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Flex Tape! The super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex Tape is no ordinary tape.

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2023.06.05 08:10 Tricky-Panic2143 Hi,, I'm looking for stickman action 1,2 series, red and blue stickman / turning room, circle getting bigger

One is red stickman and room turns and speed is getting faster, finally red stick died by falling.

Another series is blue stickman and the circle is getting bigger in middle of the room.
so blue ones is crushed by giant circle.

Sorry for not good at English... please forgive the Korean who slept during the class
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2023.06.05 08:09 sadnesslaughs An immortal warrior with centuries of combat experience settles down to run an orphanage. Slave traders kidnap some of the children.... Big mistake.

“Miss Alexandria?” The child called out, tugging on the warrior’s dress. She had been asleep in her rocking chair, enjoying the small amount of rest she got from the chaotic orphanage. She opened her one good eye, staring down at Bronson.
“Did Lucy hit you with her training sword again? Honestly, she’s going to make a feisty warrior someday.” Alexandria chuckled, only to squint when she noticed the look of fear on Bronson’s face. She immediately stood up from her chair, staggering a little as the chair violently rocked from the sudden movement. “What happened?”
“Robed people. Lots of them! They came out of the woods and grabbed Lucy and the others. I… I wanted to help, but…” Bronson teared up, wiping his snotty nose on the edge of her dress.
“No, no, dear. You did good. Now I can rescue them. If you didn’t tell me, I might never have known. Now, where did they go?”
“T-towards the waterfall. The one near the big dumb dumb rock.”
“The dumb dumb rock? Oh, right, the one you all drew a face on. Never thought the dumb dumb rock would become a marker. Stay here and keep quiet. If anyone comes to the door that isn’t me, hide. If they find you, stab em with something pointy.” Alexandria instructed.
Alexandria went and found her sword, sliding it into its sheath. As she was about to leave, she heard Bronson call out. The child was already rummaging through the kitchen, looking for something sharp to hide with.
“Are they monsters?”
“Worse.” She headed out, following the path the kids took, finding her way quickly towards the dumb dumb rock. From the rock, she followed the water, seeing bloodstains along the way. As she continued to follow the stains, she finally came to the slavers’ camp, noticing that the blood hadn’t come from a child. Instead, it came from a slaver who was holding his shoulder.
“She stabbed me. The little brat stabbed me with my dagger. What sort of kid does that?” The slaver whined to his unsympathetic friend. “Not to mention she was biting my arm the whole time I carried her, calling me all sorts of names. Who raised that monster?” Alexandria smirked, unable to help feeling a little proud of what she was hearing. “Good job, Lucy.” She whispered to herself as she pushed past the nearby trees, stepping out into the clearing. As soon as she stepped out, she drew her blade.
She swiftly beheaded the wounded slaver, not bothering with a grand entrance. The slavers’ friend too stunned to move after the strike. With the first slaver down, she went straight for the other man, driving the blade into his knee before he could even think about getting up. Alexandria leaned her weight onto the handle of the blade, pushing it deeper.
“Where are they?”
“Where are who?”
“My kids.” She put more of her weight onto the handle, staring into his eyes as she did. “Where are they?”
“Boss has them. I’m only the one that grabs them. I don’t have any other role in the-“ She swung her fist, cracking it against his jaw. After the hit, she pulled her blade free and held the sword to their chest.
“And the boss is?”
“Right behind you.” A grizzled voice laughed. A hand went to wrap around her throat, only to miss as she ducked and sent an elbow flying into the man’s stomach. Alexandria glanced back at the man, noticing a dagger in the man’s scabbard. She pinched the dagger and drove it into his stomach.
“Attack before speaking. That would be my advice to you if you weren’t a dead man. Now I’ll ask once this only once. Where are my kids? The answer will determine how quick this all is.” Her attention was pulled away from the common slaver, focusing on their boss. She shoved the man to the ground and placed her foot on the wound, applying unhelpful pressure, digging the hell of her shoe against it.
“Go to hell.” He said, coughing up blood. Trying to keep some bravado in this situation.
Alexandria saw something strange on the man’s face. That split second smirk. She knew what was coming. Her back was turned and that idiot behind her had found a weapon. She could easily kill him before he attacked, but she wanted to give them a brief glimpse of hell before they went there. As the sword pierced her toned body, she didn’t even flinch, feeling the hot pain that she had felt hundreds of times. The confident grin of the boss fading as the grey-haired warrior still stood over him.
He couldn’t speak, but there was something about his look that amused her. The boss’s eyes were wide, filled with fear as he squirmed beneath her foot. Alexandria turned her head, peering over her shoulder at the slaver behind her. They had already released the sword and were fleeing back towards the dumb dumb rock. As they were about to escape, a small child jumped out wielding a sword nearly as big as herself. She swung it, almost taking her own arm off with the weapon. The blade collided with the slaver, hitting their side, throwing them to the floor.
“I… hah.. heard your voice, so I escaped from the rope they tied us up with.” She hunched over, panting, trying to get her breath back.
“Look away for a moment, dear.” She said as she placed her foot over the boss’s mouth, trying to muffle his screams as she killed him. Once she was done with the boss, she went over to the other slaver. Alexandria making quick work of them, too. When she turned back to Lucy, she could see her peeking through her fingers.
“Wow, you were so cool. You were like. Swing! Woosh, bang.” Lucy cheered.
