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2023.05.29 23:17 John82boy Laura Marie Masse - 6 feet of perfection.

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2023.05.29 23:11 DepravedGrey M4F Long-term Roleplay Partner Wanted For Multiple Roleplays!

Hello there and Good Timezone!
Tired of seeing multiple posts with the same plot or roles that don't exactly scratch that itch? Well, that is why I am here!
You have scenarios or roles you really want to mess with that are tried and true or truly experimental? I am absolutely down!
Do you have a fandom that you have been wanting to play with or a particular character you would like to play as? I am all here for it! Give me the universe and setting and I will go into full research mode.
This post is in the hopes that I can help you fulfill that roleplaying need or want that just hasn't been satisfied!
All I ask is for is a semi consistent and somewhat daily roleplay partner! Also I understand how easy it is to roleplay as a mary sue, but for the sake of both our enjoyment lets add a little more depth and flaws to our characters! I love world building so sitting down and fleshing things out is almost just as enjoyable as the RP itself! I also typically enjoy getting to know my partner! I believe it makes communicating with each other about ideas, plot points, and issues with hiatus's easier! PLEASE message me or send me a chat request with your idea or ideas on what you would like! I tend to lose comments pretty easily.
Fandoms: Books, Games, Movies, TV shows, you name it and I am willing to try it or learn about it!
Universes I am familiar with are as follow (Note: OC pairings always get priority mostly because I feel when asked most that ask me to play a canon character would rather me play them as the want and not as they would act canonically):
Most Anime (SAO, Naruto, Chainsaw Man, most shonnen and many more obscure ones.)
Harry Potter
Dungeons and Dragons (specifically 5th edition)
Many RPG video games (Fallout series, Elder Scrolls series, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Final Fantasy Legend of Zelda, and Most other RPGs.)
Star Wars
Pairings: anything you can think of! from traditional roles or maybe you have something original you want to work out!
If you have a hard time deciding on which category, world, or theme we can always travel through all of them as we feel!
I hope I hear from some of you very soon!
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2023.05.29 23:11 No_Cricket_6545 MLS Remaining Strength of Schedule using PPG Matchday 15 Results

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2023.05.29 22:38 CB_scorpio Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX by @EntityFinance

Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX by @EntityFinance
Web3 gaming and DeFi are joining forces! Entity has officially extended its partnership with Knights of Cathena to help integrate some DeFi firepower into their next-generation blockchain game. Read on to learn more about our shared vision to unlock the full potential of DeFi and GameFi.

Entity & KoC: Bridging DeFi and GameFi on MultiversX

A MultiversX GameFi gem

The glory and treasure of Altea await you!
To succeed in this fantasy world, you need intelligence and determination. And with winning commanders earning NFTs and $CGO tokens on the MultiversX blockchain, bragging rights aren’t the only thing at stake.
Knights of Cathena is an exciting GameFi project that combines addictive gameplay with the freedom and rewards of Web3. Powered by fivefingergames, this turn-based strategy game delivers the perfect balance of enjoyable gaming mechanics and compelling blockchain rewards- appealing to both hardcore gamers and hardcore crypto enthusiasts.
As you may know, there are billions of gamers worldwide. Only a small fraction, however, currently use ‘Play-To-Earn’ games like Axie Infinity, which has been criticized for its “easy and mindless” gameplay.
The game is already in its Devnet Alpha test phase
The team behind Knights of Cathena (KoC) is working hard to flip the script on this narrative with their tactical and engaging gameplay. Instead of a ‘Play-To-Earn’ experience where the game itself takes a backseat to the rewards, KoC is a ‘Play-And-Earn’ game that is way more fun than just grinding for tokens.
Players command an army of 3D soldiers such as knights, archers and wizards who each have different strengths and weaknesses. With the right strategy, you can outsmart your opponents, earn tokens and unlock a wide range of NFT items to improve your team and advance your ranking from Peasant all the way to Grandmaster.
Described by some fans as “chess on steroids”, Knights of Cathena combines the power of MultiversX with the strong foundation of the Unity game engine. KoC is already playable in its Devnet Alpha release and just launched on the Epic Games Store earlier this week.

