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2023.05.29 23:12 czechyerself St. Vincent “Actor” (4AD Records)

St. Vincent “Actor” (4AD Records)
McKenzie Smith of Midlake on drums. Produced by John Congleton and Annie Clark at Elmwood in Dallas.
Actor is the second album by musician St. Vincent, released by 4AD on May 4, 2009, in the United Kingdom and a day later in the United States. Annie Clark was influenced by scores to films by Disney and Woody Allen. To prevent writer's block, Clark watched films without the sound and composed music for her favorite scenes. After arranging the music using GarageBand, she then wrote lyrics and added gentle vocal melodies.
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2023.05.29 23:06 GamingNXC John Randle 💪

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2023.05.29 23:05 Nulynnka IBFA Chicago grand opening

This isn't meant as a plug, i just wanted to share an inspiring experience i had this weekend.
I had the honor of attending the grand opening for IBFA over the weekend, a new community temple in Chicago Chinatown teaching traditional Chinese Mahayana and offering temple services the local community was in need of. Venerable Master Jan Hai, a mentor of my teacher, at 92 years old, came to Chicago to confer refuge, precepts, and bodhisattva vow ceremonies. Many community leaders and supporters were there to show support, and it was a humbling experience to see so many from the community in attendance. Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, and American monastics came from many places to support the new center, and many of those taking refuge and bodhisattva vows were of the younger generation, while many of the monastics and volunteers who made it possible were from our parent temple in the st Louis area.
Traditional Buddhism is still going strong in America and new generations are being trained as monastics, leaders, and teachers. I look forward to what the communities in St Louis and Chicago will be able to accomplish together as traditional Buddhism continues grow and evolve here in the Midwest.
Namo amituofo, my friends.
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2023.05.29 22:57 miamk6 AB/BC road trip. must see and do's along the way (BC) as i know AB well.

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2023.05.29 22:50 rubee_bee Give an absolutely delulu, museum obsessed rising junior a reality check pls 💀💀💀

Demographics: Asian 💀 Female
Residency: NY 💀 (arguably one of the worst areas for admissions besides cali)
Hooks: Mid-Sized Private High School, First-Gen
Income: <$60k 💀
Intended Major(s): anthropology
SAT & ACT: not yet but plan on submitting
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.9UW/4.6W Rank: Top 10%
Coursework: AP World (just took), APUSH, AP Bio, AP Lang
Awards: international thing w/ internship, psva, NLE gold, regional art comp, maybe girl scout gold??
  1. Business internship (intern -> team lead -> staff)
  2. Law internship (intern -> team lead)
  3. Started tutoring program w/ my school and local elementary school
  4. Museum tour guide during summer
  5. FBLA treasurer
  6. Teen art council for museum
  7. Girl Scouts (senior leader rn)
  8. Varsity badminton
  9. JV soccer
  10. Editor for school newspaper
Additional Information
Def mentioning that I couldn't take 4 units of language because my school got rid of mine after 3. Not sure if I should mention extra small ecs like:
  1. Transcription volunteer for Smithsonian
  2. Latin club secretary
Essays/LORs/Other: Not yet lmao
Schools: List of colleges, ED/EA/RD, etc
Reaches: Columbia, Harvard, Vassar, NYU, Georgetown, Boston College, Barnard College, Brown, Notre Dame, Uchicago, Penn, Dartmouth, Duke, Yale, Princeton, JHU
Targets: CUNY Baruch, CUNY Hunter, SUNY Binghamton, College of the Holy Cross
Safeties: CUNY City College, SUNY Cortland, St. John’s U
Biggest issue for me is financial aid so I’m mostly applying to full need schools or publics in NY. So far, the ones I like the most are Columbia, Harvard, and Notre Dame. Columbia is right next to The Met, Notre Dame has a special Smithsonian program, and so many high-up staff members at The Met went to Harvard. Would love a reality check to see if I truly stand a chance at these schools. I know that without tests or writing it’s hard to guess but do I have a strong enough base of my ecs/gpa?
P.S. Not sure if this helps but I have a way of connecting my business/law ecs with anthropology
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2023.05.29 22:42 Remo223 Just started getting into funkos about 3 months ago, here's where I'm at

Just started getting into funkos about 3 months ago, here's where I'm at
Unfortunately my app doesn't have all the pricing listed.
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2023.05.29 22:26 Previous_Practice155 Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz Questions and Answers (5-30-2023)

Microsoft Rewards Bing Supersonic Quiz Questions and Answers (5-30-2023)
1) Which five movies did Clint Eastwood direct? (5-30-2023)
The given options are:
The Quick and the Dead
Lone Survivor
3:10 to Yuma
Bridges of Madison County
American Sniper
Million Dollar Baby
Five Correct Answers are:
2) Which five actors were born before Clint Eastwood (May 31, 1930)? (5-30-2023)
The given options are:
Donald Sutherland
Marlon Brando
Paul Newman
John Wayne
Dustin Hoffman
Robert Duvall
Sidney Poitier
Christopher Plummer
Five Correct Answers are:
3) Which five Clint Eastwood facts are true? (5-30-2023)
The given options are:
He has won 8 Academy Awards
He was offered Superman role
He was offered James Bond role
He was once a mayor
He has five children
He has a Ph.D. in Physics
He meditates regularly
He’s a successful composer
Five Correct Answers are:
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2023.05.29 22:13 cherubimon142 [US] [TRADING] Manga/Signed Manga Goods for Trade (ISO/Looking For manga list at end)

