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2023.06.08 19:53 Brancliff r/CookieRunKingdoms Megathread [Snapdragon Season]

Did anyone feel like this update sorta just got dropped on us? O_o I didn't feel like there was a lot of huge fanfare and then it just kind of arrived. Didn't seem like people were making much buzz about it ahead of time. Which is why I'm late. Sorry!

This is the [regularly-scheduled] megathread! Stuff that isn't cool enough to have its own post can go here.

What toppings should you put on [character]? Does [character] fit in this PvP team? Feel free to talk about it here! We only ask that before you ask, you check the

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2023.06.08 19:49 maddev17 Change of Major to EECS

I am an international student admitted to Eng Math and Stats at UC Berkeley (College of Engineering). I want to switch my major to EECS after the first year, and I am aware that it used to be really easy to switch in the College of Engineering before. However, this year there might be some changes, the University's website says that it will be highly unlikely to switch to impacted majors (such as EECS); and the advisors (who are not scheduling a virtual meet, instead they are requesting me to ask my questions on email) are replying me the thing as their website. They say that it is a recent change.
  1. I would like to know the ground reality of this situation?
  2. Are they limiting the seats in the EECS courses?
  3. What are the requirements now to switch to EECS?
  4. Are the only saying "highly unlikely" because they don't want students to switch or is it really that difficult?
  5. Is there still a possibility that I could take CS subjects and do a minor in EECS? (because the advisors say "Students who were not admitted directly to either the EECS major or Engineering Undeclared are unlikely to get into Computer Science courses as all seats for those classes are reserved for EECS and Engineering Undeclared majors.")
Please help me out.
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2023.06.08 19:48 QueenFayth [H][NA][Zul'jin] 5/9M Aberrus CE Vault Recruiting Tank + DPS!

is a 2-night Mythic raiding guild composed of a growing group of friends who've been gaming together for a number of years and are serious about achieving Cutting Edge each tier while maintaining a positive and progressive atmosphere. We're looking for quality players that bring a positive attitude, and take improving their game play seriously. Recruitment Needs:
  • Enhance Shaman (Medium)
  • Death Knight (Medium)
  • Mage (High)
  • Warlock (High)
  • Elemental Shaman (High)
  • Tank - Immediate Spot Open (BDK, Prot Pally/War, BrM, Veng)
Note: We're looking for players who want to push content and aspire for CE each tier, and more importantly, are as passionate about the game as we are. Even if you do not see your class listed; performance and consistency win spots on our roster. Showcasing exceptional performance and contributing to the team in a positive manner will earn you your spot. We are always considering applications for all roles.
  • Tuesday 8:00pm-12:30am EST
  • Wednesday 9:00pm-12:30am EST
  • Thursday 9:00pm-12:30am EST (Optional)
We expect 100% attendance to both Tuesday and Wednesday raids. Come prepared with flasks, pots, personal food, and encounter knowledge. If you're interested in raiding with us or hearing more please contact us via one of the following:
  • Deegeez#2808 (Discord) / DeeGeez#1993 (Battle Net) - Recruiter
  • Amante#3703 (Discord) /Shadowbites#1291 (Battle Net) - Raid Lead
Note: We will not respond through Reddit. Please use the above channels to contact us if interested
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2023.06.08 19:46 Shot_College9353 Needing guidance.

I'm feeling very disheartened in my journey rn. I am seriously considering quitting my current gym bc of the training environment. It's an extremely competitive program ran by a 6th degree black belt. However, it's a daily occurrence leaving with minor or moderate injuries to the point that me, as a 32 y/o father of two with a full-time career, have to decide every class, is it worth to show up and risk permanent damage to my body? I'm not an athlete and have expressed no desire to be but the 2 world champs are the Masters children and a lot of time it just feels like the rest of us are training fodder for them. They go 100% every roll and there's no in between. If we get injured we get told, don't cry, be a samurai. Real warriors ignore the pain. But if his kids get injured we get yelled at for being careless or get a class lecture about xyz. So every time I roll with the 18 y/o, phenom, I leave with injuries and can't train for a week. Not to mention with my work schedule I can only train twice a week now anyways. So I'm not getting any better as a 2 stripe Purple. I am actually getting worse bc I'm getting sidelined so much. My 2 days are whittled down to 1 day because I get hurt every single time I go to class or I'm so tore up I can't move right for a week, yet I still have to work 50 hours and sustain a home life.
I like the Master. He's a great guy but a lot of other students have quit bc of the same thing. My wife quit because she couldn't handle it. My son was coming home crying every night and I pulled him bc he began to hate it. His only other black belt is considering leaving for the same reason. We've brought it up to him and we basically get our concerns diminished or we're told "that's just what the best BJJ is like. My children didn't become champions by training light."
So what I want to know is this: are my concerns legit enough to leave or am I just being a bitch and need to toughen up. I would appreciate real input and not snarky comments. I can get that shit on Facebook.
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2023.06.08 19:46 __humanbean__ Training for Diagnosis

I am not a therapist, however, I am considering a qualified mental health, professional in Illinois. I’m a supervisor for community support team. At our agencies I am not the one who necessarily gets to formulate or change diagnoses; however, I am sort of considered the first line person who should assess the situation and determined diagnosis that may fit. Once I have done that, I would bring this up with the agency medication prescriber (psychiatric nurse practitioner), and she would make the final determination. However, realistically, I would be the one that needs to be good at diagnosing people, as she basically goes based on my information for seeing them for 15 to 20 minutes …. 30 minutes at the most… whenever they have clinic, which is at minimum every 3 months but can be more frequent if needed.
So my question is, is there a good training or class on diagnosis that anyone would recommend, and where can I sign up? I assume this would be a CEU class type deal. My educational background is that I have a masters in social work. However, my social work program was basically a management or administration tract - not a therapy or clinical tract. Obviously, I took classes and was taught the basics. However, I was previously working in child welfare, and only had to use that information on a fairly surface level until I started my current job. I have a basic understanding of the most diagnoses, but I struggle with a diagnosis is not obvious or when there are multiple possible diagnoses. I also have several patients who have diagnoses that seem to conflict, but I cannot find a list anywhere of officially what diagnoses cannot legitimately be on the same person. For example, it doesn’t seem to make sense if someone with bipolar disorder, would also be diagnosed with major depressive disorder…. But I’m happy to be corrected it that’s wrong. I also find the DSM and ICD codes to be quite confusing. So beyond the class I’m asking about…. If anyone has any resources like cheat sheets, etc. that may be helpful I would be very happy to be pointed in the right direction…. Most of our clients come in with diagnoses, and sometimes they don’t really seem to fit…. So I definitely need to try to work on getting good as assessing past diagnoses and determining what does and doesn’t work.
If it’s helpful, the population we are working with is the severely mentally ill who have not traditionally done well with just regular outpatient services. Many of the clients do have disorders that have psychotic symptoms, but not all. A few of our clients have also been involved with some type of mental health services for decades…. And they are diagnoses don’t really seem to fit them anymore but how do you determine if that’s just because their medication is really working or if it’s a misdiagnosis that doesn’t work anymore (or maybe was wrong to begin with). For example, I have a client with schizoaffective disorder diagnosis that doesn’t seem to have not had any psychotic symptoms for 5+ years.
I also have a masters in public administration and a graduate certificate in public policy, but that’s less relevant here.
I hope this ramble makes sense!
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2023.06.08 19:44 PureOutlandishness52 Advice about classes next year

APUSH AP Seminar AP Pre-Calc AP Physics AP Stat AP Lang Engineering class (free pd basically)
I'm an upcoming junior. What are your guys thoughts on this schedule: is it sustainable, viable? Thanks guys
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2023.06.08 19:36 Vaulot Has she (19F) lost interest in me (19M)

Hey everyone,
So this girl and I (19M) met through college last year, being in the same class for a few subjects. We hit it off as study buddies at first, but gradually started hanging out more often from December last year. Anyhow, we went on multiple hang outs such as ice skating, grabbing lunch, playing golf and tennis etc (touch barrier was broken through holding hands and hugging). After these hang outs, I started to fall for her personality, resulting in me wanting to ask her out on a date.
I asked her last week in person when we met up to study, but wimped out from directly stating the word 'date' and ended up just saying something like, "Do you want to do ___ on a Friday after our finals." She responded with a yes, but also stated how we will plan a proper date sometime soon after the exams. To note, her final exams are two weeks after mine, and both her and I massively prioritise our studies over anything else. Anyways, I wanted to clarify that this will be a date and not a hang out so I shot her a text that night to make sure we were both on the same page. However, this is where I'm a little confused as she has left me on delivered and has not responded since (it's now been a week). In my past dating experiences I would immediately take this as a rejection, but considering the fact that she genuinely has a very busy scheduled lifestyle and its the final exam period, maybe she will respond once hers is over? At the same time though, I'm sure nobody is that busy. Should I just wait if she responds, and just move on if she doesn't?
tl:dr, Met a girl through college last year, went on multiple hangouts and asked her out on a date but got left on delivered
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2023.06.08 19:36 alicia98981 AITA Because I didn’t wash the dishes faster than my mom would have preferred?

Some background: I’m staying with my parents while I attend some schooling for a month. My dad is a truck driver so he’s only home on the weekends. My mom works from home, so her daily routine is to start the day from 6 AM on her work computer. After she finishes work, she has a women’s prayer group she meets with daily, that she spend the rest of her time with or doing things related to that that. So basically all day and most of the night, usually until about 10 pm or so and prayer group does a meeting again at 4 AM. So essentially she spends all day on her computer literally. To say that it has been a point of contention for my family is an understatement because my mom has used her computer activities to justify not leaving home to do basic tasks when someone else is home, even going so far as not to cook, but expects my dad when he’s home or me to go and buy meals or cook instead. My mom also has gotten so she expects for us to come running when she calls to do menial tasks so she doesn’t have to leave her computer.
I often cook at home. The general rule is if you cook, dishes get done the same night. Here’s the problem. I knew we were running low on dish liquid so I made a mental note to pick up some from the store. Long story short, between my commitments between school, watching my sister’s newborn baby, picking my sister up from one job and dropping her off at another - because she doesn’t have a car and lives 45 minutes away from both jobs, and still finding time to go the gym on top of studying in the evening for class, I forgot to get some, so one night, the dishes didn’t get washed. My mom tells me the next day that she has a new bottle stored in a different place we previously kept it and I get it. Another day goes by and dishes aren’t washed, but used. I should have washed the dishes, but I chose to use the free time I finally had once I completed all my tasks - to include going to get dinner for my mom because she didn’t want to eat the food I cooked, for the day to study at around 10 pm. This morning I tell my mom I’ll do the dishes when I return from class since I’ll have more free time than normal. She says ok. I come home, and the dishes are done. She goes into a fit that she didn’t like that the kitchen was left dirty (the dishes not being done meant the kitchen was dirty), and dishes sat for 2 days undone. I pointed out to her we have a brand new dishwasher, but she refuses to let anyone use it because, “it’s for decoration.” I also told her that I had told her I’d take care of them when I got home around noon, a mere 3 hours earlier. She stated she had to stop work to take care of her kitchen because she felt like she had waited long enough. We ended up in this back and forth and now we’re both mad. I’m not mad she did the dishes, I’m irritated she picked a fight about it after I told her I would take care of it at a specific time and then accused me of being lazy.
AITA for waiting longer to do the dishes and being annoyed she picked a fight with me?
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2023.06.08 19:35 onerinconhill Usually have a web designer do this stuff but trying to learn more - how to change a top style without redoing all of them?

