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Clash Royale: A Most Ridiculous Duel!

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Subreddit for all things Clash Royale, the free mobile strategy game from Supercell.

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2014.10.12 22:40 oblivio69 Squad

Squad is a teamwork oriented tactical shooter being made by the Canadian-based Offworld Industries. It is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed and highly successful Battlefield 2 mod called Project Reality.

2023.06.05 07:36 whispereyenews By Mike Rwothomio Police and hundreds of boda boda riders have clashed At Goli Border Custom in Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district as Uganda Revenue Authority's new border rules are becoming more biting. #WhisperEyeNews Hundred

By Mike Rwothomio Police and hundreds of boda boda riders have clashed At Goli Border Custom in Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district as Uganda Revenue Authority's new border rules are becoming more biting. #WhisperEyeNews Hundred submitted by whispereyenews to EastAfricaNews [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:35 whispereyenews By Mike Rwothomio Police and hundreds of boda boda riders have clashed At Goli Border Custom in Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district as Uganda Revenue Authority's new border rules are becoming more biting. #WhisperEyeNews Hundred

By Mike Rwothomio Police and hundreds of boda boda riders have clashed At Goli Border Custom in Jupangira Sub-county Nebbi district as Uganda Revenue Authority's new border rules are becoming more biting. #WhisperEyeNews Hundred submitted by whispereyenews to EastAfricaNews [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 07:20 ogreatgames All Star Cheer Squad 2: Join Global Cheer Competitions - Wii Game

![video](dajqi9a9pd091 " Be the squad captain of Tiger Squad. Visit https://ogreatgames.com/products/all-star-cheer-squad-2 to buy these item(s) & more while supplies last! -- ")
#nintendo #wii #rhythm --
All Star Cheer Squad 2 For Nintendo Wii. Unlike its predecessor, the player will take the role of the captain manager right from the beginning. Manage the spectacular Tiger Squad. Train your cheerleaders with different moves and stunts. Customize your squad's uniforms and hairstyles. Travel to over 10+ breath taking locations and be the most renowned cheerleading squad. --
Hey check out similar videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05uKspxQ89s&list=PLVduyMnVQjzNYPljUBqwgAXdMPQ9CEKWY
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2023.06.05 06:58 mildrandomman Friendly reminder on how to turn off crossplay for Xbox

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2023.06.05 06:18 YoungInvestor26 DZ Build for new players that will like to venture into the DZ

Thought I’ll share this with new players in the sub. DZ PvP Build if you want to stay competitive against rogues. Other players have the all blue Matador with CHC and CHD.
Weapons: FAMAS w/ 10% DMG out of cover, Optimist talent
Custom M870 w/ 10% DMG out of cover, Optimist talent
Busy Little Bee (in case you’re needing a slight buff against 2+ man rogue squads)
1) Catharsis Mask w/ CHD mod Blue (for every hit of damage you get 1% weapon buff until 30% and heal) 2) Grupo Chest w/ CHD (x2), CHC and Unbreakable Blue 3) Picaros Holster w/ CHD (+15 WD) Blue 4) Fenris backpack w/ CHD (x2), CHC, and Adrenaline Rush Red 5) Ceska Gloves w/ CHC and CHD Blue 6) Fox Prayers w/ CHD (+8% DMG out of cover) Blue
1.8 Million armor (1.7 w/o expertise buff)
FAMAS: 53% CHC 155% CHD
88.4K DMG w/ FAMAS 1.35M DMG w/ Custom M870
Skills: Decoy and Defender Drone
Specialization: Survivalist
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2023.06.05 06:18 seun_dele21 Tactical Suggestions: Going into another season, would the CAM work as an AP in this system and what role would get the best out of Enzo in this formation? Any other advice would be great too.

Tactical Suggestions: Going into another season, would the CAM work as an AP in this system and what role would get the best out of Enzo in this formation? Any other advice would be great too. submitted by seun_dele21 to footballmanagergames [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:43 SinnerzYT Discover the Ultimate FIFA Coin Experience at BUYFIFACOIN.COM

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2023.06.05 04:14 blkread Clash tiers?

