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2023.06.05 09:11 AmaraMason The Bane of Barclays

It was dark inside The Shadow Man, a suffocating darkness that seemed to devour every flicker of light, leaving me engulfed in a sinister abyss. With each step, an overwhelming sense of unease tightened its grip on my chest, constricting my breath and smothering my senses.
The air grew heavy, laden with a palpable weight that pressed upon me from all sides. It was as if invisible hands sought to squeeze the very life from my body, leaving me gasping for air in this suffocating void. Each breath was a struggle, a battle against the oppressive atmosphere that threatened to consume me whole.
Blindness descended upon me, rendering my vision useless. It was as if my eyes had been stripped of their purpose, reduced to mere ornaments in this realm of perpetual darkness. The absence of light bred a sense of disorientation, the boundaries of reality blurring into a nightmarish haze.
Within this stygian realm, my skin prickled with an unbearable heat, a searing agony that radiated from within. It felt as though my very essence was immersed in a boiling cauldron of suffering, my flesh crackling and sizzling with torment. The acrid stench of burning flesh mingled with the dense, oppressive air, a nauseating symphony of decay.
Amidst the suffocating darkness, tortured moans and anguished cries pierced the silence, reverberating through the void. The lost souls, their visages contorted in perpetual torment, materialized around me like phantoms from a nightmare. Their once-human forms twisted and grotesque, their flesh melted and torn, revealing the raw sinew and exposed muscle beneath. It was a grotesque display that defied the limits of human comprehension, a sight that threatened to drive sanity to the brink.
Desperation clawed at my heart, urging me to reach out, to seek solace in something tangible. But as my trembling hands extended, grasping at the elusive darkness, it slipped through my fingers like ethereal smoke, taunting me with its intangible nature. It was a cruel dance, a futile attempt to anchor myself in a realm devoid of stability or hope.
Reality itself seemed to warp and distort within this boundless expanse. Bodies and bones hung suspended from unseen rafters, swaying with a macabre rhythm, their lifeless eyes fixated on the eternity that awaited them. The sight was a grim reminder of the fragility of existence, the frailty of the human form.
A putrid miasma, a vile concoction of decaying flesh and the metallic tang of spilled blood, hung in the air, assaulting my senses with its sickening allure. It was a repulsive aroma that enticed, drawing me deeper into the heart of this grotesque spectacle. It was an invitation to embrace the abomination that surrounded me.
In the suffocating embrace of The Shadow Man, solace became a cruel mirage, forever out of reach. Pain and suffering were the only companions in this desolate realm, their presence etched into the very fabric of this malevolent entity. It was a place where hope dwindled, consumed by the darkness that fed on the depths of human despair.
And yet, against all reason, a perverse solace beckoned from the depths of my being. It whispered seductively, inviting me to surrender to the oppressive embrace of the all-consuming darkness. It promised release from the burdens of existence, a twisted comfort in becoming one with the embodiment of despair. The darkness seized my thoughts, my emotions, until there was nothing left but its insidious depths and the unrelenting torture it bestowed.
Trapped inside the shadow king, I had unwittingly stumbled upon the darkest recesses of the human soul. It was more than a mere manifestation; it embodied the grotesque desires and the depraved facets of human nature. As the tendrils of the abyss coiled around my mind, I couldn't help but question whether escape was even possible or if I, too, would be forever condemned to dwell within the nightmarish embrace of this abomination.
I woke up, and it was as if I emerged from one nightmare only to be swallowed by another. A suffocating heat engulfed me, as if the tendrils of that dreadful dream still clung to my skin. The very air seemed to scorch my lungs, each breath a torment that threatened to ignite my parched throat.
It was too real, too vivid. And when I tried to rise from my bed, desperate for respite, there it stood—The Shadow Man. Immobile, yet an unsettling presence that sent shivers down my spine. It watched, as though relishing in my helplessness.
It was torture incarnate, a sadistic manifestation of darkness. My throat, stripped dry of any sound, yearned for both water and a release, but I was denied both. I sat there, trapped, as this fiendish nightmare played out before me, mocking my inability to escape its clutches.
It slithered through the shadows, a malevolent force that invaded every corner of my existence. It twisted my joy into a grotesque parody and quelled any hope for relief. It was an unyielding presence, standing vigil throughout the night, its gaze an unrelenting torment. I, too, became a prisoner of that gaze, frozen in a state of paralyzing fear. It wasn't until the first faint light of dawn broke through the window that it vanished, as if evaporating into the ether.
And I wept, my tears a testament to the terror that gripped me. I felt as though I had been trapped, unable to move or scream, a mere puppet in the hands of the darkness. Only the rising sun could save me from its suffocating embrace.
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2023.06.05 09:04 Ciphy_Master Anomaly Investigations make for a good potential challenge run (WITH RANDOMIZATION!)

