Aesthetic pastel ipad wallpaper

Pc build check before I buy everything ! Any help is appreciated ❤️

2023.06.10 03:13 mochimoni Pc build check before I buy everything ! Any help is appreciated ❤️

I’m planning my very first pc build to be white/pastel rgb themed. I will be using this build to play modded games as well as cyberpunk, valo, etc. I’m aiming to spend maximum $2,700 including monitor.
Also, I got the NZXT AIO cooler as a present already so that’s a plus! I’m open to any ideas that can make my build
Any help is greatly appreciated! I’m open to changes as long as it fits my white/pastel aesthetic or if it’ll make it run smoother (if that makes sense?) pcpartpicker list
Edit: added link
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2023.06.10 01:38 17parkc IPadOS 17 Introduces original iPad Promotional Wallpaper from 2010, now remastered and animated.

IPadOS 17 Introduces original iPad Promotional Wallpaper from 2010, now remastered and animated. submitted by 17parkc to ipad [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:22 Applesyuyo [fluff] I got a 128GB iPad 4 with iOS 6.1.3 for $43!

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2023.06.09 22:11 tarnishedjade ig im the stereotype?

I think my fatal flaw when playing support is that i fuckin love the uwu aesthetic. is reporter janna technically a better skin than crystal rose? probably! but i love the frills, i love the pastels, and im not even an enchanter main! star guardian rell is like my favorite skin ever, gimme cafe cuties pyke and ill die happy. like, i cannot express how much i love the girly shit and im not even a girl
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2023.06.09 17:36 Wallcorners_wall_art How to Decorate Beautiful a Large Wall in the Living Room

How to Decorate Beautiful a Large Wall in the Living Room

Decorating by large wall art in the living room can be an exciting opportunity to make a bold statement and enhance the overall aesthetics of your space. To start, consider creating a gallery wall by hanging a collection of art pieces, photographs, and mirrors in various sizes and frames. This arrangement adds visual interest and allows you to showcase your personal style.
Alternatively, opt for a large statement piece, such as a oversized painting or a decorative wall sculpture, to serve as the focal point of the living room. Another option is to install a shelving system and display a combination of books, plants, and decorative objects. This adds functionality and visual appeal to the wall. Lastly, consider using wallpaper or a large-scale mural to create a dramatic backdrop that adds depth and character to your living room. By experimenting with these ideas, you can transform your large wall into a captivating and visually dynamic feature in your living space.

A Grouping Of Paintings, Prints, Or Photos
Three is a magic number for hanging artwork. It creates an excellent balance, and in a large living room, with a large sofa, there’s room to spread out three of your favorite images.
For this sectional sofa, three black and white framed photos hang above the long end of the couch. Above the short end of the sofa hangs a larger framed black and white picture.
In this lovely room, three black and white images, framed and printed rectangularly, closely tie into the lines of the room. Though not hung side by side, they still create a cohesive grouping.

Hang A Large-Scale Mural

Hanging a large-scale mural in your living room instantly transforms the space into a captivating work of art. Whether it’s a nature-inspired landscape, an abstract masterpiece, or a cityscape, a large-scale mural adds drama and personality to your walls. The impressive size and intricate details of the mural create a focal point that draws the eye and sparks conversation. It sets the tone for the room and adds depth and visual interest. With a large-scale mural, your living room becomes a gallery-like space, immersing you and your guests in a captivating and visually stunning environment.
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2023.06.09 14:00 Vishwakarmainteriors Luxury Home Design in 2023 luxury home design

Luxury Home Design in 2023 luxury home design
luxury home design
Luxury homes are no longer just a status symbol; they have evolved into personal sanctuaries that reflect our style and offer a haven of relaxation in today's fast-paced world. As we enter 2023, the world of luxury interior design is set to embrace opulent bedroom designs that embody grandeur, elegance, and tranquillity. Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers, a leading interior design firm in Delhi, presents a curated collection of awe-inspiring bedrooms that will define the epitome of luxury and sophistication in the coming year.
The hallmark of opulent bedroom designs lies in the seamless blend of grandeur and elegance. From ornate chandeliers to luxurious fabrics and intricate detailing, every element exudes sophistication. Picture a sumptuous four-poster bed adorned with plush velvet drapes, complemented by a statement-making crystal chandelier that casts a soft, ethereal glow. These opulent touches create a sense of grandeur and set the stage for an indulgent sleep sanctuary. In India, where luxury home design is thriving, incorporating such elements will elevate your bedroom into a truly opulent space.
Impeccable craftsmanship and discerning materials are synonymous with luxury. In 2023, we expect to witness a surge in the use of rich natural materials like marble, gold accents, and exotic woods. These materials add depth, texture, and exclusivity to the bedroom. By integrating exquisite bespoke furniture pieces, meticulously crafted custom-built wardrobes, and intricately carved headboards, a one-of-a-kind ambiance that resonates with your exquisite taste is curated. Luxury home design in India can be elevated by incorporating these elements, showcasing impeccable craftsmanship and creating a space that exudes luxury.

