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2023.05.29 03:21 BunnersMcGee My attempts at bonding are making them hate me!

I just wanted to cry for a minute about the fact that my buns now totally avoid me coming near them or touching them because I've had to pick them up daily to put them in their neutral spaces together. They're at the point where in neutral space they don't squabble, but on my girl's turf (and where they'll be living together) she still growls, chases him, pulls fur, and stresses him out. They haven't worked out who's top bun - lots of nose to nose meeting, but not much grooming, if at all. This hasn't changed for about a week now and I feel like we're stuck. But as stressed as this all makes me, I'm just so sad that now I'm seen as a bad guy, too, when all I want them to do is get along so they can live together and I can start working to rebuild their trust in me.
I don't think I'm looking for anything here, I just needed a space to vent. If you read this, I thank you. Please snuggle your buns for me. :'(
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2023.05.29 03:20 ArtyomAndFriends Fallout 4 - PS4 - 0KB Bug

So I noticed that most videos which mention this bug aren't very helpful.
Note: I heard this advice once from some random internet-goer and am going off of memory.
Essentially, the bug is caused primarily by downloading Creation Club mods, with more mods usually decreasing the time it takes for this bug to appear.
What tends to work for me is creating a new manual save with the "save" button in a separate slot on your PS4 save list, ignore the 0KB message and just hit ok, then quit to the main menu. You'll know you did this right when the main menu screen freezes as it zooms in.
Next, quit out of the game, restarting your PS4 if you want more stable results, and then reenter it.
Finally, manually load that exitsave on your save slots through the "load" menu. That's fixed it for me every time so far, and can be tested by quicksaving.
Another note: the error may still happen again, this is more of a painkiller than it is an amputation. The time between each error decreases with each CC mod added, and I've personally found that CC mods which only add skins almost always permanently brick my whole character, with or without this fix.
Hope this helps.
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2023.05.29 03:19 John-Wayne-0725 2023 Summer Sublet ( June to August)

Boston Summer Sublet ( only Male roommate please )
📍ATTRIUM (1079 Commonwealth Ave), Duplex with second bedroom for rent
Very convenient!,Star Market and HongKong Market downstairs,Only 1 minute walking
Very near to Green line and 57 Bus,Only 1 minute walking as well
With fully furnished !
Cheap rent, Only 1200 per month !
Please contact me with any issue !
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2023.05.29 03:19 placate_no_one Integrity Problems

I was raised as a conservative Christian and both of my parents are still conservative Christians. In the past few years, since maybe 2015, my mother in particular has been exhibiting a new pattern. She'll say something - it could even be something benign, but more often it's something "edgy". When others question her, she'll be like "I never said that."/"No, I've never said that." But then, she'll repeat the same "edgy" viewpoint just minutes later.
I'm not the only one that's noticed. My father admits he's noticed, but also reflexively defends his wife. My mother's longtime friends, now former friends, brought it up to me to ask if I also noticed the change. At first, they were concerned that my mother could be developing a neurological or mental health issue, but as time has gone on, they now think she has no integrity. My psychotherapist suggested my mother might have a mental health issue, but (rightly) won't speculate regarding someone she's never treated.
Personally, I have a somewhat different explanation, though I don't rule out mental health issues. I believe my mother simply thinks her behavior is normal - this is her normal. She spends hours every single day consuming fringe, right-wing media online. From what I recall of this media universe, their talking heads typically say weird or "edgy" stuff, minimize or outright deny ever having said the stuff, and then say the stuff again another day. My mother is exhibiting a less polished version of the same pattern. She's learned and internalized it over nearly a decade now.
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2023.05.29 03:18 JoshAsdvgi THE ARROW CHAIN



(TLINGIT: Swanton, Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology, xxxix, 209, No. 56)

