Pre raid bis disc priest wotlk

[NA][A or H][STORMRAGE] 9/9N 8/8H Mythic Guild recruiting for Aberrus Progression

2023.06.04 17:48 Nevali5081 [NA][A or H][STORMRAGE] 9/9N 8/8H Mythic Guild recruiting for Aberrus Progression

Hello and thank you for considering < Out of Focus > to be your new home! We are a semi-hardcore Mythic Progression raiding guild formed at the beginning of Shadowlands consisting of motivated players anxious to make meaningful progression together and we sincerely hope you will consider your journey dragonriding alongside us!
Though the guild was only formed last expansion those of us who started it are well versed and experienced leaders! We have raiders with CE experience, raiders who are grizzled veterans from Vanilla to now, raiders who have raid lead and organized raids from the most beloved to the floppiest of flops. I want to reassure anyone considering us to rest assured that the majority of us are dedicated raiders, players and friends who have been doing this for a long time; we have the raid leading and guild managing experience that allows us a significant advantage to be able to build an exceptional community not only for aspiring raiders but for all who step foot inside our welcoming halls.
Our typical schedule is as follows: •PROGRESSION RAID: Tues/Weds 8-11PM EST •GUILD M+ NIGHT: Fri. 8-10PM EST •ALT NIGHT: Saturday 8-11PM EST (bi-weekly) •SOCIAL NIGHT: Monday 8pm-10PM EST (every second Monday of the month)
The events we offer range from Progression Mythic raiding to an optional M+ Night where we organize groups and are able to push high keys successfully on time as well as mentor others to be able to join us in high pushes; to Alt Raid night to a Social Event once per month in order to foster bonds and unwind from the daily grind (this can be anything from Guild Among Us sessions to Expansion Transmog World Tours or WoW Trivia Nights with Guild prizes!).
In addition to scheduled events, our group is a close-knit group always looking to expand. You will always find someone willing to run a key with you or just chat in discord while you do dailies. We all play together across multiple platforms (we even have a FFXIV Free Company who occasionally push Savage content!) and games and would encourage you to join us in our warm and welcoming environment. As stressed above, our community is super important to us and as such is the main focus of all we do. I can assure you that those of us who chose to invest in this space did so after great thought and personal reflection after watching other guilds struggle with the unfortunate toxicity that can plague the mid-tier. We wanted to make this guild to weed out that disease and make a good, strong base so that we may achieve our end game goals in a healthy frame of mind and with people we enjoy playing with.
We are welcoming of both Alliance and Horde, especially with the new changes that allow all to be under one roof. So please do not hesitate to apply be it Night Elf or Orc. There is room for all!
So what are we looking for? Currently, we are in need of Healers and DPS- preferably those with hearty offspecs for versatility. Classes we would prioritize include, but are not limited to:
The bottom line? We are always looking for exceptional players to push high content with and have fun doing so! If you are interested or have additional questions or comments please contact Hyliia: HYLIIA#1004 or Nevali: Nevali#5081 on discord. Thank you so much for your time and happy dragonriding!
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2023.06.03 20:35 ttvalkyrie25 [LFG] [Savage] [Midcore] [Static] [WHM] [Primal]

WHM looking for a midcore savage static for P9-P12s.
Currently progging p9s; at LC2 > Clear.
BiS pentamelded (minus voidcast). ALWAYS carrying current prog food and pots (craft a lot; happy to share).
Prior savage and raiding experience:
Mon - Fri, 8pm - 11pm EST
Primal preferred but willing to DC travel.
Feel free to reach out to Velena Valkyrie#0190 on discord with any questions! Nice to meet you in advance!
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2023.06.03 19:40 SoloSC SoloCraft Blizzlike x3 - Spawn your AI Bots and start raiding/PvP!

SoloCraft Blizzlike x3 - Spawn your AI Bots and start raiding/PvP!
SoloCraft is a blizzlike (3x XP) vanilla server with limited custom features such as PlayerBots and BattleBots established and running for over 7 months now.
The XP and profession rates are set to 3x. Each character is able to learn all professions.
PlayerBots are designed for questing, levelling, dungeons, raids and BattleGrounds. AI companions will adjust their level to yours and will auto equip pre-set gear according to their level.
You are able to spawn PlayerBots from level 1-60 by using the commands or from our addon. Once you are level 60, you will spawn BiS T3 Bots in raids and Pre-BiS Bots in dungeons and open world.
BattleBots are smart AI companions playing like a regular players, buffing, healing, fighting, doing objectives, capping flags and taking and defending bases at battlegrounds.
You will learn all flight paths once you create a character. Mail delivery delay is reduced to 5 mins instead of 60 mins which will speed up all transactions. All raids are unlocked and attunements are removed.
Crossfaction chat, party and guilds are enabled. The Auction house is always filled with items for a fair price which will not affect the server economy.
If you would like to twink, you can simply lock and unlock your XP from the NPC “Twinker” located at Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
There are around 1000 BattleBots spawned and playing 24/7 in BattleGrounds waiting for you! We have an awesome community, currently hitting around 100-150 (happy players) online at peak hours. However, our server doesn't require any population at all, it can keep running with even 1 player online since you can solo all content.
We also made example videos/guides for raiding, the videos are a bit outdated right now since we've improved our bots over time. You can always use your own strategy to defeat bosses.
Our main goal is to have fun while you can play safely!
Preview of our addon (You can also use commands/macros instead, this addon is mainly for new members to make it easier to handle and get used to controlling bots):
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2023.06.03 18:52 NaughtyUmbreon Questions about Rogue in WOTLK

Hello, my main is mage, and I decided to make my second char a Rogue. I want it to be mostly PvP oriented, so I wondered what proffesions should I learn? I was thinking about Engineering/Tailoring, based on this. Is it good or should I pick something else? Also I want to raid with it as well, as some PvP BiS items drop from raids, so I was wondering what is the best spec for PvE? I am going Subtlety for PvP, and deciding between Combat and Assassination for PvE. I was told that Assassination has higher DPS than Combat in late game, so should I pick that one? Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.01 05:27 Nythendras [NA][A or H][STORMRAGE] 9/9H recruiting for Mythic Aberrus Progression

Hello and thank you for considering < Out of Focus > to be your new home! We are a semi-hardcore Mythic Progression raiding guild formed at the beginning of Shadowlands consisting of motivated players anxious to make meaningful progression together and we sincerely hope you will consider your journey dragon-riding alongside us! Though the guild was only formed last expansion those of us who started it are well versed and experienced leaders! We have raiders with CE experience, raiders who are grizzled veterans from Vanilla to now, raiders who have raid lead and organized raids from the most beloved to the floppiest of flops. I want to reassure anyone considering us to rest assured that the majority of us are dedicated raiders, players and friends who have been doing this for a long time; we have the raid leading and guild managing experience that allows us a significant advantage to be able to build an exceptional community not only for aspiring raiders but for all who step foot inside our welcoming halls.
Our typical schedule is as follows:
The events we offer range from Progression Mythic raiding to an optional M+ Night where we organize groups and are able to push high keys successfully on time as well as mentor others to be able to join us in high pushes; to Alt Raid night to a Social Event once per month in order to foster bonds and unwind from the daily grind (this can be anything from Guild Among Us sessions to Expansion Transmog World Tours or WoW Trivia Nights with Guild prizes!).
In addition to scheduled events, our group is a close-knit group always looking to expand. You will always find someone willing to run a key with you or just chat in discord while you do dailies. We all play together across multiple platforms (we even have a FFXIV Free Company who occasionally push Savage content!) and games and would encourage you to join us in our warm and welcoming environment. As stressed above, our community is super important to us and as such is the main focus of all we do. I can assure you that those of us who chose to invest in this space did so after great thought and personal reflection after watching other guilds struggle with the unfortunate toxicity that can plague the mid-tier. We wanted to make this guild to weed out that disease and make a good, strong base so that we may achieve our end game goals in a healthy frame of mind and with people we enjoy playing with.
We are welcoming of both Alliance and Horde, especially with the new changes that allow all to be under one roof. So please do not hesitate to apply be it Night Elf or Orc.
There is room for all! So what are we looking for? Currently, we are in need of Healers and DPS- preferably those with hearty off-specs for versatility. Classes we are currently looking to fill include:
The bottom line? We are always looking for exceptional players to push high content with and have fun doing so! If you are interested or have additional questions or comments please contact Hyliia: HYLIIA#1004 or Nevali: Nevali#5081 on discord.
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2023.06.01 03:51 Fischer_Jones Questions about healer specs in Wrath as a new-to-wrath player.

I've never healed before to any degree of seriousness. I've leveled a few healers into the 40's just to kind of see what it was like and I really really enjoyed it. But my guild was healer heavy so I didn't stick to it.
I'm on a new server now and want to go full sweat on a healer. (ok, half sweat. I do have a job an fam) so here's my scenario and thinking process:
In my head I split the healing classes into two groups: Reactive and proactive. Shamans and paladins (and holy priests) being reactive and druid / disc being proactive. They're casting BEFORE things happen.
Googling this subject for a while I see alot of threads about ppl saying disc is really easy because all you do is bubble people, but I can't help but think "doesn't that require intimate raid knowledge of damage spikes?"
I have never raided in wrath before. Ever. So my immediate thought is the proactive healers, mechanically, are probably easy to play but require a ton of historical knowledge and experience to actually play them decently.
So maybe I'm best left sitting in the back spamming chain heals? I'm not sure.
If you had a friend who has some classic wow experience but little raid exposure and wanted to main a healer; how would you approach and why?
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2023.05.31 05:53 TheYanderePrince [NA] [Aether] [LFM] [6.4 SAVAGE] [ULTIMATES] [MC] [STATIC] [5of8]

General Information:

Static Name: Cheese & Melon Squad
Primary Server: Sargatanas
Point of Contact: AkoBako#0805 - Discord Ayako Grimfyre - Ingame
Recruitment Status: Open
Jobs of Interest:
2x Any Melee [OR 1x Melee and 1x Any Non-BLM Caster]
Schedule [All Times Listed in Eastern Standard]:
- Monday - 8PM-10PM
- Tuesday - 8PM-10PM
- Wednesday - 8PM-10PM
- Thursday 8PM-10PM
Current Roster:
Healer 1: WHM
Healer 2: SGE
Melee 1: N/A
Melee 2: N/A
Caster: BLM
Ranged: DNC [Melee Flexible]
We are looking to form a midcore group that is interested in progging P9-12S and weekly re-clears until everyone has BiS.
Plans following Re-Clears?:
Following the completion of our re-clears once everyone is geared and has obtained their mount, we plan to move into progging UCoB and the other Ultimates going forward. Please note that this is not by any means a requirement to join for 6.4 content, however if it is something that interests you, you are more than welcome to stay and join us; we will commence future recruitment as needed.
REGARDING Patch 6.4 Tier:
Loot: Chests will be loot-mastered. Gear priority will be reliant on everyone’s BiS and fall under the following order: DPS > Healers > Tanks [DPS have main priority to assist with re-clears. To make up for the wait on gear, HealeTank will have mount priority. The only exception will be myself, as I will be getting the mount last]
Food/Potion/Gear Supply: As an omni-crafter I am perfectly willing to supply the static with HQ food, gear, and potions if you are unable to do so yourself. Pricing is as follows:
Gear: 2 Mil flat rate for the whole set. (90% off if all mats are provided 50% off if tome mats are provided). All Materia must be provided if you want me to penta-meld due to the unpredictability of RNG. Melding will be done for free.
Food: 4k per – Made to order
Potions: 6k per – Made to order
- We aren’t a very strict group, but there are a few rules I ask everyone to follow:
- Be Respectful towards other Members
- Be Patient
- Understand your Job Rotation.
- Don’t be afraid to ask questions as they come up
- Be willing to give and receive criticism. [If you are worried about confrontation, you can DM me or my Co-Lead on discord regarding any issues, opinions, or critiques you may have. We also have a feedback form if you prefer to remain anonymous. The same is asked if you have any issues with another member. Our DMs are always open for issues regarding such, and we would much prefer to be approached regarding an issue so we can take care of it early on before it buds into something bigger than it needs to be.] All we ask in regards to criticism is that it is constructive. Flaming someone does not help them improve, offering advice does.
- Join the VC for pointers and callouts, and be attentive to pre-pull discussions and raid planning.
I am of the notion that life always comes first. If something comes up, please take care of yourself above all else. However, if you know you will be unable to make a raid day, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance so that we can plan and adjust around it. The only exception being an emergency situation. If absences become a frequent occurrence, we may need to drop you. Remember you have 7 other players that rely on your attendance.
If you are interested in joining or have any questions/comments/concerns please contact me on Discord at AkoBako#0805
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2023.05.30 23:25 NinjaRadiographer John Wicks entire Timeline from Chapter 1 to Chapter 4 (updated) Part 2 of 2 (Chapters 3 and 4)

