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2023.05.29 23:31 salted_cara_mele NHS Dental/Orthodontic - Wrong advice/falling through the net led to so much wasted time, stress, and surgery! How can I hold someone accountable without adding to NHS stress?

I hope this is the right subreddit but please let me know if it's best suited to another...
This is a long story but I'll try give the gist of it. For context I'm 25 and in Scotland.
I've been messed about so much between different dentists and orthodontists starting with my family dentist. Asked for years for braces due to obvious over-crowding. Was always told 'we'll see next time.' Got an X-Ray when I was 15 because canine baby tooth was not budging. He saw the big tooth in the roof of my mouth but said it was fine. Next appointment (always 12 months apart) he forgot about the X-Ray, did it again and this time explained it was an impacted tooth. He said it could move but it's best to leave it. He retired shortly after. Next dentist said it should not have been left and referred me to an orthodontist. This was when I was 17. For the next few years I was sent different places, each orthodontist saying they can't do the treatment I need. In hindsight I believe that's because everyone knew I would need surgery but no one explained why they couldn't help me.
I went back to my initial dentist and she sent me to the local hospital's orthodontics department. This was 2019 and my initial doctor, Dr. T was great and recognised I'd fallen through the net. He said no matter where I'm living (by this point in another city), I should stick with them so there's no more miscommunication and he'd always see me. There was initially miscommunication around my treatment options with the doctor but what it came down to was either surgery to expose the tooth and slowly move the tooth down with elastic, before I got top train tracks which would also help move the impacted tooth into the right place, or surgery to remove the impacted tooth, remove the baby tooth, and implant the impacted tooth to where it needed to be, then top train tracks. I asked which option would be best and I was told exposing the tooth and having it slowly moved down would take longer, but would be less risky. So I consented to that. I had my surgery in early 2020 to expose the tooth and was give a plate for the roof of my mouth to correct my overbite. I felt confident about this because he was correcting the overbite whilst we waited for the impacted tooth to naturally move and expose itself more so there was more surface area for the elastic to be attached to.
A few months later I had my bottom train tracks put on. All was well until 2022, just had the elastic put on and the usual appointments for the bottom braces. Dr. T aways asked how I was feeling, aware that the appointment waiting times were quite long, but I always said I was just happy to finally get the treatment. Start of 2022 Dr. T retired and I was given Dr. A. This is when things kind of took a turn. Dr. A did not seem confident at all in my appointments with him. Straight away from our first appointment he had a look at my pictures and in my mouth and was 'hmm-ing' and 'uhhh-ing,' unsure of himself it felt like. I understand that I was a new patient to him and maybe my case it more complicated than others but I do feel like he lacked confidence and given how messed about I had been before, I was quite anxious. My appointments were straightforward with him- mainly changing my bottom wire and he changed my elastic for my impacted tooth. At one point he was unhappy with how the impacted tooth was moving, adjusting the elastic and reinforcing it when it snapped a couple times. I get this could happen anyway, but he just always seemed to struggle with me. I always felt anxious in my appointments and struggled to stay positive. He had students in now and again and let them change my wire/tighten them which was okay, but they weren't gentle and he had to take over. It just added to my anxiety and how uncomfortable I was but I know I should have spoken up at the time.
Anyway, Sept. 2022 I go to another appointment and Dr. A. isn't there. The dental nurse just tells me he had to leave and I'll now be seen by Dr. S. He's very nice, straightforward, and I felt confident with him. I've only had a few appointments with him but at the start of this year I got my bottom braces off and in the same appointment he told me my front two teeth have 'short roots' and asked if I felt they were loose. I told him that yes, I could move them slightly but asked my initial family dentist about this years ago and was told it was fine. Well Dr. S said it isn't fine and if I have top train tracks put on it might loosen them further so he doesn't think top braces are viable. Honestly, I just got so upset. I tried to keep it together but I did get very upset. He tried to reassure me that my teeth won't fall out, he'll come up with a plan for next appointment, and I've to enjoy not having my bottom braces.
Fast forward to literally today, I've had this next appointment and Dr. S told me this was our last appointment. I was obviously very confused given that I still have elastic and metal in the roof of my mouth. He then remembered off of my confusion and explained that ethically he can't give me top braces knowing the risks outweighing the benefits. This time he said I would certainly lose my teeth. I didn't know what to say, other than that I didn't understand how this has happened and that I didn't know what to do. What do I do about the impacted tooth? He said he doesn't know why I was advised to have the surgery and have the tooth moved. I don't know why no one else has pointed out my 'short roots' before despite multiple X-Rays and everyone I've seen having access to these photos. I've literally seen everyone look at my X-Rays. Dr. S. said he'll set up an appointment with me, him, and the surgeon so we can figure out what to do next. He said I could complain, or that I might want to complain after the next appointment. I don't know what this next appointment will accomplish, and I don't believe he's confident either.
I completely understand Dr. S is not to blame- he's the one who pointed out the main issue; but I don't know who is to blame, if anyone. Complain? To who? The NHS? That feels awful! And what would it even accomplish? I feel so upset and frustrated that the top work on my teeth has been for nothing. If anything the roof of my mouth is worse off. Due to the impacted tooth moving, more gum around my top teeth has receded. Understandable this would happen- but for nothing??
I appreciate this is a long post and I've tried to streamline the details but if anyone has advise I'd really appreciate. I can't explain how much this affected me. I don't trust the advice of people who are supposed to give me the right treatment. I feel like there was negligence at least with my initial dentist and that I've been gaslit, for lack of a better word, along the way here and there when I've spoken up about concerns. I only felt better once I started going to the hospital for appointments and I was just grateful to finally get treatment. I was fully prepared to deal with long waiting times and braces throughout my twenties. Have awful teeth and braces as I go to job interviews, for example, but today it's all been shattered.
I did consider biting the bullet and going private at one point but I was scared if I left the hospital i'd fall through the net again and end up worse off. I hope someone understand why I'm so upset and if anyone can advise me on next steps that would be amazing. I feel awful considering complaining to the NHS but you know it's bad when your own doctor suggests it. At the very least I just want someone to own responsibility rather than me just having to carry this.
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2023.05.29 23:30 GrowinStuffAndThings X5 Daily Liquidity Pool Multiplier Thread! Day 4