Alright so hear me out on this idea. An anomaly challenge run after reaching AR 300. The objective is go from an A1 quest to AR 300 and beat a special investigation. Starting at A1, you must work your way up by beating the highest level investigation you get from the last. You cannot repeat quests and you absolutely must get some other investigation from a current quest and beat it to proceed. The objective is to eventually work your way up to AR 300 quests and spawn a special investigation. Beating means you won the challenge. Every quest leading up to that point is completely randomized and you can get different runs every single time.

For extra challenge, here are a few possible limitations and randomized aspects you can try attempting this with:
Best of luck to people wanting to try this out.
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2023.06.05 09:03 The_Asa_Spades [XBOX] [W]: +10 Rivers of Blood, [H]: +10 Lusats staff, Magic scorpion Charm, Mule

Looking for a +10 RoB i don’t have much to trade butdo have some good armor sets like the Eccentric and AzuLusat as well as Varre’s Bouquet.
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2023.06.05 09:02 BT7274ismywaifu Would major changes and additions ruin my characters?

Now when i say "major" it's kinda not that major. Those changes and additions include things like blades, spikes, extra armour, extra weaponry, neon lines, change in their colours and other ornaments and accessories.
For those wondering about the redesign;
Hyper would end up with a lot more blue and red with a very minimal amount of black and no white anywhere except for his mouth. His head would also look more akin to a fighter jet pilot helmet, more body armour and turbine engines on his wings
B-Box would have a lot more black and purple. His mouth removed (for the story) and a fully purple visor with a line that moves when he speaks
Tear-resa would have pink mostly obsolete except for her visor. She'll have a lot more sharp angles along with a new red and purple colour scheme. This new version would also come with a scythe that turns into a crescent sword
Drillspike would end up looking more adult than her current design, her skirt is removed because she's a lot more of a tough girl now. She'd also have a scorpion tail with a hammer and drill. Other additions like the Vol-cannon (a cannon that shoots lava and can transform into a battering ram) and hydraulic spiked gauntlets for her lower arms.
Chase ends up with a sidecar that becomes armor, armour that still allows him to be agile while also being a little more durable, sharper sunglasses similar to Kamina's from Gurren Lagann and neon aesthetic with this upgrade
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2023.06.05 09:02 skontem Questions from a 95 level

1) if i take some junk from another player's collectron (or water from water purifier etc) will he be notified? I have never been in case someone took from mine
2) i recently got the Chinese stealth suit. Can the other players see me when i use it?
3) i use the excavator power armor for obvious reasons but also have the hellcat p.a. and some raider t45 t51b parts on chassis and i am confused with the ultracite and the X01. Can i mix those parts? I need to decide what to keep.
Thank you for any answers
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2023.06.05 09:02 Busy_Experience_1694 Behemoth still got it

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2023.06.05 09:01 anthef Costumes that would've been cool if they went with comic suits!

Costumes that would've been cool if they went with comic suits!
My only issue with this game is the fact that there are so many fantastic comic suits for these characters that I know we all wanna play as, but instead we get a bunch of overly armored and weird looking suits. These are some of the suits I would've loved to play as the most. For Batgirl I did add Spoiler and Black Bat costumes just cuz I know they wouldn't add new characters, but it'd still be fun to feel like you're playing as them.
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2023.06.05 09:01 RuneSaber Rant about social interactions with this crafting system

Case A:
The buyers will complain to the crafter because its the only one they can complain to. They have spend 15-30k in a stupid armor patch but expect the crafter to craft it for cheap. Some will beg that they have no money and some will demand it.