If your reading this I had to split my post in two because Reddits chracter limit is 40,000 and ive gone well over that. anyway have fun.
Here's the link to part 1:
John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum
John Wick 3 starts directly off of John Wick 2 with john running through the streets. The opening clock shot gives us the time as 5.10pm on Friday Day 13.
Friday Day 13 5.10pm
· 5.10pm john running through the streets.
· Winston arrives back at the Continental at 5.11pm “I’d say the odds were about even”.
· “John Wick. Contract starts at 6pm” is announced.
· John runs into an alley (the watch makes it 5.12pm) “Tick Tock Mr Wick”.
· John gets in a cab to the NY public Library. The clock in the cab makes it 5.38-5.39pm.
· John leaves his dog and runs to the library.
· “John Wick excommunicardo 20 minutes” in the exchange.
· John enters the library at 5.41 thanks to the clock above the clerk.
· John gets directions to his book and finds it at 5.45pm
· Big Ukrainian guy appears.
· John kills big Ukrainian guy with a book in 5 mins. Time is 5.50pm.
· John leaves and runs to the Doctor “john Wick excommunicardo in effect 10 minutes”.
· The Doctor must be 5 minutes away. John arrives “I still have 5 minutes”.
· Doctor treats john and stops dead on 6pm. Contract on john goes live and texts go out.
· John finishes up and shoots the doc as requested.
· John leaves at 6.05pm
· John runs through China Town
· Chinese thugs see him and chase him into the museum.
· John reassembles the revolver.
· John kills lots of people (best scene in the film). Whole fight takes about 10 minutes.
· John leaves.
· The dog arrives at the hotel around 6.10pm which fits with the film.
· John is hit by 2 cars and runs into the stables.
· John kills lots of people and rides off on a horse (about a 20 minute fight).
· John rides on the horse and kills the motorbike assassins.
· The contract gets raised in the exchange around 6.40pm
· John makes it to the Tarkovsky Theatre at around 6.50pm.
· Conversation with the desk when he removes things and meets the director. We learn johns name is Jordarni Jonovovich (I might have that slighty wrong). They talk and she agrees to give him transport to Casablanca. Probably an hour has passed since arriving at 7.50pm.
· John leaves on a life boat.
Saturday Day 14 9.00am
· Next scene. Morning The adjudicator arrives at the hotel at 9am judging by the daylight.
· The adjudicator meets Winston at 9.10am 5 minute conversation and they view santinos body. The whole conversation was about 20 minutes.
· The adjudicator gives him 1 week to get his affairs in order. This is the first clear timeline that is established. Therefore the films big shoot out must be Saturday Day 21.
· The adjudicator then vists the Bowery King (assuming she left Winston and went straight there it probably took an hour. She seems the type).
· Adjudicator with the King “you see rats with wings but I see the internet”.
· Adjudicator brings out the gun from John Wick 2 (the one the Bowery King gave him). She could have got it before seeing Winston or after. I think before. Bowery King also gets 7 days. The time is roughly 10.30 am
Monday Day 16 3.50am USA 9.50am Casablanca.
Cut to Casablanca. Google tells me that New York to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3.7 days by sea. Seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats can travel at 80 knots and, assuming they are using that boat, takes 1.3 days for john to reach his destination (32 hours) making it Monday Day 16 3.50 am. However Casablanca is 6 hours ahead so its 9.50 am when John arrives at the port which fits the film.
· John walks through the port
· Cut to evening/Night obviously it’s a very long way to the hotel from the port and hes a man of focus.
· John kills 2 guys in an alley and meets an assassin who offers him amnesty “welcome to casablanca Mr Wick”.
· John enters the continental and meet Sofia. I estimate that the time is 8pm
· Conversation with Sofia and the marker.
· Sofia gets ready “We leave in 10 minutes”. The whole thing was probably 15 minutes. Therefre 8.15pm Casblanca and 2.15 pm USA.
Cut to the next scene at night where the Adjudicator meets Zero. This is most likely during the time that Johnwas travelling so this is either Saturday Day 14 or Sunday Day 15. Im inclined to Saturday at 8pm. She seems efficient.
Saturday Day 14 8pm
· Adjudicator recruits Zero. There a continuity error where the Adjudicator says “he killed scores of men this week alone” which if youre still following is actually 13 days although can be considered vaguly accurate. I suspect she was reffering to John wick 2 though which would fit. They talk for 5 minutes.
· Next scene is back at the Tarkovsky Theatre where zero and his men attack the Russian and Director. It’s still raining so it can be assumed that it’s the same night probably an hour later. So 9pm.
· The directors conversation with the adjudicator where Zero stabs her hands. The whole thing probably was 30 mins to kill all the guards and 30 mins to talk and get stabbed so its 10pm.
Monday Day 16 8.15pm Casablanca and 2.15pm USA.
· Cut to John and Sofia. 5 min conversation and 30 minute trip to meet berrada.
· Conversation about Markers, coins and social contracts “Do you know where the word assassin comes from”.
· John learns how to meet the elders.
· John and Sofia kill lots of people.
· Berrada survives and probably 30 mins have passed.
· John and Sofia fight their way out through the gold melting vats eneterance (about 10 minutes since Berrada conversation and fight). The fight is fairly straight forward so probably on 20 minutes through there. They enter the courtyard and kill lots of people and escape in the cars. It’s a very long fight so very likely and hour and a half passes which makes the time 11.10pm casa and 5.10pm USA.
Tuesday Day 17 8am Casablanca and 2 am USA
· The next scene is john and Sofia arriving at the desert. Google tells me that Dawn in Casablanca is at 8am. Its safe to assume that they both shared the driving and got some rest for the previous 9 hours. The car is also quite a distance into the desert I assume so they’ve likely used the night to follow the dog star and get a head start on meeting the elder.
· Sofia drops john off in the desert, waters her dogs and john leaves with a thimbleful of watered backwash. John begins his walk.
· He walks all day and night and collapses around 10am Casa (judging by the sun in the sky) on Day 18 (Day 16 4 am USA).
Saturday Day 21 9am USA.
· The next scene is early am for the Bowery King and Zero guards are killing all his men. Juding by the light and that we know he had 7 days it has to be Saturday Day 21 about 9am.
This scene presents a small problem because they haven’t been seen since maiming the director on Saturday Day 14 at 10pm but maybe the adjudicator has had other duties to attend to in that time.
· The adjudicator and Bowery King talk and he gets 7 cuts at 9.30am assuming the conversation took 30 minutes.
Tuesday Day 17 11am Casablanca and 5 am USA
· Cut back to an unconious John who probably been out for an hour. Hes picked up and taken to the elder and spends time in the tent (say 2 hours (1pm)).
· The conversation took an hour (2pm) where he chops off his finger and gets a mission to kill Winston. Zayer helps prepare for Johns departure giving him a change of clothes and, its implied, help to get back so this takes longer (another 4 hours to treat his finger and recover? 7pm?). Its likely that they have methods of getting through the desert but its still a long journey but its likely they took 2 days to get back to Casablanca. Say 48 hours (because he got a car a fair way in to the desert and camels are slower) making arriving back in Casablanca Day 19 7pm Casa. If he then got the 80 knot boat back that’s then another 32 hours travel making it Day 21 3am which means that he arrives back at 9pm Saturday Day 21 usa.
Saturday Day 21 10pm
· The next scene is John getting off the train and meeting Zero and the assassins which was probably an hour later at 10pm which fits with the film.
· John conversation with Zero and escape on the bike 10 minutes.
· Bike chase across the bridge with swords. John kills lots of people. John arrives at the continental and escapes Zero on the consecrated ground after about 40 minutes making the time around 10.50.
· John meets Winston after a 10 minute wait and after talking to Zero. Zero is ruined for me at this point when he becomes an obsessive fan boy all of a sudden which doesn’t fit with his character up to this point. So its 11pm when John and Winston talks in the room of glass.
· Winston convinces John to change sides and “go to war with the high table”.
· The Adjudicator arrives 10 minutes later (11.10) “Mr Wick it is a pleasure to meet you”.
· The adjudicator deconsecrates the Contenital. The process probably takes 10 minutes to get the file and do. Adjudicator leaves and summons a kill squad which, judging by the way they arrive, she had tooled up and ready just in case.
· John, Winston and Choron the concierge tool up. The guests leave and the decronsecration order is processed. This probably took around an hour (movie land reasons for being so quick) and the kill squad arrived after everyone has left say another hour so the time is Sunday day 22 at 1.20am.
Sunday Day 22 1.20
· John and Charon attempt to kill lots of people but cant due to lack of firepower. The staff are all killed very quickly within 10 minutes of the kill squad arriving.
· It was approximately 30 seconds for john to realise that he needs more firepower and 29 minutes and 30 seconds to be able to be in a position for him to be able to get back and rearm.
· They arm up again (probably 30 minutes) and head back out hunting again.
· John and Charon kill lots of people.
· They’ve probably been fighting for an hour when the adjudicator makes her phone call to Winston where he hands up at 3.30am.
· John enters the room of glass at 3.35am and fights the two assassins who smash him into display cases. Zero taunts him and 5 minutes later the assassins are killed.
· Zero beckons John to come upstairs.
· The two respectful assassins from the raid (great films watch them both) attack and talk with Mr Wick.
· The fight lasts about 40 minutes. John leaves them alive and goes to face Zero.
· John faces Zero (fanboy worship 4.20am). The fight lasts another 40 minutes.
· Charon returns to the vault and the Adjudicator calls Winston at 4.55am.
· Zero dies at 5.15am after him and John talk “That was a pretty good fight”.
· Winston and Adjudicator are on the roof they look like they have been talking for a short while whilst the light (pre dawn) makes it about 5.30am when John arrives.
· Winston betrays John and shoots him off the roof at 5.45am. The Adjudicator leaves.
· Clean up and sorting the continental appears to start immediately but its likely the Adjudicator went to her room and packed before leaving so the time is more 7am when the adjudicator realizes Johns body is missing.
· John is picked up by Tick Tock man and taken to the Bowery King. If this is around the same time then he meets the King at 7am. The conversation lasts about 5 minutes “cos im really pissed off”.
John Wick 3 ends on Sunday Day 21 at 7.05am.
John Wick Chapter 4
We know this film starts 6 months after Chapter three which has allowed John to heal from his injuries of falling off the roof in the last film. This one is harder to pace properly because of all the travelling between places so my timeline may be out here and there but generally it should be fine. 6 months is equal to 183 days ish so John Wick 4 starts on Monday Day 205 (because John Wick 3 ended on day 22 and nothing good ever happens on a Monday (p.s it’s only a Monday because I can’t be bothered to properly work out what the actual day of the week it would be)).
Monday Day 205 7.20 pm
· Bowery King gives a speech and walks through to John walking Johns dog. John is training on a Makawara Board Which is a traditional way of making strong punches and toughening up your hands (I study martial arts and used to have one, he’s also punching with reasonable form but with a Shotokan method with the reverse hand at the hip instead of the chest). New York skyline shows its sunset which the internet tells me is about 7.20 pm in April which is 6 months from October and fits the film later on. “You ready John?”.
Thursday Day 208 6am
·Sunrise in the desert. John kills 3 people on horse back and meets the elder. This must be the desert near Casablanca from Chapter 3. Google tells me that NY to Casablanca by boat at 40 knots takes 3,7 days by sea and seeing as it’s a shady world and the fastest boats travel at 80 knots it takes 1.3 days foe John to reach Casablanca then he has to get into the desert which takes 48 hours to find the elder making it 3.3 days later or Day 208. It probably takes an hour to kill the three horsemen. John meets the elder and they talk for 5 minutes and john kills him at 7.05am. John leaves. “No one escapes the table”.
