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2023.05.29 22:59 ninjahmaster What are your general reasons for hating the military?

I definitely understand that everyone is different before I make the decision to attempt to join and go through all the hoops that I think I will have to jump through I would like to know if it's even worth it?
There's various things that I will probably need a waiver for if I'm even allowed to join to begin with.
Such as a possession charge on my record, and current SSRI use I know I will have to quit before I join Just not sure how long I will have to be off of the SSRI to be recruited if at all
I just want to know is it just a horrible negative environment ? Or does it depend on what branch or what job you try to enlist?
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2023.05.29 22:59 fixinmiliyfe I keep comparing myself to my younger sister

TL;DR my sister is better than me at alot and its taking a toll on me
So I am 25F and my sister is 18. She is better than me in so many ways. For one in school she actually cares about her grades and she gets straight As in her class. She's gonna be recognized at her high school graduation which is so great and Im happy for her but for some reason my mind just goes back to me (selfish i know) and puts myself down. I graduated from college but it took me 6 yrs just to get a GPA lower than a 2.5 cause I never cared about school like she does. All ive ever cared about in life is being desirable and liked and I wish I wouldn't care so much.

She is also very outgoing and family oriented so alot of the family asks about how she is doing and they never ask about me which makes me feel some type of way. Also more people are coming to her highschool graduation than came to mine and shes getting a bigger celebration so my feelings are hurt about that as well. I mean i get it, cause she worked her ass off so she definitely deserves all that. She is also going to a good college as well and i just went to a college that would accept me since in high school I didnt do well then either. How can I stop comparing myself to her?
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2023.05.29 22:58 Fluffy_Fluffle Mario Bros. x Donkey Kong Country crossover.

Bowser decides, that, for once he'll take Peach somewhere far away. The Jungle Kingdom from the SMB Movie. Half of the game you play as Mario running right, and the other half you play as DK running left. The two eventually meet in the middle to defeat Bowser. Here are some game mechanics that would be in both halves:
(1. DK Barrel from Donkey Kong Country. These work exactly as the do in the Nintendo Switch port of DKC Tropical Freeze. You can have up to 4 characters on screen. For Mario, the barrels drop Luigi, Wario, and Captain Toad. For DK, the barrels drop Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, and Funky Kong.
(2. Power-Ups. In the entirety of the first half, and also late into the second half, there are ? blocks you can hit for coins or Power-Ups. Not everyone can use every power-up, for instance, Wario can't use the Tanooki Suit because he's fat. Power-Ups included will be as follows:
Mushroom. Makes you bigger and able to break bricks.
Fire Flower. Allows you to shoot fire.
Ice Flower. Allows you to shoot ice.
Penguin Suit. The Ice Flower, but you can now slide on ice. Funky Kong can't use this Power-Up because he doesn't want his bandana to get wet.
Super Leaf. You can whack enemies and fly. Wario can't use this Power-Up because he's fat. Captain Toad is the most useful with this Power-Up, as he has the shortest jump. This Power-Up works the same way as it does in New Super Mario Bros. 2, and does not require you to spam the jump button to float down.
Tanooki Suit. The Super Leaf, but now you can be a statue. Diddy Kong/Dixie Kong can't use this Power-Up as the suit is too small for them. Wario also can't use this Power-Up for the same reason as the Super Leaf. This Power-Up works as it does in Super Mario 3D Land, and does not require you to spam the jump button to float down.
Starman. Makes you invincible for a few seconds.
Now onto Power-Ups that only the Mushroom Kingdom heroes can use.
Propeller Mushroom. Makes you have a full body helicopter and can fly. (wait, haven't we seen this before?)
Mini Mushroom. Instead of making you big, it makes you small.
Now for the Power-Ups only the Kongs can use.
Rambi. That one rhino from the original DKC.
Now onto some movesets.
Mario: Punch, Crouch, Groundpound, Groundpound-Jump, Spin Jump, Triple Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Rolling Long Jump, Roll.
Luigi: Punch, Crouch, Groundpound, Groundpound-Jump, Spin Jump, Triple Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Rolling Long Jump, Roll.
Wario: Punch, Groundpound, Jump, Roll.
Captain Toad: Punch, Crouch, Spin Jump, Jump, Long Jump, Roll.
The Kongs have the same moves they do in Tropical Freeze.
Now for overall jump height.
  1. Captain Toad.
  2. Wario.
  3. Donkey Kong.
  4. Funky Kong.
  5. Diddy Kong.
  6. Dixie Kong.
One. Luigi.
Yoshi. He could do his signature flutter jump, eat enemies, and spit out Koopa shells.
POW blocks. They go boom boom.
Tracks. They move things up and down and side to side.
Minecart Tracks. These were INSANELY hard in Donkey Kong Country, the would be a fun mechanic.
Baby Yoshi. You hold him and he can do things like fly, glow, or kill enemies.
Now for some entirely new mechanics:
Unlockable games. There would be seven in total to unlock: Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Country, Donkey Kong Country 2, Wario Land 4, and New Super Mario Bros.
There would also be an arcade you could play at for coins. There would be ten game in total you could play: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario Bros., Vs. Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3 (PlayChoice10), Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 3, Mario Kart 64, Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, and Yoshi's Island DS.
Lakitus that throw ? blocks that look like ? blocks, but are actually non-moving Spinys and will kill you.
Let me know of anymore mechanics that could fit.
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2023.05.29 22:58 IceIceChiBaby Advice: Landscaper Not Finishing Work

