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2023.06.10 19:10 reputationgua Reputation Guards: Protect Your Brand from Negative Content

Protecting your brand from negative content can be a daunting task, but it is essential to maintain the positive image you have built. Reputation Guards provides to help you monitor what people are saying about your company or brand online and safeguard against potential threats. We offer two options for the complete and permanent removal of any unwanted content: de-indexing from Google or removing the content itself. Our team will assess the situation and advise on the best strategy for full protection against future attacks so that your reputation remains intact.

Reputation Guards On Understanding the sources of negative Content

Negative content can come from a variety of sources, such as disgruntled customers, rivals and competitors, or even malicious actors. It is important to understand the source of the negative content to better address it.
Customers may leave negative reviews due to a bad experience with your product or service, or because they’re disappointed with how you handled their complaint. Competitors may attempt to harm your reputation by spreading false information about your company or sabotaging your efforts. And malicious actors could be attempting to defame your business with damaging posts and slanderous remarks.
Identifying the source of the negative content can be challenging, especially if the content has been posted anonymously. However, with the help of an experienced reputation guard team like Reputation Guards, it is possible to track down the originator of unwanted content and take appropriate measures for damage control. Our team utilizes advanced online tools and resources to uncover the identity behind negative posts and assess any associated risks. We also specialize in finding ways to mitigate any potential damage caused by the negativity on a brand's overall reputation.

Monitor your online presence regularly

Monitoring your online presence regularly is key to protecting your brand from negative content. It is important to stay on top of what people are saying about you and your business and make sure that any potential threats are quickly identified. Reputation-guards offers proactive services that enable you to monitor conversations, reviews, and other types of content associated with your brand across a variety of platforms. This allows our team to detect any harmful content before it has a chance to spread or cause damage.
We use sophisticated tools and algorithms to analyze large amounts of data in real time so that we can identify any potentially dangerous posts quickly. We also utilize advanced search capabilities on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, as well as traditional search engines like Google and Bing. This allows us to find even the most obscure content about your company or brand for effective proactive monitoring.
If any potentially damaging posts are flagged by our system, we take immediate action by contacting the original poster and asking them to remove the content or take corrective measures if necessary. We also document all interactions in case further legal action needs to be taken at a later date. This proactive strategy helps ensure that negative content is removed before it gains traction and causes irreparable damage to your reputation.

Develop a strategy to respond quickly and effectively to negative content

Developing a strategy to respond quickly and effectively to negative content is essential for preserving your online reputation. To do this, you must first identify the source of the negative content and assess any associated risks. Once the source has been identified, it is important to develop a plan of action that helps you respond quickly and decisively.
One way to do this is by crafting a well-thought-out response that appropriately addresses the issue. You should take into consideration the tone of voice used in your response, as well as whether or not you are addressing the original poster directly or publicly. When responding publicly it is important to be succinct and professional, making sure that all relevant facts are included without appearing overly defensive or argumentative. It is also important to remain respectful and show empathy towards those affected by the negative content.
Another key part of responding quickly and effectively to negative content involves being proactive in preventing it from happening again in the future. This can be accomplished by developing a set of guidelines for customer interactions, implementing clear policies for dealing with complaints, and setting up systems for monitoring reviews and comments on social media platforms. Additionally, having safeguards in place such as using automated moderation tools can help detect any potentially damaging posts before they have time to spread online.
Finally, it is important to remember that maintaining an online reputation requires ongoing effort. By staying on top of what people are saying about your business, monitoring any potential threats, proactively addressing issues when they arise, and setting up preventive measures against future attacks – you can ensure that your brand remains protected from unwanted negativity and stands strong against any potential threats.

Utilize reputation guards to protect your brand from future attacks offers comprehensive services that provide you with the tools and strategies needed to protect your brand from future attacks. Our team of experts is equipped to create a customized plan of defence that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your company or brand.
By utilizing reputation guards, you will be able to quickly identify any attempts to tarnish your online presence, such as negative reviews or comments on social media, false accusations, and other malicious content. Our team can then develop an effective strategy for addressing these threats so that they don't spread across the web and damage your reputation further.
Additionally, our proactive monitoring solutions enable us to detect any harmful content before it has a chance to go viral. We use sophisticated tools and algorithms to analyze large amounts of data in real-time to identify potentially damaging posts quickly. This way we can find even the most obscure content related to your business or brand and take immediate action by contacting the original poster and asking them to remove it if necessary.
Furthermore, our team of experts will provide you with guidance on how best to respond should any negative content arise in the future. We can help you craft a well-thought-out response that appropriately addresses the issue while remaining professional at all times – regardless if you are responding publicly or directly with the original poster. We also document all interactions in case further legal action needs to be taken at a later date.
Finally, we can also recommend preventive measures that can be put into place for long-term protection against future attacks – such as developing guidelines for customer interactions, implementing clear policies for dealing with complaints, setting up systems for monitoring reviews and comments on social media platforms, and using automated moderation tools. With Reputation Guards on your side, you can rest assured knowing that your online presence is in safe hands!

Counteract the negativity associated with your brand name

Creating positive content is essential for countering any negative content associated with your brand name. It can help to distract from the negativity and give customers a more balanced picture of your business or product. Positive content should be crafted in such a way that it provides valuable information while also highlighting what makes your company or product unique.
One way to create positive content is to focus on customer stories and testimonials. Highlighting real-life stories about how customers have had positive experiences with your product or service can convince other potential customers that you are worth the investment. Additionally, customer reviews left on third-party websites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Trip Advisor can also help counteract negativity as they provide an unbiased opinion from those who have used your products or services.
Furthermore, engaging in charitable initiatives that showcase the good work you do in the community can also help create a more favourable image of your brand. Whether it’s providing support for local causes or donating a portion of profits to charity, these types of activities demonstrate a commitment to giving back and will make customers more likely to invest in your business.
Another great way to create positive content is through influencer marketing collaborations. By partnering with influential people within your industry or niche, you can gain access to their audiences and spread the word about what makes your company special – all while generating buzz around the product or service you offer.
Finally, staying active on social media can help cultivate a more positive reputation for your brand as well as boost its visibility online. Posting regular updates that show off new products and services, highlight customer stories, share news about promotions and discounts, interact with followers, and respond quickly to any complaints or inquiries ensures that customers stay engaged with your business even when there isn't any negative press surrounding it.

Engage customers and build relationships with them

Social media platforms are powerful tools for businesses to engage with customers and build relationships with them. Utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube can help create a more direct connection between your business and potential customers. Customers will be able to connect with your brand in real-time and get an immediate response to their inquiries or requests.
Posting regular updates that share information about new products or services, highlighting customer stories, or providing tips on how to use your product will help establish trust and loyalty among consumers. Additionally, engaging in conversations with followers by responding promptly to comments and messages will demonstrate that you value their input and feedback.
Furthermore, social media platforms are great for providing exclusive discounts and promotions which can increase engagement from potential customers. Creating contests or giveaways can also help generate more interest in your brand while gaining valuable insights into which products people prefer or what issues they may be having with any of your offerings.
Moreover, social media networks are ideal for connecting with influencers who can help spread the word about your brand while reaching out to a wider audience. Collaborations with respected figures in the industry or niche can generate more awareness among potential customers – thus leading to increased sales and revenue.
Finally, taking advantage of free analytics tools offered by social media networks can provide valuable insights into customer behaviour which can then be used to better tailor content to specific audiences. For example, understanding which posts perform best gives you an idea of what topics resonate more with followers, allowing you to create more effective content that resonates better with them.
By employing smart strategies on social media platforms, businesses have the opportunity to engage customers on a deeper level while building relationships rooted in trust and loyalty – leading to increased conversions and ultimately greater success!

