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okbuddyblackadam is for the biggest blackadam fans ever (me) to talk about dwayne the rock johnson in his new hit movie 2022 black adam out now in cinema near you i love black adam

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BlackCoin is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin. It is a pure Proof of Stake coin, except stage of initial distribution, when it was mixed PoW and PoS coin. For more info, go to

2023.06.11 00:29 Grammoscelis What's the most you've heard someone paying for a belt? Does it invalidate the belt?

I think i've heard of some guys getting black belts by paying basically so they could open a franchise but someone else was telling me that some gyms even charge for colored belts. Have you guys experienced this?
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2023.06.11 00:29 phoebeelliot My Non-Linear Sobriety Story

I'm documenting this for two reasons. One, maybe it will resonate with someone. Two, I can't for the life of me put it altogether in my head, so I'm writing it down, so I know how I got here.
I started drinking when I was 15. Around my early thirties I became an everyday and I mean everyday drinker. In October of 2020 at 43, during the pandemic I realized that I didn't want to drink anymore. I decided to quit. I came home and told my partner. She was startled. "Why?" "Do you have a problem?" "Is everything okay?" I explained that I worried it was becoming a problem. I had started drinking that afternoon and finished that evening, then didn't have another drink for almost a year, about 10 months. I had some close calls before then and some split decisions where I made the right decision along the way. In the back of my mind there were some things/trips coming up that I thought I might drink during. I hadn't put it completely to bed even though I hadn't touched a drop. In July of 2021, while on vacation in Hawaii, on my birthday, I asked my spouse if she thought it would be alright if I had a drink. I told her I had licked it and didn't think I had a problem. She said if I thought I could handle it, it was my call. I had a Mai Tai. When she went to the bathroom, I ordered a large beer and another Mai Tai. I slammed the beer before she came back. In a matter of seconds. I was back. That night I offered to pick up dinner and stopped for a drink at a bar. I was honestly shocked how quickly it took me. However, I held off drinking everyday for some time. I would only drink, mostly in secret on the weekends, which would expand into Thursday and then Wednesday and then I would try and recalibrate. "Okay, I'm going to be good this week!" Until, January 2023, this is how I existed. My wife knew I drank, but she thought only occasionally, but I was drinking 4 times a week in secret.
Fast forward to January of this year. I blew it. I got ripped with a drinking buddy and had to take an uber home. My wife and her mom were at our house. I could barely walk. My wife was so embarrassed, We had a trip planned the next day and I hadn't packed or anything. I passed out, didn't set an alarm. My wife woke me up the next morning, I had blacked out. She didn't talk to me on the way to the airport. The jig was up. She said I had a problem. I said, let's have this vacation, have fun. When we get back I'll get sober. That's what we did.
I made it about a month. In early March, I started drinking in complete secret. Mini vodka bottles everywhere. In my truck, under the sink, in the back yard. I had trouble remembering where I kept them all. I couldn't even keep it to just the weekends anymore and the worst part...I didn't want to drink. For the first time in my life, I truly felt like I wanted to be done. I was begging myself to quit. I would make a plan, stick to it for a day or a even sometimes a week, but then fell back off. I was getting ready to do something drastic in way or another. I needed help and I was scared. I felt alone because I was doing everything in secret. I was embarrassed because I couldn't beat it. I made a promise that I would quit and if I couldn't this time, I was fessing up and checking in somewhere. I bought The Naked Mind on audio. I started listening to it on my runs. I was still drinking. She said it was okay, but the hate for alcohol was growing. I wanted to make it to the end of the podcast, but on Mother's Day, we went to my MIL house. I had snuck a mini bottle or two that morning and afternoon. When we got there, I was putting a beer in my pocket and pounding it in the bathroom then burying it under dirty tissue in the bathroom trash can. I did this a few times. I took pulls off the white wine in the fridge when no one was looking. The night was coming to a close and I was good and drunk. As we were putting the kids in the car, my wife having no clue i was drunk asked if I would drive. I couldn't think of an excuse fast enough and said yes...I knew I was too drunk, but I did it. I drove my two babies and my wife home, a 40 minute drive, while intoxicated. I was struggling to drive and luckily she didn't notice. When I got home, i knew I was done. I finished out The Naked Mind over the next couple of days while not drinking.
I'm done. I know I'm done. I"m not counting days. I'm just not a drinker anymore or ever again. I hate the stuff.
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2023.06.11 00:29 FirefighterLeather14 Teen rape mom and son daddy and daughter black rape gay young rape if you are down text me on telegram @sureseller11 rn ask of price and get the link text me on telegram

