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Arizona has been a growing place to do stand-up with plenty of places to get stage time as well as many alternative comedy shows for those seeking a new writing perspective in general. This subreddit is for those willing to graciously share new sign-up-and-go open mics in the area or any show in general. If your brave enough post your set and ask for critiques. Personally I'm not a fan of taking it too seriously but maybe thats hubris.

2023.05.30 00:27 Proud-Joke-3410 Jobs at Disneyland

Hi Hello!! Currently a UCSD undergrad coming back home for the summer. I’m curious to know if Disney has any seasonal positions available, i’ve tried applying but i’ve heard that they typically last about 3 months to get back to you (not sure if this is true someone confirm or deny lol). If anyone knows what I can do or connections that would allow me to get in or at least an interview?
Thanks for the help xx
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2023.05.30 00:27 BeckyAustinBoy123 Swapping from sertaline to citalopram

Hi so I used to be on citalopram, then I went on sertaline for a while and this gave me worse depersonalisation symptoms so I asked to go back on citalopram.
It's been about a week and I was okay, but my mood has dropped so bad... Iike I am not coping at all. I have a lot going on at home (issues with partner) but I am normally okay and can see the positive side of things. But I've got to the point today where I physically felt sick and weak at work, I had no energy, I didn't want to talk or have anyone near me. It has also been my time of the month so I feel like I've been hit by a load of hormones and the effects of swapping this.
Is this normal to feel low when swapping over? Will I feel better soon? It's horrible. Thank you x
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2023.05.30 00:26 negradelnorte Weaning

I’m nearing the 6 month mark if combination feeding. I’m an educator so I’m off for the summer right now. I very much ready to have my body back to being mine. I hate pumping at work and being a human pacifier at night. I thoroughly enjoyed BF my LO and am so grateful that I was able to do it as long as I have. I didn’t think we’d make it to 6 months. I have a lot of questions about weaning when you’re combination feeding. Have any of you done it before? How much time should I allow us? How did you do it? Much appreciated!
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2023.05.30 00:26 apricot-pot How to deal with a friend who expects to be invited to everything?

I have a friend (who is also my roommate) complains about being left out if she’s not invited to something to the point where she got upset that someone invited me to the movies to see a film (she hasn’t even seen the first one in the series) and demanded to him why she wasn’t invited so then he invited her. But it makes me feel like I can never do anything with a friend (especially if it’s a mutual friend of ours) without inviting her. And because I live with her obviously she’ll know if I go somewhere with a friend and if she’s upset i’ll have to deal with that in the house. Even if I tried to tell her I just want to spend time with a friend one on one I don’t think she’d understand because she’s someone who gets offended easily and just takes everything I say or do as a personal attack. I just booked an event for next month with a mutual friend of ours and I’m actually feeling a lot of anxiety about telling her because of how she’ll react.
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2023.05.30 00:26 Canadian__Bacon94 To all the people that called me a sexist asshole for my post last month about us interviewing Becky for PR

Please use this post to apologize to me.
Respectfully, The MLSE Janitor
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2023.05.30 00:26 entertainmentmagpie I have got a bad news for you