So I'm changing all the sections on a page from 100 view height to 50 to fit a large number onto a page. I've renamed the first one to the new class, but if I want to change the rest it gives me an error saying "style already exists" when trying to rename or duplicate. How do I make the top selector into the new class that I've created? I tried finding stuff online to do it but nothing was relevant.
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2023.06.08 19:34 ERNP1982 My survival story

I'm not really sure how to start this post. I guess I can start by saying that I really enjoy this forum and listen to your podcast almost daily. Also, I must apologize, as this is kinda long, but I didn't want to leave anything out. So, here goes....
I'm a 40 year old male and I pride myself on being fairly successful in my life. That's not to say I'm filthy rich or don't have my problems, which we'll get to in a minute, but I have a life that many would be happy to live. I have a beautiful and loving wife, two wonderful kids from a previous marriage, and a job that is not only fulfilling, but allows me to live comfortably. Most people wouldn't suspect some of the things I've dealt with in my time, but I wanted to share this aspect of my past in hopes it will help me work through it.
All my life I've lived in the South, Mississippi specifically, and as one might suspect I've grown up going to church. This has never bothered me, although some of the experiences I could've done without (I'll looking at you youth choir). When I was a young child, probably 7-8 (the exact age escapes me, possibly blocked out for my sanity's sake) my family attended a Baptist church in the boonies which we lived on a family farm. It was your typical southern style church, we had service every Sunday morning, night services that would include business meetings, and RA's every Wednesday night. For those unfamiliar, RA's (short for Royal Ambassadors) was an organization very similar to the Boy Scouts of America. Granted, we didn't have all the same types of awards or taskings they did, but the group would study the Bible and how we could apply the teachings to serve the community at large. Every year we had a couple camping trips and nature hikes we would attend, but no merit badges or anything. I suppose now would be good to introduce our characters in this story. Myself, whom I'll call Addie, my brothers John and Steven, and a young man named Robert. Obviously, these aren't the real names, but you get the idea. Robert was the leader of my RA class and always seemed to be a fairly cool guy. He was probably in his mid-twenties and seemed to be really in tune with all the youth group. Robert was very well known to all the RA classes, as we all would meet in the fellowship hall after the individual classes were done, typically to have an activity as a large group before going home. My brothers and I seemed to be of a particular interest to Robert (And yes, as a grown man I look back and see the absolutely wrong and inappropriate nature of this) and he would always seek us out Wednesday nights to joke around or tussle. This type of behavior went on for a long time, not really sure how long as I've already said, but it was long enough for our parents to feel comfortable with him around us. Before any one starts trying to throw stones my folks way, you have to remember this was in the late 80's and society was far more trusting that it is today. As such, people in the church were thought to be mostly good people and it never entered into anyone's mind what could have been going on behind the door those nights.
I remember some nights where Robert would forgo the weekly lesson, instead opting to "play games" with all the boys in his class. These games were always posed as innocent enough, but always involved....well....things that boys shouldn't be doing with other boys, let alone in the presence of a grown man. This is bad enough, but one of Robert's favorite young men was my oldest brother, Steven. As I would come to find out, Robert had cornered my brother on multiple occasions and assaulted him. One of these times, my brother and I were walking through the church on a Wednesday night, no one else in sight. I honestly can't remember what we were doing (Possibly running an errand or something) but without warning, Robert rounds the corner. Apparently, he had seen us leave the fellowship hall and decided to follow. When he saw us, something about his facial expression gave me and Steven a chill. He looked excited, almost giddy, and had a big smile on his face. He started walking towards us, saying something about he was going to get us or some garbage like that, and that prompted us to run. We bolted back down the hallway and through the sanctuary, with aim to get out the front door and make our way down to the safety of the rest of the group (As our father was one of the teachers and we knew he was there). To give an idea of the layout we were traveling, the sanctuary sat on a hill and the fellowship hall was at the base of the hill. Also, the church was in the process of building a new sanctuary next to the old one, so we had to run around this giant construction zone to get down the hill. So, we exit the front of the church, sprinting to the right as fast as we could, past the construction, and down the hill. When we rounded the corner, we were looking straight at the door to the fellowship hall. We pick up our pace, the sound of Robert gaining from behind, but we keep a good lead until we get to the door. Now, you would think this should be the end of the story right? We fling open the door, the throng of people see our predicament, and rush to our aid. But no, we grab the door handles and find them locked. We ran to the side window, trying to get our father's attention, but to no avail. By this time, Robert had caught up to us and was blocking our way to go back. Things get hazy at this point, mostly coming in flashes, but the jest of it is clear enough. My brother attempted to run past or through Robert, but he ends up being lifted in the air and carried away from the building. He stopped at the far end of the parking lot and began to assault my brother right in front of me. I remember trying everything to get him to stop. I kicked Robert in the ribs, jumped on his back, screaming at my brother to do things to make him stop. But nothing worked. This man was violating my brother right in front of me. This particular memory is as clear in my head as what I had for breakfast today. I don't remember much of my grandfather, the majority of my Christmas holidays, or a thousand other things from my childhood, but this freaking memory sticks out like a billboard. Fast forward, it turns out (not surprisingly) Robert had been doing the same things to lots of other kids, John and I included. When everything came out, my father threatened to beat him to death, Robert was thrown in our state penitentiary, and put on the offender's registry for life.
For years I would check the registry, making sure that Robert was still behind bars. One day, fifteen years later or so, I checked it and found he had been paroled, now living close to my old hometown. It was a gut punch, as I hoped he would never breathe free air again. But by this point, I was grown, big into weightlifting, and trained by the military so I felt confident in my ability to handle myself. If I'm being honest, I actually had concocted an entire scenario in my mind that if I ever saw him in Walmart or something, I would confront him and throw him a beating for everything he had done to my family. Well, the years came and went, I got married, and welcomed the birth of my sons into the world. I also started a career in nursing, eventually earning my master's degree and becoming a nurse practitioner. Having kids of my own gave me a new perspective on life and truthfully gave me a different outlook on life and I never let my guard down when it came to my boys. Eventually, after almost 15 years, my wife and I divorced. I moved back to my hometown to be closer to my support system. This opened up an opportunity to manage and practice medicine in a clinic nearby. I did this for almost two years until I was given the chance to work back in the ER of a hospital system and decided this was a better fit for me. So, I'm working my last few shifts at the clinic, when I went into a room to see a patient. The patient was an older woman, a little older than my parents, and as old folks often do, she wanted to talk about anything but why she was there. I've always been somewhat of a people pleaser, so I typically would just let these type of people talk. I think about how my grandmother and how she lived alone for almost 30 years after my granddad died and how lonely she would get at times. I figured, if someone wanted to ramble and it would make them feel better, I was more than happy to lend an ear. Well, she asked me where I was from, if I was married, if I had kids, etc. Just typical stuff really and I answered everything she asked as it wasn't terribly strange stuff. She remarked at the beginning that my name was familiar, but she couldn't place where from. I told her who my parents were, where they worked, and where I had grown up. Eventually, it came around to where I had gone to church as a child and after I told her, her face grew stoic. Seriously, it looked like someone had pulled the drain plug on her face and emptied it of blood. I looked into her eyes, curious as to what caused this shift, and she started to cry. I was obviously stunned at this drastic turn of her demeanor and asked her what was wrong. She replied, "I know where I know your parents from, where I know you from. I don't know if you would remember my son, you were so young, but I don't want to tell you." When she said this, my brain jumped back to the start of her inquiry about me, at which time she had told me her children's names. I looked at her chart, searching frantically for her last name. When I found it, everything clicked and the name of her youngest child left my lips quietly, Robert.
The realization that I was looking at the mother of my childhood monster was, sobering to say the least. She began to apologize over and over, telling me she had prayed my brothers and I had led normal lives and hadn't been "ruined" by what her son had done. Now, it's important to clarify that while we all have been successful in our chosen fields, all three of us have carried scars from what he did to us. I, personally, have had difficulty with relationships and trusting other people. I can't say for certain what John and Steven endured in all these years, but I know that none of us were ever "normal" after what happened. However, as this woman had nothing to do with her son's atrocities, I didn't want her to feel attacked or responsible. I leaned in and tried to comfort her, reassuring that we all turned out well and had moved beyond the past (Despite this not being entirely the truth). This seemed to give her peace of mind. As she dried her eyes, she spoke again, "I'm glad to hear that. I know what he did was wrong, horribly wrong. He never could tell me why he did it, he told me he knew it wasn't right but he couldn't seem to stop himself. I know he went to prison, and he suffered there, but he's done so good since he's come home. He's not a bad man, he's so good to me." She kept talking, but by this point, I was tuned out. I felt sorry for her, truly I did, but I was ready to get out of that room. Then she said something that made my heart sink and my guts implode. "He's so good to me, he even brought me today. He's out front right now."
I stood up, my legs were numb, and I felt short of breath. I quickly told her what her treatment plan entailed and left the room. I walked to the front of the clinic, looking through the check-in window out into the lobby, and there he was...Robert was sitting not even 10 feet away. My mind raced, all of my rage and anger that had been pent up for over two decades boiling inside me. That memory, the one I spoke about, played in my mind like a bad snuff film (As if any snuff film is a good one, but I digress). I walked back to my office and sat down, trying to rationalize what was going on. All these years, I have had a clear and focused plan for how things would go if I ever saw him again. I rose from my chair, walking towards my car and the gun I always kept inside. I told my nurse to keep all the patient's in their rooms and not to let anyone out to the lobby. She asked me why and, for some reason, I told her everything. She looked into my face and said, "What are you gonna do Addie? What are you going to tell your boys when you go to jail for life?" Her questions stopped me in my tracks, like my feet were bolted to the floor. She continued, "He took something he never should have, no doubt. But don't let him take you from your boys, you're a better man than that." As soon as it had come on, my crazy idea to deal with this guy like I had always wanted evaporated from me. I asked her to discharge the old woman and I went back to my office. I stayed in there until they had both left and then continued with my day. I called my fiance and told her what happened, making sure she knew that I hadn't done anything stupid. She told me that she was proud of me and the rest of the day went by without incident.
I never thought the day would come where I was face to face with this guy. Despite my blustering, I'm no killer and he wasn't threatening anyone in that moment. Since that day, I've started my new job and haven't seen Robert again. I told John about the whole situation, and he echoed my fiancé's opinion, glad I had let him leave without incident. I've since told my mother about it, yet again, was told I did the right thing and that she was proud of me. I wish that I could say I was proud of myself, but I can't. I feel like, I dunno, that I somehow betrayed my brothers by not doing something...anything. Granted, no matter what I did to him, it wouldn't have been enough. Even if I un-alived him, it wouldn't do anything to remove what had happened or the impact we all have endured. But still, I can't help but feel guilty I didn't dish out the punishment I feel Robert deserved, the justice I feel the kids he messed up deserved.
I guess if anything, I'm writing this to hopefully let other people who have been through similar circumstances they're not alone. And to warn everyone else, no matter what you think, there really are monsters in this world and they look like everyone else.
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2023.06.08 19:32 scarlettrosev Update: Has it ever worked for anyone to go back after breaking up?

