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2023.05.29 23:41 OutsiderSubtype A story of a grand wedding bringing people together

I started as Domenico Morosini in Upper Bosnia in 1066. This is an interesting start for a few reasons. You are a Cisalpine count with Bosnian territory in Croatia's realm. Your territory has the potential for a very valuable mine. There are also several Krstjani sites nearby if you want to go that route. The Morosini family historically became very powerful and produced several Doges of Venice.

I wanted to hybridize Cisalpine and Bosnian, because Cisalpine has great traditions that are perfectly suited for a mountainous region like Bosnia. Specifically, Cisalpine has Mountain Homes, Republican Tradition (special spearmen), and Monastic Communities (super good, helps manage succession and your kids get Temperate more and Drunk/Gluttonous less).

But Bosnian has Isolationist, meaning hybridizing is hard. Also, I was only count and duke tier for a good while until the Kingdom of Croatia had a time of weakness and I could declare independence. That meant promoting cultural acceptance was very slow.

Domenico got cancer and died fairly early. His heir Francesco was underage. Francesco developed a crush on a Bosnian Krstjani servant named Gruba in the "you realize you are heterosexual" event. I decided to lean into it. Gruba was Quick, so there was a positive congenital trait involved for a change.

When Francesco came of age, he got married to Gruba in a grand wedding. I chose less expensive options because I didn't care so much about prestige - the point of the wedding in this case was firing the "Your marriage bridges cultural divides" event, which can happen multiple times during the wedding and grants +5 cultural acceptance each time. Also, Francesco and Gruba became Soulmates at the altar.

Then as Duchess and later Queen, Gruba fired the "Spouse mediates with Krstjani subjects" and "Spouse mediates with Bosnian subjects" events several times, which led to useful opinion boosts.

The grand wedding got me enough cultural acceptance for a new hybrid culture. Grand weddings are great for getting cultural acceptance up, especially with Isolationist or Staunch Traditionalist cultures.
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2023.05.29 23:41 Highest-Being Click for click 😊🤟

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2023.05.29 23:41 SweetyD75 Seriously?

I made weed gummies (legal in my state) thinking I could sell them and save my apartment. They turned out SO GOOD but I don’t even have the friends and family to give free fucking samples to. Can’t grow a client base if no one will even cross town for free samples! I have epilepsy so can’t take them TO people. Now THAT’S lonely.
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2023.05.29 23:40 Kaelaedo I broke down in the middle of my exam, now I'm too embarrassed to go to school tomorrow.

I am writing this post while in tears. I feel embarrassed, ashamed, lost, and discouraged. I had a huge math exam today, and I spent a long time studying for it. I put my best efforts into studying because my grades are LITERALLY plummeting, and I don't want to fail my year. I kid you not, If I fail, I won't be able to show my face at school, knowing that ALL my friends passed their year except for me.
When I got the exam today, it was a two-hour exam, and I started reading the problem normally. But the second I finished reading, I didn't understand anything, even though everything I studied was in the exam. I re-read the problem once, twice, three times, and ten times. Every time I re-read the problem, I held back tears. I raised my hand and asked the teacher for help, but he denied, which made me panic. My mind went blank for a whole hour while re-reading the situation yet not understanding everything.
I studied so much just to not be able to get past the first step. I started contemplating my life, overthinking everything, and ended up crying. I tried so hard to stop myself, but I couldn't stop sniffling and crying. People stared at me, which made me cry even more. I hate this so much, and to make matters worse, this was our last math problem before finals.

I'm literally failing most subject despite putting effort into studying, I don't know what to do, my family thinks I'm not trying hard enough but I am. I swear, I am.

It's literally the same thing with every other exam, I try so hard for them but end up having my brain shutdown in the middle of the exams leaving me mindlessly scanning the papers.
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2023.05.29 23:40 SoftBoiledPotatoChip Hard to be patient towards people who have never cared anymore