“I was not like swing, whoosh and bang. It was swing, slash, chop.”
“Whatever, it was cool. When are you going to teach me that?”
“Aren’t you a little scared? You were just being held by slavers?”
Lucy placed a finger to her lip, thinking about it. Before responding with a loud.
“NOPE. I knew you would save me. Plus, Bronson escaped. It was only a matter of time before you got here.”
“Your confidence in me is charming. Now, where are the others?”
Alexandria followed Lucy to a tent, helping to free the others. When she finished freeing the last child, she found herself a little confused. Why did they all look so afraid of her? Had they heard the screams? Alexandria couldn’t help but feel a little self conscious about her warrior ways. She was trying so hard to be a good caretaker. Sadly, a scarred and one-eyed warrior didn’t make the most motherly figure.
“Um, Mom?” Lucy said.
“Yes, dear?” Alexandria felt her heart jump for joy at being called mom, those worries leaving her for a moment, as she crouched before Lucy. “What is it, dear?”
“You have a sword stuck in you… Wait, I’ll get it.”
“Wait, Lucy!”
Without wasting a moment, Lucy tugged on the sword, pulling it out, much to the horror of the other children. The others assuming they had just watched their caretaker get brutally killed in front of them. When the sword was pulled free, the wound closed.
“I’m ok. I promise. It’s a magic trick. Please stop crying.” Alexandria gave Lucy a cold, motherly stare. The child guiltily looking away, pretending not to notice it.
Eventually Alexandria calmed the children down, guiding them all home. As they neared the orphanage, she noticed someone had forced the door open. She released her grip on the children’s hands, rushing into the orphanage.
“WHO THE HELL IS IN HERE? I’M IN A BAD MOOD, SO UNLESS YOU WISH TO SEE YOUR OWN INSIDES I WOULD SUGGEST LEAVING.” She screamed, hoping she was out of earshot of the children. As she glanced around the room, she would notice a rather proud Bronson holding a fork while a man sat in her rocking chair, nursing his shoulder.
“Trent? What are you doing here?”
“Oh, hey. I just heard some slavers were in the area and wanted to warn you. When I noticed the door was locked, I assumed the worst and broke it open to offer my support. Well, seems you didn’t need my help. Your guard valiantly stabbed me with a fork.” Alexandria turned to Bronson, who triumphantly held his fork up, showing her. She let out a giggle as she walked over to Bronson, ruffling his hair before turning to her friend.
“You let yourself get stabbed by a fork? Your reflexes have gotten slow. Were all my years of training you for nothing? Also, what is with that beard? How do you ever expect to find a nice wife if you can’t keep yourself looking tidy? Oh, is that mud on your shoes, too?” Alexandria grinned, giving him a lecture. She could see him sliding down deeper into the chair, in more pain from the lecture than the fork wound. When she finished tormenting him, she finished it with. “It’s good to see you again, friend. I’ll be right back.”
“I kept him here all by myself.” Bronson smiled.
“Yes, you did. Now be a good boy and make sure the others are ok when they get inside.”
The rest of the children entered, Lucy still holding the sword that she had pulled from her mother. When she saw Trent, she threw the sword aside, jumping onto him, wrapping her arms around his neck.
“Uncle Trent, it’s so good to see you again. I stabbed someone today.”
“Huh? Oh, um. That’s nice.” He said, patting her back, before giving the other kids a smile.
“Uncle Trent? Where?” Bronson muttered, staring at the man.
“Right here. How could you not tell it was him? He’s Mom’s friend. He used to travel with her a lot. She said he was hopeless. Remember?”
“Ouch, you didn’t have to repeat that part. I’m more of a historian than a fighter. It’s not my fault I’m a little hopeless with a weapon. I can carry my own in a fight, though.” He tried to defend himself. Wanting to remind them that being an adventurer was secondary to his work as a historian.
“Uncle Trent? You’ve gotten fatter.” Bronson said with a harsh, unfiltered bit of childish honesty.
“Oh, um.”
“I didn’t know you had a beard.” Bronson joined the hug, getting on the other side of Trent.
“I thought it made me look more sophisticated. Don’t you agree?”
“It makes you look old.” Bronson responded.
“Ah. Maybe I should shave it.” He laughed, only to see Alexandria watching him, a smile on her face as she threw the bandages on his lap.
Aren’t you going to fix me up?”
“It’s just a scratch. You can handle it. I have to make sure the kids are alright, anyway. You can stay for dinner if you would like to, Uncle Trent.”
“Don’t you start calling me that, too.”
“You should be happy. It means they think of you as family. I guess you spend a lot of time around here. “
“Of course I do. I record history and you’re the best source of it I can find. No one else has lived-“
“Oh, right. Sorry. I should be going. I just wanted to make sure you’re safe.”
“Make sure I’m safe? I appreciate it, even if it’s unneeded.”
“Aww, you’re going already, Uncle Trent. I was hoping you would spar with me. Mom’s too strong.” Lucy whined.
“Next time. I promise. I’ll bring some presents too.”
“Yay. I want a castle.”
“A little out of my budget. How about a replica sword?”
“Yes. Make sure it looks dangerous.”
“What do I get?” Bronson asked.
“A new fork.”
“Aww, I don’t want a fork.”
“Fine, maybe I’ll find you something else. If you promise to behave.”
“Ok.” Trent stood up and made his way to the door, giving them a wave. “I’ll see you later. Maybe next week if I’m not busy.”
“Ok, bye Uncle Trent, sorry about stabbing you.” Bronson said.
“It’s ok. I appreciate the apology.”
When he left, Alexandria gathered the children, making sure they were all ok. When she was certain they weren’t hurt, she asked them what they would like to help cheer them up. Lucy tried to get the group to agree on a new sword, but she was outnumbered by the vote for cookies. A vote she wasn’t upset about losing. The kids went to play as Alexandria went to the kitchen, preparing the treats.
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2023.06.05 08:09 Holiday-Ad1772 New manager advice

