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2023.05.29 23:17 sorcerykid Even though Sears Tower is no longer the world's tallest building, it still holds plenty of other records.

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2023.05.29 22:44 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 697

Capes and Conundrums
“So why are you talking with me? I thought you were going after my family?” Albin asks Doctor Malaise and she offers a smile.
“I’ve spoken to your family while you were helping test out the evaluations exams for The Undaunted. You’ve also had a couple of hours brainstorming with them on improving the tests after that. I’ve had plenty of time to get the basic story out.”
“Oh? And what excuses do they have hunh? What possible reason could they have to kill Beaky like they did!?” Albin asks with bitterness coming back into his voice.
“First off, there are a few things you need to be aware of.” Doctor Malaise says. “I’ve gotten this confirmed by your medical records. But I need to understand what you yourself remember. So please, tell me about your childhood.”
“So I can see if the stories match up? So I can understand things better? There are many different reasons. Now please, what do you remember of your childhood?”
“I’m not that old.”
“Then this should be easy.” Doctor Malaise says and he sighs...
“There’s not much to say. I was a child so most of my energy went into growing. So that’s what I did. I went to classes. Napped a lot and read a few good books.” Albin says with a shrug.
“Didn’t you think it was strange that your sisters had a great deal more energy than you growing up?”
“Well, no they’re girls. Girls are different, so why should I be the same as a child?” Albin asks and Doctor Malaise raises an eyebrow. “... is there something I don’t know?”
She says nothing.
“There’s something I don’t know...” Albin says before thinking. “What is it that I don’t know?”
“Have your heard about Gurana’s Syndrome before?” She asks him and he shakes his head. “Well, according to your family, and backed up by a bit of research I did on the way over. The best way to explain this is actually to use the humans as an example. You’ve seen one eat right?”
“Yes. Robin, he outright inhaled enough food for three people and called it a snack.”
“Right, do you know why humans eat so much more compared to other races?”
“They... they didn’t evolve with Axiom access and they don’t naturally draw in the energies to sustain themselves.” Albin says and Doctor Malaise nods.
“That’s right. It also caused them to develop more organs to compensate for the lack of a supporting energy field, but that’s beside the point. Most of the extra organs are used for digestion anyways.”
“While I suppose kind of interesting, what does this have to do with me or Gurana’s Syndrome?” Albin asks and Doctor Malaise sighs.
“It’s because as a species humans are the only race immune to Gurana’s Syndrome. Their massive caloric intake is more than compensation for the issue.”
“So it’s some kind of eating disorder? No... it’s some kind of eating disorder related to Axiom...” Albin says as he considers.
“According to both your parents and the medical records I accessed, you were diagnosed with Gurana’s Syndrome. Thankfully it clears up after a short while. But it temporarily reduced your ability to intake Axiom as nourishment. This is actually why you were so low energy and never had much of an appetite as a child.”
“What? But... it was normal wasn’t it? No one acted like it was strange and it lines up and everything. Why my father is mostly concerned with taking care of the house and rarely hunts himself. Men just... don’t...” Albin trails off as he sees the expression on Doctor Malaise’s face. “I... so... it’s not just another way the humans are weird is it?”
“Humans are quite odd. But beyond their physical redundancies which make them Null-Immune there’s no real difference in capability between humans and other races. They’ve even found a few ways to cause other races to develop similar redundant organs.” Doctor Malaise says and Albin looks very, very lost for a few moments.
“But... why?” Albin asks.
“You’ll have to ask them that. But you also have to understand that it shaped how they look at you. You remember your childhood as a sleepy and tired time. They remember it as a time where you were terribly ill and needing help.”
“But... why wouldn’t they... Hold on! Where did you get my medical record!?”
“An information request that your parents approved of. Until you reach the age of majority you won’t be allowed to look up your own records.” Doctor Malaise says handing over the data-slate she has near her and Albin starts looking through it. “Just stay out of the locked files please.”
He looks over his own medical history and doesn’t like what he’s seeing. “I... what? Special nutrient dense food? Daily scans to ensure my blood sugar levels where high enough? A recommendation to keep me out of public education? I... I just thought sons were kept out of that because well... I...” He looks up and away as if re-evaluating his entire life. He likely is.
A few minutes pass between them and Doctor Malaise clears her throat after a bit. “Now, I understand that this is all rather surprising, but I need you to consider how this would colour your family’s perception of you. It can be hard to see what we are to the rest of the world when we only look out from our own eyes.”
“So... all they see is someone so weak and frail that they need special food in order to survive.” Albin says somewhat bitterly as he tosses down the data-slate. It’s a little more rough than he needed to do. But at the same time, his frustration is understandable.
He crosses his arms and hunkers down into his seat and seems to be stuck in a place between brooding and thinking. Doctor Malaise then demonstrates one of her most valuable skills as a Psychologist. She allows the silence to continue and doesn’t push Albin to speak.
“This...” Albin tries before burying his face in his knees. “I...”
“Everything’s confusing. Nothing makes sense. Everything you learn just makes it worse. It’s not fair.” Doctor Malaise offers and Albin lets out a sound from deep in his throat.
“No, it’s not.” Albin says. “Everything changed and it never stopped changing and... I just... I just wanted something to make sense and Beaky did... but...”
“I know... I know.” Doctor Malaise says and Albin takes in a few deep breaths to try and steady himself. He wipes his eyes from the tears that were steadily growing and considers things a bit more.
“That... thing the Undaunted do...”
“You’re underage. You can’t be recruited for an army.” Doctor Malaise says.
“But I’m working for them now!”
