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90 Day Fiance: come to learn about the K1 visa process, stay to be frauded by TLC. New episodes every Sunday at 8pm EDT.

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[TLC's] 90 Day Fiance, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, 90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk.

2023.05.29 04:14 Iworkformycat27 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, Tell All Part 3, An Episode Review

In Sharp Entertainment’s latest prod-uction, the only show with more questionable excuses for humanity than an Underground Toddler Fight Club, 90-Day Fiance: The Other Way, we see our protagonists fighting their loved ones, will they win, or will it be a one-legged toddler at an ass-kicking contest? It’s what happens when you get caught with drugs while shooting a Shriners Commercial. No forgiveness!
Kris and Jeymi
Kris is being framed, her ex-boyfriend was sending old pictures to Jeymi, and after a turn of events that totally happened she, no one believes her, Veronica doesn’t, if you’re bisexual and your name starts with the letter Kris raise your hand, you’re the, oh, your mom’s here, how convenient. How many sides are there to this story, does Kris have any evidence to support hers? This isn’t fine.
What does their Zoey think about all this? Mine thinks these Pita Chips look delicious. Debbie thinks that Kris is getting a bad rap, Oussama has no idea what is going on, how much is he getting paid to sit there? Does this count as a job? He was told this was an episode of “Modern Family”, worst version of Jay and Gloria ever.
Nicole and Mahmoud
Oh look, it’s dumpster fire number, are they worse? Ahmed is here, someone ask him, he’s a real feminist, and the Egyptian Dr. Phil, I love how they’re all getting nicknames just now, when’s lunch? I thought that “A Marriage Story” was longer.
Daniele decides to make this about her, and her problems, because she is alo present, how will Nicole handle all this drama? What is the Chinese Girl’s name? Helen the Oriental Female? That’s not it but, is oriental racist? It does sound like Mahmoud was acting inappropriately, serious “To Catch a Predator” vibes.
Gabe tells Mahmoud that he’s so scummy, Isabel told him so, Nicole should get a divorce. And he isn’t wrong, that we can all agree on. Like how we never say The Civil War’s name outloud, oh shit, Ahmed isn’t a feminist. Ousamma, hey, Oussama is talking, look at him go.
Gabe and Isabel
Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, sorry, that was my microwave- why did Monica dress for the Oscars? Was she told this was a Flavor of Love Elimination and she was New York? Did she shit on the floor? No that was Something, she might spit on Monica though, no that was, she’s not going to win but launch her career out of this. Did you know that New York has a show on VH1? I still google her, and Luther Vandross.
Gabe and Monica talk out their issues, Monica wasn’t pulling a Brittani and pretending to be unavailable, Gabe, Gabe is not falling for this. He is a smart man. Is Monica a serial killer? She is almost getting away with this? What was her role in this wedding? I’m going to go call my brother racial slurs and confuse him.
It is now time for the intermission, go get popcorn, go get some nachos, Jen says Rishi no more lady taco, your mom said I was old, I have grown cold, I won’t be coming around, Did Daniele bring her license plate with her so she can return it? She is in town. There are also slurpees, they all taste like herpes- how long is this intermission? I have a bladder condition- raccoon parade!
The cast can totally overhear Jen and Rishi talking, and talk shit about them, which is a real shame, theta are missing a great raccoon- it’s over, we were just getting to the dumpster float!
You can talk this out later in public Rishi and Jen, the raccoons have tubas!
Rishi can’t make any promises, but he says he is try- the Raccoons are performing “Kansas City” from Oklahoma! And they are going on another break, they really, no, it’s cool, Jen gave her phone number to Julian, more twirling, faster! Jen did an okay job doing her highlights at home, look at that money piece that is a completely different color.
Daniele and Yohan
The break is over, the raccoons are having a drunken orgy/after-party, this is fine, Daniele and Yohan also still have issues, who has 4 thumbs, 7 holes and don’t trust each other? Tim and Veronica are back, they have 4 thumbs, 7 holes and trust each other. They’re like Siamese twins that used to have sex with each other. Now one of them just watches.
What is my dog barking at? Damn backyard ghosts, also, damn Daniele- she was the bad guy! You don't bring an ex around your newlywed husband, respect! Yohan claps like I did when I found out that my drunk uncle was getting a divorce, on the inside, where are more Cannolis former aunt-in-law? You were too good for him.
Daniele and Yohan have two different viewpoints about exes, and friends, and the Panama Canal, probably, it’s what Gino calls Jasmine’s vagina- that shit is about to be a virgin again. Shawb does an informal poll, and asks the experts, Tim and Veronica, who are like the old guys from the muppets but hot.
Shawn Robinson summons Taylen, ruiner of Yohan’s birthday party, and is seriously bringing back the 90s, and pictures of himself- in Daniele’s home? That- is it a gallery? Does she have all the pictures of her exes and are they ranked by penis size, how large is this wall? Did she also consider girth and thrust speed? Bonus points if you can hit the spot daddy, I am not a horny narcissist. What is my son doing up there?
Daniele says it was in a drawer, with other photos, every photo that she has ever taken in her entire life- that she would never put on OnlyFans. For free, here’s me at my 18th birthday party, selling essential oils to pay for my college tuition and statement earrings.
Yohan is staying with Daniele until their lease is up, and then, adios, I am a quitter! The cast is very disappointed, but want to hear other secrets fellow cast members? I give her money for things and doesn’t tell you that, I, there is evidence for this, that we don’t have time for, I’m going to divorce this puta and marry that lesbian in the pink blazer over there, nope, no therapy for me. Taylen thinks Yohan just has to get over it and calm down. This is fixable, in a spinoff that I could be a side character on, poppin’ up like Dracula all over the DR.
The Tell-All ends on a note, Oussama has a poetic vision, of what, I have no idea, either way he looks like a corpse or a mug shot, like Debbie- she’s not wrong, he talked about as much as one. Nicole is going to stand up for helrself, she’s not enabling Mahmoud’s insecurity anymore, they can create their own culture, as a couple, like two yogurts humping each other, and that, is a poetic vision, that is strange wonderful.
Is Nicole Strawberry and Mahmoud te Bannana? What if they’re both mixed berries? That- were they in the parade?
I give this episode ⅘ stars, the highlight was, figuring out who the bad guy was, Debbie’s advice was once again on point, but seriously who, I’m confused, can I go murder people? That is the Purge alarm or my neighbor shooting a cannon. Don’t ask where I live, there aren’t any houses for sale. If you figure it out though I do have a lot of wine left over from my birthday festivities, the code word is raccoon, and do a little dumpster dance.
Bonus points for dressing up, If you bawk like Not David Murphey I’ll know that you’re from the FBI. Anyway, another season starts next week and the promos have been peak meme editing, the producers really- which one of the new people do you think is going to prison?
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2023.05.29 04:13 tachiste1 Last Owssama clip from 90-day FINALE

