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Subreddit dedicated to the science fiction series The Expanse. From the books, TV show, comics, and games.

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Anything having to do with the moon Europa.

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2023.06.05 09:00 AutoModerator Daily Discussion Thread 06/05/23

Welcome to the Daily Discussion Thread series on /smashbros! Inspired by /SSBM and /hiphopheads's DDTs, you can post here:
Other guidelines:
If you have any suggestions about future DDTs or anything else subreddit related, please send them our way! Thanks in advance!
Links to Every previous thread!
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2023.06.05 08:57 ayswl I’m new, joined during TOTS, is it a good idea to save my packs?

Basically, my pack luck hasn’t been great so far, so I have been saving packs since Ligue 1 TOTS started, I don’t really want to open the packs now because knowing my pack luck it’s going to be Portugal stuff or nothing at all.
So.. Wondering a few things…
1) What’s after Serie A TOTS? Should I save my packs for something potentially coming up?
2) If I open my packs now, in terms of TOTS, can I get the previous league stuff like EPL TOTS, or is it only Portugal and Serie A stuff now?
3) Are there any of those secret/conspiracy practices to increase pack luck, at this point I’ll try anything 💀
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2023.06.05 08:57 Many_Line9136 Has anyone else lost love for the series?

I’ve been reading One Piece from 2016 all the way to now. And I don’t have the excitement for the series as I did before the Wano arc.
I see a lot of people are enjoying the endgame but I mostly read the series for the lore and the fact that I’m already a 1000+ in I might as well finish it.
I honestly don’t think Oda could write as good as pre-Wano. These chapters are jam packed with nothing and honestly some of these chapters could be combined into one.
I feel like we’re doing a lot of unnecessary stuff instead of getting to good stuff. And sure we don’t have to rush but I’ve seen what he did in Wano. He wasted a ton of time in Act 2 and wasted even more time with Yamato then speed wrapped up the arc. I feel like that arc is a preview of how the final Saga will play out.
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2023.06.05 08:55 MsStoneHeart 39F [Chat] About to hit my 40s. Feeling super old! Still a night owl though. Anyone else?

Luckily with my job I won’t be FEELING 40. I’m a cop so I tend to keep an active lifestyle. All be it, work keeps me active enough. But the training, conditioning, and such is what I do off work to stay in decent shape. Best part of my day is ending a 13-16 hour shift and taking off all my gears. Which includes weapon belt, bullet proof vest, and some extra armor lol. Probably has got to be 35-40lbs on me and I’m only 102lbs lol. Always feel refreshing and light. I work about 4 days a week.
I like to go shopping on my days off. I’m in the New Jersey and New York area so plenty of places to shop. I’m a jeans and breezy shirt type of person. I also take a bit to do yoga. So far I don’t sound too old right lol? I also sometimes am invited to be a guess speaker at elementary schools and colleges.
There’s not much else I could say without oversharing. Had a top secret mission in Washington DC the other week which involves the president so that was pretty cool lol. I only got one small tattoo on my wrist. It’s small a samurai rabbit. I’m a blonde but the sunlight sometimes makes me look like a red head lol. I’ve been shot before. I have experience in infantry recon missions. Been involve in some high risky deadly missions.
If anyone can actually put effort into the conversation than hit me up. If not, just keep scrolling lol. I don’t do and enjoy short replies.
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2023.06.05 08:53 SquiglyMeenu r/SGMFanPallettes on Reddit: “This idol... won’t be defeated!” Fukua as Athena Asamiya from the KOF/Psycho Solider series (I’m still really really surprised this isn’t an in game skin. They are so similar)

SGMFanPallettes on Reddit: “This idol... won’t be defeated!” Fukua as Athena Asamiya from the KOF/Psycho Solider series (I’m still really really surprised this isn’t an in game skin. They are so similar)
My friend Dantie made some pallets and I’m going to make SA for them
SA: Purity Cloner When on the other side of the stage and opponent is hit with a projectile, gain precision and gain 10%/20%/35% block Buster meter, deal more damage for each fully charge block buster
When using a blockbuster, while benefitting from 3 stacks precision, gain immunity for 12 seconds and inflict 3 random debuffs. (This was harder to make then I thought)
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2023.06.05 08:52 Sexy_Pompey What's a good point to stop and take a short break from the series?

