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2013.03.16 16:46 ModestSilence HairDye

The HairDye community is devoted to hair dye and dyed hair. Any posts of your dyed hair, or questions relating to dying your hair are welcomed; Anything from Brown to Rainbow. So go ahead, let the world see your gloriously dyed hair!

2014.02.22 06:55 rage310 Sexy Hair: The Sexiest Hair on the Net

The sexiest hair on the internet. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, Dyed, Short, Long (especially long), Curly, Straight, Wavy, Braids, Pigtails, Ponytails....this is the place to find and submit pictures, videos or gifs of sexy women with incredibly sexy hair.

2011.10.19 20:11 All about going natural, hair porn and other stuff too!


2023.06.05 08:12 FlochofBirds Jamal Murray vs. Jaylen Brown in the playoffs

Murray's last 30 playoff games (not including Game 2 of Heat/Nuggets): 20-10 W/L record, 26.4/4.9/6.5 on 48/41/90 splits with 2.7 TOs and 59.8 TS%.
Brown's last 30 playoff games: 16-14 W/L record, 22.5/6.0/3.5 on 47/35/73 splits with 3.3 TOs and 56.0 TS%
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2023.06.05 08:10 Jertimmer Looking for comics recommendations

Hi all, I recently got the Marvel Unlimited app, and I've already put some series in my library, like House of M, Secret Wars, Priest's Black Panther, Planet Hulk etc.
What series would you recommend? I'm not tied down to one particular character, so hit me with anything you think is worth reading, whether it's Spider-Man, Blade, X-Men, or even some obscure character barely anyone has heard of.
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2023.06.05 08:10 AutoModerator [Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

[Download Course] Csaba Borzasi – Breakthrough Conversions Academy (

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Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked

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Module 9

From “Master Structure” to Breakthrough Copy

In this strategic overview session, we’ll revisit the most important 80/20 principles of key topics like:
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  • The Psychology Behind Persuasive Copywriting & Copy-Thinking
  • The “No-Nonsense” 80/20 Marketing Research Process
  • The “Sacred Trinity”: Big Ideas, Headlines, Leads
  • The “Golden Thread” That Connects Your Big Idea With The Offer
  • How to Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Using a Unique Mechanism
  • Once Upon a Time, There Was a “StorySelling Masterclass” That Rocked
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.05 08:10 spookyghost321 iphone XS Max: black screen but touch, sound, vibration still works- HELP PLS!!!!

Hi I am literally driving myself nuts I feel like I have tried everything. All the sudden my screen went black today and never came back on-there are flashes of green whenever "display" should be turning on. The touch still works, I can answer calls, and try to put in my passcode, but for some reason I just can't get passcode right. I haven't been locked out which is so good. I can hear the "taps" when I try to put in passcode, but it never unlocks- I have an HDMI/lightning cord so I can use TV/computer as display to download all my things but idk why the passcode won't work it makes no sense. I traced the Lock Screen numbers onto paper of someone with identical phone so I know im pressing the right numbers!!!!
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2023.06.05 08:09 sadnesslaughs An immortal warrior with centuries of combat experience settles down to run an orphanage. Slave traders kidnap some of the children.... Big mistake.