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2023.05.29 04:12 DruidTrixxx Im Top Dasher! Heres How...

My red card expired 2 months ago & doordash barely reminded me last week. So I wasnt getting all these stupid no tip 14 mile for 8$ wallgreen orders I decline all day & night. I decline 10-30 a day. I stopped getting them & now my AR is almost 90%. I got a question? I ordered a new card. If I activate it can I turn it on & off? Or does it always stay on & ill get the stupid wallgreens orders again? If not can I dash forever without the red card? They worded it like I need to get it. But if I dont have to I wont. But if I can turn it on & off ill activate it.
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2023.05.29 04:09 SlowNefariousness400 Summer illness question

I have a perplexing illness that has been experienced by my 12 month old as well as my mother but no one else in our very large family. 3 weeks ago I started having a little cough and took a COVID test, was negative, and allergies were really high in my area I figured it was that. Also had some GI stuff with it which I usually have an illness with either GI or respiratory, I can’t remember ever having both nor can I ever remember being sick this time of year when temps in my area are mid 90’s Fahrenheit. Well after about 7ish days the respiratory symptoms worsened to the point that I have a hacking cough producing thick green sputum. I did used to be a “social smoker” and tend to get very bad coughs in the winter time but this cough has been the worst I’ve had in my life. Both my mother and my 12 month old also had worsening respiratory symptoms around the same time period. Took another COVID test and negative again, took my baby to the doctor because she developed diarrhea again and had a very poor appetite, fever and lethargic in addition to her bad cough with mucus. Doc said she has mild ear infection and respiratory virus, ordered antibiotics. My mom was out of town, feeling very ill and she called her doc who also ordered antibiotics. So I actually have two questions 1. If this is viral shouldn’t we not be taking antibiotics? I’m asking because I’m wondering if I also need to see a doctor. I’ve read summer illness is often enterovirus which antibiotics wouldn’t help (from what I understand). My cough is so bad I’m not sleeping from coughing late into the night and sometimes I throw up from coughing so hard. I also started having diarrhea a couple days after my baby had it, have no appetite and very tired. I’ve seen no improvement with my cough in the last two weeks and I also started a steroid inhaler (an old one previously prescribed) the last seven days. So does this sound like I should go sit at a clinic half my day and ask for antibiotics? Or is there something else I should ask for that could help? 2. Second question does this at all sound like something environmental that could be causing this? I’m just wondering because I find it odd that we got better and then around the same time all got worse, while others family in and outside our home did not get sick at all. Just wondering if we could have been exposed to like a mold or something and then the GI stuff is a separate issue. Sorry this is super long, I get sick every year and I’m 40 years old and never been sick like this before. Thanks so much for reading.
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2023.05.29 04:09 Madness_Combat_man My Timeline (long as heck)

