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2018.06.03 02:11 P1ac3h01d3r ROBE LOCKS

cursed screenshots of kids in roblox doing stupid stuff

2019.12.11 01:23 AnnoyingRain5 IsGoogleDown

Is google down?

2023.05.30 00:06 mathematicunt Is it normal not to experience a crazy let down or leaking?

I’m currently 8 weeks PP and I exclusively breastfeed. I see so many women talk about feeling a let down which I don’t think I feel anything. I also don’t leak nor do my breasts get very full. I recall a few times during my first weeks where I’d wake up to a little milk spot on my tshirt or sheets but I haven’t had that in weeks. When I feed on one breast, I don’t leak on the other side. I also don’t start leaking if baby cries or anything. Is it okay not to experience those things? The only time milk comes out is if baby is feeding or I pump. I only pump once or twice a day to have some milk on reserve.
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2023.05.30 00:06 MeGuinness Clutch pedal noise

Clutch pedal noise
I know the clutch bearing is dead ...but what is this annoying noise every time I push the clutch pedal down? Ta
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2023.05.30 00:05 FortressCaulfield Old Man Plays Catchup: I had fun in Vermont!

Really liked this level.
It felt so different having 90% of the map be unrestricted space. I loved how every house had its own weird thing. I liked how the costume count was kept down to a manageable minimum and you didn't need to change outfits every 2 minutes in order to get anywhere (looking at YOU, miami!)
I even like the clue hunting since there's so many more than you actually need you have some flexibility, even though I imagine everybody eventually settles into just picking the same quick three.
The house tour was an absolute highlight of the entire series and it gave me a chance to use an item I thought was kind of useless: The sedative poison.
Ordinarily I either want people to go barf so I can drown/KO them out of sight, or I want them to die immediately. Them falling asleep in the middle of a crowded room where they'll immediately be woken up? Not so useful. But in this case? Okay, so I'm doing the house tour, and I lure the bodyguard with a muffin. But if I give him the emetic, he's only out of the way for a couple minutes. I want him out for the count so I can set up a goofy electrocution kill in the backyard, but I don't want him dead since I want SA. Sedative poison to the rescue!
Just gotta remember to tuck him away in the basement before the plumber comes wandering through. What is up with that guy anyway?
Definitely my favorite level out of the hitman2 so far.
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2023.05.30 00:05 International_Car894 My (19F) fantasy is a huge red flag and deterrent? How so?

Using a throwaway account because quite frankly, I’m kind of embarrassed. I’m bi, and so far, there’s been one girl and two guys who I’ve actually gone anywhere with or at least attempted to. Not all at the same time, mind you.
Once we start to spice things up, I encourage my partners to let me know of their kinks and fantasies as well as dislikes before a date so that we can make it as fun as possible for everyone involved. My ultimate fantasy is to dress in cosplay and play the part of a well beloved feminine character in a sexual setting.
I’m very beautiful and have a nice body, but the idea of getting to play the part of a well beloved character and getting to share an intimate moment with someone as that characters knowing that so many others would be green with envy is so hot. I’ve always loved roleplay, and I adore makeup and fashion. Another huge turn on of mine is wearing a sexy outfit and matching makeup, so it makes the cosplay sex idea all the more enticing.
Well, every single time I brought this up, the idea was immediately shot down. Id be told things like, “But why? You could just be you.” Or “You need therapy.” Each and every partner of mine was so resistant to this idea, saying that I clearly had issues and that I need to enjoy sex for what it is as the person I am.
I really don’t understand. What’s the issue? I do have self-image issues, but part of dressing up and feeling proud of my effort is extreme confidence. With every rejection, I feel less and less hopeful. I’ve kind of given up on a sex life because I can’t find anyone who doesn’t see my kinks as red flags.
If anyone feels that I’m leaving out too many details, please feel free to inquire.
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2023.05.30 00:05 ehmaybenexttime Chaos theory

So I am trying to pin down my own behavior, and that's always a mistake. There is a pattern, and I would love feedback and see if I should follow this feeling. So I have noticed if I am giving a great deal of love and care, and receiving nothing, I default to this person who I know will see me. I've pushed it too far and been afraid he would really be near me again, and I immediately start living my life well again. Is this a common way to kind of compartmentalize? I feel likely to break soon.
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2023.05.30 00:05 Charming-Simple6418 Should I cut my golden rain tree down? It got destroyed in a storm in 2021 and epicormic growth is now coming out were the fallen 2 trunks used to be. Tree still has lots of vigor and appears it's growing back. I'm just worried if it grows back similar to how it was it might get destroyed again.