Now available on Epic Games

On Tuesday May 23, 2023, Knights of Cathena officially went live for over 200 million Mac and PC gamers on Epic Games. As one of the very first Web3 games on the platform, this news shows that KoC is at the forefront of bringing GameFi to the mainstream.

KoC players can already start earning tokens and NFT prizes
Now available to a massive global audience, KoC can potentially onboard a huge wave of new users to MultiversX. The Epic Games Store will be updated with subsequent versions of the game, such as Knights of Cathena Beta and the mainnet release with fully integrated $CGO tokens.
In the meantime, early users will be rewarded down the road with real tokens based on how many red gems they collect. Players who collect at least 100,000 gems during the Alpha test phase will also get a special edition NFT pet they can use in the full release of the game. So, don’t wait to try out KoC now and start earning some real rewards!

Harmonizing DeFi and GameFi

Today, we are excited to announce that Entity will help integrate DeFi features into Knights of Cathena for its mainnet release.
Entity believes that DeFi and GameFi are two of the best use cases for driving Web3 adoption, and we look forward to leveraging our expertise to help capitalize on synergies between these two spaces.
KoC could help onboard gamers from Epic Games and beyond into the world of DeFi
Since Knights of Cathena will feature a decentralized in-game economy, this partnership with Entity opens the door to a range of intriguing new use cases. Overall, the goal is to make the $CGO ecosystem as vibrant, efficient and powerful as possible.
This dynamic can help onboard more gamers to DeFi, while also encouraging DeFi investors to get involved more with blockchain gaming. We will release more information in the coming months about how exactly this integration will work in practice, so stay tuned!

Elevating the ecosystem together

The partnership between Entity and Knights of Cathena goes back to March 2022, when KoC became the first project ever listed on the Entity Project Monitor.
Since then, the Knights of Cathena Team has been hard at working building not only the project’s core gameplay mechanics, but also the supporting Web3 elements that offer a truly seamless GameFi experience. Entity is focused on kickstarting Web3 mass adoption, so we are impressed with how KoC balances decentralization with easy onboarding for new users.
Entity also values how Knights of Cathena is laying the groundwork for a strong community element. In particular, the game will support clans known as Noble Houses that connect gamers like GameFi mini-DAOs.

Lukas from KoC will give a keynote presentation at the Entity Builders Forum on June 10
To share updates about the game’s progress, Knights of Cathena CEO Lukas Anetsberger joined the Entity Project Dialogues earlier this year. You can tune in here if you missed this spirited conversation about gaming, MultiversX and building on Web3.
Lukas will also join the upcoming Entity Builders Forum on June 10. KoC is a Gold Partner for the Builders Forum, and Lukas will have a special presentation slot from 1:30–1:45 PM UTC at this exciting online event.
In addition to Lukas’ special presentation, the Builders Forum will feature captivating discussions with top Web3 builders. Plus, there will be a range of individual rewards as well as team prizes for the most enthusiastic MultiversX community in the Battle of Hype. To join this insightful free event, sign up now!

It’s still day one

While you can already start playing KoC and earning rewards, this GameFi project’s hypergrowth phase is still yet to come.
Knights of Cathena will debut their Beta release in Q3 2023, with their full game available in Q1 2024. Their $CGO token is also scheduled to go live in the next few months, delivering a powerful tool for KoC to bootstrap their game, incentivize new players and supercharge GameFi mass adoption.
The KoC Team has a comprehensive strategy to onboard new players. This approach takes the best of Web3, such as token rewards and decentralized organizations, and the best of Web2 gaming, like working with Epic Games and sharing live content on Twitch.
Speaking of Twitch, make sure to check out KoC’s regular Twitch Streams every Wednesday at 17:00 PM UTC where the team dives into gameplay and behind the scenes action that shows what it’s really like to build a blockchain game.
Plus, join the Knights of Cathena community on Twitter, Telegram and Discord for all the latest news, contests and more.

Bringing together the best of Web3

Entity, Growth Engine for Web3, is all about unleashing innovative new use cases for the MultiversX blockchain.
Moving forward, we look forward to offering our resources and DeFi knowledge to help KoC grow their project and onboard the next wave of users to Web3.
As we continue to evolve and expand our partnerships, make sure to follow Entity on Twitter and join us on Telegram for all the latest updates!

