her early clears, while her Support and Midlane counterparts don't get much out of it. Which is understandable because a laner with easy access to sustain can easily become a problem. Now that it has to fill an Active slot, I wanted an ability that could provide Morgana two things: waveclear and trading. Even better this ability provides waveclear OR trading: using it on the wave or on your opponent is a meaningful choice. Additionally, unlike Tormented Shadow, this ability forces Morgana to be vulnerable when clearing the wave. The monster modifiers are obviously to keep Morgana Jungle playable. You can think of it as a variation of old Fiddlestick's W (Drain) or, if you are familiar with HotS, as something similar to Whitemane's W, Inquisition:
This but purple
Black Shield (E)
Active: Morgana grants a shield to the target allied Champion or herself for 5 seconds, which absorbs incoming magic damage and grants crowd control immunity tenacity while it holds. When the shield expires or is destroyed, deal magic damage to nearby enemies equal to the amount of damage absorbed.
Cost: 80 mana (unchanged)
Cooldown: 24/22/20/18/16 seconds ==> 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
Magic Shield Value: 80/135/190/240/300 (+70% AP) ==> 70/115/160/205/250 (+60% AP)
(new) Tenacity: 40%
Comment: with this change Morgana is less of a "hard counter" against single-target highly impactful abilities (mostly hooks and stuff like Vi's ultimate) and just a "good counter" against cc-heavy champions. The added retaliation damage further contributes to the "anti-engage" idea behind the ability and provides some extra synergy with melee champions. It is also quite fitting thematically when you consider that half of Morgana's quotes consists of lines like "Know my pain!", "They shall feel my pain!" or "I don't hide my pain, I wield it".

Soul Shackles (R)
ACTIVE: Morgana latches chains of energy onto nearby enemy champions over the cast time, dealing magic damage and forming a tether between herself and each target for 3 seconds, during which the targets are revealed and slowed by 20%.
Morgana gains bonus movement speed while facing enemies tethered to her and takes reduced damage from them.
If a target does not break their tether by the ends of its duration, they are dealt the same magic damage again and become stunned for 1.5 seconds, during which they are revealed.
Cost: 100 mana (unchanged)
Cooldown: 120/110/100 seconds ==> 120/100/80
Magic Damage: 150/225/300 (+70% AP) ==> 100/175/250 (+55%AP)
Bonus Movement Speed: 5/30/55% ==> 10/30/50%
(new) Damage Reduction: 20/30/40%
Comment: The important change is the damage reduction from champions chained by Morgana. The goal is to make her ultimate less reliant on Zhonya's Hourglass (it will still be good on her, but hopefully it won't feel as a requirement to even finish to cast her ultimate). Additionally, just like with Dark Binding, the damage of the ability has been reduced to compensate for the automatic Tormented Shadow.

Basic Attack Range: 450 ==> 500 (same as Janna)
Comment: Nothing wrong about Morgana having lower than average range, but 450 is just sad.
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2023.06.03 09:21 HS_Cogito_Ergo_Sum Moonstone Renewer is STILL bugged specifically with Sona W. Also, Moonstone + Sona W gives infinite lasting shields and they stack. You can shield someone indefinitely for 100% of their health.

