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2023.06.08 09:47 HauntMe1973 Henderson remodel Rec’s

No DMs please, post here if you have someone. Looking to remove tiled wall in shower and replace it with an enclosure (no plumbing move needed) bathroom countertops/sinks for 2 bathrooms and flooring for kitchen/family room.
Also need some pool work done next spring, the concrete is falling apart n one section of the pool deck lip & would like to add a handle for help getting out at the stairs.
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2023.06.08 09:46 timmeh129 How do I (29 M) tell my GF (27 F) she is bad with money?

So we are together for more than 4 years, and during all that time my GF is making significantly less money than me (like, for a long time it was half the money I make). And I'm not even making that much, maybe an average pay for where I live. Because of this for these past years I wasn't really able to be financially stable, so to say, because it was always like "please buy me a coffee" or "please give me gas money" or "please give me 10$ for something", for a long time I also had to carry a bigger part of food spendings (we live together), so every month I'm down to square one, with almost no savings and nothing even bought for myself. I don't really need lots of stuff, but damn, I want to treat myself once in a while.
With time I developed a system for us to spent only a fixed amount of money on groceries and it was really working. So I am more or less aware of my incomes and spendings, but still she was regularly asking for money here and there. Recently she got a good new job which pays more (still less than I make but with short term prospects of making more than me), and I was kind of relieved, so we planned to move to a better (and more expensive) apartment, I managed to save up some money in the past few months and I was planning to buy some nice shit for myself and for the new apartment (where we live together, mind you). But here comes the moving day (right in the beginning of a new month so she got her paycheck like 1-2 weeks ago) and she says she has no money again, so I had to pay almost my full monthly pay for the rent, advance and all that shit. Keep in mind, we were talking about moving and actively looking for an apartment for a month minimum, so she was aware that we were going to move and pay that much money at once. So now she owes me half of her paycheck as well, so next month she's gonna be broke again. So the cycle continues.
If at this point you might have thoughts that she buys something in secret, like drugs or booze or whatever, but no, I can assure you.
That said, she never holds back in spending money not even for herself, but for everyone else. Like, we are going for a dinner to my parents, she buys candy for the kids, wine for mom, groceries to cook something for them. Sometimes she even buys something for me, something I don't necessarily need.
Every time I start even a remote conversation about the dinero, not even insinuating that she is broke again and I have to carry us through with rent and shit, she just gets pissed at me and says something like "you always tell me how stupid I am with my money". We had one of these conversations yesterday and it was the same thing. After all these years she says that she tries to keep it together with her spendings, but for the love of god I can't see it.
Fuck man, I'm really close to breaking up with her just over this, I love her, but I want to buy shit for myself and just feel stable once for 4 years of this and not grab money from my savings account (which is fucking miserable as is) just to get by.
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2023.06.08 09:46 Emergency_Mind1756 Am I wrong for not leaving a gate code that doesn’t exist?

I live in an apartment complex that is gated, but does not have a guest or visitor code to enter. It only opens when you have a special sticker stuck to your windshield, or a resident with the app and a special code opens it manually. I am obviously aware and cautious of this when ordering anything via DD, Amazon, etc. To preface, I do not order in food very often. I just find it’s obviously not as good of quality and it’s much more expensive. I work 12-18 hour shifts, as does my husband now days, so we have been ordering in more. At least enough I opted to just get the monthly subscription. Since just entering the gate in my community is difficult enough, I am extremely thorough in my drop off instructions, copy and pasted it reads: “gate does not auto open. I will open gate for you, if it does not open within 10 seconds press #111 on keypad and it will open for emergency. Enter through right gate and it will be the first building to the left, second unit on second floor:” this is including unit number and building number, I just didn’t want to add for privacy reasons here. I’ve only had 1 dasher leave it at the wrong unit, but it was close by and my neighbors are kind and alerted me my food was dropped to them. Today, I did my usual and the girl called me to let me know the gate wasn’t opening. I had opened the gate via app but she said only the left gate would open and not the right like my instructions said. I told her I would be right down to grab the food so she wouldn’t have to pull an obnoxious u-turn and I felt bad she was just stuck at the entrance with no way in. she said “this isn’t worth $4 tbh.” And she left my food at the entrance. I was down in 30 seconds and she was still in the driveway, waiting to pull out. I just grabbed my food, left her the tip but gave her a 1 star rating. she messaged me furious saying it was my fault for not being thorough enough. I just want to know for future, was I in the wrong? I don’t want to be the difficult customer and want to avoid this again if I can. Thank you for any help and honest feedback!
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2023.06.08 09:45 Mental_gaming_empire [ALL] Thoughts on Zelda timeline and placement of Totk and Botw, Major spoilers