Luxury Appartment Kundli, Haryana
While opulence takes center stage, creating a tranquil retreat within the bedroom remains essential. Balancing lavishness with serenity is crucial for promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Soothing color palettes, soft lighting, and carefully curated decor are utilized to cultivate a sense of calmness. Integrating natural elements like indoor plants, cascading water features, and panoramic views blurs the boundaries between the indoors and outdoors, bringing a sense of tranquility to the space. The serenity offered by luxury home design in India ensures a restful and peaceful atmosphere in your bedroom.
The rapid advancements in technology have revolutionized the luxury bedroom experience. Smart and integrated technology seamlessly blends with opulent designs to enhance convenience and comfort. Imagine controlling your entire bedroom environment with a simple voice command – adjusting the lighting, temperature, and even playing your favorite music. Automated window treatments, hidden television screens, and wireless charging stations are seamlessly integrated into the design, elevating the overall experience to new heights of opulence and convenience. Embracing technology in luxury home design in India creates a futuristic and sophisticated bedroom.
Personalization is at the heart of luxury, and it is no different when it comes to bedroom design. Your luxury bedroom should reflect your unique preferences and desires, creating a truly bespoke retreat. By closely collaborating with our clients, Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers take the time to understand your lifestyle, aspirations, and aesthetic preferences. Whether you envision a contemporary and minimalist approach or a classic and timeless ambiance, every aspect is meticulously tailored to resonate with your soul. Hand-selecting the finest materials and curating custom details, no effort is spared in creating a personalized haven that brings your vision to life. In India, luxury home design is elevated when it showcases impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail, reflecting your distinct style and taste.

Commercial Office Art n Glass Office, Delhi
While walls and floors often take the spotlight in bedroom design, the power of a stunning statement ceiling should not be overlooked. Elevate your luxury bedroom by adorning the ceiling with intricate moldings, decorative plasterwork, or captivating wallpaper designs. Metallic finishes or reflective surfaces create a sense of opulence and depth in the space. A visually striking ceiling draws the eyes upward, adding a sense of drama and grandeur to the overall design. Incorporating statement ceilings in luxury home design in India adds a unique touch to the bedroom, making it a focal point of elegance and sophistication.
Take luxury to the next level by incorporating a spa-like ensuite bathroom into your bedroom design. Transform your master suite into a private oasis of relaxation and indulgence. Install a freestanding soaking tub, a rain shower with multiple jets, and luxurious fixtures and finishes. Consider features like heated floors, ambient lighting, and smart-tech controls for the ultimate pampering experience. Blurring the boundaries between the bedroom and ensuite bathroom creates a seamless flow and adds an extra layer of luxury to your retreat. Luxury home design in India can be elevated by merging the bedroom and ensuite bathroom into a cohesive and opulent space.
At Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers, luxury is regarded as an art form. The expertise lies in transforming spaces into extraordinary experiences that inspire and delight. From conceptualization to execution, our talented designers work meticulously to bring your vision to life, surpassing your expectations. If you are ready to embark on a journey of opulence and create your dream luxury bedroom design in 2023, Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers are here to assist you. Indulge in the allure of opulent bedroom designs and elevate your lifestyle to new heights. Unveil the essence of luxury in 2023 with Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers.
To learn more about luxury home design in India and how Vishwakarma Architects and Interior Designers can transform your space into a breathtaking sanctuary, visit our website: or call us. Discover the world of opulent bedroom designs and experience the epitome of luxury and sophistication in 2023.
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2023.06.09 13:29 urmom_gae_245 Can anyone link me to hi-res og ipad wallpapers?

