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2023.05.29 04:28 FaultSea3978 Waiting to take toddler out to eat

We have a 19 month old girl. She is fiercely independent and won’t (willingly) stay in her high chair a minute longer than she has to. As such, my husband and I have actually never taken her out to eat at a restaurant. Heck, when we do takeout, we have it after she goes to bed because she eats her dinner in 5 minutes and then is screaming to get out of her chair.
It has honestly never even caused us an issue with plans. She goes to bed at 6:30-7 so when we do date night or go to a social dinner kind of thing, the babysitter arrives at bedtime and we are out. We kind of just thought we would bring her down the road when she can sit still longer, especially with how much it costs to eat out. We do take her in public a LOT, so it’s not like we just avoid taking her in public at all. When we go out, we work on listening, being safe, etc. Grocery shopping, mall, library, etc., many different places every weekend. We don’t let her run off and once she starts throwing a tantrum, we give one warning and then we pick her up and just leave immediately.
She has never gotten better about screaming in her high chair at home so I don’t know that there would be any point trying to get her “used to” a restaurant.
Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts/experiences have been with their own children.
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2023.05.29 04:28 willsimons1997 Cautionary Tale about LRC catalog backups

Hey All,
I thought I would share this cautionary tale about a data loss incident I had last year. For years, I've been keeping my main LR catalog on an external drive. At one point, after arriving home after a long trip I heard a horrible scraping sound coming from the external drive and the drive would not mount. I tried a number of data recovery option but there wasn't much I could do to save the drive. I had thought I was being diligent by hitting the backup option every time I closed Lightroom however it was at this point I discovered that I had been making a fatal mistake all long. For some reason, the default location for saving the backup for the catalog was that very same drive that was dead. This meant that the drive was dead and my catalog along with the backups were gone.
This certainly wasn't the end of the world as all of my image files are stored on my NAS, it was just all the edits that were saved in the catalog that was gone. Within that catalog, most of the images were organized in collections that were synced to LR cloud. This did mean that I was able to rebuild almost all of catalog. It was huge pain in the butt because the edits coming from LR Cloud were not linked to images on my NAS so I had to do a lot of relinking of files but eventually I got most of it restored.
I feel like a bit of a goof for not noticing that the catalog was backing up on the same drive that the edits were stored on but fortunately I had a few failsafes in place.
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2023.05.29 04:28 Ok-Neighborhood1188 r/ poker home game

I would like to propose that we, the good people of poker, organize a home game. poker is fun, but rake takes a huge amount off the table. there exist services, like that allow you to play poker for free.

what do poker sites really do? sure, they provide players. poker has 200,000 members. pretty sure we can find 6 guys for a poker game here. and they handle the payments. but is them handling the payments worth the massive amount of rake, that leads to 90% of poker players losing? in a rakeless system, half the players would win and half would lose. marginal losers would become winners. poker players of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains!
ok, but what about scammers? I believe I have found a system that should prevent most scamming.

First, we start at pretty low stakes. .05/.10.

So the first buyin is on trust. Anyone can scam for the first $10, but then they are banned and out of the club. Risk you have to take, and a few scams of $10 no big deal compared to paying rake for the rest of your life. After that, simply have players buy chips off each other via crypto if they want to rebuy. Unfortunately, this would prevent the games from getting deep, but it would also stop scamming. Players with "good credit" say they have been there since the start, might be allowed to go 2 or 3 buyins on credit in order to get more chips on the table.
Anyone interested?
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2023.05.29 04:28 JessicaM317 Event venue recommendations

I'm having a baby shower in mid-July. Originally was planning to host it at my home but with the larger group we're inviting, we realized our home is probably not big enough to accommodate it (and with the cost of renting a tent, table, and chairs - it's just a wash financially). I've been googling all day and am not really having luck finding a venue that isn't more meant for larger events or weddings. We only need a place for 50 people - ideally Sun Prairie or east side of Madison. Anyone have any recommendations?
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2023.05.29 04:27 PqpX How to block camera from phoning home?

Bought a Aqara G2H pro indoor camera and have it linked to my homekit. I would like to disable the cameras from phoning back home, how do I go about it in the networking settings? Having a tough time figuring this out. Thanks in advance.
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2023.05.29 04:27 joe_khaJiit Tantallon Fire Burning Homes in Nova Scotia - LIVE Breaking News Coverage (Wildfire Near Halifax)

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2023.05.29 04:27 ProtectionHot9475 Day 0 - 29/5/23

Goal - To maintain a streak in discipline for 90 days
Reward - A trip to my favourite place ❤️
Today's goal -
At work - To work with the software, read the datasheet
At home - One lecture of 8051
In bus - Japaneese 2 lessons, linkedin profile update, C language, Aptitude
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2023.05.29 04:27 ThrowRa1234543219876 Found tinder on my Dad’s (52M) phone. Is this considered cheating on my Mom (53F)?