Day 3 ended with 16,008 Cones earned on the post, which adds, 32,016 Cones to the Liquidity Pool. It's a bit down from the first two days so I'm making today's a x5 multiplier.





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2023.05.29 23:29 cigore BF got a threatening courthouse call after dealer was arrested.

I need some advice and we are very confused as to what is going on. I LIVE IN FLORIDA In this post the only thing I am talking about is marijuana
Today my boyfriend texted me, telling me that the police seized the phone of a "dealer" (this "dealer" is part of a more elaborate company, they are a company and the dealer is just a delivery driveemployee, he isn't dangerous and the company while illigal is surprisingly professional, just for some context) he had been in contact with. , he was very scared and started saying his goodbyes to me
He told me that the courthouse called him, they wanted to question him, they were very aggressive and said he had half an hour to come to "the courthouse " or they would come get him.
He did not go, the person OTP never specified what courthouse and the courts are closed today for memorial day which makes no sense, they also never came to pick him up.
The texts between him and the person who's phone was confiscated are of the plans they made to meet up, not only questions but actual business arrangements, of course no document of what happened irl. He is NOT in possession of any marijuana or any other drugs He has not smoked in a while, he would probably test negative on a test. He never owned more than an ounce or 1 and 1/2 ounce. And does not own this anymore.
He does not use this for recreational purposes, though he cannot get a card, he has OCD, ADHD, ANXIETY, and depression and uses this to sooth.
again, he does not possess anything and there's nothing in his system. he is 19.
what do the police want with him? will they reach out again? do they want him or Information on the person dealing? can he be charged with possession even tho he does not possess anything? and what CAN he be charged for if anything? will the courts bother pursuing him? if he is charged, is he likely to go to jail, or be on probation?
please tell me everything we need to know, he's a very anxious and paranoid person and is not doing well right now.
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2023.05.29 23:29 GotIntoAnAccidentAlt Got t-boned (100% not at fault with multiple recordings to prove it) but other party is undocumented/illegal with no insurance

