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2023.06.10 20:12 IntelligentTwosrsr Wearing this shirt in dental school is the only thing (aside from my meds) getting me through this migraine today

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2023.06.10 20:12 amitysoneandonly is this odd?

so, last week, I went to a trivia game with some family and friends. my mom carries marijuana around, just incase, and she gave me a 10g one. I got super high, and I was like spiraling, and everything was blurry, I was dizzy, etc. at the moment, I wouldn’t have said that it was a nice feeling, but now the more i think about it, it was almost euphoric. and I’m not sure if that’s odd/weird or not.
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2023.06.10 20:12 WitchcraftAnnie Any experience with nasal filters?

Has anyone had any experience/success with using nasal filters in lieu of a mask for things like dental appointments? And if so, what kind?
My husband's VA now only requires masking in designated "high risk" areas, which for whatever reason doesn't include dental, despite the fact that everyone who goes there, regardless of their medical history, has to take off their mask to receive treatment, and they can't just choose to mask to protect themselves.
He's using Enovid before and after his appointments and as recommended throughout the day. I'm using it as well. We're basically treating him like he's been exposed, and we're masking when together in shared parts of the house. It's summer, so we can fortunately keep our home well ventilated. He has a corsi box in the room he's quarantining in, and I have one in the main part of the house where our critters and I are staying.
He's having a LOT of dental work in July. I think he has an appointment every week, and one week with two. He does say that they've added new air filtration systems to all the rooms where dental work is done, so that is comforting. If there is any added level of protection we can get for him to make the upcoming month safer and less stressful, I'm here for it. I only just found out about commercially available nasal filters, and I know that most of them are geared towards allergies and pollution, but I've seen a couple of brands that claim to reduce viral and bacterial exposure. If anyone has used something like that, I'd love to hear about your experience.
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2023.06.10 20:12 Few-Pepper8381 Advice for seeking a Research and Development Position? (Biotech)

Having some major difficulties getting an industry job that I actually want to work (namely, getting into a PhD level position in RnD where I can flex my scientific background). This is going to be part rant.My background: I would like to believe that I am a competitive candidate. Graduated from a competitive program with a PhD. 6 publications (some co-authors). Worked at the NIH prior to graduate school (post-bac IRTA program). Had the option to return to the NIH as a postdoc, but Bethesda area is quite expensive these days for a postdoc salary. Following graduation, I had an excellent postdoctoral position set up at RIKEN in Japan. Received 3 years of highly competitive postdoctoral funding (5-page written research proposal with a funding rate of less than 10%). Pandemic happened. Japan closed its borders before I was able to get my visa. Locked out of the country for 2.5 years. Forced to jump from one CRO to CDMO because I needed a job immediately and to increase salary.
Right now I have 3 years of industry experience and currently work for a real shitty CDMO that is a complete trainwreck that I desperately want to leave (immensely disorganized and mismanaged. Management places significant hurdles and roadblocks that prevent employees from developing beyond their role). I am a workaholic and my boss actually restricts me from doing too much on the job despite being a high performer and efficient. The trade off is that I have gotten to the point that I work a solid 5-6 hour day and simply leave when I'm finished with my assigned work. I gave up asking to do more work, because my requests are always ignored. Now I go home early and study programming instead (certificate program at local University). My current role is well compensated but I am bored to death. It's in quality control with a sprinkling of method validation/qualification work. However, my prior experience in a CRO was pure method validation work but the job was just too easy and not stimulating enough.
Consequently, I am trying to transition away from CRO/CDMOs and work in something that is more RnD/product development focused where I feel like I would get the opportunity to work on more challenging and exciting work.I recently applied for some RnD positions locally. Got an HR screen at one but ghosted after that. In hindsight, I could have been better prepared. I was taken aback that there was such little focus on my academic research background that matched nicely with the job requirements and all they seemed to care about was my recent experience that was rather unrelated in scope. Now I know what to expect in future HR screens. In the interview I still thought I made valuable connections between my academic work and the job posting, but I guess not enough. Nothing from the other positions.
Question for those here that have found themselves in a similar position (CRO/CDMO to RnD). How easy is it to make this transition? How wide of a net do you have to cast? I'm applying locally and with 3 years of experience in industry, I would have hoped that would make me more competitive than when I started looking for jobs when I had 0 experience. But with a tight market, I'm realizing that I'm likely not going to find a local position here. I generally write a brief cover letter of my background and how it relates to the job description. But is the cover letter necessary? My resume has gone through many edits over the past few years and is always tailored to the job I'm applying to (keyword matching). It's well polished and 2 pages. It's possible I'm making some errors here but it's brief and to the point. Skills/expertise presented right at the top of the first page. I'm probably acting a bit entitled and I need to do away with that attitude. It's like, hey, I'm good enough to work at some of the best research institutes in the world but I'm not good enough for your shitty little company? It's frustrating. Advice? Possibly adding connections on LinkedIn to companies I might want to work for in other areas of the country? Expand LinkedIn network in general for more networking opportunities?
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2023.06.10 20:12 Suspicious_Knee_3766 Is anything real anymore?