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2023.06.11 00:28 OathOfCervix Nature Burial

I have no intention of dying soon. But it is deeply important to me that my remains are handled in a particular way.
I would like for my dead body to offer nourishment to the earth. I've heard about various things from one's body being wrapped in material to seed a tree, to being ground into mulch and made into a sort of compost/fertilizer.
Even being thrown into a ditch near a creek would be preferable to being embalmed and encased uselessly.
What are my options here aside from wandering into the woods to fight a bear in my old age?
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2023.06.11 00:28 pifbatman [USA-TN] [H] Working OG Black 3DS, OG Black 3DS XL for parts, Switch Pro Controller [W] PayPal, Zelle or Cashapp

Bit of a mixed bag here. Thanks for looking! Let me know if you have any questions or need any more pictures!
OG Black 3DS CTR-001 console: definitely showing its age but still works great! Does not have a charger or SD card, but comes with a stylus and leather case. Looking for $75 shipped!
OG Black 3DS XL SPR-001 console: got this from a garage sale, and unfortunately does not seem to want to charge at all. I’m not a big repair kind of person, so this honestly could be a simple battery replacement. I have not opened it all to double check. It’s actually still in pretty decent shape! Should be a fun repair for a tinkerer! Looking for $80 shipped!
Official Switch Pro controller: have only had it for about a month so it’s still in great condition!I don’t have any of the packaging unfortunately. Just the controller and a standard USB-C cable. Looking for $45 shipped!
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2023.06.11 00:28 lmullett1 WTS - Southard Mini Tolk / Benchmade Bugout in S90V
Hello All. Couple great knives for sale today I’m selling because I’ve gotten both in different configurations so I need to rehome these. I am only looking to sell today. I can accept PayPal, Venmo, and most other payment types. Please reach out if you have any questions or need additional information. Thank you for considering.
Southard Mini Tolk SV $500 - Very sweet Mini Tolk from Brad Southard, the blade, Steel is 20CV and it is from November 2018. The pivot color and backspacer has been swapped out for the brass version which goes really well with the anodization. The blade has been sharpened, and it’s a very nice edge with a nice bevel. Great action with drop shut action with a shake. Comes with the original box.
Benchmade Bugout in S90V $235 - Very nice benchmade Bugout with us S90V steel with carbon fiber scales. Knife is in close to new condition. I’m not the original owner, but it doesn’t appear to have cut anything and I have not used it to cut anything. I did sharpen and put a very crisp bevel on the edge. Great action comes with the original box in pouch. The pocket clip has an upgraded to a deep carry Lynch model that has been cerakoted black by me.
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2023.06.11 00:27 PoetryPrestigious540 It’s so smoky!

me when black mirror
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2023.06.11 00:27 7bnp_4tzsr Download: Black Sherif - Let Me Go My Way Mp3 (New Song)

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2023.06.11 00:26 Famous-Case6115 Blackout period for 401k

Small victory for me here, got my company to change 401K providers from John Hancock to Vanguard. Saving everyone a lot on fees.
So during the transition, there will be a 45 day black out period. Where we can’t change investments or change contribution amounts, apparently we can make our same contributions but they aren’t vested till the blackout period is over.
I was only contributing enough for the match cause the expense ratios were almost 2%. I plan on upping my contribution to max my 401k once the provider is switched and the blackout period is over because now I will have access to low cost funds.
I have just finished maxing my Ira for the year, have a very solid emergency fund, and do not meet the requirements for a HSA, so the final piece is maxing my 401k. I can’t make larger contribution till this black out period/transfer of providers is over. So..
Where do you guys suggest I can put my extra cash I will accumulate during this 45 day blackout period while I am unable to increase my 401k contributions?
For context over 45 days I would have accumulated 3k in savings needing a home.
I understand the obvious answer is probably taxable brokerage account, but wanted to double check if I missed any tax advantage methods.
Thanks Bogleheads
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2023.06.11 00:26 GroundbreakingAd6288 [F4M]Black Clover Roleplay!