Enhancing the MultiversX Ecosystem
Entity is a Launchpad and suite of cutting-edge tools for Web3 builders and investors. Entity is focused on catalyzing growth in key areas such as DeFi, GameFi, NFTs and real-world blockchain applications.
MultiversX is a highly scalable, secure and decentralized blockchain network created to enable radically new applications, for users, businesses, society, and the new metaverse frontier.

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2023.05.29 22:37 Crown_Breakdown MLS Remaining Strength of Schedule using PPG Matchday 15 Results

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2023.05.29 22:14 RandomCrewFan SOS remaining

SOS remaining
Appears we fall in the middle per MLS Reddit. All the west teams at the easiest left which seems ok for us.
What’s insane is eastern conference teams hold 11 out of the 12 hardest schedules left. Going to be a war in the east.
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2023.05.29 22:09 MrPfeiffer622 (Stolen from Facebook) An important message for future unity in the Church

(Stolen from Facebook) An important message for future unity in the Church
Maronite Cath here. I don’t think I’m in a position to talk about the issues in the Latin Rite. To any trads in here, please do not take offense on what I’m about to say, I mean no ill will.
However it’s important not to be pharisaical about certain stuff in the discipline of the church.
“Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you make clean the outside of the cup and of the dish, but within you are full of rapine and uncleanness. Thou blind Pharisee, first make clean the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside may become clean.” ‭‭St Matthew‬ ‭23‬:‭25‬-‭26‬ ‭DRC1752‬‬
Since the church rolled out both TLM and NO, they’re both equally valid and infinitely abundant in grace. I get that the mass of St. Paul VI is newer, hence there might be some “bugs” for lack of a better word, that I’m sure will be addressed as it naturally develops over time. I’m sure the TLM of A.D. 1090 is noticeably different than the TLM of A.D. 1962 as it grew with the church and any misgivings were addressed.
Therefore, when it comes to mass, it’s not about you, it’s about God. Leave your personal preferences at the door and focus your mind of God and God alone. Everything else is secondary.
If other people find the Post-concilliar liturgy helps them better focus on God and his glory, you are in no position to gaslight them into promoting TLM.
This behavior is exactly why I think Pope Franciscus started taking actions that have lead to less and less opportunities to experience the glorious liturgy that is the TLM.
TLM is not God, it is a means to praise God. The TLM, the NO, the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom, the Syriac Liturgy, etc… all 23 liturgical rites of the church are like weapons to be used to bring glory to God. If you prefer to use a longsword, that doesn’t mean a bow, a spear or a mace aren’t good weapons. Let everyone use the weapon they are most adept in to bring Glory to the God in the Highest.
TL;DR: If you love TLM that doesn’t mean others are obligated to. The Liturgy is not God, but a means for us to connect to God.
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2023.05.29 22:07 Drand_Galax Making plans to hang out is kinda hard

So here is the thing, my brother passed away from suicide 3 weeks ago, and in the second mass dedicated to him an extroverted old friend from high school (22F) appeared out of nowhere and we kinda reconnected after talking a bit there, and later on the phone where my dumbass (22M, who never could successfully invite anyone to hang out, introvert gang) decided to invite her to hang out so I could continue the whole story of my bro and to catch up and she said: "sure, whenever u want".
So last week after recovering a bit I reminded her of it and she said she told her friend about it (obviously) and so we could do it this week, then yesterday because there was no actual day/time/place set I reminded her yet again, her friend accepted and my introvert considerate ass decided to ask when friend 2 was free because job/college/etc (asked her to check with her then tell me) and now she stopped replying 😎 my conclusions are simple:
Tl:dr: reconnected with an old friend and want to hang out but I never could successfully do so, is this a TEST?????
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2023.05.29 22:04 Kane_I Mail day 🔥

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2023.05.29 21:39 GRahaTiaSimp [EU][static][MC][Savage] 7 out of 8 static looking for Tank

Looking for 1x Tank for 6.4 Savage
Schedule: 3 Days a week, MON, TUE, THU 6PM-9PM ST
-Have some savage experience, clear of one of the previous tiers
-Be consistent, punctual
-joining VC is required, dont have to talk just listening is okay
DM if interested
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2023.05.29 21:34 CosmicCactusRadio Katie Belle & the Belle Rangers - Someone to Watch Over Me

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2023.05.29 21:32 redditRW Where's the Saw? I Blew It.

