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2023.06.10 06:57 jackierodriguez1 Weird experience in metropolitan park. 3rd post on this sub.

So I live in Austin tx. We have a metropolitan park located in north Austin that is almost 300 acres. I visit this park often and have never had a weird experience until now.
This park has a ton of trails for mt biking and hiking. There’s also a creek that runs through the park.
2 days ago (6/7/23) I took my 4 kids and myself hiking on the trail. We arrived at the trail head around 4pm, and started our 30min hike. There’s 3 bridges over water we pass during our hike. Each bride was at least a half mile apart. Our destination required us to pass all three bridges before we started to make our way back. We made it to our destination, and started walking back with no issues, only the occasional my biker passing by.
On the way back, As we walked over the 2nd bridge my kids and I (all under the age of 10) heard someone very clearly with a female voice under the bridge say ”hi my dear, come over here” x2. The first time we heard it we all stopped in our tracks and looked at each other like “did you hear that?!” My 9 year old daughter even asked “mom did you hear that?! What was that?!?, and my 3 year old looked at me very perplexed. Then immediately after we heard it again in the same exact tone/voice “hi my dear, come over here”. This was about an hr or so into our hike… so around 5-5:15pm.
At that point we all started swiftly walking towards the trail head. No one said a word the whole time. I remained calm as I always carry my side piece. But it definitely spooked me and the kids. There’s a playground not far from the trailhead, and when I asked my kids if they wanted to play on the playground they all simultaneously and without missing a beat said “no” they wanted to go straight home.
Considering this is in Austin, it definitely could have been vagrant camping out at the park. This isn’t unusual. Regardless, if this was a vagrant high on drugs or a supernatural being it was still very creepy. We we’re all very spooked.
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2023.06.10 06:56 Harkness312 Need Advice: Linking campaign elements together

Howdy there folks! I understand this might be a long and confusing post, so I'll do my best to simplify it for readability. I'm relatively new to posting on Reddit, so please forgive me if I overlook something obvious.
As a GM, I'm very inexperienced, this is my first time actually running a table, but I'm fortunate to have a table with three of my best friends who are incredibly supportive. I've had negative experiences with previous groups, but I couldn't ask for better pals and tablemates now. I've been planning to run my own DnD campaign for about two years, and finally, the opportunity has arrived with the right group. My campaign is a blend of my friends' and my favorite fantasy elements, drawing inspiration from games like Divinity Original Sin, LOTR, TES Oblivion, and more.
Currently, I'm running a campaign based on a failed Out of the Abyss storyline. In Out of the Abyss, a party ventures into the Abyss to defeat a powerful antagonist who has united the Abyssal plane and threatens to invade the mortal plane. However, in my campaign, I'm exploring the question of what would happen if those adventurers failed to stop the invasion.
To get to the main point, I have a central plot revolving around a looming demonic invasion. The player party consists of chosen adventurers who have been marked with the "Godbrand," a magical mark that signifies they have been chosen by the Gods themselves to combat the imminent storm. However, the players are still unaware of their true purpose and the reasons behind their selection. The Gods have yet to communicate with them directly, leaving them in the dark about their destiny. My challenge lies in gradually introducing elements related to the demonic invasion without it happening outright. I want the players to become slowly aware of the impending threat and face off against smaller encounters as they progress in levels. Eventually, the full extent of the invasion will be revealed, but I want to build up to that climactic moment.
My question is, how do I do this? How do I slowly build to this incoming danger without it arriving? I'm currently working on some bandits who've been unified under one banner by a Demon (disguised) in order to weaken a Kingdom ahead of the invasion, but how do I have the players reveal to this slowly without their just being a random demon at the head of a horde of bandits?
Forgive me if this is long-winded, and or confusing, there's a myriad of things I'm trying to compress, so I don't have too much word vomit, but I feel as though that's passed a bit..
TLDR: A Demonic invasion is coming, and I need help revealing that to the party without it outright happening. Elements of the Abyss are working in the shadows to destabilize the mortal plane, but what exactly are those actions they're undertaking, and how do I clue the party in without spilling the entire plot?
Thank you lot for your time, please if you have any questions feel free to ask!
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2023.06.10 06:56 jackanus moving to nyc, leaving my car. am I insane?

I'll be moving to NYC for grad school (performance/composition degree) in the fall, and I think I'm going to leave my car (SUV). While I could conceivably get street parking somewhat-kind-of near my apartment, most people I've talked to have said it's more trouble than it's worth (alternating sides every week, monetary costs, etc.).
I have also heard from bassist friends up there that it's doable to ride the subway with a bass. Also, I'll (thankfully) have a locker on campus where I'll leave my good bass, and I'll be able to keep my beateoutside-gig-bass at home. So I'll just commute with an instrument for gigs; it's not gonna be an everyday thing (though hopefully, the gigs do become somewhat frequent, lol).
I kinda just can't wrap my head around walking around to subway stops and riding the train being the way I move around with this thing. But I've also heard people do it, and *many* people have told me not to bring a car. Would love to hear the thoughts of any bassists who've lived/spent time in the city!
Also, I'm thinking about a better solution to weatherproofing my bass if/when I need to move around in rain/snow. Not something I have to deal with currently, so all I have is a soft case, and I'm worried about the resilience of that/if it will protect the instrument from the more extreme weather conditions of NYC compared to my current climate (DFW area).
Sorry for the novel, lmao. Much 2 think about. Appreciate y'all's thoughts!
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2023.06.10 06:56 QuestioningThrwy Questioning: Am I a girl? Am I in denial?