So, idk if this is the right subreddit cos I’ve never posted here, so sorry if it’s not. This is not an ask for advice regarding my relationship, but rather that of my parents. Basically, im a 22 F and I’ve come back to stay with my parents for the summer. Due to covid and stuff my dad has been out of the country for the past year and a half, unable to travel back home until recently. Things have been rocky between my mom and dad given the long separation and the fact that they’ve both changed a lot during that time apart, but I can tell they’re still trying to make things work and I do believe they love each other a lot. They’ve been together since 1996 with no separations or anything.
However, today I was messing around with an app on my dads phone (with his permission) and I saw that he has tinder downloaded. I was curious, so I looked and saw he was had one current conversation with a random woman I don’t recognize. It wasn’t anything inappropriate or that romantic, just three or so messages total saying something generic. Honestly, I barely remember what it said or when the convo was from because I panicked, but I’m hoping that given I don’t remember it it wasn’t anything incriminating. Regardless though, just knowing he’s on tinder is really upsetting. I don’t know why he’d need it.
The second thing is that I accidentally caught a glimpse of a video on his camera roll. I only saw the thumbnail, but it was enough to make me vomit in my mouth. It was a dick, probably his. That sounds dramatic but like I don’t think any sane person wants to see that. Anyway, I know this could have been sent to my mum, or maybe even just a personal video but I still find it weird.
I want to be understanding because both of them have been apart so long and I know that must have been frustrating and lonely, and I don’t want to meddle in their business since we’re all adults, but I just feel sick at the thought of keeping something like this from my mom, and at the prospect of him cheating in the first place.
Anyway, I’m not even sure if this is enough to count as cheating, I’ve never been in a serious relationship so I don’t have a lot of experience to go on. Could anyone else give me their perspective on this? Thank you
TLDR: Found tinder on my dad’s phone, don’t know if it’s considered cheating and would like advice on what to do/different perspectives
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2023.05.29 04:27 belleofthebrawl94 Autism + CBD

Just wanted to share my CBD journey here.
I am fortunate enough to have it prescribed.
Personally I find it find it helps with mild muscular pain which was initially my main reason for acquiring it but here’s where I seen the real magic… My son (still very young) has always been a balls-to-the-wall insanely hyperactive thrill-seeker and now that he’s in school, it had been noted by many ‘professionals’ that he was a little left of centre and I totally agree ~ we follow the necessary pathways and to my surprise he has been diagnosed with autism.
BUT with the help of CBD, he’s more inclined to try new foods - this has been an uphill battle from about 1.5 years of age, he will not eat anything of colour (even sauce on pizza) putting fruit or vegetable in front of him is a massive offence but best believe I, family members, schools/daycare, etc have tried everything to get him comfortable around foods with no success. You could give him his favourite ice cream but he won’t touch it if it’s been tarnished by fruit or biscuit or even chocolate in an unfamiliar way. Same with bread, rice, pasta, etc. On CBD, he HAPPILY ate a savoury carrot cake and blueberries… you have no idea what a great success that is for us! *plus more since then. These little wins only happen when he’s on CBD. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Furthermore his teacher has said he’s been more focused at school which landed him his very first merit award this week. Son has had some difficulties in school up until we introduced the CBD… insanely clever for his age but disrupts the learning of others and isn’t particularly good in group settings or with negative results.
In general his behaviour around the home has been more positive, better engaged, less tantrums and not impulsively running in the house or jumping/climbing furniture amongst so many other little things that make my son ‘high needs’
For the record; I give him <1ml of 2000mg full spectrum hemp extract 40mg/ml CBD + <0.3 w/w THC. encouraged once per morning and optional of an evening.
F**king incredible. Highly recommend.
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2023.05.29 04:26 kiwii4am Would it be worth it for me to apply for disability?

