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2023.05.30 00:56 ItsomeRandomperson22 Microphone trouble in Free DaVinci 18.1.4 fairway audio voice isn’t be pick up

I having trouble with my microphone in the fairlight audio its not picking up my voice when I am using it on the free DaVinci 18.1.4 on windows 10 64 bit system. I check my audio and preference on free DaVinci 18.1.4 and I make sure the input on is on the microphone. I have check my computer setup and its says in the microphone DaVinci Resolve in use.
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2023.05.30 00:56 Independent-Gur-5236 Warra Pick!

Warra Pick!
Valverde saved the pick for me lmao
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2023.05.30 00:55 El_yeeticus Can't decide who to main

I have good aim and usually play good when I'm aggressive. I was tempted to main omen but I realized I was playing aggressive with the teleports, etc. I like being helpful to the team (because sometimes I play bad and don't feel good picking a duelist then being ass) and have been toying with breach, kayo, and sova. Breach is the most fun but he seems like I need to rely on teammates more. Aby advice?
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2023.05.30 00:55 Direct-Light1879 Okay “Downtown Crossing” is infuriating.

Oh. My. God.
It just kept getting worse and worse. Who WROTE this?! I knew the writers on this show were quite often self-indulgent and ignorant, sometimes so much so that’s painful to watch, but THIS EPISODE….
What in the “pick me” hell? I sincerely hope zero female writers had any part in this making it to the screen. You do not try to playfully insult someone sexually harassing you at gunpoint. He pinned her down.
And later on in the episode when you describes the incident, you do not say “he was nice about it.” What in “nice-guy” narration?
And when he karmically gets hit by a car, you don’t berate his probably-emotionally-abused wife for finally having the courage to leave him because his daughter misses him. His daughter doesn’t know he just assaulted and robbed a woman at gunpoint. Let mama handle this one.
I just… I’m so furious. I already hate Joey’s character. She already makes precisely the opposite decision I would make in literally every situation that presents itself. That’s whatever.
But the writing in this? It absolutely reeks of white male ignorance. Watching the way he approached her and treated her was downright triggering because he is a straight up unredeemable predator, and they want to try to give his VICTIM empathy for him in that moment?
Not only is it utterly irresponsible to allow young people to see her behaviour and think that’s a safe way to behave when you’re being threatened, it’s a deplorable insult to women that have actually been in that situation to turn it into a “look at the sarcastic eye-rolling pick-me dream girl” moment.
Gross gross gross.
I thought I had seen this show before but this doesn’t seem familiar. Maybe I blocked it out.
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2023.05.30 00:55 Skeewhip haven’t received my winnings yet, is this normal?

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2023.05.30 00:55 Lala6699 Cirque Colors in Candy Apple. The camera literally cannot pick up all of the sparkles and their colors. 😍

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2023.05.30 00:55 AttilaTheFunOne Just listed my car a few hours ago. Is this a scam?

This is part of the text I got about an hour after I put my 1999 Boxster up on Auto Trader:
Thanks, just making sure it's in a good condition, your asking price is quite reasonable & affordable others I’ve seen., I'm ready to pay your asking price but not cash in person because my work frame {event coordinator} is tight. I hope we can make the purchase as fast as possible? As I am buying the vehicle for my uncle and I'm very sure he will love it, he is a mechanic, so if there is anything that needs to be fixed in it just let me know he will handle it. My financier will overnight a cashier’s check drawn from my local bank, I have a mover that will come for the pick up once the check clears in your account and he will handle the title for me.I would appreciate if you email me with more pictures (if available) too since i won't be able to see this in person. I look forward to hearing from you with the information below. I look forward to hearing from you with the information below.
Full Name:- Address:- Firm Price:-
This the first time I’ve ever gone about selling my car and this seems a bit sus to me. Thoughts?
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2023.05.30 00:54 Eifer_und_Ehre Pathlite 7 or the Grand Canyon for mixed terrain.