As a new manager I’m finding it hard to determine how to react to difficult customers. If they have a totally irrational complaint or request how do I go about it? What am I supposed to give as a reaction? I understand a few of the exceptions I can make. When do I absolutely have to make the exception and when can I stand strong? I’m unfortunately learning to be more confrontational and half the time I also understand the logic behind the complaint, but when it’s something they’re either coming down at me for or requesting to do something such as give them an item for a huge discount, what ways can I say no? At the moment my store is very low in nps surveys and I am trained to do my best to help them but what if I absolutely do not believe it’s warranted? What are my options there? My manager says to help them as much as possible but also to stand up for yourself. They haven’t really given me examples on when I have to do either though. Example: customer complained a clearance furniture item was damaged during the loading process. He himself in fact loaded it into his truck with my associate, but he did most of the lifting. He was angry that we didn’t have anybody to “professionally” load it and that’s why it was damaged (Keep in mind we had a skeleton crew and we’re not people cut out for large items. It’s not like we’re an actual furniture store). Then he complained the service was bad because of that and I know in fact it wasn’t (I sold it to him and warned that it would be the floor model which isn’t discounted and it’s clearance in the first place). He knew the loading conditions, took part loading it, and didn’t say anything at all until he returned half an hour later claiming some damage on the bottom. I told him I could do a small discount or refund it there and then but he didn’t want to and said he might be back. Should I have handled it differently? I’m just getting used to the having to be the bad guy and the saviour and it’s hard to navigate so any advice would be great🙏. (All of the complaints were directed solely at me. My associates barely handled the customer at all)
TL;DR: New to management, need advice on how to deal with customer complaints or straight up exploiting me. CC welcomed.
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2023.06.05 08:08 icytiger [GTA-ON][H] PayPal, Cash [W] Fight stick

Looking for a fight stick, preferably on the smaller size and fairly basic with a lever.
Looking to spend less than $100.
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2023.06.05 08:07 Professional-Ad-470 Brake booster

Shop replaced brake booster now truck won’t brake. Pedal is really hard. 2011 Frontier SV 4x4. Reason for replacement pedal would go to floor, felt spongy and loud hissing air.
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2023.06.05 08:07 ToasterMcNoster Finally joined OpenSea!