PROLOGUE: This story begins with two families, the Emilys and the Aftons. William Afton and Henry Emily, the businessman and the engineer, two people who together formed an empire, an empire of happiness, an empire where fun and joy come true. now let's stop nonsense, not everything is rosy. Afton, William Afton has problems, he is going through a divorce and several court battles for the custody of his children, but he is a liar, a cheater. he always lies in court and yet ends up winning custody of each of his children. His wife, the mother of his children, she couldn't stand being alone, being betrayed. unfortunately, she took her own life, she could not stand it.
MIDNIGHT MOTORIST: William was devastated, even being apart affected him. He buried the body of his wife near the house, but he couldn't stand it, he fell into alcohol to the point of being kicked out of JR'S, the local bar. William, drunk and blinded by rage, goes to fredbear's family diner, the restaurant that he and henry opened to get even with henry, but he doesn't find henry, but his daughter, charlie. William, having no one to take it out on and being drunk, made a decision, a decision that would torment him for the rest of his days... after the murder, William watched from his car and noticed that the security puppet left the restaurant to rescue William. Charlie, but it was too late. Upon noticing this, William ran away at full speed because they could see him, when he got home after passing the speed limit of the roundabout Michael, his oldest son tells him "he had a long day, don't bother him" but he doesn't tell him I was going to say what to do, he was just a teenager. "I told you not to lock your door" "OPEN THE DOOR" William yells "I'll find a way in from the outside" he whispers as he leaves the house, coming out and around the house to his youngest son William's window he realizes something "he ran away to that place again" the window of the youngest son was broken "when he comes back he will be sorry" he thinks in his mind.
THE BITE OF 83: William knew that his youngest son was running away, even with the bullying he received from his older brother wearing that old, dirty and butchered foxy mask was not enough to prevent his escapes so William thought of taking action more extreme... from his office in his secret "bunker" he was monitoring the cameras that he installed in his youngest son's room while talking to him through a walkie-talkie that he attached to his son's favorite stuffed animal , everything seemed "normal" until now, but his plan would start at night, monstrous versions of the animatronics that his son once adore began to hunt him at night, leaving him without rest from 12 to 6 A.M. His plan worked perfectly, for every night that passed was another day of pure whining. Michael loved it, from one day to the next his younger brother began to be afraid of him and to celebrate he planned the ultimate joke. The next day, michael and his friends were ready, they grabbed michael's little brother, they took him in front of fredbear, they picked him up and..."i think the birthday boy wants to kiss fredbear in 3,2,1... Michael said before his brother's skull was crushed. michael and his friends stopped laughing and began to stress, scream and cry, while the day shift guard called an ambulance. After that William and Michael became distant, with each passing day William became more distant, each day spending more time in his office. He didn't even bother drinking alcohol anymore, William was furious about what Michael did and he wanted him to suffer the consequences and that's when he remembered those animatronics he used against his youngest son that were supposedly nightmares, he's going to make Michael pay for it. what he did.
EPILOGUE: William returns to fredbear's after charlie's "incident", but william noticed something strange in the puppet, charlie's body was covered by the puppet that miraculously continued to work, because it was making a short circuit due to the rain that night, William arrived at the scene of the crime and immediately the puppet began to wave its malfunctioning arms while pointing at william with purple tears that he did not have before, but that did not matter too much to him because they were taking the puppet to the sister location of fredbear's, freddy fazbear's pizza.
FREDDY'S: Due to various springlock failures, the incident involving William's son and the murder of Charlie, the springlock suits and the puppet were removed to Freddy fazbear pizza to be remodeled and used in safer ways, henry was in charge of the pizzeria, even after of the death of charlie was taking care of his work, something that he does not share with William. While Michael suffered at night, William thought about the puppet, about how it was aimed at him, about its tears that were painted on his mask. "Is it Charlie?", he wondered, curiosity was killing him so he decided to do an experiment. William drove to Freddy's, put on the springbonnie outfit and started telling lies "your dog is alive, follow me" he lured the kids into the safe room and killed them one by one although he went a bit too far with the fifth "I'll put a bag on the head and I'll hit him with a shovel" poor Cassidy, William put each body in a suit to test if it had an effect, he left the suit and left without anyone seeing him, or so he thought, because the cameras saw him with the suit, but the police let him off the hook because there was no evidence of him being the one wearing the suit.
CBEAR: William knew he had to keep experimenting, but he couldn't go back to Freddy's or the police would eventually catch him, so he got down to business, William created animatronics with mechanisms to catch and kill children, so William could catch and kill children. experimenting with this new thing he discovered called a "remnant" but his animatronics didn't kill the right girl. "Daddy, but didn't you just make it for me?" When no one was looking, Elizabeth, William's daughter, approached the circus baby who was tempting her with ice cream, but that didn't turn out very well...
FNAF 2: Freddy's reopens its doors, even with the blood stains in his name he manages to sell pizza and merchandise, William, seeing that Freddy's reopened without him as co-founder, he will not let them take all the glory, if he could kill 5 kids can kill another 5, even though he didn't have his rabbit costume he still has the bear costume. This time William didn't even bother to hide the bodies, because the more obvious they are, the more popularity fazbear entertainment is going to lose. William took the night watch job, as he did not get the chance to see the results of his subsequent assassinations, his experiments turned out to be quite effective which led him to continue experimenting in his secret office.
EPILOGUE: After Jeremy's shift change and incident, a new security guard appears on orders from his father to manipulate the animatronics, Michael Afton.
FOLLOW ME BECAUSE NOBODY CARES ABOUT FNAF 1: A year has passed since the closure of Freddy's and William continues to experiment, he knows that animatronics can be possessed, but not how, so he goes to the now abandoned location of Freddy's to try different methods of experimentation in the endo skeletons of the animatronics. The first thing I tried was to melt the endo skeletons and inject them into the funtime animatronics, surprisingly this worked. On his fifth visit in search of more metal parts he found the souls of those children he murdered and we all know how that ended.
SISTER LOCATION: Of all the orders that his father had given him, this was the strangest "look for your sister on the ground floor of CBPW" but Michael did not question it twice and he listened to his father, he went to CBPW, he went to the elevator and there he was in some kind of secret bunker that he never knew about, blah blah blah as "baby" guided Michael towards the scooper, Ennard, this combination of funtime animatronics gets ready, michael arrives at the scooper, Ennard turns on the scooper and...
FNAF 3 AND 4: Michael wants to find his father now more than ever, William took his life and now Michael will take away everything that was important to him. A new Freddy's opened, but it wasn't a pizzeria, it was an attraction, a horror attraction. Michael heads to work there looking for his father and making him pay with his own life and business, and yes, he did find him, but not in the way Michael expected. What was once his father is now a rabbit? How low have you sunk William afton, Michael thinks in his mind. For every night he spent in that attraction hallucinations from his past come to life along with his nightmares, those monstrosities in the shape of Freddy's gang tormented him once again as in his childhood until he put an end to the attraction and to his father.
EPILOGUE: After the fire, fazbear entertainment auctioned off what was left of the ride, even with two people hoping to see and buy William afton but he ran away before the auction. These two people were Henry and Michael who met at the auction, thanks to the fact that the two share the same goal they put together a plan.
FFPS: Henry and Michael start their plan, while Henry informs the rest of the members of Fazbear entertainment to build a new pizzeria, Michael, with CBEAR technology and his technical skills, Michael creates small robots called RASC using technology of audios that his father had developed to attract the animatronics. Once the pizzeria finished its construction, Michael attended as a guard to do the interviews with the animatronics and to finish this once and for all.
UCN: Michael and Henry's plan worked, William was dead and paying the consequences of his actions, being tortured by copies of his and Henry's creations, but, ironically, the one that was once massacred by William is now massacring William , Cassidy.
HELP WANTED: Fazbear entertainment was reduced from a corporate entity to an LLC entity. FE uses the little money they had left to make various VR games in an attempt to reverse Freddy's bad reputation, however, the circuit board of one of the endo skeletons they scanned infected the system and two people were possesed, Vanessa, the beta tester and Gregory, a boy who bought the game after Fazbear entertainment believed that the virus disappeared, but the virus is still intact.
In this part the TFTPPs occur that I am not going to explain because I am not here for that, Special Delivery would also go but it does not have much lore.
SECURITY BREACH: After the Storyteller infected the Pizzaplex and killed the CEO and Edwin Murrey, Fazbear entertainment removed the Storyteller from the Pizzaplex although the damage was done, with the arrival of Vanessa and the strange and unexplained presence of Gregory, evil dwelled below from the Pizzaplex with the intention of copying and imitating William Afton who had been dead for at least a year. END.
Here is a graphical version of the timeline: https://ibb.co/LRG2xDR
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2023.05.29 04:06 artopunk14 Finasteride: 90 days for 10 bucks step-by-step

