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2023.06.10 06:06 r4chhel i quite literally have a stalker at 17

this is like the longest post ever so, hopefully enjoy haha. but, tldr at bottom. advice wanted.
near the end of sophomore year i had a thing with a girl. long story short, it didn’t work out. i later found out that this girl, who we’ll call tilly (??lol), was also having a thing at the same time with ANOTHER girl, who we’ll call kat.
i only found out about this through kat, who messaged me only to get mad at me for it (quick reminder, had no clue this was going on. i know everyone is different but i dont believe in talking like that with multiple people at once so, if i knew that was going on i would’ve ended things myself sooner). i thought the entire thing was stupid to get mad at ME about but, i could tell she was just hurt so i tried being sympathetic, didn’t call her names or get upset with her. eventually i just told her that i wouldn’t be speaking with tilly ever again, her now girlfriend. partially out of respect for her and partially because i was mad at tilly 😑.
but i held this promise. eventually i get another text from kat, this time MUCH angrier LMAO. her acc popped up on my fyp and i swiped to her full acc, forgetting i had profile views on (terrible mistake, i about punched myself out of embarrassment). she saw me in her views and was pretty upset. asked me why i was on her acc, was much more aggressive. name calling, threatening to fight me (she quote “wanted my head”? 😏).
anyways this conversation actually ended really well, i clarified i didn’t know about her and she seemed to calm down from there. even confiding in me about how upset she was about the situation and we had a really good talk. i thought it would be over after this cause she seemed like a sweet person who was just hurt and didn’t know how to deal with it. i was very wrong.
eventually a couple months down the line i get another onslaught of seemingly random texts from her. calling me a slut and a home wrecker (you’re 16? what home?). calling me ugly, a whore, blah blah the basics. threatening pretty hard this time, i go to school on a college campus and it’s open for anyone’s entry; she planned to use this to her advantage lol. i tried very hard to be patient and refrained from calling her any names back, told her i wasn’t going to fight her, and tried talking things out. this failed LMAO
by the end of the conversation she had told me to get out of her phone (she texted me first? 😰) and said “fuck you and it’s fuck you till i die”. ngl, the idea of someone taking the thought of me to the grave is quite romantic. i just blocked her after this.
definitely thought that would be the end of it cause who is insane enough to keep going after that? kat apparently!
she contacted me on her second account! threatening to fight me again, telling me to quote “drop the addy” (giggle). i didn’t respond to it this time, at all. i was in the middle of a chem exam and rlly needed to pass. she didn’t like this and began to talk to herself about how angry she was with me from 1pm to 6pm. i blocked that account as well. but not before she got one of her friends to message me from their account, removing all the photos of them together from his account so i wouldnt know they were connected. i had already seen this guys stuff though so, i'm not an idiot LMAO. blocked that account too.
i definitely thought this would be the end. NO!!!! it had been MONTHS by now, and they were still dating so come on man arent you tired??? just have a nice relationship without bothering me. reminder, still havent spoken to tilly at ALLLLLL since the day i found out; unless it was to ask her to tell her gf to leave me alone.
it got significantly worse from this point, but its all things i cant confirm were her 100%. shes quite sneaky ngl. but, theres no one else it couldve been and all things point to her so. here we go.
first incident: after these accounts were blocked, she forged screenshots of me saying racial and homophobic slurs and SENT THEM TO MY SCHOOL!!!! my principal had to speak with me about it and my dad even came to the school. the ss forging sucked, the pfp was out of whack and way too big but, she still DID it. which i thought was literally insane.
second incident: her texting my mom. my mom is a pretty big realtor in my area. consequently, her phone number is plastered all over the place. this girl texts my mom pretending to be someone interested in buying a house. she begins the messages by saying her son knew me in middle school (????) and wanted my PHONE NUMBER so her son could reconnect with me (how sweet!). ofc my mom said she was uncomfortable with this after i said i didnt know who the hell this lady was talking about and after this the woman seized all contact with my mom. we later found out this number was FAKE!! and created through textnow. so pretty good confirmation.
most recent incident that i've been paranoid about all day haha: yesterday i received a picture of a house in my neighborhood (???) from some random burner account claiming to be someone i knew from school. i assumed they knew where i lived because it was my mom's husband's nephew (supposedly). i still thought this was suspicious, especially after they asked me to hangout (of course i said no).
this secret little account was only following 3 pages (or so i thought), all from the school that kat goes to. so, i begin interrogating this so called man named "djjwjskaka." they seemed to get pretty nervous at my questions bc things weren't adding up, eventually leading to the convo ending. i'm texting my close friend about this and they find out that its actually following 4 pages, i just couldnt see because i had it blocked. the last one is the GUY FRIEND OF KAT. WHO TRIED MESSAGING ME. TO HANG OUT. BEFORE INCIDENT 1???? blocked the hell out the account after that.
now i know that she somehow KNOWS WHERE I LIVE?? my dad said addresses arent as hard to find as i thought though so, maybe this isnt as ridiculous as i think. keep in mind, ive kept my parents completely updated throughout the YEAR this stuff has been going on. A YEAR!!! BY THE WAY!! its actually been a year and 3 months!
i was pretty freaked out about that but, no way she'd actually do something with that info lol?? wrong again.
today as im sitting in my room i hear this LOUDDDD ass banging on my window from outside. ofc i, being a goddamn scaredy cat, dont push open the curtains immediately. eventually i do, but its too late. all i see is a blue car driving off and hear loud giggling and some girl yelling "drive drive!" soooo, i go to my sister, the only other person in the house, and tell her what happened; getting on the phone with my mom right afterwards. my mom is able to confirm that the car was kat's through kat's mom's facebook, so theres that. i'm such an incredibly paranoid person and i have an anxiety disorder (woop woop) and this has been freaking me out so bad. weee even contacted the police to put it on record because theres been a ton of incidents between teenagers getting shot, stabbed, hurt really bad, in my area as of late. my mom set up a phone call with the other girl's mom tomorrow, and we have enough to press charges for harassment and stalking in my state.
look, i know to some people who deal with this stuff, my reaction is a bit ridiculous. and, maybe it is a little but, this is crazy to me. its just been going on for so long and i seriously am not a fighter. id much rather use my words and i know thats cringey but its true; i also know 100% if this girl did get physical with me i would lose badly. last thing i need is a vid of me getting my ass beat going around town, dont need any of my exes seeing that and laughing at me.
its been messing with my mental really bad as well. ive been pacing around the house making sure all curtains are closed and all doors are locked since it happened. i think its funny sometimes but atp i just genuinely want it to stop forever. getting played like an idiot was already enough, but having this girls gf come after me consistently for over a year and now coming to my house (still dk how she got my address) makes it 100000x more annoying.
hopefully this story entertained someone, but on a real note. if anyone has any advice, anyone more experienced, maybe even a parent, please. mine have been relatively supportive but, theyre stressed out about it too. i feel like a scared little kid haha, could really use a good talking to about this entire thing.
tldr: had a thing with a girl, girl was having a thing with another person at the same time (i had no idea). other person found out about this after her and said girl started dating and has been on a rampage on me ever since. sending me threats, constantly texting me after being blocked, sending forged screenshots of me saying awful things to my school's principal, finding my mom's number and pretending to be someone i knew trying to get my phone number, pretending to be someone i knew to get me to come out of my house to "hang out", and finally coming to my LITERAL house and banging on windows and shit. someone with experience pls help, could use some advice for sure. dont know what to do, been very paranoid.
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2023.06.10 06:05 PuneQuencher99 Madden 24 is so far the best madden in recent years, hear me out

