Summer short acrylic nails

Nail questions

2023.05.30 00:43 aeversme Nail questions

Nail questions
I've been trying to keep up with my pupper's nails, but they are pretty long. I've heard conflicting information about how often to trim his nails and how short/long they should be. What do you all typically do? How fast could I expect the quick to recede after cutting? I'm always afraid of going too close and hitting the quick, which I've heard is painful and bleeds a lot.
Photo for reference. I plan to trim these tomorrow.
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2023.05.30 00:43 bxch66 short wide nails

short wide nails
so i’ve always had an awkward nail shape, short and wide and I used to bite my nails when I was young. I wanted to get maybe some dips or gel for a holiday but I’m wondering what other people with the same nail shape get as i’ve only had acrylics and dips a handful of times and they always ended up looking a bit silly and just not right for my nails
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2023.05.30 00:43 tallboy4 Problem with safety straps

Hi guys, I just bought my first digital piano (Roland FP10) and this bundle stand+chair I have a problem with the stand: the nails of the straps can’t reach the holes in my keyboard since the holes are quite at the end of the keyboard and the straps are in the middle. Unfortunately the holes in my keyboard are only in the end,so in the sides; in the middle there are lots of nails. Are the straps too short or I am doing things wrong? Should I remove some nails in the middle of the keyboard and replace them with the nails of the straps?
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2023.05.30 00:43 Adorable-Study-6603 Can't give up, but it's so hard

Single mom here, we've recently become homeless, and shortly after lost our car. Our landlord wanted to charge more rent, so didn't renew our lease, and my co signer had said she's pay the car for a little bit while we got back on our feet, then I found out she didn't when it was gone one morning when I left for work. Got repossessed overnight. We're living in a shelter rn. My ex stopped paying child support, his half of medical, and refuses to reimburse me for his portion of a medical procedure from over a year ago. Went to court, that took 8 mos just for a hearing, judgement against him, and still no money. Have to wait until the revisit hearing already scheduled for fall. I've been admonished by the shelter for buying my own food, saying I'm spending too much on food and how will I save money to move out, and should eat what they provide. Half the time it's rancid, and when it's not, it's 1/4 c rice, 1/4 c veggies and a 1/2 c meat or tofu. We each get one "meal" per day. I had to surrender our family pet to get into the shelter. I have to ask for toilet paper. Cockroaches come out of the walls at every turn. I hate it here. The program is supposed to help us with a security deposit, but I can't get the administration to return my communication. I find 2 or more places each week. I need their help because I still owe my previous landlord a bunch of clean out charges, we didn't leave it dirty at all, but don't have the resources to argue. I work full time, make pretty good money, but spend almost half my income on food (prepared foods are very expensive and we have no resources to cook our own). I'm so tired. I fight tooth and nail to drag us out of where we are, and feel like I fail every time. My youngest is angry we live here, and don't have a car. We take the bus when we can, but it doesn't go everywhere, and a lot of the time, it takes 2-3+ hours to get to where we need to. I'm doing this alone and it's so hard. I know I can't give up. I feel like I have no support. One of my friends actually told me this is a blessing, and I should be grateful. I feel so lonely all the time. I'm fighting for everything on my own and I'm so tired, and overwhelmed, and I really hate my life. I'm tired of putting on this happy face. K, thanks for listening.
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2023.05.30 00:41 tallboy4 Problem with safety straps

Hi guys, I just bought my first digital piano (Roland FP10) and this bundle stand+chair I have a problem with the stand: the nails of the straps can’t reach the holes in my keyboard since the holes are quite at the end of the keyboard and the straps are in the middle. Unfortunately the holes in my keyboard are only in the end,so in the sides; in the middle there are lots of nails. Are the straps too short or I am doing things wrong? Should I remove some nails in the middle of the keyboard and replace them with the nails of the straps?
Sorry,that’s my first time.
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2023.05.30 00:41 Trash-Can-Baby Nail salon with gentle methods