Oh damn. For a long while now I have been searching for Hazel Hass. She was the only daughter of Mary Fritsch and Horace Sylvester Hass. Horace was the only natural child of Rosella "Etta" Russell and Harry Hass.
11 June, 1913, Horace marries Mary Fritsch.
1917, he registers for WW1 and is divorced, with a three-year-old child.
July 9, 1917 on this registration, he lists daughter, Hazel Hass, and his mother, Mrs. J.D. Hancock. They are both in St. Louis, but at separate addresses.
Horace returns from the war in 1919 in February. (Overseas Casual Detachment #4) 1920--no census record. 1930--living with his mother and stepfather 12 July, 1936--dies in a heat wave that killed hundreds.
Hazel and her mother have both vanished, but I worked on Mary Fritsch and found (I hope) her family, hoping she would have possibly gone to live with one of them. No dice.
Then everything seemed to fall into place. I found a Hazel Lucille Hass and Elwin Hawk, married in 1926.
1930 census shows Hazel and Elwin living with an Anna May Hass, widowed Mother-in-law. isn't her. She's shown living with her mother, Ann Scheider, and father George Hass, in 1920. They married him in 1902.
So, good-bye to the husband, the kids, their spouses. I am back to square one, in the scenario where Mary Fritsch Hass leaves with her child and is never seen again.
There is an address given for Hazel when Horace enlists. I don't know how to look up people with only an address. 1914a Belgrade Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
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2023.05.29 21:19 Ambrose_of_Milan_397 Question about Private Mass

Wondering if anyone here knows much about the specific rules for private Masses?
My wife's family has Priest Friend from a religious order that has officiated at several weddings for the family. Usually, what happens is that he gets permission from a local parish to perform the Wedding ceremony (with full Mass) on the day of the wedding, which have often occurred on Saturday, and then on the following Sunday he's often offered a "Private Mass" for the family in a conference room of the hotel we're staying at. I honestly never thought anything of it until this past Sunday.
There was another wedding on a Saturday, and then yesterday this Priest offered a Mass in a hotel conference room. I felt really strange about it, since it was also the feast of Pentecost. I was even more concerned when my wife and I were talking to one of her aunts afterwards, because my wife had actually tried to contact hotel staff the morning of to ask where the "[family name] Catholic Mass," was being held. The hotel staff seemed very confused and told us that the family did have a "meeting" scheduled in one of the conference rooms. My wife related this story to her aunt and the aunt responded in hushed tones that the reason it was probably reserved as a meeting was because she wasn't sure if the Priest had actually gotten permission from the local Bishop to say the Mass.
So now I'm wondering:
1.) Did my wife and I not actually meet our Mass obligation yesterday because the Mass we attended was potentially illicit
2.) Has this Priest actually been wrong to do these Sunday Masses this whole time?
I presume that he must have been getting permission from the local bishop for the Wedding Masses since those were all in official diocesan parish buildings, but these after Wedding Masses have always been in hotel conference rooms or someone's house.
Anybody here have any ideas?
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2023.05.29 20:33 IZGOODDASIZGOOD Would you guys do such work order? Isnt FN for IT tasks?

PayHourly Rate: $40/hour (3 hours max)ScheduleMon, May 29, 10:00 AM - Fri, Jun 2, 10:00 PMType of WorkKioskIndustryInformation Technology / CommunicationsWork
Location 1: St. Joseph's Health Centre
Location 2: Lago Condo
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2023.05.29 20:09 60secondswitch How Do I Have A Summer Glow Up?