Been using 1/4g a day for a year. I have been through about 5-6 different plugs in Youngstown OH and I feel nothing. No nod, no energy, nothing. I just want to get high for once and I’m so sick of giving my money to these bum ass dealers who think they have something good. I still hear about people ODing around the area and I have no idea how that’s even possible. Learned how to order using the darkweb but not really in the position to throw a hundred(s) dollars away and wait weeks for it to show up. If it even does. What the fuck do I do?
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2023.06.10 20:12 J_walk3r89 My god daughter will be going into high school. She’ll be bringing the heat her first day. I’m a bit jealous they didn’t have my size though.

My god daughter will be going into high school. She’ll be bringing the heat her first day. I’m a bit jealous they didn’t have my size though. submitted by J_walk3r89 to Sneakers [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 20:12 InaccurateCreativity Do you have step kids?

I've been a step Mum for many years now (they're both well into their mid to late teens), I love them with all my heart, but... I really struggle unmasking and being my true self in front of them. I'm always as calm as I can be, but when I have a period of high stress, my ability to stay calm with them when they're being shitty is almost zero. I hate being that way as I know I have to be the 'adult'.
I really am quite a chill person, but so much has been out of my control recently which has resulted in me being the main caretaker in the household, work has been mental, extended family health issues etc. I've been in a permanent state of overwhelm. I will always take ownership of my behaviour if I've been snappy or said anything that's upset them. But... One of the things that gets to me is their inability to take accountability for their own part in things and also for holding onto things and not being able to forgive (I don't expect anything to be forgotten). I am on the whole much calmer than their mother, I show them love, give as much attention to them as I can and always reassure them they have a home here and are loved. I burn myself out trying to always make them comfortable and loved, but it destroys me when I am not able to keep my mask on and slip with irritation and then see them pull away from me and stonewall me.
I know some of this is rejection sensitivity, I just don't know how to navigate the overwhelming feeling that I've failed them, but also hate having to permanently mask and not be myself in my own home. Can anyone relate?
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2023.06.10 20:12 crowruin 27/M/Southern California - Looking for long-term nerdy friends with similar interests

Hi my name is Humberto and I am looking for friends with similar interests
I am into Anime, Video games, Cybersecurity, Technology, K-pop, K-hiphop, K-rap, K-rnb, alt rock, rock, rap, True crime, Korean/Japanese movies and various other movies/shows.
I speak English/Spanish and yes I love spicy food like:
I am shy/quiet at first but If I get comfortable I will be messaging a lot
I use Discord as my main communication
Reddit chat feature never works for me just letting you know If I miss your chat I am sorry! It's because I use RES (Reddit Enhancement Suite)
Here is more info on my interests:
I play video games on PC and right now my main 2 are Path of Exile and Last Epoch
DO NOT HESITATE to reach out if you play Path of Exile or Last Epoch!
When it comes to Diablo 4 I am not sure about getting it honestly I am not really hyped for it
I also have Overwatch and main Ana, Baptiste, Zen
I am taking a break from it right now and not really motivated to play
Other games I have played - Torchlight Infinite, Diablo 2 (not the remaster),Genshin Impact (AR36), Deep Rock Galactic, Killing Floor 2, Old School Runescape and more on Steam
Anime - Jujutsu Kaisen, Demon Slayer, Bleach, Dragon ball Z/Super, Attack on titan, One Punch Man, Clannad (I cried), Magic Knight Rayearth, Kite, Perfect Blue, Sword Art Online, School days, Akame Ga Kill, Elfen Lied.
Music - Here is my playlist but the standouts right now are: BIBI, LEEBADA, Ailee and Hoody
I am also into various kinds of movies and would like to find a movie/anime watching buddy here are the notable ones I have seen
Drive, Baby Driver, Whiplash, Upgrade, The Raid Redemption, The Raid 2, The place beyond the pines, Coherence, Another Earth, Sound of my Voice, I saw the Devil, The man from Nowhere, The Guest, Audition, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, Dragon ball Super Broly.
There is most likely more I am forgetting though haha
For shows I am waiting on Invincible S2 and The Boys S4
I am also into True crime like: Coffeehouse Crime, Dire Trip, Horror Stories, Twisted Minds and I also like shows like Court cam and Web of lies
I also have a personal server using DietPi as the OS running on an N2+ the first app I installed was Pi-hole (network wide adblocker)
I also bought a ROCK64 so I can run another Pi-hole for redundancy and I have them synced using gravity-sync that runs every hour (It was very annoying to put the black case together lol)
Here is what my Dashboard is looking like right now
I am still learning about Linux and also DockePortainer so far it is really fun seeing what I can install on my server
I would like to try out the Homepage dashboard since I have seen some really cool setups on the Self-hosted sub
If you have a similar setup definitely DM!
My only requirements are:
22-30 and from North America
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2023.06.10 20:12 ocean_calypso Incoming 1st Year- how to Switch programs/ majors completely??