I have the following manga and anime goods available for trade (sale, if necessary). Prices are fixed for shipping to the US. International shipping is available at an added cost per location. All books are in excellent to NM condition, unless otherwise stated. PayPal G&S preferred.
Part 1:
Part 2 (NSFW):
Boys Be Vol. 1-17. $108 shipped
Girls Bravo Vol. 1-10. $70 shipped
AI Yori Aoshi Vol. 1-17. $108 Shipped
Harukana Receive Vol. 1 $8 shipped (volume 3-8 SOLD)
Vampire Knight Vol. 12. $8 shipped
Maison Ikkoku Vol. 1-14 (complete). SOLD
Sailor Moon Eternal Edition Vol. 1-8, 10. $220 shipped.
Yu-Gi-Oh Duelist Vol. 16 with included sealed card. $40 shipped OBO
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime Vol. 1. $8 shipped
Scryed Vol. 1-4. $35 shipped
Gurren Lagaan Vol. 2. $25 shipped
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project Vol. 2, 3. $30 shipped
Inukami Omnibus Vo. 1-3. $12 shipped
Skip Beat Vol. 43. $8 shipped
Hayate the Combat Butler vol. 16. $8 shipped
Monster Hunter: Flash Hunter vol. 1. $18 shipped
Pandora Hearts Vol. 15. $10 shipped
Fruits Basket Ultimate Edition Omnibus vol. 2. $15 shipped (slight dent on corner of cover)
Sailor Moon Picture Guide: Meet Sailor Moon. $9 shipped
Sailor Moon Picture Guide: Sailor Moon, Friends and Foes. $9 shipped
Sailor Moon vol. 2-4. $20 shipped. (some wear at top of spine)
Sailor Moon SuperS. $9 shipped
Cardcaptor Sakura. Vol. 1-3. $25 shipped
Oreimo Vol. 1. $8 shipped
Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (1st Edition) Vol. 2, 8, 9. $45 shipped
Vagabond VizBig Vol. 1 SOLD
Collector’s Value Guide Pokémon 1999. $8 shipped
Japanese Manga
GATE Tatakaeri Gaiden LN Vol.2 (signed by Yanai Takumi). $30 shipped
Law of Ueki vol. 1 (Signed by Tsubasa Fukuchi). $50 shipped
"King Game Origin" Vol. 1, signed/sketched by Yamada J thick. $50 shipped
Sumeragi Dressers Vol. 1, signed/sketched by Yutaka Matsumoto. $45 shipped
To-LOVE-Ru Darkness Vol. 5, sealed with thank you illustration card. $30 shipped
Naruto Exhibition Fuu no Sho Guest Book. $15 shipped.
Negima Limited Edition Vol. 22. $25 shipped
NIsekoi Limited Edition Vol. 9 (with drama CD). $30 shipped
Zenki Vol. 1. $10 shipped
Maburaho Vol. 1. $10 shipped
High School of the Dead Vol. 1, 2. $20 shipped
Hellsing Official Guide Book. $20 shipped
Cardcaptor Sakura 20th Anniversary Edition. $25 shipped
Doujinshi (NON-18+) $65 for this lot, including the CD-ROM games and CDs, OR splitting for trading.
Puella Magi Nakachan Fleet
戦艦キリシマくん / RABBIT HOLE Works.
CD-ROM game
Motto!? Fushigi no Gensoukyou Plus - The Dungeon of Dreams and Magic
Youyou Kengeki Musou
Higan/C-CLAYS Touhou Doujin Soundtrack CD
Doujin music CD Hanahira HANA-KAGARI / K2SOUND
Autographs 8x10 (all Beckett certified)
Neil Kaplan (Uchiha Madara) (250c). $45 shipped
Yuri Lowenthal (Uchiha Sasuke). $30 shipped
Jeremy Inman (Android 16). $25 shipped
Wendee Lee (Queen Serenity). $25 shipped
John Swasey (The Undertaker) [Black Butler]. $20 shipped
Jen Taylor (Salem) [RWBY]. $20 shipped
Adam Gibbs [Haikyuu]. $15 shipped
Aaron Robers (Uta) [Tokyo Ghoul]. $15 shipped
Cardcaptor Sakura Cerberus Spinel Sun Playing Card Design Tray. $25 shipped
Disgaea 4 (PS Vita). $30 shipped
Persona 4 Golden (PS Vita). $30 shipped
Japanese Doujinshi (18+) All doujinshi are in excellent condition, with no visible damage and no signs of personal use. Doujin are $18 shipped each.
[PIGGSTAR] JET FORM (Various) (COMIC1☆2) . 127 pages. Parodies: Code Geass, Gundam 00, Ichigo 100, Busou Renkin
(C91) [Kuronisiki] Urakaze no Dakigokochi 2 (Kantai Collection -KanColle-). 30 pages
Muchi Muchi Paradise 2 [Full Color] (Martian Successor Nadesico). Full Colo23 pages
[Hinakan (Kusunoki Hina)] Blood Revenge II
Kuroneko ga Okasareruuuu (My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute!) 22 pages/ First pages in full color, rest in B&W
(SC33) [PLUM (Kanna)] Lovetoru 2 (To LOVE-Ru)
To LOVE-Ru Syndrome+αFan Book. 52 pages
(C58) [Hellabunna] Love Hena 4 (Love Hina). 46 pages
(C74) [Studio Wallaby] Ecchii no wa Suki Desu ka? 2 (To LOVE-Ru)
(C91) [Nekomataya] The Boy's Chair and the Forbidden Fruit (The Idolmaster)
Battle Girl High School
[Grace] UmiTra! Umimi to Issho ni Nantai **xercise! (The Idolmaster)
(C90) [Uninigumi (Unini☆Seven)] CANARY CODE (Qualidea Code). 16 pages/Full Color
[Book, Signed/Sketched by ITOYOKO] Momokura boarding house Yu and Piaan. $45 shipped
[Book, Signed/Sketched] Meat Festival Sakazaki Furede Inochi Gokuezu. $30 shipped
Primarily looking to trade for these specific volumes (in ENGLISH):
To Love Ru Darkness (any)
Bleach Vol. 4-6
Berserk Vol. 2-4, 19, 22-25, 27-29, 31->
Dragon Ball Vol. 2, 13
Eyeshield 21 (any)
Video Girl Ai (any)
Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni Vol. 22
Iron Wok Jan: Vol. 2-4, 10, 12-15, 19, 23
Mars Vol. 2, 3
My Love Story Vol. 6, 10->
Busou Renkin Vol. 9, 10
Cobra (any)
Cyborg 009 (any)
Fruits Basket vol. 15, 16, 18
Hayate the Combat Butler Vol. 30->
Master Keaton Vol. 2-3, 5->
My Monster Secret Vol. 14->
Rosario Vampire s2 Vol. 10-12
Sgt. Frog 8 ->
Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening
Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Vol. 9->
Super HXEROS (any)
Yuuna of the Haunted Springs Vol. 4->
Demonizer Zilch (any)
Also looking to combine volumes to trade for Food Wars Shokugeki no Soma Blu-Ray Season 2
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2023.05.29 22:09 MrPfeiffer622 (Stolen from Facebook) An important message for future unity in the Church

