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Pick guard

2023.05.30 00:40 Venomoussmash Pick guard

Pick guard
I know it’s barely noticeable but just out of interest, does anyone else have this white dot on their martins pick guard?
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2023.05.30 00:32 TheEndOfNether Day 7 of not playing; I found a “different” way to satisfy my urge.

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2023.05.30 00:31 MNKway received my gm spartan recently already love it !

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2023.05.30 00:28 Istero [NA] [Thrall] 9/9N, 8/9H

We're currently on the lookout for players to join our ranks for Aberrus. We're seeking individuals who are eager to progress through the content. We are currently 9/9N, 8/9H.
Either faction are welcome, we are currently looking for more dps and a healer. Our raid schedule is Thursday & Sunday from 7pm-10pm EST for Normal and Heroic Progression, once the tier is on farm we normally just clear on Thursday.
If you're interested in joining us, please contact one of us through Battlenet (Istero#1848 or Nexusyeto#8469) or Discord (NexusYeto#8469 or Istero#1376. We welcome casual players as well, so don't hesitate to reach out and be a part of our growing community. Thank you for considering "Anime Thighs" for your next WoW adventure. We hope to see you soon in Azeroth
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2023.05.30 00:27 Craigieboy Let's solve EX6 PF strats once and for all!

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2023.05.30 00:25 ramrouma123 Can’t delete chat

Can’t delete chat
I’ve sent a message to a Facebook page, later noticed it said it couldn’t send. I want to delete the chat but when I swipe left I only get the option to block. How can I delete the whole chat? Thanks!
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2023.05.30 00:24 Woah2001 Hoping for an "at least" value on all this! $200? $500? $1000? Thanks for the help! (More pics in comments)

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2023.05.30 00:20 ResponsibleBag7665 Noochie (new DC rapper w Eminem/LL Cool J/Common co-sign)

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2023.05.30 00:17 Tangerine_author I need advice for dealing with my family

TLDR: my gf (MTF) just came out as a trans woman around the middle of April this year and ever since I’ve told my family it’s gone downhill since then. My family is showing their true colors and I need advice for how to deal with them / (possibly) get away from them.
For context, I’m (20 cis Female) about to be a junior in college, as is my (19 year old) gf, and neither of our families have been accepting. We live in TX, so I already don’t like it here. I took some time to make sure I was ok w the change my gf is going through, and in fact, I’m more happy w our relationship than before because I’ve always favored girls over guys. But my family is a different story. My parents were mostly accepting, though they worried about how my life might be harder in the future because I am with a trans person. I am currently visiting my grandparent in AR and when I told them about it, they (and my aunt) ganged up on me and tried to convince me to transfer schools. My grandmother called my gf “disgusting” and “unnatural “ even though she is a docent at a very liberal museum. She threatened to take away my cell service if I stay w this person and constantly makes assumptions about what I want and what my girlfriend wants.
My other set of grandparents don’t know about my gf’s transition (yet? Not sure if I should tell them.) and I don’t know how they would react. They’re usually a lot less accepting than my AR grandparents (appeared) to be.
I really really don’t know what to do at this point. My whole life I believe I have had depression though my family has always written me off as overreacting to things and being melodramatic. When I am w my gf though, sure things are stressful at times (especially bc we’re in college) but we are happy together and we support each other. I do own a car, and so does my gf, so I could drive if I need to, and I did just get back from a trip to NY so I just made some friendly connections there.
I really thought I could trust my family, and I know they are all older and come from a different generation w different mindsets but I really don’t know if I can ever fully trust them again.
I’m already looking at NM and CO as states to move to (thought I’m not sure when I should), even before my gf came out. If you were in this situation what would you do?
(Also please don’t repost or report this anywhere—I’m already very paranoid that this post may somehow end up being seen by my family even though none of them are on Reddit)
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2023.05.30 00:14 LenovoLegionQuestion Did you know you can buy some parts for your laptop in Lenovo Vantage?

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2023.05.30 00:10 starryskies45 Advice on how to deal with my co-worker who is ableist and manipulative please?