Context: So I’ve been accepted to begin bachelor of commerce this September and am currently working on planning my course schedule.
I’ve realized I want to go into a Bachelor of Arts instead. How to I go about changing if this? I am having a really hard time finding this info on the website?
Anyone have this experience before?
Do I have to begin school this year and then apply for a transfer during school??
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 20:12 sowhatwhynot LECOM-SH vs. KansasCOM

I honestly don't care about rules like the dress code + no water. As a non-trad, those can be annoying but not a deal breaker. However, every student I've talked to for the most part has told me to go somewhere else if there's a better option. The question is a new DO school a better option.
Specialities I'm considering (but obviously could change): IM, FM, EM, Anesthesiology. Ideally I'd like to do my residency in a decently sized city (as opposed to rural).

View Poll
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2023.06.10 20:12 cocoandcoffee I give up. My hair isn’t responding to anything. All I’ve done is make it greasier, softer, and flatter at the roots. I need a non sulfate-free shampoo recommendation please (and any other tips that could help)

I’m honestly frustrated and overwhelmed trying to deal with my curls. I’m a 2B probably, but my curls have never really started very close to the roots (the first 2-3 inches are fairly straight I think). My hair’s also not very full and gets greasy pretty quick (sometimes less than a day after washing). If someone else says to be patient and “train” it to get used to washing less frequently I might just burn it all off my head. I feel like I have all the qualities of straight hair that just happens to present as wavy/curly.
Before I tried CGM or any other curly hair regimen (I’m talking back when all I used was regular Pantene type shampoo/conditioner and some light wave/curl gel), my curls were never super well defined but at least i had some volume (especially at the roots!) without too much frizz. And I could go 2ish days without washing. Now my hairs always flat at the top, almost always greasy, weighed down, and just….so high maintenance I want to cry. I don’t want to have to resort to washing and styling it every day just to get a few good hours out of it. I almost don’t even care about the curls anymore, I’m just tired of having greasy/flat roots.
This is what I know about my hair:
I’m sorry for the long rant 😭 it feels like my hair type is so different than anything else I see on these subs and nothing wants to work on it. Please help 😭
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2023.06.10 20:12 bigboxbird Why do we have spending problems

Like why?? I try so hard to save and I fight the urge but I lose everytime. it’s like one of my main symptoms. I just got done spending 200-300 on random shit that I DONT NEED and I probably don’t want after this high. What is it about spending money that is a “getaway” from our feelings? Is it the satisfaction? The self sabotage? Both? Ugh… I just want to save money like everyone else….. anyone have any tips??
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2023.06.10 20:11 willkingg Subutex

How long does it work for. I’m currently on 40mg methadone and it’s not holding me. By 7pm having taken my dose at around 11am I’m already starting to feel uncomfortable. Even after a completely sedentary day. Add work and or working out in to the mix and you can slash 3, 4, 5 or more hours off that. I either have a very high metabolism which I have to laugh at because I’ve struggled to lose weight for years or methadone just doesn’t agree with me. Subutex is the next thing by prescribing doctor at the charity that’s helping me would like me to try. I agreed to this but I though I would have a few weeks at least to get my mind adjusted to it and on board with the idea but my support worker texts me the next day saying everything is in place and my Friday doses will be 30ml instead of 40ml. Well this hit me a bit too fast as I’ve said and I called it off. But I’m willing to do it. Just once I’ve researched everything I can and know what and what not to do.
The main think I’d like to ask is how often do you take it? It’s it a once a day thing like methadone is for most people or twice a day or something else?
I don’t want to stay on methadone anyway as I don’t ever see myself getting off it. If I can’t even stabilise on the damn stuff then what good is talk of tapering. I’ve tapered off plenty of addicting medication before and this is way different. I don’t think i should have even been started on methadone to start with as it wasn’t really opioids I was addicted to, it was pregabalin after successfully or unsuccessfully however way you want to look at it using it to get off Kratom. So I’d have the odd codeine binge after a big night of drinking and enjoy the results but I’d never take them through the week. Anyway yeah I’d just like an answer to my main question please. Cheers
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2023.06.10 20:11 Footsie_Galore EMDR rant

So, it can take several sessions for yourself and the therapist to build rapport, complete a trauma assessment, assess for dissociation, screen for suicidality, psycho-education on the process of EMDR, ensure you have good enough distress tolerance, provide and enhance coping skills, review impact of trauma on the nervous system, review any medications etc before any EMDR can even START.
Also, if there is complex trauma, it can take a even more sessions to develop sufficient trust to start the trauma history, let alone EMDR processing.
So. My vent is not at the above process, but at that fact that in Australia, we only get 10 sessions with a psychologist per year, partly subsidised by the public health system. After that, only the wealthy can afford regular therapy.
I'm 44 years old. I have CPTSD from various different times and experiences starting at age 4, and also have lifelong anxiety, long term OCD and Avoidant Personality Disorder from age 7, BPD from age 15-16 and anhedonic depression for 6-10 years. My distress tolerance is basically zero and my avoidance is high.
Being able to access 10 sessions only means I will never get to properly try EMDR.
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2023.06.10 20:11 riana_01 I just wanted to share this to someone who don't know me personally. I've heard that it helps.