Should I cut my golden rain tree down? It got destroyed in a storm in 2021 and epicormic growth is now coming out were the fallen 2 trunks used to be. Tree still has lots of vigor and appears it's growing back. I'm just worried if it grows back similar to how it was it might get destroyed again. submitted by Charming-Simple6418 to u/Charming-Simple6418 [link] [comments]

2023.05.30 00:05 JIsrael180 Does WB respect its television fans — and do we deserve that respect?

I remember when I was a kid really loving the show Smallville. It could be cheesy at times but the way that the creators cared about the lore, nuanced winks at the audience with symbolism built into even the colors worn by characters or music cues etc., I felt really respected as a fan … and then they dragged that out for 10 freakin seasons! Ten! With 22 episodes a season!! … and I feel like those of us who kept watching at some point lost Warner Brothers’ respect.
This was of course the early 2000s, so 22 episodes a season was pretty damn normal. And many many shows from that era suffered the fate of being dragged out for as long as humanly possible for season after season which was why it had just become an accepted fact that all tv shows would eventually “jump the shark.” The system was built in such a way that the only way these shows could end was if the writing got so bad that people stopped watching, making it almost impossible for a tv show with steady viewers to go out on top (while the writing was still good) unless the actors involved managed to secure a successful career outside of the show in which case the show might receive a mercy killing while still good because its stars could afford to leave it.
Smallville’s actors mostly couldn’t afford to leave it (not for lack of trying). It had good ratings but good ratings by CW standards so most of them weren’t able to use the fame from the show to go do something else, thus the actors wouldn’t let it die and the producers weren’t going to kill their consistent source of money and so the show lived long enough to see itself become kinda bad.
Today. That is not normal for TV. When producing stories based on special effects heavy properties or with big name actors, cable and streaming companies figured out that they could afford to lock those big name actors down and make those shows with budgets on par with big screen movies if instead of committing to 22 episodes a season, with $4 million budgets per episode, they commit to like 8 episodes a season, with $10 million budgets.
With such short seasons the shows were also able to have better writing because they didn’t need to stretch out a story arc over 22 episodes, thus producing a lot of filler episodes, and making the chances of accidentally repeating itself or creating a huge plot hole all the more likely …
But DC has seemed to shrug all these advancements in that industry off. Like any early 2000s show, the Arrowverse shows received 23 episode season orders, and $4 million budgets per episode. They milked that cow for 8 seasons.
Likewise, The Flash and Supergirl got the same treatment. The exhaustion felt by the writers and limited budgets of the shows, was evident on screen.
How frustrating must it be to see a show like The Umbrella Academy, which is far less of a household name than The Flash or Supergirl, be able to tell its stories with $10-7 million budgets per episode, while you’re trying to scratch together enough money to make Martian Manhunter not look like Shrek while working with $4 million per episode on Supergirl?
To live in the television era with quality writing on shows like The Last of Us, The Boys, Barry, Breaking Bad, and you gotta figure out how to write twice the episodes per season of those shows and still compete for the same awards?
The writing and low budgets of the Arrowverse shows , including Supergirl and Smallville, or even Gotham — is kinda insulting to the fans of the comics when one realizes that modern television writing and budgets are now on par with that found in films …
And I can’t really get mad at Warner Brothers because clearly these shows made them a lot of money. Why else would they milk them if they weren’t producing so much milk?
DC fans however happily accepted this treatment — shrugged off the low budgets and painful storytelling, and asked for more.
In an era of some of the finest television ever produced, we fans demanded quantity over quality by accepting shows that we knew for a fact were not doing our favorite characters any kind of justice.
Now, Peacemaker is spectacular and I do hope that it puts an end to these lazy CW shows. But do we deserve it? Have we earned it? Do we deserve to be respected ?
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2023.05.30 00:05 mooplechoople Scrolling in any program is a nightmare

