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2023.06.10 02:26 Skye_Lumitar Garen sitting on his tower

This thing can sit on his tower refusing to trade at all, you cannot dive to get plates under his tower because he can 100/50 you with a combo lvl 3, cannot poke due to his passive, cannot leave lane because once you try to roam he'll easily eat entire waves with the spin while building 3 tank items due to his absurd dmg ratio and get plates faster than a yorick, can't leave lane can't trade nothing besides farming yet he'll scale harder than you (a garen with Sunfire Bramble and steelcaps is impossible to kill with ult as Fiora, I tried and I had 4 items, the dmg reduction is braindead alongside his MS, you try to fight he'll run away you cannot ever chase him succesfully) overall he'll scale for free, being way more useful to his team or sitting like a rock in any line that you try to split denying your most valuable job, you can split as fast as you cna he'll spin on two waves and clear them all, your split is pointless against him, Malphite is a joke compared to this thing building Steelcaps and bramble is able to trade you and outdamage you on early, with ZERO AD items, still wondering why guys like Malph are considered hard counters when things like this exist in the game, at least Sett is glass cannon because he needs BOTRK, Garen is unkillable while outdamaging you bulding zero AD items until he has 3 tank items
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2023.06.08 18:20 SRGMaster64 Thoughts on Statikk Shiv Rush?

I’ve been having a lot of trouble against splitpushing champs like sion and yorick. So I started rushing statikk shiv first item to help counter their wave clear early and help clear hull breaker buffed minions late game.
I usually build statikk shiv > attack speed boots > riftmaker and anything after riftmaker is situational ap items. The omnivamp from riftmaker also makes each statikk shiv proc heal for a decent amount in the mid-late game (about 200-400 hp from what ive seen)
Im still silver currently and almost anything works in low elo so Im not sure if this build seems viable in higher elos. So thats why im posting this just to see what you guys think about this build and see if theres anyway it could be improved.
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2023.06.06 12:49 ParadisePrime Juggernaut items dont feel good. Ideas for change.

Edit: I should have mentioned but I ONLY play Illaoi mid. I just cant stand top lane. Its far too wide and long of a lane and its so disconnected that by the time you get to the point where they have to start paying attention to you, the rest of the map already got the towers and looking to team fight and end. I can just outpush 90% of laners and sit on the side of the tower and just proc demolish. If they try and jump me, I ER and most likely they either die or are too low to stay. Being able to mess up back timings with E is also great. I can start soaking pressure by being so close to the tower and between 2 lanes. It's about choking out the other laner and forcing an interaction with multiple enemies. Top just takes too long to scale and splitting isnt rewarded enough. Juggernauts need to be able to start soaking pressure faster. Turning online sooner so in the situation where they get fed, their use will be in being able to warp the game around them first being a raid boss when solo and a body guard for when they are with their team.
Team fighting should be more of a strong point for juggernauts but it requires so much that you have to be uber fed to fight an organized team. You just get outscaled unless you can end before 24 minutes then. You lack the utility of a tank and the mobility of a diver. You have all the damage you need but no way to be useful outside of that. There's a reason we are seeing things like Redemption Urgot and while I think its an interesting change, I dont think they should be forced to play only team fight to win as split pushing should be honored more.
I also think health stacking is a signature juggernaut thing to do. The fantasy of coming in and dominating with 5k health. You run your targets down and demand space. Juggernauts feel also involves the lane and the lack of ability to affect the map and I think mapl changes need to be done to fix this feel. Something like moving up the 2 towers to the river edges similar to mid lane so there is less space and more violence for lack of a better term. The secondary towers would need to also be moved up. It would also make the ranged tops far more easier to fight since there is less space for them to run. If left alone, you can choke out resources with demolish while they attempt to last hit under tower if you have decent wave clear.
Titanic at least finds some play with 2 bruisers but I've seen it on ranged champs more like Vayne and Zeri with the occasional Kog. Spirit Visage is actual hot ass. The effect just doesnt feel great and there are better MR options. I propose add an enhanced effect to both of them if champions hit stat thresholds like Warmogs. Juggernaut items also lack a lot of satisfaction and have a hard time living up to their fantasy. Especially the weirder juggernauts like Yorick/Illaoi. They are all just stat sticks with little utility. While I think Juggernauts having overall less utility is a class defining trait, I do think we can give a few options for those that want more utility so I also propose a change for other items.
I use Bonus Health and the phrase, " or when not near any allies" to signify a, "buffed state", where you are alone and get enhanced effects because of this. This is to reinforce the 1vX playstyle. Come around late game, when you have a lot more bonus health, you can start joining up with your team as you have enough bonus health to keep your effects up going when with your team. It gives incentive to be a pressure engine and force people to contest you or else.


This item is great at early pushing but the build path can be kinda meh but isnt the worse. Ability Haste is very important and so it should build our of a long sword and its price go to 1250. It would also get 10 ability haste.
Total 1300

Titanic Hydra

Total 2800
  1. Passive: The exact same before the stat threshold. At 900 bonus health or when not near any allies, apply the waves to abilities.
Reason: Only juggernauts are getting that much bonus health usually and the few cases that do get this are often forgoing damage. Juggernauts get off insane damage with low AD because that's how they function. Conditional high damage. This would let juggernauts dish out more AoE damage in team fights and have a big more output all around so it doesnt feel awful if they cannot focus down their target.