Case B:
The buyers feel entitled to ask for a cheap price because "it's just a recraft". And these recrafts are from the last season, some badly done, + you were not the original crafter.

Case C:
They would claim "why do you charge so much. You just have to press a button."

Case D:
They feel entitled for a cheap price because "it's just a change of stats" on their 421 or 447 weapons (with embellishment on top).

Case E:
The buyer is a dumb person and a total ignorant about the crafting system and expects you to hold their hand and explain them how to upgrade things, how to put orders, how to get souls, about embellishments, wasting your time to no end.

Has this happened to you? How do you deal with it? What if you get insulted for no reason, would you insult them back?
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2023.06.05 09:00 Barch3 Khodakovsky, Pegov. and another Russian channel say that Ukrainian forces began attacking in the Zolota Nyva-Novodonetske-Velyka Novosilka area around 4:00-5:00am this morning with ~30 armored vehicles.

Khodakovsky, Pegov. and another Russian channel say that Ukrainian forces began attacking in the Zolota Nyva-Novodonetske-Velyka Novosilka area around 4:00-5:00am this morning with ~30 armored vehicles. submitted by Barch3 to RussianInvasion [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 08:59 Queasy_Pool4683 help

Does anyone know how I can make the reskillable mod work with another mod in aternos, I followed the steps I read but I still can't get the number needed to use it
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2023.06.05 08:59 LupaHL Do I need to grind more or am I good?

Do I need to grind more or am I good?
Gonna fight the infected brood mother with a fire ant armor, fire ant shield, toenail scimitar and mint trinket. Also can anybody offer any mutation builds?
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2023.06.05 08:57 universaljester "On teaching humans" an instructional guide from an Elven professor

It's been a long time since I've written anything, if you have criticism, please be constructive, I'd love to write more and improve it.


Never forget their creativity, for it takes a race, who's truly adept in nothing and makes them capable of more than the races could through cooperation.
Orcs may be able to wield shamanistic magics, enhancing their bodies, along with their natural enhancement by magick, mold trees, and command animals.
Elves may be able to bend nature's magickal elements to their will, fire a bow through a knothole a mile away, and make leather that might as well be a second skin.
Dwarves may be able to smith armor so light and weapons capable of more than their appearances would give away. They may be able to make those items enchanted to a degree that the mere thought of cutting or bludgeoning would cause the weapon to be dangerous to the touch, armor near living and capable of enhancing the wearer to the strength of an orc
But the humans, not the best at any of these for the longest times, languished, trying to find their place. During the great wars era, theirs and other races found themselves and bound themselves to a stronger, more established race. The humans and elves, the gnomes and dwarves, the orcs and trolls.
It was only once we founded the academies, our kingdom's being one of the few that continued to accept the humans as part of their people. That given the time to study, to think did their true value, their true power amongst us shine through.
They, like all races, are capable of all the magicks, but unlike us, have nothing they're particularly adept at, unlike us, they don't suffer in another to gain that advantage, they are truly neutral, and therefore it was never their use of one set of abilities, it was their creative nature, their cleverness, and their intuition that made them our most valued, from the crafts to the battlefield.
Walls built, enchanted, further warded all to make the academy a haven, a city's sanctuary in the case of a conflict or cataclysm. Many grand masters and grand masters have as testaments to their strength gone to attack with their mightiest powers only to leave naught but a chip in the edifice of these great monuments to what the races achieve when they work together. A human, one of their adolescents, while testing out the enchantment she gave armor that rivaled the dwarven students' own creations, while channeling magick through herself to enhance her body and mind, barreled through this faster than one could even see, her sprawled form dizzy as she sat where she'd crashed into a mountainside.
Many instructors, staff and students went to check on the young one, who'd been mostly unharmed except for pride over being too eager. The child was taken to the infirmary while the staff and I sat in disbelief, a hole in the walls that were meant to protect us, by a child who'd been holding back only trying to test movement. She's one of the students I hold the most pride in, she, almost 25 years later, leads the largest all human regiment on our front line, holding our borders pushing back as we teeter on war with a kingdom that joined an anti-human faction.
But of all the things I've seen humans do that have both terrified me, and inspired me. It was their nearly indefinite flexibility with wielding magick, not only our elemental magick, no, their skills with that formidable in and of themselves, they took it a step further and began forming pure magicks, it started off with forms attached to themselves an adaptation of what is done to empower one's self. Then I watched as they slowly learned how to take that form, that bubble, and separate it. Sometimes it exploded, and laughter would erupt from everyone in the room, and the student who'd had they been any other race might have just given up, would start the process anew.
In the span of a week, we'd had an entire class of human students, teaching others how to do it, how to not injure themselves while doing it, and it spawned a new course of magic, led by the ringleader of my human students who'd just graduated.
If nothing else, please remember, their creativity and cleverness is boundless, nurture it, and it will bring value to you, your other students, and themselves.
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2023.06.05 08:57 ohfucknaw Werebear/Wolf doesn't ever show fly character armor?