Hi, everyone. We hired a landscaper late last fall and he still hasn’t finished the work. Lots of back and forth with him and promises to come soon. At the point, we just want him to finish or refund some of the money. Does anyone have advice on how to tactfully handle the situation? Thanks!
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2023.05.29 22:58 BlueflowRedthorns All the actors got to shine

What I really love about the finale is that every main character got to have an emotional moment that showed off each actor’s skills.
Sarah was INCREDIBLE. She always has the best oner monologues, but this truth telling heart to heart moment really touched me more than any other scene in Barry. She finally owned up to her mistakes with her child, even though her killing was in self defense.
Stephen got to have an amazing monologue that really drove home how his character evolved, and told the truth of who he really was. He got to be emotional, too.
Anthony got to REALLY GIVE IT by telling the truth about his weaknesses. If there’s one theme all these emotional monologues have, it’s about telling the core truth of the character. Anthony is always incredible.
Bill didn’t really get to have a monologue, but he did have a long shot of what he does best: eye acting. I am SO glad to see he finally redeemed himself in a way that mattered: taking responsibility for his actions. He finally agreed to turn himself in. I’m so glad we got to see him get to that point, even though it was WAY too brief. I was so angry.
Henry didn’t really get a monologue either, but also got to have a good moment of realizing what he had done. It’s probably best that Gene and Barry didn’t get any more drawn out attention to themselves in the last episode.
Robert Wisdom honestly deserved a more complex character, especially as a black man, and we really didn’t get to see him grieve the loss of his daughter. The closest we got was his final line. “All I have ever wanted was justice for my daughter.”
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2023.05.29 22:58 RoninRed9723 Workout Anxiety

I've been working out for 30 minutes/5-6 times a week consistently for about 6 months now. I'm 5'6 and started at 205 lbs after years of not exercising and eating junk food everyday. Today, I'm 177 lbs and wanna be 150 lbs by the end of this year. I'm seeing slow but steady results but man, I hate working out. I only work out for 30 minutes a day with high intensity and it's my least favorite part of the day. My diet is also maybe 85% clean with good macros and a cheat day every sunday that I look forward to and I still manage to lose 3-4 lbs a month. I would've thought working out and dieting wouldn't be such a stress after this long but it's the first thing I think about when I wake up. I know this is just the way things go and nobody really loves to workout out. I was just really depressed today and layed in bed for hours because working out is the first thing I do when I get out of bed. How long did it take you guys to form a better relationship with working out?
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2023.05.29 22:57 Love4Source Question about life

I have had this in my mind for a long time and decided to ask you for your opinion.
If a woman gets pregnant, wants baby but after pregnancy doesn’t want it anymore, too much work, hassle, etc and decides to adopt the child, is this bad?
In other words, does she have to put up with the kid she gave birth because of “Love” or can she make a decision from her free will to not and will this have consequences in next life?
In much simpler words, do we have to transcend the pain through unconditional love to the child or what would “Ascended Master” do in this situation?
I don’t specifically mean only this situation, could be leaving someone “old” from family who has like health condition like dementia, etc because it brings us discomfort and pain in taking care of them?
Is unconditional love in every situation is the only true way no matter the pain or am I missing here something?
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2023.05.29 22:57 ahzin_ [Other] Platinum Trophies with a median difficulty

