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2023.06.05 07:20 MajorOkino HaritoraX

I'm looking into cheaper FBT for VR and found HaritoraX and I will probs go for it, but i saw that there are expansions for elbow and waist but do I really need it. PS: If you know any better alternatives budget is 399 and below, also I know about Slime Trackers
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2023.05.24 22:37 AdvancedPair5410 Having trouble getting Steam VR to work with the HaritoraX 1.1

Having trouble getting Steam VR to work with the HaritoraX 1.1
Hello, i am new here and i would like to know if someone has dealt with this before.
I recently bought the Haritora X 1.1, which i got set up pretty well, except My steam VR is not showing any tiger icons. I have tried launching in a specific order, as well as rebouting and re-installing Steam VR, but that does not seem to work.
Can anyone help me with this?
this is what i get shown, no matter what i try
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2023.05.13 21:05 YuriAddicted I know that fbt work with the quest but what about the pico4? Does anyone know if the tundra trackers, vive, HTC or even the haritorax and slime vr work with the pico?

I'm trying to get into vr but the index is just way to expensive, so i need to choose between the quest and pico but i don't know if fbt works on the pico. If it doesn't that's a big no for me
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2023.04.24 20:01 coolkiwiii Questions about HaritoraX / Mocopi

Hi everyone! I've recently been interested in FBT systems for PCVR (Or Quest, but my Quest 2 is usually always connected via Link Cable or Air Link.) I've seen and heard about HaritoraX and Mocopi, and I want to ask some questions from any owner of these systems before I consider a purchase. Please note that I'm very new to FBT stuff, so I may get some details wrong!
To be honest, I haven't heard great things about Mocopi. I've heard complaints of tracking issues and high latency. Do any Mocopi users share the same sentiment? The trackers look very sleek and it seems like connection is simple; I guess its expected from a giant like Sony.
I've also been seeing some very recent posts regarding major Bluetooth issues with new HaritoraX systems. I've seen from some users that this could be caused due to a non-Bluetooth 5.0 dongle or USB-3 Bluetooth interference. Luckily, I have some front USB-3 ports on my computer away from where my other USB devices are, so maybe interference won't be as large of an issue. On average, how long can you move in the HaritoraX without recalibration? Is the recalibration process easy/quick? To be honest, at first glance the HaritoraX looks a little difficult to put on 😅. Do any HaritoraX users have/had the same issues? If you did have these issues and successfully resolved them, what should I do if I run into that issue?
If you got to here, thanks for taking the time to read the thread! 🎉 I'm excited to enhance my VR experience, and your help is greatly appreciated :D
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2023.04.12 02:11 CorporateSharkbait Force SteamVR to think a vive tracker is hmd?

Hello, I’ve tried a few different steam vr settings file edits to make this work. I’ve tried the force steam vr to launch without hmd and one to use a vive tracker for location on a different vr headset. I mostly work with trackers that work with steam vr for full body tracking. One of the tracker sets I have requires the hmd tracking location to figure out placement of some trackers I’m using that do not require base station (imvu sensor only, haritoraX 1.1). I assume editing the steam vr setting document files may work to trick steam vr into thinking a single vive tracker is the headset. Does anyone have any methods for this I may be able to try out? I mostly need this as my current location setup for streaming does not have a clear view for below the waist for the base stations I have to see lower body vive trackers.
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2023.03.29 10:54 SuperKimVT "Enable bluetooth connection" setting missing

For transparency and clarity, my end goal here is to get a HaritoraX working with VMC (which requires SteamVR up and working), WITHOUT owning any additional VR hardware. No headset, no controllers, no trackers, etc.
I got the null headset driver thing to work so it thinks I have a VR headset. But it's not detecting my HaritoraX (I did make sure to install the drivers for it), and when I go to bluetooth settings, it says bluetooth isn't available. So I tried going to settings > general > enable bluetooth connection, and it's not there.
Note my computer doesn't have built in bluetooth. But I have a dongle for it in right now, and my HaritoraX is connected to its own unique software; Steam just doesn't seem to like it I guess? Any ideas how to fix this?
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2023.03.26 08:24 Richie0882 The 3 tigers of Haritorax do not appear to download the steamVr drivers

The 3 tigers of Haritorax do not appear to download the steamVr drivers
When I install the drivers and the steamVR restarts, the 3 tigers should appear in the steamvr dashboard, but when I install them, they don't appear. well, but the tigers don't appear for me but when I check the haritorax application, it appears that steamvr does not need a fix (it is green) but, when I go to connect the bluetooth, I get a screen that quickly opens and it closes (I leave you an image of the CMD console that appears when trying to connect) I don't quite understand what is happening
I would like to know if something is wrong.
My haritoraX if they are connected to the bluetoohh
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2023.02.20 21:04 ZRock35 Using Quest 2 and SlimeVR, comparing to the HaritoraX Wireless Demo!