Spirit Visage

This item is yikes. The passive sounds great especially after GW made healing on Juggernauts practically useless but doesnt affect users like Vlad and to lesser extent heal supports because of how the healing is done over time, rather than in bursts. GW buff made healing feel awful and building for it feel awful. I think Spirit Visage should be a pseudo counter to GW but not fully counter it.
Total 3000
  1. New Effect: When reduced down to 25% health, remove and become immune to grievous wounds for X seconds.
  2. Passive: At 1000 bonus health or when not near any allies, apply this effect at 50% health instead.
Reason: GW feels awful to fight against as a juggernaut. Considering you still have to look into building Damage/Health/CDDouble resists to survive if you are on the slower side like Illaoi or you go for a more high damage build and trying to cosplay a naruto run with ghost/Phase Rush. This can let you turn the tides if you time your big healing rotations right. For example with Illaoi, it may be best to fight until low then R to surprise them.

Spectre's Cowl

This item has lost its place and needs a new purpose. It will now build into Force of Nature, replacing Winged Moonplate
Total - 1000
  1. New Effect: Enemies that hit you with abilities are slowed by 5%.
Reason: The old Spectre's Cowl had no use. It felt awful to but and 99% of the time you want to go negatron cloak. I think This change can give the item a new identity as a utility tank item that can help with early fights. Like thorn mail but no damage.

Force of Nature - MR Tank mythic

This item got changed recently and honestly, I am not for it as were many tank mains. Now I do think this item succeeded in the satisfaction department because of how strong it was when you got it. Even though it was just numbers, the effect was so strong that you could visibly see the damage get effectively nullified. This wasnt fun for mages so it was changed and right to have been but this version now lacks satisfaction. I think we should make this a utility item.
Total 3100
  1. New Effect: Champions that hit you with magic damage are slowed by 10% for X amount of seconds.
  2. Passive: At 1100 bonus health or when not near any allies, Every 5 spells that you are hit by, gain a magic shield scaling off your bonus health.
Reason: This would be utility that both tanks could use to close the distance. Once you get to that late game point, you can more reliably tank shots. Something like this could let juggernauts who want to be more tanky and still want utility go.


This item has seen better days. Right now its pretty ok but is being over shadowed by the assassins mythics. This item has anti satisfaction built right in. It feels awful to build this with the intent to split but then realizing you now need to group and now have a shitty item on you. It feels awful to sell as well and adds to your potential bounty. I am not saying remove all its restrictions but lets lighten up on them.
Total Unchanged
  1. New Passive: At 1000 bonus health or when not near any allies, Keep your resists when near your team mates but lose the enhanced minion.
Reason: Already mentioned above


Because GW is so common now, I think we can bring back pre gutted phage, back when Steraks gave AD.


Similarly to Phage, I would much rather have a scaling shield based on champions near by than tenacity that activates towards end of your rotation, where it is least useful.


This baby needs some real love. Imma keep it simple.
Reason: This would mean that tanks/juggs become harder to kill and can sustain through fights if no one gets GW. The difference is that Tanks wouldnt really grab the new Spirit Visage as they dont really have any in kit healing so GW will still affect them heavily. As for Juggernauts, GW will not be nearly as much of a threat since they are more likely to get Spirit Visage to make that all in very strong. If a juggrenaut cant guarantee a kill or severe damage when they are in their optimal range then they lose their purpose. Surviving helps with that and spirit visage+warmogs could be a powerful team fight combo.

Let me know if im stupid.
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2023.06.06 09:07 snappy_snake Keystones with positive win rate for each top-laner

I love numbers, and so should you, so here we go!
This a list of all the current top-laners that have at least 50.00%+ win rate on their keystone (the data is from the last 30 days):
Now to conclusions.
For me, the biggest thing to take out of this, is that, if you are one-tricking somethng like Olaf, Shen or Dr. Mundo, that most likely means, that you should always try a to get your pick before the enemy top-laner chooses their champion, because you don't want to end up in a matchup where even changing your runes won't do you any good. (Shards are only exception, you should obviously pick MR shards against poke heavy AP-based damage dealer.)
And then there is the opposite side of the coin, so champions like Yorick, Teemo and Singed, that are in the opposite kind of situation. Even if they end up first picking their champion, and get hard countered by the enemy top-laner, you can customize your runes the way they will most likely help you to survive the laning phase.
And lastly, I think champions who have at least 5 or more positive keystone win rate, are probably vastly more open for theorycrafting possibilities. You can't exactly do much "thinking-outside-the-box" with champions like Dr. Mundo, who can only build Grasp.
Let me know your thoughts on this.
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2023.05.30 16:24 Easy_Kaleidoscope673 Good champion pool for aatrox player?

I usually play jungle and top just went down from plat 1 to 2 and kinda new to laning and I love aatrox like look at these... but then aatrox can't get rid of those 1v1 engage monsters like olaf, irelia, jax and pantheon (in my skill level) if I make 1 mistake on kiting both all in and poking... so What top champions counter these? I'm thinking on playing warwick, yorick? or am I playing against them wrong? I do try to dry them at range and then engage at somepoint but jesus these mosnter just press 1 engage and beat the shit out of me with AAs on 100% vs 50%.
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2023.05.25 22:28 Smelly_Ape2536 Yorick counters?

Hi I’m here to learn about what are yoricks biggest weaknesses, because no offense to anyone but I just don’t like playing against this champ. I want to understand what champions are good into him, at what point in the match he shines, and when he is at his weakest. Thank you for your feedback in advance.
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2023.05.24 10:05 Bvkejfc Yorick jungle