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2023.06.05 08:07 Due_Savings3574 Looking for a kids book/graphic novel with an skinny white alien that could grow plants.

I recently remembered a book or graphic novel I read when I was in primary school. I tried googling it but had no luck. I remember it was about this creatures I'm pretty sure it was an alien of sorts and he was tall and thin. The alien was kind and when he took steps grass and flowers and plants would grow in its footsteps. The alien might if been made from a liquid or something like that too? I'm pretty sure his hand gets removed at some point and when his goop hit the floor that too grew into plants. I think there was two kids who find and befriend the alien. I know this isn't a lot to go off on. The alien kinda makes me think of that Betty boop cartoon where she's in the glass coffin. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.05 08:06 Extension_Bit_1914 Your Dream Features?

What do you want to see? I thought about this too much 😄
. Rugs
. Cupboards, draws, and wardrobes
. Different bed styles
. Different chairs
. Couches
. Kitchen counters
. Displays/ art made from world items
. Paint for structures
. Window / door improvements
. Simple roofs
. Simple landscaping options for leveling terrain
. Retaining walls
. Pools/ moats / rivers / lake making
. Garden beds
. Fur clothing
. Customize own appearance
. Customize V & K appearences (hair, facepaint, clothing)
. Dog companions
. Dirt road creation
. Stormy skies with dark clouds
. Flaming arrows
. Golf carts that won't despawn and towable trailer add-on
. Increase fire heat radius
. Improve V & K paths
. Prevent K from wanting to go under any floor he can find
Also, it'd be great if Kevin's behavior updated after a certain number of days, so that he gets more comfortable. And the fresh blood goes away. Kind of like how Virgina evolves from fearful to comfy.
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2023.06.05 08:06 pvtherman June 05, 2023, Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN, United States Tour Thread [Setlist, Media, Discussion]

We're actually now about halfway through this US tour for Bloc Party's set on Paramore's tour. Okay let me clarify that in more detail and better explanation. Bloc Party have 13 US gigs planned where they are opening for Paramore on this tour. We're at the halfway point here with Indianapolis being agig number 7 on this tour. However, for the Paramore fans, you're only roughly a quarter of the way through the US tour (you have plenty more Paramore gigs left, there will be a switch of openers at around the half-way point). But yeah Indianapolis, I hope you're excited for tonight's gig at the Gainbridge Fieldhouse! If you're a kid from indy who has been waiting for Bloc Party to return back to Indianapolis then I hope you enjoy the time of your life with the Bloc here tonight at the Fieldhouse! (There's still some limited number of tickets left for those last minute fans, available from Gainbridge Fieldhouse's website). As per the previous stadium concerts, there will be a early morning limited number of GA wristbands available for those who arrive at the venue at 8:00am. They'll probably give you slightly earlier entry into the venue onto the floor. Line-up starts no earlier than 4pm on the Pennsylvania Street side of Gainbridge Fieldhouse. So Indianapolis I hope you enjoy tonight's gig with Paramore, Bloc Party and Genesis Owusu! And if you're going out tonight tell us how the gig went afterwards and see if you can grab a setlist on your way out (they're always great mementos to have!).
[Times - are a rough ETA (symbol ~ means "around that time"/rough ETA)]
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2023.06.05 08:04 lookingforaplant On the front of my podcast player's discover section!

On the front of my podcast player's discover section!
This was a nice little surprise on pocket casts!
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2023.06.05 08:04 MysteriousAd3954 Weird weld school practices

So let’s say I’m at a welding school that may or may not be too cheap to buy stainless practice plates, and they have me tig welding two pieces of carbon steel with 309 filler, how much different is it gonna be when I go to do the test and it’s on 304 stainless plates welding with 308 filler? Just curious if this practice is a waste of time or not. Is this normal? I remember they had me doing the same thing 4 years ago when I went for stick and it really fucked me up for when I did the tests.
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2023.06.05 08:03 Mr_Ch3f M/32 F/33 Girlfriend is scared