So far I’m happy with the game. Could it be better? Hell yes. If it actually mattered, would this game make or break the series? It would break it. But the reality of it is, the chances of EA doing anything after this game averages a 2/5 stars are almost nonexistent and they will be until their contract with the NFL runs out.
With that being said, considering this is the only AAA licensed simulation style football game on the market, I’ll give it props where it deserves it. I do think the player animations (running, catching) so far look much better then previous iterations. There’s a decent amount of new catching animations that make the game look and feel much better then 23. The players also maneuver a little more realistically when running. When EA said that they have expanded on the FieldSense technology, I can say that they actually have.
The new additions to franchise mode help the mode out much more. Personally, I am primarily a franchise player. Aside from purchasing the game, I give EA no money or attention in MUT and I only play friends occasionally in H2H. So almost all of my time is spent in franchise mode as either a coach who’s rebuilding a team or a player. The “new” additions this year help that out and do make it feel a little bit more fun to play. (I get it, not all of the features are actually new, but they’ve been added back after years of not being there)
Now, why they haven’t incorporated dynamic tacking physics into the game yet is beyond me. I’ll never understand why they won’t do this, and I guarantee you there is more of a reason then “because EA doesn’t care”. The QB animations so far seem to be slightly better but are still nowhere near being in the game ballpark as All Pro 2k8. The ball still likes to just snap out of their hands rather then smoothly roll off the finger tips. But oh well.
Overall, the game is a minor step up from 23 and does have small redeeming enchantments. But at the end of the day, it’s by no means going to “make” the series and it’s still going to average mostly negative reviews like it has for years.
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2023.06.10 06:05 RoosterMisfit Can someone link me to the ranking system and how it works?