(Stolen from Facebook) An important message for future unity in the Church
Maronite Cath here. I don’t think I’m in a position to talk about the issues in the Latin Rite. To any trads in here, please do not take offense on what I’m about to say, I mean no ill will.
However it’s important not to be pharisaical about certain stuff in the discipline of the church.
“Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness. Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean.” ‭‭St Matthew‬ ‭23‬:‭25‬-‭26‬ ‭DRC1752‬‬
Since the church rolled out both TLM and NO, they’re both equally valid and infinitely abundant in grace. I get that the mass of St. Paul VI is newer, hence there might be some “bugs” for lack of a better word, that I’m sure will be addressed as it naturally develops over time. I’m sure the TLM of A.D. 1090 is noticeably different than the TLM of A.D. 1962 as it grew with the church and any misgivings were addressed.
Therefore, when it comes to mass, it’s not about you, it’s about God. Leave your personal preferences at the door and focus your mind of God and God alone. Everything else is secondary.
If other people find the Post-concilliar liturgy helps them better focus on God and his glory, you are in no position to gaslight them into promoting TLM.
This behavior is exactly why I think Pope Franciscus started taking actions that have lead to less and less opportunities to experience the glorious liturgy that is the TLM.
TLM is not God, it is a means to praise God. The TLM, the NO, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the Syriac Liturgy, etc… all 23 liturgical rites of the church are like weapons to be used to bring glory to God. If you prefer to use a longsword, that doesn’t mean a bow, a spear or a mace aren’t good weapons. Let everyone use the weapon they are most adept in to bring Glory to the God in the Highest.
TL;DR: If you love TLM that doesn’t mean others are obligated to. The Liturgy is not God, but a means for us to connect to God.
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2023.05.29 22:05 Real_Eyezz The Hangover Part Deux B cut The Simulation

The Hangover Part Deux B cut The Simulation
This is a joke post for those who like loose connections. But the data is real.

Two years after the events in Las Vegas, the casino known as the stock market, Stu Price is preparing to travel to Thailand for his upcoming wedding to Lauren, his recent fiancée.
At the airport and much to Alan's dismay, they are joined by Lauren's younger brother, a Stanford University scholar named Teddy.

Let me be your Teddy Bear by Elvis
3 number ones on different charts. 1 1 1.
111 (0) as 11/10 Carl Icahn Cnbc interview
On 11/11 Both 2034, and 2044 BBBY bonds start surging
This is a joke photoshop here with Carl

The Hangover crew cannot find Teddy, discovering only his severed finger.
Hangover 2 release dates
Hangover 2 release dates
May 19th - The Hangover 2 Release date- Pulte goes to meditate
Teddy was on the 17th floor
Teddy is on the 17th floor of the elevator. The 17 th floor was known as the cage where ponzi master Madoff did things outside the view of his other operations. But the 17th floor is also where Dragonfly headquarters is located at 117 Huntington st. Where Cohen, Cheng and Blake Day stepped down, some time before their annual report filed in March of this year. Along with Brett Icahn stepping down at Newell and selling his shares when it looked like he was set to move to a new part of the board.
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2023.05.29 22:04 Kane_I Mail day 🔥

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2023.05.29 21:50 No_Tie7139 Naked is the only way

Naked is the only way
I like to live dangerously.
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2023.05.29 21:47 NeeeeeeeekoooooooSam ugh so disgusting to see kids used as ideological billboards

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2023.05.29 21:45 MadaraUchlha7 How Legit Are Online Programs From Top Schools?

23M. Basically I grew up dirt poor and had immigrant parents. I did not know anything about college or “rankings” or whatever. Just going to college at all was a massive accomplishment for my family and I. I performed really well in school and just went to my local Cal State. I achieved a BS and MBA in business there with stellar grades.
Those degrees landed me a near six figure corp business job, and only then did I find out about all these top universities. So I applied to Johns Hopkins AAP to pursue my 2nd masters degree and got in. It’s a master of science in organizational leadership with a healthcare focus. And since I’m in a leadership position in the healthcare industry I figured the Hopkins name can’t be beat. I can comfortably afford this with 0 debt and with some employer help. I will be starting this summer. To be quite honest, I consider myself an intelligent person and don’t want to be underestimated because of where I went to school. I want the Hopkins branding as a form of social credibility I suppose not that it should matter but in case it does. But I have been reading some negative reviews on the online programs offered by top schools like Harvard extension and so on. The degree by Hopkins is actually granted by their prestigious school of arts and sciences. The diploma is the exact same as a traditional diploma. Also they gave me a JH card which I was able to use to visit campus and access everything.
It seems like I get an ad everyday by every school in the nation for their online programs as it seems to be becoming the norm after the pandemic. Will I be considered a true Johns Hopkins alumni if I graduate with this degree? Will it carry the same weight for my future? Thank you
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2023.05.29 21:42 MadaraUchlha7 How Legit Are Online Programs From Top Schools?