Hi there!
I am a professional hacker and have successfully managed to hack your operating system.
Currently I have gained full access to your account.
In addition, I was secretly monitoring all your activities and watching you for several months.
The thing is your computer was infected with harmful spyware due to the fact that you had visited a website with porn content previously.
╭ ᑎ ╮
Let me explain to you what that entails. Thanks to Trojan viruses, I can gain complete access to your computer or any other device that you own.
It means that I can see absolutely everything in your screen and switch on the camera as well as microphone at any point of time without your permission.
In addition, I can also access and see your confidential information as well as your emails and chat messages.
You may be wondering why your antivirus cannot detect my malicious software.
Let me break it down for you: I am using harmful software that is driver-based,
which refreshes its signatures on 4-hourly basis, hence your antivirus is unable to detect it presence.
I have made a video compilation, which shows on the left side the scenes of you happily masturbating,
while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment..ᵔ.ᵔ
All I need is just to share this video to all email addresses and messenger contacts of people you are in communication with on your device or PC.
Furthermore, I can also make public all your emails and chat history.
I believe you would definitely want to avoid this from happening.
Here is what you need to do - transfer the Bitcoin equivalent of $500 to my Bitcoin account
(that is rather a simple process, which you can check out online in case if you don't know how to do that).
Once the required amount is transferred to my account, I will proceed with deleting all those videos and disappear from your life once and for all.
Kindly ensure you complete the abovementioned transfer within 50 hours (2 days +).
I will receive a notification right after you open this email, hence the countdown will start.
Trust me, I am very careful, calculative and never make mistakes.
If I discover that you shared this message with others, I will straight away proceed with making your private videos public.
Take care and have a good day.
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2023.05.30 00:26 Intelligent-Ad-1177 F(22) rate me

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2023.05.30 00:25 RebbeShelanu Legitimacy of the Moroccan State

This is not some utopian text where I wish for a perfect Republic. I don't even want a Republic, I simply think that the current form of the State and the people who compose it is not legitimate at all.
I was born and raised outside of Morocco (Europe), and am a proud Zmagri and Moroccan. I lived in Morocco for 4 years, but I spend a minimum of 3 months every single year in Morocco.
I have been saving money for the past 9 years, and have just bought a plot of land (not long ago). In order to purchase the land, I had to go to the nearest Moroccan consulate, and the treatment would be very poor. I would call them, and they would never pick up. I would follow the rules and book and appointment at the consulate, and the two times I went there on the time they told me, they would tell me "Makayinsh l3doul daba". If I would come later, they would tell me "ma3andeksh rendez-vous". I ended up going to Morocco, and carry out the paper work over there. Again, the public administration was also disgusting over there. I would then go to the notaire, and apparently, I had to pay 140 thousand dirhams for taxes (which is understandable). I would like to say that in the consulate the Adoul was watching TikTok for half an hour in his office, and had his feet on a chair (I cannot forget the sandals he was wearing).
In order to build upon the land, I obviously need to go and ask for permits. I have tried to do so, but then nothing. I have met with many people from the baladiya, and they were all using their position of power to extorsion me and ask me for money. One of them even dared to ask me "3andek l'euro m3ak?". After many formal complaints on my behalf, written by my lawyer (family member), they literally couldn't care less.
I have just received the news today, that my land will be expropriated because there will be some center built on it?
I am not the kind of Moroccan that shouts and screams. But my anger is on a level that I have never even had. I started working at the age of 14 as a plumber, and then went to study, and then uni.
The question is, is this state really legitimate? Because I am honestly starting to believe in "An eye for an eye". These people will never understand the repercussions of their actions unless they suffer something similar (i.e. burn their house too). Also, I think that if we wouldn't have a king, it would even be more chaotic. So I am thankful to an extent.
But my question is, is this really a state? Do they 3tamed 3lik? Is this legitimate? Obviously, there is nothing else to do, as they have the monopoly of the force. But what is the solution? Some sort of Sharia law?
Legally, I have some chance of getting reimbursed the full price I paid for it.

Thanks in advance guys
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2023.05.30 00:25 TheCurserHasntMoved (Sneakyverse) The Travels of a Galactic Cowboy, Part One: The Star Council, Chapter Seven: Another Straw