I know no one probably cares anymore but I keep thinking about this and I want to say my thoughts on the Zelda timeline. I don't understand why people keep trying to connect Tears of the kingdom and Breath of the wild to the beginning so tightly. We have no reason to believe its connected, and even the developers say otherwise (that being it not only, reconnects timelines, but takes place far far later), I want to address these why these make sense.
So first on the reconnection of the timeline, we need to take note that we have no information on how long it is between Botw and the rest of the timeline. The only information we have is that its has information and entities from all of the different timeline splits. This, if the game is put so far into future that the timelines become indistinguishable, makes since. In theory if you give a truly infinite amount of time, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can happen. Logically this not only connects to how its so far in the future of the timeline, but also of how it "re-converges" it. If a great enough amount of time passes then it can be stated that one day the timelines would become indistinguishable from one another since they posses equal traits. If we placed Botw, at the point it they become indistinguishable it will "re-converge" it, one way being physically re-converging it, while the other option is just that they become so indistinguishable amongst each other that there is no point in keeping recollection of the different realities since one would describe all of them. Now following this, it would be obvious that for each timeline to be equal, there would need to be a kingdom of Hyrule in each that is attacked by the Twilli, flooded by the gods, and then a world taken over by ganon. (events so similar that they slowly over time cause the realities to become indistingishable from one another). This implies multiple Hyrules in each timeline, if we take just the adult timeline, then the new Hyrule made by the hero and Zelda after the flood, would need to be either attacked by twilight, or destroyed and allowed for the Darkworld and the events of the downfall timeline to occur, (two more Hyrules needing to exsist at least). This same concept would be true for the other two timelines as well. Which points out that the 'founding' we see in Totk doesn't have any reason to be reconnected to the beginning of the timeline. or any other part of the timeline.
If this is true, which to me seems apparent, it implies the arrival of the Zonai is so far in the future that not only had the timelines already re-converged, and that any traces of the past timeline are only remembered as myth by whatever life is left. This means some time after the timelines 're-converged' something happened that left so little trace of the past that it was only seen as myth. Which if these myths are worshipped and the belief in Hylia is worshipped or at least is returning then it could explain why they recreated Hyrule, since that is the mythical and historic names and events they believe to have happened. The Zonai and lack of prestablished history, apart from myth and religions that are worshipped, show us that its been so long after the 'reconvergence' that we can't assume connections to the rest of the timeline. After all that it would seem that the curse demise left is still going and in this new singular timeline, which is just reforming hyrule with the zonai has to seal him away, Rauru doing so. This is the imprisioning war seen in Totk. Totk when you complete all the shrines gives you the heros aspect, which implies that the hero in the tapestry depicting the ancient calamity was Zonai, So the kingdom of Hyrule formed by the Zonai is the same one that the ancient Sheikah exsisted in. Implying that, just like in the the old timelines, the Sheikah served the royal family, the Zonai and or Hyrulian leadership. Since the Zonai were so advanced it could be reasoned that the sheikahs technology was either based off of or improved upon versions of Zonai technology, (like how the Sheikah were essentially the secret service of the old Hyrule family). Then eventually, one of or the only ancient calamity occurred, with the Sheikah being prepared and thwarting it. Then the 10,000 years eventually lead to the events of Botw, and subsequently tears of the kingdom.
This seems to me the most logical thing, since it not only explains how it seems like a soft 'reset' to the series but also has all the information and entities from the entire rest of the series ignoring the timeline splits. It serves as a developmental way to soft reset it since the past events barely matter apart from name sakes, and establishing what is consistent and will reappear. Those being, : Zelda, Link, Ganon, Hyrule, Master Sword, Possibly the sages, and the Triforce. Zelda, Ganon, and Link are cursed and bound to this cycle because the Triforce is timeless and fought over, the Master Sword is also Timeless since its made by the members of the cycle to gives the next ones the same chance, and if there's a Master sword and or Triforce there will most likely be a sage of light, and subseqently the other sages.
My Timeline theory is that there is such an inconceivable amount of time after the end of each time line that eventually they become indistinguishable from one another and that the kingdom of Hyrule we see in Totk and Botw isn't even remotely connected to the one of old. thus outlining a new Hyrule, new ancient history, and new stories only connecting to the old ones in familiar ways because of the myths of old, curse of demise, and legend(s) of 'Zelda'. (I'm sorry for the pun)
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2023.06.08 09:45 floorlight Gemini - $15 free in bitcoin for making a $100 crypto trade

Gemini is a crypto exchange, registered with the FCA and based in New York.
The current referral offer gives you $15 in Bitcoin when you sign up with a referral link and buy or sell $100 worth of cryptocurrency.
This is worth roughly £12 but obviously varies due to the exchange rate. Once you sign up, do the trade within 30 days to get the bonus. You'll get slightly less than this after fees are accounted for.

Follow these steps:
1 – Sign up to Gemini using this referral link –
2 – Verify ID and link your bank account.
3 – Either deposit $100 equivalent from your bank account (I suggest £85 just to be on the safe side – ‘Transfer funds -> Deposit into Gemini -> GBP -> Wire transfer. Manually link your bank.) or send $100 worth of crypto from another wallet. This should take a couple of minutes max.
4 – Trade $100 worth of crypto. I did this by clicking BTC-GBP and then entering £85 in the ‘buy’ field.
5 – Once the trade has been completed you will see $10 of Bitcoin added to your account after a few hours (could take up to 2 days).
6 – You can sell the Bitcoin back to GBP and withdraw for free to your bank account – there are 10 free withdrawals per month. Use the Active Trader interface for slightly lower fees.

Bank transfers are free – for deposits and withdrawals. Debit cards have a 3.49% fee. You can deposit crypto for free.
Terms -
Non-ref (no bonus) -
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2023.06.08 09:44 reddit_lss_2 Who is in the wrong here?

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2023.06.08 09:38 psychic_pisces Things I wish I could tell you.

Do you remember August 2019? I do, it was like yesterday and forever ago all at the same time.
You were suppose to come visit, and we were going to meet for the first time since becoming friends online 10 years prior. I really thought this was the best time and I couldn’t be more excited. That was, until my relationship started to fall apart right before our eyes. I was struggling a lot to work, and with my mental health. I was finally decompressing after leaving such an abusive environment. I had been moved out for 1 year.
Anyways, I started a new job, I started new meds and I was feeling really good, except I still couldn’t afford to pick you up from the airport or find someway too, I planned to use my paycheque but then I was being broken up with.
This was my first real relationship, you know that. I thought I had found my one; and actually to this day I still believe that because we are still together. It turns out we were young and stupid, and took a big situation and made it worse but we needed some time to figure that out. Anyways, that’s not really the story here.
What I want to tell you, is why I couldn’t just accept my breakup, leave him, move back home and somehow make our plans work.
The truth is my step dad was abusing me, not just physically and emotionally but also sexually. This had gone on between the ages of 9 years old and 18 years old. I couldn’t go home and I couldn’t let my relationship end because I had no where to go, and the only person who knew the truth was my then boyfriend (now fiancé).
I couldn’t tell you, because at that point I couldn’t tell anyone. The only reason my fiancé knew is because it came up in person one time, when discussing his own personal experience. I was still trying to process what happened and how it was affecting my relationship, my mental health and honestly my own relationship with myself. All I knew was that if my relationship ends I would have to go back and I couldn’t.
It wasn’t because I was picking a boy who I’d only been with for a year and a half over you. It was because I was just starting to get better, and I could not regress again… I just couldn’t. I know I wouldn’t have made it.
I am deeply sorry that I fucked everything up, and I wish I hadn’t spent so many years lying to everyone about what was really going on.
I did want to tell you too, that in 2021, I told my mom the truth, I told my grandma and I told my sister. I shortly then told my other family and friends. After that, I made the very brave decision to report a historical SA case. In august of 2021, he was arrested. He got out the next day, or the same day I can’t remember but he was given a court order that he had to leave my mothers house. That didn’t happen until October 2021, but we’ve been free since.
This past February, I testified in front of a judge in a preliminary hearing to see if my case would make it to a trial. It did. February of next year, I will testify in court again at a trial.
I have gone to so much therapy, I regulated my medication, I stopped medicating with drugs, alcohol etc. I realize my mistakes, and so much more. I am the best me that I can be and I want you to know that I am better now. I am incredibly sorry for my selfish actions and I will never be able to make up for that, but I hope maybe one day you will understand. I hope you are doing better too btw.
I believe you graduated this year didn’t you? Congratulations! I know you worked really hard, and I bet your dad is so proud up there.
I realize even saying all of this wouldn’t really change anything and that is exactly why I don’t intend to send this to you, and I’m just simply getting it off my chest. But I did want to put it out there, I know you used to be a lurker here so here goes nothing.
C, I will always love and cherish our friendship ; you were truly incredible and got me through some of the most horrific things ai have ever experienced. I wish nothing but good things for you, and maybe just maybe one day we can reconnect, until then take care.
Love always, K Y
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2023.06.08 09:38 Detor3595 Happines is hard ( if DA or any Abu. triger you dont read pls it will be whole point)