23M. Basically I grew up dirt poor and had immigrant parents. I did not know anything about college or “rankings” or whatever. Just going to college at all was a massive accomplishment for my family and I. I performed really well in school and just went to my local Cal State. I achieved a BS and MBA in business there with stellar grades.
Those degrees landed me a near six figure corp business job, and only then did I find out about all these top universities. So I applied to Johns Hopkins AAP to pursue my 2nd masters degree and got in. It’s a master of science in organizational leadership with a healthcare focus. And since I’m in a leadership position in the healthcare industry I figured the Hopkins name can’t be beat. I can comfortably afford this with 0 debt and with some employer help. I will be starting this summer. To be quite honest, I consider myself an intelligent person and don’t want to be underestimated because of where I went to school. I want the Hopkins branding as a form of social credibility I suppose not that it should matter but in case it does. But I have been reading some negative reviews on the online programs offered by top schools like Harvard extension and so on. The degree by Hopkins is actually granted by their prestigious school of arts and sciences. The diploma is the exact same as a traditional diploma. Also they gave me a JH card which I was able to use to visit campus and access everything.
It seems like I get an ad everyday by every school in the nation for their online programs as it seems to be becoming the norm after the pandemic. Will I be considered a true Johns Hopkins alumni if I graduate with this degree? Will it carry the same weight for my future? Thank you
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2023.05.29 21:35 Basic_Bichette Franklin County [Ohio] John Doe (2006) identified as Randy Raines

On March 30, 2006 the decomposed remains of a white male were discovered draped over a tree trunk in the Scioto River in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio. Investigators at the time believed the man had died some months earlier but could not pinpoint a cause or manner of death.
In 2022 the county coroner asked the DNA Doe Project to assist in identifying the deceased. They quickly narrowed the possibilities down to one family; the John Doe has now been identified as 39-year-old Randy Raines, through a comparison with his brother. They haven't released a photo of Mr. Raines yet; his Unidentified Wiki page has two reconstructions that look nothing like each other.
The other Franklin County John Doe mentioned in the above reports already has a post on this subreddit.
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2023.05.29 21:28 RFC2001 Rebooking Every WWE PPV from WrestleMania 1 - WrestleMania 40 - Part 41 (Long)