And how long does it take to plat??
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2023.05.29 22:56 Ikildedmemes Returning player gift

Haven’t opened the game in a few months, how long does one need to leave the game for to receive the comeback gift on NA servers?
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2023.05.29 22:56 godogs2018 5 against 6 polyrhythm: What my teacher told me to do vs what I am going to try to do in the long run

Hi, could you give me some feedback about what my teacher told me to do when playing a 5 against 6 polyrhythm in a Chopin etude I've been studying vs what I am going to try and do?
I'm taking lessons from a Master Teacher. She knows what she is talking about and is very in-demand for master classes and concerto / solo performances.
I was befuddled by how she told me to play the 5 against 6 polyrhythm in the etude. She told me to play the first 3 notes of each rhythm together, and then play the last 2 and 3 as an easier 2 against 3.
The notes do not line up like this if you were to play them independently.
While I have been doing what she said to do, my plan for the long run was to attack the polyrhythm from different angles. I told her about metronomes that you can get that will play different rhythms with different sounds, so in this case, you'd have one sound for one rhythm and a different sound for the other rhythm. She said that personally she would get confused with all those sounds occurring at the same time. Anyway, I planned on listening to that. Then what I might do is get the left hand playing the 6 notes against a metronome to the point that the left hand would play it without thinking. Then maybe I'd count aloud the 5 beats against the metronome while letting the left hand play automatically. Eventually I'd transition to playing the right hand part with 5 beats simultaneously with the left hand playing it's part. Maybe in-between all of this I'd play the right-hand by itself with the metronome.
Any other suggestions / thoughts? Thanks.
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2023.05.29 22:55 inkaroodle any vsett 8 long term reviews?

hi! I'm honing in on the vsett 8 for a college campus scooter to use on the side for fun light rides, does anyone have long-term notes about the scooter? how is it holding up? any problems/cons I'd want to know about? thanks!
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2023.05.29 22:54 LogicChain12 How long does it usually take to find a place to rent in Manhattan for someone new to town?

Wondering if I fly in how long it would likely take me to find a place and move in?
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2023.05.29 22:54 shrew_in_a_labcoat Update: Sold car by dealer pretending to be private seller- car dies less than 24hrs later. Won't refund.

So after having the car inspected by a garage, sending the seller the list of faults (which were many and some dangerous), much wrangling and threats of court, the dealer has agreed to a full refund. However he has asked for the car to be returned to him with a signed letter stating I will take no further action against him or his business, only when the car, keys and paper work are in his possession will he credit my account.
I'm nervous to do this as what would stop him from just refusing to refund when the car is on his property? He lives nearly 100 miles away so it's not easy for me to hang around until he payes me.
This was his last email to me:
"I will say again for the last time – The car will be delivered to my car park. The keys/paperwork and paper from you stating no further action. Then and only then, will I refund you the money. If the car is not delivered to me within 14 days from the date of this Mail then the refund offer is retracted.
I will not correspond with you anymore only to confirm your delivery date and time."
I know he cannot legally revoke the refund offer but I'm wondering where I stand with the return issue?
I had said that once the truck arrives and he has the letter of no further action I need the refund in my account before the transport company will unload the truck. Is that unreasonable?
Does he have to have the vehicle on his property before making the refund?
Any advice welcome
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2023.05.29 22:54 Mediocre-Ad5403 I need some advice on how to Dom properly in my LDR