Apologies in advanced, this post is going to be rather long, as I have a lot of complicated thoughts and backstory I need to get out of my head. I'm an agender adult in my mid-to-late 20s, and I'm questioning my gender identity, which is a process that has repeated and gone nowhere once or twice a year for years now.
I was assigned male at birth, and am perisex as far as I am aware. Growing up, due to a mix of autism and my religious home environment, I had a very limited understanding of gender and sex, where the two were one and the same, just one was a more "adult" word because of its other meaning. This understanding went unchallenged until about middle school, when of course, puberty started to make my trans peers realize something was wrong, and further into high school as said peers began to understand more about themselves. I got into several conflicts with friends (I tended to draw in queer friends for reasons I didn't understand then), and I'm not sure whether it's more fair to say due to my fundamental upbringing or my complete lack of understanding, or a mix of both. I always felt like shit afterward, even if I thought I was right. When I changed schools at 16, I made an effort to try and understand what was wrong, what I was missing, and at the same time as making a new friend group, I also started making online friends.
One friend, who I'll call J, was outside my realm of understanding at the time, and helped me out of the rut I was in. J's label of choice at the time was neutrois, but I'm not sure if that's evolved since then, it's been many years. Over the course of a year, J and my other friends taught me a lot about gender, sexuality, and the horizons I didn't understand outside of my upbringing. I came to understand a lot about how gender is a personal experience, and how, yes, sexual attraction DOES exist, and yes people actually do want to screw other people for fun; my irl friends really hammered in how asexual I am, lol. I really did think that my peers were over-exaggerating or fabricating their interest in what I understood as an adult procreational activity, and just thought them shallow for wanting to grow up so fast. I really was an ignorant kid... Anyway, what J taught me about gender though really sparked something in me, or set something in motion. If gender was an individual experience, and not just whatever chromosomes and genitals you've got, it put me in a precarious position, because uh. I had no personal connection to my AGAB, and until then had thought that was normal. If gender isn't an innate thing, then... what was I?
I slowly started to piece together that I wasn't any gender at all, and a lot of little things from childhood started to stick out. Even before puberty, I had a fascination with exceptions to the rules of gender as I understood it then, from reading parts of my mother's medical textbooks on intersex conditions, and body types that deviated from the norm I had been largely told was how things were supposed to be. As a small child, my elementary schoolmates would play "gender wars" at recess, and not wanting to be left out, I wanted to play, but not wanting to play JUST with the boys, I played as a double operative going back and forth sharing plans with both sides. At summer camps, I loathed being forced to only be around boys, and wished that we could have anyone, boy or girl, as roommates. In gym class I hated dressing out in front of my peers, because I felt uncomfortable and inexplicably like I didn't belong. I developed a lot of resentment from being forced to group with boys and act like boys and have so many activities and everything divided for no good reason by gender. Like, I thought back then, we don't separate kids by ear lobe type, which is another 50/50 split, so why on earth does this other trait matter so much?
So years ago, when I first became an adult, by around 19, I thought I had my gender pretty much figured out. I was nonbinary, which started as demi-male, then eventually agender. And I thought I had it figured out, but. Every now and then for the past couple years I have a week or so where I become really uncertain of this. Not that I think I actually am cis, god no, but. I look at art or photos of lesbians expressing their love for their girlfriends and wives and feel envious. I read posts from trans girls talking about how they love their bodies that shirk cisnormativity, and honestly wish I could be happy like that. The love between men and women feels mundane, but the love between women makes me feel envious; not that I wish I could be with one of the women there, but rather that I could be like her, and have what she has. It's incredibly hard to describe, but it just leaves me longing. And yet, at the same time... I don't think I want to be a woman? Or perform the role fully? It's all so nebulous. I don't want to wear dresses, I don't want to wear makeup or do my nails, or any of that; had I been AFAB with the same kind of mental state I have now, I don't think I'd dress much differently, in loose comfy clothes that satisfy my autistic sensory needs. Don't take me wrong, I know womanhood and gender is so much more than performing behavioral and visual roles, and I think gender roles are garbage anyway, but I just feel like... I don't know.
So often I'm perfectly content as is, though I do wish my disabilities could let me get in better shape... But every now and then I feel like what if there's more? If I woke up one day, and was made outwardly to look like a woman, I don't think I'd ever go back. But most of the time I think I am happy as I am, or at the very least don't really think about it much. My gender, or lack thereof, doesn't really play a large role in my personal life, so I can't see why I'd want anything to change. And yet this confusion persists. I know this is a massive wall of text, but I don't know any other way to convey my thoughts without just putting my entire experience with gender out there. I don't think women or lesbians have it better, I'm not looking to move up in acceptability in the world or treatment by others. I'm just entirely focused on figuring out who I am here, and what would make me happiest.
Am I in denial about my true identity? Is this just normal questioning? Is this a case of "the grass is greener on the other side"? I don't know, please let me know your thoughts.
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2023.06.10 06:56 glerm69 Looking for advice

It’s been almost 5 months since my (ex)gf and I broke up. I’m only 22 so I know it’s not the end of the world, and honestly at this point I think I’ve moved on. But in the back of my head I still feel this unresolved stress about the situation. For back story our relationship wasn’t great, we dated for a year and a half and once I was out of it I began to realize just how poorly I was treated and on top of that the night of our break up she would bang one of my teammates. She’s honestly a terrible person and I think the unresolved feeling is just anger still even after all these months I just want to tell her how shitty of a person she is and all the terrible things she did to me, but would that even be helpful? This turned into more of a rant than anything but man it’s just eating at me.
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2023.06.10 06:56 SneezyPenguins Things keep falling apart