“In a civilian manner, like how I am. Neither you nor I are expected to so much as pick up an actual weapon. It would be something they would consider grossly irresponsible.”
“Because I’m a child?”
“Because you’re untrained. A weapon is a tool for violence. A child facing violence is considered a failure on the part of the adult.”
“But why!? I just... they could have told me I’d get better and left it like that! They could have... I mean!” Albin tries to explain before letting out a shout of frustration.
“They wanted you to think you were a normal person. To let you grow up, not thinking yourself lesser than other people.” Doctor Malaise says and Albin starts pacing. Suddenly a lot more aware of just how much energy he has and the feel of the Axiom coming in. It wasn’t really something he ever paid attention to before, but when he thinks about being younger, there was a distinct lack of it. One that lets him feel out his Axiom intake now.
“I know this is...” Doctor Malaise begins before Albin suddenly PULLS on the local Axiom and then stops before starting to outright twitch. “That was the equivalent of a month’s energy in two seconds.”
Albin breathes in and out at a rapid pace and Doctor Malaise sighs. “I can see you’re not going to be able to be part of this conversation for a while. So let’s just table this for now and...”
Albin is already out the door and opening the distance. Doctor Malaise’s response is to set up so that every hour he’s sent a reminder to schedule their next appointment. She then picks up her things and vaguely listens to the sounds of chaos in the distance.
So long as he’s not jumping off the blimp this should be fine.
Albin promptly jumps off the blimp in pursuit of the man he just saw hurl himself into the air. About two seconds later he realizes that this was a mistake and begins flailing and starts to scream. Pavel looks back over his shoulder and sees Albin flailing through the air and he shifts to a roll in the air and then gathers Axiom around his boots.
He then bounces clean off a non-existent surface and leaps back at Albin. “Go still!”
Albin’s not really in the right mind to listen to that so Pavel takes a knee right to the gut as he snatches the boy out of the air and chokes a bit even as he pulls out a grapple launcher from his belt and launches it at a nearby building.
The swing down to ground level is quick but smooth and Pavel lets Albin down after a moment and rubs his gut.
“What the hell made you think that was a good idea?” Pavel asks.
“Well... you can jump off without an issue.”
“I am a highly trained soldier who practised this in a holo-chamber and I have several safeties just in case. You... are a young teenager with no training and no safeties. There’s a bit of a difference there kiddo.” Pavel says and Albin just glares at him for a moment. “Where the hell did this attitude come from?”
You going to lie to me too?”
“What?” Pavel asks in confusion.
“My whole family lied to me, so why not you too! You said things would get better, that the tests would be challenging, you lied too!” Albin accuses him and Pavel just looks confused.
“You were asked to test the tests. Things are getting better as you have professional help to sort things out between you and your family and... I can’t control your family at all.” Pavel says.
“Yeah right!” Albin spits and Pavel groans.
“Kid, the hell is going on?”
“Everyone lied to me!” Albin shouts.
“About what!? Also, why the hell are you holding in that much Axiom energy without directing it? What’s that even doing to you?” Pavel demands and Albin glares at him before pushing out all the excess Axiom and then swaying a little as he went from massively over-energized to fairly balanced.
“I... oh... uhm...” Albin says.
“Like a kid on a sugar rush.” Pavel says. “Do you want to go back up? I can call a ride but I have places to be on my break.”
“I... it... yes please.” Albin says looking outright embarrassed. “I shouldn’t have pulled in that much Axiom.”
“If you’re going to use it it should be fine. But if you’re just going to hold it then it’s too much energy in your system.” Pavel says quickly tapping in a few commands on his communicator. “Alright, I’m going to give you an app on communicators. Use it to initiate a recall to the blimp.”
He holds out his communicator and Albin taps his own against it. The app transfers.
“Thank you.” Albin says before tapping at the program and requesting a recall. It asks for him to face the camera on the communicator and he does. Then things shift and he’s suddenly elsewhere.
“I expected that to take a little longer. What happened?” Doctor Malaise asks.
“I jumped off the blimp after one of The Undaunted.”
“You what?!”
“I jumped off the landing deck of the blimp in pursuit of one of the men here.”
“Okay, for future reference, NEVER do what you see these maniacs do without first asking how they do it first. They’re good people but they’re crazy.” Doctor Malaise says.
“Right. Right...” Albin says.
“So... hopefully the howling winds and energy gave you a little clarity.” Doctor Malaise says.
“Clarity on what?” Albin asks.
“This entire situation. Your family isn’t blameless, they have indeed done wrong by you. But it was never with the intent to hurt you.”
“So kidnapping Beaky wasn’t to try and hurt me?”
“Apparently it was to make you stronger. To make it so that when you’re fully grown your strong enough to do what you want to do in life and get what you want out of life. Could they have done it better? Without a doubt? Could they have done it worse? Most definetly. But the intent was good, and while not the best way to go about it, it wasn’t the worst way.”
“Then what would the worst way be?”
“You could have been beaten until you fought back. You could have been forced into the wilds to survive with nothing but a knife. You could have had everything you love deliberately taken from you and destroyed in a twisted attempt to teach you resilience. Your family did indeed screw up. They made many mistakes, and they’re going to have to work through them. But they could have done far, far worse.”
“Are those... did you see those kinds of things happening.”
“I did. I can’t tell you more than that. But I’ve seen far worse. Your family made mistakes. They did not intentionally hurt you. That already makes them better than a lot of families out there. Which is a true tragedy. If your family really was the worst of the worst, then the galaxy would be a much brighter place than it actually is. Now do you want to keep up this session? Or would you like some time to think?”
“I.. I think I need to think for a bit.”
“All right. We’ll come back to this later.” Doctor Malaise says gently.