  1. Create an account on lemonade (online doctoprescription) and Mark Cuban's Cost plus (online pharmacy). No prescription info is required
  2. Make sure your name matches exactly on both accounts you create. I believe one of them does not allow entering middle name or suffix so just skip those if applicable
  3. Start the process of requesting the finasteride prescription on lemonade under the hair loss option. You will be asked to take pictures and then finally pay for the appointment and 3 months of pills from their pharmacy (expensive), but they shouldn't charge until after your application is approved by the doc.
  4. As soon as you get a message from your doctor received in lemonade answer any questions and then let the doctor know you want the medication sent to Mark Cuban's Cost Plus pharmacy
  5. The doctor should agree with no push back and you will receive the prescription in your cost plus account on the prescription tab. Then add to cart and checkout there
The above worked for me. Let me know if you have additional tips.
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2023.05.29 04:03 NightCities13 188 Years Later-Game 2-Rest of PreGames

Steward and Oceanette lightly chatted to one another about which beach they liked the best, while Zara and Avon talked about the latest Capitol fashions that they liked. They all got into their chariots when it was time.
Steward and Oceanette moved down the Avenue of Tributes, and halfway down, the bubbles on their outfits popped, causing loud cheers from the Capitol crowd.
Zara and Avon earned a high mention in Anderson Fashion, while Steward and Oceanette were called as the Best Dressed, and money was sent home to their families.
Steward and Oceanette arrived at the training center, and saw Lucille and Glam (both 1) and Lara and Viktor (both 2) training separately. This saw the career pack dwindling down to two, sometimes three pairs from this Games forward, with District 1 not volunteering every Games. The two 4s got into the pool and swam, and also used tridents.
Zara was throwing knives when she saw Paulette (3) trip and injure her knee. Perry (5) walked up to her and helped her bandage the knee, which saw an alliance start between the two. From now on, an alliance between 3 and 5 was quite frequent, sometimes also including District 6.
Meanwhile Lorraine and Harvard (both 6) camouflaged themselves into a variety of backgrounds, and Veronique (7) threw axes at targets. Avon focused on sewing rather than weaponry, and Rylo (9) used a scythe. Romeo (10) trained with a machete, while Dalia (11) worked with plants. Sarah and Vernon (both 12) worked in the medical station.
Oceanette and Steward scored equal 7s for usage of tridents. Meanwhile Zara scored a 6 for throwing knives, and Avon scored a weak 4 for sewing armor.
At the top of the pack were Lara and Viktor, who both scored 10s, while Lucille and Glam scored 9s. Also near the top, Rylo and Romeo scored 8s.
At the bottom of the pack was Paulette and Dalia, a twelve and thirteen year old who both scored 3s.
Panem Today revealed the odds on television that night, with Steward earning odds of 7 to 1, while Oceanette had odds of 8 to 1. Zara had odds of 12 to 1, while Avon had odds of 19 to 1.
Interviewer and commentator Plutaria Snow seemed excited for these Games, and said that any tribute could win the Games.
Plutaria had her long blonde hair in a beautiful braided style, while her blue eyes shone with excitement.
Oceanette wore a aqua dress, and had her ginger hair down in curls. She spoke about wanting to win for her family, and how she was nervous but excited to fight in the Games.
Steward wore a blue suit, and had his brown hair carefully combed back. He talked about wanting to prove that District 4 was strong, and how they produced the third most amount of victors thus far, and he wanted to be another one.
Zara had her blonde hair down in ringlets, and she wore a purple dress. Zara talked about being raised by her brother, and how she couldn’t wait to return home to him and his family.
Avon was next, and he spoke about his sister and her children, and how he wanted to win in order to support them.
Game Maker Juliana Ricci was the last to be interviewed. She pushed her dark curls from her face, and said her hint word, which was “pine”.
The next day the tributes were awoken, fed, and taken directly to the hovercraft. Halfway through the ride, they had their trackers implanted into their arms.
Tube Room
When the tributes arrived beneath the arena, they were taken to their tube rooms.
Octopius visited Oceanette first, and hugged her, wishing her luck. He advised her to ally with Steward, and stick with him.
Octopius then visited Steward, and hugged the boy close, reminding him that his calm attitude could take him far.
Coutura visited Avon first, and advised him to run away from the bloodbath.
Meanwhile she gave Zara more advice, hugging the girl close and telling her to find a weapon and food, and steer clear of other tributes.
Once all 24 tributes were in their tubes, they rose up into the arena.
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2023.05.29 04:00 Jwaymac WORST 90 day/tell all ever

Maybe it's just me but I'm not looking forward to next 90 day series of anything.... it's getting more and more low budget, trashy, it's like everyone on there has sone kind of mental issue or disability? Willing to sell their sole for few dollars..
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2023.05.29 03:58 hal4253 When will Luke have enough time back at LMG to get his picture on the Our Team page?

