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2023.05.29 03:54 most_unseemly 4:54 a.m. EEST; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 460th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Art You Can Own! + ART FRIDAY AWARDS + Discussion + Charities

4:54 a.m. EEST; The Sun is Rising Over Kyiv on the 460th Day of the Full-Scale Invasion. Art You Can Own! + ART FRIDAY AWARDS + Discussion + Charities



Art Friday Awards!

Art Friday Awards for the week of May 22, 2023
Art Friday Awards for the week of May 15, 2023


But before we proceed to the awards, here's some...

Art You Can Own!

L-R: Limited edition engraved knife and painted bullet shells by Maxim Kilderov
Artist u/kilderov, whom you can read about here, was forced to leave occupied Nova Kakhovka for his own safety. He now sells his work to support the civilians in his city and the warriors from it, who are mostly fighting in and around Bakhmut. In addition to his ongoing painted shells initiative, he's currently selling a limited edition series of engraved knives signed by the artist. Also, check out his latest post and DM him if anything catches your eye! (What I wouldn't give to be able to afford one of his boomsticks boomboxes....)
So far, Ukraine, you've helped him raise over $16,000 for Humanity, which provides humanitarian aid and evacuation in Nova Kakhovka and Kherson, and for Nova Kakhovka's warriors at the front. Here's a great example of what he's doing with the funds you help him raise.

L-R: Upcycled russian materiel by 21vetal01 and treasure box by his wife
u/21vetal01, whom you can read about here, turns scraps of destroyed russian equipment into trophies and souvenirs, and his wife makes beautiful little treasures and beautiful little treasure boxes. Proceeds support every facet of the war effort, from military aid to humanitarian aid to cash assistance for families of the fallen. Here are some examples of what they make, here's their latest work, and here's a small example of what they do with the funds they raise.
And now ...

Art Friday Awards!

The Howling Wind, Rustling Grass Award

Mother's worry is eternal (acrylic painting by me), painted and submitted by u/wolfmothar.

The Big Damn Heroes Award

(See, "Big Damn Heroes" 'cuz they're tiny.)
I created a diorama honoring those heroes who defended Bakhmut, created and submitted by u/hooahguy.

The Defiance Award

The price of our freedom, submitted by u/BewaeOfMemes. The artist is Even Mehl Amundsen, who did not title it. I encourage you to click that link and read what the artist has to say about this piece. An excerpt:
To be willing to recognize a dark predicament for what it is. To face such a situation with the grim pride that has spattered history with no shortage of gore. This alone would be cause for much respect. But to bring a good-humored, caring, and clever breed of stubbornness into such despair, to defy the doubts of foe and friend alike and say “Here I stand, on my convictions and on my land. I will not move. I will fight. I can do no other.” with a grin that defies the reaper and the trundling Russian dreadnought alike, this inspires awe in mere mortals such as I.

The Punny Guy Award

Saw the new name for orcish "dragon teeth" and decided to do a thing, done and submitted by u/Alternate_Ending1984.

The Kitty! Award

Omitting the kitty from Art Friday Awards would be sacrilege. I love this little guy's little fangie.
Cats for Ukraine, created and submitted by u/hellenmist.

The People's Choice Award

I have to admit that I'm pleasantly surprised at you, Ukraine. I thought that Tom Lehrer's classic Poisoning Pigeons in the Park was niche enough that this masterpiece of a parody would go mostly, and sadly, unnoticed. Instead, you gave it the love it deserves!
The ZSU Present: Taking out the Trash, masterfully adapted and submitted by u/rhubarbjin.


For Your Listening Pleasure

New Song: TARAS KEEN - Спалахуй, submitted by u/I_Saw_A_Bear.


Thank you to all the thoughtful, creative, talented people who created and/or submitted art this week!


The 460th day of a nine-year invasion that has been going on for centuries.
One day closer to victory.



Verified Charities

  • u/Jesterboyd is a mod for ukraine and local to Kyiv. His current project is to fund some very interesting drones. Link to donation
  • United24: This site was launched by President Zelenskyy as the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. Funds will be allocated to cover the most pressing needs facing Ukraine.
  • Come Back Alive: This NGO crowdfunds non-lethal military equipment, such as thermal vision scopes & supplies it to the front lines. It also provides training for Ukrainian soldiers, as well as researching troops’ needs and social reintegration of veterans.
  • Trident Defense Initiative: This initiative run by former NATO and UA servicemen has trained and equipped thousands of Ukrainian soldiers.
  • Ukraine Front Line US-based and registered 501(c)(3), this NGO fulfills front line soldiers' direct defense and humanitarian aid requests through their man on the ground, Ukraine's own u/jesterboyd.
  • Ukraine Aid Ops: Volunteers around the world who are helping to find and deliver equipment directly to those who need it most in Ukraine.
  • Hospitallers: This is a medical battalion that unites volunteer paramedics and doctors to save the lives of soldiers on the frontline. They crowdfund their vehicle repairs, fuel, and medical equipment.
  • Humanity: Co-founded by u/kilderov, Humanity is a small team of volunteers securing and distributing humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable populations in temporarily occupied Kherson Oblast. Kilderov and his friends were under occupation in Nova Kakhovka in 2022.
You can find many more charities with diverse areas of focus in our vetted charities article HERE.
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2023.05.29 03:45 Mean-Fun [WTS] Hinderer, Buck, Rexford, Grimsmo, Lost Dutchman

Hello Swappers,
Got a few gems for you this lovely Sunday evening. As always YOLO takes priority over PM. Payment will be PP FF or Apple Pay.
First up is my Hinderer Fatty. She’s stonewashed and wearing a full texture ti stonewashed HH Hinderer scale. I am not the first owner and I have carried it a couple of times but it’s in overall very good condition. It’s on bearings and the action is phenomenal. Comes with tri way parts, original box and original g10 scale and liner. I will entertain separating the knife and scale but the scale itself will be $350. Knife with liner and g10 scale will be $350. Price for everything $650
Pics- Vid-
Second on the block is a Buck 110 auto. I picked this up unused here on the swap and I carried and lightly used it (opened a couple of packages) a couple of times. Comes with original leather sheath.
Pics- Vid- Price- was $135 now $120
Next up is my Rexford RUT. Another gem I got on the swap and I hate to part with it but I’m more inclined to carry my TPT so this one’s gonna go.
Pics- Price- was $135 now $120
Ok so as I’m typing this I have decided to keep Saga 5153 and let go of 5266. 5266 is in like new condition and comes with the Nanuk case, extra refill and Grimsmo pocket book.
Pics- Price- $310 Withdrawn
Last up for tonight is a BNIB Lost Dutchman Finnigan wallet. Just got this in and upon opening it I already know I prefer my Big Finn so I’ll pass this along at a little discount and faster shipping since they are 4 weeks out atm.
Pics- Price-was $45 now $40
As always thanks for looking. Happy Memorial Day weekend!!
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2023.05.29 03:40 ivychen300 Thyristor Output Optocoupler Market Size, Share, Development by 2023

LPI (LP Information)' newest research report, the “Thyristor Output Optocoupler Industry Forecast” looks at past sales and reviews total world Thyristor Output Optocoupler sales in 2022, providing a comprehensive analysis by region and market sector of projected Thyristor Output Optocoupler sales for 2023 through 2029. With Thyristor Output Optocoupler sales broken down by region, market sector and sub-sector, this report provides a detailed analysis in US$ millions of the world Thyristor Output Optocoupler industry.
This Insight Report provides a comprehensive analysis of the global Thyristor Output Optocoupler landscape and highlights key trends related to product segmentation, company formation, revenue, and market share, latest development, and M&A activity. This report also analyzes the strategies of leading global companies with a focus on Thyristor Output Optocoupler portfolios and capabilities, market entry strategies, market positions, and geographic footprints, to better understand these firms' unique position in an accelerating global Thyristor Output Optocoupler market.
This report presents a comprehensive overview, market shares, and growth opportunities of Thyristor Output Optocoupler market by product type, application, key manufacturers and key regions and countries.
The main participants
IXYS Corporation
COSMO Electronics
Xiamen Hualian Electronics
JieJie Microelectronics
CT Micro
Shenzhen Orient
Segmentation by type
Zero Crossing
Without Zero Crossing
Segmentation by application
Solid State Relay
Industrial Control
Solenoid Valve
Key Questions Addressed in this Report
What is the 10-year outlook for the global Thyristor Output Optocoupler market?
What factors are driving Thyristor Output Optocoupler market growth, globally and by region?
Which technologies are poised for the fastest growth by market and region?
How do Thyristor Output Optocoupler market opportunities vary by end market size?
How does Thyristor Output Optocoupler break out type, application?
What are the influences of COVID-19 and Russia-Ukraine war?
LP INFORMATION (LPI) is a professional market report publisher based in America, providing high quality market research reports with competitive prices to help decision makers make informed decisions and take strategic actions to achieve excellent outcomes.We have an extensive library of reports on hundreds of technologies.Search for a specific term, or click on an industry to browse our reports by subject. Narrow down your results using our filters or sort by what’s important to you, such as publication date, price, or name.
E-mail: [email protected]
Add: 17890 Castleton St. Suite 369 City of Industry, CA 91748 US
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2023.05.29 03:30 Hoveria69 my life might be practically over at this point