First Last
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2023.05.29 22:40 ruo4t Sheldon Cooper Dream

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2023.05.29 22:38 NostraLinguistica The Manichaeans of Fujian, China

Manichaean texts from a living, practicing community of Manichaeans were recently discovered in the northern part of Fujian Province, SE China in 2008, because the community had kept its sacred texts secret from outsiders for an entire millennium. Gábor Kósa has written up an article about it in 2014. It's really hard to find much information about this little-known community.

Here are some photos of Manichaean priests from March 2016, at the 1013th Manichaean anniversary in Fujian, China. They live in three remote villages with a total of only several hundred households, in the mountains of Xiapu County, Fujian. The priests wear white, just like Mandaean priests.
The second photo shows Chen Peisheng in the front. Chen is a priest who has many rare Manichaean manuscripts inherited from his ancestors.
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2023.05.29 22:32 BrokeArmHeadass Is there a way to look at cumulative stats from nationals?

Is there a way to look at all the stats from nationals together? I know you can find teams stats on the USAU page, but is there a public record where you can compare between teams?
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2023.05.29 22:29 NostraLinguistica The Manichaeans of Fujian, China

The Manichaeans of Fujian, China
First of all, Manichaeism is a Gnostic religion that blends Buddhism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism into a new world religion. It was founded by Mani in the 200s. Manichaeism was a proselytizing religion that easily assimilated with other local religious traditions. There are some striking similarities with Mandaeism, but other aspects of Manichaeism are quite different from Mandaeism.
Manichaean texts from a living, practicing community of Manichaeans were recently discovered in the northern part of Fujian Province, SE China in 2008, because the community had kept its sacred texts secret from outsiders for an entire millennium. Gábor Kósa has written up an article about it in 2014. It's really hard to find much information about this little-known community.

So you could say that living Gnostics also exist in China too, but they have gone undetected for centuries because they blended in with local Chinese folk religion and White Lotus / Pure Land Buddhism. Or you could say it's a kind of syncretic religious tradition with many Gnostic features, depending on how you interpret it.

One of their main ritual texts is called Mani, the Buddha of Light. It is divided into two main parts. Just like the Left Ginza, the second part has ritual texts to help departed souls ascend the different parts of heaven. There are many mentions of envoys of light ("uthra" in Mandaeism), and the text has a lot of ancient Persian/Parthian words, just like in Mandaean texts.

Here are some photos of Manichaean priests from March 2016, at the 1013th Manichaean anniversary in Fujian, China. They live in three remote villages with a total of only several hundred households, in the mountains of Xiapu County, Fujian. The priests wear white, just like Mandaean priests.
The second photo shows Chen Peisheng in the front. Chen is a priest who has many rare Manichaean manuscripts inherited from his ancestors.
I think Brikha Nasoraia, one of the most open-minded/ecumenical Mandaean priests in Australia, would be interested in learning more about the Manichaeans of China. I've seen videos of him having very warm discussions with Buddhists in Taiwan, so this might be something that he would be very interested in. He was also the co-author of a 2018 paper, The discourse of truth in Chinese Tiantai Buddhism: "gnosis beyond gnosis".
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2023.05.29 22:29 RedditCorps Entitled Family Member stole $4000Aud out of my bank, Any Ideas how to move forward ?