One thing I learnt from my parents was how not to live my life. I'm not really "living the life" either it's mostly pathetic and I'm aware of that no shame. But I definitely know what not to do after I do get my life back on track. And my parents also gave me the best relationship advice anyone can get. You know you hear these people and read comments giving advice when to leave when there's a toxic relationship or what are the red flags. They only tell you and you read words you don't really get it first hand. But I had the blessing to get those first hand by watching not by reading or listening.
I got a brother he's the sanest person in my family. He raised me literally. My brother as my father figure. You think this is sad but let me tell you he's the best father there can be. He doesn't have a kid yet but I know he'll be the best dad ever. Atleast he was for me, it's as if God said "oops i forgot to give you a proper dad. Here I hope this helps." Raised by an elder sibling my whole life lmao. When he left home after he graduated I was devastated but also happy for him. Now my mom was there for me. Like she's the best of the two partners here. She gave up her dignity and respect for us. Now I know she tried to set an example as to how to maintain the marriage but honestly I really don't see it. Tbh she's really naive her whole life she has been like that. She endured. My entire dad's family gave shit to her and she endured because of us. She sacrificed but I honestly don't know if it was good or bad. I can't judge here since for me she has been my superhero the savior in my family. My mom comes first always and then bro. If my mom couldn't handle something she used to pass it bro and somehow I always listened to him. Now when it comes to my dad. Tbh I never really knew him until he retired from office. I used to be very oblivious to what was going in the house. Maybe my bro kept me distracted cuz after he left I always used to hear fights and bullshit drama and screaming. It's as if I was in an entirely different household. I asked my bro and he said well it always has been like that. You never noticed?
Anyway I plan on doing many things after I get my first salary. First would be to get my mom a ticket to her hometown where she can be with her mom and probably buy her things she never got from her husband. For example, a lipstick.
Now this post my seem like I'm villainising my dad which I don't really intend to. It's just some of the truth i faced in my life because these are the memories i have and these were the things I saw and heard in my household. But I love my dad regardless. Maybe it's just he doesn't love us back the same way but he's my dad how can I not? He worries about me and yk taught me things like a dad would. He just never loved or cared enough to show i guess. That's why my bro always came first because he was there for me more than my dad he taught me more things and he showed me how much he loved me. Even in school parents teachers meet it always used to be my mom who showed up never my dad. My dad never kept any info about my academics. Always my mom. The one time maybe in 8th grade my mom couldn't come so my bro came to meet the teachers.
My bro has been there but also my dad on certain occasions. But it used to be mostly my bro so thats why I consider him more as my father figure. But that doesn't make my dad any less of a dad.
I request you all if you want to comment don't say anything bad about him. He has his own ways and I know him more than any of you guys. That's how he was raised by my grandma and he lives like that so nothing wrong. There's no bad or evil person in this rant just a morally gray area for me. I just wanted to share this to feel lighter. I can't share or talk about this to anyone i know personally so here it is.
If bad English please ignore since I wrote this on the spot.
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2023.06.10 20:11 snakk10 Making essences more accessible

Dear Devs,
In my view it would be highly desirable to make certain essences more accessible: It can’t be a thing to farm for literally two months and not having the one essence you need/want drop…
Suggestion: have a counter for all the essences you’ve collected and make it possible to trait in maybe 3 or 5 repeats for 1 you don’t already have.
Seriously, this is ridiculous as it is right now
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2023.06.10 20:11 The_Real_Katakuri [Chatper 1086] Rested Review: Looking back

