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Memes of Harry Potter

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There's not a single witch or wizard who went bad who wasn't in HarryPotterMemes. - Rubeus Hagrid

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This sub is dedicated to the phenomenon whereby a person's thoughts/personality are unreasonably shaped by or expressed through a book or book franchise, movie or movie franchise, video game or video game franchise, etc.

2011.08.08 22:22 drdavidphd Harry Potheads!

For Harry Potter fans who like to get high!

2023.06.05 09:03 somethingcoolgaming PC Save

I was an unfortunate gamer who's game crashed (along with my PC) and lost my game file! I was at Venice beach on mission 15/24 playing Jacob.
If anyone can get me a dupe of their save file preferably as Jacob either a little bit before or at Venice Beach that would be amazing! Either DM or reply in the comment and I will follow up
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2023.06.05 09:01 bookbutterfly1999 Biomarkers test results kinda scaring me

My SW was 210 lbs, CW is 205 lbs and my GW is 150 lbs. My family urged me to take this biomarkeblood test to check some risk factors etc and turns out I am having borderline blood glucose (112 mg/dl) and a Hb1ac around 6.8... I am quite afraid because I am worried I would become diabetic if I do not intervene now then my health will worsen...
Additionally when I had skipped a period or so a year back, and went to a gynec, they told me if I didn't lose weight soon then I would be at risk of getting PCOS.
I am worried about my health and while I am taking steps (starting with a 2K steps indoor walk goal (separate from my overall step count)), going for functional strength training with a trainer who's guiding me and my current system is 15 min cardio, followed by resistance training, core activation or weight training. We focus on different exercises on different days and I am planning to go 6 days a week from this month onwards....
Thankfully I am at home now (break in between degrees), before I go back to begin a new grad school journey, but I am worried about how I can maintain sustainable practices when I am back to living alone (mostly). At home, it is so much easier since I am not in charge of cooking and my mum is on a fitness journey too and is always helping me to watch my eating and guiding me to eat healthier. But alone, it is so so easy to slip into unhealthy habits...
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2023.06.05 08:58 Massive_Cut2876 harry potter nude

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2023.06.05 08:57 universaljester "On teaching humans" an instructional guide from an Elven professor

It's been a long time since I've written anything, if you have criticism, please be constructive, I'd love to write more and improve it.


Never forget their creativity, for it takes a race, who's truly adept in nothing and makes them capable of more than the races could through cooperation.
Orcs may be able to wield shamanistic magics, enhancing their bodies, along with their natural enhancement by magick, mold trees, and command animals.
Elves may be able to bend nature's magickal elements to their will, fire a bow through a knothole a mile away, and make leather that might as well be a second skin.
Dwarves may be able to smith armor so light and weapons capable of more than their appearances would give away. They may be able to make those items enchanted to a degree that the mere thought of cutting or bludgeoning would cause the weapon to be dangerous to the touch, armor near living and capable of enhancing the wearer to the strength of an orc
But the humans, not the best at any of these for the longest times, languished, trying to find their place. During the great wars era, theirs and other races found themselves and bound themselves to a stronger, more established race. The humans and elves, the gnomes and dwarves, the orcs and trolls.
It was only once we founded the academies, our kingdom's being one of the few that continued to accept the humans as part of their people. That given the time to study, to think did their true value, their true power amongst us shine through.
They, like all races, are capable of all the magicks, but unlike us, have nothing they're particularly adept at, unlike us, they don't suffer in another to gain that advantage, they are truly neutral, and therefore it was never their use of one set of abilities, it was their creative nature, their cleverness, and their intuition that made them our most valued, from the crafts to the battlefield.
Walls built, enchanted, further warded all to make the academy a haven, a city's sanctuary in the case of a conflict or cataclysm. Many grand masters and grand masters have as testaments to their strength gone to attack with their mightiest powers only to leave naught but a chip in the edifice of these great monuments to what the races achieve when they work together. A human, one of their adolescents, while testing out the enchantment she gave armor that rivaled the dwarven students' own creations, while channeling magick through herself to enhance her body and mind, barreled through this faster than one could even see, her sprawled form dizzy as she sat where she'd crashed into a mountainside.
Many instructors, staff and students went to check on the young one, who'd been mostly unharmed except for pride over being too eager. The child was taken to the infirmary while the staff and I sat in disbelief, a hole in the walls that were meant to protect us, by a child who'd been holding back only trying to test movement. She's one of the students I hold the most pride in, she, almost 25 years later, leads the largest all human regiment on our front line, holding our borders pushing back as we teeter on war with a kingdom that joined an anti-human faction.
But of all the things I've seen humans do that have both terrified me, and inspired me. It was their nearly indefinite flexibility with wielding magick, not only our elemental magick, no, their skills with that formidable in and of themselves, they took it a step further and began forming pure magicks, it started off with forms attached to themselves an adaptation of what is done to empower one's self. Then I watched as they slowly learned how to take that form, that bubble, and separate it. Sometimes it exploded, and laughter would erupt from everyone in the room, and the student who'd had they been any other race might have just given up, would start the process anew.
In the span of a week, we'd had an entire class of human students, teaching others how to do it, how to not injure themselves while doing it, and it spawned a new course of magic, led by the ringleader of my human students who'd just graduated.
If nothing else, please remember, their creativity and cleverness is boundless, nurture it, and it will bring value to you, your other students, and themselves.
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2023.06.05 08:55 throwawayacct4422 my kyleena experience