I’m sure nail salon recommendations get requested here periodically, but I’m specifically looking for a salon that doesn’t use a drill or file nail beds to remove gel polish and/or has long-lasting non-gel color polish options (read: 10 days or so). I have sensitive nails and find too many manicures painful. I’m looking for an enjoyable experience, minimal nail damage, and results that last for the price.
I also don’t like acrylic or dip and am not particularly looking for added length.
I also would like to be able to add a simple design to the toes without using gel polish. It seems harder to find people to do this now (?).
Also: clean, friendly customer service, takes you on time if you have an appointment, not rushed. Ideally not very expensive but normal prices.
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2023.05.30 00:39 EvilZero86 Story #3 - Two Dry fasts

In the summer of 2015, I did back to back dry fasts. A 7 day hard dry fast then followed by a 10 day hard dry fast. In between I ate for only 2 days. Right after that second fast I weighed 146lbs from 185-190lbs.
After finishing those two fasts it seemed like my world would do a 180. And everything massively shifted.
70-80% of the people in my life that I weee incompatible with me would go out and were replaced by people who were more more compatible with me. This happened over the span of a few weeks.
All of sudden they were getting new jobs, some were changing shifts. Others were fired. Up until that point there wasn’t much change until after I did these two radical fasts.
The crazy thing is that was supposed to be 3 consecutive fasts for me. Somehow, I never got around to the 3rd one.
Also, right after finishing those fasts I received a huge pay raise at work. And I have recreated this same thing 3 more times over the years to different degrees after finishing some significant fast of atleast 7-10 days that made more changes to me.
The first 7 days were tough. I was detoxing heavy stuff. I broke after that. Feeling disappointed, pissed off and passionate for having broken and after eating for two days I Immediately went at it again with the intention that when I reached that moment again this time I’ll push through.
Surprisingly that moment never came. It never became tough like the first fast. It was way easier. So I was surprised. And that’s when I learned that even hard dry fasting can be easy if I just trained my body and taught my subconscious mind to do it.
This was the greatest change I’ve seen in my reality in a short period of time. Even now I’ve not seen change to that degree then what happened to me in the summer of 2015 after finishing those fasts.
I also worked for 12 hours that added to the increased autophagy and karmic burn. There are no significant physical healings I remember.
That’s when I fasted old school. No compression clothings. No water touching the mouth. Not a drop. No contact with water. No cold therapy. Just pure visualization. I can’t do that now. I was younger and stronger. I was 29 years old.
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2023.05.30 00:38 kennynailtech THE TOP 7 WAYS TO ENHANCE YOUR NAILS

Do you want to know how to make your nails stronger? Continue reading!
All of us desire gorgeous, robust, and thick nails. They can identify our hands in a variety of ways and serve as a useful health indicator. The only issue is that they occasionally aren't as powerful as we would like them to be. Fortunately, there are methods and routines that can quickly strengthen them.

Here are the top 7 methods for making your nails stronger:

1. Reduce your exposure to water

Your nails will become brittle and fragile if they are exposed to too much water. When washing and bathing, you need to take nail wholesale supply near me precautions to shorten the amount of time that water is in touch with your nails. For this situation, gloves are acceptable.

2. Use Biotin dietary supplements

One of the B vitamins is biotin, often known as vitamin B-7 and vitamin H. Since it dissolves in water, the body does not keep it. This suggests that you must drink it consistently. They can help to make your hair, nails, and nervous system stronger and more functional. Sardines, boiled eggs, and legumes all contain it. An alternative is to take a B vitamin or a supplement.

3. Sip a lot of water

Make sure you drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. In addition to being highly important for maintaining your health, it also supports the health of your nails. Brittle nails that peel and break easily are a result of the body not having enough moisture. Getting enough water helps keep your nails strong and hydrated.

vietnamese nail supply near me

4. Think on eating well.

One of the most important strategies to strengthen your nails is to maintain a healthy diet. A healthy diet for you is one that includes minerals and multivitamins. Antioxidants, which are found in foods like blueberries, shield the body's cells from harm. While almonds rich in magnesium assist to smooth out the vertical ridges on your nails, leafy greens include the iron necessary for nail strength.

5. Constantly maintain short nails

No matter how much you may like having long nails, keeping them shorter is vital if you want to strengthen them. This is because your nails are more likely to break, chip, fracture, and split the longer they are. Their power is compromised by this. Furthermore, shorter nails are simpler to keep looking good.