sorry for the long post. Im just writing this to vent and also because i feel like i have to get it out and need to get my voice heard for some reason?
I don't know where to start but here we go, So my country (Turkey) held elections and the same guys won again an it is very concerning. these guys directly resulted the downfall of our economy and the death of tens of thousands in the recent earthquakes among many other things. they control most media and brainwash elderly and manipulate religion so even after having he blood of their relatives on their hand even the earthquake region mostly voted for them. this is quite saddening already but what ties it to me is the economy part, i cannot enjoy life anymore because everything is very expensive. i know the us and other countries have inflation too but it is very bad over here. a single iphone 14 is more than 4 months worth of the avarage salary (not spending a single cent on anything else) and even bread has multiplied by 10 times in my lifetime. there are a lot of things i want to do and enjoy just like the rest of my friends online but it just keeps getting farther and farther, i wnat to play the new games (zelda totk) too, and i used to be able to just some years back, but it is now the same price how much a new phone used to cost years ago. people will say some cheap games are like just 5 bucks and that will be 3 whole weeks of allowance without spending a single cent for me.
but perhaps a bigger problem is my life. the government is getting less and less secular and as (at least wanting to be) a feminine presenting bisexual man (closeted) i was questioning transitioning but i guess that won't happen anymore. i seriously fear my life would be in danger in a couple years. they already said they wanted to ban pre marriage stuff and cleanse the country from the "evil of the west" being LGBTQ i know some of it is happening in usa as well and im sorry for you too.
overall it just feel like im getting robbed of my life. i will be in university in just over a year and i used to dream about living the university life, studying fine arts because it is my passion, being social and free, having a boyfriend potentially and doing things i wanted to like learn to play the drums. but no, i will not be able to afford a drumset or even afford to eat meat frequently, i will never have enough money for a car or a house and will never be allowed to have a bf. i can't even play videogames because i won't be able to afford neither the thing to play it or the games itself. i will probably never study art because there is genuinely zero money in it in turkey and even engineers or architects have the salary equivalent to what a factory worker gets in germany.
there are tons of other problems and layers to it (such as the fact main opposition leader forced himself to be the candidate even tho no one likes him and that may have costed the entire country to us)
and the worst part of it is my own grandparents and relatives are voting for this sht and i have slowly started to hate them. they have the iq of a single celled organism just like most of the population. i hate myself for hating them but i can't help it. they are the ones who voted for the thousands to die and they are the ones who voted for me to suffer. my own grandparents. just for some religious propaganda.
all of these have just been making me depressed and i don't know what to do anymore. there is kind of nothing to do. no escape. i have so much rage in me that i just broke a glass because i was gripping it too hard. i lost all my motivation in life. knowing that all my future is practically dead just what's the point man. when i close my eyes all i see is that 1$ went from 3₺ to 20₺ in my lifetime.there is nothing i can do about it.
in the last year this combined with school and parent pressure and gold high expectations to all my grades (also the fact i can't study art) caused me to grow quite suicidal but always had hope because i thought we would surely win the elections, after the billion scandals, big issues, fails and mishandling of human life from the government but no, people STILL voted for them.
to add insult to the injury right wingers are going on tweeter and celebrating the results and saying they smashed us. like wth are you happy about we are dying as a country ???
im speechless just wanting to not exist anymore you know. i feel like a 40 year old on the inside. the constant stress from my grades and studies was already too high that i have had health problems because of it. this on top of that is something i can't bear.
there is so much.
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2023.05.29 03:28 LoonyLadle My Chaotic Evil character TPKed the rest of the party before our first quest started and I don't feel bad about that.

Story Brief: I play a chaotic evil character, rest of the party tries to abandon and murder me on sight, then blames me for being everything wrong with chaotic evil when I defend myself.
This was a very long time ago on a play-by-post site that you've never heard of; I think the site was called I checked, but that domain is up for sale as of the time of this writing so if that's what it was it sure didn't last very long. With the story I'm about to relay to you, I can't help but imagine why that might be!
I am uncertain how this party came to be but we were a group of five, all apparently some flavor of autist. The campaign was in the Dalelands of Toril (I think that's right?) and we were all starting at level two. The party composition was a human ranger, a half-orc bard/barbarian (bardbarian!), a dwarf paladin, and my character was a human wilder. For those unfamiliar: wilders are the charisma version of the psion in the same way sorcerers are to wizards, except that wilders are actually really good as you'll learn later.
Our first quest was to clear out a den of orcs who have been doing Generic Evil Bad Guy Things to our starting town. Knowing the reputation that chaotic evil characters tend to have I laid my intentions on the table very early in an attempt to allay concerns. Ashley was chaotic because I want to take the Pyrokineticist prestige class and Evil because she just really likes burning shit. Seeing as I rolled very well on my mental stats (int 16, wis 15, cha 19; the GM was using 2d8+6, IDK why) I felt that Ashley would be very friendly, amicable, and also neurotically aware of her situation. In her own words: "I can burn human villages and be hunted as a villain, or burn orc villages and be paid as a hero. The choice is obvious; we're having barbeque porkchops tonight!" The players acknowledged this and seemed to be mildly enthusiastic.
Thus we get to the actual roleplay.
We keep it simple, start in a tavern and introduce our PCs. The bardbarian and dwarf are having a drunken arm wrestling contest and regaling each other with tales of their machismo ("I once suplexed a polar bear off a cliff!" "Reminds me of that time I gave my coat to an orphan girl and had to walk through a blizzard for eight hours warmed only by the celestial hearth of my god!"). The ranger and I enter town from opposite angles and meet up at the bowyer's shop; he's buying a bow while I am having my crossbow repaired after I got a little overenthusiastic with my last Fire Ray. The ranger is immediately distrustful of my wilder; I don't know why, but "grizzled ranger wilderness man" is such a classic trope I don't think much of it and we end up entering the tavern together.
Shortly after we are all in the same ingame space together, a big ol' royal guardsman or soldier or somesuch enters the tavern and calls for mercenaries. The others answer the call, while my wilder listens from the corner given that she's not best friends with the law. We are told of the orcs and the troubles they are causing on the road, and that parties who like gold and killing orcs ought to prepare to embark with him in the morning. Yeah, I thought; Ashley likes both of those things -- one is a good target for fire, and the other buys resources she can use to make more fire. I feel Ashley is not likely to volunteer without her weapons on her -- she wouldn't be taken seriously! -- so I narrate how I'll wait an hour for repairs to be completed and approach the group then, since we have until morning.
Ashley goes to get her crossbow, returns -- and the party is gone. So much for waiting until the morning.
I make some quick Gather Information checks (I had the intelligence so I sprinkled cross-class ranks into K:nobility and various social skills) to figure out what happened, then set off at a brisk hustle to follow.
Upon catching up with the party, the ranger immediately fires an arrow at my wilder.
Ranger: [to the party] "Heh, can never be too careful." Wilder: [hiding behind a tree] "Whoa mate, check your eyes; I am not an orc!" Ranger: "Just because you're not an orc doesn't mean you're friendly!" Bardbarian: "She could be a highwayman, be careful." Wilder: "We met in town, remember? I was the one who suggested yew for your bow!" Ranger: "If you're friendly, why are you hiding? Show yourself!" Wilder: [Comes out with hands up; pointless gesture since I can kill people with my brain, but they don't know that yet] Dwarf: "I use detect evil." Wilder: [Is evil! And also has her imp patron following her without being aware of it!] Dwarf: "She's evil. Get her and her demon friend!" Wilder: "Wait, why is Char here? According to my backstory he- WHOA!"
Ashley is wearing a chain shirt, has 17 dexterity, and won initiative so she has her buckler out and is using Total Defense so her AC is... high. She danmaku-grazes through two sling bullets, an arrow, and two darts.
Wilder: "Please calm down! I just want to kill orcs with you and get paid!" Dwarf: "We don't work with evil people!"
Another round of Touhou dodging ensues.
GM: "Round three. Ashley's turn." Wilder: "I said CALM THE FUCK DOWN!"
I activate my Wild Surge and expend my psionic focus on my Psionic Shot feat and launch my Fire Ray at the ranger's bow. 5d6+5 damage.
Ranger: "You bitch! I knew you were bad news the moment I met you!"
They keep fighting...
I down them all in a single shot each. Including the level six NPC guardsman who attempted to intervene once it became clear that the party couldn't roll above a fifteen to save their lives. I suggest to the GM that the fire cauterized their wounds so none of them are actually dying, but he's a very RAW person and declines while pointing out that I was throwing entire virtual fistfuls of d6s. The entire party ends up bleeding out because -- surprise -- the chaotic evil character didn't think to put any ranks in Treat Injury. Ashley gave the fallen PCs the most respectful sendoff she knew -- burning their bodies in a massive forest fire -- while speculatively wondering how that scene could have proceeded differently and not at all subtly hinting to the GM to rewind so we could take the scene again from the top.
The response to this was to start making the usual noises and ALL-CAPS POSTS about how I'm an edgelord and chaotic evil PCs should never be allowed and I'm terrible and awful for destroying their equipment and getting mad when they attempted to blah blah blah. I don't need to tell you what they said. I was just astonished, refreshing the page throughout the day as they rant and rave, all the while thinking to myself "I have Asperger's syndrome and even I can read the social cues better than these nutters."
They weren't even good roleplayers. I was throwing out paragraphs and they were writing two-liners. The ranger didn't even end his posts with periods. So when I refreshed the page and found I was banned from the game, I couldn't help but sigh in relief. What could I have even said to these people to justify myslef? "It's what my character would have done?" Because it actually wasn't; I was trying my damnedest to hold her back in spite of all possible reason to go full bore on the strangers trying to murder her!
I'd still love to play Ashley again sometime. I think she has a lot of potential as a character to explore what it means to be evil, how evil is often perceived by others, and how even good people can work with evil in pursuit of a greater goal.
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2023.05.29 03:24 SauceDoctorMD Cool Tutter