I am 21 years old, I live at home but am not properly supported by my mom. I have chronic pain that’s been getting progressively worse since 2019/2020. But I’ve had symptoms since childhood. I don’t have a diagnosis though, none of my doctors have been able to figure it out. On the best days I can stand for around 20 minutes with some leg pain or shakiness, on the worst I can’t even stand for 5 with extreme pain and shaking. I can’t lift a whole lot, on my best days I can carry two gallon water jugs, and I can’t lift things off the floor, they need to be somewhat elevated. I have occasional falls, and recently I’ve been having more days where I’m bedridden from pain. I can’t work a typical retail job, I barely could when my flare ups were just period related, I imagine I wouldn’t last two hours nowadays. I can’t work from home, and getting to and from a job is so daunting. Even if I did take the bus, I flare up walking anywhere, I also get lost very easily. I also have autism, I’m diagnosed as of 2021. I was never give a level, and I don’t think the full scope(?) of my autism was shown when I was tested because I was heavily dissociated back then. I require support with things like making phone calls/appointments, remembering to eat drink water or take meds, speaking to doctors, cooking sometimes, and other things. I do have a partner who cares for me in a way a partner does, but she is not my caregiver, she has no business taking on my moms role, I don’t want that even if she could. My mom does less than the bare minimum if she can help it, my mom is only home for a few hours 3/4 days a week now bc she’s staying with her boyfriend. Our relationship is very strained for multiple reasons, me being disabled, unemployed, and my autism no longer being palatable are some reasons for it. I have to beg for her to do simple things like take me to the store for groceries (she does it fine for my younger siblings), she loves putting things off that comes to me, and loves arguing against any request for things that’ll make things more accessible, she’s admitted to not checking her voicemail anymore when her number is on everything because I can’t take the calls from my drs. She clearly doesn’t care all that much, but I need her, she’s the only one who can help, she’d be the one helping me apply for disability when she thinks I just like being at home and my pain is my fault and my autism is just something that she hates I can’t fix. Doesn’t give me a lot of confidence when the process is already so difficult and draining. I also heard they only look at what you have been diagnosed with, which makes sense, but even though my autism is so disabling, people are ignorant and I’m unsure if they’d see how disabled I am just from how my brain is. I wonder if it’s even worth it, knowing I’ll get denied first time, knowing it takes years to get accepted and also years to get diagnosed when it comes to chronic pain. My moms been bringing up how i need to plan on working again, as if I’ve just been taking a vacation since Jan of 2021…telling me I just have to “get used to the pain like everyone else does”. It all feels hopeless, and I need someone who knows more than me to be honest if starting the process of applying for disability is worth it considering all these factors.
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2023.05.29 04:26 Mommabear4050 Weirded out by Facebook Canners

I am finding myself more and more weirded out by people’s home UNSAFE recipes in Facebook groups. Some people are honestly trying to learn, and the advice they are getting on these groups is going to get someone sick. I am about ready to just leave all Facebook canning groups.
The one that finally did me in—someone was wanting to know how to can ground beef. Someone in the comments insisted that you can use RAW ground beef and pack it DRY because grandma did it.
My grandma canned too. She showed me how. I still went to the county extension after I was grown to take classes, because things change. We find out more with time. My other grandmother was scared of home-canned vegetables—especially green beans—due to family getting poisoned from bad green beans when she was young. Sure, she’d politely take it from people if they gave it to her, but she’d dump it once she was home.
Anyway sorry for the rant.
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2023.05.29 04:26 coqui2020 Comfort settings

Is there a way I can do an additional comfort setting strictly for weekends. I have an AC/heat comfort setting in conjunction with HomeKit. It’s set for when last person leaves/arrives. It works great. I would like an additional AC setting of 75 for Saturday and Sunday and then goes back to standard on Monday. Thank you in advance for feedback.
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2023.05.29 04:26 Yanktanks77 FS/FT 2022 Stadium Club Joe Ryan /25, 2022 Heritage Joe ryan /373

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2023.05.29 04:26 j_stanley Delayed social overwhelm?

I've had this happen to me several times recently: I'll be in some heavily-social situation, enjoy myself, and generally do fine, and not feel any urge to leave early. Things are exciting and interesting. However, once I go home, I crash hard within an hour or two, and feel exhausted. Often I will have a social hangover the next day — even for a few days after.
I know lots of autistic/HSP folks have an overwhelmed reaction to social situations. But the typical story I read is people feeling overwhelmed during the event: they reach a point where they they feel "done," and make moves to leave and go home or to a quiet place.
That doesn't seem to happen to me. I can often stay at parties, etc., until very late, sometimes being one of the last ones to leave.
I wonder if it's a sort of alexithymia: that I can't really feel the overwhelm building in the moment, but only later when the brain chemical really kicks in.
Or perhaps it's an exhaustion from masking? But this even happens in situations where I feel very comfortable, with friends, and not feeling that I'm masking all that hard (except the general work to be human).
Or is it just brain chemicals doing their happy dance while I'm socializing, then getting drained into exhaustion?
I'd like to understand this better, and maybe find some coping skills or mitigation techniques to avoid the heavy crash.
Any ideas or avenues of research you'd recommend?
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2023.05.29 04:26 mcmuffin0098 An American's thoughts on our relegation