Hi! I'm sorry if my post isn't as nice looking at the others, but I hope you like my idea! I enjoy world/story building and Black Clover! I'm looking for someone to be Yami to go along with an OC of mine.(I'm also looking for a Nozel but that story is just romance)
Our story will start after the elf arc. After that, we can make a completely new story. After Julius met with the Captains regarding repairs, Julius requested Yami to stay behind and come to his office. Julius explains to Yami that he has a daughter. One of the walls in his office opens to reveal a gorgeous Elven woman with gray skin. She was a dark elf and emitted no magical power, like Asta. Julius entrusts her to Yami and the Black Bulls as he can no longer keep her hidden since he has no Magic.
The jist of my idea is she's already kind of smitten with Yami as her 'father' has told her a lot about everybody. She has extremely powerful magic that is effective against devil's and she and Yami go on a quest to find out more about her heritage so she can control her magic. I'm happy to change anything and make more plot points. This is just the main idea I have for this particular OC.
I'm looking for a longterm roleplay partner who is literate, 3rd person, and detailed. I usually match my partners length. I'm fine with doubling so we can both get someone we want. I need my partner and all characters to be 18+ since this roleplay will get explicit at times, but thats not the focus. I prefer a mix of romance/slice of life/action to keep it interesting but this main focus is probably romance. I'm happy to discuss any and all other aspects with you! We can go along with the anime or make something completely new. The romance between them will be kind of a slowburn. I'd like for us to build a world we're both happy with. You need to have discord.
I have about 8 years of roleplay experience (back when IG and kik were really popular so starting in 2012) and am trying to return to it. I'm 23F and my timezone is +1 CST but I'm fine with any time difference. I'm a SAHM so I understand life gets busy and you can't respond all day. Just also let me know ahead of time if you'll be unavailable for an extended period of time. Feel free to dm me!
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2023.06.11 00:25 Admirable-Currency25 Anybody ever get denied a rain check??

Went to a semi private course today. Ran into my friends uncle & cousin (members) and we played with them. We get to the turn and there a 6 some in front of us. I’m starting to warm up so I wanna keep playing but the other 3 didn’t want to wait. Fine. The members went to the range and my friend and I went to grab rain checks. I’m 40 but I know I look 25 (black don’t crack unless u smoke it). Pro shop guy is like 30 but I can just tell he’s talking to me like I’m a kid. “What’s the problem” “We don’t wanna wait behind a 6 some that u started on 10. I’ll take a rain check” Guy looks me up and down and says “well I don’t normally do rain checks but I will just this one time. Don’t ask again” I ended up getting the rain check but I’m wondering how many ppl have asked for a rain check and been denied. It doesn’t say anything about a refund policy that i can see. Also, the course wasn’t even backed up on the front to not sure why he even started then right there.
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2023.06.11 00:25 Marshatucker300 My review of the 1981 my bloody valentine spoiler for the original and remake.