Just getting started but already my Druid starts to look pretty great in beginning gear. So if i'm playing in BeaWolf mode does that graphic ever change to represent better character gear throughout the game? Wtf why can't I have an armored weredoggo clad in my best plates etc?!
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2023.06.05 08:56 Fun_Penalty_6755 1524

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2023.06.05 08:55 MsStoneHeart 39F [Chat] About to hit my 40s. Feeling super old! Still a night owl though. Anyone else?

Luckily with my job I won’t be FEELING 40. I’m a cop so I tend to keep an active lifestyle. All be it, work keeps me active enough. But the training, conditioning, and such is what I do off work to stay in decent shape. Best part of my day is ending a 13-16 hour shift and taking off all my gears. Which includes weapon belt, bullet proof vest, and some extra armor lol. Probably has got to be 35-40lbs on me and I’m only 102lbs lol. Always feel refreshing and light. I work about 4 days a week.
I like to go shopping on my days off. I’m in the New Jersey and New York area so plenty of places to shop. I’m a jeans and breezy shirt type of person. I also take a bit to do yoga. So far I don’t sound too old right lol? I also sometimes am invited to be a guess speaker at elementary schools and colleges.
There’s not much else I could say without oversharing. Had a top secret mission in Washington DC the other week which involves the president so that was pretty cool lol. I only got one small tattoo on my wrist. It’s small a samurai rabbit. I’m a blonde but the sunlight sometimes makes me look like a red head lol. I’ve been shot before. I have experience in infantry recon missions. Been involve in some high risky deadly missions.
If anyone can actually put effort into the conversation than hit me up. If not, just keep scrolling lol. I don’t do and enjoy short replies.
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2023.06.05 08:54 TAR421 (xb) H: Overeaters Scout (off-meta rolls) W: swap for similar scout pieces

Hi if you want one of these, just trade me a similar Overeater scout piece, doesn't have to be godroll. I can consider other offers too
Oe/+I/100poi FSA LA Oe/+I/lock FSA LA Oe/+I/100energy FSA RA Oe/+S/fall FSA RL Oe/+S/50bs USA C Oe/+S/rdwb USA LL Oe/+E/100fire FSA LA Oe/+L/0.25%rr USA C Oe/+C/0.25%rr USA LA Oe/+I ** FSA C Oe/+I ** USA RA Oe/+S ** FSA LA
Oe/H&t/jwr FSA C Oe/H&t/water FSA LA Oe/H&t/50bs FSA RA
Oe/+25poi/100poi FSA C Oe/+25poi/fall FSA LL Oe/+25poi/jwr USA C Oe/+25poi/0.25%rr USA LA Oe/+25poi ** USA RA
Oe/+25fire/limb FSA C Oe/+25fire/100poi FSA RL Oe/+25fire/rdwb FSA RL Oe/+25fire/0.25%rr USA RL Oe/+25fire ** FSA LL
Oe/+25rad/100poi FSA C Oe/+25rad/rdwb USA LA Oe/+25rad/100energy USA RA Oe/+25rad/0.25%rr USA RA Oe/+25rad/htd USA RL Oe/+25rad ** FSA LA Oe/+25rad ** FSA LL
Oe/+25edrdwb FSA RL
Oe/+25cryo/htd FSA RL Oe/+25cryo/rdwb USA LA Oe/+25cryo ** FSA C
rdwb= reduced damage while blocking. htd= harder to detect while sneaking. 0.25rr= radiation recovery. 50bs= 50% break slower. doc= stim, rad, radx 5% more effective (doctor's) H&t= hunger and thirst grow slower.
Also if you have nicer Oe scout pieces you wanna swap, i do have a post with better rolls
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2023.06.05 08:53 creepingpinetree Noelle post!!!