First Previous Next
Skeeter was fed up. It wasn't that he disliked communal dining, in fact he rather enjoyed meeting the other passengers who sign onto this direct route between cradle worlds. Nor was he dissatisfied with quality of the available dining, although to his taste, it could do with more garlic and more cayenne, but apparently both plants are unsafe to a good chunk of the other passengers. The Star Sailors could handle them just fine, but the Jaceu for example experience severe indigestion from mere cross-contamination. That, however, was beside the point. The problem wasn't so easily born as the xenos inability to make a proper hot sauce. No, he had a particular problem with a particular individual. Jerry had mouthed off, again, about the Republic and called the limited franchise a "fascistic relic of a bygone age kept alive by irrational paranoia about the nature of the galaxy," To which Skeeter had said, "Tell that to Auerstedt."
This lead quickly to a shouting match in the middle of the dining room where Jerry demanded an apology for Skeeter's use of the victims of the grubs, some of whom were his relatives. To which Skeeter had shouted that he was there, and some "lily-livered CIPpy cup with his nose so far up in the air he doesn't notice the blood he's slogging through" could take his opinion of service do something anatomically improbable with it. The episode very quickly descended to a surprisingly creative exchange of profanity and very nearly came to blows. Skeeter just couldn't understand why Jerry couldn't be in his presence for longer than five seconds without saying something astoundingly stupid about The Republic, the non-interference policy, Republican standards for applicant planets, or the earned franchise, and then immediately becoming belligerent when his assertions were challenged.
The most infuriating thing, to Skeeter anyway, was that Jerry was more than capable of being civil with anybody else, and had befriended both Suzie and Ivan, both of whom were at a complete loss as to why Jerry was such an unrelenting jerk to Skeeter himself. Even Skeeter had wished that he could make friends with Jerry, and it wouldn't have been the first time he'd befriended a CIPer. No more, Skeeter thought to himself as he marched his way to the captain's office, I can't handle his shit anymore.
By the time he'd made it to the door, he'd cooled off enough to not simply demand that he be allowed to put Jerry through the nearest airlock, and his fury had abated to a mere simmering rage. It was with therefore with some level of difficulty he managed to knock with a normal, or at least appropriate, level of force. "Enter," came Vexkeed's voice from within.
"Vex, I'm losing my damn mind," Skeeter said as he entered and took a seat in the oversized chair across from his friend.
"I have heard that you and Jerry had an argument."
"That's putting it politely. We hollered cusses at each other."
"If you're asking me to eject Jerry at the next stop, I'm afraid we would need his cooperation for such."
"Naw, right now I wanna strangle the prick, but that's just me bein' mad. I just want permission to modify my cabin. I don't know what the fuck his problem with me is, but it's just me he can't seem to be civil with, and I have a bit of a temper..."
"From my perspective, he has impugned you honor in such a way that a duel would be considered justified under our customs. We would simply need to find the nearest Magistrate to officiate it. I commend your restraint."
"Duels can't be undone," Skeeter said as the acknowledgement of his position cooled his anger further. "Even if it was just first blood was the terms, accidents happen. I don't want him dead for being a jackass, I just want to go two weeks without getting into a fight."
"I see. What is your proposed solution?"
"I want to modify our quarters, at my own expense, and I'll put everything back the way it was, but I want a kitchen I can use. I'll just cook for myself and take my meals in private. Jerry should be capable of not starting something when we just pass each other in the corridors."
Vexkeed flinched at the suggestion, his upper shoulders slumped, and his face took on a stricken caste as he said, "It is not well for you to confine yourself so."
"What'is not well is us fightin' and disturbin' all of the other passengers."
"The We Bring Friends from Afar to Joyous Meeting should have some quarters for heavyworlders in the first place. Our peoples are quickly becoming entwined with how quickly the Republic welcomed our ships and fleets into her borders. I expect upon returning to Better Texas, I shall have more Sneakies to take aboard."
"I still can't believe that caught on."
"When a meme sticks, it sticks," Vexkeed said with a placating gesture, "Please submit a design of a remodel with engineering, and we shall have your quarters more comfortable furnished within the day."
"Aye sir, thank you."
"I will speak to my wife about hosting you for dinner soon. I do not think it will be well to isolate you from social interactions."
Skeeter suppressed his urge to tell the captain that he needn't trouble himself, and excused himself to start redesigning the quarters he and his party occupied for Terran comfort.
Meanwhile, in said quarters, Kip paced nervously in the living room area while Ivan and Suzie lounged on the oversized sofa, at complete ease with the situation. Kip gave a glance to the unopened bulkhead again and muttered, "What if... they get in a real fight..."
"They won't," Suzie said without looking up from the discussion in the comments she was reading. It seemed that there was a lot of interest in Ixiand's nature walks as well as speculation over whether they'd allow rock climbing on some of the more interesting formations.
"Skeeter's whole face was bright red!" Kip exclaimed as he made another circuit of the space, "Jerry's too! I could smell their anger..."
"As could I," Ivan grunted as he watched the boy's frantic activity, "But even if Skeeter's temper gets the better of his mouth, he does not get violent from words."
"It looked a lot like Jerry might though..."
Suzie's eyes flicked up for a moment, "Naw, well, maybe. But Skeeter'd be okay in a fight."
"But I saw Jerry and Ivan practice fight..."
"Jerry is very good at that martial art, and so am I, and so is Skeeter. In a real fight like you're worried about though, Skeeter would not be so gentle as I am when it is sparring. Skeeter would win, and Jerry would be the one to worry about." Ivan explained.
Rather than reassure Kip it set him down a different path, "I don't think Skeeter would be happy about hurting Jerry. Just because they don't get along wouldn't mean that he'd get riptide pulled into hatred... I hope not..."
"Kip, you're frettin' a lot for somethin' that isn't that big a deal. People can just rub one another the wrong way sometimes."
"Even if they were to have a fight where Jerry is hurt, there is a good infirmary aboard. I am getting frustrated with Jerry over this. Besides, you should not be staying up late much longer. Do you not have an exam in the morning?"
Kip sat down on the floor and glared at nothing in particular as he muttered, "I had hoped there wouldn't be a school in space!"
"The Joyous Meeting is the home for the crew and their children. Did you really think that they wouldn't have at least one teacher aboard?"
"No... I did hope that my mom wouldn't talk to him though!"
Kip scowled at the snickering of his hosts, and didn't even notice the bulkhead opening. "Bed," Skeeter ordered as it closed behind him.
"Is everything..."
"It's fine, kid. Jerry and I don't get along, I have a temper and he can't stop picking a fight, and that's that. We won't be friends and it's okay. I'll just have to avoid the dining hall from now on, and our quarters is getting a remodel so I can cook."
"Wait, Suzie doesn't cook?"
"I bake," she said primly, "completely different."
Meanwhile Juno was glaring at Jerry in his quarters, her hands were on her hips, her tail was absently lashing the deck, and her voice lacked her usually purring quality as she asked, "Are you pleased with yourself? Are the things you said about servicemen vindicated?"
Jerry withered under her gaze and he muttered, "No."
"What exactly did you hope to accomplish?"
"I don't know... I'm such an idiot..."
"I won't argue with that, Jerry."
"I'm sorry..."
"Apologize to Skeeter, not me."
"I will, but I'm sorry for ruining your dinner."
A frustrated yowling escaped her throat as she said, "All you had to do was not accuse a REPUBLICAN NAVAL SERVICEMAN of standing on the corpses of grub victims! You KNOW what they went through to stop the grubs! You AGREE with what they did to stop them!"
Jerry's last vestiges of dignity left him as he snapped, "I just can't stand the man! I have no reason, I have no right, and I'm a complete ponce for it, but I can't stand the smug bastard!"
"Handsome, successful, fucking covered in medals, married to a wonderful woman! How can a man be so damn happy? I can't stand it, and I know it's irrational! I wish I wasn't like this. I feel like a crab in a bucket trying to drag the man into misery with me."
"You wouldn't be miserable if you weren't so insistent on fighting with him."
"I know, Juno. I never said this wasn't all my fault..."
"If this whole mess stems from base jealousy, maybe you should just tell the man so."
"I think he's given up on me. Serves me right."
"That's no excuse to not even try to be better than you were," Juno said as she left the man to stew in his guilt.
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2023.05.30 00:25 race2surf Stressed Out

