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2008.06.11 15:52 Divorce

Contributors to this sub are going through a divorce, have been through one, or are contemplating the decision. Some of us initiated our divorce, others were "dumped." Some divorces involved infidelity. You will find both the betrayed spouse and the ones who cheated commenting here. We are all here to provide support for each other.

2021.02.08 14:26 idkwhattodowhmylife kidsofbrokenfamilies

this community is dedicated to people with divorced parents and broken families.

2023.06.05 09:56 MrMeditate77 The Real True Meaning Behind The Story Of Adam & Eve 🍎 🐍

Who wants to know what the story of Adam and Eve really means? Well it’s your lucky day here it is…
Genesis is deeply symbolic, and cannot be grasped by a literal interpretation. Its ‘tree of life’ is the human body. The spinal cord is like an upturned tree, with man’s hair as its roots, and afferent and efferent nerves as branches. The tree of the nervous system bears many enjoyable fruits, or sensations of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. In these, man may rightfully indulge; but he was forbidden the experience of sex, the ‘apple’ at the center of the bodily garden.
The ‘serpent’ represents the coiled-up spinal energy which stimulates the sex nerves. ‘Adam’ is reason, and ‘Eve’ is feeling. When the emotion or Eve-consciousness in any human being is overpowered by the sex impulse, his reason or Adam also succumbs.
God created the human species by materializing the bodies of man and woman through the force of His will; He endowed the new species with the power to create children in a similar ‘immaculate’ or divine manner. Because His manifestation in the individualized soul had hitherto been limited to animals, instinct-bound and lacking the potentialities of full reason, God made the first human bodies, symbolically called Adam and Eve. To these, for advantageous upward evolution, He transferred the souls or divine essence of two animals. In Adam or man, reason predominated; in Eve or woman, feeling was ascendant. Thus was expressed the duality or polarity which underlies the phenomenal worlds. Reason and feeling remain in a heaven of cooperative joy so long as the human mind is not tricked by the serpentine energy of animal propensities.
The human body was therefore not solely a result of evolution from beasts, but was produced by an act of special creation by God. The animal forms were too crude to express full divinity; the human being was uniquely given a tremendous mental capacity—the ‘thousand-petaled lotus’ of the brain—as well as acutely awakened occult centers in the spine.
God, or the Divine Consciousness present within the first created pair, counseled them to enjoy all human sensibilities, but not to put their concentration on touch sensations. These were banned in order to avoid the development of the sex organs, which would enmesh humanity in the inferior animal method of propagation. The warning not to revive subconsciously-present bestial memories was not heeded. Resuming the way of brute procreation, Adam and Eve fell from the state of heavenly joy natural to the original perfect man.
Knowledge of ‘good and evil’ refers to the cosmic dualistic compulsion. Falling under the sway of Maya through misuse of his feeling and reason, or Eve—and Adam—consciousness, man relinquishes his right to enter the heavenly garden of divine self-sufficiency. The personal responsibility of every human being is to restore his ‘parents’ or dual nature to a unified harmony or Eden
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2023.06.05 09:53 PositiveCaterpillar5 My partner 30M just broke up with me 27F. Now what?

Hey and sorry for the long post. I 27F and my former partner 30M had the separation conversation a few hours ago. We have been together for 8 years. I knew at one point we would have this conversation, but I wasn't expecting it so soon. I have offered to attend relationship counseling, but he currently states he doesn't know what he wants. I understand that this situation is a lot to process from both our perspectives, but I won't be waiting for his response forever since I'll be gone in 10 weeks. And the more I think about it, he shouldn't have to think about it if he truly wanted to work things out. Do you agree?
I still love him as a friend and partner. i have so much respect for him as he does for me. After talking, he simply found someone else that shares similar hobbies to his and someone with whom he has a better connection with. I plan on seeing a counselor this week and will start the healing process with professional support.
However, I will continue to live with him for the next 10ish weeks. I can't move sooner as i am a graduate student currently doing my externship. Luckily, my parents will be driving down to help me make the 1200-mile drive back home when the time comes.
For the time being, I have no idea what my new normal looks like, and I feel like I need some outside help from those who have gone through this. For those who are currently living with an ex, how is the dynamic? How do you address each other now? What do the daily home chores? Do you still cook each other dinner? Do you still talk and hang out during the weekends?
Aside from possessions, I have known his family for 8 long years. The relationship i have formed with his mom has been incredible. I dont want to say goodbye to her too. She has been a big part of my life. Would it be weird to occasionally text and catch up?
Again, i am sorry for the long post. I just need some help navigating this unexpected bump in my life.
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2023.06.05 09:53 parasuko AITA having a class on brother's birthday?