“Miss Alexandria?” The child called out, tugging on the warrior’s dress. She had been asleep in her rocking chair, enjoying the small amount of rest she got from the chaotic orphanage. She opened her one good eye, staring down at Bronson.
“Did Lucy hit you with her training sword again? Honestly, she’s going to make a feisty warrior someday.” Alexandria chuckled, only to squint when she noticed the look of fear on Bronson’s face. She immediately stood up from her chair, staggering a little as the chair violently rocked from the sudden movement. “What happened?”
“Robed people. Lots of them! They came out of the woods and grabbed Lucy and the others. I… I wanted to help, but…” Bronson teared up, wiping his snotty nose on the edge of her dress.
“No, no, dear. You did good. Now I can rescue them. If you didn’t tell me, I might never have known. Now, where did they go?”
“T-towards the waterfall. The one near the big dumb dumb rock.”
“The dumb dumb rock? Oh, right, the one you all drew a face on. Never thought the dumb dumb rock would become a marker. Stay here and keep quiet. If anyone comes to the door that isn’t me, hide. If they find you, stab em with something pointy.” Alexandria instructed.
Alexandria went and found her sword, sliding it into its sheath. As she was about to leave, she heard Bronson call out. The child was already rummaging through the kitchen, looking for something sharp to hide with.
“Are they monsters?”
“Worse.” She headed out, following the path the kids took, finding her way quickly towards the dumb dumb rock. From the rock, she followed the water, seeing bloodstains along the way. As she continued to follow the stains, she finally came to the slavers’ camp, noticing that the blood hadn’t come from a child. Instead, it came from a slaver who was holding his shoulder.
“She stabbed me. The little brat stabbed me with my dagger. What sort of kid does that?” The slaver whined to his unsympathetic friend. “Not to mention she was biting my arm the whole time I carried her, calling me all sorts of names. Who raised that monster?” Alexandria smirked, unable to help feeling a little proud of what she was hearing. “Good job, Lucy.” She whispered to herself as she pushed past the nearby trees, stepping out into the clearing. As soon as she stepped out, she drew her blade.
She swiftly beheaded the wounded slaver, not bothering with a grand entrance. The slavers’ friend too stunned to move after the strike. With the first slaver down, she went straight for the other man, driving the blade into his knee before he could even think about getting up. Alexandria leaned her weight onto the handle of the blade, pushing it deeper.
“Where are they?”
“Where are who?”
“My kids.” She put more of her weight onto the handle, staring into his eyes as she did. “Where are they?”
“Boss has them. I’m only the one that grabs them. I don’t have any other role in the-“ She swung her fist, cracking it against his jaw. After the hit, she pulled her blade free and held the sword to their chest.
“And the boss is?”
“Right behind you.” A grizzled voice laughed. A hand went to wrap around her throat, only to miss as she ducked and sent an elbow flying into the man’s stomach. Alexandria glanced back at the man, noticing a dagger in the man’s scabbard. She pinched the dagger and drove it into his stomach.
“Attack before speaking. That would be my advice to you if you weren’t a dead man. Now I’ll ask once this only once. Where are my kids? The answer will determine how quick this all is.” Her attention was pulled away from the common slaver, focusing on their boss. She shoved the man to the ground and placed her foot on the wound, applying unhelpful pressure, digging the hell of her shoe against it.
“Go to hell.” He said, coughing up blood. Trying to keep some bravado in this situation.
Alexandria saw something strange on the man’s face. That split second smirk. She knew what was coming. Her back was turned and that idiot behind her had found a weapon. She could easily kill him before he attacked, but she wanted to give them a brief glimpse of hell before they went there. As the sword pierced her toned body, she didn’t even flinch, feeling the hot pain that she had felt hundreds of times. The confident grin of the boss fading as the grey-haired warrior still stood over him.
He couldn’t speak, but there was something about his look that amused her. The boss’s eyes were wide, filled with fear as he squirmed beneath her foot. Alexandria turned her head, peering over her shoulder at the slaver behind her. They had already released the sword and were fleeing back towards the dumb dumb rock. As they were about to escape, a small child jumped out wielding a sword nearly as big as herself. She swung it, almost taking her own arm off with the weapon. The blade collided with the slaver, hitting their side, throwing them to the floor.
“I… hah.. heard your voice, so I escaped from the rope they tied us up with.” She hunched over, panting, trying to get her breath back.
“Look away for a moment, dear.” She said as she placed her foot over the boss’s mouth, trying to muffle his screams as she killed him. Once she was done with the boss, she went over to the other slaver. Alexandria making quick work of them, too. When she turned back to Lucy, she could see her peeking through her fingers.
“Wow, you were so cool. You were like. Swing! Woosh, bang.” Lucy cheered.
“I was not like swing, whoosh and bang. It was swing, slash, chop.”
“Whatever, it was cool. When are you going to teach me that?”
“Aren’t you a little scared? You were just being held by slavers?”
Lucy placed a finger to her lip, thinking about it. Before responding with a loud.
“NOPE. I knew you would save me. Plus, Bronson escaped. It was only a matter of time before you got here.”
“Your confidence in me is charming. Now, where are the others?”