My girlfriend(18F) and I (17M) are in a long distance relationship of 6 years and I have just recently seen her for the first time in Dec-Jan, and we have progressed to the stage where sub/dom dynamics would make the relationship more fun. We have both accepted this change and are willing to progress to it as we both have varying kinks and are very compatible with each other.
I ask for advice because I feel like I am quite bad at doming. She is a sub, and neither of us have been in a bdsm or sexual dynamic before. This is quite new to us, however, we have been on and off about it often for the past year and I would like to take this more seriously and so does she.
She has expressed various concerns with me, and I have improved in many ways so that she could enjoy this idea of being a sub, entering subspace, and accepting me as her dom. However, there are some things I just need help with:
  1. I don't really have a clue of how to dom over long distances, I find it significantly easier to dom in person as do many others
  2. She feels like a mother nagging me to do more research about domming better, as I always seem disinterested in learning -- this is not the case, I very much would like to improve myself and make this happen properly without her having to complain about what I do and how I do it
  3. Communicating my feelings and thoughts better, and raising any concerns. I assumed I was doing a good job of this, as I've always been a silent type of person bottling stuff in which was unhealthy and I've started to communicate a lot more. However, she has expressed I still don't communicate properly.
  4. I "don't know what my role is as a dom", and I would like to get some insight and clarification on what a dom actually does in long distance and in person.
These are all the things I need answers and advice for, although I am not that great at explaining I'm hoping some people can still give any piece of advice they have. I already know communication is #1 and communication is key.
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2023.05.29 22:54 Leading-Dealer-7246 My thoughts on this isekai maid is forming a unions latest

So This Isekai Maid is Forming A Union is a mold breaking webcomic about this side character who comes from a long LONG line of being reincarnated as a maid. She’s endured all the hardships you’ve seen every maid apart of the romance isekai genre take, except now as she is Brigette… She’s not taking it anymore. And I’m all for it tbh, I’ve always loved watching a side characters perspective of the events that is a OI heroine reincarnating and taking destiny into her own hands. I really wanna go more on about how much this series just overall takes my attention by the horns and everything that makes it so unique and standing out, but I’m afraid I’ll dip into spoilers so let me just get on with what I really came here to say:
To me, it feels like the author… Is making things up as she goes? So far, every heroine she’s been a maid to in her past life is very obviously a spinoff of a protagonist from a very popular OI. Everything about TIMIFAU is very on the nose, and before someone says anything negative, that is the point. The title literally has otome isekai. “Otome isekai” isn’t even the actual term used to describe most of the webcomics we all collectively read, it’s a term coined by someone in early 2020. We just all use it now because it’s more convenient and works as an umbrella.
But I digress, it just seems like to me– Especially after this latest chapter– that the author looks at this subreddit and finds a random OI heroine that was trending and bases one of Bridgettes previous incarnations off of her life with them, then applies that to her current dilemma.
This isn’t anything negative or anything, mainly an observation. I really enjoyed the resetting lady reference because I genuinely love that series and unhinged ladies
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2023.05.29 22:53 treskro Northern Italy draft itinerary (october, ~20 days)

My partner and I are planning a just under 3 week trip to northern Italy in early October. Trying to gauge how much time to spend in place as there are several spots that we really want to see, while also understanding that having to move around too much can get tiring.
Date Location
Oct 1 Arrive Venice
Oct 2 Venice
Oct 3 Venice (biennale)
Oct 4 Venice > Vicenza
Oct 5 Vicenza
Oct 6 Vicenza > Verona > Bologna
Oct 7 Bologna
Oct 8 Bologna side trip
Oct 9 Bologna > Torino
Oct 10 Torino
Oct 11 Torino
Oct 12 Torino Side Trip
Oct 13 Torino > Cinque Terre
Oct 14 Cinque Terre
Oct 15 Cinque Terre > Rome
Oct 16 Rome
Oct 17 Rome
Oct 18 Rome
Oct 19 Rome
Oct 20 Leave Rome
A few considerations and questions:
Appreciate any advice / insights.
submitted by treskro to ItalyTravel [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:53 ChampionshipFinal454 What shoe for Alaska kayaking & portaging cross trail this summer?

Hey guys! I’m doing a 2 week trip this summer; gonna be taking xtra tuffs (necessary) for getting in and out of the water. I’ve been contemplating the walking footwear. No more than 3 miles. I want this shoe to last a long time though. Either I get new five fingers, which I would also use to run the trails back home) or I buy zero drop sandals to ensure my feet will always stay dry. Does anyone have a sturdy sandal recommendation. And does anyone know whether the Admiralty Cross Trail would be dry enough for five finger shoes?
submitted by ChampionshipFinal454 to BarefootRunning [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 22:53 graveYardGurl666 Email I Never Sent