I have an important exam coming up and I (27F) really need to ace it so I hired a private tutor 3x a week. Today is my brother (25M)'s birthday and we agreed to celebrate it at home, he did not specify the time or anything else.
So last week, I asked my brother if I could schedule a class on his birthday and he said, "OK" so I did.
The class is online, scheduled at 6PM and just lasts 45 minutes. I told my parents about it and they looked disappointed.
AITA for not reserving my whole day for my brother's birthday?
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2023.06.05 09:52 kokoelizabeth How to recover from resenting my husband postpartum?

TLDR; due to traumatic circumstances my husband “checked out” in the newborn phase and now that he is totally stepping up I can’t get past my resentment and am now the problematic partner. If you’ve been there how did you find a breakthrough and heal?
My husband and I had a very traumatic entry into parenthood. We came home from the hospital to a flooded apartment (nursery/tons of personal belongings ruined not to mention our clean-ready for baby apartment became a fucked up construction zone). Two weeks later our daughter was hospitalized because I gave her HSV (during COVID so my husband virtually didn’t see her for two weeks). Shortly after baby gets home from the hospital we have to move in with my parents because our new place needs to be renovated -by my husband because we didn’t have the money to pay contractors. So we moved with a recently hospitalized newborn, were living with my irritable parents with said newborn, while my husband went and virtually single handedly renovated on our house round the clock. I also lost my job where I had good pay and free childcare a few weeks after I came back from maternity leave. This took a major hit to my self esteem and I wasn’t able to find a job with comparable compensation still to this day.
This all lead to a ton of fighting and my husband completely checking out on parenting / our relationship. For the first 20 months of our daughters life my husband avoided almost all diaper changing, bed time routines, child care tasks and even most household tasks-I can’t even recall a time he handled a night wake. All the while being extremely emotionally volatile and too sensitive to participate in any parenting discussions without blowing up or shutting down. He was extremely depressed and would sleep/lay around in all of his free time.
We finally had a break through about 6-8 months ago. He apologized for all of his behavior. He does most of the household duties, he’s extremely involved with parenting and has a beautiful loving relationship with our daughter, he’s the one that plans family outings and fills the weekend with fun activities, he’s in therapy and actively practicing empathy and emotional intelligence.
He has literally done a total 180 degree turn around, but now so have I. I’m the one that’s on my phone almost constantly -I even decline to join outside time with my husband and daughter. I completely avoid my household responsibilities and let them pile up to an embarrassing level. I do nearly zero self-care an occasional shower is all I can muster. I am rather short tempered with my daughter and ineffective with parenting despite being a literal early childhood development specialist. I’m very defensive and snappy leading to arguments frequently.
Has anyone else been able to heal their postpartum resentment? What helped you have that break through and come back to the partnership? And please don’t say things like “recognize his effort and make yourself do the tasks/self care”. Cognitively I know how amazing he’s doing and that I have become the problem parent, I KNOW that I SHOULD get over it and let it go. But I’m just stuck my behavior is compulsive at this I point. I’m just ready for life and relationship to go back to normal.
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2023.06.05 09:52 iwpr I over heard some random lady call me fat just now

Basically just as the title says.
For context my dads a divorced man, and has been since I was about 9. I’m 16 now. As to what I over heard, I was just sleeping, and had woken up since I had a bad dream and also because there was loud music. I decided to not go back to sleep, but just as I wake up I over hear the music get lower, and my dad talking about me to what seemed to be him showing pictures of me to some lady I don’t even know he brought over. As I’m hearing my dad describe me, all I hear is this lady say “Wow your daughters really fat, my daughters like bones” in Spanish. I didn’t hear my dad say anything, and it just went silent. I’m 85lbs and struggle with weight, so hearing this had me jaw dropped. Anyways, I know I’m not fat or anything, but just thought I’d share this lol.
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2023.06.05 09:51 Ok_Forever5383 Joe Rogan retweets the "What is a Woman" movie

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2023.06.05 09:50 Mediocre_Gains In-law relationship problem between me (30M) and my wife (30F)