Update to my last post about wondering if they ever change: Has it ever worked for anyone to go back after breaking up? : BPDlovedones (
Spoiler alert: IT DOESN'T!!!
So I wrote this original post two days ago because I was desperate for things to magically work out for once wiht my pwbpd and for me to have not made a HUGE fucking mistake in letting her back into my life. But that is exactly what happened.
The same night I wrote this post her and I got into a huge fight. Then the next day it kept going and was getting more and more aggressive. I told her I was done and wanted to end things for good. After that things just escalated and escalated. I've noticed that every time I go back to her things get worse. For the first time she 1. Threatened to hurt me and my child with a gun. 2. Threatened to sexually assault me (we are both women for context and she is much taller than me). 3. Broke into my house through an open window when I wouldn't let her in. 4. Got less than an inch from my face screaming and trying to get me to fight her. I'm guessing so she could hit me second and then claim self defense.
There is literally so much more that transpired. So much that when my friends are asking what happened I feel like I can't even put together a story. Probably because it's still traumatic to think about. This is the first time I ever called the cops on her and I know that with 100% certainty I cannot go back. Having to tell my child's father, (we co-parent and he had said child at his house), to move my child to a part of the house where my child would be safer from someone shooting from outside, really fucking woke me up. Someone that loves you would never say that. My pwbpd did not love me for one second. She just wanted to use me again and again.
Please use this as a reminder that people with bpd will most likely never change. My pwbpd even went to therapy yesterday mid huge fight and that didn't help at all. She will always hurt me. I saw a comment somewhere here that said something to the effect of "the violence and hurting will only get shorter in between happy times and it will escalate every time". This could not be more true. This time it was only 10 days from reconciliation to a huge blowout that ended things. This time she scared me more than she ever has and I truly feared for my life. It's completely reasonable that in the future she could seriously injure me or kill me in a rage fit.
I'm doing everything I can think of to help me not get hoovered back in when she will inevitably try. I scheduled an emergency appt with my therapist this saturday, I've blocked her on everything, am deleting all our pictures, and am writing down all the bad things she's done or said to me so that I don't forget them when I start to miss her.
TLDR: She never changed. It didn't work out. Things blew up and escalated to a terrifying point and I am once again going NC.
If anyone has ANY tips on how to stay NC and never go back to your pwbpd I would really really appreciate it. I'm desperate at this point.
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2023.06.08 19:31 BH2010_ Guest speakers

In a few weeks my Year 1 class are coming in dressed as people who help others (doctors, teachers etc). We're off timetable all day and thinking about getting a few guest speakers in that fit the mould of people who help others. We've managed to get a guide dog handler in, does anybody have other ideas? Ideally we would like two guests. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.08 19:30 Abby_A26 Thriving in The Classroom: Why I Prefer In-Person Learning

With the recent Covid-19 Pandemic halting the daily life's hustle and bustle and normalcy, the entire world was forced to turn virtual and reevaluate technology's impact on their lives. As a student, I was joining Zoom calls and learning new units with what seemed like no guidance. As a more visual learner, I loved being able to watch teachers explain information and then ask to follow of questions. However, the online platform limited my opportunities to do so. Additionally, a large reason why I loved in-person school is the ability to interact and connect with my peers and classmates. Working on group projects was different, and I lost the opportunity to turn to my neighbor and ask a follow-up question or even ask about their weekend.
Now having more of a hybrid school schedule, I have learned to appreciate my online classes, as I think they complement my in-person classes well. Especially in the cold Madiosn winters, I often like having the extra time to work asynchronously and avoid the treacherous walk in the snow. The hybrid model that is now commonplace in American society takes many of the initial grievances and works to create a system where both in-person and virtual learning can happen simultaneously, which, in my opinion, is a recipe for success.
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2023.06.08 19:29 ultramarineyellow 4-month old puppy is completely untrained

We just got a toy poodle puppy about 5 days ago and have been engaged in training him and getting him comfortable basically 24/7. However, he doesn’t understand a single basic command and is almost entirely not potty-trained — he has a vague idea of what a pee pad is and uses it to pee maybe 1/3 of the time, but he poops anywhere.
We can’t take him outside because he only has one round of vaccines and he is only scheduled for the next round in about three weeks, which means that’s gonna be a lot more time without real potty training happening.
Everything I read has me a bit stressed because everyone seems to assume that a 4-month old should already know sit, come, heel, leave it, etc, as well as be somewhat potty trained and crate trained. He only understands his name I think.
I’m trying to do all the baby steps that I see recommended for crate training, but even with me in front of it and with all his favourite toys, he cries like a baby the entire time the door is closed, even if it’s for two minutes. He also cries desperately if he is left in a room alone, even if I’m just in the bathroom and my partner is in his home office.
I signed him up for puppy classes starting next month, but they put him in the teen category since he will be 5 months by then, and I worry that it will be a waste of money since he is lacking so much basic training and they’re going to be teaching him more advanced things. It was the only option I found near me that could take him.
I’ve never had a dog before so any advice or insights are appreciated!
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2023.06.08 19:25 debbieae Hiring an IT Intern and a Marketing Admin Intern

We are a growing MSP and we are looking for 2 interns. We would prefer to use the State of Texas internship program, so applicants can be 18-24. We are not looking for someone with tons of experience, we are perfectly good with this being your first job and training is included. The internship requires work on site in Hurst, but post the internship, if you are staying on, a hybrid work from home is ideal.
We are small and agile and really wanting to hear new ideas. We may not take every suggestion, but want to give every good idea a fair hearing.
PM me to get the official job listing description and how to get on the internship program.
*****IT intern - prefer someone A+ certified or willing to study to get that certification quickly. If you have certifications or interest in cybersecurity that is also a huge plus.
You will be assisting with documentation of client's IT systems, monitoring scheduled patches and security incidents. You will be first line troubleshooting for client issues, you will have backup from an experienced IT professional.
As the young agile person, you may be called on to take on some of the more physical tasks, crawling under desks and lifting switches into a rack for instance.
We are looking for great ideas too. If you have good suggestions we would love to hear them. Thinking of a way to automate a manual process? We want to hear it. $16/hr up to 40 hours per week. Possibility to convert from intern to full time if the fit is right.
*****Marketing Intern - need someone who really enjoys talking to new people. Never met a stranger sorts are encouraged to apply.
Duties include: plan, manage and send out invitations to webinars and events. Assist in manning a table at trade shows. Hand addressing marketing materials weekly. Follow up on the phone with prospects receiving mailers. Set appointments to get a senior account person in front of a prospect. Some admin tasks as well. Light filing and keeping track of deadlines.
We have a training program geared to take the most inexperienced person and make them successful at setting appointments. You need to just bring a positive attitude and not get too down at being told no.
Additional positive skills to bring are some ability to do graphic work. We have lots of marketing materials available from a large agency, but they all need to be customized with our name, number and logos as well as ideally putting a little more of our own personality onto materials so we do not look too much like a cookie cutter organization.
Pay is $11 per hour up to 40 hours per week. Very flexible schedules available. Move to permanent employment for the right fit.
PM me to get a full job description and info on the internship program.
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2023.06.08 19:25 Drakos8706 Powerless (part 37)