Hi all im new to this posting so please forgive my long post. (M 52)Non drinker, non smoker, not Obese but 40Lbs overweight, very active run 3miles five times a week, eat relatively good but binge on sugar and fast foods from time to time. Life was good then life got very stressful earlier this month 12yr old son got covid pretty bad (now recovered), 13year old Golden retriever had to be put down so a lot of changes for my family. Around the 10th i felt burning pains center abdomen left and right under chest and had aches pains but not severe, i contacted a teledoc who said probably Gastritis and prescribed Prilosec lost appetite and lost a few pounds slight to no improvement. After a week i couldn't shake my anxxiety constant mild pains and day after Mother's day i had wife take me to ER in Los Angeles. I was a anxious mess and barely made it through the morning. ER Doc took my concerns seriously and ordered CT with dye and all blood work. No ultrasound No Mri. After the longest 2hour wait in my life the Dr. called my wife and i into his office. He said he found slght fatty liver , liver slightly enlarged and spleen slightly enlarged. Pancreas appears normal , lungs normal and pelvic area normal etc. Lipase was at 437 (H) . Diagnosed AP Prescribed = Go home eat Brat diet and follow up with a Gastroenterologist in a month or so. Since ER visit ive had a few days of some improvements followed by more days of the same old burning pains , Nauseous, Night Sweats and more Anxieties with minimal sleep. Does or has anyone experienced similar symptoms ? Did it subside? What else should i be doing? Thanks and Love. a scared and anxious Dad.
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2023.05.30 00:25 egg-maybe-4862 egg🕛irl

