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2017.09.24 08:31 TriforceofTime Sad Horse Show

Bojack Horseman parody comics (and memes, too), Inspired by u/Tethys_K and their glorious sad horse show image that started it all.

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Memes! A way of describing cultural information being shared. An element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by nongenetic means, especially imitation.

2023.05.29 23:54 Formal_Pea9167 I Watch Paige's Week At Home Blog So You Don't Have To, I'm Serious The Vlog Is Like An Hour Long Don't Do This To Yourself

A day late but we're here, my little cheeto eaters! Remember as always to grab your bingo cards and let's get our little long weekend slumber party going. This whole fucking thing is FORTY MINUTES LONG, you're all lucky that my sibling who was supposed to spend the day chilling at my place has apparently forgotten that plan.

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2023.05.29 18:40 Higgnkfe Survivor 44 Finale Winner Pick Statistics

Here are the latest winner pick statistics. This is a "midseason" update. The next update will be after the finale.

To avoid any potential spoilers (or even the impression that something could be a spoiler), numbers for a particular castaway will be published only after they are voted out.

Episode 11

Danny was ranked 8/18 in Winner Picks.
He had 72 of 1,380 total picks (5.22%).
Of the people who picked Danny as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 84 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 6.09%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 9
  • +/- to real rank: +1

Post Episode 11

597 Winner Picks (43.26%) still standing.

Why Did People Think Danny would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "In his bio he talks about being a kind and compassionate person instead of focusing on hardcore strategy and that gives me good vibes, he seems like someone who won't present themselves as a strategic threat and because of that he'll stick around long enough to win FTC with his social skills same as Gabler did last season."
  • "Danny seems really down to Earth and a people person. He is also very aware of how people perceive him which is really important in all aspects of the game. A physical asset for his tribe, I think he will make strong early bonds and be likeable enough to end up as the Sole Survivor."
  • "Based on his preseason profile, Danny will be a strong physical player who nevertheless understands the importance of being kind and developing positive relationships. He cites Jeremy as an inspiration for his gameplay, which I think is a wise choice."
  • "Tom Westman 2.0 (is what I'm telling myself anyways)"
  • "Cause his name has double letters"

Episode 12

Jaime was ranked 18/18 in Winner Picks.
She had 17 of 1,380 total picks (1.23%).
Of the people who picked Jaime as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 54 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 3.91%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 18
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Post Episode 12

580 Winner Picks (42.03%) still standing.

Why Did People Think Jaime would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Jaime-Lynn just has… it! She’s definitely sweet; but fun. Sassy, yet smart and she is absolutely someone who would be willing to backstab. She just feels like the perfect survivor winner."
  • "I thought Jamie seems level-headed and adaptable. I think she will be starting well in her tribe and will surprise people at the merge "
  • "Jamie has the same name as my mom so she has to win just because lol plus my mom is rooting for her cuz of the same name lol"
  • "She just seems… fun. She has a head on her shoulders but not in a way that seems threatening!"
  • "the vibes are just simply immaculate with this chick"


Lauren was ranked 12/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 52 of 1,380 total picks (3.77%).
Of the people who picked Lauren as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 91 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 6.59%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 7
  • +/- to real rank: -5

Why Did People Think Lauren would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Lauren seems very social and approachable as a person, especially with the social game becoming more important and impactful in seasons 41-43 with the smaller tribe format. I can see her getting into that early majority and making good run at the merge - I think she’ll be a very logical, social and smart player."
  • "The logo has a woman with an afro. Season 43 had a person that looked like Gabler on the logo, so I’m hoping that carries over!"
  • "I want someone who plays an aggressive game to win, we’ve had too many “subtle” winners. I definitely think a Ratu’s winning this season."
  • "Lauren is adept at handling drama being someone recently divorced. I think people will severely underestimate her and I believe she knows how to act appropriately around certain people, given she is an elementary school teacher. I also think she'll give a killer FTC performance."
  • "In a praying, I heard a certain Macedonian Jesus wisper her name"

Carson was ranked 11/18 in Winner Picks.

He had 53 of 1,380 total picks (3.84%).
Of the people who picked Carson as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 116 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 8.41%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 2
  • +/- to real rank: -9

Why Did People Think Carson would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "In preseason interviews, Carson has mentioned studying the game loads of times. With his young age and acquired knowledge to play the game decently, especially involving ideas focused on reducing perception of threat level, the cast will likely downplay his abilities, allowing him to go far and take the money."
  • "He appears to be extremely intelligent, which will definitely serve him well. Even though he’s young, I think he has a good grasp of what the game entails and will be able to integrate himself well on his tribe.
  • "back to back seasons often share similarities and Carson is the most similar to Jesse from season 43 who probably played the "best" game overall.
  • "Carson seems like the ideal mix of intelligence, athleticism and cunning, while still managing to seem non-threatening due to his age and cheerful, childlike personality. I think he'll easy make the merge, and from that point on the biggest battle will be managing his threat level."
  • "Big sophomore-by-credit-hours energy"

Carolyn was ranked 2/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 100 of 1,380 total picks (7.25%).
Of the people who picked Carolyn as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 103 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 7.46%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 4
  • +/- to real rank: +2

Why Did People Think Carolyn would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Mother! Carolyn may seem like an eclectic and "out there" pick but just look at our last two winners. Maryanne and Gabler proved that wacky and fun characters can win this game and I believe that the trend will continue with Queen Carolyn."
  • "I've watched her play ORGs before and she was a fun player in those and usually would place well. Her personality is chaotic but she is a smart and caring player and I think that would help her win."
  • "Picking someone like Carolyn 3 seasons ago would be an insane choice for most people but I think with the past few winners we're seeing now that archetypes that were previously only casted to be zany characters are now able to make strategic moves and win the game. I think Carolyn is someone who can play similar games to a Maryanne and Gabler by using her quirky persona while making strategic moves with players who might underestimate her at the start."
  • "I played Survivor with her in an ORG! She was the first boot both times, but she has gone on to win other online orgs! She is an absolute Queen/Icon and even though she is out there, she has an incredible social game, and she's going to be very smart and in-tune with the people around her. I have 0 doubt that she's going to be iconic this season, and I'm delighted that she can represent people who play survivor online because they love the game that much."
  • "She's weird. I like that."

Heidi was ranked 15/18 in Winner Picks.

She had 38 of 1,380 total picks (2.75%).
Of the people who picked Danny as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 72 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 5.22%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 15
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Why Did People Think Heidi would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "Heidi seems very personable and friendly, and does not stand out as a strategic threat. This has been a pattern for winners in the "new era" and I hope she can survive the early merge and slip under the radar through the jury phase."
  • "We're due for another Puetro Rican winner, and Heidi will be more lowkey of the 2 options. She seems like a more nuturing version of Sandra who has the challenge ability to elevate her game to the next level."
  • "I have maintained since the start of 41 that the new 26-day format benefits those who slow play it the best. I still feel that the mom archetype has a good chance to win if they get to the end, as they have not won in a long time. I picked Heather, Marya, and Lindsay the last 3 seasons, I’m sticking to my guns and picking Heidi."
  • "I chose Heidi because she wants to play like Angelina. How can she lose ?"
  • "I always get it wrong when I use careful reasoning so this time I picked a name that I like."

Yam Yam was ranked 1/18 in Winner Picks.

He had 337 of 1,380 total picks (24.42%).
Of the people who picked Yam Yam as their winner pick:
  • Median calculated guess for "how many people picked the same person as you": 155 (rounded)
  • Calculated guess percentage: 11.23%
  • Rank of estimated guesses: 1
  • +/- to real rank: 0

Why Did People Think Yam Yam would win?

Users were given to a chance to explain their winner picks. We have compiled some of those quotes below:
  • "I literally love talking to barbers/hair stylists because they have so much gossip. I feel like they are actually selective with the information they share, but by the end you are usually able to make a good friend. So, this led me to debating between Yam Yam and Matthew because this is a skill I feel like we rarely see on Survivor, and in the new era I think a lot of people are going to find these social war-horses as big threats. Yam Yam stands out as someone that can just make people laugh and seem like he's not playing the game. However, I feel like he's hiding a coniving, sneaky side that people may see in someone like Tony that gets him to a good position, and then suddenly you're looking at no way of stopping the Yam Yam battering ram."
  • "he owns a salon. we all know that many people like their hair laid to perfection, and i can only assume this is how Yam Yam will play survivor. there is no room for error when you are a hairdresser, and Yam Yam will apply his styling skills to survivor and slay the jury with his fashionable yet strategic endeavors."
  • "They are or used to be a drag queen if I’m not mistaken. And everyone knows that drag queens are cutthroat af, so Yam Yam ftw."
  • "Yam Yam seems so unassuming and funny that he’ll lower the guards of the other castaways while making good social connections. I think he can sneak his way to the end by not appearing as a strategic or physical threat on the surface and then his social game will get him the votes."
  • "Top-tier meme pick. Naseer wills it."

Season Archive

You can view the spreadsheet here
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2023.05.29 10:37 aslfingerspell I don't think most fiction truly understands how powerful a modern military is.