Captain Vohr’Doe was waiting in the hangar as Kahv’Hosh set the shuttle down, a slew of emotions raging inside her, all vying to be the leading sentiment. Though, she - of course - would probably have to lean more towards 'gratitude’, if made to pick a single one. She was more than grateful that her crew were no longer in danger - and yes, that even included him - and that those pirates were no longer a threat to anyone else, either.
And then there was the obvious awe at the humans had weaponized gravity; she had heard the horror stories of what could happen if a gravity plate malfunctioned - she had to have electrical replace the ones in the gym just a few days ago, as Kyle had pushed them up to 15G in his training - but to actually use it as a weapon?...
And, of course, there was an overwhelming amount of anger. Well, maybe not anger, per se; but there wasn’t really a word for the feeling between extreme frustration, and anger. What kept her from completely registering it as anger was her wholehearted belief that he had good intentions for having something so destructive on board her ship. But that only just tempered the vexation she felt at him having smuggled a gravity bomb onto her ship! Not only that, but there were two crates that had been marked as ‘gravity generators’, which she had initially assumed were for his comfort, to put his room - or possibly his campsite - to a more comfortable gravity. But she could see now how very wrong she was.
As the door to the shuttle opened, she watched first Admiral Shane, then Kahv’Hosh exit the craft. Kyle exited after a delay of a few seconds, and after sweeping the hangar with his gaze, he lowered it when it met her’s, looking for all intents like her nephew when he gets caught doing something he shouldn’t, and - not for the first time - an almost motherly feeling came over her. Which wasn’t so far out of the question, seeing as - according to the data provided on them - humans were by far the shortest-lived people in Galactic Records, where the shortest-lived species after them - the rahv’oyeck - averaged around 500 years, give or take a few decades.
Not to mention the fact that - for however short a time, he was a part of her crew, and as such, she instinctively felt protective of him, the fact that - as his captain - she was responsible for him notwithstanding. Plus, he really did seem to be almost ‘childlike’ at times, with a simple - almost naive - attitude towards the goings on around him. Not that he was clueless when it came to interacting with others; as many of the crew had come to find out, apparently.
But it was his obvious contrition that tempered her attitude, so that when they had made their way over to her, it had simmered down to intense irritation. Once they were standing before her, Kyle finally looked up to meet her gaze, and she felt her heart soften further at the expression on his face; not that she would let him know that, of course.
“Would you care to explain yourself, Mr. Redding?” she asked, being sure to keep the edge to her voice; she couldn't be seen as ‘soft’.
“I didn't know that they were sending it,” he began quickly, ”I only found out about it after I got to my equipment room, the first time.”
Them,” she replied, and at his confused look, continued,
Them; plural: there were two crates listed under ‘gravity generators’, and they were both the same size. I don't believe that the other one actually contains gravity plates stacked up; not this time.”
Kyle gave a look of understanding, and she believed that he really did momentarily forget about the other one.
Right,” he said, “Two. Yeah, I didn't know they were gonna send them…”
“And afterward, it never occurred to you to tell me that you had two bombs on board that could make this entire ship - and everyone on board - become one dense atom?!” A little more edge crept into her voice than she would have liked at that moment. It was Admiral Shane, however, who answered; taking a step forward, he cleared his throat.
Captain, if I may?...” It was the respect - the deference - in his voice that gave her pause, and helped to calm her thoughts a bit. She nodded in affirmation, and he continued,
“What would happen to us - in the immediate sense - if this ship were to lose all power right now; primary, and emergency backup power?”
The question seemed so random, that her mind basically blanked out, and she found herself saying the first thing that came to her mind.
“We would all begin floating, seeing as the artificial gravity would be out, as well.”
Precisely,” he continued, “And short of directly supplying power to the artificial gravity, how could we get the plates to work?”
She began to understand his point.
“I see where this is going, Admiral, but unless I’m very much mistaken, there were no ports on that box that would accept any power crystals with the required energy to fuel that miniature black hole. Which means that it had power the whole time.”
“That's true,” he said in a mollifying tone, “But the power to the core was disconnected, and needed a code that would cause even an A.I. trouble hacking it, as it's a 300,000-page code, randomly coded in every written language known to humankind. There are even symbols in the code that don't show up on the screen, if someone were to try to hack it manually; an A.I. is needed to even crack the code within a year. And only Kay’Eighty has the codes for those two programmed into her memory.
So,” he concluded, “While I agree entirely with you that he should have let you know about them, I can give you my word - on behalf of the honor of all humans - that no amount of damage could cause an accidental activation. While I won't say that the other one is harmless, I can assure you that there is no chance of it going off by accident. However, I won’t hesitate to take it off of your ship, if you so desire.”
She took a moment to digest everything that Admiral Shane said, and eventually came to a conclusion.
No, I’ll allow him to keep it on the ship; I would say that there's likely never going to be a reason that we would need it, but I would have said the same thing this morning, and we can all see how wrong that was.”
“If you like,” Kyle offered, “We could attach it to like, a missile, or something, and Kay’Eighty could give you a data chip with the code for it.”
She thought for a few seconds, then nodded.
“That sounds acceptable; but what if we need it detached?”
“She can attach it to the outside on a molecular level with her nanobots, and detach it the same way.”
She nodded her head, and then sighed.
“Well, I won't pretend that I’m not happy about the way this all played out; still, I’m just glad their cargo holds and brigs showed no signs of life. At least we didn't send any innocents to their doom with that ploy. You could have at least told me what it was when I asked you why you needed the scan of the pirate ships in the first place.”
“Yeah,” he replied in that casual tone of voice that she would tolerate from few others, further enforcing that matronly feeling over him, “But we didn't have time for you to be pissed off at me, then… But - for the record - I am sorry for not telling you; I should have let you know a lot sooner.”
She gave him the sternest look she could muster in that moment, and replied,
“I’ll accept your apology if - and only if - you let me examine this fruit tree of yours.”
Kyle's face brightened, and a wide smile appeared as he said,
Of course; you could've come seen it any time.”
She smiled at him, and turned to leave, passing Kah’Ri, who had held back - as per her request - while she talked to Kyle about the heavy ordnance he had on her ship. She heard the impact of the two, and the sound of them kissing, that was immediately mixed with the sound of hurried footsteps as Kahv’Hosh and Admiral Shane gave the two their privacy.
The meeting with the Council went smoother than she could have expected, with them simply stating that - as a interstellar ambassador - Kyle was authorized for a higher level of weaponry utilized in his protection, and as his current ship of transport, the Golden Egg had the authorization to use such weapons, if need be. They did - however - require any and all recordings of the interaction to be sent to the Council, for analysis of their capabilities.
There was also the matter of Grol’Rosh, the suul’mahr representative who had watched the probe’s descent into the dark of the planet below. The doctors felt that it was best to keep him in a medically induced coma, as when he was conscious - and heavily restrained - he was moaning and whimpering, rambling incoherently about the ‘darkness that sees, hiding the sea of flesh’, of ‘clawed feet on chitinous arms, too-long hands reaching from fanged tentacles’; and the sound, which he mentioned as the ‘screams of the damned from so many mouths, they know all, 'THEY ARE THE HOLES LIKE EYES!!!’
She noted the looks that ranged form disquiet, to disgust, but it was between the humans that she saw a look of understanding horror pass.
“But…” Kyle began weakly, looking at Admiral Shane, “That was just a movie. Wha-…?”
“Well,” the Admiral replied in a slightly dazed voice, “I think it’s safe to say that blowing the planet up is out of the question.”
“Or what?” Kyle began in amused incredulity, “A piece of it’s gonna hit a wormhole, and go back in time to Alaska sometime before the 1980’s?” The laugh he ended this with was close to hysterical, to which the Admiral shrugged.
“At this point, I wouldn’t rule anything out. However, the more likely scenario would be that it lands on a different planet, wreaksand havoc from there. Even worse would be for it to hit a previously uncontacted, sapient species’ home world. The results of a single cell of this… thing’s biomass were to make it to a planet with living creatures on it would be beyond catastrophic. There’s no amount of destruction - short of throwing it into a star, or a black hole - that I would trust the safety of the galaxy to, when it comes to the lifeform that calls this planet its home.”
Chairwoman Hahss’Chom spoke up at this.
“While I obviously have no knowledge of this movie the two of you reference, I must say that your assessments of this seem to be at least plausible. I don’t know so much about the time travel aspect, but it would seem that this would be the best summary of the events, here. It would appear that a sapient race evolved on this planet, and that their Gift was that of assimilation. At some point, it would seem they began assimilating each other, until they reached a critical mass, and ‘they’ became ‘it’. And from Grol’Rosh’s description, it doesn’t sound as if this is a pleasant experience for whatever they… it has become. I believe that it is not only a matter of protection for the wider galaxy - universe, even - but also as an act of mercy that we should put this… thing out of its misery.” There was a general murmur of agreement around the council chambers as no one seemed to want to disagree with that sentiment.
They moved the Golden Egg to the other side of the system from the planet, keeping the sun between it and them. Upon hearing about the ‘darkness that sees’, Kyle had exclaimed that that was what had bothered him so much about the planet; the darkness was watching them. They didn’t want to find out if the life form on the planet may be able to ‘stack’ itself ‘up’, away from the planet, and reach out to the ship were they to get over the dark side, but at the same time, no one wanted to be under the gaze of such a massive predator.
They were parked in that system for almost an entire Standard week, though, it should have been longer; however, with their A.I. able to make the calculations for them, they were able to drop further into subspace, where not only do the ‘shadows’ become larger - therefore reducing the ‘space’ needed to travel - but the speed of your craft rose exponentially, so it was extremely easy to overshoot one’s target, going a ‘shorter’ distance at a greatly multiplied speed.
The moon/ship was amazing to behold. It had - originally - had an outer layer of ice, with an inner ocean, and a deeper ice layer, followed by a rocky mantle, and heavy iron core. The humans - but really, the A.I. - had mined out the iron core, and used it in building the outer shell of the craft. The water was harvested - according to their records - and support columns on the inside were used to maintain integrity of the craft. It now appeared for all intents and purposes as a giant metal moon, with engines on one end, and millions of lights that dotted its surface, obviously viewports. A close-up scan showed that it was blanketed in guns, but those were obviously only big enough to serve as defense; it was apparent that this ship wasn’t built as a gunner.
Once it had come into the system - keeping out of ‘view’ from its dark side - they enveloped the planet with the craft’s tractor beam, the space around the planet lighting up to an almost gray aura, as the beam took hold. Once they had reported a full grip of the planet, the Europa Contingency dropped back into subspace, the planet ‘disappearing’ with them, only to ‘reappear’ around an hour later, the ship’s massive engines working more efficiently in subspace to move the much larger planet. Once they reappeared, the light around the planet went out as the Europa Contingency released it from the tractor beam, dropping back into subspace for an easier retreat from the sun.
No one wanted to go to look at what was happening to the planet, which would entail either getting into its range of ‘vision’, and also the possibility of seeing whatever it was that drove the suul’mahr representative insane. Readings showed the loss of mass, as the planet was burnt up in the corona of the star, and everyone watched on as the sun continued to consume its wayward planet. With the planet also having been thrown - not simply having 'fallen' - into the sun, it wasn’t long before it had been fully encased in the cleansing fires of the star.
She was also relieved to see that the humans had appropriately somber expressions, obviously taking no joy in the destruction - the mass loss of… ‘life’ - that they were responsible for. They watched the reading coming in with the seriousness of attending a loved one’s funeral, and never spoke a word, not in praise, or even the acknowledgement of what was happening. She was glad to see that they weren’t entirely aggressive, that while they had the capacity to not only think of these types of weapons, but to also create them, that they weren’t the type of people who would use them so willingly. She could see in their faces the regret they had in destroying this planet, even as it was done to save countless others; for someone would eventually break quarantine, either to try to exploit the resources ‘available’, or to use the ‘lifeform’ on the planet for their own twisted ploys. And so this was a necessary evil; though they were empathetic enough to realize it for the evil that it was.
After they had witnessed the destruction of the planet, the Admirals insisted on escorting the Golden Egg to Captala’Ellats, the space station that was the next stop on their itinerary. Not having any reason to refuse a military escort, Captain Vohr’Doe graciously accepted, and they were soon on their way; this had certainly earned a bit of a reprieve for her crew, and she wouldn’t say no to a bit of shore leave, herself.