So I've been working on this for a while now and it's possible others here know of it, ever sense the jungle rework back at the start of the season, but in all honesty Yorick jungle is back. You can start at pretty much any camp but I advise wolves, reason being is if you do it right, you can get three ghouls to tank for you through the rest of the cleamost of the clear, runes you can go either movement speed, tanky, dps, etc, but I advise a mix of tank and dps, Ie conq and resolve, but ghost is a must. From there you powerfarm/gank till 6. From there like usual but with your maiden you dont have to worry about being careful on your last hits with Q as she helps dps things down, and summons ghouls. You then first item titanic/Ravenous as it helps keep you health, clear good, and dps. From there I went into Yomu's, then Grudge, into Deadmans, and Chemtank with blue jungle smite, I was hella fast, honestly I was too fast as I often left my maiden and ghouls behind and when I went in too fast things got a little dicey until they could arrive. So perhaps a different smite is in order. You want to be fast enough to be able to get in front of them to put your wall down, and force them to doge around into your E, or get close enough to ensure your E into wall, either or works. Early game you powerfarm till Maiden, then you start spam ganking. A high cc toplane/support is great but anything really works. Mid game you bully the enemy jungler as much as possible as you can clear much faster then him so easy to steal camps, as well as do some minor split pushing, remember you arent a laner you're a jungler so pushing too hard can have consiqunces for a laner. Then late you revert to old yorick tatics, split push/counter gank or invade teamfights from behind. Your dps and movement speed essentially makes like Kayne, you get in, kill the backline, you leave, or you make your way forward. Apologies if this is all over the place, adhd plus coming down from the rush of the games I had.
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2023.05.21 18:00 Legatt Ban and Backup for Bronze

Hey, I've been stuck in bronze 1 trying to primarily focus on Yorick. I need help with:
  1. A consistent ban for Bronze. I know the advice is always irelia but TBH tryndamere stomps me MUCH more often. Different bans (bronze/silver appropriate) or advice for trynd are welcome.
  2. A good backup for Yorick if he's banned or picked first. Ideally one that can counter him if he's picked but not strictly necessary. Mundo has filled the braindead HP void Tahm Kench's nerf left behind. I also enjoy Lillia, Nasus, and way back in the day, Renekton, but none seem to have Yorick's massive push potential or ability to obliterate a backline with an E when fed.
Truth is, in his current state, I feel like Yorick is too powerful to be in the game unless I'm playing him. But people have learned to counter the shovel brother. Halp.
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2023.05.15 21:32 DomFakker37 Potential counters?

Hello! I just started playing Yorick and I think it's an absolutely awesome champ! May I ask the Yorick veterans, what champs are the biggest counters for Yorick? So far I've been struggling in Yone matchups.
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2023.05.11 00:51 Organic_Ad_4294 Need help understanding this champ.... And any tips welcomed

Wanted to learn Yorick cause he always seemed like a fun champ and i got bored with other top laners. Not competitive so take that in mind.
I don't really understand how matchups on this champion goes. To be fair I've face some very aggressive counters (or what I see as counters) like Jax and Renekton. Not to mention 3 of the 5 games I played I got hard camped. But then there are other champs like gragas that I don't think I was doing bad against, the fights were pretty even along with the CS numbers. Then at some point I messed up in a fight with him i guess, died, and then couldn't do anything for the rest of the game.
Is Yorick a champ that that just sucks early on and i have to take a huge farm deficit? Because i did that against a Yasuo and all that happened was he free farmed the whole time and locked me out of anything. Luckily that same game the whole enemy team went mid to push and i ended up taking 4 towers and the win somehow. So again, do i just bite the bullet early and hard split the whole game?
If you guys have any general tips on how Yorick plays, or a recommended item build, I'm all ears.
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2023.05.10 14:41 Filipino-Asker Bat madami masyadong iyakin, maingay, at di mabuhat na kakampi sa League of Legends?

During Wednesday po madami na po yung kunwari matalino pero wala naman pong laman yung ulo nila.
Match 1: Nag Support po ako at Nakuha ko nagpapakain na split pusher Yorick (nanaman, nagrereklamo yung iba na i-buff daw si Yorick pero gagawin lang nila magpapakain at push lane), wala po siyang ginagawa kundi push lang ng push wala naman na babasag. Auto-fill na jungle na maingay, iyakin, at panay bingtang ng bingtang eh siya yung wala naman laman, at ezreal nag flash tapos nag heal di naman namatay yung Ashe, nasa harap pa niya si Ashe. Si Xerath lang Magaling at ako yung Support, ayaw nila mag forfeit ng maaga tapos nag forfeit na nila yung napatay ni Xerath lahat tapos nag AP Karma ako.

Match 2: Si Yasuo panay pakain at all chat, Si Tahm Kench di marunong at pinapakain si Skarner Top, Si lux naman di tinatama yung root, naka 7-0 ako as tank pero tank lang kaya ko gawin, masyadong napakain yung adc nila, nakuha ko pa yung objectives.

Match 3: Di alam ni Yone paano magkatarina, natatakot sa katarina, YUNG COUNTER LANG SA KATARINA ay yung knives na naglaland sa floor, pag kinuha ni katarina yun may free dash agad siya, natatakot si yone na lumapit eh lalayuan lang niya yung knife tas maingay pa, Si Garen naman masyadong play safe, di niya mapatay yung jayce bago siya sumakit, Si nami at jinx masyadong pinakain si Miss Fortune.

Ano po meron ngayon bat ganun mga kasama ko? Dinadalawahan ko sila as jungle pero palpak naman sila. Wednesday, May 10, 2023.
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2023.05.08 18:46 eXtreme206 The Worst Matchups in League of Legends

To find out what the biggest counter picks per role are, i tried to normalize the winrate for each matchup by factoring in the overall winrate of the champions involved, so it can roughly be compared against each other. To have a better sample size, this includes data from multiple patchs, but generally speaking this shouldnt be a big factor for most matchups. Only matchups with at least 10000 games are included. Data was taken from u.gg (Ranked, Plat+, all regions).
So what are the worst possible matchups you could play? The tables below show the champion and its counterpick (with their overall winrate in brackets) and how often the matchup was played and what the actual winrate (for the first named champion) was in the end. Since most of the matchups are from Top Lane, i added separate tables for other roles