Considering an online reputation management company

Considering an online reputation management company for more comprehensive protection is an excellent way to protect one's brand or company from potential negative publicity. A reputable firm can provide a range of services that help to safeguard a business's online presence, including monitoring and analyzing both traditional and digital media sources for any mentions of the business, its products, its services, and its staff.
Such firms also conduct proactive measures to ensure any potentially damaging information is quickly removed or corrected before it can spread further. To maintain a positive online image, they employ a variety of tactics such as content curation, optimized search engine results management (SERM), social media campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, and even website design or re-design services.
One benefit of using an online reputation management service is that the team can review all aspects of the client’s digital footprint to identify high-risk areas where competitors may be trying to damage their reputation. They can then develop strategies aimed at boosting positive press coverage while simultaneously diminishing any negative press.
Additionally, these companies monitor various social media platforms so they can quickly identify and respond to any unfavourable comments or reviews to mitigate any potential damage they could cause. This helps ensure that customers remain engaged with the business while providing them with prompt responses if they have any questions or issues with the product or service they are receiving.
Moreover, many online reputation management firms now offer analytics tools which allow businesses to track their progress over time and make informed decisions about how best to shape their future marketing efforts to maximize returns on investment (ROI). Knowing exactly how successful each campaign has been in terms of reach and visibility makes it easier for businesses to plan for future promotions and initiatives.
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2023.06.10 19:09 WifeOfPotthead I’m just tired lately

I think I’m just irritated with myself since lately I can’t do anything right. I feel like I’m at my lowest with things. For starters I make food for the both of us, I like making food but lately it’s been one of the hardest things.
I managed to fuck up a tuna sandwich, I drained both of them and only used a little bit of mayo since he doesn’t like it wet, but for some reason it came out wet and gross. I don’t know why? But now the tension is high since it’s like every meal I make he has a problem with. It’s not to his satisfaction.
The other night he was being mean; he did apologize for his behavior. But he said that “I work all day but no I’ll come home and also figure out dinner” “I just want good food”
I don’t know why but it annoys me since he sounded like my dad for a second since my parents biggest fights are always about food. .-.
Then that same night we were eating cookies and I can’t help but eat since they taste good and I’m hungry. I went for a third and he was like “you’re going to eat that? It’s just a lot”
I am insecure enough as it is and my body image has always been shit but for some reason it’s been sticking in my head that I don’t even want to eat much anymore. I won’t starve myself because of this but I’m just hurt. I can’t starve myself because I know that only makes things worse.
Now I’m just in a low place and I’m waiting for a break from myself. It’s just been a long week of downers.
I applied for a few jobs so hopefully I get into one of them so I can just be okay 👌🏼
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2023.06.10 19:09 asd8dhd The Secrets of Interstellar and Interplanetary Travel