Ch. 1086 p1_2
The chapter starts with this color spread. Very colorful, very very clean. It's very readable. Every element, including water on the characters is easily understandable, the ground is beautiful and the puddles are even more beautiful. That's the good part.
I have three problems with the cover, though:
  1. Mugiwara pirates again and again and again. We've had some similar color spreads in the past and it gets to a point where they feel repeated, even if they aren't. I'm convinced most readers would prefer more different characters making it to the color covers.
  2. Franky's hairstyle. Because Franky wasn't horrible enough in last chapter's cover, Oda needed to find a new and even more silly hairstyle for Franky. I wonder if he's ever going to swallow his pride and go back to draw Franky either with his original hairstyle or the shaved style with which he came back after the time skip. Every single other hairstyle has been ridiculous and has only served to ridicule Franky.
  3. The perspective is completely messed up. The flowers in the top right part of the cover show peprfectly where the vanishing point is (in the middle of the image very close to the top). The vanishing point is the point where the camera is "looking" to, even if Oda likes to put it outside the image sometimes for artistic reasons. The thing is, every character on the ground (not Luffy), and most notably Nami, is drawn with very short legs as though Oda was trying to do a very high angle shot. And that doesn't make any sense accounting for the perspective of the background, but also because he's really only shortened their legs and not the rest of their body and it's very very weird. Look at Nami's legs and the umbrella. The umbrella isn't distorted but the legs are. That defeats the purpose of distorting the legs and it simply feels like she's a dwarf now.
In any case, the work on the reflections of every character in the puddles are awesome.
Ch. 1086 p3
Last chapter ended with Wapol escaping from Pangaea castle with Vivi (and Kinderella?), and this one begins and they have already successfully left Mariejoise. Igaram, Pell and Chaka are searching for king Cobra and Vivi.
It isn't clear at all when is this happening:
I find it very strange, regardless of time, that Igaram, Pell & Chaka haven't been dealt with by the nobles. It's not like they're hiding precisely. The way I see it, there are only 2 ways to proceed with them:
  1. Tell them "the king is here, please come" and kill them.
  2. Tell them about Cobra's death and frame Sabo as soon as possible in ortder to avoid suspicion.
If they aren't killed, and the nobles are not answering to their questions about the king either, anyone would connect the dots and imagine Cobra was murdered by the nobles.
Also, it's good that Igaram cares for Vivi, but what about caring a chapter or two earlier? What was more important for Igaram than protecting Vivi? What was he actually doing??
In fact, why was Vivi waiting for a Gondola to leave the Red Line when his father was just getting to a meeting with the Gorōsei??
Ch. 1086 p4
Wapol and Vivi are hiding in the Aegis' kingdom ship and arrange a way to go with Morgans. Good. That takes partial care of explaining how they ended up with Morgans. But the real question is how did left the Red Line? Did really no one go looking for them? It's ridiculous.
First the Revolutionaries show how anyone can infiltrate at Mariejoise and now multiple people show how anyone can escape as well. The humiliation is scandalous.
Wapol doesn't want to tell Vivi about Imu or his dead father because he's sure CP0 are trying to kill him. That doesn't make sense. If you're sure they're going to kill you you don't act in your future assassin's favor. If anything, trying to get as much attention as possible from the world is the way to go. It might fail, but there's a chance the attention could make Imu want to discredit Wapol rather than kill him and fuel the conspiracy theorists.
Ch. 1086 p5
With the recent announcement about Oda having eye surgery and him saying he couldn't see properly, it would be reasonable to consider how that could have affected his ability to draw.
Let me tell you the truth about two things:
  1. People with astigmatism don't become functionally blind until they have surgery correct their vision. They wear glasses and that's the end of it. Surgery will make Oda not need glasses, but that's all. The astigmatism wasn't preventing him from drawing at all.
  2. Look at the cover again. Oda can draw really well when he wants. Look now at this page. It's difficult to know whether it's king Stelly in the first panel or not because he's as much of a scribble as Sabo's picture, that might be a legit scribble.
Spandam, Gismonda ans some other agents are lookinig for Vivi and Sabo, but not the former CP9 members, who had Vivi in their custody and lost her. Also, where's Rob Lucci and what's he doing? Is he completely ignoring his duty as well?
Ch. 956 p9
So... Stelly was staring so hard at Vivi's poster that he didn't see Sabo's poster and couldn't listen to anything regarding the terrorist attack lead by his brother despite the whole Mariejoise was being searched for him. Interesting.
Ch. 1086 p6
The gorōsei pick up the ringing den den mushi. This is the only relevant thing happening in this whole page.