Top 25

Rank Champion Counter Lane Games Winrate
1 malphite (51.58%) sylas (49.62%) top 45754 44.79%
2 yorick (48.78%) irelia (49.83%) top 17589 41.90%
3 drmundo (50.84%) gwen (49.66%) top 18137 44.85%
4 rammus (51.28%) lillia (49.54%) jungle 12647 45.68%
5 illaoi (50.32%) yorick (48.78%) top 20062 45.60%
6 tryndamere (49.76%) malphite (51.58%) top 22455 42.80%
7 vladimir (50.41%) malzahar (50.22%) mid 29493 44.78%
8 irelia (49.83%) warwick (51.02%) top 11522 43.61%
9 malphite (51.58%) sion (50.21%) top 61487 45.96%
10 renekton (48.09%) illaoi (50.32%) top 20679 42.83%
11 malzahar (50.22%) aurelionsol (50.52%) mid 19684 44.58%
12 drmundo (50.84%) irelia (49.83%) top 16448 45.80%
13 irelia (49.83%) jax (50.25%) top 55827 44.56%
14 chogath (50.40%) gwen (49.66%) top 12983 45.66%
15 malphite (51.58%) drmundo (50.84%) top 23916 45.63%
16 kayle (50.17%) irelia (49.83%) top 16276 45.36%
17 garen (49.72%) kayle (50.17%) top 16546 44.70%
18 kayle (50.17%) nasus (50.21%) top 16965 45.08%
19 malphite (51.58%) chogath (50.40%) top 34465 46.19%
20 sion (50.21%) gwen (49.66%) top 35056 45.68%
21 alistar (49.68%) swain (48.98%) support 11331 45.84%
22 quinn (51.89%) malphite (51.58%) top 10645 45.45%
23 volibear (47.77%) jax (50.25%) top 13562 43.00%
24 tristana (51.63%) yasuo (48.96%) mid 10376 47.74%
25 jayce (49.39%) rengar (52.16%) top 17575 42.85%

Other Roles:


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 rammus (51.28%) lillia (49.54%) 12647 45.68%
2 lillia (49.54%) kindred (50.45%) 16365 44.81%
3 sejuani (49.34%) lillia (49.54%) 15175 45.57%
4 masteryi (50.53%) elise (51.31%) 30643 45.38%
5 elise (51.31%) amumu (51.33%) 24847 46.20%
6 masteryi (50.53%) shaco (49.92%) 29205 46.85%
7 sylas (48.50%) poppy (49.66%) 13067 45.51%
8 lillia (49.54%) rengar (50.45%) 11353 45.87%
9 zac (51.25%) lillia (49.54%) 21678 48.46%
10 diana (49.12%) masteryi (50.53%) 34248 45.55%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 vladimir (50.41%) malzahar (50.22%) 29493 44.78%
2 malzahar (50.22%) aurelionsol (50.52%) 19684 44.58%
3 tristana (51.63%) yasuo (48.96%) 10376 47.74%
4 zoe (50.57%) malzahar (50.22%) 11003 45.70%
5 aurelionsol (50.52%) fizz (50.42%) 41072 45.67%
6 akshan (52.29%) yasuo (48.96%) 22063 48.83%
7 leblanc (47.74%) malzahar (50.22%) 19778 43.56%
8 syndra (48.96%) katarina (49.62%) 47232 45.25%
9 kassadin (51.12%) tristana (51.63%) 23827 45.51%
10 zed (49.48%) malphite (51.99%) 37993 43.74%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 nilah (51.92%) xayah (51.04%) 26554 46.43%
2 twitch (51.60%) nilah (51.92%) 15433 46.01%
3 sivir (49.97%) twitch (51.60%) 28359 45.28%
4 tristana (50.76%) nilah (51.92%) 15146 45.83%
5 samira (50.57%) nilah (51.92%) 37054 45.81%
6 samira (50.57%) veigar (52.39%) 12485 45.46%
7 samira (50.57%) xayah (51.04%) 159794 47.00%
8 jinx (51.10%) yasuo (50.48%) 10716 48.35%
9 jinx (51.10%) ziggs (51.74%) 12026 47.13%
10 ziggs (51.74%) kaisa (50.07%) 13810 49.54%


Rank Champion Counter Games Winrate
1 alistar (49.68%) swain (48.98%) 11331 45.84%
2 morgana (49.13%) twitch (48.45%) 10959 46.66%
3 nautilus (49.98%) taric (52.48%) 21088 43.85%
4 nautilus (49.98%) rell (52.29%) 16466 44.12%
5 leona (49.46%) morgana (49.13%) 29719 46.97%
6 velkoz (50.75%) yuumi (47.79%) 13706 49.50%
7 xerath (50.51%) yuumi (47.79%) 33376 49.34%
8 yuumi (47.79%) nautilus (49.98%) 81641 44.73%
9 amumu (51.68%) braum (49.59%) 10653 48.76%
10 velkoz (50.75%) pyke (50.28%) 12623 47.32%
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2023.05.05 06:55 nubzeta Overall help