Basically ever since I was 8, I’ve had to be the one to calm down hostile situations in my family and be the one to be there for everyone when they had something rough going on or their feelings hurt or if they just wanted to bitch or complain etc.
Lately I’ve been going through a shift from the patient one to the one who is blunt and will call people out on their shit.
I think for too long I’ve wasted my life, time and resources taking care of everyone else.
Nobody cared for me like how I cared for them and when it was my turn to be vulnerable and need help everyone turned their back on me.
I realized a lot of things recently about how these people wouldn’t do for me what I do for them.
How they actually don’t take my well-being, my situation or my happiness into consideration when they’re doing anything.
They’ve all be really self centered and selfish.
For a few of them I know it hasn’t been intentional, and some of them have worked to be more considerate of me because they care.
But a lot of them continue to be self centered without any regard for me and I just don’t have any fucks to give them anymore.
Which is good. I’m finally learning to stop pouring into others who don’t pour into me.
But I realized I’ve also become impatient and unempathetic and to the point with people a lot, especially when I think they’re being overly dramatic and ridiculous.
It’s a worked in progress. I’ve never had these sort of boundaries before so I’m learning but I like the peace and power.
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2023.05.29 23:40 Highest-Being Click for click 😊🤟

🌷💐🌺🌼🌻☘️ ✨Hey Friend!✨ ❗❗❗Click my link && UpVote. Leave yours in the comments and I'll click back!⭐😍 🎁 Please help this would be my 1st time winning a prize on Temu! 💖🌹🥺♥️🥺🌹💖 Code is 🤍 S2ZW88J
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2023.05.29 23:40 Charming-Run-4595 Feeling jealous of someone going out

Every time my bf goes out with his mates I feel slightly jealous but not in “I wish he was at home with me” kind of way, nothing like that. I’m not worried about him at all or what he does.
It’s more like I wish I was also out doing fun stuff. Im more introverted than him and my friend group goes out a lot less than his. So when I’m home Im kinda glad to get some alone time but there’s this gnawing feeling of missing out. And I feel like I never have as much fun out as he does.
This is an “extroverted” introvert problem of getting tired of people and yet wishing to be more social
Would be glad to hear how people dealt with it xx
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2023.05.29 23:40 fairyfuel_ you hang out with your filipino friend and her family for one day and now youre a part of the family😭😭🫶

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2023.05.29 23:40 Sttarrk [Store] Arcanas/Diretide/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Immortals & Collector's Cache