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2023.05.30 00:25 Consistent_Rope6082 Nexplanon removal

hi everyone! i (20f) had nexplanon inserted in mid-february and all was well at first until i started to notice rapid weight gain. i used to be quit thin but started to notice stretch marks all over my thighs and legs, belly and back fat, and my boobs went from a 32C to 34D, barely any of my clothes fit me anymore. it started to take a toll on my mental health so i decided to have it removed. i wasn’t sure whether the rapid weight gain was due to the implant or my diet (i have ADHD and struggle to cook so don’t have the best diet) or as my siblings suggested, “weight gain in your 20’s is normal as you’re no longer a child”, but it was so rapid i do think it may be largely due to the implant. so i got it removed on thursday and i’m just looking to hear about people’s experiences and if i’m gonna drop the weight i’ve put on while on the implant?
i also noticed i was getting extremely irritable and moody, and i’ve had breast pain for over a month now (like the pain you get before your period). so far the breast pain is still there and i’m still incredibly irritable, plus i’ve been so emotional since the day i removed it too, is this normal, and does it get better? any insight or advice would be really helpful.
also, i was put on 15mg mirtazapine around the same time as the implant, and apparently one of the main symptoms is weight gain, so i’m not quite sure whether the weight gain is due to that as well? i’ve been on sertraline before and my GP is currently lowering my old SSRI (citalopram) until i come off it and i didn’t experience weight gain with both of those, and i’m not sure if stopping mirtazapine is a great idea since it helps me sleep so well which makes my depression 10x better.
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2023.05.30 00:25 Open-Reflection-5420 My (27f) family hates my boyfriend (36m)

So me and my boyfriend broke up in January (me 27f him 36m) we lived together for a few months but he acted like a bit of an idiot, took me for granted and ended the relationship hastily so I moved back home. Obviously once I moved back home I told my family everything he ever said or did that wasn’t particularly nice (even things he had said as a joke) but I wanted them to tell me I was better off etc. to add, he was never abusive to me or anything like that.
We recently met up after a few months and he realised where he went wrong and wants to try again.. I do too as I really miss him and our relationship was really good and fun besides the final 1-2 months when he was unhappy and figuring things out in his head. But my family hate him now and I don’t think they will accept him back… I’ve tried to explain that he is a nice person and who he is in the final few months was him being immature because he wanted to leave the relationship.. but they think I’m just making excuses and backtracking.
I don’t want to lose closeness to my family but I also think they should accept my relationship decisions and if I regret it… I only have myself to blame. It’s also hard because I’m living at home so I have to see my parents everyday.
Should I ignore my family’s worries and hope they’ll accept him?
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2023.05.30 00:25 Penthosomega Released this track from my solo project a few months ago. Let me know what you think?