(English its not my first language so maybe i will write some itens names wrong)
Hello, ive been playing Poppy for around two seasons, got almost 700K mastery and most of the time i played casual games with her but in the last 6-9 months i started to play ranked games with poppy, most of them are flex because i was too afraid to play soloqueue alone. Nowadays i play with her both Solo/Duo and Flex (i still play more flexq because i play with 2 friends that are way lower elo than i so i cant queue soloq) Now that i am playing ranked i want to "carry with Poppy" i know that she is supposed to protect the actual carrys but in low elo you cant trust in your supposed carrys. Im playin around high silver to gold in BR servers so its possible to almost anything carry. I play top and jg, i always go to DS (rarely to IBG or Jak'sho) cuz this item is ultra busted but i dont know how to play to carry, example: Most of the times that i got fed i build DS but after that i dont really know what to build, i mean if its obvious i go to the obvious, like if they have a lot of AA champs i go to bramble (the legendary version that i dont know the english name), if they have lots of meele AD champs i go to frozen heart etc etc but when its not THAT obvious i dont really know what to build. People always say that if you are ahead you go to damage so i build steraks or black cleaver but sometimes this dont feels like the right choice. Long story short, i need item tips to carry. Another topic is the mid/late game, i mean i have a good micro but my macro sucks sometimes, ive lost a lot of games because i dont know how to engage if the enemy is not on a wall or i lost because i was bot (i mean i know that i was dumb as hell here but i didnt play league for almost a month when i did this so go easy on me). I need tips against some match ups on toplane and some in jg too. Im not gonna talk about obvius Poppy caunters like Darius and Olaf. I feel so weak when im against Mordekaiser, Yorick and Gangplank, those champs seems to just outdamage and/or outtank Poppy without any efforts, even against some champs that im supposed to counter as a Poppy i dont feel that confidence on Poppy, like Fiora lanephase, its supposed to poppy stomps her but i dont really feel like it is. In jg i am can play normally almost all the matchups, except for 2: Master Yi (my perma ban on jg, ik that is a low elo moment but still) and Shaco, those two stress me out when im against them.
Overall, i need tips of how to carry on build, how to engage (i know that depends in a lot of things like both team comps where we fighting if the carry is fed etc etc) and when splitpush (ik that depends on lot of things too but if you have a tip i will gladly read and try on my ranked games). Hope everything is understable here. Im gonna read all the comments too, so feel free to write a whole bible that i will read everything.
Some useful links:
Poppy highlight (i did this in like 10 minutes, its just a bunch of clips and legends never die) I can play this mecanically well like 7 of 10 games so yeah i like i said my micro is good but my macro as a Poppy sucks, splitpush fights etc.
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2023.04.29 21:23 Fast_as_a_sloth Yorick, From League of Legends

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2023.04.27 18:27 JackWills94 Champion Mastery - a statistical analysis of 1M+ games

Champion Mastery - a statistical analysis of 1M+ games
  • Of the 1 million + Gold-ish Ranked Solo Queue games I looked at...
  • 20% of players were on Champs they had less than 10k Mastery on.
  • Under 10k Mastery has a 44% win rate vs. 51.5% for over 10k.
  • This impact changes depending on your Champion, there's pretty graphics below plus a full table here: MASTERY IMPACT BY CHAMPION
  • ADC/Supports saw the least impact with their Mastery levels, Jungle saw the most
  • There was a Heimerdinger with over 19 million Mastery.

Champion Mastery - a statistical analysis of 1M+ games

Hi, I'm Jack J (Twitter) and last week I wrote an article about how to win the drafting phase in solo queue. Of all the factors I studied, from counter picking to the average Champion win rates, Mastery was above and beyond the best indicator of a game’s outcome. Actually, to be more accurate; it was the lack of Mastery that made all the difference.
So, today I have decided to unpack this single metric in more detail. How is Mastery distributed? What impact does it have? Does this change per Champion? How about per role? Today, we deep dive into Champion Mastery.

An Introduction to Mastery
To begin, let’s get a broad feel for it. Mastery is gained every single game and how much you receive depends on these four factors; result, performance, game length, current mastery. Win a long game where you perform well and are playing a Champion you have a high Mastery on and you’ll get more points than vice-versa.
Although I struggled to find a concrete number, to give you some perspective it’s roughly in the region of 100-300 for a loss and 900-1100 for a win; averaging ~600 a game.

A Summary of the Data
Data Note: all statistics mentioned from here refer to a dataset of just over 1,000,000 Ranked Solo Queue games on patch 13.7, roughly equally split between NA, EUW and KR. The Elo is around Gold (some high Silvesome low Plat games)
The distribution of Champion Mastery is highly spread, with an immense right tail. The highest Champion Mastery was 19,322,661. A notorious Heimerdinger player (OP.GG) called “GeT CoN TRollED”, who apparently exclusively runs TP/Heal whilst manually clicking their abilities.
The mean was 141,877, however the median was only 41,322, a significant difference. If you have some experience in statistics, you’d have expected this variance, since the extreme long-tail outliers (like our friend GeT CoN TRollED) will pull the average way up; whilst not impacting the median nearly as much.
For the graph below I cut the distribution at 250,000 to allow more focus on the grand majority of the players which are found in the sub-50,000 Mastery bracket. However, the tail continues, decreasing slowly until that final stub at 19,322,661.
Distribution of Champion Mastery
To put this into context, around 20% of all players were on Champions they had less than 10,000 Mastery on and just under 11% were on sub-5,000.

The Impact on Win Rates

From our new dataset, let’s recreate the graph from the original article that illustrates the impact this Mastery has on win rates:

Mastery impact on Win Rates
What we can see is that for those players who played a Champion they had sub-10k Mastery on, the average win rate is around 44%. As soon as you go above 10k, the win rate hits 50% and above. After this sudden increase from 44% to 50%, the remaining gain is very slight for every additional 10k.
NOTE: If this doesn’t seem like it adds up, which to me it didn’t: 20% of the players games had a 44% win rate due to sub-10k mastery, the remaining 80% had a 51.5% win rate: (0.2 * 0.44) + (0.8 * 0.515) = 50%, as expected.
The point at which players moved from below to above 50% win rate was around the 12,000 Mastery mark. This is very close to the point at which you get the flashable Level 4 (12,600). Whether Riot intended this or not, I am not sure. Using our broad estimate of 600 Mastery per game, that’s around 20 games of experience before you are no longer dragging down your win chance with the Champion.
Interestingly, players on Champion’s with over 1M Mastery had a 51.73% win rate, whilst those between 50K-1M had the ever-so-slightly higher value of 51.77%. It’s far too small of a difference to be statistically significant, however it’s the lack of improvement that is interesting for these Champion aficionados. The obvious explanation is that these players play a majority of their games on a single Champion, and they also play a lot. What this means is that their elo has stabilised around it’s “true” value. If they played any other Champion they’d almost certainly lose a lot more, so the Mastery is more reflected in the variance between Champion win rates, instead of the raw value.