I almost didn’t post this. Not because I think it’s too wild or doesn’t make any sense. In fact, quite the opposite. The information I present here, which is the result of countless hours spent re-watching videos, listening to audio, and cross-referencing official information, is something that now seems to me to be far too viable not to be correct. I have actually tried to prove this theory wrong and… well basically I can’t. So, please bear this in mind as you read. This could end up being one of those rare occasions when we’re actually onto something. Either way, I hope you enjoy the post.
First point; this is going to be a long post. Given the subject matter, it needs to be. Second point; I have not added any images or videos directly into the post but have instead included a great many links embedded within the text itself. This should ensure that the post is no longer than it needs to be but should still allow you sufficient opportunity to fully scrutinize every part of my theory, so that you can determine for yourself whether or not you think it holds weight.
I have organised all of the information under specific headings designed to make everything more accessible. Each section focuses on a particular aspect of the main theory. Even if you think that some of what you are reading may not be relevant, I can assure you that everything written here has been included as an important part of a much larger puzzle, and so I would advise that you patiently make your way through the entirety of the post. In an effort to ensure that your time invested here is appropriately rewarded, and in the spirit of preserving the scientific method, I have tried to keep flavor text and blind speculation down to an absolute minimum.
Note that I will be listing various aspects of this post as being confirmed correct or incorrect as and when we have official information to verify such facts. So here we are, after five long years of waiting, the inevitable release of Starfield, like the event horizon of some nearby black hole, is almost upon us. With the Showcase now a mere 24 hours away, it is time for us to take a look at what makes this particular game so special, as well as discovering just how we will be given the means to fly among the stars.
And so, without further ado, let us begin.
Hitchhiker's Guide
From watching gameplay footage, and also listening to various devs talk about Starfield, we know that at some along the early part of the story, we will find ourselves on board a Constellation Starship, which is appropriately named Frontier. With us on the ship is VASCO, an adorable robot assistant who will eventually become one of our possible companions. But how did we even end up on this ship? Well firstly, I do not believe that Frontier is our ship, or at least not at first. And so, we’re probably here in the capacity of a ‘guest’ of some kind, or more likely, a hitchhiker.
If we take a look at this scene, we first hear a male shouting “that’s the Crimson Fleet! and then a female saying “Everybody get ready!” After this, we can see that the group we are with is attacked. We already know that we uncover some kind of unknown artifact whilst mining for ore near the beginning of the Main Quest, and that the aforementioned Crimson Fleet is essentially an organised collective of space pirates. But what we don’t know is why they attacked us. This is not something I will be diving into in this particular post, although I do have some theories about this. But the relevance of the series of events here described cannot be understated, as they seem to be the launching point for our entry into Constellation and the adventures that follow.
Next, if we look a little further, we can see that this seemingly-important member of Constellation is not with us when we arrive at their Headquarters on Jemison, which suggests that he may have been killed during the above mentioned attack. Also note that, in-spite of not having a voiced protagonist this time round, we can clearly hear somebody talking over Frontier’s comms system, which means that there must be a designated pilot. Given the fact that we don’t see anyone who is confirmed as being the pilot (although it may actually be this person), it is safe to assume that this designated individual was with us during the flight but was first injured in the attack on the planet’s surface and was then taken to Medical Bay after we successfully land on Jemison.
It is my belief that, after perhaps being exposed to some kind of energy pulse from a grenade or something similar, the first member of Constellation we see was outright killed (hence why we are then asked to join up ourselves, perhaps to take over his role). The pilot, however, clearly survived as we can hear him talking to Control over the comms system during what is actually an extended two-way conversation, but I think that his vision was somehow compromised so that, even though he is able to speak, he is temporarily unable to see. The good news about this most unfortunate situation is that it opens the door for us to quickly step into the hot seat and, with the pilot acting as our guide, we will experience our very first Starfield flight tutorial.
Radio Chatter
If you listen to the beginning of both the Official Teaser Trailer and Official Gameplay Reveal for Starfield, you will hear both halves of the radio conversation I have referenced above, or at least the parts of it that Bethesda have given us so far. The first of these is spoken by somebody being referred to as Control, and the second by Frontier’s pilot. I previously posted a link to an audio I made and put up on Soundcloud, which gives us all of the confirmed parts of this conversation carefully spliced together and enhanced for clarity. Note that some of the audio, despite these enhancements, is a little hard to make out.
The final, in-game conversation is going to be a fair bit longer than what we have here and will be based on the specific processes that are required before attempting a Grav Jump. I don’t think we will hear this conversation every time we perform a Jump (especially given that our protagonist does not speak), but the first time we experience this early step-out moment, a detailed and appropriate pre-launch conversation will only serve to enhance what I’m sure will be an awe-inspiring experience.
Note that, at the end of this post, I have provided a link to a written transcript detailing what I think is being said in the full version of the above conversation. In the meantime, here is a breakdown of the confirmed parts of this audio. This is slightly different from the version I previously posted, due to new evidence clarifying exactly what is being said here. I have left line-spaces to help show where the missing parts of the audio will eventually go:
PILOT: "Control this is Constellation Starship Frontier."
CONTROL: "Constellation Starship Frontier, we have you on scanners."
PILOT: "We're ready to start on your signal."
CONTROL: "Performing Road Systems check. Helium-3 tanks, check. Seals are intact."
PILOT: "Maintaining Exit Vector course, Steady 'till Ready."
CONTROL: "We are still go."
PILOT: "Coordinates input, plotting Jump course."
CONTROL: "We read you Constellation."
PILOT: "Sky-Bus is converged, we're looking good."
CONTROL: "Jemison route looks good."
PILOT: "Allocating Auxiliary Reactor Power."
CONTROL: "Prepare for departure. Graviton Loop Array Spool, check."
PILOT: "System checks are green across the board."
CONTROL: "Your space Lane is clear."
PILOT: "Grav Jump commencing in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1."
At first, this seems like a typical, albeit futuristic version of an Air Traffic Control conversation. After all, much of what is being said does sound very familiar, and the rest seems appropriate to Starfield’s apparent Hard Science Fiction theme. But it’s only when you start digging a little deeper that you realize that something else is going on here as well.
Note the following terms taken from the above transcript: Road, Exit, Course, Coordinates, Bus, Route, Departure and Lane. All these words share a very noticeable common theme. They are all in some way related to Road Networks. Note also the phrase “green across the board," which sounds like it could also be a reference to Traffic Lights.
Zooming Along
Next, let’s look at this map, which features the home of a certain Software Development Company you may have heard of. If you zoom out a fair bit, you will see two large Cities, namely Washington and Baltimore. Zoom out a little more, and you can now see the cities of Richmond to the South and Pittsburgh to the North-West. Zoom back in over any of these four major cities, and you will see that there are many more smaller locations within each of the city limits.
Now scroll the map over to any of the areas outside of these cities, and you will find a multitude of other important locations. These include residential areas, airports, medical facilities, sports and leisure facilities, research facilities, manufacturing facilities, tech companies, supermarkets), hotels, places of worship, and many others. All the above locations are important in one way of another to the continued functioning of our society, and all can be placed within two distinct categories. These are Population Centers and Infrastructure.
You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat
Now imagine that there has been some kind of catastrophic flood in this area, and all these locations, although somehow miraculously intact, are now separated from each other as a series of individual islands in the middle of a newly formed ‘ocean’. Suddenly, the existing Road Network, along with any cars, busses, and other road vehicles, would become useless. You would need to use a completely different system, one designed to properly accommodate these changes, which would of course have to incorporate such elements as harbors, shipping routes, and vehicles capable of travelling along a waterway.
Now let’s zoom out again, this time further. Much, much, further. Each location has now been transformed into either a planet or a moon, spread across various star systems covering a vast region of space. Each one of these planets and moons will have its own individual features, resources, possible inhabitants, and infrastructure requirements. With such a quantum leap in terms of scale, if we now wanted to travel between these locations, which could in many cases end up being several light years apart, we are going to need something far bigger in terms of scale, complexity, and technology.
Shown In 60 Seconds
During the first ever 60 seconds of Starfield footage we all saw, shown in the form of the Official Announcement Teaser at the end of BE3 on June 11th 2018 (which redditor InToddWeTrust2023 has very nicely referenced here), we were given some surprisingly important clues which now form the cornerstone of this theory. Not only have these clues stacked up with every consecutive trailer released, as well as many of the other official videos and various other snippets of information, but their sheer level of consistency places them well outside the realm of possible coincidence.
Some of these additional clues were given to us in the two videos referenced above which contain the comms audio. The second of these two videos, namely the Official Gameplay Reveal, dropped, as would be expected, at the end of last year’s Showcase on June 12th 2022. Some of the most crucial information we have been given to date regarding my theory is actually contained in the 70 seconds shown before Todd even begins to speak. We will discuss the relevance of all of this a little further on in the post.
Lo-go/no go
First, some Space related terminology. In Mission Control speak, a Launch Status Check, also known as a go/no go poll, is part of a very carefully designed system implemented by US Space Agencies to ensure maximum safety and the best possible survival chance of both the ship and its crew prior to launch. This, or something similar, will undoubtedly form an integral part of the pre-launch, or rather, pre-Jump procedures incorporated into Starfield, especially given what we know in relation to its specific influences, attention to detail, and focus on realism.
But let's look for a moment at a different type of launch. Let's look at the process of carefully managing the flow of information when you are launching a long-awaited, multi-million-dollar triple-A video game and you happen to be a major player. With the combined might of Bethesda, Zenimax, and now Microsoft, there is clearly a great deal of scope in terms of how they were able to execute all of the steps involved in this process. One critically important factor, and one that has been masterfully implemented in the promotion of Starfield, is the use of familiar iconography.
If we look at the iconography seen during the promotion of Starfield, we can see that there are two main elements. These are the circular Starfield logo, first unveiled in 2018, and of course the recently updated Bethesda Games Studios logo, which has existed in various iterations since around 2006. Both of these share a common, simplistic yet effective design, and the BGS logo in particular is now light years ahead of its original design as seen on box art and in promotional materials for The Elder Scrolls VI Oblivion. At the time of Oblivion’s release, the long-term use of this particular logo, which incorporates the now familiar Fallout Vault Door, was a little uncertain due to restrictions with the associated licence (more on this below). But once this matter had been resolved, it would make a lot of sense that they would then develop this logo into the much sharper, more modern version we see today.
Licenced to Fly
Way back in April of 2007, Bethesda realized one of their biggest long-term business goals by finally securing the full rights to the highly acclaimed Fallout series. Prior to this, in 2004, they had been granted limited rights which would allow them to develop Fallout 3 and then two additional games, but they clearly wanted full and unrestricted access to the franchise and all of its assets. Since this time, in addition to Fallout 3, we have seen the release of Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4, and Fallout 76, as well as a number of smaller projects, including Fallout Shelter. This is all the proof you need to confirm the fact that, in-spite of some initial setbacks, Bethesda’s insistence on going the extra mile with regards to securing the full franchise, was most definitely worth it, and was seen by many as a landmark achievement.
Looking at the most recent entry to this ever-expanding series, namely Fallout 76, I would like to draw your attention to two of this particular game’s trailers. First, we have the Fallout 76 Official Trailer from 2018, and then The Pitt Story Trailer from 2022. In the first of these two trailers, at around the 35 second mark, we see the new BGS logo once again, and then near the end of the video we see a smaller version, neatly tucked away over on the left-hand side of the usual copyright notice. If we then look at the second trailer, at around… Hold on a second, let me rewind that a bit… wait, what?
This is where things start to get really interesting.
One Small Step
Okay, going back to the Fallout 76 trailers, although the smaller version of the BGS logo can be seen at or near the end of each of these, only the first incorporates the larger, ‘splash-screen’ version. “But why is this even important?” you may ask. “They may have simply forgotten to include this detail in the second trailer.” I can assure you that this is most certainly not the case. In fact, I am one-hundred-percent confident that this was quite intentional. I would even go as far as saying that this one, seemingly insignificant detail, actually brings us a step closer to unlocking the secrets of Starfield. Essentially, Bethesda have taken full advantage of how we all think we remember certain details, and as such, this is an example of truly expert-level hidden marketing on their part. I also believe it will form the basis of at least one of the big reveals during the showcase.
One Giant Leap
Let’s go back one more time to the Announcement Teaser and the Gameplay Reveal for Starfield. Look at how drastically different the BGS logo is in both of these videos compared to any of those used in promoting Fallout 76. What will really blow your mind here is the fact that all four of the trailers mentioned above were first shown to us during the same two Showcases we have just been discussing! In other words, the first of these videos for both Fallout 76 and Starfield were both unveiled at the 2018 Showcase, and the second of each at the 2022 Showcase. And yet each respective pair make use of drastically different versions of what we all thought was the exact same logo. This means that Starfield has been designed, from the ground up, to be viewed and experienced in a totally different way than, and completely separate from, any of Bethesda’s previous titles.
To clarify this point, after extensive research, I can confirm that this new, animated BGS logo, with the vault door rolling off to the left and then ‘opening up’ just before the text appears, has never been featured anywhere in an official capacity that is not directly related to Starfield. It is completely unique to this specific IP. This fact ties together everything we have looked at in the post so far. It also lets us see things from a completely different ‘orbital’ perspective. For example, I believe that this information gives us the real reason why Bethesda worked so hard to secure the full rights to the Fallout franchise in the way that they did. Not only did they wish to create awesome games set within the Fallout universe, but they also needed total freedom to make use of a specific part of this franchise that so that they could then incorporate it into their next, very very big, space related IP.
For Mankind
Okay. This is the part you’ve all been waiting so patiently for. This is the big reveal. For months now, perhaps even years, we have all been drip-fed the idea that Starfield is essentially “Skyrim in Space.” The reason I think that we have been told this is to misdirect us away from an intrinsic, interwoven connection between Starfield and Bethesda’s other major franchise, which is of course Fallout. But just to put your mind at rest, I do not for a nanosecond believe that the reveal will be, “We fooled you all, it’s actually Fallout in space!” no matter how cool that might at first sound.
What I do believe is that Starfield will be so different and so unique when viewed alongside anything else that Bethesda have published, that it will quite literally take your breath away. This game, the spark of which was first ignited 25 years ago, is Todd Howard’s true passion project. Everything else was simply the path he took to finally get here. This is the story he has always wanted to tell, the story of Mankind’s true legacy. And it all starts, just as it did when Interplay released the original Fallout) game back in 1997, with a familiar, but staggeringly different Vault Door.
The Vault
There is a very special and completely unique hidden Vault in Starfield. Not only is this particular Vault unlike anything you have previously seen anywhere within the Fallout universe, but it is also unlike anything you have seen in any game. Period.
This hidden Vault is actually the key to both interstellar and interplanetary travel. And it also happens to be the single biggest construction project in human history, extending across a span of almost one-hundred light years. And it is not even close to being completed, even after more than two-hundred years of construction.
This Vault is, by its very nature, completely invisible and shielded away from view. It is quite literally hidden in plain sight, and it can only be accessed through one of its specially crafted Vault Doors. But what does all of this mean for gameplay, and how does something like this even work? I’m glad you asked! Let’s strap in and prepare for launch, because we’re all in for an incredible ride.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen... to The Starfield
Entering The Starfield
The following is my own interpretation, based on scientific reasoning and a huge amount of detailed analysis, of exactly how I think this system works. It is, as ever, backed up with several links throughout, as well as additional evidence for which I shall provide a separate link at end of the post. I am expecting perhaps some differences in terms of specific details once we get hold of the final release of Starfield, but I am confident that I am at the very least well within the ballpark with all of this. Okay, here goes.
The Science Behind the Magic
Starfield is the name given to a vast network of interconnecting tunnels, spanning the entirety of the Settled Systems, providing us with a very fast and highly practical means of travelling between different planets, and even different star systems. These tunnels exist within a localized, folded state, known as Tunnel-Space. The construction of the Starfield is made possible thanks to a technological breakthrough which allows gravitational waves (or Gravitons) to be woven together to form something known as a Gravity-Tunnel, which is then stretched out and connected between any two existing stellar objects, such as two planets in a given system, of even two stars from different systems.
In order to maintain the integrity of each tunnel, it is wrapped in a special type of Exotic Matter known as Superfluid Helium. This has a number of highly unusual properties, including negative energy density and negative energy pressure. This essentially makes it the physical-space equivalent of time going in reverse, meaning that it is capable of counteracting the effects of any conventional physical force, including the gravitational pull of a black hole. As such, it will hold the structure of the Gravity-Tunnel together for an indefinite period of time over a potentially infinite distance through space.
Within the Starfield are a large number of Nodes and Junction Points. Nodes are used to connect together all of the planets in any one Star System, and Junction Points then connect different Star Systems together, making use of much larger Gravity-Tunnels that are the equivalent of Interstate Highways. Note that all flight between any given planet and any or all of its moons is handled locally, outside of the Starfield.
Because all of the stars, planets, and moons in the Settled Systems are in a constant state of flux, by which I mean their relative distance and positions) are constantly changing in respect to each other, the tunnels within the Starfield have been designed to be able to expand and contract almost infinitely so that they can accommodate any changes in these two factors depending on when, where, and how you travel.
Although the main tunnels are designed to transport people, resources, waste, and other items directly relating to either Population Centers or Infrastructure, I believe there is also a sub-system) that will allow much smaller objects, such as probes, to carry data-packets that can be upload at one location and then downloaded at another, effectively solving the problem of inoperable delays in communication between remote locations.
Inside of each Gravity-Tunnel is a bi-directional singularity, which can be switched between two opposite polarities whenever required with the help of the surrounding Exotic Matter, allowing for two-way traffic inside what is essentially a one-way system. This means that, as long as you are able to ensure the correct polarity of all connecting Nodes and Junction Points along your route (as in “Sky-Bus is converged” and “Jemison route looks good”), you will be able to travel, in theory at least, from any point A to any point B, as long as all of the required interconnections exist within the system.
When travelling through the Starfield, you will set a specific route, known as a Sky-Bus, which is a specified pathway that runs from your staring location to your destination. You will then, with the help of Starfield Control, access the tunnels using a Gating System which I will explain below. Incidentally, I believe that the accepted in-universe name for the actual transit network that we are making use of within the Starfield is the Sky-Bus Tunnel System.
Each tunnel in this system actually has two separate ‘Lanes’, one on the left for outbound traffic, and one on the right for incoming traffic. As I have explained above, each of these tunnels can only accommodate a single direction of traffic flow at any given time. And so, a safety measure had to be incorporated to prevent any accidental attempts to travel the wrong way down a tunnel and destroying yourself and your ship.
At each end of any given Node or Junction Point is a Gate. These are the ‘Vault Doors’ I have been referring to. The Gate comprises of a gigantic metal outer-ring connecting to an inner Vault Door. This Vault Door will either be at the center (closed position), or the left (open position) of the outer ring. The open/left position will allow outbound traffic to leave the orbit of the current planet they are in proximity to. To allow inbound traffic, the entire outer ring, with the Vault Door locked in place, will rotate clockwise through 180 degrees to the open/right position to allow access to the inbound Lane. When the outbound Lane is then once again required, the structure then continues to rotate in a clockwise motion until it reaches the open/left position once again. When required, the Vault Door will return to the neutral position at the center of the ring, and the tunnel will be locked.
Regarding Grav Jumps: Whenever you wish to perform a Grav-Jump, you must first request permission from Starfield Control, who will guide you through the process. Once the route is set and your Exit Gate is locked in place, by activating your ship’s Grav-Drive, along with it’s incorporated spooling system, you will first lock on to the front of the tunnel entrance.
Next, using a system similar to an Aircraft Catapult, you will be pulled into the tunnel at great speed, where the Graviton Loop Array will hold your ship in-place inside the tunnel, and will also ensure you don’t accidentally go down the wrong path. At the other end, the spooling system described above then acts as an Arresting Cable, slowing you down over a very short distance.
If all of the above is actually correct, especially the last part, then I think I will be having this on repeat in the background before Grav-Jumps!
Finally, here is the link to my additional supporting evidence and other materials, including some stuff I haven’t had a chance to really go into yet. Feel free to throw any questions at me, and I’ll do my best to answer them. In the meantime, Showcase will commence in 24 Hours…
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2023.06.10 19:09 Useless-Use-Less AI Generating Voice Acting Passed On Voices Library