I feel completely broken. Like one part gets settled then the next breaks, then the next.
I have lupus and hEDS, among a host of other things. I feel like things keep getting added to the list, and I'm just too tired to keep up with them all so I let them fester. For example, I've been fainting recently and my blood pressure is extremely low. Okay, go to cardiologist, he says it's my mental health medication causing it. He doesn't do anymore tests, psych says it's not. Okay, whatever. I'm not dead. Put it on the ignore list. Well then I got extreme chest pain when I vomited, that did not feel like heartburn at all. Primary says to go to cardiologist, I message cardiologist instead and he says it's nothing. So ignore that problem.
Then I've been getting numbness in my face on one side and other parts of my body, randomly though I can cause it by shaking my head left to right quickly for awhile. Okay, go to Neuro, Neuro says it's probably my meds. Psych lowers some meds, nothing happens. Well I'm too tired to go back to neurology. Oh look my vision is suddenly bad, and comes and goes. Eh, it will be fine.
I'm not even on any pain meds. Nothing I can buy at the store helps, but I've been too tired to fight a rhumitologist for anything because I've had bad experiences (I moved away from my good doctors who diagnoses me.).
So everything just keeps falling apart. I keep getting new symptoms and don't know what's what anymore. And instead of seeking answers I've been ignoring them because I don't feel like anyone will listen to me with these psych meds, that I need, on me. I'd switch them, but we've just now in the last 6 months found a combo that works, after two years of experimenting.
Anyways, rant over. I'm tired.
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2023.06.10 06:55 ianaad Hi, Bozeman!

I'm finally here, after making vacation plans at Christmas! Staying at the Sapphire Motel, which is awesome - just the kind of place my family stayed on vacation when I was a kid. Had dinner from La Vaca Mariposa food truck, which was excellent, followed by ice cream at Michoacan a Pedir de Boca - yum!
Tomorrow we'll have a chance to explore town before we head for Yellowstone in our rental RV. Probably some combination of museums and breweries and anything else you can suggest.
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2023.06.10 06:55 LittleMissKitsune Whys my chest getting smaller?

I've been on hrt for about 1 .5 months now and have had some decent breast growth. Since they were growing at a decently quick speed I decided it was time to get a bra and went with a common sports bra. I had fallen asleep with it on and when I went to take a shower I noticed my chest seemed slightly smaller than it was before. I was wondering if this is a normal thing or something I'm uninformed about?
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2023.06.10 06:54 Longjumping-Catch375 Billy Frogs

Anyone know who the hot red headed waitress is who works at Billy Frogs in the Old Market
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2023.06.10 06:54 anxiety_freak_2747 I don't know if I'm being taken advantage of by a mentally unstable friend

TL;DR unsure if chronically and terminally ill friend who is suicidal is lying and taking advantage of me. Tonight I'm torn between helping her out or just save my money.
So now the long version. I have a friend who struggles a lot with depression and suicidal ideation. We been friends for 3 to 4 years. She became my friend because we related a lot and she wanted to help support me through my chronic illness since she also is chronically ill.
Lately things have been bad for us both mentally. Her only escape is technology specifically gaming. In the past I've given her money for food, games, and a few months ago a PS5 controller since she broke hers in a fit of rage. Most of all the money was given when she's in a crisis and really thinking of suicide.
Lately she's been distant and really not a helpful support. I usually just get a "Im sorry", "I feel the same way" and then nothing else unlike before where she would give me a bit more advice or more support. I've been understanding but it makes me feel like crap and kinda gives me more suspicions.
My suspicion is if she is actually as sick as she says or if I'm just being manipulated. When we first met she told me she has MS. She said she had died multiple times for various reasons. About 2 years ago she got diagnosed with aggressive lung cancer and was given 6 months. This is where I start to question stuff. One time she showed me her port and asked if it looked infected. I saw that the picture was taken in a medical setting and there was iodine so I reversed google searched it and it came up. It was from a medical journal of some sort and published years ago. There was a few other things when I asked for medical support before this that was just totally inaccurate so I was already weary but chucked it off as she just didn't know or something. Just something to note, she stated she is a psychiatrist.
She has had a lot of medical scares like multiple collapsed lungs, fluid in her lungs, covid19 three times. She's been in the ICU quite a few times or so she said. One time she texted me saying she's intubated and fought sedation so she could tell me. I didn't know if that was actually true but whatever I'm more worried about her in that moment. Until I went on discord and saw she was online and playing a game. That has happened a few other times, she states she's in really poor condition at the hospital but she gets online on discord. She also showed me a x-ray of "her" foot but I searched it again, it came up on Google, and when I told her she said she sent the wrong photo then sent another x-ray that had no injury. She always tells me I'm one of the only people keeping her here both when she's suicidal or in "critical condition". A lot of people have left her. I'm kinda alone and I have lost friends to suicide before so that fear is already in my head.
Tonight she is suicidal and in her words she's "done". She spilled water on her PS5 controller and her apple pen won't write. I'm debating if I should scrape up $70 so she can get a controller but I'm also so suspicious now. She also tells me she'll pay me back and she will pay me back when she gets her monthly paycheck but something always comes up. I don't want her to kill herself but I feel like I'm buying her to stay. I'm not made of money I'm a chronically ill 25 year old, living with her parents who also aren't made of money and currently need to be careful what we spend since my dad is still hurt from a work injury. He hasn't been getting his workman's compensation for the past few weeks. My mom works part-time but is also taking care of me so she loses a lot of hours. It's just a stressful situation. I would be going into my savings for possible medical expenses to help my friend. I feel helpless and torn. I feel awful for even doubting a friend like this.
Please help, what do I do?
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2023.06.10 06:53 ParticularEmphasis96 Robbed in main Islamabad

hey everyone, long story short, me and some friends were on our way back to university on Thursday when we got robbed at gunpoint in H-11. This was not more than a kilometre away from our university (FAST).
I was already slow due to the bumpy road, and a guy came and hit my car on the right hand side, he started signalling like people do when they are pissed so i just thought he was pissed at me cos i mightve swerved. I slowed down even more when another bike came alongside and a big fellow jumped off and opened my door, i didnt understand and tried to ask him wtf he was doing when he punched me in the face and pulled out his pistol and put it on my head. Everyone got scared, the 3 guys each went to separate doors and took whatever they could manage, even walked away with me wallet and car keys.
I’m posting this to let everyone know, and be more vigilant and aware of their surroundings. This was near the G-10 metro station (h11 side) and the h11 graveyard.
Also, if anyone does happen to find a camel brown wallet pls let me know.
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2023.06.10 06:51 yksikaksikolme Sudden, Specific Widespread Issues - Diagnosing Components