Alexandria followed Lucy to a tent, helping to free the others. When she finished freeing the last child, she found herself a little confused. Why did they all look so afraid of her? Had they heard the screams? Alexandria couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious about her warrior ways. She was trying so hard to be a good caretaker. Sadly, a scarred and one-eyed warrior didn’t make the most motherly figure.
“Um, Mom?” Lucy said.
“Yes, dear?” Alexandria felt her heart jump for joy at being called mom, those worries leaving her for a moment, as she crouched before Lucy. “What is it, dear?”
“You have a sword stuck in you… Wait, I’ll get it.”
“Wait, Lucy!”
Without wasting a moment, Lucy tugged on the sword, pulling it out, much to the horror of the other children. The others assuming they had just watched their caretaker get brutally killed in front of them. When the sword was pulled free, the wound closed.
“I’m ok. I promise. It’s a magic trick. Please stop crying.” Alexandria gave Lucy a cold, motherly stare. The child guiltily looking away, pretending not to notice it.
Eventually Alexandria calmed the children down, guiding them all home. As they neared the orphanage, she noticed someone had forced the door open. She released her grip on the children’s hands, rushing into the orphanage.
“WHO THE HELL IS IN HERE? I’M IN A BAD MOOD, SO UNLESS YOU WISH TO SEE YOUR OWN INSIDES I WOULD SUGGEST LEAVING.” She screamed, hoping she was out of earshot of the children. As she glanced around the room, she would notice a rather proud Bronson holding a fork while a man sat in her rocking chair, nursing his shoulder.
“Trent? What are you doing here?”
“Oh, hey. I just heard some slavers were in the area and wanted to warn you. When I noticed the door was locked, I assumed the worst and broke it open to offer my support. Well, seems you didn’t need my help. Your guard valiantly stabbed me with a fork.” Alexandria turned to Bronson, who triumphantly held his fork up, showing her. She let out a giggle as she walked over to Bronson, ruffling his hair before turning to her friend.
“You let yourself get stabbed by a fork? Your reflexes have gotten slow. Were all my years of training you for nothing? Also, what is with that beard? How do you ever expect to find a nice wife if you can’t keep yourself looking tidy? Oh, is that mud on your shoes, too?” Alexandria grinned, giving him a lecture. She could see him sliding down deeper into the chair, in more pain from the lecture than the fork wound. When she finished tormenting him, she finished it with. “It’s good to see you again, friend. I’ll be right back.”
“I kept him here all by myself.” Bronson smiled.
“Yes, you did. Now be a good boy and make sure the others are ok when they get inside.”
The rest of the children entered, Lucy still holding the sword that she had pulled from her mother. When she saw Trent, she threw the sword aside, jumping onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Uncle Trent, it’s so good to see you again. I stabbed someone today.”
“Huh? Oh, um. That’s nice.” He said, patting her back, before giving the other kids a smile.
“Uncle Trent? Where?” Bronson muttered, staring at the man.
“Right here. How could you not tell it was him? He’s Mom’s friend. He used to travel with her a lot. She said he was hopeless. Remember?”
“Ouch, you didn’t have to repeat that part. I’m more of a historian than a fighter. It’s not my fault I’m a little hopeless with a weapon. I can carry my own in a fight, though.” He tried to defend himself. Wanting to remind them that being an adventurer was secondary to his work as a historian.
“Uncle Trent? You’ve gotten fatter.” Bronson said with a harsh, unfiltered bit of childish honesty.
“Oh, um.”
“I didn’t know you had a beard.” Bronson joined the hug, getting on the other side of Trent.
“I thought it made me look more sophisticated. Don’t you agree?”
“It makes you look old.” Bronson responded.
“Ah. Maybe I should shave it.” He laughed, only to see Alexandria watching him, a smile on her face as she threw the bandages on his lap.
Aren’t you going to fix me up?”
“It’s just a scratch. You can handle it. I have to make sure the kids are alright, anyway. You can stay for dinner if you would like to, Uncle Trent.”
“Don’t you start calling me that, too.”
“You should be happy. It means they think of you as family. I guess you spend a lot of time around here. “
“Of course I do. I record history and you’re the best source of it I can find. No one else has lived-“
“Oh, right. Sorry. I should be going. I just wanted to make sure you’re safe.”
“Make sure I’m safe? I appreciate it, even if it’s unneeded.”
“Aww, you’re going already, Uncle Trent. I was hoping you would spar with me. Mom’s too strong.” Lucy whined.
“Next time. I promise. I’ll bring some presents too.”
“Yay. I want a castle.”
“A little out of my budget. How about a replica sword?”
“Yes. Make sure it looks dangerous.”
“What do I get?” Bronson asked.
“A new fork.”
“Aww, I don’t want a fork.”
“Fine, maybe I’ll find you something else. If you promise to behave.”
“Ok.” Trent stood up and made his way to the door, giving them a wave. “I’ll see you later. Maybe next week if I’m not busy.”
“Ok, bye Uncle Trent, sorry about stabbing you.” Bronson said.
“It’s ok. I appreciate the apology.”
When he left, Alexandria gathered the children, making sure they were all ok. When she was certain they weren’t hurt, she asked them what they would like to help cheer them up. Lucy tried to get the group to agree on a new sword, but she was outnumbered by the vote for cookies. A vote she wasn’t upset about losing. The kids went to play as Alexandria went to the kitchen, preparing the treats.
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2023.06.05 08:09 NuclearThrowawayz [TOMT][MUSIC VIDEO][2000s] Rock music video from the 2000s.