It's fascinating to see how people perceive the future of AI—some with fear, others with optimism. Recently, I've come across numerous articles and discussions about the potential for AI to replace performers. While this concept can be viewed from different angles, I'd like to share an idea that I believe could be both productive and useful. Imagine a scenario where a company approaches renowned voice actor Nolan North, offering to record his voice and its variations in order to create an AI emulation. Now, expand this concept to include a hundred more talented voice actors, whose voices are also added to this AI library. The company then rents out these AI tools to various game or movie studios, allowing them to generate voice acting based on their scripts and even sell customized voice packages. The primary benefit of this approach is the potential to significantly lower production costs. Game developers, especially those working on large-scale projects like MMOs, could now afford to have extensive voice acting throughout their games. It's a win-win situation—the voice actors receive ongoing loyalty rewards based on the number of times their voice packages are sold, ensuring they're recognized and compensated for their contributions. This innovative use of AI opens up exciting possibilities for the entertainment industry, enabling immersive storytelling experiences while maintaining financial feasibility. It's important to remember that AI can be a powerful tool when harnessed responsibly and in collaboration with human talent.
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2023.06.10 19:09 Nervous_Beginning_29 I think I am an alcoholic.. debating if I can go it alone or if I should become more involved with AA

I started drinking when I was 14. My mother was an alcoholic. She passed away in 2019 due to an alcohol and opioid overdose. I found her, it was horrendous. It haunts me still.
My drinking really hit its peak in my late teens early 20s. (I'm in my 30s now). I was blacking out at least once a week, drinking at least 3 times a week. My life was spiraling out of control. Strangely enough, I never faced any severe consequences from my drinking, despite having encounters with law enforcement. I once got pulled over when I was 20 . The cop knew I had been drinking. I told her I had been. I was about two blocks away from my house. She said to go home and never do it again She followed me home, waited until I got into my house and drove away.
When I hit 26 I knew I needed to make changes in my life. I didn't want to end up like my mom. ( She was still alive then, but deep in her addiction). I started doing therapy and went to college I graduated when I was 29 and started my career as a nurse.
I cut my drinking back drastically, but still had the problem of binge drinking to the point of black out when I did drink (about once a month). When I get to that black out point it is horrible. I start fights, I make suicidal comments, and I am promiscuous. I sleep with people who I wouldn't have if I was sober. I can barely remember any of it, only bits and pieces.
I've been through a lot of trauma in my life. I have been diagnosed with PTSD. It seemed like all the horror came out when I was drinking, so I thought maybe if I could addresss my trauma. I wouldnt get black out drink anymore. I went back to therapy after my mom died and did EMDR therapy. I also talked about harm reduction with my drinking with a therapist. I cut back drinking even more. I would have periods where I could have a couple of drinks and be fine, but then it seemed every 5 months or so I failed at my harm reduction plan and would get black out drunk.
This last time, about a month ago, it happened again. It really shook me. I was out with a friend at a concert and lost control. I almost got arrested for peeing in a public area. I was screaming at my friend. My boyfriend came to get me and I peed my pants in his car. I tried to get into the bath when I got home fell and hit my head. I was making suicidal comments again. It hit me that I could have had been put in jail, lost my friendship, and lost my partner, maybe my life. I felt so ashamed and humiliated.
I've come to the point where I think I just can't drink at all. I haven't for one month. It hasn't been super difficult for me, because I havent been a daily drinker, but I worry about fooling myself into thinking maybe I can be a "normal" drinker.
I've been to two AA meetings and I'm glad I went. I guess Im just not sure if I can commit to being fully involved. My job is quite demanding of my time. I can't do daily meeting and I was having a hard time relating in the meetings I went to. Maybe it's because I'm still having trouble admitting that I'm an alcoholic. Since I never have been a daily drinker and don't go on binges, it's just like a one night thing. The people in my life don't think of me as an alcoholic, because of that. Like my boyfriend will be like you just shouldnt drink hard liquor, it's not like you drink very often, but they understand the loss of control that happens, and it's hard to explain. I don't know, just hoping for advice. Thanks.
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2023.06.10 19:09 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 19:09 Youknow_who__ F(22) struggling with finances with bf M(21), what should i do?