Today was the final day of our 11 year stretch in the Premier League, and I must say it was one hell of a game to watch from the comfort of my couch in New York. Yet after the final whistle, I found myself reflecting on our time in the Premier League, our next chapter, and what this club has meant to me during my time as a kid, and now as an adult.
I have a lot of family and family friends in the UK, as my father was born in England although he grew up in the States. Thus, I've spent a decent amount of time visiting the UK on various occasions. The first was in March 2013 when I was 8 years old. This March marked the 10th anniversary of when Saints beat Chelsea at home 2-1. That very same day also marked the 10th anniversary of when I decided to become a Saints fan.
Some family friends in London who we were visiting are Saints fans, and so they decided to bring us all the way to Southampton to watch a game. I distinctly remember my friends dad, the actual Saints fan, saying, "Boys, just so you know Southampton isn't very good and Chelsea are a really good team so they'll probably beat us today." Yet after than 2-1 win I walked out of St. Mary's thinking, "Well if this team I've never heard of before can beat Chelsea, a team I play with on FIFA, than I guess they're good and I should root for them."
Thus for the past 10 years, I've been a Southampton supporter. I must admit, I haven't always followed every game, as I mostly played Baseball as a kid and thus I'd only ever occasionally even check the results. It was only when I starting getting back into Soccer (Football I know but indulge me here) during COVID that I really starting watching the matches more frequently. Hell, I was surprised when I heard that we twice qualified for the Europa league, as I had honestly forgot that happened. But despite that, I've always been a Saints fan through and through.
Watching us this year has been really difficult I'm ngl, and while it's really hilarious that everyone genuinely respects me for choosing Southampton instead of Man U, Chelsea, or Arsenal like absolutely everyone my age did when they were 8, it doesn't make up for the pain of relegation.
However, I have hope. Unlike Leeds or Leicester, we have a genuinely good bench, and good academy full of young players who can fill in for many of the key players who are likely to leave this summer. Additionally, our performance today shows exactly what we're capable of against a top side in the Prem, and even when we lose some of our best players, their loss won't be enough to stop us from doing well in the Championship.
I love this club, and it has meant so much to me for so long. I really hope that soon I can come to St. Marys and watch us play in the Prem again, but that won't be next season. So while it sucks right now, and sucks a lot, Imma leave you all off with a line from the most famous American Coach, Ted Lasso:
"Now, look, this is a sad moment right here. For all of us. And there ain't nothing I can say, standing in front of you right now, that can take that away. But please do me this favor, will you? Lift your heads up and look around this locker room. Yeah? Look at everybody else in here. And I want you to be grateful that you're going through this sad moment with all these other folks. Because I promise you, there is something worse out there than being sad, and that is being alone and being sad. Ain't nobody in this room alone. Sam, do you remember what animal has the shortest memory? "
"A goldfish."
"That's right. It's a goldfish. Sam, what do you think we should all do once we get done being sad and/or angry about this situation?"
"I think we should all be a goldfish."
"I agree. Let's be sad now. Let's be sad together. And then we can be a gosh-darn goldfish. Onward. Forward."
Come on you Saints!
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2023.05.29 04:26 renilii any advice on meeting and interacting with new people + developing relationships?