I've been reading the series for the first time and i just finished the shadow rising. However I'm very much a one book at a time kinda guy and my backlog of other books I've meant to read has grown quite a bit while I've been focusing on WoT. So are there any good spots to take a breather from the series coming up within the next few books?
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2023.06.05 08:50 TheRabidtHole An honest Sidemen Sunday

That’s what I felt we got this week. Just an honest video of the boys and their friends. After the latest series of videos that were all dressed up with the glitz and glamor of Dubai, or expensive glamping and other extravagance, all that seemed stripped away this week as the guys were forced to rely upon their personalities to drive this week’s video. They didn’t have any zip lines to fall back on, or magicians, or other YouTubers taking the spotlight. They had to be honest in this video, be themselves, just like they used to be.
For better or for worse they were honest.
They spoke their minds, and the video starts out with them asking each other and complaining if they’re on the “good” or “bad” team aka, “am I eating steak today?” Or “am I eating burgers tonight?” Teams. And the rest of the video is then just honestly complaining that they aren’t living the high life in a penthouse and living a celeb lifestyle, best way to put it. Even their friends like Callux and Chip seem to be mainly focused on that, them even going on to rant about how this is the video they got to be in when others like Lazar got to go to Dubai with the Sidemen. Who knows what they’re saying or how they behave behind the scenes, but if the image you’re putting forward video after video is that you don’t want to be making content unless it’s expensive and extravagant, then the audience is going to match that mood and also be unhappy with the content. Without the complaining, the video genuinely would’ve been even more enjoyable. In the older versus videos it was funny, now it just feels like entitlement.
It also doesn’t help that they’re so focused in the latest videos on what they’re doing rather on them. People started watching the Sidemen because of their personalities and humor, not because they fly around on zip lines, ride around on yachts, or constantly eat expensive food just for the sake of it.
Finally, the last big issue I’ll mention is expectations and part of the fault there lies with the audience. It’s the supervillain effect. With every big thing the Sidemen do, the expectation becomes they must do something just as big or bigger. They need to work themselves back down now, focus on more relaxed content so that they can express themselves again and not their wallets.
But that’s just my take. Feel free to either tear me apart or add your own thoughts!
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2023.06.05 08:49 Sagebby996 Holographic universe

Does anyone remember that youtube video series on the holographic universe where the thumbnail was just all blue and I’m pretty sure the words were just holographic universe and ea video was at least and hour long and there were at least 8 parts? I watched it in 2015 and haven’t been able to find it since and have wanted to share it or just watch it again so many times since than. Any links would be extremely appreciated!
Also cannot remember the name of the actual series or find it no matter what I try to search
Do it get erased off the internet?
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2023.06.05 08:48 libsk91 Help on authentication?

Help on authentication?
Siskiyou belt company buckles - grandfather passed away and he had one in a fancy box with the cert of autho??? I can’t find ANY siskiyou buckles with stones.. he’s def organized so I can’t see him placing a buckle in the wrong box?
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2023.06.05 08:47 xartux I am a 27 year old male who was diagnosed with end stage liver disease, alcoholic hepatitis and severe chronic Cirrhosis last spring 2022. Alcoholism is the worst addiction I’ve ever experienced. No other drug has come close. It’s run rampant through my dad, grandpa, uncles and now me…