One of these (A) I only saw once, but the other (B) I saw pretty frequently. I don't remember anything about the songs.
It was a music video about a slacker who works at a convenience store (from what I remember), he has fairly long, greasy hair and spends most of it not doing his work. By the end of the music video, he sprouts wings and flies off in to heaven, engulfed by a white light. The video was live action, and I don't remember there being anyone else in the music video with him. From what I vaguely remember, the song title was something like "this is what you deserve"? This was late 2000s, and I remember the song being fairly long.
Any help would be appreciated, thank you!
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2023.06.05 08:09 haungaur Help with Father Belial

So I’m relatively new to demonolatry and have this kind of obsession with Belial which I didn’t have the past week. It started when I watched this video on YouTube on guided meditation with Lord Belial.
I followed the video and did as it said. The first time i saw Belial he was like a black flame from the ground and I was literally happy and my body was getting tingly. The next day I did it again and I saw him as a king(with black flames as eyes) riding upon a jet black horse calling me to come to him and be with him. Now when i look at his sigil drawn on my board I feel it hard to control myself.It’s mainly joy and uncontrollable happiness for him and my body starts trembling.Morover when I commune with him I start crying and start biting myself uncontrollably. Is this normal?
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2023.06.05 08:06 Extension_Bit_1914 Your Dream Features?

What do you want to see? I thought about this too much 😄
. Rugs
. Cupboards, draws, and wardrobes
. Different bed styles
. Different chairs
. Couches
. Kitchen counters
. Displays/ art made from world items
. Paint for structures
. Window / door improvements
. Simple roofs
. Simple landscaping options for leveling terrain
. Retaining walls
. Pools/ moats / rivers / lake making
. Garden beds
. Fur clothing
. Customize own appearance
. Customize V & K appearences (hair, facepaint, clothing)
. Dog companions
. Dirt road creation
. Stormy skies with dark clouds
. Flaming arrows
. Golf carts that won't despawn and towable trailer add-on
. Increase fire heat radius
. Improve V & K paths
. Prevent K from wanting to go under any floor he can find
Also, it'd be great if Kevin's behavior updated after a certain number of days, so that he gets more comfortable. And the fresh blood goes away. Kind of like how Virgina evolves from fearful to comfy.
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2023.06.05 08:06 Natural_Regular_9362 Into the Dojo 22b : M&SU vs Nightmare - Sweet dreams of steam