My wife and I (30) are married for a few years now, and my wife is not close with my parents. My wife says that she does not speak the same dialect as my parents, so there is no deep communication. Moreover, she is not happy with the way they do things and tries to avoid interaction if possible.
Previous encounters: I live in a different state with my wife in a house (down payment was given by my parents (150k), recent renovations ~50k paid by my wife, house under my name). My parents have visited before and my wife did not like how my parents treated the house like it was theirs, and used things without her permission. She wants them to behave like guests since we are the ones living there. Since then, it has been almost a year.
My parents now want to visit me and see the house. My wife tells me she is not comfortable with the visit. She is okay meeting them elsewhere, but the house is like her safespot and she doesn’t want to let anyone she isn’t close with enter the house.
I don’t know how to break it to my parents that my wife doesn’t feel comfortable having them around without causing issues on both sides. My wife and I have a good relationship and this in-law issue is one of our biggest problems.
Tldr: parents want to visit, wife doesn’t want them to. How do I put it to not hurt my relationship with both sides?
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2023.06.05 09:50 Astral-Eden My relationship with music is getting worse

Music has been a part of my life ever since I was a very tiny human. My mother practically put me in music lessons since I was 2 1/2 years old. All of my life up until recently, music is everything to me. I wanted it to be a part of my career, I wanted to create music, I wanted to share it and have friends or close ones that I could talk to about it. It's something I hold dearly and something that I'm passionate about.
On the other hand, I'm struggling mentally. I went to therapy secretly for 2 months (a friend payed for me out of the kindness of their heart, bless them) and I actually got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and ADHD (I'm pretty sure she might've said I had depression as well, but even then I think I know I do). I moved out last year and started living by myself. I thought after leaving a toxic environment I would be better, but I was wrong. I was always trying to catch up to my work in uni, showering became difficult bcs the water was terrible, my eating habits were all over the place, I felt like such an incompetent person, and everything slowly seemed more hopeless by the minute. At one point, I didn't shower for a week and I just ate instant noodles and junk food because I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it.
Though I may not be majoring in music due to my mother's insistence and I stopped having music lessons eventually, I was still trying my best to make time for it. There's a piano you could use with a time limit on campus and I brought as much instruments as I can from my parent's house (guitar, violin, ukulele, kalimba, etc.) that I can fit into this 2x3m room I live in. I'd make songs and experiment with what I could do.
But now, I feel so dead inside. As in, it actually brings me pain to even try and play anything on these instruments or to try and make music. I'd feel really sad and painful and it felt like this passion for music that used to burn brightly inside me dwindled into probably nothing. It's like I couldn't do anything, it doesn't bring joy anymore.
And this whole thing feels very scary to me. I don't want to loose it, but I can barely interact with it without feeling like a pile of washed-up shit who doesn't even deserve to touch whatever instrument I have.
I used to look forward to learning any new instrument, I even had plans on buying a good ocarina. But now I don't know what to do. I can't go to therapy and it feels like no one in my life right now could even relate to this. I just want that passion back. I don't want music to be painful anymore. Yet, I don't know what to do or what's going on with me.
If you made it this far, thank you for taking the time to read. Sorry if my English is all over the place since it's not my first language. If you have any advice or anything kind to say, I'd appreciate it. If you have any questions, I'll try my best to answer in the comments. Thank you.
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2023.06.05 09:50 DifficultPaper7494 How come my family and the realtor thinks that my freediving fins clutter up the house when I really need them ??

So my family is trying to move and we are currently in the process of cleaning up the house. The realtor already made me mad with asking me to put away my computers and now he is wanting my parents to get a storage unit and put my freediving fins in the storage unit. I can't do that cause it is summer and I go to the local lake to go do my freediving hobby there. I have manic depression disorder and the freediving thing helps my illness and makes me feel less stressed. I'm frustrated with them wanting to take that away and I think I'm about to lose it. I'm on the verge of lashing out cause I'm so tired of being told what to do. I don't want to put away my 4 computers and my freediving fins cause I need them. I'm angry and super annoyed. I told my friend and he says that I'm an a-hole cause he thinks that I'm stalling my parents and he told me to "Grow the F up. ". I'm so sick of it. How am I an a-hole for demanding to keep my freediving fins ?? How can I convince them to let me keep them ??
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2023.06.05 09:49 Thetrader2896 I am a Leo, Cap Moon and Sagg rising, this girl was a double Pisces and Sagg rising. I need therapy.

