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The message in my notes that I don't have the heart to send

2023.05.29 20:24 throwaway9982222 The message in my notes that I don't have the heart to send

I tried to be fair in the situation. I tried to tell you my feelings for you, but all you see are things from your hatred, fear and pain. January was one of the worst months I’ve ever experienced. And yes, you are fearful. You got a new favourite person and you discarded me because you were getting fulfilment elsewhere - and that was before you messaged anyone. If you weren’t scared, you’d talk, you’d face me like an adult and understand that not everything is dependent on you. You stonewalled me and made me feel like the smallest person on earth. I never once ignored you or left you without my feelings. Love isn’t love bombing, obsessing, and attention - it’s communicating, understanding and commitment. Love also isn’t synonymous with a relationship, which you seem to think it is. Just when things got real, you bailed - and you were looking for any excuse to leave. I saw the tweets you liked before the new year about ‘leaving a dead situation’ whilst you simultaneously sent me Instagram posts about how loved I am. You then avoided seeing me whilst you partied with your friends. That’s what triggered things and what led to all of this. You knew what you were doing. You were masking so much with me, but you were waiting for me to flip and now I don’t know what was ever real with you. You lied consistently, and we both know that as well. You haven’t moved on, no matter what you tell yourself. I see you on my LinkedIn, subtweeting on Twitter, making fake Instagram accounts to follow me and others in my life, and posting on Flickr when you know I’m the only one who follows you on there. You can’t find peace, because you don’t know how to sit with it. You have no right to determine where I work, and you can’t lie to me and say that you’re just trying to find out in case you are nearby. You want to keep tabs on me, you want to know if I found another person, you want to know if I’m talking shit about you and if I’m still hurting. It’s a game for you. You want me to know that you are watching everything, and to feel that empty paranoid feeling, the way you do.
This is where it ends. We are going NC. We have both lied, and you know that much. These games need to end. You knew that I never sent you anything, but you opened up that communication regardless. You’re very intentional. The difference between you and me is that I never intended to hurt you. I genuinely loved you, not an infatuated type of love that dies the minute you decide it does, but a real, dedicated and mature love which exists beyond anything. I really, truly loved you. I’m sorry you don’t know what that’s like and I’m sorry that you can’t see anything else other than your own pile of feelings. But you can’t tell me who I am, and what you think I deserve. Your issues were there before me, and they’ll be there after. I have had the courage to be vulnerable to my own feelings, to speak them and not mask myself into chaos and anger, and that speaks a lot more than your horrible messages. I’ve confronted my mistakes and approached you with love, but you can’t even begin to process your role. There’s so much that could have been. You’re fearful, you’re stuck in hatred, and you’ll never see the truth, because you don’t have the capacity for it. For that, I genuinely am sorry for you.
There is never an excuse to be horrible to someone, especially when they’re trying everything they can to be real with you. You discarded and devalued me like I was nothing, all because you couldn’t speak, you couldn’t slow down. You want unconditional love, but you don’t know how to breathe it. You punished me for daring to love you. It took me time, it took me going the long loop around, but I got there. You lied and said you’d wait, and that with strong feelings, we can figure things out - but you abandoned your feelings like they never existed when things got real. You never communicated how you felt, you bottled it up until it all spilt over and then blamed everything on me. You went to your friends to reaffirm yourself, but you never actually tried to have a proper, balanced conversation. You brought up insecurities at points, but you didn’t state what you wanted or what your boundary was. That’s not a conversation. You want people to feel sorry for you, instead of facing this like an adult and acknowledging that there could have been a way forward, and helping us come to a decision together as a team. My dad came out as gay after lying to my mother for 11 years about his sexuality and she never once said she hated him, even though he knew before marrying her. She always said she loves him, even to this day, despite how hurt she’s been. You throw the word "hate" like it's a toy. At that point, you and I could have focused on our real feelings right then and there, instead, you killed them and destroyed everything and intentionally tried to destroy me in the process with your horrible words and splitting. That’s not real love, because in real love, what you did isn’t possible. It’s so cruel, but it only projects the hatred and incapacity that you feel within yourself and I’m sorry.
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2023.05.29 18:17 DPSnacks Bundle Me Softly! WTT: Edwards Les Paul, HX Stomp, HP-2, Cooper SPS, Empress Comp mkii, Native Midnight phaser, OBNE Procession, Midi Baby 3, dynamic mic, partscaster tele

Heyo! I've got a few bigger items this week and would love to put a few toward an acoustic guitar, telecaster with a bridge humbucker, or a combo/head. I'm in the Raleigh metro area NC.


Not pedals:

Current layout:

FreqOut -> ACV-1 -> analog delay -> [your pre drive mod?] -> bluesbreaker -> Longsword -> [your drive?] -> Ram's Head muff -> El Cap -> [your stereo reverb?] -> Screen Violence


I have 2ish spaces left for a different flavor of drive, pre-drive modulation, or stereo reverb. I'm extremely open minded on trades and valuations for the partscaster; please make any reasonable offer of pedals, music gear, and/or cash.
Specifically looking for:
  • Stereo reverb - Immerse, Golden, Ultrasheer, Ventris, Merc7, Rooms, Flint? Already have MXR, no EHX/Boss/TC
  • An acoustic guitar smaller than dreadnought, likely Ibanez Guild or Taylor
  • A telecaster with a humbucker in the bridge
  • Amp heads or combos (looking for some variety in a stereo setup with a Mesa Express)
  • Two Notes Captor X 8 ohm
  • KMA Wurm 2
  • JHS Colour Box v2
  • Boss RE-2 maybe
  • Babicz FCH-2 point Strat tremolo
  • Any deals involving the partscaster
Other general interests and wishes:
  • Cash
  • Jackson Kelly KEXT (or another nice hardtail Kelly)
  • Guitars that aren't pointy from Ibanez, Fender, Edwards, Tokai
  • Recording gear: preamps, compressors, 500 Series / Lunchbox, microphones, nice audio interfaces, etc.
  • Pedals that sound cool in a parallel loop (+ dry signal)
  • Things I can't clone from a PCB
  • Most likely good on delay, chorus/vib, pitch shifters, fuzz/muffs, and "lofi" pedals
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2023.05.28 14:55 skasen5 I used to love Asheville. Now? Not so much, and I don't know what happened.

I want to preface this by saying that this is not a 'Asheville is the worst' post. Instead, it's just a 'Am I alone in feeling this way?' post.
I moved to Asheville right at seven years ago for a job that paid too little and expected too much from me. At first, I really didn't vibe with the area and was desperate to go anywhere else, but after awhile, it really grew on me and became this place that I rooted for in every definition of the word. I became that person who would try to recruit family and friends to move here, just because of how much I believed in it and felt like it had a lot to offer the region and state, especially for those who are unsure of themselves and don't have a place to call home. I've lived in NC my entire life and have lived in most areas across the state, both rural and urban, but I felt deeply connected to Asheville.
Then something changed along the way. I became almost resentful of the city and have been looking for ways to get out sooner rather than later. I'm not really sure where it stems from or what happened in my mind for it to shift from rooting for the home team to not even wanting to watch the game anymore, but it has felt pretty drastic.
I sometimes question if my hope for this region has been dashed by poor representation and even poorer decisions, like approving six-story cookie cutter apartment complexes for every vacant lot and local reps nearly always putting tourists over locals. Then I look around and feel sad that there are so many problems that aren't being fully addressed, like the growing population of unhoused people that have had their belongings destroyed or the cost of living growing so exponentially without any sort of recourse from local officials.
So, to get to my question: does anybody else feel this way? Or, has anybody felt this way and either left or stayed? I'm not here to bash or tear down this beautiful pocket of the state, but I've never felt this way in my life and it's throwing me for a loop that I desperately want to get out of. Appreciate it, y'all.
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2023.05.28 01:00 The_Patriot Starjump Politics