4 days ago I got my very first IUD, Kyleena, and it hasn't been a positive experience to say the least. I wanted an IUD 2 years prior to this because I wasn't good at taking pills, I didn't like depo, but my doctor at the time warned against it because I already had some discomfort during a speculum exam and didn't think I'd be able to handle it. She was completely right. I went in with no medication, the clinic didn't offer anesthesia, and the doctor said that it would only be a little uncomfortable and I could return to work later that day. The ultrasound and speculum part was fine but as soon as she started "measuring my uterus" I couldn't handle it. I have no idea what all was done to me during the over 30 minutes procedure as she wouldn't really communicate and I was screaming and crying. I stated numerous times I was going to throw up, I even passed out during the procedure for a few seconds and they had to stop and put cold water on me to wake me up. After the IUD was finally inserted I couldn't walk, my skin felt cold, clammy, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't walk. I ended up not being able to return to work that day. And I'm still having so much trouble. As long as I'm laying in bed flat, or doing very minimal walking, I feel mostly fine. But if I lay in a fetal position or move a lot I get really intense cramps. It's been a really struggle considering I'm at my job everyday walking for up to 10 hours. I barely have an appetite, it's slowly coming back, but every time I get hit with those intense cramps I throw up whatever I ate. My boyfriend and grandma keep telling me my body is just adjusting and the pain will ease, but I'm scared it won't. I already know when this one comes out I'll never get another bc the procedure was so traumatizing. The only positive take away is there's no bleeding.
This isnt to scare anyone into not getting an IUD bc I know many women who's had amazing experiences w them, I'm just trying to find those who can relate and maybe even give me some advice. I'm so overwhelmed by this experience and tired of the pain and I already know doctors are just going to dismiss me.
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2023.06.05 08:53 Candid-Razzmatazz-42 How do I (24F) talk about my family to partners?(22-30NB)

I grew up in a really complicated family, my mother is a recovered meth addict, who was jailed for most my high-school. Everyone in my family is just as chaotic and difficult. I'm not sure how to move around it when dating. I feel like it's definitely something some poeple don't want to deal with. Is it better to bring it up early, or not at all? The one person I dated family beat them when they found out about my mother. To be honest I feel like a pretty successful person, who's very independent. My relationship to them doesn't really define who I am as a person.
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2023.06.05 08:53 rare_design A continuation of the saga