She is manipulative, ableist and noisy & bossy. She keeps pushing boundaries.
She keeps making sarcastic, resentful comments if I work from home, when I agreed it with my boss and it’s fine (our work js hybrid). He tells her when she wouldn’t know, and it’s none of her business. She also makes a lot of ableist comments. This is unprofessional. I told her if she wants to work from home more she should ask as he would let her, but she pretends she doesn’t want to, and then takes it out on me every time now. I’m getting fed up of that already.
She’s now making comments I should take days off for my medical appointments (I have an overactive hyperparathyroid so at further tests & scans stage), when it’s none of her business, and I already agreed with boss I can work from home those days and work late to catch up the hours. He doesn’t seem to mind, but she keeps going on about it now. I told her that we already had an agreement I could. He threatened me I can’t take any more days off. I didn’t say this to her, but that I can’t take any more days off.
She still was going on about it. How do I get her to stop? It’s annoying and none of her business. She keeps pushing at my boundaries no matter what I state, and I’m not a pushover, but it’s hard to not eventually want to push back in a way that “could be rude”. I feel that she’s trying to make it into a competition and gain favour from the boss, and undermine me for some reason. Maybe get a reaction. If she upsets or annoys me, she could try to weaponise that too.
She’s not giving this advice because she cares. She doesn’t know me and care. It’s like she wants me to feel uncomfortable enough so I leave or get fired. Obviously if I do leave I want to leave when I want and not because of her! And right now, even though this job is toxic and manipulative (another story with my boss), it’s also more flexible in being able to wfh and work around my medical appointments. She seems determined to sabotage that now, even though she’s only been here 2 months and me 1 year.
A bit of backstory: she used to work for him, left because she didn’t get a raise (it’s min wage w/no benefits), but then came back when my former co-worker left. She also regularly says ableist things about former co-worker who was disabled. But former loved her and kept shaming me in comparison to her. I know she has deep internalised ableism though so that relationship was also toxic.
Being autistic with CPTSD I’m working on, all these mind games and manipulation with toxic people are wearisome and triggering. So if anyone has good advice on how to deal with these people for the time being please? It’s just us, we work in a room separate to our boss together when we don’t wfh. There’s no HR to talk to and it’s his own business.
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2023.05.30 00:06 deffik Strefa Gier 05/23

Czołem gractwo!
Zapraszam do podzielenia się tym, co ostatnio (ale nie tylko!) pograliście. Oczywiście oprócz gier wideo podzielcie się wrażeniami z planszówek, karcianek, gier wyobraźni itd - co tam było grane i przy czym miło spędzaliście czas.
Powoli się zaczyna się Summer of Games, a najlepszym miejscem do nadrobienia zwiastunów jest:
Garść zwiastunów:
Mortal Kombat 1 -
Dragons Dogma 2 -
Alan Wake 2 -
Final Fantasy XVI -
Space Marine 2 -
Marvel's Spider-Man 2 -
Minął kolejny miesiąc, podzielcie się z resztą co fajnego było grane.
Na co czekacie jeszce w tym roku?
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2023.05.30 00:02 EpicMan725 Idk what was going on

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2023.05.30 00:02 ketodoctor Keto bread… have you tried it?

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2023.05.30 00:02 D__A__V__E Almost organized

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2023.05.29 23:57 TylerXXXDurden Diagnosed my first Parasitic Draw that the service manager put a $100 reward to figure out..

Crazy how I barely learned about electricity within the last 6 months and Im getting to apply my knowledge to solve these tricky situations ⚡️
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2023.05.29 23:51 Somethingnothing56 36ESTPC

I kinda fell out of the group I played with regularly and was looking to maybe branch out and find new buddies!
Games I play regularly: WoW (Resto druid), OW (not comp), L4D2, and will be playing Diablo 4 when it’s released.
Open to other games like: Deep Rock Galactic, Back 4 Blood, Heroes of the Storm, Starcraft 2 (co op mode).
All time favorite game is Age of Mythology. 😍
I have kids, so playtime is limited to the evenings between 7:30/8pm - midnight.
Anyway, drop your discord in DMs in your interested!
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2023.05.29 23:47 92_2Infinity 31M - Why have I had 2 false-negatives for Amphetamines in my urine when I take 25mg Adderall DAILY? - Provider has wrongfully insinuated misuse and threatened to END treatment - PLZ HELP!