I was an innocent kid for most of my life. I had horrible untreated anxiety that I didn’t understand and it got the best of me when I turned 21. I had never really drank or done anything of the sorts until about 19-20 and then the day I turned 21 I was finally able to purchase liquor myself… and it got out of control.
I am 27 years old and was diagnosed last spring at 26 with Liver failure, alcoholic hepatitis and Cirrhosis of the liver with advanced scarring. I was rushed to the emergency trauma center near me in Minneapolis Minnesota after my now fiancée returned home from a work conference out of state and found me in our bedroom completely yellow, tremulous and swollen legs and fluid build up in my stomach. When she left the week before I went on what would be my last drinking bender.
For the past 6 years I was consuming at minimum a liter of 80 proof vodka all the way up to a 1.75 liter handle per day. I stopped once for 2 weeks in 2020 after a small medical scare and also became sick with covid. That’s the longest break I had for those 6 years up until my hospitalization.
I spent a week in the hospital as the doctors tried to do anything they could do to get my increasing liver enzymes and bilirubin down. I was yellow and in a lot of pain. I was immediately placed into CIWA withdrawal protocol and was monitored for worsening mental status and seizures.
I had an MRI done, 2 ultra sounds and countless testing on my first night. I was informed I would need to undergo a transplant in the future as long as they could combat my symptoms. After 3 days the doctors started losing hope of getting it to come down with proven methods. They were left with no choice but to discharge me after a few more days with experimental steroids.
I returned home and was bed ridden while my fiancé spoon fed these steroids once daily and we hoped for a positive outcome. A week later I had blood work done and my bilirubin was decreasing by the day. I was so relieved.
My family is filled with alcoholics and I feel like I was foolish to think it wouldn’t come for me too.
I have since had countless imaging and ultra sounds done that show permanent damage and cirrhotic liver with abnormally enlarged spleen that hurts like a MF. I am now almost 400 days sober and have lost a ton of weight. I finished up my outpatient treatment at the original hospital and gastro clinic here in Minneapolis. I am now getting set up with a liver specialist at the Mayo Clinic here. I will be there getting 2nd opinion tests and imaging done to determine my future. I will most likely need a transplant down the road.
I’m not here to lecture but I wanted to share my story in hopes it helps someone else out. Sober life was hard as hell at first but has gotten so much easier. I am proud of where I’m at but have a long way to go.
On the 3rd morning of my stay I was pretty certain I wasn’t going to make it out. I was able to keep my drinking a secret for 6 years and no one knew about my problem or never questioned me. I didn’t want to get caught and face the embarrassment to my family. I awoke that day and thought about how I was going to have to call up my family members, brother and sister and tell them I wouldn’t be around much longer. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I would never get to see my newly born niece grow up and how selfish my actions were. They would have been so taken off guard and would have to watch me go a slow death. My over was already shutting down and the only thing left was my kidneys next. After those shut down it’s game over.
The last 6 years of my life are a blur. I now run a small business from home while I build my life back up.
Anyways, sorry for the long winded story.
I went to the hospital last year spring 2022 and was diagnosed with advanced liver disease. Addiction can fuck off and so can alcohol.
I drank a liter of vodka a day for 6 years. Don’t be dumb like me and ignore the signs of illness after your body can’t take it anymore.
Here’s a few links with some of my medical experience from that incident. With 400 days under my belt I feel as though I can help someone and prevent making the same mistakes I did.
This is a first for me and I’m only sharing this picture of me when I checked into the emergency room. I just want people to see what can happen in a short amount of heavy drinking time and what might await some alcoholics in their older years.
Peace & love
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2023.06.05 08:45 Mr-Tim-Apple Shitloads of Money 101

Shitloads of Money 101
I have some news. It’s not great. It will require you to look at the amount of money in consumer checking accounts:
If you can read and have any idea how zeros work you will see that we have about 5T in consumer checking accounts. That’s five thousand billion dollars. I know, there’s going to be plenty of you saying “but but that’s not right” it’s right, I checked. There’s about 4T more in consumer checking accounts than before the pandemic. I’m sure you don’t believe me, so check for yourself:
For all of you 2009’ers out there, this ain’t 2009, in that period the numbers for checkable deposits was like 150B. That was end times. What we’re doing now is called “central planning” and “modern monetary theory”. “But, but the news said” the news is run by the government.
I’m sorry to be the one interrupting the doom loop but have a look:
The Fed started buying MBS post-2009, they’ve accumulated over 2.6 trillion. So, before you guys do anymore Blackrock porn, maybe check up on Uncle Sam.
The money you have today, if not spent or put in an asset will be worth 40-50% less in 10 years.
They want everyone to own a home. Everyone. Special rates will emerge for income tiers, term will probably get to 50 years.
I know you’re all expecting the “free market” to come correct, but it’s not that anymore.
I’m not a housing super bull, I’m just telling you there’s no 2009 coming, if anything we’re doing post-WW2 policy.
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2023.06.05 08:43 GlacialCrab3 Changing directions…