Hello, i just wana strart with sorry and thank you.
My name is Mark(alter) but i am not sure anymore. Me and Penny we are in our system some kind of job-alters we do our parts of our daily life. I am engenier by day , she (was) the artist by the night. Others were here and there but for our whole life we were the structure , with Matt as your protector.
We all played our part as best we could so we can be (insert ou legal name). This was years before i even knew DiD exist. When you sometimes have realy bad dyslexia and sometimes you dont it kinda start to click. For past year we have been exploring us in any way we could , some of us acepted our actrattion to both genders and by now we are all mostly pansexuals. Some of us had huuuuge problem with it bc they were bulied for bein gay witch we were not at all open about ( witch was confusing at young age). We went long way but happines and love still fuck us.
Almost decade ago we were on the crossroad and that separated us as system, some wanted family and happy life some wanted carier. Person that still resonate in our hearth as love of our lifes made us decide. Her with kids or she will be no more. Only memory we all seems to have is us holding her on the enge of the window. She cuted us , hit us , ABUSED us but love was love. Leting her go was the hardest. After months of sleeples night if i get a call about her unalive, only thing i got is weding invite... she moved on bc only think she really wanted is child. Now i dont blame her but i did in the past. Penny hate her guts. After this we had some small realtionships , but all ended one way or the another. 3 years ago another girl that after getin deep to us , started using same methots to manipulate us. you know the same old plate trowing, glass cuting, door smasing.
Last year i finnaly finished school and an engenier in pandemic and moved with 2 women friends to capital city. One , we can call Ž., we got close during summer but i made my bounderies clear and made sure our roommate knows about them too. One reason was that some of su had already crush to frend from diferent group , second i got so mayn red flags from her. It wasnt re flaf after all it was whole goddamn flagship of them. After numerous calls to ambulance and re living memories of bath full of redhumanwatter. Endure bruises and cuts. Last nighit i saw her i packed myself in 2 hours and left and she after 2 failed atempts ended finaly in psycare as i beged her to go.
SO we moved on again , only way to cope with it was drugs , nothing prescribed would work ( bc it didnt ) . We got ourselfs flat with 2 frends from school ( 2 female) and i finaly had time to reflect and try to heal. I did all that , we found our path for a moment but last 2 weeks was just domino efect. I personaly (mark) did stupid thing and got us in ramson for our nudes photos with face , penny is not talking to us, Matt steped down as protector and said "you wanted this life not us" , last straw was yesterday. Do you remember the crush i mentioned up, yea i live in sam apartment with her.. She is so great , smart , atractive but mental problems on her own. I undrrstand her pain but watching someone cut themself just trigers faaaar too many things. But i stood there garding the knife with my bare hand i long as i could. I am ok with bein cut , but cant watch others. and specialy those i a adore.
She dont know about us , one time i tried to bring it up drunk. But she fraked out abd we didnt talk wor 3 weeks. Worst thing is that i feel the spark and i could have become something beautiful. But i know what will hapen now , everytime someone see her they will see enemy and i just cant live like that .....
Hope you all have a great day if you got this far , now you are my only outlet and just by reading you help <3
I will end it with a lyrics of a song Amy is huming whole morning : "Baby dont hurt me , dont hurt me no More"
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2023.06.08 09:36 dannym357 AITA (28M) I moved to another continent to meet a girl I met online.

As per the title , I met a girl online we spoke for a few years then I moved to another continent to be with her.
I am now 28 , I met this girl when I was 24. We were friends for years then feelings started. To add some context I was in the worst time of my life when I met her. I was in complete isolation (living in a house alone in the mountains) suffering from weed induced paranoia and anxiety. Before this I was a socialite and captain of my football team and I never had issues getting girls. I was in isolation for a few months when I met her , she was the only person I spoke to everyday. It was the only human contact I had at this point.
In the following two years we started to have more and more feelings for eachother. We were both mentally going through a hard time (her little brother died a few months before talking to me) and she was broke when I met her , I helped her with grocery money for the first few months she was working. However she landed a great job and now was very comfortable for money. I also got a great job and was making double what I used to make bringing me into the upper middle class range for salaries. We helped each other mentally, we were depressed lonely and broken people when we met.
So this girl got to the point where she said she needed to meet me , and I felt the same. However I didn’t want to put my job at risk I wanted to continue saving, but she said she was getting older and wants to start a real life with me (she was 26 at the time) and said if I don’t come to live with her she would end the relationship with me. At the time I was making great money and saving 70% of my income every month. I had saved up $60k and I asked her to wait just a few more months until I had $100k and she said no she is not waiting anymore. This was the only person in the world who meant anything to me. It felt like I had no choice but to go.
I booked tickets and went over to her , we then bought a house together under her name. We went 50/50 on everything, it all happened so quickly. However I had been locked up in isolation for so many years I freaked out I wasn’t ready to settle down so quickly. I cheated on her I know I’m an asshole for this, I realized how bad this was I apologized and we tried to work through it and we were with each other everyday. She then cheated on me and at this point I realized this was the end. I moved out of the house and we spent 3 months apart, we started talking again and we tried to build our relationship again but things just are never gonna be the same again she said she can’t move passed what happened and wants me to leave.
So am I an asshole for asking for the $30k I used to buy this house under her name ? It’s money she will get back down the line when she sells the house. I would have never asked for this back but how everything played out I feel like I should.
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2023.06.08 09:31 soslowsloflow Girlfriend (F25) broke up with me (M28) and blamed it on me