Moonstone Renewer is STILL bugged specifically with Sona W. Also, Moonstone + Sona W gives infinite lasting shields and they stack. You can shield someone indefinitely for 100% of their health.
In the 13.11 patch notes, it was stated that the bug that affected Moonstone not only visually, but also functionally was fixed. Specifically, Moonstone would not work on AoE shields (If you shield 1 ally with one ability, there should be 1 chain heal. If you shield 4 allies with one ability, there would be 1 chain shield instead of 4).
It seems to be working now for AoE shields like Karma R-E and Soraka R (hence why Moonstone is much better on those champs now). However, after testing all of the AoE enchanters with Moonstone, Sona stands out as the one where Moonstone is specifically bugged with Sona W (hence why Moonstone remains Sona's worst enchanter mythic).
Here's a screenshot of a single Sona W below.
sad healy bubble :c
Couple of things to note:
  • Only one ally got an increased shield relative to the rest (It's the closest dummy to Sona; I will call it Lestara for simplicity). That means all the chain shields were given to Lestara. If there was 4 chain shields, one of the other 3 allies should have a slightly higher shield than the rest (i.e. recieve the chain shield from shield on Lestara). However, the 3 other allies have the exact same amount of shielding, meaning that there was only up to 3 chain shields that have occurred, which is less than the expected 4.
  • On the chain shield that is given to the one ally, we can estimate that the extra shield is less than half of the shields given to all other allies. Okay, so the chain shield is a percentage of the original shield based on the shielded ally's level. Specifically, if the ally is level 1, the chain shield is 20% of the original shield. So, if Moonstone works, that means 3 chain shields should be given to the ally, which 60% of the original shield. As you can see on the other 3 allies, the shield is about 2 'bars' (lengths between ticks; there's a tick between the white shield and blue health bar) and 1/3 of a bar; the fractional part is an estimate. Despite this, we can approximate 60% of this original shield to be at least a bar and half of this fraction. However, on the chain shielded ally, less than a bar of extra shield is given (as the boundary between blue/white is closer to the tick on the right). Thus, we can deduce that only 1 chain shield occured.
  • Because it's harder to see my above point, here's a closeup of a non-chain shielded ally with a ruler to help.
Not Lestara
And here's a close up the chain shielded ally with the same ruler. (Note: The ruler is slightly misleading because the length of the health bar remains the same as overall health increases, but it just helps you note that the blue/white boundary is closer to the right tick).
TL; DR It appears that the extra shield is less than 60%, which means Moonstone is bugged. I can't tell for sure if this is 20% (i.e. 1 chain shield occured) because as far as I can tell, there's no way of putting up shielding numbers from the options interface, just healing, but regardless, it is less than expected.
The really weird bug though is that Moonstone chain shields last indefinitely. Below are two shielded allies at 38:39 (see upper right for proof).
T-plus 0 seconds
Below are the same allies at 49:41 and they still have the shield.
T-plus 11 minutes 2 seconds, Major Tom
Not only do the chain shields last indefinitely. They stack. Below I have arranged a column of allies with an increasing amount of shields from top to bottom to prove that they stack, and one of them is shielded for nearly 100% of their health (again, worst mythic on Sona).
I'm not educated enough to know how this works, so I'm blaming Phreak
This is the chain shields still present more than 10 minutes later to again prove they are indefinitely lasting.
How dare Phreak cause the death of millions of mages in Demacia.
TL; DR The chain shields are indefinitely lasting and stack infinitely. So this is your PSA on grouping around Sona k thx.
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2023.06.03 04:44 RpiesSPIES Hello fellow Rell players. I don't like the midscope, but let me help improve what you're doing to this poor champ in terms of ability order and items