Two very high-caste boys were chums.
The father of one was town chief and had his house in the middle of the village, but the house of the other boy's father stood at one end.
These boys would go alternately to each other's houses and make great quantities of arrows which they would play with until all were broken up.
One time both of the boys made a great quantity of arrows to see which could have the more.
Just back of their village was a hill on the top of which was a smooth grassy place claimed by the boys as their playground, and on a certain fine, moonlight night they started thither.
As they were going along the lesser chief's son, who was ahead, said, "Look here, friend. Look at that moon.
Don't you think that the shape of that moon is the same as that of my mother's labret and that the size is the same, too?"
The other answered, "Don't: You must not talk that way of the moon."
Then suddenly it became very dark about them and presently the head chief's son saw a ring about them just like a rainbow.
When it disappeared his companion was gone.
He called and called to him but did not get any answer and did not see him.
He thought, "He must have run up the hill to get away from that rainbow."
He looked up and saw the moon in the sky.
Then he climbed the hill, and looked about, but his friend was not there.
Now he thought, "Well! the moon must have gone up with him.
That circular rainbow must have been the moon."
The boy thus left alone sat down and cried, after which he began to try the bows.
He put strings on them one after the other and tried them, but every one broke.
He broke all of his own bows and all of his strings his chum's except one which was made of very hard wood.
He thought, "Now I am going to shoot that star next to the moon."
In that spot was a large and very bright one.
He shot an arrow at this star and sat down to watch, when, sure enough, the star darkened.
Now he began shooting at that star from the big piles of arrows he and his chum had made, and he was encouraged by seeing that the arrows did not come back.
After he had shot for some time he saw something hanging down very near him and, when he shot up another arrow, it stuck to this.
The next did likewise, and at last the chain of arrows reached him.
He put a last one on to complete it.
Now the youth felt badly for the loss of his friend and, lying down under the arrow chain, he went to sleep.
After a while he awoke, found himself sleeping on that hill, remembered the arrows he had shot away, and looked up.
Instead of the arrows there was a long ladder reaching right down to him.
He arose and looked so as to make sure.
Then he determined to ascend.
First, however, he took various kinds of bushes and stuck them into the knot of hair he wore on his head.
He climbed up his ladder all day and camped at nightfall upon it, resuming his journey the following morning.
When he awoke early on the second morning his head felt very heavy.
Then he seized the salmon berry bush that was in his hair, pulled it out, and found it was loaded with berries.
After he had eaten the berries off, he stuck the branch back into his hair and felt very much strengthened.
About noon of the same day he again felt hungry, and again his head was heavy, so he pulled out a bush from the other side of his head and it was loaded with blue huckleberries.
It was already summer there in the sky.
That was why he was getting berries.
When he resumed his journey next morning his head did not feel heavy until noon.
At that time he pulled out the bush at the back of his head and found it loaded with red huckleberries.
By the time he had reached the top the boy was very tired.
He looked round and saw a large lake.
Then he gathered some soft brush and some moss and lay down to sleep.
But, while he slept, some person came to him and shook him saying, "Get up.
I am after you."
He awoke and looked around but saw no one.
Then he rolled over and pretended to go to sleep again but looked out through his eyelashes.
By and by he saw a very small but handsome girl coming along.
Her skin clothes were very clean and neat, and her leggings were ornamented with porcupine quills.
Just as she reached out to shake him he said, "I have seen you already."
Now the girl stood still and said, "I have come after you.
My grandmother has sent me to bring you to her house.
" So he went with her, and they came to a very small house in which was an old woman.
The old woman said, "What is it you came way up here after, my grandson?" and the boy answered, "On account of my playmate who was taken up hither."
"Oh!" answered the old woman, "He is next door, only a short distance away.
I can hear him crying every day.
He is in the moon's house."
Then the old woman began to give him food.
She would put her hand up to her mouth, and a salmon or whatever she was going to give would make its appearance.
After the salmon she gave him berries and then meat, for she knew that he was hungry from his long journey.
After that she gave him a spruce cone, a rose bush, a piece of devil's club, and a small piece of whetstone to take along.
As the boy was going toward the moon's house with all of these things he heard his playmate screaming with pain.
He had been put up on a high place near the smoke hole, so, when his rescuer came to it, he climbed on top, and, reaching down through the smoke hole, pulled him out.
He said, "My friend, come. I am here to help you."
Putting the spruce cone down where the boy had been, he told it to imitate his cries, and he and his chum ran away.
After a while, however, the cone dropped from the place where it has been put, and the people discovered that their captive had escaped.
Then the moon started in pursuit.
When the head chief's son discovered this, he threw behind them the devil's club he had received from the old woman, and a patch of devil's club arose which the moon had so much trouble in getting through that they gained rapidly on him.
When the moon again approached, the head chief's son threw back the rose bushes, and such a thicket of roses grew there that the moon was again delayed.
When he approached them once more, they threw back the grindstone, and it became a high cliff from which the moon kept rolling back.
It is on account of this cliff that people can say things about the moon nowadays with impunity.
When the boys reached the old woman's house they were very glad to see each other, for before this they had not had time to speak.
The old woman gave them something to eat, and, when they were through, she said to the rescuer, "Go and lie down at the place where you lay when you first came up.
Don't think of anything but the playground you used to have."
They went there and lay down, but after some time the boy who had first been captured thought of the old woman's house and immediately they found themselves there.
Then the old woman said, "Go back and do not think of me any more.
Lie there and think of nothing but the place where you used to play."
They did so, and, when they awoke, they were lying on their playground at the foot of the ladder.
As the boys lay in that place they heard a drum beating in the head chief's house, where a death feast was being held for them, and the head chief's son said, "Let us go," but the other answered, "No, let us wait here until that feast is over."
Afterward the boys went down and watched the people come out with their faces all blackened.
They stood at a corner, but, as this dance is always given in the evening, they were not seen.
Then the head chief's son thought, " I wish my younger brother would come out," and sure enough, after all of the other people had gone, his younger brother came out.
He called to his brother saying, "Come here. It is I," but the child was afraid and ran into the house instead.
Then the child said to his mother, "My brother and his friend are out here."
"Why do you talk like that?" asked his mother.
"Don't you know that your brother died some time ago?"
And she became very angry.
The child, however, persisted, saying, "I know his voice, and I know him."
His mother was now very much disturbed, so the boy said, "I am going to go out and bring in a piece of his shirt."
"Go and do so," said his mother.
"Then I will believe you."
When the boy at last brought in a piece of his brother's shirt his mother was convinced, and they sent word into all of the houses, first of all into that of the second boy's parents, but they kept both with them so that his parents could come there and rejoice over him.
All of the other people in that village also came to see them.
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2023.05.29 03:17 ClosestGalaxy35 Phiddipus Audax seems frightened

I recently wild caught an adult female (i think) bold jumping spider. She seemed to do well thr first day in her enclosure. She was walking around and ate two crickets. Then for the past 4 days she stays hidden in a top corner and only comes out to eat (1 cricket since then) and peeks out once in a while. But anytime me or my gf come near she makes a beeline for the nest she built. She is my first jumper but I thought they were supposed to be more active and curious rather than reclusive.
Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable?
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2023.05.29 03:16 JoshAsdvgi The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