I wanted to share my own imagination since it helps me cope with what I thought was a poor ending to the movie. In the book, Harry places the Elder wand back with Dumbledore, but in the movie he breaks it.
Considering the movie’s rendition, I thought the following:
Harry Potter demonstrated an innate desire to be a loner. While he received help from his friends, he always gravitates toward needing to do it himself. As a father, he finds himself preoccupied with work and other affairs, ultimately neglecting his family. Albus Severus Potter is placed in Gryffindor, but soon finds himself in his father’s shadow, leaving him with a bitter resentment, since his father is so absent, and yet Albus is continuously compared to Harry’s high praises. In a streak of rebellion, Albus Potter befriends those in Slytherin, and his demeanor grows increasingly dark. Now into his teens, after some heated argument, and a thoughtless reaction of anger, Albus turns his wand on his father and knocks him backward, simultaneously disarming his father as well. In embarrassment and anger, Albus takes off running, finding himself along a water’s edge and hearing whispers. He follows the guiding whispers only to find the two halves of the Elder wand miraculously in the same vicinity. As he picks the two pieces and holds them in his hands, the halves rebind and is now claimed as his own.
A dark journey has begun; and an unlikely villain born. The story portrays the inner and outer conflicts of self and family, while Harry must also find himself and save his son from this dark fate, as he is rejoined by his two best friends.
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2023.06.05 08:49 Love-Adventurous How do you become Bastard founder and still be part of the main dynasty?

so i wanted to play as prince Hugh, bastard son of king Lothair in 867 start. I didn't legitimize him but gave him a land cause i wanted to play as the underdog building my way up but still get the benefit of the legacy bonuses from the Karlings. but when i (i mean prince Hugh when i switched to play him) got a child the game just kicked me out of the main dynasty and made me become the founder of a new one instead. i noticed that there's a character called Jarl Dyr the stranger who's also a bastard founder but is still part of his main dynasty, was this an exception that the game made? if so is there a way for me to do it too, like a console command or some mod? thank you in advance for your answers.
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2023.06.05 08:49 ZydecoOccultist How big is the gap of someone who trains with Pullups (as the USMC requires) in addition to standard pushups, situps, and other standard calisthenics in physical conditioning? Esp when comparing military physical conditioning particularly brute strength (esp standard army training)?

My brother who's served in the marines and stopped and just recently re-enlisted again now came back home. Today when I woke up I saw him doing 50 pullups as a warmup to his MMA training. So I am very curious.
In army vs marine fights, one common comments I hear is that marine requirements isn't special by detractors of the USMC (esp servicemen from other branches in particular the army) because "the only difference is that you run 1 more mile and you do pullups!". However the belief pullups don't do anything different is not just something held by anti-marines in other branches. I saw this comment by a practitioner of HEMA which is basically reconstruction of lost European swordsmanship and other close combat styles including obscure historical wrestling styles and forgotten kicking techniques and so much more.
(Marines are an exception really, because in effort to be "different" than the Army they decided to make pullups their main focus instead of more useful pushups, which is imo foolish because nowhere on a modern battlefield will you ever hang from a bar and pull yourself up. Unfortunately even the US military doesn't always behave in the most rational way when it comes to training soldiers, sometimes bowing to what is traditional more than what is well validated with empirical research. This is how Marines end up focusing on a battle-field useless exercise like pullups, and the Air Force requires its airmen to ride exercise bikes which again, has no practical usage for a battlefield. Their measuring a type of fitness level, but not one that is applicable to modern battlefield warfare. The US Army physical education program favors training for actual battlefield situations moreso than the other branches do)
I seen similar comments from other non-military subject specialists such as many traditional martial artists saying pullups are not needed and you are better off doing forms and older boxing coaches from the pre-Mike Tyson years say the same thing. As do some bodybuilders and weightlifters (who believe heavy weights are all you need) and other experts from a variety of fields.
I am curious does adding pullups to your training a big deal of resulting in more physical fitness esp strength and stamina? Does it really make people have far more endurance in the battlefield? I mean despite what people from multiple non-military fields such as gymnastics say about pullups being pointless, practically all hardcore jocks I know in baseball, soccer and other spectators sports of top popularity esp football do pullups in addition to the typical training of their sports and additional weight training. Same with Rangers and other SOF units despite already being top tier from their secret ops training. Even in the bodybuilding world, plenty of people disagree with the no pullups needed advise and do it in their own freetime. Certainly Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronnie Coleman did pullups. In the boxing world Mike Tyson and George Foreman did pullups too and both boxers are renown for their hard hitting powers.
So I am curious is adding pullups a big deal? Even a number as small as 4? I mean even the female marines used to be required only to do flex arm hangs for a few minutes. So I assume that 3 pullups brings a considerable boost to physical conditioning?
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2023.06.05 08:49 napoleon_the_giraffe I'm ("Julie", 32F) not sure I'm emotionally stable or strong enough to be practicing polyamory, but I'm too deeply in love with my ("Chris" 40M) partner. Don't know what to do.