I wanted to give daily driving Linux an honest try and set up dual booting with Windows 11 and Manjaro/KDE Plasma. I like a lot of the features but the lack of smooth scrolling is killing me. Firefox seems to be the only program that tries to implement it but it's a choppy mess. I tried to get used to it and it honestly gave me a headache just browsing Youtube. Moving the browser window around at all (which I do a lot between monitors) makes it even worse for a few seconds. This seems to be an incredibly common problem and there are a thousand different fixes online, but none of the ones I've tried have made it even close to Windows. I wanted to make sure I wasn't insane so I booted back up into Windows and just scrolled up and down Youtube again feeling like I unshackled the weight of a thousand generations.
From what I understand from frantic google searches smooth scrolling just isn't a thing most Linux programs have. Most apps like Steam seem to not even attempt to do it. Chromium apps like Discord try to do it and it ends up making scrolling ungodly slow somehow. (which has apparently been an issue for over a decade and was fixed like 3 months ago but Discord hasnt updated so it doesnt matter how do you people live like this).
I can deal with every other application but I absolutely need it for Firefox. Is there any way to get this working like Windows? I'm willing to try different distros/desktops/whatever I need to do. It's honestly unusable for me as is and I don't think Linux has anything that would convince me to learn to deal with it.
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2023.05.30 00:05 Theconfessor001 The pain of an heartbreak

We speak, talk communicate, If the the world was ending by your hands I would not retaliate Lost in translation while we speak the same language I fantasized about a life where we would’ve escaped it all and ran away something only we could’ve managed But loving you is like being handed a rose, Being so touched and flattered my mind flows Being so blinded by red colors of love, Unaware of the fact that the pigment of the rose is decorated by the thorns that my hands can’t be disposed of. Your love can only be compared to music, I would’ve given you the world, being so addicted to your rytmn but you abused it But I refuse to move on, because I knew all along, that this would just be me crying to another depressive song. Another song I can feel miserable too, Because I find comfort in sadness, and my sadness is you. Trying to love you is like reading a newspaper while it’s on fire, or trying to be loved when your a natural liar, yet it’s our never ending cycle I desire But I can’t find it in me to despise you you find the audacity to look through me like I’m see through Finding ways to beat my mind black and blue for all my secrets only you knew If I decided to leave would you come too? Would you join me, run away to a better life where we would grow up and I would be your future wife, Or would you leave me to be left consumed by the devestaing loneliness Where I cry myself to sleep fantasizing about a life where it’s only us? The wounds that resemble thunder in my veins Watching the storm cluster and light up in flames, but in another life I would’ve taken your last name. But deep down you know, that we are exactly the same, drowning in our thoughts trying to survive, to get across. But the hands pull you down, untill you’re unable to breathe and you drown. But is it worth the extreuxiating pain, Honestly, I would go through it all again. Because no matter where you are, we share the sky, when the suns goes down, you can’t deny. We share the moon, as the music would turn into our tune, we share the afternoon then I hope you realize that soon when it’s mid-June you will think of me, mabye then you’ll see yourself in me in the reflection of the dark drowning sea. Because there will a piece of you in me always, because I see you when I stargaze even tho I was just your phase, you drew memories in my heart I could never erase. Yet you expect me to be fine I’m just a part in your book while your the cover of mine
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2023.05.30 00:04 OscarWoHA Ramblings of a stranger