E max first 100% of the time. The MS is too valuable and its current state is basically what we got from W before anyways. You don't really gain much from leveling Q or W. I'd argue that even vs poke, E max is still better because you can at least roam better rather than stay in lane and get poked out.
Lv1 start Q vs melee (could be some exceptions like pyke) and W vs ranged. Q because it'll be more effective in a 1v1 or poke fest if it does happen, and W because you can dismount to normal -> remount -> normal to kill any ward placed in bush. You're never going to land Q on a ranged champ in lane unless they're being overly aggressive and stupid with positioning.
For items, as support... RUSH VOW. It gives literally every stat Rell needs sans-MR. The only exception for this is if the enemy team is like 80% magic dmg (ap jungler, ezreal/zeri + millio or smth bot) whereas you'd rush abyssal mask. Vow gives a ton of combat power, gives you a bit of the healing you lost on your Q and lets your adc take some more hits. This is especially good if your ADC is very aggressive and also doesn't take free poke.
Second item... IS NOT THORNMAIL. You DO NOT need to buy a mythic second. Tank mythics mostly suck for Rell. Objectively you get more value from most legendary tank items than you do mythics, and buying mythics later on give you more value anyways since mythic boost does that by design. It's not like you're going to get much more than 300 dmg out of that evenshroud before your next buy anyways.
Your actual second item is either Abyssal Mask if you have a strong mage on your team vs at least 2 magic dmg sources (you're not going to be fighting the enemy bot lane much at this point if you roam properly anyways), deadmans plate (if they are more AD oriented ofc), or mythic as a last option.
For your mythics... Jak sho is BAD. It gives resistances that stack up over time. Unless you are always playing as a warden before engaging to get its passive up, as well as aftershock, you don't gain value from this. As most instances you will be engaging upfront and the enemies will be dead long before you get the boosts (ideally). Evenshroud is ~fine~. Locket isn't as good as it was before, and even then it was questionable, especially since it's assassin and general lethality meta atm and serpents is a thing that exists. Radiant Virtue is an overall better option than Locket if you need to provide that supportive ability.
Shurelya's is also not actually terrible on Rell. The MS coupled with E make it for an insanely strong tool especially in low elo, where people take 3 seconds to start running because they don't often choose to fight when things move fast towards them. Everfrost is also not entirely a meme atm because you can use it in tandem with Q to guarantee a W even if the enemy has tenacity (as you can cast it mid crash down and get similar effects to what attract repel provided, RIP).
For other general items. Sitting on Tear is FINE. Completing Fimbulwinter is also FINE. Seraphs could even be a possible option if you're insistent on abusing the AP ratios riot added on for some reason.
Force of Nature is probably your second best MR option (unless you have like nilah or sam or smth that can amp your vow healing with visage). Chemtank sucks but if the enemy is very stacked on magic damage and have lots of mobility, why the f* not?
For armor options... Don't buy Zekes, it's trash. Imperial Mandate is a legendary now. If you want more bursty dmg, get that instead. Doesn't give armor, but Zekes is 2000 gold too expensive for what it gives. Thornmail sucks unless you have enemies you can force to hit you, like a Nilah or Draven. Do not get this vs stuff like kayn or divine sunderer users. You won't stop their healing effectively. Get oblivion orb for them. You'll reduce like 400x more healing this way, even w/o the magic dmg we lost from passive (RIP).
Frozen Heart gives no hp, you should almost never buy this. The only time you should is if the totally balanced CertainlyT bros and bel'veth are on the enemy side. You need at least two targets that you can get a TON of value from its use in order to make it worth losing out on an HP-providing item.
If you have any further questions, ask me. It's just silly that Rell's winrate hasn't moved despite the buffs given to her. That mostly tells me that many of you aren't roaming, and lolalytics tells me you're building crap. Stop that and give riot good data so we can finally revert this and have riot work on a better E.
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2023.06.03 02:34 iceebluephoenix Eclipse on Trist Mid?? also rune Q

hey pals. I'm perusing lolalytics for the first time and though it isn't a popular first item pick (which skews whether it is ACTUALLY good or not) i'm seeing a high win rate with Eclipse first item for Trist mid. Obviously I think this would be situational with who you are up against, better towards tanks, but i''m curious if anyone has thoughts on this. I'm eyeing that move speed. I would imagine eclipse into boots into kraken or collector could be good but i'm also a big n00b in general so I have no concept of whether this is a shitty idea. Any thoughts?

Also curious about rune picks. On lolalytics if you pick trist mid it looks like the highest win rate secondary is resolve with conditioning and overgrowth. I can see why you'd want more health but I would have expected something that might help you get that lvl 2 kill. They pair this with precision as first pick when i normally go HOB. I don't see many (any) people in this sub talking about going resolve as secondary so looking for thoughts on this as well if possible! thanks everyone :)
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2023.06.02 12:58 ggggeorge1234 Kai'sa is taking her last breath 🍑🪦