The variance between Champions

A common question I get asked about my work into Mastery is: how does this impact different Champions?
First, let me explain the methodology for the rankings below. We need to account for the base win rate of a Champion, i.e. K’Sante top had a 44% win rate this patch, if someone had 100k Mastery and a 49% win rate we want to adjust from his base, not say “it’s still less than 50% therefore Mastery is useless”.
So, I bucketed Champion’s into three categories, chosen to allow for enough data for most Champions whilst also demonstrating a significant change:
  • Low: <10k
  • Medium: 10k-100k
  • High: 100k+
I then took their average win rates for each and calculated the ratio between Low and Medium, and High and Medium. For instance, if a Champion had a 45% win rate when sub-10k Mastery, and 50% for 10k-100k, the Low ratio will be 0.9 (0.45 / 0.50).
NOTE: This isn’t the only approach to this question, it’s just the one I chose that works fairly well.
From here, I ranked each by their Low Mastery and High Mastery ratios to create a leaderboard in each role. I then assigned the roles based on play rates.
Here is a full list of all the results: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1avgTSdh0eD39jGbni6ybGTcrlYeUrw7SsJA_60j3fz4/edit?usp=sharing
Champion Difficulty
Let’s start with which Champion’s suffer the most when you have low Mastery. The other way to look at this is these are the Champion’s that are the hardest to pick-up the first time you play them.
Personally, I found a few of these obvious (K’Sante, Riven, Ivern) and a few of them surprising (Nunu, Yuumi & Senna).
HARDEST Champions to Win with LOW Mastery
Next, which Champion’s win rates are impacted the least when players are first timing (i.e. the easiest to pick-up). Again, some obvious ones but I was surprised to see Ryze, Vayne and Fiora here.
EASIEST Champions to Win with LOW Mastery
Skill Ceiling
Now, the same method except we’re looking at which Champion’s have the least increase in their win rate when going from 10k-100k to 100k+. In other words, the Champion’s with the lowest skill ceiling.
Interestingly, top is mostly tanks, whilst support was mostly enchanters. All the “low ceiling” mid-laners were AP, even when looking way past the top 5.
LOWEST Improvement with HIGH Mastery
We can then look at the highest improvement with 100k+ Mastery, which we could call the “high skill-ceiling” Champions. I agree entirely with the mid-lane, although again was surprised to see Nunu to be both #1 hardest to pick-up and #1 highest skill ceiling as a jungler.
HIGHEST Improvement with HIGH Mastery
Again, here are the full results:

Variances by Lane

Whilst creating these tables I noticed something odd. There were fairly major differences between the impacts depending on the lane. Some lanes were, on average, showing greater gains from Mastery than others.
Variance of Mastery impact on Win Rate by lane
What I found was that Jungle had both the lowest win rate when the player was on a low Mastery Champion AND had the highest win rate with high Mastery. ADC was the flipside to this, with far less impact seen in their win rate if Mastery was either very low, or very high. In other words, for Jungle it mattered significantly more than for ADCs how experienced the player was on the Champion.
I won’t argue whether this is reflective of the difficulty or impact of the respective roles, however it is a bizarre behaviour that could be looked into (just not by me, at least not today).

Data Limitations

As with all data analysis, there are limitations to be aware of. Simply to be kept in mind, but also areas of future exploration. I list a few that came to mind here:
  • If certain Champions have a tendency to attract smurfs (1v5 penta-friendly Champions) then it can inflate low-Mastery win rates, since the player has likely put many more hours in on the Champion on another account.
  • The Mastery data we sourced is a static look at the player, since this is the easiest to get hold of. Some players may have 10k Mastery over 2 days (i.e. spammed 20 games in a row on the Champion), whilst others may have 10k over 5 years, playing the Champion a few times each season. The difference between these win rates, I expect, would be drastic.
  • Certain Champion’s may attract one-tricking more than others, which will change the make-up of the average player and their win rates. This could impact the win rates within the large buckets, such as 100k+, since some Champions may have lots of OTP’s with 1M+ Mastery (Yorick), whilst others may have mostly fairly average Mastery between 100k-150k and very few OTPs (Malphite).
(A special thank you to Collin (Twitter) for designing the table graphics for me!)
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2023.04.26 18:18 Interesting_Figure_2 WHATS WRONG WITH YORICK AND HOW CAN WE IMPROVE? PART 1

I am going to be writing a multi post breakdown of the current yorick position within the game
I would like to hear your intial thoughts about this as well and any other undyling issues with the champ.