The Arikara Story of the Magic Windpipe

A long time ago there lived a beautiful Indian girl.
Her lodge was on the edge of a forest, and she dwelt alone. And though she never hunted or fished, she always had plenty to eat, and no one knew where it came from.
In her lodge hung a magic bundle, and near it were seven tiny bows and a lot of grass arrows.
One day as she was eating her dinner, Coyote came through the forest, and stopped at her door.
He saw that she had roast Buffalo meat, and he licked his chops.
"You have no man around," said he to the girl; "may I stay and do your errands?"
"Yes," said she, "you may stay."
So Coyote lived with her, and made her fires and brought water from the spring.
By and by all the Buffalo meat was gone, and Coyote wondered how she was going to get more.
Then the girl said:—
"Uncle Coyote, our food is gone.
I want some fresh meat.
My brothers will be here to-day.
Do you go to the north side of the entrance and cover your head with a Buffalo robe, and don't watch what I do."
So Coyote did as he was told, and when his head was covered, he peeped out and saw the girl sweep the lodge clean.
Then she placed hot coals in the centre of the room, and put some sweet-grass on the coals. As the smoke arose, she lifted the magic bundle from the wall, and opening it, took out the windpipe of a Buffalo.
It was round, and small at one end, and big at the other.
She waved the windpipe over the smoke, and turned the small end down, and some dust fell out on the floor.
Then the dust changed into seven handsome braves, her brothers.
The young men took down the tiny bows and arrows from the wall, and they changed into big bows and arrows.
The girl wrapped herself in a Buffalo robe, then went and stood in the door.
She gave a yell to the north, and a yell to the west, and immediately herds of Buffalo came rushing over the plain.
Then she went back into the lodge, and her brothers began to kill the Buffalo.
When they had killed as many as they wanted, the rest of the animals ran away, and the brothers came back into the lodge.
The girl put more sweet-grass on the coals, and when the smoke rose up the brothers stepped behind it, and disappeared.
The girl took the magic windpipe, held it over the coals, gathered up a handful of dust from the floor, and put it into the windpipe.
After that she put the windpipe into the magic bundle and hung it again on the wall.
She next passed the big bows and arrows through the smoke and they became tiny bows and grass arrows, and she hung them up, too.
Now, Coyote was very much astonished to see all this, but he kept quiet.
By and by the girl called him, and showed him the dead Buffalo.
He helped her to skin the animals, and to dry the flesh.
After that she let Coyote roast all the bones he wished.
When Coyote had eaten the roast meat, he began to think of his hungry children at home, and said to himself,
"If I only had that magic windpipe, I could call the Buffalo whenever I wished, and the seven young braves would kill them for me."
Then he asked the girl if the windpipe held more than seven young men. "Oh, yes," said she; "whenever I turn the big end upside down, a war party comes out, headed by my seven brothers, and they fight for me."
When Coyote heard this, he decided to steal the windpipe that night, for he thought,
"When my enemies see all those braves, they will think me powerful, and will run away."
Now the girl knew that Coyote was planning to steal the windpipe, and she let him take it. That night, when she was asleep, he lifted down the magic bundle from the wall, and, opening it, took out the windpipe and ran away fast toward the north.
He travelled far until he was tired, and then lay down by a log to sleep.
The girl knew this, and she told her brothers to bring him back.
They did so, and placed him on the floor of the lodge.
And when he woke in the morning, there he lay, with the magic windpipe in his paw, and the girl looking at him.
"Oh, my niece," said he, "I thought a war-party was coming in the night, so I took this down. Put it back."
So the girl tied the windpipe up in the magic bundle, and hung it on the wall.
The next night Coyote ran away again with the magic windpipe, and when he came to a place where he thought he was safe, he lay down to sleep.
The girl told her brothers to bring him back. They did so, and placed him on the floor of the lodge.
And when he woke in the morning, there he lay, with the magic windpipe in his paw, and the girl looking at him.
"Oh, my niece," said he, "I took this down because the enemy came in the night, and I frightened him away.
Put it back." So the girl tied the windpipe up again, and hung it on the wall.
And the same thing happened the third night.
The fourth time Coyote stole the magic windpipe, the girl let him take it and did not tell her brothers to bring him back.
No, indeed!
She let him go on until he came to a village.
He was very hungry, so he said to himself,
"I will call out the people and order them to feed me, and if they do not obey,
I will turn the big end of the windpipe upside down, and the war-party will come out."
So he called out the people, and the braves came running and shouting from the lodges, and the boys and dogs came too.
And when they saw Coyote, the men and boys began to kick him, and throw stones at him, and the dogs bit him.
He turned the windpipe upside down, when, instead of a war-party, out burst a whole swarm of Bumblebees, millions of them, buzzing with rage.
They settled all over Coyote, and stung him so hard that he ran howling into the forest.
And they kept on stinging him until he was well punished for his lying and stealing.
After that, the Bumblebees swarmed up into a hollow tree, and they have lived there ever since.
As for the magic windpipe, the brothers took it back to the girl.
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2023.05.29 03:15 ope-shoot-darn LA Taco Tour Recap