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2023.02.20 21:01 ZRock35 Comparing SlimeVR Full Body Tracking to the HaritoraX Wireless Demo!

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2023.02.13 01:17 Professional-Lab1210 HaritoraX Tracking Issues.

I use a HaritoraX for full body tracking in VRchat. When I first got it, it worked fine for me. But after a few weeks the right knee tracker started to act as a left elbow tracker. No matter what I do I can't get it to be what it's meant to be. I have tried multiple times to fix this issue myself, uninstalling & deleting all files associated with the HaritoraX software, SteamVR and VRchat but it keeps happening. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue or how to fix it?
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2023.01.04 03:28 rincoyo HaritoraX Issues

Hello, I got my Valve Index today, and I decided to use my haritoraX trackers. I've read that online manual through and through and watched the videos as well. When it came to turning on the main unit, the blue light keeps blinking. It should just be solid blue. I thought that was weird, but on the configuration app it said everything was connected.
Now to test the trackers, I opened VRChat. Calibrated of course, but my avatar looks/moves so strangely. The movements are quite choppy and when I move my legs, they move sideways and are definitely not like the videos I've seen of the trackers' performance. I've made sure the wiring is correct. I've made sure the trackers are in the right place on my body. I've reset the SteamVR play setting where you orient where the floor is and etc.
I really would like for these trackers to work, but am starting go regret this purchase. I am also kicking myself for not just getting the Vive trackers. If somebody could please guide me on what to do, that would be so appreciated. Is it Bluetooth capabilities that my pc is lacking? I am very open to know what I am doing wrong here. Thank you in advance!
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2022.12.27 08:18 Super_Bakon Haritorax VR

I bought a Haritorax VR recently and I was wondering if anyone else has it. If you do have it, how is it? And what can I do to make it better?
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2022.12.23 23:14 crazymew1 Help With HaritoraX?

I'm using a Quest 2 with air link. I'm pretty positive that it's user error somewhere along the lines. I set it up as per the instructions and I have the three cats in the steam overlay as I should. I then launch VRC through steam VR and although the HaritoraX app says my legs are working, they are not working in game. So I decide to recalibrate as shown in the video, the cats meow, recalibration complete, but my legs still don't move in game.
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2022.10.19 19:33 CaptAirStrike HaritoraX Elbow Expansion Review

I just received the haritorax elbow expansion yesterday and I got to try it out last night. The only use for it was for VRC. In terms of assembly, it was fairly easy to follow with the online manual and videos provided with the link from the directions. Attaching it to the rest of the system was straight forward as well.
The haritorax configurator 0.5.0 was definitely improved by how it tracks your legs and chest and what positions you want your trackers to follow you.
As for wearing the system, with the elbow expansion, it's starting to feel like wearing a whole virtual reality suit. The strap for the elbow trackers is hardly noticeable and the additional wires were not of any bother. Calibration did change a little bit but nothing too drastic.
As for VRC, that is where I was experiencing issues. When I was first calibrating the trackers to the avatars, it lifted my shoulders where it either looked like I was wearing shoulder pads or I was shrugging indefinitely. The way I fixed this was instead of being in the T-pose, I lifted my arms straight in the air. That fixed the shoulder issue and I was no longer shrugging.
This next part was that my arms were drifting quicker compared to the rest of my trackers. I am assuming that for new trackers, it takes time to settle and not drift as much but I was recalibrating every 15min or so (+-5min). Luckily recalibrating isn't hard. When the trackers were set though, the fluidity of my arms never looked so smooth. It definitely looks more natural instead of just the controllers. The trackers are light enough that I didn't notice any weight difference on my arms.
My setup is Quest 2 using virtual desktop and SteamVR. That's my day 1 review. Shoot me any questions that you all have.
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2022.09.09 01:37 SuperKimVT HaritoraX discontinued. New version with minor updated coming soon.