Hi all! I almost pulled the trigger on a Canyon Pathlite 7 today but I froze when I saw that it has 45mm (~1.77") tires. Without riding one I think the Pathlite 7 is nearly my ideal one-bike solution for my mixed terrain route but I was hoping for a more supple cushion and traction when the surfaces get loose over my current 1.95" tire. So, hopefully a I can do a tire swap to something like a 29"x2.1" but I cannot find clearance information on it. Below is my story.
My use case would be an even mix of pavement to gravel to moderate trails that have roots, small gullies, and loose rocks ranging from golf ball to to baseball in size. This light-ish weight of 27lbs (12.24kgs) while still having a 75mm suspension fork helpful as I carry the bike up stairs after long uphill return ride. Endurance on the final return mile is key but trail comfort is too. Quick and smooth shifting without losing power approaching long and steep hills are two more reasons I'm interested in the Pathlite 7.
What I want is a "hybrid" mixed terrain bike that can be smooth and stable for efficient speed but with enough cushion on it so I don't have to slow to a crawl on the loose stuff or beating myself up. I also want to tackle this without wearing out the bike on the somewhat rough bits or having the tires deflate if I am not careful at certain trail sections.
What I am riding now has a 65mm suspension fork with a hard tail on 26" x 1.95" tires and if anything I was hoping to up the tire size to something like a 29" x 2.1" to 2.25". It also weighs about 33.3lbs (15.10 kgs).
I really like the feature/component set for the price on the Pathlite 7 ($1300) but I have no idea if I can fit a wider tire in the frame. Some other options I am considering but are not ideal under $1500 are the Grand Canyon 5 ($600) 31.15lbs (14.13kgs) as the comfort choice, the Pathlite 6 ($900) 28.00lbs (12.70kgs) as the value alternative if I think I am going to beat it up. I am also considering the Stoic 3 and 4 but their prices would stretch my budget and I am simply more familiar with the Shimano components on the Pathlite series.
For comparison I have parking lot tested the Trek Marlin 8 and Dual Sport 3 at my LBS which were only okay for the price. Also a cross country bike like Trek's X-Caliber 8 might be the type of thing I am looking for but again I am more familiar with the Shimano components and I really like the solid value that the Canyon Pathlite 7 offers.
Lastly, on Canyon's website there is a large price gap between the $600 Grand Canyon 5 and the $1,500 Stoic 3 and I keep spotting missing models on comparison websites. Is something like a Grand Canyon 7 missing because the it is possible that would be close to what I am looking for
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.30 00:54 CliffordBlades Just picked up again 🎱. Have a good night everyone and stay safe! Someone I know who enjoys the same thing as us was found dead at 34 this morning so be good to yourselves! 🙏

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2023.05.30 00:54 mhirs6 What online business should I do?

Hey there people I was doing accounting and finance and dropped out in my last semester I absolutely hated it and I’m glad I dropped rather than completing it. Atm I’m doing deliveries and taxi. I have always wanted to start an online business where I have the freedom of working from laptop and WiFi and now finally I’m taking my steps. What any of y’all recommend if y’all got any recommendations! Should I focus on ecom/drop shipping or get in on crypto. Or if y’all got any advice please do give. Whatever I pick I’m gonna have to learn and develop my skill on that for next 3/5 years so I’m willing to put in work. Of course goal is freedom and being a multi millionaire. Y’all can laugh everyone else around me is but if anyone got an solid advice please I will really appreciate it.
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2023.05.30 00:54 objabvigo I cut this b off 4 years ago and she still manages to control my life