The time it took to travel between that system, and the station went by fairly quickly for Kyle. He’d been alone most of his life, with little to no friends, so to have a group of friends now - who actually wanted to spend time with him, who would seek him out to do so - brought him to a new high that he had never acquired in his memory. But having acquired a girlfriend - one who came from a people whose culture emphasized affection - brought him to a level of bliss that he didn’t think was possible. Kah’Ri had taken to spending her nights in his room, as the only real difference between general, and officer’s quarters was a bigger gym, that also served as a bit of a lounge for the officers.
He had - of course - applied for shore leave, and it had been immediately approved. Kah’Ri had also applied, and likewise was approved immediately; she had apparently never really gone on shore leave that much, only ever going at certain spots that were closer to any drahk’mihn colonies they happened to go near, or similar space stations. They had opted to get a hotel separate from the one that the Captain would be hiring to room the crew, as staying in the same hotel as the rest of the crew on the same space station would be little different than being on the ship. Zeck’Tish had recommended her cousin’s hotel, stating that he could use the business. Not that he was failing - Captala’Ellats was a major space station along the trading lanes - but with the divide between insectoid, and vertebrate species, he didn’t get as much business as others might. Of course the insectoid races all patronized his hotel, but with the insectoid species making up only about a third of all known species in the Federation, that wasn’t as much business as one might like.
And so he was currently on a call with Kohr’Sahr and Kahs’Hahn, having invited them to meet up a few days prior.
“... and so we’ll have to stop by the Council Headquarters to give our testimony of our time spent with you,” Kahs’Hahn was saying through Kohr’Sahr, “But we should be able to meet up tomorrow; we’ll send you a message when we arrive on-station, and we’ll go from there.”
“Sounds good,” Kyle said, just as he heard the door open; he’d given Kah’Ri the authorization to unlock his bedroom door without her security card, and she’d authorized him for her’s, in turn, “We’ll see you, then.”
We?” Kohr’Sahr asked - he had long since learned to tell the difference between their slight accents when talking.
Kyle turned to Kah’Ri, smiling as he put his arm around her waist, and she slipped her tail around his, while wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He noticed her eyes widen slightly as she saw who was on screen, and he looked in time to see Kohr’Sahr’s eyes also widen in shock. He opened his mouth slightly, and Kyle noticed the barely perceptible shake of Kah’Ri’s head. Kohr’Sahr then cleared his throat, and said,
“Well… it seems as if we made quite the impact on you, eh Kyle?” ending in an awkward chuckle.
Well,” he continued, “I don’t want to keep you from packing; Kyle, we’ll talk later. It was nice meeting you,” he added to Kah’Ri, and before either of them could reply, he cut the call short. Kah’Ri gave a soft sigh, then turned to walk to the bag she’d left on the floor by the ‘wall’ in front of the door.
“Come on,” she said, “We’ve docked with the station, and it’s time for us to go.”
Grabbing his own bag from the bed, he followed after her, locking his door behind them, and slipping his arm back around her waist.
“Did you know him?” he asked as they made their way to the elevators; she sighed lightly, but answered with a simple,
“Well,” he pressed gently, “He seemed to know you… What are you, like, a runaway princess, or something?” While he finished with a light chuckle, Kah’Ri gave another slight sigh, and stopped walking. Kyle looked at her, feeling a growing sense of unease.
“Holy shit,” he said as she remained silent, “Are you?!”
She closed her eyes for a second, then turned to look into his eyes.
“I promise,” she said, and he was absorbed by the genuine care in her gaze, “I’ll tell you everything; but not right now. Later, when it’s just you and me, I promise I’ll tell you the truth.”
He looked into her eyes for a second, seeing the tears that wanted to come, and simply reached out, putting his hand on her cheek, and drawing her in for a kiss. As they separated, he gave her a small wink, and said,
“C’mon, let’s go see this station.” She gave him a shy smile, and they set off again.
After they’d been checked out by one of the other security chiefs, they were met by a crowd of their crew mates, all of whom were milling about outside the ship. They were soon informed why, as the Captain came up to them and informed them that the Federation Council was conducting interviews with a number of the crew, most notably those who’d had contact with Kyle; they would be conducted by the Council Representative for their people. Kyle also had an interview scheduled, though his would be with the suun’mahs Representative, in a mirror reason for the interviews of the rest of the crew: where the crew was obviously being interviewed to see how the newest species fit in from their point of view, he would be interviewed to see how other humans might react to the Federation, along with a chance to voice any grievances of his own.
Soon enough, they had all been contacted by their respective Representatives, and led off into separate rooms. Kyle was glad to see that this wasn’t an interrogation room, again, looking more like a general conference room. The suun’mahs who was to be interviewing him was male, and hadn’t seemed taken aback by the presence of Cheshire, indicating that while he may - or may not - have known about Cheshire himself, the human drive to turn predators into traveling companions was nothing new to him.
“Well, Ambassador Redding, this shouldn’t take too long; a few questions about your time in the Federation, so far, and then we can have you out of here, and enjoying your time off.”
“Thank you,” he replied, “And please, call me Kyle.”
Representative Ran’Teek smiled as he put what Kyle recognized as a holocamera on the table.
“Of course,” he stated, “You don’t mind if I record this, do you?”
“Of course not,” Kyle responded.
The questioning indeed didn’t take very long, barely even ten minutes worth of explanation, while other parts he was able to supply with a simple transfer of video data. Kay’Eighty made her appearance for that, and Representative Ran’Teek had a few questions for her, as well. Mostly about what she may need for the A.I. to be properly accommodated in the Federation, though he was obviously in untrodden ground, on that topic. Soon enough, they were done, and had exited the room.
“Well, Kyle,” Representative Ran’Teek stated as they made their way to the ‘streets’ of the station, “I guess this is where we part ways; unless you’d like for me to show you around? I still have quite a bit of time before our ship leaves, and it would be my pleasure to show you a few sights.”
Kyle checked the time on his wrist, and seeing that he also had no message from Kah’Ri telling him she was done, he could see no reason to refuse.
“Sure,” he replied, smiling, “That would be great.”
[Next] Patreon
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2023.06.08 19:25 Historical-Meaning78 Schedule check. Please feedback

How doable and feasible is this? I'm an int'l student with a place in ISR so close to all my classes.
I'd be doing 3 technical courses - ECE 110, 120 & PHYS 225. NPRE 201 maybe...but I'm taking that as a free elective.
Is this considered a busy schedule and high workload?
(3 chr) ECE 110 Introduction to Electronics
(4 chr) ECE 120 Introduction to Computing
(2 chr) PHYS 225 Relativity & Math Applications
(1 chr) ENG 100 Engineering Orientation
(2 chr) NPRE 201 Energy Systems
(1 chr) TE 360 Engineering Entrepreneurship
(2 chr) TE 250 High Tech Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise
(3 chr) TE 450 Startups: Incorporation, Funding, Contracts, & Intellectual Property
Total: 18 credit hours
My class standing for registration purposes is Sophmore according to the website.
I'm coming in with 36 credit hours (PHYS 211, 212, MATH 220, RHET 105, CS 101, ECONS 102, 103, CHEM 202-203, 204-205) and planning to take some proficiency exams and winter and summer courses. I plan to minor in physics and also graduate early in 7 semesters or maybe even 6 depending on how my first year goes...
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2023.06.08 19:12 Andrew-CS 2023-06-08 - Cool Query Friday - [T1562.009] Defense Evasion - Impair Defenses - Windows Safe Mode