I think the current problem with yorick is that his current kit is too dependent on ghouls dealing the majority of his damage. It explains a lot when looking at winrates between elos. (low elo- bronze,silver,gold) being so op to point where has plus 50% winrate and being within top 10 top laners. However, going 1 tier higher in elo being (middle ground elo- plat to master) boasting a 47-48% winrate . This also applies to (higher elo- grandmaster challenge) 45% to 48%.
My question that I am raising is that why is Yorick's drop off points between elos so high in comparison to other champions?
Simple really.
Yorick is a noob stomper, meaning that if you do not know any basic information on yoricks kit you will be easily 100-0 upon hitting e once. Of course the higher the elo you go the more people play op champs and have actual match up knowledge. BUt this is the problem with yorick.
He is not fun to play against. This is because regardless if you zone him off a wave he always functions the exact same way. For example, stacking 3- 4 graves hit e , w then q run away. This is completely fine if it was not the only way you can actually trade with people equally. What this means is that it promotes the enemy laner to be aggressive against yorick. THIS ascpect of laning against yorick is "fair" as its a form of counter play since it stops you from setting up graves.
Althought this is not entirely true because, at the current moment YORICK is so weak because he has no form of retalition since his q only scales with %40 of your total ad and is your only damaging ability outside of e.
When landing e the only way you are actually trading equally is because your e places a cursed mark on the enemy. (This make your next q deal 100% of your ad, this applies to ghouls and madien as well) What this does is place too much value upon hitting it. Meaning regardless of the amount of graves you set up if you miss it takes away a majority of your damage, thus leaving you open to zero damage retalitations outside of your first q.


I have been reading through the top lane champs wikis or at least the ones that heal off abillites and comparing them to yoricks and its disgusting TRULY.
Fiora at level 1 with vitals heals 35- 100 based off levels. which scales with %3 max target hp plus an additonal %4 per 100 ad).
Irelia who healings based off percent ad that bein 9% -13 based off level. This does not seem bad however you realise she gets to basically q you three times for free and increases her attack speed.) Meaning she gets more value from healing since its more consistent and can apply it more often due to her passive.
Yorick heals for 10-68 based off levels and only have a 40% ad scaling on Q. (Which by the way is our only ability which scales with ad) Lets compare that to our doubled healing amount if we are below 50% hp
IT STILL SUCKS AND THE HEALING DOESNT SCALE. 136 healing at level 9 doesnt seem bad but you realise at this point of the game two auto attacks from a champion equal it out .
The reason Fiora and irelia's healing is better is because it can be applied frequnetly within seconds of each other without any real consequences this is because it cost's relativly no mana as well as either helping them kite away from enemys or buff the user in a way that increases their kill pressure.
What is the solution ?
I have seen a couple of posts from the weeks just gone providing solutions of this issue however I am wary that adding to much power to his kit will just give him a 200 year design. So i am going to propose an amalgamation of the ideas I have seen which best addresses these issues.
The first step is to increase the base healing of the ability from 10hp-30hp at level 1 this makes yoricks trades more powerful in early levels without increasing the damage of the ability. It means the enemy has to put more thought into trading rather just being aggresive and stat checking yorick into the ground.
Additionally a missing current hp heal will take the place of the double healing amount effect. This healing effect has a ( 5% per 100 bonus ad)This makes it so that it stays in tune with yoricks thematic of everlasting suffering as well as play into the role of being a hard to kill juggernaut. Also changing the scaling to 70% ad instead of 40% ad.
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2023.04.25 18:44 Ccukman How does Olaf counter Yorick

Just picked up Olaf he is pretty fun doing solid with him struggling with a few matchups mainly Yorick. It says on U.gg Olaf has a super high wr vs Yorick, but I struggle with it more than some of the statistically hard matchups. His W is the one cc that actually works on Olaf if he goes Eclipse or Prowlers he can do some serious damage and kind of beat you 1v1. Is it harder than statistics say or do I just need more practice versus him?
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2023.04.23 19:06 Hardbarka Friendly advice to low elo players obsessing over pick order/counter picks

Being a fizz/nilah main «OTP», I have a few very obvious counters. Especially on fizz, I see people try to pick direct counter picks. But come loading screen and a quick op.gg searched, i find that they have barely ever touched the champion, and spent champ select on google tryna look up the counter. These are usually free wins for me, as I know that match up in and out.
This goes for my teammates as well. After becoming increasingly aware of this, ive started asking people trying to swap with me «who you playing?», to witch they more often than not answer something along the lines of «whatever counters their pick». Sometimes theyll win lane, but even so, that lead is out the window as soon laning phase is over, cus they have no clue what the limits of their champion are.
So please, play the champions you know. Even if the match up in lane is shit. If you good w your champ, you can be effective after laning phase. But still, if you play your «main», odds are the enemy googled a counter, and you win regardless.
Edit after a lot of engagement:
Seemingly, most of the comments disagree with a lot of the points being made in this post.
I want to clarify, when I put «» in OTP, I mean that as theyee champions I play the most, by far. Not that theyre the only champions I ever play. I dont encourage people to OTP or gtfo. But I still think that if thats what you take from this post, you should read it again.
Just dont play champs you dont know how to play. Simple. And in doing so, you wont be spamming me for last pick saying «YoUr LaNeR hAs PiCkEd I nEeD tO CoUntEr». If youre a silver player picking irelia into yorick, without being a decent ireli player, you’ll get fucking run over. And if you pick panth/galio/sylas/whatever hard fizz counter you have no clue how to play, into me, you’ll get run over.
Learning champions more in depth takes a lot of games. Playing those champions into bad match ups teaches you INVALUABLE lessions in trading patterns, punishing wasted enemy spells, wave management, jungle tracking, playing for you own jungle, you name it.
And post doesnt even mention most low elo players dont even know why the ghamp theyve googled is a counter in the first place. But if you want to die on the hill that ditching your main champ for a counter pick you know fuck all about is the better play, go ahead.
Edit 2: wanting to swap pick order to not get counterpicked yourself is in my opinion a-okay, I usually ask the ADC, because i know if enemy picks a good match up for me as fizz, i’ll just get fed and snowball the bot lane anyways.
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2023.04.23 06:48 HotButteryPopcorn- When is top lane going to get 'satisfcation changes' like ADCs did?