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2023.05.29 03:20 I_am_Fang_Yuan_ I am Here for Fang Yuan

I am Here for Fang yuan not for you losers
When I leave her, I will still carry fang yuan with me, this place is merely a small place where thoughts take form, I dont write for anyone just because I see its a shame that Reverend insanity has such a complete opposite fandom compared to what the novel is
It seems as if everyone merely reads for entertainment or as a hobby a small thing you pick have a bit of fun and then put it out
But this is not it, Its an Experience, atleast I saw it like that, Its a Life experience with the purpose of completely reshaping who you are and to take you to the beyond and not stay stuck in Ordinary abyss
This entire sub is stuck in Ordinary abyss, because they do not see the Jewel, the Essence of the novel and I feel this truly, when I write posts its the essence of the novel speaking through me its the experience, the mysteries of life and existence trying to be revealed through me
I wished this sub was something different where actual real people who actually care deeply about spirituality and do not see Life and existence superficially
I wished i could atleast find a single true fan, a single true person who learned atleast 1% of what fang yuan is, yet alas, no one and I am the one ridiculed
It is obvious when one is climbing out of Ordinary abyss, all sorts of insults, all thorns and hardships fall into their way
I have had true hardships that I've fought through thats why I understand
It is also an obvious spiritual sign that I am approaching the Truth, as it is said
"Heaven when it is a bout to confer great office upon a man, exercises his mind with suffering, and his bones and sinews with toil. It exposes him to poverty and confounds all his undertakings. In this way, it is seen if he is ready"
This wouldnt get in my mind since I am totally alone, its literally in the name "aloneinthisworld", and I wont go so low as to hurt another since I simply dont care nor does it achieve anything, aloneness is not bad, I like it
but sometimes I remember other people exist and remember the world exist and only then do I remember there are other human beings
Like when I see comments I forget there are actual real humans behind that thing since I myself dont know what a human being is
I mean I do talk to people, sometimes even a lot but when I do so I just let the body talk and its just spontenaous thing
How do I explain I've became so engrossed in Thoughts that I have been non-stop thinking for 2-3 years and I think all day long non-stop, the posts you see on this sub are a bit of the monologues I have with myself
But I have way longer ones that I just think to myself everyday or so
You think just putting all these posts together is easy?
The theories about god, existence, world were not so easy to arrive at, I went through blood, sweat and tears in tens and tens of psychedelic experiences
Imagine going into psychosis numerous times trying to find a meaning to existence, to why I live to why I suffer, to the intense curiosity of knowing what am I and we are
Imagine tripping and thinking you are Alone in the world and you realise you can never know another person is "real", Ive lived days in that
Ive also lived days thinking the past didnt exist neither did space, time or matter and I was imagining everything
Or that everything is a dream, or that the world is not real
Ive thought of all the most deranged thought which no normal human would ever consider in their lifetime
I have loads of writings on my phone and computer about those days trying to stick this to that to make a coherent thought
Ive also through psychedelics completely lost a sense of "self"
I have no "self" so thats why when I listen to music, its an intimate way of being with it
Same when I read novels, I swear I completely Forget I am a Human being and a world exists completely totally
And this is what happened to me with Reverend insanity
Just prior I had read another big novel then Reverend insanity
And I completely lost it, I forgot i had parents, the world existed completely, not a single thought came to my mind of the other persona "me" only fang yuan
I literally was Fang yuan as in I read from waking to sleep and believed literally I am Fang yuan
Fang yuan is not just a character, he is like a part of my being since I hated the world and at that time I first i was young and stupid and I just saw like a beautiful model of what i have desired to become
Its not the edginess, Ri isnt even that edgy at that time i didnt like the bear or kids b,urn, What I liked is the relentlesness and the genius of fang yuan
You would know my shock when after an accident I ingested Lsd and I literally meet God and he explains to me how the entire world was inside God's mind
I have through more than a year and a half searched for the explanation
I have traveled countless roads
From even believing in Eternal Love to Being Fang yuan and Hating the world and everything
Its such a huge contrast yet both these ideals dwell in my mind, god and the devil
Such mystery what this world is, it defies explanation
I have searched and the answers I got are always short of the goal and cannot penetrate into the Truth of the world
I am still looking and will continue to do so
You see only the persona of "me" being like fang yuan here because you are on the Ri sub so ofc, it is also a sort of training, we are what we absorb, I play the fang yuan persona to reinforce what I am and it works amazingly
I also practice indifference to the world, taking walks and staying indifferent to all the surroundings
It is what it is, But I truly don't care about anything
Nada, not a single emotion remains in me
I am like a dried pond
Even if people I knew died, even if my life goes sideways
I will accept it and live with it
I have No desires, nothing in this world do I want
I want nothing
not god, not eternal life, not money, not a wife, not friends, not a carrer
fang yuan alone atleast gets some interest in me
But even fang yuan little by little no longer moves me
maybe the next step is after that
But the ocean of the world has dried in me
nothing remains
I simply don't care whatever happens
you wont be able to understand me but it is what it is,
we all have our own destinies, our own roads to walk
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2023.05.29 03:15 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 219