This b is my relative. She is my mom’s half sister. Lets call her Katie. Katie should have never been born. Katie’s mom had an affair with a guy from abroad when she was in her 40s and got pregnant on purpose at 41 so that this foreign guy would marry her. And you know what that guy did? He left her and refused to acknowledge paternity for Katie. As a result, Katie grew up without a dad and a snotty mother and 2 half siblings (my mom and brother).
As a result of this, Katie is a very complicated and mentally unstable person. She is a really mean person and in the past she would butt her head in my business way too much. For example she would tell me to study medicine and that I should be a doctor even thought I hated medicine! I almost chose to study medicine simply bc of her and bc I was scared she would get angry if I picked something else.. the way she told me what to study was terrifying and threatening. She would also comment on my weight, calling me fat, telling me I should lose weight, I shouldn’t eat this or that etc. she was not financially stable. She didnt have where to live bc her mother barely had any money to provide for her 2 kids and when she had Katie she hoped the foreigner would help her but he ended up leaving. Katie stayed with her brother and their mother but he brought his wife and had kids and the small apartment became overcrowded for them so she found a man and after a little over a year they were engaged. She instantly moved into his apartment and became his maid. According to Katie he talked to other women on social media. I dont think her fiance (now husband) loved Katie. They were both desperate people who were unsuccessful in love and wanted to get married, no matter what. They didn’t have kids for years and this made them very bitter towards other people. They tried for a baby through IVF around the time when I should have started college.. and that is when Katie pressured me to study something I hated. I was alone and vulnerable. I didnt have any friends, I reached probably one of the lowest points I could reach. My parents wanted me to go out and I didnt have friends, I only had Katie and my cousins so I would spend a lot of time with her and that is when she would do these things. She would even tell other people that I am stupid for not having a boyfriend and rarely going out. I ALMOST CHOSE MEDICINE ALMOST BECAUSE OF HER! BECAUSE I WAS SCARED HOW SHE AND HER FIANCE AT THE TIME WOULD REACT TO A DECISION ABOUT MY LIFE! AND WHEN I TOLD THEM WHAT I CHOSE THEY GOT MAD, ESPECIALLY HER HUSBAND AND HE EVEN EMBARRASSED ME IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE! A DECISION ABOUT MY LIFE! MY LIFEEEEEEE!!!!!
And 4 years ago ( in March 2019) I cut them off but they still manage to control my life. Katie is now married to her then fiance (now husband) and they are expecting a baby! And they still manage to control my life! I wanted to get a job but I didnt bc Katie didnt approve of it and my parents are cowards, they dont take my side! I saw her and her husband few days ago and she called out to me and I couldnt ignore her and she instantly inspected my body with her to see if I have gained weight or not! Stupid b! I cant believe she still manages control my life.. I mean, I cut her off but she hasn’t cut me off.. and once she has the baby she wants me and my mother to go to her house and help with taking care of the baby because she has no one to help her (she has no mother in law) and her mother is old.
Once she goes back to work she wants me or my mom, especially me since I am unemployed, to go take care of her child because she doesn’t want to pay for child care or kindergarten! I am raging! She expects us to be her slaves just bc we are related! I dont consider her a real family since she isnt fully my mother’s sister and she can f off! I will not do anything she says! I will not let her control my life even though I still allow.. but I definitely wont let her use me as a baby sitter! And she is 43 years old! I am in my early 20s and she is like ‘you are young enough to deal with young children’ ! IF I WANTED MY KIDS I WOULD HAVE THEM! I DONT WANT TO BE A PARENT TO A CHILD THAT IS NOT MINE!
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2023.05.30 00:53 livinginafreefall Apparently they’ve already picked out a ring

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2023.05.30 00:53 Crusty513 Gatekeeping Video Games

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2023.05.30 00:53 move_yo_booty MIL upset about me placing a boundary for my infant

As the title stated, my mother in law is throwing a fit about me placing a boundary. My son is 6.5 weeks old. Our pediatrician has been very specific about not giving him anything aside from breast milk/ formula if necessary until 4 months. My MIL watched my kid on Saturday night, I advised her to contact me or my husband if anything happens, told her our routine, where the gas drops are, etc. and she seemed to understand. My husband and I returned home a couple of hours later without ever hearing from her. She then tells me that he had some gas so she asked her sister what to do and she said to give him chamomile tea, so she did. We had a lot of family over so I didn’t say anything at that exact moment, but planned to discuss privately at a later time. The next morning she was talking about how she thought the tea helped him and so I took the opportunity to tell her I was uncomfortable with him having anything other than breast milk or formula as we are following pediatrician advice. She blew me off and said “well I raised 3 kids and they all had tea and they’re fine and we do it differently in Mexico” (I am not Hispanic and she consistently reminds me of that). I held my ground respectfully and just said we are filling the advice of our pediatrician and don’t want him having anything outside of her recommendations. I thought it was over, as we went on to have other conversations for the rest of the day.
Today, she called my husband to tell him that she isn’t going to come over anymore because I made her uncomfortable and I was clearly really mad because I refused to let her hold the baby and was slamming dishes around. I was not slamming dishes, but I did tell her I was fine holding the baby when she told me to give him to her that morning. Not out of spite, but because 1) I was fine holding him 2) you’re not going to tell me to hand my kid over and 3) I wanted to spend time with him before he got passed around to the rest of the family all day.
I texted her to address the situation directly and make it clear I expect communication about what goes into my kids body before it happens and to apologize for hurting her feelings if I did. She is definitely ignoring me now. AITA?
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2023.05.30 00:53 Top_Foundation416 Chads chatters 3 and he mad a big 73 dollars