So my girlfriend of four years just took her pulse and it's 104 sitting down. She's 5ft tall and over 150. She's mentioned for a long time that she'd like to make changes but we've always put it behind us because it didn't seem that bad. Her history has been affected by past shitty boyfriends who drove her to bad coping mechanisms. She told me how her heart rate is dangerously high, my response was to suggest immediate changes and to, unfortunately, treat it far too logically than treat it emotionally. I didn't realize how scared she was and she was hoping for a more sensitive approach. I am here to support but, I've had my own substance issues that she's been present for and when it was even close to an issue she said get it out of the house to get rid of temptation. So I flushed everything and made changes. I want to help her, I want her to be healthy. I know that one of the biggest struggles is that she has to want it. She says that during my struggles she was far more affectionate and supportive than my approach. I said then let's remove temptation and trash food but she swears there is no temptation in the house but she just brought home a bag of sugar and salt for an outing we have tomorrow. How can I gently help her in ways that are gonna stick?
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2023.06.05 08:03 ratzoneresident Should I feel bad about still being a host?

As of a week or two ago I (20M) have been hosting at a restaurant for a full year. Virtually everyone who has ever been my coworker as a host has gone on to serve, but I haven't. To be perfectly honest I just think I'd be a bad server because I already get a bit anxious when trying to balance everybody's needs so I couldn't imagine having to do that on a scale of dozens while also having my wage dependant on it. But at the same time it really feels like people don't take me seriously. I constantly get mistaken for a high schooler, and when I tell them I'm a college student they ask me why I'm hosting. It makes me worry I come off as lazy when I really just want to stick to what I'm good at - and I don't think the owners want me to change anyways because like I said I'm the only reliable host. It's just starting to wear on me and I'm wondering if anybody feels like there's any truth to this or if I'm worried over nothing. Honestly not sure what I'm expecting to accomplish by posting this but hey
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2023.06.05 08:02 RogueEarth616 I Knew Mariner And T'Lyn Looked Familiar

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2023.06.05 08:01 AbbyUpdoot [TotK] Flurry Rush mechanics are weird. A summary.

Do you ever flub a flurry rush that you thought you did perfectly, or the opposite: somehow dodge a different attacker you weren’t even trying to? Well, chances are, you don’t quite know how the mechanics of it really work. The game tells you a certain thing, and you might be intuiting something wrong as being the control scheme and how it works TO NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN. Here’s what I found.
I was under the assumption the whole time (subconsciously or otherwise) ever since Breath of the Wild’s implementation, that holding ZL meant up on the control stick while jumping would make link jump forward, down: jump back, etc. I mean, that’s how it works when you’re not in combat, right? Well, in combat when holding ZL to target an enemy, you actually have full range of motion of the camera. So because the designers had to choose between camera position now being incongruous and (to me) being more intuitive to control, or they keep camera position matching motion on the control stick to whatever degree possible. Well, they chose the latter. So if you’re in a side-view trying to jump sideways, it’s a vertical motion on the control stick, and back or forward would be a horizontal motion. It sounds confusing, and it is. But it’s what we’re working with. There’s no setting to change it.
So you might be locking onto one enemy while another attacks from a different direction. Which way do you dodge? Well, in order to successfully dodge, you actually need to do so in relation to the CURRENT one you are target, not the attacking one. It might feel weird, and it has a pretty high likelihood of looking weird, but so long as you do so at the appropriate time in the appropriate direction of whatever you’re currently targeting, you WILL dodge the attack, (assuming it is the right kind of dodge needed to counter a certain attack: sidehop or backflip).
To summarize more concisely: you gotta focus on the target and your character in relation to the camera, and aim your jump according to that. Keep enemies in your periphery and treat them like it’s your current target that’s making the attack. You DON’T need to adjust the camera or change targets, but doing so may be a baseline or personal choice in order to stay sane in the heat of things.
How do you feel about this mechanic? We’re you as confused as me? Are you still confused? Did my attempt at explaining make things even more muddled?
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2023.06.05 08:01 TheDuckClock What would "Once And Always" have been like, if all 5 OG cast members returned?