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is the right sub, if not please let me know and I can take this post down... I got into an accident two days ago with a seemingly undocumented/illegal immigrant (spoke no English), who had only a Guatemalan drivers license and was without insurance and had an expired car registration. I was driving normally at about 35-40 mph when the other party (going about 40-50 mph) ran a red and t-boned my car. The airbags in my car deployed and was not drive-able when asked by law enforcement if I could pull it over to the side to open up a few lanes that were blocked by my car. Some context that might matter: - I drive a Tesla Model Y, which I paid around $55k for (somewhat related: it failed to capture any footage). - I have Farmers Insurance, full coverage with uninsured motorist bodily injury included with a $15k limit per person and $30k per accident. - I had a friend in the front passenger side with me, which is the side that got hit. Fortunately, we are both okay (for now), but we plan to get any potential injuries checked out in the future. - This occurred in California. - This occurred at a busy intersection where all four corner businesses have cameras. I am confident that I can get footage from different angles. - Law enforcement was called and didn't really seem to care until I pointed out that the other car had knocked down a small pole (city property). They started writing an official report after that (I gave this case number to my insurance). - My vehicle is at a body shop nearby. The tow I used was through AAA. - I am currently unemployed (taking a break from corporate life), but I have a good (~740) credit score and am not in a dire financial situation. - The bystanders who first checked up on the other party kept saying he was "lit" and took his keys away from him. Me and friend tried getting the cops to check him with a breathalyzer but they said they didn't have one on them and that the ones that did were "busy". The Spanish-speaking cop who was talking with the other party did communicate to us that his speech did not appear to be impaired and that he wasn't slurring his words. As far as next steps are concerned, I am unsure of how to proceed. Everything should be more clear tomorrow (holiday today), but I need a car asap. I don't want to rent a car if I have to replace my old one anyway, as insurance covers only $25 a day. From browsing this sub and the web in general, I know insurance companies like to play lowball... which leads me to ask, it seems like my car is totaled... what are the steps to getting a new car? What do I do with my current vehicle's financing situation? How do I stand my ground to ensure that I get the full amount of my car's value and/or enough to cover a new car? Does my lack of income at the moment hinder my ability to obtain financing for a new car? Apologies if this seemed all over the place but would greatly appreciate any and all advice/help. TIA!
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2023.05.29 23:28 SCP_Peaches We hear a lot about culture today. What does culture mean to you? (F/M/Other 30-69)

(Following my first post-after the previous question not receiving replies and a lot of discussion with the teacher we have been given a new question- I am not able to edit or adjust question)
I need some help for a field research assignment for my Anthropology World Ethnography class . For this field research we are presenting people within the listed age groups (30-39 years old; 40-49 years old; 50-59 years old; and 60-69) with a single question.
"We hear a lot about culture today. What does culture mean to you?"
If you are comfortable with it I would love to have you answer the question and be part of this research project! I would need to know which age range you are part of - but how you answer the question would be completely up to you! Share as much or as little information as comfortable and you can be as philosophical ,theoretical, objective , or subjective as you want! Results will not be shared with class and names wont be attached. I just need Which age group you are a part of and which Pronouns you prefer- career path is optional.(Form linked below)
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2023.05.29 23:25 sigasaul092 Looking to build in Ghost S1 - cooling for 10700k and GPU future proofing

I currently have an NZXT H1 Mini V1 (2019) with the parts listed below. It was purchased as a pre-build in 2020 due to most parts being not available. The only main change I made was upgrade the PSU to the Corsair SF750w due to issues with the 650w one that came with the bundle.
I'm interested in moving over to the Ghost S1 (Really dig the look tbh) and was concered over a couple of things.
1) Cooling for the i10700k. Currently the NZXT has liquid cooling and it seems to be working fine. Wondering if I switch over to the Noctua NH-L12 Ghost will it be enough? Not planning on overlocking or pushing the CPU, it's really just for gaming
2) Longevity of the case. I see that the Ghost s1 is mostly designed for 3xxx series cards, and was reading another reddit post raising the issue of "Is this case no longer compatable for future cards as they get bigger. I don't plan on upgrading yet, but within the next 2-3 years I'm hoping to get more into 4k high refreshrate gaming and am concerned that to do so I will have to upgrade the case yet again. Would love to hear other's thoughts on this, espcially those with the S1 Ghost.
I'm already getting pretty high temps in the 80c and sometimes 89c on some games for the GPU in my current case. CPU doens't really go above 70c most of the time. I'm hoping to not get the top hat, and keep the build small.
A bit more info, I'm currently gaming on a 1440p 165hz monitor, which the 3060TI is doing well with med-high settings, and even some ultra/ray tracing for some titles with DLSS on. I'm happy with this today, and will look to upgrade in next 2-3 years. Also I'm fairly new to building PCs so if there is anything I'm missing or overthinking would love some feedback!