My friend was telling me that it only works on wins and losses now but how fast you get wins means you'll rank up. She said if you don't play that often then you won't rank up that much at all. That just doesn't make sense to me. If a person that only has time to play 10 times a week but has higher stats than someone who plays 10 times a day, the person with the higher stats should be ranking up even tho they play less. For the ranking system is meant to keep you with similar skilled people.
I have been stuck at gold 3 for awhile on dps even when I have 5 wins in a row most of the time it's only 2 losses. Generally I'm better than the DPS I play against stat wise. So it just doesn't make sense to me that I win most of my matches but probably the last 6 rank ups I've been stuck at gold 3. How can the ranking system allow me to win most of my games but keep me at the same level if it's just win based and if stats are involved, how am I staying at the same level when I generally have better stats than those I play against?
It's so frustrating that it kinda feels pointless to even play ranked. So if someone can link me to somewhere that explains it cause all of the ones I found either don't really explain it at all or are outdated.
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2023.06.10 06:05 Outrageous-Finding70 How to cope with loneliness?

Hello, I’m a 21 year old woman who has been lonely for several years now. I have no friends and I don’t mean that in a quirky “I hAve No FRIendS🤪” kind of way. I haven’t had any friends for several years now and you would think I would know how to cope with loneliness but I do not. I try to cope with loneliness in the most unhealthy ways. For example, I will download tinder, delete it, re download tinder, delete it, download bumble, delete then re download tinder. Sometimes I would get a really good match that I would begin talking to and would try to date me or we would click really well but something always happens and it doesn’t last. I then often will try to reach out to people that I knew in the past and they wouldn’t want to talk to me and I would even be persistent and try to reach out multiple times. I know that I seem crazy but Loneliness will do that to you. I don’t want to be that crazy person but I only have my sister to talk to. How do I cope in healthier ways? How do I find online friends that I can talk to?
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2023.06.10 06:03 theTravelG7 Muscle Worship

So I’m curious, I have been wanting to do a muscle worship and while I don’t know to many guys that match what I’m wanting when I do cross them I never really know how to ask and approach in that aspect. I always try to keep it cordial and friendly but find it difficult to switch the conversation to something like that. I’m tryna Ming to get into the habit of just not giving a fuck and asking but sometimes I feel that could be easier than done.
I hit the gym daily and is as well muscular however the conversation is still pretty hard to accomplish. Would love some tips on being able to accomplish this. Even if the folks in the gym is don’t it, I’ve tried and no folks that Match what I like in my city.
Now I do have a friend of mines who’s a Ifbb pro I could possibly ask but don’t know if he swings and really don’t want to fuck yea. Bridge in making weird ask like that.
Any tips or ideas I can do this and make it as seamless as possible
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2023.06.10 06:03 booshit_ Can’t get over my emotionally abusive ex boyfriend.

I am in a relationship and it’s the second time around for us and he has probably treated me the best out of any man I’ve ever dated even though we have our issues. He puts up with all my mental health issues and my stubbornness and he would do anything for me. All in all, he is an amazing guy. And I do love him. But I have an ex who is also in a relationship (his second time around with his gf too) and he’s come in and out of my life here and there trying to be friends, but he has also lead me on in a way and we slept together when we were both single and then just didn’t really talk. We stopped dating in 2020, we dated for two years. I can’t let go of my feelings even though that relationship was a very rocky one and he could be extremely emotionally abusive (which he later apologized for in great detail after both times we broke up) and I was the one who left. It haunts me and I feel guilty and I don’t understand why I can’t just move on and be fully happy in the current relationship. I thought he was my soulmate, and he’s the only person I’ve ever talked so deeply about being in love with openly, and Children be marriage, and gave all of myself to him, and none of it was scary and I didn’t have to think twice that I could see that in the future. It’s hard to do that again in a new relationship even if I love the person and it’s making me reminisce a lot I suppose. I just needed to write it out because it’s been killing me and I feel like I can’t talk to anyone about it.
TLDR: I’m in a relationship but reminiscing about my emotionally abusive ex is making me feel guilty and I can’t fully be happy and move on in this newer relationship because I can’t get over the fact that I thought my ex was my soulmate.
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2023.06.10 06:03 butterflywithbullets Temple Sealing Vent