2023-06-08 - Cool Query Friday - [T1562.009] Defense Evasion - Impair Defenses - Windows Safe Mode
Welcome to our fifty-seventh installment of Cool Query Friday. The format will be: (1) description of what we're doing (2) walk through of each step (3) application in the wild.
Yeah, yeah. I know. It's Thursday. But I'm off tomorrow and I want to be able to respond to your questions in a timely manner so we're CQTh'ing this time. Let's roll.
This week, we’ll be hunting a Defense Evasion technique that we’re seeing more and more in the wild: Impair Defenses via Windows Safe Mode (T1562.009). In Microsoft Windows, Safe Mode (or Safeboot) is used as a system troubleshooting mechanism. To quote Redmond:
Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers. If a problem doesn't happen in safe mode, this means that default settings and basic device drivers aren't causing the issue. Observing Windows in safe mode enables you to narrow down the source of a problem, and can help you troubleshoot problems on your PC.
So the problematic part for AV/EDR vendors is this sentence: “Safe mode starts Windows in a basic state, using a limited set of files and drivers.” Your Windows endpoint security stack is, without question, driver-based. To make things even more interesting, there is an option to leverage Safe Mode with networking enabled. Meaning: your system can be booted with no third-party drivers running and network connectivity. What a time to be alive.
Several threat actors, specifically in the eCrime space, have been observed leveraging Safe Mode with networking to further actions on objectives. An example, high-level killchain is:
  1. Threat actor gains Initial Access on a system
  2. Threat actor establishes Persistence
  3. Threat actor achieves Privilege Escalation via ASEP
  4. Threat actor Execution steps are being blocked by endpoint tooling
At this point, the next logical step for the threat actor is Defense Evasion. If they have the privilege to do so, they can set the system to reboot in Safe Mode with networking to try and remove the endpoint tooling from the equation while maintaining remote connectivity. How do they maintain remote connectivity post reboot... ?
The bad news is: even though Windows won’t load third-party drivers in Safe Mode it will obey auto-start execution points (ASEP). So if a threat actor establishes persistence using a beacon/rat/etc via an ASEP, when the system is rebooted into Safe Mode with networking the ASEP will execute, connect back to C2, and initial access will be reestablished.
The good news is: there are a lot of kill chain steps that need to be completed before a system can be set to boot in Safe Mode with networking — not to mention the fact that, especially if an end-user is on the system, rebooting into Safe Mode isn’t exactly stealthy.
So what we can end up with is: an actor with high privilege (that doesn’t care about YOLO’ing a system reboot) coaxing a Windows system into a state where an implant is running and security tooling is not.
Falcon Intelligence customers can read the following report for a specific example with technical details:
CSA-230468 SCATTERED SPIDER Continues to Reboot Machines in Safe Mode to Disable Endpoint Protection [ US-1 US-2 EU Gov ].
Step 1 - The Event
Bootstrapping a Windows system into Safe Mode requires the modification of Boot Configuration Data. With physical access to a system, there are many ways to start a system in Safe Mode. When you’re operating from a command line interface, however, the most common way is through the LOLBIN bcdedit. To start, what we want to do is see how common bcdedit moving systems into Safe Mode is or is not in our estate. For that, we’ll use the following:
Falcon LTR
#event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 event_platform=Win CommandLine=/safeboot/i ImageFileName=/\\(?\w+\.exe)$/i default(value="N/A", field=[GrandParentBaseFileName]) groupBy([GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName], function=([count(aid, distinct=true, as=uniqueEndpoints), count(aid, as=executionCount), collect([CommandLine])])) 
Event Search
event_platform=Win event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 "bcdedit" "safeboot" fillnull value="-" GrandParentBaseFileName stats dc(aid) as uniqueEndpoints, count(aid) as executionCount, values(CommandLine) as CommandLine by GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName 
What we’re looking for in these results are things that are allowed in our environment. If you don’t have any activity in your environment, awesome.
If you would like to plant some dummy data to test the queries against, you can run the following commands on a test system from an administrative command prompt with Falcon installed.
bcdedit /set {current} safeboot network 
Then to clear:
bcdedit /deletevalue {default} safeboot 
If you rerun these searches you should now see some data. Of note, the string {current} and {default} can also be a full GUID in real world usage. Example:
bcdedit /set {XXXXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX} safeboot network 
Using Falcon Long Term Repository I’ve searched back one year and, for me, bcdedit configuring systems to boot into Safe Mode is not common. My results are below and just have my planted test string.
Falcon LTR search results for bcdedit usage with parameter safeboot.
For others, the results will be very different. Some administration software and utilities will move systems to Safe Mode to perform maintenance or troubleshoot. Globally, this happens often. You can further refine the quires by excluding parent process, child process, command line arguments, etc.
If you’re low on results for the query above — where we look for Safe Mode invocation — we can get even more aggressive and profile bcdedit as a whole:
Falcon LTR
#event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 event_platform=Win (ImageFileName=/\\bcdedit\.exe/i OR CommandLine=/bcdedit/i) ImageFileName=/\\(?\w+\.exe)$/i default(value="N/A", field=[GrandParentBaseFileName]) groupBy([GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName], function=([count(aid, distinct=true, as=uniqueEndpoints), count(aid, as=executionCount), collect([CommandLine])])) 
Event Search
event_platform=Win event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 "bcdedit" fillnull value="-" GrandParentBaseFileName stats dc(aid) as uniqueEndpoints, count(aid) as executionCount, values(CommandLine) as CommandLine by GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName 
Again, for me even the invocation of bcdedit is not common. In the past one year, it’s been invoked 18 times.
Falcon LTR search results for all bcdedit useage.
Now we have some data about how bcdedit behaves in our environment, it’s time to make some decisions.
Step 2 - Picking Alert Logic
So you will likely fall into one of three buckets:
  1. Behavior is common. Scheduling a query to run at an interval to audit use of bcdedit is best.
  2. Behavior is uncommon. Want to create a Custom IOA for bcdedit when is invoked.
  3. Behavior is uncommon. Want to create a Custom IOA for bcdedit when invoked with certain parameters.
For my tastes, seeing eighteen alerts per year is completely acceptable and warmly welcomed. Even if all the alerts are false positives, I don’t care. I like knowing and seeing all of them. For you, the preferred path might be different. We’ll go over how to create all three below.
Scheduling a query to run at an interval to audit use of bcdedit.
If you like the first set of queries we used above, you’re free to leverage those as a scheduled search. They are a little bland for CQF, though, so we’ll add some scoring to try and highlight the commands with fissile material contained within. You can adjust scoring, search criteria, or add to the statements as you see fit.
Falcon LTR
#event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 event_platform=Win (ImageFileName=/\\bcdedit\.exe/i OR CommandLine=/bcdedit/i) ImageFileName=/\\(?\w+\.exe)$/i // Begin scoring. Adjust searches and values as desired. case{ CommandLine=/\/set/i scoreSet := 5; *; } case { CommandLine=/\/delete/i scoreDelete := 5; *; } case { CommandLine=/safeboot/i scoreSafeBoot := 10; *; } case { CommandLine=/network/i scoreNetwork := 20; *; } case { CommandLine=/\{[0-9a-fA-F]{8}-([0-9a-fA-F]{4}-){3}[0-9a-fA-F]{12}[\}]/ scoreGUID := 9; *; } case { ParentBaseFileName=/^(powershellcmd)\.exe$/i scoreParent := "7"; *; } // End scoring default(value="N/A", field=[GrandParentBaseFileName]) default(value=0, field=[scoreSet, scoreDelete, scoreSafeBoot, scoreNetwork, scoreGUID, scoreParent]) totalScore := scoreSet + scoreDelete + scoreSafeBoot + scoreNetwork + scoreGUID + scoreParent groupBy([GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName, CommandLine], function=([collect(totalScore), count(aid, distinct=true, as=uniqueEndpoints), count(aid, as=executionCount)])) select([GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName, totalScore, uniqueEndpoints, executionCount, CommandLine]) sort(totalScore, order=desc, limit=1000) 
Event Search
event_platform=Win event_simpleName=ProcessRollup2 "bcdedit" fillnull value="-" GrandParentBaseFileName eval scoreSet=if(match(CommandLine,"\/set"),"5","0") eval scoreDelete=if(match(CommandLine,"\/delete"),"5","0") eval scoreSafeBoot=if(match(CommandLine,"safeboot"),"10","0") eval scoreNetwork=if(match(CommandLine,"network"),"20","0") eval scoreGUID=if(match(CommandLine,"{[0-9a-fA-F]{8}-([0-9a-fA-F]{4}-){3}[0-9a-fA-F]{12}[}]"),"9","0") eval scoreParent=if(match(ParentBaseFileName,"^(powershellcmd)\.exe"),"7","0") eval totalScore=scoreSet+scoreDelete+scoreSafeBoot+scoreNetwork+scoreGUID+scoreParent stats dc(aid) as uniqueEndpoints, count(aid) as executionCount, values(CommandLine) as CommandLine by GrandParentBaseFileName, ParentBaseFileName, FileName, totalScore sort 0 - totalScore 
Falcon LTR results with scoring.
You can add a threshold for alerting against the totalScore field or exclude command line arguments and process lineages that are expected in your environment.
Create a Custom IOA for bcdedit.
I have a feeling this is where most of you will settle. That is: if bcdedit is run, or run with specific parameters, put an alert in the UI or block the activity all together.
For this, we’ll navigate to Endpoint Security > Custom IOA Rule Groups. I’m going to make a new Windows Group named “TA0005 - Defense Evasion.” In the future, I’ll collect all my Defense Evasion rules here.
Now, we want to make a new “Process Creation” rule, set it to “Detect” (you can go to prevent if you’d like) and pick a criticality — I’m going to use “Critical.”
You can pick your rule name, but I’ll use “[T1562.009] Impair Defenses: Safe Mode Boot” and just copy and paste MITRE’s verbiage into the “Description” field:
Adversaries may abuse Windows safe mode to disable endpoint defenses. Safe mode starts up the Windows operating system with a limited set of drivers and services. Third-party security software such as endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools may not start after booting Windows in safe mode.
Custom IOA alert rule creation.
In my instance, I’m going to cast a very wide net and look for anytime bcdedit is invoked via the command line. In the “Command Line” field of the Custom IOA, I’ll use:
If you want to narrow things to bcdedit invoking safeboot, you can use the following for “Command Line”:
And if you want to narrow even further to bcdedit invoking safeboot with networking, you can use the following for “Command Line”:
Make sure to try a test string to ensure your logic is working as expected. Then, enable the rule, enable the rule group, and assign the rule group to the prevention policy of your choosing.
Finally, we test…
Custom IOA test results.
Getting Really Fancy
If you want to get really fancy, you can pair this Custom IOA with a Fusion workflow. For me, I’m going to create a Fusion workflow that does the following if this pattern triggers:
  1. Network Contains system
  2. Launches a script that resets safeboot via bcdedit
  3. Sends a Slack notification to the channel where my team lurks
As this post has already eclipsed 1,800 words, we’ll let you pick your Workflow du jour on your own. There are a plethora of options at your disposal, though.
Workflow to network contain, reset safebook, and send a Slack if Custom IOA rule triggers.
Understanding how the LOLBIN bcdedit is operating in your environment can help disrupt adversary operations and prevent them from furthering actions on objectives.
As always, happy hunting and Happy Friday Thursday.
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2023.06.08 19:12 NobodiKnowz Wondering at what point it's time to give up on the idea of dating

I'm a 28 year-old male living in the PNW. I have been single since 2019 and have not had one romantic prospect or date since that time despite putting forward my best efforts to meet new people and leverage dating apps, and I'm starting to think there's something I'm inherently lacking that is preventing me from being able to garner any interest from women.
Here's some more info about me: Upon graduating college, pretty much my entire social circle dissolved as everyone has moved out of the area to start their careers. Despite me working from home, I've been able to somewhat rebuild a social life. I've become friends with many of my coworkers and often do things with them outside of work. In addition to that, I've made other friends outside of work of which I do more night-life-esque things, like bars. I have a dog which I take to the dog park on a regular basis, and also enjoy playing on co-ed volleyball leagues. I get out as much as I can based on my work schedule and other responsibilities, yet I have yet to meet one single woman around my age I found attractive out in the wild. All women I seem to meet are significantly older or are partnered up. This has been the case for the last 4 years. I guess I just don't know where I can go on a regular basis to have consistent interaction with women that are around my age and single. I've tried pretty much everything under the sun. I'm financially-stable, have a paid off car, a nice but small apartment, and live in a nice area immediately outside of a major city. I also lift weights at the gym daily and am very fit.
This left me to believe that really my only option was dating apps, but I did not have any solid photos of myself. So despite attempting to use most of the major apps, none of them worked. I could not get a match to save my life. So as I've continued to get out in the world over these past several years, I have made it a point to take more pictures and have been continuously working on and improving my profiles. At this point, I've garnered feedback from others, experimented with tons of different photos and bios/prompts, and unfortunately, it still seems like nothing is working. It feels as though my profile is now as good as it possibly can get given my lifestyle (which I am completely content with). My experience now is as follows: I use the apps for a week or two at a time before my mental health deteriorates and I need a break. I'll send the maximum amount of likes possible on the apps. Through doing this, I might get one match every couple months, if that. When attempting to converse with said match, I get maybe a couple brief responses, then they unmatch or never reply. Most conversations are like pulling teeth, and it's clear there's no actual interest. On Hinge, I do get a decent number of incoming likes, but they are predominantly from women that are not my type, e.g. severely overweight, have really bad profiles where I cannot discern what they look like, have lifestyles that do not match (are not career-driven or place too much emphasis on outdoor activities that I am not interested in), or I am simply not physically attracted to them.
At this point, given the time and effort that I have deliberately put in to attempt to date, it seems like I'm kind of at my wits end and there's not much else I can do. I'd be curious if others think it may be time for me to give up, and if not, what else I can do to improve my situation. While there's a lot of negativity on these subs, I do see tons of people talking about their dates and matches, and I just cannot figure out why I of all people have such poor luck. Even people I know in real life seem to have no issue getting dates from apps on a moderately regular basis, and I feel like the odd one out especially considering how much effort I've put in that I'm sure others have not. I'm getting to the point where even thinking about "dating" causes me emotional pain, thus I am considering completely dropping the idea and giving up entirely.
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2023.06.08 19:03 cloud_mom The NOT Not notfredrhodes Love Island Recap S10EP3 - #mensmentalhealth