Can someone explain the clash tiers to me? My buddies and I are all about silvegold elo and every game we had tonight had atleast 3 high plats and a diamond on their team. This is in tier 3. No one below gold 1 on the enemy squad but 3/5 of us are silver other two g4.
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2023.06.05 03:55 notWucaLatts Created player problem

Hello, I created a player and I want to add him to my manager career mode, but I’m already years in and I selected download latest squads when creating the career mode. Is there any way I can change this to custom squads, so I can use the created player? Thank you so much!
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2023.06.05 03:51 Phamser Finally got the bike for retro ghost rider, has broken taillight but has all the effects. Hard find one close to retail but it was close enough... now find some 6' scale foot soldiers for my shredder for him to punish since Mephisto was a haslab bust.

Finally got the bike for retro ghost rider, has broken taillight but has all the effects. Hard find one close to retail but it was close enough... now find some 6' scale foot soldiers for my shredder for him to punish since Mephisto was a haslab bust. submitted by Phamser to MarvelLegends [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 03:07 mohammedinternet Nostalgia hits hard

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2023.06.05 03:03 Neo_Aevis Attempting to break into IT by landing a help desk job. Feedback appreciated!

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2023.06.05 02:36 RepeatOk6710 Yeah soo im fucked yeah?

Yeah soo im fucked yeah?
Dude! They allowed it JUST ONCE for the inaugural ceremony! But no more? YeH? Fuck us???
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2023.06.05 00:51 1stSiegeRecruitment [A3][NA][Recruiting][Star-Sim][EST/CST] 1st Siege Battalion

[A3][NA][Recruiting][Star-Sim][EST/CST] 1st Siege Battalion
A unit focused on leadership, communication, determination, and having fun. When you join the 1st you have the option to join infantry,aviation, ARF, or Airborne. In 1st Siege we have qualifications instead of slotting people into MOS specific slots. These rolls include laying hate with extreme speed and general precision with autorifleman role or maybe you like the finer things in life. Like pitching a tent faraway and decommissioning droids from various ranges. Like to lead the way, then maybe being a squad leader or team leader is your thing.The members of our unit are a very relaxed and comedic group but when thing shit the fan the men of our unit switch into a semi-serious tone that helps create a more effective and cohesive wave of Republic liberation.

We currently have 45 active members and average about 25-30 people an op. Our Operations are on Sundays at 7pm CST/ 8pm EST and last an average of 2 hours. For the first 4 months of the year we are in Phase1armor, then we move to Phase 2 for the next 6 months, and finally end the year with 1 month of Post Order 66/Empire. Our goal here is to give all our members a great experience, comfortable community, and long lasting friendships.

We offer custom helmets for those who meet the time in service requirement. We also offer full custom sets of armor for all ARC,Platoon, and Delta personnel. Do you have some time in Arma? Or maybe are looking for something more challenging, we offer an ARC program for anyone who wants to try and step above and into the realm of Star Wars special operations. Consider the 1st Siege Battalion for a truly unique Unit, Community, and home to many.


Infantry Open

Aviation Open (High Priority)

Armor Closed

ARC Closed

ARF Open

Zeus Open (Needed)

Interested in Joining? Want to do a Joint Op with us? Join the Discord.
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/kUvWZqu5Y4
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2023.06.04 23:43 mreed911 Shout Out to Tony Pignato and the Staccato Team

I have the pleasure of living near Staccato’s HQ, which means we get a lot of their employees at local USPSA matches. Today, I ended up squadded with a large group from Staccato, led by Tony Pignato (an incredibly accomplished shooter). They were shooting this local match in preparation for bringing a team to the USPSA Area 4 Championships next week.
Not only did Tony lead a team of great shooters, he offered coaching, tips, etc. to every shooter on the squad that asked, employee or not. Stage planning? Yep. Movement? Yep. His personal servant leader style showed through and reflects the focus Staccato has on their customers.
His team was shooting nearly every Staccato made and a few STI’s (including a DVC in Open class in 9 major). They not only didn’t mind my Platypus being in the mix, there wasn’t any “not a Staccato” rivalry.
I wish them well next week and based on my interactions with Tony and everyone on their team wouldn’t hesitate recommending them as a company. I’ll probably be looking into their classes soon, too.
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2023.06.04 21:37 PM_ME_ABOUT_LOVE [H] Marvel Legends/DC/TMNT/Wrestling (20% Off Sale) [W] PayPal

20% off anything for next two days!
Prices aren't shipped. Everything comes with what you see. I tried to mention what thought was missing. Some prices negotiable, feel free to ask!