Cassie had taken over the discussion from there on, entering the formal interview stage of the chat with Miu'Kin, as was her right as first wife. She was the arbiter in the end, and she had a veto that Miu'Kin needed to clear before she could get the thumbs up or down from Tyler to formally join the marriage. Cassie didn't give the other woman any slack either, she might not be a warrior, but a mother needed her own kind of spine, and even with Nara on hand, Cassie wanted to make sure the children were safe with Miu'Kin as a guardian too.
"What would you do if there was a threat to the children while the rest of us are away Miu'Kin?" Cassie asks, close to the end of her intended questions.
None of them had expected Miu'Kin's eyes to blaze.
"A threat? To the children! What kind? I might not be a battle princess but by the goddess's shell I won't-" Miu'Kin stops, a small jet of flame coming from her nostrils. "Err.. I uhm. I'm sorry. I get... passionate about protecting those who can't protect themselves. My first year working in a daycare, someone who claimed to be an Orega Girl tried to kidnap one of my charges, a sweet little boy... I uh. Killed her with my bare hands. I don't remember it. I saw red, forced her outside, sealed the nursery and triggered an alarm and then proceeded to beat her into a paste. I don't remember any of it, but I uh... apparently finished her off beating her with her own arm after ripping it off. No one's ever threatened the children of that nursery again and I haven't worked there in over a decade."
Matroika leans in. "...I want to call bullshit so badly, but you're such a sweetheart I actually believe you."
"It was in the news a whole bunch. My name was redacted because of the possible organized crime angle, to try to prevent retaliation, but you should be able to search Heart Shell Nursery kidnapping attempt or something similar and it'll pop up."
"I'm on it girls."
Tyler pulls out his communicator and does a little search, and sure enough, exactly as Miu'Kin had described it. He quickly passes his communicator around, letting the girls all look for themselves.
"Well I'll be damned!" Matroika looks up from Tyler's communicator, clearly reassessing the other woman. "For such a demure gal, seems like you can bring that Apuk fire when it counts. She's got my vote girls. Seems like a perfect fit to me!"
Cassie coughs delicately into her hand. "I didn't realize we were at the voting stage yet, but I suppose we can have the discussion now."
Miu'Kin moves to stand. "Would you like me to wait outside the privacy field?"
Cassie shakes her head and motions her to sit down. "No, unless one of the others would like to you, I don't think that's necessary. Nara?"
Nara makes a show of considering things for a few moments. "I say yes to welcoming Miu'Kin as our new sister."
Cassie looks to Elyria. "What about you Elyria?"
"I say yes! Miu'Kin's a sweetheart and she can protect the children with all that Apuk ferocity where it counts? Sounds perfect for us." Elyria beams over at the other woman.
Cassie nods. "Well I see no reason to dissent from my sisters, I say yes. I think Miu'Kin will be a fine addition to our family. Tyler?"
All eyes now focus on Tyler who strokes his chin for a moment before smiling over at the lovely redhead, putting a shiver down her spine.
"I don't see why not. Miu'Kin, would you do me the honor of marrying me?"
To her credit, Miu'Kin, clearly a bit over stimulated, manages to squeak out a "Yes!" before she passes out, thankfully being caught by Matroika before she can hit the table.
"Heh, guess she got a little overexcited, not that I can blame her, getting to marry our hubby should be exciting!"
Caring Conquests apparently had people pass out frequently enough that a nurse was kept on staff, and Miu'Kin's back on her feet before too long, the shy beauty boldly taking Tyler's hand and nearly passing out again as the Sarkins head down to Caring Conquests' legal office and sit through another intense round of paperwork. True to Bey'Tor's word, the second round of Miu'Kin's fees for the matchmaking service are waived, and in what felt like no time at all, the Sarkins, plus one redhead, are standing on the sidewalk in the warm sunshine of a late morning on Serbow.
Tyler stretches before taking Miu'Kin's hand again. He'd decided that since it was theoretically her wedding day, he'd be giving her some special attention above and beyond what he tried to normally give his wives. They'd do a ceremony with the skipper back on the Tear of course, but for now... he gives Miu'Kin's hand a squeeze, savoring the warmth radiating from her as she looks over at him with a shy smile, clearly doing her best to suppress just how giddy she is about the whole thing.
"So Miu'Kin, since you're local to the capital, care to give us the tour?"
"I... I can do that! Yes! I'd love to! Anywhere in particular that any of you would like to go?"
Tyler pulls his communicator out. "Well we have a list we can go through and you can tell us what you-"
"Hey sir!"
Tyler looks up at a distinctly male voice calling out to him and finds a small group of Marines and sailors, many of them with their spouses, disembarking off an airbus. The man who'd called out to him, one of the senior petty officers from the squadron, races up and visibly resists saluting Tyler since they're out of uniform for once.
"What's up Petty Officer Tywin? Seems like quite a crowd."
Petty Officer First Class Scott Tywin nods. "Some of it's intentional, some of it's happenstance... this ad for this matchmaking service got sent out across the comm net an hour ago and a lot of us had been talking about adding Apuk gals to the family... hard to beat Caring Conquest's reputation from checking their reviews, a discount's just icing on the cake. We're also here to support Mark."
Tywin points to a man that Tyler recognizes as Mark "Tiger" Ayako, a Marine NCO and naval aircrewman.
"Oh? What's going on with Staff Sergeant Ayako?"
Tywin grins just as wide as he can. "Mark fell in love with the Apuk at first sight. Hell, at first description. Then he did some research and that was it. So we're something of a bachelor party and escort to make some Apuk girls extremely happy today. Not sure if they can shake out a battle princess from this joint, but I'm sure Mark would make any Apuk gal they match him with feel like a queen regardless."
"Hah." Tyler can't hold the laugh back. "How many girls is he intending to marry?"
"As many matches as come back good really. Plus one or two. There's a couple gals back on the Tear waiting for the Apuk to soften Mark up a bit before making their move themselves. So what brings you out here si- Oh."
Tywin looks twice at Miu'Kin and realizes it's not Nara or one of the other Sarkin girls.
"I take it you're a happy customer sir?"
"Something like that Tywin. This is Miu'Kin, my new wife."
Tywin nods cordially to Miu'Kin. "Pleasure to meet you ma'am, and congratulations to both of you on your wedding."
Miu'Kin bows her head slightly to Tywin, but keeps her peace, trying to hide a sudden bout of shyness beneath demure good manners, something Tyler suspects is part of her normal coping strategies.
Tywin looks over his shoulder at the group heading towards Caring Conquests, there was a small group of women lagging behind who were clearly Tywin’s own wives.
"Alright, gotta get back to the family! Enjoy the rest of your day boss!"
And in a flash the last of the small mob of Marines and sailors are inside as Tyler grins like a maniac.
"Hell just off that crowd I bet I'm going to get a very happy text from Bey'Tor. Seems like you're not the only happy blushing bride in the Capital city today Miu'Kin... and seems like the Tear is going to be getting a strong Apuk expat population."
Cassie chuckles into her wing. "At the rate things are going, Apuk might even equal or out number the Horchka. An interesting development for sure. Now... where should we be off to? Perhaps we could do a little shopping as well, to help Miu'Kin prepare for her move up to the Tear?"
Miu'Kin nods eagerly. "Oh that would be really lovely of you! I would quite enjoy company as I shop... and I must say I've ah. Never been to space before. Never mind made an extended trip to deep space or anything like that. So any of your experience you'd be willing to share with me, I'd greatly appreciate it."
"Of course, that's what family's for!" Cassie answers for the group, flexing her wings a bit and letting herself stretch, unintentionally emphasizing her gravid stomach... which lets loose a growl worthy of a grizzly bear. A blushing Cassie rests a hand on her stomach. "Oh dear. Seems I'm a bit peckish. Please excuse me."
Tyler shakes his head. "We haven't eaten anything but some snacks since this morning and you're eating for three dear, maybe we should all get some lunch. Miu'Kin? Care to recommend a local place?"
"Of course! One of my favorite places is actually nearby!"
Miu'Kin happily trots along, hand in hand with Tyler, and eventually points over at a building in the distance.
"That's the place!"
"Huh!" Tyler peers a bit closer with an axiom boost to his vision. "Well I'll be damned, looks like a tavern straight out of a roleplaying game mixed with a greasy spoon diner from back home. I love the look, the Apuk really nail some aesthetics that really appeal to me. That said... I can't read Cindertongue, Miu'Kin, what's the name of this place?"
"Oh! Sorry! It's 'Flame Charred With Love: Apuk Family Style Dining'!"
That got everyone's attention.
Cassie's wings ruffle just a bit. "Apuk family style cuisine? Ooh! That sounds lovely. As a fellow carnivore I know I enjoy Apuk food."
"Hell I'm down for any kind of home cooking. Nara says she isn't much of a cook but I've devoured every Apuk dish she's made me." Tyler notes, remembering some excellent meals.
"Bit rich for us omnivores sometimes, but I suppose that's what making a salad back in orbit is for." Matroika chuckles.
"Four carnivores in the family does make life hard when you like vegetables as more than a garnish, you're not wrong, darling."
Miu'Kin nods. "Well I'm a pretty good cook! I even know how to cook with vegetables. Just give me your favorite recipes! Between Nara and I we'll keep everyone fed! I think you'll like this place though, it's Apuk home cooking just like Mama..."
Miu'Kin freezes dead in her tracks as she reaches for the door.
"...Oh no."
"What's wrong, honey?"
The term of endearment melts Miu'Kin just a bit as she tries to compose herself.
"I eat here so often that I kinda spaced why I eat here. My uh. My mother owns this place, she's usually on shift. Some of my sisters and other mothers work here too, you could call it a family business. Working at the diner as a waitress was my first job."
Tyler shrugs. "So? This is good, I was hoping to get a chance to meet your mother at least before we left the planet."
"Sure, but I just... it. Okay. If you're sure. It can. Family."
Miu'Kin looks into Tyler's eyes, and finding only reassurance and a smile there, takes a second to steel herself and pushes through the heavy wooden door to the jingle of a bell.
"Come on in folks, we got a table ready just for you!"
An older Apuk woman with silver in her red hair and smile lines carved into her caramel skin calls out from where she's tending a spit in the middle of the mostly open kitchen, a smile on her face big enough that you could probably see it from orbit if she went outside. Then she actually looks to see who had just come through her door.
"Oh! Hey sweetie! Who are your fri-" The woman, Miu'Kin's mother it seemed, eyes actually focus on Tyler properly now, and drop down to where Miu'Kin's still firmly holding Tyler's hand. "-riends?"
Miu'Kin swallows loudly. "Uhm, Mom. This is my new husband, Tyler, and his other wives."
For a second. One brief second. Every noise in the restaurant ceased.
The live fish in the tank, clearly marked as food, stopped moving.
A waitress nearly dropped a plate.
Diners looked up from the booths.
Deeper in the kitchen, a few other older Apuk women, presumably sister wives or sisters of Miu'Kin's mother, all stick their heads out to see what in the shell is happening.
Then all hell breaks loose in the way only a family with up to a hundred odd mothers-in-law can.
First Last
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2023.05.29 03:14 noneabove1182 No studs behind drywall in basement wall where the garage floor is

I'm at a complete loss, I'm trying to mount something and was looking for studs, instead all I found were small areas (2"x2") where there's "something" behind the wall (stud finder is hyper confused), I used some magnets to find that each of them seems to be where the drywall screw is, but when I drill into it it's hollow and seems like hard plastic.. and there's a large gap between the drywall and the concrete behind it. before I go ripping a big hole in my wall, anyone have any clue what I could be dealing with?? My searching has provided me nothing useful...
Image of the magnets spaced out along the wall, these areas do not have anything above/below, and when drilled directly above is DEFINITELY not a stud
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2023.05.29 03:00 quuinquuin Edutable eduball edutoys for infants