Saturday Day 210 Evening probably around 5pm
· Back in New York Continental Hotel. Assumption that news of the Elder has been notified to the relevant people and its say, two days later. The Harbinger arrives and asks Charon to speak to the manager. Approx 10 minutes later he meets Winston delivers his letter and gives a 1 hour time limit to evacuate the hotel and then leaves. They get to it.
· Next scene is in the Marquis tower Winston has obviously got things going and he and Charon have gone pretty much straight there. They meet the Marquis and talk for 10minutes and Marquis blows up the continental exactly 1 hour after the hourglass notification was given so it is 6.05 pm. Marquis kill Charon 30 seconds later. “It has been an honor my friend” and leaves a minute after that asking for Chidi (his main guy) to find Caine at 6.07ish.
Sunday Day 211 9am
·The next scene is Paris. New York to Paris is 7.5 hours by plane. The assumption is that the Marquis left and took 1 hour to airport, straight on to the plane and the straight to Paris in another hour meaning it took 9.5 hours making it 3 am in the USA. France is 6 hours ahead of America making the time 9am which fits the film. Caine is sitting listening to his daughter play violin. He then is seen going to see the Marquis so im assuming this is an hour later. They talk and Caine gets his name. It takes 10 mins and Caine leaves at 10.10 am.
Monday Day 212 10 pm
·Cut to Osaka Japan. Paris to Osaka flight time is 15 hours,1 hour to the airport and then to the hotel. The time difference is that Japan is 7 hours ahead of usa so it makes it 11 am but the scene is night so say 10 pm and say than rather than a continuity error there was a flight delay because of movieland reasons. Mr Nobody enters the Continental and meets Akira the concierge and checks in. We meet her and the manager.
Note here: There’s cherry blossom on the trees. Cherry blossom season in Japan is roughly march to April which fits with the 6 months since October but if you don’t think that then the trees are artificial or genetically altered to bloom all year round.
Nobody takes a seat after checking in (10mins) and checks his dairy. The Manager and Akira walk and talk about 20 minutes through the LED museum and the manager goes out to meet John a further 10 mins later at 10.30pm. They talk for 30 minutes.
·Chidi arrives with Caine and asks to see the manager. Nobody notices when they arrive at 11pm.
The evacuation starts immediately. Akira runs up to see the manager so it must be 5 mins later when she sees him. John waits. The manager gets his staff ready which takes about 10 mins ish and meets Chidi at 11.20 pm.
·The manager and Chidi and Caine talk for 10 minutes and it erupts into a massive rumble.
·The manager kills lots of people. The first part of the fight takes about 10 minutes until the kill squad arrives and the fight enters round 2 at 11.45 pm.
Tuesday Day 213 00.00 am
Back on the roof the kill squad find John and Akira. Must be about 15 minutes later making it 00.00am.
·John and Akira kill lots of people. Interesting note: you can clearly see John aiming for the breaks and chinks in the kill squads armour which is still bullet proof like John Wick 3.
The fight takes 20 minutes. (00.20am)
· Cut to the kitchen and the Manager. Caine is slurping noodles which take 5 minutes to make. Incidentally slurping noodles is a Japanese thing and Donnie Yen is Chinese (00.25). Caine kills lots of people.
·Cut to John and Akira killing lots of people at about the same time and Caine finishes his fight. Its quite a long fight (30 mins). The Manager arrives and saves Akira and John leaves. “Kill as many as you can”.
·John enters the LED museum and about 5 mins later is attacked by the kill squad. John kills lots of people. Another long fight which takes about 45 minutes especially with the nunchucks making the time about 2am.
·Caine arrives and they talk and fight which takes about 15 minutes until Mr Nobody arrives and tries to kill them. Note: Caine loses his sword cane sheath here because you don’t see it again from now on.
Cut to the exchange which must be the same time and Johns bounty is increased.
·Cut to John outside in a bamboo area. Its about 15 minutes since he escaped Caine so about 2.30 am. John is attacked. John kills lots of people. Takes about 5 minutes.
· John and Nobody and his dog talk for 5 minutes and john leaves. “Take better care of yourself”.
Cut to the Manager and Akira trying to leave. Caine has beat them to it and its around the same time as Johns escape. Caine and the Manager fight which takes 10 mins and Caine kills the manager at 2.50 am and Akira leaves.
·John is at the station and most likely has been for 10 minutes. He gets on the train. Akira arrives, they talk for 5 minutes and Akira leaves next stop,
·Cut to New York in the rain likely 2pm. Winston and Bowery king talk for 10 mins likely at the same time John was escaping.
Friday Day 215 12 pm
·Next is Marquis and the Harbinger in Paris. Its bright day time so likely midday. Caine and Nobody are there so they must have travelled straight from Japan. So 1 hour to airport, 15 hour flight to France and 1 hour to Paris makes it 17 hours Since Japan but its Midday because it should be 8 pm so the plane had an engine fault and there was a delay.
· Nobody and the Marquis talk and Marquis stabs Nobody and makes a deal. Note here: Why do they shake with their left hands in this scene? Marquis leaves and Cut to
Saturday Day 216 12pm
·John in New York visiting Charons grave site. Its Midday and Paris is 6 hours ahead so it has to be the following day so its Saturday Day 216. 6 days have passed since Charon was killed. I could have this slightly wrong but movieland reasons for burying him so quickly. John and Winston talk for 15 minutes. “They’re cold hard facts”. John heads to Berlin.
Monday Day 218 8 pm
·Next scene is John in Berlin at night. NY to Berlin is 8 hours ish. 1 hour to the airport, flight and 1 hour to Berlin is 10 hours. Berlin is 6 hours ahead of USA which means the time should be 6am which doesn’t fit with the film therefore there must have been another flight delay and it’s the day 218 Monday say 8pm.
·Nobody watches John enter the safe haven Church.
·John unburdens his guns and enters. He speaks to the priest who shoots him and gets taken away. “Nice Suit”. Prob 5 minutes so its 8.05pm
·Cut to Marquis at the ballet. My Nobody calls him to give him Johns location so it must be the same time.
·John awakes with a noose around his neck. He been there about 30 minutes with everyone surrounding him. Katia arrives and talks to John about age and Uncle Petior whilst continuously stringing him up. “We have a common enemy”. They make a deal to kill Killa and the whole thing took about 15 minutes. Claus smacks John. “I am Claus”.
·About an hour later John and Claus are in the club to see Killa. Note: Scott Adkins is brilliant as Killa. Claus delivers a letter. Killa and John talk. Caine arrives and joins them. Conversation about family and personal feelings and discord between old friends. Mr Nobody joins them and takes a seat. Converstaion on who wants to kill who.
·They play cards. Interesting note: Caine here looks at his cards and says what he has so therefore he must have some actual vision. By the time Killa lays his cards on the table about 30 minutes must have passed. Once he does-
·John, Caine and Nobody kill lots of people.
·Killa runs into the club and john follows.
·John kills lots of people. It’s a drawn out fight against all the men and Killa but doesn’t last that long say about 30 minutes whilst Caine and Nobody kill everyone else in Killas office.
·John kills lots of people and Killa dies at 10.40pm
·The whole club empties 5 minutes later. Nobody tries to shoot John but Caine stops him. John leaves.
·Back at the Church an Hour later (11.45pm). John gives Killas tooth to Katia and we cut to John’s welcome back ceremony. It takes time to prepare and melt gold so its another 2 hours later making it 1.45am on Day 219 Tuesday. The ceremony probably takes an hour with them burning their arms ala David Caradine from Kung Fu style. Jordani is accepted back at 2.45 am
Wednesday Day 220 12.00 pm
·Winston visits the Marquis who we know is in Paris. Theres no time difference between Paris and Berlin and theres no way to know what time it actually is so im saying midday. John is likely traveling to Paris because he shows up in a bit. Winston delivers the message and formal challenge and they talk about the old ways and rules. It’s a detailed conversation and likely takets 20 minutes. “Such is life”.
·Next scene is John walking across themarble in front of the effiel tower. Its dull so say early evening say 5 pm.
·John, the Marquis and Harbinger discuss terms of the duel. We also get a finishing time of sunrise on day 221 which is Thursday for the duel and film ending. Whole thing takes about 15 minutes. John leaves with Winston.
·Caine and Marquis talk for 5 minutes and Caine leaves.
·Cut to John in a church say 30 mins since. Caine is there and they talk and share a moment together. John leaves after 5 minutes at 5.35 pm.
·Cut to the Marquis and Harbinger talking. Its now night at about 8 pm and the conversation takes about 5 minutes.
·John arrives at the safe harbour probably at the same time and eneter the station and meets Winston and the King at 8.10. John gets his suit.
·Chidi and the Marquis talk and there a brief shot of a large clock on the wall saying the time is 11.50 so that’s the time.
Thursday Day 221 00.00am
·Chidi puts out the contract to the exchange and the radio station at 00.00am.
·All the assassins tool up. Things are going to get very busy for John.
·John gets his gun at 00.00am. “This Viper has ferocious fangs”.
·Some time later they get on the boat and 20 minutes journey to Johns destination. Converstaion about grave stones. We also discover sunrise is at 6.03 am.
·John enters the road in front of the Effiel tower at about 4.30 am. At this time the exchange informs everyone where he is.
·John kills lots of people. Some in a mustang (love that car) whilst getting his gun. 15 min fight (4uilding site house at 5.37am.45am).
·John arrives at the arc de triumpth 15 mins after that (5.00).
·John kills lots of people in a car, on foot, between traffic at the arc de triumpth. (long fight 30 minutes).
·Marquis takes a phone call from Nobody at 5.33 am (clock behind him).
·John continues to kill lots of peopleand escapes on a bike heading to the Sacre Coeur at 5.35.
·John kills lots of poepl on a bike and enters the building site house at 5.35.
·One of the best fight scenes in the film. Nobody enters.
·Nobody and john kill lots of people. Marquis call Nobody at 5.40 (Clock behind him again).
·John and Nobody continue to kill lots of people.
·Marquis calls Nobody at 5.43 $40 million.
·More assassins arrive. John kills lots of people. (top down fight love this so much).
·Nobody and john kill lots of people.
·Nobody and John fall through a hole in the floor at 5.45.
·john saves nobodys dog at 5.46.
·John escapes out the window. He looks at his watch which shows the time is 5.50am. John heads to the steps.
·John starts up the steps. The time is 5.55am. He has 7 minutes to get to the top.
·John kills lots of people.
·John gets almost to the top and falls back about half way when Chidi attacks him.
·John and Chidi fight and john falls to the bottom.
·Caine arrives at 5.59.
·Caine and John kill lots of people back up the steps.
·Nobody shoots Chidi at 6.00am. Chidi is killed by the dog and Nobody at 6.01am.
·John and Caine arrive at the church at 6.03am. Cain stabs johns hand.
·The Duel commences. It takes approximately 5 minutes. Nobody and the dog watch.
·John kills the Marquis at 6.08am.
·The Harbinger makes his announcements and takes his leave at 6.09 am
·Cain leaves after talking to John at 6.10am.
·Winston talks to John. “Will you take me home?”.
·John passes out on the church steps thinking of his wife at 6.11 am on Thursday Day 221.
Thursday Day 228 12.00pm
·Back to New York a few days have passed so im assuming a week later at midday. Bowery king and Winston are standing at Johns Grave. They talk and leave after 5 minutes .
·After credits scene assuming this is the same time as the graveyard scene. Caine is visting his daughter. Akira is going to kill him.
John Wick Chapter 4 ends on Thursday Day 228 12.00pm.
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2023.05.30 20:14 gdadealmeida Best class to learn the game/pve