Whoever’s reading this. I’m battling again. This month has been dark, very dark. I’m not sure what the way out of here looks like, and, honestly, I’m just trying to figure things out like everyone else.
First of all: I wrote to her yesterday, in some desperate attempt to try and reconnect. Obviously, it didn’t work out, but I wasn’t expecting it either just hoping. She showed sympathy and told me about her own struggles and that was it. I’m kinda happy about that, it showed me that she cares but also drew the line of where our future friendship ends.
Hope, or rather the lack thereof, hopelessness, is a deadly combination of depressing feelings. I haven’t lost hope, yet. I still hope for a future, with a beautiful partner, kids, and purpose. I’m just lacking all of those things right now. I can’t make sense of my choices or what I do. They’re all just desperate actions in an attempt to feel accomplishment and pride.
I think that’s part of it too: My pride. I have a fucked up relationship with my pride if I’m gonna be honest. I’ve always been confident, and I still am. I know that I can achieve so fucking much in this life, and I have achieved so fucking much. I just don’t feel like I’ve achieved the things that actually matter to me. Like building close relationships with people that reciprocate the love I give them, and that beats me down.
I’m a very emotionally driven person, and what that means, is that I’m also very sensitive to the lack of good relations. And since I feel like I’ve been mistreated a fair share in my life I also might have a skewed perspective on what a good relationship is. I don’t know. Maybe a good relationship just is what you view it as? We all have different needs, but I for sure don’t feel like I am getting mine met by the people I currently have in my life and that sucks.
I want to make it clear: They’re not bad people. In fact, they are pretty awesome, but they’re also, to me, a little over-the-top. I lack deep relations in my life, which is something I always have depended on. The problem is that those kinds of relations don’t come easy, and are even harder to maintain without becoming too intense or too distant and falling apart.
Some would say those deep relations are with family, and you’re probably right. I just don’t want them to be with family. Family is there to support you when it’s dark, but for me, family is also very intense when I know I need to just live a little bit inside my head. Their fierce way of approaching these problems has become a blocker for me, and it deters me away from reaching out when I need to vent.
I also have some kind of shame attached to this. Not that I’m ashamed to tell anyone I’m struggling, cause I’ve been there before. It’s rather that I’m afraid of facing the actual consequences of the way I’m treating myself and my life. This depressive state is comfortable and gut-wrenching at the same time, and that’s scary. Cause rationally, I know I don’t want to live this way, but part of me actually enjoys this existence. How do I break that spell? I don’t know.
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2023.05.30 00:04 BasalFaulty How do you deal with dread of waiting for the change?

I've been on HrT for a couple of weeks now and while obviously I haven't had any physical changes but I have noticed that I'm more fatigued, forgetful and just get brain fog sometime. I have noticed some changes down there but it's mainly just reduced libido and worse "performance".
But now that I'm on the path to changes and have a million people asking the same questions of have I noticed anything or if there any changes and I just feel worn down with the idea that I'll probably never be happy with how I look, surgery is basically out of the window for most stuff other than bottom surgery as that is the only thing covered under my countries healthcare.
I see some people who look stunning and I get so jealous and can never shake that I'll probably just look like a goblin or troll or something.
Sorry for the rant I just needed to get it out there.
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2023.05.30 00:04 MagisterOfState Help with Lore for Stuff I made up for my use in AIDungeon

It is a story that is goofy as hell since it is made up strictly for my own enjoyment and nothing else. However the concept is salvagable(wouldn't write a book, but I can make a hfy post about it). I just need help on guessing some of the effects of my scenario.
The Lore is Earth in 2022 gets invaded by unnamed aliens I will keep unnamed for literary purposes. By the initial invasion Military bases with missile sites, capitals and AA capabilities are targeted and destroyed, along with all large scale electric production (with exceptions because I wanted a cool dam battle however it went offline so kinda excused) , factories and anything else large enough to be worth a shot, such as dense areas of cities.
Aliens have no interest in studying or contacting humans. They have a systematic procedure to extract resources with as little cost as possible. They set up extracting operations with defences that shoot on sight, and the procedure is satellites and laser guns(all solar powered) watching Earth to detect group behaviour over a certain size (like 20 or something) and killing any percieved leader figures until the group is destroyed, making cooperation essentially impossible and humanity devolving into anarchy.
The stuff that are known to potentially trigger an attack include : Carrying banners, flags also used by other groups People giving things without recieving anything equivalent unless it is through use of force Sticking around together in groups larger than tolerated Radio broadcasting and communication Leaders of smaller groups talking to each other or sending envoys Two small enough groups fighting together. Approaching, scouting or doing anything sus near the mines.
Anyways, the story is set in 2027, after everyone that couldn't find a stable food source(farming, herding, fishing, hunting) without depending on others are dead. My Question is, how many humans would be remaining alive in such a scenario? And what materials would an alien civilization be interested and consider valuable?
As for the story, here it is. There is a guy travelling through Turkey meeting ex Turkish military men that dedicatedly observe the satellites, getting an Iranian missile scientist(with some friends) and a Turkish general that worked in İncirlik Base alongside him, they form a conspiracy to 1) Make anti satellite missiles since existing ones were destroyed during the invasion in the initial invasion and 2) Retake İncirlik base from American soldiers turned bandits to access the nukes there and make additional missiles to deliver them and 3) Destroy the satellites and nuke the shit out of alien mines.
It works. Radio silence is broken. Word spreads like wildfire. Entire humanity begins recreating the old world the best they could, and preparing for another war. Restoration conflicts occur, first between nationalists(restorationists) trying to establish a government against all forms of warlords, bandits, raiders, local leaders, separatists that do not cooperate with self proclaimed authorities. In this stage all self appointed legitimate governments cooperate. I had posted about it in this sub, with Turkey and Greece waging war together (The most unrealistic part, I posted about it here on a previous account) against pirates of the Aegean who are the people of the Greek islands having survived by raiding the mainlanders for the past 5 years. After it comes the skirmishing phase with groups loosely aligned with governments that have moved into other nations territory during anarchy being expelled, often turning into border conflicts but not full scale war, and also alternative self proclaimed governments that come close to fighting. And in the end comes the consolidation phase where pre invasion de facto borders are considered legitimate and actively protected by all governments who become more and more legitimate/democratic with warlordism and local powers mostly passed over. Oil production begins again, and the world rebuilds, preparing to attack the enemy planet and defend when they come.
I plan to end the story with humanity sending a fuck you missile to the planet that is origin of the invasion destroying the life on it, and recieving the same some years later, going extinct apart from few bunkers. As for the aliens, I will not say anything in the story but that planet was just the colonial capital. I was inspired by Belgian colonialism (The part about how they demanded 2 hands for every bullet shot from the soldiers so they don't pay for bullets), and thought what if aliens just wanted to exploit the earth with that much greed.
Didn't go for enslavement trope because machines are more efficient, just thought what aliens would do to take resources without a single fuck given about local life. So basically our part of the galaxy is the Congo except they don't care about labour, the aliens are Belgians, we as humans are just a random tribe that put up considerable resistance, managing to burn down the colonial capital and being wiped out as a result.
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2023.05.30 00:04 justademo Bugs or Disease Damage?