I’m wondering if edutoys are actually really helpful. I’ve an almost 6 month old and I don’t have any light up flashy toys. I have the kick and play piano that she likes to play with her hands now and lots of other toys to keep her engaged and to work on her motor skills. I’m wondering if she’s missing out. She is getting a little bored at home. But I don’t want to buy a noisy flashy toy for the sake of entertainment. She doesn’t get any screen time, unless she peeps at our phones when we’re using them briefly around her, not videos just sending a text or googling something quickly or taking a pic of the cutest baby in town 🤣. Ah but we facetime family at the weekend. She goes to nursery 3 days a week and nursery send pics each day of her playing with nearly every toy they have (ball pit, walker (the front part), playing with things on a bead maze, playing with different activity tables (the hard plastic ones that play music and make sounds etc), looking at the fish tank, looking at other decorations they have on the walls, and she sits in on older kids activities too sometimes). She’s the youngest baby in there so she gets special attention I suppose. I feel like she gets so much stimulation in there but then is lacking at home. But then sometimes she’s overstimulated at home (I think) and I just bring her to her cot so she can relax and calm down once or twice during the day when it’s not time to sleep for 10/15 minutes. I don’t know if they do that in nursery, they just tell me she was so tired from a busy day so she took a nap. I feel like they move her around so much but I can’t do that much at home. She absorbs everything, if I rearrange something (example I moved her books around to a new spot and she stared at them for ages because it was different, this was at about 4 months old) she’ll notice the next time she sees it and she’ll study it for a few minutes because it’s different. What a ramble! Anyway I think she needs a toy with lots of functions to keep her engaged for a while but I don’t know what to get. Yes, I read to her, yes I play with her, yes I talk to her, yes I sing to her, yes she watches me do chores and “helps” with folding the laundry (plays with the laundry basket), yes we go out for walks. Somedays I feel like I need to go out with her for every wake window but I’ve stuff to do at home so my max is usually twice 😫 she loves going out, new places, old places, in the car, in the stroller, loves seeing people (I do not 😅😅😅). I would babywear her at home when she was smaller but she’s too big and too interested in touching everything now to be contained in the carrier. What to do? I want to buy all the toys in the world but don’t have the money or space to do that. Before she was born I was really into montessori but that stuff is expensive so I have some montessori elements to my parenting and some toys but it’s mixed with being practical. Actual Montessori is too extreme for me.
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Step Up: All In HD Vudu or GP $2
Strange World HD GP $3
Strike Back Season 5 HD iTunes $4
Stuber 4K MA $5.50
Super Buddies HD MA $3
Super Buddies HD GP $2
Super Troopers 2 HD MA $4
Superfly HD MA $3
Sword in the Stone HD MA $5
Taken 2 HD MA $3
Tangled HD MA $5
Tangled SD iTunes $2
Tangled HD GP $4.50
Ted HD MA $1
Ted HD iTunes $1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows HD Vudu or iTunes $3
Terminator Dark Fate HD Vudu $2
Terminator Dark Fate HD iTunes $2
The Bad News Bears (1976) HD Vudu $4
The Captive HD Vudu $2
The Following Season 1 HD Vudu $3
The Hitman's Bodyguard & Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard 2 Film Collection 4K Vudu $10
The Last Stand SD iTunes $0.50
The Last Witch Hunter SD Vudu $1
The Lost Boys 4K MA $6
The Mummy 4K iTunes $5
The Mummy (Tom Cruise) (2017) 4K MA $5
The Protégé 4K Vudu or iTunes $5.75
The Purge HD MA $3
The Smurfs 2 SD MA $1
The Spectacular Now SD Vudu $1
The Women in Black HD MA $2
Thor: Dark World, The HD MA $3
Thor: Dark World, The HD GP $2
Thor: Love & Thunder HD MA $4
Thor: Love & Thunder 4K MA $5
Thor: Love & Thunder HD GP $3
Thor: Ragnarok HD MA $3
Thor: Ragnarok HD GP $2
TMNT HD Vudu $1.50
TMNT Out of the Shadows HD iTunes $2
Tomorrowland HD MA $3
Tomorrowland HD GP $2
Top Gun: Maverick 4K Vudu or iTunes $5.50
Toy Story 3 HD GP $3
Toy Story 4 4K MA $5
Toy Story 4 HD GP $3
Toy Story: That Time Forgot HD MA $5
Toy Story: That Time Forgot HD GP $4.50
Transformers: Age of Extinction HD Vudu or iTunes $1.50
Trolls HD MA $2
True Blood Season 4 HD GP $1
Turning Red 4K MA $5
Turning Red HD GP $3
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 SD Vudu $0.50
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 HD Vudu $1
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 SD iTunes $0.50
Tyler Perry's Temptation HD Vudu $2
Tyler Perry's Witness Protection HD Vudu $2
Untouchables, The 4K iTunes or Vudu $6
Venom HD MA $3
Walking Dead Season 4 HD Vudu $6.50
War for the Planet of the Apes HD MA $2
Warm Bodies SD Vudu, iTunes or GP $0.50
West Side Story HD Vudu $2
West Side Story HD GP $1.50
What Happens in Vegas SD iTunes $1
Wind River HD Vudu or iTunes $5
Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo HD MA $4.50
Wolf of Wall Street 4K Vudu or iTunes $5
X-Men: Wolverine SD iTunes $1
Zootopia HD MA $4
Zootopia HD GP $3
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2023.05.29 02:55 CompSci99 Thin gaming laptop under $2,000 USD (USA)

Total budget:

Are you open to refurbs/used?

How would you prioritize form factor (ultrabook, 2-in-1, etc.), build quality, performance, and battery life?
  1. Thinness/portability
  2. Build qualify
  3. Battery life
  4. Performance

How important is weight and thinness to you?

Do you have a preferred screen size? If indifferent, put N/A.

If you're gaming, do you have certain games you want to play? At what settings and FPS do you want?
  1. Mount and Blade (Warband and Bannerlord) FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  2. Rimworld FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  3. Elder Scrolls Online FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  4. Final Fantasy XIV FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ High/Ultra.
  5. Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  6. NBA 2k23 FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  7. Assetto Corsa FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  8. Golf with Friends FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  9. Ultimate Chicken Horse FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  10. Rocksmith 2014 FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  11. Red Dead Redemption 2 FHD/QHD & 60 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  12. Titanfall 2 FHD/QHD & 120 FPS+ & High/Ultra.
  13. 60 FPS+ in any game with at least medium settings.

Any specific requirements such as good keyboard, reliable build quality, touch-screen, finger-print reader, optical drive or good input devices (keyboard/touchpad)?
  1. A great keyboard.
  2. Decent compatibility with Ubuntu. I'll mainly be using Linux for coursework and projects, so I don't care if there's "minor" issues such the speakers not working.
  3. Reliable build quality
  4. Quiet when completing typical coursework (Essays, PowerPoints, Etc.) and coding in Ubuntu.
  5. A non-gamer aesthetic.

Things that I would like to have:

Laptops I'm currently looking at:
Extra Info:
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2023.05.29 02:55 Leviathan41911 What am I doing wrong? Ceiling fan install.

I am trying to replace a celing fan. There was a big goddy fan up there before, however it seemed to be working itself loose and after removing it I found out it was only being held up by a single screw.
I installed a new fan, and it didn't work. White to white, green to copper, and blue and black to black.
I have two outlet switches on the wall, one for the fan and one for the light.
There are three wires from the outlet box, white, black, and copper.
There are four wires on the fan, white, black, blueand green.
The black wire is labeled "motor" the white is "neutral" green is "ground" and blue is labeled "lamp"
I'm sure I'm doing something stupid wrongplease help.
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2023.05.29 02:51 Awakening_Light All forms of Capitalism inevitably lead to Cronyism

Capitalism is incentivized to influence government as it seeks to protect and expand its economic interests, utilizing political power to shape policies and regulations that favor profit maximization and market dominance, ultimately reinforcing its position and ensuring a favorable business environment.
It is within the interest of capital to remove obstacles which prevent the accumulation of more capital, including regulation and effective checks and balances. Inevitably leading to a concentration of power and a lack of opportunity for a majority of people.
To Provide Historical examples here are a few:
  1. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the United States experienced a period of unregulated capitalism known as the Gilded Age. During this time, laissez-faire policies allowed businesses to operate with minimal government intervention, leading to significant income inequality and the rise of powerful monopolies. One notable example is the rise of the Standard Oil Company, led by John D. Rockefeller. Through aggressive business practices and strategic acquisitions, Standard Oil gained a dominant position in the oil industry, controlling over 90% of oil refining in the United States. This concentration of power allowed Rockefeller to exert significant influence over both the market and government policies.
  2. In the late 19th century, industries such as railroads and banking became increasingly influential and sought to protect their interests. The first regulatory commission in U.S. history, was established as a result of mounting public indignation in the 1880s against railroad malpractices and abuses. Similarly, The Federal Reserve System was initially created to address banking panics which was brought on in part due to the Bank Panic of 1907 which was a short-lived banking and financial crisis in the U.S. that resulted from the collapse of highly-leveraged speculative investments propagated by easy money policies pursued by the U.S. Treasury in the preceding years. However, over time, these agencies became subject to regulatory capture, with industry insiders shaping policies and regulations to benefit their own interests.
  3. During the Gilded Age, powerful industrialists cultivated close relationships with politicians, leading to the granting of special privileges and exemptions. For example, the railroad industry received land grants and government subsidies, while industries such as steel and sugar enjoyed protective tariffs that shielded them from foreign competition. These advantages allowed well-connected businesses to maintain their dominant positions and hindered fair competition.
  4. The Teapot Dome scandal in the 1920s is another case where government officials, including the Secretary of the Interior, accepted bribes from oil companies in exchange for granting them lucrative drilling rights on federally owned land. This scandal exposed the corrupt ties between big business and government officials, revealing how capitalism leads to widespread corruption.
  5. The unchecked power and influence of monopolistic corporations during the Gilded Age led to significant social and economic problems. Exploitative labor practices, worker unrest, and unsafe working conditions became prevalent. Ultimately, public discontent and mounting criticism of crony capitalism paved the way for progressive reforms and the introduction of antitrust laws aimed at curbing monopolies and regulating business practices.
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2023.05.29 02:31 savepoints Superhuman Orion's Profile from FGO Material X


Class: Archer True Name: Orion Gender: Male Source: Greek mythology Region: Greece Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Height: 230cm Weight: 187kg
Parameters Rank
Strength A
Endurance A
Agility B+
Mana C
Luck A
Noble Phantasm EX
Scenario writer: Yuuichiro Higashide Character illustrator: I-IV CV: Canna Nobutoshi
Main appearances: Fate/Grand Order

Class Skills

Independent Action: EX Earned for qualifying for Grand Archer.
Blessing of the Sea God: B A subspecies skill of Divinity. Enables him to walk on water as well as remain underwater indefinitely. He can also make it rain at will, and Orion used this skill mainly to try to charm the ladies, saying things like, “The rain makes a normally cheery man seem like he's crying.” (This turns out not to have been a particularly effective tactic.)
Curse of Scorpio: D One of Orion’s many causes of death. He hates scorpions so much that the constellation Orion retreats whenever Scorpio approaches it in the sky.