Hey guys, This post might be a little out of place here (so mods delete if not allowed) but with the wide amount of different people with different perspectives and experiences, I couldn’t think of a better place to ask. I previously started studying electrical engineering straight out of Highschool and completed the first year and was surprisingly good at it but hated the content, just got no enjoyment out of it and hence have decided to switch degrees. However because I decided too late to change, the course I wanted to get into, being a Bachelor of Construction Project Management at UTS, only has one intake at the beginning of the year and I had missed this. I then planned to start at Sydney Uni for semester 2 (I got an offer) in a Project Management Degree, majoring in Construction. I don’t believe this course is enough on its own and is really something that should be paired with another course as it is essentially just a project management degree with some Civil engineering subjects sprinkled in from what I can see. The UTS course appears to be more flushed out and higher quality for construction management than the Sydney Uni one, but it would mean I have to spend another 6 months not studying which I hate. It would also put me starting this course 2 years later than others, and its already a 4 year course.
Basically, I was just wondering if anyone in industry has any feedback, and whether or not I should just stick with the Sydney Uni course or wait for the UTS course.
Secondly, if I were to wait the 6 months for UTS, I’d much rather start working in the industry in the mean time and getting some experience under my belt, so I was also wondering if anyone had idea as to where to start, as apart from being a floor manager at a retail store and 1 year of electrical engineering study I have little to no experience, but I’m willing to work hard and learn.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate any feedback!
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2023.06.05 08:40 AutoModerator [Download Course] Dan Khan – Income Hero Academy 2023 (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 08:40 FMecha Weekly Discussion Thread - June 5

Welcome to the weekly discussion thread! Ask questions, post your rants, brag about your in-game accomplishments (race wins, roulette drops, etc.), all here. Don't forget to join our Discord server if you haven't!

GT7 Daily Races:

Race A (Unranked Race)
  • Track: Tsukuba Circuit, 8 Laps
  • Car: Roadster NR-A (ND) '22 – Provided Car
  • Tires: Comfort Soft
  • BoP: On
  • Tuning: Specified
  • Tire use: 1x
  • Fuel use: 1x
  • Unranked Race: DSR will not change by finishing!
Race B
  • Track: Autodrome Laggo Maggiore - Center Reverse, 8 Laps
  • Car: Gr.3 – Garage/Provided Car
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • BoP: On
  • Tuning: Specified
  • Tire use: 1x
  • Fuel use: 1x
Race C
  • Track: Daytona Road Course, 10 Laps
  • Car: Gr.4 – Garage/Provided Car
  • Tires: Racing Hard
  • Tuning: Specified
  • Tire use: 2x
  • Fuel use: 3x
Subreddit/game news:
Previous thread
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2023.06.05 08:34 Accomplished_Gap4406 Is this good PC build for 1440p gaming and light streaming as well?

Hi guys! This is my first build Kindly let me know if this can do gaming on 1440p and can handle streaming as well.
Cpu - ryzen 7 5800x3d Gpu - sapphire nitro+ rx 6950xt Mobo - ASUS rog strix X570-e gaming wifi II Case - corsair 5000D airflow Cpu cooler - corsair iCUE H150i elite cappillix XT Ssd - samsung evo 970 plus m.2 Psu - Corsair rme series RM1000e Ram - Teamgroup t force delta DDR4 3200Mhz 32 gb (16x2)
Thanks in advance !
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2023.06.05 08:31 143cookiedough Rewatch realization- Shiv actually cares about Roman and it might have been her downfall.

Throughout the series Shiv show moments of concern and tenderness towards Roman. However, upon rewatch of the last episode, I noticed that despite Shiv feeling confident that she had plenty of board votes, she decides to leave Matsson to see Roman (who’s gone MIA) immediately after she gets the call from her mom. Shiv claims it’s to get unanimous votes, but since that is not necessarily business wise, I feel her decision was about personal concern for Roman. Furthermore, once Ken arrives, shiv immediately jumps into protective mode until Roman rejects the need for support.
Ironically, if she is showing heart by choosing to be with Roman, this is exactly like when Kendal went to Logan’s birthday party before closing the deal. If Shiv didn’t go to see Roman, Matsson would likely not have had the opportunity to speak to Tom.
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2023.06.05 08:24 BruteSentiment Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day

Daily Minors Quick-Notes 6/4/23 - Grant McCray wins a bad offensive day
I won’t lie…today sucked if you liked offense in the Giants farm system, but Grant McCray had a nice day with a triple and a home run. But there are some encouraging pitching performances and one free agent debut to check out, at least. So read? Please?