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2023.05.30 00:53 Miint-Dropz Seeking book recommendations for a new/returning reader! More info in desc

So I've decided after almost half a decade of not reading books to pick them back up again. The problem is though I don't know what to read...
In terms of genres, I'm currently favoring: -Non-Fiction *mandatory* -Action-Mystery/suspense -Multiple characters -Romance (preferably light/minor plot) -Old tech (based on stuff before the 90s) -Sci-fi/dystopian -Humor (light or dark)
Pretty big fan of anti-heroes and plot twists. Leaning towards adult but young-adult books are also fine!
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2023.05.30 00:53 Kratangg 「Neon Wound」

Namesake: Neon Wound by Silversun Pickups
User: Berc (Deceased)
Automatic stand
Power: A
Speed: D (Steady gait similar to a human; capable of running if need be)
Range: Ø (Posthumous stand; can move anywhere)
Durability: A* (Bears countless scars and dents, but still stands strong and cannot regenerate)
Precision: E (Can be directed by manipulating its preprogrammed responses, but not controlled)
Potential: E (Can no longer adapt of alter directives)
「Neon Wound」 is seven feet tall, and has the appearance/texture of oxidized copper. Its silhouette is wide-shouldered, armored, and imposing. Its internals seem to consist of an overlapping series of fluorescent webs.
It wears a flowing scarf, and an abundance of chains trail down the back of its neck from the top of its 'helmet', which possesses a protruding section from the forehead down past the chin. Its eyes are rotating white triangles in a black void.
「Neon Wound」 was originally an automatic stand, which could be released aimlessly or instructed to target an individual/category of entity. It would perform the first action done to it upon summoning to the targeted individual(s) or to those it encountered, depending on the setting. While not possessing a personality of its own, it retained its user's chivalrous nature and respectful mannerisms.
After its user's death, during which it was elsewhere summoned and performing its duty, the stand was miraculously preserved. It retains and continues to carry out the designated actions it was executing at the time, those being [Behead via weapon] and [Defend self]. These instructions, both vague and restrictive, have led to its current state and use.
「Neon Wound」 can be seen, touched, and harmed by non-stand users.
User information/backstory:
There was once a traveler that sought only the growth of others, and would go to great lengths to achieve such results. The wanderer, having shed his true name long ago, was known only by ‘Berc’, and is rumored to have once served in some high court in the past. While no longer a true knight, he was still a chivalrous warrior and desired nothing more than to help others. He had made a great many mistakes and lost his one love to events he may have been able to prevent, and had perhaps been responsible for. Deep in his mind, back then, he had wished death upon himself. Redemption was truly unattainable, and he surely needed to pay for his sins. What good could come of him continuing on?... Yet, he was saved. Not by himself directly, but the actions of a mysterious giant that arrived at his feet one day. It put him through trials he, deep down, wished for. He emerged a better man, and while not perfect, saw the path forwards. He wished for others to be picked up in this same way, and his knight would be the way.
And so it remained. Always present, always watching, always signifying and reminding of the past. It was his 「Neon Wound」, serving not to denigrate him in memoriam of past wrongdoing, but as a reminder of his purpose, and the key to a better future. After his experience and revelation, Berc traveled about as a hermit of sorts, assisting others via his stand. His methods were…touch love, to say the least. Many involved intense trials or attacks, forcing them to act and improve themselves, testing them, etc. Though, regardless, it tended to work out for the best, and he left a great many soothed souls in his wake. The jovial man often met his ‘students’ in his endless travels, sharing freshly caught game and joyous stories. He was easily recognizable by his snappy green attire and large beard matched by long hair that only grew longer with age. His laugh was not one to forget, and time spent with Berc was time well spent. Though, there was one trait that had never changed in all his years, and would be the end of him…
He was a fool.
He was trusting, jolly, and held no grudges. Yet, not everyone was grateful to the wandering knight, and there were those who sought vengeance the man was no longer capable of comprehending. One such individual had finally tracked the hermit down. He was once chased down by 「Neon Wound」, but let off as one that would not help themselves and therefore could not be helped by others. Berc looked the man up and down, noting the unsheathed blade. His knight was elsewhere, testing a young man and unable to defend its master. Advanced age had left him weak despite his best efforts, and he could see the writing on the wall. He laughed, gave a sorrowful smile, and apologized. He had clearly failed this man, and was deeply sorry for that fact. His final wish was that this alleviated the pain caused to his soon to be murderer at least a bit. Though, it was deeply regrettable that he would not be able to help others from this point on…unlike his gallant stand, he could not live on without his head…