Diretide/TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Immortals & Collector's Cache Sets FOR SALE
Link to my spreadsheet, with all my prices, stock and reservations already made
Shimmer of the Anointed (Nyx Assassin) 4$ 12 -----
The Rat King (Chen) 5$ 10 -----
Pattern of the Silken Queen (Broodmother) 5$ 12 -----
Shackles of the Enduring Conscript (Axe) 6$ 9 -----
Fires of the Volcanic Guard (Ember Spirit) 8$ 11 -----
Loaded Prospects (Brewmaster) 10$ 12 -----
Ire of the Molten Rebirth (Phoenix) 10$ 8 -----
Pitmouse Fraternity (Meepo) 10$ 6 -----
Raiments of the Obsidian Force (Underlord - Rare) 20$ 9 -----
Grasp of the Riven Exile (Weaver) 4$ 9 -----
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud (Dark Seer) 4$ 9 -----
Pillar of the Fractured Citadel (Spirit Breaker) 5$ 7 -----
Primer of the Sapper's Guile (Techies) 6$ 3 -----
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum (Bloodseeker) 8$ 4 -----
Molokau Stalker (Venomancer) 10$ 10 -----
Raptures of the Abyssal Kin (Queen of Pain) 10$ 4 -----
Morbific Provision (Witch Doctor) 10$ 5 -----
Fate Meridian (Invoker) 15$ 2 -----
The Murid Divine (Necrophos) 15$ 7 -----
Automaton Antiquity (Broodmother) 5$ 3 -----
Prized Acquisitions (Batrider) 5$ 6 -----
Directive of the Sunbound (Clockwerk) 6$ 4 -----
Tribal Pathways (Warlock) 6$ 4 -----
Verdant Predator (Venomancer) 7$ 2 -----
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful (Drow Ranger) 12$ 4 -----
Riddle of the Hierophant (Oracle) 5$ 1 -----
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Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade (Rubick) 5$ 20 -----
The King Of Thieves (Keeper of the Light) 5$ 16 -----
Blaze of Oblivion (Phoenix) 5$ 25 -----
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Beast of the Crimson Ring (Bristleback) 7$ 14 -----
Evolution of the Infinite (Enigma) 7$ 19 -----
Wrath of the Fallen Ones (Doom) 7$ 15 -----
Crown of Calaphas (Shadow Demon) 7$ 17 -----
Talons of the Endless Storm (Chaos Knight) 9$ 18 -----
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler (Arc Warden) 20$ 8 -----
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Master of the Searing Path (Ember Spirit) 20$ 8 -----
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber (Templar Assassin - Rare) 15$ 26 -----
Claszureme Incursion (Faceless Void - Very Rare) 50$ 2 -----
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Fury of the Righteous Storm (Disruptor) 10$ 2 -----
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Aghanim's 2021 Collector's Cache
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Perils of the Red Banks (Chen) 10$ 2 -----
Pyrexae Polymorph Perfected (Ogre Magi - Rare) 15$ 5 -----
Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache II
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Darkbrew´s Transgression (Alchemist) 2.5$ 16 -----
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Dawn of Darkness Foretold (Doom) 2.5$ 15 -----
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Feasts of Forever (Night Stalker) 2.5$ 16 -----
Withering Pain (Clinkz) 2.5$ 16 -----
Freebot Fortunes (Ogre Magi) 2.5$ 14 -----
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War Rig Eradicators (Techies) 2.5$ 14 -----
Darkfeather Factioneer (Phantom Assassin) 5$ 11 -----
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Grudges of the Gallows Tree (Treant Protector - Rare) 10$ 16 -----
Brands of the Reaper (Anti-Mage - Rare) 10$ 13 -----
Sublime Equilibrium (Void Spirit - Very Rare) 25$ 3 -----
Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache I
Hounds of Obsession (Chen) 2.5$ 18 -----
Seadog's Stash (Clockwerk) 2.5$ 18 -----
Chines of the Inquisitor (Faceless Void) 2.5$ 17 -----
Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt (Ursa) 2.5$ 16 -----
Crimson Dawn (Phoenix) 2.5$ 18 -----
Fogotten Station (Terrorblade) 2.5$ 19 -----
Dirge Amplifier (Undying) 2.5$ 17 -----
Champion of the Fire Lotus (Monkey King) 2.5$ 16 -----
Deathstitch Shaman (Witch Doctor) 2.5$ 18 -----
Spoils of the Shadowveil (Spectre) 5$ 10 -----
Scarlet Subversion (Riki) 5$ 8 -----
Whippersnapper (Snapfire) 8$ 8 -----
Shadowleaf Insurgent (Hoodwink) 10$ 4 -----
Starlorn Adjudicator (Dawnbreaker) 10$ 5 -----
Blue Horizons (Marci - Rare) 10$ 11 -----
Angel of Vex (Invoker - Rare) 15$ 4 -----
Dark Behemoth (Primal Beast - Very Rare) 25$ 4 -----
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2023.05.29 23:40 Firefly-Fan-7 A relaxing life (Short story)

I'm taking a course on creative writing, and came up with this short story. Hope you like it.