I didn't think they would make Luke wait for 90 days to get on the Our Team board, but here we are. When will they put his pic back up?
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2023.05.29 03:58 Monoken3 [LFG] [WEEK 1 HC] [STATIC] [NA] [Cross DC] [6.4 SAVAGE] [SPLITS][Omni-tank] Playing either War or Drk (Drk on alt)

Ultimate tank raider LF Week 1 HC Group that does Splits on alts
My Current Situation: Coming back from 5 week hiatus after DSR. I have cleared Abyssos 1-3 fights in 3 days on release and 4th fight on week 3-4.
Experience: Have lots of ultimate experience/clears/last tier of savage, I still need my TOP clear (maybe after this tier?)
Hours: Can raid any time preferably 12-8pm PST (any past that and I get tired cuz of sleep schedule, if needed can adjust for first week to more wacky hours).
Role: I'm omni-tank and can tank comfortably on any of them,most likely gonna play WaDrk since I have the weapons on those, I only have DRK on my alt leveled to 90.
Expectation: I'm looking for serious group that gonna push on server up for 10+ hours and get at least first 3 fights down week 1, that's my expectation on joining the group and meet people with the same goal. Please only DM me if you have the same mindset and want to quickly clear the tier to do other content and/or play other games. (FF16 any1?)
Last Tier Logs: https://www.fflogs.com/charactena/behemoth/xela%20shade(I don't do log runs or anything, if its low then I didn't care to run it enough times to optimize, I'm progression player).
Open for Golbex Trial: DM on Discord: Xela#2146
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2023.05.29 03:55 StingrAeds hood irony

I am always one step ahead of the normies. in my free time I like to hop around furry role play Discord servers and unleash my three terabyte video collection of huge gay muscular black men shaking their dumpy trumpies on all channels. it's a matter of National Security and preserving the spirit of our great nation. the other girls won't tell you this,but I'm fully committed to hood irony LARPing at all hours of the day. my hood irony Academy bunk mate Daquan dequevius dequeef Jr. was recently arrested for public masturbation. top Kek! I am petitioning to lower his 1.6 billion dollar bail. the police did not know that he was simply Hood irony LARPing. it was simply a reference to the hit TV show Better Call Saul (which I am very fond of.) this is yet another saddening example of the blatant systemic discrimination that hood irony larpers suffer every day. Now is the time for action! riot in the streets! burn down cities! kick a dog! make your voices heard! put a tnt in a daycare center! if someone you know rejects your hood irony larper identity I want you to blow them the fuck up. I will be posting thermite recipes on my insta,henryfingernut49, make sure to follow that. I'm getting a little bit off topic but I think it's important for me to say that I am hella gay! I mean really, it's actually ridiculous how much of a raging homosexual I am. Jill is already filing for a divorce and she's taken the kids
what the fuck?
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2023.05.29 03:54 Suitable-Station-633 Person (34M) I’ve (32F) been seeing lied and was secretly seeing someone else (23F) for months and she doesn’t know about me. What do I do?

I (32F) have been seeing K (34M) since last summer. We have been friends for years and work in the same place. While we were not officially bf/gf, we were dating and not seeing other people. It was going really well and we connected deeply, spending a lot of time together and talking constantly. We are both previously divorced so we were taking it slow and figuring things out.
He went on a work trip in the fall which we talked every day on the phone while he was gone but shortly after he came back into town he got distant. After about a week of this we talked and he said he had just realized how much he liked me and he hadn’t felt like this for someone in a long time and that freaked him out. It seemed to get better after this but a month later it happened again. He said he just needed some space and again he felt so strongly about me it scared him. I asked if he wanted to stop seeing each other but he said he didn’t want to stop. We start hanging out less and not sleeping over as much. I think I’m giving him the space he needs to figure things out. He keeps prolonging having a serious conversation about what’s happening. I tell him it’s giving me anxiety because I like him a lot and he says he does to and he is working through his issues. Blames he failed marriage as to why he is afraid.
He then goes on another work trip this spring during which he calls me every day and talk constantly. When he gets back he says he wants to see me right away but after he lands he goes radio silent. Turns out he went to a party for a friend of his but didn’t say anything to me just disappears. When I do see him the next day it feels rushed and off. During the week we make plans to spend the night but he cancels last minute. This turns into a constant thing. Again the avoiding behavior continues but is worse than before. He spends time with his friends but barely sees me and I don’t spend the night at his place at all. I bring up how this bothers me and if he wants to stop seeing each other. He again says no but spending time with me ‘is scary’ because he is falling for me. No resolution is really made from our conversations. We do hangout sometimes but only during the day. Still having sex.
Finally I ask him is there someone else. He says no. We have the same conversation again how he feels about me. Tells me how I’m his person.
Next day I go over to his place for lunch. Before I leave I go to the bathroom and see used makeup wipes in the trash. A lot of them. I ask what those are and he brushes it off. I know what I saw so that night I call and ask him to tell me what’s going on. He can barely look at me as he tells me he slept with a girl G(23f) from his gym. Says at first only a couple of times then eventually that it’s been happening for four month. Basically when he started acting different. She doesn’t know about me eithe but since he came back from his last trip he’s mostly been seeing her and avoiding me. Says it started because he got scared of how strongly he felt about me that’s why it started and it was just sex at first but he is realizing he likes her. But it was casual between them.
We talk and I try to understand what’s happening. Says there is no real future with her and is an escape while I’m real life. He says he shouldn’t see either of us and go to therapy. He plans on telling her but won’t say when he will.
Days go by and he’s still seeing her and hasn’t told her. We’re still talking through everything but he slowly is avoiding me. It comes to a head when he flakes on me to be with her. I message him that I’m over being treated Ike this by someone who said they loved me but continues to see her and avoid his problem. He never responds. I dropped his stuff I had on his doorstep. It’s been over two weeks since we spoke but he is still seeing her. He tagged her sister in a post. Seems much more serious between them than he let on. He also hasn’t come into our shared workspace since so he is avoiding having to deal with me.
At this point I want to tell her about me and how he was sleeping with both of us at the same time. I want to warn her because he will never tell her. He also cheated on his ex wife and previous partners.
Also how do I move on from this. I feel so manipulated. I started therapy.
Tdlr- was seeing someone exclusively for almost a year but he was secretly seeing someone else for months. She doesn’t know about me, do I tell her?
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2023.05.29 03:51 kikalara My first Anniversary post seperation