Never thought I'd be posting on here but here we are:
I 29m had been saving up money over the last 4- 5 years to get some kind of decent'ish working car ( I mainly trust holdens so was looking for a 2010 to 2012 commodore or a good sized van as they were around $5k on FB market .) so I'd have transportation getting places and also help with finding a job and getting to and from it. I'm sure you'll prob think just take public transport to find and get a job, and normally I'd be okay with that but atm I have an unknown throat problem that as after many tests and scans over 2 years the doctors can't figure it out and 1. Of the few side effects of it is a pressure like feeling in my throat and it's like your throat wants to close, so because of that when I do go out somewhere I wear a mask as I don't wanna catch covid as I just have this feeling if they both mixed then it wouldn't be good. So that's why I've been saving very slowly for a car or Van to try and do a delivery type job to get me working again as I haven't worked in 2 years and being a government payments called Centrelink just feels gross, and I want to be me again and try get out there working again.
Now to the issue, family knows I've been saving and none of them really wanna help which is fine, and so as of about 4 weeks ago I went to transfer alittle bit of money I had left after most things to put in the savings account I have and I stead of seeing roughly $4100 there was only $100. Which ofcourse I freaked out ,looked around the account and then noticed the transfer to an Entitled Cousin that's when I paused and was really confused as I've never sent them anything before so I contacted them and asked them if they could send the money back as it wasn't me who transferred it but they just laughed and said No as it was them who transferred it and said I didn't deserve so much money and that they were generous leaving me the $100 and then they hung up. I contacted the bank and explained to them what had happen and if they could cancel the transfer at all and they said they couldn't, but said they could make a note of the issue and look into it further. And after about an hour they called me back and said that unfortunately due to the fact that even the security code sent to my mobile was put in correctly so from the banks point of view I was the one who transferred it so there's isn't anything they can do, and I did tell them my phone rarely leaves my side and I dont share any login info either but still nothing they can do. So I went to the police an asked if there was anything they could do to help but they said there wasn't any evidence of theft or anything of that means even after I told them and the bank that the Entitled Cousin admitted to doing it as I didn't have it recorded, it's still little evidence.
I've reached out to family to try get them to help get it back but they honestly don't care and the side of the family the Entitled Cousin is on are also entitled so that went no where. ( And they have plenty of money and all that they just don't like it when people start getting anytype of money.) I honestly don't understand people like that.
About 2 and a half weeks after it happen I received a video call from Entitled Cousin and it was him and his gf, and they wanted to show me a new car they bought and I was confused by that and they just giggling to themselves, and they change the camera angle and they were some distance but you could see a type of car I wanted and watched it get picked up and dropped into a car crusher and crushed and after that they turned the camera back and said " That was worth spending your money and $1k of our own just to see your reaction and then they hung up. So now I'm stuck as I've tried Family, Bank, Police and even a lawyer but they all say I have no case, so now I'm here and wondering if anyone has any advice on how else I can go about this ?.
Also if there is any spelling mistakes or anything like that I do apologise it's currant tly 6:30am and I haven't slept.
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2023.05.29 22:28 wpqer Asked Wordpress Blog to remove my comments

Anyone else accidentally post to someone else's Wordpress blog (meant for it to be an email) and now can't delete or remove comments and name from public record? Seems like a privacy issue and accidental poster is beholden to blogger to delete. Anything else we can do? Any experience after asking blogger to remove- did he/she remove it or just not respond? Frustrating. Seems that Wordpress should allow poster to delete own name and comments for privacy.
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2023.05.29 22:28 Zealousideal-Book802 Should I take charge of a university club?

I started studying computer science this year and I recently joined the universities coding club. I'm at a private uni that has multiple campuses and I'm at one of the smaller ones. This unfortunetely means that the club itself is also small.
Today the leader of the club said that they could no longer be in charge and someone else needed to take charge. If no one else does come forward they will have to disband the club and I really don't want this happening. Though I'm not sure if I should step up. I'm not great with public speaking and with being a first year I'm still learning how everything works. I'm afraid that I wouldn't be up to the task. Though this would look great on my record when applying for internships and bursaries.
Should I take charge?
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2023.05.29 22:23 Wolven91 Humans are so small compared to all other intelligent races they are almost always disregarded as nothing more than Jewelry or Accessories

Humans are so small compared to all other intelligent races they are almost always disregarded as nothing more than Jewelry or Accessories
In ssypno culture and biology, abundance of resources have direct results with a ssypno's size.
A well fed and heated ssypno will technically, never stop growing. Long before humanity came along and changed how their society worked, the 'Noble Class' were the larger of the ssypno classes. Often a noble ssypno could realistically rival an ursidain for sheer mass if not girth, baring in mind a ssypno's tail.
These noble families could have been put in charge of entire planets and thus could, reasonably, enjoy all it had to offer.
That said, there is one such class of ssypno that rivaled even the nobles for available resources.
Her Majesty was of catastrophic size. Her mass and length rendered her unable to go to many public locations outside of her palace. Her iridescent scales, a trait unique to the royal bloodline, shimmered beautifully despite her age and size. Her family, numerous and handling the day to day running of the Ssypno Hegemony, her Majesty was left to be a figurehead, beloved by the people, but ultimately with very little to do. That said, she holds the ultimate power of the hegemony.
When it came time for the balls and events of the year, she took part because she had to, but also to break up her day.
All was as it was expected, until a stolen pre-contact was brought before her. It was brand new, unseen before now.
"You would look stunning Your Majesty! They are quite popular amongst the secret few!"
The Queen rested her chin against a closed fist. Her seat, engineered to hold her as she looked down upon a team of fashion advisors and seamstresses. Held up, gripped between two floating robotics, was a golden chain. Attached to the chain was a dressed up creature, its hands crossed over its chest.
"I am not convinced." She held no desire to 'use' this thing.
"Please your Majesty, just try it on. You will see why they are so popular, but you are in the position to uniquely to set the trend of the decade!"
The Queen resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Instead, she leant forward and exposed her neck. The chain would not connect round the back thanks to her hood, but instead pinch scales either side and hold the necklace in place over her front. No different from a normal necklace worn by the common folk, just upscaled for her.
As the creature was laid flat against her front, she felt heat emanating from it. She raised a perfectly scaled and manicured hand to briefly touch it and adjust where it sat, but was stopped.
The creature, spoke, oh so quietly to the point where the queen was certain only she heard it.
"Please don't hurt me." Without hesitation, the queen reacted.
"You!" Pointing at the one that had wheeled the creature and chain into her expansive dressing room in the first place. The serpant in question cowered immediately.
"The creature, is it sentient?"
"No your Majesty."
"According to whom?"
"Both our own records and the Community's records. They score a four on the Jes'Rakins Sentience Scale." The ssypno responded with a respectful bow.
"So they can speak?"
"Yes, but they aren't sentient, it's just rambling... your, your Majesty!" The feshionista added quickly.
"I will not wear a life. Unshackle it immediately. " the queen atated, removing the necklace and placing it down in front of her carefully, without jostling the creature.
"Your Majesty, it's a wild creature, it may not be safe."
"You're disobeying?"
The ssypno in question dove for the human rather than answer to rapidly untie the intricate crisscross of golden thread holding him.
"I will not suffer any further debates, the humans are not welcome as gimmicks to my events."
An advisor, previously silent to the events of the room. They were the queen's personal advisor and were always at her side.
"If we outlaw or deny these creatures, any on planet will be killed or sold as dangerous contraband. We should not ban them yet your Majesty but note who has access to them."
The queen touched her fingers to her eyelids. She hated that he was right, she could not damn these stolen being because their unfortunate luck had brought them here.
"Make note of who arrives with them, find their suppliers. We will need a taskforce to capture all of the elements at the earliest moment..."
The human, now rising from his previous 'cage' was unsure what to do, so stood to one side, rubbing their wrists. He and the queen shared a glance. Neither knew what to do, but were, at least for the time being, each other's problem.
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2023.05.29 22:23 black14beard The Reality of John Wick 5