Meanwhile, the young man Berc had sent 「Neon Wound」 to give a push to was undergoing great emotional change. The fight had been perilous, forcing him to reconsider his time up until that point. Just moments before, he had been sitting in a ruined home simply waiting to die, but was now attempting to preserve his own life. Why? The sudden looming force of death had done it. It reminded him he had others to truly live for, not merely rot away alongside the out of the way manor where he had failed to protect his loved ones so long ago. They pushed past the pain, accepting the blow it dealt to their neck and tearing the weapon from their attacker’s grasp. 「Neon Wound」 halted, assuming a patient position at 'attention'. The former prince had overcome the trial, and gazed upon the blade he had torn from the giant’s grasp. With a bow, he left the stand and returned to a, hopefully fulfilling, life. 「Neon Wound」, however, would not be recovered by its user. It would stand resolute and wait for one that would not come, remaining perfectly still in front of the ruined manor for thirty-two years. The forest had long overtaken the area, and the nearby path had since transformed into a road that few strayed far from.
One of those few, a knight surveying the area at the behest of their king, would be the first living person to see the stand since that fateful day with the prince. The knight, Den, approached the decaying manor. The area was good land, and his liege was seeking a new location for an outpost along this road. Drawing his sword to cut down obscuring foliage, he took note of the topography, state of the current dilapidated structures, and a salvageable well. Finally, after circling the area, he stood face to face with the noble statue that had guarded this hopeless home for God knows how long. A thankless job, to be certain. Den cleaned up the statue to the best of his ability, cutting off vines and removing rubble to find its actual structure completely untouched by age. Fascinating.
He would rest afterwards, setting his sword down and removing his stand’s semi-transparent feathers from his eyes in preparation to send back as part of his report. He began unpacking his supplies to pen the accompanying letter as a glint of movement shone in the edge of his vision. Den felt an overwhelming presence-a powerful force unlike any he’d encountered before. He innately, instinctually understood the danger he was in before snapping his gaze towards the statue. It was moving before his very eyes, and was moments away from grabbing his sword, which rested against the same log he sat upon. He rushed to kick the sword away as his stand, 「DESTINY」, screeched to life and recreated the ferns that once enclosed the statue’s knees to bind it in place for the time being. Den dove for his sword, managing to recover it mere seconds after the statue tore through the metal foliage.
It stopped.
The statue wound down, and had returned to its stoic pose. This…was a discovery of great importance. Their kingdom was a special one, founded by a mighty warrior given power through a Holy blade. The sword itself was currently kept within the deepest bowels of their fortified capital, only to be used in special rituals such as coronations and granting knighthood. Its power to bless those worthy with miraculous abilities was the bedrock of their nation’s success. The fact the area he now stood in, suggested after consultation by a high priest with a similar blessing to his own, housed an artifact comparable to the founder’s sacred blade was beyond telling. This could not more clearly be fated by God, who had led this humble knight to a guardian. Den’s prodding and investigation revealed the giant could be led by the hand, confirming his theory. He dropped to his knees and hurriedly scribbled his report, sealed with 「DESTINY」’s feathers and sent back via his messenger bird. The King needed to know of this at once.
Den began the slow journey home behind his letter, leading the giant. An incident late one night only magnified their awe and appreciation, as it defended him in his sleep, slaughtering a rabid wolf that had apparently lunged at him. The various events like this that transpired over the course of the walk home would be relayed as well, securing the statue’s place in their kingdom’s legacy. The guardian sent by God would reside in the throne room, and would be tasked with performing rituals with the nation’s sacred blade from this point onwards. Its actions, as the knighthood had learned through trial and error, were perfectly suited to the duties. It would stand tall in the throne room as its loyal guardian, and act as the liaison to determine which princes were chosen to lead the kingdom for well over a century. It served its purpose until the tragic end of the nation…
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2023.05.30 00:53 Usernameunchanged Free Basaglar in Twin Cities, MN