The original was good but the remake was better. I really like Harry warden’s design he has always been a very cool looking slasher villain ever since I saw him. ( I remember seeing him for the first time back in 2009 when they were advertising him for the remake. However, I wasn’t into horror at the time like I am now I mean, are you used to watch goosebumps the haunting hour when I was younger so I’ve always had a thing for horror, but it didn’t really ramp up in two hours 13 with creepypastas then horror, movies, then horror video games when I was 13/14 years old. ) put it on my Texas chainsaw 3-D disc. It advertised my bloody valentine, 3-D, and I have a member of the scene in the advertisements of Harry standing in the store, waiting for Sarah and Megan. His design always screamed out to me that he was super cool looking. At the time I couldn’t get into my bloody valentine, compared to other slashers most likely because my mind wasn’t mature enough at the time I’m 23 now. However, I couldn’t get over his design and would watch tributes of Harry warden whenever I got bored just for design alone. Back in February after use of not watching tribute to him something told me to watch tributes again and I did of the remake and something screamed out to me to get the films like something clicked in me that didn’t click before. When I couldn’t find the movie, I waited till march for my birthday. If I had to get one which I get the 3-D version of the remake, I had to get the uncensored version of the original so I got the steel book edition. ) when I first got the movie I thought OK the movie was just alright but after going back a little while back. I’m actually quite surprised the movie was actually not as bad as I remembered I remember it being a low budget cheap movie. However, it’s not bad coal mining setting was really good, besides warden’s design Valentines stuff doesn’t really clash like I remembered it doing. Harry story is good. He has a lot of potential. The story was decent. However, in the end, Harry was kind of wasted potential. Spoiler alert Harry was not the villain in the original Sarah’s boyfriend since there was a love triangle axel was the villain. As a boy axel’s dad was one of the two supervisors who left the post for the Valentine’s Day dance which caused mine collapse, that Buried Warden and his team alive. Traumatized he blamed the town for not protecting his dad from warden, and picked up his mantle oil the real one died five years before the events of the movie in the asylum. Axel ended up, cutting off his arm to avoid the police and went deeper into the mines, laughing like a maniac. The ballad of Harry Warden also really stands out to me. I like all those/shows in horror movies that usually use rock ‘n’ roll or heavy-metal this song is unique. It sounds like an old folk tale type song which stands out for me. I love my bloody valentine for being such a unique film, compared to the other slashers however, I’m not going to lie to you while it’s a good movie the remake is the far superior version.
In the remake, the story is better, and we actually get to know Harry compared to his 1981 counterpart. There’s actually a huge debate online when it came to the remake. Tom, the ex-boyfriend in the love triangle what is the villain in the remake not the boyfriend like in the original. The debate is was Tom possessed or did he have a split personality you can go back-and-forth on the whole situation and still never get an official answer. We might’ve got the real answer if we got the sequel that was unfortunately never made. However less is more sometimes it makes Harry more mysterious in the remake like come to your own conclusion if you believe he’s possessed then he’s possessed. If you believe he has a split personality then there’s your answer. It makes you think and keeps the Movie alive with theories. To me I stand on he does have some level of trauma but mainly possessed. Him being a ghost possessing Tom makes him mysterious, interesting, unique which complements his super cool design. That and besides getting to know him i enjoyed his rivalry with Tom. Tom being-arrogant just because he was the boss’s son clashing with Harry the leader of the miners more competent personality, to causing the mine collapse, to nearly dying, to being possessed and becoming his own worst enemy while trying to protect his friends. The rivalry between the two works also well. Maybe another reason why i love the remake so much and it’s my favorite movie next to the 2009 Friday the 13th movie is because I knew the remake a whole lot longer than the original. So while I like the 1981 version the 2009 version is the far superior version to me.
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2023.06.11 00:24 PewPopHANG Garlan III - Toxic (Open)

As the night's veil began to lift, a soft glow caressed the edges of the world, heralding the arrival of a new day. A sliver of golden light peirced through the horizon, slowly unfurling its radiant fingers to paint the canvas of the sky.
The sky, once a tranquil abyss of midnight blue, transformed into a living canvas of shifting hues. A gentle blush of pink tinged the edges, as skies above grew near fierce with its passion, so did the manse of House Tyrell.
Lord Bertrand Tyrell's solar, a sanctuary within the towering walls of his castle, exuded an air of refined sophistication. Adorned with towering bookshelves, it overflowed with ancient tomes and leather-bound volumes, their pages ripe with the wisdom of ages.
At its center was a grand oaken desk, adorned with piles of scrolls and quills, where Lord Bertrand sat looking towards his son, Garlan.
“So you want me to say what again?” Garlan replied to his father, confusion sitting ripe across his face.
“Briony Brax, we know.” Bert would begin, “From there you try to make a friend of her, council her to better protect herself and so forth, after all our goal isn’t to become enemies with the West…not yet.”
“Understood,” The boy would say slowly, his brow raised as he looked at the aged man, unsure of what he was plotting.
“Now run along, I shall have you meet with her later in the day.”
With that said between the pair, Garlan would rise from his seat and bow his head to his father.
From there he’d spend a few hours milling about the training yard of their manse before taking a journey through the city, he’d wished to stop by various locations before he returned back to his manse to meet with Briony of the House Brax.
He'd bring with him two knights, armed to the teeth and glad in full plate. The young Tyrell himself would leave in but a fine silk robe, with jewelry aplenty.
(Garlan is travelling the streets, come hit up the fancy looking mfer
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2023.06.11 00:24 ButterscotchNo7758 The Luminous Solution Episode 3