CPU: Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8 GHz 8-Core Processor
CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-L12 Ghost S1 37.8 CFM CPU Cooler
Motherboard: MSI MEG Z490I UNIFY
Memory: TEAMGROUP T-Force Vulcan Z 32 GB (2 x 16 GB) DDR4-3600
Video Card: Gigabyte EAGLE OC GeForce RTX 4070 Ti 12 GB Video Card
Power Supply: Corsair SF750 750 W 80+ Platinum Certified Fully Modular SFX Power Supply
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2023.05.29 23:24 Upstairs_Bad5078 After nearly two years under my care, I said goodbye

I’ve posted here about my fish several times. I adopted him from my mom after illness made her unable to care for him. He put up a hell of a fight and he lived his best life until the end.
A few days ago, he stopped eating even when I did the tricks that use to work. I was waiting a few days to see if he’d perk back up as he has every time he’s been this way before I made the decision to get clove oil, but today was the day. He went on his own terms.
I wanted to say thank you to this extraordinary community. You helped me keep a part of my family alive for longer than I would have been able to on my own. Thank you.
I’ve been doing fish art for years for my brother’s tanks. But in honor of B, I’ll be working on solely betta art for the next month. Please feel free to share photos for inspiration, I’d be happy to share my work if you want!
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2023.05.29 23:23 cecherbouche Welcome to our Supportive Advice Sub for Healing DeadBedrooms!

Hello, cherished community members!

As we step into a fresh season of growth and change, it's the perfect time to highlight the unique benefits of our advice-focused sub. We're here to support and guide you in resolving your DeadBedroom situation with honesty, compassion, and personal growth.
Here's what sets DeadBedroomsOver30 apart:
  1. Seeking Resolution: Our main focus is helping you revive intimacy in your relationship. If you're actively seeking advice, practical solutions, and a renewed spark, you're in the right place. Share your story and let's work towards a solution together.
  2. Embracing Truths: We value honesty, even when it's tough. Expect frank discussions that explore different viewpoints and delve into the heart of the matter. Let's be curious about each other's truths and engage in meaningful conversations to get a fuller understanding of the big picture.
  3. Allowing Generalizations: While every situation is unique, we recognize the power of discussing common patterns. Generalizations help us understand the bigger picture and uncover valuable insights.
  4. Respectful Support: Compassion and considerate support are at the core of our community. Maintain a civil tone while offering constructive feedback and advice. We're here to uplift and foster personal growth.
  5. Curated DM Flair: Our DM flair system respects individual boundaries. Whether you're seeking platonic or flirty connections, we have designated flairs to honor your preferences. Everyone's comfort is crucial.
  6. Empowering Post Flair System: Our unique flairs reflect the diverse experiences and needs of our community. Whether you resonate with "Want Advice: HARSH Truths," "Want Advice: GENTLE Truths," "No Advice: Explaining my PAIN (HL)," "No Advice: Explaining my PAIN (LL)," "Celebrating a WIN (support first, advice second)," "Book quotes," "Self Reflection," or "Today I Noticed," there's a flair that aligns with your journey.

Join us in this vibrant community dedicated to healing and revitalizing relationships. Share your story, seek guidance, and let's embark on a transformative journey together!

Warm regards,
CecherBouche and the Mod Team
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2023.05.29 23:19 CalmInitiate Day 35.

Hello everyone and wishing you all well.
Today is day 35 and last week our daughter was rushed into surgery with a 3.5kg lump on her ovary. Fortunately it was benign and she has recovered well and is on her way home tomorrow. Man! was the pull strong to drink. Emotional ‘peaks’ were my biggest trigger. But I didn’t give in to the urge.
Apart from a post ‘bigging up’ myself (shot why not, I’m only human) I have a question…
35 days in and I still wake up feeling like I have a hangover on some days. Anyone else experience this?
Drinking every day since 15 years old, can detox take this long?
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2023.05.29 23:19 ferocious_puppy Eulogy to my Father