Starjump Politics
It’s a simple thing really. Or at least it used to be. Or at least, he thinks it used to be. Was there not a time - oh so far back along the arc - when the captain of a ship simply issued commands, and the crew simply obeyed? Or is that a legend passed down from one captain to the next, father to son, generation after generation?
Capt. Omen had certainly issued the command. Starjump. He’d had the navigators work the arcane magic that was their source of cred, both physically and emotionally, and the numbers had been delivered over the ether to the little screen at his wrist. This place to that. Here to there. From Y to Z. Math. Cash on Delivery.
The creds had flowed into the Navigators account, the product had been created, received by Command Executive (no less the captain himself), and the order had gone down to Engineering. Down, down, down. So far down, no one in Command or Engineering had any idea how far away (in relative spatial terms) the Engineer was at any given moment. But down, for certain.
Down and splat. The Great Master Engineer Belaster had balked.
Rather than simply obeying. It’s a simple thing really. Or at least it used to be.
Capt. Omen knew there would be an Increase. There was always an Increase.
What was his father's favorite old saying, passed from His Father Before Him and so on back to The Time When Someone Knew What The Hell He Was Doing? Ah, he remembered.
“Fuck Engineering.”
Belaster passed through the unbelievable door. Junior Engineers buzzed about the area, doing nothing, but looking busy - so long as he was within earshot. When the tons of dense metal swung back behind him with a harsh cha-whump, he knew they would be back to the standard activities of drinking and gambling. Not a problem.
Starjump - now that’s a problem.
The great ship only made two jumps a year. That was the routine since long before he’d arisen to the post of Great Master. What was the Commander up to? Leave the loop? What business could be scraped up in that endeavor?
The Master Engineer strode silently through the gantried, claustrophobic mass of the Outer Engine. As he turned over the Captain's orders in his mind, he passed the old and mammoth machines that marked the mantle of his world. It took the same amount of time it would have taken to drink a flagon of decent wine for him to make it to the entrance to the Inner Engine. And by the time he pulled the key from his jerkin, he was beginning to form some ideas of his own about the opportunities that might be waiting in the proposed “endeavor”.
Two of the most trusted acolytes - Apprentice Engineers by their proper title - stood guarding the door to the Inner Engine Room. Until Belaster died, this foyer was as close to the heart of the great ship as they - or any other living thing - would come to the True Engine. As he slipped the key, along with his great fist, into the gaping maw of the Security Fissure, the two junior men obediently turned their backs and knelt into compliant unknowing.
The designation “room” was a misnomer. The space was a vast and oppressive orb, full of tubes, wires, lights, switches, monitors, and every other sort of mechanical contrivance the Builders of Yon could imagine. Machines upon machines in a dizzying layered continent of motorized confusion.
And not one piece of it had worked in living memory. Perhaps ten living memories.
Engineer Belaster worked his way quietly and humbly along a causeway on his right. In about half the time it had taken him to make it from the Outer Engine to the Inner, he came upon a square panel half his size and width. He stopped aside this nondescript feature in the wall. He looked left. He turned slowly, and peered back the way he had come. He turned back with his body facing the way he had originally paced the walk. Formality. Custom.
There was no lock. He simply placed his right hand on the wall, and leaned, ever so slightly. The panel pivoted on an unseen hinge, and with a slight crouch, and one great sidestep, Belaster entered the real engine of the ship. The Sepulchre of the Great Innovation.
Altering the regimen the GI was accustomed to...had this been done in his father’s time? His father’s father? Had it ever been done? Had the GI ever varied from the formula he knew? What consequences might arise from making the changes necessary to achieve the Captain’s little side trip?
Capt. Omen had no idea the Great Innovation existed. Like every other soul upon the ship, he had no reason NOT to believe that the great engines were anything other than what their names proclaimed them to be. Capt. Omen had no idea that the cyclic journey of his craft was anything more than navigator math and brute engineering muscle.
Capt. Omen had other concerns, motives and compelling factors. Belaster had his own set of same, a compliment to his high station, political power, and terrible secret knowledge. And now, this side trip. Completely unprecedented. Unnecessary. Inconvenient. Maybe...profitable.
He had a headache. As he moved, slowly and respectfully to the Sepulchre of the Great Innovation, he heard his father’s ghostly voice speaking somewhere in the back of his mind, a raspy whisper on troubled winds, anointed and annoyed:
“Fuck the Command Executive.”
The GI was a man. He was, in fact, the same genus and species as Belaster, or Omen, or any of the other humans on the ship. He was the oldest of his species by a profoundly long shot. The GI was over fifty thousand years old, if you went by base-metric. And still, he was 27. He’d been 27 for an extremely long time.
The GI was a real “G.I.” He had been an infantryman on the Homeworld, so many ages past. He’d fought in a land war in a place called “Babylon” around the end of the second millennium, early antiquity.
An injury, caused (believe it or not) by the shrapnel created by a combustion weapon buried in the primordial sand, had severed just enough of the GI’s nerve column to render him the perfect candidate for a singularly diabolical experiment of the type so popular with the barbarians of the age.
He had the right number of family members: 0. He had the right number of very close friends: 0.
He was well within the span of ideal years. He was, before the injury, a picture of the ideal “healthy young man”. No one would miss him if his body evaporated from the healing center, no computer would resist the removal of his identifying numbers from their primitive record keeping systems.
Said diabolical experiment was on the nature of semi autonomous interface and control processing. The scientists of his age were making early, brave, crude attempts at man/machine interface. Could the GI process data in his semi-responsive cranium? Could he be augmented to the point where he could move simple input/output switches with that brain? And lastly, but oh-so-most importantly, could he be kept in a physio-chemical stasis field efficient enough to keep him “alive” long enough to be useful?
The primeval researchers considered their experiment a semi-success. Yes, the stasis pod they had been working on for so many years functioned optimally. They considered their efforts in man machine interface development to be inconclusive. They were horribly, terribly wrong on that point. They simply didn’t have the technology to know it yet.
As the years passed, and other technology developed astride, the GI was demoted (with pathetic regularity) from “less interesting” to “obsolete” to “inconvenient”. When an enterprising pirate removed the GI’s pod from a long-dormant storage facility, no one noticed, and no one cared.
Belaster never bothered to wonder how the GI had gone from “man” to “computer” to “engine.” He never wondered if the GI had come to this ship as he was now, or if the great work had been done aboard. The Unrevealed Manual made no mention of these details. If anyone was curious about these facts, they had ceased to be curious about them many ages ago.
The Great Innovation was capable. That's all the Engineer needed to know. Information from the Navigators went in, and with the flick of a switch, the ship simply “popped” from one point in space to another. So it was, so it is, so it would be, forever and ever, amen.
Access to the GI made the Chief Engineer a tin-pot dictator. The GI made the Command Executive a Puppet Royal. The GI made the Navigator corps a misguided and ignorant priesthood. The GI made commerce possible. The GI made the ship a marauding metal miracle.
Only Belaster knew it. On this good ship, the GI was God.
Belaster took the preliminary data from Navigation and processed it into the proper interface.
Impudently out of sequence, and with a bit of trepidation, the worship ceremony had begun.
Will is among the stars. From every point, to every point, William’s consciousness existed under every rock, in every cloud, in the gulf between the stars, in the sliver of nothing between any two atoms you might like to choose.
Will had always been everywhere. He was in his center, wrapped in warm jelly. He was at an edge that never reached an end, far from the coldest glint of far-off starlight. He was his thoughts, he was his sense, he was all and nothing. Any memory of a hand, or a touch, or a breath, or a taste - or any such isolated singular foolishness - was gone. So long gone.
He did not know why the desire to focus came. At intervals, Will would desire to focus his conscience on one point. It lasted a second. He did not know what a “second” was, but that definition was fairly accurate.
In those moments, Will pulled back from the reaches of infinity, and for no reason at all, he would turn his being upon a certain point in space, very near a large floating orb, covered with light, and life. He would behold and embrace that point. Then his existence would fling back out to everywhere at once.
In that moment, the starship would move - in a blink - the distance between one planet and the other. Light years. A feat that would tax - almost to breaking - the resources of every other known starship in the universe.
By this gift of His will, the GI made of the starship’s ancient engines a great bounty of scrap metal bullion. By His grace and generosity, the Chief Engineer was made the Supreme Ruler in the true power structure of the ship.
Will did not know these things, he knew everything. Will did not care, he was care.
And being that, he was not capable of being surprised when a desire began to well in his contemplation. He was able to recognize that the craving was...oh, what was that word...he hadn’t thought of it (or the concept) in millennia...
New. That was it. This yearning was “new”.
How pleasant!
He didn’t think of it in exactly those terms, but it is a fair way to describe the aggregate of the wisps and winds of Will’s ancient thought process as it worked over the first hints of the coming fascination.
In the little Hidden Chamber aboard the starship, Chief Engineer Belaster adjusted long untouched controls, monitored geriatric output screens that had not shared light once in an epoch.
Inside the stasis pod, unseen and unmonitored, for the first time in an all but endless season, Will Gibson sprouted an erection.
Captain Omen wondered why it was that after so much time on this ship, so many generations of Command Executives, it had come to him to suffer the slings and arrows of the current predicament. The men were set on going “off course”. And that course was set.
For better or worse, it would be he who commanded the vessel off her eternal merry-go-round, and out into far off spaces. For richer or for poorer. For sickness, more likely than health.
He moved the additional credits into the Engineering account, along with a highlighted copy of his original orders.
Again, he thought...”Fuck Engineering.”
The Master Engineer noted the ping on his network, and counted the increase. Nice work, when you can get it.
He ministered over the real controls of the starship - a little pad of characters and numbers attached to the pod that housed the G.I. Unless all his holy studies were shit, the information he entered would break the great ship from its long endless circle and off to the programmed destination.
And if it didn’t work? The old engineer didn’t think he had to worry too much about that eventuality. If his commands were in error, or the interface in a state of disrepair, they’d most likely all be dead in an instant.
Why had it come to him, this aberrance, after all the years of peace and profit that had been blessed upon his ancestors?
Blameless, he was. Not his idea at all. Orders come from the Command Executive, not Engineering.
As he pressed the “ENGAGE” key, he muttered again the ancient curse:
“Fuck the Command Executive”.
The GI tensed. Actually tensed in the surrounding medium, which jiggled slightly for the first time in forever.
Input crossed terminal space, information flowed, and Will Gibson’s essence changed focus from the XYZ vector of his current “center” across an etheric neuron into a different set of vectors.
The Captain blinked as the starfield changed. In an instant. He’d seen this before, but this time, everything in his vision was new. Starjump successful.
As it should be. A simple thing, really.
The Master Engineer blinked as the panel output display changed from “pending” to “complete”.
Starjump successful. As it should be. A simple thing, really.
Outside, in less time than could be imagined in the mind of a man, the great starship had jumped an unfathomable distance through space, broken the laws of time and light, and simply “appeared” in the dimensional spot the GI had focused on.
A simple thing, really. But this time - so new!
So wonderful.
Inside his mortal chamber, for the first time in a very very long time, a pathetic driblet of come spurted its way out of the GI’s cock.
Inside his mind, the GI released a long, slow, mental “ahhhhhhh”, followed shortly by three human words:
“Fuck the Universe.”
Durham, NC
April, 2012
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2023.05.27 12:43 greenwaveclean Cleaning services Mooresville Nc