S10E1 ; S10E2 ; Scores (provided by my shero bumblebutter123)
Yesterday I got a comment that I shouldn’t be calling George (barf) ugly, so I will now be referring to him as George (-187 points to the stinky producers). The point system will now wrap his scores into production scores because I Said So. Google is your friend. Hopefully he’ll be booted off the island before I have to type all of that out a couple hundred times
Onwards and Upwards my dudes:
The episode starts with the tail end of the first Bombshell Steal of the Season. CATHERINE all caps has just been freed from the grasp of Andre who is 21 and a business owner. Zachariah (not Zach) made the only correct decision and coupled up with her +23 points to Zachariah for appeasing the fanbase ! Zachariah gets a text- him and CATHERINE all caps have been pulled away from the grieving Andre because the stinky producers set them up on a date (Terrace Fruit Plate). +3 points to stinky producers! It’s your job but I appreciate it.
Andre looks shaken AND stirred because he really liked CATHERINE all caps! sad ! He’s with the boys and they’re #mensmentalhealth and supporting him which I Love! + 5 points to all the MEN except not George (-187 points to the stinky producers). The girlies chatter about CATHERINE all caps being picked, Molly (who owns a chicken) said she thought Zachariah (not Zach) would have picked Ella Rose Depp, but he didn’t! -1 point to Molly for being wrong, +3 points to ERD for the ponytail.
On the date (Terrace Fruit Plate), CATHERINE all caps and Zachariah do a little cheers cheers to the first date of the villa. +3 points for being deserving of that title. Also Zachariah pops the bottle in a very smooth way I swear the boy OOZES calm charm. They bond because they're both close with their moms.
CATHERINE all caps asks Zachariah (not Zach) if he knew who he was going to pick before he went up to pick her and he says yes! Very emphatically! +2 points for self assuredness - 2 points to balance my personal pro C&Z bias. They both talk about how “natural” it is when they’re together! cute! CATHERINE all caps is telling him that she’s moving closer to him but doesn’t want Andre to know??? -10 points for guarding her heart +2 points to Zachariah for being comfortable that she’ll come back to him.
Downstairs, Andre is laying in Ruchee's lap, the man is practically in FETAL POSITION and she is patting him on the head and back. They're not exactly cuddling but they're not NOT cuddling. Open your EYES Andre this girl is INTERESTED! Ruchee GET YOUR MAN !!
Back to the terrace: Zachariah is the happiest he’s been, but doesn’t mention if it’s the happiest he’s been all day all year or his entire life. - 2 points for vagueness. They are so cute I’m melting. CATHERINE all caps made Zachariah giggle !!!! She fed him a chocolate covered strawberry and then she ate the rest !! Incredible
George (-187 points to the stinky producers) corners Ruchee on an L couch in a desperate attempt to connect to literally anyone! He tells Ruchee that they vibe and she’s like ??? Where??? -23 points for lying in the pursuit of one more week +12 points to Ruchee for calling him out on it! Ruchee says “I didn’t realize I was like, your type” and George (-187 points to the stinky producers) stutters and tries to come up with any string of words to deny that his type is BHBE (Blonde Hair Blue Eyes) !!! George (-187 points to the stinky producers) accepts his reality and confirms the BHBE theory BUT says he has to be open - also that Ruchee looks very fit. Lame compliment? Ruchee says she is open to it therefore no points in either direction.
CATHERINE all caps and Zachariah (not Zach) come back from their date and everyone in the villa looks exhausted. Zachariah pulls Andre just to check in with him, and I hope this vibe lasts !! Drama is fun but I love a good bromance +20 points to both
Girlies pile onto the daybeds to debrief and discuss the date (Terrace Fruit Plate). CATHERINE all caps was both surprised AND not surprised? Switzerland neutrality we love it. They had a good chat and he reassured her. Allegedly she and Zachariah had good eye contact (I find this hard to believe). All the ladies gasp when they find out there were fruit platters ! I love that they’re genuinely impressed +7 points to the girls. Ella Rose Depp says that CATHERINE all caps looks so happy and she’s right! +1 point for being right. CATHERINE all caps says that she’s happy that she finds herself getting happy to talk about it !! AHHH
Tyrique and Ella Rose Depp are in the kitchen and we get the second cheese toasty of the season. Tyrique tells ERD that he would feel a type of way if Zachariah had picked her. Tyrique says that he’s “not in love” with her but seeds have been planted and the leaves are budding! +11 to both for a new connection.
Andre pulls CATHERINE all caps and they both have sleepy voices!! - 200 to the stinky producers for keeping them up past their bedtimes. He’s avoiding looking into her eyes until the end of their conversation. Very strange and unusual behavior from this man. He is SO 21 and a business owner. +2 points for meeting expectations. CATHERINE all caps is recounting this story to the girls in the dressing room, and she’s right when she says that he didn’t take it very well. The boys are in the bedroom and encouraging Andre to chat with Ruchee. I hope he does because CATHERINE all caps has left the lineup. Blah Blah why do girls take so long to get ready - 22 points to Tyrique !! Let them live !! Skincare takes time !!
Mitchell Red Bottoms doesn’t sing his Time for Bed song - 8 points for inconsistency. No bedtime footage but that’s probably for the best! Thank you stinky producers +2 points
Snoring accusations fly far and wide and YES it’s 6ft5 Zachariah - but CATHERINE all caps finds it cute - 1 point for lying. Andre tries to act chill but I’m not sure it worked. Gender Isolationism continues and they split up into smaller groups for the morning discussion, I appreciate this - bring on the secrets bring on the drama
Molly (who owns a chicken) calls the morning debrief a chin wag +4 points ! Ella Rose Depp, Molly (who owns a chicken), and CATHERINE all caps are on the balcony doing a quick recap of last night with CATHERINE all caps saying she wants to get to know both Zachariah AND also Andre. -9 points for lies and delusion. Also she won’t feel better until Andre moves on ? -20 points for communication style and strategy
Andre and Red Bottoms are on the covered couch outside. Red Bottoms tells Andre that he took last night really well, and checks in on his game plan. Andre is 21 and a business owner, which means he’s not giving up without a fight. Zachariah (not Zach) and Tyrique are on the day beds and Zachariah, once again, reiterates his interest in CATHERINE all caps. But he’s also saying he doesn’t want to close himself off. I think he’s smitten but MEN lie so who knows.
Molly (who has a chicken) speaks with CATHERINE all caps and Ella Rose Depp and confesses that she’s not as married off as she seems. -4 points for delusion. Molly (who owns a chicken) understands that her and Red Bottoms are moving quickly but isn’t opposed to speaking to other guys. Does Red Bottoms know this? Confusing!
Jess (Assistant Director of the Villa Bureau of Investigation) sits with Ruchee on the U couch. Jess (VBI) thinks that Tyrique and Red Bottoms are fit. Ruchee hypes her up and encourages her to switch it up because right now the boys can't tell the difference between intentional flirting and harmless banter. +3 points for Good Advice. Tyrique comes over and flops down next to Jess (VBI). RUCHEE TAKE A HINT! LEAVE THEM ALONE! - 22 points to Ruchee for not reading the room. Spoiler alert- Jess (VBI) does NOT switch it up and immediately falls back into the banter flirting that could be perceived as friends having a LAFF !! She is very witty though, I’ll give her +2 points. Jess (VBI) and Tyrique are legitimately cuddling with Ruchee right there. She’s got her arm around the back if his neck and his hand is on her THIGH!!!! HAND TO THIGH ALERT !!! Ella Rose Depp babes you better watch OUT. Ruchee leaves thank god.
Tyrique says that Ella is cool but he’s not closed off. Then he tells Jess (VBI) that she looks sexy this morning. EXCUSE ME - last night he told ERD that he would feel some type of way if she got chosen and now he’s calling Jess (VBI) sexy to her face !! Bring on the prophecy of the semi-professional footballer !! OMG he told her she’s a good kisser, this escalated quickly, what are the producers not showing us !?!! Jess (VBI) is a little bashful which is cute and fun! +8 to Jess (VBI) for opening her heart <3 Tyrique is in the beach hut saying she’s pretty and easy to talk to, I support this
As the unusually long morning pre-bikini segment of this episode continues, Red Bottoms announces that George (-187 points to the stinky producers) doesn’t miss a beat and he’s right. George (-187 points to the stinky producers) has once again cornered Ruchee, this time in the morning and on the daybeds. The girl is still in her PJs let her rest!! George (-187 points to the stinky producers) is showing interest again, looking for feelers. He tells Ruchee that he’s looking for something a bit serious, and when Ruchee mentions being feisty, George (-187 points to the stinky producers) latches on to that idea and runs with it! Ruchee compares herself to a Chihuahua. Strange ! Ruchee asks him if he’s ever been in love before. Again - everyone is STILL in PJs!! Why are we trying to have a Deep & Meaningful? George (-187 points to the stinky producers) says he is a “good man, I am”. -500 points for not being a "good man, I am". Ruchee decides to give him the benefit of the doubt. Sigh.
They’re in their bikinis now thank GOD. TEXT ALERT - Andre is heading out on a date (beach blanket) with the new bombshell, Whitney. Red Bottoms does a brief daily affirmation with Andres who is 21 and owns a business. We love to see it! +2 points Red Bottoms for #mensmentalhealth. The boys have a little huddle where they hype him up and boost his confidence for the date. +15 points to the boys for being supportive <3
We're introduced to Whitney, 25, a wig seller, which tracks because SHE'S WEARING AT LEAST 40 INCHES & THAT LENGTH DOES NOT COME CHEAP. It looks very good and very heavy. +4 points for bravery and valor. She hits us with the usual Bombshell pre-entry courage and delivers a very convincing "If your man can be stolen then was he really your man?" !!! I BELIEVE HER !! stinky producers you are SPOILING US with this cast + 10 points
At the date (beach blanket), Whitney is looking cute lounging at the bottom of the beach stairs and tells Andre who is 21 and owns a business that he better come down and give her a hug. She is NOT getting up for him. +10 points for MILF behavior. Jess (VBI) watch your back because I have a feeling Whitney is either gonna be your absolute Bestie or absolute Worstie !! She compliments his eyelashes and he calls her a very pretty lady and pronounces his name 3 different ways to remind us, once again, that he's Portuguese. He's into older women (respectfully). Blah Blah blah what's your type, Whitney says she's into chocolate, vanilla etc etc, "if they're giving they're giving" !!
Ella Rose Depp and CATHERINE all caps discuss Andre, CATHERINE all caps is NOT jealous that he's on a date but she's intrigued, because if Andre is Whitney's type then Zachariah might also be her type. Tyrique decides to pull Molly (who owns a chicken) for a chat on the L couch. The two of them realize they haven't spoken one-on-one at all. Molly (who owns a chicken) gets DTB (down to business) and asks him what he's up to/who he's feeling. SHOCKER the semi-pro athlete has lots of girls crushing on him. -10 points for being a semi-pro athlete. He proclaims that he's a flirty character and isn't closed off. Molly brings up Jess (VBI) but Tyrique is Not Into Her - just into the LAFFS.
Mehdi (world class muncher) and George (-187 points to the stinky producers) are on the day beds chit chatting about Whitney the bombshell. They are both excited for fresh girls !!
Back to the date (beach blanket). Whitney is exceeding expectations by roasting Andre and asking him why CATHERINE all caps dumped him LMAO. + 5 points for exceeding expectations. He laughs on the outside (but cries on the inside). Whitney gets the recap and finds out that she's the second bombshell and the first one (Zachariah) stole CATHERINE all caps from Andre who is 21 and a business owner. Whitney can smell the salt coming off of Andres hurt feelings which he denies. Won't dock him this time but sir you are on NOTICE!! Andre tells Whitney that he's feeling her & it looks reciprocated. She is NOT impressed by his age. Whitney is a fire cracker +80 points for being a firecracker.
Meanwhile at the villa- CATHERINE all caps walks over to Zachariah who is laying on a daybed. He greets her with "How ya doing beautiful" +5 points for saying the right thing. He then says that he's definitely happy with the way this is going. Zachariah tells CATHERINE all caps that he's not scared of bugs (he is) and they banter about who's in charge of killing large spiders. -4 points to each for killing spiders.
Molly (who owns a chicken) and Red Bottoms are on the beanbags and she tells him that she choked on a jawbreaker one time. +11 points to the producers for slipping in random moments of connection !! It's your job but I appreciate it. Andre and Whitney return from their date and Molly is immediately obsessed with Whitney! We love to see it !! The girls seem to genuinely compliment her and the vibes look good (not weird or territorial) +12 points to the girls
Andre goes off with the boys and Whitney goes off with the girls. Andre is a STORYTELLER, he is acting out the walk, the way she was laying down, doing a full one man solo performance +16 points for creative writing. The boys eat it up it's very cute. Andre confirms that he's into her bubbly personality and the energy was reciprocal & they had chemistry. Andre says that Whitney is his new favorite which seems like a lie but OK
Whitney with the girls on the U couch- " it was giving beach, it was giving views" CATHERINE all caps is silent but not in a rude way. Blah Blah what's your type Blah blah personality Blah blah funny tall nice smile and then hits them with the "no belly" +5 points for radical honesty.
The Islanders are getting ready and chit chatting. Molly (who owns a chicken) tries to take a bubble bath but can't find any bubble bath so she uses body wash +7 points for making it work. Andre decides to live in reality and confesses that CATHERINE all caps is still his #1. +4 points to Tyrique for getting Andre out of his delusions. Zachariah encourages Andre to chat to CATHERINE all caps "as soon as possible" and YES Tyrique +1 point for being right, it IS because Zachariah wants her to himself for the rest of the night!! Andre & Tyrique pillow fight very fun vibes !!
Girls are getting ready and they all seem to really like Whitney. Mehdi Muncher and Andre are manifesting a good night and Jess (VBI) is yelling again. Andre and Ruchee are sitting on the covered couch talking about manicures, Ruchee is a nail tech and is IMPRESSED with MEN who take care of their cuticles. +6 points to Andre for self care. Ruchee is so funny joking about putting her initials on his ring finger nail +30 points girlie GET YOUR MAN. Unfortunately she is not being as clear as she thinks she is. Either that or Andre isn't interested
Whitney walks over and steals Andre from Ruchee. Queen ! She brings up the fact that he hasn't complimented her yet (banter) and Andre is picking up what she's putting down. "You know that I know that You know that I know that You look nice" This may just be one of the first times in recorded history where an interaction like this LANDS and doesn't FLOP. +4 points to each. Her only minor issue is his age but she's interested in him. Whitney and Andre are vibing but Whitney is NOT in a rush and very open about his age being a speedbump. +10 points to Whitney for radical honesty
Tyrique and Jess are kicking it on a couch and Tyrique mentions that he likes big personalities. Jess has a big personality but Tyrique only sees her as a friend. This man is going to break my poor Jess (VBI)'s heart in TWO. Jess (VBI) is doing what she does best (investigating). She opens up to him that he's the only guy she's interested in, and he's like what are you TALKING about you told me that your type was Joey Essex !! Spoiler alert: Tyrique is NOT Joey Essex. + 7 points for not being Joey Essex. She's like OK then we can be friends but I don't flirt w my friends the way that we flirt +15 points for setting boundaries and he looks a little sad and mopey. He apologizes for leading her on and looks genuinely concerned that he hurt her feelings ...... It's only episode three and he's worming his way into my anti-semi pro athlete bias... + 2 points for exceeding expectations.
Jess (VBI) and CATHERINE all caps sit on the couch and Jess (VBI) confirms that Tyrique friend zoned her. Very impressed that people genuinely like each other this season?? Loving it. Ella Rose Depp and Tyrique chat about Jess (VBI) and Tyrique tells ERD that he ended it w her and shockingly isn't lying? +1 point for not lying. ERD is glad that he made it clear to her and then they kissed. +12 points to both for PDA
CATHERINE all caps and Ruchee are very happy for them AND SO AM I!!! Mehdi Muncher and Whitney sit around the fire pit and they are laughing so hard. She asks Mehdi about Ruchee and gets the whole "she's great but we're not into each other" convo. Blah blah what are you looking for blah blah Mehdi loves a funny strong personality brunette with dark eyes and confidence. Whitney makes a joke about her wig and Mehdi's like "you can have it on you can have it off idgaf" and Whitney cackles. Then she asks him what her best feature is, and says "What's your favorite feature about me", he loves her eyes and smile. She also likes his eyes. In the Beach Hut Mehdi calls Whitney a Boss Lady +1 point for being right
Mitchell Red Bottoms and Molly (who owns a chicken) head to the terrace for a chat. Red Bottoms proposes (ew) in a joking but not joking way. -27 points for being weird and icky. However, Molly (who owns a chicken) is lapping up the attention! Red Bottoms kisses Molly (who owns a chicken) and she is (understandably) a little shocked at how fast he's moving but going with the flow. She is going to BREAK HIS HEART!!!
I refuse to recap the preview for tomorrow because they're BAITING US and STRESSING ME OUT
Thanks for sticking around xoxo cloud_mom
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2023.06.08 19:02 Sad-Storm6692 Artists- Opportunity for your work to be featured at the new South St. Paul Library