Recently, a close and long-time friend got sealed at the local temple. I haven't had a recommend for a long time and am waiting on my official "you're out of here" letter. I tried to be vague about why I wasn't going to be at the sealing, but I also had the honor of being the wedding photographer. Thankfully the friend didn't pry, just expressed that I'd be missed. I remember my first sealing and I don't really remember who was there - but I certainly remember who WASN'T because they didn't have a membership card, as it were. My best friend from childhood and her family traveled from out-of-state and had to sit outside when I was married the first time.
I doubt that my friend really was focused on who was in attendance at their recent sealing!
But, as I waited on the grounds, I am grateful nobody that was at the sealing made a fuss why I wasn't in the temple. It sure felt awkward. I watched people come and go, and I thought do these people realize what a farce that all was?
I missed my friend finally finding their upgrade and a 2nd chance because I wasn't allowed inside. Our other friend discovered their recommend had expired and they wouldn't have time to get through the gauntlet of getting it renewed - so they missed out on the sealing too - just because there weren't 2 current signatures on their recommend. This also happened when this friend that got sealed was getting sealed the first time, another friend also missed out because their recommend expired. What other religion on the planet or in the history of the planet does this for weddings?
So, what do I make of my ramble here? It sucks that people are excluded from LDS weddings. It stinks that people have to have permission to witness a sealing. It sucks that my friends and their families are still so blind to be full-tilt in the church that is just a house of smoke and mirrors - but who cares when it's for eternal glory, right? /s
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2023.06.10 06:03 Random_And_Brave I'm worried about my best friend (f18)'s relationship with her bf (m19)

I'm worried about my best friend and her relationship.
I know, it should be none of my business, but over the past few months I have become increasingly worried about my best friend (f18), we'll call her C.
So for context, she met this guy (m19), who we'll call K, at a concert in February. Now this is C's first actual relationship so of course at first she was over the moon about it and I was really happy for her, and things were going normally. Then about 2? weeks into their relationship K got kicked out of his house, lost his job, and decided to move in with C. (first red flag). C is still living with her parents but they are really chill and do not care that much, as long as their daughter is happy.
Then about a month (or less) later, I met K and he seemed like a cool guy. Then things started getting worse? well not really worse, but just more concerning from an outside perspective. I found out K liked to do a lot of illegal things that I was a bit iffy on (things like shoplifting but x100). This habit of his got worse and my friend did not seem to care much, so I just went with it. I mean, I am also a bit scared of K because of certain things.
Then as we continued to hang out more, things started to raise more red flags with me. I noticed that K has a very short fuse and will blow up at people. At first he was avoiding getting mad at C, and ended up getting mad at me instead. This was not good. Mainly because I never (rarely ever) get triggered by things, but he scared me. At that moment, he seemed like he could probably hurt someone physically.
I noticed more and more how often he would get mad at people and things and it did not sit right with me. I knew from the moment he first yelled at me that he was very capable of hurting C if he wanted, or even on instinct. He says that he would never and has control, but I don't think so.
What has brought this back to my attention is the fact that C has been distancing herself from everyone. That's concerning to me, because for the 4 years I've known her, that was the opposite of what she was usually like and I know when I distance myself, it's not a good sign, and her and I are a lot like minded. I was even talking with her mom (who is like a 2nd mother to me) the other day, and she said that C has been very avoident of talking with her now and everything which is very surprising considering that they used to be really tightly knit. So at this point, C has only really been socializing with K. Another red flag.
Why is this a red flag, if you can't already tell, well from what I have heard from my friend and witnessed myself, K has been lashing out at her more for certain things and it seems to be psychologically messing with her and making her believe that she can't say anything to anyone. This is so unlike her it's just making me so worried that she'll get herself sucked into this relationship that she'll stop caring about those who do care about her, and I fear this has already started to happen.
I can tell, she's in love, and she doesn't want to leave this relationship. I've been there, done that, but this is just getting to a point, if it wasn’t already, to where it is growing increasingly toxic. It reminds me so much of my parents relationship that I can see exactly where this might be headed and I don't want to see my best friend caught in that trap and end up losing everything in the process.
I honestly have no idea what to do which is why I'm on here asking. I'm considering talking to her parents separately and seeing if either they can have a talk with her or have us all have an intervention. Though I feel like if we do approach the situation like that, she may just cut everyone out completely or not willing to listen.
TLDR: My best friend is in a toxic relationship that could lead to her losing everything and me losing her.
Oh and to add on, K still does not have a job and is still living in C's house.
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2023.06.10 06:03 notcoolcoffee most of my childhood memories are tainted with shame and self hatred