Today is the anniversary of mine and my soon to be ex husband's marriage. It's funny because in a way it almost snuck up on me. I wonder if I had stayed a bit busier, or if I hadn't quit my job this week that it would have come and gone and I wouldn't be dwelling on it like I am now.
My original plan for today was to continue filling out the mountains of paperwork that is the NYS Divorce packet. I've been steadly working on it for weeks now. Only to find out yesterday I was given the wrong packet by my lawyer. I got the one for relationships with no kids. We have a daughter together. So now I have to get the correct paperwork and all that time has been wasted.
He was not a good man for me. Many people around me tell me he wasn't a good man in general but I have a harder time dealing with that absolute. Regardless, I am better off without him. I know this now, even though it took me a lot longer than it should have to learn this. As I spend more time apart from him, I'm realizing how much that I let happen, that I swept under the rug thinking it was normal when it really wasn't. Sometimes it catches me by surprise when I tell my friends about a specific instance and they look at me like I was crazy for thinking it was normal.
He didn't hit me, but there were definitely instances of emotional and financial abuse as well as emotional neglect. I used to joke that I married a robot. He not only didn't understand or show emotions (other than anger) but would not allow anyone else around him to express them either. He called it disrespectful, especially if a child showed any emotion other than flat obedience.
Regardless, since I'm getting off point. I've been dwelling a lot on our relationship today. On how much I miss him. I'm angry at myself for missing him. I just want to move on with my life. Especially since he seems to have already. He is happy with his new girl, new kids, new car, ans remodeled house (which he finally decides to work on after I left despite being in a permenant state of half finished our entire marriage). There are still nights I cry myself to sleep because of everything. I feel like I'm not any further along than I was when he told me he wanted the divorce.
I hate that I miss him. I wish I could just get over it. I hate sitting here dwelling on the good times we had together when I know he's not thinking about it at all. Today has been so hard for me, but I guarantee it's just another day for him. We have been together for most of my adult life. I don't understand how it can just mean nothing to him now. How I can just mean nothing?
Some days are easier. To be honest it's mostly the days we don't speak at all. Sometimes it's just easier to go about my life and almost forget he exists. But because I have my daughter and I have to navigate visitation and such, I once again have to face him eventually. I hate how difficult he makes life. I hate having to argue with him until all this paperwork is put through, and God knows he won't do it, even though he's the one who wanted the divorce in the first place. Besides. He's already tried to take my daughter from me. I won't let that happen. So I don't trust any paperwork he tries to file.
I hate how long this court stuff is taking. I hate that I can't afford an actual lawyer because the volunteer lawyer I'm using can't/won't help me properly.
I ate that it's a mental battle every time it comes to something to do with my daughter. He wants to argue but seems to care little about the actual outcome of things. Especially if it requires effort on his part.
And yet despite all the headache he causes and how much he makes me want to rip my hair out; Despite all he has done to wrong me in the past and even now in the present I still love him and I still miss him? Why? What the hell is wrong with me?
I'm trying to focus on my daughter. Focus on what's best for her. On taking care of her and making sure that she knows that she is loved and cared for. So much of my energy goes to making her happy. To building a better life for the both of us.
I just want to be okay. I don't want to miss him, or feel anything for him anymore. I just want to move on with my life. I want to be happy. And make a happy life for my daughter and I. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever get there.
Tonight sucks.
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2023.05.29 03:51 KBoPeep % in range increased by 25%

% in range increased by 25%
So normally I run at about 65-70% in range. The last two days, my in range time has been 91%. I’ve been having lows-just switched from Levemir (12u at night and 15u in morning) to Lantus Solostar 10u at night and 15u in morning. Made the switch about 4 days ago so I’m still adjusting that. 1:6 ratio for humalog. I just had a medium Oreo blizzard from dq (117 carbs-I thought it was 90 so I even underdosed) and I had zero increase in my blood sugar… it’s decreased slowly over 2 hours and I had to eat some fruit snacks at 67. I’m tottering the Lantus after starting at 15u at night and 15u in morning. Is Lantus different than Levemir? I know the dose is not correct bc I’m having lows at night and one or two during the day. But I’m frightened by the lack of increase after SOME but not all meals. I at a hotdog on a bun for lunch with ketchup and mustard and hit 200… so I’m very confused why I’ve cream wouldn’t increase my bs.
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2023.05.29 03:51 Saltyviper55 any negative long lasting effects for people?