There's possibly no words for how bad it feels to play this lane right now. If you aren't playing Sion or another dedicated splitpusher like Yorick(who sucks) you have 0 involvement in the game. You toss a coin and either your team carries you or you lose.
You draft and pray that your bot wins.
You draft and pray that your jungler ignores your lane and solely plays for dragons.
You draft and pray you aren't 1P.
You draft as second pick, get counter picked and spend 20 minutes under your tower.
Now the last point was slightly exaggerated, but that's how it feels. You have no impact on the outcome of the game. You could also be playing a busted ass champion like Malphite but that's only temporary.
Or you can get the double whammy, where the enemy jungler decides to camp your lane, never fall behind on XP, and your bot also loses so your jungler can't take dragons. Crazy! You can do about this: nothing.
I know Phreak is an ADC main so they immediately get buffed *cough! cough!* 'adjusted' *cough!*, and that nobody we know of at Riot actively plays top lane, but when are they going to actually show the slightest bit of care for their playerbase and do something about it?
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2023.04.22 16:13 Mightguy_248 Shen VS Gwen and Yorick tips

Hello guys . I love Shen and I have been playing with him for nearly 4 months . I can playing against anyone except Gwen and yorick.
I mean like I can’t even get near yorick. For Gwen if I deal damage I am not able to make it back alive 🥲.
Any one have some ideas to counter them .?
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2023.04.22 06:32 Lissandra_Freljord Mordekaiser vs Other Juggernauts in late game 1v1?

Which juggernauts does Mordekaiser definitely beat in 1v1 late game, and which does he go even (more skill-match up), and which does he definitely lose?
Personally, I think he can beat most juggernauts in 1v1 other than
I feel like others that are a skill match-up, but I did hear that depending on build and skill, an Urgot could beat Mord (that ult is stupid), as well as an Aatrox, who can kite him all day, if he builds enough ability haste, and if he has enough lifesteal and armor shred, he will hurt a lot. Though overall, I do feel like Mord outscales Aatrox, as most people say he is THE juggernaut with the most laughable late game.
I feel like Mord outscales the execution burst juggernauts (Darius, Sett, Garen, and Urgot) as they cannot beat you by DPS, but only through their burst, but your shield is strong enough late game to tank it, or you can play around some of them, such as Sett's. I do feel like Urgot is the only one that proves most challenging, especially if he goes Frostfire Gauntlet, as he will kite you all day with the slow and his superior range, and his execution ult is a guaranteed kill unless you can Zhonya it (don't know if Mord's shield can work against it). Garen's silence is stupid af though, as he can always follow up with his dumbass ult, preventing you from using your shield. But question is, how is Garen going to get you that low in the first place. I've seen some AD Garens build Serpent's Fang, and completely destroyed me, though. I wonder if Darius and Sett also build Serpent's Fang, how the 1v1 would turn out. I feel like it so unfair how AD items always have a way to counter defense, but AP items don't. For example, Black Cleaver is an item great for juggernauts, as it gives HP, armor shred, AD, plus ability haste. There is no AP equivalent to that unless you compare to Demonic Embrace, which is more equivalent to BotRK with its passive, but it doesn't give any ability haste, which AP champs tend to normally be more reliant on, and worst, it doesn't shred MR. For that, it would be nice if Mord's E, at full max points, gave him a free AP Black Cleaver passive of 30% MR reduction instead of 15%, as Force of Nature already reduces magic damage by 25%, so a counterpoint would be nice.
Anyway, I do feel like Mord destroys the hybrid meatshield juggernauts (Shyvana, Volibear, and Mundo) in 1v1, as they don't have enough damage to kill you, unless they build straight glass cannon DPS machine, but, even then, Shyv lacks sustain and a true burst damage, unless she goes full AP (no chance at all though). Voli, though his damage is lower, does have a disgusting heal on his W that can rival Mord's shield and heal, late game. I've seen it, and it really caught me off-guard. But the Voli couldn't kill me alone, and always ended up running away, after a never ending duel. I don't know about AP Volibear though. That shit is actually scary, and can duel, unlike AP Shyvana, who prefers playing more like an artillery burst mage. Mundo, on the other hand, is way too tanky, and does disgusting damage, but if Morde is also built properly to tank him, and dodges some of his machetes, he can outsustain Mundo with his shield and heals, as Mord has consistent % max health damage. Mord can always take him down his ult by using E to remove Mundo's CC immunity canister, and ult him, to steal his stats. It's more of an even match up, and the one who is the bigger balls of stats wins.
Lastly, against the two summoning reliant juggernauts (Illaoi and Yorick). If there is any juggernaut that absolutely counters them, it is Mord, as these two champs are really pussies, playing a 1v2 game with their summonings. Mord can simply ult them, and negate Illaoi's tentacles and Yorick's ghouls and Maiden, turning the situation into a real 1v1. In that case, Illaoi and Yorick are both the weakest juggernaut. But if they are in an optimal condition, such that their summonings can constantly hit you, I don't think there is a single juggernaut that can beat them. The problem for Mord arises if these two build QSS, as that would allow them to get out of your ult, and Mord' would have to face them against their summonings, especially Yorick, whose cage can trap Mord, while he has to destroy Maiden, his ghouls, to finally kill Yorick. Again, it always sucks how AD items have more ways to counter any situation, whereas AP doesn't.
But yeah, that's my take on these 1v1 duels. What do you, Mord mains, think? I would like to hear your take.
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2023.04.21 12:13 nabilk2512 Tips from poppy players.

A quick summary of myself. I am currently plat 2 euw, and my champ pool consists of garen aatrox and yorick which i main. Started playing early s12 (last season) i only play TOP.
I have been thinking about adding poppy top to my roster of champs as a pocket pick into good matchups and maybe more.
Is there someone willing to tell me the ins and outs of playing her top? *is she in a good State? * would you recommend it? And why? *Does she really counter fiora, irelia, etc etc. Or is it still very much a skill matchup.
Please express your thoughts to me :)
Kind regards,
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