just something i realized while thinking about my childhood. one of my first lucid memories is from when i was very young, probably like 3 or 4 and my family would innocently call me something like “football belly” (because i was a toddler and was meant to have a round stomach and they thought it was cute) and even back then i would’ve torn my skin off if i could. i also remember being around that age in kindergarten and being too embarrassed to read the kids’ books until no one was looking at me. same age i got told to pay attention because i was distracted with a sparkly sticker and i felt such a disproportional gut wrenching shame and thought about it for literal weeks. i have this memory of standing by my mom who was in the bathtub and mad at me for something, and i felt guilty so i told her i felt fat. she asked what i meant and i couldn’t explain it. later on when i was probably 6 or 7 i hated my eyes because my pupils were too small compared to the kids with brown eyes, i hated my fingers because my best friend had a smaller bone structure and hers were more slender, i hated my legs and stomach because i thought they were too big. i don’t know how any of these ideas ended up in my head. i wasn’t abused or neglected that i know of but i’ve always been so painfully self-aware and self-critical. i remember having outbursts in school and hating myself but not being able to stop. idk, just rambling
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2023.06.10 06:03 Kagnoca My friend won't stop talking about balls

After finishing the entire anime with one of my best friends he won't stop calling it "twinks playing with balls; the animated series" what do I do
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2023.06.10 06:02 Mrsnate Donor Doctor

Hi all, I'm new here. I took an Ancestry DNA test at 47 years old and found out this week that my 4 siblings, are only my half siblings and my dad is not my genetic father. To say I am shocked would be a massive understatement. I confronted my mother, without my dad, to give her the opportunity to tell me the truth. I didn't think she had an affair, but I needed the truth. I knew they had struggled to get pregnant with me, but not in a million years did I expect what I discovered.
In 1975 my mom's doctor said he was going to get a medical student to donate sperm, they would mix it with my dad's sperm, and artificially inseminate my mom. When I was born, I had many traits like my dad, and they were "so certain" I was his baby. Keep in mind, knowledge of DNA was basically zero at that time. They truly believed that never talking about it was the best answer since there was "no way we'd ever know". 🙄
Enter DNA testing, the closest match to me is a man who was named after his father. When I said his name, my mom said, no, he's the doctor not the donor. But the doctor used his own sperm. I have 7 half siblings on my bio dads side and 4 on my moms side. How do I even process this???
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2023.06.10 06:02 WaffleWalk Gothic 1 Blind Permadeath playthrough story

So, I love doing a permadeath attempt for my first time playing RPGs because it increases my immersion and I rp better when there's risk involved. I'll admit I didn't count fall damage that seemed like bs cus, but I'm not doing this for clout. Aside from that though I didn't do any savescumming. I'm also using Union patch, controller plugin, and stamina plugin, which I'd argue that sprinting is kind of "unfair" compared to the original. But again, not in it for the clout.
Anyways, I got to old camp and got hooked into a fued with Bloodwyn as his goons began screwing with me. I was basically dealing with that in between attempts at feeling out the monsters in the area and hauling ass from the ones that I couldn't handle. I was starting to get stumped on how to make cash and was scared of exploring too much because I know OHKOs were guaranteed, and from my time with Risen I knew that running away likely wasn't always going to be safe, even with sprint. After farming a couple levels, beating up the diggers outside of town for presumably helping Bloodwyns lackey mug me and getting a Withered Axe, I got some cash from random looting and some smart plays and used it to get to get the ability to loot lizards and wolves. I was then stumped because now I had just spent my only income on the ability to loot things I couldn't fight, and I thought that claws would include the talons of scavengers for some reason. I was sad when I realized they can only give meat. After realizing the Templars were pot dealers I was instantly intrigued and got one of them to escort me to their camp. I hadn't made any money yet, so letting him bully every monster along the way while I looted and chipped my XP closer to level 3 was a treat. I began luring random monsters to him for him to beat up, abusing the shit out of sprint. We were almost to the cultist village before I saw a pack of lizards off the side of the road. I ran up, aggrod them, and had them chase me back to my guide. Only, they ran right past him and absolutely destroyed me. I was dumbfounded by my own hubris, as it had been 3 or 4 hours of meticulously exploring what little I could and trying to manipulate the game to the best of my ability. As I stared at the screen for a few seconds, my buddy just kept swinging at the lizards. As he killed the last one, I leveled up. I saw my life bar go up a little bit. I wiggled the stick, and my corpse started turning. I opened my hot bar (union controller plugin adds an item wheel), and it worked. By leveling up, my corpse was alive. Normally I wouldn't count something like that, but I just said screw it, the game counted me as somewhat alive and I was too invested to give up. In the most hype moment of my life my corpse got up and gobbled down some cooked meat. I rationalized it for my rp that my templar friend had saved my life, resuscitated me. I was now very excited to join these virtuous stoners.....then I got there and realized they're a bunch of authoritarian pricks who follow Gurus that are sickeningly pretentious. So, I just figured I'd take them for what they've got and leave. I wandered around grabbing herbs and stray pot plants, I did the quest where you beat up the guy who's supposed to take over for another worker at the weed mashing (?) area. Upon completion, a Guru finally spoke to me. I was pleasantly surprised with a task to collect a butt load of plants and deliver them to an alchemist hut. This was my time to shine. I went and collected the harvest in the middle of the night because I couldn't find a bed. I was surprised to be promoted about asking to find a buyer. Intrigued I nervously clicked the dialogue choice and was relieved to find the dude didn't just attack me or rat me out. He wanted 50 ore I didn't have, so it took me a good ten minutes to find the blacksmith and unload. One more trip across town and he tells me to find cypher by the lake in new camp. Ight bet. So, worried that I would get ratted out or something, based off of my escalating encounters with Bloodwyn, I decided it was best to leave in the middle of the night. After almost getting massacred by wolves I just barely made it back to old camp. With a decent amount of extra cash, NO ARMOR, and all the healing items I could ask for, I very very stupidly headed the direction of my best guess towards new camp. I was in such a rush from heisting the Templars that I couldn't help but just gonfornit.I followed the river outside of old camp into the woods, avoiding creatures above my level. I'd love to say that from here my adventure continued in an epic fashion, but just as I was scouting out a molerat to go in for a safe kill, I was bit in the back and OHKOd by what appeared to be a velociraptor. No heroic death, no blaze of glory, not martyr moment to relish in. Just, a bite to the back and a corpse with 50 pot plants left out in the woods....
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2023.06.10 06:02 Objective-Patient-37 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR HELP! Almost there. Is there a way one patent can cover all of the paths / recipies or does it need to be specific to only one method?