One of the classic themes of battleboarding and fiction is technology vs magic. There's something really cool about the idea of modern technology going up against superpowers and magic, or even just superpowers being used in war. Izetta: The Last Witch is basically about a single magic user in an alternate World War Two. The Wonder Woman movie sees a superhero on the battlefield of WW1. Dr. Manhattan wins the Vietnam War. Captain America punched Hitler. Wakanda's military is built on super-technology.
Some people like to imagine what effect fantasy creatures, races, or monsters would have on warfare.
I myself had a post on here about how one of my favorite tropes is seeing how a superhero, villain, or monster stacks up to police or military forces, since it gives us a solid idea of their power relative to real life weapons.
However, I think modern audiences and creators have lost sight of how truly powerful and downright horrifying a modern military is. All the advanced weapons are just the start.
Thought Experiment:
I want you to imagine a monster that has these capabilities:
The punchline to this setup is obviously that what I'm describing is not a "monster" but a real life military vehicle, but where I'm going to surprise you is in what it is. What I've asked you to imagine is not an attack helicopter, not a fighter jet, not even a tank. What I've just described to you is the M113, a basic armored personnel carrier with a single machinegun and squad inside.
Sure, there's always some fancy engineering in military vehicles, but yeah, for our purposes the M113 is basically a metal box with treads and an engine on it.
This transport vehicle, not necessarily meant for direct combat, sounds like some kind of party-killing D&D monster when you lay out its actual capabilities. Now let me tell you that an "Armored Personnel Carrier" with just a single machinegun is actually fairly basic.
If we want to look at "Infantry Fighting Vehicles", which are meant to transport infantry, support them, and work alongside tanks, we might additionally have:
A modern, mechanized military again, can have thousands of such vehicles. Oh, and a lot of actual tanks, airplanes, and artillery too. Finally, you have some actual human soldiers fighting alongside all these mechanical monsters.
But these monsters aren't the scary part. The real terror of a modern military isn't the tanks, planes, or artillery, but its ability to sense and coordinate.
Who is more scary as a villain: a mob boss who can punch through a brick wall, or a mob boss who always knows where you are? What is more scary to face as an opponent in combat: a wizard who takes a few minutes to charge up some big fireball attack, or a wizard who can simply divine where you are and teleport a small grenade right in front of your face?
It's the ability to find targets, not just destroy them, that makes all the difference. I've been reading a book called 7 Seconds to Die, which is an analysis of the Second Nagorno-Karabakh War in 2020. The basic thesis of the book is that while overshadowed by the pandemic, the war is a glimpse into the future, given how Azerbaijan's military was able to inflict a crushing defeat on Armenia with an array of new technologies that reads less like a war and more like a horror movie.
The name of the title comes from a soldier remarking that when they heard loitering munitions overhead, they had only 7 seconds until it hit. A loitering munition, by the way, is basically a hybrid drone/bomb that can fly around for hours looking for targets, then dive onto them and explode. LMs are already intelligent and well-programmed enough to identify and choose their own targets, with human operators being able to step in as necessary. Did you even know that was a thing?
A big theme of 7 Seconds to Die is that the modern battlefield is "transparent". There is nowhere to run and it is almost impossible to fully hide. The "kill chain", the process of a military detecting something, deciding to hit it, and being able to hit it, is easier and faster than before. If you make a noise, emit heat, send out an electromagnetic signal, etc, you will be found, you will be targeted, you will die.
The ranges and accuracy of drones, artillery, and missiles is such that your only real defense is not being detected or seen, and that's only getting harder. Tanks are still relevant, but heavy armor is less meaningful when missiles and drones can attack the top armor which is thinner. Traditional camouflage and cover is becoming less meaningful when the amount of "sensors" on the battlefield, whether thermal, acoustic, electromagnetic, etc. is not only increasing, but sensors are becoming shooters. The drone that detects you doesn't just send a video feed back to headquarters. It sends a missile to you.
No longer will you have to wait whole minutes after being spotted for artillery to rain down on your position, as a human Forward Observer has to manhandle some radio and talk to another human, going through a whole procedure to call in your exact coordinates. Instead, you're just minding your own business when you hear a drone overhead, a drone that can not only spot you with its cameras and sensors, but has the artificial intelligence to select its own target (you) and instantly attack. 7 seconds to die.
If the speed and "transparency" of modern battlefields is scary, so is their size. On a Napoleonic battlefield, you might have to contend yourself with cannons that can shoot only around a mile away, and inaccurately at that. Now, you have "deep strikes" with "precision fires" as missiles and rockets can accurately strike over a hundred miles away. There is no "safe" rear area anymore. Anyone and everyone in-theatre is within range of a modern military. The only question is when will they find you, and how.
Thought Experiment #2: Imagine a military unit as a single entity, rather than just normal people with equipment:
One of the most foundational principles of military thought in basically any era is "combined arms", using different kinds of forces to your advantage. Armies aren't just a bunch of people with weapons, but people fighting together in ways that complement each other. Infantry anvil to the cavalry's hammer, tanks working in open terrain with their long-range guns and infantry crawling around in dense terrain where enemies are harder to find.
As a thought experiment, it can help to approach a military unit as though it were some kind of dispersed hive mind creature. A brigade isn't just 1,000 people with vehicles and equipment. It is a superhumanly fast, durable, and powerful monster that has superhuman intelligence (i.e. HQ unit with a professionally trained command staff) and different organs dedicated to dealing with different threats (i.e. all the different sub-units and weapon types).
If an artillery observer spots you and calls in a fire mission, that's not a "normal human" talking on the radio so another normal human can fire a cannon, but an "eye" of the creature spotting you and allowing one of its tendrils to strike from miles away.
Alternately, if that's a bit too abstract, you can attribute the capabilities of all the soldiers and vehicles in a unit to their commander. A battalion commander who can order his artillery batteries to level a city-block is, effectively, a City Block level character. A squad leader who can command their heavy weapons team to demolish a building with a rocket launder is, effectively, a Building level character.
Thought Experiment #3: Military Capabilities as Superpowers:
So much modern technology, military technology included, is basically the functional equivalent of magic. What, in all honesty, is the practical difference between some magic eyewear that allows you to see in the dark, and regular night-vision goggles?
Superhuman senses are already a mundane reality of modern militaries. Take your pick of binocular, thermal, night vision, etc. There's even some really fun stuff, like systems that can tell you where a sniper is hiding by analyzing the acoustics of the gunshot, or "counter-battery radar" which detects shells and missiles in mid-flight and can trace back the origins of their firing units.
Wouldn't it be cool if we had a superhero who could fly, superhumanly durable, with a ranged attack capable of hitting targets miles away? That's not a superhero. That's just an attack helicopter with long-range missiles.
What if we create mirror images of ourselves to confuse the enemy or make ourselves invisible? Electronic warfare involves a lot of this; decoys, false radar and signal returns, "masking" one's own signatures.
Do you want something superhumanly strong? Look at heavy lift helicopters that can lift tens of thousands of pounds.
Do you want fire to rain down from the sky and just kill everything on the map? That's where cluster munitions and long-range rocket systems like HIMARS or MRLS come in.
Do you want the enemy to stop raining down fire from the sky on you? Well, there's Counter-Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar systems, which are basically CIWS (Close-In Weapons Systems) put on land. They fire so accurately and fast they can literally just shoot individual artillery shells to pieces before they hit the ground.
Do you wish there was some kind of magic spell or energy you could use to scan an area? That's just radar.
Do you want a weapon that helps you fight with it, a weapon that talks and gives advice on what to do? Autopilots and cockpit voiceovers have been a thing in airplanes for decades.
Do you want projectiles that magically home in on the enemy? Take your favorite guidance system. Would you like a weapon that remembers what a target looks like? That's television guidance. Tracks heat signatures? Thermal. You can have missiles and bombs that home in on enemy signals like radio, radar, or jamming signals. Do you want missiles that know where they are because they know where they're not? The "missile knows where it is" meme is basically just describing an inertial-guidance system i.e. if you're in a car, you can feel acceleration and turns. Machines can be designed to "feel" that too as a way to tell how fast they are, what direction they're headed, and thus where they are.
Do you want to "counterspell" the enemy's telepathy? Okay, that's just jamming their radio signals and data links.
A wizard can summon more ammo until they run out of mana, or your radio operator can call in resupply until their headset runs out of battery.
Are you sick of the enemy jamming all your stuff? There are weapons that home in on enemy jamming signals.
On one hand, I'll admit it's very interesting to realize "Wait a minute, tanks and helicopters are basically superhuman monsters from an infantryman's perspective."
Yet, on the other, I feel that the real strength of a truly modern military isn't in its ability to spew forth bullets or drop bombs on stuff. That stuff is something ordinary people comprehend: big booms and spraying ammo everywhere is something we've all seen in movies and games.
Instead, the real strength of a military is the ability to find and accurately target the enemy in the first place, combined with the communication and coordination to get all that firepower on target. If you've ever heard of the "survivability onion", it's basically the idea that there are "layers" of protection, the first of which is "Don't be seen." If you're seen, don't get hit. If you're hit, don't get penetrated. If you're penetrated, don't get killed.
People focus a lot on the weapons and explosions, what penetrates armor and kills the target. Others focus on "precision weapons" or "guided bombs", and admire how easy it is to hit something. However, the most precise weapon is still useless if it doesn't know where to aim; the real strength of a military is knowing as much about the enemy as possible so that it can maneuver it's forces and complete it's "kill chains" faster.
The terror and power of a modern military isn't just the firepower, but the certainty. On a "transparent battlefield" it's not just the big guns, but the fact that the big guns know where you are.
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2023.05.29 08:11 BrandanLovesYou Had this gem pop up in my Snapchat memories from 6 years ago

Had this gem pop up in my Snapchat memories from 6 years ago
R5: Funny horse meme throwback
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2023.05.29 06:22 44nifty i dont understand why so many fans of this show want to fuck the horses

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2023.05.29 00:52 Katyusha_Vegan What bug is each personality type based purely on vibes? Part 4: Analysts

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2023.05.28 21:18 stock_digest 🚀 CNBC hit piece incoming. RC has rattled some cages. Short Hedgies are fucked! 🧨💥💥💥💥

🚀 CNBC hit piece incoming. RC has rattled some cages. Short Hedgies are fucked! 🧨💥💥💥💥

🛌 🛀 🌌 🍖 🧘‍♂️💎👐🚀🌕 📈💰💸

Awareness of possible incoming FUD piece by CNBC

This is either going to be an insane hit piece or in the very least a false narrative to protect the crooks of Wall Street.
Very interesting timing though indeed! Like really? Now they decide to come out with a documentary about Ryan Cohen??? Think 🐒! Think!
Thanks to OP u/No_Pie_2109 for the post.
Holy fuck look at the date the hit piece is going to drop and compare it to the stalking horses dates.