My understanding of the situation was not me vs her, it was that we fell into an undesireable dynamic that we did not find a way out of. She had, by her own description, a weak sense of self. She would say that she wanted to dissolve. I have a stronger sense of self, I often want to feel seen or realize my dreams. We got along quite well, loved each other intently and tenderly, loved each other like no one else ever had. She had three medical disabilities: two mental illnesses and a chronic illness. These, combined with the challenges of adulting for the first time, meant that we were dating when she had to learn a lot.
I would get exhausted with her ADHD compounding her ability to manage her chronic illness and vice versa. Her mental state fluctuating a lot daily wore me down. I would try to help her remember about her medication, and help her come up with strategies like making lists so that she could cope instead of flailing about while her health and living situation declined—for instance, piles of trash all over her house, impulsively buying things she struggled to afford, eating junk food constantly that hurts her chronic illness. Her own independent streak led her to not want to listen to me, even though I was being encouraging and thoughtful, but then I would become frustrated, and my attempts at helping became mixed with resentment, which in turn caused her resentment toward me. I could not simply watch her let herself decline and not say something. At times, my negative feedback would become critical, but I would not be condescending—I try to be honest and respect another person in conflict.
I became increasingly worn out by feeling like I was not dating someone who was an independent person. I felt like I had to initiate things most of the time. She fished for complements often. She tried to get my attention in little ways, even when I already was giving her my focus. When I complemented her from my heart or tried to help her process what she was feeling, she seemed to forget it. When I gave her negative feedback, she remembered it vividly. She kinda skated along. She became increasingly exhausted with feeling like I did not like her. She said she felt like I was always annoyed with her in some way. She did not give me feedback like I gave her, and I really wanted her to tell me what she wanted, so that I could listen and respond rather than imagining what she wants.
To be fair, I tend to be an idealistic person, and I dont blame her for feeling that intensity as a lot. I was struggling in our relationship, and things she did would annoy me, but I identified that this is probably the person I will marry, she had said the same about me, and so I decided that the best thing for me to do is to endure and work through this as we grow up together. Long term relationships, especially marriage, require work and learning to resolve conflict together as people grow and change. So much of marriage is about cultivating rich love and working to cohabitate well rather than simply finding an absence of conflict.
I'm focusing on the negative, so here is some positive. We shared our worlds together. Lots of laughs and very intimate conversations and moments. We would take stuffed animals and put them in funny situations and send photos of them to each other. We made up funny stories and talked about deep things together. She felt like my woman, and I felt like her man. We had many conversations about things very near and dear to our hearts. We would care for each other and cry together.
Two months ago, she starts taking mental health medication, and in three or four days the relationship goes from loving and friendly to stone cold from her. She stops talking to me. I try calling her numerous times asking what's up? She was distant and aloof. Finally, she explains she likes the distance between us. She starts to get mad at me over phone and I start to cry. She decides over phone that she wants to be single. I tell her that I want to have this conversation in person rather than over the phone. She tells me over text shes breaking up with me and says theres no point in coming over. I call her and very angrily explain to her how f'd up it is to break up with a long term boyfriend over text when we have been each other's closest, most trusted companions for almost two years. I demanded an in-person, face-to-face conversation. It was like she was flushing all our love out a toilet, like it was all a dream she could walk away from.
When I showed up, she was at first happy to see me, smiling uncontrollably. It felt to me like she was acting girlishly. She tried to explain that she felt like she was losing her sense of self around me, and that she had been codependently bouncing between guys ever since high school. That was an understandable reason for wanting to be single. I tried my best to be supportive, because her feeling like herself is really important, but I was devastated. I loved her, we loved each other so much. She tried to uncling herself from me with as little emotional involvement as possible. She has treated me very starkly ever since. I feel there is an emotional chasm left behind by her swift departure from me. She was such a bright love in my life. I guess I feel wronged by how easily she dumped me, as if her perception of me had been flipped all of a sudden, maybe by the medications. I dont think her wanting to be single is a bad idea. It makes perfect sense. I just wish she had slowed down and thought solidly about us long-term and communicated with me about her desires instead of zooting from me like I was a bad fling. It's like she forgot I was her best friend. I can see the reasons that led up to the breakup, we got into a spiral where she felt she was giving herself away to me, and I was wanting more of her, and we didnt get out of it. She blamed it on me, and I dont think it's all my fault. Relationships are not assured to last, and sometimes they fall apart between people.
I am wondering, Reddit, about your feedback. Also if you think it would be good for me to reach out to her with a letter or about having a conversation for closure or to hold on hope that maybe we will get back together someday? My friends say I dodged a bullet. Somebody who would leave me so quickly and so quickly reinterpret the level of intimacy we shared as a wholly negative thing must have not been as open to me as I was open with her. She seems to have some growing up to do, and being single might be just what she needs to feel more herself.
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2023.06.08 09:30 AubreyGrahamTrashRot 27 (F) - my estranged stepfather has falsely been claiming me as an employee (specifically the accountant) for his highly suspicious pool servicing business for years without my knowledge - what do I do?

My mom and stepfather are two of the most dishonest and morally corrupt people I've ever met. I also am estranged from them. I haven't had a relationship with my mom since high school, and even then it was very strained. Have always butt heads with my stepfather.
Never been good between us. After HS I went to a big university. Got my degree. Started my career got my own one bedroom apartment downtown.
Near the end of 2020, I was in the process of signing for a car lease. The dealership ran my information (background check, consumer report, etc.) and came out and told me that the information I provided them about my employment history and current employer did not match up with what is on record. I was super confused and I asked what the report said and they told me that it says your employer is "******" (my stepfather) and that you are employed as his "accountant".
I was speechless. I have never worked a day in my life for this man, I have never received a penny from him in any aspect, and I have absolutely no background in accounting whatsoever. My major at MSU was political science minor in economics. Like l've never done ANYTHING in accounting I don't have the experience nor the education to be in any type of role like that. And I work in a totally different field.
The dealership gave me a copy of the report. I called my mom while I was at the dealership and she denied any knowledge of it and told me that it was probably my actual father..???….. and that my stepfather would never do that. Lol. It wasn't my actual father, but that was her story. I've tried to submit the information to IRS fraud department online but I have never heard anything back. This year, I got audited on my state taxes which was so strange and I've run into multiple other problems and hurdles with this. I don't know what to do. I'm also not sure what exactly is angle is with it, like type of breaks / benefits falsely claiming me as an employee would generate for him. My guess is he claims me as an employee to avoid some sort of income taxes. I also have a fear that he listed me as the accountant so that if law-enforcement ever catches onto his absolute cesspool of business that he will try to say that the cooked books or whatever he's got going on were me. Any info would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.08 09:26 Helpful-Lunch-7121 AITA for driving through a roped off exit?