I'm working on a patent - I have tons of use cases and I believe there are multiple paths to take / recipies to bake to arrive at a similar outcome. Is there a way one patent can cover all of the paths / recipies or does it need to be specific to only one method? Highest and best use or reduced to practice perhaps? A friend told me large compmanies will file 10 patents on the same process, then if that patent is acquired - the acquiring party has to purchase all 10 after which they are told the one patent that has the optimized reduced to practice method.
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2023.06.10 06:02 AutoModerator ☼Daily DF Questions Thread☼

Ask about anything related to Dwarf Fortress - including the game, utilities, bugs, problems you're having, mods, etc. You will get fast and friendly responses in this thread.
Read the sidebar before posting! It has information on a range of game packages for new players, and links to all the best tutorials and quick-start guides. If you have read it and that hasn't helped, mention that!
You should also take five minutes to search the wiki - if tutorials or the quickstart guide can't help, it usually has the information you're after. You can find the previous question threads here.
If you can answer questions, please sort by new and lend a hand - linking to a helpful resource (ex wiki page) is fine.
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2023.06.10 06:01 AutoModerator Daily Trading Thread

This is the Daily Trading thread! Comment what you're looking for, or trading here! Let's help each other out!
Island Etiquette/ Rules of Participation
  1. Only go where you're invited to go.
  2. Don't pick up items unless the host said it was okay.
  3. Leave through the airport, and not with the - button.
  4. Don't shake trees, pick flowers, or veggies without permission.
  5. Do NOT hang your custom designs in someone else's Able Sisters unless they've given you specific permission.
  6. BE NICE, and have fun! If you're not sure if something is okay, ask. Don't be a jerk.

Banned users can still see posts, and message users here. Because of this, it is recommended that you only share your dodo code through DM. The safest route for trades is to require users to comment in order to receive a dodo code. A user who has been banned for scamming can not comment.

If you are here to trade it is recommended to set up a user flair. This is a small text that adds your island name, and IGN, (or friend code if you want that) under your reddit username. For help setting yourself a user flair, see here.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, reach out through modmail. We're happy to help!
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2023.06.10 06:01 mcfw31 230610 [T-MI] Choi Kang's behind-the-scenes Japanese concept photo shoot 📸 (feat. Best Friends Meet Age)

230610 [T-MI] Choi Kang's behind-the-scenes Japanese concept photo shoot 📸 (feat. Best Friends Meet Age) submitted by mcfw31 to TomorrowByTogether [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 06:01 bacchantia Seeking advice for navigating a bpd/non-bpd friendship when you're the fp?