Can anyone link me to hi-res og ipad wallpapers?
This one but that fits on the 11 inch pros
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2023.06.09 05:50 TheDestroyer_027 [iPadOS 17 Developer Beta 1] The Wallpaper from the First iPad in the new iPadOS 17

[iPadOS 17 Developer Beta 1] The Wallpaper from the First iPad in the new iPadOS 17
Top [iPad (2010) on iOS 5.1.1] Bottom [iPad (8th generation on iPadOS 17.0]
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2023.06.09 05:45 Federal-Spirit-2100 Has anyone else experienced this is iPadOS beta?

I got iPadOS17 Beta, and so far so good, no bugs. But I noticed if you play a movie or watch something and lock the screen, that thing basically becomes your lock screen wallpaper. For example, I was watching a Hitler documentary on Netflix, and then pauses, went to my home screen, then locked the ipad. Then when I tap the screen, its basically a lock screen wallpaper of Hitler. Anyone else experience this when watching something? Its annoying.
Posting here because the iPadOS community mods suck.
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2023.06.08 23:36 CrowsofFear Catalogue of you tube vids I am currently looking for

Miscellaneous Videos
Death At Chuck E Cheese 70's Murder Files +18 Fsp19ut76yI
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...) dZLuPFt7Egk
Does chuck e cheese know five nights at Freddy's z4Oe8oahJAs
THE TRUTH BEHIND Chuck E Cheese's and 5 Nights at Freddy's YLDwLWfzOUM
Spongebob The Purge v3949UehZBM
David Near
Shadow Freddy Voice (Five Nights At Freddy's 2) I7mYQEMh3PY Partially Found
Phantom Balloon Boy Voice FNAF 3 kK1sHrvFkhM
FNAF 2 "Withered" Foxy Voice jFI16pEGqcw
Nightmare FredbeaShadow Freddy Original Voice WtVyammM9Ow
FNAF "Drawkill Bonnie" Original Voice 5QT-jOFmmLE
"Smile :)"- NoctisNeverSleeps
"1999: [Update] - 06/21/15" Creepypasta
"I know her so well..." Feelspasta
- 1999 (part 1)
-"1999" (part 4) MrCreepyPasta's Storytime
- 1999 (Part 5)
- 1999 (Part 6) (END)
Mr. Nightmare
-"Home Alone" [CreepyPasta] - nklZy3IwmhU
-"The Shadows Between Houses" By StupidDialUp - g2Az5BGGobY
- The Portraits - Creepypasta - KtsIB3dvfdc
- Last Friday - Creepypasta - qjEOQ8bWAc4
- “Chicken Bones” - by Steven Shorter - 5jwbaqI2Xqw
- Nuclear Meltdown - ocjHdXjlzss
-A Grain of Sand - fUtjSW65AFM
-"Christmas Tree Decorations" - Unknown Author - 9V0eVqXZcY8
-What happened to "Mr. Nightmare"? FOUND
-100,000 Subscribers - Thank You! - FbYIjdFFgOA
-Little Pink Backpack - Creepypasta - 1AgXuziegHs
-24 Creepy Discoveries People Just Stumbled Into
- 10 Most Disturbing TV Commercials - _Ap6N94LT98
Jessica Meszaros/SpectrumDiamond
-Creepypasta - Ed, Edd n Eddy (Lost Episode) okZRbCKJJwk
-Creepypasta - Bully: Scholarship Edition (Removed Mission) Fw9dpxgEogo
Creepypasta - The Golden Girls (Lost Episode) Z8vLHhOXwrQ
Creepypasta - Scooby Doo (Lost Episode) JexJSqVVoew
Children's Song - Kagome, Kagome _33Lsbn-9G4
Dilantra Peebles/Wolf Killer
Five nights at freddys Are REAL! (it is real and true...)
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song backup part 3 and 4 (for TJ animations)
If they knew.... your pain.... (Bullies)
"If they knew" The grey cat's pain (request)
Happy birth Day Zack (Present)
Gambling man (Thank you for 19,000+ SUUUBS)
Open Up animation *Really sad* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 20,000+ SUBS)
questions and answers (part 3) *best ending lol*
Awoken oc Map Part 34 and 35 (MoonrisePaintpawz)
Awoken OC Map Part 25 (Ren jirra)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 7 (TJ Animations)
Welcome To Freddy's Map Part 22 (TJ Animations)
Mangle The Stalker *she knows all, foxy* (THANK YOU FOR 21,000+ SUBS)
How foxy likes to run to the office (funny vine)
Jar of Hearts Warriors Map Part 5 and 6 (LilypadLils)\_uE6r1hvg
We Are Family Fnafs 1 and 2 (speedpaint)
F-freddy.... fazbear? (Five nights at freddys!!!)
Update (read the description)
Just Gold Animation The madness (THANK YOU FOR 23,000+ SUBS)
HAPPY BIRTH DAY RENEE : D (best friend. Video, Monster)
Youth Oc Map Part 9 (kaybzjess)