I have a custom-loop watercooled PC that has been running fine for months, until suddenly on June 7th I started experiencing several issues. There's a pretty distinct pattern to these issues so I'll try to be as specific as possible.
Since June 7th, booting always takes several minutes. My computer will "fail" POST for the GPU (white light), and then after a minute, will succeed and begin booting normally, albeit slowly. The monitor receives signal the entire time, with the power light in its "on" state, but stays black (not the dead black as if it's off, but maybe a blackish gray). Upon booting, games and programs generally run totally fine.

I cannot Sleep it, as it will simply shut off. I cannot Restart it, as it will try for around 3 mins before throwing a DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE BSoD. This always happens.

I cannot seem to "interact with hardware" in any meaningful way. I downloaded AMD Adrenalin hoping to try driver fixes, but it simply gets stuck forever on "Checking your PC's hardware for driver and software compatibility." I downloaded HWInfo64 long ago, but it will no longer load - it completely freezes upon reaching "Detecting ATA/SCSI drives." I cannot System Restore to a point before June 7th - it gets stuck on "Preparing to restore your system." I cannot run DDU, as it fails when it tries to create a system restore point.

USB devices that get plugged in while the computer is running are never loaded, recognized, whatever. They only work if they are plugged in before booting.

The consistent theme is timeouts, and I have several Event Viewer Error entries saying various services timed out. I actually have a ton of Warning spam from around that time all saying "Reset to device, \Device\RaidPort1, was issued." sourced from storahci. I don't know what device is at RaidPort1.

I've scanned for malware and gotten none reported.

I'm reasonably sure it is hardware at this point, and I'm strongly leaning mobo. I guess it could also be CPU though, maybe. The problem is that I'm not looking to replace components until I am sure I know what's broken, given the required time and effort with a custom loop, and the mobo is ofc the hardest thing to replace. Being that it's a Ryzen, I'm reliant on the GPU for display, so I can't really decouple mobo/GPU unfortunately.

Are there any BIOS settings I can play with to narrow down issues? Is it possible a BIOS setting went rogue somehow due to automatic Windows updates or something? I don't know for certain but given how sudden and catastrophic these changes were, I feel like it has to be software related... I feel like a hardware issue wouldn't present itself so binarily, but instead be more of a "slow burn." Idk though.
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2023.06.10 06:50 Davess_World2019 HNN: Hagwon News Network Review: Feb~March 2023

HNN: Hagwon News Network Review: Feb~March 2023
These are the latest complaints from Tokyo Jon's Korean Black List. Many of these are truncated, go read the full story over at his site.
Wonderland Gangseo-gu Feb 28. 2023
  • ...rebrand the school four times (hagwon, SLS academy, Altiora, and now Wonderland) in attempt to avoid the negative attention.
  • My wages have also been deducted for health, pension and taxes for more than five months put were not paid into their respective accounts.
  • The new contract also states that I have no duties or responsibilities and must comply with all the school's requests without question.
--The ability of foreigners to endure abuse is astounding. All contracts include nullifying language that reverts power back to the owner to make the job description whatever they want it to be. This particular person decided to make it crystal clear in writing. What a total jerk!
St Paul American Scholars, Yongin Mar 7. 2023
This is objectively the most toxic school I've worked for. You will hear complaining from all the teachers and be surrounded with negative energy here.
-you are obligated to create your own lesson plans for 6-7 subjects every week and get it approved. But you will not receive anywhere near enough "prep.time". I made about 27 lesson plans per week (when the head teacher had all the lesson plans of the previous teacher).
-you will work long hours (you work 20+ hours a month more than a normal hagwon) and ********* will pressure you to work outside of those hours with marking grades, checking homework, replying to parent emails
--Is this a strategy of "Keep the foreigner constantly busy?" or is it pure stupidity? Not every class needs a full-blown lesson plan, and it should already be on file for that book from the previous teacher. A lesson PLANNER or a short summary of what pages, games, projects you are going to do for that class is appropriate, and if anyone wants to know the full procedure, they can look up the lesson plan on file and see for themselves. There is no need to do this for every class, once done, it's done forever. It's a sad story of stupid people demanding stupid things.
RISE Bucheon Mar 15. 2023
This hagwon has to be rewarded for being one of the worst places imaginable. I have read many posts from the blacklist and this hagwon embodies almost all the things people have complained about in one place. I want to warn anyone from ever stepping foot into this establishment. It is quite literally the WORST place.
How? Why?
Lets start from the beginning of my contract where apparently they changed the schedule from teaching 5-6 MK classes to suddenly teaching 8 without any breaks other than the 50 MINUTES lunch that is cut short due to all 10 classes taking kids to the bathroom at the same time. So your 50 minutes is really maximum 40-43. Also when we say you teach 8 classes for MK, it is ALL YOU! The 'korean teacher' is not a teacher at all, they are rarely in the classroom and when they are they will offer little to no help whatsoever. It will be you and up to 12 kids by yourself for the entire time. Please get ready to teach, craft and disciple all by yourself.
Second, Please don't have an expectations for reasonable deadlines. They will tell you the day before if you are lucky that you need to prepare or do something for an event. For example, we had sports day on wednesday, at 5:37pm on tuesday they send a message saying all teachers must wear a white t-shirt and blue jeans. Or they will change plans and expect Foreign teachers to just be able to do it magically. All these 'events' are glorified photo opts for the parents anyway, they don't care about the kids or teachers. Just about looking good like we have fun. Not the case at all.
Going back to the 8 classes of MK, that is not the end of your day. No, then you get a 15 minute break from 2:35 to 2:50 and now you get to teach 4 more classes again for Elementary, by yourself. With a 5 minute breaks between classes. It is so mentally draining as well, the kids levels and the material for the lesson are so incompatible it makes it near impossible to do well.
You can also kiss any kind of sickness away because you will NEVER peacefully take a day off to recover. You will be bombarded with messages asking you to visit a doctor, come in for a certain time, explain specifically what is wrong with you and how taking a day off is not the korean standard while your korean 'helpers' are allowed to take 2 weeks off for a honeymoon or entire days off for a stomach ache. God forbid you have surgery though, you should go to work immediately after.
There is so much more i want to say and need to say but this post is already WAY too long. But please if you take one thing away from this. Please make it,