My best friend and I have a great relationship, but he has BPD and has been very honest about the fact that I am his fp and how that feels. Without going into detail, there was an incident that occurred while I was on vacation and difficult reach that made me concerned and feel like maybe there's more we could be doing to be proactive.
Obviously we've had lots of talks about how to keep our friendship healthy and low-conflict (so far so good) and what each other's needs are in the the friendship, but I was wondering if anyone here could provide any insight or suggestions we may not have thought of for dealing with this dynamic in a constructive way.
Thank you from us both!
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2023.06.10 06:00 Kayla_Perez805 Quest 2 Limerick

Hello Questers,
Here are a few tips I found helpful when working on Quest 2 Limerick-
  1. Understanding the Requirements: Understand the requirements or specifications for the code you need to write. What is the purpose of the code? What inputs are required, and what output is expected?
  2. Plan Calculation: a calculation will be needed for this code. To start off I wrote this out in pseudocode. If you find that your integers are not matching the professors or are not working, I suggest checking in the calculation that you are implementing the order of operations correctly and using the proper data type.
Kayla Perez

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2023.06.10 06:00 Kaizo8 I’m done

I don’t care anymore tomorrow I’m going to kill myself I’ve already decided. I’ve been holding my cat crying because I don’t want to leave him I really don’t but I hate living so much.
I hate this I hate myself I don’t matter I never did I never will.
Im going to miss you Boots you were my only friend and the best cat ever. I’m going to miss my family as well but I’m pretty sure that they’ll only be sad for a few weeks or months and then get over it.
Hopefully it goes well ✌🏻
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2023.06.10 06:00 AutoModerator Weekly Advice Thread 10/06/2023

Welcome to the WAT, summoner! Post questions regarding team composition, content progression, game mechanics, or anything else in this thread. If you are able to help your fellow summoners, please take some time to contribute to the community and answer some questions yourself as well!
A lot of helpful guides and resources can be found in the subreddit mega wiki.

If you ask a question please give ALL relevant information!

  • Your monster box: Upload a screenshot to Reddit directly or an image hosting site like imgur or use swarfarm. Sort your box by "Grade" and try to include all 4*s and LD nat 3*s.
  • Your current progression: Where you currently are in the game, what your teams are, what content you need help with and what you have tried so far.
  • For ToA, which enemies are on the floor you're stuck on.
  • For PvP, indicate what rank you are trying to achieve, i.e. currently F3 want to get C1 Arena. For RTA also share your rank percentage.
The less people have to clarify or look up to help you, the more likely you will get a fast response.

Beginner friendly/farmable PvE teams

Recommended progression: GB10 -> ToAN -> GB12 -> ToAH -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> R5 and Rifts
Fast progression: GB12 -> (DB11 ->) NB12 -> BJ5 -> Tricaru DB12
Note that for NB12 a few violent sets (especially on twins) are making things a lot easier so before tackling Necropolis you might want to farm a little bit of DB11, it also gives you Guard runes for Tricaru.
  • GB10: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, Lapis, Shannon/second awakened (2A) Kro
  • Legacy GB10 teams typically include Belladeon, Bernard, or Darion. These units are outdated and can be skipped.
  • GB12: Vero (L), Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, Shannon/Lapis/2A Naomi
  • DB12: Verde (L), Fran, Loren, Sig, Elsharion or Verde (L), Vero, Fran, Loren, Spectra (2A)
  • PB10: Verde (L), Colleen/Fran, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro, 2A Spectra/Yen/Pang. You can also use 2A Jultan to tank the boss (on multiple Will sets).
  • SB10: Fran, Loren, 2A Kro, 2A Raoq, Ling Ling
  • NB12: Lapis (L), Colleen/Fran, Loren, 2A Raoq, 2A Kro/Raoq (NB10 guide). Twins are a much better choice and should be used if possible. You can also directly use Tricaru.
  • ToA(H): Fran (L), Lapis, Verde, Loren, Vero/2A Kro/2A Spectra. Use Tyron if you have him. 2A Sath/Thrain are good options if you want to go for a dot team, do not use Baretta as he's terribly outdated.
  • R5: Front Line: Xiong Fei, Darion Back Line: Colleen, 2A Kro, Tesa, Theo/Xiao Lin/Belladeon
  • R5 stat minimum: You need 25k HP and 1.5k DEF for FL units and 20k HP and 0.8-1k DEF for BL units. Healers and your cleanser should have 100% RES after lead.
  • Rift unit options: Xiao Lin, Theomars, Fran, Colleen, and 2A Kro can be used in most of your rift teams. FL Mav/Bernard is good for Water rift and Lapis is good for Fire and Dark rifts. Twins are great in all rifts.
You still need appropriate rune quality and turn order! Do not expect to beat a dungeon just by having these units