A relaxing life

I wake up to the ship alarms, “Warning. Hull integrity at twenty percent.”
Through the canopy I can only see the grey rigged surface of a massive asteroid. It’s blocking my entire field of view, some of its surface glowing incandescent. I turn off the mining laser and I pull the thrusters on full reverse, watching the asteroid moving slowly away from me, rotating on the horizontal axis. It has a huge protuberance on the left, and it’s getting closer to the left side of my ship. If I can’t get out of its reach, it’s going to hit me again.
This would be easier in a smaller and faster ship, but in a Type-9 this was almost impossible. Being 100 meters wide and long, piloting this ship is like piloting your own city block. I roll the ship to the left, trying to bring the left part of the ship down and evade the asteroid’s arm. I avoid a direct hit, but I’m not fast enough and we take a glancing blow. I can feel the soft tremor when the protuberance hits the ship, “Warning. Hull integrity at fifteen percent.”
The ship is as fast as it could be on reverse gear. We slowly get out of immediate danger, the massive asteroid still in front of us but no longer blocking my view. The asteroid sea surrounds us. Left, right, up, and down, there are asteroids of every size and shape in all directions. I feel a sudden punch behind me as the ship hits another asteroid, this time on our back, “Warning. Hull integrity at six percent.” I curse myself and push the throttle a bit forward, parking the ship between the two asteroids. Now I’m fully awake.
Laser mining was supposed to be relaxing and safe. Sometimes it became even too relaxing. This was not the first time that I fell asleep while mining, but it was the first time that I hammer the ship into an asteroid in the process. And without the shields, the hull took all the impact. Cmdr. Peta was surprised when I said that I ditched the shields in my mining ship to save internal space, which allowed me to get more cargo. He will find it funny that I almost blow the ship while mining alone in a desert ring.
I didn’t like to hunt anymore, so I left my bounty hunting days behind me. No more boosting the agile Fer-de-Lance, the favorite ship of bounty hunters, inside a station like an irresponsible teenager, just to hear that low-frequency hum, cut by high-pitched turbine-like whine that anticipates the fierce roar and the huge acceleration of the ship, while you maneuver it gracefully through the station entrance that resemble so much a mail slot, getting a warning from the authorities for dangerous piloting. No, the Type-9 is a massive brick that requires patience, concentration, and attention to detail. Piloting this inside a mining asteroid ring requires some kind of humble respect for the massiveness of the objects involved. I like this.
I begin to assess the situation. My cargo was at 90 percent capacity. I push away the temptation to keep mining to reach 100 percent. With only six percent of hull integrity, even the slightest hit would tear us apart. If I had put even a small capacity shield, I would probably be carrying roughly the same amount of cargo, but without the danger of getting the ship destroyed. The irony.
I think that whatever course of action, it is best to leave the ring for now. I slowly push the throttle forward and pitch the ship upwards, dodging the asteroids. We get out, my field of view expanding to contemplate the white planetary ring, reflecting the distant star’s light. It’s like a peaceful wide road, going straight for millions of kilometers, until it turns right and disappears behind the light-purple gas giant that it’s orbiting.
I make a cup of coffee, stretch my legs, and start looking for stations with good selling prices. I find one, only one jump away, in a high population system. In other words, risk of pirates. Maybe the system has good security. I come back to my chair, “Sorry girl,” I said, while checking the controllers. “We’ll arrive in a station in no time, you’re getting repaired and will be as good as new, how about that?” I engage the Frame Shift Drive, and we jump to the station’s star system. We’re now only a couple hundreds light-seconds away from the station, traversing in supercruise mode. In normal space this would take months, but in supercruise it’s a matter of minutes.
The station is just a few light-seconds away when I notice two ships behind us, getting closer. The familiar acute noise announces the interdiction, revealing that another ship is trying to get me out of supercruise. I concede to the interdiction, preventing my FSD to overload, thus making reboot faster. When we drop into normal space we are soon followed by a Python ship, and I can see it aiming at us. The pilot opens a communication channel, “Give me some of your cargo or this gets real interesting.” These guys don’t even bother to type the messages themselves; it is always this cold copy-paste communications. His friend doesn’t drop by our location for any reason. If I had shields, I could endure some shots while the hyperdrive charges and boost away. But I look at the bottom right panel, showing the hull integrity “6%”. Any shot and we’re blown to pieces. The best option is to comply.
I start to ditch the results of my honest work to this douchebag, thinking about the time that I spent in the asteroid ring. At least if the ship survives, I won’t have to buy another one, with all the right pieces, and start anew. The truth is that the ship is worth far more than this single cargo. A few moments later two Federal Assault Ships drop to normal space, “This is system security, please comply.” The battle between them and the pirate starts soon after that. Great, now I’m in the middle of a gunfight.
I hold the throttle and look at my cargo floating in space, abandoned by the pirate. The other ships are busy fighting, and I still have some collector limpets. I shouldn’t be this greedy, but I open the cargo hatch and release all my limpets, recollecting my hard-earned materials. The three ships pass beside us, and I hope that we’re not hit by mistake. When we are almost finished picking up all the materials, another ship drops to normal space. The pirate’s friend with another Python. I close the cargo hatch, engage the FSD, push the throttle all the way forward, and activate the engine’s boost. The deep rumble and the throaty roar announcing that the ship is using its full power, making the hull vibrate. I’m not betting on those cops now. I shout aloud in celebration when the hyperdrive gets us into supercruise. Take that Cmdr. Peta, who needs a shield now?
We get out of supercruise at the station location, the massive structure always rotating to provide artificial gravity. I ask for dock authorization, which they grant automatically. I’m hovering my finger on the panel, almost turning the docking computer on. The docking computer can save a lot of work and, nine out of ten times, lands the ship safely. But sometimes it miscalculates the station’s rotation and grazes the Type-9 on the mail slot. This is usually not a problem, but with only six percent of hull integrity I’m not taking any chances.
I take manual control and carefully pilot the ship to the station’s entrance. When we’re right in front of it I synchronize our rotation to the station’s, adjusting it every second. Getting a one hundred meters city block through this portal is not an easy task. I can already see the station’s interior, the two-kilometer-wide hollow cylinder. The internal surface is filled with spaceports, highways, and even leisure parks.
We’re halfway through the gate, entering the internal atmosphere when I hear the familiar low-frequency hum, cut by high-pitched turbine-like whine. I look forward and see a Fer-de-Lance boosting directly towards me. The pilot, probably a teenager, didn’t bother to check which ship was entering the station. Any other ship and he could pass beside us, but the Type-9 takes almost the entirety of the mail slot. He hammers us, his shield absorbing the hit, but to my shieldless ship this was the final blow.
I’m ejected, propelled into the station’s atmosphere, flying away from my ship. I turn myself around, floating alone inside the station, just to watch my ship exploding with hours of mining work and hundreds of millions in equipment.
I try to chuckle, thinking that Cmdr. Peta is going to laugh at this. Next time I’ll use a shield.
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2023.05.29 23:40 erantsingularity 4300 miles and three weeks of road tripping yielded some nice finds.