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2022.09.04 07:51 SunnyRocketBunny VR Headsets for VRchat?

Heya! I would love to get into VRchat, but I am having a hard time figuring out what headset to get for it. The only requirement that I have for it is full body tracking compatibility. Do you guys have any suggestions? I appreciate the help!

To answer some of your questions. I already have some experience with VR, I have a Vive, the really old one, but I never really enjoyed it due to it always feeling fairly blurry to me, and I really really dislike the cables. Which is why I was mostly looking at the Quest 2 and something from HTC with a wireless kit maybe. I could probably also save some money by using the old base stations and controllers for now? - and I understand that FBT may seem unnecessary to some, but it seems really fun and useful to me. (Also, SlimeVR and HaritoraX seem interesting, but they are both sadly unviable, and probably won't be in stock for months from the looks of it)
My biggest fear is probably putting a lot of money into this, just to see a super nice headset coming out in a month or two, that would have saved me lots of money and work.
And my pc has a 3900x and a 3080ti. I'm not sure if any other components are relevant?
One of the major reasons for my interest in VRchat, and the rush, is that I'm in a long distance relationship with my bf, and spending time every now and then in VR seemed like a decent idea.

Thank you all, so much for all the helpful comments!
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2022.08.04 05:46 Dokuujin HaritoraX issues

GF just got her trackers, and they worked fine for the day; her PC then crashed, and in the process steam disabled the HariToraX trackers and flagged them. She was able to revert all of that and get them connected again, how ever now the trackers are showing up in the wrong location.
When in VR the trackers appear in a few feet in front of her, instead of actually on her limbs.
She's already reinstalled the HariToraX app, as well as completely reinstalling SteamVR, among several other things. Have been googling and trying to find solutions for like a full day now, nothing suggested has helped.
Any other suggestions?
Edit: There's an auto calibration button that we eventually found, other "other settings", it's apparently experimental, and according to Shiftall, the calibration button will some times not appear.
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2022.07.31 04:05 lieutenantsaturn Can you connect HaritoraX using wifi like SlimeVR does, or do you have to use Bluetooth?

Thats all
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2022.07.26 10:29 isaackardash Any way to use HaritoraX on a different floor than my computer?

I am a PC Quest2 user, I play with oculus air link upstairs while my computer is in the downstairs of my house due to lack of room and not wanting to wack any pets or family. I am wanting to get into full body tracking but only really have 2 options that I know of (SlimeVR & HaritoraX) due to my play space situation. I don't really want to get slimeVR due to the annoying set up you have to do everytime, and they're out of stock till november. So I am wondering if it is in any way possible to use HaritoraX upstairs while my computer is not? will it reach through the ceiling? is there possible Bluetooth extenders? would it be possible to connect the HaritoraX to my quest 2 with Bluetooth while still connected to my pc?
Any information is appreciated. Thank you
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2022.07.26 01:48 CosmicWinterMW Help with HaritoraX SteamVR tracking

Help with HaritoraX SteamVR tracking
SOLVED: I turned off my VPN and it worked?

I know the HaritoraX isn't super popular, but I'm having a hard time finding information on troubleshooting it outside of the manual.
Everything connects just fine, but it has trouble connecting to SteamVR properly. The trackers sometimes show up as connected on SteamVR's dashboard, but I can't see their location in VR and they don't seem to be working in VRChat.
I've tried re-installing SteamVR and launching without OVR Toolkit, neither of which did anything. The only thing I can think of is it might be a driver issue, but the uninstall driver button in the software doesn't seem to do anything. Or it could be some kind of Bluetooth issue, but I don't know why it would be because it connects and tracks in the app just fine.
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2022.07.25 08:09 Izaiashi Full Body Tracking Solutions

I don't know which FBT Trackers to buy & use. (Without base stations) I were thinking about SlimeVR, but the tracking precision and availability. I also saw HaritoraX but they don't have shipping to Europe.
So I came here for your advices what to buy, Thanks!
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2022.07.10 03:24 ElectronicGur3066 Haritorax vs SlimeVR

I've been thinking about getting some full body trackers on a budget and have seen both of these cheap options. I'm just not sure which one would be better as I've seen positive reviews for both. Anyone have a recommendation?
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