Kai'sa is taking her last breath 🍑🪦
Riot needs to hotfix Kai'sa, like what they did with Yasuo and Yone. We as Kai'sa mains we should do whatever we can to make them look into Kai'sa and hotfix her, instead of suggesting builds with 0 synergy and low wr (like ER rush is this fr ???) .
we shouldn't just accept this and go fine with it trying to convince ourselves that we should accept the loss for the whole patch or until riot decides to do something.
I and many others who paid for all kai'sa skins and recently purchased the new Ink Shadow Kai'sa, we deserve to enjoy our champ and be treated fairly.
Kai'sa is(was) one of the most loved adc champs, she didn't even have a very high wr prior to the change, she wasn't problematic at all in pro play like Jinx and Zeri.
I don't understand the reason why Riot is neglecting her and treating her as if she's the most problematic champ in the game, but this has to stop, yes I know Riot allegedly is working on a buff for Kai'sa, but we still don't even have any information about it, it's not even confirmed, riot needs to acknowledge Kai'sa, once one of the most iconic and famous champs in the game, they need to acknowledge the 55.6 k community member who love her, one of the biggest champ fanbases.
according to Kai'Sa - LoLalytics & LoLalytics Tier List 13.11 Kai'sa is on a fast decline in terms of her pickrate, winrate, and game count, it's clear statistically that she is the 4th worst adc in the game in terms or winrate, the only adcs below her are Kalista, Ashe, and Corki who isn't even a botlaner
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2023.06.02 11:04 FluckyVer No Rell Hotfix buffs?

Was super excited to try out the New-Rell, but after 6 games of absolute pain i got curious and gave a check to her Lolalytics page
And well, currently she sits at 40.4% WR, down from 52.40% WR.
(also 32% WR in jungle, but that's not her main intended role, even after she got some Jungle directed buffs during the Midscope, so ok fair)
I get the "lotta new players trying her out" but there's no way a 12% WR is justified JUST by that.
I'm honestly surprised they didn't just Hitfix her during Patch day, like they did with Yas/Yone/Kindred, whom also dropped just 5% WR, and not 12%
Hopefully they're just taking their time to come up with something good, and we won't have a legit trollpick for the next 2 weeks.
I've honestly got her banned more often by my Own teammates, after i hovering her, due to them not wanting me to "troll" the game, than by enemies legit banning her, lol .
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2023.06.02 07:07 HennyCovers Guinsoos is winning less than Riftmaker by a huge margin.


I've been grinding games in this new mid-season patch and I've tested out many builds with both Guinsoos and Riftmaker and I've had a lot of fun testing out all the new combinations of items that I could think of.
However I'm here to statistically show you that you're losing more games than you're winning if your main mythic is Rageblade and explain why this is the case.
I'll be using Lolalytics and using the default filters, having it show the last 14 days instead of current patch so we can have winrates that spans cross-13.10 and 13.11. (link)

The winrates

Here's the winrates, amount of games played, and what minute the item is usually completed.
We see that Kayle plays way more with Guinsoos as of right now and Kayle gets it faster than Riftmaker as of now, but with less success than Riftmaker, even if you take into consideration that there's more games played, this is still lower than pre-midseason patch (link) winrate with Riftmaker, where having Guinsoos actually had a higher winrate with a significantly lower play-rate due to the bait-stigma the item had, eventhough you could build it with Riftmaker.

The Guinsoos changes.

So what's the changes that made Guinsoos stick out in the mid-season patch?
Here's the old Rageblade's details, compared to the new Rageblade's details.
The new Rageblade has A LOT more words in it, but I'll simplify it: The change brought:
  1. 20% Armor and Magic Pen from Mythic Passive (25% if you sold boots for another Legendary)
  2. +7% Attack Speed (17% if Ornn upgrades)
  3. 30 AD and 30 AP (40 AD and 50 AP if Ornn upgrades)
  4. A loss of damage in the crit-to-onhit conversion.
How big is the loss? 20 damage per AA, which gets offset by the AD by itself but only if you sell boots. If you dont sell boots, you're losing 50 damage per AA on crit-conversion alone presuming you're building crit chance on every slot avaliable.

So why is Riftmaker outperforming.

Two reasons:
  1. There's more burst damage now, as Lethality champions have gotten a field-day with the new items, being able to burst down most targets in the game, so the added survivability, AP, and CDR from Riftmaker helps you survive with more healing on W, not having to build dedicated tank items to survive so you can focus on damage items, and a lower CD on ult.
  2. MR items have been nerfed across the board, with the biggest one being Force of Nature not blocking %damage anymore which allows AP based Kayle to shine.