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2023.05.27 07:41 PhysicalAd6088 LOOP city yeah

Someone made a post that this could be a tunnel with an endless loop. That seems to be the case so far. Sunny already detected the variation in the walls he cracked. From what we know so far about manipulative NC is they take things slow like how the terror kidnap people in a increasing size back in LO49. If we follow this train of thought. The tunnel could get physically smaller as time goes by, this will make them clusterphobic. The source of darkness could also cut their oxygen in doing so. Constant darkness could also cause peduncular hallucinosis, basically haluccinations when expose to dark environments for too long.the only clue that we have is theres no tunnel in the world that stretch that far, therefore this titan is manipulating physical space. Anyways this tunnel is similar to chainsaw man where they got stuck in a hotel or something.
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2023.05.26 14:20 Massive-Put7715 Reached out with condolences and it came back to bite me

I had no issue going NC after I broke up with my ex end of 2020. At that point, we were fighting so much and so sick of each other we needed a break and it was a relief to not talk. We were both able to acknowledge that though so we were actually chill at the end of the breakup and just agreed to go our separate ways. We were long distance so there was no fear of running into each other either. Before me, he was engaged to a woman who was later diagnosed with breast cancer. Though they were no longer together, they were still close friends and she was a wonderful person. While we were together he would keep me in the loop on her treatments and health. I found out from a mutual friend she passed away due to the cancer two years after we broke up and I reached out with condolences for his and his friends’ and families loss. She was truly an angel of a human and shouldn’t have had to pass in pain so young.
Well, I got a “thanks” and then found out he thinks that was my attempt at permanently reconnecting and was talking all this shit about hoping I’m not trying to come back because he can’t do long distance again. Firstly, I would hope he knew me better than to think I would use someone’s death as an opening to a conversation if I was attempting to get back together. That is gross. Second, I have 0 romantic feelings left so that narrative was just frustrating to hear. I truly thought we ended things by both acknowledging we could never be together but could be chill after time apart. Lesson learned that just because you’ve healed and feel no romantic desire or even animosity, your ex may not feel the same way and reaching out as a friend can still come back to bite you so just don’t unless you happen to know for sure you’re on the same page 🤦🏻‍♀️
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2023.05.26 02:02 Haunting_Ad_9698 She hurt my feelings--even from NC / new pets

Hi everybody,
I saw my sibling today, who I am really trying to keep up a relationship with even tho they don't get exactly why I'm NC with our parents. They also live with our parents, so anytime I see them I definitely end up hearing about our parents, even tho they are respecting my NC. Anyway, today they told me that our parents have just adopted a new pet--a pet that I am extremely allergic to. My pwBPD always said she wouldn't get one of these because then I'd never be able to come home. Well, I guess she's accepting that I'm serious about the NC now? So that's good, right? Then why did it hurt my feelings so much? I know her, and I know she did it knowing I'd find out and knowing exactly what she meant by it, and that just hurts. But it also makes me miss the good times with her, which is strange. It's like her sending me a hurtful message is making me miss her, which I guess is exactly what she wanted. Even from 6+ months of NC away, I'm still falling into the old pattern of wanting to make her happy after she hurts me. Am I going to ever stop feeling this way?? Prior to this I was feeling really grounded in my NC, and then this stupid pet thing completely threw me for a loop.
Any encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, friends.
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2023.05.26 01:37 onimush115 Carnival Magic 5 day Cruise from Norfolk, VA Impressions