Hi, a friend and I went on a little taco tour of LA, and I felt like sharing. Enoy!
  1. Sanoratown (Pico)
    1. Taco 1: Carne Asada
    2. Taco 2: Cabesa
    3. Review: The flour tortillas were good, and the Cabesa hit the spot. Nothing extraordinary, but gosh they were really solid tacos.
  2. Cielito Lindo
    1. Taco 1: Beef Taquito in Famous Sauce
    2. Taco 2: Beef Taquito in Famous Sauce
    3. Review: The supreme taquito spot on Olivera street downtown will make you forget your anywhere near downtown. The taquitos were a perfect blend of a softness to crunch, that only a deep fried tortilla can provide, but the real take away should be that the famous sauce. I was upset I didn't grab a spoon, as the fork took too many scoops to get my fill of the sauce after the taquitos were demolished.
  3. Holbox
    1. Taco 1: Smoked Kanpachi Taco
    2. Taco 2: Baja Fish Taco
    3. Taco 3: Taco de Pulpo en su Tinta
    4. Taco 4: Scallop Taco
    5. Review: Holbox is a Michelin recommended in the Mercado La Paloma just south of the 10/110 interchange that should be visited as soon as possible. The Rockfish taco will be remembered as my favorite fish tacos I have ever had the pleasure to eat (so far). The Scallop and the Octopus tacos were so much fun, a perfect blend of exciting proteins, bright flavors and accessibility. Holbox is a star, and I can’t wait to bring my girl here, she will love it.
  4. New Age Dispensary
    1. Strain 1: Mac 1
    2. Strain 2: White Quest
    3. Review: This dispensary grows some of the best weed in Los Angeles. A friend recently introduced me to their product, and ever since I have been ringing it's praise to anyone who will listen. Get a Cup of Ganja of whatever strain suits your fancy or the budtender recommends, and soon you’ll be enjoying a clean, clear high fitting for any occasion.
  5. Tacos Indiana
    1. Taco 1: Carne Asade
    2. Taco 2: Al Pastor
    3. Review: This spot was visited by Bourdain with his Parts Unknown series, and I am grateful he showed the world this palace. The unbelievably good Al Pastor taco a la plancha that will change your life for the better or worse, it's impossible to say. If pork doesn't tickle your taste buds don’t fret, they have you covered with a carne asada that will exceed any expectations you have. I was trying to explain LA taco culture to my midwest mother, looking back I should have saved my breath and taken her to Tacos Indiana.
  6. Tacos La Güera (Soto)
    1. Taco 1: Al Pastor
    2. Taco 2: Carnitas
    3. Review: Tacos La Güera commands your attention when you walk up. From the trumpo topped with a roasting pineapple to the carnitas cooking over the open flame to the splendid spread of salsa, your attention never stood a chance. The Al Pastor has smokiness that reminds you of the first time you had real good BBQ, and the Carnitas could not have been a better contrast with a butter melt in your mouth only a seasoned veteran can master.
  7. Unknown (Alverado and 8th, SW corner)
    1. Taco 1: Al Pastor
    2. Taco 2: Al Pastor
    3. Review: On our way back, my co-pilot and I wanted to do an experiment. The experiment was to stop at an unresearched taco vendor, and see if it pays to step off the beaten path. The parameters were 1. On the way to Koreatown 2. Have a trumpo 3. Have at least three patrons eating there. We found our subject across from Langer’s Deli in one of the more intimidating neighborhoods in LA, and my nerves peaked when I saw store bought tortillas. As soon as order was placed, those tortillas were dipped into a bubblin cauldron of carnitas, and slapped on the flat iron and then topped with absolutely lovely seasoned pork. We both concluded that, yes you should go somewhere without a name, in a place where you aren't comfortable and see if they can make your day better with some food that neighbors share on street corners.
Mt Rushmore:
Washington: Holbox’s Baja Fish Taco
Jefferson: Holbox’s Taco de Pulpo en su Tinta
Roosevelt: Tacos Indiana’s Al Pastor
Lincoln: Unknown’s Al Pastor
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2023.05.29 03:15 Spare-Net-2388 AITA for expecting my wife to love on my dog at the end of the day?

Wife had a freakout about 20 minutes ago and looking for feedback.
So my wife is pregnant (22 weeks) and we have 3 kids (one with severe ADHD, one with attention seeking behavior, the oldest is normal). Kids are a handful, even for me. Most days my wife is called in to school to deal with our two youngest kids behaviors, on top of everything else she is doing. Unfortunately due to this, she lost her job. The kids are both under evaluation to get 504 plans and IEPs but the school is taking their sweet time (it's been over 2 months). So my wife has a really stressful week, damn near every week. Generally speaking she holds her composure incredibly well, which is why I'm so baffled by her blow up tonight. I work 50-60hrs a week. Leave at 5:30a and get home usually by 8p and make sure to help around the house before doing anything but she's still stressed (understandably).
Wife has been a bit more snippy lately and losing patience. Been snapping at the kids more often and snapping at the dog A LOT more often (the dog has anxiety and whines frequently, always has, as well as having behaviors of her own that are being worked on with a BT). My wife is just touched out, noticeably. But today she seemed fine. She was calm. Laughing. Smiling. Even brought the kids to the beach (I took work off early to meet them). When we got home she kind of "checked out" and went to the vehicle to listen to music while I got the kids in bed. But still seemed to be in a good mood when she came back inside an hour later.
We lay down and I call my dog on to the bed and was loving on her and then I said something like "get momma" or "give momma loves" (can't remember which). And my wife lost it a bit. Said something to the affect of "I truly cannot understand why you think that I want you to shove that dog in my face every single fucking night after I am constantly overstimulated and overworked throughout the day. Keep the dog away from me. I don't want her to come get me. I don't ever want her in my face and I shouldn't have to tell you that." Claiming stupidity on this one, I do know that she doesn't like anything in her face and I honestly didn't realize the depth of that until tonight. She went to sleep on the couch because of how pissed she was. Now I'm really curious if I'm wrong.
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2023.05.29 03:15 initialstates7 Struggling - Support Group?

Hi everyone. I’ve always had these symptoms, but since being diagnosed with narcolepsy I have seen many of these get worse. Xywav compounded severe suicidal thoughts and I could easily “fight the sleep” which in turn made me feel super high and psycho. The Modafinil and Nuvigil made me feel a million times more nuts. Extreme heart palpitations and anxiety - thought I was dying or having these breathing attacks. That was for like 3 months.
I got no sleep for 3 to 4 days a week while working. It was horrible. I left my apartment in a mess since I just moved in and was unable to literally unpack or do anything. Found it extremely hard to eat, sleep, drink water, take care of me or my dog, really got no work done so surprised I didn’t get let go. I got off the Nuvigil late last year and was just taking the Xyrem now. But same thing happens with Xywav. I feel “sick” in the mornings with it. Sometimes throwing up nearly daily. Just ruminating in this cycle makes it so much worse but it’s almost unavoidable. I’ve found that I randomly get these turrets things at home (privately) talking to myself - just randomly “I’m going to kill myself” and “I want to die” - even though I’d never act or take action on this at all. I find it extremely sickening and worrying I keep saying this disgusting things and putting it out in the universe.
Under more stress and grief than you’d imagine and not going into specifics because I know top narcolepsy doctors manage this thread.
Things were extremely bad with narcolepsy before. Getting misdiagnosed and put on antidepressants, mood stabilizers, tons of crap that I feel really damaged my mental and physical health. Adderall as needed has been the only thing that helps me when I needed to get work done. But I don’t take it daily - because that also has detrimental effects on my health.
Are there buddy groups for narcolepsy? I moved to a new city and it’s been very hard to make friends. I do very well around family and friends that gives me a “boost” for a few days. But being alone, I can’t seem to get my life together. When my friends and family force me to eat (and healthy), exercise, go out and get sunlight my life is so much better. I think clearly, the Xyrem works, am happy. I don’t know what’s going on. The extreme stress, obligations on my to-do list, processing extreme grief has made this quite difficult.
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2023.05.29 03:15 IDislikeBeingOnFire Resident Evil Village PSVR2 - My Experience With This Masterpiece!