Marvel Legends


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2023.06.04 20:17 golangprojects [Hiring] Remote Clojure job: Software Engineer-Full stack (Junior Level) at Kroo Bank (London, United Kingdom)

What We’re All About at Kroo We’re creating the world’s most social bank and improving people’s relationship with money for good. Our mission is to remove the stress and social awkwardness that money creates, allowing people to freely enjoy their lives in a connected and meaningful way. We’re building a bank that’s better for customers, their friends, and the planet.
Here at Kroo, doing what is right is in our DNA. We act with integrity, transparency and honesty. We think big, dream big, and relentlessly pursue our goals. We like to be bold, break new ground, and we never stop learning. But most importantly, we are on this journey together.
How You’ll Contribute Reporting into a Tech Lead, you’ll be embedded in one of our multidisciplinary Product Squads and will: Implement new features and deploy them using our Continuous Delivery approach Contribute to our product vision Work in an Agile cross-functional team of a Product Manager, Product Designer and Developers (We use a blend of processes that work for us inc. SCRUM, Kanban and Pair Programming) Be involved in the end to end cycle of building our product Champion quality code while being pragmatic Work in an inclusive, collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over your job title
You’ll get to work with a variety of new and interesting technology: We mainly use the following tools and technology but you don’t need to have experience with all of them. Many of us didn’t when we joined! Our focus is always on finding the right technology for the job, if you’re willing to learn, we are interested in speaking with you.
Clojure to write our backend microservices (please apply if you have experience with any Functional Programming language) React Native and Redux for our mobile applications Kafka for our asynchronous message queue AWS for our infrastructure Docker to run our services Terraform for our infrastructure provisioning and deployment
We regularly contribute to Open Source libraries and encourage our Developers to suggest new technology that can add value to building a bank. Requirements
About You You have previous experience with or are excited about Functional Programming You’ve worked in a cross-functional Agile team You’d like to be part of a team that does Pairing Programming and Test Driven Development You have experience working with microservices You want to work in a product focused team that thinks about customers and user behaviour and builds sublime experiences for them You have experience deploying to cloud based infrastructure like AWS or similar You want to deliver a product using the principles of Hypothesis Driven Development You’d like to develop with mobile first design principles and build cross-platform Android and iOS applications with React Native You’d like to be part of building an inclusive and diverse culture in which everyone can succeed.
About Our Process We understand that competency is contextual, so throughout the process, we aim to gain an understanding of your experience and, if successful, to provide you with a role reflective of your demonstrated seniority. Our general interview process is as follows, but if your circumstances or timescales require, we can be flexible with its structure: 30-minute meet and greet with our Talent Acquisition Specialist via Google Hangouts 1-hour live coding exercise to work through a coding challenge with members of our development team via Google Hangouts 1-hour system design. This is an opportunity to showcase a system you’ve worked on in the past via Google Hangouts 30-minute opportunity to meet with our Head of Engineering and executives via Google Hangouts
Please let us know if you have any specific requirements or need assistance so we can be as accommodating as possible for you.
Benefits What We Offer We're constantly evaluating and adding benefits to best support our employee's wellbeing and to help them thrive in and outside of work. The following benefits are what we currently offer: 35 total days holiday (25 annual leave, 8 bank holidays, 1 Kroo bank holiday, and 1 day off during the week of your birthday) 3 personal health days An employer-sponsored volunteer programme (up to 4 hours per month supported by our partner Matchable) Access to Spill, our mental health support partner A workplace pension, with 5% employee contribution and a 3% employer top off After 1 year of service, access to £500 from the Kroo Learning Fund for career-related L&D All equipment you need to work remotely effectively, with a MacBook Pro as standard Access to our modern, bustling office in Holborn, Central London, includes a full gym. Access to our Cycle to Work scheme Access to our Electric Car scheme An enhanced parental leave policy Room to grow and excel within a fast-paced, high growth start-up
Office/remote working Working remotely has changed many of our lives for the better and we are behind continuing the benefits of flexibility now that restrictions have lifted. At the same time, we have a beautiful office in Holborn, which, when used for the right things, can be a useful and powerful tool. In Tech, we currently have a mix of remote and hybrid employees, as we believe in empowering our team members to decide which environment works best for them.
Read more / apply: https://ClojureJobboard.com/clojure-job/js-remote-software-engineer-full-stack-junior-level-london-kroo-bank-remotework.html
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2023.06.04 18:59 El_halo [NA/EU/SA] Tarkov Discord with 130 Chads and Timmys Looking for More Players!!!