My wife an I have been on 5 cruises int he past, all pre pandemic, and all with Norwegian. We recently moved to NC and live within a 2 hour drive to the Norfolk VA port. When I saw Carnival does cruises from that port, I booked one figuring we would give them a shot since being close to home it's just so much more convenient than flying to Florida. I had high hopes for it being a good cruise, hoping it could turn into our new home port. We booked a 5 night itinerary on the Carnival Magic, with stops in Bimini and Freeport. I paid $2200 for a balcony room. For anyone interested here are my impressions:
We opted not to park in Norfolk. I had read reviews about cars getting broken into in the Carnival parking lot (it's supposedly since had improved security) and decided to get dropped off at the port. Once we arrived it was pretty apparent this was going to be a different experience than the big ports that run 7 days a week. It just seemed under staffed and disorganized. I was used to Miami and Tampa where everything just felt much more streamlined. Security seemed nearly non existent, none of the added things I had read about like dogs or more staff, just the standard metal detector.
The ship:
The difference is in the details. Lots of rust streaking on the outside of the ship, overall it just looked dingey. In our room there was dust on the ceiling vents, cabinets were chipped, some drawers had broken tracks. The bathroom door had a broken piston on the door so it would swing around (this did get fixed mid trip). The chairs on the balcony were bubbling and rusting. Lights took a long time to come on and some switches just didn't do anything.Though the ship was built in 2011 it looked like it was themed in the mid 90's. Gold and chrome everywhere, mirrors and the ugliest green dome lights lined the atrium. Whoever picked those out loved them because they put them absolutely everywhere. It was comically ugly.On the decks the chairs were in varying condition, some were new, but some were worn and and in need of replacement. One thing I did appreciate though was just the overall amount of seating. All throughout the interior of the ship and around the outside decks there was never any shortage of places to sit and relax.
This needed it's own category just because of how bad it was. I don't know if Carnival just has a nonexistent budget for licensing, but the music playing around the ship was bizarre for a Caribbean vacation. They mostly played 70's/80's rock music/pop. I was expecting more stuff that would just sort of set the theme of the vacation, like maybe island music in the lido buffet instead of Quiet Riot lol.The tv in the room had like 8 channels, 2 of which were movie channels. Most of the movies being played were not recent and many I had never heard of. They played some new movies on the screen by the pool, but even those they repeated. Other than that they had HGTV, Discovery and Food network, and a music video channel playing 80's music videos. It seemed to be the same 10 videos on loop.
The food:
The buffet food ranged from okay to gross. Usually we stuck with the salad bar because it's hard to mess that up. They had a "Deli" with "hand carved" sandwiches. I tried the Ruben only to find out it was a pre-made sandwich taken out of a drawer and put into a convection oven. It came out as a soggy melted mess with no thousand island dressing or sour kraut and ended up going uneaten. The Guy's Burger Bar and Guy's Pig and Anchor didn't really look like anything great. The burgers just looked like a backyard bbq burger. The free pizza option on board was surprisingly good and we had that a couple of times for lunch. Eating in the MDR was okay, the food was fine, but nothing great. The real disappointment was that the menu hardly changed, it seemed to only mix up one or two entrees.
We ate at both paid dining options. The Prime Steakhouse ($42 pp) and Cucina Del Capitano ($18 pp). Both of those were actually really good. I understand why people may not like the up charge options, but I enjoy them as an option to get a better meal. I actually wished they had more than the two options on board.
Disembarking at the islands:
This was a real mess. I was used to how Norwegian would handle this with assigned groups depending on what excursions you had booked. It would control the flow of people trying to leave the ship. Carnival pretty much just pulled up, opened the door and said "have fun" which resulted in standing in lines in hot stairwells for over an hour. We even waited quite a while before attempting to leave in Bimini since we had no excursions planned and still got caught in it. People were getting hot and grumpy and staff just seemed confused.
The Passengers:
Now I've heard Carnival get called "The Walmart of the seas" and I now know why. People were just rude and not well behaved overall. You could be waiting for an elevator and as soon as one opens someone will run right in front of you to get on. People would leave trash/drinks everywhere, like in elevators. I witnessed multiple couples fighting in public areas, you could hear people fighting in their cabins. No general respect for other passengers, adults running up hallways yelling at night/early morning (kids I could understand), slamming cabin/balcony doors constantly. I saw multiple people banging on doors to venues that were closed. People had their shoes off with bare feet up on furniture in the indoor seating areas. Guys with no shirts in dining areas, and all I could think about was the amount of body hair that may be dropping off them lol. People were being rude to staff and just giving them an attitude all the time.It just seemed like people didn't know how to behave in a public setting. I saw one guy wearing as shirt that said something about making women cum, another person had one on advertising a bail bonds company, it represented my local Walmart pretty accurately.
The staff:
The staff was excellent. Everyone was so nice and gracious. Never had an issue once with a staff member all week. The cruise director was fun and entertaining. They did seem a bit short staffed if anything, which sucks for the staff that is there. Cost cutting by the company will get taken out on them, but I think that is a trend industry wide at the moment unfortunately.
Overall the vacation was not a complete bust. If anything some of the downfalls made it kind of funny, so we just laughed about it. Like I said we enjoyed our specialty meals, so that worked out. The lobby entertainment like the violinist and solo guitar player were really good, so we enjoyed evenings in that area just getting drinks and listening to the music. It was worth it to experience another cruise line, but we won't be going back. There are too many other options to waste another trip on Carnival. We have a 5 day trip booked on the Disney Dream in January. We will see how that goes, otherwise it will be back to Norwegian since we've yet to have a bad experience there. I may get called snobby, but I think I wouldn't go on Carnival for the same reasons I wouldn't stay in an Econolodge or Super 8.
TLDR: Tried Carnival for the first time since it has a port close to home. It really is like the Walmart of the seas and you get what you pay for I guess. It was our first and last time sailing with Carnival.
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2023.05.25 20:06 LasyTaco A bunch of Pokemon feats/statements to use for their matchups (Creation trio edition)

A bunch of Pokemon feats/statements to use for their matchups (Creation trio edition)
This is most likely the last post I will make on Pokemon's feats and scaling. As the name implies, this one is gonna be focused on the creation trio's feats/statement (which I would assume isn't a very controversial topic), then on who scales to them (which on the other hand is a very controversial topic).
I/The creation trio itself
Let's start with Dialga. As the "Temporal Pokemon", he of course has a lot of abilities related to the flow of time. He can stop it, slow/accelerate it, loop it, turn it back like a priest, prevent other's time travel/time abilities from being used, control its flow in general
Now for Palkia. He has total control over the boundaries of space, which lets him do dimensional traveling and bfr, he can erase things (nice Darkrai feat btw), created the multiverse.
Now, for the both of them (since a lot of their best showings is when they throw hands on each other). They can destroy entire dimensions by clashing (seriously tho, Darkrai is kino), cause things around them to be erased, create a new world as well, of course, which they do by nuking the current one
Now for Giratina. He's omnipresent in the Distortion World since he IS the Distortion World. The Distortion World is essentially the other side and antithesis of the main one, [and Giratina keeps the both of them balanced]. He can also destroy the main world by opening a portal, can attack things from one dimension to another
They also all have a true form significantly superior to their usual avatar ones ("Radiant light caused Dialga to take on a form bearing a striking resemblance to the creator Pokémon. Dialga now wields such colossal strength that one must conclude this is its true form"). So yeah, pretty op fellas.
II/Scaling shenanegans
Now for the funny part, let's make a list of people that have been shown to be on par or superior to the creation trio directly:
-The gen 4 protagonist (yes, this includes "regular" team of "regular" pokemons, they had to fight these guys with something)
-The Legend: Arceus
-Cyrus in Ultra Sun/Moon (he has either Dialga or Palkia in his team)
-The gen 7 protagonist (they beat Cyrus, he's not even a final boss or anything)
-The Explorers of Sky protagonists +Grovyle+Dusknoir+Celebi (the formers beat Dialga, Palkia and Darkrai all bloodlusted, the laters beat Primal Dialga)
-Dark Matter poor Arceus
-Regigigas (he's not the only one in the manga to fight these guys, but the rest of the time they get jumped by half the cast while already fighting each other, and they don't even lose or take any relevant damage. Regigigas tho? Definitely matching them)
-Hoopa (he can summon them in ORAS)
-The absolute menace that is Mysterial
Seriously, this man has several teams with either Dialga or Palkia. And Mewtwo. And Groudon. And Kyogre. And Cresselia. And the Lake trio. And people call Red the strongest trainer? Lmao
-The lake trio (it's probably downscaling, but the Red Chain ment to summon and submit Dialga and Palkia was made with their power, and also have avatars and true forms)
That was the full legit, non-debatable scaling. Now for the really funny part, there's figuring out which scaling chains are made possible with this. To avoid really obvious scaling problems, I will only use lvl scaling with the postgame lvl of the creation trio (so 70 in every game exept USUM, which would be 67). Now for the scaling (take the following arguments with a pinch of salt):
-Due to Ultra Sun/Moon, the gen 5 (Reshiram/Zekrom) legendaries would be equal to the creation trio, as Ghethis is just as strong if not stronger of a boss than Cyrus, and is fought later. Same argument for the gen 6 (Yveltal/Xerneas) ones, and finally Mewtwo, the strongest of the whole, used as an ace by the boss of Rainbow Rocket, would upscale. This is actually kinda consistent with the Hoopa movie, which shows the gen 3 and 5 legendaries as pretty comparable to the creation trio.
-Cynthia and a bunch of gen 4 trainers would scale (she caught Giratina in Masters, so why not?)
-Red/Blue and a bunch of gen 7 trainers would scale (these games had the protag fight Ultra Necrozma before the trial that's before the last trial, so why not?)
Actually, that's it. You could make up longer scaling chains to make Pokemon look like Marvel scaling, but I'm not doing that here
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2023.05.25 00:37 Mom4ever2000 Any of Dr Buttar’s patients here?