As a CineFile and a John Wick Superfan, I’ve been inspired to write this post out based on a lot of what I’ve been seeing on this subreddit. For personal background, and previous posts, it’s clear I personally hope the series ends here so that it can keep the perfect track record and tight status as an excellent series. Regardless of my personal opinions, there are some things I want to shine some light on for those who may not be aware
1.) Lionsgate announcing John Wick 5 is in early development doesn’t mean shit. This is basically the studio saying “the last film made a lot of money and was critically acclaimed, why would we say no”. Development hell is a popular term thrown around in movie communities and I implore anyone unfamiliar to look up how many films got stuck in development hell for years before coming out (if at all).
Small sidebar (skip if you don’t care) My favorite example is Uncharted. A film that started development in 2008 following the release of the first game in 2007. The studio hired 6 directors who were publicly announced before leaving until they hired Ruben Fleisher (#7) after a decade or so of film development. The movie had its first official release date in 2016 and was pushed back 7 times until its actual release in February 2022. So it took about 15 years to leave development hell and at that point original Nathan Drake, Mark Whalberg had aged out to the point that they cast him as Sulley
As of now John Wick 5 has no director, no writers, no actors, no script, no outline, nothing at all.
But maybe you say… “it’s different they already have a director, leading actor and crew”… but do they?
2.) Nobody is confirmed. From interviews and press tours, the cast and crew of John Wick have shown nothing but love and appreciation for the film series, but there also seems to be reluctance on the part of the main creative unit to return. Most people act like it’s a shoe-in that all parties can or will return, but that is not a guarantee. The first John Wick was co-directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch. They parted after the first film with Stahelski filming the next 3 movies in the series and Leitch went on to direct Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Hobbs and Shaw, Bullet Train, and has a new film with Ryan Gosling coming down the pipeline pretty soon. Although I don’t think any of those movies are as good as the John Wick films, he has spread his wings and ventured out in his career. Something I wouldn’t be surprised if Stahelski wanted to do. In fact he is currently slated to direct the Ghost of Tsushima and Rainbow Six movies. He is a great director with enough clout and talent to land new roles. He’s done his due diligence and he may be ready to move on. Just look at every film series that has lost its director after a few films or TV sitcoms that have major characters decide to leave partway through. It’s very common. Keanu reeves as well is a masterclass in dedication and hard work, and he’s a film icon. But what happens the day he decides he’s too old or too bored to keep up with this series. Which brings me to my final point.
3.) A film is made by a group, not an individual. Although yes the director is the creative keystone of any project. The final result is a combination of multiple individuals working together to produce art. Chad Stahelski, Keanu Reeves, Derek Kolstad, David Leitch, Jonathan Eusebio, etc etc. Every writer, set designer, choreographer, editor, on and on and on. When the creative unit starts to lose pieces, the product starts to change… and very rarely for the better. It’s the reason the MCU and DCEU have varying degrees of quality in them from genius artistic masterpieces to generic conveyor belt shit. For every Guardians of the Galaxy, there’s an Ant Man 3. Actors and the big wigs at Marvel or DC don’t guarantee film quality. Which is why it’s not worth pushing another film if it means working with replacements because the OG crew has decided it’s time to move on.
This does not mean I don’t think there will ever be another movie. I just want to educate people on what may happen, and why it may not be as good of a thing as they may have thought.
Food for thought.
Feel free to leave your thoughts down below. I enjoy seeing what other people think.
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2023.05.29 22:23 theCAVEMAN101 Looking at redoing the public transit in Palmetto County. The tram never took off and was pulled long ago, and the bus routes were placed with abandon. Traffic would bounce between 60% and 70%, so I just went about my day. Figure I'll start with the busses. The subways are next. Thoughts?