Having a summer glow-up is something that we all desire, and I definitely did last summer! I saw many 'summer glow-up tips' on TikTok but they all marketed products. This is the answer which I really needed, and I don't want you to be in the same position that I was in last year. So here are 13 glow-up that you can use to achieve your glow-up this summer. (there are quite a few so pick as many as you want but you don't have to use them all)!
#1 Establish A Solid Sleep Schedule Even though it may seem easy, simple, and uninspiring having a good sleep schedule can assist your glow-up a lot more than you think, and is going to be one of the best summer glow-up tips you're going to read. See having a good sleep schedule as your foundation, because if you have a bad foundation then the work done above it is futile, but if you have a good foundation the work done above it is worthwhile. What we mean is that a bad sleep schedule can cancel out some of the glow-up tips below, but a good sleep schedule only assists your efforts through benefits of its own such as: Reduced stress, Assisting weight loss and decreasing unhealthy snack cravings.
#2 Regularly Exfoliate Your Skin You've probably heard about this glow up tip before and for good reason. This is another essential glow-up tip for both men and women. * if you are a man reading this and think that this is only for women then you are very wrong, it significantly increases your attractiveness and self-esteem too. Exfoliating your skin should be an essential part of your daily routine, it is crucial to good skin health which is widely associated with glow-ups. Achieve that glowing skin look you've always wanted, and if you want a physical glow-up this summer then this is a must-have tip for you. #3 Regularly Apply Sunscreen Sunscreens name fools many, we all think of sunscreen as just something that you apply in very hot weather to protect yourself from the sun, which is true. But I bet you didn't know of all the amazing benefits that it comes with. For example, sunscreen: Prevents premature ageing Improves skin health Protects your face from blue light Prevents discolouration of the skin These benefits are amazing but there are still even more benefits that come with the application of sunscreen, this summer glow up tip becomes even more potent in the summer so be sure to start using it before it gets too hot! For the best results, experts recommend applying sunscreen every day. Apply it every day at the end of your skincare routine for the best results. #4 Improve Your Posture Bad posture is very noticeable and can have some disheartening side effects, the main one being judgement from others and a perceived lack of confidence. Yes, that's true. If your posture is bad then people perceive you as lacking in confidence, so for a social glow up you must utilise good posture to maximise your first impression and confidence levels. There are a few exercises that you can use to try and better your posture: child's pose, downward facing dog, forward fold, and the list goes on. #5 Try Out A New Hairstyle Your hair is so important to your attractiveness, if your hair doesn't compliment your face it can significantly decrease your attractiveness this is why trying out a new hairstyle is one of our summer glow-up tips. It is quite challenging to get a good haircut though, as it must compliment your face. Look up pictures of face shapes and compare them to yours, or just ask your barber for their opinion (only if you trust them though). #6 Brush Your Teeth Regularly Good teeth can make a HUGE difference to your appearance, if you have bad teeth it is very hard to be attractive this summer. Recent research strongly suggests that white teeth make you appear more attractive as it is a sign of good health and youth. This is one of the best summer glow-up tips for improving your appearance and all just for the sake of 4ish minutes every day. #7 Drink 2 Litres of Water A Day Being hydrated is crucial for improving and maintaining every aspect of your glow-up, as its benefits range from good skin health and improved jawline all the way to improved mood and energy. So, if you want a quick and easy way to improve yourself in all areas then simply drinking more water can be a great way to do that. #8 Exercise Regularly Exercising regularly much like water affects all areas of your glow-up, making it one of the most potent summer glow-up tips that we can offer. Exercising regularly obviously improves your physical appearance, by increasing muscle mass or decreasing fat levels throughout the body which is widely associated with a summer glow-up. But exercising regularly also has many benefits for a mental glow-up such as improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety and improved mood. All of these benefits make exercising regularly a crucial tip which you must utilise if you want to have a successful glow-up for the summer. #9 Reduce Face Fat Reducing your face fat can turn you into a completely different person, it can increase your attractiveness tenfold. I'm not going to get into explaining how because our most recent article is on this topic exactly, so click here to learn how to reduce your face fat for the summer.
#9 Practise Meditation Daily This is a personal favourite for me and I can tell you that meditation is truly amazing, I wanted some summer glow-up tips last year and this was the most impressive one. It eliminated almost all of my emotional worries such as stress and anxiety. So, I would definitely recommend this as a great glow-up tip if you want to work on your mental and emotional health. #10 Utilise Affirmations This is also another tip which I can personally recommend, affirmations are amazing. You can improve any emotional ability you wish. Such as confidence, gratitude and self-esteem the list goes on. There are 2 different ways that you can use affirmations, consciously and subconsciously. It is up to you which you prefer. Conscious affirmations are when you look at yourself in the mirror and repeat affirmations such as 'I am confident' or 'I am grateful'. They're good if you have some spare time in your morning routine, take as long as you can on them because obviously, the longer you spend on them, the better the effect. Subconscious affirmations are when you play a recording as you sleep repeating affirmations after affirmations. This works because, during your REM cycle, it penetrates your subconscious mind meaning that it thinks 'I am confident' when you wake up. Great recordings are available for free on youtube and if you want to repeat a video click the settings button on the video in the top right corner, then on 'loop video'. #11 Experiment With a New Style We are now moving on to the more drastic changes, the first of these being 'experiment with a new style'. Nowadays it is so easy to find style inspiration on platforms like Pinterest and TikTok, so have a look! Browse different summer styles and look for ones that you like. Having a style that you love and suits you is great for both your self-esteem and attractiveness. Experiment this summer, and find a style that you love. #12 Find A Signature Scent Smell plays a huge part in attraction. This is such a key summer glow-up tip because in the summer smells are heightened as the heat increases meaning that smelling nice should be another massive priority. You may think smelling nice takes a big budget though, while it can you can also find great perfumes for cheap. Take a trip to a perfume shop this summer and browse. Smelling nice is worth the price! #13 Improve Your Diet Improving your diet is an obvious one and should have been earlier in this list, but it is key to a summer glow-up. Your diet is another one of these things that affects everything, both your mental, emotional, and physical health. Conclusion You've reached the end! I know this was a long answer but I wanted to get across all of these points in detail as I spent a large amount of time searching for concise tips like these last summer, but there weren't many answers that I liked, so I hope these help! And have a great summer!
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2023.05.29 20:07 Oquirrh-Utes-Fan MLS Remaining Strength of Schedule using PPG Matchday 15 Results RSL Easiest Schedule Remaining