First off, are Pisces known as being so sensitive to everything? Defensive about stuff too? Anyway, the story is underneath.
So guys, I knew this girl from 2019, she got married and got divorced. She happens to move here in mid jan and hit me up on Facebook. We grabbed coffee, and from there we slept together on Valentine's Day. After that, we stopped talking because she wanted to end it. I called her and we hang out again. Go to the movies and the next day she says it again. End of March we talk for 4 hours in person and she called me saying she is getting serious with someone. So I attacked her flaws, called her hairy, said she looked like a bum around me. For god sake, her EX husband didnt want to have sex with her because she weighed too much, but I did. We talk a few times in April, in May. She called me May 7, we grab food. Then that night she asked for a relationship, I rejected it because she rejected me before. Next day I call because I honestly felt bad and we had sex in a hotel room.
Then the next day she called me "evil" because I wanted her to take a plan b. From there I text her the following, "I never loved, I never thought you were attractive, I hung out with you because I petty you". Plus I told her to wear more makeup next time. Now she has for a month, I saw her today and we wanted to end it in person, we made out and stuff. Then life topics came up and I say "You couldn't satisfy your husband and failed as a wife" I said I failed at things in life too and that is the harsh reality. Did she use me in any way? Was I rude to her???? I always felt like she was selfish in many ways and only used me. I got ugly at times and I hope the pain I have done doesn't last too long, we are and were too toxic for me.
At least I gave her what her ex-husband couldn't. Things honestly didn't get ugly till plan B. Her ex-husband forced her to an IUD and pills due to depression. That was messed up. I am a leo and she was a Pisces (never again). I think I was always harsh when the rejection came into play, we both agreed we are both great friends. After this argument, I am done. we need to leave each other alone. I really wanted to end it on good terms today till she got offended and left my car after my comment about her not satisfying her husband. There is no way but to ghost her.
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2023.06.05 09:49 AruthaPete AI Crewe Alexandra in Europa League first season

Hey, so I've just revived fifa 19 for a playthrough during parental leave and noticed Crewe in group one of the Europa League. I'm playing as Standard Liège.
Crewe didn't get past the first round of the 18/19 FA Cup, how else might they have made it?
How is it possible Crewe is in the Europa League in the first season of a career?
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2023.06.05 09:49 PhanThom-art they want me to go back to work

Just had a mandatory call from the gov. agency which gives me my unemployment benefits. Apparently I'm not sick enough they think. My dad even said I should lie if necessary so they don't make me work again and I lied plenty but I'm not gonna whine and pretend like I lie in bed all day. But now I'm stressed and more anxious than I expected at this news. First off, I hate for anyone else to be telling me I'm not sick enough, nobody tells me what I am, and second I don't want to work, I have no diplomas so I only have choice of shitty minimum-wage jobs anyway, which are guaranteed to only make me more suicidally depressed. There is no job out there for me in this country I hate, that's gonna be worth the negligible salary. Then again maybe this is just the push I needed to kill myself. If they are gonna take away my benefits and force me to work. I'm just curious for my Ketamine treatment starting in a month, but then I might just take a nice permanent vacation to Sicily with the money I've saved up from unemployment, which I barely spend any off since I live with my parents
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2023.06.05 09:49 dontsteaImywaifu Is there any way to get rid of periods permanently without getting surgery or pills?

Im 15 years old and im transgender, so i dont plan on ever getting pregnant. My parents wont allow me to go on the pill because they think its unnatural. Periods are completelt unneccesary for me and they just cause discomfort and pain. Is there any way to just... Get rid of them?
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2023.06.05 09:48 CorrectAd8416 Manila Bankers Life Insurance Products

Manila Bankers Life Insurance Products – Insurance products are becoming more and more commonplace as more Filipinos become interested to invest in a life insurance policy.
It is important to find an insurance provider that can present a variety of choices when it comes to your insurance. Manila Bankers Life Insurance Corporation offers a variety of products that meet any situation and need.
Manila Bankers Life Products
There are many products under the umbrella of Manila Bankers Life Insurance. The company aims to give its clients the freedom to decide what kind of life insurance to get depending on their needs.
In the beginning, life insurance was only about a parent wanting to pay in advance for their funeral, just so that their family will not have that gloomy responsibility when it would happen. At present, this is still one of the integral parts of life insurance, but it has evolved and developed into so much more than that.
Money Saver. As the name would suggest, this product would encourage savings. Its special feature would be a “yearly treat” awarded in the form of a money incentive given to the insured. This money can be spent on travel expenses, educational expenses or even to add to savings of the insured.
Life Shield. This product would protect the insured and their family from any financial crisis that may befall them. The special feature would give reimbursements for any money lost because of hospital confinement and it would also offer a disability benefit.
MPower. This policy would help prevent financial crises for families in the event of the passing of a loved one. The special benefit one could get from this would be what is called the After Life Pension. This means that even if the insured person would pass away, their family would continue to receive monthly financial assistance.
MB Life Plan. This would be the life plan provided by Manila Bankers Life. It provides lifetime coverage and would give a respectable memorial service to the insured. It would also give the family cash benefits in case of the loss of a loved one.
Group Life and Health Insurance. These are packages offered in bulk, to cover a large group. Mostly for employees and their families. Many different packages are available to suit the needs of the employees. Group Hospitalization Benefits and a Managed Care Program would be included in the group packages.
Creditors Life Insurance and Micro-Insurance. This type of insurance is meant to safeguard people in the lending industry from the financial risks that accompany that kind of business. The policies would protect business owners from the loss of their investment and even in the event of the death of a borrower.
Out of the many packages offered by Manila Bankers Life Insurance, there is bound to be one that fits your needs. Manila Bankers Life makes sure they have something to offer everyone. Their uniquely designed packages make sure that everybody has the chance to be protected from financial ruin.
Think ahead and get a life insurance plan with Manila Bankers Life Insurance today! Get insured now and never have to worry.
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2023.06.05 09:47 MisterGoog Looking for a fix where Harry is transported to an Alternate Universe/ new body where he was an asshole to his family.