4300 miles and three weeks of road tripping yielded some nice finds.
Found a bunch of these on a three week road trip to some national parks and to get to meet my wife's family in the Midwest. The old gold filled jeweler's cap Parker 51 was 15 bucks and still works. Cap has slight brassing and a ding here or there, but I'll take it! Found the Toothbrush Duofold in an antique shop right off I-90, all it needed was a new sac. Same for the Wahl Oxford. The Sheaffer Admiral I found in Mitchell, SD, along with the Cocoa Parker 51 set. It needed a new sac and still needs a new O ring. The Esterbrooks were in Ontario, OR. I killed the dollar Pen's section trying to take it out (it was really stuck in there), so if you have a spare I'd be willing to buy it! The vintage Quink bottle was from a shop in Deadwood, SD.
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2023.05.29 23:40 Spirited_Abroad_7817 Is this turbo noise normal Evo X

Is this turbo noise normal Evo X
So i’ve had my evo x for about 2 years now and i love the car, when driving the car everything sounds fine from the inside you can hear the intake sucking air and the BOV doing its job. Turbo seems to be boosting fine as ive never felt a loss of power (dont have a boost gage). The other day I asked my friend to take a video from outside and i noticed this high pitch sound coming from the turbo (witch i can only hear in videos, you dont hear it high pitched like that from inside the car everything sounds normal). This isnt something new either it always sounded like that from outside.
I would like to hear your opinions, does it sound normal since i never heard a turbo sound so high pitched lol.
-ETS CAI -Spec D Tuning exhaust -Turbosmart BOV
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2023.05.29 23:40 samhigh Memorial weekend brisket - learning each time

Memorial weekend brisket - learning each time
Fourth attempt at a brisket. Costco choice, ten pounds, minimal trim and s/p plus a homemade spice rub. Started at midnight on low on the recteq bullseye pellet grill, wrapped at 165, ten hours later, in butcher paper and foil boat the bottom to keep the juices in. Pulled it at 203 and rested in the cooler for 4 hours before serving at 140 degrees.
Friends were very complimentary, I felt it was a little dry and it didn't quite flop on the finger when bouncing a slice. The quest for great brisket continues..
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2023.05.29 23:40 El_Payan How was your memorial weekend

We went out for the weekend. We made the best of our time with friends and family. But…. There were so many individual walking through our spot. We had some games set up and multiple kids would come up and use them without so much as a can I play with them. Parents don’t seem to have common sense anymore. Please watch you children. If your neighbor is nice enough to let them play with their stuff tell them to be careful with it. Also absolutely no one wants to listen to your music coming from your mid 90’s Honda rattling all night. Ughhhh I try my best to be a good neighbor when we’re out. I teach my kids to respect your neighbors. It’s true what I read a few days ago. It’s during the holidays when I see the worst crowds. There’s so much more but I’m sure you get the idea. Rant over!
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2023.05.29 23:39 Careless_Set_2512 I have created a new alphabet for the English language