Would love opinions on this. I am a pizza delivery driver. Today the store was busy and I was on a run of three orders. My first order was to an apartment complex that is a maze. It is extremely confusing to navigate through. To make it worse most places to drive through were blocked of with ropes. Apparently they were redoing pavement. However, it was no longer wet or freshly done.
I drop my order off and try to leave. Problem is, every time I try to turn on to another part of the complex to leave it is roped off. I spend 10 minutes driving around in circles and finally find the exit. However, it is roped off too. When I say rope it’s more like very thin string. I have two other orders in the car and at this point I have lost my patience due to already having a stressful day so I drive through it. Wasn’t proud if it but I didn’t know what else to do. Also, other roped off spots around the complex had clearly been driven through too by other people. From what I could tell the only way I could have gotten out would have been to drive all the way back around to the entrance and exiting the entrance did not seem safe to me.
I get back to my store and apparently some lady called my manager and is pissed I drove through the roped off exit. He said she was very upset. (She knew where I worked because I had the delivery topper on my car with the store name on it.) My manager didn’t seem too bothered by it though and agreed that complex is a mess even without the roped off areas. However I’m worried he might tell my higher up boss about it when he comes in and I maybe get in trouble or written up or worse. I didn’t give it a second thought until I got back to the store and learned someone called to tell on me which made me question if that was the wrong move. What should I have done instead then. AITA for driving through the roped off exit?
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2023.06.08 09:25 Typical_Anteater_621 Me, M18+ and my gf F44 have been in a relationship for half a year now, but i did something horrible before and idk what to do now.

I'll keep the story as short as i can, as it's very long. I was bullied in school for 7 years straight. The kids in my class teamed up against me. I was just different. At the time i was into science, space and stuff like that while other kids my age were playing, having fun. And i had strict parents so other kids had video games on their phones, could go out late and other stuff like that which also made me standout. I wanted to make friends but didn't know how and eventually they just teamed up against me and i couldn't do much. I couldn't fight back as I would get suspended. Even my own parents didn't believe me that i was the one bullied, not the bully. A few years into the bullying, my grand grandma died. Then my grandma that lives in the same house as me died too. At this point i didn't really care about the bullying anymore. At some point i even started liking physical torture, it made me forget about the pain inside. That's when i found out about gym and started going consistently. Fast forward to a few years later. At this point even more bad things started happening. My grandpa died, i injured myself, I didn't have friends left, i was all alone, hated by people, judged, even by my own parents. That's where the main part starts. I was playing video games a lot, as i didn't wanna have to do much with reality. I was watching a youtube video on a game i liked, and commented on it. A bit later I got a response from someone, let's call her Jessica for the story. We talked a bit and arranged to play later on together. We played and had a good time and that's when we started playing more and more and spending more and more time together. Everything was going good until... So, in the game we were playing, you can add people as friends, but i liked being at 0, as some youtuber i liked did that too. So i unfriended her without telling her, and as she had bought something for us in the game she thought i just had veen using her for it. But we cleared it up and everything went on well again. We had a few more arguments here and there, mostly about her assuming i did something I didn't do, I don't remember all of them specifically. Forward to October, November last year. That's when all the Tate stuff, focus on yourself stuff started bombing social media. I had torn my muscle and wasn't able to go gym for a year, had a lot of bad stuff happen, was mentally unstable, so that's when all of it came in. I had never had an idol, but that's when things changed. I thought it could help me get out of depression, be happy and etc. So i started spending less and less time with her, which led to us having more arguments, so then i started lying to avoid them. I was roughly spending an hour on her a day. One day when we played for around an hour or a bit less, i told her i had to go to do business. I'm not sure what happened, but i think my friend called me to play, I haven't played with him for weeks so i went in and played, forgetting about what i told her. That's when i got blocked. The only msg from her before blocking me was "Nice". I didn't know what to think. A few days passed and i realized what i had done. I remembered her being jealous, giving hints that she loves me. I was so dumb. I loved her secretly too. (We both couldn't confess as we have a big age difference, and we couldn't be sure how we will react). I felt very bad, I knew what i had done and that i can't change it now. I thought of commiting suicide everyday. A week later I promissed to myself to either spend my life with her or alone. Never leave her. Confess to her. Stop lying to avoid arguments. I went on a comment she had left on one video and replied to it, hoping she sees it and comes back. I didn't get any response until February. I found out she had actually not seen it and has been msging me on the game we were playing, but I don't check those msgs so I didn't see it. She added me back on discord again and we chatted about it. Slowly after a few weeks i confessed to love. She felt the same. Everything was good. But then we started having arguments, because of what had happened. It's like a trauma I caused. At that time we were apart she couldn't eat much or sleep, focus, had anxiety attacks, bad mood, sad. I didn't even know that, i felt so much hate towards myself i had never felt. I just wanted to murder myself brutally. It's been almost half a year. She still doesn't trust me and still has days she thinks about it. I'm trying my best, I'm spending every second i can of my day with her, making her presents and gifts, giving her all my love and appreciation i can. But she said she doesn't know if it will ever fix, if she will ever trust me fully, and for our relationship to be full. I understand her and i want the best for her, i want to spend my life with her, but idk what to do, in 3 years I'll be able to move in with her, but idk if anything will change by then, Idk how to fix this, and time pressures it even more as ik life is short and i want her to be in every part of it. Idk what to do. She doesn't even wanna show me how she looks rn, dayd it's because she thinks she is ugly, but idt that's the reason, i think a lot of bad stuff about myself but it doesn't stop me sharing them with her. I ruined the relationship we could've had, it could've been no pain just making her the happiest, give her what she deserves, share eachother fully and be very happy. Idk what to do now. It's eating me alive.
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2023.06.08 09:25 Pinto_RED_Window13 SCP-2406 vs Godzilla (2021)