The narrator puts emphasis on Cobra's death and Vivi's disappearance but not on the clash between the Revolutionaries and the admirals. Why is that? It's to bolster the retcon'd timeline.
Ch. 925 p9 & 10_11
Remember that back in chapter 925, the highlight about the Reverie was the clash between the Revolutionary Army and the admirals. And it was said to happen during the 4th day of the Reverie. However, in this and the immediately previous chapters, events are happening during the 7th day (the last).
Another detail is that then the silhouettes indicated that the news included Sabo fighting the admirals, but during this recent flashback, Sabo didn't even met them.
Ch.. 956 p4
Then, in ch. 956 Garp explains that the incident with Cobra happens after the Reverie ended. That clearly separates the operation of the Revolutionary army (4th day) and Cobra's death (+7th day).
At the same time, Garp says that happened after they left, and that it was reported to him even later. And asks Neptune and his family not to fear humans because of it.
This and Shirahoshi's reaction make sense only if they had no better reasons to fear humans, like Shirahoshi being assaulted a second time by Charloss, and if Shirahoshi bid farewell to Vivi while everything was fine and now she's surprised to hear that.
But that's not what the recent flashback tells us.
Ch. 1086 p7
Contrary to last page, this one has mane things to consider.
Imu wants to "test" the "Mother Flame", a Vegapunk's invention, and the Saturn says they haven't had the chance to try it yet. Another gorōsei suggests a forest for the test but Imu wants "Lulucia" kingdom. The gorōsei show concern for the choice but at no point they question it.
We will see in the next page that they're talking about the weapon that destroyed Lulucia kingdom. And the first thing that calls for my attention is that the gorōsei look like complete amateurs here.
They've had a mass destruction weapon for "some" time, but haven't tested it yet. Can you imagine how many things could go wrong when trying new technology for the very first time? But don't be fooled, Imu doesn't want to "test" it. She wants to use it.
The gorōsei have been waiting with such a weapon in their power without testing it because...?? It's obvious that there must be a lot of places in the world were Imu, the gorōsei and the World Government in general should be perfectly fine with testing the Mother Flame, from certain uninhabited areas of the Red Line, to unaffiliated countries and from the top of my head, if anything else, Punk Hazard comes to mind. A government island they think is closed off because Akainu and Aokiji made it useless. It's the perfect place to test these kind of things. But they think they've had "no chance to try it yet". Sure.
In an attempt to defend Vegapunk from the undeniable increasing evidence of his evilness, I read some say the weapon is not "he Mother Flame" but "Uranus" and that the Mother Flame is only a power source.
That makes even less sense. First, because Imu clearly instructs to use the Mother Flame and not Uranus. And second because there's no way they can actually think they haven't had the chance to try a power source
Ch. 1086 p8_9
Imu answers about the reason to choose Lulucia and the five gorōsei are formally introduced. And three things stand out to me:
  1. They're named after planets of the solar system (other than the ones already used lol) and at the same time, they're not. There's Saturn and Mars, but there's also Ju Peter and V. Nasjūrō, who read like Jupiter and Venus + japanese traditional name ending. And lastly there's Valcury, who by elimination and obvious similarity should reference Mercury, but this one is clearly different. And I wonder if this is Oda wanting to name the gorōsei after planets and at the same time being obsessed with being unpredictable.
  2. With this names two middle names are introduced: "Ju" and "V.". So far, only "D." has been a thing. It was odd enough if you think about it, but the fact that now two more exist and that they do so in order to not write the name exactly like the planet feels quite odd to me as well.
  3. What is this "warrior god" thing? What does that even mean for them? I mean, I understand what "warrior god" means, but what's an "agriculture warrior god" or a "finance warrior god"??
Has Jupiter ever waged war in the name of agriculture or something like that? I get it, it's something meant to assign specific roles to each of them despite they have acted like a council for 1086 chapters, but wouldn't it make more sense to be "finance god" and "justice god" instead without the "warrior" part?
Also, do they really have any authority over their "department"? Last page showed they are nothing but the butlers of Imu. It's difficult to imagine they have agency.
To me, this looks like the upteenth attempt at hyping us for nothing. First, people living in Mariejoise were titled "World Nobles". Then they were rebranded as "Celestial Dragons". And recently they've been rebranded again as "Gods". And for no reason and without explanation. Just the narrator coming up with new ways to extol them. But at the end of the day, words are just that and so far, even the gorōsei have only prooved (this chapter too) to be very incompetent.
Now that I think about it...