Into the Dojo 22b : M&SU vs Nightmare - Sweet dreams of steam
On a warm summers night…
A ghostly boy and his imaginairy friends had a play party…
But the nasty M&SU would have nothing of it “Be quiet!”, they shouted.
“Boring!” the kid replied, and so the lines were drawn to duke it out over this turf.
Both crews dragged their feet, until Ironsides told the Stitched to bring it to little effect. Meanwhile Langston saw an opening and charged Chompy beating him down to one health.
But the Dreamer was on it, he’d already summoned an Insidious Madness, who now let it’s Disembodied Voices be heard, and Langston found it impossible to concentrate with Distracted +2. Teddy charged Ironsides back, but only managed to scratch, taking an uppercut in return, but Candy came to his rescue and filled him up with goodies to make him Fast for round two.
Nasty bully Howard, picks on poor Chompy, while Teddy defends Candy against Ironsides.
The game is on with a surprising hard-hitting brutality from the steamfitters.
Hit the Dreamer right in the gut. To save Chompy, he’d have to win initiative, and of course the Black Joker spoiled and Ironsides laughed. If only Langston hadn’t had Distracted +2…
So Amina had Langston vent his steam instead, but Serena moved in and started healing Chompy and by the end of the round he was fit for fight. Langston not so much, but he killed a Daydream.
The Dreamer dreamt up yet another Insidious, so now there were two. A gunsmith killed off the Stitched and put some wounds on Teddy, before getting eaten by Mr. Fluffy himself, but Ironsides finished the bear off off with a 7ht. Uppercut.
SCORE : M&SU 2 (Strat + Hidden Martyr) vs Nightmare 1 (Strat)
Nasty man Howard presses on, squashing poor Dreamers’s Daydream. As Ironsides beats up Teddy.
Locked in deadly melee for who’s to own the nights of Malifaux.
Dreamer savagely tore Langstons mind apart. The two Insidious gulped up both the gunsmith and the steamfitter - despite the steamfitter doing his best setting them on fire. While Ironsides managed to land a few good punches on Candy.
SCORE : M&SU 2 vs Nightmare 1
With the bully Howard down, the nightmares descend on Toni.
It’s looking bleak for the M&SU. Three models left vs. seven nightmares and a dash of woe.
Serena flicked a switch and was slingshot up the board for a third. Meanwhile Ironsides refused to give up the center, but the Foreman was close to running out of Breath now.
SCORE : M&SU 2 vs Nightmare 3 (Assassinate + Strat).
“You killed my Teddy, prepare to DIE!” - the kid shouted.
Serena goes for the points, while the rest concentrate on beating up the head anarchist.
The result was pretty much a given. Ironsides would die. Mouse would likely survive his martyrium, and the Nightmares would finally be able to put down a scheme marker to leave their mark in the centre.
FINAL SCORE : M&SU 3 (Hidden Martyr) vs Nightmare 6 (Strat, Asssassinate + Leave Your Mark.
A dirty, messy game. The M&SU forgot their battle plan, and just lunged in head over heels, and the gamble was soooo close to paying off. When Howard heaved Chompy into double hazardous terrain, I thought he was a goner. If only Amina had given him Fast, if only Insidious Madnesses’ Disembodied Voices weren’t so horrible, if, if, if… Lesson learned - control your bloodlust.
MVPs : Toni+Mouse, her ability to shrug off damage, Mouse’s healing +flips. Saved me from my own poor strategy. And punching a Teddy for 7ht is EPIC!
LVP : Going forward, I’ll probably ditch Amina for Fitz or something. She’s nice and gives Howard an edge, but… Once he’s down or just run away from her, she haven’t got much to offer. And Howard’s already got a six stone upgrade in the Steamfitter, so Soulstone Cache and Amina is likely overdoing it, or maybe I’m doing it wrong, and should run her with the gunsmiths, and let Toni and Howard pair up… Comments appreciated.
The Nightmares didn’t fare much better. They were so taken aback that they completely forgot about scoring points. Luckily their attrition game proved better than the M&SU, but luck makes for a poor strategy. I should probably have chosen Coppelius over Serena, I generally like Squidface more, he suits my level of aggression.
MVP : Candy brings sooo much to a nightmare crew. Healing, Fast Teddies, but she’s surpassed by the Insidious Madness that neutered Howard with Distraction.
LVP : Serena was the least impressive, but… she still scored 2 points, simply by being dispensable. So I wouldn’t call her bad. She just didn’t have her moment to shine.
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2023.06.05 08:05 BouzyNeverDies Daily hairstyle is the first pic . Should I keep tying my hair more regularly . Is there any hairstyle that would suit me . I was thinking of a wolf cut or smth