TLDR - GalaxyGaming is a discord for Timmys and Chads, PVP, Quests, Events, and more. No bullshit, hop on the server, pick a role, and get to playing with others!
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/JPa7xjaKrk
Hello! Are you looking for a place where everyone plays together? A place where you can join any chat and users will gladly talk, play, and help? Well, there’s no better place for that than GalaxyGaming! We pride ourselves in being the most welcoming and tight-knit community in Tarkov. Below are some of the things we offer:
· Sherpa program for New Players
· Quest Help
· A Safe Community Free of Cheaters
· In Depth Guides On Rat Spots For Those Who Like To Dabble In The Art Of Ratting
· Various Roles to Suit Your Playstyle
· Various Bots and Server Features such as Music and Polls
· Boosted Discord with Better Quality Streaming, File Upload, Customs Emojis, etc.
We welcome anyone who wants to join regardless of skill or level. It doesn’t matter if you are level 1 and haven’t played a single raid, or if you are an absolute Chad who's been playing since alpha; There will always be a squad just for you! If this interests you, you can join anytime with the discord links that have been included in this post. We hope to see you soon!!!
Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/JPa7xjaKrk
Also, every Friday at 11 PM EST we have a Tarkov Night where everyone gets on and we run labs, reserve, we go rogue hunting, and do private matches between teams of players similar to Arena!
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2023.06.04 17:45 BravePhoenix511 [A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

[A3][Recruiting][Star-Sim][US] 87th Legion

We are the 87th Legion. Not to be mistaken as the 87th Sentinel Corps, we are a new late clone wars era unit that specializes in multiple fields of combat. The 87th Legion has a wide range of assets at their disposal which is what makes us an extremely versatile unit.
Some Unit Details.
Our unit has our main ground forces, which are the squads of Clone Troopers with a range of roles, or our small teams of ARF Troopers to support them. We will mostly make use of these two assets in most operations. On the side the 87th has access to an Airborne Detachment that will work very closely with our Pilots. At the time Airborne is only just a role that our gamemasters might have us use. Similarly, the 87th also has access to Clone Commando teams. These units strictly exist to help our gamemasters with more operation ideas, these Commandos will not be used often as they are not the focus of our unit. Then finally, our Pilots. As mentioned before the Pilots will, when in use, work very closely with our Airborne Detachment. Otherwise, Pilots are key units to assist our ground teams with transportation, CAS, and general support. As Pilots are very valuable but powerful units, we won't have too much of them until a later time.
Custom Armor Disclaimer
The 87th Legions armor uses a simple design theme and a dark purple color pallet. You may ask for custom armor once you have been active within the unit for at least a month, but this does not grantee you will get anything. The 87th strives to try and be quite uniform with what armor we have.
What roles do we have?
  • Rifleman - The Rifleman Role is the backbone of most units, typically useful in most infantry fighting scenarios and a useful support.
  • Anti-Tank - The Anti-Tank Role is the best role for destroying most types of enemy vehicles. Can play an important role in the survival of the group.
  • Heavy Weapons - The Heavy Weapons Role utilizes a Z-6 Rotary Cannon to help clear out large groups of enemy infantry quickly.
  • Marksman - The Marksman Role utilizes a longer ranged weapon such as a DC-15X or Valken. These units, not as skilled as an ARF Trooper Sniper, will stick with infantry and are useful in taking out backline enemies during a firefight.
  • Medic - The Medic Role is key to keeping everyone in the fight, a unit cannot function without these clones.
  • Engineer - The Engineer Role is useful for defense. These clones have the training required to repair vehicles, construct fortifications, and disarm explosives.
  • RTO - The RTO Role is mainly used closely alongside any kind of leader, these clones are used to help relay tactics, commands, and information throughout the chain of command.
  • Pilot - The Pilot Role is quite self-explanatory; the Pilots will use what air vehicles they have available to assist with transportation and heavy fire support.
  • Support Pilot - The Support Pilot Role is a specific role designated to assisting Pilots, Support Pilots will always be the copilot or gunner for our Pilots, while also managing any type of radio traffic.
  • ARF Trooper (Hand Picked) - The ARF Trooper Role is a Recon/Support role used in pre-operation recon. These units will also occasionally be supplied AT-RT walkers to utilize with assisting infantry.
  • Team Leader - The Team Leader Role is the manager, and leader, of a small infantry team within a squad. These units are essential in the command structure of a unit.
  • Squad Leader (Hand Picked) - The Squad Leader role is essentially the ARC Troopers of the unit. These units come from hand-picked Team Leaders that have proved themselves capable of unit management and leadership. ARC Troopers must work closely with both teams within their squad and help out wherever they can.
(Roles are subject to being closed when joining the unit so keep your mind open)
When are our operation times?
Sundays and Tuesdays at 7/7:30 PM EST.
Attendance is not mandatory.
We are not a MILSIM unit. We take things seriously during operations in a more laid-back manner, but there's always a time and a place. This doesn't mean we don't know how to have fun.
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2023.06.04 17:34 1stTitanCompany [A3][NA/EU][Recruiting][New Player Friendly] 6th Bat. 1st Titan Company [Semi-Serious][US Marines][16+]