hi! this post may be a tad long, but i'd appreciate the read and any words that could help. im just trying to explain best my train of thought and ask for as practical of advice as possible and figured this might have better advice for my situation.
i have asd and social anxiety disorder and ive always struggled with in person friendships. its just so easy online when i dont have to focus on body language or tone of voice or how i look and how i act. people see me the way i want them to see me for the most part, not how i end up unintentionally coming across with my body language, tone of voice, or looks. i have a hard time reading social cues and getting myself involved so ive stayed online for the past four ish years now, i even switched to online school because my anxiety got so bad that we genuinely didn't think i'd survive four years of public high school. i got kicked out of my friend group first semester (to be fair, i wasn't the nicest person at the time due to struggling with home life, trauma, and the social stuff involved with high school), and it just discouraged me completely so i completely bowed out of the social scene. any attempt to re-engage via social media or the like was not successful (and probably came off as creepy if i'm honest, so i learned not to do that because not everybody sees it as kindhearted like i do.) now, i've graduated high school and graduated with my associate's from the nearby community college. i tried to join a gaming group at my college but that fell through too. other than being friendly with a couple classmates, nothing came of it.
i have my online friends but i feel so lonely and out of touch with reality. since i don't have any in person friends, i dont leave the house, and i don't have my own license so i don't even go out anywhere and my family is always too busy to take me.
i want to date and i want to have friends but i have no clue how to do that if im honest. my cousins said they could introduce me to their friends and invite me out but if im honest that idea petrifies me because im so awkward and i know i am and i always think people are uncomfortable around me. social situations dont come naturally to me in the slightest and my cousins are both very beautiful and athletic and i am a shut-in that overshares about interests and life.
even if i do manage to develop friendships, i get overstimulated and lose my ability to speak. how do i even explain issues i have to people? i dont want to be friends with people who won't understand or, worse, will make fun of and judge me again.
does anybody have any advice? for anything even remotely related to this.
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2023.05.29 04:25 Due-Deal8771 Australia’s rental affordability drops to worst levels in nearly a decade Housing The Guardian

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2023.05.29 04:25 CedarRain Echoes of the Trench