just tried to write out my story, was way to much and unorganized so ill bring it down to a simple ass list with little explanations,
fell in love with psychedelics instantly- tripped 12 times in 6 months,
gave my self dissociate disorder without knowing, for about 8 months in total i had it, got bad, 90% of the day was dissociating a few months into it
got hppd somewhere in the mix, diss + hppd = 10x worse (note. the hppd wasn't scary just fuckes with the minds ability to get a firm grasp on what's real/reality
prolly had psychosis throughout it but had my first bad trip on my 9th trip, soul bomb + worst setting- terrible psychosis after the trip, and worsened all my issues. acid+4g PE and don't have a big tolerance for substances.
very much regret and learned my lesson
tried 2 small trips after to see if i fucked myself up for good and had bad trips.
by this point i had terrible dissociations (no connection to my physical body or emotions or this structured reality) + hppd+ psychosis + thought disorder ( had no control of my thoughts and believed anything that came to mind, mostly about reality type of thoughts, these thoughts would trigger dissociating as well)
its now been 6 months since i touched any psychedelics and have basically recovered
no more hppd, stopped diss all day and can feel my body and emotions again, started gaining some structure over my thoughts and don't let them control my mindset, i feel mostly normal again and it means a lot to me
also just wanna say something since i haven't had anyone to talk to with this stuff, when i was trying to recover from the dissociating and the first time i felt anything which ended up being anxiety, like real and strong anxiety it made me so happy, im now so grateful just to feel anything and anxiety doesn't scare me and for some reason will get super emotional during movies or whatever and im just so happy that my emotions are real and can feel them again...
<3 love you all thanku if u spent some time reading this
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2023.05.29 03:49 doctor_puntastic Best and Worst

I'm planning to sign up for the annual subscription to take advantage of the memorial day sale (GSMA/ATT). I'm 90% sure moving from Visible to RedPocket will be good for me. I was happy with ATT when I had Cricket, it just got too expensive. I've been disappointed in Visible ever since they made me move off of the Cloud (Legacy) Core to Verizon Core (I live in a Verizon over-saturated city).
I want to hear from you about what you find the Best and Worst aspects of RP (from service down time to customer service). I'm especially curious about service in the central and mountain states, as that's where I spend a bulk of my time. (IE: is their coverage map really that accurate? Because it looks a lot like ATT's regular service coverage, especially in Viaero coverage areas - Eastern CO and Western KS/NE)
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2023.05.29 03:49 krigsgaldrr I didn't realize it's my account's 12th birthday today, which means it's my boy's 12th birthday too!

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2023.05.29 03:46 MrsLibido What is your posting strategy?

Hi everyone. I joined Vinted 13 days ago, immediately started selling and sold 70 items so far. I have an iPhone 14 Pro and it takes very good detailed photos + I always use the full name of the product I'm selling from the official website so it includes all the correct keywords. I have up to 30% off bundles and encourage people to take advantage of them in my descriptions. I always post parcels same day or next day.
So I'd like to know what you are doing to increase engagement and sales!
Sorry for all the questions but I'm moving to another country, selling basically 90% of my wardrobe and it's really important for me to sell as much as I can because I'm raising money for my animal rescue. Please share your vinted wisdom with me :)
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2023.05.29 03:44 Rabbersty Rakuten ! Get $30 when you spend $30 - CANADA ONLY

We both earn $30 after a purchase of $30+, within the first 90 days of signing up, on one of the many supported stores.
Sign up now and start earning cashback - https://www.rakuten.ca/reward
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2023.05.29 03:43 sweet-and-savory-ofc And another one

Yea, one of these. Rambles for your Sunday read.
It's almost been one month since the man who claimed to "love love me" ghosted me out of nowhere.
A man who I've been involved with for 2 years (almost 4 years since I've known him and our long break due to my Dday). We reconnected after his divorce.
I had high hopes when we reconnected. My love for him had remained and if anything the pedestal I had him on was even higher now somehow.
Our time a part let me romanticize him more and built him into something he wasn't.
So this time around, when he seemed bitter possibly from his divorce (they divorced when we were NC and not because of our affair) and he was getting shorter and more impatient than ever with me, I was left confused at his seemingly misdirected anger and bitterness.
The man who could tell me I was "his perfect woman" was now inconsistent and flakey. The man who claimed he wanted a future with me and to build a family together, now couldn't return texts or calls in a timely manner.
I wondered where my once stable, best friend was? The man who knew me inside and out and was there for me during the worst, the man who claimed he never connected with anyone like me-- and the man who made me feel beautiful and sexy for the first time in 10+ years. The man who gave me constant affirmation and all the right words. The man who I could talk to for hours and knew exactly what I needed to turn me on. He said he was putty in my hands, but I felt the same about him. I was grateful for him and he would proclaim how lucky he was to have love from a woman like me.
Sometimes the man described above showed himself, but more often than not he was MIA.
Literally missing.
I should of walked away then...but I held on, hoping my best friend would one day resurface.
But instead, after nearly 10 months working through things and being there for him as he rebuildt his life after divorce, he poofed....he vanished.
And before anyone says anything-- I told him I thought he needed to date, be single, spread his wings, and if we were meant to be-- we would see once he got some rebounds out of his system. I didn't want to be a placeholder.
He claimed he would tell me when that day came. And while there were no signs he was seeing anyone, I know him-- and I'm sure he was talking to many women.
I also think he was scared of the potential future we could of had.
Either way, he never communicated to me-- never allowed me to know. Never cared enough to share the hard truths.
He was the loving man I knew, planning to see me and arrange plans for the following week, confessing his love for me....and then he was gone.
Now, one month later-- as I rebuild myself and try to love myself, I wonder if I'll ever go down this road again, and by that I mean-- trust a man's words of love. Allow myself to love another man like I thought I loved him.
Idk, it's still so early.
But I do know I will keep working on the goals and aspirations I lost sight of while he pushed and pulled me away this past year.
I'm proud to say, I've got exciting things in the works-- lifetime bucket goals of overseas trips on the horizon, new job opportunities ahead, more courses I'm taking to further my career, and pAps that are eager to be with me and spend time with me.
I'm cautiously optimistic, but also I'll admit-- very much broken and hurt, too.
No real reason in posting but feels good to write it out, too.
Sending light & love to all those confused tonight as well. ✌
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2023.05.29 03:41 Flower483 Search this old movies

Hii, as a child i saw this 2 movies which i wanna see again.