31M 6ft-1in 182lbs African & European (64/36% respectively)
TLDR: I take 25mg Adderall daily but have received 2 false negative results when urine-tested to confirm that I'm taking the medication. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?! :'(
My Concern: I take 25mg Adderall (sometimes generic) daily.. after over a year being treated via telehealth I sought a local doctor to improve responsiveness and accessibility. My new-ish doctor ordered a confirmatory urinalysis/drug screen, presumably they want my results to be positive for Amphetamine and negative for everything else... I was shocked to get a call from him being told my results were negative for EVERYTHING and he was going to cease seeing me as a patient.. I told him there HAS to be some sort of testing error or unexpected factor at-play because I take my meds every morning and afternoon, without fail... I rely on my treatment plan to have even a somewhat normal & productive life with healthy relationships.. I have suffered immensely from ADHD for decades (for as long as I can remember) it took a lot of self-realization, courage, and effort for me to realize I needed to resume treatment as a 30y/o husband, father & professional.. but once I was able to get treated and have the medication tuned to the right dose, my life has changed immensely for the better... I'm horrified at the possibility of being put in a position where i can no longer be treated for this disorder, and equally horrified at the thought of this guy putting a false accusation on my medical record.. which will remain there indefinitely...
This is the LabCorp test they used: 733692 9+Oxycodone+Crt-Scr The pertinent line says this: "Amphetamines Screen, Urine = Negative, Cutoff=1000ng/mL"
Background Info: - Disc Degeneration w/ stenosis in lower 3 vertebrae
- Severe ADHD "Combined-Type"
- Year round allergies (pollen, dander, mold, etc.)
- Prostatitis, frequent urination (10 to 15+ times daily)
- Smell, food & chemical sensitivity (used to have unexplained migraines 2-6 times a month)
- Eczema (Since birth)
Daily Meds + Supplements:
Morning: 20mg Adderall XR, Cinnamon (2-3g, capsule), B12 (3000mg), B-Complex, Co-Q10, Vitamin C 750mg, Zyrtec (cetirizine 10mg)
Afternoon: 5mg Adderall Instant Release, Cinnamon (2-3g in capsule)
Evening: Low-Dose Naltrexone 4.5mg, and sometime i'll have 1-3 beers
Nicotine, Alcohol:
  1. 0 to 3 beers any given night
  2. Juul e-cig (about 2 Juul pods each day at 3% nic.)
I drink roughly 100-190oz of fluids per day in total (I know this is a lot) I have to drink this much water to avoid headaches and other ailments due to the meds and supplements I take daily...
  1. 80 to 120oz water
  2. 16 to 32oz black coffee
  3. 0 to 36oz beer (Coors Banquet or Yuengling)
I lift weights every 48-36hrs (3-4x per week) my workouts last 40 to 90min.. always push myself, plenty of sweat...
I eat pretty healthy, usually I have fruit at least once a day, plenty of vegetables, I avoid processed sugar, processed grains, and junk food.. but will still have a burger at least 1x/wk & a Panera breakfast sandwich 1-3x/wk
So its obvious, I drink a lot of water & coffee, I pee OFTEN, I sweat sometimes, I have some weird health issues... but I've been getting mixed responses - some have said urine can be diluted if you drink a lot of fluids each day, other people have said none of this should cause a negative amphetamine result if I'm taking Adderall, but God as my witness, I take it, so SOMETHING is wrong with how they are testing.. or something is extremely unusual with how my body processes/metabolizes the medication. HELP! PLEASE HELP! WTF IS GOING ON?? :'(
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2023.05.29 23:47 ChomperCreeper Voila. My topster.

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2023.05.29 23:44 letitdry86 37/PC/EST looking for player my Player 2 my duo

I am looking for my player 2..I know this isn't really the place to look but, eh why not try? right? I'm looking for someone who shares my interest. I really enjoy survival games. 7 days to die, valheim, the forest are some examples. I like building even though I'm not that good at building but, I still enjoy it. You can teach me. I also enjoy all co-op games Far Cry I haven't finished new dawn nor have I played 6 yet ,back 4 blood, resident evil 5/6 ghost recon wildlands/breakpoint, gears of War or halo story mode. Resident evil 5/6 .I also play MMORPGS like Final Fantasy 14 (Crystal), and wow I play as Horde even though I haven't played either game in a while I still have an active sub. If you are interested in playing an MMO I don't mind leveling from 1 if you are new to the game. I also watch anime and movies. Middle Earth in general, Star Wars, Marvel and DC universe and I am a big 80s - 90s action fan. Rocky, Lethal weapon, die hard, etc.. feel free to shoot me a dm. I am usually free after 4 pm EST during the week and I am free during the weekend. I prefer Voice chat over text. Also, it doesn't matter where you are from or age. I am not looking to join a big group group. I use discord mainly.
Here is a full list of survival games I own and I am willing to buy any other ones
7 days to die, The forest , Valheim , Raft, Core Keeper these last three I have very little play time and don't know much Icarus, Scum , and No one survived
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2023.05.29 23:42 Proud_Present2080 Am I Underpaid?

I just took on a summer nanny job (Estes Park, CO) for a family with 4 kids, ages 4-10. One of the children has behavioral issues which he is medicated for, but he can still be very difficult. I have to drive 26 minutes one way to get to their home (I didn’t realize this when I signed on for the job, as they just gave me a general location). The parents have requested that I do a lot of activities with the kids and keep them very busy, to avoid playing on their iPads all day. They offered me $20/hour. I think this seems extremely low considering the amount of kids, the activities, the behavioral issues, the drive, and I am thinking about asking for extra, at least for gas. They actually work for an organization who covers their childcare so it doesn’t even come out of their own pocket. Would it be reasonable for me to ask for maybe $20 extra a week for gas?
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2023.05.29 23:38 joshmags Are these Levi’s 501s from the 80s or 90s?

Are these Levi’s 501s from the 80s or 90s?
Made in Canada.
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