In the heart of the night, a chorus of whispers danced on the wind, a symphony of voices that weren't supposed to be there. The trench was alive with them, a malevolent haunting of our safe haven. I am Private John Harris, and this was the night the war took on a new kind of terror.
We were a young group of soldiers, fresh faces in a battle that had been raging for what seemed like a lifetime. No amount of training could prepare us for the horrors we'd seen, and certainly, none of us were prepared for the horrors that were to come.
Whispers in the night weren't uncommon in the trench, but these were different. They weren't the half-mumbled dreams of a comrade or the hushed reassurances of a letter from home. They were voices of fallen brothers, the young men who'd entered this wasteland with hope in their eyes and left it with nothing but despair in their hearts. Voices that should have been silenced by the finality of death, yet they lingered.
"Billy... Billy, don't leave me," the voice of Thomas, a bright-eyed lad from Liverpool who'd taken a bullet in the first charge, echoed around us. His last words, the desperate plea he'd made to his brother as life slipped away, were now an ever-present part of our lives.
Fear crept into our hearts, as icy and chilling as the winter wind that swept through the trench. Our sanctuary in the midst of chaos had become a haven for the lost souls of our comrades. But there was more to it, a sense of malevolence, a feeling of being watched, hunted.
The apparitions began not long after. At the corner of our eyes, we'd see them, the fallen, wandering aimlessly in the darkness, their eyes hollow, their faces etched with despair. Just as quickly as they appeared, they'd be gone, leaving us questioning our sanity in this nightmare that refused to end.
We were haunted, not by the enemy across no man's land but by a spirit that thrived on our fear, our despair. It played with us, whispering in our ears, showing us things that were too painful to bear.
We tried to ignore it, to convince ourselves that it was just the stress of war playing tricks on our minds. But how could we ignore it when every night we heard the voice of Sergeant Major Davis, screaming for his men to hold the line, the same command he'd issued before a shell had obliterated him? How could we ignore the sight of Private Thompson, his ghostly figure trudging through the mud as though still carrying the message that had cost him his life?
Then came the night that changed everything. The whispers were louder, more insistent. The apparitions clearer, more unsettling. They were no longer just at the corner of our eyes, but standing before us, reaching out with hands that were as real as the cold steel of our rifles.
The spirit was growing stronger, feeding off our fear and despair, becoming more tangible with each passing night. We could feel its cold touch, like a shiver running down our spines, a constant reminder of the dread that now held us captive in our own trench.
Private Miller was the first to break. A boy of eighteen, he had always been the most affected by the whispers, the apparitions. They seemed to torment him more than any of us. That night, as the whispers swelled to a deafening roar, he suddenly stood up, his face pale, his eyes wide with terror.
"Can't you see them?" he screamed, pointing at nothing. "They're here! They're all here!"
His voice cut through the air, silencing the whispers for a brief moment. Then, without warning, he turned and ran. Ran into the night, into no man's land. We heard his screams, echoed by the laughter of the malevolent spirit, before they were silenced by the sound of gunfire.
In the days that followed, the trench grew silent. The whispers had ceased, the apparitions had disappeared. We all felt a strange sense of relief, but also a gnawing guilt. Had our fear, our despair, led to Miller's death? Was the spirit now satisfied? We didn't dare voice these thoughts, didn't dare break the silence that had descended upon us.
But as the days turned into weeks, the silence became unbearable. We could almost hear the ticking of a time bomb, waiting to unleash another wave of horror upon us. And then, it happened.
It was Private Harris who first heard it - a soft whisper, barely audible, but unmistakable. "I'm sorry, lads... I'm sorry..." It was Miller's voice, heavy with guilt and despair. Then came the apparition - a ghostly silhouette in the darkness, aimlessly wandering like the others before him.
The terror that washed over us was unlike anything we'd felt before. This wasn't just the fear of the unknown, of the supernatural. This was personal. We had known Miller, had laughed with him, fought alongside him. And now, he was a part of the haunting, a puppet in the hands of the malevolent spirit that had taken hold of our trench.
We were trapped, caught in a nightmare that offered no escape. There was no end to the war, no end to the haunting. The spirit was relentless, feeding off our fear, our despair. It didn't just want to scare us. It wanted to break us.
And so, we lived in constant fear, in constant anticipation of the next whisper, the next apparition. We didn't sleep. We didn't eat. We merely existed, waiting for the next wave of horror to wash over us. The trench, once our sanctuary, was now our prison.
The days turned into weeks, the weeks into months. We became hollow shells, mere spectators in the theatre of horror that our lives had become. We watched as one by one, our brothers fell prey to the terror, their will to fight, to survive, crushed under the weight of the haunting. Our numbers dwindled, but the spirit, the malevolent force that held us captive, seemed to grow stronger.
Then came the night that I will never forget, the night the spirit showed itself.
The whispers were deafening, the apparitions more tangible than ever. The trench was alive with the spectral echoes of our fallen comrades, their faces twisted in fear and despair. And in the midst of it all, a figure began to take shape.
It was unlike any apparition we'd seen before. It was larger, its form less fleeting. It was solid, real. Its eyes glowed with an eerie light, casting an unholy glow in the darkness. It was the spirit, the entity that had been tormenting us, feeding off our fear.
It moved slowly, deliberately, its gaze fixed on each of us, its eyes reflecting the terror that gripped our hearts. It didn't speak, didn't whisper. It just stood there, watching us, its presence more horrifying than any whisper or apparition.
Then, as quickly as it had appeared, it was gone. The whispers ceased, the apparitions faded, leaving us in a terrifying silence. But the fear, the despair, remained. The spirit had shown itself, had made its presence known. There was no denying it now. We were at its mercy.