Looking at redoing the public transit in Palmetto County. The tram never took off and was pulled long ago, and the bus routes were placed with abandon. Traffic would bounce between 60% and 70%, so I just went about my day. Figure I'll start with the busses. The subways are next. Thoughts? submitted by theCAVEMAN101 to CitiesSkylines [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:21 BleachFox1 Narc strikes an all time low: How to protect myself from being charged with harassment

Originally posted in legaladvice forum: I have scoured the communities for the right forum and ultimately chose this one, so I hope I made the right choice. I am trying to contact my ex while protecting myself from being charged with harassment and this is a difficult situation to formulate properly as a question, so I’ll try to give a brief overview of the situation. Warning, it gets a little weird and all over the place but I’ll try to keep it consolidated.
I was with my ex for 4.5 years. He had some complicated dental issues due to inherited soft tissue genetics (not drug use or poor hygiene) and I decided to help him because honestly he was just not motivated enough to research how to navigate a solution between insurance coverage, consultation, etc. so I handled it. It was determined that he needed to have all his teeth extracted and have dentures made. So we did, and I put it on a credit card (July 2022) with a written agreement he would pay me punctually and before the 12 month 0% introductory promotion expired.
Fast forward to now- late May 2023; our relationship has become tumultuous basically due to his irresponsible, negligent behavior and inability to uphold his agreement to keep payments up. We were cohabitating up until late April 2023 and the latest argument sent him running to his mothers to seek refuge.
Well low and behold, he leaves his dentures behind accidentally. He proceeds to ask me to return them to which I only responded that “you cannot expect me to return them when you haven’t paid for them in 4 months and the deferred interest will be hitting on the next statement. If you come up with the balance (roughly $1800.00) I’d be glad to return them.”
2 weeks go by and I hear nothing from him. So naturally, I decide to reach out. Send a casual text checking in to see if he’s ok. No reply. Call, no answer. Call a second day, no answer. So I make a call to police non-emergency and ask them to conduct a welfare visit to ensure that he is ok. 20 minutes later I receive a call from County Police (I live in Delaware) and the officer tells me that he is fine but that he does not wish to be contacted and any additional attempts to do so will be considered harassment. 😳 Excuse me?! I’m floored.
I begin to tell the officer the situation and he is clearly not interested and keeps repeating himself that I take it to Civil Court. Fine, I already know this and that’s not the solution I’m seeking. I tell him that I’m going to continue to contact him because A. surely he must want his teeth returned?! and B. we have an upcoming payment to resolve. He repeats himself that if I contact him again I’ll be arrested.
So my perplexity lay in the fact that this officer could not have possibly even forced the proof of burden on my ex to show evidence of harassment because he clearly would not have any evidence of harassment to show proof of aside from an “are you ok” type text and 2 declined calls.
Almost 2 weeks have gone by since this and I now want to contact him. I have a text prepared and I want to send it but I also want to cover myself from any false complaints of harassment.
I researched the legal definition of harassment and came up with:
  1. Harassment; class A misdemeanor. (5) Makes repeated or anonymous telephone calls to another person whether or not conversation ensues, knowing that person is thereby likely to cause annoyance or alarm. (b) Harassment is a class A misdemeanor.
Additionally, I find the following:
The Intent of the Crime In order for a behavior to be labeled as harassment, the intent of the accused must be to harass, annoy, or alarm the victim. A prosecutor must be able to prove intent to convict a defendant of harassment. A defendant who never intended on causing any harm by calling a victim or sending a text message should not be convicted of harassment.
Now I know that my contact has not and will not seek to harm or intend to annoy or alarm him. I have prepared a text and here is what it says although it is saved in draft form because I do not want to be charged with any offence as no offense is being committed in my opinion. However I would greatly appreciate the opinion of someone with better experience and knowledge of these particulars.
For all intents and purposes, here is the draft of my intended text message:
In the state of Delaware, illegal harassment is defined as any unwelcome conduct that causes physical harm or injury, or that creates a reasonable fear of physical harm or injury, to a family member or household member. This can include behaviors such as threats, intimidation, or physical violence. Delaware law also recognizes emotional abuse as a form of domestic harassment.
In Delaware, making a false complaint to police is considered a misdemeanor offense. If convicted, the penalty can include a fine of up to $1,150 and/or up to one year in jail.
My intent is to arrange return of your property. I cannot do this without contacting you.
There is no just cause to involve law enforcement in a matter that does not pose threat of harm, injury or intimidation.
Penalty for making repeated false complaints to non emergency police departments can be prosecuted.
Again, this is in no way criminal activity to contact you regarding return of your personal property. Please use best judgment before reacting in a manner that is uncalled for which should be handled civilly between 2 law abiding adults.
You do not have my consent to share any information or public discussion with a private third party and any attempt to discuss or seek personal opinion from another personal individual who provides advice to act in a manner which seeks intent to harm or assist in wilfully causing malice shall be considered defamation and invasion of my privacy which is a misdemeanour offence.
Do you want your teeth back or not. That is all. If I do not hear back from you I will be disposing of them due to negligent abandonment.
I am conducting myself respectfully and with caution because I cannot afford to be the victim of false allegations made out of spiteful malice.
Nothing in my message has contained any harmful intent or threat to your safety or peace.
Record of this message is copied to NCCPD as witness of my conduct and peaceful intent. - End
Please weigh in! Thank you so much in advance, and please be kind, no judgment as I realize the poor personal choices I have already made by involving myself with someone who would hide behind petty laws to get out of paying a debt.
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2023.05.29 22:20 someguyfromnj A law clerk I met was denied by the Bar after passing the Bar. What to do?