Released this track from my solo project a few months ago. Let me know what you think?
I did production and vocals. Also did guitar along with my friend who helps me with guitars on the project.
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2023.05.30 00:24 Beautiful-Pipe6923 TDIU Suggested but need answers

A VSR informed me that im eligible for TDIU and will keep my claim open in the event that I want to pursue it. My question is if I do get TDIU, down the line would I be able to go back to my previous rating if I wanted to work/able to work and make more than the income restriction. Any information would help. Thanks.
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2023.05.30 00:24 therapyacc777 Childhood sexual experience trauma is resurfacing again this year. Don’t know if this is affecting my recent sexual experiences? HUGE TW

I don’t want to get into the full details, but when my brother and I were younger, we got our hands onto pornography (first exposure do to our parents not hiding their DVDs well enough, and we found them). I asked my brother if he knew what sex was, he said yes, and then we acted it out in the closet for a few seconds by pulling our pants down. He was 4 I was 6.
This went on on-and-off throughout our elementary years and pretty much stopped when I reached 6th grade. I initiated most of the times as I was extremely hyper sexual for some reason. We never forced each other to do anything from my remembering. Just if one of us asked to “do sex”, we would do it for about 5 minutes (genitalia to genitalia, no penetration accept for one time that wasn’t intentional). We also did oral as well. IDK how hyper sexual he was (I remember him rubbing stuffed animals on my boobs and genitals as a ‘joke’, and my mother caught him, but didn’t make too big a deal of it), but I was recording naked videos (to which my brother snitched on me and i got in trouble for that), and showing myself off on webcams when I was like 8. We also consumed a lot of pornography. Me probably more than him, but I know he’s seen more than any child should.
I don’t blame him at all for anything that happened. If anything, I blame myself as I am the older sibling, and wish I didn’t expose him to this stuff. I apologized for this happening last year (I am freshly 19 he is 16), and he said he accepts my apology but also has said later he never feels like I abused him in any way (emotional, sexual, physical, etc.). It has me wondering if I remember things differently than he does or if he is feeling guilty too. We have a normal relationship now, and we don’t talk about these things anymore. I’ve spoken about this in therapy and my therapist said that I cannot blame myself for this because I was a “kid” and that the fault falls on my parents, which seems like a huge load to place on them when they don’t know what we were doing. I remember my mom catching my brother touching my genitals with a stuffed animal, but she didn’t do a deeper investigation, just telling my brother not to do that stuff. I’ve been struggling with all of this for well over a year at this point. I have periods where it goes away and periods where the memories flood again and I can’t think about anything else. I’ve told a couple friends about this and they were sympathetic but they haven’t experienced anything like this so they can only “support” so much.
I also struggle with what is believed to be OCD and obsessive thoughts. IDK if its because of that that i am so worked up on this situation and have been for awhile. What I desperately need is advice on what is the appropriate measures to move forward and make this right. Idk if this is connected, but I have a really hard times setting sexual boundaries. I’ve been SA’d 3 times in the past few months by guys, and I blame myself for those as well.
Also to note this didn’t only happen with my brother. It happened with two other kids when I was young. One kid pulled my pants down (not the full story but this is the major thing I remember) and one girl got me and another friend to make out with her and her other friend. (Again, not the fully story but the gist of it)
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2023.05.30 00:24 No_Neighborhood6856 7 months - no sex with long term partner.