There's very few times when playing video games where I feel the need to write a post about it but this.. without question... has to be one of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had.
I recently made a post explaining that I was on the fence about playing this game. Between reading about how good it was and wanting to experience it.. but having so much anxiety surrounding horror games/movies that I nearly decided against it!
What a huge mistake that would have been..
Look...if you are feeling the same as I did please let me explain a little about my experiences I had when playing as I would hate to think you are skipping it due to being afraid
This will be spoiler free.. however I will be mentioning a couple of locations whilst explaining my thoughts and feelings as I got further into it
I started off this experience playing the demo. And truthfully I never made it to the end of it because I was so scared.
I switched it off and said NOPE.. but
Over the next couple of days I couldn't stop thinking about it.. I found myself in a situation where I wanted to experience the beauty of the game.. but without having to worry about anything.
I then noticed that the full game was at a discounted price and I figured.. ill buy it. perhaps one day I will be man enough to play but if I don't.. at least I will have it if friends decide to play
Over the next couple of days I came up with an idea and a challenge to myself.. TO BEAT IT... I wanted to overcome my anxiety and put myself in a situation where although very uncomfortable. The ultimate goal to conquer my fear was enough to get me started.
I will say that I played through this game on the easiest difficulty and I would highly highly recommend anyone who's nervous to do the same.
This game does an amazing job at building you as a player. You feel very helpless and hopeless as things start .. after all.. you are a man in new surroundings. You aren't familiar with weapons and gadgets.. and the fear I had was very different to the way I felt at the end
At the start I played for 20/30 minutes at a time. walking slowly. checking every corner. staring at the scenery!!! As I played more I put in longer sessions
That being said.. The game is beautifully designed. The village itself is sort of like a central hub, with paths leading to different sections of the game. Each path unlocking as you progress!
Each time I visited the village I felt a little more in control as I had been there before.
There's also different styles of horror in this game.... I soon realised which style I hated more when I got to House Benevento .................... I actually stopped playing it for a week because I was too scared to go on..
After that.. this game became an action shooter where I felt very happy to destroy everything that moved lol
Look it's though to write about a game without giving any spoilers but I'll end with this.
If you are want to experience something great. Play it
I am so happy I did
Feel free to message me if you have any questions about this game!
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2023.05.29 03:15 Myperspective33 My neighbor will be reporting us for my 2 year old being nude in our own backyard…

“Because he is a sheriff and he is legally bound by law to report anything he sees as neglect”.
As a child of not one addict, but two who was neglected in more ways than one…. I do not take that lightly. We are both 100% sober, me and my wife don’t so much as bicker in front of my kid, they have everything they need and could ever want and my wife has given up her whole life to be a good mother. She’s a damn near perfect mother.
I’m heated, but what a joke.
submitted by Myperspective33 to CPS [link] [comments]

2023.05.29 03:15 KamchatkasRevenge Out of Cruel Space Side Story: Of Dog, Volpir, and Man - Ch 219