CNBC advert "Making of the meme king" documentary:
➡️➡️ ⬅️⬅️
The Final Bid deadline for BBBY is the 7th June. CNBC hit piece is airing 6th June
Debt Ceiling pushed to June 5, Kicking the Can longer!

Pulte commented!

Pulte answered a question I asked
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2023.05.28 20:34 Puzzleheaded_Move410 Apemax: A Cryptocurrency with Big Dreams but Little Substance

Apemax bursts onto the scene with dreams of rapid growth and sky-high returns. But hold your horses! This token’s claims are as exaggerated as its meme-worthy name. We can’t help but wonder if the “Apes” behind this project are swinging from tree to tree without a clear roadmap. Proceed with caution, fellow investors! Read more here:
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2023.05.28 19:03 OkRaspberry2054 What bug is each personality type based purely on vibes? Part 4: Analysts

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2023.05.28 17:35 Chrisanova_NY Watched APES TOGETHER STRONG last night. Honest and pretty-detailed review, in this post. Hopefully the Mulligans read this. (I'll also be posting as much as I can on Amazon reviews, to assist the other reviews in getting the average American to become a little curious).

I realize this movie couldn't be successful if the Mulligans had made it as long as the 3 hour 30 minute Ultimate Cut of Watchmen. Our society simply can't focus for that long :'( -- 2 hours would have been fine, I think. Some things I liked. Some things needed adding, or expanding on. Going to summarize with just bullet points, or this becomes 40 fat paragraphs. No particular order, just as I thought/think of it.

I'm not going to give the film a score, but I will say that it managed to captivate a 16-year old with really bad ADHD problems, who normally doesn't sit still longer than 5 minutes. Galvanized my angry Mom further (she worked at our cough-cough-corrupt-judge-fraudulently-bankrupted JCPenney, for 16 years). Her diamond hands equal any of ours. Also kept the attention of my girlfriend and her boyfriend, who both thought I was the village idiot 2.5 years ago. Lots of questions were asked, during and after. Knowledge has been spread..... "And knowing is half the battle!"

That's all I can think of for now. Thank you to the Mulligans for making this. I have no problem paying $16 or $20 or $30 for a sequel. Hurry up with it.

Hang tight retreads. We're gonna win this.

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2023.05.28 05:03 Puzzleheaded_Move410 Apemax: A Cryptocurrency with Big Dreams but Little Substance

Apemax bursts onto the scene with dreams of rapid growth and sky-high returns. But hold your horses! This token’s claims are as exaggerated as its meme-worthy name. We can’t help but wonder if the “Apes” behind this project are swinging from tree to tree without a clear roadmap. Proceed with caution, fellow investors!
Read more here:
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2023.05.27 12:08 Boring_Swimming_3618 Putting your doubts to rest: lived in Italy, Spain, Germany and Ireland (AMA)

Just discovered this subreddit and enjoying a great deal. Not sure if it’ll be appreciated, but I wanted to try and make a contribution. Seems like you lot talk smack about each other, but have you actually spent time living in these other countries? Enough to confirm or deny whether these stereotypes are just memes or actually accurate?
I spent time many years living in these countries. Not passing by as a tourist or an exchange student, but actually being part of the culture, working and living. I’ll answer any questions with brutal honesty as a non european savage (so I don’t have a horse in the race).
Before anyone asks, Germany was the worst, but anything is infinitely better than americans.
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2023.05.27 07:03 AutoModerator Shitpost Saturday

It's Shitpost Saturday! Mod enforcement today will be lax in regards to user meme content that relies on templates (which includes super events) and is properly faired with the Shitpost Saturday flair. Dead Horses are conditionally allowed, given they aren't posted enough to constitute as spam.
This obviously doesn't mean the subreddit will be unmoderated, so please still follow the rules.
This post was made automatically
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2023.05.26 09:52 JohnnyIsBravo Eternal Darkness in Barovia! (My CoS Horror Story)