Common speed teams

  • R5 - BJ5: Colleen, Baleygr, Janssen, Dagora, Loren, lead unit (BJ5 guide)
  • DB12 - Tricaru: Verde (L), 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru, 2A Icaru (guide (Note: DEF requirement is 3300)) (Cheatsheet) (Calculator)
  • NB12 - Tricaru: Either add Astar or replace Verde with her (on vamp, same stats). Adding Astar and Lushen to clear waves first also works.
  • GB12 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen (guide)
  • PB10 - Tricaru: Kill towers first (usually L>R>B but some people reported R>L>B working better for them).
  • SB10 - dots dots dots: 2A Sath, Mellia, Mellia, 2A Tatu, dot unit/Lushen

PvE accuracy requirements

Rifts need no ACC. R5 needs 15%. SB10 needs 25%. PB10 39%. ToA(H), GB10, and NB10 45%. DB10, GB12, NB12 and ToA Hell 55%. DB12 needs 65%.

General tips and answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • NEVER feed non-farmable monsters! (you can feed dupes for skill ups)
  • Save your devilmons! In general you do not want to give devilmon to 4* units, Sigmarus and Jeanne are the best early game candidates. Veromos does not need devilmon.
  • Best summon stone targets: Tyron, Lushen, Shaina, Sabrina, Talia. For PvP Khmun, Skogul, Galleon.
  • Check the events for free energy, mana, and other beneficial stuff. To find the current event pages use the button below the energy/mana counter in-game.
  • Lapis can farm Faimon Hell on the free 6* level 15 vampire/revenge runes provided by the challenges. She should be your first 5* and probably 6* as well.
  • Shield sets can reduce the HP/DEF requirements on other units and multiple shield sets will stack to form one larger total shield. Each set contributes a shield equal to 15% of the base HP of the monster they are equipped on.
  • White artifacts from B2 are cheap to upgrade and can give you a massive stat boost early.
  • Hall of Heroes (HoH) should be attempted as high as you can climb. Reps like Rica or Verad can help a lot. Mid/late game players can get 5 extra copies of the HoH monster using almighty scroll pieces after each floor at the small cost of 2000 guild points for each extra monster.
  • Most nat 5*s are PvP exclusive and should be set aside in storage till you make some progress on PvE. Some exceptions are CC units like Rica for ToA, cleansers like Anavel for starter R5, and Perna for rifts.
  • Dimensional hole energy should be spent as soon as possible, always try to stay under the energy cap (recharge rate: 1 per 2h). 2A Kro first, then Spectra or Raoq.
  • Need advice on RTA? Check this post first
  • Looking for ToA Hell guidance? Take a look at this FAQ post.
  • Swarfarm provides a bestiary for monster stats and data logs.
For more information please check out the more exhaustive FAQ.
If you see someone using monster icons, you can learn how to use them yourself: .
To set your user flair please visit the Reddit website (do not use the mobile app) and edit it there (example picture).
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2023.06.10 06:00 notjustatallcumwhore Please rate my birthday trip to Sydney and provide any feedback or additions!

Hello fellow Sydneysiders!! My best friend and I have been planning a trip to Sydney for my birthday on the 17th. We are pretty confident with our plan but we are wanting some people's feedback on what they think and or any things they would add to the trip! Thanks all who help out, it's much appreciated 😊
So we start the day catching the train from Wollongong to Circular Quay where we are going to have breakfast at Pancakes on The Rocks.
Then we will walk across Circular Quay around the Opera House and to the Royal Botanic Gardens.
After that we walk down to the Art Gallery including the new building for modern arts.
Following that we will visit the Australian Museum.
Then we will visit World Square for some shopping at lunch around 2:30pm. All things mentioned above are from 10:30am-2:30pm.
Following our lunch we will visit the Powerhouse Musuem and the Chinese Garden of Friendship then travel up to Westfield for even more shopping.
After Westfield we are going to go to VIVID House, the 17th is the last day of VIVID so we're excited. VIVID house is at Barangaroo so after that we'll chill around Barangaroo Reserve for a bit before heading back to Circular Quay for a ramen dinner at Ippudo Ramen Restaurant.
Dinner will bring the time up to about 7:30pm meaning we still have another 1.5 hours until we catch our train home. We were looking for any suggestions for what to do in this hour. We are definitely getting gelato from Gelatissimo and watching the VIVID events. Any suggestions are sooooo appreciated.
Thanks everyone! 💞
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