  1. it was a Scifi movie it must be but im not sure, i only remember that there was a big futurelooking room it was like a theater but it wasnt red it was more.. grey maybe.. there came one a fter one weird future looking person in a grey suit and i think with a long head and maybe a bit of a other color, im not sure but i think they make really weird crying beeeep sounds it was really interesting and weird but then i was sleeping... from the camera quality it was maybe from the 80-90.
  2. I only saw the last scenes of this movie there was a rich looking family in a rich looking house someone showed his big scar on his body i think he put up his t shirt and i think everybody had a big scar then they freak out and suicide or something like that idk anymore... it was maybe 2 minutes. It was absolute an older movie like the number 1.

Thx, Have a nice day^^.
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2023.05.29 03:41 kheinz_57 F25 I feel like I’m in a divorced parent situation with my 19m brothers

Allow me to give some context. I come from a very Catholic family on my mom’s side. She was a live in nanny for my aunt (her sister) after she had triplets. My aunt and uncle lived right next to another couple with kids who asked if she could watch them too. My aunt and uncle were close friends with this neighbor family. After a couple years, my aunt got my mom an apartment so she could treat it like a job and have a life or whatever. She didn’t even make it a year before getting knocked up, which she tried to hide, but my aunt demanded she go to the doctors bc if she wasn’t pregnant, then something is really wrong. Well. She was pregnant. 7 months pregnant… and my aunt asked who? My mom wouldn’t say. So my aunt took her apartment privileges away. My mom has some cognitive issues but she can drive and hold down a job, she just really acts like a child when in distress and was a little slower in school. So she threw a tantrum and wouldn’t tell my aunt. They pack her apartment and find journals, like the ones you make in middle school that’s like “John loves doe,” “Mr and Mrs. Johndoe,” “John and doe forever.” And they realized, it’s their neighbor. He cheated on his wife and fucked the nanny. So my dad picks up and moves his family away and my family agreed to not tell his wife so long as he paid child support. This pregnancy was a big deal since Catholics and premarital s3x don’t mix. My mom was a disappointment. My grandparents made her move in with them bc my mom was going to give me away. We live with them for a couple years. She saves up my child support and with help from my grandparents, buys a house when I’m 4. On her own again (with financial help). THEN doesn’t even make it two years, gets knocked up by her coworker. Jesus H Christ, woman. BIRTH CONTROL. Nope. Now she’s pregnant with twins. Bc I’m the only [email protected]@rd child, she asks him to marry her and he moves in officially. They get married AND have the twins on the same day… cutting it a little close, yeah? Fine. I was so excited to not be an only child and what 7 year old doesn’t want siblings. A couple months roll around and my, now, stepdad is acting super weird. He tells me, an 8 year old, that my mom got fat after having the twins and doesn’t satisfy his needs anymore. Okay I have no idea what that means. He starts [email protected] @[email protected] me. I tell my mom after the very first time. “What the fuck do you want me to do about it? Can you just for once not ruin something good in my life?” Okay ouch. Keep living. It keeps getting worse. I tell her again. “Okay? Seriously shut your fucking mouth.” This goes on for years. At 10/11, I stopped brushing my teeth, brushing my hair, I’m gross. I’m eating raw garlic, dipping onions in mustard, drinking pickle juice, whatever passive defense I could, bc resisting would get me beat. But it still never worked. At 12, I try to kill myself and breakdown crying “I don’t deserve to be alive, I should be in military school, I don’t deserve to be happy.” My aunt, reasonably concerned, asks why I think that. I can’t say bc I know it’s bad and I feel gross. But I break and tell her. My mom giving me the signal to shut up, gets caught by my aunt. She says “it’s not that big of a deal.” My aunt, mad, but still protective of her mentally slow sister, tells her to call the police and what to say to avoid getting charged with child negligence and endangerment. He has to live with his mom. No worries for my mom though. She just packs my brothers up and stays with him for days at a time, leaving me at home, no phone, no food, not even internet. I beg my family to take me, they say my mom said she’s not seeing him and I don’t need to lie about these things. They say I need to help my mom. I NEEDED HELP. They all said I was lying. I graduated high school 7 years ago, moved to college, and continued my NC with my mom that started when she kicked me out at 15. I love my brothers dearly and maintained a relationship through text but didn’t visit them. I talked to my aunt and uncle even though they let me suffer. I wanted someone to love me. Especially after my grandparents passed. My mom continued to see him in secret. I said the second my brothers go to college, they will be back together in my fucking house. It was so obvious. My family is just stupid bc they’d suggest she get a divorce and she said no every time. But I was right. He put his mom in a nursing home and sold her house and is living rent free in the house he ruined my life in. Here’s the problem. I love my brothers. And they love me. But they also love their dad. School is over and they’re back home living with him. They talk quietly when I call them, like they don’t want him to hear they talk to me. Like they’re embarrassed of ME. I keep thinking at their wedding, who are they going to want there? Their dad and mom? Or me? I know they love me, but I already know the answer. Shit just hurts. My dad wanted nothing to do with me and died before I could meet him. My mom chose a shithead over me. I finally got a father figure and he was a nightmare. I can’t lose my brothers too. I hate this fucking wedge. What can I even do? Sorry for the length.
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