Drama: The Luminous Solution
Available on:
  1. YouTube: Follow this link for the cut version available on YouTube: The English subtitles are up for all current episodes.
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
2) Gagaoolala:
The uncut version will be available on Gagaoolala on Sundays.
MDL Summary:
This isn't a normal coffee shop, it only appears when you need it most. Thana, an office worker, gets fired from his job, and his relationship with Patis, his boyfriend of nearly a decade, is in trouble. Ryou and his high school classmate Mai have fallen in love over a long period of time, but their journey is not without its share of pain. As both couples grapple with their challenges, they find themselves drawn to the enigmatic coffee shop, where their fates are about to change. But remember, nothing worthwhile comes without effort, and every wish carries a price...
I really couldn't figure out why Thana looked so familiar to me. Yim (from Love Mechanics) could be his hot younger brother. His libido is as potent as his little bro's in this episode.
I love the little Rhyou and Mai cuddles but I'm more of a fan of Nack and Rhyou to be honest.
This show is actually turning out to be quite easy to follow and has an interesting storyline with Thai Ursula possibly having a surprise son to boot!
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2023.06.11 00:24 E_Barriick Diablo 4 has a serious Diablo 2 problem!!

So let me start with I absolutely love D4 and I think it is a near perfect ARPG and I plan on investing thousands of hours over many years. Just like I did D2 and D3.
So many people don't remember what D2 was ACTUALLY like back in 2002. I was just turning 20 and wow that game was crazy. D1 didn't have skill trees, gems, item classes, or even difficulties to choose from (in single player). It was HARD. The best we had was gamefaqs and forums to get some help and there was not a lot of help back then. This is also assuming you weren't paying by the hour to look stuff up online (which many of us still were) .
Now a days when you hear people tall about D2, they talk about it like they know every single mechanic in the game. They talk about it like everything was super intuitive, well designed, and easy to understand. This was not how it felt back in 2002. People were constantly hitting brick walls, unable to progress, frustrated, scammed, tricked, and annoyed. It wasn't until years later when people really started to understand the game and pass that knowledge that the general population started to fall back in love. LoD really helped too.
I personally see the same thing happening here. D4 has a lot of new, complicated, and unituitve systems. I see the potential but I don't blame others for not seeing. I don't blame people for being turned off by the difficulty and the lack of hand holding. I personally am a little surprised Blizzard hasn't done more to help casual players.
I think this game is going to be the new standard for ARPG the way D2 was. Also, like D2, I think we are a year away from people recognizing that. Just my opinion.
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2023.06.11 00:24 HotdogCzar Career options for unskilled late bloomer?

Hi everyone. I am a 41 year old guy with no college education and I need advice. I'll try to be as clear and short as I can be. This is not a sob story BTW. I just need to provide some background to explain my career limitations. Thanks.
In my 20s I worked my ass off. Cooking, newspapers while I worked at a wholesale optical lab full time. I loved working and I love money.
I always put off college because I was making so much money doing this that I felt it would be a waste. At 28 years old I started to take graphic design classes. I did 4 years in HS (yes my school had GD and metal shop and black and white photo and even electronics). I figured I loved designing as I did a few small design jobs on the side. I did a couple of booklets for a local hockey team and I did some business card stuff. Design logos etc..
Well by 30 years old I started to get sick. I dropped out of these classes and by 35 was diagnosed with cancer. 2 years of chemo and radiation. It got pretty bad and finally in 2018 I had a stem cell transplant from which I developed lung infections. My lungs are shot so I can't do physical work anymore. Even the hustle of cooking professionally is too much.
It took a few years to recover so I never got around to thinking about what I was going to do after. To be honest I wasn't sure there was going to be an after. Now Im ready to go but at 41, the idea of going in debt for schooling is crushing. I've still got a couple thousand left on my loan from way back when. When I got sick I had some help putting it on hold. Then the government put all loans on hold because of COVID.
I currently work at a leather shop but I can't last there. It's slightly hazardous to my health. My doctor recommended that I work from home. Ideally freelance but from home. This way I could avoid people during cold and flu season and there are certain things I am unusually susceptible to. Also if I am having a bad day respiratory wise, I am not beholden to a manager's wrath for needing an extra hour or two to get moving. That type of thing.
I am looking for any thoughts on this. What types of at home or freelance work do people recommend someone like me get into. I know it is difficult. Everyone wants to do it. My goal is to move away from Pennsylvania in the next five years and I would like a transferrable skill and hopefully a transferrable job. I've been taking some writing classes at a local community college with the idea of doing some freelance writing part time. Making a livable wage writing fulltime seems like a monumental challenge. I also took two years of journalism in school. Yes I know, my school also had a journalism class. What can I say, it was the 90s. I am by no means a good writer but I enjoy it. I am drawn toward article writing and interview/journalism writing. Investigation and research are what I am interested in.
I am rambling now.
I am a non-skilled 41 year old man who can not do physical labor. I would like to freelance for health/quality of life purposes. Can you folks help me brainstorm. Thank you.
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2023.06.11 00:24 pastalilahmacun Is there a mod that lets you see your old colony/colonists/base etc?