Personal Skills

Pressure of the Moon Goddess: EX Heavy pressure that Orion receives in the name of affection from his lover(?) Artemis. The tremendous pressure buffs Orion, enhancing his physique. All stats rank up, including magical energy and LUK. His STR is doubled.
Stout Arm of Brutality: B+ Orion had powerful arms. So strong were his arms that he is said to have strangled a lion with them. Even demonic beings and Phantasmal Beasts flee in terror of his brute strength. Tearing coins in two is a cakewalk for him, and a blow from him is capable of shattering Cerberus' forehead. His strength is truly peerless.
Tri-Star Archer: A+ As he was touted to be the greatest hunter in Greece, combined with Artemis' blessing, his skill is said to be the very best on Earth. By gaining his constellation's legend of the three stars (the Tri-Star), he has gained powerful archery skills that overwhelm even other heroes from different ages.
But...there is one fatal flaw to this skill. It is that those who are beloved of the stars are also beloved of the gods (especially goddesses). Thus, his fate may have already been sealed at that point...point...point... (echoes)

Noble Phantasm

Innocent Affections of the Moon Goddess Rank: B Type: Anti-Army (self) Range: 0 Maximum Targets: 1 person
Artemis Agnós. Artemis' love pours down upon Orion, temporarily enhancing him. The incredible intensity of her love is felt both physically and psychologically. It is an anti-army Noble Phantasm because its blessing is sufficient to grant one man the strength of an entire army. The sheer magnitude of its power would cause a normal person to explode, but Orion only suffers muscle aches.
There is no Beast My Arrow Cannot Reach Rank: B+ Type: Anti-Army Range: 100 Maximum Targets: ?
Orion Orkos. An attack that nullifies all defensive skills and Noble Phantasms if the target is demon-kin or a Demonic Beast.
If used while summoned as Grand Archer, it has the added effect of causing any beast to fall within his reach. It is also effective against enemies that spawn infinitely, automatically killing them so long as they are in range.
In FGO, this Noble Phantasm was only used in the Main Scenario of the game.
The Hunter Who Pierces the Goddess Rank: EX Type: Anti-Divine Range: Infinite (until it reaches Artemis) Maximum Targets: 1 unit
Ortygia Amore Mio. A special Noble Phantasm that should not exist under normal circumstances. It was created explicitly for Artemis in the Fifth Lostbelt, though it meant even discarding the position of Grand Archer. In exchange for his own life, he shot down the mechanical goddess Artemis. An arrow that can only be released once by unifying a bow forged by processing Achilles's armor, Paris turned into an arrow, and a Command Spell (boost) from the Master. In FGO, this Noble Phantasm was only used in the Main Scenario of the game.


Pronouns used: First person: Ore (俺) Second person: Omae (おまえ) Third person: He (彼) / She (彼女)
Personality After remaining in the dark for a while, Orion makes an unannounced entrance. Not much changed from when he was a bear. Actually, it's only his weird form. He is open-minded, accommodating and unconcerned with the small details. He also loves women.
Dialogue Examples: "Man... This body is a real bother, isn't it? It's actually kinda funny if you take a step back and think about it. I mean, how did it even come to this? I'm a Servant, for crying out loud! Wait... Is it a curse from my name? Is it all because my name stems from 'to urinate'[1]? Hahaha, I see, hahahaha! What kind of awful origin of a name is that!?" "Master, this may be abrupt but I was caught cheating, so sorry, but I’ll retreat for a bit!" "I won't let anyone fell you but me! No one!! No one but I can draw this bow! No one but I can shoot you down! I am moved by my own will, and it's by my own will that I will strike you down!"
Historical Image and Character: Orion, whose name means "to urinate," was born to the sea god Poseidon and Euryale (not the goddess Euryale). He always bragged that he could take down any beast, but an incident with some ladies caused him to go blind one day. Relying only on the sound of a hammer, he set out to sea and met the goddess of dawn, Eos. With her help, he was able to recover his sight. It bears mentioning that this was only the beginning of his trouble with goddesses.
The sun god Apollo did not approve of his younger sister Artemis falling in love with Orion, and so he tricked Artemis into shooting Orion, who was out at sea, by challenging her to shoot a man named Candaon. Artemis successfully hit her lover, Orion, and it was said that she hugged his corpse and wept. She considered asking for help from Asclepius, who was able to revive the dead, but he was killed by Zeus's thunderbolt before she could reach him. With no other choice, Artemis sublimated Orion to the stars. During winter, three dazzling stars (the Tri-Star) can be seen. They are known as Orion's Belt.
In Atlantis: Originally, Superhuman Orion obtained the crown position of Grand Archer, having been summoned by the Counter Force in response to the presence of a Beast. That said, because the summoning occurred just a little too late, the original assault unit had already been dissolved, and so Orion had no other choice than to remain in Atlantis.
However, during that time, Artemis ended up noticing Orion's presence there. In fearing his power—or perhaps due to other feelings towards him—she ended up sending her terminal vessel to his side. Following negotiations with her, Orion reluctantly agreed to enter a non-aggression pact. As long as he did not make a move, Artemis vowed to not lay a hand on him either. During the time that followed, Artemis' terminal seemingly disappeared from Atlantis, only acting as observer.
When the Chaldean party arrived, and Orion finally met with the Master, he first refused to help due to this pact, but sensing that Artemis was ready to make a move he eventually resolved to assist regardless.
And so, on that final island, Orion made use of the bow and arrow granted to him by Hephaistos, and unleashed his Noble Phantasm. Even so, he was unable to reach Artemis. In that bleak moment, Paris offered to make an arrow from himself. Having been given a truly final chance, with everything on the line, Orion relinquished his crown, and created his third Noble Phantasm using the best Saint Graph possible.
But that Noble Phantasm was never one born of hatred; rather one born of a wish to see the woman he loved be granted a peaceful slumber. Thus, the hunter of love shot down the moon.
Standard Weapons: Bow and arrow. Otherwise, just clubs and stuff to bonk people with.
Related Characters:
All women, past present and future (with some exceptions): I! Love! Y──
Jason/Achilles: "I don't at all agree with the media's portrayal of us as 'a trio of greek muscleheads'. Well, I guess it's not that off the mark, but..."
Atlantis Argonauts: "Obviously, I don't remember anything from Atlantis, but those guys did some great stuff, and I genuinely admire them. We all get along pretty well, including the aforementioned duo of blockheads. Heey! (A greeting that was popular but a single moment)"
Artemis (Pan-Human History): "Keep your distance, don't get too close..." that's the motto which Orion has lived his days by in Chaldea, but when it came to his attention that they would celebrate their golden wedding anniversary, he just had a face like ( ゚ Д ゚ )
Orion (bear form): "Bear...a bear... I'm....a bear... No, looks a bit like some new trendy character, doesn't it? It's fluffy and squishy, I think it'll be big with the youngsters, don't you think!? It's not? I see..."
Artemis (Lostbelt): Supposing that woman were to ever awaken from her gentle slumber and recognize him once more, he already knows what to tell her: "About that very last bit...can we just forget about it? It's kinda embarrassing."
(All the Atlantean Argonauts always incessantly gave him verbal abuse in the style of "Are you insane!?", "We should just tie this guy up and sacrifice him to Artemis!", "Get your shit together already!", and so on.)
Whatever the case, he just wishes for her to have a long, gentle sleep. Even if, now, not a single trace of that existence remains.

Comment from Illustrator:

Are those the legs of a water strider? You know, the insect? No no, not at all, it's totally different. It's more like huntsman's greaves but with mountain climbing-style spikes. I heard water striders' legs were totally covered in hair, and they have two claws? And this allows them to float on water?
Orion is someone who Artemis described as having a beautiful face, and being all-around handsome, but there was never a chance of him being the sort of slim, delicate man which is handsome by today's standards. After all, no matter how you view his legends, he was always more of a gorilla than a wise man; a muscle-headed macho-man who would go on to beat up countless people (and even that's an understatement).
There's also the fact that just looking at the constellations, it's...difficult to use them as a design source without first complementing really large parts just using your imagination anyway, to be honest. (As an aside, in the first draft of the floating bear Orion in Artemis' third ascension, all the stars of the constellation were included. When the staff made it into a sprite, the stars on his arm were cut. I still don't know the reason for this.) Ever since Hollow Ataraxia, it's been my personal impression from characters like Hercules, Stheno, and Euryale, that when it came to Ancient Greece, in the world of Fate, the elements that became really popular might have been "big muscly men, and loli women". Not like I know if there's any truth to that. Either way, when I submitted a sketch of this mountain of muscle, it was approved almost without hesitance. The one thing that was altered was the face. Originally, his face was pretty wild. He had scars over both eyes, even. Well, if I'd gone with that legend, the design might have been too graphic. In the end, he was given a cute face, even with his neck being super-thick and like a big lump of muscles. Speaking of, people with this many muscles tend to have a narrow range of motion due to the muscles being in the way. Inevitably, the same must be true for this guy. He can't exactly stand at attention. I think it helps with his cuteness. His hair is pretty stiff and unruly, mostly because Artemis would have copied the makeup of his hair when she created her human body, or something like that. Consequently, it means if he were to grow his hair long, it would look really similar to Artemis'.
The belt is a gift from Artemis, that's why it's a bit more sci-fi. The lights coming out in the second ascension represent the particularly bright stars in the Orion constellation. The light on the right shoulder is red because it represents the red supergiant star Betelgeuse. The club design is made with respect with the most primitive and painful sci-fi club design I personally know of. The second ascension is the baseline for the whole design. I also assume he would just throw the club. I'm honestly not sure where the trend of a costume change in the second ascension came from, but in Orion's case, I drew him with this wild idea as if Artemis' love (also an understatement) was encroaching on him, or maybe as a reminder of sorts for him. (I-IV)
Translation notes:
[1] The idea is that Ovid posited that "Hyries called him Urion, because of his conception: the first letter has now lost its ancient sound". The greek word in question would actually be "ouron" (urine) which gives the verb "ourein" (to urinate).
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2023.05.29 02:28 iWill_ What to do when you are close to a bear. (Black bear)