I have a tree that has had three big parts snap off and fall over the last calendar year. One piece was due to a crazy wind storm we had in Nor Cal this year and the others were overgrowth or at least what I thought. Taking a close look and actually break the fallen pieces down, the tree seems too weak to be healthy.
Can anyone identify what is causing this little holes?
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2023.05.30 00:04 bry-fer Worth the price for this 05’ S2K?

Reddit please help. Been on the hunt for an S2K and not sure what is or isn’t a deal breaker. Is this worth $39k? Got them to come down on the price.
Saw this 2005 Honda S2000 on AutoTrader's iPhone app
Added some extra photos of the soft too and under the car in the comments
Btw this is in CAD not USD
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2023.05.30 00:04 exupery2112 What if SOCD eliminates movement inputs?

So i recently made a custom hitbox using my old mayflash f500's pcb and i realized when set to "game" mode, when i input left + right i got neutral but up or down with left + right is still neutral.
So essentially L + R = N and L + R + U/D = N still.
The same occurs with U + D
To me, this would remove all hitbox shortcuts and bring them more inline with pad and stick as the SOCD tricks no longer exist.
Isn't this ideal for the hitbox debate?
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2023.05.30 00:04 Intelligent-Ad9240 What are the trashy places in Albany

Im moving here as a new grad in June and I want to know the most run down places or the most depressing parts of the city. It honestly looks like everything is very run down.
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2023.05.30 00:04 EstrayOne Reinstalling Prepar3D... An experience

Sorry but I just need to vent a little.
After playing MSFS for so long I was itching to fly the 747-8f again and do some cargo hauling which I loved doing. Well after some days of reinstalling all my addons I got everything working again (Active Sky + Cloud Art, ORBX world products and ofcourse the PMDG 747-8f). I didn't have time last week to do a whole flight but this evening I finally had some time to get a full flight in.
ASCA breaks just as I'm about to get ready for pushback. It decides that it can't find my ASP3D anymore and refuses to work.
Weird but ok maybe install an update.
There is no update. Oh wel okay well install the update anyway maybe it'll fix it. It didn't.
Okay uninstall ASCA and reinstall it.
Well now my whole sim is broken it just plays sound and it recognizes my control inputs but it just gives a black screen...
Now I fully remember why I was done with Prepar3D holy shit... Just one hickup and it just shits itself.
I'm done. Back to MSFS and do some calming scenery VFR to calm me down.
That was my rant, thanks for reading.
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2023.05.30 00:04 Friendly-Yogurt-1358 My boyfriend is fraternizing with Saudi Princes and accepting lavish gifts from them