Have you ever read a story where the BBEG wins? This is the case right here as i'm about to tell you my version of the event that lead to our party's downfall both IC and OOC.
We played at 08/19/2021 and it ended at 11/13/2021.
[The Cast]
Me=Jenny (Variant Human Noble Female Divine Soul Sorcerer), My Dad=Collin Belasco (Variant Human Haunted One Male Twilight Domain Cleric), The DM (Martin), David=Lt Bucket (Variant Human Urchin Male Gloomstalker RangeAssassin Rogue), Ken=Kevin Ethan Levin (Variant Human City Watch Male Barbarian/Battlemaster Fighter).
To clarified on PC appearance: Me=Lulu (FFX). My Dad=Elijah (Bible OT). Ken=Kevin (Ben10 Alien Force). David=Just a guy wearing a bucket on his head (Joke Character).
There were supposed to be 4 more players to join in however each of them didn't stay for too long.
Tony=He's a nice guy to hang around with and this is his first time to be in Curse of Strahd. He played as Leliana from Dragon Age (Variant Human Acolyte Female Assassin Rogue) Unfortunately he left the group in halfway through the story due to important irl stuffs.
Terrance=He always play at Johnson's table. He brings out his character (Winged Tiefling Acolyte Female Light Cleric) i forget his character's name but we'd all nicknamed him "Demon Cleric" or "Mr.Demon Morning Glory" as Terrance posts a comment before leaving the group. "New rules have dropped, and while they're an improvement in a lot of ways from where they were before, they also happen to be incompatible with my playstyle. So I'm stepping down as a player for the foreseeable future."
Ledbetter=He was invited to Martin's house and was about to be apart of the team but he forget to bring his own character sheet & dices which ultimately lead him to be kicked out of the house. He's known to be the drug addict and walks with his own very long carved wooden stick.
Marcus=He refused to come play with us (Thank God!) as he states "Nah i'm not playing Horror games. I rather play my Nintendo Switch and Disney Mirrorverse." (Pussy... 🙄*eyerolling emoji* Who would dared to ever play video games own by the EVIL corp of Disney rather than play AMAZING dark gritty fantasy stories like Curse of Strahd?)
[Session 0: Kidnapped by the Mists!]
We begin our story with Jenny & Collin walking on a road to a nearby town. Suddenly mists starts to form around the two as they'd disappeared. At the same time, on a different road leading to the same town a painted green wagon dubbed 'Rustbucket 3' with a mule in front.
(Cue 'You're finally awake' meme!)
"Are we there yet?" Lt Bucket asked. "We're almost there." answered Kevin Levin. Just then mists appears in front of the mule, engulfing them.
As the mists settles down. all 4 of them are next to each other. Jenny instantly dislikes Kevin and was mocking him, calling him "Foul Peasant!" as this ticked Kevin off as he's going to give Jenny a 'Royal Beatdown' until they were both stopped by Collin. "Knock it off you two! This childish act will get us no where." "Speaking of no where... Where are we anyway?" Lt Bucket questions the realm that all 4 were in. Just then the Burgomaster Ismark Kolyanovich arrives to offer a ride to the Village of Barovia. The party accepts the offer, stepping inside a Carriage expect for Kevin as he follows behind with his mule & wagon.
Before they make their way to the village, they encountered a series of Wolves and managed to defeat them. Afterwards they encountered a strange old lady who's been selling 'Dream Pies' near the village. The party buys pies and were told to eat them before going to sleep. They'd all eaten dream pies as everyone is having good dreams.
At morning the party wakes up to see Ismark introducing them to his sister Ireena Kolyana the twice bitten lady who is the reincarnation of Tatyana. Jenny became enraged and jealous of Ireena who's getting an attention from the Count of Barovia... Strahd von Zarovich!
[Session 1: Vallaki]
After the party settled for a while at the Village of Barovia, they decided to move onto the village of Vallaki where they could find some answers and ignored the direction that leads to Madam Eva. While traveling to Vallaki through wagon, the stubborn Jenny continues to mock Kevin, trying to goat him into attacking her. Collin does his best to keep Jenny in check. Kevin doesn't mind or care about as long she doesn't get in his way. Lt Bucket meanwhile is quietly observing the surroundings as he spots someone or something is watching them from afar.
"Uhhh... Guys? What the hell was that?" Lt Bucket pointed his finger at the direction where he spotted the stalker but it wasn't there anymore. "Nothing." Collin muttered. "Don't try to distract us again Bucket boy!" Jenny didn't bother to look and mocks him. "You could at least try to be nice for once? You're starting to become an annoyance." Kevin said while focus driving what's infront of him. Jenny was about to say something back at Kevin until Collin shuts her up by covering her mouth with his hand, ending the conversation momentarily.
After entering Vallaki, the party went to a Church of Saint Andral as they'd met with Father Lucian Petrovich who tells them to go find the stolen enchanted bones. Milivoj the Gravedigger tells the party that the Coffin Maker had the bones they're looking for. After breaking into the Coffin Maker's Shop, the party discovers that the coffins he made had each four of the party member's names written in stone! Henrik tries to ambush the intruders but was easily beaten into submission as Jenny drags Henrik into a private conversation away from the others. " not going to kill me?" Henrik asked. "I want you to send a message to the big man himself. Tell him that i Jenny Maidcourt the Third is the true reincarnation of Tatyana! Not that pig whore Ireena!" she lets go of Henrik as he runs off to send word to Strahd. The others (IC) don't know this and retrieves the bones as Collin returns them in person to Father Lucian. Collin was rewarded for his efforts as he'd been given Staff of Healing. After exiting the church the others waited patiently for the Cleric's return. Seeing the staff in hand Jenny starts to mock her companion. "You good for nothing holy man! How dare you get a fancy reward and i don't?" Collin simply silences Jenny with a Silence spell. The others walking off laughing behind Jenny's back as she now plots for her revenge...
[Session 2: Invitation to Castle Ravenloft!]
This is the part where Terrance and Tony left the group as both of their characters are killed by Rahadin in combat as their bodies are sent in the middle of Vallaki where everyone including our party sees a sign post top of they're corpses that reads in Infernal language that nobody expect Jenny understands it. "The Count is watching you." a sinister smile formed in Jenny's face as she doesn't tell anyone about this. Kevin went alone outside of Vallaki to chop some trees down, basic lumberjacking to upgrade his ride with some gps we'd all earned throughout the story. Kevin then hears a howl of a werewolf as five seconds later he'd been surrounded by werewolves encircling him as their leader approaches Kevin and challenges him in a 1v1. Meanwhile Jenny is approached by a wolf that carries both a letter & a special briefcase on it's backside. I rolled a natural 20 on my Animal Handling to calm the beast and take both of the items to inspect. The letter itself reveals to be written by Strahd himself!
Letter from Strahd: Dear Jenny Maidcourt the Third. I know of you're falsehoods of claiming to be my beloved Tatyana. Ireena is the one i'd desire more than you. However i've admired your determination and your willingness to betray your companions in pursuit of great power which lies here in Barovia. The Dark Powers that be is what you'd seek. They will come to you in your dreams as whispers of the damned. I have already sent my servant out to escort you and your companions to my castle for dinner. See you in person. --- Strahd von Zarovich
After reading that, my character goes to open the briefcase to reveal a party dress in all black color and perfectly fits. The only downside is that the dress itself is a 'Sleeveless Bodycon Maxi Tank Dress Club' type. (The DM also informs me that when wearing it my Sorcerer gains +5 any Charisma skill checks and gains the following spells 'Charm Person, Enthrall and Dominate Person' for one use each as it recharges at dawn)
Jenny closed the briefcase and casts 'Burning Hands' to burn the letter. She plans to wear it before coming to the castle. I then cast 'Fireball' upon the Wolf when it's about to run off in 120 feet.
Collin and Lt Bucket rushed over to see what Jenny just did. "What the hell Jenny! Why did you do that?" Collin notices the briefcase in Jenny's left hand. "Who gave you that?" Jenny makes up a deceptive story to tell on why she'd killed the wolf and gotten the briefcase. Collin failed his insight, however Lt Bucket succeeded his insight and tells Collin that she's lying. "Okay Jenny please be honest with us and tell us where did you get that briefcase." No point in hiding it as i'd tell them the truth.
Meanwhile Kevin came back to Vallaki and walks behind where Collin and Lt Bucket were with a werewolf pelt around his waist. We'd all knew what that meant. Just as Kevin about to say something added to the situation, we'd all suddenly saw a carriage coming by and stops in front of Jenny as we'd all look up to see Rahadin with two Nightmare Horses strapped front of the carriage.
"My master has sent me to come pick you guys up." the carriage door opens as the butler beckons us to get in. Kevin and Collin considering saying no, however after witnessing the deaths of Terrance & Tony's characters and the DM does the 'Are you sure?' moment. 30 seconds later of reconsideration they both go in. "I had a bad feeling about this..." Collin said in worrisome. "Same here old timer." Kevin muttered. "Hopefully Strahd is a nice host." Lt Bucket said. Jenny slowly smile wickedly to herself and said nothing while were escorted to Castle Ravenloft.
(Cue 'Spooky Castle in Thunderstorm' image!)
The DM private message me after the session on what type of Dark Gift that my character gets. I replied back after few days of researching and deep thinking as Jenny gets 'Vampirism' as i'd told Martin that i wanted my character to become like Strahd in equal level. The DM warns me that if i do this, then she becomes NPC as AL rules out 'No Evil PCs' as i went through my commitment. No turning back as already planning to bring out my backup character.
[Session 3: Dine with the Devil!]
Martin told everyone expect me that i went through my decision as both Ken and my Dad just facepalming and sighs. David on the other hand is eager to kill my character as soon the betrayal starts.
We all arrived to Castle Ravenloft as Rahadin guides all 4 of us inside to where we meet Strahd von Zarovich himself at the dining hall. The DM describes of Strahd playing pipe organ before the party enters the hall.
(Cue 'Davy Jones pipe organ' scene!)
"Welcome, welcome!" Strahd gestures to the dining table. "Please take your seats."
Collin, Kevin and Lt Bucket seated next to each other on the opposite end as Strahd, me and Ireena seated the other end. Ireena's legs were strapped with chains onto her chair to prevent escaping. My character lets out a harsh laughter at Ireena. "Game over wench! You lose! I win! Strahd, will you marry me?" rolled a high persuasion with +5 due to wearing the party dress. "Hmmm... I would love to, but you are not Tatyana. She is." Strahd points to Ireena whom quietly eating without looking. "Betrayal!" Lt Bucket stands up and screams while pulling out his longbow readying to shoot an arrow aiming for Jenny's head. However Rahadin pulls out his scimitar and slashes Lt Bucket's longbow, breaking it, slams the arrow down onto his knee and forces him down at his seat.
(Cue 'Took an arrow to the knee' meme!)
"Rahadin do take out the trash." Strahd ordered as the butler drags Lt Bucket out and tosses him outside the castle. Kevin was about to jump on Rahadin to go save Lt Bucket but was told to back down by both Collin and Strahd. "It's not worth it." Collin said. "Please do sit down like a good boy or you'll join your friend in the dirt." Kevin reluctant sits back down and angrily eats with glaring at Collin, Strahd and Jenny. Rahadin came back afterwards.