I can't help but constantly speculate how different the special could've been if we had all the original cast members. How would each of the characters stories differ.
Straight off the bat, I highly doubt Billy's role in the story would've changed at all, considering he's the brains behind the operation.
For Zach, I don't think he would have ended up as Min's guardian. Twice in the special; it's mentioned that Zach gave up his career as a congressman to take care of Min. Perhaps this is a nod to original drafts in the script where is actually was a congressman? It would make sense for his character, given how he was chosen to be part of a peace conference and didn't come back to Angel Grove.
For me, It would seem most likely that Min's guardianship would've fallen into the hands of either Jason or Kimberly. The former because he's the leader of the team, and thus sees it as his responsibility for allowing Trini to get killed. Kimberly would've been a second choice for guardianship, given that she was best friends with Trini, had Jason gotten that role. Her story could've gone in many different ways.
Tommy would probably have the most unique story of the lot. Given that Min has lost her mother, it's very likely he would realize his title as a "legend" may get him killed and leave JJ fatherless. I think there would have be some conflict between him and Katherine about wanting to quit being a ranger out of fear of JJ ending up just like Min. Despite Katherine insisting that his team, and the world needs him. Though he comes around when he see's how much of a fighter Min becomes. Giving him hope that JJ will one day take on his powers. But it would even go to show, that legends can be at their lowpoint when mortality hits them in the face.
As for Rocky, all the more likely he would have been on the starship with Aisha and Adam. They really got the short end of the stick in that special.
That's my speculation. What do you all think? I'll admit, a part of me would've love to see Zach give a passionate speech to congress. Though Walter Jones really was the star of the special, being Min's adoptive father. So I'm glad we got that.
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2023.06.05 08:01 redthechamp19 Mountain Advice for beginners.

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2023.06.05 08:00 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Thread for the week of June 05

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2023.06.05 08:00 Mr_Ch3f My girlfriend is scared

So my girlfriend of four years just took her pulse and it's 104 sitting down. She's 5ft tall and over 150. She's mentioned for a long time that she'd like to make changes but we've always put it behind us because it didn't seem that bad. Her history has been affected by past shitty boyfriends who drove her to bad coping mechanisms. She told me how her heart rate is dangerously high, my response was to suggest immediate changes and to, unfortunately, treat it far too logically than treat it emotionally. I didn't realize how scared she was and she was hoping for a more sensitive approach. I am here to support but, I've had my own substance issues that she's been present for and when it was even close to an issue she said get it out of the house to get rid of temptation. So I flushed everything and made changes. I want to help her, I want her to be healthy. I know that one of the biggest struggles is that she has to want it. She says that during my struggles she was far more affectionate and supportive than my approach. I said then let's remove temptation and trash food but she swears there is no temptation in the house but she just brought home a bag of sugar and salt for an outing we have tomorrow. How can I gently help her in ways that are gonna stick?
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2023.06.05 08:00 Illustrious-Use4831 My Neighbors suck

My Neighbors suck
The Constitution of Nepal 2072, under article 30 grants us the Right to clean environment. Based on this :
The National Penal Code Act 2017, Section 112(1) states, "No one shall generate, transmit, release or stockpile wastages in such manner as to cause significant adverse effect on the environment."
Section 112(3): A person who commits or causes an offense under sub-section (1) shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year or a fine of up to ten thousand rupees or both.
Apart from all these legal provisions, it is a well known fact that burning of wastes release toxic chemicals and gases into the atmosphere, thus polluting the air we breathe which can cause severe health problem like lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and cardiovascular diseases.
The toxic chemicals released during burning include nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and polycyclic organic matter (POMs). Burning plastic and treated wood also releases heavy metals and toxic chemicals, such as dioxin.
Other chemicals released while burning plastic include benzo(a)pyrene (BAP) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), which have both been shown to cause cancer.
But despite all these, call it negligence, hipocracy or malice us Nepalese like my neighbors choose to dispose of their wastages by incarceration inspite of the garbage management facilities provided by our local governments.
Some of my neighbors are so stingy AF that they choose to not pay the annual per floor Rs 500 or Rs 41.66 monthly garbage disposal fees and instead burn their wastes. These shits burn everything from common household wastes like plastics, paper and kitchen wastes to animal feces from their animal sheds instead of making fertilizers from them. Typical cave people brain.
We've tried confronting them multiple times regarding this issue but they simply don't listen. Then I decided to take this to our municipality(i.e Damak municipality) and contacted them via their official Facebook page. I even provided them with multiple video proof of my neighbors burning their wastes in broad daylight but they didn't even care to respond.
What do you guys think about this? Who is really at fault here? Don't you think that these vermins of society should be punished according to the the law?
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2023.06.05 08:00 Kinsey916 Record of Subreddit, chapter 4

Apple snaps back to their usual cheery mood.