Hello, I really need help and it isn't something I can talk to my friend about. Quite nervous to post this....
Me (30f) and my partner (m32) have been together 8 years. About 3-4 years ago our sex life slowed down. Maybe once or twice a month and now, it is non existent. It has now been 7 months since the last time.
Now for context - I am of course very upset as I want to have sex and be intimate but he will stay up late, or come to bed and go on his phone. I have discussed this with him, many times, and ive told him how I feel. He always replies with "i dont know why etc".
In terms of our relationship, aside from this issue, it is really strong. We laugh, we support each other, we have a home together, holiday together and have pets. It is just this sexual intimacy which is now non existent.
I'm lost on what to do. It also doesn't help that we've been dating for 8 years and there is no ring. I know what everyone is going to say, but I just want to know if anyone has gone through something similar or has advice?
Final notes - no, I don't think he cheated but who's to say that he hasn't in the past (can't trust anyone!). He only initiates if we shower together, but I'm then not in the mood. I want to slowly build the intimacy back up, which I have told him. I will lose so much if we broke up and I do truly believe it is fixable, but he doesnt listen to my concerns or ways in which ive suggested to help the situation
Anyway, any help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.30 00:24 Anonplox Dishwasher hasn’t worked since move-in. Reduced rent?

Since we have moved in May 1st, our dishwasher has not worked. We put in a request with maintenance near the beginning of May. A contractor came in the next day and said the motor was pooched. Since then, I’ve sent an email to the property mgmt, and asked for an update.
They keep saying it’s currently at the landlord and awaiting a decision.
Well, it’s coming to an end of the first month, and we still do not have a working dishwasher.
In our lease agreement, it states “The landlord must keep the rental unit and property in good repair and comply with all health, safety and maintenance standards. This includes the maintenance and repair of things that came with the unit such as appliances and of common areas such as parking lots, elevators, and hallways.”
My question: if this is not resolved by end of month, after we pay the rent (we won’t withhold payment), are we entitled to a rent reduction for appliance not in good repair? Whether it’s $50 or w.e?
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2023.05.30 00:24 WeirdFrog0 I don't want to kill myself, I'm afraid, but I've been left with no other choice