I know it’s been a long time since we talked. It’s probably the best for both of us in the long run anyways but the silence was starting to eat me alive a little bit.
Life’s really weird without you. Seven years of our lives spent together is crazy to me looking back now. Most of them were happy honestly. Some not so much. But still.
Im watching Eat, Pray, Love rn. At a house in —— that I babysit at. It’s actually a really good movie but it got me really in my head and I fought myself for about 20 mins on sending this or not. I deleted your number the last time we talked because it was just honestly to fucking painful. This rn is also painful.
Idk when it goes away. Idk when it stops being painful? A literal lump goes to my throat and tears fill my eyes anytime I even think about you.
Sometimes I wonder if we had just gotten married or had a baby if things would be different rn.
If we could have figured it out someway or somehow.
It’s literal torture actually. Sitting around thinking about it. But I do. At least once a day- when something reminds me of you- which is a lot.
I’m seeing someone. And it’s really hard.
I’m trying but I feel myself doing thing like this or thinking about you and it feels unfair of me to be seeing someone when I still feel this empty.
I don’t have fucking shit to give to anyone anymore.
If I knew someone I was trying to be with was thinking the things I think about you, about us, as often as I do I’d legitimately never speak to them again.
It’s just hard when you think your life is going to go one way and it doesn’t go that way at all.
When we broke up I think I put myself into a dissociated state for like… months. On purpose. It’s kinda similar to what I do when my mom brings up the name of who sexually abused me as a kid, bc she doesn’t know about it. I just shut down and nod but don’t actually listen or feel anything about what she’s saying afterward.
I thought if I could just shut down and turn everything off eventually when I came back to myself I’d be ok and less hurt or less sad.
That’s not even the case at all.
Sometimes I think about just showing up at your apartment. Or your job. Or calling you and telling you to tell my dad you’re coming home and we’re fixing it.
But honestly idk how to even fix it. Idk how we would even fix it. It’s so broken now.
You hate me. Part of me sometimes thinks I hate you but I don’t I just resent you. I resent you for the life we could have had together. Different from both of our childhoods. We could have had kids and raised them to be healthy, kind, loving and caring people. We could have loved them in ways our own parents couldn’t love us. Protected them. Helped them grow into happy humans.
I think about it so much it physically hurts.
So instead I call my mom. I drive to my parents house or ———‘s and I cry with them. About the life I thought I was supposed to have with you.
My parents apologize and tell me they loved you. That they still do. And that all we can ever hope is that you’re okay.
My dad says everything will work out how it should. My mom says I did what I had to do for me. That a life with someone who abuses alcohol isn’t someone I want to inflict on future children.
Both of those things suck to hear honestly.
I won’t send this. Probably ever. But it does relieve some of the heavy pressure on my chest.
I love you. I miss you. I hope you’re doing ok. I hope someday we can at least be friends again.
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2023.05.29 22:52 ThrowRA-strawberri My (24f) boyfriend (30m) is struggling terribly with depression

Short version — he just moved to our city less than a year ago, away from his long-time friends and family, so I think he struggles to find a sense of community here (as do I). He works a job in which his income fluctuates depending on time of year, clientele, etc., and he’s currently struggling with money a bit more than he ever has before. He’s gone through some big life events this year as well.
I can see how badly he is suffering. His mental health has gotten so much worse since we started dating. He is the sweetest, kindest person and I hate to see him like this. I do my best to help him clean his space, help out with the dogs, make us meals, help him to take time to relax and care for himself, and so on. What else can I do to encourage his healing? He’s been on anti-depressants before and they aren’t for him (I am a big proponent of SSRIs— for the right people. They don’t work for some people and that’s okay).
He works so hard and is incredibly hard on himself. How can I support and love him best through this hard time?
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2023.05.29 22:52 SavCItalianStallion My brother and my friends (now mostly former friends) have almost all fallen for Christianity