"Now then. I would like to discuss with you." Strahd points toward Collin. "What sort of Deity do you worship?" 7 seconds later Collin replies. "Selûne" he answered. "How unfortunate for you... The Moonmother won't save you." with a snap of a finger, the Twilight Cleric is surrounded by mists and was gone. Kevin immediately gets up and shouts "Okay count chocula it's go time!" as he jumps onto the dining table, grabbing a nearby metal plate and starts absorbing the metal to his body (Ken reflavoring it as his Barbarian rage) and starts charging towards Strahd as Kevin readies his fist to connect (He took Unarmed Fighting as his Fighting Style) however Kevin feels slowed down as he's almost within Strahd's reach. "Na uh uh uh!" Jenny made a 'tsk tsk tsk' sound while wiggle her index finger in a 'no no no' gesture. "Rahadin please take this filthy peasant to the dungeon!" the butler looks to his master for an answer as Strahd nods. Despite in a 'Slow' spell effect Kevin fights back but was ultimately subdued by Rahadin as the butler drags him into the dungeon level of Castle Ravenloft.
Strahd looks at the two ladies as he thinking who to choose to marry. Who did he pick? That's when the session ended on a cliffhanger note. (The answer is in the next one) Afterwards i have texted on group chat about my TPK plan that never happened. (In my opinion it could've had happened!)
My TPK plan script: Jenny tells Strahd that she wants her companions to be they're latest supper before marriage... Starting with Collin, followed by Lt Bucket and lastly Kevin. ☠️ They're all go to Skully as the story ends with a Fireball to Kevin's Rustbucket 3, Followed by Jenny casts "Alter Self" to becoming like Tatyana (Strahd's original bride) and thus Strahd von Zarovich wins and all citizens of Barovia suffers for all eternity under the reign of terror of Jenny von Zarovich! 😈 (Evil Laughter)
Martin: Your son has now enter dm level evil.
My Dad: *Facepalming gif*
Ken: You've thought this through clearly... So sad for you.
David: *Pulls out Buffy the Vampire slayer kills vampire gif*
Me: It's what my char-
My Dad & Ken & David: Shut up!
Martin: *Adding Jenny's name to Skully while chuckling in the background*
[Session 4: The Arrival of Virtue!]
I bring in Lt Colonel Dagsten "Virtue" Hopebringer (Variant Human Soldier Male Oath of Devotion Paladin) as a replacement from Jenny since she's now a NPC Vampire with lvl 9 Divine Soul Sorcerer class.
(Cue 'You must be the Paladin' Netflix Castlevania image meme!)
Virtue's PC appearance: Talion (Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor & War)
My character's backstory & introduction as follows... Virtue is a soldier who serves under Sergei von Zarovich up until Strahd kills Sergei as Virtue went into hiding to stage a revolt that ended in failure by Strahd's loyal followers and undead minions. Virtue died from his wounds but his soul is now reincarnated as he's repeating mistakes of his every failed attempts of defeating Strahd and free Barovia. Reincarnated the seventh time, he finally decides to change his game plan as Virtue bent the knee to become a castle servant as Virtue being constant monitored for any signs or hints of his treachery by Rahadin.
Kevin was tossed to a cage by Rahadin as the butler locks it with his key. That's when my character comes in as he walks to the dungeon floor, summoned by Rahadin. "Keep him locked tight until my master had plans for him." Virtue nods as the butler leaves the dungeon. "You took one helluva beating. Can you walk?" Kevin grunts in pain as he silently nods as Virtue unlocks the cage with a successful Thieves Tools roll as the two sneaks out of the castle to find Lt Bucket with some stolen goods he found that may either prove useful or to sell for more gps. Collin was seen far away from Castle Ravenloft as it is presumed to be that the mists teleported him just outside as the party regroup then running off to find Madam Eva as she gives them fortune telling and hands out each party member 1 legendary item to aid them in their quest to defeat Strahd von Zarovich and his chosen bride Jenny von Zarovich.
Virtue was given the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind. Kevin was given the Sunsword. Lt Bucket was given +3 Longbow and 9 blessed arrows. Collin was given Scarab of Protection. Armed to the teeth, they were about to go back to kick some vampiric ass and take names but they were informed by Madam Eva that they should go to light a beacon that'll help them on the long run. We then heading off to where the DM marks the map.
(Cue 'LOTR Return of the King The Lighting of the Beacons' scene!)
[Session 5: Beacon of the Silver Dragon!]
We head out to The Temple of the Silver Dragon and lighten the beacon to gain +1 AC & saving throws as long the beacon stays lit. We'd been told by the DM that three events occurred after finishing beacon quest.
1: The Church of Saint Andral has been destroyed by Strahd's fireball as everyone there died of either burnt alive or killed by Strahd's minions.
2: Ireen's brother Ismark is kidnapped by Rahadin as he's been taken to Castle Ravenloft & the Village of Barovia has a new Burgomaster that keeps the entire villagers in line to offer tribute to Strahd.
3: The Burgomasters of Vallaki and Krezk are slain by Jenny and her small band of undead assassins. (Two Zombies and Skeletons with 3 lvls of Rogue class) Fiona Watcher assumes control in Vallaki as the village turns into full blown Strahd fanatics. Meanwhile Krezk is being torched by Jenny spamming fireballs at least five times to make her point on instilling fear into the hearts of anyone in Krezk who would dare challenge hers and Strahds rule.
We feel like the hopes of Barovia is slowly snuffed out one by one. As it became clear that we're the only ones fighting back against the count and his bride.
[Session 6: Have fun storming the castle!]
Our goal is set as we travel on foot (Kevin's Rustbucket was destroyed by Jenny) it took like 2 or 3 days making our way to Castle Ravenloft. As we reached near the castle, a sounds of screams is heard. "That's Ireena and Ismark!" Collin exclaim with his successful perception. "This is it... Remember the objective guys. Kill Strahd and Jenny!" said Virtue. "But what about Ireena and Ismark?" Lt Bucket asks if there's any hope of saving them. "I doubt about they're chance of survival. If i were Dracula, then he's gonna turn them into vampires." said Kevin in doubting tone. Turns out? He's right! Why? Because as soon we make it to the rooftop after killing off some undead minions & Rahadin who's been blocking our way, we find out right away after bashing down a locked door that the two Zaroviches was waiting for us as we fell into their trap!
A sound of wall crawling is heard as we all turned to see both Ireena and Ismark as Vampire Spawns. "She's my bitch now! A fitting irony isn't it? To be killed by someone you barely knew and couldn't be bothered to keep them safe?" Jenny von Zarovich said condescendingly with a cruel laughter. "Deal with them my love." Strahd said as he gets licked then kissed in the cheek by his bride before disappearing. "With pleasure."
Kevin quickly vomits at the sight of that happening. Collin feels both absolutely disgusted and betrayed by the woman he travels with. Bucket finds it kinky. As for Virtue? The Paladin ran to his target near at 20 feet as he pulls out the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind and yells "May the Morning Lord's wrath fall upon you traitorous harlot!" 5 charges spent for Sunlight effect as Jenny's skin starts boiling and her hair started burning. She hisses and casts Telekinesis to push my Holy object out from my hand as my character watching it falling all the way down as a loud glass shattered sound is heard. At that point i became angry both IC and OOC.
We managed to kill Ireena and Ismark, however Jenny is wounded and wasted all her spell slots escapes from us via Spider Climb (Vampire trait) as we debated weather to pursue her or travel back to Madam Eva to seek further guidance. I was the only one who voted to chase Jenny while everyone else voted speaking with Eva.
Martin: Last Session, see you all next week. *logs off*
Me: Ken. David. You guys are fucking cowards! We could've kill her before she recovers all her hp and spell slots. Now? It's all pointless! You let me lose my Holy Symbol of Ravenkind! The key to win over Strahd and Jenny! Such pussies man! You call yourselves men? Shame on you! If i were the DM you two be pimp slapped for such cowardice! Man up! Grow some backbone! You two are lucky that i'm not born as a Female, otherwise i would've castrated you both for ignoring an obvious logical choice of winning the game! A 5 year old is smarter than you two will ever be! Why do i even bother playing with a bunch of useless retards? Why God! Why me? WHY!?
(Cue random 'Rage Screaming Gamer' video)
I'm not too stupid to insult my dad. (Honor thy father) Ken and David were taken aback from my sudden rant of inventing my frustration of the situation. Everyone in MRRAL always seen me as 'Fun player with Autism who is always remain calm under bad circumstances' as tonight the two see the bad side of me. I hear my Dad coming to my room as i'm typing in a quick apology direct messages to the offended party. I spent 2 hours arguing with my Dad back and forth on my angry rant at 10:00 PM. Afterwards went to bed with tears in my eyes, sleeping in great sadness for my words brings pain not just to Ken & David, but to myself and my dad. (One week later me and dad reconcile)
[Session 7 the Finale: Ruination!]
Next week came by as my Dad was unable to attend due to disagreements between me and him. Martin asks if i'm feeling alright since he's been informed of what happened after he left.
Me: I took a chill pill. Sorry for me shouting at you Ken and David, you guys didn't deserve it. We're cool?
David: It's okay Johnny.
Ken: (Said nothing, just glaring at the webcam)
Martin: You guys want to continue? Johnny's father refuses to come play with us.
Me: Did he tell you why?
Martin: No. Do you?
Me: Yes. It's because we we're having disagreements last week. It started after Martin left. As i recalled you all want to go back visiting Madam Eva rather than chasing down and possibly put an end to Jenny to increase our chances of winning against Strahd.
David: Oh... crap! I was wrong to vote against you buddy.
Ken: I don't and i'm still standing by my decision. Probably your dad shared my sentiment.
Me: Why leave when we could've had her cornered and killed? My dad never gave me a straight answer. Will you tell me why Ken?
Ken: I'm not going to bother giving you my answer.
Me: Okay... Well... FUCK YOU!
I left the group call but not before hearing and seeing their reactions on my final say to Ken.
Martin: Woah! Woah! Woah! WTF Johnny!
David: Bruh! Not cool dude.
Ken: Tch... Your loss.
Martin posts his version of the Campaign ended in tragedy with me acting like a 'spoiled brat' as i would go on to write my version of how this Campaign should've ended as i've envisioned. Strangely enough though is that i'm still part of MRRAL facebook group despite the fact that both Ken and Martin hated me. Later i found out that It was Johnson and Thomas (Alive at the time) managing to convince Martin not to outright ban me as a sigh of relief came under my breath. Martin message me about inviting me to his 'Call of the Netherdeep' Campaign he's setting up in next year. I answered yes and formally apologize for my act at Ken.
Martin: Let Bygones Be Bygones.
Me: Agreed. Can you tell Ken that i'm deeply sorry?
Martin: I'll tell him that next time he shows up.
One month later Martin messaged me that Ken still holds a grudge against me, but was willing to play with me, David and 3 other players in the next Campaign...
My ending script: Evil triumphs! As Strahd prevails over 4 pesky Adventurers. Jenny is now officially married & rules with Strahd over Barovia forever. Ireena & Ismark died as Vampire Spawns. All 3 Villages submitted to the tyrannical rule of both Vampiric King and Queen. Virtue & Bucket died in their final battle against the Zaroviches. Collin fled from an unwinnable battle as he fell into deep insanity, spend rest of his days as a shell of his former self, begging off the streets and tries to spread the gospel of Selûne to rekindle hope as Collin meets his death by his former companion Jenny. Kevin is now the sole survivor after leaving Barovia by accepting Strahd's offer as he goes back to find his way home to reunite with Ben and Gwen Tennysons to resume their adventures of saving the universe from Vilgax.
TL;DR: Campaign ended on a sour note with me rage quitting on the group's voting decision that could've gone differently if we just find and kill my former PC instead of running from the problem. Reconciles & Let Bygones Be Bygones after one month. (AITA?)
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2023.05.26 07:43 Joburt19891 I have a bad idea.