So I’m in a bit of a spot. I’m currently dating somebody who is an undergrad STEM student. His education is very tough and he relies on his parents for financial support. I am a humanities student but I do jobs etc and make my own money and fulfill my own expenses. We’re very much in love and he’s a great guy. However handling finances have been a bit off lately. He is in a different city for his undergrad so we get to meet very less. He’s back for the summers. I usually pick him up and drop him home as his house is on the way. However fuel prices have been very high but he doesn’t offer to pay for gas ever and we usually drive around or travel in my car. His parents sold their car and they just have a single car which his parents use for work. We usually hang out at his place as I have strict parents. Whenever we go out (which is rare) he doesn’t offer to pay. Recently I asked him to take me out for food or something and he showed me his bank balance which was almost 0. And jokingly said sure I can take you to a restaurant and you can pay. Now I’m not sure what to do in a situation like this. I feel like having consumed a lot of instagram content, I’ve idealized the concept of a male that usually pays for you and drives you around or at least there is a 50/50 when it comes to finances. It’s not happening here and I’m not sure how to feel or go about this. He’s a great guy in most other aspects. I need help with how to approach this situation. Any suggestions are welcome.
TL;DR: Bf is perfect and loving but doesn’t pay for anything and expects me to provide conveyance for meet ups.
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2023.06.10 19:09 SolitaryMarmot Question about Tim's Guitar at Forest Hills

I've only seen DMB a couple times now so I am not an expert in DMB live shows obviously. But I thought Tim was simply otherworldly last night. I play and I study music and I love live music of any an all genres so SO much. And I feel like that guitar work last night was really special and it will be a long time before I see that kind of performance again.
So I went to Google the equipment rundown and didn't see the Gibson semi hollow on there. I think it's a 335? It has a tailpiece and I think it's the one in this pic. But I can't find a pic of him playing it on stage. (I see the strats, teles, the SG, Les Paul's, the occasional Flying V...)
Does he not play that a lot? Obviously he should. That tone is ducking immaculate.
Just curious if anyone sees enough shows to know how often this semi hollow makes an appearance
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2023.06.10 19:08 bloresiom Where do I start?

Recently I’ve been realizing more and more how dependent I am on alcohol. I have these really good days or even weeks where I keep the drinking to a minimum and feel great. Even when I do a bit of drinking during these times, I feel that it is a negligible amount where it won’t affect me too much the next day so I can still go to the gym and focus on academic work. But then there are those few times every so often (maybe once or twice a month) where I find myself going too far. This is how it starts: I find an opportunity to drink (no schoolwork that weekend or I’m on a longer break period due to a federal holiday, just anything that opens my mind to the idea of cracking something open). It goes one of three ways from here, either I get tired and stop drinking and turn in for the night, drink until I am drunk and then go to bed, or I get past that wall and continue drinking and end up going over the top and doing unwise things that put myself or others at risk and also have a high potential to affect my relationships. I usually find that I don’t fall into the second or third unless I am around other people or talking to people long-distance. For a while, I thought ‘I’m drinking because the people around me are too’ but realized that that isn’t always the case. It doesn’t matter if they’re drinking or not, I’m a very social person and drinking for me has become something of a social activity even through phone conversations with people who may not be drinking at all. I used to rarely drink but over the last few years I’ve just been picking it up more and more. I believe one of the reasons for this is because of the environment I’m in. There are a lot of stigmas in my job field and, unfortunately, I’ve given into a few of them. One of which is the widely accepted consumption of alcohol. I asked myself at the beginning of this year ‘how much more am I drinking in comparison to myself four or five years ago’ (before I had this job) and it definitely opened my eyes to how I may have developed this dependence. Up until March of this year, I have been in a mostly lax work environment so the aftermath of my drinking habits didn’t feel super overwhelming in my day to day. However, fast forward to today and I’m in a very high stress environment now due to some major career changes that I’ve been passionate about chasing, yet extremely anxious about succeeding in. Now I’m feeling the affects of my drinking habits and I see the problems they cause and I want to just completely stop. But I find that I tell myself these excuses to continue, to pursue the opportunities to drink and that it won’t be “that bad”. Sure sometimes it isn’t, but the times that it is have greatly diminished my mental health. So recently I decided to seek therapy because some of the stresses of work were getting too high and juggling that with my drinking habits was simply not the way to succeed in my current goals. Through talking with medical professionals, they of course pinpointed alcohol consumption as a major stressor and advised me to not partake in it so often. They also referred me to a stress support group and that has been helping but it isn’t an AA support group or anything like that so I find myself just wanting to find a group or community of people who have struggled as I have (and still am) with alcohol. To conclude this rant, I’ve been trying to keep drinking down to a minimum, but even with this mindset, the minimum turns into “one more… one more… one more…” So here I am, seeing the folly of my ways, yet somehow in my head I do not feel compelled to change in earnest. I do drink less than I used to but I’m realizing that that isn’t the point of why I want to change, and that just drinking less isn’t going help me in the long run. I want to stop. I need to stop. Where do I start? Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.10 19:08 heaphonespillow should i tell her i know

for two years now me and my best friend (we are both female and 16) have been in a friend group with another F16 girl. we class her as one of our closest friends. we’ve always sort of know she’s an unreliable and disloyal friend but in the last six months we both have just really considered is it fair to ourselves to keep giving her more chances.
throughout the years we’ve known her she’s always been the type to start progressing something with someone after we say we like them. which once or twice that’s ok it’s a bit unfair because we wouldn’t do that to her and never have but we can put up with it because it’s not like we own these boys it’s just more a thing of not a thing a good friend does, but it has now happened with EVERY single boy we’ve told her we like for the last two years. it annoys us because we would never do that to her.
but things got a lot worse when she started doing physical stuff not just snapping when we liked someone which happened twice. i think a red flag was when i sat and cried to her about my emotionally abusive ex boyfriend who often would threatened to hurt me which i had told her so i thought maybe out of respect for me she’d have more decency yk girl code and all but the next week i found out they were dating through a mutual friend. she couldn’t even tell me herself ? (relationship has now ended and this was more than a year ago , i am just including for context )
but then a few weeks ago it got EVEN worse and i found out from my ex boyfriend that him and her have had a sexual relationship for the last three months, which was only ended through him. and he was asked not to tell me , so as far as she knows me and my best friend do not know. this isn’t even the first time she has done something like this with HIM, when we broke up she sent him nudes the day after we broke up which she also thinks i don’t know about.
for about a month before we ( me and my best friend) found out this girl has been bringing me brownies at random about once a week and i made a tiktok where your friends say one pro and one con about you and it’s supposed to be sorry of a funny joke but she said my pro was ‘you’re the nicest girl i’ve ever met ‘ it all just felt a bit suspicious so we knew she had done something.
the universe has strange timing because after i found out this information i was driving and passed her while she was out with my best friends ex boyfriend of only like two weeks!? who she previously wasn’t even friends with , knowing her past record we both assume that it is probably more than a friendship. if i hadn’t had seen them or been told i never would have found out
the issue more so is that we feel so betrayed by her, we would have never ever done this to her. it’s the fact she can’t even tell us- she lies. she pretend to be our most trusted friend , meanwhile she snakes us out behind our backs. i hate that she lies and pretends to be a good friend .
should i confront her and tell her i know? or break the friendship off because i do not trust her at all with anything.
the issue is we don’t want to lose our mutual friends by confronting her because they don’t know what she’s done. i would feel reluctant to tell them because i don’t want her to lose all of her friends.
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2023.06.10 19:08 ruin777 There is a particular staircase that no student is allowed to use in my school. I now know why…