I really need to vent. I was raised in an atheistic household, and my family is liberal. My father went to Catholic school as a kid, but he has never believed, nor did his father nor his grandfather. For years, the only believer in my immediate family was my dear Grandmother, who passed away a few years ago. She was an exemplary Catholic: she never once tried to push her beliefs onto me--I don't believe we ever had a discussion about God, religion, or faith. Occasionally, she would mention winning stuff in a church raffle. I am grateful to her for that.
I think my parents did a good job raising my siblings and me, especially when compared to their parents. I was spanked once and yelled at quite a bit (things I don't intend to repeat if I have kids), but my folks grew up having wooden spoons broken over their necks. My folks also drink considerably. I spent many of my teenage years anxious and at times depressed, unable to express this to them because they did not know how to help. When I did express it, they promised to get me help, but didn't, and ended up making me feel worse. I don't blame them, given what they went through, but this is the environment my siblings and I were raised in.
Sorry for the long introduction. A few years ago, my brother turned to Christianity (thanks a lot Kanye). He thinks atheists are immoral. I think religion (along with alcohol, pot, and vaping) is his coping method. He fell for Andrew Tate (although thankfully he no longer listens to him) and Jorden Peterson. It pains me, but he's my brother and I love him. But it hurts to see. When I went off to college, I turned to alcohol to cope, but I have spent most of the time pursuing counselling sessions and psychiatry sessions, both of which are really hard to to do when you're depressed and don't have much support.
Asides from falling in with alcohol, I also fell in with my brother's friend group. I shouldn't have. They've all turned into Christians since then (and also fell for Tate and Peterson). However, they were prejudiced from the get go, and I knew it, and I still stuck with them. I think it's because we drank together, which played with my emotions, and depleted my self esteem, leaving me feeling powerless. I was trying to kick them out of my life after three months, but it took me nearly eighteen. I sobered out in December, and after months of minimizing the amount of time I spent with my brother's friends, I finally kicked them out of my life this month, telling them off for their bigoted behavior. I was met with name calling and lots of demeaning language. I'm relieved that it's over and done with, although I seriously regret that it took me so long.
Anyhow, asides from all of the other nonsense, watching them all turn into Christians was really irritating. I'm glad they're out of my life. Here's the slap in the face though: my closest friend, who happens to be the furthest (although not entirely) removed from my former friend group, is becoming a Christian before my eyes. He's a polite person, so he hasn't been in my face about it the way my former friends were. He did say he's been reading Steps to Christ. The one that gets me, though, is that he told me, after I sobered out, that he was praying Satan wouldn't send the urge to drink back to me. That annoyed me. He had good intentions in saying it, but suggesting that my drinking was at the whim of "Satan," besides being nonsensical, completely minimizes the effort that I made to get my drinking problem under control (which included learning how to set boundaries with my former friends, who always pushed me to drink (I failed to sober out three time last fall until I finally found success in December)).
It just bothers me that all of the people I once considered friends have fallen to Christianity (and other toxic internet stuff). I'm not sure if there's anything I can do to help my brother at this point. Even if he's a Christian I want him to be healthy, but he's getting his mental and physical health advice from toxic celebrities and influencers. Even my best friend is reading Christian books, while I'm over here reading books about childhood emotional neglect and self-regulation (for stress). I'm listening to real doctors (not frauds like Jorden Peterson) and real medical advice to help me protect my mental health, yet all the young men around me have been misled by an imaginary sky fairy.
I need, and am actively searching for new, reasonable, liberal (or left leaning), atheistic friends. That does not make my current situation any less frustrating, but this is what I get for wasting a year and a half on toxic individuals. I'm thrilled with my progress, but the religious delusion around me has got me so annoyed. I'm going to use this annoyance as motivation to keep seeking out scientifically sound mental health advice, as well as new friends.
Thank you for reading my rant!
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2023.05.29 22:52 Mesprizero Labenda Hoseki, the Ultimate Observer (Original Concept)