Daily hairstyle is the first pic . Should I keep tying my hair more regularly . Is there any hairstyle that would suit me . I was thinking of a wolf cut or smth
Can you guys help me pick a hairstyle based on my current hair . Preferably one with long hair
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2023.06.05 08:05 Chlorocoquinee Will shampoo my mini braids will make them lock up?

I just made mini braids (with no extension at all) for my hair to grow all summer, but I don't really feel to let them "dirty" stuff like dandruff, greasy scalp, product build-up to stay on my head for so long. But I'm scared if I washed them I'll loose hair due to the matting or even locked them up when I'll take them down. I'm not really willing to remove them and put them back every time I need to shampoo (Oh, For those who do it themself you know the pain..)
Do you have any tips when you keep protective style for so long? Do you washed them ? Or maybe all summer is way too much ?
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2023.06.05 08:05 Key_Data_9701 I,14f fell in love with my best friend 15f am I gay?

For context me and my best friend have been friends since grade 4, me and her and currently at the end of our freshman year of high school. I fell in love with her back in Grade 6 just before covid hit us, for the reasons I fell deep in love for her was unknown at the time but I had a strange feeling around at first I thought it was admiration because she was really pretty and all and still thought I was straight, but after elementary me and her went to different middle schools and texted online since I have strict parents. When I was texting her online I didn’t really have any feelings towards her . But this year the feelings got worse, and I know it’s not admiration I’m deeply in love with my best friend and I most definitely know why. Her blonde curly hair and her beautiful pale girl eyes her short but chubby figure and how her voice sounds but I’m definitely not gay but I know for a fact I’m not straight I think about her all day and smile when she compliments me and get really jealous when she hugs other female friends…☹️I think it’s also sexual attraction because she has a really beautiful figure that I can’t stop staring at. I’ve told one of my friends and I’ve asked her if she sees us dating in the future and she said no. I plan on telling her in 4 years since I’m moving out for collage should I wait the four years or tell her now before my jealousy gets the best of me.???
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2023.06.05 08:05 Ralfop 2 in 1 Hair Straightener & Curler A perfect infusion of nano ceramic and ionized tourmaline, plus the floating function in plates, the ceramic iron smoothly glides through hair with ease and release negative ions at the same time, taming the thick & coarse hair and killing any problems such as

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2023.06.05 08:04 GoldBit448 I was doing homework at panera today and a guy came up and asked if i was okay and offered to buy me food

He first said “do you need a few dollars?” and then said “i can get you some food if you’d like”
after i assured him i was fine, i put my headphones back in for a few seconds before i realized he was STILL talking to me. he was like “no seriously i can” and then when i said i was okay again he was like “oooookay”
i have no idea what about me made him think i needed money 😭 I was working on my macbook, had airpods in, and was dressed normally with my hair and makeup done
idk if i look homeless or in need or something but wtf 😭 don’t get me wrong that was nice of him to care enough to offer but it was still weird bc idk why he felt like he had to offer
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2023.06.05 08:04 lassie24601 A twisted tale of love and loss - Contemplating my (24F) age-gap preference