I was sad to hear of his passing. I was his patient at his facility in Mooresville, NC. I had IV chelation there.
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2023.05.24 21:31 Dimmadarn I don't know how to move out

I'm taking a gap year in between my sophomore and junior year in college. The entire situation: My first year in college, I was told by my step-dad that his military benefits would pay for all of my school, so I can go wherever I want, as long as it's in state, even if it's private. So I went to a private university in NC and I ended up not really enjoying it all that much after my first year. I decided I wasn't going to return, and then I got the news. My step-dad was wrong about the military benefits paying for school and KNEW about this. He's been sitting on that info since before I even applied to that school. Every time I asked him about paying for school, he would always change the subject, talking about how it'll be taken care of and he just wants me to focus on school, don't worry about money. Turns out, I should've been.
So here I am, about 38k in debt after one year of school, I went to community college and payed for my entire sophomore year in one payment. I moved back home to save money, and eventually I got a tuition reimbursement for my year at community college. I was actually going to put that towards my savings so I could move out within the year. However, suddenly, my step dad told me that we were about to lose the house and he needs all the money he can get or we would get evicted the following morning. He said he hid the notice because he didn't want to worry my mom. So I put almost all of my money towards keeping the house. He told me that he'd pay me back, but when I asked him about it later, he accused me of being ungrateful to all he provides, especially since I don't have to pay rent.
I finished my year at community college and now I can't even get my associates because the private university is with holding the transcripts until the debt is paid back. The real kicker is that I can't use student loans since we waited over a year to file for them. Only 26k is covered by the loans, and the rest is a sitting debt. I asked my biological dad to help get the loan out, but no one else in my life has good enough credit to get the sitting debt paid off. But ever since I asked my biological dad for loan help, my step dad has been actively treating me worse. It's very obvious that if my mom didn't still live with us, he would've thrown me out by now. Everytime she leaves, he gets all in my face and tries to fight me. About a week ago, he threatened to throw me out of the house because I said "Huntersville isn't that much of a smaller city than Mooresville". He disagreed, got super mad and started pushing me and throwing my stuff out. And no, that isn't an exaggeration, that was the actual conversation and tipping point.
I'm taking a gap year to make some money back because I don't really have enough to start another year of school and I have all the credits I need for my associates, but I can't get it yet because of the private school debt. I want to move out, but I don't really know how to go about this process now, especially since I'm taking a year off.
I've been offered full time at my job and because it's a chain, there are pretty much locations in ever town in NC. But I don't know if I should just stick it out and live at home until the remaining non-student loan debt is paid back or if I should move somewhere cheap and continue school whenever I am able to. I recognize that living at home is cheaper, but I am about to turn 21 and I am unhappy at home. But if it's for the best, that's what I'd do.
Any advice on how I should move forward would be amazing. If it helps, I plan on attending UNC Asheville for it's music program. I can provide more details if needed, but I'm actually typing this on my break at work.
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2023.05.24 14:03 SavvyBlonk I made an infographic showing the planned rail developments in central Melbourne over the coming decades

I made an infographic showing the planned rail developments in central Melbourne over the coming decades submitted by SavvyBlonk to TransitDiagrams [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 13:43 SavvyBlonk I made an infographic showing planned rail developments thru the CBD

I made an infographic showing planned rail developments thru the CBD submitted by SavvyBlonk to melbourne [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 13:09 SavvyBlonk Version 1.1 of my CBD train projects infographic

Version 1.1 of my CBD train projects infographic submitted by SavvyBlonk to MelbourneTrains [link] [comments]

2023.05.24 02:14 UltimateNinja3x It's officially completely dead in my area.

It's officially completely dead in my area.
I'm just not getting any orders anymore. Thankfully I'm only a couple weeks away from getting my Real Estate broker license but these last couple weeks would have been nice to get some extra cash. I'm really hoping that it'll pick up once summer starts next week but still this sucks. A lot of my friends and family who doordash aren't able to provide income now including my father which is scary. This was in prime dinner time for my area too.
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2023.05.23 17:01 WarDishy [PREDICTION REVIEW] Devin Haney vs Vasyl Lomachenko

If I had also shamed the people who said Devin would win by boring jab and grab we'd be here all week.
There were hundreds of you, so if I missed anyone, comment below!

People Who Actually Picked Haney To Win by Stoppage

People Screaming At Their Screens During Round 11

Others Who Picked Lomachenko to Win

Some more colourful predictions

(Some of) The Winning Predictions

Bronze Medals
Silver Medal
Gold Medal
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2023.05.22 20:12 Artistic_Play_9447 My younger brother is spiralling out of control

I'd like to say a little bit about me and my family before I jump into the topic. We're a family of 8 and we live in Charlotte, NC and we grew up in a Christian home but my parents were never strict or too religious. I have 4 older siblings who are all married off with their kids and live separately however most of us are tight-knit so we're at each other houses very often and always kept in the loop but anyways so now it's just me, my younger brother and my parents.
A couple years my parents had some issues between themselves and it kind of impacted on us children and now they're civil but live in separate rooms. I'd say my younger brother (9th grader) was the most impacted as he grew up with these issues and he has been in a lot of trouble growing up especially at school where he's always making a fuss and my parents get phone calls almost every other day and in general we've caught him with e-cigs/vapes whatever you call it and both my parents in all the yelling they do, still seem to have a soft spot and let him off with it.
Anyways, he brought home a new phone and I didn't pay any attention as I assumed my parents must've bought it him or he traded his old phone for a new but then I did see that he still had his old phone however my parents don't give him that big of an allowance and he always spends it right away so I was confused on where he got it from. Anyways again I didn't bother as we kind of have a rocky relationship and I didn't want to start something for no reason however he left it charging on my gaming chair and I was curious to see if it was his new phone or someone else and curiosity did get the best of me as the phone didn't have a passcode however there was over 12k photos and my heart literally sank when I saw photos of him vaping, doing drugs, balloons and all sorts and even to the extent of girls from his class sending him nude images of themselves and I immediately switched it off and left it in the exact position I found it in.
And now I'm very conflicted on what to do and whether I should tell my parents or my siblings or just keep it to myself but now I know why he constantly spends most of his days out and comes home when he pleases and in the past when we've confronted him, it gets heated straight away and I just really don't know what to do or who to tell as things are rocky with him and the rest of the family and part of it is him being in his teenage phase and the surroundings he's grown up in but this is getting out of hand now especially with him being a minor and I'm just really really really anxious and have no clue what to do as the last thing I want is another argument/fall-out.

Please please please give me advice on what to do.
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2023.05.22 03:40 clumsy-Tangerine9552 I am 29 years old, make $66,000, live in Boston, work in the nonprofit sector, and I just graduated!