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2023.05.29 19:54 AveChriste “We dont worship Mary, we venerate her”

It isn't use of the word "worship" in reference to Mary. It is the act of worship to Mary. Let's say I tell you that in my house, I have a statue of a woman. But not Mary; my statue is of Athena. And let's say I tell you that everyday I kiss my hands and touch the statues toes. And let's say that when I'm worried I look at the statue and ask for protection. And let's say that I go to a temple service with similar statues of Athena everywhere and pray asking for help and mercy from Athena. Let's say that I use such terms as "Ever-Virgin Athena" and "Our Lady Athena" and "Sweet Mother Athena" or "Athena Queen of Heaven". "Athena Queen of Angels" all throughout my prayers. Heck, sometimes I even leave flowers in front of her statue in honor of Athena, or when I need a great blessing. What am I doing to Athena?
I have started to feel like much of the Catholic Church is committing idolatry, because you can say you venerate Mary, not worship her, but actions speak louder than words.
Even the sign of the cross, based on the angle, as far as i can tell, the cross is upside down like that of St. Peter. Why make Peter’s cross instead of Christ’s? The cross of Christ is the symbol of Christianity, not the cross of St. Peter. I’m not saying we should ignore the teachings of the apostles, but we definitely need to give more attention to Jesus than the apostles and Mary and the saints, which many fail to do.
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2023.05.29 19:53 maheshjtp Arnab Goswami Biography