Before all i'm not native english speaker so i may speak nonsense.I want this because i had a colony that was actualy fun for me and for some reason i got attached to it but i can't remember pawns names/look etc.I want to see it one more time for the nostalgia all i remember is:
It was like a perfect story run,the colony started with a based transhumanist all wooden prosthetics gigachad named Torsen felling off the sky naked in middle of nowhere.He had nearly no knowledge in anything (his skills was like mostly at 1-3) the only thing he had was his passion for knowledge (fast learner),his unending will to live (Iron Willed) and his iron like skin (tough) he got from his childhood (Unwanted survivor).
The first year was like a real survival it was more of a nature vs human than human vs humanTorsen nearly burned,frozen,clawed,beaked,scratched,bited and beated to death.(he always got his ass covered in the last minutes)
At the second year (yeah it realy took long he was realy,realy,realy slow) he finaly got the technology of self defense ( G U N S ).
At third year he got 3 people on colony (a nurse,builder-meele fighter guy,cook) now he can install better parts to himself also we did nurse leader of our faction cuz she was a good talker.
The fourth year didn't had any action we got 2 more people,(a shooting specialist and a farmer)then we killed of a few raiders.
At fifth year colony finaly became functional and properly defensable (say hello to 4 uranium turrets at front door of my Mountain base) we got invaded by 9 mechanoid thanks to Torsen's IED traps they got crushed (also goodybe one of uranium turrets you will be missed).
Aaaaaand i can't remember after that damn (*  ̄︿ ̄)
PS:I'm talking about old version saves i forgot to add sorry.
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2023.06.11 00:24 SouljaIsSpy03 [WEEK 1 UPDATE] Monotype Legends Tourney!