My father passed away last month at the age of 60. Although he had a number of illnesses, with one being from a young age, his death was unexpected. This is incredibly hard to come to terms with as I expect anyone on this subreddit would appreciate. Reading posts of some people on here who have lost loved ones at a young age or in terrible circumstances puts my loss in perspective but its still no less raw or devastating. I read a eulogy at my fathers funeral which I'm going to add below. It's long and most people won't read it but I just want to tell as many people as possible how amazing my father was. I have omitted any names from the eulogy and replaced with NAME. I will say though my dads name was Mark and I hope anyone who reads this sees how incredible he was.
Thank you all for coming.
My Dad was the person I looked up to the most, especially the older I got where I grew to appreciate the incredible man he was and how he lived his life. He had things very hard from a young age with multiple conditions, but he never let that define him. He appreciated the good things in his life, and not once did I ever hear him dwell on the bad that happened to him, his attitude was always to enjoy what he could surrounded by the people he loved for as long as he could no matter what was thrown his way. My dad possessed many qualities which include being kind, thoughtful, funny, loving and he is the strongest person mentally I’ve ever met and I’m proud and fortunate that he was my dad. The challenge to show those qualities became harder especially in the last few years but he never stopped living and being the man he always was, laughing, joking, and enjoying himself around his family.
His sense of humour was witty and dark, and he loved to wind people up, especially my mum. Even in his final hours he had his sense of humour. He was lying in bed that morning and he had a remote to move the bed into different positions. My mum heard him call her, so she went in and the remote was on the floor. My dad said sorry NAME can you pick it up, so she did. 10 minutes later she heard my dad call her again, so she went back in, the remote was on the floor again this time my dad had a grin on his face, my mum picked it up and gave it to him and warned him not to drop it again. He did of course drop it again and my mum saw a big smile on his face like he always had as she came back in. She knew he was winding her up and was smiling as well and I’m sure my dad thought about doing it again, but he knew one more time and it would be wrapped around his neck.
Two of my oldest memories I have of my dad are of stories he liked to tell because he found them funny to talk about over the years and I know he would like me to mention them. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence they both involve alcohol, but he was a SURNAME so of course he enjoyed a drink.
The first is when I was around 5 and my dad and I were watching tv and he was enjoying a glass of whiskey. He went out to go to the bathroom and I seized my opportunity, grabbed the whiskey, and had a swig. My Dad came back into the room with me screaming it burns it burns pointing at the glass. My dad knew what needed to be done and rushed into action grabbing a can of lager and having me drink some to get rid of the whiskey taste. It did work to be fair and when I was older, I hated whiskey and enjoyed lager, which explains a lot.
The second story I want to share is another from when I was young. My dad would always go out drinking with his brothers NAME and NAME on boxing day. It was usually a nice casual drink and a chance for them to spend time together. However, on this occasion my dad got very drunk. So drunk his brothers had to carry him home which was an incredible feat by itself as he was not a small man. What was even more impressive is they managed to get him home but avoid my mum. They achieved this by leaving him sitting by the bins outside and knocking the door and running off. I don’t blame them, and I think it was a very smart move. However, what they didn’t expect was my dad to get up and manage to fall inside the bin. That was the sight that greeted my mum.
My dad was a great father to me and my sister NAME. He was limited physically in some of the things he could do with us but he more than made up for it in other ways and he was always there for us when we needed him. The only thing my father got wrong when NAME and I were growing up in my opinion is he should have been a bit harsher on NAME. She was always terrorizing me, and I was always calm and never did anything to instigate things, but she couldn’t be stopped. I think my father showed a bit of favouritism there.
At Christmas and other occasions, he enjoyed having everyone around and eating, drinking, playing games and having fun. Trivial pursuit was something he always wanted to play, probably because he would often win. He would always play as the blue counter, his favourite colour and if my nan was there which she usually was she would go on his team as she knew he would get everything right and she could sit back and sip her dissarano. I’m sorry nan but I really don’t think your going to win many games in future.
A memory of Christmas that sticks out is when we were playing a golf game on the Nintendo wii and it was my dads go. He was very competitive and put a lot of effort into his swing as he had to make up for the fact, he was playing sitting down. On this occasion he tried a bit too hard and also forgot to tighten the strap causing the wii remote to go flying off his wrist and straight into the tv destroying the screen. I will never forget the look on his face, a combination of shock and disbelief.
My dad also enjoyed playing real golf, many times with me and his son in law NAME but always with his mum. He caught the golf bug later in life but would play almost every week, sometimes twice a week for the part of the year they could use a buggy on the course. His father also used to go with them to drive the buggy and the sight of it all on the course was terrifying for others playing. A typical sight would be his father with his sunglasses on no matter the weather, driving the buggy with my dad in front and my nan sitting at the back trying to hold on as his father drove way to fast hitting every bump he could find and just about staying upright. He would then drop them off next to their drive which had gone maybe 50 yards at most, which considering their limitations wasn’t bad. They would play their shots with his father laughing hysterically and taunting them from the buggy as their balls went another 50 yards. To just be on the golf course playing with the pain my father was in and the limitations he had was an inspiration to me. He didn’t care what anyone else thought as he was doing what he enjoyed.