Scene 1: The desert

SCP-2406 is standing in the middle of a vast desert, surrounded by sand and rocks. It is covered in dust and rust, and its left arm is missing. Inside its metal body, six skeletons are sitting in front of various valves and levers, their bones clattering with every movement.
SCP-2406: (voice-over) We are the last of our kind. The Colossus. The defenders of humanity. We fought against the Titans, the monstrous beings that threatened to destroy our world. We were victorious, but at a great cost. Many of our brothers and sisters fell in battle, and we were left alone in this barren wasteland. We have been waiting for centuries, hoping that someone would find us and restore us to our former glory. But no one came. Until now.
Suddenly, a loud roar echoes through the air, shaking the ground and making SCP-2406 tremble. SCP-2406 looks up and sees a huge figure emerging from the horizon. It is Godzilla, the King of the Monsters. He is walking towards SCP-2406 with a menacing expression, his dorsal plates glowing blue.
SCP-2406: (voice-over) We do not know who or what this creature is, but we sense its hostility and power. It is unlike any Titan we have ever faced before. It radiates a strange energy that hurts our senses. It has come to challenge us, to claim our territory as its own. We cannot allow that. We must fight.
SCP-2406 activates its nuclear reactor, making its eyes and chest glow red. It raises its right arm and aims its nozzle at Godzilla. It opens its mouth and emits a loud metallic roar, as if to warn Godzilla to stay away.
Godzilla roars back, as if to mock SCP-2406's attempt to intimidate him. He quickens his pace and charges at SCP-2406, ready to attack.

Scene 2: The battle

The two giants collide with a thunderous impact, sending shockwaves across the desert. Godzilla swings his tail at SCP-2406, but SCP-2406 dodges it and sprays a jet of flammable substance at Godzilla's face. Godzilla roars in pain and anger as the substance burns his skin and eyes. He retaliates by firing his atomic breath at SCP-2406, hitting its torso and causing an explosion.
SCP-2406 staggers back from the blast, but does not fall. It has a large hole in its chest, exposing its nuclear reactor. It looks at Godzilla with rage and defiance.
SCP-2406: (voice-over) This creature is strong, stronger than any Titan we have ever faced before. Its breath is like a weapon of mass destruction, capable of piercing our armor and damaging our core. But we are not afraid. We are not weak. We are the Colossus. We will not give up.
SCP-2406 charges at Godzilla again, using its right arm as a battering ram. It slams into Godzilla's chest, pushing him back and making him lose his balance. Godzilla falls to the ground with a loud thud, creating a cloud of dust.
SCP-2406 takes advantage of Godzilla's fall and jumps on top of him, pinning him down with its weight. It opens its mouth and bites down on Godzilla's neck, trying to tear it apart.
Godzilla roars in pain and fury as he feels SCP-2406's teeth digging into his flesh. He struggles to free himself from SCP-2406's grip, but SCP-2406 holds on tight.
Godzilla then unleashes his nuclear pulse, emitting a powerful blast of radiation from his body that hits SCP-2406 directly.
SCP-2406 screams in agony as it feels the radiation burning its metal skin and bones. It lets go of Godzilla's neck and falls off him, rolling on the ground.
Godzilla gets up and looks at SCP-2406 with contempt. He sees that SCP-2406 is badly damaged and barely moving.
Godzilla: (voice-over) This machine is weak, weaker than any Titan I have ever faced before. Its metal body is no match for my power and fury. It has no life, no spirit, no soul. It is nothing but a relic of a forgotten past. It has no place in this world. I am the King of the Monsters. I will end it.
Godzilla walks towards SCP-2406 with a triumphant expression, ready to deliver the final blow.

Scene 3: The end

SCP-2406 lies on the ground, barely conscious. It sees Godzilla approaching and knows that it has no chance of survival.
SCP-2406: (voice-over) We have failed. We have lost. This creature is too powerful, too unstoppable, too superior. We cannot defeat it. We cannot protect humanity. We have failed our mission, our purpose, our legacy. We are the last of our kind. The Colossus. The defenders of humanity. We are dying.
SCP-2406 closes its eyes and accepts its fate. It feels a faint sense of peace and relief, as if it is finally free from its eternal burden.
Godzilla reaches SCP-2406 and stands over it, looking down at it with disdain. He opens his mouth and charges his atomic breath, aiming it at SCP-2406's head.
Godzilla fires his atomic breath, hitting SCP-2406's head and obliterating it in a fiery explosion.
SCP-2406's nuclear reactor goes critical and detonates, creating a massive mushroom cloud that engulfs both Godzilla and SCP-2406.
The desert is silent and still, except for the wind and the dust.
The end.
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2023.06.08 09:24 sufferingsomuch I just wanna know what you would consider this situation if it happened to you and what it means?

I’m not gonna go into details about the relationship but I spent months getting beat and cheated on and blocked unblocked death threats, knives held to my throat items stolen. Drugged. Endorsing my suicide infront of police. Everything under the umbrella. I collected evidence (which then was told by counseling to delete) I never got any Justice for anything.
I think I spent two months prior to meeting said individual asking to talk, a sign really just asking to speak. I was given STD’s (without knowledge they were actually cheating on me) I felt disgusting. I really wanted to end the relationship. I kept asking to talk and I had no luck getting a good word in and formally breaking apart. I’d spend nights getting accused of cheating when I was out living life I would fear being around other men as I would get calls and accused.
One day I’m being asked to buy him gifts and so I ask “how come I have to buy you things to see you.” And he said “ask yourself that.” I just don’t know why I even bothered. I drove to the place to pick up the items and then I get phone calls of someone threatening to kill me and how mentally insane I am and then he calls me tells me to go back home tells me to block the numbers. I’m just getting freaked out irl and he hangs up blocks me unblocks me blocks me he calls me cussing me out. I’m getting frustrated and people around me are asking to buy my car. So then I continue to go meet him because I just wanted to speak and break it off I just wanted to talk. Biggest regret. I don’t know why. I was already half way there and he said “come can’t wait to see you it’s fine just come since you’re here meet me here.”
So then I come and hes paying me zero attention very disinterested in anything I’m saying. Very cold. I say “I brought you this stuff like you asked!” Just very disinterested I felt so uncomfortable I shouldn’t even be here. So then he leads me to a McDonald’s and I’m trying to explain why I came and whatever. Zero interest. Then he says “drive to the spot.”
So we drive to this spot that’s behind a bunch of buildings and it’s an empty parking lot. And he tells me to park. Then he gets into the back seat of my car and sits there. I just wanted to talk honestly. He went into the backseat and started signaling me to come back. “We will talk come back here.” Then he pulls his pants off. And I say “I didn’t even shave I don’t even want that I just wanna talk.” And I ask “do you even love me at all?” And then he says “I’ll tell you after you show me how much you love me.” he starts pressuring me by saying “my friends need me, I need to go.” And he says “come on show me how much you love me.” I didn’t want that in that moment it felt so vile…. I just wanted to ask if I was worth anything after everything I did. So then he takes his pants off and says “it’s up to you I gotta go soon though!” And I’m really not sure I felt so much pressure I kept stumbling upon words “what about a condom the stds!” He kept saying “ah well I’ll just go then.” In a tone of voice. I just went into a state of panic. We began kissing. So then I try very hard to please and he won’t even say my name at all. Then afterwards I ask “Do you love me at all.” And he says “you’re only worth like 30%.” “I don’t believe anything you tell me.” “Come back when you learn to control yourself.”
I don’t even know what I responded to that. Besides compete blank emotions. Then I drive him home and leave. Then he contacts me saying “I show my passion through sex” And I just started spamming how can you know your controlling someone and doing this and how can you do that to someone how can you do that. And then he says “sorry Imma have to let you go.” And I’m blocked and I say to never contact me ever again.
I started second guessing what just happened. I felt like I was sexually assaulted? Was it? Many times through the “relationship.” Which he never “claimed me.” He would film me without consent. Etc. I don’t know what to think about it. Right after I go to work and have a break down. And then a mental program that tells me I’m schizophrenic and I lose it.
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2023.06.08 09:23 podymchuck Are crumpets an all day food? - MAJOR UPDATE