I know there's a lot of posts like this, thus I'd like to apologize in advance.
I played Vanilla till Naxx back in the day, dropped in TBC. Joined the Classic Hype and play till Naxx, dropped in TBC. All as main tank warrior.
Now I've been giving a chance to WOTLK - Icecrown and I'm having a great time. Leveled 6 chars to 80 (warr, pala, hunter, lock, druid, rogue), did some heroics and farmed some gold. I'd like to try raids and learn the mechanics etc etc, however I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the tokens, emblems enchants so I believe starting as a tank/melee which is my preference would be a mistake, as from understanding there's close to 0 room for mistakes and it's harder with a melee class xD
So I'd like to ask what classes are the best to learn raiding, low responsability and if possible easy rotation. I know that's maybe a lot to ask. Only really class I don't see myself playing is priest.
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2023.05.30 19:23 TheDeliciousMeats Bone Music: Chapter 13

That night Simon and Nemeria watched from the rooftop of a rented apartment in Coven as shooting stars fell over Homeworld for the first time. "Make a wish, my love." She said as she put her head in his lap, the rapidly disintegrating space station above filling the sky with streaks of light that reflected in her eyes.
He thought about it for a second. "Should I tell you what it is?"
"No, definitely not." Nemeria replied. "Then it won't come true."
"Oh… then I will not." Simon said as he played with her hair. For a moment he felt as if he were standing at a crossroads, straddling two potential futures, then the feeling faded. He had wished for them to have a happy life together. He felt they at least deserved that after all they had been through and all the time they had spent apart.
The morning after Haven fell something interesting happened. Pirate radio stations began to emerge, filling the airways with music, but it wasn't like anything they had heard before. It was something new.
"Good morning Homeworld!" Called out a rough but enthusiastic voice in Dansk from the clock radio on the dresser. It was out of arm's reach, probably so the person being woken up would have to actually get out of bed to shut it off. "This is not a test, this is rock and roll! Time to rock it from Katzenlund to the Winter lands! Is it too early to be this loud? Too late!"
Simon frowned at the clock radio. He didn't remember scheduling an alarm. "I'm Mr. Bones and this is human music! I'm going to start off with a favorite of mine, Zombie by the Cranberries!"
He went to turn it off but Nemeria tackled him before he could reach the button. "Do you dare." She said as she pulled him back into bed. "That song is a classic."
So instead of starting the day early they stayed in bed and listened to The Doors, Elvis Presley, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Lou Reed, and Pink Floyd. It was surprisingly good, even if his wetware had a hard time translating the lyrics.
"Human music on the radio." Nemeria mused, her head on his chest. "I never thought I would see the day."
"Oh? I just assumed you people didn't like to share." Simon tousled her hair, it was starting to change from dull brown to a more vivid copper red.
"No. There are countermeasures in place, Haven would have sent a kill team to destroy anyone who tried or just blasted the site from orbit. We had a black market, exchanging things from the old world, books, music, things to keep us sane. But it was very hush hush." Nemeria looked at him, her eyes were different too, they were an almost opalescent green. Something had changed in her. "I want to read you something."
"Alright." Simon sat up, his muscular shoulders against the headboard and he listened as she recited Edna and Shakespeare from memory, beautiful human words, full of sentiment and meaning.
"That was beautiful." Simon said. "Why haven't you shared this with me before?"
"It wasn't allowed. You would have felt compelled to share it and then Haven would have come for you." She smiled, but for once there was no pain behind it, or guilt. Perhaps it was the first real smile he had even seen on her face. It was like a weight had been lifted. "But now, there is no Haven. We don't have to worry about them anymore. We can live our lives, start anew."
"You seem different… unburdened." Simon observed.
"I am. I woke up this morning and realized that I don't have to feel guilty for something someone else did. Something that I never played a part in. I should have realized it sooner, but something was blocking me from making the connection." She laid back in bed. "I feel… new? Is that the word? Yes, new. I feel like I'm not the same person who went to sleep last night."
The old hund's words echoed in Simon's mind. He had said he would crack Haven like an egg, destroy the Howl, then set everyone free. So was he free? How different would he be now that his programming no longer bound him to her?
Before they had parted the old hund had given him a piece of advice. He had told Simon that love was a choice, not a feeling. That if he wanted things to work out with Nemeria he would have to choose her, and keep choosing her, to decide once and for all that he would always love her. And to stand by that choice.
"Would you please give me your ring?" Simon asked. "There's something I need to do."
Nemeria slipped the silver band off her finger and handed it over. Then Simon sat her on the edge of the bed and knelt down. "The world is new, we are new, so I ask… will you marry me? Will you be my wife?"
Nemeria paused, realizing that she had a choice to make. Before then she had been hard coded to love him, hard coded to believe that she was someone, now all that was falling away. Her mind was free, unshackled. Unburdened. She remembered so much that had been kept hidden from her.
The Red Titan had stolen one of Esmerelda's backup clones and poured their mind into it, essentially putting the mind of one warden into the body of another. But that didn't make her them. She was someone else, someone new. She didn't have to pay for their mistakes anymore.
But what about Simon? Did she love him? Could she love him? Did she want to commit to this when her whole life was ahead of her? And the child, she had agreed to raise a child! Did she even know that she would like being a mother? Or that she would be a good one?
A soft caress brought her back to reality. It was Simon, touching her cheek with the tips of his fingers. "I don't know what is going on, or what tomorrow will hold, or even how I will feel, and it terrifies me. But I know that together we can face anything. We have a chance to choose for ourselves, and I choose you. I promise that I will always choose you."
Then as he went to slip the ring on her finger he repeated what she had told him when she handed him his first Vampirzahn. He didn't know where it came from or what it meant. But the sentiment had been clear, that she couldn't protect him from the world, that she couldn't keep him safe, that this was all she could give and she hoped that it would be enough. "It's dangerous to go alone, take this."
Nemeria laughed and accepted the ring. "Yes it is, isn't it? I suppose you're stuck with me now."
"Damn. Perhaps I should rethink things?" Simon laughed as he pulled her back into bed. "No, I think I like this." He gave her a playful nip on the side of the neck. "Yes, I believe I do."
They made love until the afternoon then went out for pastries and provisions. Somehow it felt right, finally choosing each other. They walked hand in hand, ignoring the looks of surprise at a human and a hund so boldly displaying their affection. GG had said she would contact them when the child was ready to be picked up.
"I can't believe Haven is actually gone." Nemeria said as she sat on a bench eating an ice cream cone. Technically they were in a graveyard, but between the sunshine and the families with their strollers it felt just like any other park.
She took a second to make sure nobody was listening. "I joined some of the old nets anonymously and asked around. Everyone says it was some kind of system failure, or possibly sabotage. Apparently the boosters just went haywire, spun it until it fell apart."
"It's hard to believe it." Simon looked up at the clear sky, there wasn't a single sign of the once proud space station. "I wonder if there will be a backlash against humans now that there isn't anything stopping us from getting even."
"Possibly, but we're resilient and useful. With Haven destroyed I expect you will see a lot of human tech being sold to the highest bidder. And not just tech, entertainment as well. There are a bunch of black market music and books that are going to see the light for the first time in centuries."
Simon felt a call come in from GG and he accepted it. The encryption in their wetware made sure nobody else could listen in. She got straight to the point.
"Someone took out all of the Howl's senior leadership last night." She said over the link, "It was a bloodbath."
Simon blinked in surprise. "What happened? And why wasn't I invited? Was it Las Brujas?" He replied back, his wetware translating thoughts to words.
"Details are sparse but apparently they had an emergency meeting to discuss what to do about the Haven situation and someone took the opportunity to clean house. It was some kind of commando style raid, nobody knows who or why. All the tapes and satellite images were erased. Just a lot of dead bodies." She sent him a few choice photos. "Multiple locations were hit simultaneously. All locations were remote and heavily guarded. Looks like whoever this was they hit hard and fast. Local security was packbound and armed to the teeth, didn't help. They were put down with precise shots and a minimum of fuss. Look familiar?"
He sucked in his breath. Somebody had been using a Jagdkommando carbine, he recognized the tiny entrance and massive exit wounds. Yes, they looked familiar. He had carried that same rifle.
Even five decades after their defeat Döbi still produced some of the most sought after weapons. Half the militaries on Homeworld used their hardware. But these were old classics, pre-war. Someone was sending a message.
New tech was all about drones and smart munitions. Why risk a soldier's life when you could lob a smart grenade through a window that would identify friend from foe and destroy the latter with smart shrapnel? No, this was old school. Someone looked them in the face and pulled the trigger.
Apparently the old hund hasn't been lying when he said he would destroy the Howl. But what kind of power vacuum would that leave? And who would step in? The Howl wasn't just a supremacist group. They ran weapons, narcotics and black market tech all over the globe. They had strongholds in various capital cities and major political protection.
"Any noise on who is going to step up now that they're out of commission?" Simon asked.
"It's too soon to say but my money is on the Bone Syndicate. They've been looking to expand and with the Howl out of the way they'll probably jump at the chance. They've been staying out of the news but my sources say they have been muscling out smaller gangs and taking over their turf. Nobody seems to mind because there aren't gunfights in the streets anymore. But it's still organized crime."
Simon was familiar with the Bone Syndicate, he had even done some work for them after they restructured a few decades back. Territory under their control tended to be mostly peaceful and safe, so long as you followed the rules. They even helped out during national disasters. But the line between gangsters and good samaritans tended to blur.
They might extort local restaurants then give them money to rebuild after a fire. They would blackmail politicians… to ensure a new school got funded. Or to pass a social welfare bill. It was almost as if they had decided that the best way for them to make money was to improve the areas which they controlled. And it was working.
They operated almost in the open and had so thoroughly greased all levels of local government that any attempt to take them down would cause a major budget crisis. But when they did choose violence, it was with massively overwhelming force and military precision. Yes, this sounded like their way of doing things. The old hund must have tipped them off.
"Any news on our bundle of joy?" Simon asked.
"Yes, she is en route." GG confirmed. "She should arrive in a few hours. We have papers for her ready as well as a safe house in Porto."
Porto? Now that was a surprise. "Why Porto?"
"Because they acknowledge mixed species marriages and it's one of the few places you have amnesty." GG reminded him. "You are technically a war criminal. Even if most of the world thinks you are dead."
After the war Porto had offered him amnesty in return for helping them hunt down and kill those responsible for the genocide of their fellow katzen. Porto was after all a mostly katzen nation and they knew how to hold a grudge. So he had joined a task force of other enhanced hunds and katzen with a similar thirst for blood and they had done their best to kill every last one of the people responsible. Afterwards he had gone into the private sector, but it was true, he did have a place to go if he ever felt like retiring.
He contemplated that for a moment. If he was going to raise a child he couldn't exactly run off for months at a time to do contract work. Perhaps it was time to retire, at least until she was grown. It wasn't like he needed the money. Perhaps it was time to become the warrior in the gardens like the old hund had said.
"How do you feel about moving to Porto?" Simon asked after he broke the connection.
"Oh, I have a little place near Intra, on the coast." Nemeria frowned. "I don't think I've been back in quite some time though. Let me check something…"
Her eyelids fluttered as she scanned the net. "Yes, the management company I hired is renting it out. I can have them cancel the bookings and make it ready for us, if that's what you want." She smiled. "It's quite well defended, I purchased it in my post-war phase when I thought everyone was out to get me. We could hold off an army there."
"Perfect." Simon said, squeezing her hand three times and receiving three squeezes back in reply. In the camps that had been their secret way of saying "I love you" and he was happy to see that she still remembered.
He looked out across the park and frowned. "Darling, was that church always there?"
Nemeria followed his gaze, her eyes narrowed. "No… I'd say it wasn't. Now the question is, was it hidden or did it just appear?"
Simon cocked his head to the side, surprised at the flexibility of her thought process. It was like she was waking up, becoming bright again, becoming the person he had fallen in love with in the camps. "Shall we investigate?" He asked.
"Oh yes. Definitely." Nemeria made a gesture with her fingers and he could almost swear there was a faint rainbow flickering of light in the palm of her right hand.
"Dearest, what was that?" He asked as they stalked across the graveyard.
"Oh, it's something old. It goes nicely with the something new." Nemeria said playfully, nudging him with her hip.
Simon mentally filed that strangeness into a drawer marked "wife/human stuff" and put it out of his mind. There was no sense trying to understand it all, to attempt to do so was to invite madness.
The church was old, hundreds of years old. With moss growing from the roof and black stones making up the walls. Which made it very strange indeed that it seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere and hadn't been there yesterday.
"Fascinating." Nemeria said as she turned around, not looking at the church but at the people around them. "Absolutely fascinating."
Simon didn't get it. "What is so interesting, my love?"
"It's an SEP field." Nemeria replied.
"And that is?" Simon pressed.
"Someone else's problem." She turned to him and smiled. "They can all see it, they just ignore it. But look at them. Really look."
Simon did as requested, they seemed like normal hunds to him. There were certainly more bicycles than he was used to but then again this was Coven. Then he looked with his other senses and he quickly realized that what was going on was anything but normal.
Almost everyone in the park was running some form of wetware, even the pups. Warhunds shared data along a kind of mesh network that mixed low power local signals with satellite uplinks and repeaters to allow them to communicate nearly instantly and move as a team. This was something similar but with vastly more users.
He looked up with his mind and touched a commercial recon satellite, purchasing some time through a shell company, accessing its spectral analysis capabilities. The whole city was a hotbed of activity, and the network was growing at an exponential rate.
A wave of digital traffic was spreading out over the country, awakening new mesh nodes as it went, strengthening and spreading the network. Soon it was in Döbi, Möhi, Sühi, and the rest of the continent.
He looked down, his own wetware telling him something very important. It wasn't just the living who were part of the network. Somehow it seemed to be leveraging the dead as well.
Some of the more recent graves seemed to be exchanging packets with the network. Answering queries perhaps? But what could the dead possibly have to say?
"Many things, I would imagine." Said a raspy voice from the entrance of the church, seemingly reading his thoughts. It was an old Döbian with high cut ears, but it was hard to say if it was the same one he had met in his dream. He was wearing plain black clothes and a white priest's collar rubbed with sandalwood, the traditional scent of his station. "Come, you don't want to be late for the wedding."
Nemeria and Simon exchanged a knowing look. "It's our wedding, isn't it?" Simon asked.
"Of course." The old hund said with a dry chuckle. "Who's else would it be? You know that this is one of the few places you two can get married, don't you? Why else bring you here?" He gestured for them to come inside.
Nemeria shrugged and walked towards the door, that same strange shimmer dancing around the fingertips of her right hand. "You said you brought us here. Why?"
"As bait, mostly." The old hund laughed as he turned his back on her and entered the building, talking as he walked. "But also because I have fond memories of this city. Plus the whole marriage thing. It was owed to you, a chance at a happy ending."
Nemeria looked at Simon and raised an eyebrow.
Simon just shrugged. "He's a friend… I think."
The church was well maintained, if dusty. The windows were not particularly ornate and the altar didn't hold anything worth stealing. Simon tried not to let his hackles rise at the idea of being used as bait. But bait for what? He wondered.
The old hund spun on his heel and faced Simon. "Bait… for a warden." He explained. "A very nasty warden who has quietly been growing their power and influence since the war. A cancer which, if unchecked, will spell the end of this world and all within it. Also he is a threat to my granddaughter, so that means he must die."
"How are you reading my mind?" Simon demanded angrily. It seemed like all he had to do was think of a question and the hund would answer it.
"Because to think of a question when we share a network, dear brother, is to ask it." The old hund replied cryptically. "Your wetware is querying me for information, seeing if I have an answer."
Simon frowned. "I know you… don't I? From before the war? You said we were like half brothers…" He felt a name coming to his lips, but it was as if the memory was fighting him. "Are you Gershwin's son? The pup he brought back from the dead? The reason for all this madness?"
"Yes, I am Kerner. As are many others." The old hund shrugged. "I suppose it is a very common name where I come from. Perhaps more common now."
Simon blinked. "Copies… you and the other hund I spoke with… you're copies of Kerner. The same mind spread out over different bodies." He could see it now, the advanced age made it hard to tell but this wasn't the same hund he had met in virtual.
"Duplicates yes, but not necessarily equals. Not until today." The old hund explained. "Only one of us at a time had the ability to make more, to overwrite wetware at will, to influence the Gravekeeper. But he patched out those vulnerabilities yesterday after Haven fell and the Howl was brought low. Now we are all just regular warhunds. The more recent of our number may revert back to their former selves, others will find a middle ground, and the old ones will most likely remain the same. After all, I have been Kerner for most of my life. I see little reason to change now."
"But how many of you are there?" Simon pressed.
"Many." Kerner said with a shrug. "Though now that I have revealed myself perhaps that number will decrease rapidly." The old hund chuckled, gesturing towards Nemeria. "Your other half will see to that if I am unable to stop him."
Now it was Nemeria's turn to be confused. "You don't mean Simon, do you?"
"No, I do not." The old hund sat down on an old wooden chair, looking up at the bare altar. "The problem with making copies is that the original still remains. I was made when Kerner was murdered by his sister during a training exercise. He jumped out of an airplane and realized half way down that his parachute had been sabotaged. I remember feeling his fear, his desperation, and I remember seeing him hit the ground."
The old hund looked back over his shoulder at her. "You my dear are one possible answer to a question. What does one do when the body does not fit the mind? Either the being must suffer, the body must change, or the mind must change."
The old hund went back to looking at the altar. "It's amazing how paths can split. You went one way, and he went another. You took a form to fit your mind, and he altered his mind to accept his form."
There was a polite knock on the ancient timbers of the open church door as a tall well built man with flaming red hair entered the building.
He looked at Simon and smiled. "Hello, Puppy." He said softly. It was Nemeria's old form, her old identity, the Red Titan, very much alive.
Simon realized now that the dead body he saw in the lab as they were fleeing had been a fake. This was Raul Reyes, in all his glory. A flash of anger rose in Simon as he realized that Raul had tricked him, made him think that he was alone for all these years. What a cruel thing to do to someone that you said you loved. The betrayal of it wrenched at Simon's heart, tearing open old wounds.
Simon reached out and took Nemeria's left hand, squeezing it firmly three times. "I choose you." He said. "I will always choose you. Fuck him, he's dead to me."
Nemeria squeezed back three times. "I have your back, whatever happens."
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2023.05.30 14:15 Heavyspire A Mother's Day Story