But Guinsoos winrate is only so low because of non-OTP's picking her up for the first time!

And to that, I say: Click this and this (link for you who want the page)


Guinsoos is INCREDIBLY situational, while Riftmaker is still as stable as it has ever been.
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2023.06.02 01:44 RITO34PERCENT Bad Statistics Arguments I Frequently See

"Malph has an X winrate going AP but a Y winrate going tank. Therefore, tank is better." Is tank Malph better on average? Yes, but this is a case of using the wrong formula to get to the right answer. There's a lot more nuance to these stats. The apparent one is that AP items and tank items wildly differ in pick rates. In Plat+, the 2 most picked AP items (NH and Luden's) have a combined pickrate of ~70%, which is about 3x that of the 2 most picked tank items (Jak'sho and Heartsteel). Niche, non-troll builds will often have a higher winrate than more common, traditional builds by their very nature. Does Malph having a much higher winrate on Tabis vs any other boot mean Tabis are OP? Or does it mean that Malph is more favored in games where he can build Tabis?
Less common builds tend to be picked when they can perform well in niche scenarios. Related to this is how snowbally the game is. Looking at 13.10 when Belveth was the lowest winrate champ in Plat+, her winrate skyrocketed from 44.70% on average to 55.24% when she built a Death's Dance in the first 10 minutes. But for her to have had a DD in 10 minutes, the game would already had been extremely favorable for her. And if we look at just the first item built, she had a whopping 61% winrate when building TBC first item. What gives? TBC, again, is niche. And paired with this is that these builds have a very low pickrate.
On a related note, there are some very high winrate champs with low pickrates. This is most noticeable with enchanter supports. Are enchanters strong? Definitely yes, but they also tend to be picked more when you have an ADC to support and your team comp can slot in an enchanter, which can lead to artificially boosted winrates. (But also, their winrates are dragged down by some people going AP, but that's a different story and my point is that statistics are complex and have context)
Filters like Plat+, which I'm personally fond of, also affect stats. Plat+ artificially inflates winrates in general because this filter does not exclude games where say, a plat team plays vs a gold team. ARAM skill does seem to correlate with rank, and it should be expected for the plat team to win more often, even if it amounts to 1% difference. For example, using Lolalytics' 13.10 data, Plat+ has champ winrates ranging from 44.70-60.28% with the median winrate being about 51.4%. With all ranks, this changes to 44.29%-55.29% with the median winrate being about 50.2%. (I defined the median winrate as being the winrate of the 81st-83rd highest winrate champs of the current 163 champs for simplicity. It's a limited definition but it's a quick calculation and highlights my point well.)
TL;DR: Selection bias and taking statistics out of context can obfuscate how strong a champ actually is. Does this mean tank Malph isn't good? No, but it also doesn't mean that AP is always wrong.
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2023.06.01 20:01 J1NR0L0GY How to properly itemize on ADCs nowadays?

Hey guys I wasn‘t into league for quite some time and I just came back after 13.10 and was kinda overwhelmed by all the item changes. After some games I felt like I couldn‘t really decide on what items to buy in a rational order to be as effective as possible in every stage of the game.
To specify my struggle here are some questions that come to my mind regarding the new items:
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2023.06.01 18:22 Hoshiimaru Azir is 51% first day of the patch in lolalytics

Thoughts? I havent played yet the new patch
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2023.05.30 10:26 tredli The tank issue