There are many more memories I could talk about and many more things he enjoyed doing but we’ll be here hours if I go into everything, and nobody wants that including me. NAME will go into more of my dad’s hobbies and life later, but I hope what the memories I’ve talked about show is how my dad loved being around his family and always lived life to the fullest. I wish we had more years with him, but I can say with confidence that he was happy and content that he had an excellent life.
There are a few milestones I want to talk about that I know would be important to my dad.
My Mum and Dad met working in a bakery. The day he got married to my mum I know he would have felt so lucky to have found someone he loved and could spend his life with or as my nan put it when preparing for today, he married the best tart in the bakery. They were always there for each other, and I know my dad would have very much appreciated the emotional support she gave him especially the last few years. It wasn’t easy for her either dealing with my dad’s illness but I’m so proud of my mum and dad for how they dealt with everything. Susan and I could not have wished for better parents.
The day my sister NAME and I were both born but especially me were big moments for my dad and changed his life forever, hopefully for the better but maybe not always. Also, important moments were when his Grandchildren NAME and NAME were born who may not know how lucky they are to have had my dad around for the time they did but they will when they are older as they look back to Grampys example and guidance.
My dad was so happy that NAME and I had both found what he had with my mum. For NAME it was NAME and for me it was NAME. NAME and I have chosen the easier option of having dogs rather than children which my dad, despite saying he never wanted a dog around or had any interest in them ended up loving having both NAME and NAME around. He would play with them despite it being hard for him and enjoyed taunting them with toys and chews and they would taunt him back by leaving things just out of reach for him.
The day my sister NAME and NAME got married was an emotional and wonderful day for my dad. Getting to walk his daughter down the aisle was a happy and proud moment for him. we didn’t know if he’d be able to do it beforehand, but he wasn’t going to miss the chance, so he got through it as he always did. My dad was not known for speaking in large crowds or being confident at it, in fact it was the opposite. However, the speech he gave at NAME wedding was incredible, funny, emotional, and memorable. He spoke from the heart without anything prepared and I am so proud he not only got through it but delivered an unforgettable speech.
There was never any pressure put on me or NAME. The only thing he wanted for us was to be happy and if we were happy that was ok for him.
I want to finish by sharing what some of his closest family wanted me to say on their behalf. This is their words read out by me.
His Wife NAME says, Mark was the love of my life, my soulmate with so many happy years together. Those years were rich with happy memories with our family. No more pain and suffering now my darling, rest now. My everlasting love always.
His daughter NAME says, I could not have asked for a better dad. You were always supportive and patient in everything I did. Your Grandchildren NAME and NAME will remember you as wise and funny, you always took an interest in what they liked. I will miss you incredibly, but you will forever be in my heart.
His Mother NAME says, Words cannot say how much I will miss you. I get comfort that you are not in any pain now. Sleep my darling until we are together again.
His brother NAME says, I will love and miss you always, brother.
His Brother NAME says, Dear Brother I will start by saying at least you are now at peace and pain free. You will be deeply missed by us all, after all you were the diplomatic one of the family. Mark was the most patient and calm member of us all and nothing was any bother for him to do. Love you Mark God bless you and thank you for being my brother, Love NAME.
His Son in law NAME says, thank you for welcoming me into your family with nothing but love and kindness. We shared a love for formula 1 and I’ll think of you whenever I’m watching a race.
His Niece NAME says, Uncle Mark was always kind and caring to me and you could tell how much he loved his family. Whenever I visited and complained about something he always found a way to spin it in a positive light and give me a new perspective. My last memory is of him in his chair putting his jumper on which got stuck after his arms were through. He made me jump because I thought he was headless and gave us all a good laugh. I feel lucky to have had him as an uncle.
Finally, for me he was my hero. I owe him everything. I couldn’t have wished for a better man to look up to and learn from. My respect for how he lived his life despite the challenges he faced is immeasurable. He never complained, never worried, never gave up, he lived his life to the maximum he could, doing the things he enjoyed around the people he loved right until the very end.
Dad I’m going to miss you beyond words and its going to be hard, but I will draw from what you taught me and live my life the best I can. It is said that a person is never truly gone as long as they are still talked about. Well, the impact You had on those around you means stories of you will be passed down for generations. The memories I have of you will stay in my head and the love and respect I have for you will remain in my heart forever.
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2023.05.29 23:18 paper-spoons Sheritone GR8001