Hello all! This has been a "long time" coming for me and I would love to know people's thoughts on the matter.
I suppose it's a bit of a story but I shall endeavor to make it short for you all. I was raised primarily in the company of older adults who acted as adopted grandparents often for me, and it was with these wonderful people that I learned from an early age to feel comfortable. When I was still very young many of the people who I had grown to love and care for deeply slowly passed away, and so, peppered throughout my childhood to early high school years are memories of funerals attended and loved ones lost. It is strange looking back, but I feel that when you experience the fragility of life at such a young age you grow-up far faster than peers, and I think that this exacerbated by my being homeschooling for all twelve grades in a very insular way. In the kind of environment that I was raised in and with my experience, I think that it was almost natural to gravitate towards romantic partners who make me feel more secure and who I feel I can I rely on. Whenever I meet a handsome, older gentleman who is kind, protective, and sort of serious, it drives me every kind of crazy... not to mention my attraction to men with grey hair. 😅
I recently started university after taking a few years off following my graduation from high school and I've met many men in that time and none of them have truly peaked my interest. My one good friend who I find attractive, respectfully of course as he has a wonderful girlfriend, is an interesting person. When we have conversations, I can look into his eyes and see the experience and compassion of a man who is far older than his years. There is a certain aspect of experience that is so attractive to me, especially in that I have some past within myself. When you continue to live with passion and resolution despite years of experience, good and bad, when you make the choice to commit to the selfless love of another: that is the mark of a true man.. I hope one day I will find one, whatever his age. ❤️
To everyone who has finished reading my somewhat incohesive ramblings, I hope you have a wonderful rest of your night!
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2023.06.05 08:04 lilcrystalface long hair with 🌊 waves, question.

long hair with 🌊 waves, question.
would it benefit my hair to start using shampoo and conditioner made for curly hair??
My whole life I thought I had this frizzy, straight, boring hair… and now that I stopped bleaching, cutting, and dying it — and it can breathe, I have pretty waves 😭❤️
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2023.06.05 08:04 Ofryxx Black screen with only cursor immediately following blue screen crash with error “ntoskrnl exe”

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot for a while now but nothing has seemed to work :[ any help? I can’t check the exact model of my pc (as i cannot access the settings) but it is an alienware. have already tried the ctrl + shift + windows key + B button combo to reset the drivers (I think that’s what it does but I can’t quite remember) as well as trying to launch in safe mode (it doesn’t seem to have worked?) and startup repair (gives me “Startup Repair couldn’t repair your PC Press “Advanced options” to try other options to repair your PC or “Shut down” to turn off your PC. Log file: D:\WINDOWS\System32\Logfiles\Srt\SrtTrail.txt”). I think my C: drive could be causing an issue here as when I turned on my pc directly after the blue screen it told me to sit tight as it was repairing my C: drive (certainly hope it didn’t mess anything up as my C: drive is where I store pretty much everything important). I’m not a tech savvy guy at allll so please break down things real simple like for me 🙏 thanks
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2023.06.05 08:03 josh_valjosh 1:160ish scale rural power lines!

1:160ish scale rural power lines!
BBQ skewers and flat toothpicks held together with Gorilla glue, painted medium brown, and lightly dry brushed with white (for texture)
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2023.06.05 08:03 MicroBunneh Help finding comfortable fancy flats that I can wear all day with chronic pain.

I can't wear heals if any kind, and all I want is to wear a nice pair of black patent leather stilettos. I have a chronic pain condition in my back, and am looking for the equivalent in a flat that is known for being comfortable.
I've tried multiple department stores and working with stylist at Nordstrom, but there doesn't seem to be that kind of combination (all the brands known for being comfortable had rounded toes).
Any suggestions are welcome! Thank you!
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2023.06.05 08:03 ChoiceIsland6 Lessons Learned Years Later

This post may not apply to you, particularly if you are a survivor of abuse. This is what helped me in my personal experience:
  1. Give yourself compassion and patience as you go through the stages of grief.
  2. If you find yourself stuck in one particular stage or find yourself going back and forth through stages: remind yourself that feelings are temporary and eventually you will be ok. Acceptance of the loss is the goal to full healing. For some it takes months, others a year, for a few years.
  3. Take personal responsibility. Use breakups as an opportunity to learn emotional intelligence and for personal growth. Let go of any victim mentality, especially any black and white thinking regarding dumpers versus dumpees. Keeping a victim mindset can lead to making the same mistakes in choosing the wrong types of partners and/or how you relate to others in new relationships. Reflect back on your arguments to gain insight into how both they and you might have contributed to the breakdown of the relationship. Learn about what makes relationships work (for example, there are many books out there on attachment theory) and use this knowledge to help you feel confident again when you feel emotionally available. I did this work and I’m very glad that I did because I can now choose healthier relationship dynamics. I’m no longer attracted to unhealthy relationship power dynamics when choosing potential partners, friends and even when choosing to interact with family members.
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2023.06.05 08:03 IntroductionFormal82 Anime team vs thanos (616)