Cassie had taken over the discussion from there on, entering the formal interview stage of the chat with Miu'Kin, as was her right as first wife. She was the arbiter in the end, and she had a veto that Miu'Kin needed to clear before she could get the thumbs up or down from Tyler to formally join the marriage. Cassie didn't give the other woman any slack either, she might not be a warrior, but a mother needed her own kind of spine, and even with Nara on hand, Cassie wanted to make sure the children were safe with Miu'Kin as a guardian too.
"What would you do if there was a threat to the children while the rest of us are away Miu'Kin?" Cassie asks, close to the end of her intended questions.
None of them had expected Miu'Kin's eyes to blaze.
"A threat? To the children! What kind? I might not be a battle princess but by the goddess's shell I won't-" Miu'Kin stops, a small jet of flame coming from her nostrils. "Err.. I uhm. I'm sorry. I get... passionate about protecting those who can't protect themselves. My first year working in a daycare, someone who claimed to be an Orega Girl tried to kidnap one of my charges, a sweet little boy... I uh. Killed her with my bare hands. I don't remember it. I saw red, forced her outside, sealed the nursery and triggered an alarm and then proceeded to beat her into a paste. I don't remember any of it, but I uh... apparently finished her off beating her with her own arm after ripping it off. No one's ever threatened the children of that nursery again and I haven't worked there in over a decade."
Matroika leans in. "...I want to call bullshit so badly, but you're such a sweetheart I actually believe you."
"It was in the news a whole bunch. My name was redacted because of the possible organized crime angle, to try to prevent retaliation, but you should be able to search Heart Shell Nursery kidnapping attempt or something similar and it'll pop up."
"I'm on it girls."
Tyler pulls out his communicator and does a little search, and sure enough, exactly as Miu'Kin had described it. He quickly passes his communicator around, letting the girls all look for themselves.
"Well I'll be damned!" Matroika looks up from Tyler's communicator, clearly reassessing the other woman. "For such a demure gal, seems like you can bring that Apuk fire when it counts. She's got my vote girls. Seems like a perfect fit to me!"
Cassie coughs delicately into her hand. "I didn't realize we were at the voting stage yet, but I suppose we can have the discussion now."
Miu'Kin moves to stand. "Would you like me to wait outside the privacy field?"
Cassie shakes her head and motions her to sit down. "No, unless one of the others would like to you, I don't think that's necessary. Nara?"
Nara makes a show of considering things for a few moments. "I say yes to welcoming Miu'Kin as our new sister."
Cassie looks to Elyria. "What about you Elyria?"
"I say yes! Miu'Kin's a sweetheart and she can protect the children with all that Apuk ferocity where it counts? Sounds perfect for us." Elyria beams over at the other woman.
Cassie nods. "Well I see no reason to dissent from my sisters, I say yes. I think Miu'Kin will be a fine addition to our family. Tyler?"
All eyes now focus on Tyler who strokes his chin for a moment before smiling over at the lovely redhead, putting a shiver down her spine.
"I don't see why not. Miu'Kin, would you do me the honor of marrying me?"
To her credit, Miu'Kin, clearly a bit over stimulated, manages to squeak out a "Yes!" before she passes out, thankfully being caught by Matroika before she can hit the table.
"Heh, guess she got a little overexcited, not that I can blame her, getting to marry our hubby should be exciting!"
Caring Conquests apparently had people pass out frequently enough that a nurse was kept on staff, and Miu'Kin's back on her feet before too long, the shy beauty boldly taking Tyler's hand and nearly passing out again as the Sarkins head down to Caring Conquests' legal office and sit through another intense round of paperwork. True to Bey'Tor's word, the second round of Miu'Kin's fees for the matchmaking service are waived, and in what felt like no time at all, the Sarkins, plus one redhead, are standing on the sidewalk in the warm sunshine of a late morning on Serbow.
Tyler stretches before taking Miu'Kin's hand again. He'd decided that since it was theoretically her wedding day, he'd be giving her some special attention above and beyond what he tried to normally give his wives. They'd do a ceremony with the skipper back on the Tear of course, but for now... he gives Miu'Kin's hand a squeeze, savoring the warmth radiating from her as she looks over at him with a shy smile, clearly doing her best to suppress just how giddy she is about the whole thing.
"So Miu'Kin, since you're local to the capital, care to give us the tour?"
"I... I can do that! Yes! I'd love to! Anywhere in particular that any of you would like to go?"
Tyler pulls his communicator out. "Well we have a list we can go through and you can tell us what you-"
"Hey sir!"
Tyler looks up at a distinctly male voice calling out to him and finds a small group of Marines and sailors, many of them with their spouses, disembarking off an airbus. The man who'd called out to him, one of the senior petty officers from the squadron, races up and visibly resists saluting Tyler since they're out of uniform for once.
"What's up Petty Officer Tywin? Seems like quite a crowd."
Petty Officer First Class Scott Tywin nods. "Some of it's intentional, some of it's happenstance... this ad for this matchmaking service got sent out across the comm net an hour ago and a lot of us had been talking about adding Apuk gals to the family... hard to beat Caring Conquest's reputation from checking their reviews, a discount's just icing on the cake. We're also here to support Mark."
Tywin points to a man that Tyler recognizes as Mark "Tiger" Ayako, a Marine NCO and naval aircrewman.
"Oh? What's going on with Staff Sergeant Ayako?"
Tywin grins just as wide as he can. "Mark fell in love with the Apuk at first sight. Hell, at first description. Then he did some research and that was it. So we're something of a bachelor party and escort to make some Apuk girls extremely happy today. Not sure if they can shake out a battle princess from this joint, but I'm sure Mark would make any Apuk gal they match him with feel like a queen regardless."
"Hah." Tyler can't hold the laugh back. "How many girls is he intending to marry?"
"As many matches as come back good really. Plus one or two. There's a couple gals back on the Tear waiting for the Apuk to soften Mark up a bit before making their move themselves. So what brings you out here si- Oh."
Tywin looks twice at Miu'Kin and realizes it's not Nara or one of the other Sarkin girls.
"I take it you're a happy customer sir?"
"Something like that Tywin. This is Miu'Kin, my new wife."
Tywin nods cordially to Miu'Kin. "Pleasure to meet you ma'am, and congratulations to both of you on your wedding."
Miu'Kin bows her head slightly to Tywin, but keeps her peace, trying to hide a sudden bout of shyness beneath demure good manners, something Tyler suspects is part of her normal coping strategies.
Tywin looks over his shoulder at the group heading towards Caring Conquests, there was a small group of women lagging behind who were clearly Tywin’s own wives.
"Alright, gotta get back to the family! Enjoy the rest of your day boss!"
And in a flash the last of the small mob of Marines and sailors are inside as Tyler grins like a maniac.
"Hell just off that crowd I bet I'm going to get a very happy text from Bey'Tor. Seems like you're not the only happy blushing bride in the Capital city today Miu'Kin... and seems like the Tear is going to be getting a strong Apuk expat population."
Cassie chuckles into her wing. "At the rate things are going, Apuk might even equal or out number the Horchka. An interesting development for sure. Now... where should we be off to? Perhaps we could do a little shopping as well, to help Miu'Kin prepare for her move up to the Tear?"
Miu'Kin nods eagerly. "Oh that would be really lovely of you! I would quite enjoy company as I shop... and I must say I've ah. Never been to space before. Never mind made an extended trip to deep space or anything like that. So any of your experience you'd be willing to share with me, I'd greatly appreciate it."
"Of course, that's what family's for!" Cassie answers for the group, flexing her wings a bit and letting herself stretch, unintentionally emphasizing her gravid stomach... which lets loose a growl worthy of a grizzly bear. A blushing Cassie rests a hand on her stomach. "Oh dear. Seems I'm a bit peckish. Please excuse me."
Tyler shakes his head. "We haven't eaten anything but some snacks since this morning and you're eating for three dear, maybe we should all get some lunch. Miu'Kin? Care to recommend a local place?"
"Of course! One of my favorite places is actually nearby!"
Miu'Kin happily trots along, hand in hand with Tyler, and eventually points out a place nearby.
"Huh!" Tyler peers a bit closer with an axiom boost to his vision. "Well I'll be damned, looks like a tavern straight out of a roleplaying game mixed with a greasy spoon diner from back home. I love the look, the Apuk really nail some aesthetics that really appeal to me. That said... I can't read Cindertongue, Miu'Kin, what's the name of this place?"
"Oh! Sorry! It's 'Flame Charred With Love: Apuk Family Style Dining'!"
That got everyone's attention.
Cassie's wings ruffle just a bit. "Apuk family style cuisine? Ooh! That sounds lovely. As a fellow carnivore I know I enjoy Apuk food."
"Hell I'm down for any kind of home cooking. Nara says she isn't much of a cook but I've devoured every Apuk dish she's made me." Tyler notes, remembering some excellent meals.
"Bit rich for us omnivores sometimes, but I suppose that's what making a salad back in orbit is for." Matroika chuckles.
"Four carnivores in the family does make life hard when you like vegetables as more than a garnish, you're not wrong, darling."
Miu'Kin nods. "Well I'm a pretty good cook! I even know how to cook with vegetables. Just give me your favorite recipes! Between Nara and I we'll keep everyone fed! I think you'll like this place though, it's Apuk home cooking just like Mama..."
Miu'Kin freezes dead in her tracks as she reaches for the door.
"...Oh no."
"What's wrong, honey?"
The term of endearment melts Miu'Kin just a bit as she tries to compose herself.
"I eat here so often that I kinda spaced why I eat here. My uh. My mother owns this place, she's usually on shift. Some of my sisters and other mothers work here too, you could call it a family business. Working at the diner as a waitress was my first job."
Tyler shrugs. "So? This is good, I was hoping to get a chance to meet your mother at least before we left the planet."
"Sure, but I just... it. Okay. If you're sure. It can. Family."
Miu'Kin looks into Tyler's eyes, and finding only reassurance and a smile there, takes a second to steel herself and pushes through the heavy wooden door to the jingle of a bell.
"Come on in folks, we got a table ready just for you!"
An older Apuk woman with silver in her red hair and smile lines carved into her caramel skin calls out from where she's tending a spit in the middle of the mostly open kitchen, a smile on her face big enough that you could probably see it from orbit if she went outside. Then she actually looks to see who had just come through her door.
"Oh! Hey sweetie! Who are your fri-" The woman, Miu'Kin's mother it seemed, eyes actually focus on Tyler properly now, and drop down to where Miu'Kin's still firmly holding Tyler's hand. "-riends?"
Miu'Kin swallows loudly. "Uhm, Mom. This is my new husband, Tyler, and his other wives."
For a second. One brief second. Every noise in the restaurant ceased.
The live fish in the tank, clearly marked as food, stopped moving.
A waitress nearly dropped a plate.
Diners looked up from the booths.
Deeper in the kitchen, a few other older Apuk women, presumably sister wives or sisters of Miu'Kin's mother, all stick their heads out to see what in the shell is happening.
Then all hell breaks loose in the way only a family with up to a hundred odd mothers-in-law can.
First Last
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2023.05.29 03:14 sickmcdeadly Seamless pro siding