6. Take a vacation from your nails

Even while polish makes our nails look great, we nail accessories shop near me occasionally need to remove it to give our nails a chance to breathe. Even harmless polishes used frequently might weaken your nails. Use an acetone-free polish remover to remove it after it has been on for a time, then let them be polish-free.
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2023.05.30 00:35 Mongar95 Maybe I am in the wrong. But I’m done. Too much sickness and selfishness going around.

I’ve been sick with long Covid for 11 months now. I’m slowly improving but it’s been a very tough battle. I might have some scars left that will never heal. I lost my engineering job and my spot to go to the Air Force Reserves. I was completely destroyed since my siblings and I grew up in an abusive household and I didn’t even think I would make it this far in life. My accomplishments in life are all I have. My family is all I have. My mother has an autoimmune disease and needs all the help she can get when she gets super sick or lands in the hospital. It was super tough to see her fighting for her life twice in the hospital while I was fighting long Covid myself and was very limited to what I could do to help her. My brother and sister live with my mom in a house I was able to put in a down payment on and get the loan. At 578 a month it was the cheapest I could get for a 3 bedroom. My brother is 23 but refuses to work because working makes him “anxious and depressed”. Wow… literally all of us. I told him if he couldn’t work to provide for himself then he needed to leave. He still lives there doing nothing all day. My sister is in college and this summer she wants to have an internship an hour away even though she has no car and has no experience driving on a busy highway where there are way too many accidents to count. So I told her to scrap it for this summer and try getting a summer internship closer to home or try for another summer getting that same internship when things weren’t so crazy. She got upset and agreed. However, she later turned around and applied to the internship anyway and told me about it. Of course I got upset with her and told her why. 1.) she needs to practice more to drive in a highway like that before she commits. 2.) she should focus on trying to get the car she needs in the first place 3.) the timing with everything going on is terrible and it adds more stress to the situation. Mom needing more help around the house since I can’t help her like I used to. She didn’t care and said she would do it no matter what happened even if she got in an accident. Of course, we had our falling out and haven’t talked since. Over the years I have bent over backwards for her to get her what she wants but in doing so she has learned to not take a no as an answer even if it harms someone else. I have also noticed that little things I get compliments for (my long wavy “mermaid” hair) she tries to copy and if someone else has something she likes she goes out of her way to buy something similar. When someone suggested a certain hair product to me, she went to buy it for herself. At first it didn’t bother me, but with the years she kept doing things like that and it got annoying. Long story short, I now see her as selfish and a low key jealous individual. My brother just wants every excuse to be lazy and then blame it on every one else. Yes, I have my faults but I no longer want to associate with them. My sister tried to patch things up and I refused. I told her “you made your choice so I’m Making mine.” Call me childish but with long Covid and my mom being this sick my priority is family and this just broke me. I no longer want a relationship with them and will only do things for my mom from now on.
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2023.05.30 00:32 liptonlily Help!! My nail coming off of my nail bed with acrylic set still on

So one of my nails got caught in a turnstile while i was getting on the train and it ripped part of my actual nail off the nail bed in the process part of my nails still attached to my finger but the bottom part near my cuticle is pretty detached and the acrylic is still attached to the nail through all of this, what do i do?
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2023.05.30 00:21 beast-the-best ✨What else you need more than a beach shorts in summer ? Custom Cut and sew breathable and comfortable shorts, your thoughts ?

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2023.05.30 00:21 beast-the-best ✨What else you need more than a beach shorts in summer ? Custom Cut and sew breathable and comfortable shorts, your thoughts ?

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2023.05.30 00:10 goldenhourglowing 29M [chat] [Friendship] it’s going to be a crazy eventful summer. Looking for awesome people to get to know.

As the title says, going to be a very eventful summer for me. Looking for awesome people to get to know over the summer and hopefully make new friends. I like to think I’m pretty outgoing and caring. I would love getting to know you and your hobbies. I don’t mind if it’s a short conversation or a long-term conversation type of thing. I just wanna make the most of it. I have quite a few different hobbies ranging from photography to movies reading, and art. If this sounds interesting at all, feel free to send me a message. I’m more than happy to talk outside of Reddit once we are comfortable doing that if that’s something people want. But that’s completely up to other people Have a wonderful day everybody.
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2023.05.30 00:10 Both-Sense6604 AQA GCSE Language Paper 1, Question 5

Please could someone have a look at the short story I wrote below and give it a rough mark out of 40 (or any feedback at all)? The question is from a specimen paper (Don't Ask Jack by Neil Gaiman). Thank you.