I always wondered why we were never able to use this staircase in school, but the teachers were able to use them. I never knew where the bottom of the staircase was, because I always saw the teachers walking up the stairs but never walking down the stairs. In every assembly, the headmaster ordered us not to use the staircase, though we already knew not to.
One time, the class clown said he was going to go down the staircase that we weren’t supposed to use, and our physics teacher grabbed him and she screamed at him to not go down there. He ended up sitting back down, snickering as some students were whispering to each other and some exchanged confused glances with one another.
This made me more fixated on knowing more about the staircase. I’d wander around the school, looking to find where the bottom of the staircase was, but I’d never find it. I’d spend my break time asking different people about what they know about the staircase, and if they knew any rumors about them. Every rumor they’d say, I’d write down in my notebook. One rumor someone said was that a student in the 7th grade went down the staircase and was never seen again. Another rumor was that our maths teacher kills anyone who goes down the staircase. Though most of the rumors sounded quite stupid, I still wrote them down.
At some point, my friend Josh started noticing how curious I was about the staircase. Josh was quite a fearless guy. He would do anything dangerous, as if he was on a suicide mission, like the time when we had a science experiment and he thought that touching the bunsen burner would be a good idea. He ended up getting severe 3rd degree burns on his hand, which took around a year to heal, and also became the prime example of what not to do in a science experiment. That’s even the least dangerous thing he did…
2 days ago, as we were sitting on one of the benches after school, Josh asked “Why don’t you just go down the stairs?”
“I don’t want to get suspended, I have a good record unlike you,” I said, rolling my eyes.
“I have a plan though.”
“It better not be stupid….”
That’s when he pulled a notebook out of his bag, and drew two stick figures.
“The one with the smiley face is me, and the one with the sad face is you. Do you understand?” He said.
“I do.”
“We’re going to do this pretty early. About 3 or 4am… we’re going to break into the school. Don’t worry though, I’ve done it before and succeeded.” He started to draw a gate, then drew the stick figure representing me climbing over, and the stick figure representing him over the gate, as it waited for me to climb down.
“This plan is kind of stupid,” I said, observing his rushed drawings.
“Do you want to see what’s under those stairs or not?”
“I do…”
“Then listen. So after we break in, we’ll need to be pretty quiet. No talking until we actually get into the building. We’ll need flashlights, so we’ll both bring our phones. When we get into the building you need to follow me. The stairs are near where our classroom is, remember?” He explained, with a moderately harsh tone. That’s how I knew he was serious.
“Okay, it kind of makes sense… I’m gonna go now though, tomorrow we’ll go through the plan again. Make sure to write it down, see you tomorrow Josh!” I said, picking up my backpack and leaving.
The next day, at break, Josh showed me his notebook which contained a detailed plan, explaining exactly what he had said the day before, but in more depth. Though I was hesitant to go through with the plan, I did really want to see those stairs….I had been so determined to know every single thing about those stairs, and this was like a once in a lifetime chance for me. So I agreed to the plan. That was yesterday.
I had my alarm set for 2:30 am. I got ready which took about 20 minutes. At around 2:55 am, I was out the house. From my house to my school was walking distance, so it was easy for me to get there. When I got there, I was quite surprised to see Josh already there, in front of the gate, looking at the floor.
“Oh you’re here already? Should we start now?” He asked.
“Yeah sure, why not?” I said.
That’s when he started climbing up the gate. I made sure to watch his technique so I could do the same when he was done. He climbed up the gate fairly quickly, then climbed down the gate, and he was in.
“Your turn.”
I slowly started climbing the gate, my arms shaking a bit every time I climbed higher. Eventually I was able to get down.
“Okay, now to get inside the building we need to use the back of the building. There’s a door there, and for some reason it’s never locked,” He whispered, and I nodded.
We started walking at a fast pace, making sure not to step on anything that would make noise.
When we finally entered the building, I followed Josh. Using the flashlight on my phone, we slowly made our way up the stairs, being careful of our surroundings. After what felt like forever, we finally found the staircase.
“Are you ready?” He whispered.
“Of course.”
We started going down, step by step. It looked normal, and I didn’t get why we couldn’t use it. As we were going down further and further, a foul odor hit my nose, and started getting stronger and stronger as we went down.
“What is that smell?” I asked, holding my nose with one hand and holding my phone with the other.
“You smell it too? It’s horrible,” He said. Though the smell was tormenting our nostrils, we kept on going. I started getting quite tired. I felt like I had been waking down those stairs for an eternity. At some point, as I continued to point my flashlight downwards, I saw something. Something abnormal… out of this world. I held Josh’s arm so he wouldn’t go down any more steps. He was about to open his mouth to speak until he also saw what i was seeing, and immediately closed his mouth.
We saw darkness. But in that darkness were faces. Some were crying, some were smiling. But as they looked directly into our eyes, their faces became angry. Full of hatred. They started screaming, and shouting unintelligible words. They reached their arms out to us. That’s when the darkness started rising, and I screamed at Josh to run, hyperventilating as tears streamed down my face.
I rapidly ran up the stairs, as the darkness slowly consumed our every step. As Josh was running though, he tripped up a step and fell. I screamed, and heard the sound of synchronized laughter and the sound of Josh screaming in agony and terror, as the creatures pulled him into the void. I kept running up and up the stairs and didn’t dare to look behind me. Somehow I was able to reach the top of the stairs, and when I did I collapsed to the floor, shaking uncontrollably, tears still streaming down my face as I covered my face, screaming.
Someone tapped my shoulder, and as I uncovered my face I realized it was my physics teacher. She stared at me, with a mix of emotions on her face. She held her hand out, gesturing me to get up. When I got up I realized she wasn’t the only one there… all the teachers that taught my class were there, in a line all staring at me. Some were crying, some just stared blankly at me with no expression.
“You’re going to have to go to the headmasters office, I’m sorry..” She said, her voice slightly quivering.
When we arrived, she opened the door and as she shut it, I heard the sound of the door locking. That’s when I realized, this wasn’t the headmasters office….
That was a few hours ago, now i’m still here. My phone’s on 46%, and I’m just sitting here, wondering if it was worth it. I should’ve just listened. Now I’ve lost my best friend and I’m going to rot here, and if anyone finds me they’ll only find my decaying body. I’m posting this for everyone to know my story, and to say goodbye.
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2023.06.10 19:08 pembie456 Alt aphrodisiac suggestions..

(Cross posting in other relevant subreddits)
I started taking vyvanse about two months ago, completely stopped smoking weed bc could focus on work and fun hobbies finally. Started experimenting with edibes/vapes recently and am now a frequent user again, it is really fucking with my brain (short term memory is shot, it has been harder than usual to get myself across clearly enough so others understand what I’m saying/increased confusion from others around what I’m trying to covey in writing and aloud). I use cannabis bc my mood stabilizer kills my sex drive/makes me not feel things as intensely, weed really helps stimulate both sensation/sensitivity to touch and libido. Vyvanse has helped with sex stuff a lot, but doesn’t produce as a strong of an effect on my body as weed. Looking for alternate non psychoactive aphrodisiacs to give my body a sexy boost while I try to work towards moderate/very occasional use again.
Other relevant things it might be helpful to know: the mood stabilizer is lamictal; it doesn’t matter if I wait to smoke at night when my vyvanse wears off, I still experience cognitive weirdness/am out of it the next day; I’ve heard horny goat weed is also bad for folks on anti-depressants?; I’ve been vaping thc every day for the past week and a half or so, the brain stuff has become more noticeable since like Day 5 of everyday use; mostly have been hitting it at 3.8v (multiple small hits per session) but last few days I’ve been experimenting with fewer slightly longer hits at ~4.3v.
(Also hoping that if I can discontinue immediately for a few days my head will bounce back since new heavy use hasn’t been for super long period of time but idk really like how much mg is in a single hit at either voltage, like idk how much THC I’ve been consuming now in a day compared to a normal for me edible dose, abt 30-50 mg per single session, high bc mood stabilizer also increases my tolerance esp with edibles for some reason lol)
(Other [awk] sex related detail is I don’t have anatomy where I get an erection/not an ED issue, if that influences your good alt aphrodisiac suggestions)
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2023.06.10 19:08 Phencyclidine_1947 AITA For getting annoyed when my fiancée gets stoned

Throwaway account because, ofc
I [19M] and my fiancée [19M] have been together for the past 5 [almost 6] years now and it’s genuinely been such an amazing collection of years.
I genuinely don’t think I could ever have found anyone better for me. He supports me in every single way and will help me every time my mental or physical health takes a decline. He’s even offered many times to take up multiple jobs just so I didn’t have to work [I’m chronically ill and so can’t really do physical work for more than 2 days].
He really is the best and I absolutely adore him with all my heart.
It’s just that he gets high at the most inconvenient times.
I knew he smoked since the moment we got together and, although I don’t particularly like it, I came to understand that he’d been through a lot in his life, has his own mental struggles and when he smokes a little, it can help his anxiety and even help him stay focussed.
Only problem is, sometimes he smokes too much and so he gets absolutely stoned and, when he does, it always seems to be at the most inconvenient times.
I’ll mention to him in advance that I’d like his help with housework or I want his help and advice on something that I’m writing or whatever, making sure that he definitely knows that I’ll need his help, but then he’ll go off and get absolutely stoned out of his fucking mind and he just can’t stay on track anymore. He just won’t help me anymore and will just sit and eat snacks whilst watching films or whatever and even when I actively try to get him back on track, he just veers back off of it again and again and again.
Again I get it, if you’re stoned, you can’t always stay on track or whatever. And again, I’m okay with him getting a little bit high cause it can help him concentrate but I just get so annoyed when he goes and gets full blown stoned like all of the time.
I know I might be overreacting by getting annoyed at it, but am I? I’ve told him time and time again when I will need his help and to please not get stoned as hell because I am going to need him, but then he just goes ahead and does it regardless.
I think he just forgets I need his help but I don’t really know anymore…
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2023.06.10 19:08 AutoModerator NUNES VS ALDANA [FIGHT] UFC 289 LIVE [email protected]?