A few weeks ago, me and my friends were speaking - a few of which speak a language which is written phonetically - and we were discussing how stupid the spelling of the English language is. So, we decided to make our own English alphabet based off of a modified version of the latin alphabet.
It uses letters from Icelandic, Azerbaijani, Czech, French, Latin, Greek and Igbo.
Here is the alphabet that we have come up with: (Ææ, Aa, Bb, Əə, Dd, Ee, Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii, Jj, Kk, Ll, Mm, Nn, Oo, Pp, Þþ, Rr, Ss, Tt, Uu, Vv, Ðð, Zz)
Here are some of the changes: Æ makes the “a” sound in “bat”. A makes the “ar” in the British “park” or just the “a” in “park” in American English. B makes the usual B sound. Ə makes schwa sound like the “u” in “cup”. D makes the usual D sound. E makes the “e” sound in “bet” F makes the usual F sound. G makes the usual G sound. H makes the usual H sound. I makes the “i” in “pip” J makes the usual J sound. K makes the usual K sound. L makes the usual L sound. M makes the usual M sound. N makes the usual N sound. O makes the “o” sound in “fox” P makes the usual P sound. Þ makes the “th” sound in “think” R makes the usual R sound. S makes the usual S sound. T makes the usual T sound. U makes the “oo” in “scoop” V makes the usual V sound. Ð makes the “th” sound in “that” Z makes the usual Z sound.
It also has a few accents to help reduce the alphabet count due to English having a huge amount of consonants and vowels: “ˇ” for “š” and “č” to make the “sh” and “ch” sounds; “ö” to make the short “oo” sound like in “book” or “put”; “î” to make the “ee” sound. The regular “i” makes the sound in “pip”; and finally, “ṅ and ọ” to make the “ng” and “aw” sounds respectfully - such as the “a” in “ball” or the “o” in “old” in a few dialects of American English.
The last letter is ‘î to represent the “y” sound as we realised that occasionally, Y cannot be replaces with Î.
Here is a translation of an extract from the BBC: (Bear in mind that this is phonetically written to match my British English dialect of English)
For him, that has entailed having a more independent foreign policy. Over the years, he's developed highly transactional relationships with all his allies.
Fọ him, ðæt hæs inteîəld hæviṅ eî mọ indipendənt forən polisî. Əuvər ðə 'îəz, hîz diveləpt haîlî trænzækšənəl rileîšənšips uið ọl hiz ælaîz.
British English (Britiš Iṅgliš): Its not pəfekt səu plîz let mî nəu uot aî nîd tu impruv!
American English (Əmerikin Iṅgliš): Its nat pərfekt səu pəlîz leit mî nəu uad æî nîddu impruv!
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2023.05.29 23:39 JoshAsdvgi The Burial of Dead

The Burial of Dead

The Burial of Dead

Burial customs varied widely from tribe to tribe.
Indians disposed of their dead in a variety of ways.
Arctic tribes, for example, simply left their dead on the frozen ground for wild animals to devour.
The ancient mound-building Hopewell societies of the Upper Midwest, by contrast, placed the dead in lavishly furnished tombs.
Southeastern tribes practiced secondary bone burial.
They dug up their corpses, cleansed the bones, and then reburied them.
The Northeast Iroquois, before they formed the Five Nations Confederation in the seventeenth century, saved skeletons of the deceased for a final mass burial that included furs and ornaments for the dead spirits' use in the afterlife.

Northwest coastal tribes put their dead in mortuary cabins or canoes fastened to poles. Further south, California tribes practiced cremation.

In western mountain areas tribes often deposited their dead in caves or fissures in the rocks.

Nomadic tribes in the Great Plains region either buried their dead, if the ground was soft, or left them on tree platforms or on scaffolds.

Central and South Atlantic tribes embalmed and mummified their dead.
But during outbreaks of smallpox or other diseases leading to the sudden deaths of many tribe members, survivors hurriedly cast the corpses into a mass grave or threw them into a river.

Rites among Native Americans tended to focus on aiding the deceased in their afterlife. Some tribes left food and possessions of the dead person in or near the gravesite.
Other groups, such as the Nez Perce of the Northwest, sacrificed wives, slaves, and a favorite horse of a dead warrior.
Among many tribes, mourners, especially widows, cut their hair.
Some Native Americans discarded personal ornaments or blacked their faces to honor the dead.
Others gashed their arms and legs to express their grief.

California tribes engaged in wailing, staged long funeral ceremonies, and held an anniversary mourning ritual after one or two years.
Southwest Hopi wailed on the day of the death, and cried a year later.