Imu says Lulucia has been chosen for proximity alone. So, officially, both the fact that Sabo had gone there and that the country had rebelled aren't the reason. I wonder whether Imu's answer is just a way of saying the gorōsei to not even ask for explanations and just obey or actually a whimsical and very plot convenient occurrence.
The gorōsei note the convenience of being able to use the Mother Flame "freely" and I'm sure they're not talking about authorization, because Imu rules the world, but about the cost. Certainly the Mother Flame must consume a lot of energy. If only they had some scientist trying to develop a troll-science self´-sustaining power source, right?
Well, they got one but they're very heeadstrong in killing him, for some reason.
Ch. 1086 p10
We get to see the seraphim we hadn't yet seen. I don't think there's anything relevant in this page, but I've read some people arguing S-Croc could be a girl, you know, the old theory about Crocodile being originally a woman since Ivankov said he made Croc a huge favor, even though it could actually be anything else.
Personally I don't think S-Croc has particularly female traits in this image, but it's true that he has the same starry eyes as S-Snake, while S-Shark and S-Hawk do not (the others haven't shown their eyes). But if I had to guess, I'd put my money in Oda has decided to always have at least one gender-ambiguous character to troll the readers with left and right.
Ch. 1086 p11
Sabo telling more of what we already knew and saw.
Ch. 1086 p12
And this page is again, dedicated to justify the retcon'd timeline as though it was not.
Back in chapter 1060 (that's the beginning of this very arc, do you still remember what this is arc was about?), Sabo was at Lulucia when the annihilation happened.
Ch. 1060 p13, 14_15 & 16
We saw him as we were only seeing Lulucia and its citizens being shot by the Mother Flame and also the call ending abruptly immediately after the shot.
Now, Sabo says he was near, but not exactly there. And tries to explain the ending call saying it was an indirect call that was "rerouted" through another den den mushi on Lulucia.
First I wonder how do you do that from a ship? It's true that the specifics about how den den mushi are operated have never been told, but regardless, if this "rerouting" were a thing, surely it would have come in handy to many characters through the story before.
Also, since when can Marines (or any third party) locate den den mushi? They have been able to intercept communications and listen to them, but not guess where was any of the snails making the call. And even if they could, given he himself says it was not an encrypted den den mushi, hence being vulnerable to interception, why wouldn't they locate the original signal from Sabo just like the one at Lulucia?
Ch. 1086 p13
I don't remember Lulucia's name being romanized before, but it can be read in the ship's sail. It's written with a C (until another assistant thinks otherwise at least).
Sabo rules out living thing and natural disaster as the cause for Lulucia's annihilation and Ivankov pretty much implies Imu is someone from the void century who has lived this long because she's immortal thanks to the Ope Ope no mi.
Regarding Sabo's claim, I think we've seen all sorts of surreal things in One Piece to agree his assumption is very bold. A shadow in the sky is no indicator of no living thing or natural disaster. In fact we've seen shadows in the sky caused no more and no less by living beings and natural phenomena.
Ch. 299 p12_13
On his part, Ivankov's assumption is also quite bold. Does a name really reference one single instance of a living being? There can only have ever been one Imu? What about one Oars?
There's also plenty of people known for their outstanding longevity like Kureha. (Interesting that this made me think of her...)
It's true that Ivankov accounts for the name being not truly a reason next page, but the fact that he implies it with this force under an argument he knows is very weak... This is just Oda telling us "this is this way because a character is saying it" or trolling us for fun.
Ch. 1086 p14
Also, as I said last chapter, anyone can know of Imu and it was completely unreasonable of Imu not to tell Cobra about her, considering they were going to kill him no matter what and she said she was going to address his questions.
Could anyone else than Imu from 800 years ago be the one commanding the gorōsei? Why not? What kind of reasoning is that?
Next Ivankov makes his best guess of the day and claims Vegapunk must have created the Mother Flame (confirmed some pages ago by Imu). And it's now of all assumptions that Dragon intervenes to stop jumping to conclusions. Really??
"Vegapunk would never intentionally design a dedicated killing machine". What kind of joke is this?
  1. Kuma
  2. Mass-produced Pacifista model 1
  3. Mass-produced Pacifista model 2
  4. Mass-produced Pacifista model 3
  5. Seraphim
And after this and out of absolutely nowhere, they speak of ancient weapons. This page and the previous one is some of the most forced text I've seen in One Piece.
Ch. 1086 p15
For the final page of the chapter (yes, 15 pages only again, 2 of them cover), a new character makes his debut by sentencing to death Saint Donquixote Mjosgard.
He's named Saint Figarland Garling and is said to have been king of God Valley. Unlike everyone else, apparently, I'm not going to theorize about his relationship with Shanks, I want to talk to you about two other characters.
First, Dr. Kureha.
Ch. 154 p8
She looks just like she was Garling's twin sister. It's interesting, because a couple of pages back the matter of longevity was brought up and now we see a world noble said to have been king of a land outside Mariejoise and outside the Red Line. As we've been told in a number of occasions (last one being last chapter), only the Nefertari family were founders of the World Government who stayed at their homeland. This means if Garling was actually king of God Valley and not just a descendant of the last king, he's from the void century. Not as an hypothesis like with Imu, but confirmed. Thus, the simmilarities with Dr. Kureha aren't just physical. Both have incredible longevity and I think it was worth noting.
Last, I want to talk about Garling's predecessor: Crescent moon Gally.
He's the villain in the first version of the Romance Dawn oneshot that would later become One Piece. As you can see, The crescent moon motive in the hair is there just like with Garling (and the nose too). If you take the crescent moon out of the hat and apply it to the hair together with the beard, and change the mustache stretching to the sides for more hair to make it more exaggerated, you get Garling. Even the pose and facial expression is pretty much the one in this image.
Also, in his original name written in japanese, there's no indication of whether his name is "GaRling" or just "Galling".
And that would be... Oh! I almost forgot! Yeah... given Garling sentenced Mjosgard, where does this leave Saint Topman Valcury? Wasn't he the "Justice warrior god"? Why isn't he the one handing out justice? What other affairs regarding justice does he manage if not judging disputes among celestial dragons?
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2023.06.10 20:11 unicornarealive Does it get better?