I have to get this off my chest. All of my closest friends are monoga-mish and my poly friends will probably be disappointed I'm even having these emotions because my partner is such a good person.
I've been dating my partner ("Chris") almost 2 years, but most of it was casual. We've recently started dating seriously, when his previous partner fell in love with someone else and decided to be monogamous with them. Leaving him available, he chose me –– out of 2 other casual partners –– to be his new primary. At first I was skeptical –– he's never had much time for me, seeing me maybe once a month at most, while juggling the competing priority that is co-parenting 9 & 11 y/o girls. But he insisted he'd have time for me.
We had a discussion about boundaries the beginning of our relationship, when we decided to be together. started dating more seriously. It seems I have misunderstood what occurred during this conversation. I walked away from the conversation assuming we'd be monoga-mish, like we play with other people at sex parties and mayyybe have one night stands, but not full-blown dating other partners. As his dating habits began to outnumber mine, I started asking questions. He clarified (5 months in) that he does indeed love his other partners and he knows when he loves someone very quickly – he falls in love fast because he is on the autism spectrum, so he knows that he either does or doesn't love someone and it's very easy for him to decide so.
So now his 2 other partners are not just casual encounters, but full blown girlfriends in his mind. I'm gutted,
[Sidebar: Trauma-variable] I should mention that I don't have the capacity to date at the speed and frequency that he does. I am healing from a few diseases that are both painful to navigate the symptoms of, which deeply effects my self-esteem, as well as making it currently complicated for me to travel. I experience imposter syndrome at parties, that I'm lying to people by behaving like I'm healthy by not mentioning it, but if i do mention it, unloading all my heavy trauma onto them and then apologizing for it. I don't know how to navigate it from a place of strength, because I was taught by my ex that my medical condition renders me a burden. This also satisfied a deep-rooted belief instilled by my parents, who provided me with a neglectful childhood of abuse and fear.
I feel like he places a lot of value on polyamory because of the lifestyle and the deeply loving community we're part of. They are genuinely some of the best people I've ever met, but I feel guilty for wanting to be monogamous again. The community shuns people who "swing" back to monogamy, and often tout diatribes about polyamory has a better success rate, improves quality of life, etc. So i feel that if I was to (a) break up with my partner or (b) request to 'downgrade' us down to monogamy, I'd be shamed by the community. Chris is considered a "community pillar" and an integral person who organizes events, volunteers his time, takes care of others, and is highly respected within the community for being such a pure form of love and intelligence. I mention this not to boast, but to amplify that he is integral. When we go to parties, I've noticed that many men approach him and tell him how much they value his friendship, and are genuinely invested in the events of his life and livelihood.
But I feel like every time he goes out on a date, something is sitting on my chest. It's so painful. It's so painful knowing he's sleeping with "Susie", who likes to do all kinds of kinky shit with him, or "Annie", who's much taller and skinnier than me, or "Francine" who's just *reallyfuckingfascinating*. He insists that none of this is a competition and all I need to do is just exist and he'll love me regardless and he loves me unconditionally. I have a hard time accepting this because his autism and ADHD result in him not really being very communicative when we're apart, and I'd really like much more frequent contact. I just don't know how to stop feeling so hurt. I've read the material. I've been taught compersion. I've done the drugs. When does it get better? Does it ever, or is this just the price we pay to have the communities and sex we do? How long must one "good ol' college try" really last?
What should I do? Get on medication? I'm already in therapy. Cut my losses before I fall even more deeply in love with him? Marry him because this is the best I'll ever get? Grow up?
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2023.06.05 08:48 mindfulsubconscious "Stray" ...is now my issue.