This Is For My People Who Lost Somebody (Your not alone)
*Collabs* Five nights at freddys 3 (THANK YOU FOR 24,000+ SUBS)\_PxQ
All Men Are Pigs OC Map Part 2 (Makbrok mtizzle)
Contest OPEN (my Contest)
Have a Snicker Foxy, your never yourself when your hungry (FNAFS 1)
How Toy Chica Changes Her Mood At Certain Times (FNAFS)
livesteaming (Thank you for 25,000+ subs)
Reading Mean Comments (only 2, random video)
Contest Winners (Top 10)
Secrets *Animation* (THANK YOU FOR 26,000+ SUBS!)
The Show Must Go On (Map part 6, HTF OC AMBER)
Five Nights At Freddy's Song Map Part 3 (Pastel Cat)
ooh whats this? (My Birth Day is Coming up)
Lullabye-bye *collabs* (HTF OC AMBER, So he sang)
Lullaby-bye Collab *Complete* (So he sang)
Thank you for 27000 subs!! (Purple guy is a murder)
i Am The Purple guy! Map Part 9 (Ring Ring)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map Part 22 and 23 (Ring ring)
Do you care About me? (Depression)
i Am The Purple Guy! Map part 25 (Ring ring)
I Am Purple Guy Map Part 27 (Ring Ring)
PLEASE GO SUPPORT HER!! (my best friend)
How Do You Feel About That Cone On Your Head, Foxy? (THANK U FOR 28,000+ SUBS)
The request of Finding Jeff the killer (ThumbNail)
Its Time To Die Map Part 25 (insanedvo)
Happy Birth Day To Meee (yay)\_0
Balloons Sad Animation *The good ending* FNAFS (THANK YOU FOR 29.000+ SUBS)
Toy bonnie (Random, creepy)
Security guard comics (My comics) *FNAFS Security guards*
Horn battle *Foxy VS Purple guy* (Funny vine, HAPPY EASTER)
The Bite of 87 *A sad tale* (THANK YOU FOR 30.000+ SUBS!!!!)
Animation thief(s) (Please Read description)
Look At Me Now
Am I The Only One Who Does This.... (THANK YOU FOR 31,000+ SUBS)\_BZvLU
Mangles Radio static (Happy birthday Mangle brinton)
Purple guy's Death (Animated *Realistic sound*)
eeeeeeey mario :D *SpringTrap and Marionette* (Thank you for 32,000+ SUBS)\_oRnPM
Best Hater Ever.... (Really bad hater *Warning, mad wolf* )\_\_nbcaI
More Hate (Responded badly XD)
Talk Foxy To Me (Five nights at freddys)
i'm leaving (haters)
Guess Who's Back?\_g
Five Nights At Freddys Harlem Shake (33,000+ specials)
Wolf's Intro (34,000+ specials)
Go Save Smilk *Need your support* (35,000 specials/ Update)
Little Things About you (36,000+ Specials)
Look How Wolf Died XD (Funny vine)
Eeey Look how Chica Died XXD (Funny vine)
Flesh Five nights at freddys *Map Part 8 and 9* (makbrok mtizzle)\_Hq-Asc
When your home all alone and someone knocks at your door (38,000 specials)
My Reaction To Roaches (Funny)
Sausage *Map Part 10 and 11* (JordanTheBlueAnimatr­onicDevil)
Sausage! OC Map *OPEN*
i Have A Deviant Art ya know? (Random)\_hnUB\_KfmWQ
Daddy Whats A Twerk? (39,000 Specials)
If You Want A Burger.... (40,000 Specials!)
Omega Always Loves Arrow (Funny video)
Orphan Tears *Short* Cray AVM~ (41,000 Specials)\_W7xQ
I Can Animate~ (Review)
Throw Tha CHEESE (42,000 Specials)
Sad Suicide Song *animated* (Depression)
1... 2. Crays is Coming For You (43,000 specials)
Renees got a sick obsession (MEME)
Die In A Fire *Animation* (48,000 specials)
*"The Sandman" (Creepypasta)
*"Be Careful Whose Messes You Clean Up" (Creepypasta)
*"Mrs. Willison's Homemade Jam" (Creepypasta)
*Corey's Wish
*The New Fish
*Why i was Released from Prison
*Mickey's House of Pain
*I Was a Freelance Exorcist
*The Contract
*Starving Dogs
*Living in Hell
*The Girl in the Crowd
*The Shredder Monkey
*"Broodmother" (Creepypasta) Ft. EerieCheshir
*The Other Internet
*"Black Number One" (Creepypasta)
*The Pit
*Slaying the Beast (something like that, about someone killing their dad)
*At Least You Tried
*Some story about a guy named Greg who's wife hired a psycho to kill him for cheating on him (don't remember the name)
*One More For the Orphan
*Some story about a haunted TV broadcast (don't recall the name, "The Ozark Cable Incident" it may have been)
*The Pleasure House
*The Quiet Room
*Pain Study (something like that)
*My Parents were Satanists (something like that)
*Mr. Banana
*The Dog Man
*Mayhem Mountain
*The Pancake Family
"The Yellow Wallpaper" (Creepypasta) M3vEPbJ9V2Q
"The Ozark Cable Incident" (Creepypasta) pclUTiUDVLc