[3rdMD] 1st Titan Company
Who are we?
Our unit is a conventional unit operating as US Marines. We are a Semi-Serious unit, when there is downtime we have our banter, but when shit hits the fan, we put our caps on and operate in a more serious fashion. We offer a 24/7 server, and also have groups in our discord playing games like Phasmophobia, HOI4, Squad, etc. We are a welcoming group of players that are also always ready to teach new recruits anything they need to know. We get between 15-20 players per op at our current size.
What do we offer?
Our unit focuses on quality over quantity in-game. Not only do we have diverse Zeus operations and well experienced leadership, but we also have custom mods for things like vehicle and uniform textures. We also offer the eligibility for a custom helmet based off Time in Service and merit. The awards system we have in place as well is actively used and all Pvt.+ are eligible via recommendation. We also run a multiple game servers on the side as well as a public Antistasi server.
Operation Times
Main Operations are on every Sunday at 7:30PM EST. Fun Operations can be found throughout the week hosted by our Zeus staff.
How can I join?
Just join our discord and ping a Recruiter ! We will have someone with you as soon as we can and get you into the unit fully.
Discord: https://discord.gg/tN8ujv7Wg6
TeamSpeak IP:
Here is a video of some funny moments captured by one of our members:
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2023.06.04 17:20 Psychological-Tax391 Open Mini World Cup Tournament: Seeking Advice

A bit of background: I am an U14 girls coach, we've just finished our season (Our last one at U12). Our A team is among the best in our region, allowing us to compete with teams much bigger than us. The girls are a great bunch who really get along with each other, which has allowed us to resist poaching attempts. One problem was that we did not have a lot of depth in our squad. Later in the season, a mix of scheduling disasters and clashes with other sports took its toll on the girls and they finished in disappointing fashion despite a great effort due to tiredness. The girls really enjoy their football but they themselves realize that we need more players to boost our chances. (We currently have 15 players for 11 a side).
To try and fix this, we have suggested organizing a mini world cup, coinciding with the Women's World Cup this year (& Ireland's qualification 🥳). We have told the girls to bring along any friends they have who may be interested in playing soccer. We'll organize the girls into teams of 5 or 7 a side, depending on how many girls turn up. Ability is not the be all and end all, since we would also like to field a B team so that some of the girls who may not be able for the pace of elite soccer still get the chance to play.
Has anyone here done anything similar to this? What advice would you give for organizing a tournament like this? Are there any fun mini-games or little things you can do to make the tournament more fun?
I'd love to hear from you all!
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2023.06.04 15:43 NoCommute New remote job at ModSquad

ModSquad is hiring a Customer Support - Tickets - Philippines (3048)
NoCommute is a free daily newsletter with just-posted remote jobs. To get hundreds of jobs like this sent to your email 5x a week, subscribe here.
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