I was walking back to my car after some fishing. I looked back up from my phone and there was a big black bear in front of me(20ft away from me) froze and was scared shitless. Didnt move an inch, he didnt notice me and kept walking. Say he noticed me and we got in an intense stare down. What should I do to not get mauled.
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2023.05.29 02:26 WhaChaChaKing He's gone and it's so hard to accept it

I loved him so much. He meant everything to me. He was so cute and perfect. And now he's gone and I can never see him again. It happened a month ago and I still can't accept it. It's too much to bear. I think about him every single second of the day. I just want to wake up to him sleeping on my chest again. I saw him pass and it was the most horrible thing I've ever seen. The vet said we'd have at least 3 months with him but it ended up just being a week. I just don't understand it. How something so awful can happen and I just have to keep going. How the world can go on without him in it. I just want to die. Everything is so much worse without him. Nothing makes me happy. He was one of the few good things in my life. He always made me happy just looking at his cute face. His big beautiful green eyes. He was so handsome and had such a huge head. He was adorable. Such a big personality.
I would do anything to see him again. My bf is religious so that helps him, but I'm not at all. I don't have any comfort I'll ever see him again. I wish I could believe so much. I want to hold him again. He was just the most perfect creature I've ever met. If I ever came home and didn't immediately greet him he'd just scream and look so offended. He was so needy but sweet and so so smart. I really felt like he understood me. And I knew he loved me too. It just hurts so much. I don't know what to do. My heart hurts so much. Ive never felt this awful before. I'm so miserable. I don't think I could ever move on from this. I loved him more than I could ever express. My heart just swelled everytime I looked at him and now he's gone. And ill never see or smell or hear him again. I don't want to exist in a world without him
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2023.05.29 02:22 dragonagitator Bellingham-Area Mechanics Master Post

Since it seems that no one can be bothered to search the sub for the word "mechanic" before making a new post, I searched it for you and summarized two years' worth of posts below.
TL;DR the recommendation is almost always "Rising Sun Motors" unless you've got an unusual vehicle or situation. Also, apparently XSrcing has spent the past couple years quietly helping poor people fix their cars for free/cheap, so everyone be sure to buy that guy a beer next time you see him.
2023-05-23 Body shops that work on 90s Hondas
2023-05-17 Where's my Subaru Mechanic?!
2023-05-15 Mechanic for an 89 Trooper
2023-05-10 Volvo Mechanic
2023-05-09 Subaru Mechanic
2023-05-04 Chuck's Midtown Motors?
2023-04-29 Anyone know of a good mechanic around here?
2023-04-19 Local mechanics
2023-04-19 Classic Car Mechanic
2023-04-17 Bellingham Automotive is SLIMEY and will steal from you. They tampered with my car then gave me a nasty attitude about it.
2023-04-08 Looking for a diesel mechanic for 97 e350 short bus
2023-03-23 Classic car mechanic
2023-03-17 Pro/Amateur mobile mechanic?
2023-02-27 A trustworthy mechanic?
2023-02-21 ISO mechanic for classic Chevy pickup
2023-02-15 good mechanics?
2023-02-15 mechanics that do free / cheap diagnosis in town ? (not talking check engine lights btw)
2023-02-03 Mechanic Recommendation
2023-02-02 Car Problems
2023-01-30 22re yota mechanic?
2023-01-12 Seeking mechanic recommendations for 10 year old ford work truck. Computer is dying and it needs a junkyard transplant.
2023-01-12 Transmission Mechanic?
2022-12-30 Mechanic recommendations?
2022-12-05 Are there ANY decent auto shops in this town?
2022-11-25 Jurachic Auto
2022-11-11 Suzuki mechanic near bham
2022-10-22 How do I find a good mechanic?
2022-09-27 Garage/Mechanic Recommendation to fit a tall (9-10ish ft) camper van?
2022-09-19 Best Affordable Mechanic in Bellingham
2022-09-15 Is there a car repair shop that takes payment plans in or around Bellingham?
2022-08-29 Mechanic/someone who can diagnose a transmission sound for free, trying to get to a wedding.
2022-08-16 Mechanic shops
2022-08-06 Honest affordable mechanic?
2022-08-02 Oil change for prius
2022-07-20 Any recommendations for a good mechanic to replace a catalytic converter?
2022-06-13 Respectful/honest mechanic?
2022-05-30 Old Chevy Truck 88' best mechanic.
2022-05-30 Trustworthy/not scammy mechanics in the area?
2022-05-19 Anyone have a recommendation on a good mechanic to replace brake pads on an older Subaru? Thanks!
2022-05-04 Looking for a good mechanic!
2022-04-09 Motorcycle mechanic
2022-02-09 Prius mechanic
2022-02-02 Mechanic recommendation
2022-02-02 Auto Repair
2022-02-02 Any mobile mechanics/someone to check out a car tomorrow?
2022-01-22 Mechanic Recommendation
2022-01-20 Need help checking out a used car
2022-01-16 Diverter for exhaust
2022-01-14 Mechanic Recommendations?
2022-01-02 Does anyone here know a mechanic that can come to my place? My car won’t start.
2021-12-21 Car broke down - need advice
2021-11-30 In desperate need of a mechanic
2021-11-28 Car Mechanic Open on Sunday
2021-11-17 Looking for mechanic for '83 Ford ranger
2021-11-12 Subie Mech
2021-11-05 Looking for a Volvo mechanic
2021-10-15 Recommendations for experienced Element mechanics?
2021-10-04 FIAT Mechanic?
2021-09-30 Toyota Service Mechanic
2021-09-19 Subaru owners of Bellingham!
2021-09-13 Seeking car repair recommendations
2021-09-10 Keith Cox Autobahn? Mechanic recommendation?
2021-08-31 Anywhere in town work on Lexus vehicles?
2021-08-11 Looking for Subaru mechanic
2021-07-09 Car maintenance
2021-06-01 Local mechanic shops
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2023.05.29 02:17 Aesthetic_FuckerOwO (Rhys' backstory) "Love can make people Crazy"