I recently had a law firm client who hired my company to redo their operations and sales process, in doing so I met a young man who worked there, he passed the bar in a South East state but was denied a license, he has been denied due to serious financial issues stemming from nearly a decade ago. His denial through the Bar is based on Character and Fitness.
He asked me to consult him and hopefully guide him, I told him I'd like to think about it before committing to anything.
He wants to know what he can do as a career?
He is denied for a period of years (the default in this state), he hates the law now since he has clerked at a few firms since graduating in 2018, he failed the bar a few times but finally passed, he was denied after he passed. He scored really high, but sadly no bueno.
He wants to go into education but due to the denial on his record he is worried he will be declined employment before he even gets properly reviewed. He can't be a public school teacher or administrator because he is worried about auto denial as his state specifically asks about denied licenses in the application process.
If he applies to work in the public school system and if denied, he has to notify the Bar in his state, which will delay his reapplication process even more.
Most government jobs (including the IRS) decline employment due to a professional license denial, most healthcare administration jobs are the same.
That leaves technology and banking, but both those industries are not hiring right now.
I feel bad for him because based on his reputation at the firm, he is on the straight and narrow path, volunteers a bunch and does a lot of "good for others," types of activities and has been for at least half a decade. In the last five years he has had no financial issues or concerns or criminal issues, not even a parking ticket.
He has spoken to numerous C&F attorneys who have advised him to apply again once the denial period ends but he wants to go do something meaningful until that time (remember its years from now).
I'm not sure what advice I can give him so I'm asking the hivemind for pointers.
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2023.05.29 22:20 Medic573 FIOS Business - SWIP'ing IP Addresses

We recently got Frontier FIOS and have a block of static IP addresses. All of the static IP addresses are SWIP'd back to our home address, which exposes our address. Support doesn't seem to know how to update SWIP records and none of the publicly available email addresses for this ever garner an answer.
Has anyone had any luck changing the address associated with their IP block?
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2023.05.29 22:19 Different_Ad_1942 CMV: The Western Support for Ukraine does not benefit the West, risks creating a despotic state in Ukraine, risks a war with Russia. And Sanctions against Russia have failed.

In February 2022, Russia launched unprecedented military action in Ukraine. The United Kingdom has spent £2.3 billion on military aid to Ukraine, as of September 2022,[1] and the government has committed to maintaining the current level of aid throughout 2023. However, it has not stated the benefits this aid provides to the British public during the worst cost-of-living crisis since the Second World War.
After the start of the invasion, the West initiated a sanctions offensive against Russia. It is now safe to say that these tactics have failed, as the elites in Russia can easily smuggle Western goods due to their wealth and often dual citizenship. Gas can still be exported to Western countries, through third countries, such as India. This is evidenced by the fact that the Russian economy only shrunk by only 2% despite the war and the sanctions.[2] Do the sanctions against Russia hurt ordinary Russians rather than the ruling elite, as well as the British public by significantly raising gas and electricity prices?
Furthermore, recent Pentagon leaks reveal that there are 50 members of the British Armed Forces in Ukraine,[3] and the UK has trained 10,000 Ukrainian troops on British soil since the beginning of the war.[4] Does this risk making the UK a victim of Russian aggression? If Belarus were training Russian troops, would Ukraine have the right to retaliate against Belarus?
Serious questions have been raised about corruption in Ukraine, as the Democracy Index considers Ukraine to be a hybrid regime rather than a flawed or full democracy.[5] Ukraine has also been involved in several high-profile scandals, such as the Hunter Biden Laptop case,[6] and several political parties have been made illegal.[7] Moreover, approximately two-thirds of the aid donated by the U.S.A. to Ukraine has gone missing.[8] This raises concerns about the potential formation of a repressive state in Ukraine backed by Western arms and finance.
Additional articles on the subject:
[1] -
[2] -
[3] -
[4] -
[5] -
[6] -
[7] -
[8] -
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2023.05.29 22:14 Wolverinen Really small text suddenly?

Really small text suddenly?
This started today. I haven’t touched any settings on my phone or anything. Only website that does this is Last.
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2023.05.29 22:12 Emotional_Win1430 Mmmmm jerking it so hard right now

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2023.05.29 22:00 Ajayu Last Week in Bolivia ep5: mysterious deaths, politicians turned TikTok stars, a WWE-style Royal Rumble in congress and more!