Labenda is prideful and ambitious, always striving to better herself. Her life in the mountains caused her to be very thorough in everything she does. She finds it easy to respect those who can match or outclass her, but is merciless and cutthroat to those she deems unworthy.
Labenda was born and raised with a kind but very poor family, on the cold, ruthless Mount Kamutori. As she grew, it became clear Labenda had a natural talent for survival, becoming especially skilled in hunting for food, even on the coldest days. However, a lack of opportunity began to annoy the child. She wanted a proper education and learn new things. While her parents supported this, they had no money to afford a proper tuition.
Until one day, when the father, trying to provide for his family as a mineworker, stumbled upon a huge gemstone. He dubbed it "The Miracle" and the Hoseki family went from poverty to wealthy overnight. The parents wasted no time and sent their child to the best school period: Hope's Peak Academy. Specifically, the reserve course department. But it wasn't long until the ever ambitious Labenda Hoseki started to climb the ladder, eventually being recognized as the Ultimate Observer; for her five senses were truly honed to Ultimate levels after living in the mountains.
Constantly be better. Never stop improving. Climb higher.
Has incredible senses; Doesn't get scared easily; Knows how to handle a spear. Learns new things quick.
Can't handle failing or standing still; Can get violent when angry;
Potential Quotes from Hoseki to the cast of THH:
Makoto: "It will always require a little bit of luck to succeed at anything. That's the annoying part of wanting to improve."
Byakuya: "Go ahead, talk down to me while you still can. There will come a day where I'll surpass even you."
Toko: "I suppose you don't need good self-esteem to succeed..."
Aoi: "Swimming and donuts? Those things don't... go together, do they?"
Yasuhiro: "I'll carve out my own future, thank you very much."
Kyoko: "Do you want some coffee?"
Sayaka: "Hmm... It must have cost you a great amount of effort to be where you are now. It would be horrible to see it be for nothing..."
Leon: "If you don't know what you want, you won't get what you want."
Chihiro: "I'm interested in what your work is about. Can you show me?"
Mondo: "Carpenter, huh? It's not much, but it's honest work, I guess."
Kiyotaka: "You can only explore new things by breaking boundaries and rules. Sometimes you need to absolutely shatter them."
Hifumi: "Ugh, what is that smell?! You! Take a bath! Right now!"
Celeste: "Do you have a plan B for when your luck runs out?"
Sakura: "So strong..! I still have much to learn..."
Mukuro: "A prime example of why you should never let your guard down."
Junko: "To be so good in everything that your efforts become meaningless and boring... Is that even possible?"
Feel free to use this if you want. Let me know if you have any other Ultimate ideas I can bring to life:)
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2023.05.29 22:52 moonalley Does your nparent(s) ever have flashes of awareness?

My nmom popped over the other day to drop something off and began venting about what a narcissist my sister's husband is. (He is of the grandiose, overt variety and she is the epitome of covert.) I was just mmm'hmming (so sick of gossiping about him) until she suddenly said "I just wonder why you and your sister only seem to date narcissists, it's so strange." O_o ERM!!!! Because our mom is one! And we've been conditioned to appease takers because of it! They come after us like heat-seeking missles because they can smell how we've been conditioned to give give give!
I said nothing because unfortunately I am dependent on their help for a medical ttreatment I need to live right now. I can't afford to rock the boat. But it made me remember that she had had another close call with awareness about 5 years ago when a therapist recommended I read Walking on Eggshells to understand my partner at the time.
As soon as I read that book I realized yes, it was my partner, but moreso the epiphany was THIS IS MY [maternal] GRANDMOTHER. My mom's mom was a sadistic malignant narc who lived next door growing up. So it has been easy most of my life to blame all my trauma on her - it was so much more obvious/overt. With enough time in therapy I eventually began to see that my mom reinfoced all that abuse at home, just in a much subtler way. I didn't see this until a few years ago, though. So back when I read that book, I ended up taking it to my mom because I was so blown away at how accurately it described HER mom. "You have to read this! It's totally your mom!!!!!"
She agreed so strongly she sent copies to her siblings - my aunt and uncle. My uncle even called me thanking me for clearing up the mystery of his mother for him. But when I talked to my mom about the book, she was less focused on how accurately it described her mom and more on how she recognized herself in a lot of it. She very sheepishly admitted it, very VERY hesistantly. I flat out told her "Well, yeah. You were raised by her. You're going to carry at least some of the traits because monkey see monkey do. Same as me. It gets passed down from generation to generation until someone starts doing some serious work in therapy on it."
I'm still in shock that she was able to not only see a glimpse of herself for once, but also actually ADMITTED IT. I believe just like most things, npd falls on a spectrum. And so this flash of awareness temporarily filled me with hope that maybe mom was on the lower end of the spectrum and there might be some hope...
But of course that hope has faded with the slew of mistreatments and abuse that have happened since. Including asking me to take down my crowdfunding page to raise money for my treatments - she thinks it makes the family look bad. She's more concerned with how others percieve us than about me saving my life.
Does anyone else have an nparent that has occasional flashes of awareness?
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