So this is a small rant. This company Seamless pro continues to be a thorn in my side. They’ve repeatedly put signs in my yard without asking me if the advertising their business and they are parked partially on the yard with their trailer right now. I called the owner and he said he might find someone to move their trailer from in front of my house (which is nowhere near a job site) because he was at his lake place and didn’t want to deal with it.
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2023.05.29 03:13 Jay-919 Is it bad I don't feel like I fit in really anywhere?

Here I feel like I fit in because of my identity but not my age, I feel too young but I feel right with what I identify as and everywhere I go I don't really fit in properly. In my family I don't fit in, in public places I'm always the one who looks odd and even when I was out with friends (when I had some) I was the odd one out and the others liked each other better. I feel as though nobody likes or cares for me.
Side note this is why I crave a partner who is brave and dominant and taller than me. However I'm nearly 6 foot so I don't think that's gonna happen soon. (Where I live we're notorious for being short or under average height)
What should I do about all of the above? Fitting in and getting friends etc. (and finding the perfect partner, hehe)
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2023.05.29 03:12 Delicious_Rip8930 Need life advice

I'm repeating another year in university. I try my hardest but apparently it is not enough to pass my modules (SIM-UOL Data Science)
Apparently coding was just 2 modules, and the rest are all heavy written stats modules.
I am at my 2nd attempt at all the written stats modules and I am afraid that I wouldn't be able to pass again and I broke down after each paper. I only have 1 more attempt left before getting kicked out.
I'm battling thoughts about my life is over if I don't get this degree. I am nearing my mid twenties yet I have nothing accomplished, no savings, no job or no degree.
I am at loss at finding jobs as they require more coding skills than stats skills (in this industry) as I've not been honing coding.
I would like some alternatives -- insights on what I could possibly do (job wise) and advise on what I could possibly look forward to doing to in the future.
Staying for another year is not an option for me until I manage land a job to pay another year for myself.
I'm looking at FT jobs that are closely to my industry (but I am open to advice) to gain both experience and income at least > 2.5k.
I only have a lousy music diploma and yes, I went from music into data science immediately upon graduation because I am very stupid.
I have no parental guidance and I have exhausted my friend's help and advices.
Thank you for reading till the end.
Edit: I am planning to study while I work FT was well so that I can sit for the retake (if needed) in Aug/Sep
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2023.05.29 03:11 onyrCS [USA-CO][H] 5600x, New RX 580, B450M DS3H, DDR4 RAM, AK400 cooler, EVGA 600w PSU, Corsair 110r Case, Cheap mice + controller, Cheap SSD [W] Local cash

Everything comes in the original packaging with all accessories (as far as I'm aware) unless otherwise noted. Most of the hardware was also purchased new from microcenter in Feb 2020 unless noted otherwise. One free item per purchased item. If you need any more info or pictures please let me know. Also will send any and all invoice/order confirmation stuff for warranty purposes on applicable items.
If you don't like a price please feel free to make an offer, also willing to discount for larger bundles.
Zip is 80504 in Longmont but often near BouldeNiwot and Aurora. Willing to deliver within reason.