New Year’s Revolution 2006 (Raw)
Date: 8/1/06
Location: Pepsi Arena, Albany, New York
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs William Regal
Women’s Championship:
Trish Stratus (c) vs Mickie James
(Mickie James begins stalking Trish Stratus, being heavily obsessed and in love with her. Trish wants a match to snap it out of her friend which Mickie accepts. Trish retains clean with a Chick Kick and both women hug after the match.)
Jerry Lawler vs Edge w/Lita
(Jerry Lawler comments on Edge changing Lita for the worst on commentary. Edge hears about this, takes offense to it and beats the hell out of The King. As a result, Lawler wants revenge so he challenges The Rated R Superstar to a match at New Year’s Revolution and he accepts. Jerry puts up a bit of a fight but Edge wins clean in the end after hitting him with a Spear.)
Viscera vs Snitsky
Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE Championship:
John Cena (c) vs Kane vs Big Show vs Kurt Angle vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels
(John Cena retains in a bloody encounter. After the match, Vince McMahon comes out to the stage and announces the night isn’t finished. Someone is cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase… Edge!)
WWE Championship - Money in the Bank Cash In:
John Cena (c) vs Edge w/Lita
(Edge wins the WWE Championship against a bloody and battered John Cena. New Year’s Revolution draws to a close with Edge and Lita celebrating.)
Elimination Chamber Notes:
Kane enters third and is eliminated first by Shawn Michaels
The Big Show enters sixth and is eliminated second by Triple H and Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels enters second and is eliminated third by Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle enters fifth and is eliminated fourth by John Cena
Triple H enters fourth and is eliminated fifth by John Cena
John Cena enters first and wins
Royal Rumble 2006
Date: 29/1/06
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Cruiserweight Championship:
Chavo Guerrero (c) vs Gregory Helms
Women’s Championship:
Trish Stratus (c) w/Mickie James vs Ashley
(After the match, Mickie James turns on Trish and beats the hell out of her.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs Chris Benoit
(After winning the World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton says this proves once and for all that he’s the man on SmackDown! Orton also says that not only is he a champion that Eddie Guerrero would be proud of but he’ll help the company move on from him with all due respect. Chris Benoit takes offense to this, says Orton is nothing but a chicken sh*t and wants the chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship again which Theodore Long grants him an opportunity to do so at the Royal Rumble. Benoit promises that Orton’s reign will be short lived meanwhile The Legend Killer vows to beat Chris Benoit again just like he did to win his first World Heavyweight Championship. During the match, Benoit’s emotions result in him trying too hard. This plays into Orton’s hands as he gains the upper hand, hits him with an RKO and pins him to retain the World Heavyweight Championship!)
WWE Championship:
Edge (c) w/Lita vs Triple H vs John Cena
(After New Year's Revolution, Edge gloats that he’s the man! He’s interrupted by Triple H who tells him that he’s nothing but a paper champion who took the coward's way to win the title at New Year’s Revolution and says that he’s only keeping that title warm for him. John Cena says not only is he invoking his rematch clause but he’s going to make Edge suffer. Vince McMahon announces that both men will get a shot at Edge for the WWE Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV. During the match, Triple H hits John Cena with a Pedigree and looks set to win until… Ric Flair appears and smashes The Game over the head with a steel chair. Because of this, Edge capitalises after Lita helps him up, he crawls over and pins Triple H to retain the WWE Championship!)
Royal Rumble Match:
Rey Mysterio (#2) wins by last eliminating JBL (#30)
Royal Rumble Notes:
The final four are Rey Mysterio, JBL, The Undertaker & Kurt Angle
Shawn Michaels isn’t eliminated by Shane McMahon. Instead, he’s eliminated by Kurt Angle after Vince McMahon distracts him.
The Undertaker eliminates Kurt Angle. This pisses Angle off to the point he comes back into the ring and eliminates The Undertaker. This results in both men brawling through the arena.
Rob Van Dam returns in this match
No Way Out 2006 (SmackDown)
Date: 19/2/06
Location: 1st Mariner Arena, Baltimore, Maryland
WWE Tag Team Championship:
MNM (c) w/Melina vs Paul London & Brian Kendrick
Cruiserweight Championship:
Gregory Helms (c) vs Chavo Guerrero
United States Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Matt Hardy
Singles Match with Rey Mysterio’s WrestleMania title shot on the line:
Rey Mysterio vs JBL
(After the Royal Rumble, Rey Mysterio says his Royal Rumble win was dedicated to Eddie Guerrero and he’ll have one more dedication to his late friend and that’s by winning the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania! JBL interrupts and tells Rey that his win at the Royal Rumble was a fluke and it should really be him in the main event of WrestleMania. JBL challenges Rey to put his title shot on the line but Rey doesn’t want to do it. JBL however goads Rey into it by calling a coward and slapping him. Rey says if beating JBL is going to prove his win at the Rumble wasn’t a fluke then fine, he’ll do it. Rey Mysterio wins and keeps his dream alive.)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs The Undertaker
(After the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton celebrates his victory over Chris Benoit and says that he’s going to WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion! He tells the WWE universe that he’s going to forever edge his name in history when he walks in and out of WrestleMania with the World Heavyweight Championship. Orton continues to run his mouth until a familiar sound goes off… GONG! The Undertaker appears, Chokeslams his bitter rival and signals that he wants the World Heavyweight Championship. The Legend Killer demands that The Undertaker be suspended since he could’ve injured him as well as prevented him from competing at WrestleMania. Teddy Long instead tells Orton that not only will The Undertaker not be suspended but he’ll be defending his World Heavyweight Championship against The Deadman at No Way Out! Orton is furious and says this shouldn’t be happening since he was done with Taker after Armageddon, claims WrestleMania deserves the future of the company going into the event as champion and fears that might not happen if The Undertaker injures him. Orton tries to get out of the match by pulling all sorts of tactics that don’t work. During the match, Orton accidentally dropkicks the referee. The Undertaker then Chokeslams the champion and gets ready to hit him with a Tombstone Piledriver to finish this off until Kurt Angle appears from the crowd and delivers an Angle Slam to The Phenom! Angle then puts Orton on top of The Undertaker and with the referee regaining consciousness, he makes the count. 1,2..3. Randy Orton retains the World Heavyweight Championship and realises that he’s going to WrestleMania! No Way Out draws to a close with a cocky and arrogant Orton celebrating a huge win.)
Hall of Fame class of 2006:
Bret Hart, Eddie Guerrero, “Mean” Gene Okerlund, Sensational Sherri, Tony Atlas, The Blackjacks, and Verne Gagne
WrestleMania 22
Date: 2/4/06
Location: Allstate Arena, Rosemont, Illinois
United States Championship:
Booker T (c) w/Sharmell vs Chris Benoit vs JBL
(Chris Benoit wins the championship after forcing Booker T to submit to The Crossface.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Kane & Big Show (c) vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch
Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Matt Hardy vs Bobby Lashley vs Mark Henry vs Finlay vs Rob Van Dam vs Carlito vs Chris Masters vs Shelton Benjamin
Last Man Standing Match:
Ric Flair vs Triple H
(The battle between two former best friends and all time greats happens at The Grandest Stage of Them All. Ric Flair says that Triple H turning on him and taking pride as if he ended his career is what drove him to come back and cost Triple H what matters most to him, the WWE Championship. Flair says The Game has always wanted to be Ric Flair and for as great as he is which he’s known for 4 years how great he is, he’ll never be The Nature Boy! Ric Flair challenges Triple H to a match at WrestleMania 22 and The Game accepts. Triple H says while the old man’s career was dying, he revived him by creating Evolution, kept Ric Flair relevant when he no longer was and saw him as a father figure until Ric started becoming a thorn on his side, a distraction he realised he had to bury. Triple H says Flair is a clear symbol of the past who’s hanging on for dear life, living in a fantasy land and he promises to destroy him once and for all. Triple H asks to up the stakes and make it a Last Man Standing match which Flair accepts. Triple H vows to leave Flair in a bloody mess, put him down for good and leave WrestleMania victorious. Flair says he may bleed but he’s bled enough to the point Triple H will have to beat the holy hell out of him to keep him down. In a bloody and brutal affair, Triple H finishes the match off by smashing a bloody Flair over the head with his sledgehammer to win the match. After the match, Triple H looks down at a battered Ric Flair but actually nods in appreciation to his former mentor. The Game hints at a face turn 👀.)
Women’s Championship:
Trish Stratus (c) vs Mickie James