Arnab Goswami Biography
Arnab Goswami Biography, Educational, Career, NetWorth
He is a journalist from India who hosts a program on Republic Media Network. He was an anchor for Times Now and ET Now from 2006 to 2016 before becoming managing director and editor-in-chief of Republic TV. Additionally, he briefly worked for the Telegraph and NDTV.
His "The Newshour" show used to be seen on Times Now. It used to air live on the weekdays at nine o'clock. He used to interview important individuals from politics, entertainment, sports, and other fields on his program Frankly Speaking with Arnab, which also gained popularity.
As Editor-in-Chief of Times Now, Arnab left in May 2017 to launch his television network, Republic TV.
Personal Background
He was born in an Assamese family in Guwahati, Assam, on March 7, 1973. His father, Manoranjan Goswami, served in the Indian Army for thirty years before retiring as a colonel. He ran for the Lok Sabha in Guwahati as well, however, he lost the election. The mother of Goswami is a novelist by the name of Suprabha Gain-Goswami. Arnab is wed to Samyabrata Ray Goswami. Ray is a co-owner of Republic Media Network and a journalist.
Educational Background
He had gone to several schools all around India because he was the son of an army officer. He attended Mount St. Mary's School in New Delhi for his class of 10 and Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jabalpur Cantonment for his class of 12. He graduated from Hindu College at the University of Delhi with a bachelor's degree. He earned his master's degree in social anthropology from St. Antony's College at Oxford University.
A Stint at The Telegraph and NDTV
He had previously worked as a journalist for Telegraph in Kolkata, but he soon moved to New Delhi and began working for NDTV. NDTV employed him from 1996 till 2006. He formerly appeared as an anchor on the NDTV program. He joined Times Now as Editor-in-Chief after quitting NDTV. Then, Times Now had just been introduced.
Parvez Musharaff and other famous and influential people were featured on Arnab's program Newshour. He conducted in-depth interviews with prominent figures for his program Frankly Speaking with Arnab, including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, retired leader of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Gordon Brown, Benazir Bhutto, and Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
In 2014, shortly after entering office, he made history by becoming the first journalist and news presenter to speak with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He left the Times Now, citing editorial disagreements, staff politics, and a lack of journalistic independence as his reasons.
His Show and Channel
Rajeev Chandrasekhar gives money to Asianet, while Asianet gives money to Republic Tv. Rajeev Chandrasekhar is a vice-president of the National Democratic Alliance and a member of the Rajya Sabha, which has strong relations with the government's Bhartiya Janta Party.
However, he eventually resigned from all of his duties at ARG Outlier Asianet News Pvt Ltd. He declared that because he had officially joined the Bhartiya Janta Party, it would be in his best interests to step down from the board.
Ramdas Pai and his wife, as well as educationist Ramakanta, are among the group's significant investors. Through SARG Media Holding Private Limited, they have all made investments. Rajeev Chandrasekhar and Asianet News Media and Entertainment's shares were mostly acquired by Arnab.
Editor's Guild Resignation Episode
After the Palghar Mob Lynching, Arnab stated on live television that he was leaving the Editor Guild. Shekhar Gupta was accused by Arnab of compromising his journalism by remaining silent on this matter. Following a complaint from the maharashtra Power minister Nitin Raut, the Nagpur Police filed a First Information Report against Arnab Goswami.
Charges include inciting hatred between two groups based on race or religion, provoking someone with the purpose to start a disturbance, and other violations of the Indian Penal Code were included in the FIR that was filed against Goswami.
Nature of Journalism
His reportage has constantly come under fire for being biased, and doubts have been raised about it. According to journalism experts, he frequently supports the Bhartiya Janta Party, which is in power.
His detractors have noted that he never criticizes the dominant party and always puts the opposition in a negative light. Goswami is also credited with popularising the labels "Urban Naxal" and "Anti-National." He refers to people who contest right-wing ideology with these names.
He allegedly tries to incite jingoism and hypernationalism among the crowd. His news network resembles North Korean media, which works to stifle opposition and has strong ties to the government.
Controversial Events
An Indian lawmaker named Shashi Tharoor filed a civil defamation lawsuit against Arnab and his media organization in the Delhi High Court on May 26, 2017. In his show, Arnab asserted that Tharoor was involved in the case of Sunanda Pushkar. The High Court's judges were particularly harsh with the media group.
In 2018, a 30-second video that he used to describe a group as "the most shameless bunch of Indians I have ever seen" was making the rounds on social media. He was talking about the international help for the flood-stricken state of Kerala. Later it was discovered that these words were directed at the Marxist "Tukde-Tukde Gang" and not Keralans.
On August 30, 2018, the NBSA of India requested a full-screen apology from the Republic Tv network for abusing one of his journalists and using profanity toward a group of people during a political event. They took down the YouTube account and footage.
They appealed to the court after disobeying the NBSA directive. In October 2019, the NBSA once more requested a public apology from Republic media after the media network refused to comply in the case of Arnab, who was charged with violating normative rules against racial and religious stereotyping. He disobeyed the directive.
On suspicion of trespassing, police detained a cab driver and two Republic television journalists at Uddhav Thackeray's property in Maharashtra. Arnab Goswami and the government of Uddhav Thackeray clashed over the matter.
His group urged the government to release his journalist right away. Additionally, they claimed that the Shiv Sena had threatened to shut down Republic TV and Channel Republic Bharat.
On November 4, 2020, police apprehended Arnab Goswami on suspicion of aiding Anvay Naik's suicide in violation of sections 305 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code. Naik listed three persons, including Arnab, not paying their debts as a motive for his death in his suicide note, however, on November 11, 2020, the Supreme Court of India granted Arnab temporary release.
The Mumbai Police launched an investigation into the possible manipulation of particular TRP values. They began their investigation after receiving a complaint about these actions. Many persons were mentioned in the complaint, including Partho Das Gupta, the former CEO of the Broadcast Audience Research Council.
Das was charged by the police with using fraudulent viewership statistics to defraud sponsors. Such charges were brought against Republic, and more particularly against Arnab. The phone and multiple discussions between Arnab and Partho Das Gupta were seized by Mumbai Police. These conversations, which revealed a strong relationship between Arnab and Partho Das Gupta and suggested TRP manipulation, were disclosed to the public.
After the messages were made public, Gupta and Arnab faced harsh criticism and condemnation for their nefarious actions. Invoking stolen texts, the News Broadcaster of India urged that Indian Broadcasting Foundation suspend the Republic Media network. Arnab Goswami was the target of several legal lawsuits.
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2023.05.29 19:47 Electronic-Bid-2705 Saturn V Replica (No Mods/ BP Editing)