A few good ones also have his sisters and parents being surprised at how suddenly nice he is.
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2023.06.05 09:45 lae24k The Loneliest Year Of My Life - Feeling Cursed

Hello everyone. I don’t know where to begin but as you can see by the title, it’s been pretty rough. It’s basically been downfall after downfall. This is pretty long so please bare with me. This week has been full of torment. To start off, I decided to go to a party with the remaining money I had left in my bank account. I really just wanted to cheer myself up as the past couple of months have been really hard. My two friends were going and we really just wanted a night of fun to get the summer started.
It started off pretty okay but as we were on our way there, my platform sandals broke and I had to walk barefoot in the middle of a pitch black forest. Dangerous, I know but it was a well known underground party that I go to all the time and luckily I didn’t scrape my feet or get any bites. During the night, the DJ kept messing up and people were starting to leave. People kept aggressively hitting on me and I started to feel uneasy. My friend then got the good idea of giving me her socks as I told her I wanted to leave early. I decided to go to my now ex-situationship’s house just to crash. He didn’t really want me there but the buses and train don’t run in my area until the morning so he was my last resort.
While I was going there, I almost got assaulted on the train. The only reason why I went in that specific cart was because I saw two police officers and only one other guy so I thought I was safe. I wanted to dose off a little as I was buzzed and extremely tired. After a couple stops, something told me to wake up and that’s when I saw the police weren’t there anymore and the other guy was walking towards me. I quickly gave him a death stare while putting my hands in my purse to make it seem like I had some type of weapon. He backed off a little until I realized he was unzipping his pants. At that moment I felt true terror and ran to the door. I was close to my stop and all I could do was stand in the corner while freaking out. I got to my stop and a lady started yelling “He was doing something in there!” and asked If I was okay. After some time I luckily arrived to my ex’s house and was totally out of it. My phone had died and all I wanted to do was sleep. I told him I didn’t want to do anything in terms of sex but he wouldn’t listen and he never does when I say no. At that point, I made up in my mind that I was never going to see him again.
I slowly ended things with him after that night. I was with him for nine months. He took my virginity and breadcrumbed me the entire time. I honestly think he was an evil man with bad intentions and I gave him benefit of the doubt even though he hid from me that he had a kid and an ex-wife. Plus he gave me an infection (I’m good now thank god). I feel like the most stupid person alive but he was my first and I honestly thought If I were to ever get into a relationship, I would be the one to have good boundaries but I guess not. I know better now. I was emotionally checked out of it for a long time as well.
So I went on hinge. I was getting ghosted left and right, up until I met this guy that I thought I hit it off with. He actually seemed to be willing to take me on a date and we were super excited about it. The day comes (which was yesterday morning) and he texted me saying he “partied too hard” and wouldn’t be able to make it. I said it was all good and we could reschedule but no response. That would’ve been my first date ever, in my life. Ya… The guy who took my virginity never took me on a date… Sad, I know.
Another thing is, I lost my job about almost a year ago and I’ve been looking ever since. Obviously to no luck but then about a month ago I basically got fake hired at this food service job. They gave me the offer on the spot during an interview and I started training about a week after but the second week rolled by and they gave me ZERO hours. I’ve been trying to contact them by calling and sending emails but they went completely AWOL. Now you’re probably wondering maybe I did something that could’ve caused this but honestly and truthfully, I didn’t cause any problems and was actually the most reserved person on the whole team. I’m very shy. Maybe they just didn’t see something in me I guess. So now I’m still looking.
On top of all this mess I’ve been struggling with my parents as they want me to go to college so badly. I’m not good at school at all. I have chronic ADHD and it’s hard for me to do things and no, this isn’t an excuse either. In High school, I never did my homework because it would take so long. One homework assignment from one subject would take all day. I specifically remember doing math homework one day because I felt such guilt from not being able to do my homework. I sat down and did it but my mind would constantly wander. It would take me a long time to concentrate. I would constantly have to re-read the questions and my answer. I’ve been trying to get help for myself but I don’t have money and my insurance isn’t good. It doesn’t cover psychiatrists and therapists that are for ADHD or autism. I need medication for my ADHD, depression and anxiety before I could even think about going to school.
All this to say, I haven’t been going out with friends or texting them as of recently. I feel too much shame in my life to have a good time anymore. This is just the tip of the iceberg as the past 3 years have been continuous hell. I feel like a waste of life and I seriously think about ending my life everyday. I have no one close to me. No one I can reach out to. I’m only trying to stay alive because I want to give my little brother a better life but this is just too hard. I have zero passion in life. I try new hobbies and get a little hopeful but then I start to feel empty, burnt out and crash. Every. Single. Time… I’m just in pure agony. I’m deeply sorry because I know for a fact I sound insufferable but there is undeniable pain here.
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2023.06.05 09:44 awfulhousethrowaway NK is a sweetheart at home, but awful everywhere else. NF want me to fix it through summer break. [Long, vent, advice needed.]