Question: Write a story about a toy that comes to life. [40 marks]

With a fierce alacrity that fuelled her muscles with a powerful flame, she jolted up from her bed; she knew what she had to do. She felt as if she had been slapped in the face with the Hand of Truth: no longer did she view the world as if afflicted with some type of terminal glaucoma that dimmed her eyes every second. No, now she saw everything as it truly was, and so, flicking the light switch on, she furiously fumbled for the Bible on her bed-side table. "Dust returns to the ground it came from," she sneered mockingly, as she opened the sacred book, tearing to tatters the pages of what she had once revered.

Now there remained another task, one of much greater importance, yet one which sent a shockwave of spasmodic terror through her body. Her anxiety choked her, but she ignored it; she grabbed the doll, and left the bedroom. Down the stairs she clattered, her heart throbbing like a drum, her legs twitching with adrenaline, her brain aching with angst. Opening the front door, she left the house, not bothering to close the door behind her; perhaps she knew she would return.

The streets were pitch black, darker even than the curtain of ignorance that blinded the residents of the town; nevertheless, she had lived there long enough now to manoeuvre her way through the litter that had piled up through public carelessness. Beside her, the river tried to follow its course, but it was clogged with plastic bags that slackened its flow, so that it appeared a grey sludge. Its delightful aroma wafted into the woman's nose as she raced across the bridge, into the field. There, at the heart, was a great shed, which had fallen into abeyance in spite of the vehement protestations of the public.

As she trudged through the tall grass of the fields towards that shed, it manifested itself more clearly. Four windows. A wooden door. A roof of thatch. Moss and weeds in every nook and cranny. A sea of grass encircling it. Its withering state did not deter her: with a frenzied haste, perhaps to make up time the grass had robbed of her, she kicked down the door of the building (if so it may be called). Out of her pockets, she drew a torch, turned it on. With the torch in one hand and the doll in the other, she proceeded to conduct a search of the room. A plywood table, draped in dust. A shelf with countless jars of bolts and nails. Garden tools. Leaves and twigs. Nothing of use. What about under the table? Surely nothing. But regardless, she dived onto the floor, and to her arrant surprise, her face lit up. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, she thought. That was it. The key, the solution, the gateway: a power supply. She hugged the doll, caressed it with affection. She whispered to it, "Oh, darling. I won't be long, I promise. Soon, very soon, we shall speak again."

But presently she collected her thoughts; now was not the time for sentimentality. Not now. Not at this critical moment. She connected the doll to the power supply with two crocodile clips and switched it on to its maximum voltage. With an anxiety that almost amounted to agony, she waited, her mouth contorting into a smile at the allusion. But unlike the hubristic doctor, she would love the doll with all her heart; she would take responsibility for it as if it were a precious piece of jewellery of ineffable worth. Pressing her ears against the heart of the doll, she sought to hear a pulse, anything. After what seemed a lifetime to her, there came a lub dub. Lub dub, lub dub, lub dub. She was overcome by a swoon of relief, but instead of falling to the ground, she clutched tightly onto the doll. "My baby, my child," she whispered softly, tears trickling down her face, tears of unadulterated joy. "Thank the Lord!" she cried. Several minutes of silence ensued, during which the woman whispered to the animated doll with affection. Then, after that period had elapsed, she unplugged the doll from the power supply, slowly so as not to cause any harm to it.