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2023.05.29 19:36 Shimanu Magallanes (St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish Church) from Cubao

How to commute to St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish Church from Cubao?
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2023.05.29 19:10 ww2424 Question about weddings and being long distance.

Just need advice or knowledge on a few things I’m not too sure about. If you’re engaged and long distanced (separate countries).
  1. Do priests allow the couple to do pre Cana classes over zoom if it’s impossible to be in person for the 6 month prep? Do you think they would allow an online prep with a certificate for proof?
  2. Can you get married without the actual catholic ceremony? Like in the office? Like if you’re not wanting a full on wedding (to save money and time), I’m assuming the priest can do it on any day of the week of his schedule allows?
  3. If we do have a ceremony nuptial mass, do you think a priest would allow a few of the nuptial traditions from another rite for the Roman rite ceremony to try and fulfill the other persons’s desires of incorporating his culture?
I’m just wondering how other long distance couples who aren’t able to relocate before marriage have conducted their weddings!
Any and all advice is welcome. 💖
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2023.05.29 18:59 Proletlariet RotTMNT Krang

Respect the Krang

"Many planets before yours have spoken of duty. They too have been consumed by the Krang. And now, our glorious crusade continues, to restore the natural order of things. The strong will devour the weak."
Long, long ago an alien race called the Krang arrived on earth. Powerful and barbaric, they attempted to conquer the planet like they had done to countless worlds throughout the ages. But before they could succeed a team of four mystic warriors created a mystic key and used it to seal the invaders in a prison dimension, with the key being safely guarded for hundreds of years to prevent their return.
1,000 years later the key was retrieved by the Foot Clan, who freed the three remaining Krang from their prison. The Krang then decimated the planet, finally crushing the resistance in 2044. But before they were completely wiped out Michelangelo and Leonardo managed to send Leo's student Casey Jones back in time to the night the key was stolen, hoping he could warn their brothers, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Krang


Krang 1

"Weak words, weak actions! I have forever known what you fail to understand. Strength! Always! Prevails!"





Krang 2

"Oh, if you two don't mind, I haven't killed anything in ages."




Krang 3





Krang Zombies

"We live to serve."
"You will serve me, whether you live or not."
By covering people or objects in their flesh the Krang can mutate them into savage beasts they can control.


Full fight against Leo





The Technodrome

"And behold, from their perch atop New York City, the Krang ripped open the sky itself. What came out was terror, and what rained down upon us was worse than death."
The Krang's mothership, a bio-technological war machine used to devastate civilizations.


The mystic key made to seal the Krang in their prison dimension.
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