It will be a few more days until we can play again so I thought I would tell a tale.
A little backstory. When my wife and I started dating I was a senior in high school and she had just graduated the year before. I would play Diablo 1 and she would come over and watch me haggle with Wirt and adventure into the dungeons. She eventually started her own character, a sorcerer, and on school nights my parents would head to bed at about 10 and I would head to bed around 11. She would play for a little bit and let herself out. A couple occasions she heard my Mom's alarm that was set for 5am and hadn't realized the time that had gone by, she would sneak out as quietly as she could and was never caught.
Years later when D2 came out we were a young married family. Played D2 for hours into the evening and just enjoyed being able to play in the same game together instead of sharing the account and computer time. We eventually started playing Vanilla Wow and made it into a top raiding guild on the server we were on. My wife enjoyed questing more than raiding but I was proud of her for keeping up with the other players in the guild. Got into new guilds and met new people when The Burning Crusade came around and played through the early raids in WoTLK before eventually just not playing enough to justify the account membership.
When D3 came out I was excited but we didn't own a PC that could run the game. I pre-ordered the game on my Xbox and figured it would be a decent compromise to couch co-op. I had another friend who's wife was going to play too so I figured we would have a nice dungeon group. My wife attempted to play on controller and gave up before level 7 saying she needed the ability to just click the M1 button and sling the spells she was choosing on the keyboard and that the controller was too complicated to enjoy the game. I gave up trying and just enjoyed D3 and the expansion with her spectating the game, although she seemed less interested in D3 than the previous 2 games. Was I losing my Diablo Dungeon buddy? Was Facebook poisoning her screen time?
So D4 beta comes along and I talk my wife into giving it a shot since last year I helped my son build his own PC. She was able to sit and point and click like she enjoyed. She was definitely rusty and the first boss had her actually anxious since she was on her own in there. We took turns playing and leveling on the first beta. The server shuts down and she said she enjoyed her time. I ordered her a gaming laptop the next week. None of my 3 kids seem interested in playing Diablo, but my middle child did say it was great to see us gaming and having fun together.
Once that arrived we decided to play D2 Resurrected and have had fun running through Sanctuary again on the higher graphics. Assassin for me and Sorcerer for her.
So then Server Slam is announced. I roll a Twisted Blades rogue and my wife rolled a sorcerer. We played and got to level 20. We decided to level another set of characters. This time she chose Necromancer and I tried a Barbarian. I didn't stick with mine past level 10 but she enjoyed Necromancer enough that is the class she is going to play at launch.
Mothers day comes around and I woke up around 8 am and look into trying to attempt Ashava. I had never even made it over to the area that she spawned in. I knew she was coming at 9 am and I walked my character over just in case I could get a chance to attempt her. I went to the armorer and leveled all my gear up. My wife woke up around 8:30 and asked what I was up to and I said "Well... we could try to take on this world boss that is coming in about 25 minutes" she said OK and while she got out of bed I got her character logged in and teleported over to where Ashava spawns. I had watched a quick YouTube video explaining the tips and tricks to the fight so I wasn't totally unprepared. I explained to my wife to try her best to stay under the backside of her during the fight and stay out of the puddles.
Our group was ahead of the timer for the kill and I don't think I died until after we got her less than 50% I was hitting my marks and I feel like I was doing well on DPS for the group. And at this point my kids come downstairs for their Mother's Day gift presentation all excited to surprise their mom. I said "Not great timing here" They were like "Oh? What are you doing?" I'm mashing buttons here what does it look like!? They ended up getting to spectate and eventually my one son was calling out potions for my wife and my middle child was letting me know when I needed to dash out from the straight back claw attack. All three were now part of the team in this attempt to slay the demon. No one in our group of 10 or so players were reviving, I had no idea you could do that I was just just trying to stay on task. My wife ends up having to run to town at about 15% to repair. She makes it back to the fight and I die again and have to run to town with like 5% left and the timer very close to ending. As I am running over to the armorer I trip on a post outside the house and get stuck. Get to the armorer and my youngest starts counting the timer out loud "15 14 13 ..." I hit repair all and run back to the portal "7 6 5 ...". I get in and dash over to try and hit Ashava just as the timer runs out. And I think "Shit I was so close" as Ashava turns toward her spawn and someone, maybe even my wife, lands the killing blow. I see the beast collapse and the game announce "World Boss Defeated: Ashava the Pestilent."
My kids jump up and cheer I stand up and start throwing high-fives to everyone. I kiss and hug my wife and we all have a great family moment together, playing a game. It will be a Mother's Day event we will remember for years to come.
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2023.05.29 17:17 Jumiric [NA][A][Stormrage] Tues/Wed 9-12 EST Long-time home for raid and m+