Section One: Assets and Debt
Retirement Balance (and how you got there): $24,838.85 - $18,967.09 in a Roth IRA and $5,871.76 in a 403b.
My mom had me open a (custodial then I think?) Roth IRA back in 2010 when I got my first job in high school, and I think I had a few hundred dollars in there before college, then I forgot it existed until I was 24 and had my first big girl job in 2018 🙃 From late 2018 through 2020, I was putting in varying amounts every paycheck then 2021 I was able to max it out for the first time and have maxed it out since.
Not a homeowner, although I’ve been researching first time homebuyer programs, so no equity.
Savings account balance: $10,769.38
This is split between 3 HYSAs and my local credit union, amounts are ear-marked for various purposes including EF/general savings ($4,135.62), travel ($939.19 - we just booked plane and hotel reservations for a summer wedding in NC), and “student loan payment” (5,192.58).
Checking account balance: $145.36
I keep this low on purpose as to not miss out on interest earned in my HYSAs, I don’t have a bill paid out of this account for 10 days and I have an auto transfer set up before that.
Credit card debt: $5,628.25
On an interest free balance transfer until December 2024, I’ve calculated the monthly payment needed to have it paid off before interest is charged. Accumulated from inflation, being a graduate student, and just overall being dumb and not thinking I needed a budget. I’ve always paid myself first for savings accounts and student loans, then gave myself freedom to spend the rest, but never actually tracked the rest so I got out of hand.
Student loan debt: $36,425
I had paid off my undergraduate loans in full (~$32,000, maybe closer to $35,000 with interest paid) from late 2016-2019 while living with my parents (no rent) and at times balancing 3 jobs. I haven’t decided if I’m going to pay off my student loans as aggressively this time, interest rates range between 4.3% and 6.5%, or make weekly payments as to lower interest paid and pay over 10 years and allocate money to another priority.
Series I Savings Bond balance: $8,473.60
I purchased $8k June 2022 so it’s still untouchable for now, and will likely keep the money in the bond until I need it for a large purchase, like a condo or wedding.
I live with my boyfriend, but we don’t combine finances and don’t think we ever will even if we get married in a few years. We have a joint checking account just for paying rent and saving for a trip together, no other combined accounts. He works in IT and makes more than me, we are on the same page about goals and finances in general but I don’t know the specifics about his salary, he makes probably about 1.5x more not including bonuses and payouts that aren’t guaranteed but closer to 2x including those. He pays $100 extra in rent to decrease my contribution by $100, and lets me use his car no questions asked or expecting any payment from me, even though I’ve asked multiple times. I still try to help out by physically doing most of the grocery shopping for us (using his car), paying for gas every few months (we rarely use more than a full tank per month), and bringing his car to the shop for inspections or issues.
Section Two: Income
Income Progression: I've been working in the nonprofit sector for 5 years, in 2018 my starting salary was $17 per hour and I was bringing home $500 a week with zero benefits in a contract position. Prior to this and moving to Boston, I was working in a public school making $13 an hour for 32 hours a week and working side jobs at night and on the weekends.
In 2019 I landed my first job with benefits working as an Assistant. This salary was $42,000, after I negotiated up from their offer of $40,000.
In 2021, I moved organizations and moved up two levels in job titles. I started at $62,000 after negotiating from $60,000, and have received three 2-2.5% increases since starting. January 2021, I started my masters degree and worked full time while a full time grad student (this counts as two 4-credit classes per semester).
I’m currently applying and interviewing to get a new job and move up again, with 5 years experience and a Masters degree hopefully I can get closer to $80,000.
Main Job Monthly Take Home: $3,585.52 per month, in 4 paychecks.
Non-tax deductions taken out pretax:
$100/month health insurance
$29.96/month dental insurance
$5.16/month vision insurance
$26.92/month FSA
$10.32/month MA PFML
$45/month MBTA, my employer pays the other half
$99.08/month (post-tax) into a Roth 403b, this is 2% to meet the 2% match my employer offers. I recently decreased this from 5% to build up a bit more liquidity in savings while considering purchasing a condo, but my next job I’m aiming to set up contributions in a traditional account closer to 10% and leave them there.
Side Gig Monthly Take Home
I dog-sit twice a week while the dog’s parent’s are in the office and I work from their apartment - after taking out taxes I keep about $200 a month. I try to send this directly to my travel HYSA to help this build up faster, traveling is definitely part of my “rich life” and my boyfriend and I are also saving to take our first big trip together.
I’ve recently listed some clothes on Poshmark, I’ve sold one item so far (and my second during this week!)
Any Other Monthly Income Here
My parents don’t contribute in terms of giving me money each month, but they keep me on their subscriptions which is very helpful (Spotify family plan, Hulu, Netflix), I share my subscriptions with them (Paramount+, Peacock *free with Xfinity*, NY Times). They did just give me a super generous cash gift ($1,000) for graduation, and I’m so grateful to them for all of their support.
Section Three: Expenses
Rent: $1,200 and my boyfriend pays $1,400
Renters insurance: $87 per year, split with my boyfriend. This is all set until the Fall when we will pay annually again for another year of coverage.
Retirement contribution: $1625/quarterly to max my Roth IRA, so this comes out at $541.67 per month. This money sits in my general savings/EF HYSA until it auto transfers once a quarter, next is July 1.
Savings contribution: $2,300 to my general savings/EF. Rent comes out of this account and my Roth IRA contribution above, meaning $560 per month actually stays in savings. $400 per month to my student loan HYSA, I’ve been saving a monthly payment in this account since January 2021 and paid about $12k in cash towards my degree to lower loans taken out. $200 per month in travel savings to my HYSA, then transfer $50-$100 per month to the joint travel savings with my partner.
Investment contribution: $0, I just stopped contributing $100 per month to a brokerage in order to have a bit more liquidity for a bit, I plan to contribute more to 403b/401k before starting these non-tax advantaged contributions again.
Debt payments: $400 to the balance transfer card above. To pay it off in 18 months before December 2024, the monthly payment is $312.68 so I am paying extra.
Donations: No set monthly amount, but I donate when I feel like it. Sometimes it’s $100 to a friend’s Boston Marathon fundraising or it’s sending pet food donations off of an amazon wishlist to my hometown animal shelter.
Electric: my portion ranges between $70 and $105. April was $185, so $92.50 split between the two of us. Gas (inserted below) is so much cheaper.
Natural gas: my portion ranges between $6 and $18. We just got a bill this week for $16.93 so $8.46 split between the two of us.
Wifi/Cable/Landline: my portion is $23. Total cost is $95, my partner’s company reimburses him $50/month for WIFI then we split the remaining $45.
Cellphone: I reimburse my parents $22/month for service being on their family plan. This saves them money as well, having less than 4 lines they wouldn’t have the discount of being on the family plan, so my sibling and I stay on their plan. I pay for my own phones out of pocket every time I upgrade (last time in 2019), so no monthly payment.
Subscriptions: NY Times ($7.50 - signed up when I was an educator and they still charge me the discounted rate), Paramount+ ($3.74 for the student rate with commercials), Apple ($7.98 for AppleTv and cloud storage), Burst, although this is every other month ($8.50 for a toothbrush head subscription - this may be a little more expensive than standard, but they replace the brush itself if you keep an active subscription, so I got a new brush a few months ago when mine wouldn’t hold a charge more than 3 days).
Gym membership: None, although my access to the gym at my college will end soon after I’ve graduated, so this may be something I’ll budget in within the next few months.
Pet expenses: None, no pets.
Car payment / insurance: None, my boyfriend won’t take any of my money to put towards his car payments and his insurance didn’t go up after adding me to his plan that he shares with his family.
Regular therapy: None, although I’ve considered it after leaving a few toxic friendships in recent years.
Paid hobbies: None, my hobbies include hot girl walks, and doing puzzles while watching reality TV. Sometimes I play my boyfriend’s switch or two player PC games with him, or read before bed. Now that I have no homework, I probably should find a hobby.
Groceries: We try to keep it between $500-$600 split per month, so $250-$300 per person.
Eating out: I try to keep it around $150-$200, if we go out together and aren’t treating each other, we’ll include the total on the shared expenses, so this would only be my half.
Salon visits: I get my nails done every 4 weeks, so $55 per month for a manicure and tip.
9am: I just graduated with my Masters yesterday, so I hired a photographer to take some photos in my cap and gown! We met in a really pretty green area in the city and got some pictures with flowers and fountains! Because of the state of the MBTA 🙄🙄🙄, we had to Uber to meet the photographer downtown. Trains were not running due to track work, but the shuttle buses going into the city were just not showing up, even after waiting for 20 minutes. I HATE paying for Ubers when public transportation is available because I find it’s such a waste of money and doesn’t contribute to my “rich life”, but it was either call a ride or be late. Uber was $15.99 plus $3 tip, so $18.99. I had bought false lashes for the first time at Ulta a few weeks before, to wear at graduation and this shoot, but learned this morning when I opened them that they don’t come with glue, so we stopped at CVS near where we met the photographer to buy glue, this was $6.90. At the end of the photography session, which lasted 45min-1 hour, I Venmoed her $75. My boyfriend came with me to the shoot and the photographer let him jump in a few photos with me at the end! We then took the T home in a mix of trains and shuttle buses, no out of pocket cost as we both have monthly passes, accounted for in monthly pre-tax deductions.
12pm: I make a coffee and bagel at home since I didn’t have time to eat before leaving for the photoshoot this morning. I’m also trying to be better with my caffeine intake, not drinking coffee on an empty stomach or too soon after waking up. I spend a few hours writing the first two sections of my money diary (see above). I’m watching Vanderpump Rules while writing, I had never watched before the Scandoval drama , so I started season 1 back in March. I’m in the middle of season 7 now, I feel like I’ve hit the peak of Stassi’s and Jax’s character arcs.
4pm: My boyfriend and I need to meet our step goals for today, neither of us have Apple Watches so it’s not tracked in closing rings but just on our phones. We walk to the grocery store to grab items for dinner tonight and tomorrow as well as lunch for me this week at home and to pack to bring to work. Total spent was $65.63, this will be added to our excel where we track shared expenses so I’ve only included my half in today’s total, and I end the day over 9.6k steps.
7pm: Dinner time, we make smash burgers and fries tonight. We cook, eat, and clean up together. After dinner, I submit two applications for jobs I found on LinkedIn then just relax on the couch until bed time. Thankfully I don’t experience the Sunday Scaries anymore, I used to be miserable on Sunday evenings in my early/mid 20s because I spent the entire weekend drinking and going out with my friends, but balancing social time and relaxation in combination with drinking less has regulated my emotions.
10:30pm: Shower and skincare routine to be in bed by 11pm.
Total spent today: $138.70
7:45am: Wake up, chug some water. My boyfriend is going into the office today and I’m working from home so I say goodbye to him then leggings, lightweight hoodie, sunscreen, and sneakers for my first walk of the day, I finish the second half of a recent Radio Rental podcast episode then switch to I Will Teach You to Be Rich. I walk for half an hour then make breakfast once I’m home. I toss some apples into a pan on the stove and cook them down with spices and add oats and water, topped with some Icelandic plain yogurt.