LOST EPISODES - "Plankton Got Served" zBhEQ9uU59s
"'Arther: Lost Episode' (SH*TPASTAS)"
"Red Moon"
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2023.06.08 21:54 berniesbigballs Is this a safe place to admit that the animation in “Into the Spiderverse” isn’t that good?

Is this a safe place to admit that the animation in “Into the Spiderverse” isn’t that good?
On a technical (and theoretical) level, sure. I appreciate the move away from the photorealistic style that dominated 2000s US animation. And yes, the way it embraces “imperfections” is cool - it feels like a throwback to the human elements of 2D animation. And as many people have said before me, it is the closest any film has gotten to replicating the comic book style
Ok, now that I’ve gotten the compliments out of the way…the animation kind of sucks, no?
I guess what I mean by that, is that there is very little beauty. The overall experience of watching the animation is engaging (I think this ties into Scorsese’s ‘theme park’ assessment), but if you were to pause on any single frame, it’s a bit ugly to look at, innit? I don’t think “top post on art” or “google results for ‘epic desktop wallpaper images 4k” aren’t too far off when listing aesthetic inspirations for this movie.
In much of the movie, the composition is crowded and the color is inconsistent. Compared to a movie with incredible cinematography - where almost any shot is another to make you fall in love with cinema and need to watch that movie ASAP (any malick movie, or to keep with the same medium, every screen shot of a studio Ghibli movie), I can’t imagine seeing a screen shot of this movie a being like “holy crap I NEED to check this out”, unless I was 14 at the time.
Not trying to be a hater, but after seeing 1,000s of articles and posts noting this movie as having the “greatest animation of all time”, I needed to provide a counter balance into the universe
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2023.06.08 21:43 richpanda64 Any way to disable the wallpaper blur at the top on iPad OS17?

I can't set my wallpaper without the top being blurred out. I can't seem to disable it anywhere.
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2023.06.08 19:02 Competitive_Loss1528 Growing new Account

Hi Guys, so I’m going to take all the advice from here and try to build an account with aesthetic quotes grid/feed.
The goal is, create a good engaging viewership and eventually get into YouTube.
Also, What’s your opinion for a just quotes account future? Do you think I’d get followers/engagement? Do you think it has the opportunity to grow to get brands attention?
For now, please help in choosing the aesthetics.
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2023.06.08 18:15 UmbreonzRule101 Updated Ref for my OC (minor details)

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2023.06.08 16:25 auguzst [For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments.

[For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments. submitted by auguzst to starvingartists [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 16:24 auguzst [For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments.

[For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments. submitted by auguzst to commissions [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 16:24 auguzst [For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments.

[For Hire] Book and Song Cover Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments. submitted by auguzst to artcommissions [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 16:23 auguzst [For Hire] Game 2D Illustration Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments.