I have a diabetic cat. He found me. After 2-3 weeks on my porch with no food, I was finally able to take him to the vet for a microchip check. No chip... Became my cat.
First check-up, found out he had diabetes. $1500 later, (we've treated him for two "different" UTIs, plus fancy food, and bexacat) and he's starting to piss in my house on purpose.
Before, with the leakage, I could understand - UTI/ bad hind-leg muscles. but now he's back to hunting squirrels and STILL pissing in my house - and ON PURPOSE now. Caught him AGAIN and yeeted him out.
Idk what to do. I rent. I have a dog. I have other life things and didn't sign up to have this...
I want to care for him but... I don't feel like I can. But if I take him to a shelter, who's going to take him!? And he's clearly an outdoor cat - so what a crappy way to spend your final years...
Anyways, send help... I mean, advice
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2023.06.05 08:44 Efficiency_Shot Attempted to build some self esteem, came crashing down.

So I'm a university student who's pretty low on the self esteem charts.
All of my low self esteem comes from being verbally and physically abused at school from both my peers and teachers, I was constantly told that I was useless, wouldn't amount to anything and I'm now realizing that it sort of crushed me.
I'm currently on break from Uni and decided to give working a shot, I've worked before and actually did a lot of freelance design stuff before starting uni, so this was my first proper job in a while, so to speak. I was working nightshift in a popular supermarket.
Seemed fine at first, just kept trudging through and going at it. Second day comes round, bit harder but nothing too crazy. Third day, I'm done. I physically couldn't work the job anymore, they wouldn't allow smoke breaks, they'd time bathroom breaks, micromanage the shit out of you (bare in mind we're stacking shelves) and I realized that it wasn't worth it to isolate myself and make myself unhappy for money I didn't really need.
I was talking to my mum about it, and she started reassuring me that I wasn't worthless or weak for quitting and that what was important was that I tried at all. The only thing I could think of was the look on my dad's face when he gets told that I quit.
In a weird way that made me feel even worse, I mean I'm the eldest, I'm supposed to be able to suck it up and get on with it yknow? I feel fucking tiny.
I feel like a fragile, worthless piece of shit, all because I can't suck it up and work a fucking job.
I don't know how to move forward, I feel like this was just something that didn't click for me, but at the same time, I feel super fucking weak for quitting. I hated it, sure. But lots of people hate their jobs, and lots of people work harder jobs than that one.
I feel like anything academic or information heavy is very up my alley, I think this was just the wrong kind of job for me, but I dunno, I feel kinda shitty that I couldn't hold the job down, even if I hated it.
I dunno, am I being too hard on myself? Or am I actually the piece of shit I think I am?
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2023.06.05 08:42 Joel___Miller TIFU by putting Interstellar on to watch when a girl came over