Hey all! Last time we met, I was looking for players to start a tourney where multiple nuzlockers duke it out representing each type. Over the past week we've hit our player capacity (and even got some spectators in the mix!) So without further ado, here's an update on each team.
Normal (DarthDoom) Normal might be a simple type, but looks can be deceiving! DarthDoom really made it work in their White 2 run. Quincy the Raticate is their star player, having recently wiped the floor with Elesa.
Fire (HopRockets) Our Fire-type contender's really bringing some heat to the tourney! Playing X, HopRockets had a really bold strategy against Grant, which was to get Katy Perry the Litleo to get a Noble Roar in on Tyrunt so Johnny Cash the Charmeleon could switch in safely. Sadly, though, this resulted in Katy Perry's demise. She walked so the Man in Black could run. Last I checked, he's searching the Lost Hotel for a Heat Rotom.
Water (BigNasty) Time to cool off a bit and take a look at BigNasty's Shield run! Already, they're at Wyndon Stadium, but getting there was not without sacrifice. Recently, BigNasty had to bid Sardine the Barraskewda adieu, as the interviewer Double Battle on Route 10 brought a challenge. The foe's Noivern set up a Tailwind allowing Togedemaru to outspeed and KO Sardine with a Zing Zap. Thankfully, BigNasty has more physical attackers on standby, and Sardine will be remembered as they close out this run.
Grass (JackPokemaster) I forgot to mention, each contender is allowed one wipe to recouperate and try a different strategy. This is precisely what happened with our Grass-type contender, Jack, in his X run, who lost all but Burn Me the Burmy to a duo of Furfrou. Burn Me would last a little bit longer, but not by much. Last I heard, he's getting back on his feet and hopes to finish strong.
Psychic (TheBenji) Benji's been setting the bar pretty high, as one of our first contenders to finish their run! In X, they had a really close final Lysandre fight, but used some really fun strategies involving sleep and Eva the Malamar's Topsy-Turvy! Now I'm not playing favorites here, but I'd love to see them go far in the final tournament.
Ground (GenlockeGene) You might recognize this guy, he's the coordinator of the Masters 8 tournament on Discord! But here, he's our Ground-type representative, playing Platinum! Last time he checked in, he unfortunately suffered the loss of Swiper the Gligar to a critical Shadow Ball from Fantina's team. Here's to hoping the rest of his team can hold strong!
Amaradis (Poison) With their nickname theme being numbers, (and numerous Britney Spears gifs of you know exactly what song in the discussion channel) Amaradis is well on their way to a great run of Y. Last they checked in, they defeated Korrina and acquired the Rumble Badge. Keep on staying toxic, Amaradis!
Rock (Saltwater) Saltwater's Rock run of Shield ended tragically at the Stow-on-Side gym, only having 3 team members left. However, as I stated earlier, one wipe is allowed to recouperate and try new strategies. As of recently, they've beaten Nessa again, only this time, their Drednaw survived, who will likely be a key member in the fights to come.
Flying (Cenny) Cenny hasn't checked in with team progress too much, but they're still just as worthy of the gold medal as everyone else! In their Emerald run, they recently beat Wattson, but unfortunately had to sacrifice Loon the Golbat. I can only imagine they've caught many more Flying-types since, though!
Bug (Kemical) Our second Shield contender, Kemical, has certainly been showing the other contenders that bugs are not to be messed with. They're currently about to challenge the Champion Cup with a formidable team, including Ronin the Scizor and Pennywise the Golisopod. Good luck, Kemical!
Ghost (Garrapto) Garrapto is yet another contender who tragically lost their first attempt of Shield at the first Marnie fight due to an unlucky flinch. (Morpeko can really be a pain in the neck.) Nevertheless, they're proudly rebuilding and we hope Garrapto can still finish strong!
Dark (Redbred) X is a very popular game among our contenders, and Redbred is yet another contender running the game. In fact, she's already beaten the League as well! Unfortunately NoFroggie the Drapion needed to be sacrificed in order to get WrongAmphibian the Krookodile in a safe position to sweep Diantha's team. Considering their Greninja is nicknamed Frog, you can probably guess their nickname theme by now...
Dragon (Cabbage) You might think running such a powerful type in a game like Shield that has numerous Dragon encounters would be easy, right? Wrong. It comes with many trials and tribulations, and Cabbage is no stranger to this treatment. A bloodbath occurred when Cabbage challenged Melony, and tragically lost Blueberry the Noibat, Apple the Appletun, and Pineapple the Druddigon. However, they've since rebuilt, and even have a powerful ally in the form of Mango the Dracovish on their side! Hopefully Cabbage pulls through and takes Leon down!
Steel (Avery) Avery's run of the Kalos region met a tragic end in Reflection Cave, a notorious run-killer. Normally when contenders wipe, they stay on the same game, Avery's run is a special case, as they decided to run Violet instead! Last time they checked in, they had acquired a Gimmighoul and a Rookidee. Hopefully this run goes better for them!
Fairy (KinglerChamp) Kingler's run of Ultra Moon using only Fairy-types was unfortunately over quick. The first attempt fell short at Ilima, but Kingler rebuilt and managed to cook up a smart strategy to take him down. Totem Raticate was the next hurdle, but Kingler got unlucky and lost his Cutiefly to an unsuspecting Yungoos with Strong Jaw-boosted STAB Hyper Fang. His starter Popplio additionally fell in the Totem fight itself. Finally, his remaining Mime Jr fell to a Cottonee's critical-hit Mega Drain, eliminating them from the tournament. He does however stream these runs, and you're welcome to check them out here! -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything from our Fighting, Ice, and Electric-type contenders yet, but hopefully next week, that will change. That's all for this weekly update, and we'll see you all in 7 days, give or take!
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2023.06.11 00:24 LoosePatellas Need friends for items/experience

I am back in my smaller town where I don’t live near a decent amount of pokestops to replenish my pokeballs. I usually send gifts daily so add me if you want to!
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