Apple: "Sorry folks, I forgot to announce the next fighters."

They say as they put their hand behind their head. They snap their fingers and point to the sky.

Apple: "Let's get right to it then, folks!"

Apple points to the East entrance.

Apple: "Hailing from Brazil, this next fighter has improved a traditional fighting style! Don't underestimate him, for his attacks are killing machines! His kicks can knock a tree down in one hit! Standing at 5'9" and weighing 117lbs, welcome, u/IllustriousTear8707!"

A young Brazilian man walks into the light, wearing a tank top with Brazil's colors and a pair of black boxers. But on his head are a pair of pink headphones with cat ears attached. Apple throws their hand at the West entrance and starts the introduction.

Apple: "He came all the way from Japan! The legendary yokozuna of the modern day has come to claim victory not for himself nor his country but for his sport! Being the champ for twelve years in the ring, he fights to show others to never underestimate sumo! Standing at 6'4" and weighing 351 lbs! Welcome, u/Ahrensann!"

When Ahren gets into the ring, the ground rumbles a bit. He wears a purple mawashi. Apple raises its hand, about to declare the next round to begin. But before they can, Tear stops them.

Tear: "I'm sorry to intrude, Pitou, but doesn't this sumo have some sort of ritual to perform?"

Apple shrugs, but as they do, Ahren lowers himself to the ground, touching the floor with his fist.

Ahren: "I only do that for sumo fights. This is not a fight, more like a slaughter."

Apple raises their hand and throws it down!

Apple: "Heaven or hell? Let's rock!"

In an instant, Ahren rushes at Tear. At 27 miles an hour, Ahren is about to slam his palm into Tear's face, but before Ahren can, Tear counters with a faster counterattack! He slams his foot into the side of Ahren's head. The attack is strong enough to send Ahren toward the ropes! Ahren lands on his back but gets up in no time.

Ahren: "What... Was that?"

Tear stretches his arms out, posing as if he were on a cross.

Tear: "This is my capoeira style. Do you like it?"

Ahren lowers their body again, preparing for another rush! When he moves again, he's slower than before. But Tear puts his hands in his pockets and stomps the ground, launching himself toward the sumo! Before the two collide, Tear goes for a frontal kick! His leg shoots up and hits Ahren's face, knocking him back up straight! To follow this, Tear spins and delivers a roundhouse kick! The last blow is powerful enough to send Ahren outside the ring, over the ropes.

When Ahren lands on his back, he stands back up. He's bleeding from his nose but starts walking to the ring again. Before Apple hits ten, he's back in the ring. When he stands back on both his feet, he points at Tear.

Ahren: "You're strong, but you can't win. If that was your strongest hit, I'm good from here."

Ahren sticks a thumbs down at Tear, and Tear smiles.

Tear: "You're wrong. My capoeira hasn't reached it's peak yet."

Tear T-poses, as his sweat glimmers in the light. With his face looking into the sky, he looks down at Ahren.

Tear: "Ahren, will you help me further my skill?"

Ahren doesn't react, their face stern as usual. Tear forms tears in his eyes.

Tear: "No matter. We'll reach the gods with my kicks in no time!"

Tear gets into a grappler's stance and rushes at Ahren. When he gets in range, Ahren goes for a palm strike but leans backward and throws himself back. Ahren goes past Tear, and Tear lands on his hands, going for a kick to the back. The strike hits Ahren's shoulder blade and knocks him unbalanced. Tear gets back on his feet, and Ahren turns around to face Tear.

Tear turns up his music and points at Ahren.

Tear: "You'll never touch me."

Tear closes his eyes and starts jamming to the music. Doing weird dances, confusing Ahren. Ahren rolls his eyes and lowers his body to the ground. Soon, Ahren rushes at Tear but faster than the first attack. Tear still has his eyes closed but soon starts singing.

Tear: "Imperial force defied, facing 500 samurai. Surrounded and outnumbered 60 to one, the sword face to the gun."

When Ahren gets close, he releases a barrage of palm strikes. But no matter how many he throws, none hit Tear. As Tear dances around each strike, he mutters a few more words.

Tear: "Bushido dignified. It's the last of the samurai."

In an instant, he hits Ahren in the temple with a kick.

Tear: "Surrounded and outnumbered!"