A sigh of relief. The baby doll still breathed; its little heart still pumped; it was still alive. With the utmost degree of care, she took the baby from the plywood table and tore through the door of the shed. To her, neither the maze of grass nor the claggy mud were obstacles: she bolted through the field, over the bridge, down the street, straight into her front door. She slammed the door behind her, and sprinted up the stairs, not checking if anyone had entered the house, not even taking her filthy shoes off. No, into her room she went, gently placing the baby onto her bed. Breathe. She exhaled deeply, knowing now that she was safe, that everything was in order again. It was very late: her watch said five minutes past two. There were probably still some shops open for baby food, but she opted instead to wait tomorrow, fearing what would happen if she were to leave her golden prize alone. Her thoughts drifted back to her infant, and she gazed adoringly at it as it slept there on her bed, as quiet as a doll. She walked over to the bed, and gently stroked it. Oddly, there was no reaction. She spoke softly to it. No reaction. She nuzzled its hair. No reaction. She touched it again. No reaction. Desperately now, she felt its pulse; there was none. A hideous scream came from the woman, piercing through the window, all the way through the neighborhood, through the town, through the country. It must have been heard even in Berlin amidst the celebrations of the Fall.

The world was indeed godless.
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2023.05.30 00:06 cncdowntown 35 [M4F] #Toronto - Experienced and mature guy looking for a young princess

Single, well educated (masters degree), business suit wearing professional working on Bay Street looking to connect with a likeminded younger woman between the ages of 18-25. My professional work life is extremely demanding, as I’m in a leadership position, and so discretion is key and will be afforded back in return. This can be a short NSA or a longer term relationship if we both vibe.
About Me:
I'm 35, 6’0, 190, in decent shape, have an amazing spot of my own near King West and can host or travel to yours if you prefer. I'm very kink friendly, experienced in the BDSM lifestyle for a number of years including aspects of DD/LG, CNC, rough sex, anal etc. I've been the "first" for a number of women who've ventured into this world and take pride in being a patient teacher so that everyone has a positive experience. Consent and communication is key for me and I'm very open in sharing and talking about my kinks to see if we have any overlaps between us and/or ones worth exploring.
Outside of the bedroom, I'm into reading classics (fiction), planting, listening to music (indie/alt rock, hip hop, top 40), watching documentaries, BBQing in the summer and skiing/skating during winter. I love trying out new bars in the city, take in a standup comedy show and attend live sports events (leafs, raptors and TFC). My go to drink is red wine and can make you a mean Gin+Tonic as an added bonus ;)
About You:
Be local, kink positive and have your list of fantasies, hard limits ready so we can gauge our compatibility. Your level of experience within BDSM isn't a factor as I've played with women over both sides of the spectrum and have enjoyed ourselves immensely.
If any of this intrigues you, feel free to send me a message. Ideally we can exchange some texts/pics and meet up for a drink to see how we vibe in real life. Happy hunting!
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2023.05.30 00:01 One-Interaction-5778 what is the fastest possible way i can save up $3-4k

18, long story short my parents are incredibly controlling and are trying to keep me at home at all costs. i dont have a license, have to sneak out of the house just to go to work, and have to have friends/date in secret because they don’t trust anyone. i don’t make much from my job bc of the hours but i’m looking to get a second or even a third and now that i’m graduated i can work all summer. what would be the fastest possible way to save up at least 3-4k so i can get my license & find a decent place to stay? don’t have anyone i can stay with in the meantime or a means to really leave the house on my own
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The stability of your nails will be destroyed if you remove gel polish. Naturally, repeated chemical application to your nails tends to cause them to become progressively weaker. Gel nail polish is the same. Even though everyone would wish to maintain stunning, bright nails, neglecting to take proper care of them could endanger your nails.

1. Rushing to remove the gel coating

Nails should be removed with acetone, professional wholesale nail supply which functions like a gel-removal detergent. The majority of women, however, are frequently in a rush to remove the coating and end up opting for quick but risky techniques. Our nails then become even weaker as a result.
You run the risk of accidentally removing the top layer of the nail, weakening the plate, if you choose to remove the coating yourself rather than waiting for the necessary amount of time for gel dissolution. Follow a professional's instructions on how to remove the gel coating if you want to maintain strong, healthy nails.

2. Excessive use of nail polish

Give your nails a short break if you want them to regenerate healthily. Applying one gel polish after another is not recommended. Your nails and cuticles can be barely able to breathe and retain hydration after such a hard routine.
Like plants, nails only grow well when they are regularly hydrated and given oxygen to prevent drying out. Try hydrating them while you're taking a break using an effective hand lotion, an overnight mask, or even just by placing a hot, damp towel over your hand. Your nail layers will eventually become hard enough for another polishing session.

wholesale nail supplies for professionals near me

3. A mishandled soaking-off procedure

A foil dipped in acetone can improve nail polish removal. Wrapping the foil around your fingers to remove gel polish causes it to stick firmly to the nail plates over time. To avoid scratching the nail plate, the actual removal of the foil must be done carefully by a specialist, such as a manicurist. If the technique is not followed, it might make your nails brittle and weak, making them more prone to drying out.