Some Southwestern tribes, especially the Apache and Navajo, feared the ghosts of the deceased who were believed to resent the living.
The nomadic Apache buried corpses swiftly and burned the deceased's house and possessions.
The mourning family purified itself ritually and moved to a new place to escape their dead family member's ghost.
The Navajo also buried their dead quickly with little ceremony.
Navajos exposed to a corpse had to undergo a long and costly ritual purification treatment.
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2023.05.29 23:39 Slavic_ginger Not being able to connect to an online game?

Right, so I can’t get in to any online games. Weirdly enough, I can still play with my friends. But I can’t get in to any online match. It will search, but will never connect. When I look at my player details, it says offline, so how come I can play with friends? I’ve been trying to deal with this for about two weeks, and have found no way to get any actual help with it. I bought it on steam, but had it on Xbox before. Any ideas on what to try?
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2023.05.29 23:39 xsadavocado Anime just isn’t for me I think

I’m not a huge anime fan, in fact I’m not really one at all. However, I’ve tried to watch some of the most popular anime series, I’ve tried all the rec’s from my anime-loving friends/relatives, I’ve tried different genres, I’ve taken countless “which anime should you watch” quizzes/surveys, I’ve tried watching in both dub & sub, and I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent on the recommendations page under this subreddit’s menu. I genuinely want to enjoy anime so bad because I love the art and the plots/characters always sound so intriguing, but I don’t know what’s wrong with me lol. Maybe anime truly isn’t meant for everyone, but that’s not gonna stop me from trying.
Here’s a list of some anime’s I’ve watched at least a full episode of that I never finished because I probably didn’t like it all that much: Naruto, One Piece, AOT, Cowboy Bebop, HxH, Haikyuu, MHA, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Initial D, Steins Gate, Demon Slayer, Black Butler, Durarara, Toradora, Pokemon, Banana Fish, Inuyasha, One Punch Man, Goblin Slayer, Ouran High School Host Club, Fruits Basket, Your Lie In April, Anohana, Plastic Memories, Devilman Crybaby, Kakegurui, as well as most of the Ghibli movies.
Granted, I know I should watch more than one episode to get a good feel of the series, but the only anime I’ve watched, enjoyed, and actually finished was Death Note and that got me hooked within the first half of the first episode. I also really liked Banana Fish, but I never was able to finish it because I lost the source I was watching it from. Outside of anime, I enjoy watching mainly drama series with a lot of like relationship/family drama I guess; crime, horror, comedy are all great as well. I guess I just want an anime that is more realistic and close to real life situations. I can do without all the fantasy and supernatural stuff that most animes have. Surely someone here might be able to help me.
TLDR; title pretty much sums it up 🫡
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2023.05.29 23:39 frozentea86 Are there any less conservative areas around Saskatoon?

So I am thinking about moving from the lower mainland BC to the Saskatoon area. One of the main things holding me back is the political, racial, sexist mindset. It might just be my experience or the area my family is in, or just my family in general. I don't mean to generalize. I was raised in a tiny Mennonite community and went to a religious school and left at 17 to avoid the sexist conservative expectations since I'm a woman. But it's been 20 years now and I can't afford vancouver anymore and if I'm going to start my life over I'd like be be closer to my family but the extreem conservative mindset scares me. Are there any areas, sub divisions, or towns within an hour or so of Saskatoon that are more open, lgbtq+ friendly, liberal, While also being safe for a woman to live alone?
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2023.05.29 23:39 Ok-Presentation-2429 Has anyone tried a specialized cleaning service for pet owners? I have a furry friend at home, and I'm looking for a cleaning service that can effectively remove pet hair and eliminate odors.

As a proud pet owner, I've been struggling to keep up with the constant shedding and occasional accidents. I want to find a cleaning service that understands the unique cleaning needs associated with having pets and can provide specialized cleaning solutions.
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2023.05.29 23:39 cottoncandysweetslol AITA for not wanting my grandma who’s lost her husband to stay in my room that I pay for