9am: I sit down with my breakfast and log onto my work laptop to send some emails and clean up my inbox after the weekend while eating, then I have three meetings until noon. Two out of the three let out a little early, so I use the 10-15 minutes each to finalize action items from the meetings and pull a few database reports.
12pm: I scroll TikTok for 15 minutes before I realize I’m quickly losing time to make lunch and eat before my 1pm meeting. At the store yesterday, we bought some veggies and chicken breasts so I make a salad for lunch. I cut in half a large chicken breast, season and cook both halves on the stove top, take some cubed pieces of homemade bread out of the freezer to season and toss in the oven for some croutons, then mix butter lettuce, cucumber, baby tomatoes, and avocado in some Trader Joe’s romano caesar dressing, I debate between making a coffee or having a seltzer with lunch, I choose seltzer and I have time to eat about 2/3 of my salad before I have to hop onto the next meeting. During lunch, I get an email that one of my Poshmark items has sold, my earnings will be about $20 for a NWT pair of jeans.
3:45pm: My last meeting of the day ended at 2 and I spend time after getting some of my work to do list done. The post office is a 15 min walk away, so I pack up the jeans I just sold and throw the bathroom mats into the washer for them to wash while I go to the post office. When I get home I make a liquid IV with a snack of some wheat thins and cheese, and wait out the work day for 40 more minutes until 5 by answering a few random emails and slack messages. At 5 I put some rosemary oil on my scalp as I’ll wash it before I got to bed tonight.
6:30pm: My boyfriend is home from the office, so we talk about our days and catch each other up for a few minutes before starting to cook dinner together. We eat, he watches some VPR with me while we cuddle on the couch until he gets up to play video games on his PC with some friends around 8:30pm. I keep VPR on, and scroll LinkedIn - I find a few jobs to save but only apply to one tonight.
10pm: Shower and wash my hair, skincare, then in bed for 11.
Total spent today: $0!
7:30am: I’m in the office today, I’m required to be in the office three times per week during busy times, but my team’s biggest project right now is still close to two months out so our office time can go down to a minimum of once per week. I wake up, have some water, shower and pack two baked oatmeal cups from the freezer for breakfast and make a quick salad with the second half of the chicken from yesterday to have for lunch.
9:15am: I make it to my office! I have a few meetings today, some in person and some that are hybrid with both in-person and virtual attendees. I spend the morning in meetings and just catching up with coworkers, so I feel as though I’m not even at my desk until close to lunchtime.
12:30pm: Lunch with a coworker, we are on different teams but we have similar previous positions and enjoy catching up occasionally since we don’t collaborate much. After lunch, I have 3 more hours of meetings to get through, not a lot of actual work done today so my to-do list for the rest of the week is growing.
4:30pm: I leave the office and start walking to the T. Once at home I start prepping dinner for us, spicy vodka rigatoni tonight, it’s a beautiful day in the city and I want to eat quickly after my partner gets home from work so that we can go for a walk by the water! After we eat, we walk for close to an hour in the neighborhood next to ours and we meet so many dogs!
8pm: Back on the couch and I apply to two jobs tonight!
10:30pm: skincare and bed.
Total spent today: $0!
7:30am: I wake up, no morning walk today since I’m going to dog-sit and I know I’ll get my steps in getting to the dog’s apartment and walks with her. I quickly shower and do my morning skincare and SPF, get dressed, pack two baked oatmeal cups again, then walk to the T. I get to the dog’s place before any meetings start that day so I open my laptop to get my email to start loading and spend a few minutes giving pets, I’ll call her Spot so that I don’t keep referring to her as “the dog”. I warm up my breakfast and eat while answering emails.
11:30am: I’ve been in meetings and working since 9, so I get up and see if Spot wants to go outside and take a walk. We walk then I bring Spot inside and go back out to grab something to eat. I’m not that hungry today but I know I’ll feel hungry to the point of nausea if I try to wait until 7 for dinner, so I walk over to a close by food hall with a Mexican place and grab two sides, chips and guacamole and off the cob street corn, comes to $9.42. I log back on to work around 1:30 and have no meetings, so I turn on some background noise and start sending emails and doing project follow up. Spot and I got out again around 3:15, then I leave around 4:30. I stop at Whole Foods on my walk to the T to buy a veggie for tonight’s dinner, between broccoli and brussel sprouts, I choose the brussels, $2.99.
5:30pm: I get home and clean up and do a few dishes in the sink while I wait for my boyfriend to get home. We’re both hungry so we start cooking around 6, we make Half Baked Harvest Sheet Pan Buffalo Chicken with the roasted brussel sprouts tonight, and I pack up the leftovers to bring to the office for lunch tomorrow.
8:30pm: I’m on the couch, you guessed it watching VPR and scrolling LinkedIn. No jobs that are new and exciting tonight, but I apply to one of the jobs I found and saved last night. I get an email from Ticketmaster about Loud Luxury dates in Boston that were just announced, and my boyfriend and I decide to buy floostanding room tickets! $94.05 for two tickets, I’ll include only my cost below. This is my second concert planned for the summer, Loud Luxury in July and I’m going to the Jonas Brother’s with my friends in August. I look into Loop earplugs for these concerts, I check out all of the styles and colors, but I don’t add any to my cart tonight - I’ll keep this in mind leading up to the first concert.
10:45pm: Skincare and get ready to be in bed for 11.
Total spent today: $59.44
7:30a: Back to Spot’s place this morning, chug water then shower and skincare. I pack two oatmeal cups again for breakfast and two snacking mozzarellas for a bit more protein and fat as I woke up hungry this morning.
11am: No meetings at all this morning besides a quick team check in, so I’m able to get so much of my to-do list items checked off from earlier this week, it’s a great feeling! This morning I got an email for an initial interview for a position that I applied to earlier this month, and it immediately brightens my day! Spot and I head out for a walk while I text my boyfriend about my interview request and I draft a message back to the recruiter to send once I’m back inside and can check my work availability. I’m not super hungry today and I know I’m eating dinner relatively early tonight, so I don’t have lunch.
4:30pm: My friends and I are getting dinner together after work, we work in the same area so we walk together over to a barestaurant in the area and each have a few drinks and share 4 apps between the three of us. We catch up with personal life and relationships, work, and talk about things we’re doing coming up! We’re able to split the check and my share is $66.85 including tip. I take the T home, so no transportation cost.
9:30pm: I’m home, I hang out with my boyfriend on the couch for a while and catch up from our days. He was wfh today and did the laundry that was piling up in the bathroom, so it’s nice to go into Friday with my favorite pair of leggings clean and ready to attend zooms in! Skincare and in bed for 11.
Total spent today: $66.85
8:30am: It’s Friday and we wfh together today, I wake up a little later than normal to celebrate the last day of the work week. I only have one meeting this morning with my manager, so I have some water to wake up a little before the meeting, then take my morning walk after the meeting. No emails came in while I was walking so I have my computer open while I make breakfast.
12pm: After breakfast, I submitted a few reports for review and approval, two more to do for today then I’ve finished my to-do list for the week. I make a half chicken breast and a salad for lunch and make a coffee to go with it, today was payday so I double check my accounts to check the balances and add in a few purchases into my own budget excel and our shared expenses.
2:30pm: I’m called into a last minute call to receive some background information and an update regarding a donor and board member at our organization. No action items, and it’s not completely negative information, but I feel the need to get up and take a break after the call, so I get out the vacuum and run it around the house to also get a few steps in.
4:30pm: I close my laptop and it’s time to disconnect for the weekend. It’s beautiful outside so we walk to the grocery store to grab a few essentials and items for tomorrow, we ran out of the cold brew and creamer we like to keep in the fridge and pick up apples for breakfast and green onions for dinner, my half is $14.82. Once home, we split a seltzer and blood orange Italian soda and sit outside on our shared deck.
7:30pm: We cook dinner together, and I force my boyfriend to watch the first episode of season 6 of Selling Sunset with me! I watch for the drama and the storyline, and he stays for the house tours. My third item on Poshmark was just sold during dinner, I pack up the item so we can drop it off in the morning with some other errands. I do another job application and then relax until it’s time to get ready for bed at 11.
Total spent today: $26.73
8:30am: Wake up, we have some errands to do this morning so I shower and skincare, fill my water bottle, and get dressed. We get in the car and head north of the city, we have some returns to do and some store pickups, and the highlight of the morning is Costco! At Costco, we pick up a few of our normal pantry items like Franks Red Hot, a 12 pack of white cheddar mac and cheese shells, Rao’s alfredo, and jugs of apple juice, then fridge items like the basil pesto and the large packs of snacking mozzarella, then bulk chicken breasts and ground beef, and paper products so we’re all set on toilet paper and tissues. While my boyfriend is waiting in the self-checkout line, I go to the food court and order a whole pizza for us to bring home, this goes on my card ($10.65, my half is $5.33) because you can’t expect us to cook after getting home from grocery shopping 😂 and he pays for our cart ($186.92, my half is $93.46).
12pm: We get home, there was an accident on our route so it took longer than normal to get home after groceries, and we both are starving and annoyed to just be sitting in 5mph traffic, but it’s Boston so what can we do. We put a few slices in the oven to re-heat while we unload and get all the cold items into the fridge and make some coffees to go with our pizza. After eating we split up the meat that we just bought, ground beef in 1lb ziplocks into the freezer and we separate the vacuum sealed bags of chicken before putting those into the freezer as well.
3pm: I’ve been on the couch, watching more Selling Sunset and applying to a job for the afternoon, so I get up and decide it’s time for a walk to meet my step goal for today, today's podcast is Healthier Together with Liz Moody. When I get home I tidy up around the house, I have some laundry drying on a rack that I put away and I start a load of towels in the washer. We’re hosting a few friends for a game night tonight so we do some dishes and prep a few snacks and a cheese board.
7:30pm: game night is in full swing! My boyfriend and I found a train track building game at a small game shop when we were on a long weekend trip last month, and we taught our friends to play.
10pm: Our friends head home, we do a quick clean of the kitchen and table, then get ready for bed!
Total spent today: $98.79
At the end of each day please tally up your daily expenses. Then at the end of your diary please tally up all expenses in the following categories:
Food + Drink: including restaurants and grocery stores my share is $226.26
Fun / Entertainment: $122.03 for a concert ticket
Home + Health: none
Clothes + Beauty: $6.90
Transport $18.99
Lastly, reflect on your diary! How do you feel about your spending? Was this a normal week for you? Has this inspired you to make changes or has it given you a “wow I’m doing pretty good” confidence boost? Is there anything you’re actively working on? No need to answer any or all these questions but just use this space to write any thoughts you have!
This was a relatively normal week in terms of spending for me, I don’t typically spend much outside of food and drink and I know I need to keep a better eye on my spending in this category, although I’m still mad about having to take an uber! But this was a fun week, the weather this week has definitely changed some behaviors of mine and I’m glad that I got outside so much this week, and I’m so happy to no longer have to do homework after work each night.
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2023.05.21 22:09 haojiezhu 4 weeks of easy achievements from an assortment of game pass games