Twinkle Mapo Mar 22. 2023
I regrettably would like to submit Twinkle Mapo to the blacklist. I do want to clarify that this is a franchise of the original company, so as far as I am concerned, it isn't an accurate reflection of Twinkle in its entirety.
While the curriculum has its flaws, it is overall fun to work with and allows a freedom of how to teach in class. However, this is the only thing linked to the original company. At Mapo, management became very particular about how each subject was taught, at what times and in what order. This micromanaging made it very difficult for teachers to really engage with students and the topics. Management (particularly one person) is also very choosy about what is done during prep time, despite the fact that teachers are given an abundance of tasks to do such as working on brand new curriculum for a different school, long messages to parents, science or fiction projects, interviewing students, homework help, and reading novels for prep, they are told that the 90 minutes a day is enough.
Management does well with gaslighting. When showing concern about not having enough prep time, teachers have been told they complain too much. As well as management saying "I don't like it when teachers talk about their rights." when discussing adequate break time, where to fit 9 teachers for lunch in the break room, or being overworked. ****************** ***************** **************************** *******************. Along with that, management does well with pitting teachers against one another by calling single individuals into the office and stating things such as "All the other teachers tell me you make them uncomfortable." when many times that very teacher was the one people sought out for help and guidance. As an example, I was personally told by management that I was seen fighting with another teacher when in fact we were very close and never fought. This is an interesting tactic management uses to control teachers banding together to problem solve issues at the school that management refuses to address.
It's important to also consider the turnover rate. Within the first 15 months of opening, only 2 out of 9 teachers re-signed their yearly contracts with 2 ending their contracts early and a few of the others reporting that management was too toxic with micromanaging. Front desk has suffered tremendously as well with multiple quits in the last few months leaving those remaining scrambling to accommodate parents, kids, and lead management. It also says a lot that there have been 3 head teachers in the short time this branch has been open with literally a handful of months where teachers were refusing to take the title because that would mean working closely with management.
What started as an environment that had growing pains has become toxic and distressing for many teachers resulting in teachers having stress related health problems. It is an unfortunate to report this, but as a previous teacher I would hate to see anyone step into this environment without proper warning.
Global kids Korea Haeundae Busan Mar 22. 2023
If you actually value your mental health don’t work here! You’ll be gaslight and overwhelmed daily!!! Students bad behavior is rewarded and the classes are back to back you will have to beg for a break! There is no positive to working at this school at all you will regret ever signing a contract!

School: Plato English Academy in Seodaemun, Seoul Mar 23. 2023
It was literally the worst job I've ever had and I've worked at a few hagwons and had prior teaching experience.
  1. They lie to you about what the school is going to be like at the interviews. They make it seem so easy going and fair. It is the exact opposite. They are constantly watching you, complaining about things, calling you into the office because you aren't doing things the exact way they want you to, belittling you, bullying you, and causing so much stress you want to quit.
  2. When you first start working you will stay at least 3 hours later than your working hours for at least a month because of the amount of work they give you. There is not enough time in the day to do it all and they have unrealistic expectations about it getting done. This pattern will repeat itself many times throughout the year but they do not care and you won't get paid overtime.
  3. *************************
  4. There is not enough time in the day or the classroom period to complete all the work required of you. It's actually crazy how they think you can cover that amount of work in a short hour and a half to 45 min session. If you don't complete it they call you into the office, belittle you, tell you that you’re a bad teacher and need to manage your time better. The only issue is, there is literally not enough time!!!
  5. *************************
  6. Expect to be sick every month because of the mold and mildew hidden inside the walls and the exhaustion from overworking.
  7. *************************
  8. *************************
  9. If you are a kindergarten teacher, expect to work longer hours than the elementary school teachers. I'm talking about days that last from 9:30-4:30 without a break sometimes. They say it's because that's what they promised the parents and they can't do anything about it. 10. The work environment is so abusive, unhealthy, and just honestly insane. *************************
There is so much more to write and I wish I could just stress with words how awful this job was. Please avoid it at all costs. It will make your time in Korea absolutely miserable.
Worwick Franklin Daejeon Mar 25. 2023
The worst thing about this school is the fact you don’t think it’s initially bad and you’re made to feel somewhat comfortable in the beginning stages . But eventually you’ll find this school is literally hell on earth. I am not opposed to hard work , however, I am opposed to unnecessary work that is not contractual. This school will MILK you for everything you’ve got with absolutely minimal pay. You will be given ridiculous tasks that serve almost no purpose and are not concerned with education but purely for authoritative pleasing. The gaslighting is what makes this place even worse, you will genuinely be made to feel crazy for having issues with things that are actually reasonably wrong. Theres an insane level of favouritism here that has nothing to do with your teaching ability, instead, to do with how much rubbish you’re willing to put up with. They have broken so many rules and quite frankly, I don’t know how they’re still open. Moreover, the working environment is horrendous, there’s barely anytime to catch your breath and there’s no communal/team spirit. Without going into too much detail, there’s a lot of animosity and unforeseen fees at the end of contract too. It just really sucked and the only thing that will get you through is how amazing some of the kids are. Aside from that, it’s a subpar school with appalling management, disgraceful organisation and unnecessary non-contracted duties. You’ve been advised.
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2023.06.10 06:49 LiwanagKairos Stuck in a stalemate with a girl I like (long but TL;DR at bottom)