Contact: Desh#11428, Dub#11679
Tues/Wed 9pm-12 EST
is looking for players who are tired of the temporary mindset that so many of us adopt in order to enjoy the game. We’re going to prove that you can clear content without being ugly to people and while making genuine, long-time friends. We’re building a Mythic+ guild that raids. We’re open to players of all goals and experience levels that want to come make some memories with us!
High Priority: Boomkin, Havoc DH
Medium Priority: Devastation Evoker, DK DPS
Low Priority: Disc Priest willing to Shadow for now, Key runners, Socials
Message us on bnet @ Desh#11428 or Dub#11679, to talk about giving our dream a try!
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2023.05.28 02:07 Ajanis_Tiddies Overcoming dungeon anxiety?

Hello! I've been playing on and off since legion, but embarrassingly I havent actually done any form of dungeon or raid since I tried out prot pally while leveling in legion the first time. Ive since switched to disc priest, but the sheer speed of going through dungeons nowadays makes me really anxious I'll be left behind, leading to not being able to keep up with heals and then yelled at for not doing my job well. I already suffer from a lot of social anxiety irl, so how do I get over this? I really like the fantasy and visuals of disc priest and I really want to be a good team player but I'm mortified that I'll let people down and then get verbally abused for it.
Is wow just not the game for me anymore? I love the universe and I really WANT to play and do dungeons, but this anxiety and mental block is making me steer completely clear, even when leveling low level alts. It feels so embarrassing to go "yeah, sorry but wailing caverns at level 15 might be a little too fast paced for me" but its genuinely how it feels.
Thank you all in advance! I know its a bit of a silly problem to have so apologies if this isnt the right place.
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2023.05.27 06:28 VioletEnigma Every WoW character you've ever made is a HC character.

The way I see it is every WoW character I've ever made is a HC character. I spent thousands of hours on characters on retail I'll probably never touch. My T8 full BiS prot pally I raid ulduar with every week will essentially be dead once classic wotlk is over. It's all about a goal and the journey to it.
I like HC for the same reason I like Skyrim. I got one life, I have to create everything I want except for quest rewards and vendors, etc.
Once you get over that initial starting hump, like lvl1-20, your character starts to take on its own feel with the gear you find and professions you went with. Just like in Skyrim once I get bored with a character I create a new one but different class or different take on same class.
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2023.05.26 22:10 Dreztaz Spore Tenders Baton in PvP

Spore Tenders Baton in PvP
Has anybody used this instead of the usually pvp weapon?
On the surface this basically looks BiS for lets say disc priests (my main) but also other healers as well
Curious if any one has crafted this at a high ilvl and if the procs actually scale in pvp properly. So Im basically max current gear. And ive gor iirc 7100 vers. Ive seen one crafted at 444 ish and the tool tip was saying 980 or somethin close to that.
Thats a metric floop ton of vers to be proccing with no internal cd .
Anyways if no 1 knows lets just use this to possibly discuss other embelishments for healers or in general like spore cloak or the chest piece etc.
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2023.05.26 04:46 RemarkableLocksmith1 Out of the loop

What is going on in D2? I was super into D1 and when D2 came out I pre-ordered and played until some life events happened and I really haven't gamed since. I just got a PS5 and downloaded the PS5 version (have PS4 disc) and it threw me into a story with "The Witness". I have no idea what's going on. The last thing I remember was the Levithan raid when you had to get to the throne room (it has been awhile). But that's not even available now? Also it's on Season 21? What is a season lol. I'm so out of the loop and a friend wants to get into it so I need to brush up quick. Any info helps. If this is the wrong place to ask this, please delete.
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2023.05.25 23:57 killerbeespls13 [H] P1: 17/17 + 3D P2: 6/9 HMs (25); 9/9 HMs + Alg (10)

About Us
Bite is a semi-casual guild that is looking to clear HMs while maintaining a social atmosphere. A large portion of our members have played together since Classic with some of our members joining us in TBC. We currently have two 25 man teams and have several 10 man teams that run weekly. We are looking to fill out our 25 man teams with a few needed players. Bench raiders and casuals welcome!
Team Champ
6/9 HMs Tues/Wed 9p-12a ST
Shadow Priest (Other classes considered)
Team Momcorp
6/9 HMs Sat/Sun 9p-12a ST
Demonology Warlock (Other classes considered)
Loot System
We use ThatsMyBiS (TMB) loot system. Every raider is responsible for creating their own wishlist and arranging them based on their own priority. We recommend that you include items that are not BiS but are also an upgrade that will help with progression.
Raider Expectations
Required Addons
Method Raid Tools (MRT) - Visuals and Note sharing for 25 Man assignments
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Feel free to reach out with any questions
Discord: killerbees#5683
BNet: KillerBee#12808 (edited)
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2023.05.25 17:18 BobbyBoRegis [EU][Silvermoon]Looking for Casual Guild - Raiding / M+

Hi all.
I’m a long-time player (started in Vanilla, quit at the end of WotLK and returned in Legion), looking for a new home.
Many moons ago I was based on Alonsus, however since rejoining the game I’ve migrated to Silvermoon.
With kids, I haven’t got the same time I did have 15+ years ago to raid, but I’m still available most evenings. I’m looking to join a guild where the atmosphere is friendly, chilled, with my preferred activities being raiding - I also hope to get into M+ as I’ve not really explored it much.
I have a fair few characters, so if a guild is looking for something in particular, I may well have a toon to fit (I’m open to switching Mains) - my most comfortable toons right now are a Shadow Priest, a Resto Druid, and a Ret Paladin.
Any guilds out there??
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2023.05.24 18:54 h-o-u-s-e [H] Mankrik #1 Server Speed All-Stars Hardcore Wed./Th. 8:30pm to 11:30pm ST is now recruiting a few classes/roles to round out our roster!

< CHICKEN TENDIES > [H] Mankrik is a hardcore guild recruiting for WOTLK raiding content. Our goal is to offer a competitive raiding environment with a focus on the Speed All-Star leaderboards by putting up the best boss kill times that we possibly can, week-in-week out, across our split/stack raids. Raid spots are competitive and our raiders are expected to maximize their efforts to the fullest extent, in order to get the most out of their respective classes that they can. In addition, we also aim to establish a fun and active community inside and out of our raids; bringing together the competitive and enjoyable aspects WoW has to offer.
Phase 1:
Phase 2:
Raid Times:
Wednesday and Thursday, 8:30pm to 11:30pm (Server Time). Optional flex days added during progression and PTR, with 10-man raids scheduled throughout the week.
Loot System:
We use a loot list system to distribute our loot. Every raider will submit a loot list ahead of each phase for their main and alt.
Currently Recruiting:
High Priority:
Medium Priority:
Raider Expectations:
Guild Application:
Please check out the guild info tab when you join.
Contact Us:
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the following via Discord:
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2023.05.24 16:36 DreadLockedHaitian Salesians, Favelas and Reparations: Brazilian President Lula calls for action in Haiti

Link to article
President Lula Da Silva of Brazil and want's swift action from the international community. We've been here before though.
In 2004 after a US backed, right wing coup of the democratically elected Haitian government, Brazilian soldiers landed in Haiti as the lead in MINUSTAH. Da Silva was the Brazilian leader at the time. The situation in Haiti is dire, as evidenced by countless articles and other posts within this own sub.
Haiti needs, help there is no doubt, but Haiti didn't end up here by itself. I wholeheartedly don't believe Da Silva is operating under the weight of how much MINUSTAH and the US Government fumbled the Aristide situation and regime just because he was a socialist. I will not debate the Lavalas movement, it's methods or whether not Aristide is a villain, we can do that another time. After reading the linked article, I figured it's important to add some context though.
If we go back to 2004, on the ground in the US, Haitian Americans demonized Aristide but the Haitian voting public had elected him. I add this disclaimer to highlight the schism that was developing at that time.
During the ousting of Aristide, known bad actors like the Apaid family and Guy Phillipe found themselves on the side of 'democracy' aka the US Government. Not all of the US Government officials agreed with the coup however.
Here is a link to a speech by US Rep Maxine Waters in 2004.
US Representative Maxine Waters:
We have learned that our government made the departure of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the democratically-elected leader of Haiti, a pre-condition to introducing United States forces to restore order. At the very least, despite our government's claims to support democratically-elected governments, the Bush Administration was unwilling to take any real steps to prevent President Aristide's overthrow.
When the police stopped responding to provocations by the demonstrators, I believe the U.S. government and the French government became involved in exerting increasing pressure on President Aristide, by refusing to fully support the CARICOM proposal and covertly supporting the thugs, who were taking over cities and cutting off supplies of food and water. Meanwhile, the thugs became bolder and bolder, threatening to carry out a bloodbath if President Aristide did not leave Haiti. Yet neither Andre Apaid nor the U.S. government ever admitted they knew who these thugs were or denounced their invasion of Haiti.
Now we know that Aristide was a 'Leftist' and 'Socialist' and he was in power when Fidel Castro was still alive and menacing US policy in the Americas. The US had it in their best interest to make sure Haiti didn't fall under the sway of Cuba (and down the line...Russia). Aristide had been pushing policies that made him not exactly a darling to the sitting US government at the time, and it's not like he had the best relationship with the previous regime either. Aristide was a proponent of 'Liberation Theology', a Latin American Catholic movement that empowers the poor.
Here is a quote from the Peruvian Father Gustavo Gutierrez in A Theology of Liberation:
that there can be authentic development for Latin America only if there is liberation from the domination exercised by the great capitalist countries, and especially by the most powerful, the United States of America. This liberation also implies a confrontation with these groups’ natural allies, their compatriots who control the national power structure.
..doesn't sound like someone the US would want influencing close neighbors...

Aristide would refer to the US as, “the cold, dark country to the North” in his writings which were published in 1990 in 'In the parish of the poor: Writings from Haiti'.
Remind me when the first Coup attempt happened?