I am sure you are all eager to hear an update on the hot crumpet topic in my life.
I have taken your advice, bought a six pack of Warburtons crumpets in a local ASDA and as excited as I was, took them home to further examine and investigate what you have all reported back. I have made the wife aware that I will be buying crumpets and she can participate in the guinea pig experiment if she wants. She said yes, but I need to test them first.
So I have pre heated the trusty old air fryer (no toaster in this household - criminal, I know!) and put the very first one in. The feel on my fingers wasn't great as it is quite floppy and not too appealing. However after a couple minutes in the air fryer it got the bottom crisp, so I have added some grated cheddar on top and put it back in for the cheese to melt.
AND OH MY DAYS WAS I FOR A SURPRISE! I had this very first crumpet after my dinner just with cheese. Someone said under my original post that they do mini pizzas for their kids with tomato paste and cheese - got to try that one as well. However the true value of crumpets emerged on the next day. I have decided to give another two a go - this time as the majority of you lovely peeps suggested with butter and the second one with a sweet condiment. I can confirm that crumpets are indeed the ultimate snack and I cannot wait to have my first set with a full English.
Now question is - are they truly an all day food? Give me your ideas on what do you have them with apart of the popular ones - butter, cheese, marmite, jam.
And also if I would ask my local cafe for a full English with crumpets instead of toast would I not look suspicious?
Thank you for changing my life for the better fellow Redditors
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2023.06.08 09:23 No-Mycologist2855 Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore

Are you passionate about graphic design and looking to turn your creativity into a rewarding career? Look no further than our Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore! Designed to provide you with comprehensive training and industry exposure, this course is the perfect launchpad for your graphic design journey.
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Throughout the course, you'll learn a wide range of design principles, techniques, and software applications used in the industry. From mastering the fundamentals of design theory to gaining proficiency in industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, our experienced instructors will guide you every step of the way.
What sets our Graphic Design Course apart is the focus on practical application. Through hands-on projects and real-world design briefs, you'll have ample opportunities to apply your newly acquired skills and build a professional portfolio that showcases your talent. Our instructors, who are seasoned graphic designers, will provide valuable feedback and mentorship to help you refine your work.
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Our Graphic Design Course is conducted in a modern and well-equipped learning environment. You'll have access to state-of-the-art design software, high-quality design resources, and a dedicated design studio that fosters creativity and collaboration. This immersive learning experience ensures that you develop the skills needed to excel in the industry.
Upon successful completion of the course, you'll receive a certificate that recognizes your achievement and demonstrates your proficiency in graphic design. This certification, combined with the industry exposure gained through our placement program, will significantly enhance your employability and open doors to a wide range of graphic design opportunities.
Don't miss out on the chance to pursue your passion for graphic design and kickstart your career in Bangalore's thriving design industry. Enroll in our Graphic Design Course with Placement in Bangalore today and embark on a transformative learning journey that will shape your future as a successful graphic designer.
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2023.06.08 09:22 camlarx Rank disparity

Can anyone remedy this? Me and a buddy exclusively play together. Both hovering around 1700 in 2’s, queuing no issue. However, we can’t queue 3’s at all due to ‘rank disparity’ when our mmr’s were literally 3 apart. No tournaments or ranked 3’s. I thought maybe after the recent update this might’ve rectified it self but now I can’t even solo queue 3’s for the same reason. Minor inconvenience but would be nice to be able to join a tourny from time to time
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2023.06.08 09:20 Lazy_report_ I broke up with my girlfriend and now my friends don’t talk to me anymore.