We need a video game classic 2d fighter but all the characters are breadtubers and one of the stages needs to be coconut island with Marx sitting there on top of a pile of coconuts. Kinda like that stage in Mortal Kombat where the emperor is sitting on the throne. All the characters can have specials and finishing moves based on memes that are specific to them like Vaush can have an finisher where a horse comes in and kills the other guy and then Vaush starts staring anime heart eyes at the horse.
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2023.05.26 07:28 Idz4gqbi r/KessokuBand Interviews Spell (Volcanovolk): A Nijika Birthday Celebration Special

KessokuBand Interviews Spell (Volcanovolk): A Nijika Birthday Celebration Special

The Man, the Myth, the Legend
Who is Spell?
Spell (すぺる/スペル), otherwise known as Volcanovolk, posted their first Nijika artwork on Pixiv on 15th January 2023 and since then they have not stopped.
Uploading on both Pixiv and Twitter, Spell is without question one of the most prolific Nijika artists around the world. Spell has also drawn Bocchi, Ryo, Kikuri and quite a number of Kita artworks.
Spell artwork collections posted on 30th April 2023
Their Twitter handle was 'Volcanovolk', and it was under this name that Spell became famous in our community. Their Pixiv and Twitter accounts' names have always been 'Spell', and recently they changed their Twitter handle to 'spell_PhD' to match with the account names.
Spell told us this name originates from the phrase "please cast a spell on me!".
"I want to make people happy with my art, as if I cast a spell."
We are using 'Spell' exclusively from this point onwards. Our interviewee prefers 'Spell' for consistency, besides how can we not love a name with such a noble origin?
Spell and our community
Spell's artworks are incredibly dynamic and vibrant; their characters are drawn in unique poses with lively expressions. These memorable artworks all radiate an intangible memetic energy. As memes are a huge part of our community culture, Spell soon became a larger-than-life figure in our community.
Some of Spell's artworks
Spell's memetic ascendancy in our community arguably began with the rightmost artwork of the compilation above. The pose was a thematic swerve from Spell's previous artworks, and people noticed.
An infamous meme was born
The story behind that artwork is actually very simple:
Nothing happened
Spell is more than just an artist we follow, their art journey has become a focal point and a topic of speculation, intrigue, and memes for our community. Since then, Spell has inspired many more memes for our community.
Spell is our legend
True to their name, a wonderful spell has been casted on us all. For this interview, we are incredibly blessed to have this distinguished guest and community legend with us.
Anticipating potential language barrier, we even enlisted the help of a translator. However, in the end, the interview was conducted in English.
On the interview and our Nijika Contest event to celebrate her birthday on the 29th of May, Spell has this to say:
"...thanks for arranging such a nice event! I have written a whole bunch! Thank you for this fun opportunity. I enjoyed answering your questions very much."
Without further ado, let us give Spell the warmest welcome!
Interview Begins

Bocchi the Rock! General Questions

How did you discover Bocchi the Rock!?
Last summer, I knew BTR was on TV because many artists drew fanarts for BTR.
At that time, I didn't see it because I was very busy, but I was interested in BTR. I actually saw it this January because my friend recommended it to me.
What do you like about Bocchi the Rock!?
I like how “Hitori Goto” is troubled, but grows with the help of those around her. I also like the songs very much.
Spell's artwork for Bocchi's birthday
Who is your favorite Bocchi the Rock! Character? Why?
“Hitori Goto” I like her attitude as she struggles and tries her best. She knows she's really bad at talking to people. I really like the way she tries to communicate with people and grows in her own way.
Which character do you relate to the most?
“Hitori Goto” When I look at her, I get really embarrassed because I feel like I'm looking at my old self. One of the most interesting stories is the one about the band. I played classical music for about one decade when I was a teenager and then joined a band for a bit. However, I couldn’t get in a synchronization. Thus, I could especially relate to the same situation that Goto-san was in lol.
What is your favorite scene in Bocchi the Rock!?
The scene where Hitori revealed that she has been “Guitar Hero”!
What is your favorite Kessoku Band song?
In terms of tune (melody and atmosphere), I like Distortion!
Have you read the manga of Bocchi the Rock!? Are there any side characters you like?
I have all the volumes, but haven't read them yet.

Nijika Questions

Which relationship in the story involving Nijika is your favorite? Why?
Same with the Guitar Hero scene as described above. It was great to talk about their dreams with each other.
What is your favorite Nijika outfit?
It's a very difficult question haha. If I had to say, I like a lot of her facial expression and energetic movement. I like her because of her personality.
Spell artwork collections posted on 31th March 2023
Is there a different hairstyle you like to see with Nijika?
I think a ponytail would look great on her. If you don't mind changing the bangs too, maybe a medium bob would be a nice choice.
(To avoid confusion, we asked Spell to clarify whether they were referring to the standard pony tail.)
I mean the ponytail at the back of hair! In Japan, her hairstyle is often referred to as a "side-tail"!
What are some aspects of Nijika’s appearance and mannerism that you find particularly beautiful or cute?
Her smile is cute. I also like her posture with arms crossed behind back.
Arms crossed behind back
How does Nijika make you feel?
She's very cheerful to see. I also feel relieved.
How has meeting Nijika impacted your life?
I often draw first-person pictures, but then I need to objectively think about the interaction with the characters.
Confessing to Nijika, how would she react?
I have tried to adjust my lifestyle because if I am not healthy, I cannot come up with good situations and stories. I also started muscle training to be worthy of her lol.
Will Spell draw muscular Nijika? We forgot to ask them.
What do you think about the Nijika deer memes?
I was amazed at the imagination to come up with the idea of a deer!
What do you think about the Nijika Doritos memes?
It just looks like Doritos now lol.
Spell artwork collections posted on 16th February 2023

Other Questions

Which of your artworks did you enjoy drawing the most?
I had never thought about it! Of course, I enjoy drawing, but often I have trouble drawing well! I have the most fun when I am thinking about a situation.
Characters in your artworks are all in very dynamic and unique poses. How do you find inspirations for your artworks?
To be honest, I often see the poses as a reference. However, even then, I feel something is missing, so I often ask my friends (teacher and mentor) for advice.
\"Nijika-chan expressions practice\" - 2nd February 2023
Could you tease us with your future artwork plans?
I want to draw art that stimulates my fetish a little more and more, like the memes with Kita-chan before! I just draw what I desire, lol.
Joking aside, I'm hoping to eventually express my own Ph.D experience via drawing comical manga. I might draw a comical story about life in a laboratory, with Bocchi as the main character.
Do you have an artist you particularly like?
I have many favorite artists, but I really admire these two artists (also friends).
I like their attitude that they have a very sincere way of thinking toward painting, always remembering to improve and never neglecting to hone their skills.
This artist makes really impressive art and animations. Her drawings and animations are so powerful and impactful that once you see them, you will never forget them! She is good at describing gestures of movement and expressive face, and draws pictures that seem to exist in the world. She also has a great ability to create and tell stories by art.
This person can draw all kinds of pictures. She can draw both deformed and realistic pictures, and is like a magician of painting. The amount of information we can get from her art is so overwhelmingly amazing. I cannot know what she is thinking! She is really good at putting meaning into her paintings and I never get tired of looking at her paintings!
You have drawn Uma Musume characters before, are you interested in drawing a real horse? (We love horses.)
Spell artwork collections posted on 16th April 2023
I had no interest in real horses until I saw Umamusume. However, then I got interested and found them very cute and cool. It is very difficult to draw animals, so I would like to draw them when my drawing improves.
Are your feelings for Nijika and Kita pure?
That's an interesting question that I'm struggling to figure out how to answer, lol.
Nijika: As you know, she is very family oriented, caring and kind. Thus, I often wish I could live with her. However, at present, I have never had a secret intention to her.
Maybe it's because her personality is so angelic that I instinctively try not to think that way lol. When I draw her, I am always careful not to draw her too dirty.
Kita: I like her appearance and slender style. I never want to have a secret intention to her, but I am seduced by her perfect appearance!! I sometimes draw more seductive (suggestive) art than Nijika, but I don't want to ruin the world view of BTR, so I am careful not to draw Kita in a vulgar way either.
Spell artwork collections posted on 30th April 2023
You said Bocchi is your favourite character. Is there a reason why you draw Nijika and Kita more frequently than Bocchi?
So many reasons, it's hard to summarize in short...
The feelings I have for Goto-san are respect, and cheering. On the other hand, the feelings I have for Nijika-chan and Kita-chan are similar to those of liking (loving). Also, I really like Goto-san, so it's hard for me not to draw her well, so I don't draw her now lol.
Interview Ends
Every single user in our community, who at some point expressed their interest in Spell's artworks or person, has given us the courage and the motivation to carry out this project.
Eleven users of our community directly contributed to this interview project, but ultimately this interview is the fruit of the combined passion of Spell and our entire community. The original poster is indebted to Spell and everyone else involved for making this happen.
Spell prepared a little surprise for us:
"I was working on drawing Nijika-chan with snoo as a surprise and it took me a while to reply! I would be happy if you could use it for the interview!"
Thank you for your magical artworks, Spell!
He did it as a surprise. He sent it to us today and it caught me so off guard, I started tearing up.
-Mukaido, our team member holding a direct line to Spell
Last but not least, thank you for reading this interview.
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2023.05.26 04:31 JustCommunication640 Algorand Regret and Acceptance