Moved to a pump and I have extra Basaglar to give away (been stored in fridge since pick up). PM me if you need some.
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2023.05.30 00:52 Zombie33- Does anyone know what this is

Does anyone know what this is
I saw this on Facebook marketplace and it seems to be a kiosk. How much is it worth, should I pick it up?
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2023.05.30 00:52 stevexc Weekly Song Spotlight #462: "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime

Let me know if there are survey issues!


The song spotlight is a recurring topic on this subreddit, where every week we will feature a different song included in the game or its DLC and discuss things like how to play its different riffs, techniques to focus on and more casual things like some interesting trivia or the artist's other work. Finally we'll conclude with a score attack challenge, a random entrant of which will be offered to choose the next song. Further discussion tends to occur over on the subreddit discord so head over there for that.
The format will change depending on feedback and participation, so don't hesitate to send suggestions myself or the mods in general.

Next Up For Delisting

We're done for RS1! I guess we'll know by October what's happening with RS2014 and its DLC...

This Week: "Smoke Two Joints" by Sublime

Next week's Poll

463: Bush - "Comedown" (E Standard, Bush 4-Song Pack) 463: Bob Dylan - "Like a Rolling Stone" (E Standard, Bob Dylan 3-Song Pack) 463: Audioslave - "Cochise" (E Standard, Audioslave 5-Song Pack) 463: Linkin Park - "In The End" (E♭ Drop D♭, Linkin Park 6-Song Pack)

Score Attack Challenge

Submit your score attack results by filling out this google form and including your score and a screenshot of the results screen you see after your playthrough. A readable photo of your screen is fine too. The form will need to be completed for each submission.
Scores will be included at the bottom of next week's spotlight divided based on the difficulty level (you can play any difficulty you'd like) and are tracked separately for lead, rhythm and bass.
A random entrant will get to pick next week's song!
Scores can be submitted until Monday, June 5th at 17:00 UTC.
Last Week's Scores: "Alternative Ulster" by Stiff Little Fingers
User Lead (Easy) Lead (Medium) Lead (Hard) Lead (Master)
domoproja 933,282
User Rhythm (Easy) Rhythm (Medium) Rhythm (Hard) Rhythm (Master)
domoproja 844,728
User Bass (Easy) Bass (Medium) Bass (Hard) Bass (Master)
domoproja 1,580,092
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2023.05.30 00:52 andywallsq Macro deficit and Strength training Protocol

Hi, My Macros calculator says 2080 kcal for workout days and fat loss objective base on my weight, age, fat % etc. Today with the pre-workout shake keto protein and suggested protein intake 160 gr I hit 1550 Kcal, already did the workout B with new added weekly weight, as I write this at 6.30 pm feeling good, tired but not exhausted. The question. I accomplished the workout well, eaten my meals and I have a deficit of 450 Kcal for today (protein goal 🎯) I feel that with my black coffee I'm done eating for today. Should I keep this deficit until possible? I guess my newby momentum will last some weeks until I have to increase the calories to keep lifting. Me: 45 yr male, 80kg, BF 22%, week 2 on the strength program, keto adapted for >3 months.
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2023.05.30 00:52 akfreerider87 Jackpot. Settle a debate with the wife.

Jackpot. Settle a debate with the wife.
A ton of morels popped up in our yard this spring. My wife has been mushroom hunting since a child. This unexpected fortune has caused her to go berserk, excitedly running around the yard harvesting handfuls. I suggested we should let a good portion of the morels sit and spore to encourage a self-propagating crop. The internet so far has suggested wildly different approaches to this. Some suggested picking all. Some suggested making spore slurries. Some suggested cutting up dried caps and scattering them.
Appreciate any advice. Anyone had experience with this? Not sure if it matters but we are in Alaska.
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