This is something I've noticed playing ARAM lately (at around what was used to be considered a high MMR where dia+/masters players are common)
  1. The overwhelming majority of people do not want to play tank. This is simply a fact of it.
  2. If one team has a tank and the other doesn't, the team without a tank is extremely likely going to get stomped.
Now personally I think tanks in general are overly strong in ARAM, especially for their skill requirement. Checking some stats:
The list goes on and on. Basically heartsteel users (barring Sett who has some of the harshest nerfs in the mode) and tanks make up the lion's share of high winrates.
I noticed this is really what makes ARAM feel "bad" this season, draft diffs are so noticeable because at the end of the day it comes down to: did you get the tank player? Or did you get the 4 assassin/adc/enchanter players? And I want to point out, people are in their absolute right to play whatever they want and in fact should do so, this is not what this point is about. This is not "wahhh people don't want to play tank for me", this is "tanks are way too deciding in whether a team wins or loses in ARAM".
Now this creates a pretty irritating mechanic where if you aren't a tank player (and most people are not, or at least do not want to play ARAM to be a tank) you're often at the mercy of whether you have a tank player on your team, or banging your head against a Sion with 5k HP 7 minutes in.
Honestly I think another Heartsteel nerf wouldn't be out of the question, or more targeted nerfs on tanks. They're supposed to be good in teamfights, yes. So is Seraphine for example, and she's nerfed to a more reasonable 52%ish winrate.
And to anyone who says they need it to be fun, it clearly doesn't work, since most people still won't play them despite how strong they are. I think keeping a role at such a high power level while also being a role that isn't very widely enjoyed just creates a ton of frustation for everyone.
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2023.05.29 17:31 Deathpacito-01 Vel'koz (and other traditional mid-lane mages) feels shoehorned into Support nowadays

I know it's been going on for a while now, since maybe season 7 or 8, but this season it's feeling worse than ever trying to play something like Vel'koz in the mid lane.
His pickrate has dropped by almost half in the past 6 months, from 1.25% at the start of the season to just 0.75% this patch (source:, Plat+). His mid winrate is also below average. Lolalytics ranks him as a C- tier pick, below Teemo mid. Meanwhile other champions like Brand or Zyra have been dead as mid picks for ages now.
I know Riot wants to get AP mages out of the Support role, but the adjustments they've tried thus far (itemization adjustments, reducing roam effectiveness) has led to no improvement in the mid lane performance of these champions. They can get by as Supports, but they utterly lack the self-sufficiency required of meta mid-lane picks nowadays.
EDIT: Oof, looks like Azzapp (likely the best Vel'koz player) just gave up on one-tricking Vel'koz for both mid and support
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2023.05.26 19:03 Kotovical The case for Crit Shaco

The case for Crit Shaco
I know Ghostblade is killing it right now, but let me pitch you the Crit Assassin build.
Starting out with the incredibly powerful Galeforce. We can see it is already significantly outperforming its Crit Mythic peers:
The mobility of Galeforce is huge, but also the damage:
1k damage active??? Sounds fun. The CD was also buffed from 110 to 90s in 13.10.
We can see Galeforce is already the best performing mythic on melee crit champions, in order: Tryndamere, Yasuo, Yone
I suggest building Galeforce as the second item in the build.

Legendary Items
ER is the core 1st item in the build and we can see it deals roughly the same amount of damage as PC, but with 1.5s CD. You also get 5 AH and 100g as compensation for switching from Leth to Crit.
Collector is a solid choice, giving as much AD and Leth as any other legendary item. Toss on some crit for good measure and enjoy the execution passive. This was the only Leth legendary to get buffed in 13.10, I wonder why?
Mortal was given another 5 AD this patch too, now only 5 behind SG, meanwhile costing 200g less.
We’ve reached late game, you might be nearing 600 AD (base+bonus), in that case, relish in an additional 400 damage proc with 45% MS to hit and run!
This wraps up the assassin crit build: 100% crit, 2 sources of armor pen, 4 sources of proc damage, 2 bursts of mobility, with as much AD as any Leth focused build.
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2023.05.26 10:54 QiyanasStoriesYT Take this unique opportunity of having finally an "OP" item for us and spam some games

Take this unique opportunity of having finally an
Youmuus Ghostblade will not be nerfed till Patch 13.11 that is - Thursday, June 1, 2023.

After all the nerfs, bugs that exist for years, this is the moment to take advantage of this short opportunity when it's a little easier to win with Qiyana.

Even in Silver Qiyana on Ghostblade has 49,56% winrate:



Proxon stated it will not be micropatched:
Confirming patch schedule:
Link to winrates:
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