Hello everyone, a bit of a long story with way too much context to be had, so I thought I'd do me best to cut to the chase. I moved in with a father and his two year old ("Joshua,") who is now four. It was entirely unconventional. I needed somewhere to live and they offered nannying in exchange for rent for awhile, but later on when I had an actual job/interviews, I "couldn't go," because they'd make plans and leave me with Josh. Eventually, this just became "the thing."
The custody arrangement between the parents gave me two evenings off per week up until September, to which it swapped to week to week. In other words, I had Josh for all but eight hours per week for a year and a half, and now I have him full time two-three weeks a month. He's become very close to me, and in a non-egocentric way, only really listens to me as I have been the only real constant in his life.
However, in my time living here, Josh was "expelled," from two daycares for hitting, biting, scratching, etc. We've also gotten countless calls from his current preschool for similar disputes. He's partially special needs, so one of his teachers recommended he be enrolled in a Charter school because he is smart, but he needs an acclimated environment. There aren't many locally, and the parents live three hours apart. We finally found one in the middle of us who are willing to surpass district laws, but now with summer break coming up and his behavioral issues exacerbating, we're worried he's going to be expelled from that school too. They won't be nearly as patient as this preschool has been, should that happen, the father, kiddo and I will have to pack up and move those three hours away because the other charter school is in the mothers hometown.
Almost all of his disciplinary action, his rewards systems, his learning to read, write, and speak has been up to me. The parents give me a lot of "He won't listen when I do it, so you do it," as if I don't endure the same tantrums they do. I just don't think they put in much effort. He's been in both speech and occupational therapy, but the parents consistently drop him off and leave, and I'm unsure if that's normal. I've asked both of them the name of his teachers, all of the therapists names, what they're practicing so we can work on it at home, and neither can answer any of the questions. A year ago, I asked to be put on the teachers/speech therapists text list so I can be up to date on what he's learning, and the answer (I suppose obviously,) was no, since I'm not a legal guardian.
This summer will give me 13hr days, 7 days a week, and that is all the time I'll have to try and "fix," his behavior. I can't control how he's raised in the other parents house the opposing weeks. He'll be in occupational therapy again this summer, but he almost never goes on our weeks (I don't have a car anymore), and again, they never know what he's actually doing there, so outside of the hour per week, he's not getting any practice in. I am unsure of what to do because as of now, he WILL get expelled quickly, we cannot afford to move, and I do not want to go with them - while also not wanting to leave the kid alone. To leave would take me further from "my life," but I literally just negotiated from $0.60 an hour to $2.00, so my options would be to move or not have a roof over my head.
Here's what I've incorporated -
- Limiting and controlling screentime, making sure he doesn't watch anything too wound up. No screens between dinner and bed.
- Reward systems, lots of "yays," "you did it!" "thank you!" and "good jobs!"
- Corner time when it calls for it.
- He's super into routine. I have alarms for all meals, naps, clean up, baths, etc. When there's an alarm or five minute warning, he'll drop everything and do as he needs to with little to no tantrums. Springing it on him will have all hell break loose.
- Creating homework for him when he rarely has it to help him keep up.
I do all of the gentle parenting I see online, and recently, the mother has picked up on it too and quit using spanking. The fathers picked up on it too, but hasn't given up spanking.
I just think a lot of this is over my head, and I can't "cure," his issues. FWIW, I think it's a combo of being a pandemic kid and special needs, he never became accustomed to socializing. His parents say he's "too hyper," to take anywhere, so he's never taught how to behave in restaurants, waiting rooms, stores, etc. The only time he goes out is when the "fun parent," takes him out to highly stimulating places (ie arcade, trampoline park) and I believe that emphasizes his hyperactivity.
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2023.06.05 09:44 Confident-Daikon-519 Where do you go if you want to learn how to become RICH?? $$$$