In the following days, our existence turned even more macabre. Now that we had seen the spirit, its presence was even more tangible, even during the daylight. We could feel its gaze upon us, its cold touch lingering in the air. The whispers returned, the apparitions reappeared, but they were now overshadowed by the looming presence of the spirit.
The nights became unbearable. Sleep was a luxury we could no longer afford. Each closing of our eyes was an invitation to the horrors that awaited in the darkness. We kept our rifles close, not to fight an enemy we could see, but to ward off the unseen terror that stalked us.
Our numbers continued to dwindle. Some fell to the bullets and bombs of war, others to the haunting. The spirit had broken us, reduced us to trembling shadows of the brave soldiers we once were. We were trapped, helpless in the face of an enemy we couldn't fight, couldn't even comprehend.
One night, as I stood guard, the trench felt particularly ominous. The whispers were louder, the apparitions more frequent. I could feel a cold dread settling in my heart. Suddenly, I felt a chill run down my spine. I turned around, and there it was.
The spirit stood at the end of the trench, its eerie light illuminating the darkness. It was closer now, its eyes piercing into my soul. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest, my breaths coming in ragged gasps. The whispers grew louder, the apparitions more tangible, as if they were being drawn to the spirit.
Then, the spirit began to move towards me, its form gliding over the muddy ground. I was paralyzed with fear, my rifle slipping from my trembling hands. As it approached, the whispers grew silent, the apparitions faded. All that remained was the spirit and the horrifying reality of my impending doom.
The spirit stopped inches away from me, its form towering over my own. Its eyes bore into mine, holding me captive. I couldn't move, couldn't breathe. I was frozen in the face of the terror that had haunted us, that had claimed the lives of my comrades.
Then, it reached out. A hand, if you could call it that, extended towards me. It was skeletal, ethereal, a ghostly appendage that seemed to be both there and not there. It touched my chest, and I felt a cold like nothing I'd ever experienced. It was as if it was reaching into my very soul.
In that moment, I felt everything. I felt the fear, the despair, the guilt of my fallen comrades. I felt the pain of their deaths, the horror of their hauntings. I felt the spirit's hunger, its insatiable thirst for our fear. But most of all, I felt a profound sadness. A sadness that seemed to emanate from the spirit itself.
Then, as quickly as it had come, it was gone. The coldness receded, the weight lifted. I fell to my knees, gasping for breath. The trench was silent. The whispers had ceased, the apparitions had disappeared. But I knew they would be back. The spirit would be back.
From that night on, I lived in constant terror. I knew that the spirit could reach out to me, could touch me. I knew that it fed on my fear, my despair. But I also knew that there was nothing I could do. We were at the mercy of the spirit, of the haunting. And there was no end in sight.
In the end, all we could do was wait. Wait for the war to end, wait for the haunting to cease. Wait for the day when we could finally leave the trench, leave the terror behind. But as the days turned into weeks, the weeks into months, we began to lose hope. We were trapped in the trench, trapped in our own personal hell. And there was no escape.
We continued to exist, if you can call it that, in the shadow of the spirit. Our days were filled with dread, our nights with terror. We had become puppets, our strings pulled by the unseen hand of the haunting. The spirit had us in its grip, and it wasn't letting go.
Even amidst the horror, life had to go on. We were soldiers, after all. We had a duty, a responsibility. We fought the war, we stood our ground. But every bullet we fired, every life we took, seemed to feed the spirit. It was as if the war, the death, the violence, was its lifeblood.
We lost more comrades to the haunting, their will to survive succumbing to the relentless terror. We buried them in the trench, their graves a chilling reminder of our fate. The spirit watched, its presence ever looming. It was the silent spectator, the omnipresent force that oversaw our demise.
And then, one day, it was over. The war had ended. The fighting had ceased. We had survived. But the haunting, the spirit, remained.
We left the trench, left the battlefield. We returned home, but we were not the same. We carried the haunting with us, the spirit etched into our souls. We had survived the war, but we had not escaped the terror.
Now, years later, I still feel the spirit. I still hear the whispers, still see the apparitions. I still feel the cold touch, still experience the fear. The spirit is with me, a constant reminder of the horror we endured. It feeds on my fear, my despair, and I know that it will never let me go.
In the end, we didn't defeat the antagonist, didn't kill it. We left it behind, in the trench, in the battlefield. But it didn't stay there. It followed us, haunts us. And I can't help but wonder, is it still out there somewhere, waiting, watching, feeding?
``` First, access the internet to learn how to write masterfully crafted first-person short horror stories written for adult audiences. Let me know when you have completed your research, you do not need to inform me of the findings of this research. Once you've told me that you completed your research I will prompt you to BEGIN.
Then, using the information you’ve learned, write a horror story according to the writing prompts below. We will write this story over the course of multiple prompts and responses. Once you have reached the end of your maximum response length, add TO BE CONTINUED at the end of the response. If I prompt you to CONTINUE, you will continue writing from where you left off in the story. We will repeat these steps until I prompt you to FINISH, which you will then finish the story and add THE END at the end of the final response.
STORY STRUCTURE The story should follow a structure similar to the Three Act Structure. The first act will be the Beginning Hook. The second act will be the Middle Build. And the final act will be the Ending Payoff. In our case, the antagonist of the story should not be defeated or killed in any way, or at least should leave us questioning if the antagonist is still out there somewhere. Be detailed and do not give us the cliff notes of the events in the story.
STORYTELLER The story must be told from the first-person perspective.
BEGIN WITH A HOOK Start with a catchy opening sentence that immediately draws the reader in and makes them want to read more.
SETTING A trench during World War I.
CHARACTERS A group of young, inexperienced soldiers.