And I’m worried for his safety.
** We just broke up, so he’s now an ex boyfriend - referring to him as bf to make it easier. Throwaway account for obvious reasons. I’m posting here because ultimately his life choices are his own and there’s nothing I can do to get him out of trouble if it arises. **
My bf is a filmmaker based in Mexico City who, lately, parties more than he produces anything. He comes from a well respected family that is wealthy. I’ve come to the conclusion that he is always looking for a way out of doing real work, and has severe discipline and focus issues. Despite this, he has an incredible network in the industry that continues to grow due to his gregarious personality and social skills. He’s working on raising money (I.e., sourcing investors) for a film fund.
His business partner is a flamboyantly gay severe alcoholic and regular coke user, and is out all night every night. Something about him is alluring, though, and he has the skill of showing people a good, memorable time in the city - he cuts long lines, he knows people who know people - and people are drawn to it. Despite this, I have no idea how he makes money, and he owes my bf a huge amount. (My bf is also in debt, and his mom has been paying him large amounts to keep him afloat during this fundraising period.) His business partner somehow became buddies with Saudi princes, who flew him to Saudi Arabia along with a few other people. They just opened movie theaters there, as a way of becoming more “modern”. My bf thinks the princes could be major investors in the fund, and has been prioritizing them in his life by organizing his schedule around potential meetings and parties with them.
Saudi princes. The royal regime. Aka people capable of smuggling drugs, beheading people who cross them, oppressing and literally shitting on women, holding the wealthy hostage. People are not afraid to violate human rights for gain. Are they all like this? Probably not. Would I ever go to Saudi Arabia? Fuck no. Would I ever want to be indebted to a Saudi prince? Fuck. No. Most producers with a brain would turn down money from ethically questionable sources. Investments are not without control/puppet strings.
Supposedly they have all been invited to be flown out and party in Ibiza with them this summer, all expenses paid. My question is - why? What do the princes get out of this situation? Will they ask for a favor later? Of course they will! I don’t expect powerful people to give lavish gifts without expecting a favor in the future. Besides, everything I have read about the parties thrown by Saudi royalty contains 2 elements - cocaine and prostitution. Cocaine use is punishable by beheading in Saudi Arabia, yet princes have gotten away with smuggling cocaine in their private jets and are above the rule of law in most cases.
2 weeks ago, my bf told me that he did coke at an industry dinner with his business partner and writers/producers and plans to do it again, and that I’m not a priority to him - that was my final straw to dump him, so I did. I went to his mom about the situation and found out that she was going to invest a major amount of money in his fund but she’s also concerned about his behavior. We’ve both noticed him getting more aggressive and mean in his comments, and his health getting worse. We are both worried about him. He has said that he’s “beat the game” and talks about how wealthy he will be, while actually doing very little film-wise. Any decent investor with eyes would steer very clear of him and his fund.
When he’s home with family, he enjoys spending time with them, biking, being in nature, going to the movies. He has a good heart.
I’m afraid he’s losing himself in the trappings and false allure of extreme wealth, extreme power, and toxic social ties. I don’t recognize this blinded version of him and I want nothing to do with him anymore.
Now my question for you all - what do you think the princes are getting out of this situation?
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2023.05.30 00:04 Martipar Why is buying a tent so hard?

So it's often easy to narrow down to a couple of brands but not everything is reviewed independently, perfectly good tents that launched only 2 or 3 years ago have been discontinued, if a tent is reviewed there often isn't a video showing it being put up. It's a nightmare. I last bought a tent 10 years ago, I bought a tent for £25 from a stock liquidation and it's been brilliant. I hate it's weight, i hate putting it up, i hate takign it down but the room it offers, the separate porch area and general atmosphere is nice, it's a nice place to be but i'm fed up with spending an hour putting it up in hot weather after queuing to get into a festival. It's not too difficult to get up but once it is up it requires a lot of fiddling to get it just right.
I need a new one and it's really difficult to pick one, there are some that are perfect apart from being too big but there's often no smaller size even though tents i hate have 3 or 4 size options, some reviews say ta tent i like leaks, others say they camped in torrential rain and it was fine, often there's no dedicated, independent tent review site that's looked at a model and said for sure what it's like in inclement weather.