Sheritone GR8001
Hello all!! At Goodwill today I managed to score two Sheritone GR8001 in mint condition still in the box. However I can’t find any information on them anywhere online at all. The radio function works great but neither can play cassettes. Anyone have any information on these models? This is my first time posting on this Subreddit and I don’t know anything about cassettes and players haha, these were meant to be a gift for my boyfriend! Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.05.29 23:18 Hiridios One of my best friends died in a tragic motor cycle accident and I finally made my peace

First let me say that English isn‘t my first language so this might be full of mistakes + I‘m writing this on my mobile phone. Also, this might be a longer post, so buckle up.
Well, last sunday my younger brother‘s best friend died in a motor cycle accident very unexpectedly. For the past week I‘ve been trying to wrap my head around this thought but when we were finally able to see him laid out, realisation hit and it hit hard for us all. He was 22 years old and just too young to die. Our friendgroup would usually hang out at his house, since it was right about the center of where everyone lived and he had like the most chill parents, so we were very close with his family too.
His girlfriend was driving about 100 meters behind him in a car and barely witnessed what happened. She‘s been a wreck since but is getting better thanks to professional help. My brother is handling it amazing, even though I can see how hurt and sad he is, he‘s been the glue holding everything together, being there for the late friends parents aswell as his sisters. The rest of the friendgroup, a group of now 11 remaining friends has gradually accepted the death. Everyone is coping differently, but most have been together for the most part of last week. For me he was like a litte brother. Since I now live about an hour away and had no way to travel, I haven‘t had time to be there with my friends and grieve up until the laying out on thursday. I was at the funeral service again with another mutual friend today and had some time alone to tell him what I should have told him when he was alive, thanked him for every moment we had together and said goodbye a last time before his funeral next friday. This is the last time I will see him and even though it breaks my heart, I was able to make my peace and accept it. It‘s hard to get to work knowing that the world is still spinning and live goes on, but we have to keep going for his sake.
I am so thankful for having had the privilege and honor to call you my friend and brother. You were the best of us all and you went too early. You showed us how to enjoy the small things in life and how to achieve the big things. You are our idol and we will miss you forever. But don‘t worry, we will take care of your parents, your sisters and your loved ones, as long as we live. For that you may rest in peace until we are all united again brother. Rip
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2023.05.29 23:17 HappyHippyToo [Mod note] If the site is down or comes back up please don’t make a bloody new thread about it every time. Just wait. If it’s serious there will be an announcement. If not, it’ll be back in an hour or so.

And use Anna’s Archive in the meantime.
I don’t have the will to mod same posts every day and some of you are really testing my patience today.
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2023.05.29 23:14 RottenPotato1020 I can't stop feeling like I'm doing something very wrong to fetus.

I am sorry if this isn't in the right place or I'm not posting right. I've never posted before.
Today I'm 14 weeks pregnant (FTM). OB is thrilled with our progress and baby is right on track, growth wise. I've had bad bad bad morning sickness (25+ times a day) which has led me to develope painful and debilitating inflammation in my ribcage. OB prescribed zofran for nausea and cyclobenzaprine for the pain in my ribs. She also OKed the use of medical marijuana (2-3 hits every two hours), as long as I try my other options first. I use all of these medications as minimally as possible and follow her instructions to a T. I even tracked my consumption of everything to be able to tell her exactly what I'm putting in my body. She keeps telling me everything is ok and I'm doing great. I take nowhere near the allotted doses she's given me.
But still, every time I have to reach for anything medicinal, I hate myself. I feel like I'm sacrificing my baby's health for my own comfort. I can't describe how miserable I've been. Some days I was so weak and sore I literally had to crawl to the toilet. The medicine helps me feel human again.... Until the self loathing kicks in.
Then there's all the fear mongering from friends to family to the internet. It seems like everything, even a can of soda just to ease the nausea, increases the risk of still birth, miscarriage, preterm birth, low birth weight.
I'm eating as healthy as MS will let me. I'm taking a prenatal daily. I am not doing anything not OKed by OB.I keep feeling like I'm really screwing up. I can't describe it. I just constantly feel like a bad mom and baby isn't even here yet. I wanted to do this naturally, and I'm ashamed of how much medicine I've needed. I love this child so much already, and I already feel like I'm screwing him or her up.
will this to away? How do I cope? I'm crying from guilt daily. Any help would be so appreciated.
If you disagree with my choices, please be respectful, as I'm in an incredibly vulnerable place.
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2023.05.29 23:13 oledirtybum Machine Learning Model NBA Predictions 5/29