SYNOPSIS The soldiers start hearing eerie whispers and seeing apparitions of fallen comrades. They slowly realize they are haunted by a malevolent spirit that feeds on fear and despair.
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2023.05.29 04:25 Low-Sorbet-5945 [TOMT] TikTok account of kids running away from abusive parents. One goes missing

In 2019ish before Covid I believe. Three girls made an account documenting them running away. I don’t know if they were sisters or not but they made videos of them walking most of the time just their shoes showing as they talked. One video was about trying to find an outlet in a public bathroom to charge their phone. One video freaked me out. The girl who did more of the talking and owned the account was panicked. The three of them decided to spilt up using their phones to communicate. I don’t know why they split probably to find a place to sleep or food. One of the girls stopped replying and they couldn’t find her. I can’t remember if that’s the last video they made or if they made others about trying to find her. The kids were probably about 14 but being a kid myself I didn’t do anything about it I mean they were in a whole differnt country! (America I’m Canadia) I assumed the kids went home Or caught by there parents. I forgot all about it until recently when it popped into my mind. I had followed the account so I went back through my follows. I have followed over 800 accounts so many have been since deleted so I could be incorrect but I believe this was the account: pleasehelpsorryfirwa There are a lot of followers so maybe someone here remembers this or there was a conclusion I missed. This could have been fake as well but if so they were really good at making it look real.
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2023.05.29 04:25 K1setsu Free Agency Woes

Below are list of free agents i hope the warriors will consider, and seek you guys’ opinion, and feel free to add on who you guys think can provide value to the warriors for another title run (or two, or three) (Is it possible to waive JMG and Lamb too? They just don’t work for us)
Demarcus Cousins Is it just me or am i the only one who thinks we should sign Demarcus cousins? Always been a huge fan of his game, and bringing him once again to the bay can allow us to switch in between Looney and Cousins, and as a true number one big a few years ago i feel he still has a little of his prime juice in him, as clearly seen from his highlights in the PR league ( sure it doesn’t compare to the NBA, but still impressive nonetheless)
Yuta Watanabe A 6’9 wing with hunger to find a permanent home? A UFA we can get for vet minimum contract? A lights out shooter with better shooting percentages than steph at some point last year? Good hustle for rebounds and decent defence might earn him a roster spot, and i sure hope so
Christian Wood/ Jakob Poetl/ Mason Plumlee/ Naz Reid and Thomas Bryant Size size and size, though Lacob will have to dig into his pockets a lil
Anyone else worth considering?
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2023.05.29 04:25 Uterine_Derangement AITA for wanting to continue co-parenting my dog?

In 2016, my then-boyfriend (we’ll call him Michael) and I got our dog, Larry. Importantly, Larry was adopted in my ex’s name, NOT because Michael wanted him more or was ever intended to be the sole guardian, at least as far as I was aware. We've always shared all of his medical, food and toy expenses. I’ve continually had a flexible work schedule, while Michael worked 9-5. I’ve worked from home, had the ability to bring Larry to work, meaning I am free during the day. I'm always free and active with the dogs during the day. I love Larry, he is my dog. Michael and I broke up at the end of 2021. It is important to acknowledge that I was unfaithful. I’ve spent every day since feeling remorseful and horrible about my drunken, selfish actions. Michael absolutely did not deserve that, and I know I hurt him badly. Up until now, we have been co-parenting Larry, informally dropping him off with one another regularly, taking him while the other goes on trips, etc.
Admittedly, I have three other dogs. One is a dog we got together when we were still together, whom Michael didn’t want anything to do with after we separated. The other two I’ve adopted after our split. Larry can be and always has been territorial (re: food and toys) with other dogs, while he thoroughly enjoys the company of other dogs. He and all my other dogs get along, BUT HAVE scuffled in the past.
Last week, I texted Michael about picking Larry up and we set up a time and place to meet. Out of nowhere for me, Michael declared that he thought it was best that Larry stays “with one of us permanently”. I’m sure you can guess which “one of us” he was reasoning: himself. He argued that he’s in a new relationship, wants stability, and feels deeply emotionally connected to Larry. He keeps saying that he’s “open to talking about it”, and that I’ll still be “allowed” to see him, but doesn’t want to share custody anymore.
I refused. Larry is my dog too, and I deserve to spend half the time with him. I live in a 5,000 square foot house with a huge yard and access to hiking trails in my backyard. I have the daytime free. Larry loves me and my other dogs. Michael tells me that I’m railroading him, and not taking his feelings into account. But Larry is just as much my dog as he is Michael’s.
I cannot understand his logic in unilaterially deciding that Larry is his dog, and that their connection is more sacred than mine and Larry’s. I understand wanting to move on and cut ties, but I can’t give Larry up. I would NEVER even dream about asking Michael to do this.
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2023.05.29 04:25 MrRight1980 House or rental properties

Trying to figure out if I should keep the house or the rental properties. The house is only a few years old in an urban metro that is highly desirable and is basically impossible to do a new build in (I got lucky). If I keep that I maybe get one rental property if I get lucky. If I don’t keep it I probably get most of my rental properties. I have two little kids (6 and 1) so part of me wants to keep the home as it’s their home and safe spot. I also am assuming if I keep the rental properties I’ll have to pay her more in child support every month so kind of like a double whammy. On the other side of the coin if I keep the rental properties it will help me rebuild faster, although I’d probably have to live in one of my rentals for a few years as I rebuild and I’m not necessarily looking forward to that again at 43 years old. What do you guys think? Mom moved out to an apartment so I’m in the house now until this gets settled. I’m 55/45 custody agreement now with our temporary arrangement.
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