My gf (20F) and I (21M) met through a friend of mine (20F) who I had been living with for just under a year, rather not use names so I’ll just call my friend Rachel. I saw a post Rachel made of the two of them having a few drinks, and I thought she looked cute and so we started talking and pretty much hit it off straight away. We met up and shortly after I asked her out and we started dating, even though we didn’t know each other long it just felt right and I felt connected to her. My gf had told me she had trust issues because she had been cheated on in the past. At the time I didn’t have an issue with it as I believed myself to be trustworthy and that I would gain her trust throughout our relationship. I moved out and started living with some other friends of mine, with my gf not living too far away, so we would see each other often. Our relationship was one built on good communication as I thought it’d be best to be able to be comfortable to talk about any issues so we could work together through any problems. Other than a few arguments here and there we had a very close and connected relationship. A few months down the line and It was at this point where I didn’t feel like my gf trusted me still. It hurt to have her so distrusting of me when I had never done anything untrustworthy, it felt like all the distrust from her previous relationship was being held against me for no reason. In my head relationships are built on trust and it didn’t feel like we had that. I brought it up that I had issues with her, saying I felt like she didn’t trust me and that it really hurt and I couldn’t keep going if things would continue like this. We were both very upset and we spoke it through and decided to use time apart to think about things until we saw each other next. When we next saw each other my gf was like a whole different person, saying she had taken into account things I had said and was ready to make things work. At the time I was very unsure,because it had only been 2 weeks and I didn’t think it was enough time for her to have made enough of a change. The only way I can describe it now is it felt like she had checked out of the relationship and was on auto pilot. We met up a few times and kept speaking things through. Now this is where my friends come into the story. A friend of mine (21M), we’ll call Craig, was going in and out of a relationship with Rachel over the past few months and since there last breakup, he had spoken about realising his mistakes and wanting to try again with Rachel. Being friends with both of them, I had heard from Rachel about how upset she was and how she needed time to move past it before she could think about speaking to him again. Using an experience I had previously, I gave some advice to Craig, using this experience as the framework. My gf was also friends with Craig and Rachel and so I told her about it and we went through it, but she started picking apart the experience I mentioned expressing that I should never get into a relationship if I feel this way and that she never would have dated me if she knew this. This comment was one of the things that made me think my gf had basically given up on the relationship, but still really caring about her I thought maybe we could still make things work. It wasn’t until later that week before going out for my birthday when playing most likely to with friends, she said I was most likely to cheat out of everyone there. This really hurt me as it basically said that she thought I would cheat on her. With everything we were going through at the time, this was the final straw for me as I couldn’t do a relationship without trust. The next day I went over to my gfs to break up with her, but a little after I started to speak she asked “so are u breaking up with me?” And she told me to leave and bring all her stuff back, that being the end of it. I didn’t speak with either Rachel or Craig about this, and it didn’t come up until a party a few weeks later. At my housemates party, my now ex was invited as she was friends with my housemate, however she wasn’t initially going to come until I reached out to her to let her know I had no problems with her being there. I didn’t want her to be left out because of me, so we spoke about it and she said she would come but just wasn’t sure if I would be uncomfortable with it. Rachel and my ex were some of the first to arrive and immediately her demeanour was very different from her messages. She was giving me dirty looks and was obviously not very comfortable. Rachel said to me whilst we was sitting together that “she didn’t agree with what I did but didn’t want to bring that up now and hoped we’d have a good night.” This immediately rang alarm bells as it made no sense. She was obviously referring to my ex but all I did was break up with her and wasn’t even able to explain why to my ex. Rachel had never spoken to me about it but I had known that she had been there over the past few weeks to comfort my ex, so I was wondering what had been said about it. Later that night my ex, Rachel and myself got into an argument and I left the house to cool off. Rachel repeatedly showed a care for my ex’s emotional state but never for mine, which really hurt and showed that she had clearly picked sides. The next day I went to Rachel’s to speak about the previous night and we managed to squash our disagreement. However after this night Rachel would continue to distance herself more and more from me over the coming months. After 3 months had past I reached out to ask if Rachel had been distant from me for a reason and we got into another argument. At this time Rachel and Craig were once again dating but they didn’t tell me about it until I found out and asked them. Rachel and I pretty much stopped talking after our last argument as I felt like she had been distant and she tried to shift the blame to me. After this Craig also stopped interacting with me and seemed to be avoiding me. Rachel and Craig have now both removed me from most of their private socials and we never speak anymore and I lost two of my close friends all because I broke up with my gf. My ex is now still friends with Rachel and Craig and is always with them and I haven’t spoken to them in months. A small part of me wishes I could know what happened and why everything happened the way it did, but at the same time my friends and family keep telling me that there isn’t any point wasting your energy on them. I am trying to come to terms with it but in half a year I’ve lost 3 very close people in my life, and the more I think about the situation the more it upsets me. Either way I’m no longer in the same classes as Craig and none of my friends speak with my ex or Rachel anymore so I’m having to slowly move on and just forget about them.
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2023.06.08 09:18 RookCrowJackdaw What does feminine energy mean to you?

TLDR; direct, blunt, Leo, no nonsense needs to get more feminine energy going and not sure how.
OK I've been trying to engage with The Morrigan for a while to no avail. Did a tarot spread last night asking what are the barriers etc. Barriers came up as The Moon & The Empress (I typically work with 2 decks). So I need to pay more attention to my intuition and my feminine energy is how I'm reading this. Apart from baking a cake, hugging a tree or being nice to my family (things I do anyway) how else can I (61F) get more in touch with my feminine energy? How do you do it?
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2023.06.08 09:17 KindaAnimeObsessed i am extremely depressed and always have been.

ever since i can remember i have had an ache in my chest. maybe it was my dad or maybe it's just apart of who i am. i thought maybe this was my year, and it was for awhile but i just ended up here again. in my bed at 2am writing to strangers instead of those in my life. i've never had a moment of peace. maybe i'm exaggerating. sometimes with the right people i'll forget about it all only to go back to that house i can't quite call home. it gets better sometimes and worse others but i think it's especially bad this time around and i'm not sure why. i don't know, maybe i'm the problem? that would explain why this shroud of shit follows me everywhere. i want to be happy, i really do. i know i used to just feed my depression and anxiety cause it was all i knew but now i'm really trying. i clean my room everyday, i shower, i brush my teeth but i don't do my homework, i still haven't gotten my license, i cancel interviews almost every time. i take care of myself but i do nothing for me. my birthday is in ten days and i have no plans. id love to do something but money is tight and people are busy. i've been in therapy on and off my whole life and it's helped somewhat it's probably my fault for not being completely honest. it's just too scary to let someone know me like that. how can she know why i do the things i do when i, myself, couldn't tell you? i think i've been close to happiness. maybe i almost got there before my state made me illegal. i cant even enjoy my teen years because i'm always at the doctor or worrying about my medicine being taken away. + i have to heal from my childhood. except, i'm also addicted to drugs and am only hurting myself more. i don't think i've ever admitted that out loud. i keep considering relapsing back into my eating disorder because i miss the sense of control. everything is just so messy nowadays. people have always told me they admired how chill & go with the flow i am but it's probably because i just do not care about my life and what happens in it. i love my best friend & girlfriend but i am much too sad to be anything for them. i sincerely hope i can make things better for myself but maybe this is just who i am and will ever be. i miss my mom.
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2023.06.08 09:07 brendy321im ACC VDC — 3 bed/2 bath summer sublease

Original price is $1,036 per month (utilities included) but willing to rent it out $800 per month. +$200 none refundable deposit. Private bed and shared bath installed AC/Heater (access to gym and pool). Dm for more detail. :) Lease date is from July 1st to Dec 2. You can move in earlier if desired. No extra fees, just being charged for the two months. If interested or further questions DM. Phone: (323) 439-3255 IG: ixtan_brendy Or just send message here :)
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