AAA: Tacoma 4, Sacramento 1

Sacramento Notes:
  • A weak offensive day led to a Sacramento loss. Sacramento and Tacoma traded runs in the first inning, but the River Cats only managed a total of three hits. In the 5th, Tacoma got the big hit: a 3-run home run that broke the tie and gave Tacoma the win.
  • Rehabbing Joey Bart had one of the team’s three hits, playing seven innings behind the plate while going 1-for-3 with two strikeouts. Bart has played three games on this rehab stint, and has gone 2-for-11 (.182) with five strikeouts.
  • Luis Matos was 1-for-4 with a single. With 17 games under his belt at Triple-A, with a batting line of .297/.434/.551 with five doubles, two triples, and one home run. He has six strikeouts to five walks.
  • Starting pitcher Keaton Winn had four strong innings, giving up just one unearned run on two hits and two walks, with six strikeouts, and also committed an error with a bad pickoff throw. Winn shaved his ERA to 4.35, and now has 51 strikeouts to 21 walks in 41.1 innings.
  • Erik Miller faced seven batters, walking two of them and striking out the rest in 1.2 innings. The five strikeouts are a season-high, and he now has 21 strikeouts to 10 walks in 15.2 innings, and his ERA is now 2.30.

AA: Erie 6, Richmond 1

Richmond Notes:
  • In Double-A, it was another weak offensive output. Richmond managed just two hits, although they did manage to get a run, as both hits were doubles and the run scored on a sacrifice fly. Meanwhile, Ryan Murphy had his best start in a while, but ultimate Richmond gave up six runs for a relatively easy win for Erie.
  • Jimmy Glowenke had one of the only hits of the day, going 1-for-3 with his first double at Double-A. In five games with Richmond, Glowenke is now 5-for-18 (.278) with the double as his first extra-base hit of any kind with his new team. He also has a walk and four strikeouts.
  • The other hit was from catcher Andy Thomas, who was 1-for-4 with his sixth double of the season. The turn of the calendar to June has been good for Thomas, who is now 4-for-12 (.333) with a double and a home run, though with no walks and four strikeouts. Overall, he’s batting .215 with six doubles and five home runs.
  • It was a good start for Ryan Murphy, who gave up only one run on four hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. It was a good bounceback for Murphy after he gave up six runs in his last start. It was Murphy’s first appearance of the season without a walk, and in his five May starts, Murphy had walked 14 in 16.0 combined innings.

High-A: Vancouver 7, Eugene 3

Eugene Notes:
  • The Emeralds managed five hits, with Grant McCray providing the power, but that and Eugene’s three runs paled in comparison to Vancouver, scoring seven runs on 13 hits. Vancouver scored four runs in the first inning, highlighted by a triple and a home run, and never looked back.
  • Grant McCray led the team by going 2-for-4 with a triple and a home run. That gives McCray three triples and eight home runs to go with seven doubles in 49 games. McCray has a batting line of .236/.345/.426 with 29 walks to 68 strikeouts.
  • Carter Howell was 2-for-3 with a walk. In a very successful six games after his High-A callup, Howell now has a .458/.500/.583 batting line with a double and triple. That’s after he had a .337/.398/.500 in 39 games at San Jose.
  • The only other hit by Eugene was Aeverson Arteaga, who went 1-for-4 with three strikeouts. In 47 games, Arteaga has 24 walks to 54 strikeouts, with a .209/.307/.390 batting line for Eugene.
  • Starter Matt Mikulski had a really fough game, giving up six runs, four earned, in 3.1 innings on six hits and three walks, while striking out only one. Mikulski’s ERA bumped up to 7.89 on the season with the game. He’s given up 40 hits in 29.2 innings, allowing a .331 batting average. He’s struck out 32 against 22 walks.
  • Reliever Seth Lonsway had a good game, with 2.2 scoreless innings, allowing two hits and two walks while striking out five. But it’s his first game out of 11 on the season in which he did not allow a run. He has a 6.82 ERA with 33 strikeouts to 19 walks in 34.1 innings.