Where to Watch Amanda Nunes vs Irene Aldana Live Stream Free UFC 289 Fight Streaming on TV . How to watch the UFC 289: Nunes vs Aldana TV channel and live stream. Your guide to watching the UFC 289 Fight Live Stream Free on TV and live stream this week.UFC 289 Live stream Nunes VS Aldana Fight Online: Here’s How To Watch Oliveira VS Dariush Free In US And Canada.

🔴Watch Now Full Fight :UFC 289 Live stream

The fight fans have got a huge bout coming their way this weekend. Here is what you need to know about UFC 289 particularly Oliveira vs Dariush matchup.
With the main event taking a toil, all the focus shifts to the co-main event where the former lightweight champion, Charles Oliveira will be facing BeneilDariush to determine the next No.1 contender at 155. Oliveira hasn’t fought since losing out to Islam Makhachev last October. But the ‘Do Bronx’ is confident ahead of his matchup with Dariush at UFC 289.
With Oliveira looking to make amends, Dariush is eager to get a title shot as well. The 34-year-old is currently enjoying an eight-fight winning streak and is confident to do better against the Brazilian submission artist. The matchmakers have got Dariushfavorite for the fight but the Iranian-American knows he has got a hill to climb to.
Both fighters also had a word or two before the encounter. Oliveira vows to take Dariush to deep waters and set up a rematch against his fellow lightweight competitor, Islam Makhachev later this year. But Darisuh has other plans in store for him as he feels one fight away from his long-awaited run at the championship of the division.
The fight fans have got a huge bout coming their way this weekend. Here is what you need to know about UFC 289 particularly Oliveira vs Dariush matchup.

Watch Live Stream UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana fight live streaming

UFC 289 will be streamed live on ESPN+ and UFC Fight Pass. The ESPN subscribers will have to spend $80 to watch the complete PPV. For non-subscribers, it will cost a total of $124.99 to go along with the yearly subscription to ESPN.
The prelims will be free to stream at UFC Fight Pass.
In the UK, the event will be streamed on the BT Sports app as well as users can watch the action on the BT Sports channel on TV.

UFC 289: Amanda Nunes vs. Irene Aldana Date, Venue?

UFC returns to Canada for the first time in the year as the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada is set to host the June PPV, with the event set to go down this Saturday, June 10.

Main Card:

How to Watch UFC Fight Night Online

Looking to livestream UFC Fight Night online? You’ll need an ESPN+ subscription. ESPN+’s streaming service now has exclusive rights to the MMA promotion, so you’ll need to be an ESPN+ member to watch any UFC events — including UFC Fight Night.

How to watch UFC 289 without ESPN+ or PPV in the US & Canada?

ExpressVPN offers “internet without borders,” meaning you can tune in to a much more affordable UFC 289 livestream this weekend as opposed to paying that high PPV price. In the UK, many UFC events are broadcast live on BT Sport and don’t require you to purchase the fight through PPV.
A contract-free subscription to BT Sport costs about $38 per month, and paired with a VPN, will let you livestream this Saturday’s fight at a major discount. ExpressVPN’s added protection, speed and range of location options makes it an excellent choice for first-time VPN users looking to stretch their streaming abilities, plus, it’s Endgadget’s top pick for the best streaming VPN
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2023.06.10 19:08 Jayiie Advanced Crafted Consoles and New R&D Batteries

Advanced Crafted Consoles and New R&D batteries

Hello everyone.
This week we received an update; a shakup to the meta...potentially. If anything, this is a great addition to the toolkits builders have. Four new Advanced R&D Consoles were released, two science and two engineering.
In addition, we also see an upgrade to alternative, improved even, batteries.

Advanced Consoles - Unlocked for all characters

These consoles have a unique property which allows slotting only one of a specific profession of consoles. You can still slot multiple of them, and their effects stack, but you can only have one of Science, Engineering, or Tactical. While we only got two new crafted types, the signifying mark for these equip limit consoles "Advanced" has been applied to the Spire Tactical Vulnerability exploiters and locators.
This means that to use these new consoles, we have to remove the existing locators and exploiters on our ships to slot the new consoles, a common issue I've seen people have over the last couple of days.
This doesn't mean that our Spire consoles are invalid, just that we have new tools at our disposal for building. Additionally, all the new consoles plus the existing spire consoles have been given re-engineering capability.

New Science Consoles

  • Console - Advanced Science - Energy Field Gradient Projector
    • This Console adds a Shield Siphon enhancement to Drain effects, Draining Foe Shields and Healing the user's Shields. Each Console equipped improves the power accordingly, so 3 Consoles makes it 3x as strong and so on. The amount Drained scales with Drain Expertise and the amount of Shield Healed scales with both Shield Healing and Drain Expertise.
    • Defeating a Foe during Shield Siphon provides a stack of Analysis (max 50) until the player is defeated or leaves the map. Each Console provides increased Hull Penetration per stack of Analysis.
    • Note: These consoles might be currently bugged and not applying to nearly all drains; things that specifically call out -All power over a period of time appear to be the only things this console effects. Shield Drains, single time power drains, and discrete subsystem drains are not applying this consoles effect. This could be bugged, this could be the consoles intent. It's hard to know for sure right now.
  • Console - Advanced Science - Exotic Particle Amplifier
    • This Console provides Base BOFF Ability Damage based on EPG (up to 500) and Bonus non-BOFF Ability Exotic Damage based on your EPG (up to 500).

New Engineering Consoles

  • Console - Advanced Engineering - Isomagnetic Plasma Distribution Manifold
    • The most straightforward of the bunch, this console improves Weapon Power and Max Weapon Power. It stacks with all other forms of Max Weapon Power.
  • Console - Advanced Engineering - Hangar Craft Power Transmission
    • This Console improves the Weapon Power and Max Weapon Power of pets, as well as providing Bonus Torpedo damage to them. The buffs are increased by 40% per Rank, so 5 star Hangar pets receive +200% of the bonus, or 3x total. Max 25 pets affected.
**Note: As well, currently these are bound to character on equip, rather than account on equip like everything else from R&D crafting. This is also unknown if this is a bug, oversight, or intentional.

New Batteries - Unlocked at rank 10 Crafting schools

These share the same cooldown as the normal batteries of each kind, and have the same magnitudes in buffs, however they gain a secondary effect:
  • Beams: Advanced Battery - Energy Amplifier
    • +30 Shield Penetration Skill (+1.5% Shield Pen)
  • Cannons: Advanced Battery - Targeting Lock
    • +1.5% Critical Chance (global)
  • Engineering: Advanced Battery - Hull Patch
    • +50 Damage Control Skill
  • Projectiles: Advanced Battery - Kinetic Amplifier
    • +5% Critical Severity to projectile weapons
  • Science: Advanced Battery - Exotic Particle Flood
    • +5 Aux Power (just adds power, doesn't increase the maximum)
  • Shields: Advanced Battery - Shield Resilience Boost
    • +50 Starship Shield Regeneration Skill

How to craft

Already we have a list of where the new resources for these cartable come from. These consoles require materials that are dropped from the elite R&D task force operation rewards for completing Elite TFOs. Each has a chance to drop one of the 4 new materials, with 5 total being needed to crafted the new consoles. Additionally, these are also where you get the new [Component - Advanced Battery Superconducting Loop], which are needed to craft the new batteries. A list of materials and sources for these new consoles can be found here on the wiki.
  • Are you planning on using any of these new consoles? If so what interests you the most?
  • How do you feel about the equip limit on these? Would you rather have these at a maximum of 1 console per ship without the equip limit like we've seen with the other science and engineering crafted consoles?
  • If this system persists, what ideas would you like to see for future consoles?
  • Are there improvements you would like to see on these consoles?
As always, Happy building!
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2023.06.10 19:07 Willing-Sundae-7584 Lost my patience with another Dasher and a restaurant employee today, what's with the "me against everyone" attitude ?