Theres this girl in my class that was actually our class president and for some unexpected turn of events we became really close and belonged to the same friend group. We hit it off as bestfriends because of how much we seem to fit each other well and we really enjoy each others company. We decided for fun to pretend to be a thing because weve got nothing else better to do. Over time I started to have feelings for her but I kept it hidden since I dont want to ruin the good that we already have. For a while I thought she would never know because she was super dense even when everyone around us knew. Eventually however she did realize and she confronted me about it saying that she felt betrayed because she thought its all just pretend and she didnt know it suddenly turned real. She told me I have a special place in her life and that things became tolerable in my presence and for that reason she wont distance herself from me. She told me that shes confused with how she feels but she doesnt want me to be separated from her. She doesnt want me to get hurt and she doesnt know what to do about it anymore. She ended that talk by saying that I should never think that I mean nothing to her and that I am the best person for her ever since we started our college life. I assured her that I wasnt expecting anything from her and that my feelings are something that was outside my control and that I promise I wont get hurt with whatever she wants to do with our situation. Fast forward a few months and weve come to be closer than ever before and somehow I noticed that shes starting to get quite clingy with me. I have no idea if this is just how she is but all I know is that I enjoy every moment we have together. We also belong to the same organization which contributed to how often wed spend time together and foolish as it sounds I admit I've been starting to give her the princess treatment even though were not really together. After a while we had to attend a certain event in the organization which lasted till late at night and we still have things to do by tomorrow. Now, our school is really far from our hometowns and it was summer vacation so we didnt have much choice on where to stay so we rented out a room for ourselves. We laid down next to each other and ended up making out that night. We were sleep deprived that night so we didnt get to talk much after. We went back home and had a long rest. Around a week later we had another event to go to. Btw I surprised her on both events because I didnt tell her I would come since my presence wasnt really necessary. Anyways, it was a two day back to back event so we needed a place to stay for the night again. Luckily she has a friend that let us stay the night. We had dinner there and went to sleep. After a while we had a chance to make out again and we did but this time I had more leeway to explore her. After a while of making out I asked her how she feels about me and she told me that shes confused and she isnt ready for a relationship because she has plans for her life and such. I told her I know she isnt ready and Im not planning to ask her out soon. She admitted that she does love me and we continued our nightly activities. Although we didnt get to homerun since she said she doesnt want to, I did leave a few marks by which she got mad at me by the morning. I also tried to convince her to shower together which she adamantly refused. After that she began to ignore me the whole day and I was profusely apologizing but she just continued to ignore me. I made a bag of peace offering with a mini bouquet of flowers I picked around our school and a few snacks that I think she would like. She refused so I snuck it inside her bag. We had a chance to talk even though she really wants to go. She told me her parents might kill her if they see the marks but she will be okay. She asked me for time and space which I did since I want us to be okay. Its been a few days now and shes still not talking to me and Im confused as to what I should do. Should I keep on waiting without reassurance? Should I message her every now and then to check up on her but also running the risk of setting her off? Im not really sure what to do. I asked for insight from the friend we stayed with and she told me to give her time. The friend said she told her she felt like a sinner and was scared that the friend was judging her since its her first time doing dirty things. The friend also told me she told her she wasnt mad at me. Overall she told me to be patient and avoid annoying her. So here I am waiting for maybe a miracle without knowing what happens next. I really like that girl and I'd bear it as a huge regret if she would hate me or start avoiding me after what happened. Shes a very prideful woman so I probably wont expect that she would chat me first even though I told her to come back whenever she feels comfortable. Im getting more and more anxious the longer she doesnt talk to me again but I cant start conversation yet since it might be too early but if it takes too long she might no longer come back. What should I do?

TL;DR I have a bestfriend who I really liked and is really special for me. I made a move on her one night and now she is asking for time and space. I dont know how long it would take or what should I do or if I should really do something instead of waiting it out. Getting a bit anxious.
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2023.06.10 06:49 ConsiderationShoddy8 A very very good boy!

A very very good boy!
Newer to this group - we have been enjoying our time with our accidental adoption of Great Pyrenees Percy (aka Barry White - Bear for short. We’ve changed his name so will call him Bear from now on ) for several weeks now.
Bear and our sweet older rescue mutt, Beau, have become fast friends. If I was good with technology I’d add all the videos and pictures of them playing non stop! Beau is a hard nut to crack especially after he lost his best friend over the rainbow bridge about a year ago. Also, Beau has seizures that are quite intense, and although we do all we can to prevent them via medication and love and aid him in getting through them, sometimes they come up out of nowhere. It’s really traumatic as they’re usually very intense - none of the vets can figure out how he rallies and keeps going after all these years! Perhaps because he’s a very hardy Heinz 57!!?? No idea - and the bloodwork isn’t cheap 😂🤦‍♀️❤️
ANYWAY - Bear the GP pup has only known Beau for a few weeks and the first night Bear was here with us he was very in tuned with Beau and they’ve become fast friends!
Fast forward to right now. Bear and Beau are outside playing happily, but just as I go to get in the shower I hear Bear going nuts outside. I run out as Bear is banging into the glass doors that lead inside/yelping/howling/scratching/screeching/knocking plants oveessentially acting a fool and then running all over me once I got there. He was running back to Beau then bark bark barking at me like “HELLO?!!”.
Beau was not yet having a seizure, seemed like he was just hanging out! He definitely was not even in a notice le prodomal state. However, since Bear was so insistent that something was wrong - I scooped Beau up and put him inside in the pack n play and went with my gut re: Bears alerts and gave Beau his emergency seizure meds.
Beau began seizing about 2 minutes later and was able to come out of it in less than 5 minutes. This is a record for him! He went back to frolicking with his new buddy in no time ..
All due to Bear’s badgering and quick alerting.
They’re both good good good damn dogs ❤️ and Percy/Bear is really showing us what GPs can do (when he is not literally eating the laundry at 3am)
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2023.06.10 06:49 AutoModerator [] [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets - Full Course Download