Low-A: Fresno 7, San Jose 2

San Jose Notes:
  • Hey! San Jose had solid offense, scoring two runs on seven hits, but their defense led something to be lacked. Five errors led to four unearned runs for Fresno as the Grizzlies took the finale of the series.
  • Reggie Crawford picked up his first hit of the season (in his second game as a hitter), going 1-for-4 with a double, the only San Jose extra-base hit. He’s now 1-for-7, with his last game as a hitter back on May 24th.
  • Right fielder Turner Hill went 2-for-4 with a walk and a steal. In four games with the Giants since he signed, Hill is 6-for-17 (.353) with a double, and has a walk to two strikeouts, with two steals in as many attempts.
  • Third baseman Andrew Kachel was 1-for-3 with a walk, but also had two errors in the horrible defensive game. Kachel has a .299/.382/.460 with 19 walks to 41 strikeouts, and has 13 doubles to three home runs. Kachel, who has played games across three positions this season, now has three errors in 13 games at first, two errors in five games, and four errors in 13 games at third.
  • Starter Hayden Wynja had a bit of a mixed start, giving up five runs in 4.0 innings, but just one earned run, on three hits and no walks, with three strikeouts. Wynja now has a 4.20 ERA, the lowest it’s been since mid-April. Wynja now has 40 strikeouts to 11 walks in 30.0 innings.
  • Sean Newcomb made his season debut at Low-A, striking out two without allowing any baserunners in a single inning of work. The 29-year old signed as a minor league free agent in the offseason. Newcomb has spent parts of six seasons in the Majors, mostly with Atlanta, but with both the Braves and Cubs in 2022, with a career MLB ERA of 4.52, but a 2022 MLB ERA of 8.78.
One final note…come back for the Daily Minors Quick Notes tomorrow! That’s right, we will have Monday baseball, as the Arizona Complex League and Dominican Summer League begin play. 8 minor league teams! Notes for those teams will be significantly shorter, as there’s less notable prospects at that level, and I won’t do game recap paragraphs unless there’s something really notable. Gotta save time after all!
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2023.06.05 08:23 Honest-Pizza-8967 about the X-T series

I think using a w8 or w8.1 on a tablet x series might be a nice experience ,w8 style system is similar as the window s phone in my opinion (although I never used them)
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2023.06.05 08:21 diamondrose900 How should I tag my story?

I just recently posted the first part to my series, however the tagging process was confusing. After about ten uncertain tags, I couldn’t think of anything else. Is this normal or is there a method of ensuring maximum tagging of your story? I left the link below if anyone has any ideas of the tags I should add. Thanks and happy reading/writing!
What She Really Wanted (my story)
P.S. I just started writing so any CC welcome!
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2023.06.05 08:21 President_Morty-1201 A Penny For Your Thoughts.

I just recently got a Xbox and this was the first game I’ve played on it. Lemme see here……… It’s crashed a number of times, input lag gets worse the longer I play, BD1 not responding, Getting stuck outside the map, still can’t complete my bounty with Caji then this fight with Vader, I activate Ceres special technique for him to kick me right out of it. her force brings nothing to the table his attacks are nonstop. If he hits me once I’m staggered, Usually into a series of combo attacks that finish me. When Cal gets knocked down he’ll eventually roll out when I press the dodge.
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2023.06.05 08:21 IsaiahTrenton Hot Spicy Take: Across the Spiderverse is Just Fine