4. Long-term use of the gel polish

Even though it seems unlikely, leaving your beloved gel polish on for too long might occasionally backfire. After removing the gel polish, you must give your nails time to recover and breathe.

5. In what ways does it harm your nails?

Consider a nail polish chemical remaining on your nails for an extended period of time and allowing bacteria to flourish as your answer. That's clear? Right! Replace your nail polish every two to three weeks. In essence, if the polish layer is left on for too long, it will start to lift, exposing large gaps for air and moisture to enter. The warmth produced by the coating, when combined, creates ideal circumstances for bacterial development. Your cuticle and the skin around your nails could therefore suffer as a result of this.


Consistent and deliberate nail care professional nail product suppliers is necessary. Depriving your nails of such crucial elements could potentially destroy them permanently. You wouldn't want your nails to become weak and brittle just because you neglected to carefully supervise the removal of your nail polish. The steps leading up to gel polish removal are as important and must be strictly followed. Polished nails are a vital component of attractiveness, and their wellbeing must be carefully monitored at all times. Please read my post on nail polish removers that include acetone and those that don't.
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2023.05.29 23:59 awesome1ru Which striker would Real Madrid realistically sign if Karim left?


40 goals in 42 games. Mbappe wasted a few years in UberEats but he's still young, his numbers are just as good as Haaland plus he's a Ronaldo fanboy. We can give him a pass, PSG offered him 300 million for only two years plus a GM role like LeBron. The pressure from his gold-digging family, every French person he knows and even the president himself, they all wanted him to stay at least for two more years until the world cup is done. so he probably said fuck it, i can get richer and make everyone happy while still being able to fulfil my dream to join RM later. Now if he signed that short contract just to tease PSG so he could get another big contract out of them than that would be embarrassing for RM.


52 goals in 51 games. Haaland is the youngest guy on this here and the best target man in the world on top of being built like a FIFA player with 99 pace and strength. unlike Mbappe he doesn't have any connection to RM, If anything i can see him joining Barcelona to start the next Messi Ronaldo feud with Mbappe. Unless City gets caught with their 150 charges or he likes trying new challenges I think Haaland will stay at his boyhood team City forever, he can win every individual and team trophy there and make as much money as he wants, on top of playing in the most watched league in the world. I would be shocked if he joined us.


32 goals in 49 games. holy shit this guy is so clinical. He's the best footballer on this list imo, so technical and can score form anywhere, But he will be 30 this year and very hard to get. I can see United forking 120m for him this summer.


30 goals in 38 games. Victor will be 25 this year like Mbappe, He's not as proven as the others, this is his first 25 plus goals season so it would be a gamble to sign him. I can see Napoli wanting to make a profit on him and Chelsea buying him for 100m.


28 goals in 55 games. He has a good goal scoring record and is 26 but after all this time waiting and saving for a new 9, i don't think he will be it.

Jonathan David

26 goals in 39 games. Good striker with decent record, same age as Haaland.
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2023.05.29 23:57 themaestroballer Club takovers

I'm currently a semi-pro lower tier side that is in serious debt, but over the summer a embargo has taken place as a tycoon is planning on buying the club. My question is whether this embargo is going to end soon (it's been a few weeks), and if the deal is even going to succeed.
I'm quite doubtful as this isn't the first time a club takover has being going on, the last time the deal fell apart after a bid was made. The club is definetly looking to sell, it's one of the main priorities on the short-term plan.
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2023.05.29 23:55 bshebeshdhhebebdhd Haircut

Hey guys I am thinking about getting my long hair (just hitting shoulder length) cut off tomorrow. I want my hair short again for the summer and do you guys think I should go to a barbershop? It’s mostly women in there so I think they would know how to cut my long hair short and have been working in their for years. Or should I schedule a salon appointment? Thanks for the replies!
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2023.05.29 23:54 domb00 Careers advice - placement for a PhD student