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Get the course here: [] [Get] Private Wealth Academy – Beat The Ticket Secrets - Full Course Download

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These “crimes” have hurt no one, but merely have the semblance of injury due to statutory laws. This leads to Here’s a ticket for $300 because you ran a stop sign at 4 A.M. even though nobody was around [except the officer to ticket you].”
When we think back to the earliest days of laws and judges, you will realize court is really meant for (and only for) a tort; a wrongful act to a person or their property; or an infringement of a human right (other than under contract).
If you broke the Golden Rule: Do No Harm to Person or Their Property – then there should be civil liability and legal consequences. However, if the age of corporations and propaganda (marketing), it seems We The People have lost our way (and rights). Sovereignty is not held by title, but is found in the mind. If the mind is given up, eventually an evil will rise to deceive the people into slavery by consent!
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2023.06.10 06:48 Princess_of_Satan My gf's parents are both blaming gf's autism and blaming me for her being trans

So, my gf(mtf 23) had a talk with her mom about how she'd need 6 sessions at the gender therapist before she's able to get a referral note but since she's autistic, she needs an additional two sessions. Her mom replied to that that she indeed thinks that my gf thinks she is trans because she is autistic and that she just refuses to let go of the idea. Her mom now also (and again) blamed me for her being trans, cause she only started thinking/finding out she's trans when she started dating me.
Dear Redditors, that's cause I'm queer myself. I identify as both pansexual and genderfae (I'm also poly, but that's not important)
I became the safe space my gf needed. She came from an LGBTQ-phobic household and after helping her unlearn the hate she got taught, she felt safe enough to explore who she is. I didn't indoctrinate my gf. I didn't force her into dresses and act girly. She asked me if she could try on a dress. She asked me to call her a girl. She asked me to do her makeup and her nails. She asked me about heels and I said that I'm not a fan, but she's allowed to try and wear them
It's been two years since the cogs in her head started turning and she went "wait, maybe I'm not a guy after all" and they sill blame me. "You never wanted to be a girl until you started dating OP" oh, I wonder why, gf's mom. Maybe cause it wouldn't have been safe if she found out on her own?!?
Sorry this became rant-y and vent-y but I needed it off my chest.
I love my girl, I love her since we started dating and I still love her
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2023.06.10 06:48 Hefty-Pop-5282 I watched my dads heartbreak when I was a kid

I was so young back then but I remember my mom always drinking during this time. I was friends with the neighbour’s kid and my mom would come visit with me and drink with the neighbours. I remember the feeling of my heart sinking into my chest when I looked over at her and she was kissing a man that was also visiting my neighbour.
I don’t remember if I told my dad or not but he wasn’t stupid he knew. Eventually my mom would have people coming over to drink at our house too. My dad started locking me in the bedroom with him, I could hear my mom party while I’d watch movies on the tv in my parents room while my dad slept for work.
Eventually my dad would start day drinking. Not heavily like mom but enough that I noticed. He wouldn’t act drunk he would just sit on the couch looking sad. It broke my heart I’ll always remember that image in my head. This went on for a few months. My parent were going to divorce but they decided to work things out, my mom and dad stopped drinking, my mom stopped her affair.
Things were ok for a few months. Then my dad died. It’s not fair. I hate that he went through that heartbreak and then died once things were getting better.
My mom never admits she was wrong. She tells me shortly before dad died he had gone to a party and her friend saw him kiss another woman. I don’t care, my mom deserved to be cheated on. I’m sure my mom did much worse behind closed doors.
My mom moved on within 1-2 months of my dad being dead. She moved a new man into our house, she spent the money my dad left for my sibling and I on her new man. I don’t care about the money but it’s not fair that my dad worked and saved for his savings to be spent on another man. Her new boyfriend had us remove my dads photos within the first year he died because he didn’t feel he was respected if they were up.
I hate how my mom treated my dad before and after death. I don’t care if he cheated on her after, I don’t pity my mom. I’m going to reread this post in therapy because it’s a huge scar that I’ve had for 20 years. Her affair ended and she didn’t care after dad died but she broke my heart during that time too, it never got to heal and everything that happened after was salt in the wound.
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2023.06.10 06:48 No_Berry2976 Instead of focusing on hardware, we should think more about software

Lately, it seems like increasingly more powerful hardware is needed to run poorly optimised ports from consoles in a somewhat acceptable manner.
I miss the days were a new mid-price graphics card would be enough to max out two year old games.
I’m not happy with the current crop of power hungry and expensive GPUs, but the real problem is that so many video games run poorly on powerful hardware.
At least some games get patched to the point where there is a noticeable improvement, but that shows that porting games is often an afterthought.
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2023.06.10 06:48 Cold-Breath-4620 Baast Cats- TOD reread