As Tear keeps dancing to his music, Ahren falls to the ground. A small dent in his temple. For Tear stabbed his temple with his hallux. Apple runs over Ahren.

Apple: "Are you ok? Do you want to surrender?"

Ahren snaps back to consciousness. Standing back up.

Ahren: "I had the most beautiful memory. My family and friends are watching me win my first victory. The odds were stacked against me, but I still managed to do it..."

Ahren formed two fists and slammed them into the floor, cracking the foundation.


Tear peeks open one of his eyes, looking disappointed that he didn't knock him out yet.

Tear: "Fine, guess I'll end it with this next one."

Tear starts spinning like a ballerina. Not stopping for a second. Ahren smiles and charges at Tear. The sumo rushes at the highest speed he's gone before as Tear keeps spinning, gaining velocity for each spin. Ahren gets in range, thinking, "He's spinning on his left leg, meaning he'll strike with his right. I'll have to be ready for it."

But when he gets closer, Tear squats and directs a kick to Ahren's left knee. Slamming so hard he breaks Ahrem's patella! A pain shoots through Ahren's body as he falls. Before his face can hit the floor, he catches himself, turning to see Tear standing above him. But to follow up with the assault, Tear does a front flip, landing the soles of his feet into Ahren's head, slamming it to the floor.

Tear walks away from the fallen foe, singing a different song.

Tear: "Fighting gold!"

But before he gets out of the ring, Apple taps his shoulder. Tear turns around to see Apple pointing at Ahren. Tear's eyes widen, seeing the sumo still standing. Ahren smiles with blood covering his face. He leans down and puts his hands on his broken knee, and soon a blue light comes from his hands. Smoke comes from Ahren and forms the shape of Florence Nightingale. When the cloud dissipates, he lifts his leg as if for a pregame ritual and slams it into the ring's floor.

Ahren: "Is that the best you can do?"

Tear's eyes fill with fury, having enough of this fighter. He pushes the headphones harder on his ears, trying to drown out all noise but his music. Soon, Tear's head is full of negative thoughts.

Tear: "SHUT UP!"

A large black smoke cloud forms behind him, showing the image of the Brothers Grimm, but in their hands together is a large book. They slam the book onto Tear, causing a burst of wind to push people back. The smoke engulfs Tear as it circles into a sphere. Ahren stops smiling, sensing the pressure of danger. Soon, out of the smoke cloud, Tear's headphones fall from the smoke.

The smoke expands, even making Pitou back up. A gigantic canine paw slams into the ring's floor. Soon, another one appears and does the same thing. Next, an enormous canine head comes from the smoke. It roars so loudly it causes the smoke to disappear, showing off the rest of this considerable-sized dog. Despite his new form, Tear manages to form a few words.

Tear: "Big... Bad... Wolf."

Instantly, the wolf rushes over to Ahren, its jaws spread wide enough to crush the sumo. But before it can kill him, Ahren catches the wolf's jaws with two canine teeth on both sides. The wolf pushes Ahren backward, closing to the ring's edge.

Ahren: "This... Is nothing to a sumo like me!"

The wolf rises itself, pushing Ahren closer to the ground.

Ahren: "Aw, screw it. You wanted my best? Well, here it is!"

While smiling, Ahren uses all his strength and headbutts the wolf's upper lip, knocking it back. He lowers his body and pushes all his power into his legs to jump at Tear. By shoving his head first into the beast, he pierces it and soon comes out the other side with Tear in his hand. Tear opens his eyes, finding them in the air. Ahren is holding him by his shirt's collar. With his other hand, he raises it and slams it into Tear's face with a downward strike. The blow is powerful enough to send Tear flying toward the ground. He soon hits it with a loud thud, creating a crater. Ahren lands ungracefully, landing on his stomach.

But soon, the sumo stands back up. Ahren smiles and hits his chest with a closed fist.

Apple runs over to Tear, already seeing him unconscious. He points at Ahren and shouts.

Apple: "Winner, u/Ahrensann!"

The crowd cheers, never seeing a match like that before. Soon, two men with a stretcher come over and carry away Tear. Apple points at the jumbo screen and says the next pair of fighters.

Apple: "Up next, the first match of block B. u/Masterpotato002 versus u/King_Herc!"
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2023.06.05 07:59 Kisswingshoes1 shoes are suitable for swing dance

shoes are suitable for swing dance
Swing dance enthusiasts looking for the perfect shoes to wear on the dance floor.
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