Ryzen 5 5600x with stock cooler (purchased October 2022, stock cooler used for like 2 days): $120
Gigabyte B450m DS3H (great mobo, missing the screws to put the plastic bracket things on the side of the cpu slot): $50
Aisurix RX 580 (Purchased last week locally. Brand new, still in sealed bag. Was going to build a cheap PC for a buddy with this but didn't work out): $60?
32GB Kingston Renegade DDR4, 3600 16x2 (Purchased early April this year, it is dual rank): $65
16GB Micron/Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3200 8x2 (works great, never overclocked but apparently this is a good die to do so with?): $25
Deepcool AK400 (purchased October 2022): $25
EVGA 600W BQ PSU Bronze (works great with all original accessories): $35?
Corsair 110r Mid Tower Case (Chips on one corner of glass as shown, scratch on side panel, dents in magnetic grill. Please note it only has one fan): $35?
Samsung 250Gb SSD (no packaging, extra one I had lying around, no longer needed): $5 or free with any purchase
Abko Hacker A660 (Bought new, used for 2 minutes, g305 shape): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Logitech G100s (Just the mouse, bought locally years ago, probably needs new skates): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Coolermaster mm711 (Won in a youtube contest, not much else to say, missing paperwork/cardboard in the box): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Razer Deathadder Mini (Bought used from mousemarket, missing cardboard holder thing in the box): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
Random Logitech Controller (Just the controller, bought on amazon as a temporary use thing when my old controller broke years ago): $5 or free with any hardware purchase
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2023.05.29 03:11 EmergencyLibrarian86 [M4F] Notorious Gang Leader/Member's Little Sister

I am a notorious gang leader majoring in areas of drug production, weapon shipment, and owning high-end night clubs in 3 different states. The police have left me unchecked and ignored my unrelenting crimes, which were carried out across the state all as long as they were getting paid a worthy amount every month. Their income is $175,000 to keep me and my diabolical schemes unnoticed. I was the biggest and the worst, having 4 luxurious mansions in 4 different countries I visit most for foreign vehicle deals. Even having my very own personal army of soldiers working for my cause and aiding in my security and protection, was the ultimate reason other gangs never dared to approach me. If I want more territory, I will have it and expand my resources.
Tonight, your brother had to pay for the recent discovery of him being caught on surveillance camera stealing merchandise from my warehouse to make a fortune out of for a special night like tonight, on your birthday. He just wanted to keep you happy and make you feel safe at all times and it was only cause he was working for me which was why you and he were financially stable. I was parked outside the house in my SUV as there were also two more parked behind. Seated in the backseat with the butt of a joint between my lips as I inhale from the joint while my contact was delivering frequencies to alert police of a crime that was going to commence this evening. Giving the address so they'd know to give us a window of opportunity to clear up once they're called. "Clear, bossman" with that, I stepped out of the back seat with a fully loaded handgun. Removing the joint with my free hand and exhale a thick white fog of smoke while flicking the joint with my thumb and saunter my way to the front door.
Please be detailed and literate. I want to make a long-term scenario out of this and if you have any questions I will gladly answer. All I need is a character description or a ref pic before we begin and discuss more of the role-play. Please be able to write a paragraph per response. I use Discord as well, can't wait to hear from you!
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2023.05.29 03:10 Iz04 cheapest place to buy an iPhone 12?

hey, so im a uni student who's deep in to my overdraft as is, I lost my phone this morning, immediately retraced my steps and asked the police but it's gone. there's only one road I could've dropped it down and its not there. im going to see if its been handed in again but if not I need to buy a new phone asap as my mums suspicious of why my location is off. it needs to be the same model, she already brought me a new phone after the old one was stolen so I cant tell her.
where can I get a iPhone 12 for cheapest? obviously no where will be cheap but I was wondering if anywhere is slightly less pricey than apple. preferably in person shop near central Cardiff. thanks
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2023.05.29 03:10 MarfeeWarfee What's r/Halo's Opinion on Infinite as a game content-wise?

Personally? I say the game is doing fine. I'm still able to find matches outside of peak hours. I've never had issues with Desync or ping spikes for whatever reason. Possibly because I'm on gigabit fiber with an Ethernet connection.
Customization is excellent and varied in my humble opinion and I've only bought maybe 3 or 4 things from the shop since launch (Excluding battle passes)
I've always thought of Infinite's sandbox and gameplay as the best since Reach.
Playlists, maps, and game modes are all good to me (Especially with Infection and PvE on the near horizon)
If the game had launched in the state it's currently in, I think it'd have been a hit.
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2023.05.29 03:10 DarkWizard2050 Entitled Group Leader tried to claim me.

A few years ago, I joined an LGBTQ+ group where you can meet other lgbt people and go to special events like the Greek festival for example. Well anyway one of the event planners took a liking to me but the thing was I didn’t like him in that way, in fact I thought he was creepy and I was right he was.
Behind my back he would threaten any other guy that took an interest in me by threatening to kick them out of the group. At the time I didn’t know about this and I wasn’t turning up for many events anyway because I was busy with university and three months later I was going to the doctors to get my wrist checked because I got a ganglion cyst in my wrist due to a nasty fall I had in capoeira. It turns out the entitled event planner is a doctor, and he was the doctor I was seeing. He told me he got kicked out of the group for causing trouble but the wrose part was he tried to invite me over to his place one day. I know for a fact, Doctors can’t flirt with their patient and that is actually illegal. He even asked me if I had an std check up lately and I thought ‘oh my god, I was only here to get the ganglion cyst looked at’. and I left after that appointment and I changed doctors. Plus it got to the point he tried to social media stalk me. So I had to block him.
It was only till recently I found out what this guy did when he was part of the group by a friend I had made in the group about him threatening people and calling dibs on me. I was disgusted and officially creeped out, may consider issuing a restraining order against this creepy guy.
It has been a year since then, he has left me alone. But if he comes near me again I will go to the police.
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2023.05.29 03:09 gothicfarmer Does anyone know why Biscoff cookies are the standard flight snack?

Why is it that airlines give out these cookies as snacks nearly universally. Don’t take me wrong I love them but it seems odd that this is the default snack flight attendants hand out on most airlines.
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