This is an excerpt from Aristide's autobiography:
I did not invent class struggle, no more than Karl Marx did. I would even prefer never to have seen it. Perhaps that is possible, if one never leaves the squares of the Vatican or the heights of Pétionville. But who can avoid encountering class struggle in the heart of Port-au-Prince? It is not a subject of controversy, but a fact, a given … When some doctor of the faith and (or of business condemns me by shouting “but you are in favor of class struggle”—therefore a bad priest and a bad citizen—I answer that I am neither for nor against it. Nobody is going to organize a referendum to discover whether the law of gravity is good or bad. It reminds me of the proceedings brought against Galileo to force him to deny the fact that the earth moves. And still, it does move.)
Fast forward nearly 2 decades later and in the United States, we're seeing calls for reparations being answered and Populist movements taking the Western world by storm. In 2022, the NY Times published an article The Ransom: Demanding Reparations, and Ending Up in Exile and it was about, you guessed it, Jean Betrand Aristide.

Here is a recording from 2003:

At :26 you can already see where this is going.
Aristide made this speech on the 200th anniversary of the death of Haitian revolutionary hero Toussaint L'ouverture. Those of you familiar with his history will remember that the great military mind, after valiantly defending the St. Domingue territory and showing that he and his kin were worthy of 'French' citizenship and dignity, he was tricked and imprisoned. Toussaint wanted nothing more than to get the respect of Napoleon. Even though he was now in France, Napoleon still refused to speak to him and doesn't acknowledge him. What a day to ask for reparation's.
From the article:
Haiti became the first and only nation to pay reparations to its former masters and their descendants for generations. According to a New York Times analysis of thousands of pages of archival documents, it shipped the equivalent of hundreds of millions of dollars to France, setting off a cycle of perpetual debt that sapped Haiti’s ability to build a nation for more than 100 years.
Mr. Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president after decades of dictatorship, wanted France to do far more than acknowledge its past. He wanted restitution.
“What beautiful schools, universities and hospitals we will be able to build for our children!” he told the crowd. “How much food we will have in abundance!”
The consequences were immediate, and lasting. In interviews, a dozen French and Haitian political figures recounted how a worried France worked quickly and doggedly to stifle Mr. Aristide’s call for reparations before siding with his opponents and collaborating with the United States to remove him from power.
“It made our job easier” to dismiss the reparations claims without Mr. Aristide in office, Thierry Burkard, former French Ambassador, noted.
Under Lula’s presidency, Brazilian soldiers landed in Haiti as the force in charge the UN mission there known as MINUSTAH (UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, 2004-2017). It was a disaster that culminated in the UN introduced Cholera outbreak that killed Thousands and has resurged in 2022
'Part of the reason we think the outbreak grew so quickly was the Haitian population had no immunity to cholera,' says Daniele Lantagne, an environmental engineer at Tufts University. 'Something like when the Europeans brought smallpox to the Americas, and it burned through the native populations.' "
Before 2010, cholera had been unknown in Haiti for at least a century. And the impoverished, earthquake-devastated country was already struggling with water and sanitation.According to a paper published from Duke University Government records in Haiti from the 19th century show early recognition of the cholera threat posed by maritime traffic with Europe and the United States. In August 1832, even before the arrival of cholera in the Caribbean, Haitian President Boyer urged the adoption of a cordon sanitaire in port communities:
“Prudence dictates that we take all necessary means to prevent, to the extent that it is possible, the invasion of Haiti by cholera morbus, which has already traversed Europe and penetrated the United States. I urge you all… to take the most appropriate local measures with regards to ships arriving from ports in the United States, whose geographic proximity with Haiti makes the danger of epidemic spread particularly acute”

Haiti did act when the neighboring Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola had a cholera epidemic, apparently imported from St. Thomas, beginning in late 1867. On March 14, 1868, the New York Herald reported “The Puerto Rican health boards have declared all Dominican ports foul on account of cholera. No vessels coming from thence will be allowed entry” (37), but Haiti had already established a policy of quarantining ships from the eastern side of the island
The background to the mission was a CIA-backed coup in 2004 against the popularly elected liberal President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. 2004 was the second successful CIA overthrow of Aristide since the bloody September 1991 coup.

Here is an excerpt from an article that covered the death of Emmanuel “Dread” Wilme in Cite Soleil, post coup:
"We have credible information that U.N. troops, accompanied by Haitian police, killed an undetermined number of unarmed residents of Cite Soleil, including several babies and women," Renan Hedouville, the head of a local nonprofit, Lawyers Committee for the Respect of Individual Rights, said at the time.

Here is another one from an Interview with a resident of Cite Soleil and a US NGO representative who was there for the raid:

Anchor: The United Nations has defended the operation by describing it as a necessary move to wipe out violent gang activity. Both the United Nations and the interim Haitian government have described the slain Dread Wilme as one of the countries top gang leaders. Cite Soleil is comprised largely of supporters of Lavalas and ousted Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide overthrown in the coup 18 months ago, February 29, 2004, the President, Aristide, has described as a U.S.-supported coup. He said he was kidnapped in the service of a coup backed by the United States. To local residents, Dread Wilme of Cite Soleil was a community leader. The attacks were seen as politically motivated.

Resident: So Dread Wilme grew up with us. So, Dread Wilme is one of the guys who grow up in the community and who wanted to work for peace, who wanted to have, like, an improvement for the community, and he had, like — he had developed a good relationship with all the people in the neighborhood as a professional. So Dread Wilme was a protector for us; he was like our dad. So they keep saying that Dread Wilme was like a gang and he was involved in the killings, but we never see this. We in the community, we have seen him as a peaceful guy but never as someone who was involved in killings of people. So, we want to say thank you to [inaudible] because he was the one who make this happen.
Quotes from a member of the US labor human rights organization on the ground:
the community is highly politicized, it is highly — the community views itself locked in a long-term struggle for the restoration of President Aristide and for the removal of occupation forces from Haiti, and it views — people view these attacks as part of the ongoing post-coup war on the poor majority that is occurring in Haiti, which, by the way, our delegation outside of this event in Cite Soleil found comprehensive evidence of an ongoing war on the poor majority on different levels that is being conducted by the coup regime itself, the interim government of Latortue
Sure, and then they froze aid to Aristide, but now the Latortue government is, you know, receiving all sorts of money from the U.S. Then you have the — you have the issue with what is the U.N. role here. The U.N. role, they’re in all of the very — they’re in fancy bourgeois hotels. They drive around in these fancy SUVs. they have resources but I don’t see schools being built. I think it could arguably be stated that Cuban doctors sent by the Cuban government have done more for the people of Haiti than the entire administer of the U.N. mission in Haiti since the coup.
With it seeming like the international community is pushing from Brazil to lead an intervention into Haiti, us the public should not be blind to the bigger picture. The situation in Haiti remains dire, the land has witnessed colonization, imperialism and peace-keeping interventions from external actors in the midst of class warfare and political upheaval. The 2004 US-backed right wing coup, Brazil's stewardship and French thievery, however are all a large part of this story.
tl;dr - The introduction of cholera by UN troops, the callousness and negligence of the Brazilian forces are a reminder of the complex web of challenges facing the country and when leaders make these statements, they need to be held accountable before we all start applauding them.
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2023.05.24 15:38 arpmeister Season 2 Meta Analysis (or an attempt at it)

Season 2 Meta Analysis (or an attempt at it)
Hey worldofpvp,
A few of you seemed to find my previous analysis post interesting, and were kind enough to provide your thoughts and feedback on it. I wanted to take some of it on board and dive a bit deeper into the data, which was made available to me by u/atinylittleshell and u/armsperson, creators of the popular WoW Arena Logs tool. With the new season upon us, I thought this would be a good time to take a look at how the meta is shaping up.
To do that, I took a stab at defining 7 (sometimes awkwardly named) attributes based on which the specs can be compared and contrasted. Because I analysed the logs myself, I can provide a bit more detail than last time on how I arrived at them. My aim here was to build up a picture of each spec in the current meta as told by the data itself, rather than from theory - in other words, what does each spec actually do inside the arena, rather than what they are capable of doing.
As a disclaimer, I parsed and analysed the logs myself and I don't really know what I'm doing, so there's every chance that I made some mistakes in here. The post serves no particular purpose other than to maybe encourage discussion.

The Data

I analysed over 3,000 (3,262 to be exact) 3v3 matches (again, thanks u/atinylittleshell and u/armsperson), all played above 1.8k and between May 11-23 -- so DF S2 so far. Note that these are not shuffle games, but arguably 3s enables specs more to play to their strengths, queuing with other specs that accentuate what they bring to the table. I parsed each log file and extracted the following metrics from them.

Pressure a fancy word for DPS. Here I defined Pressure as the total damage each player (or their pets) dished out to any and all players (not pets) in the arena, divided by the total number of seconds for which the match lasted. This means that damage done to random demo imps isn't counted (but does also mean that damage done in order to kill a hunter pet, for example, isn't either). It also means that some of these numbers might be a bit skewed if there was a fair bit of dicking around behind pillars before anyone actually engaged in combat, but I found that the comparison between specs still works and the alternative produced more outliers still. I discounted Void Shift and Spirit Link damage to healers' own teammates, and did my best to attribute pet damage to owners.

Affliction warlocks are still on top, and sub is still on bottom. The top 5 is no surprise.

Disc priests are still top damage overall, despite moving to a more defensive playstyle. Fistweaving seems to be no more.

Burst Damage

...does what it says on the tin. I defined it as the most raw damage a player and their pets did to any single enemy player in any 5 second window in the game. I restricted it to one player to make it distinct to pressure (which can be applied to multiple players simultaneously), and I picked 5 seconds somewhat arbitrarily.

Through this lens, affliction moves to mid table, overtaken by typical burst specs. Sub has the highest burst of all rogue specs, but all of them are pretty low.

Although discs can do high consistent pressure, Prevoker is the clear winner of spiky damage in a 5 second window.

Healing total raw healing and absorbs combined, divided by the match duration in seconds. So, HPS essentially. Same caveats re: idle time at the start apply as for the DPS numbers above. Note that this does not take into account any damage reduction effects (which will be significant in many cases).

Shamans and warlocks are the consistent HPS winners; likely due to raw healing and absorbs, respectively. Pure damage specs seem to come out the worst overall.

The leaderboard is topped by the HPS kings. Disc and hpal are bottom in raw throughput (with DR and immunities unaccounted for).

Burst Healing the healing equivalent of Burst Damage, unsurprisingly. This only accounts for raw healing, i.e. by how much each spec can top up a HP bar in a 5 second window. Absorbs are not counted because the logs track them at the point of them being "used up" rather than them being applied, so I didn't think they would represent burst healing appropriately. Applies to a single player scenario, as above.

Spriests are a clear winner, most likely because of Void Shift; tanky purple wizards are tanky, and paladins are up there probably due to LoH.

An interesting winner in Holy Priest, likely a combination of Void Shift and pre-dampening Serenities (remember this is 3v3). Resto druid is up there, perhaps with Invigorate (if they still play that) and NS.

Control the first non-throughput metric. It's the amount of hard CC (stun, silence, incap or disorient) in seconds that each spec puts enemy players in, divided by the total match seconds. Note that if a player trinkets a stun after 0.5 seconds, only those 0.5 seconds are attributed to the spec, not the total duration. It's meant to be a data-driven measure of how well each spec can control the enemy. Roots and snares are not counted.

The rogue redemption arc; despite the CC nerfs, they still do the most CC in the game, followed closely by hunters and cyclone spamming ferals. Interestingly, mages are lower down the scale. Healers in particular are all in the bottom third of all specs.

Elusiveness where we move into murky waters. This is a measure of how much DPS each spec receives in a game on average. It's meant to be an indicator of how likely you are to be trained. Obviously, this is not a completely controlled metric, because an "untrained" disc priest will take far less damage than a fury warrior catching strays in the middle of the deathball. Obviously, the higher the number, the less "elusive" you are.