[For Hire] Game 2D Illustration Aesthetic Background Wallpaper and Cover Photo Full Illustration. - More info in the comments. submitted by auguzst to gameDevClassifieds [link] [comments]

2023.06.08 11:32 Wallcorners_Decor Creative Reflections: Transforming Your Living Room with Wall Decor

Creative Reflections: Transforming Your Living Room with Wall Decor

Living room wall decor serves as the perfect opportunity to express your personal style and create a welcoming atmosphere. From paintings and prints to mirrors and tapestries, the options are endless. Choose artwork that resonates with you, whether it’s vibrant and abstract art or serene and nature-inspired.
Consider incorporating shelves to display cherished items or decorative accents that showcase your interests. Wall decals or wallpaper can add pattern and texture to create a focal point. Whatever your preference, living room wall decor allows you to infuse your space with creativity, personality, and a touch of your unique aesthetic.

Carved Wood Wall Decor for Living Room:

Carved wood wall decor adds a touch of elegance and natural beauty to your living room. These intricately crafted pieces showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of woodwork. From delicate floral motifs to elaborate geometric patterns, carved wood wall decor creates a captivating focal point on your walls. The texture and depth of the carvings add visual interest and create a sense of depth and dimension in the room.
Whether you choose a single statement piece or a collection of smaller panels, the warmth and richness of wood bring a sense of warmth and sophistication to your living room. Incorporating carved wood wall decor is a timeless way to infuse your space with a touch of nature and artistic expression.

Black and Birch Living Room Wall Decor:

Black and birch living room wall decor combines the elegance of black accents with the natural beauty of birch wood. This contrasting combination creates a striking visual appeal in your living space. The use of black elements, such as frames or shelving, adds a modern and sophisticated touch, while the warmth and texture of birch wood infuse a sense of nature and tranquility.
Whether it’s a black and birch gallery wall, a statement mirror framed in black, or floating shelves made of birch, this combination brings balance and visual interest to your walls. It’s a versatile choice that can complement various design styles, from contemporary to Scandinavian. With black and birch living room wall decor, you can create a stylish and harmonious ambiance that effortlessly blends modernity and nature.

3D Living Room Wall Decor Panels:

3D wooden living room wall decor panels bring a captivating and dynamic element to your space. These intricately designed panels add depth and texture, transforming a plain wall into a visually stunning feature. The natural beauty of wood combines with the three-dimensional patterns to create a sense of visual intrigue and sophistication.
Whether you prefer geometric shapes, floral motifs, or abstract designs, these panels offer a wide range of options to suit your personal style. The interplay of light and shadow on the textured surfaces adds depth and dimension, creating an immersive and engaging visual experience.

Modern Farmhouse Wall Mirror for Living Room:

A modern farmhouse wall mirror is the perfect addition to create a stylish and inviting atmosphere in your living room. This design combines the sleekness of modern aesthetics with the rustic charm of farmhouse decor. The mirror’s clean lines and minimalist frame add a contemporary touch, while distressed wood or metal accents provide that sought-after farmhouse appeal.
Whether it’s a large statement mirror or a collection of smaller mirrors arranged in a gallery-style, they reflect light and create the illusion of more space, making your living room feel brighter and more spacious.

Phases of the Moon Wall Mirror Set:

The phases of the moon wall mirror set offers a celestial and enchanting addition to your living room decor. This set features multiple mirrors in various sizes and shapes, each representing a different phase of the moon. The mirrors’ frames often have a sleek and minimalist design, allowing the moon phases to take center stage. Whether arranged in a linear fashion or clustered together, these mirrors create a visually stunning display that adds depth and intrigue to your walls.

Irregular Mirror Living Room Wall Decor:

Irregular mirror living room wall decor introduces a contemporary and artistic touch to your space. Unlike traditional mirrors, these unique pieces feature irregular shapes and asymmetrical designs that break away from the conventional rectangular or circular forms.
Whether it’s a cluster of irregular mirrors in different sizes or a single statement piece, they reflect light and create captivating reflections that enhance the overall ambiance of your living room. The irregular mirror living room wall decor is a bold choice that adds a modern and artistic flair to your space while making a stylish statement.
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2023.06.08 11:07 Gloomy-Passion6814 Elevate Your HDB Renovation: Creative Renovation Ideas to Transform Your Home