Machine Learning Model NBA Predictions 5/29
Short and sweet post today.
Both models believe the Celtics will win, and the spread model predicts the Celtics will cover the spread and win by 8.
Both models are conflicted on the oveunder but I do like the thought of an under in a game 7. I am staying away from it entirely unless I can get an under 215-220 like last game.
If you can get the heat above +250 odds it will be positive EV but don't lay too heavy of a bet unless you really believe in the team.
I myself will be looking for a live bet of the heat ML at any odds above +275, but hope they really trail at one point early and I can get even better odds.
Good luck to all!
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2023.05.29 23:13 Sythegivry Unusual Behavior

Okay, yesterday I was using the PC just fine, all programs loaded, no crash, no BSOD, gaming...just a normal day.
Today I decided to turn on the PC and it worked for about 20 min. Then it went black, like if I pressed the reset. After that it gave me a error about power surge and "press F1 to bios" - Okay.
In the bios: nothing wrong (apparently), when I exit bios, immediately after post, it goes dark again. And reset. Another power surge message, but this time I just exit bios straight and darkness again...
I waited like 30 minutes in bios, and it didn't shutdown, only does when exit/post bios.
I disconnected all things, leaving only RAM and OS, same problem, I tried each RAM alone, different RAM stick, different HD, CPU, nothing works, just the same problem.
Maybe it's power related after all? Cable, Power supply...
Just give me a few ideas...Been raining lately, maybe that affects the house electricity, idk
[Sorry if typed something wrong, not fluent in English]
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2023.05.29 23:11 Soft_Turn_6784 Offering Tarot Readings💕

Read the whole post before dming!
I'm Simmie💕 I've been reading tarot for a long time and have received great feedback!!
I'm offering in-depth optional donation readings today! Dm me with your questions and I'II get back to you soon!!
Please be kind and respectful. Any kind of disrespect is not going to be tolerated!
You can donate any amount you are comfortable donating!
Donations should be given before getting the reading due to a lot of ghosting! As soon as the donation goes through, I’ll get to your reading!
Looking forward to connecting with y’all💕
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2023.05.29 23:10 steampunkkittie If you have a foot fetish, but body shame all over someone's foot posts because of their body type (not pictured) is your fetish REALLY feet

I have cute feet. Really cute. Size 6, not super chubby. I like my feet. I would LOVE to sell foot content. I don't have the energy to run multiple reddit accounts. But I am so tired of posting on foot subs and getting hate, vomit emojis, cussed at, being called disgusting, and an endless trail of "what the fuck"s. If your fetish is feet, why are you looking for body types? And if your preference IS a certain body type, why can't you just stfu on other people's posts?!?!?!
I guess maybe it's a compliment that so many people are disappointed when they see my body. They liked my feet enough to go looking..
I hate reddit today.
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2023.05.29 23:10 NorthernlionBot Post Stream Discussion Thread -- Monday, May 29, 2023

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2023.05.29 23:10 Soft_Turn_6784 Offering Tarot Readings💕

Read the whole post before dming!
I'm Simmie💕 I've been reading tarot for a long time and have received great feedback!!
I'm offering in-depth donation readings today! Dm me with your questions and I'II get back to you soon!!
Please be kind and respectful. Any kind of disrespect is not going to be tolerated!
You can donate any amount you are comfortable donating!
Donations should be given before getting the reading due to a lot of ghosting! As soon as the donations go through, I’ll get to your reading!
Looking forward to connecting with y’all💕
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2023.05.29 23:09 Soft_Turn_6784 Offering Tarot Readings💕

Read the whole post before dming!
I'm Simmie💕 I've been reading tarot for a long time and have received great feedback!!
I'm offering in-depth donation readings today! Dm me with your questions and I'II get back to you soon!!
Please be kind and respectful. Any kind of disrespect is not going to be tolerated!
You can donate any amount you are comfortable donating!
Donations should be given before getting the reading due to a lot of ghosting! As soon as the donations go through, I’ll get to your reading!
Looking forward to connecting with y’all💕
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2023.05.29 23:09 Nigel2602 (Day 1176) of posting big cykas. I ended up just playing some games today. Mostly just Tears of the Kingdom until my pro controller had to recharge. My joycons have a serious drifting issue so I got annoyed and stopped playing pretty soon after I couldn’t use my controller anymore.

(Day 1176) of posting big cykas. I ended up just playing some games today. Mostly just Tears of the Kingdom until my pro controller had to recharge. My joycons have a serious drifting issue so I got annoyed and stopped playing pretty soon after I couldn’t use my controller anymore. submitted by Nigel2602 to BigCykas [link] [comments]