I’m about to finish my first year of teaching. For context: I’m 33 (f), after a couple of years in my previous career as a communications specialist i decided to switch careers and went back to university for my teaching degree in primary education. I worked as a teaching assistant to get an insight before starting with my second degree.
I work in an European country where teachers are compensated fairly (> 100k yearly). For the last year I taught first grade. After the summer break I’ll change schools to teach 4th grade.
I just don’t know if I can cope with the stress and mental load. I love working with children however the administrative work, lack of teaching and special ED personnel, high numbers of students with special needs or behavioral problems, meetings all the damn time, compulsory coursed, burnt out co-workers, parent’s expectations etc. HOW DO YOU IT? All I talk about in therapy is work. Sometimes i cry in bed, because I feel like I’m failing my students and myself. I was really excited to do this, however I’m afraid I’ll burn out.
Advice or sharing your experience is very appreciated.
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2023.06.10 20:11 knackademic Academic rigor at Harvey Mudd

Hi all, rising senior here. I’ve been really interested in Harvey Mudd recently as I’m looking for a challenging STEM school with a small student body, but was wondering if the reported extent of the coursework—specifically, resulting in a lack of sleep—was true, or if it’s just an exaggeration to emphasize the rigor. I really love a good academic project and so wouldn’t mind difficult coursework, however I am unwilling to consistently sacrifice a healthy sleep schedule for my education, and frankly would be a little shocked that others are. Any advice? If it’s relevant, I intend to major in CS.
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2023.06.10 20:11 starrbaby821 Type me off of these points (please)

I used the questions in the pinned post as a guideline but I formatted it this way so it's less clunky and easier to read ;)

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2023.06.10 20:10 AutomatonRecognizer Thermochemistry question regarding the thermal decomposition of specific compounds - (sodium oxide and iron oxide) using sodium as a source of energy

Hi there nice forum. The question is below if you don’t want to read the background info

BACKGROUND INFO : I’ve been spending these past few years researching the energy crisis that humanity seems set to encounter pretty soon and without writing too much, I’m very interested in the thermochemical decomposition of sodium oxide and to a lesser extent iron oxide (because I know it’s much harder, iron has a much higher melting point). Fossil fuels basically fit the criteria for being the best energy source ever. Cheap and abundant (currently), high energy density, high thermal radiation, highly portable. It just sucks that it pollutes and that it will run out soon

The websites that have influenced me the greatest (regarding the energy crisis) are

And others. I am not benefiting by marketing them.

My question is that at what temperature does sodium oxide completely decompose to its elements of sodium and oxygen. Does applying sufficient heat alone (thermolysis) enable the separation of these elements or are absurd temperatures required (I consider anything above 2700 or 3000 celsius absurd)

Is there any nifty chart that shows the temperatures required to completely separate these compounds using just heat alone? Sorry if the question sounds dumb it might be because I know that in order to get things to separate usually you need them to combine with another element like carbon or hydrogen (as is often done) along with an electric current using electrolysis.

I assume in the case of the decomposition of sodium oxide that the oxygen will simply combine with surrounding nitrogen once the decomposition occurs. Would that happen? Or would it be a different outcome? Im guessing it wouldn’t happen because both oxygen and nitrogen are negative or positive?

Picture a huge amount of sodium oxide or peroxide sitting in a high temperature bowl like stainless steel or titanium or whatever other container that can withstand the high heat. Then a fresnel lens ontop of the sodium oxide beaming it with solar power.

Or you could heat it up the conventional way idk but obviously you can’t heat it up to 2000 degrees using electricity because most of the industrial coils heated up disintegrate past 1800 degrees (if my memory serves me right) and heating up sodium oxide with fossil fuels to reduce it and use it as an energy source is pointless

MORE BACKGROUND INFO : Im trying to find out if there’s some chemistry genius out there that has tried and researched using these metals as fuel and found a way to easily separate them, or if there’s some way to separate them without using standard electrochemistry because the introduction of electrodes, gases and electricity brings about issues related to corrosion and increased costs. I know thunderf00ts been doing some work related to sodium but his work involves using the sodium for work rather than it’s synthesis and distribution

Sorry if all the things talked about here sound half baked I am not a chemist just a curious mind seeing if the worlds headed to complete shit or not. Electricity alone is not going to power your car or home, at least not without destroying biodiversity. It will also introduce immense pollution, the amount of rock you have to mine using gas powered cars is also off the charts and likely not practical (at least with lithium anyways) also there is very little recycling going on with todays batteries so how in the hell are we going to recycle enough batteries for the billions of cars in the future if we aren’t even recycling the ones being used now. According to various estimates there’s only enough mineable lithium for 1 or 1.5 billion electric cars let alone the batteries you’d need for the city or your home. Either there’s a solution on the horizon or people need to change their expectations about the future
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2023.06.10 20:10 Actually_Kenny Did I desecrate my rosary?

Did I sin/desecrate my rosary for allowing my Muslim friend to pray his prayer with me on my rosary? I forgot what he said their equivalent of a rosary is but I was praying my rosary when my school rose the pride flag a few days ago this just came back to mind when I finished praying my rosary.
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