If you want to become a lawyer, you go to Law school.
If you want to become an artist, you go to art school.
Where do you go if you want to learn how to become RICH??
Money rules our society, yet, we learn nothing about money during all those compulsory school years. It's almost like they are putting us to school as a way of distraction!
I come from a low socioeconomic family, my parents are poor academics and know nothing about making money. I just watched an interview with "Robert T. Kiyosaki (who wrote Rich dad poor dad) and he says he didn't go to school, he got rich because he studied Money and knew how to play the system. I am sick of being poor living pay check by pay check. Where can I learn how to become rich?
Is anyone here rich and can give me some advice please?
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2023.06.05 09:43 EggplantFister I (21m) am rethinking my relationship with my girlfriend (20f) right before we move in together. Do I break up?

So for context. Me and my gf have been dating for a little more than 2 years. We are both in hometown and to this point living with our parents. She's been going to city college and doing some part time jobs while I dropped out long ago and working full time at various jobs. A big thing that gets talked about between us is next steps in life, for at least a year we've thought northern Cali was a good move. I have some friends up there and more moving this summer while the school is one that's good for her degree she's been aiming for. Plus I thought it'd be good if I finally restarted college when we moved.
Earlier today we had a big talk. This weekend while I've been off at work it seems she's been thinking a lot about life. She told me she was having second thoughts about moving (more that particular town) and not even sure if she wants to pursue the profession / degree. This part didn't bother me too much but it seemed like she wanted to delay leaving our hometown in general. The second half of our discussion hurt more. It's an issue I think both have been ignoring or pushing off for some time. Especially since I've been working 2 jobs lately and her finishing some hard classes.
We have an intimacy problem. I truly understand that we have different levels of sex drive and I especially realize that my sex drive is high in general. Just like nothing happens between us anymore. Maybe every 3 or 4 months something sexual comes around. Today though she was saying that she just doesn't enjoy it. She felt like there's a lost spark in her. I tried some questions to find if there's a core issue but she can't place why. I don't know if she's just lost all sexuality for a while or it's only with me. This is not a new thing btw It really got me thinking we aren't at the same place in our lives. I get her having second thoughts about such a huge decision and change, I'm ready. +The steady decline of affection is pretty bad. I'm at a loss, I really love this girl
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2023.06.05 09:43 QueerTheist Seeking advice for how to rebuild a dying church. Wondering how to best support my community, and whether or not I should pursue an m. div.

I'm a young person and a practicing Methodist. I was confirmed at 14 and have been attending regularly for the past few years. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I ended up very far away from the area I grew up in without any connections or much money to speak of. My parents were and are largely not in my life, and I found community in a local church.
It was a transformative experience for me, and made me realize what a church can be. They were going to pride, feeding the homeless, and being in the community. The people there were incredibly kind to me, made sure to incorporate my music into service, and made me feel welcome. After a few months of attending I ended up coming out to the pastor as trans, and he was incredibly supportive. They already knew me as a woman but it was still massive for me, because it meant I didn't have to hide at church for the first time in my life.
Our major problem (like many churches) has been declining membership. Its gotten to the point where there are about 15-20 attendees in a building that can house 140. Our financials have been in the red since 2018, and we have only survived through a major one time contribution in 2020. Our churchgoers are also very elderly, with about 1/3 of our members being over the age of 80.
We aren't going to be here in 3 years. Its killing me. I know steps we can take to turn things around, but I'm terrified that I've come here too late to make a difference. I have lots of ideas though, and a pastor and church council that values my input and is willing to listen.
Here were my ideas:
  1. Continue programs until there is nothing left to fund them
  2. Do unconventional methods of outreach (e.g. hosting communion at local commons or parks during summer months)
  3. Coordinate with other churches in our area to prop up our underfunded food pantry
  4. Being earnest with our community and other nonprofits (being upfront about financial challenges exacerbated by COVID, setting funding goals, showing how money will be allocated, and giving updates on how we are serving the community)
Our pastor has also suggested renting out excess space to other non-profits and not for profits in the area, and allowing use of our commercial kitchen.
I think that these could help a lot, but we are trying to make up a $4000 monthly disparity in earnings/income. If we can stretch 3 years of viability into 10 years it would make a world of difference, and give us the time to rebuild our attendance. But I'm still so worried that I'm not doing enough, or that there isn't anything I *could* do to change this as one person.
What do you think I should be doing? I know that I want to pursue social work, whether that's working for DHS, doing things through this church, or becoming a counselor. Im interested in the history of the church and want to study theology, so I'm thinking that a m. div might be a good thing to pursue. But anything I do is going to have to wait a few years because I'm still trying to get my life started. Even if that wasn't a factor, I feel I can't leave without first doing my best to stabilize this. I'm the only under 45 on the council and the only person with the energy for this kinda stuff.
If I do decide to pursue a joint m. div and degree in social work, I don't know what seminary would be safe for me to attend as a trans woman. In a lot of states it would be a question whether I would even be able to get a prescription filled moving forward. And even if I did become a pastor I'm worried that I would have difficulty finding work. Especially if this church is gone.
This was as much a support thread as an advice thread, my bad. If you've read this far, thank you. I'd appreciate any advice because I'm learning as I go atm.
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2023.06.05 09:42 fairyfukcs my(20F) boyfriend (23M) won’t accept the fact he cheated