I'm 20M, was intelligent and considered god gifted. I was always the topper of my class. Got A1 grade in my matriculation exams and 95% in my intermediate exams. I was doing my bachelors in Computer Science at a private university and was considered the best coder of my batch.
I was always severely depressed due to my toxic family and my only goal in life was to become financially independent and leave my toxic household.
But unfortunately, 9 months ago I became extremely psychotic due to severe stress and trauma for which I was shown to a psychiatrist who gave me antipsychotics to numb me down and bring me under control. Worrying about my future, my father decided to show me to a better psychiatrist, who at first gave me light pills and I went out of control after one week and became insanely psychotic and than later was given hard antipsychotics (Resperidone) and benzos which bring me under control and calmed me down. But only after a month later it started showing severe side effects and only in a matter of weeks it killed my brain.
Now for several months, I'm suffering with severe cognitive impairment, severe memory loss (both short and long term), no emotions, complete anhedonia, blank mind, facial paralysis etc and I've become near mentally disabled.
All the things which I studied is gone from my mind. My skill of coding, which I took years to develop is stripped away from me. I'm unable to learn anything or do anything and am simply rotting everyday.
I used to enjoy playing video games, watching anime, movies, tv series, reading, coding, learning about new tech etc. Now I'm unable to do any of those things as my mind simply cannot comprehend or process it. And all I do now is eat, sleep and suffer from my mental pain and failure.
I've shown to multiple psychiatrists, neurologists, homeopathics, therapists and everyone just looted from us and nothing has even given me 1% of relief from my suffering but have instead added more. Just as I was thinking it couldn't get any worse, a homeopathic I was seeing prescribed me antidepressants for no fucking reason and it gave me sexual dysfunction and numbed down my genitals, and it hasn't recovered since.
Everyday is filled with the same suffering and misery. I wake up restless with a complete blank mind, devoid of thoughts and emotions with mental pain.
The worst part is that except for my father, who tried his hardest to cure me and ease my pain, everyone of my toxic family's attitude has remained the same. My psycho mother still screams all day, my toxic brother berates me while having gained more autonomy. Their lives are completely unaffected by my suffering and they now consider me as a burden to them, my mother still curses me, has said me to kill myself as she doesn't want me to be a burden, and calls me psycho outloud to my father when they fight to emotionally black mail him, as my father is the most caring of me.
I keep hiding from everyone, even in my house. I don't even have the courage meet or face anyone of my friends or relatives as I don't want them to think of me as mental ill due to how much of a big stigma it is. I refuse to meet anyone, but sometimes my family forcefully takes me to see relatives and I just go there like a mindless zombie and am unable to talk with them as I can't comprehend what the other is saying or even smile because my face is paralyzed due to damaging effects of the antipsychotics all while realizing that they all are knowing that I've become mentally ill. They ask how's my study is going, I just say it's fine and that I'm on vacation, trying my best not to show that I'm unable to study.
I did everything right, worked my ass off, got good grades, developed skills, helped everyone in need whenever possible. But life still fucked me up in unimaginable ways. I never did anything wrong to anyone, but still received a fate worse than death.
I've lost everything I've ever worked hard for. All my dreams have been shattered. I'll never be able to live an independent life, I'll never be able to fulfill my wishes. I'll never be able to complete my degree, get a job, find love, start a family. I'll never be able to feel joy of life or connect with anyone or anything as I've been completely lobotomized and chemically castrated.
At my age, instead of going to my uni, developing my career, hanging out with my friends and gaining independency, I'm rotting everyday at home, waiting for my death. I see my friends, studying, talking, laughing, posting on social media and showing off their achievements while me, who was at the top is now not even able to comprehend what the other is saying.
Who is to blame? My psychiatrist who gave me wrong dosages of mind altering drugs without ever considering the possible disastrous long term side effects and later gaslighting me? Or my toxic family who always kept me suicidal and depressed.
Everything failed me, no matter how much I tried or worked hard, I always got the short end of the stick, and now there's no hope left for me.
Instead of becoming an independent person, I'll be remembered as a mentally disabled individual to everyone I know or a lunatic who took his own life. Either way, it was all meaningless to begin with. I just wish my death has more meaning than my life.
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2023.05.30 00:24 Hot_Ant_3467 Seller ghosting

So I found this really good deal on a used camera near me a couple days ago and I messaged the seller informing him that I'm really keen to pick it up. It's been about 4 days now and I still haven't received a single reply. I even tried messaging him directly on his personal account, and still no response whatsoever. He has not even seen any of my messages. I'm really pissed off ngl. Why do people do this, it's so frustrating.
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2023.05.30 00:24 iostarddx I’ve been dating a girl for two months now, and she hasn’t (or rather) let me kiss her. She says she wants to take things slowly each time I have tried. Am I in the wrong or?

Idk what’s going on, but she keeps ignoring me when I ask her if I’m doing anything wrong. She pushed me away when I try to kiss her and it’s crushing my spirit. And no we aren’t young teens finding out what’s up. We are both in our mid to late twenties. I don’t understand why she won’t even kiss me despite both of us not being virgins, and it’s making me question if we should even go out. I figured we would have sex after a few months or even less but I can’t even show any affection to her.
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2023.05.30 00:24 throw_awayALT_IDK I need help discussing a crush I have on someone

So I developed this crush I think a couple months back but I kind of both a stuffed it down and it was only a small one
Does not that big of an age gap between the two of us I just turned 16 and they just turned 17 last month but the thing is I was held back and they're going to be graduating early
I feel like times fleeting with them I care about them a lot and I know they care about me but I don't think they're ready for a relationship yet cuz they just broke up this month right now I just need to be a support for them it comes so hard I hear them complain about their problems with their last relationships and I just know I I want to do that and I would have the opposite problem that they had we have the same problems in both of our previous relationships
I wish I could tell them everything and how much I care about them but I'm scared and I don't think they're ready it just becomes frustrating
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