(You read from Rhys' POV :D)
Rhys' past self
{P.S: I tried to make this as Mythologically and Biblically accurate as possible so please correct me if I got anything wrong please and thank you 🙏 }
[3087 BCE]
You slowly opened your eyes upon hearing a soft voice fill your ears, your vision becoming blurry for a brief moment before become stable. You gazed up at the face of the voice; a rather young looking face with strawberry blonde curly hair and soft almond brown eyes and rose beige skin with rosy cheeks.
The figure smiled warmly at you as you reached out your small hand to them, smiling back at them as you cooed happily.
"I haveth the sensation that thou shalt be a great apprentice for me!" said Cupid.
[3097 BCE]
"Does thy see those two mortals down there?" Cupid asked as he pointed to a man and woman sitting in a field of flowers.
You nodded as you steadied your bow and arrow and aimed it towards the woman as Cupid aimed his arrow toward the man.
"On my cue, thou shalt unleash their arrow towards the respective target." Cupid instructed as you nodded.
"Yes, master!" You said enthusiastically
You fixed your posture and stretched the arrow back.
You paused and lifted your head, something else capturing your eye...
A small girl who looked around your age, with semi-short brunette curly hair and wearing a daisy flower crown with a white tunic to match. She was happily dancing within the field, her movements graceful and carefully practiced.
"3!! Rhys?"
You continued to stare at the girl in awe...she looked so...beautiful...
You felt your heart begin to hammer in and out of your chest, what was this feeling...?
"AMADEUS!!" Cupid's yelling snapped you out of your thoughts.
"Hah?? Oh sorry, master..." You said apologetically as you aimed your bow once again and shot it at the woman. Cupid watched with satisfactory as the man and woman walked away together hand in hand. Meanwhile you? You were still fixated on that girl.
She was just so mesmerizing, gorgeous...cute...
You felt your face heat up as you continued to watch her dance from a distance...
Where you...
In love...?
[3102 BCE]
This feeling....
This addicting sensation of being in love...
You've grown to obsess over it with no remorse at all...
You never forgot about that girl you saw when you were 10, in fact you've approached her after you saw her and have become friends with her since then. Secretly following her everywhere she went when you two weren't hanging out.
You learned all kinds of things about her; Her hobbies, her interests, and that her name was Calliope...
But it wasn't enough...
You wanted to be more than just a friend to her...
You wanted to hold her in your arms and call her your lover...
You wanted to one day get on one knee and officially make her yours forever...
You wanted more....
[3112 BCE]
You're definitely going crazy now...
The only thing on your mind now is Calliope...
And you were perfectly ok with that being the case...
Right now, crimson red blood dripped from your dagger as you stood over the newly deceased bodies of Calliope's best friend, all while she stood behind you; terrified of what you have become...
Then honestly didn't mind this fact; it felt nice actually...
"Myne darling Calliope...~" You purred as you turned to look at her, a psychotic expression painting your face with eyes filled with lovesickness. "What hath made thou believe they could betray me so easily...? Doth art thou not love me...?"
Calliope backed away terrified as she looked at you with fear and anger in her eyes, she then shook her head. "No!! I will never love someone like you!!! You're a monster!!! A murderer!!!" She yelled.
You frowned at this...
She hated you...?
But...You did everything for her!!!
Your left eye twitched as you approached her slowly, twirling the dagger in between your fingers...
You crouched down in front of her as she looked at you with the same fear in her eyes and you looked back at her with eyes filled with anger...
"If I can not have thy..."
You pinned Calliope to the ground and raised the dagger over your head.
"̵̍͜͠N̴̻̦̽ỏ̶̰͠b̵̥̐͑̓ơ̸͎̠ḑ̴̣̫̋y̴̯̬̔̇ ̴͚̍̅͜c̷̳̻̹̆â̶̲͈̈́̚ͅǹ̵̝͈͖.̷̻͙́̏̌.̴̞̖̆.̶̺̱̒͝.̵̡̳̍̇̄"̸͕̗̊
And just like that....Calliope was dead...
You stared blankly at her as a pool of red formed underneath her, a sinister curl creeping onto your lips...
Just then...
You whipped your head around to see Aphrodite and Cupid standing behind you with Zeus, all three of them staring with horror at the scene...
Oh no...
The crowd chanted as two guards hauled you off towards the edge of the mountain...
You struggles immensely against the strong grip of the the two soldiers, trying to break free, but to no avail
"UNHAND ME AT ONCE, YOU PATHETIC BASTARDS!!" You yelled at the guards as they ignored you and brought you closer to the edge.
The very edge that led down to Hell...Where once you entered...there was no return...
"Demigod Amadeus, doth thyne have any final words before their eviction?"
You huffed and whipped your head around to look over at Cupid...your mentor...who was doing nothing but just standing there and watching this happen to you...He backed away nervously as you glared at him with fury.
"I wish that thy is to burn in Hell...." You spat at him...
And with that...You found yourself being thrown off the edge of the mountain...
You watched mindlessly as the peak of Olympus became smaller...and smaller...and smaller...
Until you eventually disappeared into the depths of the Earth...
. head...
You slowly lifted your weak and aching body up once you began to regain your vision and the world around you stopped spinning...
You looked around and saw you were no longer in the glorious fields of Mount Olympus...but you were in an area surrounded by crimson red mist and bright orange flames, both big and small, everywhere.
Where am I...?
You staggered to your feet just as someone walked up to you. A man with short wavy black hair, pale ivory skin, and fierce red eyes wearing nothing but a grey silk robe.
You looked up at the stranger with curious eyes as he stared coldly at you, soon grinning.
"Greetings, newcomer. What brings you here?" He asked you as he tilted his head.
"Errr...I am Rhys...or Amadeus as they call me...I am the former apprentice of Cupid!" You said as you bowed nervously.
The man chuckled. "There is no need to bow. I insist. Do tell me, what is the reason you are here?"
You looked off to the side nervously. "I hath committed two persecutions on two different mortals..."
The man looked at you with amazement. "Really?"
You nodded.
The man studied you for a moment before motioning with his hand to follow him.
"I'm Beelzebub, by the way~" He purred.
You made a face at that, feeling rather uncomfortable by his tone choice...
You both walked for awhile before eventually you came up to a large staircase with two shadowy figures guarding each side. They moved out of the way and you stood with Beelzebub at the final step of the the top of the stairs was a large black throne, and sitting on that throne was a man with red brown curly hair, rose beige skin, and cold and hard black eyes, wearing a black tunic on his lower half.
He lifted his head that was resting on his hand as the two of you bowed at him.
"And just who have you brought to me this time, Beelzebub...?" The man said coldly as you fidgeted with your fingers.
"With all due respect, my Lord; I have found him in the far fields underneath Mount Olympus!" Beelzebub explained as he bowed.
You waved at him as he stood up from his throne and walked down the stairs and towards you, grabbing your face as if to examine it further, to which you winced at how strong his grip was.
"Look at me..." He demanded, to which you opened your eyes and stared directly at him.
He let go of your face and held out the back of his hand towards you, keeping one hand behind his back.
You looked at him with confusion before eventually you got the idea of what he wanted.
You took his hand and placed a gentle kiss onto it.
When you did however, a sudden wave of pain washed over you as you dropped to your knees and held your head in pain as you felt something sprout from your backside and forehead...
"With this, consider yourself as one of my loyal acquaintances..."
"Yes of course...I'll see you soon, farwell."
Edward ended the call with his boss as he walked down the street to his apartment complex.
Today had been a long day, and he was looking forward to getting back home and relaxing.
As he walked, he couldn't help but get a strange sensation that he was being followed...watched even...
He looked behind him...there was nobody...
"Tsk...probably just someone messing with me..." Edward muttered as he kept walking...
You stared from a distance with a hood over your face as you watched your future lover walk away, not having a clue you were following him...
You didn't know why, but for some reason you've been feeling this way for this male mortal for awhile now, but you've decided to just accept it, not thinking much of it.
A lovesick smile crept onto your face as you came out of hiding and continued to follow your beloved...
"̵̳̐̀M̵̤͓̔̈y̸̪̬͑̕n̴̘͝e̷̬̐ ̶̨̛̯̋l̸͈̄o̵̢̠͂̐ṿ̴́e̴͓̼̅t̷̠̑̂ḥ̴̐̀.̵͎̃͠.̷͍̭͋.̵̘̭́Ẇ̸̡͚ē̸̬ ̵̞̽̌ş̸͐̄h̸͈̉a̵̩͚̒͠l̵̨̾̈́l̴̤̔͋ ̷̘̳̆b̷̪͕̓̚ȩ̸͔͌̎ ̶͉̀t̵̻̯̀ö̸̭͕́̎g̵̲̿e̵͉̓́ͅt̷̜͆͋h̵̯͋e̷̝̎ȓ̴̥̺͛ ̸̩͖̽͛f̵͖̣̔̚o̶͎̼͊̇ŗ̷̛̯͝e̴̾̚͜v̶̜͂̏ế̸̮ȑ̵͈̌.̸̣̳͌.̸͇̗̀.̷̡̥̐~̵̗̈́̓"̷̛̘̠͋
[The End]
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2023.05.29 02:16 Haitiandude509 [WTS] Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 VMR-2 MOA Scope PST-1605, XSKEL30TW Gen 2, Extended Skeletonized 30mm MSR Mount Black, XS Sight Systems DXT2 Big Dot Suppressor Sight Glock, Zelle, PayPal.

Vortex Viper PST Gen II 1-6x24 VMR-2 MOA Scope PST-1605- $535
XSKEL30TW Gen 2, Extended Skeletonized 30mm MSR Mount Black- $125
XS Sight Systems DXT2 Big Dot Suppressor Sight Glock - $95
All Prices 🛳️
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2023.05.29 02:15 Waiting-On-Range [WTS] L3 Harris Unfilmed WP Binocular RNVGs

Some big changes are coming in my life boiz, so I need to rehome these to someone who needs them! - Almost brand new RNVGs from TNVC
- 2 hours of runtime, and they've never been out of the house
- Tubes are incredibly clear, upgrading to these from GP blew my mind, pics don't really do it justice
- There is one tiny blem on the left eye that disappears as soon as you take it outside
- Also throwing in the extended mounting arm for free.
- Still under transferrable warranty from TNVC, after you buy them from me TNVC will also clean and re-purge the housing for free if you want.
- Spec sheet available for serious buyers.
- $7900 shipped and insured
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2023.05.29 02:12 KingBananaBird2 When try to drink a whole bottle of hot sauce in a job interview, but fail. (So funny) (Repost)

This is SO funny, I am reposting it and will repost it every once in a while.
I have had a number of job interviews recently that went poorly and did not result in securing employment.
I started to think I needed to do something during an interview to really stand out, be impressive, unique, and highly memorable. I thought it could be risky, but might work out.
I came up with the following idea: After concluding the interview, after the hand shakes, etc, when leaving the room stop, turn around, and say "There's one more thing you need to know about me."
Then pull out a bottle of hot sauce, down the entire bottle, slam it onto the ground and say "I can handle the heat." Nod confidently, leave the room.
I imagined that they would be really impressed and wowed by such a performance.
Well it didn't pan out like I thought it would. It was only a small bottle of hot sauce, I figured it would be no big deal to actually do. I should have tested at home first, but I didn't.
I was nervous as a bitch-ass during the interview, but I was determined to follow through with the plan.
So I started exactly as described above. I was leaving, I turned around, maybe not with as much swagger as I'd imagined in my head, and I declared "There's one more thing you need to know about me."
I pulled out the hot sauce bottle, almost dropped it, and started to open the bottle. In my head it was all one quick confident motion, like an electric Indiana Jones, but instead I fumbled around and had a tough time getting it open. It felt like a nightmarish eternity but was probably only about 20 seconds. Enough time for one of the interviewers to ask me what I was doing.
I didn't answer directly. Instead, after I got the bottle open, I repeated "There's one more thing you need to know about me." (But stuttering.)
Then I guzzled down the entire bottle of hot sauce. I instantly regretted it. My mouth and throat felt like lava was swirling around inside me. I immediately started to gag and loudly cough, I was crying involuntarily. Tears hardcore streaming down my face. I was sweating like a terrible fool.
I desperately tried to scream "I can handle the heat" but just kept coughing before I could get anything out.
The interviewers were all standing up looking at me in horror and confusion.
A few seconds before I threw up all over the floor I knew it would happen, but I tried to hold it back. I couldn't.
I threw up all over the floor. It hurt as much on the way out as it did on the way in, if not more so. The vomit felt like flaming barbed wire shredding its way through my neck.
I should mention a disturbing amount of fiery mucus was also leaking out of my nose uncontrollably.
After I finished throwing up I could not bear to look at the interviewers. I hoarsely mumbled an apology and started to stumble as quickly as possible out the door.
I have never been more shamed in my life.
I didn't get the job.
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