This is gonna make me popular.
I loved the first movie and what it set up and what it introduced. I don't think it's the best superhero movie as some people have said but I did like it a lot. The best kind of comic book flick is the one that makes you want to read the comics they're based on. Into the Spiderverse did that for me. This sequel is not a bad movie by any means but I was not as blown away from it as others apparently were. There was a lot I liked but unfortunately the stuff I didn't like took dominance overall. This is just my opinion and it doesn't mean you're not allowed to like this because I don't. Not am I telling you what to like or not. That being said let's get into it.
I'll start with what I genuinely loved and that's the exploration of different art styles and universes. My favorite part of the first film was imagining what exactly the different worlds were like and how they functioned. This film kicks up everything I loved about the first film. I loved the look and design of Mumbaihattan. I have zero idea what the art style was inspired by, maybe graphic novels from India, but I thought the way it was brought to life was brilliant. The colors in Gwen's world and how they bled into each other and how the colors and shades she was shown in reflected her mood, it was wonderful. Nuevo York is the only world I felt could've been more distinct but I did like it's design overall. I was expecting a bit more of an overt Latin flair similar to how Mumbaihattan influenced so greatly by Indian culture. Scarlet Spider and Spider-Punk were my favorite characters to watch. I remained amazed how seamlessly they blended so many different types of art styles that contrast heavily with each other. It was impressive just how many styles they came up with for the dozens of Spider people we see in this film. The soundtrack continues to be top shelf material. I knew we were in for a treat at the opening logos. Even during the segments that I wasn't really feeling the music along with the impressive animation helped me pull through. The humor doesn't take as much of a focus here but when it does appear it's a lot denser and wackier than the first film. Hell there's a lot of dark humor in the premise of the main thrust of the plot. The characters are literally debating if spin-offs from the original comic should veer too far from the original formula. So basically because Peter Parker was an unlucky son of a bitch all the way back in the 60's, everyone else is also fucked. This is darkly hilarious while also making for a good driving force of the plot. The film is incredibly meta whenever someone is in a Spider-Man suit.
The moment that suit comes off is when the story plays it incredibly straight and I'm sorry but I wasn't into this and it takes up a lot of time in the first act. There are long stretches of characters just talking and sometimes they give us interesting visuals to go along with it. But a lot of the first act deals with Miles and his parents and I'm sorry but I hated most of this. We've seen this story before literally because this is the same conflict every Spiderman has. There's obviously a lot of that in this series but most times there's a variation on it or they play it off in a creative way. Miles gets an Uncle Ben moment in the first film but it's obviously very different than when Uncle Ben died. They do a lot of that in the first film which made a lot of the times when there's so superhero shenanigans interesting. This film doesn't have a lot of that as it regards Miles. Although I did find it very interesting how Miles conflict could easily be seen as an allegory for coming out to one's family as queer, there just wasn't enough in those scenes that kept me engaged. Maybe it's because I'm not a parent. You can definitely tell Kemp Jones was involved in this because there's a lot more dramatic scenes and moments of pathos than in the first one which already had plenty.
That brings me to my next point: momentum. This film drags A LOT in the third act for me. The big twist at the end was telegraphed very early on and while I appreciated the clever editing and beautiful art that went into this sequence, I wanted them to get to the point. I knew he was in another universe and his whole scene with Rio where he comes out to her as Spider-Man and obviously she doesn't know what that is because he's in the wrong world felt like it took for fucking ever. This was clearly very effective for a lot of people not named me. But I much would've preferred if they had just gone straight to the twist and stopped dragging out. I knew this was part one of a story going into it and I knew they weren't going to wrap everything up in ten minutes. I felt like I was being edged. I really just wanted them to get to the goddamn point already. All of this is an amazing concept but they take so much time setting up for this big moment that you could probably pick up on if you paid even a little bit of attention. In a way it reminded me of Everything Everywhere All at Once in that the parts before the multiverse stuff gets going can be comparatively somewhat slow. Although in EEAO, I felt like those pieces of the film had enough charm in that that came off as quaint.
This movie kept building up to an emotional pay off that we never got and yes get why because it's part one of a two part story. But there are ways to do that in ways that leave the audience feeling emotionally complete. I've seen a lot of people compare this to Infinity War and while I get the comparison I'd argue that because the main character was in effect Thanos there was a somewhat complete story arc presented. The same argument could be made for Gwen but she's not really the same main character in the same way. I did like that she got a lot more to do and honestly if the film were only following her trying to fix shit in the multiverse and the sequel was what we got here with an actual ending, I probably would've preferred that. I didn't feel complete emotionally at the end of this. Perhaps my feelings on this will change when the last installment comes out. But for now, while I did like this it wasn't better than the first one for me. The first one had much better momentum, build up and pay off. There's still a lot to love otherwise and I do recommend other people see it. I am very sure that I am an outlier in this and if you wanna see it you're gonna like it more than likely. But for everyone else who is on the fence, I'll tell you that this one is a lot moodier and darker and not as fast paced as the first one. It definitely takes it time and on some level I appreciate that. But for my particular taste, it just didn't work for me. I'm probably not watching this whole thing again but I'm absolutely looking up the fights and some of the gags. I gave the original a 9/10. I'll give this one a 6.5/10.
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