(After months of being stalked with a lot of creepy vibes as well as being attacked numerous times, Trish Stratus has had enough and wants to face Mickie James at WrestleMania. Same story, same build and same match. Mickie James wins the Women’s Championship clean to end Trish’s long reign.)
Hardcore Match:
Shawn Michaels & Mick Foley vs Vince & Shane McMahon
(After months of being told that he screwed Bret Hart who’s entering the Hall of Fame the night before this event, being told he’s not the same man and being cost title matches, opportunities and the Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels snaps and kicks Vince McMahon in the face the night after the Royal Rumble. Vince retaliates the week after when Shane McMahon returns and The McMahons beat the holy hell out of HBK with The Spirit Squads' assistance. Vince & Shane promise to make HBK's life a living hell until he admits that he really screwed Bret Hart in Montreal! Shawn pretends he’s going to admit it but then goes through how much it was truly Vince McMahon who screwed Bret, Vince orchestrated the plan and Vince is responsible for the most controversial moment in WWE history! Michaels says he’s got a partner who knows this and wants to help him beat the hell out of Vince & Shane at WrestleMania. Vince laughs thinking no one has the guts to team with Shawn. Shawn brings out… Mick Foley! Foley says that everything Shawn Michaels is saying about the Montreal Screwjob is true, he was there that night in Montreal and he no showed the next night because Vince behaved like a coward. Foley says that for years he’s wanted to beat the hell out of Vince whether it be for that night in Montreal, how he’s treated Linda, the talents on the roster and how he treated him when he was the Commissioner of the company 5 years ago. Vince is furious and tells Foley there will be hell to pay for him too for even daring to align with Michaels and says the match will be a Hardcore match at WrestleMania! In a chaotic and bloody encounter that has interference from The Spirit Squad, Michaels and Foley win after Michaels delivers an elbow drop to Vince McMahon through a table while he has a trash can over his head.)
The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle
(After No Way Out, Kurt Angle explains on Raw that he cost The Undertaker the World Heavyweight Championship for two reasons. The Deadman cost him the main event of WrestleMania by eliminating him in the Royal Rumble. The other reason? He saw it as an opportunity to get another opportunity, a chance to end the streak at WrestleMania! Angle says right now he’s the best damn wrestler on the planet, he’s a wrestling machine and that freaking streak is his to break, it’s true, it’s damn true! The Undertaker responds and accepts Angle’s challenge and tells him that at WrestleMania, he’ll dig a grave for him like he has others, his day of reckoning will come and he’ll not live to regret his actions at No Way Out. Angle says he isn’t intimidated by empty threats and promises to snap Taker’s ankle as well as his streak. This is essentially their 30 minute classic they had at No Way Out in real life but with The Undertaker coming out on top after delivering two Tombstone Piledriver’s to Kurt Angle in order to go 14-0 at WrestleMania!)
World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton (c) vs Rey Mysterio
(After his win over The Undertaker at No Way Out, Randy Orton is happy and smiling. He insists that The Legend Killer is rightfully entering WrestleMania as the World Heavyweight Champion no matter how hard Teddy Long tried to ensure he didn’t. Orton then promises that he’ll crush Rey Mysterio like a bug at WrestleMania and end his fairytale dream while Eddie will actually be looking down smiling at the sight of it no matter what narrative Mysterio is painting. Rey interrupts and says Orton is a coward and nothing but a disgrace to legends like Eddie Guerrero. Rey insists dreams do come true at events like WrestleMania and promises to win the World Heavyweight Championship in dedication to his friend Eddie Guerrero, who’ll be inducted into the 2006 Hall of Fame. During the match, Orton attempts to cheat but Rey counters, hits him with the 619 and instead of delivering a West Coast Pop, Rey hits a Frog Splash and pins Randy Orton to win the World Heavyweight Championship! Michael Cole shouts “MYSTERIO WINS THE TITLE!” Rey celebrates on the ramp with Chavo Guerrero and Eddie’s wife Vickie, fully dedicating his win to the late, great legend that is Latino Heat.)
WWE Championship:
Edge (c) w/Lita vs John Cena
(John Cena wins a Fatal 4 Way Match against Kane, Big Show and Shawn Michaels to earn this match against Edge at WrestleMania. Cena promises to regain the title Edge stole from him at New Year’s Revolution and leave WrestleMania for the second year in a row as the WWE Champion. Edge says there’s no way in hell is Cena going to take his moment from him and tells him he isn’t some sort of transitional paper champion the way people think. Edge vows to show everyone who’s ever doubted him that he deserves to be at the top of the mountain and promises to leave Chicago as the WWE Champion. In a very competitive main event where the crowd is booing the hell out of John Cena, Cena is smashed over the head with brass knuckles by Lita when the referee doesn’t see. Edge then Spears Cena and pins him to surprisingly retain the WWE Championship! After the match, a pissed off Cena attacks Edge, hits him with an FU through the announce table and then delivers an FU to Lita in the middle of the ring as WrestleMania 22 draws to a close.)
(It’s announced that ECW will be returning and will now be a brand in the WWE starting in June!)
(Edge attacks Mick Foley on behalf of Vince McMahon and leaves him swimming in a pile of his own blood. This writes the Hardcore Legend off TV.)
(Randy Orton is suspended for 30 days after violating the wellness policy.)
Backlash 2006 (Raw)
Date: 30/4/06
Location: Rupp Arena, Lexington, Kentucky
Intercontinental Championship:
Shelton Benjamin (c) vs Rob Van Dam
(After WrestleMania, Shelton Benjamin turns heel and attacks Rob Van Dam for costing him his moment at WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Desperate for revenge, Van Dam challenges Benjamin to put his championship on the line against him at Backlash and the champion accepts. Benjamin cheats to retain by putting his feet on the ropes during a roll up.)
Eugene vs Umaga w/Armando Estrada
(Umaga debuts on Raw the night after WrestleMania 22. He wins here in a 3 minute squash match to showcase his dominance.)
WWE World Tag Team Championship:
Kane & Big Show (c) vs Carlito & Chris Masters
(Carlito and Chris Masters form an alliance and target the World Tag Team Championship. During the match, Big Show turns heel and Chokeslam’s Kane which allows Carlito & Chris Masters to win the titles.)
Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon w/Vince McMahon
(After WrestleMania, a pissed off Vince McMahon says that the McMahons aren’t done with making The Showstopper's life a living hell. Vince announces that at Backlash, Shawn will be facing his son Shane in a match to teach him a lesson! During the match when the referee is knocked out, The Spirit Squad interferes and they attack Shawn Michaels which delights Vince McMahon. After they do so, Triple H comes down to the ring. McMahon is happy to see The Game as he’s been trying to recruit him for weeks to end Shawn Michaels' career and asks him to smash Shawn over the face with his sledgehammer. Triple H goes to hit Shawn but instead… hits Vince McMahon! Triple H then beats the hell out of The Spirit Squad with his Sledgehammer. Shane McMahon then attacks The Game from behind but of course Triple H is helped by Shawn Michaels. Triple H hits Shane over the face with the sledgehammer, he walks into Sweet Chin Music, the ref regains consciousness and makes the cover for Shawn Michaels to win this match. After the match, Shawn Michaels and Triple H stare each other down and… do the DX high five! DX is back!)
Women’s Championship:
Mickie James (c) vs Trish Stratus (Double Count-Out)
(This match ends in a double count-out after Trish legitimately dislocates her shoulder. Mickie James attacks her still and leaves Backlash on top.)
WWE Championship:
Edge (c) w/Lita vs John Cena
(After WrestleMania, Edge gloats about beating John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania. He claims that he’s just further solidified legendary status on his name, proved he deserves to be on top of the mountain and proved after questions were asked after New Year’s Revolution that he’s better than John Cena! Cena interrupts and says while Edge is still the WWE Champion, he’s still also a complete jackass who needed help to retain his title, claiming it’s Lita who well and truly wears the pants in the relationship. Edge takes offense to this and claims Cena is just coming up with excuses to deflect losing to him. Cena goads Edge into facing him at Backlash in a rematch by making comments about Lita having more balls than Edge. During the match, Edge attempts to cheat until… Mick Foley’s music hits! Foley comes down and puts Mr Socko on Lita who’s trying to help Edge cowardly win again like she did at WrestleMania. This distraction though is enough for Edge to turn around in an FU from Cena. John Cena then pins Edge to win the WWE Championship! Backlash draws to a close with Cena celebrating after winning his second WWE Championship.)
And that's part 41! I hope you guys enjoyed it and loved my swerve with Edge leaving WrestleMania with his championship. I'll be back very soon for my next part where we'll see ECW reborn, an iconic Money in the Bank cash-in, and a far better SummerSlam 2006. Stay safe and stay tuned!
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2023.05.29 21:20 VGHCxSmashville Continually rebuilding my younger self collection.