For context I am a 20 female who lives at home with my parents however I pay to live in this house a substantial amount of money. My grandmas husband recently past away and she's decided she wants to stay at my parents house more often the problem is we do not have a spare room meaning she would have to stay in my room with a bed in. Some weeks stay with my boyfriend and my parents offered up my room to her when I'm away, my problems with this are.
I have OCD the type where I cry over other people touching things belonging to me. I will excessively clean my phone and clean bathrooms almost every time I use them, even when I stay at my boyfriends house I sometimes become overwhelmed because of re-washing every plate or cup I come into contact with. I was constantly sick as a child and have a big fear of germs after almost passing away as a child, I barely let my own parents in my room and my boyfriend showers and even then I am sceptical about him in my room. The thought of someone sleeping in my room touching my things makes me physically ill and knowing I'd having to clean this all after she stays every time is so stressful to me, I have been known to breakdown over this. although I am trying to work on this I don't think I should have to give up my room for someone else despite it been a family member when I will have to clean up after them.
Some important factors include: My grandma has a home with a spare bedroom in where my parents could stay but they don't want to sleep elsewhere. I posted this earlier and people suggested I literally move out of a home I pay to live in for her to stay here. Some even suggested I move into my grandmas home which is literally insane as she lives further from my university then I already do (it's an hour and half commute already).
Another important factor: My grandma has others she stays with and she comes over to my house a lot at the moment anyways just doesn't stay over.
Another important factor: if she was to stay over and I wanted to come home I would then be left with no room to stay in. There has been times I have became depressed whilst been at my boyfriends and had to go home in the middle of the night as I struggle quite badly with my mental health. My room is my safe space. Anyways I told my mum and dad that I do not feel okay giving up my room to another person and not been able to come home if she stays, my parents seemed disappointed with me however agreed they wouldn't let her have my room as I pay for it.
However things have became slightly awkward between me and my parents now despite them knowing about my OCD and how anxious I feel about others in my room. My parents even asked for her to stay over in my room on my own birthday so I wouldn't be able to stay over in my own room on my birthday. I again said no.
My parents could happily buy a blow up bed for another room in the house by the way they just don't want to spend the money. We even have other bedrooms just with no beds in but they won't but a spare bed. I can not afford a bed for another room as I am a student.
To all the Redditor's that told me I should move into my grandmas house so I could let my grandma have my room you are crazy. I may be selfish but this is my one space that is mine that my parents was so quickly ready to give to another person. I spoke to my other siblings who do not live at home and they agree with me however my parents don't.
Any questions I will update here.
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2023.05.29 23:39 philosophicallyd How do I (F23) handle facing my traumatic situationship ex (F25) again?

During college I fell in love with a fellow student to the point I couldn't stop thinking about anything else. Since it was covid at the time, we usually texted, the times we actually saw each other was rare. From the beginning, the relationship was toxic. For a start we fell in love with each other while still both being in committed relationships and we'd complain about our relationship to each other (for the record we didn't physically cheat on our partners, we just texted. not that it makes it any better as my partner was a good guy). Secondly, he always kept me on a leash (for the entirety of our 2 year situationship). We texted 24/7 and whenever we did see each other the chemistry was overwhelming, but he never wanted to commit even after we broke up our relationships. We did sleep a few times with each other, which was a huge deal to me, but he brushed it off as saying he just wanted to get laid after he broke up with his gf. We had exactly the same interests, in fact to this day I've never met someone so compatible with me on an interest-level, so we grew together on an intelligent level (but obvs not on an emotional level), and we also had some similar personality traits. Because he was so available and so unavailable at the same time, and because we were so compatible in some ways, I became obsessed with him and was always looking for his confirmation of his love to me.
This situationship really messed me up to an extent I cannot describe, I completely lost my sense of self and any boundaries I had with myself and him. At the time I knew our situationship was toxic and we talked about it a few times, but nothing ever improved. It just kept going on and on. He never showed any sign of self-reflection or compassion towards me.
I last spoke to him a year ago when he texted me and I told him I don't want to see him because he is toxic and I deleted his number. Since then I've grown a lot emotionally and deconstructed our relationship and him. For example, literally everyone in his family is divorced and his father is a narcissist, which may say something about him too; he might have had psychological issues that he may have (subconsiously) expressed onto me.
I'm a loving relationship now and really don't want to see this guy from my past again. Yet, I found out that we'll go study the exact same thing in the exact same university come fall. It will be impossible to avoid him because the program is small and since we have similar interests, we'll probably be classmates. I don't know what to do. He never once apologized for keeping me on a leash, and in the past he gossiped about me many times. It is easy to say that I should just stand my ground, but I don't know how this will work out in reality, especially given he probably will reach out to me again and pretend he wasn't a dick (but then again idk how he reflects on our situationship). By being his classmate, I can't imagine I can continue my healing from him. I am not scared to become infatuated with him because I've grown over that, I am scared to face him and therefore my painful past with him if that makes sense.
Could someone please give me tips on how I can handle this unfortunate reality upcoming fall?
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