Is she the only one considered "fully armored"? Many others have protective pieces, but few have as much armor protection as Noelle. A few characters have strategically placed protective pieces(Layla, Deyha, Candace, etc.) But Noelle fits th he definition of a tank. And she is, by far, the cutest tank I have ever seen.
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2023.06.05 08:51 jaxsonjac Vandalize buildings, steal cars, and become the king of crime in this wacky adventure.

Vandalize buildings, steal cars, and become the king of crime in this wacky adventure.
GRAND ACTION SIMULATOR is a GTA-like open-world crime game. You can play a ruthless New York City criminal. Game features:

  • FPS and third-person modes.
  • Complete assignments by driving vehicles or motorbikes.
  • Face up against international mafia gangsters.
  • Open world with several crime hotspots.
  • Buy guns, armor, and vehicles to perform tasks to defeat the mafia.
  • Street, Chinatown, and gangland missions have varied goals and problems.
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2023.06.05 08:50 Puzzleheaded_Code573 Armored Backpack II

Who Got it ? Im thinking about storing my Legion 5 in it. But Concerned if having laptop in that position most of time could damage screen, hinges?
I take lap everyday with me to job near by.
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2023.06.05 08:50 Gamertag-Warrior H:Armor Parts W: Rare Apparel Offer

AS/Sent/1i Heavy Raider Chest,As/Sent/25 %Poison res LA Heavy Bos,As/Sent/1L Heavy Bos RA,Vanguard/Sent/1p Heavy Bos RL,OE/Sent/25%Disease res. Heavy Combat Chest,OE/sent/25%Disease res. Heavy Leather RA,OE/WW25%Poison res Heavy Metal LL,OE/Sent/1i Heavy Raider LA,OE/cav/25%Cryo USA RA, B/Ap/Cav Wood Chest,B/WW7%explo Heavy Metal LL ,B/Sent/1i USA Chest,OE/Sent/1 L FSA Chest,PSA USA LA,Uny/sent/1C Heavy Robot RL
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2023.06.05 08:48 Gingerviking1 Diablo New player need advice.

Hello guys, I have not played Diablo till 4 and now I am addicted. I have a level 49 druid tank bear build. I figured out most of the stuff but I find myself conflicted between replacing legendary (orange tier) items with, yellow tier when it gives you like +50 armor or damage. I try to use legendary items as much as I can but when a lower tier gives you a significant upgrade on a specific stat what do more experienced diablo players do?
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2023.06.05 08:48 MaximumGunk old gen equipment progression is REALLY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! n

I recently started a new playthrough of MH4U about a week ago after like 6 years, and while this is undoubtedly one of my favorite games ever I forgot how fucking maddening it is to actually get some decent equipment. Grinding a high level monster in the late game over and over for an ultra rare item is to be expected, but the fact that I have to kill certain monsters 3, 4, 5 times repeatedly in the early game just for a half decent low level piece of armor is fucking ridiculous. I have killed 4 gore magalas today and the only thing I have from the armor set is the goddamn helmet, PLUS I have gone through the entire game up to this point in shitty seltas and chainmail armor because it was all I could make without having to waste my time repeatedly trying to get one extra scale with a 70 percent drop rate for 10 consecutive hours. grind can be fun and satisfying and RNG is obviously a core part of these games but fuck I do not miss having to go through this for such shitty rewards at the start
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