Can this anime team beat thanos?
Anime team include. 1. EOS Naruto and Sasuke along with Kaguya and madara. 2. All black clover captains (no Julius) 3. All Titan shifters. 4. League of villains and hero association of mha. 5. S class heroes from opm.
(Bfr not allowed)
Round 1: Base quarry god amp Thanos.
Round 2: Blood lusted Thanos.
Round 3: Black order and non jobbing silver surfer joins in to help thanos.
Round 4: Infinity gauntlet thanos.
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2023.06.05 08:03 Voxmanns What I learned climbing from 300-800

I've been playing chess for a few months and just like when I played Rocket League I like to share my experiences through different skill levels in hopes that it will help someone else as they go through the same skill range. Hopefully someone out there find this helpful!

Get to know cheesy openings and how to counter them -
Wayward Queen, Fried Liver, Scholar's Mate. These are the three most common openings I see that try to go for an early mate or big material gain. They don't have the most intuitive responses for beginners but aren't that hard to learn and punish. If you memorize the first 3 moves and their defense then you'll be pretty well set to at least reach mid-game with some developed pieces and fight back with more "real chess". I don't see these less often at 800 than I did at 300.

Chess is as much a game of strategy/calculation as it is pattern recognition
For example, the fried liver attack uses the bishop and knight to attach the f or c pawn and attempt a fork to win the rook. This can also show up 10 moves into a game. There are some tricky mate in 1 scenarios as well that you need to learn the patterns for. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools which are free that help you learn these patterns. Though I play on chess(dot)com I found the Lichess training resources to be favorable (and free).

Bots don't teach you how to punish mistakes
I played against bots for a while in the beginning because I was nervous to go into rated matches. It's basically a waste of time. They generally play solid chess and then all of a sudden are blundering a queen for no reason. Humans don't generally play that way. Most of the mistakes people make are not seeing the bishop can take a piece from across the board or miscalculating attackers/defenders. I would not advise practicing with bots very much.

Pick an opening for each color and run with it
I like the scotch game for white and a simple mirror and defend with the knight for black. Again, most people at this level don't know lines beyond the first few moves and won't know how to adjust an opening to counter your opening. You're both kinda just playing what you like until there's enough tension on the board for someone to do something or someone blunders a piece. Don't try to learn 20 different openings or stress over which one to play. Pick one and master it or until you get bored.

Use the engine
Not in game, that's cheating. Use it after both wins and losses to see where you messed up and where you got lucky. Try not to mess up, try not to be lucky. I usually take 3-4 minutes every few games to poke around and see what happened and what I could have done better.

This range is all about being familiar with chess
I don't know how to mate with a knight and bishop. I barely know any theory. I have a half decent recognition of simple mating patterns. That's really it. Most of what I have learned has been from experiencing games and getting punished for poor board vision, miscalculations, and general carelessness. I don't know that there's a specific lesson that could teach this better than just playing the game. Every now and then I get a cool strategy going or make an awesome move but really, the majority of the games I win are just punishing mistakes. Board vision is almost certainly the top of the list on beginner skills to learn.

Play it out, always
I think this is both good for your elo and just a mark of good sportsmanship. If you blunder your queen, don't give up. I had one game recently where my opponent cleverly trapped my queen in the midgame. It was an excellent play and I thought for sure I'd lost but he blundered rook in the end game and I came away with a win. I've also had the reverse happen to me several times. Play it out. Go for the draw if you're really losing. If you can't win, you can still try not to lose.
I'll add to this that your end game is an incredibly important skill to practice and you don't get many chances. Most games end by resignation or with early mates. Even if it's a for sure loss, getting some experience in the end game will be incredibly helpful when you play a close game.

Have fun with the lower ranks. They're chaotic and hilarious
Overall, don't try too hard, and I think that goes for any level of any game. Just have fun with it. I still donate my queens to the opponent every now and then and laugh about how dumb of a move that was. That's how you'll learn not to do that and practice good awareness in the game.
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