There's no reason to keep changing tent designs so often, surely after centuries of tent making there's a handful of designs that should be the pinnacle of tent design and only subject to minor improvements? The Rover Safety Bicycle was the blueprint for pretty much every bicycle afterwards so why is there not specific tent designs in each category? There's no reason why Vango, Coleman and others shouldn't be producing standard tents that are weatherproof, reasonably priced and easy to pitch.
I shouldn't be wading through unsuitable dome tents or finding ones that are suitable but haven't been sold for 5 years and therefore cannot be obtained new.
i hate tent buying and i hope i don't have to do it again for another decade.
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2023.05.30 00:04 fragileego3333 Brain fog and socializing.

I had a psychiatrist for a bit and was on medication (started at 24) but stopped a few months ago (I kind of missed my old self, I did try multiple medications/dosages). As soon as I stopped things were great. But I don’t know what happened, I ended up developing this intense brain fog that is affecting everything and it’s not something I can explain to people, in the moment, without sounding crazy. I have had it before but it seriously is tangible now and I’m kinda freaking out.
Recently, I feel less and less like I’m actually present and the brain fog has spiked through the roof. The main issues with this: I live a very social, active life. My two jobs are in customer service. On the side I work at a concert venue getting people hype with tickets and posters. Every shift at my job I have is terrifying to me now because anytime a coworker talks to me (they all do, it’s a social job) I literally do not know what’s happening. Granted, I’m working (at a major coffee shop chain…you know the stories) so I find it difficult to talk. But guys, I don’t know what’s happening to me. Plus, I can’t talk to customers beyond “how are you” because my brain literally goes blank. I have been referring to monkey with cymbals.
I used to say I had social anxiety but that’s like, just not it. I’m not anxious (about this). My brain just goes dead. It acts like the person I’m speaking with is a movie. Like I don’t actually have to respond. And sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I have to ask them to repeat what they said. And 99% of the time, I am not saying anything about myself, or even being kind enough to them to show full interest. Sometimes I’ll just say something that actually doesn’t make sense. The coworkers I’ve had for 8 months do not know who I am — BUT I DON’T WANT IT TO BE THAT WAY! It sucks. I like people. I live my life with community in mind, mainly because I can’t handle myself lol. I’m 25 and have had issues with loneliness my entire life. I have two very very close friends which I am so grateful for, but I’m legitimately concerned I’ve turned into a weirdo, a psychopath or something. Like I know I’m not but my brain makes me seem that way and I’m concerned about what my coworkers (and everyone else) think of me. I am forgetful and it took me months to get used to the job (still not) and that on its own freaks me out — add on the fact I don’t even feel comfortable around the people I’m with.
Doesn’t just happen at work, but that’s what I care about because I’ve been trying to do well in everything I do and my job life has been a mess, no career after graduating college. The least I’d want is an ability to still be myself, be silly, inquisitive, ask questions…but I don’t know what’s going on right now. I’m in therapy but my therapist thinks I need CBT — I don’t. I need a full on lobotomy.
I wish I was mute. So I had an excuse to just write responses down. That I can do. I just can’t talk.
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2023.05.30 00:03 RugerRed Morgans knows about Imu now

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2023.05.30 00:03 R4RWisconsin 44 [M4F] Wisconsin looking for online chat and maybe more…

44 male looking to chat with a lady in the Midwest. I’m currently going through a divorce after a two year dead bedroom. Looking to try and meet a friend and see where it goes.
I am a college educator and also work a small business. I like to read a wide variety of subjects - from horror to nonfiction.
I like to laugh so a big fan of comedies. Mitch Hedberg is my favorite stand up comic and I still love cartoons.
I like techno music, 90s alternative, and jam bands. I love going to live shows. I’m down to listen to country or rap, just depends on the mood.
I’m 6 feet tall, have reddish hair with some gray. I have hazel eyes and a “dad bod”, but working to get into better shape. One of these activities is biking, which I love doing during the summer. I take care of my mental health and personal health. Not particularly religious but I am spiritual.
Other things I like- the paranormal, exploration, games, science, stargazing, cards, and good conversation. 420 friendly.
Like I said, I’m currently going through a divorce and looking to close that chapter of my life and start a new one. Maybe you and I can connect and talk. I would most like to chat with a 38-50 year old, mature, professional, responsible, and kind lady.
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