Here is a list of 28 easy achievements from 10 game pass games, all of which are available on xCloud. 17 of them are from games added to game pass recently ("BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition", "Loop Hero", "The Last Case of Benedict Fox", "Supraland: Six Inches Under", "Homestead Arcana"). The rest are from older games. So I am sure some of you may already got them.
The majority of these achievements involve none or minimum amount of gameplay (starting a new game, customizing a character, completing tutorial, killing the 1st enemy, etc.). I am currently 1 week into this list and will post updates on achievements that have unlocking issue or require special attention.
This list is not intended to be exhaustive (that will be impractical for me to create and difficult for people to sift through). IMO, the best way to use it is to look for achievements that you haven't done yet and merge them into your own achievement worksheet for the next couple of weeks.
BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Special Edition
Loop Hero
The Last Case of Benedict Fox
* To trigger it, you may need to go back to title screen after completing tutorial (right after it shows you how to use gun):
Supraland: Six Inches Under
* While there are reports on achievement tracking issues with this game, this one worked fine for me on xCloud:
Homestead Arcana
Disneyland Adventures
* If you don't want to accidentally trigger "Pleased to Meet You!" achievement at the same time, don't use all 4 gestures on Mickey here:
Evil Genius 2: World Domination
* Since "Evil Genius 2" is leaving Game Pass on June 1st, 2023, do this one asap. You can also get the "20 Minions" achievement if waiting a minute for 20 minions to file in:
F1 2021
Gunfire Reborn
Update: I replaced "Bleeding Edge" with "Gunfire Reborn" since "Bleeding Edge" is buggy and its tutorial is a bit long. "Bleeding Edge" is left here as backup.
Bleeding Edge
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2023.05.21 20:39 HornMute Sony TC-K71 door

Sony TC-K71 door
My 1980s TC-k71 door all of a sudden will not open all the way. It is like something is. It releasing. Any thoughts from the cassette deck repair experts here. Had to fight to get a cassette out
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2023.05.21 10:46 Spiritual_Plane4951 Why do some grandparents enable their narcissists children?

I’m stuck in a psychological loop since I last talked to my grandmother. She has been trying to guiltrip me into talking to my abusive father (I’ve been NC for 9 months after he insulted me during my wedding announcement - I’m not inviting my father nor my grandmother).
She was a victim of physical abuse herself, but I believe she also emotionally abused her children.
I guess my answer lies in the description I just gave you, but I’d very grateful for a neutral and factual analysis because I don’t seem to be able to do that just now. Too much confusion, too much gaslighting.
Thank you!
Edit : grammar
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