Continually rebuilding my younger self collection.
Grabbed World Demise a bit back, finally got Slowly and End for good prices in the wild.
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2023.05.29 21:20 parisiraparis (Days Gone + spoilers!) Deacon St. John is a fucking asshole and is an extremely unlikeable character.

I want to start off by saying that I really like Days Gone. I think it’s a great game that does open world zombie genre damn near perfectly and I heavily recommend it to anyone who is a fan of zombie games.
That being said, the main character fucking sucks.
Deacon St. John is a confrontational, entitled, and batshit crazy human being. The entire start of the game all he does is mope around because his wife died, and either doesn’t communicate to his best friend how he feels when he’s upset or just straight up becomes antagonistic when something annoys him. Look dude, you’re sad that your wife died? I get it. But guess what, so did your best friend’s wife and he is much less of an asshole than you are.
He is so extremely aggressive towards everyone that comes up to him. For the most part, the supporting characters are either indifferent to him or even nice to him when they’re introduced, and he is ten out of ten a fucking douchebag every single time. I don’t understand how the writers of this game could create a character like him, when everyone else in the story has some sort of emotional intelligence. St. John doesn’t and it’s so goddamn infuriating. All he does is yell and get annoyed and threaten people.
And don’t even get me started on the in-game dialogue. Every time you run into a group of other humans, St. John start ranting about how they’re “rapists and murdered and thieves” and they have got to be killed. HUH??? You don’t fucking know these people, St. John. Why the fuck are they automatically the worst people in the world?? Oh, they’re murderers and thieves? WELL SO THE FUCK ARE YOU, SAINT JOHN.
Story spoilers:
There’s a part of the story where he goes into a defended federal building to find a doohickey. The building is defended by the people who worked there before the apocalypse. Guess what he does? He fucking murders everyone inside, and then there’s a cutscene where the last guy says “we were just defending ourselves” AND THEN HE FUCKING SHOOTS HIM IN THE HEAD.
Dude. What????
Okay, another story spoiler.
In the ending of the game, St. John and his pals are supposed to be rescued from a fortress by a third party. Their plans were thwarted because of bad fortune and stupid coincidence, and the third party ends up escaping because they risked death.
After the ending, said third party contacts St. John and asks if they made it out okay from the fortress. St. John goes “We did. No thanks to you.”
WHAT??? “No thanks to you.”?????
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2023.05.29 21:13 Dramatic_Turn5133 ON READING THE GOSPELS by St. Ignatius (Brianchaninov)

“When reading the Gospel, do not seek pleasure, do not seek exalted states, and do not seek brilliant thoughts—seek to see the unadulterated, holy truth.
Do not be satisfied with a mere fruitless reading of the Gospel; strive to fulfill its commandments, and read it with your deeds. This is the book of life, and you have to read it with your life.
Do not think that there is no reason why the most sacred of books, the Four Gospels, begins with the Gospel of St. Matthew and ends with the Gospel of St. John. Matthew teaches more about how to fulfill God’s will, and his instructions are particularly appropriate for beginners on the path to God; John expounds upon the image of the union of God with man renewed by the commandments, which is something accessible only to those who are progressing along the divine path.
When opening the book of the Holy Gospel to read it, remember that it decides your fate. We will be judged according to it, and depending upon how we were here on Earth with regard to it, we will receive our lot either in eternal blessedness, or eternal punishment (cf. Jn. 12:48).
God revealed His will to a paltry speck of dust: man! In your hands is the book in which His great and all-holy will has been set forth. You can accept it, or you can reject the will of your Creator and Savior—it all depends upon what you yourself want. Your eternal life and eternal death are in your own hands—just think how careful and wise you must be. Do not trifle with your eternal fate!
Pray with a contrite spirit to the Lord, so that He would open your eyes to see the wonders hidden in His Law (cf. Ps. 118:18), which is the Gospel. Your eyes will be opened, and you will behold the wondrous healing of the soul from sin, which is wrought by God’s word. The very healing of bodily infirmities was merely proof of the healing of the soul—proof for fleshly people, for minds palsied by sensuality (cf. Lk. 5:24).
Read the Gospels with extreme reverence and attention. Do not consider anything in them to be of little importance or unworthy of full contemplation. Every iota of it radiates life. And to be negligible about life is death.
Read about the lepers, the paralyzed, the blind, the lame, and the demonically possessed whom the Lord healed; contemplate the fact that your soul, which bears many different forms of the wounds of sin and is held captive by the demons, is just like these sick people. Learn from the Gospel to have faith that the Lord Who healed them will also heal you, if you will diligently pray to Him for your healing.
Acquire a disposition of soul that enables you to receive healing. Those who are capable of receiving healing are those who recognize their sinfulness and resolve to abandon it (cf. Jn 9:39-41). For the proud righteous man, that is, the sinner, who does not see his sinfulness, the Savior is unnecessary and useless (cf. Matt. 9:13).
Vision of our sins, vision of the fallen state that the entire human race is in, is a special gift of God. Pray down this gift for yourself, and the Heavenly Doctor’s book—the Gospels—will be more comprehensible to you.”
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2023.05.29 21:12 DritaVisage Finale thoughts compared to season 1