I just did a reread of Tower of Dawn because I felt like there might have been a lot I missed with the southern continent missing Fae .Which I assume are the shifter Fae mentioned in CC. Butttttt what caught my interest were the Baast cats. With the princes of Hel having a cat form I wonder if they are somehow connected. I haven’t really formed much of a theory but I did put the quotes about them that peaked my interest the most.
“The Baast Cats had dwelled in the Torre library for as long as it had existed, yet none knew where they had come from.”
“Each was as individual as any human, save for those beryl-colored eyes they each bore.”
“Some of the healers, old and young alike, swore the cats could step through pools of shadow to appear on another level of the library; some swore the cats had been caught pawing through the pages of open books—reading.”
“A sleek black Baast Cat was lounging in one of those embroidered chairs by the fire. And as they neared, she leaped up, hissing as fiercely as her feline-headed namesake. Not at Yrene or the girls … No, those beryl-colored eyes were narrowed at the library behind them. One of the girls tightened her grip on Yrene’s arm. But not one of them left Yrene’s side as she approached the massive desk of the Head Librarian and her Heir. Behind them, the Baast Cat held her ground—held the line—”
“a snow-white Baast Cat half slumbered, her long tail swishing like a pendulum as it draped over the edge of the cushion. No doubt listening to every word—likely to report to her sisters.”
“healers poring over musty tomes in door-less rooms, and the occasional Baast Cat sprawled over the top of the shelves, or padding into the shadows, or simply sitting at a crossroads—as if waiting.”
“We were told you’d come to the Torre earlier this evening. The guards were right behind us, until we outran them. We got a bit lost down here, but then … cats led the way.” A bemused, puzzled glance over her shoulder, to where half a dozen beryl-eyed cats sat on the tunnel steps, cleaning themselves. They noticed the attention and scattered, tails high.”
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2023.06.10 06:48 errantgrammar Should I stay or should I go now?

I'm just contemplating embarking on the no contact journey with my partneex. I have no idea what we are anymore, but I do know that it's too much to ask me to keep hanging around waiting for him to turn his focus to me again. We are neither of us faultless, but after 3 years, I'm starting to feel tired and lonely. That shouldn't happen when I'm still in a relationship. Our highs were dizzying, as they tend to be, but our lows were tough, though mostly just empty. He would hit a depressive phase and just disappear for days, even weeks on end. It was excruciating, and the worry was unmanageable at times. He would send the occasional text, and I have to admit that those seemed to acknowledge the impact on me - he would say things like, "Hey. Just checking in. I'm okay, just doing it tough right now." but he always remained in control of us, of our time together and apart. Other times, he would ask how I was doing, and I know that at his lowest, he couldn't actually cope with the answer, but he would ask, because he wanted me to feel supported and cared for. In his way, this was the closest thing to approximating love that he could manage. A couple of times, though, he has reverted to behaving like a five year old or throwing in my face something personal that only he had been trusted with. We rarely fought, but this year, he stopped fighting fair.
I am conscious of all the things we have been through, as individuals, in this time. He lost his sister in very tragic circumstances, and his job. I have battled to keep my kids because my belligerent ex couldn't deal with my moving on (it wasn't the 'who', it was just my audacity - that I would be with anyone was highly offensive to him, and his narcissism simply wouldn't allow it - trust me, I'd take this relationship a thousand times over that one), but also gone ahead in leaps and bounds in my career - I have worked hard and been very lucky to be recognised for that so often that it made my head spin.
There's also the undeniable fact that we came into this on the back of two bad break ups and many years of friendship. It's a complicated mix that doesn't help.
So recently, I asked for a break. I actually don't want to lose him. For all of this pain, we've actually been very good for each other, and it is clear that we know each other in a way that most people never will - I know lots of people say that, but it's true. Until this year, we could be vulnerable with each other without hesitation. We have talked each other through the darkest parts of our lives and spent a thousand hours discussing the world, our thoughts, and everything that sprung to mind. But I'm not sure if I'm trying to hold on to something that is gone for good, or if his promises that he just needs some time are legitimate. He might have a condition, but his choices are still his choices. He can do the hard stuff if he chooses to. Even he recognises this as true. But if I'm not worth doing it for now, I have no reason to assume I will be later. Compassion fatigue is real, and we are both suffering it, but his capacity for compassion is lower than mine, and I don't want to keep reducing myself to avoid asking more than he has to give. He has put me first many times, and I don't expect to always be there, but I do feel like I deserve more than I currently have.
With that said, after agreeing to this break, I spent two days straight out crying. Then I reached out, because I'm in love with him, and not sure I'm ready to say goodbye. We are now two weeks in, and I've started to repair. But he has messaged me two days this week, saying he hopes I am well, and each time, I go through a whole process of evaluation before I respond. I am well. I am sad that this is where we are right now, and for the time being, a part of me still holds hope that we will do exactly what we said we would do, and return to each other when we both felt more equipped to do it, but I also can't imagine how that would look, because at the moment all I have is an urge to find my feet. Not to leave, necessarily, but to refocus on myself.
So I suppose I'm now at the stage of being desperate enough to ask strangers for their thoughts. The only jury he will ever face with me will be mine - I don't need someone to tell me what to do. I love this man, and will not walk away unless I feel 100% convinced that it is what I need to do. But I could use your thoughts to evaluate my own, to check my working, so to speak. On the one hand, I'm not sure we need to go no contact, provided that his texts don't become toxic. But on the other, I don't want to stand around waiting for the water to become undrinkable. I did float the idea of monthly date, to keep us alive whilst we work on things, but I don't know if that's a bad idea or not. Maybe I won't know until we've tried. The only thing I feel confident in right now is that things will never be vastly different from the way they are now. He will always be this person. He has changed a lot, in small ways, but he will always be a little aloof, he'll always be occasionally unreachable. Am I okay with that, or am I seeking something more?
Finally, I do wonder if I have to know? Is it okay to accept that there aren't answers for some of these questions? I am also neurodivergent, and unknowns are something I can generally only accept if I can keep them at a distance. A huge part of me feels the need for a decision, to stay or to go. To end, or to fight. But another part reminds me that I need time too, and I might stand half a chance of getting it (whatever it is?) right if I just leave things to play out how they may.
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