So as I am walking up to the pickup window, there's a lady walking up behind me. The guy at the window looks right past me and says " how many I help you, ma'am?" A little peturbed because I can see my order sitting right there in the window, I think, ok 30 seconds and she'll be gone. 5 minutes later I'm still standing there trying to get someone's attention, another Dasher walks up and asks about the wait. I tell him the story about Romeo. I end the story with I'm about to give someone a piece of my mind. Well finally another person comes to the window after me giving it a knock, and dude starts talking over me loud as hell in my ear about he was here first! I'm like wtf dude? He literally tried to grab a drink out out of the lady's hand as she was handing it to me. He starts yelling at me that's his drink, ignoring him I told the lady if Romeo was doing his job this wouldn't be happening in the first place and could she please just hand me the bag I came for I can go. Dasher being a dick still in my ear, she shuts the window to get Romeo, still making the first lady's shakes he comes to the window to ask the problem. Dasher still trying to yell over me and nudge me out of the way, my order sitting in the window for over 10 minutes now, I get louder than anyone to this point, and probably not the exact words I used but I said something like "my order is sitting right there! I've been here 10 minutes, can I please have the order and go for fucks sake!" At this point, loud dasher boy is trying to yell something else and I felt a drop of spit hit my face. He stepped back and squared off says " what about it?" . Game over. I'm a nice guy, easy going and usually the most out going jovial person you'll meet. I would have changed his tire if we had met under better circumstances. Today, he can go change his clothes before he unassigns his order, I can't imagine they gave him the order with his shirt like that. I hope Romeo had to clean up the mess.
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2023.06.10 19:07 Koyaa_1 After binge watching My Dress Up Darling, i had to make this montage.

After binge watching My Dress Up Darling, i had to make this montage.
I'm sorry if i'm offending any My Dress Up Darling fans on this sub but i just had to vent about this somewhere since i have no irl friends that watched these animes to discuss this topic with. Marin Kitagawa is perfect, she's too perfect. In fact she's a textbook definition of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl. Let's see, Marin: - Loves Cosplaying but sucks at it, does not research it, knows nothing about it and every other character knows more about cosplaying than she does even though she loves it so much, needs Gojo-kun help for everything. - Is a rich kid who models as a part time job but still super modest about herself - Is always joyful and truthful no matter what situation she's in, she has no problems going on in her life, we get hints of a dead mother and an absentee father but it still has no effect on her life. Her only problem is that some people don't like cosplay and it offends her. - is head over heels for everything and anything that Gojo-kun does, loves him unconditionally, and will force him out of his comfort zone for his own good. Is not influenced at all by Gojo-kun and continues being a perfect girl and would still be the same way if she didn't meet him. - is a hot girl that likes nerdy and anime stuff, is confident about her body and sexuality and doesn't mind showing skin to nerdy boys (hum i wonder who this character trait was supposed to cater to, maybe nerdy anime fans?) - Does not exercise, eats junk food all of the time and somehow still is fit and has top model level beauty - Is not bothered at all when other girls have a crush on Gojo-kun, because she's just soo confident. We get a hint of jealousy in one episode but it's very quick and gets brushed off quickly, because you know, Marin is the perfect Gal and understands you.
Meanwhile, Nagatoro: - Is actually a black belt judoka and is proficient in other martial arts like kickboxing. Knows a lot about what she loves. Doesn't know anything about Senpai's hobbies in the beginning of the series but is willing to learn about it and ends up appreciating it. - Nagatoro's family seems to be well off financially i guess? But she knows she's a hot gyaru, is not modest about it. - even though she's confident, different situations have different effects on her feelings, something might happen that makes her feel shy, makes her feel self doubt, makes her wonder where her priorities are at. - In the beginning of the series she's not entirely sure about her feelings towards senpai, gradually grows to like him. Gets mad at senpai when he fucks up, feels sorry when she fucks up. - Has her personality influenced by senpai as much as she influences him. - Has her own life going on outside of chasing senpai around - Is completely not okay when other girls flirt with senpai. Actually can i just gush how Nanashi completely subverts the "harem" genre? It's actually kinda genius. No girls in this story like Senpai romantically other than Nagatoro. Whenever a new girl gets introduced that we think might get between senpai and Nagatoro, it never happens, that new character ends up becoming a friend of the couple.
So yeah, TL;DR: Nagatoro is just an interesting character and she feels like an actual person. Marin is a manic pixie dream girl and feels like she exists to cater to a very specific type of anime fan. The animation from My Dress Up Darling is very good though, i can't deny that, shit looks silky smooth
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2023.06.10 19:07 Low-Pop3092 Contemplating my future with Instacart

This week has been SO slow. For me. I have 2500+ batches completed; I generally do pretty well every week. But this week has been messed up. I have gotten orders to my preferred store about 4 times this week, and have been sitting in the parking lot waiting for batches ALL day long. From open to close. Meanwhile, I speak with several other shoppers in messenger and in store.
There are two shoppers who both say they are getting HUGE orders, one said Monday she made 400$ while both me and my wife saw NOTHING the whole day over 24$ for high miles. The other has gotten two batches for over 100$ and saying she “is happy she got this one before her vacation” the last few weeks she has gotten two for over 100$ every week.
The rest of us who are in my messenger group who have been shopping this store for a few years now have been struggling to get any offers. All day it’s nothing but low 20s and high miles for all of us (about 6 people)
I’m not saying these two are botting. I have definitely had weeks where I do REALLY well but others are struggling. It seems instacart has a hidden priority system that gives specific shoppers the good orders and others on a 2nd level priority. I just wish we knew if I was gonna get shafted all week before sitting in the parking lot wasting my f’ing life. Like, it’s so obvious this is the case when I see these two running in and out of the store over and over with flats full of stuff worth well over 600$ while the rest of us are staring at nothing.
If I could find a job paying 50k where I can work 3 13s or 4 10s I’m out. This job is great when it’s great and sucks when it sucks.
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2023.06.10 19:07 FrogsAndFish72 Convince my parents to let me keep a bunny

So I was walking home from school and saw, in the heat, right next to my house, a box with a rabbit, a bag of timothy hay and a note inside of it! The note was convincing the reader to keep and take good care of the rabbit, and I was overjoyed so I ran inside with the bun (I named him Oscar, the note said he was a mini rex and a boy and 9 weeks old) and showed my dad. My dad is annoyed, and my mom said that we already have a dog and I'll forget about the bunny. My dream is to work at a zoo, and I have had fish, frogs, my dog, and taken care of cats and guinea pigs before. In 3rd grade, I took care of the class Holland Lop for a week and got to trip his nails and take care of him since I was the biggest bunny lover. I love animals so, so much and want my parents to let me keep him. I already have some rabbit supplies (a crate, water, and now some hay) and would just have to get the rest. I've been saving up for some time to get a new fish, and I feel like I could Oscar the best life possible! I spent the rest of the evening playing with him on my bed. He is so sweet, cute, and healthy. The note said he was up-to-date health-wise, but the person was evicted and needed to get rid of a bun bun in a rich neighborhood. How can I convince my parents to let me keep him, and quick?! I'm going into 8th grade next year. I'm super responsible and have good grades. Even though I tend to be clumsy and silly due to my autism, I am absolutely sure I could change my own life here!
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2023.06.10 19:07 Zestyclose-Ad-3706 Aqshy's Bane Question?

If Korghos Khul is 7 inches away from an enemy. He can't run or leave 8 inches right cuz he's now in combat? He would have to retreat, right?
Secondly, the enemy unit in this situation engagement range is only 3" meaning they aren't in combat. So they can just walk away, right?
I've always been confused by this ability if someone could clear this up me it would be appreciated x
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2023.06.10 19:07 Dazzling_Low_2626 Depression after a medical abortion

I had a medical abortion a little over a week ago. I was 7.5 weeks at the time and the whole experience was kind of traumatizing because I’ve just never endured something like it before. I’m usually a strong person and have gone through quite a bit and have always bounced back from it. I don’t feel guilty over it being I never thought about having kids and it’s just something I do not see in my future so I never had a thought about keeping the pregnancy when I found I I immediately knew what to do. I am not one to even openly share things like this but mentally I can not bounce back and want to know if any other women have experienced something similar and if they were ever able to get back to their old selves. I was a very active person before. Working out just about everyday, getting out reading journaling going to the park …. and just being a overall happy person. But now I have no motivation to do anything I don’t even want to get back in the gym. I feel like I need to get out of the house but just thinking about getting ready finding something to wear it’s just all so mentally exhausting to me. I just feel very depressed. I have a lot to be thankful for and I am in no way going through a hard time in life. I just mentally and physically can’t bounce back and starting to ask my self what is my purpose in this life and if I even add anything to it. So I guess my question is have any other women out there that has gone through a medical abortion ever gotten back to their old selves? How were things for you mentally afterwards? Where you over emotional? I know it’s only been a little over a week…. I would have just thought id be back on a schedule and moving forward as if this didn’t happen.
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2023.06.10 19:06 Maygorn Victory in Court

Dear readers,
sorry for the mistakes, I am not from an English-speaking country but from a Middleeuropean one.
I'd like to share a sucess: School authorities refused to give my son (9) with ASD and ADHD help in form of special education. Every doctor, every psychologist and every teacher he has ever had said that he would really need that. And I think so, too.
So I went to a lawyer and filed an appeal to the decision. Some days ago I went to Federal Administrative Court of my country for a court hearing. Now the court verdict is here: The objection is granted! My son HAS to get special education and therefore help with his problems now!
I want to share that with you because I want to tell you: NEVER give up! Our kids are always worth the fight!
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