Like many people here, I’m upset with the price. Algorand has been one of the worst cryptos the past few months. And yes, I do feel some regret buying it.
I tried to “do my own research” and picked one alt coin to invest in. I decided on Algorand because of the amazing tech, promising partnerships, and super smooth user experience. The problem is: none of that matters! All that matters is network effects/community and Big Money. And both of those are basically impossible to predict. We don’t know which alt coin or meme coin will gather a massive community and take off. And we don’t know which coin some billionaire will decide to back next. All we can do is speculate which coin could get support…and it is honestly gambling. Coins in the top 50 are likely much safer than micro cap coins in the top 500, but it’s still just guessing which one will do best.
Thankfully my largest positions are in BTC and ETH. Those already have network effects, Big Money, and community so there is no guessing required. But picking alt coins is simply a gamble at this point.
Will Algorand bounce back? Yeah probably if there is another bull run. Even mostly dead coins did a solid 2 or 3x last run. So many of us could break even if we hold. But we may not get any kind of moonshot like we would if we picked other alt coins.
I hope I’m wrong and algo takes off someday. I am sticking with algo for the rest of 2023 and I’m comfortable with that risk. But after that it’s btc and eth only for me.
Despite my regret of betting on the wrong horse, I’ve come to a level of acceptance though. I made a bet and it doesn’t appear to have worked out. Thankfully I haven’t lose more than I can afford to lose and it’s certainly been a learning experience.
Cheers all 🍻
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2023.05.25 22:42 tarvolon Tarvolon Reads a Magazine (or three): Reviews of F&SF, Clarkesworld, and Giganotosaurus (May 2023)

I tried to post this yesterday and got caught in some sort of automated spam filter that the mods couldn't reverse. So don't mind me, just adding some extra text so that the spam filter thinks that there is content here. Because there is! Lots of content. Check out all this content:
Ever since January, I've been a regular with genre magazines, and I've been reviewing them every month. I’ve settled on three publications to follow this year: my two favorites from 2022 and a third that has been a titan of the genre for decades. And after a solid-but-unexceptional April, May was my best month yet, with five pieces crowding my favorites list and plenty of others that were plenty rewarding.


I enjoyed almost all of what I read in April’s issue of Clarkesworld, but there wasn’t any one story that really struck me as hitting another level. That changed definitively with the opening piece in May’s issue: Better Living Through Algorithms by Naomi Kritzer. As the title suggests, it’s an “AI making people’s lives better” tale in the mold of Kritzer’s award-winning “Cat Pictures Please.” But whereas I—admittedly reading five years after it came out—found the latter a tad dated, I thought “Better Living Through Algorithms” was excellent. It shines an honest light on common struggles in contemporary life, but presents them in such a way that they feel surmountable. There’s also a real skepticism about the origin of the algorithm in question that resonates with changing societal attitudes since 2015, preventing the story from coming off as naive but without robbing its optimistic tone. This one was a real delight, and given past reception to Kritzer’s work, I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t resonate with a whole lot of people.
Harry Turtledove’s Through the Roof of the World is a fun experiment with perspective, told almost entirely from the perspective of sentient mollusk-like creatures trying to determine the origins of the disturbance above them. It was no real surprise when the answer was revealed, but the execution made it a fun read regardless, with the picture becoming clearer piece-by-piece up to the final conclusion.
The eye-catcher in this month’s table of contents is undoubtedly Suzanne Palmer’s novella-length Beyond the Botnet, featuring the return of Bot 9 and its compatriots from the Hugo-winning novelettes “The Secret Life of Bots” and “Bots of the Lost Ark.” I hadn’t been quite as wowed by the prior stories as the general sci-fi reading public, so I suppose it will come as no surprise that “Beyond the Botnet” wasn’t my personal highlight of the month. That said, it’s easy to see the appeal—Bot 9 is an incredibly endearing lead, and there were no barriers to an easy immersion. The novella length allows for an extended setup that shows off the absolute best of the bot characters, but the action-packed ending ran a little long for my tastes. I still enjoyed my time with the story, but the character-to-action ratio leans a bit more to action than I personally prefer.
Following the novella are five more short stories, four of them under 3,000 words. And while I sometimes struggle to connect at the lower end of the short story length category, I was very impressed by Rich Larson’s LOL, Said the Scorpion. It’s a story about tourism in impoverished communities that literalizes the metaphor of the invisibility of the local population, to dramatic effect. I’ve only read a few of Larson’s works, and I find he’s willing to go darker than I usually prefer, but here it absolutely works. And while I didn't recognize the meme title in advance, it sure fits.
Parker Ragland’s Sensation and Sensibility offers a bit of sci-fi slice-of-life, with a side of robot philosophy, telling simply of a pair of drones having tea and discussing the nature of sensation—both those they experience and the ones barred by their construction. It’s followed by Megan Chee’s The Giants Among Us, which gives brief and intriguing accounts of societies living on the backs of literal giants, tied together by a research effort to try to stop a long and bitter war.
The issue closes with Andy Dudak’s translation of An Hao’s Action at a Distance and with Jordan Chase-Young’s The Fall. The former features an encounter with a planet that warps perception in such a way that explorers inevitably crash and die before landing. It’s hard to describe entirely alien forms of perception, but the story makes a solid attempt, with enough plot to provide a driving motivation. Chase-Young’s piece is nearly as disorienting, a sci-fi/horror tale that sees the lead exploring the forested remnants of a dead Moon civilization. It’s an evocative narrative, laced with the uncanny and ambiguous.
This month’s letter from the editor takes a break from examining the dual crises of ChatGPT and Amazon’s rolling magazine subscriptions into Kindle Unlimited, instead sharing details of a successful call for Spanish-language submissions. This removes the burden on authors to commission their own translations, as the eight stories accepted will be translated into English by Clarkesworld. It’s another excellent step for a magazine with a deep commitment to inclusion of international sci-fi.
The essay provides a fascinating take on sci-fi and horror—so often opposite in the former’s rewards and the latter’s punishments for exploration and heroism—and how they can come together in fantastic ways. This month’s author interviews were with Premee Mohamed and Megan O’Keefe. I’ve read little of either, but I certainly came away looking for more opportunities to read Mohamed.


One of the downsides of publishing just one story a month is that a publication can deliver fairly consistent excellence and still have me feeling like it’s been ages since I was really wowed. Fortunately, May’s GigaNotoSaurus story broke the small-but-long drought of three consecutive issues without hitting my favorites list, with the long short story Any Percent by Andrew Dana Hudson. Part litRPG, part union story, it tells of Luckless, a warehouse worker fleeing the hardship and tedium of real life by trying to speedrun his way to becoming the richest person in the world in a popular simulation game.
It opens with an engaging, albeit low-stakes account of the virtual exploration that earned him niche recognition as the discoverer of several time-shaving skips. But as life gets harder, his desire for virtual accomplishment only increases, leading down a predictable spiral in which his virtual persona becomes everything he hates in real life. It’s a really fascinating story, with enough of a dive into game mechanics to help the reader understand the strategy behind the main character’s pursuit, while keeping a firm enough foot in the real world to maintain the feel of a truly character-driven piece, with thematic weight but without eschewing that vital glimmer of hope.