This happened yesterday.
I invited this cute girl over to my place to "Amazon Prime and Quality Time" and she accepted. I was excited about it and was picking a movie to watch and decided on a cool space movie to watch, that neither of us have seen before. Interstellar. Inter-fucking-stellar.
Man, what a movie.
So anyway 3 hours long, surely we'll get bored in the middle and get to the fun stuff, right?
She arrives, we lay down on the bed together and start watching. We're both kinda hungry so I made some mac and cheese and we ate it together, watching Interstellar while doing so. The first half an hour is kinda boring, but her company is fun and we laugh, play around, and I start tickling her and end up on top of her. We kiss while the movie plays in the background, but sex right after eating is a bad idea, so we decide to wait another half an hour.
Then, the movie begins. Michael Caine. Matthew McConaughey. Anne Hathaway. The graphics, the CGI, the physics, the acting, the music, the corn, my god. We both lost track of time and started watching the movie. We cuddled together and I swear, any other movie and I would've made a move but when they landed on the time planet (don't wanna spoil the movie), I forgot about the sex completely. I'm happy she also enjoyed the movie or I'd be in the sticks lmao.
I won't spoil the movie any more than I already have but holy shit.
After the movie was over, we both just hung out for a bit before she had to leave and even though we didn't have sex, we saw an amazing movie and had a great time in general. No regrets. In fact, it turned out to be better, because since she enjoys my company a lot, she would like to do this again, but with a less interesting movie, which I cannot blame her for.
To anyone who's read this and not seen Interstellar, go watch it, just not when you wanna bang.
Would also appreciate movie advice for the second date, so I don't get back here with another "I picked the best fucking movie of all time" post :)
TLDR: Picked a really, really, really interesting movie to watch with a girl, ended up missing out on sex but watched a great movie, no regrets
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2023.06.05 08:42 jacostamolina MATCHING HARRY POTTER LOGOS/TITLES (Lat Spanish Version)

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2023.06.05 08:41 MeIsALaugher Now, why would Eric tell anyone? It feels weird hearing someone who's infamous say my name

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2023.06.05 08:38 FantomxLAS Harry Potter characters as Japanese Samurais

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2023.06.05 08:37 AntiAbortionAtheist "I feel so guilty even writing this down. I know if I cannot get pregnant later down the road, I will forever blame myself. I've always been pro-choice, but I never thought I would be the one doing it...especially not married and with a kid. Probably one of the hardest days of my life."

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2023.06.05 08:34 lovelywits 29F- lets have a good ol' game night

A couple of years ago, like one does, I decided to leave friendships that were not of service of my values, my mental health and that were being detrimental. The result of that meant I became the person I wanted to be without losing myself, it meant I was happier and healthier, and that my friend pool was practically nonexistent.
For the past few years, it's been alright to deal with but I've been missing the aspects of what healthy friendships entail. like connection, bonding, and spending quality time together. And I think as human beings, being alone is ok in doses, but being together builds community. I miss that. I miss good ol' game nights.
I've been going to thrift stores a lot lately, and I've been picking up adult games that seem fun to play. Who's down to play some? Whether it be online via video or in person. I'm open to the possibility that this is the first step to regaining and connecting to some amazing human beings.
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2023.06.05 08:33 openandclosing 28 [M4F] Sweet, younger man seeks beautiful, older woman

Looking for all kinds of older women (30-55) (that being said, I don't mind if someone my age wants to connect!) And this doesn't have to be anything long-term, something like a once off would work just as fine. Although I'd obviously love something long-lasting.
Why an older woman? There's just something unbelievably alluring about them. An unrivaled sex appeal so to speak. Someone who's got a ton of life experiences and could probably teach me a thing or two! Preferably inside the bedroom, of course 🙂 I just have this insatiable desire to fulfill one's needs and give as much pleasure as possible. The fantasy is unbelievably strong and the want to fulfill it is just as powerful.
I'm up for anything you wish/want to do. If you happen to be a lonely housewife just looking for some company and an ear to talk to - it doesn't have to be bedroom-related - I'd be more than happy to be there for you. Friendships are always great. Or if you need some much needed attention, I can be your boytoy too 😉 All up to you, providing you're comfortable.
What about me you might ask? I'm a cute, hwp, 28-year-old guy, the usual hobbies, etc. Having said that, I'd prefer if we got to know each other in conversation! I know it's unconventional and nothing can happen, but I just want a chance. That's it. Hopefully my crazy post reaches someone out there.
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2023.06.05 08:33 Cosanostra1927 [EU] John David Washington plays struggling writer who finds artifact that brings 3 crushes (Zombieland’s Wichita, Harry Potter’s Hermione, Forgetting Sarah Marshall’s Rachel) & 3 idols (Capt. America, Indy, Vader) but he’s pursued by 3 nightmares (Butler’s Phantom, Disney hag, Conjuring Nun)

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2023.06.05 08:31 ahmed0112 I'm just shit when not on my meds

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