Over a month ago me and my boyfriend had a big fight, we almost broke up but didn’t and I thought we had come to a resolution. That night he went out with all of our friends, I was meant to go but decided I was against it being too upset and shaken up. For the time he was going out drinking he decided to go no contact which triggered me a lot, I was calling his phone and trying to get in contact to just talk to me but he told me he was silencing his notifications and that was that.
We see each other the next day and everything is back to normal for a couple weeks until he comes home from work and admits to kissing one of our close friends sisters whilst out that night he wouldn’t talk to me. Obviously I was devastated he would do something like that to me and then hid it from me for weeks whilst continuing to sleep with me and have me dog sit alone for his parents. Everyone else in our friendship group knew (as they had been there that night) and pressured him into telling me. His reason for not coming forward sooner was due to my mental state at the time; I’ve been struggling a lot with depression and suicidal thoughts so I had to live with my parents for a bit and started medication.
Due to me being deeply in love with him I decided to forgive and continue our relationship, we were rocky but getting through it together and until yesterday had hope we’d make it through this together. Yesterday conversations came up about how he has lost all his friends because of what he did to me. We shared a friend group which is how we even met and got together. My only response was he did it to himself and his own actions caused others to cut him out of their lives. This begins an argument where he admits to not believing he actually cheated on me as he “didn’t think we were still in a relationship after the fight”. He only ever apologised and called it cheating because he thought it was what I would want to hear in order to stay with him.
I don’t understand how he could think we weren’t together when I was contacting him and we never even verbalised not being together. I’m truly at a loss that he can’t accept what he did, and I don’t know how to progress knowing he will never truly be sorry as he adamantly believes what he did wasn’t cheating. All he has to say is I wasn’t there that night so I don’t even know what happened and I’m choosing not to see his side. What side is there even to see?? Why is he acting this way, what is his reasoning to not understand what he has done?
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2023.06.05 09:40 Hronmeer_ Roommate rights and eviction.

It's become a necessity for most to share a rental apartment in Toronto, either with a friend, relative, partner or a stranger, which is why sooner or later more will want to know what can and cannot do.
Example, my current situation is living with parents in an apartment for over five years. I am adult assuming that I classify as a roommate. I've read a lot of stories about a relationship between tenant/landlord, but I rarely read stories about roommates, and their rights.
Example, my parents if they want to move out or worst case scenario want me to move out, what rights I have? Another example, if I was the tenant who's been renting apartment, where I'm paying a monthly rent that's half of the market is paying (like many who've been living in the same rental for many years), and if I wanted to bring a roommate, will that roommate get the same ownership rights?
I read how it's not possible to evict "annoying" roommate who would be difficult to live with, being uncooperative with responsibilities, and then God knows what else they would be encouraged to do, where it would come to a point it's a competition between who can bully the other to "move out" and keep the apartment with the cheap rent.
I am asking the community what rights I have to this apartment where I've been living with my parents, and if I can keep renting it with the same cost if they moved out (even if my name wasn't written for rent payments, and being the main "tenant" who in this case is my father), and how to deal with roommates, and what are my rights as a roommate moving to an apartment where a tenant is already renting it.
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