Fantasy & Science Fiction

The May/June issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction was heavy on the shorter pieces, with just two novelettes compared to eight short stories and four flash fictions, in addition to the usual poetry and reviews. And perhaps unsurprisingly, given the breakdown, it was the short stories where I found my favorites.
The issue opens with an epistolary tale of pyramid exploration, Fawaz Al-Matrouk’s On the Mysterious Events at Rosetta. If you’re at all familiar with the subgenre, this story probably goes as you’d expect, but it’s an entertaining read nonetheless. It’s followed by one of the issue’s two novelettes: The Dire Delusion by Matthew Hughes. “The Dire Delusion” is a sort of magical whodunnit, with thieves waking up with their loot gone and no memory of anyone who might’ve taken it. As with many stories of this sort, I find that the list of suspects isn’t fleshed out well enough to be especially satisfying as a mystery, but Hughes introduces an entertaining world and keeps the story moving well enough to maintain the reader’s interest.
Next comes a pair of short stories about family in non-Western cultures, Kiran Kaur Saini’s Amrit and Lark Morgan Lu’s In Time, All Foxes Grieve Westward. The former involves an aging man receiving an AI in-home assistant, forcing him to confront both his deteriorating mind and body and his fraught relationship with his adult son. It’s another story that’s not especially hard to predict, but the excellent storytelling and character work make it well worth the read regardless. If you enjoy grumpy old men, this one is a gem. The latter features a fox who has immigrated to America and taken the form of a human, coming home to visit his dying mother and dealing with the fallout of the clash between his life and her expectations. I found it a little more difficult to immerse here than in “Amrit,” but I could certainly see this story hitting hard for those with more firsthand experience with the theme.
Smack in the middle of the issue were my two favorite stories from this edition of F&SF. A Conjure-Horse in San Ouvido by Ferdison Cayetano is a wonderful blend of mythologies and war stories, with a Black soldier leaving his island off the Carolinas to fight in the Philippines, where he not only finds some familiar magic, but that he may have more in common with the local population than with the American soldiers serving alongside him. It’s a story that leans into the mystical while still having some hard-hitting emotional passages and satisfying plot progression.
But for the third straight issue, my absolute favorite Fantasy & Science Fiction story was a near future sci-fi. Do I have a niche? Maybe. In the May/June issue, that honor went to Highway Requiem by T.R. Napper. Somewhat amusingly, “Highway Requiem” marked the third story I’d read in just the last couple months that focused on the post-automation trucking industry. But I loved Ray Nayler’s “The Empty,” and I loved this one, so I guess I’ll roll with the trucks as long as they’re working. Napper’s piece is neither neat nor happy, but it’s a deeply personal piece that explores so many nuances of both the social benefits and harms that come out of the transformation of transportation, while still managing to be the most emotionally affecting story I read all month. The worldbuilding is excellent, and the lead character so gripping that it’s easy to feel his yearning and anxieties. Excellent work.
The Lucky Star by Dr. Bunny McFadden provides a more lighthearted turn, with a short, fun piece about a queer bar on Titan. It is in turn followed by a more serious piece, Zig Zag Claybourne’s For the Benefit of Mr. Khite, featuring a being meant to serve as an intermediary between humans and various other artificial Intelligences. Very much a “learning to be human” story, it explores everything from physical sensation to a search for meaning in life.
I have so consistently struggled to engage with flash fiction that I wonder whether I should just note the existence of the flash pieces and move on, just like with the poetry and review sections. Maybe next time. For now, I’ll be brief with the issue’s four flash fictions: Time and Art by Barbara Krasnoff, I Paint the Light With My Mother’s Bones by K.J. Aspey, We Are Happy to Serve You by Margaret Dunlap, and Titan Retreat by Ria Rees. I probably resonated most with “Time and Art,” the longest of the four and also the most straightforward story, a parable-like tale about time and what we make of it. “I Paint the Light With My Mother’s Bones” is far and away the richest in metaphor and lyricism, with a girl in a transforming basement fighting off the dark, but by the same token, it was the hardest to grasp on the initial read. “We Are Happy to Serve You” is the shortest of the bunch, a small piece about automated food kiosks with a punchy ending. And “Titan Retreat” is a sometimes-poignant piece of character backstory that feels a bit incomplete on its own.
After the poetry and flash fiction, the issue returns to longer works for two final pieces. Knotty Girl by Melissa A. Watkins is a Black retelling of Rapunzel that leans into the unsettling elements. And the issue’s second novelette, A Truth So Loyal and Vicious by Fatima Taqvi, serves as an excellent capstone, with a folkloric story of prophecies and curses, the bond of sisterhood and a creature that trades magic for truth. Many of the themes are familiar, but they’re beautifully tied together.

May Favorites

You can also find this post on my blog, along with lots of novel reviews and a monthly round-up of short fiction I read outside my normal magazine rotation. (This was a great month there too, so I'm looking forward to writing up another post full of short fiction recs).
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2023.05.25 12:12 Smile0069 Is Ryan Cohen going to save Bankrupt Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBYQ) stock?

Even the meme stock king can't save this troubled company
Once again, the future of Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBYQ) is hanging on a thread. Last month, the home furnishing retailer declared bankruptcy after months of closing stores and watching shares plunge. After delisting from the Nasdaq, the company began trading over-the-counter (OTC) as BBBYQ stock. Shares have been highly volatile ever since.
Today, BBBYQ stock is rising as anticipation mounts around its upcoming stalking horse bid, scheduled for June 1. Part of the driving force behind this is the possibility of noted meme stock investor Ryan Cohen using the opportunity to take over the troubled company. However, this doesn’t mean investors should be buying shares.
What’s more, even if Cohen does throw his hat in the ring, there’s no guarantee he’ll be able to make Bed Bath & Beyond profitable again. Here’s why investors should still avoid BBBYQ stock, regardless of who’s at the helm.

What’s Happening With BBBYQ Stock?

While Bed Bath & Beyond did start the trading day off well, it’s proving very volatile. As of this writing, BBBYQ stock is up about 9% for the day, at one point reaching as high as 27 cents.
The current trajectory doesn’t seem sustainable. That said, BBBYQ has also been climbing over the past five days as momentum builds for the fast-approaching June 1 deadline.
Pan also notes that buyers will have until June 7 to make a final bid. This represents an opportunity for Cohen to potentially swoop in and help stabilize Bed Bath, as he once did before.
It’s easy to see why the retail traders still placing ill-advised bets on this unstable meme stock are excited. However, they shouldn’t forget that Cohen also helped tank BBBY stock when he offloaded his entire share in August 2022. While Cohen walked away with a profit of $68 million, retail traders were left holding the bag. The stock only fell further from there, ultimately losing its place on the Nasdaq.
As much as some meme stock investors want to see Cohen as their savior, they shouldn’t ignore the past. The famous investor may have helped the company once, but that doesn’t mean he can or will do it again. And even if Cohen does take it over, Bed Bath’s problems could easily continue.

What Comes Next?

BBBYQ stock is likely to keep rising as the stalking horse bid deadline approaches. But for investors, this is still a time to be careful, not to jump in with both feet. There’s just too much instability hanging over this company for it to be a smart investment, even with the current price of around 25 cents per share.
Today’s superficial momentum is commonplace for meme stocks. Investors need to accept the fact that Bed Bath & Beyond is done and it won’t be coming back.
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2023.05.24 14:35 kaelynbroms Horse Progression meme

Horse Progression meme
Here’s a video I made that a friend sent me of what it looks like to get the golden plaque for your horse when it reaches level 15 with the new update😂
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2023.05.24 11:23 loopuleasa What are the best spell and jewel builds you have discovered? Here are our top 12

The google doc with all jewel modifiers is here if you want to see all mods:

We have played until endgame in the Gloomrot update on an official PvP server, and we had a blast in this game (we played 500 hours of this great game so far).
Here are the spell combos we have discovered to be very strong:

#1 - Full PvP Shield Freezer

#2 - Void Knight Area Spammer

#3 - Classic PvE Blood Chaos Shooter

#4 - Classic Unholy Ward Bosser

#5 - Full Support

#6 - Berserker

#7 - Silencer Berserker

#8 - Phantasm Stacker

#9 - Storm Rusher Amp

#10 - Necromancer Roleplayer

# 11 - Lightning Swapper

# 12 - Spear Chaser


More builds imported from the folks at the Dojo. These are the top vrising pvp builds right now.
# 13 - Iceblocker

#14 - Mosquito Swapper

#15 - Void Mosquito

#16 - Necromancer Knight

#17 - Shield Knight

#18 - Cancer Lancer

#19 - Ultra Chaser
Spells: Lightning Curtain, Power Surge, Chaos Dash

#20 - Zip-Zap
Spells: Polarity Shift, Discharge, Illusion Dash, Merciless Charge

Any other effective spell setups you guys have found?
I know there are some lightning curtain builds for 3v3s and 4v4s, but we only played 2v2 so we haven't tested it.
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2023.05.23 22:09 polandballmod Happy 12th Birthday, Polandball!

Twelve years.

One year more and people younger than /Polandball will be legally permitted to become subscribers of this community. That's how long this subreddit has been around.
On this day, a dozen years ago, a Serbian user named 767 decided to create a little subreddit called /Polandball. At first, this subreddit was just a place for him to repost comics from Krautchan and 4chan but over time the subreddit grew, passing over half a million subscribers and counting. Over the years, the subreddit has had a growing and varying moderator team but two moderators and community members were the most instrumental in making the subreddit into what it is today, both of whom have unfortunately passed away.
brain4breakfast was one of the most active members during the early days of the subreddit, ultimately drawing over 130 comics. Among those was his Adventures of the [Letter] Countries series as well as the World Map, which grew from his solo project in 2014 into a subreddit-wide yearly collaboration. Moreover, he ran an amazing and informative educational YouTube channel, one that has reached over 200,000 subscribers by now.
javacode was the engine keeping the subreddit running, the programmer giving us the automated flairs, the contests, the events, the rules and so much more. He did so many things for this subreddit that we tend to take for granted. He worked tirelessly for his love of the subreddit, every day of the week, every week of the month and every month of the year. His work and influence cannot be overstated. It's hard to imagine someone like him ever coming along again.
Both of them were significant figures and people in making the subreddit into what it is today. Their memory has not been forgotten. Since then, a new generation has continued from where they left off and what they left behind, to ensure that their work would forever be worth it all.
/Polandball has lived through the lifecycle of a lot of memes, something it was once considered to be. However, through these twelve years of active and hard work, the concept of wiggly mouse-drawn comics representing different countries, their stereotypes and "international drama" has become something more than just another meme.
Here's to another twelve years of content with higher quality standards.
Here's to another twelve years of various members of the community across the globe drawing comedic flag spheres.
Here's to another twelve years of collaboration and community.
Here's to another twelve years of /Polandball.
Thank you.
In celebration of this anniversary, we've decided to hold a new Official /Polandball Survey, found here! The survey is entirely anonymous and everyone is encouraged to participate.
The survey will be up for one week, with the results coming after.
Moreover, to celebrate and keep ourselves relevant, many members of the moderator team have selected favorite comics spanning much of Polandball's illustrious history. Click on each moderator's name to visit what they consider one of the best comics Polandball has to offer:
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