Train the blue is true, especially if the blue in question wants to be close to you as well. A lot of melee in the top half, but \"don't-let-them-cast\" spriest, destro and balance as well. All healers are neatly in the bottom 7.


...ok bear with me here. This isn't strictly related to spec performance but it is something I wanted to look at and found interesting, so I'm including it. Finesse is the unique number of spells each spec actively casts in a game. So technically, it is how many keybinds you would need to play that game (discounting focus macros or arena123 etc). Again, this is not tied to spec performance, and (as we'll see) isn't an indication on how complex a spec is, but I thought it would be interesting to look at:

PhD to play a warrior; I manually checked lots of these and fury does press a lot of buttons. It may be that 90% of those are the same 2, but I thought this was still super surprising!

All Together

To bring it all together, I visualised the relative performance of each spec on these pseudo-metrics in some radial charts (elusiveness is inverted to make more sense):

What Now?

I'm not sure! I haven't played a huge amount yet this season (I'm still bitter that my Heal feels like it takes a 7 second cast), but I thought there were some surprises and some confirmations in there. Hopefully some people find this interesting, and maybe it provides a basis for some discussion, or some guidance for people looking to pick an alt.
I'd quite like to run this every now and then, perhaps shortly after major(ish) tuning patches, to see how the meta shakes up, perhaps showing how specs move on the rankings - if there is interest, I can post more.
I'd also like to refine the existing metrics and add new ones, so I'm interested in any feedback and suggestions. For example, it'd be interesting to look at mobility and utility, but both of these I found non-trivial to define so I left them out for now.
Another thing this could grow into (with enough samples) is comp analysis - what is each comp good at, what are they trying to do and what are their weaknesses?
Appreciate any thoughts or feedback!


As a few people have pointed out, the "Finesse" graph looks a bit odd with Fury leading the pack. I checked the data and this was because Fury had a lot of spells (Intervene, Rampage, etc) that triggered additional spell cast events with unique spell IDs (which I was counting for the Finesse metric). I updated this to instead count unique spell names instead, here's the resulting graph:
Not saying this is now perfect, but perhaps closer to the truth? I've updated the radial charts in any case.

Also, please do check out the WoW Arena Logs website/addon (link), can't stress how cool the tool is, and the more people use it the more data I'll have (in the least selfish way possible)!
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2023.05.24 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Bell & Ross Celebrates Elite French Air Force Unit With Gorgeous Blue Watch, Yema Updates Superman With Cool Green, Farr+Swit Is A Very 80s Video Game Watch And Union Glashütte Has A New Chrono

It's Wednesday and the French have come out in style today. If you enjoy these news updates, throw them an upvote so more people get to see them.

What's new

Bell & Ross Celebrates Elite Unit Of French Air and Space Force 70th Anniversary With Colorful BR 03-92 Patrouille De France
While the French brand Bell & Ross makes some very nice vintage-inspired watches, as well as somewhat avant-garde ones in their Urban line, they are primarily known for their blocky watches that resemble cockpit flight instruments. So, it comes as no shock that they have worked with French special forces, squadrons, astronauts, the French Naval Air Force or elite squads such as the GIGN and the RAID. So it comes as no surprise that in 2021 Bell & Ross announced it’s partnering with France’s precision aerobatics demonstration unit, the world-famous Patrouille de France. In order to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the elite unit, Bell & Ross is now releasing the limited edition BR 03-92 Patrouille de France.
As part of the 2021 deal, Bell & Ross produced two special watches for the unit. First was the BR 03 Type A with digital display, a specific request of the pilot, and the second was the BR 03-94 Patrouille de France Chronograph. The third special edition model has now been released and pairs traditional Bell & Ross codes with flamboyant French colours and unique design elements to celebrate 7 decades of precision aerobatics.
The special edition is based on the most classic B&R model, the BR 03-92. Also known as the instrument line, it comes in the signature case (the circle within a square) with 4 functional screws, directly modelled after vintage dashboard instruments. Measuring 42mm x 42mm, 10.40mm thick, the Patrouille de France version comes in a matte microblasted ceramic case. It also has one of the coolest casebacks, decorated with the silhouettes of the 5 aircraft that have flown since the creation of the Patrouille de France in 1953 – Thunderjet, Ouragan, Mystère IV, Fouga Magister and Alpha Jet.
The dial of this BR 03-92 Patrouille de France also pays tribute to the acrobatic patrol, with a particularly bright shade of blue, almost the same as the Alpha Jet of the Patrouille de France. The matte background is home to multiple highly contrasting white elements, such as the large luminous Arabic numerals and markers, as well as oversized white-SLN-coated hands. The insignia of this elite display team and the specific logo of its 70TH anniversary appear at the heart of this dial, which unfortunately still retains its date window…
Inside is the Calibre BR-CAL.302, a Sellita SW200-1 automatic movement. The watch comes on two straps - a tone-on-tone leather strap with French stitching and a steel PVD-coated pin buckle, and a black synthetic canvas fabric strap.
Limited to 999 pieces, the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Patrouille de France 70th Anniversary is now available for orders, with deliveries scheduled for mid-July 2023. It is priced at EUR 4,200.
Yema Updates The Superman 500 With A Date And Gorgeous New Dials
The French are on a tear. But that’s to be expected from Yema, who seem to release a new watch every few weeks. And each of their releases is just mighty fine. Yema is now announcing two new versions of the Superman 500, adding new colors and a date to the model initially introduced last year.
The Superman has been Yema’s star watch since it’s introduction in 1963 as basic skin diver that rivalled Rolex, Blancpain and Omega, but at a lower price. It was an instant hit, as it had great looks, 300 meter water resistance and an interesting bezel locking device. The reissued Superman 500 was an equal success for the brand.
The Yema Superman 500 upgraded the model and corrected some of its internal flaws. While keeping the design intact, Yema beefed up the specs with a revised bezel-locking system (an emblematic feature of the collection) and more precise adjustments. The watch was beefed up and is now rated to 500 meter depths and all the improvements made the watch water resistant to 30 meters even with the crown unscrewed.
Following the classic time-only and GMT models, it is now time for the third iteration, the Yema Superman 500 Dato. The date window is where you would expect it, at 3 o’clock. You can get it in two sizes, 39 or 41mm, and the Dato collection comes with two dials that are not available on the no-date models. There’s the strikingly vivid sandblasted white with black accents, or a semi-matte khaki green with beige-toned markers and hands. On both versions, the date disc matches the dial.
Inside, you won’t find a ETA or Miyota movement. Instead, the watch comes with their proprietary calibre YEMA2000, which delivers a 42h power reserve, a 4Hz frequency and has been adjusted in 4 positions for an accuracy of -10/+10 seconds/day. You can wear the watch on a steel bracelet or a black FKM rubber strap.
Available for pre-order from today, with deliveries scheduled for the end of June 2023, the Yema Superman 500 Dato will retail for EUR 1,249 on a steel bracelet and EUR 1,329 on an FKM rubber strap.
The Farr + Swit Chrono Vice Edition Is Exactly What You Would Expect From An 80’s Future-Retro Affordable Watch - Tons Of Fun
Just to save you some reading time, if you dig 80’s Future-Retro, video games of the era and disco noir color schemes and are looking to spend about $500 on a watch, just go buy the Farr + Swit Solar Chrono Vice Edition.
If you need to know more, here we go. Farr + Swit is a Chicago-based brand that’s very into the 80s. You see this instantly in the three-dimensional teal grid pattern that gives the feeling of racing West in an 80s video game, while a neon pink and yellow sun goes down. It’s a busy dial, but with a purpose and looking at it for some time, I imagine that there won’t be much issue with legibility.
You definitely won’t have issue with legibility at night. Click through to the article to see the watch at nigh. Farr + Swit is known for their fun lume applications on other models and they sure gave it their best here. Absolutley everything - the hands, markers, logo, chronograph hands, subdials, a teal ring outside the dial and even the date aperture are covered in fantastic Super-LumiNova C3 green Grade X EF.
The Solar Chrono case is mostly brushed, with a polished bezel that appears to be a separate piece. Although the bezel is not extremely thin, this watch is mostly dial. It also leads to the case looking a bit bigger visually than its 42mm diameter. Also, it’s 12.5mm thick, which is not bad when you consider everything that’s crammed inside.
As the name implies, the Solar Chrono is powered by a solar quartz chronograph and Farr + Swiss say it is a Seiko meca-quartz movement. They say it will run for six months after only five hours of sunlight. It has running seconds at 6 o’clock, and a 60-minute counter at 12 o’clock. The watch comes with two two quick-release StrapHabit straps - a teal FKM rubber strap and a black sailcloth strap with magenta accents.
The Farr + Swit Solar Chrono Vice Edition is limited to 85 units which will be numbered. They are now available for pre-order and are priced at $535 USD. Deliveries are expected in mid-June 2023.
Union Glashütte Introduces The Noramis Chronograph Gaisbergrennen 2023, A Retro Panda Chrono With A Competitive Price
Glashütte is an amazing place. The population of the german town is just under 6,700 people. And yet, there are 10 active watchmakers there at the moment. One of them is Union Glashütte, a slightly lesser known brand, but still more than capable to stand toe to toe with the bigger Glashütte boys. And in line with this is their retro-inspired chronograph with a panda dial known as the Noramis Chronograph Limited Edition Gaisbergrennen 2023.
The watch is named after the Gaisberg race, first organized by Baron Von Preuschen in 1929, as cars raced around Salzburg’s scenic mountain routes. It was Interrupted by the war, but resumed in 1952 until in 1969 a string of fatal accidents forced the organizers to close it down. It was revived in 2003 and the Union Glashütte’s chronograph was designed to measure elapsed times for the drivers. So it makes sense that the inspiration comes from 1960s and 1970s stopwatches with mushroom pushers, a panda dial and a pronounced domed sapphire crystal over the dial. The polished 100m water-resistant stainless steel case has a diameter of 42mm and a thickness of 14.5mm.
Union Glashütte is known for not going crazy with their prices. In order to keep the watches somewhat affordable, they don’t develop an entire in-house movement. Inside the watch is the UNG-27.S2 automatic movement, a cam-activated chronograph beating at 28,800vph, which is based on a modified Valjoux 7750. Yhe calibre has a beefed-up power reserve of 65 hours and is fitted with an anti-magnetic silicon hairspring. The rotor has cut-out letters forming the word UNION and is decorated with thick Glashütte stripes.
The watch comes on two straps - a dressy cognac-coloured calfskin strap and a traditional aerated black rally strap.
The Union Glashütte Noramis Chronograph Gaisbergrennen 2023 is a limited edition of 200 pieces and retails for EUR 3,600.

On hand - a selection of reviews

A review of the Luminox Luminox ICE-SAR Arctic 1050 Series
Swiss Zenith Watches’ answer to the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona, hands on with the Zenith Chronomaster Sports Gold Watches
Heading home with Glashütte Original's Senator Cosmopolite

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Peculiar Timeless HMS
The HMS is a bit of an eyeful at a glance, with no clear focal point emerging between the ornate detailed structures that comprise the lugs, the case, and the dial, with each of those areas offering plenty of details to discover and appreciate. The most densely detailed area is the heart of the dial, which is open to reveal a bespoke center wheel that moves with the hour hand. This opening is surrounded by a guilloché section that dominates much of the dial real estate. The two sections are quite literally bridges with a horizontal bar that underpins the hand stack, lending further to the steam-punk vibes that emanate from the entire design.
People loved the PRX giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away three Seiko Alpinists in that lovely green. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter the giveaway.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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