Here’s a few of my takes (i watched season 1 again this past week and I’m so glad i did) …
Overall, I loved the finale. I was shocked, relieved, disappointed, and content all at the same time. (I was hoping we’d see Albert again, but I imagine he’s staying as far away from the situation as possible and will possibly reach out to John when he’s older).
I am obsessed with how BARRY’s writers ridicule Hollywood at every opportunity. In the finale especially - that hilariously lame, painfully inaccurate, so-bad-it’s-good movie - is not too far off from the absolute shit that gets made on a regular basis. There’s a certain tone when we visit the “industry” side of Barry that makes me laugh so hard - all of the scenes at banshe, Vanessa Bayer’s incredible scene in season 3, Barry’s audition while Gene is in his trunk, and of course Tom preparing to leave Gene at his lowest when Barry shows up in the finale - these people may not be hitmen, but GATTDAMN! They’re awful. And they’re not hiding it. They’re living in that bubble very comfortably. That part of the show is just so satisfying to me.
Moving on … we find out that everyone (including Jim Moss??!!!) accepts that Gene was Barry’s puppet master. Infuriating!!! If you think about it for even a second it doesn’t make ANY sense. But Barry was always thisclose to being exposed since season 1. And every awful decision he made only made it more obvious. He evaded getting caught by burrowing down deeper and deeper in the shit (trying to convince himself every step of the way that he was out “starting NOW”). Barry was impulsive, selfish, and utterly delusional at so many points in the show. After Fuches literally gives him his family back and Sally suggests he do the right thing (love the Sally arc btw - more on that later) he’s like “nah”. He really thought he could just whisk Sally and John away and live out their “next chapter” like nothing happened and that’s terrifying. It’s not until he realizes Sally and John aren’t at Gene’s (they’re just GONE), that Barry finally decides to give up & face the reality. Without Sally and John, maybe doing the right thing is the only way to maybe see them again (like when Sally visited him in prison at the beginning of season 4). Gene takes that away from him though.
Speaking of Gene - and speaking of selfish, impulsive, delusional - he can’t stand going from villain (hated in Hollywood) to hero (helping Moss catch Barry) to villain again. He lost his son and grandson for good this time. He lost his career for good. There is no coming back from this one. Even if Barry confesses. That’s why I think he saw Barry and thought “This is the only way I get revenge”. I truly thought he was going to turn the gun on himself afterwards. I was wrong. I will say … I wouldn’t be surprised if his life sentence is over soon if you know what I mean.
Let’s all bow our heads and have a moment of silence for my fave and yours … NOHO HANK. Gyawd I love this character. In season 1 we see Hank as this lovable right hand man to Goran - two babka? - and we watched him evolve/devolve into the Hank we see in the finale. Face to face with Fuches, forced to remember how his beloved Cristobal was tragically murdered. Because of the position Hank put him in. Did Hank pull the trigger? No. But Hank wanted to be safe - and he was - Cristobal on the other hand … not so much. Feeling that guilt all over again, we see Hank pull it all back and suppress it all. Fuches is right. Sometimes pretending you’re someone else is the only way to get through the day. And that’s no way to live. Hank dying clutching Cristobal’s statue’s hand is as poetic as it gets.
I’m confident that Fuches’ speech in the finale is the thesis statement for the entire show. He could easily have been talking to any of the major characters on the show. He nailed himself as well. Watching season 1 again was an eye opener. He WAS a poser! I don’t know why I forgot how bumbling he was! He turned into The Raven when he saw himself clearly - as the rest of the world did. He was clinging to Barry because that’s who did the dirty work, that’s who brought value to the business, that’s who the talent was (another parallel to the “industry” maybe?). Fuches delivering John to Barry and running away is not at all what I was expecting. But I’m glad that’s what we got.
On we go to Sally. She has her breakthrough at Hank’s when she apologizes to John. I loved that scene. It’s the most honest Sally’s been with herself the entire show. She’s seeing herself clearly and that changes her … it’s enough to make her take John and leave Barry for good. Yes, she’s still a bit narcissistic (asking John if the play was good instead of saying “I love you too”) but she is not the Sally we met in season 1. In fact, she makes a significantly different choice by NOT going on a date and goes home instead. John asks if she is going to be ok and we see that she isn’t - but she’s trying. I took her drive home as proof that she will live the rest of her life looking over her shoulder.
John seems to be a sensitive, lovely young man. Sally apologizing to him is something most kids with narcissistic parents never experience. That apology mended a very important and essential wound that otherwise would’ve done a lot more damage. I was so worried when Fuches led him out of Nohobal that he’d quite literally be another Barry. But thankfully that didn’t didn’t happen. I was also worried when John’s friend asks if he’s “ready” for what they’re going to do that night and I’m like PLEASE DON’T LET IT BE SOMETHING VIOLENT!!! Again, thankful that didn’t happen. John has a very specific idea of who his father is when he watches Filename MC/The Mask Collector. sidenote: the Gene/mask callback makes me cackle We hear John’s friend say something to the effect of he shouldn’t listen to his mom when she says not to watch it. And we find out why - it’s not the truth. But to John, his dad was the only parent at the time who paid any attention to him, protected him (a little too much at times - NO BASEBALL EVER), and loved him without a doubt. So, if everyone sees his dad the way he sees him … that must feel good. Even if it’s not the real story. The world gets to experience the fantasy of Barry - war hero and family man. Who Barry always wanted to be.
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2023.05.29 21:06 FlatCapWolf Inflatable Fun Time

In the Octagon Hall, 9.30am-11.30am, 12noon-2pm, 2.30pm-4.30pm.
With Bramhall's Amusements.
Advance booking via ticketsource is essential.
Information about the venue here.
The Pavilion Gardens, St John's Rd, Buxton SK17 6BE, UK
May 30, 2023 at 12:00AM
June 3, 2023 at 12:00AM
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