Living in a Housing and Development Board (HDB) flat doesn't mean compromising on style and comfort. With a dash of creativity and thoughtful planning, you can transform your HDB home into a personalized haven that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. In this article, we present a collection of trendy and innovative renovation ideas along with expert renovation contractor to help you elevate your HDB living experience.
Open Concept Living
Say goodbye to cramped spaces and embrace the open-concept living trend. Knock down walls to create a seamless flow between your living, dining, and kitchen areas. This not only enhances the sense of spaciousness but also encourages social interaction and connectivity. Consider installing a kitchen island that doubles as a dining table, adding functionality and a modern touch to your home.
Smart Storage Solutions
Maximize the limited space in your HDB flat with smart storage solutions. Opt for built-in cabinets and shelves to make the most of vertical space. Explore hidden storage options such as under-bed drawers or ottomans with storage compartments. Utilize multi-functional furniture like sofa beds or extendable dining tables that can adapt to your changing needs. By keeping your belongings organized and minimizing clutter, you can create a more visually appealing and functional living environment.
Statement Walls and Creative Lighting
Transform the look and feel of your HDB flat with statement walls and creative lighting. Consider adding textured wallpapers, geometric patterns, or a vibrant accent color to create a focal point in your living room or bedroom. Experiment with different lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights or track lighting, to add depth and ambiance to your space. Creative lighting techniques can also highlight artwork or architectural features, further enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.
Bring Nature Indoors
Introduce a touch of nature into your HDB renovation by incorporating indoor plants. Create a vertical garden using wall-mounted planters or install hanging planters near windows. Plants not only add visual interest and freshness to your home but also improve air quality and create a soothing ambiance. Choose low-maintenance plants that thrive indoors, such as pothos, snake plants, or peace lilies. Additionally, consider adding natural materials like wood or bamboo to your furniture and decor choices to create a warm and earthy atmosphere.
With these trendy HDB renovation ideas, you can unlock the full potential of your living space. From open-concept living to smart storage solutions, statement walls, and incorporating nature indoors, there are endless possibilities to transform your HDB flat into a stylish and functional home. Embrace your creativity, personalize your space, and enjoy the elevated living experience that reflects your unique personality and preferences. Homerenoguru provides the most experienced renovation contractor are always ready to help you out in all aspects to transform your home as you like it.
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2023.06.08 05:42 ttcfanboy So far, here's the iOS/iPadOS 17 features that don't work on pre-A14 devices

If you have an A14 or later device, you're effectively fully supported.
There are some missing features from previous iOS/iPadOS versions, but left those out to simplify the lists (eg no external display support on pre-M1s, no Apple Music Sing pre-A13, no landscape Face ID on pre-A15 iPhones, etc).
This is based on the footnotes from Apple's website.
A12 and A13 iPhones (SE 2/11/XXS) don't get the following:
Improved autocorrect, tapping the space bar to finish a sentence, and detecting hand movements in FaceTime to produce a reaction such as confetti or fireworks
Here's what A10 or A10X iPads don't get:
Improved autocorrect, tapping the space bar to finish a sentence, detecting hand movements in FaceTime to produce a reaction such as confetti or fireworks, back to back Siri requests, pressing to mute AirPods, external webcam/mic support, adaptive Audio for AirPods and improved automatic switching, PDF autofill with Contacts information, Screen distance (it needs a Face ID iPad), using as a Center Stage camera for Apple TV FaceTime calls
*Most likely Astronomy wallpapers/Depth effects/etc as well, but did not see a footnote related to it
A12/A13 iPads only lack the autocorrect/space bar sentence related features as well as the FaceTime reactions, as well as external webcam support and screen distance (with the exception of A12X/Z iPad Pros).
Sorry if the format comes out bad, I'm on mobile right now.
Edit: For fun, I compared the feature support for A10X and A12X/Z iPad Pros. Surprisingly, the A12X was missing only the improved sentence finish/autocorrect/FaceTime reaction stuff as well as the features such as virtual swap and external display support (as well as Apple Music Sing and Metal 3). The A10X on the other hand is really on its last legs....... I was able to count a total of at least 30 features missing when accounted for previous versions of iOS, most being from 15-17 (list far too long to put here). Looks like A12X iPads have really held up!
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2023.06.08 04:22 MoodyIsAlive Oc challenge! Show your ocs in the comments w/ there name! You can choose to circle what you got (Sorry if wrong flair)

Oc challenge! Show your ocs in the comments w/ there name! You can choose to circle what you got (Sorry if wrong flair)
I named her Charlie :)
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