Hi everybody! I feel like I have ended up at a bit of a crossroads, so seeking advice/opinions...
A bit of context first. I currently live in the UK, I am 27 y/o. I have completed a bachelor's (BEng) degree in aerospace engineering with really good results. During my undergraduate studies, I have also been able to undertake a placement at Bosch working as a development engineer in an R&D department; they liked me quite a bit, so they contracted me to provide them with support whenever I had time, which I did for another 2.5 years whilst at uni. I have also completed a master's degree in fluid dynamics (MSc), again with really good results. During it, I missed engineering and so I together with a team of 7 founded a rocketry team at the university. I became a chief engineer within this team. Within our first year, we got in and competed at the largest rocketry competition in the world and achieved the best result of any UK team ever. After this year I stepped down as chief engineer but stayed on as a mentor. Currently, I'm undertaking an industry-sponsored PhD, where I essentially experimentally and computationally study turbulent convection flow within a closed rectangular tank. I'm approaching the end of the second year of my three-year-long PhD.
the situation. I hate my PhD project. As outlined within the context - I have done a lot of things (of course - relatively) and I have always been able to figure out how to go about it so as to achieve good results. But this PhD project is different - I don't get it. Almost everything that I choose to do is the opposite of what my supervisors tell me to do; there is no consistency - I start one job, get into it, my supervisors tell me to cut it short, and so I get onto doing something else they think is worth doing. At the same time, they don't commit to anything, and if they do - it comes in a form of a promise that they will look into it at some point, which they never do. etc etc. Bottom line - I really dislike it, I feel overwhelmed, but not challenged. Probably most importantly - I feel like I am standing still in comparison to everything that was going on up till my PhD, and what is worse - I feel stuck because I got this far now, so I would feel like a waste of time quitting it. So I will not be quitting it. At the time a lot of my friends were pursuing jobs, which I think I got quite jealous of as I loved working in industry. So I decided to pursue a placement within a space industry company. I sent out two applications. I got invited into interviews for both, and, given the response that I received, I blew interviewees away in both. I accepted the one that I really wanted, and after some back and forth with the company and uni, we agreed on a 4-month long placement. But then, even though I really want to move to the space engineering industry after my PhD, I started questioning this placement.
This leads me to the problem. Is it worth it for me to take this placement?
I would really appreciate your thoughts, opinions and advice.
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2023.05.29 23:53 Inside-Nectarine-257 Am I the asshole for wanting to leave my bf and wanting my dog back?

To keep a very long story short, I (female) and my boyfriend (male, older by a few years) have been dating for a year now. I am a high school student still and my bf is out of high school. we’ve had a very rocky relationship since the beginning and ti be honest i put up with so much more than i should have, from texting hideously with my cousin, and claiming they texted like that normally, (i met him through her at a family gathering), then he was having phone s3x with a girl and recoded it, which i found, his excuse was that i was asphyxiating him always being on top of him for thing, then he was giving likes to a bunch of naked girls on ig, he claims he wasn’t doing anything wrong, then i found a girl on dnd in his phone who said HI and then it was randomly deleted, then after swearing he wouldn’t talk to my cousin in the previous scenarios, he does and hides it from me then starts acting VERY weird, and now lastly i went in his camera roll from where we started dating and he had girls in his bed when we were dating. oh and let’s not forget two charges in two weeks of an only fans, obviously i haven’t used OF but he claims it’s because the girl he used to be subscribed to did something to his account and charged him because he used to have her before we dated. He changed his card like 3 months ago BTW. so here’s my dilema, i’m tired of all these lies, and i’m in high school, i want to be able to do things like any normal teen. go to hs parties, go out with friends, and have fun. he also lives in another city 3 hrs away which is another bad thing. my parents bought an apartment down there and we were going to move this summer but i don’t want to anymore. my dad and brother are on my side and think i’m too young to be putting up with this crap. my mom on the other hand thinks all relationships have problems and that “now he knows he loves you”. i, STUPIDLy, wanted to raise a doggy with him which my big dog had recently so i gave him one to take care of while i move, then she would be “ours” i really want the dog back because she’s mineeeee. so Am I the Asshole??
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