From Bolivia with Love
Not since the days of the dictatorships into the early 1980s have we seen government opponents (internal and external) die in mysterious circumstances with such frequency. Four decades have since those dark days, and in the last 6 months we have not 1, not 2, but 3 strange deaths, that rival the demise of Putin's contrarians in Russia. If true, who knows how long this apparent purge of government enemies (internal and external) might last.
The latest victim is Carlos Colodro, who had been charged distributing the assets of Bank Fassil. Fassil went bankrupt recently, Colodro was charged with taking its assets to return the bank’s customers their money, transfer their accounts to other banks, pay back the salaries of Fassil employees and so on. Saturday night he turned up death after allegedly falling down from the 14th floor of a building. As per his family the corpse shows strange bruises not explained by a suicide, and he was missing an eye and a testicle. Unconfirmed reports say the government actors had money in Fassil of unknown and potentially illegal origins, and Colodro was perhaps getting too close to this information. As per his family’s lawyer Colodro had been receiving threats recently. Curiously the next day the Minister of Government Eduardo Del Castillo had a press release with an apparent suicide letter. This came as a surprise to the family as a search with the police at 11pm Saturday night did not find this letter. According to Del Castillo the letter was found (conveniently) during a second search at 2am Sunday morning. However neither the handwriting or writing style fit Colodro’s. Take that as what you will.
Colodro’s death is eerily similar to the recent death “by suicide” of Christopher Balcázar, who happens to be the defense lawyer for political prisoner and opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho. On the night of May 1 Balcazar “jumped” to his dead from his 11th floor apartment. At the time the police said they were collecting footage from the building’s security cameras, but almost a month later these haven’t been released to the public yet. Why?
In 2022 attorney Felipe Sandy Rivero came out as a whistleblower exposing corruption within the ABC government agency (Administradora Boliviana de Carreteras – Bolivian Administration of Roads) with Chinse company CHEC. At the time of the allegations this was seen as the latest battle of the MAS civil war (Evo Vs. Arce) as Sandy Rivero was receiving help from a hardcore member of the “Evista” wing of the party, and the accusations were against the “Arcista” wing as allegedly President Arce has his people and family member working in the ABC. Sandy Rivero ended up receiving death threats and fearing for his life escaped to Miami. In March 2023 the Minister of Justice Ivan Lima (an “Arcista”) disclosed that Sandy Rivero had died the previous January in a car accident. The press was able to independently obtain a list of transit deaths in Miami and Sandy Rivero’s name was nowhere to be found. The press then produced US forensic results indicating that Sandy Rivero “had assaulted his own body” and he had “attempted against his life”, some convoluted language to describe an apparent suicide, there was nothing about a car accident in the document. The Evistas then pointed the finger to Lima as responsible for Sandy Rivero’s death. Before dying Sandy Rivero made a video in which he stated that he feared for his life from Bolivian and Chinese actors and wanted to explain the corruption details (fake documents, money laundering, front documents, etc).
Here Comes Johnny
State congressman Federico Moron recently went to the police to make corruption allegations against Santa Cruz Mayor Johnny Fernandez. During his term Hernandez has been reluctant to construct new roads in his city, but has decided to make an exception by ordering the construction of an avenue linking Tundi with Las Peñas. Moron alleges that Hernandez conveniently bought all the land around the road (currently under construction), once the road is complete the value of this land will increase and Fernandez will make a killing by selling it.
Now Moron is under arrest. You read that right, immediately after hearing his testimony the police arrested Moron on charges of his own corruption. The details are not clear to me yet, but are these charges true? Or is this a way to silence Moron? Or a bit of both? Your guess is as good as mines. In the meantime Johnny keeps creating content for his REAL TikTok account “UncleJohnnyFernandez”. His most common content revolves around him just giving money away while his own theme song “Johnny Cash” plays in the background. Selected lyrics:
Jhonny Cash, with Uncle Jhonny Cash
The Land Cruiser waiting in the garage
I am Johnny, pure money
I am boss, I am Fernandez
MVP with only Mansions grandes [big]
I am Jhonny, they call me Don Dinero [money]
In the yellow Ferrari I arrived primero [first]
The Congressional Battle Royale: A Fight for Signs and Glory
This week congress came together to debate on whether to censure or not Minister of Government Eduado Del Castillo, who is a member of the MAS party. As part of the process Del Castillo had to answer 11 questions regarding the violent “arrest” of opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho last year. A kidnapping might be a better way to describe it. Rather than answering them Del Castillo instead made a long partisan speech. Congresswoman Maria Renee Alvarez tried to voice her protest with a sign, but MAS congresswoman Tania Paniagua had other plans, grabbing and tearing signs from opposition congresswomen. More opposition congresswomen then brought their own signs, which Paniagua also proceeded to grab and tear. Not happy with that Paniagua then proceeded to assault her fellow congresswomen and a battle royal ensued.
The fun also takes place outside of Congress
The Guarayo Province in Santa Cruz is home to the indigenous Guarayo people. A large part of the province is protected and Guarayo hold collective title for it. However for over a decade the central government created an “intercultural” program in which government supporters from the highlands are allowed to use the land of the Guarayo (and others) for their own. This has resulted in mass deforestation and has severely weakened the Guarayo way of life. The “interculturals” simply take their land and do whatever they want with it. Finally a local district attorney was taking steps to remove these squatters, in return a mob of them went into his office an assaulted him. The police were able to rescue him fortunately. This is not the first time the squatting interculturals have resorted to violence. It seems the interculturals have taken the term "culture clash" to a whole new level.
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2023.05.29 22:00 Taladanarian27 Today at 4 pm in Carson City, the Nevada Legislature will have the public comment portion of its hearing concerning the A's bill. This will be our one and only chance to comment on the record. View OP to see how you can CALL IN and HAVE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.

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