Request for Proposal link
On October 4, 2022, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to signal the start of construction of a new county library in South St. Paul. The library is scheduled to open in February 2024. Within the library will be the Quiet Zone, a 14’ 7” x 18’ 6” room that, unlike the rest of the library, will be a more traditional library space. The room will have Mission-style furniture with cabernet-colored cushions and feature volumes of local history of South St. Paul. Maple paneling will add to the warmth of the room. The carpet tiles are Shaw Steel Grey and Mirror Grey. On the north wall of this room is a fireplace between the two large windows. The fireplace is primarily a neutral cream/light beige (Sherwin Williams Shoji White) with tile (Daltile Statuette Venetian White Oval) surrounding a NetZero Waterplace water vapor firebox. The total space above the fireplace measures 6 feet 9 1/2 inches wide and 4 feet 11 ¼ inches in height. The space between the molding is 5 feet wide and 2 feet 3 1/2 inches in height. (Please see included schematics and renderings.) B. Project Description The purpose of this request is to acquire an appropriate artwork for a public space. The project contains the following components: a) The size of the 2D artwork should fit into the space above the fireplace mantel. b) The desired artwork with be either nature-themed or abstract. c) South St. Paul historically themed artwork will not be considered; the new library will have a collage of South St. Paul historical photographs as well as historical transportation images on study room windows. d) The Quiet Zone will be a quiet space in the library and the desired artwork will convey a sense of calm and peace. e) The artwork shall be framed by the artist or shall be delivered with finished edges. f) Dakota County welcomes and is inclusive of diverse people, backgrounds, and perspectives. The County aims to reflect the community and clients it serves and fosters an equitable and respectful working environment where everyone is empowered to be their authentic selves.
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2023.06.08 19:01 Sad-Storm6692 Artists! Submit your proposal for the New South St. Paul Library.

Request for Proposal Link
On October 4, 2022, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to signal the start of construction of a new county library in South St. Paul. The library is scheduled to open in February 2024. Within the library will be the Quiet Zone, a 14’ 7” x 18’ 6” room that, unlike the rest of the library, will be a more traditional library space. The room will have Mission-style furniture with cabernet-colored cushions and feature volumes of local history of South St. Paul. Maple paneling will add to the warmth of the room. The carpet tiles are Shaw Steel Grey and Mirror Grey. On the north wall of this room is a fireplace between the two large windows. The fireplace is primarily a neutral cream/light beige (Sherwin Williams Shoji White) with tile (Daltile Statuette Venetian White Oval) surrounding a NetZero Waterplace water vapor firebox. The total space above the fireplace measures 6 feet 9 1/2 inches wide and 4 feet 11 ¼ inches in height. The space between the molding is 5 feet wide and 2 feet 3 1/2 inches in height. (Please see included schematics and renderings.) B. Project Description The purpose of this request is to acquire an appropriate artwork for a public space. The project contains the following components: a) The size of the 2D artwork should fit into the space above the fireplace mantel. b) The desired artwork with be either nature-themed or abstract. c) South St. Paul historically themed artwork will not be considered; the new library will have a collage of South St. Paul historical photographs as well as historical transportation images on study room windows. d) The Quiet Zone will be a quiet space in the library and the desired artwork will convey a sense of calm and peace. e) The artwork shall be framed by the artist or shall be delivered with finished edges. f) Dakota County welcomes and is inclusive of diverse people, backgrounds, and perspectives. The County aims to reflect the community and clients it serves and fosters an equitable and respectful working environment where everyone is empowered to be their authentic selves.
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